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calendar   Monday - September 20, 2010

Judge launches attack on eastern european gangs.  read gypsies. oh, what a surprise.

Another member of europe’s cancer caught and convicted and given a short term.  Happy the judge spoke out but wonder how long before some nut case cries race.
Jeesh. And the slag doesn’t even speak the language here.  Well, that’s open borders for ya. But she’ll be back and if not her, her kids or a sister.

Maybe cutting off a limb would get a message through. The west is far too soft and so will continue to be a juicy target for the thieving scum.


A judge has launched an astonishing attack on criminal Eastern European gangs
who come to Britain to target elderly and vulnerable people.

District judge Bruce Morgan said he was ‘deeply concerned’ about the impact of criminals who arrive in the country to steal from innocent people.

His comments came as he sentenced teenager Ceca Dadic, who is believed to be a Roma gypsy from Bosnia, to six months for her ‘despicable’ role in trying to steal a 78-year-old woman’s purse.

The 19-year-old mother-of-two admitted attempted theft as she appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.
She distracted her elderly victim by asking her advice on a cream cake while her underage accomplice tried to unzip the woman’s purse.
Mr Morgan said Dadic was part of a criminal gang and added that he had dealt with six similar cases in the previous five days.
Dadic wept as the judge told her – through an interpreter – that he hoped her six-month sentence in youth custody would act as a deterrent to others.
He added that she and an accomplice, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had acted in a ‘despicable’ way.

He said: ‘There is no doubt in my mind that you are part of a criminal gang who come to this country from Eastern Europe for the purpose of committing crime.
‘I’m deeply concerned about the number of young people like you who I deal with who come from Eastern Europe, find addresses in Birmingham and then go to the neighbouring counties to commit crime.’

The court heard that Dadic had been convicted four times in the past year of theft or attempted theft.
The court heard that Dadic, from Birmingham, was in a Somerfield supermarket in Worcester on August 12 when she asked the elderly shopper whether a particular cake contained strawberry jam.
Liam Finch, prosecuting, said: ‘She asked her: “would my grandmother like it?“‘
Security guards then saw Dadic’s accomplice try to unzip the woman’s purse and called police.

Paul Stanley, defending, said Dadic was in Worcester for a cinema trip but had no money.
He said a report which claimed she had shown no remorse and had a gambling problem was not true – and blamed the mistakes on translation problems.
He said she was very sorry and was a mother of a two-year-old and a three-year-old, and was at college.

However, Mr Morgan said: ‘You say you are sorry – I don’t accept that at all.
‘I accept you may be a small part of a large organisation but you are an essential part of it.
‘To pick on and try to distract elderly ladies for the sole purpose of financial gain is quite frankly despicable’.



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calendar   Saturday - September 18, 2010

braindead left just doesn’t seem to understand the difference between legal and not legal ..

Closer to the truth is, they don’t want to understand.  Those jerks have an agenda all their own and heaven help the countries where they hold the reins of power.  And if not outright power, then undo influence.  And anyone who doesn’t believe the left in the USA has way too much influence, well that person must be asleep and been so for years.  We have the same idiots at home as they do here.  There is no difference between them.

Since here is where I live however, here is what I report on.  Should anyone not like that, my kindest advise would be to go somewhere else. 

There is a program on the radio every week that sometimes annoys me but I listen because from time to time there are some interesting tid-bits to be found.
Because they so often have politicians on and because some of them are lefties, naturally I see red.  The program is called, Any Questions, where various questions are asked of a panel on subjects in the news that week.  The moderator is often the worst part of the program because he keeps interrupting someone he puts a question to, almost as soon as they start an answer.  Well, last night one of the questions asked was if the panel thought that President Sarkozy was right in expelling Gypsies.

There were four ppl on that panel and only one of them got it right.  Hearing the so obviously wrong headed answers from some of them helped me to understand why this country is in so much trouble.  Not one of the three who thought France wrong, not one, mentioned ILLEGALS.  Not one of the stumbling, blithering left wing idiots mentioned illegal camps or crime. Only the fourth member , and surprise, a conservative I do believe, mentioned the legal vs illegal and the camps set up that were clearly illegal.  Only he pointed out the glaring error of the EU commie-sar in comparing Sarkozy’s program with Nazis.  And only he pointed out that the Nazis didn’t pay their deportees.  They killed them. But the brain dead leftists on the panel took no note.  So I was happy to see this brief editorial piece from one of my favorite conservatives here.  Simon Heffer.  Who had this to say in far fewer words then I.

Simon Heffer

Saturday Telegraph

On the subject of tolerance, I start to feel sorry for poor old Sarko, being lambasted by the EU for his popular policy (69 per cent of the French support it) of expelling illegal immigrants who happen to be Roma gipsies.

For years, a visitor to Paris leaving the Eurostar terminal has faced the choice of running the gauntlet of Roma muggers at Gare du Nord in heading for the taxi rank, or braving their gangs of organised pickpockets on the Metro. What is gained by pretending this isn’t happening?

I know Sarko is desperate for ways to improve his standing, but enforcing the law on immigration and dealing with pernicious street crime by paying often criminal illegals to go home seems a remarkably sensible and humane way of governing.

