Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

calendar   Saturday - December 07, 2019

Kentucky VS Florida: The Battle Continues

The ongoing battle between Florida and Kentucky for Moron Of The Week ...

Florida: The Art Of Mocking Art Pays Well

Banana Duct Taped To Wall By Maurizio Cattelan Sells For $120,000

Arguably one of the most talked-about works of art at this year’s Art Basel was a banana duct-taped to a wall that sold for $120,000.

It’s Maurizio Cattelan’s latest work of art. It’s called ‘The Comedian’ and it is entertaining art lovers from around the globe.

Some of those same art lovers’ conversations swirled around his 2017 golden toilet. The $6-million throne was stolen from England’s Blenheim Palace over the summer.

Art lover Weezie Chandler said, “You can do anything and once you’re established you can get away with it.”

Many believe this more ‘a-peeling’ piece represents the art world and its gaping wealth inequalities. Others advise not to think that deep.

One art lover said, “It’s mocking the art world. That’s what Maurizio Cattelan does.”

The first two pieces according to were sold for $120,000, a third is being sold for $150,000.

As you may know by now, the semi-retired artist, whose last major creation was a golden toilet titled America (2016), has now taped a banana to a wall of Perrotin gallery’s booth at Art Basel Miami Beach, the glitzy bazaar that alights in that flood-endangered city every December. It is titled Comedian, and it is priced at $120,000. Three were available, and the first two apparently sold on opening day.

It isn’t even all that original. Another “artist” tacked a banana peel to a bit of drywall in 2008 and called it Installation (banana). No idea how much that glorious bit of genius sold for back then.


Kentucky: Family Court Judge Is A Total Slut

A female judge in Kentucky has been accused of having threesomes in her chambers and allowing employees to get drunk on the job.

Family Court Judge Dawn Gentry allegedly gave attorneys preferential treatment if they appeased her sexual demands and donated to her campaigns for re-election. 

The 38-year-old has now been hit with nine misconduct charges. 

According to an investigation by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission, she flirted with attorneys over Snapchat, put pressure on them to sleep with her and, in one case, asked a female attorney to join her in a threesome with her former church pastor turned lover. 

On one occasion, she and the former pastor are said to have had a threesome with her secretary.

Gentry serves as a family court judge for Kenton County which is south of the Kentucky-Ohio state line near Cincinnati.

Plenty more at the link.

I’d give this round to Kentucky by at least 5 lengths. While the banana art in Florida just shows how stupid people with way too much money can be, the judge is a corrupt tramp. She was trading hoochie for favorable treatment in the courtroom. And that’s just downright evil.

To be fair, Florida won yesterday’s Loser-ama hands down. Vilmar covered that one. And then there was that news bit on the two super fatties who started a GoFundMe to help them diet, each has to lose at least 200lb before they can get bariatric surgery to carve off even more pounds. So Florida is probably ahead overall this week. But it’s only Saturday afternoon. You never know.


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calendar   Friday - July 01, 2016

Inspector General’s Report on Hillary Clinton: Uncooperative Liar.

Right now I’ve been trying to get settled back in at home (which is hard when we have to be ready to leave at the drop of a hat) and have been working on the big anniversary post that will be coming up. HOWEVER, I promised that I would make a post about the Inspector General’s analysis of Hillary’s e-mails, and I am as good as my word, old news as it may be.

But first, a word of introduction is probably necessary to explain what kind of paper this is. Firstly, this paper is not fundamentally about putting Hillary and her staff alone under a microscope and calling her out for bullshit. It’s easy to imagine why given a lot of the reactions people have had- and particularly the vampire before cross reaction the Klinton Kampaign has had- so it might come as a bit of a disappointment. However, this is less about Hillary Clinton and more about the State Department as a whole.

Namely it’s the IG doing an autopsy of the State Departmen over the last several years and several Secretaries of State. It is sort of a list of “What went wrong under whose tenure?” Which means that it might not have the sheer juiciness that a blog post calling Clinton out specifically has. That, and it is lengthy and *VERY* Dry. 

