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Once Again, The One And Only Post

November 25, 2022

So we survived the holiday. Me, just barely. Too much to eat and waaay too much to drink. Bit of a hangover this morning.

I am going to swear off the booze for a while. I drink too much. I developed a drinking habit during the lockdown, and it might be approaching a kind of alcohol dependency by now. I’ve been having 2, sometimes 3 or 4 drinks every evening. And sometimes when the panic attacks hit over the stress of this home improvement project, I’d get up in the middle of the night, solve whatever the latest problem was, and have another belt to get back to sleep. Sometimes I’d have another belt to get to sleep. And that’s too much. I think it’s impacting my judgement and my emotions at this point, even when I’m not having any. Time to stop.

So I’m cutting myself off. I’ve made it through 27 hours now, and the urge isn’t really there. Some things are habit forming because you build a habit around them. It’s like smoking. Half the cigarettes you have, you have because you always have one or two at this point in the day. If I’m outside grilling, I always have a Manhattan. Or two. Habit. Break the habits. We’ll see how I fare in another couple days, but I’m going to take it a day at a time. And if it gets real itchy, an hour at a time. But I can beat this. And it’s probably less of a habit than I fear it is, so beating it can be done. I hope. Big words now after just a day. If I can go a couple months without any of it, then I’ll feel I’ve beaten it. And if I start really going crazy, then I’ll know the situation is worse than I thought, going from regular use to dependency to addiction. And that will mean fighting the fight every day, forever. But I’m worth it.


Bowling Blogging!!
First position round at No Longer Cheap league. Which means we’re 12 weeks into the season of 35 weeks, and we have 13 teams on this league. So we played the Management team, who we rolled against on the first night of this season and beat them 7-0. They seemed to be having problems in the first 2 games, so were we, but to a lesser extent. So we won those. We were up by 179 at the end of G2. Then they somehow “remembered” how to bowl. Yikes. But we pulled it out a bit too, and in the end, while they won G3, they didn’t quite take wood. So we won 5-2 tonight. They’re still in 3rd place, we’re still in 4th place, but we’ve closed the gap to just a point or two. It’s nice to not be in dead last place for a change. Hope this lasts.

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November 24, 2022


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!

I’ve been at work in the kitchen since 6am. I’ve got two pies done and cooling, and the bread is on it’s second rise.

And that’s it. Nothing fancy this year. I made the excuse that our house is torn apart, and my mixer broke. Both are true. But then she brings home a new mixer. So I came up with a recipe, and messed with it until it came out right. So the final version uses a bit less whole wheat flour, replaced with a little AP, a 65% hydration rate, activated yeast, bakes at 450 for 20 minutes in the Dutch Oven with the lid on after being spritzed with water, 20 minutes with the lid off, then comes out to cool for a couple minutes while I give it an egg wash that has a small pinch of salt in it. Back in a 400 oven for 10-15, then onto a cooling rack cantilevered over the slightly open oven door to cure as the oven cools. And all that gives a nice firm and tall loaf with a really crisp crust, nice and shiny.

This is where I do my annual Thanksgiving gripe. The pie recipes all call for a pie shell considerably larger than the joke things they sell in the grocery store as “deep dish”. They ain’t. Not even close. Made pumpkin pie this morning, the standard Libbys recipe: one regular can of pumpkin (used to be 16oz once upon a time) and one can of Carnation condensed milk. Makes 1 pie. Um, no. It now makes a pie and a half. So I made another iteration, and baked 2 pies, and have enough filling in a covered bowl in the fridge to make a 3rd pie. I was going to take a picture of how the commercial pie crust is lost inside an actual glass deep dish pie pan, but if you bake then you already know.

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November 23, 2022

Personal humor

As I sit here at my PC, isolated behind a mountain of boxes containing all our new kitchen cabinets, the new sink, and other kitchen bits, Home Depot sends me a sales email titled “Your New Kitchen Is Within Reach”. Yeah, no kidding. It’s only inches away from my left elbow actually.


Getting ready for Thanksgiving. We’re going to her dad’s place, so I’ll make a pumpkin pie and a loaf of bread. Wifely picked up a new mixer so I’ll use that, but then it’s going back to the store. Although the motor is nice and strong and the unit doesn’t vibrate or walk across the countertop, the dough hook does a very poor job of getting dough off the bottom of the mixing bowl, and the beater height is not adjustable. So fail, which means take it back. I’m ordering the safety gear for my KitchenAid. Maybe I should buy 2, because I know it will fail again. This is all my fault, because I’m using an aftermarket dough hook made from a 1/2” bar of stainless steel that weighs about 2 pounds. That’s more mass than the mixer can handle with another 2 pounds of dough, and it’s just too much at the higher speeds I use to get that “slap and fold” kneading action.

I should do a couple loads of laundry so I have clean clothes to wear.


Meanwhile the contractor is off until Monday. The building permits should be ready by then. I hope. Get them, and schedule inspections.

Meanwhile we have no finished floor in the bathroom, as he’s starting on the tile, and removed all the old stuff. So it’s pretty raw in there. And cold. At least he cleaned up pretty good, so there’s no chips or concrete dust.


I have to spend quite a bit of time today organizing project parts and their receipts, to try to take them back to the stores. I think there are bits from about 4 orders at this point, but as the ductwork is complete, I don’t need the extras. And HD was slow with an order, so I have to cancel that in person, as it came in after the contractor took an alternate approach to get the job done. Can’t really blame this on “supply chain issues”; the parts were in stock at their central warehouse. They just took too long to get them to their local store for me to pick up. So, too bad. No sale.