Of course, a more sensible way and a more permanent one would be to shoot the bastards. One final thought on the subject.
France is being accused of singling out Gypsies and focusing on that ethnic group.  Well, as it happens that group is the one that has flooded France and been setting up illegal camps.  The left doesn’t want to recognize that fact. 


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calendar   Friday - September 17, 2010

German chancellor rebuts suggestion that she plans gipsy clearances.

Oh dear - oh dear ... does this mean war? Again? Will Panzers roll into Paris?

The subject may be serious of course because the folks known as Roma, aka Gypsies, are quite a problem in Europe as they are here in the UK. And since I live here, the problem is, one may say, close to home. And us with a beautiful but empty field at the end of the road.
Actually, I might like to sell our house to a group of them, to make life miserable for a neighbor with an annoying dog. But I digress.

I for some perverse reason enjoy the back and forth argument now playing out between Germany and France on the subject of Gypsy removals. Or deportations as they’re called.

I realize that there will be some who have no interest in the subject in which case I’d suggest they move on to another place more to their liking or simply skip the story.  I also know there are folks, thinking ones, whose minds are not closed to outside events, while there might be the odd one or two who see nothing of value outside their tiny sphere both mental and otherwise.  And guess what?  I don’t have a problem with that either.  Honest.

What I do have a problem with though, is the idea that an outsider who has contributed nothing to BMEWS in time or effort, will presume to insist that what I write about or bring to the forum should fit their idea of what’s interesting. 

Angela Merkel has flatly denied Nicolas Sarkozy’s claim she told the French president that Germany was planning to follow France’s example and begin clearing illegal camps of migrant gipsies.

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

Chancellor Merkel was told, after arriving back in Berlin following a fractious EU summit on Thursday night, that President Sarkozy had publicly announced that Germany would begin expelling 12,000 Gypsies next month.

Guido Westerwelle, Germany’s foreign minister, used diplomatic language, to describe the issue as “misunderstanding” but dismissed the suggestion as false.

Following heated exchanges over his Roma policy at an EU summit, Mr Sarkozy claimed that the Chancellor had expressed “total solidarity” with France in a fight with the European Commission over the legality of the gipsy expulsions.

According to Boyko Borisov, the prime minister of Bulgaria, the French President harangued Jose Manuel Barroso during “an intense exchange of sharp words”.

“There was a big argument - I could also say a scandal - between the president of the European Commission and the French president,” he said.

Mr Sarkozy’s version was very different. “If there was one person who remained calm and did not use excessive language, it was me,” he said.



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calendar   Wednesday - September 08, 2010

idiots of the left on parade …

I’ve named this, Idiots on Parade for good reason.  Also, I could not think of another title but I can live with this.

Look at what President Sarkozy has to put up with.  And why?  I’ll tall ya why.  Because he has rounded up and deported 1,000 ILLEGAL Romas in the last 30 days.

The ONLY European politician to state openly that people who do not belong in his country will have to leave.  It’s a shame that France also is paying these scum.
But I guess if it works to a degree ....  Thing is. So many say they will come back. 

The idea that these left wing and illegal tramps and thieves can somehow equate Sarko’s actions with Nazi Germany is maddening.  They know better. They’re liars and disingenuous bastards every damn one of em.  (see photo at link above)

Just like the left everywhere in the world but especially in the west which is our concern.  Don’t have any facts?  No problem. Make something up and then rope in dupes and idiots who will believe anything.  Get people with nothing else to do and no sense or knowledge of history to march, shout insults and make things appear as something other then what they really are.  And of course the media just love the pictures.

Maybe what the French should do, since they are being accused of it anyway, is to actually use Nazi methods in the roundups and give these jerks a good taste of what the reality was like in fact.  I’d even go as far as black uniforms and firing squads.  Unless gas is cheaper then bullets as these scum are not worth spending too much on.  Then once that problem is solved, well.

Anyone for muslim clearance?

Europe accuses Nicolas Sarkozy of Roma gipsy ‘witch-hunt’

Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused by European politicians of carrying out a “witch-hunt” against Roma gipsy migrants following the expulsion of 1,000 gipsies from France in the past month.

Bruno Waterfield

During a debate in the European parliament, MEPs expressed grave concerns over Mr Sarkozy’s policy or returning the Roma from illegal camps to Eastern Europe.

Social Democrat, Labour and Liberal MEPs will vote on Thursday a European Parliament resolution condemning the French President’s policy to expel Bulgarian and Romanian gipsies.

A draft text expresses “deep concern regarding the recent measures taken by the French government to repatriate and return thousands of Roma EU citizens to their countries of origin”.

MEPs also criticised the European Commission for failing to enforce freedom of movement rights for EU citizens.

Martin Schulz, the German leader of Social Democrat MEPs accused President Sarkozy of carrying out “a witch-hunt against a minority” in order to boost his flagging popularity at a time of economic crisis.

He accused José Manuel Barroso, the Commission President of “kowtowing” to Mr Sarkozy by not enforcing rules allowing EU citizens freedom of movement.

Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian Prime Minister and leader of Liberal MEPs, said: “What’s taking place in France is unacceptable, and unfortunately is not an isolated case. Several governments while confronted with the difficulties of the economic crisis, are sliding towards populism, xenophobia, and racism.”

France has expelled more than 1,000 gipsies in the past month, bringing the total this year to more than 8,000. The expulsions have been condemned in France and abroad.

Does not the term, “Illegal” mean nothing to these dummies?  What the hell is it with the kraut, Mr. Schulz , accusing Sarkozy of a witch hunt? What hunt? They’re illegals! Oh, and a “deep concern” regarding French measures protecting their country. We can’t have that. And guys, have you caught on to the use of language with regard to ... “EU CITIZENS?” And who is this Belgian idiot to say what is and is not “acceptable” in a sovereign country?

The Europe-wide backlash against gipsies continued to gather pace after Italian police evacuated and demolished a gipsy camp in Milan that housed 250 Roma in 64 barracks and 35 tents.

Riccardo De Corato, the right-wing deputy mayor of Milan, said that 315 Roma settlements had been dismantled in the city since Italian expulsions of gipsies began three years ago. He said that the Italian policy, imitated by Mr Sarkozy, has reduced the number of gipsies in Milan from 10,000 in 2007 to 1,200 this year.

Last week, Gianni Alemanno, the mayor of Rome said the Italian capital would carry on demolishing dozens of illegally-built shanty camps and repatriating their Roma inhabitants.


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calendar   Thursday - September 02, 2010

Italians move travellers out and bulldoze illegal camp BUT, they pay em to leave. bulletsBcheaper

Maybe Italians too are beginning to get serious.  But paying ppl to leave, who don’t belong in your country to begin with, is appeasement of a different kind.  There’s nothing to stop them coming back.  A firing squad might work but short of that, not much else.

Damn, what a fuss was created when the Germans marched into Danzig.  Maybe the allies could have offered the Germans cash to leave the countries they invaded.

Everyone could have chipped into a pot of gold and said, here. Help yourselves but please don’t come back. 
Hey, you don’t know it wouldn’t have worked.  Nobody tried that approach. And we can all see how well it works today. uh huh.

We cannot allow these illegal camps to exist. Whoever comes to Rome must have somewhere defined to live or they must be on a legitimate site. We need to be able to control our territory.

Gypsies cleared out from outskirts of Rome following crackdown order by mayor

“The stench in the summer was stomach turning”

By Nick Pisa

Italy has become the latest country to begin a clear out of illegal Roma Gypsy campsites - just days after France began a similar controversial policy.
Twenty Roma travellers who had set up homes in camper vans and caravans were moved on from their site after being offered a paid for one way trip back to Romania.

The clear out took place at an illegal camp on the outskirts of Rome, which was then bulldozed by city council staff after mayor Gianni Alemanno announced the crackdown.
‘In order to rapidly achieve this objective we have created a special task force of 200 people who will deal with this situation. Twenty people cleared from one site have accepted a financial offer from the council to help pay for their return to Romania.

‘We have already had reports of a rise in the number of French registered cars parked at these sites.’
TV footage of the clear out at the camp at Quartaccio on the edge of Rome, showed a bulldozer knocking down a precarious looking shelter made out of wood and cardboard.
The area was covered in rotting rubbish and packs of wild dogs could also be seen scavenging for food while children played nearby as parents looked on at the destruction.

However not all appeared to have taken up the offer from Rome council with one Roma gypsy interviewed saying: ‘I’m not going to Romania. I’ll just set up camp somewhere else.

‘It’s worse in Romania - why would I go back?  ‘Lots of others ran away as soon as the council teams turned up and they will do the same as me.’

Italians view Roma Gypsies as responsible for soaring crime rates and mayor Alemmano’s ‘Operation Nomad’ as he has called it has been warmly welcomed.
Local resident Valeria Franco said:”It’s about time something was done about the Roma Gypsies.

‘The whole area was just a mess and the stench in the summer was stomach turning.’



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calendar   Monday - August 30, 2010

ok so … a couple of scum break into house, man in house opens fire , so he’s a racist.  WTF???

Frenchman in the news.  I guess the folks over there can have guns.  Now we’ll see if they’re allowed to defend themselves.  After all, it isn’t at all as though he shot anything valuable. Like a real person.  Just a couple of itinerant would be thieving traveling burglars. 

Gun-toting grandfather becomes face of racism row


WHEN Rene Galinier pulled the trigger on his old hunting rifle, he said he was acting to defend his home. Two young eastern European women had broken into his house while he was taking a siesta, and when the startled 73-year-old woke up, he shot and wounded them both.
Since Mr Galinier fired at the intruders, reverberations have been felt far beyond the four walls of his modest bungalow in a village in south-west France.

The case of “Papy” Galinier has become a cause celebre thanks to the bitter debate caused by President Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent crackdown on the Roma community in France, which has seen itinerant camps demolished and hundreds of Roma returned to eastern Europe.