But the other side of the coin is that it also is very thorough, and it handily refutes Clinton’s expected spin that this is all a horrible partisan hack job unfairly targeting poor Hitlery. While it does seem like- as someone Charitably called it- the State Department has had a hard time transitioning to the modern age and screwups were endemic, Clinton’s rampant breaches of security are in a class by herself.

Read it All. It’s Well Worth It. It’s well worth it, and with the media and White House being what it is, it’s important WE Know the answer. has a nice set of Highlights for your reading pleasure.

To quote the reaction of the Former AF Intelligence friend I mentioned..

I’ll volunteer for the firing squad.
That’s all I can think of reading this report.

Also fuck this Gration guy. Him resigning is NOT how it’s supposed to work.,
That fucker needs to be wearing orange, yesterday.
But no, he’s special, the law doesn’t apply to
All this “Clinton BELIEVED she was complying… TOOK STEPS TO comply...” is horseshit too.

The law rarely gives two shits about your intent. They even have a specific phrase for this!!
“At the time you knew OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN”

I can be held accountable for the ENTIRETY of USC, ALL of the IRS Tax Code, every single environmental regulation, whatever bullshit illegal requirement BATFE decides to fart out..... and that’s just on the FEDERAL level. The same thing applies to the State too.

Because, “at the time I knew or should have known” the law, I was in violation. And the fact that the law exists is deemed sufficient that I should have known it.

So, no, this bitch needs a lead brain transplant.

Well, the United States respects no special citizens. And it’s time that more people understand what the hell has gone on with this. For more people to understand just WHAT Kind of Monster Hillary Clinton is.

So remember to spread these links around. As much as possible.

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calendar   Tuesday - March 22, 2016

BOMBING IN BRUSSELS!! Terrorists hit the Belgian Capitol!


A few hours ago, near-simultaneous explosions tore through the Belgian capitol. It seems pretty clear- even with the sketchy information- that there were at last two targets. One was the Maalbeek Metro Station, and the other Brussels Airport. Initial reports indicate that we’re looking at dozens of casualties, including at least a baker’s dozen dead. I don’t think that number is going to go anywhere but up in the next hours. This map is the best one I could find on short notice showing the relative locations of the two.

I’ll probably put more information- pictures I don’t trust putting above the fold, my two cents, and news articles- below the fold. But let’s make one thing ABSOLUTELY clear: This Had to have been a coordinated attack, and a daunting one at that. Half a dozen miles may not seem like a big distance but it can’t be easy to coordinate this kind of attack in a densely urban area like the heart of Brussels is. Which says nothing good about our security or the enemy’s capabilities.

God be with us all… I don’t pretend to know the full story behind this but I do hope that these savages get theirs.

See More Below The Fold

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calendar   Friday - January 29, 2016

education?  none of the above?  cue the loony tune theme

You want nuts?  Crazy?  Bizarre? 
Here ya go.

I can’t pretend to understand this.  Does anyone else understand?  Is there something to this?  Maybe I’m too old to grasp it.  Gender fluid?  Demi-girl? Whoa.  What the heck is that?

Children as young as 13 to be asked whether they are ‘gender fluid’, ‘demi-girl’ or ‘intersex’: Official survey asks pupils to pick from a list of


· Government-backed survey asks children as young as 13 about gender

· Given 25 options to describe their gender, including tri-gender and intesex

· Youngsters are also asked whether they feel safe using single-sex toilets

· Other questions include whether school should have one unisex uniform

By Steve Doughty Social Affairs Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Children as young as 13 have been invited to describe their gender as any one of 25 different options in a Government-backed survey.

children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield

The choices put before teenagers in research for the Children’s Commissioner for England include ‘gender fluid’, ‘demi-girl’ and ‘tri-gender’.

The list of alternatives is being offered to children as part of a campaign to ‘find out how gender matters to young people’.

Youngsters are also asked whether they feel safe using single-sex toilets, and if their school should have unisex ones instead.
Other questions include whether their school should have just one unisex uniform.

The research, described by one of its authors as ‘committed to feminist methodologies’, was condemned by critics who said it was biased and politically motivated.

Yesterday Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield withdrew the survey after the Daily Mail asked her office about it.

A spokesman said the version that had been distributed was ‘a draft’ and had not been cleared by the Commissioner. A new version will be prepared with some questions withdrawn.

The survey was designed at a time of deepening controversy over gender politics, amid claims by activists that everyone should be free to choose their own sex.

Earlier this month the Commons’ women and equalities committee, led by former culture secretary Maria Miller, said anyone over 16 should have the automatic right to change their legal gender. The committee’s report also claimed that 650,000 Britons – around one in 100 – are ‘likely to be gender incongruent to some degree’.

The research for the Children’s Commissioner involves 13 to 18-year-olds. It was commissioned by her £2.9million-a-year organisation, which is sponsored by the Department for Education.

It asks youngsters whether they agree that ‘people should be free to choose their gender’. Teenagers are then given 25 options to describe their own gender, choosing as many as they want. Those under 16 are advised that they might wish to consult their parents, but are not told to do so.



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calendar   Tuesday - January 26, 2016

the cancer eating its way through europe. and nobody with the nerve to wipe them off the planet


I have nothing to say except that, these are just a handful of the headlines we see every morning. The stories can all be seen in detail at The Daily Mail.
Or for that matter, almost any Brit newspaper.




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calendar   Wednesday - December 02, 2015

san bernadino: stating the obvious

From over at Moonbattery:

Only two kinds of people are motivated to kill by nothing more than sheer evil: lunatics and Muslims. Lunatics don’t operate in groups. Therefore, the moment we knew there were multiple shooters, we knew Muslims were responsible for the senseless San Bernardino massacre.

One of the suspects may have been identified as “Farooq Saed”. And the attack was made against a  Christmas Party  Worker’s Holiday Party at the development center.

With ISIS infiltration all over the country (Or, as President Sissy Pants puts it, “ISIL is pretty much contained") your first thought to any large scale crime should be to look for the jizzlam label. Unless it’s rioting, in which case blame the blacks. Many of whom are sort-of-muslims. Phoo, somebody ought to make up a little song about that. Because it’s going to be everywhere, even more than it already is. No matter how much the worms in the media try to hide it or deny it.


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here we go again

“Active Shooter” In San Bernardino CA”

3 Shooters At Large? 20+ victims, 12 dead?

As many as a dozen people have reportedly been killed in what police call an active shooter situation Wednesday in San Bernardino, Calif., where SWAT teams were pursuing three suspects who may have escaped in an SUV.

As many as 30 hostages were seen coming out of the building, a center for treating developmentally disabled people, where the event occurred. Local Fox affiliate KTTV reported that at least 12 fatalities occurred inside the building, which was surrounded by authorities, just before noon local time. The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were responding.

Police were using a robot to search the building for possible explosives, even as they sought the gunmen. It was not clear if any or all of the suspects had escaped, but police were seeking a black SUV. Sources told Fox authorities know the identity of at least one of the gunmen.

Related Image
mappic1.jpgExpand / Contract

Witnesses described passing bodies on the ground as they fled, but it was not clear if, or how many, people were killed.

The initial call came in around 11 a.m. in the 1300 block of South Waterman Avenue, at the Inland Regional Center, according to San Bernardino police Lt. Rich Lawhead. A makeshift triage center was set up outside the facility. A local NBC videographer reported there were not enough ambulances to transport victims, and that people were using pickup trucks to carry victims to triage areas.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office closed off local streets and emergency responders were making their way into a cluster of buildings on the scene.

A witness told Fox News that gunmen wearing masks and body armor entered the building and started shooting. Another area resident said a woman trapped inside called her father and asked him to “pray for us.”

Authorities in San Bernardino, California, responded Wednesday to reports of an active shooter or more than one shooter.

There were reports from the sheriff’s department that there were one to three suspects. The fire department said it was responding to a “20 victim shooting incident.”