On one side stand those who have condemned the expulsions as redolent of Nazi Germany - on the other are those who say Mr Sarkozy has not gone far enough. In the middle of the political maelstrom sits Mr Galinier who is in a local prison cell, charged with attempted manslaughter and denied bail pending trial.
“He was a good man, who had been pushed too far,” said 85-year- old Edouard Martin, a retired policeman and fellow resident of Mr Galinier’s village, Nissan-lez-Enserunes. “People here are scared of the foreigners. I sleep with a revolver by my bed. If someone comes into my house, then I am going to kill them before they kill me.”

Mr Sarkozy started to shut hundreds of illegal Roma camps in response to clashes between police and traveller communities last month. With more expulsions planned, and criticism mounting at home and abroad, he hopes to bolster support for his stance next week by convening a summit of interior ministers from countries facing similar immigration debates. Western European governments are split on the matter. While Italy is considering similar action, Britain will be sending a senior official to the meeting rather than the Home Secretary, Theresa May, for fear of being seen to endorse Mr Sarkozy’s policies.

Nissan-lez-Enserunes, where four generations of the Galinier family live, provides a vivid snapshot of why it has become such a charged issue in France. Not far from Montpellier, it is a picture- postcard image of southern French living, with elegant stone houses set among narrow winding streets filled with flowers. Mr Galinier has lived in the area all his life, raising two children, working for the council, then retiring to spend time with his wife and grandchildren and tend his garden.

He had been targeted by criminals twice before. In 2002, thieves attempted to break in and in February this year goldfish were stolen from his garden pond.
Among villagers, the finger of blame for local petty crime often points - rightly or wrongly - to a patch of wasteland several miles outside the village where a group of Roma recently made camp next to a motorway. The families and their wild-haired children live in ramshackle caravans among piles of rubbish.

On the afternoon of August 5, two women in their early 20s broke into Mr Galinier’s home. The unarmed pair, who speak no French and have not given police their names, were both shot at from just a few yards away. One was hit in the groin, the other in the chest. Both are in hospital awaiting identification and questioning.


Damn!  No kill shot though.  Oh well, we take what we can, when we can. Good for Mr. Galinier.


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calendar   Sunday - August 29, 2010

France continues deportation of illegals while pinko handwringer traitors cry foul ..  Vive Sarkozy!

Some idiot is comparing this to the Nazi and Vichy treatment of Jews.
Yeah right.  Like the Nazis PAID their victims to leave. Uh huh.

What’s so interesting as well are the images captured of all the wee babes crying.
Sure, the kids are innocent.  But the problem wouldn’t be here if the parents hadn’t settled illegally to begin with.  But the shutter bugs of the press continue taking kiddie shots and the weepy, bleeding heart (falsely) libtard left will continue to condemn Sarkozy and use the ‘R’ word in relation to this cancer in France and throughout Europe.

The photos they don’t bother taking are the ones showing ruined property and garbage and mess made by these ppl. 

A French spokesman last night said that while all people have a right to travel freely, they must not confuse that with a right to settle illegally in France and become a state burden.

You will not hear that from any Brit politician.

I heard that on a radio report last night but did not see the quote in any of the three papers we have read today on the subject.
But The Times had this blazing headline yesterday saying,
That’s because he blames immigrants for a “suburban crimewave.”

Meanwhile, there’s to be a meeting of various officials from different European states on the subject of immigration and the problem in France specifically.  Typically, England is NOT sending their top foreign policy official as they do not want to be seen as “approving of the measures taken by President Sarkozy.” So they’re sending a lower ranking official.

How in the heck the Mail could run this headline with a comparison to the Nazis
is beyond me.  Only a total idiot would buy the suggestion they are the same.

btw ... This headline is misleading since it’s doubtful France is expelling ALL Gypsies. Also, what’s with the term used here, “it’s gipsies?” The word “it’s” implies that these folks belong to France.  THEY DO NOT!

France expels its gipsies, is this a chilling echo of the Nazis… or just a desperate attempt to tackle crime?

By Tom Rawstorne

Dawn breaks over the outskirts of Paris, its arrival marked by the banging of fists on the locked door of a caravan.
The noise wakes 30-year-old Dana from her sleep, and when she pulls back the curtains to see what is causing the commotion, she finds a dozen uniformed
riot police, batons in hand.
‘Get up,’ one yells at her.
‘You’ve got half an hour to leave.’

He has pledged to destroy 300 gipsy camps nationwide by the end of the year, deporting thousands.
Sarkozy makes no bones about this no-nonsense approach. He claims that the Roma, many of whom arrived in France after Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, are responsible for an outbreak of crime.
His solution? Raze their camps, round up their inhabitants and then stick them on a plane home. As a sweetener, there’s a payment of £245 per adult and £80 per child.

And as it is revealed that immigration swelled the UK population by 196,000 during Labour’s last year in power, it is a problem we, too, may one day face.

“May someday face? How about right now?  Recently, as in this past week, a traveller family won a court stay on their eviction from a site they don’t own anyway, when they applied for an injunction claiming that the town council had a DUTY to find them an alternative site due to their, CULTURAL ROOTS. It’s now expected other travellers facing similar evictions could use the same delaying tactics.

Images of Roma families being bused to airports have provoked condemnation not just in France but across Europe. Sarkozy has been accused of ethnic cleansing and of fanning racism.

Indeed, Jean-Pierre Grand, a deputy in Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), compared the President’s policy to Vichy France’s round-up of Jews during World War II.

Collaborating with the Nazis during the occupation, the French authorities deported 76,000 Jews — and thousands of gipsies. Many were killed in Nazi concentration camps.
Even the Pope has added his voice to the chorus of criticism — pointedly telling French pilgrims to accept ‘legitimate human diversity’ and asking parents to ‘educate your children about universal brotherhood’.

Maybe the pope ought to invite them all to come live with him in the Vatican.  Need to hide his gold and silver plated everything though.

Others point out the futility of what Sarkozy is doing. Because those deported are EU citizens, they have a right to return to France should they choose.
The immigrants he is sending home live in squalor and cannot support themselves. Forget the legal niceties and liberal sensitivities, that is the reality on the ground.
‘As usual, Sarkozyism is out of step with the elites,’ claims the President’s forthright Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux, ‘but in step with society.’

As quickly as the Roma are sent back, they will return.
It is a point emphasised by the experience of the Cojocaru family.
They were kicked out of France last week. Yesterday, the Mail tracked them down.
They revealed that despite being handed a total of £740 by the French government in exchange for leaving, they intend to return at the first possible opportunity.

Mother- of - three Argent ina Cojocaru, 35, explained: ‘We left Romania a year ago for a better life. We could not afford to live here. It is so poor. We could not survive.
‘Even though we had no jobs in France, we were in a better situation than others back in Romania,’ said husband Valentin, 40.

‘When we were made to leave, we were forced to say that we would not return. But we will wait until the situation dies down - and then we will return.’


Well then, perhaps with luck when they return some stout hearted patriotic Frenchman will see to matters as in, see that they don’t return yet again. Maybe something a bit more permanent then a cash bribe.


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calendar   Monday - August 23, 2010


OK .. two stories same subject but not exactly the same.  No more traveller stories this week unless really big. 

I won’t hold my breath as the word of a politician is after all, just that.  A word.  Maybe I’m not being fair.  I suppose there may be hope after all. But why has it taken all this damn time?  That’s a dumb question. Sorry.  The loony,libtard,Labour Left wankers were in charge.  Lets hope the cons keep their word and follow through.

The story appeared yesterday but I wasn’t able to post it as there wasn’t a link.  And even Drew couldn’t find one.  Same thing today, a small article in the Telegraph, essentially the same story but yards shorter and no link that I can find.  It almost makes me believe in conspiracies.
The longer better article appeared yesterday in the Mail on Sunday.  One of the scary differences however is, in one place they say “ministers are considering” and we all know what “considering” means.  The other says “Ministers to end land grabs by travellers over bank holidays.”

The Telegraph story today just says “Bank holiday gypsy ban.” Perhaps after all this time there could be some relief of some kind.  I will not look for miracles.

Under existing laws, police can only make an arrest if a Traveller is seen breaking through a gate. If the new law gets passed, officers will be able to take action after 24 hours. LOL. Why a Duck?  The Marx Bros.  24 hours?  What’s wrong with 10 or 15? Or one?  Jeesh. Maybe I missed something.

Also according to one of the pieces, it says birth deaths are very high among this group, 20 times higher, and life expectancy is shorter by ten years then the average Brit.
Well, at least there’s something to cheer about.


GIPSIES and Travellers are to be banned from taking advantage of bank holiday weekends to establish settlements on rural land, under new laws to be unveiled by ministers.

Councils will be given the power to stop new settlements and the right to remove
caravans.  Local authorities will also be told to ensure that enforcement officials are available at the weekend.  Laws to prohibit trespass on public land may also be introduced.  (May be? What’s with that? There should be NO “may be” about it) italics mine

Gypsies have been secretly buying land and laying tarmac before moving in caravans without planning permission during long bank holiday weekends.  They then seek retrospective planning permission, a process which can take up to 18 months during which time councils may be powerless to act.

It’s a legal loophole that Travellers’ rights groups openly encourage.

Under current rules, gipsies cannot be evicted from land if planning permission has been requested, meaning travellers can move in and begin to lay down concrete on green spaces on weekends and bank holidays, and then avoid expulsion by submitting a planning application before council officials can be sent to the site to shut it down.

In addition, the Conservatives will say that they will stop gipsies using human rights laws by scrapping the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a “British Bill of Rights”.
However, Dominic Grieve, the shadow justice spokesman, recently admitted that the Conservatives may not be in a position to repeal the Act in their first term in office.

Ministers pledge crackdown on the illegal traveller sites

By Steve Doughty
Daily Mail, May 2010

Gipsies and travellers are to lose the right to flout planning laws, ministers pledge.

Years of special treatment have fuelled tensions and undermined good neighbourliness, they said..

The decision reverses five years of increasing favouritism as Labour ministers pressed for travellers’ human rights to take precedence.

Guidelines to planning inspectors said travellers should be able to set up sites on protected land and in the green belt because of their minority status.

They said rules that apply to everyone else should be bent on human rights grounds as many travellers suffer an ‘aversion to bricks and mortar’.


“rules that apply to everyone else should be bent on human rights grounds.”