[Latest developments, posted at 3:24 p.m. ET]

• There are multiple buildings in the complex, CNN affiliate KTLA reported. SWAT teams are moving methodically through to clear them.

• The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were responding, agency representatives said.

• Loma Linda University Medical Center is expecting an unknown number of patients from the shooting, spokeswoman Briana Pastorino said. She said the extent of the anticipated patients’ injuries is not clear.

• A woman who works at a building where the shootings occurred texted her father: “Shooting at my work. People shot.” The father told CNN affiliate KABC his daughter told him 10 to 20 people were shot.

• Wednesday’s San Bernardino, California, shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities. It is unclear how many people were at the facility at the time of the shooting.

A bomb may have been left behind, found, and then detonated by the bomb squad. Early reports said how the shooters rushed a conference room and opened fire. Initial escapees from the building reported bodies strewn about the floor.

Everything is very vague right now; give it time to come together. The shooters may have escaped in a black SUV. A Yukon with tinted windows; driver may have been wearing a mask. This story is only 90 minutes old at this point, and is still developing.

UPDATE 6:15pm EST: Black SUV stopped not far from original shooting site. Gunfire exchanged, SUV shot to bits. it’s not a Yukon, but may have Utah plates. One suspect down, maybe two, one officer down, one suspect running away. “Bearcat” being set up. 3rd and possible 4th suspect still in SUV? Wounded count now at 17, fatality count now 14.

A Bearcat is an MRAP-like vehicle, well armored and high riding. It’s like an armored car the banks use, but bigger and stronger. Some have roof turrets.



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calendar   Monday - September 28, 2015

Hard to believe this but my source has always been very good

I just posted something I thought might be of interest.

I didn’t think it would be news to a friend I have in Belgium.  We have a mutual interest in early Jazz and over time he’s been quite helpful to me.

So, when Lyndon shared a link to a migrant story in comments, I went to his source at YT and copied it here. I also sent a copy to my friend in Belgium.

I promise I haven’t made this up.  I find it very hard to accept.  Surely no govt. can be that stupid.  But I’ve known Pat over a number of years and really haven’t any reason to doubt him.

Here is his very brief email to me, received minutes ago.

It is true you know.
In Belgium, authorities are considering OBLIGATORY co-housing with Syrian refugees. They also SHOULD be given a job

within three MONTHS whereas we are in economical crisis and some local people are not even finding a job in a couple of YEARS. This is madness and

situation is very tense my country.


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calendar   Thursday - January 22, 2015

3 crazy, 1 post

Insanity Now Available In Several Flavors

I wish this was humor, but it isn’t.

ISIS beats musicians for playing non-islamic instruments

Musicians were beaten by ISIS religious police in Syria for playing an “un-Islamic” keyboard — and the brutes then destroyed the players’ instruments.

The ISIS enforcers were seen striking the men with a stick in a public square because the electric instrument was “offensive to Muslims,” the Daily Mail reported.

The musical raids were believed to have taken place in Bujaq, near Aleppo in Syria. According to a file-sharing website that posted the images, the men were punished with 90 lashes.

Maybe I could sympathize if they were talking about bagpipes or accordions. But keyboards? Oh please. You guys are nucking futs.


Man cited in Georgia for eating cheeseburger while driving

MARIETTA, Ga. – A man says he was cited by police outside Atlanta for eating a cheeseburger while driving.

Madison Turner, who’s from Alabama, tells Atlanta station WSB-TV he ordered a double quarter-pounder with cheese from a McDonald’s in the Marietta area shortly before he was pulled over last week.

Turner says the officer told him he saw him eating the cheeseburger for two miles, telling the man “You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger.”

The ticket, issued under Georgia’s distracted driving law, states in the comments section that the offense is “eating while driving.”

Turner is to appear in court Feb. 3.

I bet former New York City mayor/food Nazi Bloomberg would be proud. Maybe the driver could have avoided the ticket if he said it was a veggie burger.