The Socialist lunatic left in action.


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traveller update as villager fires shotgun into the air … arrested and gun confiscated by police

Wrote about the village that had an overflow last week of so called Christian Travellers.  They were there legally if you recall, but the number took everyone by surprise.  Well, amid complaints of some stolen property and misbehavior, the sky didn’t fall as far as we know so far. However ...  it’s getting so it’s harder and harder to trust even the media you think are straightforward, when they can’t seem to agree on the same headline in the same paper.

This story is a good example.

Right before me propped up near my pc is a headline below the fold, not super big at all btw, and it reads as follows.


So we read the brief description and then went to page 4, to be greeted by this headline.


OK, which is it?  If he merely fired in the air, then he wasn’t actually firing AT them. 
Yeah I know.  The paper has to grab our attention.  They did.  Although in truth any story these days that mentions Travellers or Gypsies no matter how they spell it, and they tend to spell it more then one way here, it’s going to get our attention.

So here’s the edited story and as always the full one is at the link below.

Villager held for firing warning shot at gipsies

A villager has been arrested after firing a warning shot over the heads of gipsy children intruding on his land next to the site of a “religious festival”.
Mr Bayfield was arrested and questioned on suspicion of a firearms offence before being released on bail. Police said his shotgun licence had been revoked and a firearm taken.

By Andy Bloxham Paul Stokes and John Bingham

Neighbours said that Christopher Bayfield had been plagued by break-ins and trespassing in the grounds of his home in the village of Swavesey, Cambs, in the days leading up to the incident on Thursday.

The village was described as in virtual lockdown after more than 1,000 travellers descended in 200 caravans on a 30-acre field next to Mr Bayfield’s family home for what was billed as an evangelical Christian festival.

Mr Bayfield, 40, lives with his father, Leslie, 85, a retired businessman, and mother, Josephine, 71.
The family’s five-bedroom house, which is surrounded by its own orchard, outbuildings and walled garden, is believed to be worth in the region of £1 million.
Neighbours said that Mr Bayfield, who lives in a section of the large house known to the family as “Chris’s Quarters”, is the main carer for his father, who is seriously ill.

John Smart, 78, one of Mr Bayfield’s neighbours, said: “There had been pilfering all week and when Christopher heard something in the shed he thought enough was enough.”
John Boyd, senior pastor at the Light and Life festival, said: “It’s a terrible thing to do to a little boy collecting ladybirds at the bottom of a garden.” He added: “Thankfully this is a Christian family and the matter did not escalate as it could have.”



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/23/2010 at 04:04 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - August 21, 2010


Travellers flee serene Southwold less than 72 hours after setting up camp… because the locals were ‘unfriendly and rude’

By Daily Mail Reporter

A group of travellers have fled one of Britain’s most exclusive seaside towns after claiming residents were unwelcoming and rude.

A dozen families set up camp in Southwold, Suffolk, causing a stir among locals.

The genteel resort is a favourite of celebrities such as Michael Palin, Chris Evans, Rowan Atkinson, Simon Mayo and Gary Lineker.

The travellers took over part of the town’s common on the edge of the resort last weekend - but within 72 hours they had packed up and left complaining that locals were ‘unfriendly and ill-mannered.’

Good for the locals!  About time.  Kudos to the folks in Southwold.

The local council was preparing to launch expensive legal action to get the group moved on when the travellers suddenly departed.

Before they harnessed up their caravans to vans and expensive four-wheel drives, including a Range Rover, one woman said: ‘They are supposed to be posh people here but they are just ignorant.

‘They said rude things to us and called our children names. We have as much right as anyone else to have a holiday but they have been saying awful things about us and we will never come here again.’

“we will never come here again” Gee, I bet the folks in the town are all heartbroken but .... I bet they hope you keep your word.
Of course, how much is that worth?

Another traveller, Bill Lee, 39, said: ‘We haven’t been welcomed here with open arms - the local community seemed a bit scared of us but we only came here to bring the kids to the seaside for a holiday break.

‘But we have been hassled from the minute we got here.’

John Miller, chairman of the Southwold Common Trust that looks after the 140-acre common left to the people of the town by a 17th century benefactor, said: ‘We were just relieved to see them go - the common is the wonder of Southwold.

‘We did not want them there - they were breaking by-laws that forbid any vehicles on the common.’

A rare win for the good guys.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/21/2010 at 02:32 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - August 18, 2010

Illegals to be expelled from France … The left cries race … always race.

Viva la France ....

Good for Mr. Sarkozy for not caving in to the liberal left schmucks who try to paint everything as race. And btw ... screw the UN for being critical of France.
France is facing a problem with illegals and illegal encampments, and is doing something about it.  The Brits should follow the example being set by France.

Of course, I think there’s a faster better way but hey.  At least Sarko is acting.

The UN and the left in France always raise the race issue and have no interest in the fact that there are people whose actions turn others against them. The Romas are a good example and there are others of course. 
Why is it that when any govt. and especially here and in France, is critical of the criminal element among the many, that’s automatically an attack on “human rights.” What about the rights of the people being imposed on?  I guess somehow their rights mean less.  And if it isn’t that way, it sure seems to be based on the flack aimed at Sarko and the French voters who support him. 

France to expel hundreds of Roma on Thursday

Hundreds of Roma will be expelled from France on Thursday as part of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s summer clampdown on members of the minority living illegally in the country.
“In all, around 700 Roma will be taken back to their countries before the end of the month,” said Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister.
So far, police have dismantled 51 illegal Roma camps, he said, adding that two flights would take the Roma to Romania and Bulgaria on August 19 and 26, with a third flight set for the end of September.


President Sarkozy’s government has in recent weeks launched a major and controversial crackdown on France’s Roma, gipsy and traveller minorities, closing unauthorised camps and expelling foreign-born Roma from the country.

Last month, following a clash between Gypsies and police, Mr Sarkozy announced a raft of new stringent security measures, including plans to dismantle 300 unauthorised campsites within three months.
Critics have accused the French leader of stigmatising travelling minorities in a bid to recover votes lost to the anti-immigration far-Right in time for his re-election battle in 2012.

Last week a UN report said France was experiencing “a significant resurgence of racism” and lacked the political will to fix the problem.
But opinion polls show most French voters approve of the measures.

There are estimated to be 15,000 Gypsies and Roma of eastern European origin in France. Some live in authorised encampments, and others have moved into squatter camps or abandoned buildings.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/18/2010 at 10:56 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - August 17, 2010

Village in lockdown as religious festival is over-run by 1,000 travellers ..

FIRST:  Hello Nashville.  Hope all recovered by now and things pretty much back to normal.

Now then ..... this is fairly interesting and may not be the usual thing I rant on about.  Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what Friday brings.  If anything.

Perhaps this is really on the square and there won’t be any trouble.  Not holding breath mind you, but also holding my usual harsh opinion.  We’ll see.

STAY TUNED ....  There has to be a follow up on this.

Village in lockdown as religious festival is over-run by 1,000 travellers

By Daily Mail Reporter

A picturesque village has gone into lockdown after an empty field was invaded by 200 caravans and 1,000 people for a born-again Christian festival for Irish travellers and gipsies.

Stunned shopkeepers complained traveller children have been running amok and one pub landlord has locked his doors after the caravans descended on Swavesey, near Cambridge, on Saturday.


Angry villagers claimed yesterday they were duped into granting permission for a small six-day religious festival with a dozen caravans to be held on the 30-acre field.

Instead a large convoy of travellers descended on the village and set up toilets and a marquee in a 30-acre field yards from homes and a church.
The event has been organised by the Life And Light group, a born-again Pentecostal Christian organisation, which is made up of Romany Gipsies and Irish travellers.

Dozens of angry villagers held showdown talks with councillors in Swavesey yesterday demanding the travellers are removed but they are not due to leave until Friday.

Minister Abraham Howard, of the group running the Life and Light Festival, said: ‘We have come here to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

‘We have paid for the field from Saturday until Saturday but we will be gone and the field will be returned to its previous state by Friday.

‘We are meeting to talk about the word of Jesus Christ. We haven’t come to do any harm we’re just here to save the “lost ones” from hell.

‘People have nothing to fear - we are Christians.’

Despite complaints from villagers the campsite is entirely legal because the travellers obtained legal permission for a Christian festival to be held on the field.

Sue Ellington, South Cambridgeshire district councillor for Swavesey, said: ‘We have a field that has been used for steam engine rally this summer and other relatively small activities and I understand someone approached the landlord to hold a small religious festival.

‘I think everyone in the village was then a little stunned to find more than 200 caravans arrive.
Despite complaints from villagers the campsite is entirely legal because the travellers obtained permission for a Christian festival to be held on the field

Despite complaints from villagers the campsite is entirely legal because the travellers obtained permission for a Christian festival to be held on the field

‘Nobody in the village knew this was happening until the caravans came traipsing through the village.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/17/2010 at 01:37 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - July 29, 2010


I am no expert on France or it’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy.  In fact, I don’t really know a heck of a lot about what goes on across the channel unless it’s reported in our papers or BBC radio news.  And not just France.  I don’t seem to know a hell of a lot about anything outside my narrow world, unless I get it from books or the papers.  Or the net.
It’s quite enough for me to keep tabs on this place, with everything else I have on my plate these days.  Which is a lot. That’s one reason for checking in every so often with the Europe News website.  So I do try.

Back to Pres. Sarko if I may.
Now I know BMEWS likes to poke fun at the French and their govt from time to time, and I suppose there are some laffs to be had there.  But I ask you.
How bad can President Sarkozy be when he gets the left and those “civil rights” groups angry at him? 

What I do know about Sarkozy is that he is pro-American.  He is far and away (from what I have been able to gather) not an American hating Frenchman.  He likes us. Mostly.
He is right of center, maybe not as far right as some of us, but hey.  We can’t have everything exactly as we’d like it and anyhow, it’s his country.

Which brings me to Tony Blair, who I don’t admire.
In a speech in 2004, Blair promised that his govt. was going to crack down hard on illegal gypsy/traveller sites.  There was by gosh and by golly going to be a penalty paid for breaking laws and occupying land illegally.
Well, any of you who have followed or even simply breezed past some of my rants from the past year on this subject, know what kind of empty promise that was.
The problem only got worse and worse yet. 