Maryland family under investigation for letting their kids walk home alone

(CNN)It’s starting to feel a little bit like Groundhog Day when it comes to parents under attack for letting their children do things on their own.

The latest case? A Silver Spring, Maryland, couple is facing a neglect investigation for letting their 10-year-old son and 6-1/2-year-old daughter walk home from a playground, about a mile from their house, by themselves on a Saturday afternoon in late December.

Read more about the World’s Worst Mother at this link. “Free range parenting”. Nice try lady. You are so busted.


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calendar   Friday - November 14, 2014

a national food policy?

Shades of Stalin!

How we produce and consume food has a bigger impact on Americans’ well-being than any other human activity. The food industry is the largest sector of our economy; food touches everything from our health to the environment, climate change, economic inequality and the federal budget. Yet we have no food policy — no plan or agreed-upon principles — for managing American agriculture or the food system as a whole.

That must change.

I’d have to disagree. Why we allow people who think like this to continue drawing breath? THAT must change. Leave us alone!

If you like what ObamaCare is doing for health insurance, you will love what a federal program to control what we eat does for food, as it takes into account “the environment, climate change, economic inequality” et cetera ad nauseam.

A federal stranglehold on how food is produced, distributed, and consumed will allegedly guarantee the following:

● All Americans have access to healthful food;
● Farm policies are designed to support our public health and environmental objectives;
● Our food supply is free of toxic bacteria, chemicals and drugs;
● Production and marketing of our food are done transparently;
● The food industry pays a fair wage to those it employs;
● Food marketing sets children up for healthful lives by instilling in them a habit of eating real food;
● Animals are treated with compassion and attention to their well-being;
● The food system’s carbon footprint is reduced, and the amount of carbon sequestered on farmland is increased;
● The food system is sufficiently resilient to withstand the effects of climate change.

In this time of illegal immigration I think first we have to define ‘All Americans’. And what is this ‘our public health and evironmental objectives’? Define ‘toxic’? I don’t see people keeling over dead-right-there (DRT) from bad stuff in the food. As for the production of our food, it is already transparent. Anybody can take a tour of a slaughter house or processing center. I just bought 1/4 of a cow. 170# of various cuts, hamburger, tongue, liver, etc. I’ve taken two tours of the farm. I’ve been behind the scenes at the local butcher’s. I’ve been to pig farms, chicken farms. It’s already transparent. All you have to do is request a tour and go. As for the marketing? By definition that’s transparent. You see it on TV, you hear it on radio.

Food industry already pays a fair wage.

“…a habit of eating real food.” I’m certain I’ve never eaten imaginary food. Last time I saw that trick was in the movie ‘Hook’.

Animals are already treated with compassion.

Carbon footprint? I still can’t get anyone to show me a ‘carbon footprint.’

Climate has always changed. The ‘food system’ — whatever that means — has always survived.

This has been tried before, and it worked wonderfully, according to Walter Duranty of the New York Times. Joseph Stalin used it suppress resistance to collectivization in the Ukraine. This was called the Holodomor.

Only those with a vested interest in the status quo would argue against creating public policies with these goals.

If you like going to the supermarket and seeing the shelves covered in food that you want to eat at a price you can afford, you have a vested interest in the status quo. If you want to stand in line for a bowl of gluten-free government gruel, don’t bother putting up any resistance to endlessly encroaching liberalism.

National Food Policy worked for Stalin.

Liberal Masterminds Demand National Food Policy


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calendar   Thursday - September 18, 2014

Worry, It’s Not Malaria

National EV-D68 Epidemic?

Cases of enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) are exploding all across the country with nearly 20 states reporting dozens of cases. The outbreaks are growing so quickly that the Centers for Disease Control are lagging far behind announced cases.

On Wednesday the Washington Post reported that 16 states had reported cases of the respiratory illness. But only hours later, New Jersey also announced it had found some cases quickly bringing that number up to 17. Then Minnesota became the 18th state later that same day.

The outbreak has been growing since at least mid-August.