So now back to President Sarkozy, who has incurred the wrath and the angst of the liberal left in France for his stand on the problem of those ppl in his country.
He has issued orders for the bulldozing of illegal sites and has said publicly that Romas (as they are also called) have a responsibility to obey the laws and the rules of citizenship of France. 

I’m not clear on whether the problem the left has is with the word bulldoze or responsibility.  Perhaps both.  In any case, they are screaming race (as usual) and uman rights (as usual), while as usual ignoring the basic premise with regard to land ownership, legality and good citizenship.

If he manages to get his way and he holds to his word (he is a politician after all),
then we must applaud Mr. Sarkozy and say well done sir.

Meanwhile, back at the battered Brit ranch, Pakistan North, (thanks for that one Rich)
there appeared on Saturday, July 17th , an article in The Telegraph written by Matthew Moore under the headline;


According to the article, a city council has scrapped plans to evict travellers from an ILLEGAL site in order to save money.
Seven unlawful plots remain occupied without any planning permission, after 11 were bulldozed at a cost to the taxpayer of almost one million dollars last summer. 

Here comes the part BMEWS readers will just love.  Oh boy.  Try this one stateside.

The legalisation of the site is recommended to remove the “stress of uncertainty” for the gipsies, who have a “cultural aversion” to living on authorised sites.

How ‘bout them apples BMEWS?  So there.  Well actually, here. There’s more.

The following appeared in The Daily Mail in July of 2009

This land theft by ‘travellers’ sickens me...

By Robin Page

Robin Page is angry at the way gipsies behave.

Will someone please explain why some sections of the gipsy community are called ‘travellers’?
As far as I can see - and I live on a farm in the heart of the country - the last thing they seem to do is ‘travel’.
From my experience, they appear far more interested in ‘settling’ than ‘travelling’.

For make no mistake, the illegal traveller ‘settlements’, which can now be found across Britain, have become a national scandal.
Exploiting phoney human rights laws, lame legislation - and the Government’s commitment to so-called diversity - a small minority are occupying land wherever they please.
Instead of the Government tackling the problem, the ordinary, rural taxpayers, who are so often impacted by these settlements, are left to pick up the pieces.
Before going further, I had better explain that I can empathise with the gipsy way of life, and I have known and worked with real gipsies all my life.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/29/2010 at 03:57 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - July 01, 2010

One For Peiper

I got a letter from our long absent co-blogger the other day. He’s still out in Palm Springs. Not much personal news, no word on when or even if he’s returning, but he is finding the World Cup soccer nonsense a bit annoying and is irritated that the only way he can get his Dodgers games on TV is in Spanish.

So here is a typical Peiper Post.

Gyppos dig toilets on unapproved land

Locals furious, betrayed by Government

Yet another illegal land grab by itinerant thieves in England gets Go Ahead from spineless Whitehall

Villagers who formed a human barricade to stop travellers building a caravan site near their homes have suffered a further blow after the High Court granted permission for diggers to be brought on to the land.

Residents in the village of Meriden, West Midlands, blockaded country lanes and stood guard over the land, after travellers took advantage of a recent bank holiday weekend to start their illegal work.

They started their protest after the travellers began digging on the 10-acre site they owned but did not have planning permission from Solihull borough council to develop. Residents then prevented access to the land.

But the High Court has dealt a blow to their campaign, after it ruled the travellers could move large diggers and earth moving equipment on to the site.

It granted permission for the travellers to excavate the land to build sanitation facilities, including bathrooms, lavatories and water supplies, on the green belt land.

Within hours of Tuesday’s decision the site was being dug up, to the fury of residents who had maintained a 24-hour protest vigil protecting the site.

Several large diggers were seen on the site early on Wednesday morning, with the green belt land soon transformed into mounds of excavated dirt.

Locals claim the excavation being undertaken was too extensive for only sanitation reasons. They fear the ruling could pave the way for more extensive construction.

In May, the travellers had lodged a planning application on a Friday afternoon to use the land as a “gipsy site for 14 pitches to site 14 mobile homes, 14 touring caravans and associated ancillary developments”.

Council officials left for the weekend without examining the application and police ordered residents to remove a makeshift roadblock intended to stop diggers being brought on to the site.

A council spokesman said last night the judgement came after negotiations between the travellers and the council “with regard to the safety of children”.

“In granting the injunction, the judge was satisfied that the council recognises its responsibilities to the proper needs of those who are rightly or wrongly on the site,” he said.

Looks to me like the US is not the only country acting in direct opposition to the wishes of it’s citizens. This Travellers thing is another form of invasion, just like we have here with the beaners. And just like over here, over there the government actively supports the illegals. That is, when they can even be bothered to do their jobs, in between all the bank holidays and weekends off. The people over there are already at the human intervention stage. Can pitchforks and torches be far behind? And still their government ignores them.

Meriden is a bit of a rural community halfway between Birmingham and Coventry, absolutely smack-dab in the middle of England.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/01/2010 at 09:06 AM   
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