The CDC confirms that children are most susceptible to D68 because their immune systems are not yet developed enough to beat the virus.

Also, the CDC says children with asthma seem to have a higher risk for severe respiratory illness.

There are currently no vaccines for D68 and doctors suggest that those at risk keep their hands clean, avoid touching their faces, avoid kissing and hugging, and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as counters, tables, and even toys.

So far, cases of D68 have been seen in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Since mid-August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed 140 cases of respiratory illness caused by Enterovirus D68 in 16 states: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

New Jersey also has confirmed a case of EV-D68, according to Donna Leusner, director of communications for the New Jersey Department of Health.

And “in the upcoming weeks, more states will have confirmed cases of EV-D68 infection,” the CDC said in a statement Wednesday.
Enteroviruses are very common. The CDC estimates that 10 million to 15 million infections occur in the United States each year. These viruses usually appear like the common cold; symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose and a cough.

Most people recover without any treatment. But Enterovirus D68 seems to be exacerbating breathing problems in children who have asthma.

In July and early August, doctors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta diagnosed 15 to 20 children a week with serious respiratory infections—a normal number for the summer months.

Then, pediatricians started to see more children who were having trouble breathing, more parents with worried looks on their faces.

Since school started, the hospital has seen an average of 100 cases a week.

“We are seeing a double to quadruple increase in the number of children with respiratory infections,” says Dr. Andi Shane, hospital epidemiologist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Over at American Thinker, from a couple of weeks back, is a statement of the blindingly obvious:

The dire prediction is that in the coming weeks and months, Enterovirus EV-D68, origin unknown, is due to spread to all 50 states and afflict great numbers of otherwise healthy children.

Referring to borders between states, ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said a mouthful when he pointed out that “Viruses don’t tend to respect borders.” The problem for America is that if international borders are not respected, viruses native to other countries migrate as well, and to date are being scattered around the nation, rather than deported.

What more potent a formula for disaster than “unaccompanied minors” with all sorts of contagious diseases coming across the border into our communities, and more specifically into our schools, where American children are now falling ill.

That’s why the obvious question is this: Where did Enterovirus EV-D68 originate and did it ‘entero’ the U.S. via illegal children?

Dr. Besser contended that enteroviruses tend to show up in the summer, which, this year, just so happens to coincide with thousands of unvaccinated and sickly illegal children infiltrating the U.S. border.

Besser also claimed the virus spreads when children go back to school. Unfortunately, what the good doctor chose not to mention is that viruses of unknown origin have more of an opportunity to spread if public schools are overrun with illegal students infected with God-knows-what.

Then Besser said, and this is a winner for sure, that “This particular Enterovirus EV-D68 is very rare and they have no idea why it showed up this year.”

If Dr. Richard Besser doesn’t suspect that the flood of children from south of the border are bringing with them all sorts of Third-World diseases and are likely the primary source of this and many other illnesses poised to become a problem, then maybe ABC News needs a new Chief Health and Medical Editor.

Prior to this break out, EV-D68 had not been seen in the USA since the early 1960s. Nearly 50 years ago. Sure does make you wonder.

Assuming ICE hasn’t accidentally crashed its hard drives, a la the IRS, or hired Hillary’s staff to purge their emails and documents too, it would be more than educational to see where all those buses, trains, and planes full of illegal kids got shipped to, and if there is any correlation with those locations and the EV-D68 outbreaks. Um, right. Who am I kidding? You know, and I know, and so does everyone else who is even only slightly honest (which rules out nearly all the government) that the correlation is nearly 100%.


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calendar   Friday - August 15, 2014

Syrian WMD Destroyed

Hey, remember Syria?

Remember how there’s this massive civil war going on there, with tens of thousands of casualties, all sorts of horrific war crimes being done by both sides, Obama’s Red Lines, and Syria’s “possible” use of poison gas? Remember how the whole world, with the help of the Russians, was going to neutralize the stockpiles of Assad’s chemical weapons? (the ones that didn’t come from Saddam Hussein, wink wink, nudge nudge??)

Well, progress is being made. At sea. So far, 581 tons of precursor chemicals used to make mustard gas have been destroyed. ( OMG. Can you imagine the size of the killing field that nearly 600 tons of poison gas would make?? ) Under the watchful eye of a multinational naval task force that includes the British frigate HMS Montrose, several Scandinavian cargo ships have shuttled the evil stuff to the American ship MV Cape Ray. Cape Ray is a 650’, 37 year old RO/RO container ship, now owned by the US Navy and currently modified as a chemical disposal factory, and is doing the job at a well guarded and undisclosed location somewhere at sea in the Mediterranean. 

And those 581 tons? That’s not even 75% of the overall stockpile. The Cape Ray has 269 shipping containers full of the crap on board. But progress is being made, and the story of putting a chemical hydrolysis plant on a ship and getting it halfway round the world is actually quite heroic.


MV Cape Ray

[ April 10, 2014 ] The MV Cape Ray left for the southern Italian port of Gioia Tauro to retrieve an estimated 560 tons of mustard blister agent and other materials extracted from Syria’s war-fractured territory. The move took place two days after President Bashar Assad’s regime delivered the last of its declared chemical-warfare stockpile into international custody, enabling the commencement of a destruction operation slated to take place in the Mediterranean Sea.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 11, 2014 – Specialists on the U.S. container ship M/V Cape Ray continue their work in the Mediterranean Sea, neutralizing chemical materials from Syria and contributing to what the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, or OPCW, on August 7 confirmed as the destruction of 74.2 percent of Syria’s chemical stockpile.

U.S. military and civilian specialists aboard the ship began using the field deployable hydrolysis system to neutralize Syrian chemical materials on July 7, Director of Pentagon Press Operations Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters at the time, anticipating that it would take about 60 days to complete the job.

On August 5 at the Aberdeen Proving Ground-Edgewood Team CBRNE capabilities showcase, Adam Baker, a chemical engineer and project manager with the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, detailed the hard work that went into turning a land-based hydrolysis system into a field-deployable system in just five months.

“We had a gap in capabilities for a system that was transportable, that could be operated out of a remote location and that would [process] bulk liquid agent at high throughputs.”

The system had to be able to be transported to a remote site and set up and be sufficient with a supply of reagents and diesel fuel, Baker explained. The project was given the go-ahead in February 2013. In November 2013, he said, “That’s when they made the decision to start putting it on the Cape Ray.”

The timeline was short, Baker said, and they couldn’t start from scratch with a new system, so they used a process from the former Aberdeen Chemical Demilitarization Facility, or ABCDF, that had been used a decade ago to neutralize 1,700 tons of mustard – part of the destruction of the United States’ own chemical stockpile.

The entire Syrian stockpile of precursors required to make sarin gas has been destroyed by US experts on board a US neutralizer ship, Pentagon officials have confirmed.

“I am pleased to announce that the crew aboard Cape Ray has completed neutralization of 100 percent of the sarin precursor aboard the ship, which amounts to about 581 metric tons neutralized,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said.

Warren added the Cape Ray crew are now in the process of neutralizing 19.8 tons of sulfur mustard and should be completed by the end of August.

Syria agreed to the destruction of its chemical weapons through a US-Russia brokered deal last September. The decision was sparked by a deadly sarin gas attack in August 21 near Damascus that killed hundreds of people. The West blamed President Bashar Assad forces for it, while Damascus accused the rebels of committing that terror act as a provocation.

So, some good news for a change. Go Navy.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - June 04, 2014

another day another killer with … “rights”

Rule one ...  always belong to a protected group, and it’s a plus if you happen to come from some place in Bongo-Bongo Land.
Rule two ...  above.

Frankly, and some will look askance at the remark, I regard it as one less of ‘them’ in the world. Which should not be taken to mean I approve the method, or even that I approve the killing. I approve of neither.
Thing is, I just do not care.  However ... I can’t resist the post because, it’s another sorry assed example of how far the system bends over in compliance with a foreign based “human rights” law.  In this case as in others before, it’s article 8 of the ECHR (European Convension on Human Rights).

I may be misinformed but, it is my understanding that the French generally ignore the more stupid articles that impede justice there.
So why can’t the Brits simply tell that court to, shove their article where the sun don’t shine?

Take a look at this latest

Mum who killed her baby can’t be deported ... because of her human right to family life

Ghanian nurse secures right to live in Britain despite killing her baby
Her legal team successfully argued the woman is entitled to a family life
The woman was jailed for three years but was freed in April to look after her three surviving children
She has also been granted anonymity despite being named at the time of her conviction
The Home Office described GHA’s legal victory ‘disappointing’

By Mario Ledwith

A foreign nurse who force-fed her baby to death cannot be deported because it would breach her right to a family life.

The Ghanaian woman won her fight to stay in Britain under controversial human rights laws.

And even though the 33-year-old was named in the widely-reported court case that saw her jailed for causing the baby’s death, she has now been granted anonymity.

Having served her three-year sentence, she has been free since April last year to look after her three surviving children.

Last night one MP said the situation was ‘perverse’ and called the immigration tribunal’s ruling ‘warped’. Home Secretary Theresa May has made repeated attempts to remove the woman, who can be referred to only as GHA.

The case will again raise questions about the use of the European Convention on Human Rights to protect criminals. The Home Office said the ruling was ‘disappointing’.

The nurse, who came to the UK on a student visa in 2000, used a small milk jug to tip baby rice African corn porridge and chicken soup into her child’s mouth.

GHA’s legal victory – using Article 8 of the European Convention – means that she has been allowed to remain in the UK unconditionally with her family and been granted lifetime anonymity.



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calendar   Monday - January 06, 2014

tighten belts at home …. cut some benefits …. then give billions away to foreign govts.

I happen to see a brief news item this morning of further cost cutting by the government.  The man in charge of this says it will be necessary, on top of cuts made already, to steer the ship of state to safer economic waters.  That last bit being my words as that’s pretty much what he meant.  So apparently it will be necessary to cut the free TV License to old folks over 75.  Doesn’t bother me any, no TV anyway.  A couple of other suggested as possible cuts will be free bus fare for seniors over 65, and winter fuel refunds. (no, not your whole bill. It’s a partial kick back from govt. We got £200 for example. You don’t apply for it, you just get it.)

However …. while I can understand the government needs to tighten the national belt somewhat, what I do not understand is the huge sums spent overseas on aid to foreign governments.

Like this one for example.
And boy oh boy what an example this is.  It is not a new story, in fact it’s a few months old, but nevertheless says a lot about the fiscal insanity taking place.

Take a look.

£1billion of your cash is being used to help Nigeria join the space race

· Oil-rich country has accepted £300million in aid this year alone
· Plans for Nigerian astronauts to join missions within next two years
· But 70 per cent of the country live below the poverty line of £1.29 a day
· Row ignited by UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom’s ‘Bongo Bongo land’ comments

By Jack Doyle, Home Affairs Correspondent
Daily Mail

Nigeria is spending millions to put a man into space – as Britain hands it more than £1billion in foreign aid.
The oil-rich country, which has accepted £300million this year alone, has set in train ambitious plans to launch its own rockets.
And the first Nigerian astronauts are being trained to join Russian, Chinese or American missions within the next two years.

Last night critics asked why Britain was, in effect, subsidising a space programme for a nation where 70 per cent of people live below the poverty line.

The £1.14billion Nigeria will receive over the five years of the Coalition is double the £500million set aside to prop up struggling accident and emergency departments at our own hospitals.
Backbench Tory MP Philip Davies said it was ‘totally unjustifiable and unaffordable’ for Britain to give this money to Nigeria, given the scale of its ‘grandiose’ space programme.
‘We cannot go around the world saying “don’t worry, we will feed your public for you while you waste your money on all sorts of other projects”,’ he said.

link to source


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