Plenty of other clean up tasks to do here too. The entire house is a rolling disaster area, and things need to be put away, thrown away, put back in the garage or in closets ... heck, we need to put the hall closet back together for the 4th time now, as that’s where the hatch to the attic is, and he’s done up there. For now.


I’ve got to get up to Walmart to get a few things. Cat food, refill prescriptions, etc. Not much of a trip, and the place is hardly a mile away. I just have to make the time to get over there and get it done.


Did you see this one the other day? Local school board elections, most of the Berkeley County SC schoolboard is now members of Moms For Liberty members. They came in on day one, took over, fired several people and replaced them with conservatives, banned CRT and trans BS, explicitly sexual books in the school libraries, and so on. Too bad, so sad. Let’s see how this plays out.

Heck, maybe they’ll go so far as to set a pro-America scholastic agenda and cut out all the Marxist nonsense. Wow.

On Tuesday evening, the Berkeley County School District in South Carolina swore in the board members who were elected last week, six of whom were endorsed by the conservative activist group Moms for Liberty.

Within two hours, the school board had voted to fire the district’s first Black superintendent (replaced by another Black superintendent BTW), terminate the district’s lawyer, ban critical race theory and set up a committee to decide whether certain books and materials should be banned from schools.

In addition, the board voted to replace the chair with Mac McQuillin, a local attorney and one of the board members backed by Moms for Liberty.

The rapid moves Tuesday in the Berkeley County district, the fourth largest in the state, showed the impact of Moms for Liberty’s focus on electing conservative school board members, and prompted uproar among some community members in attendance.


Too Big To Fail, But Not Too Big To Bail Out

US FED pumps billions into Credit Suisse. Company is going belly up anyway. >88% of the money has been pulled out this quarter so far.

One month ago, weeks before the crypto sector was shaken by the crushing FTX bankrun which led to a quick and painful bankruptcy, and revealed that one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges and its “JPMorgan-esque” owner were nothing but hollow shells of fraud, another bank was suffering from a far bigger bank run.

Readers will recall that in mid-October we reported that the Fed was quietly wiring increasingly greater dollar amounts to the Swiss National Bank - which eventually peaked at around $11 billion weekly - which in turn was then using these dollar swap lines to plug USD funding holes within one or more Swiss commercial banks.

One didn’t need to be a rocket surgeon to figure out that the bank in question was Credit Suisse, which had seen its stock tumble amid a relentless barrage of scandals, corporate mistakes and the occasional fraud (that we know of), and which we said was likely suffering from a painful behind-the-scenes bank run.

Fast forward one month, when this morning the 2nd largest Swiss bank confirmed our worst-case speculation, admitting that it had just gone through a staggering bank run in which clients pulled as much as 84 billion Swiss francs, or $88.3 billion, of their money from the bank during the first few weeks of the quarter, underlining ongoing concerns over the bank’s restructuring efforts after years of scandals.



Yeah, when the environmental destruction is in the far corners of the world, it doesn’t count.


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November 21, 2022

Hi blog. Not much new to report. I’m really tired and my knees hurt like mad. I don’t think I’m sick. Feel ok, just the knee and thumb joint pain really drag me down. Hard to walk more than 50 yards. A couple Aleve and a swig of Polish blackberry brandy helps a lot.


project update

OTOH, we now have 3 fully completed ducts in the attic. Sealed, taped, insulated, properly suspended, and of the right diameters to meet the darn IRC codes. Plus vent caps, spray painted to nearly match the vinyl siding. Installed “good enough” for now - it’s really cold out and vinyl can shatter if you cut it when it’s too cold - with a promise to put in the J channel when it gets warmer. Not that anyone here really cares. But I do. I want it done perfectly.


The little bit of blue tape along the shingles marks the point directly across the breezeway from the vent cap on the neighbor’s unit. So we got pretty close, but there’s no headroom in the attic at that point. And they’re further down the roof than we said we’d try for, so everybody better be happy.

I know, this looks like nothing, and my excitement seems meaningless. But all this is the result of 4 days of work, a week of neurosis over the building codes, several hundred more dollars spent on duct, mastic, tape, hangers, etc., plus cutting, fitting, and crimping. And it’s code compliant from one end to the other, all 3 lines. (the little fan in the laundry room has a proper vent cap on it with a flap, but it’s mounted underneath one of the roof vents in the attic, so at least in theory it also vents directly to the outside. That one is a rarely-ever-used fan, so good enough. The dryer and the bathroom vent come out the side wall).

So when the permits come through, we ask for an inspection. Which we will pass. Then we can put in the switches, the ceiling, the walls, the tiles, etc, and actually make them into rooms again. Trust me, I am SO tired of looking at raw insulating and wiring, while using a shower with great big sheets of heavy plastic hanging on it.

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November 20, 2022

We, all of us, are living in whacko world. The inmates in charge of this asylum get crazier every day. I could on and on, but if you even graze the news, or any commentary site online, then you’re already aware of it, in every aspect of the world and phase of your life. And it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, but that won’t be until a few generations after the Great Die Off. I mean great reset, and the inevitable purge, wars, starvation, vax effect aided deaths and birth rate declines, the ever increasing stupidification of everyone, and the next several engineered killer pandemics.

Human population passed 8 billion the other day. That’s 2 and 2/3 as many humans as when I was born. Maybe we do need a massive culling. Problem is, the ones that will be culled won’t be the right ones. The hordes of useless hungry mouths will the ones that survive. The ones who work, create, and try to improve things will be the first to go. So bye bye. And then another 1000 years of darkness will ensue. There’s no escaping that. The poor, stupid, and starving won’t be able to even use, much less maintain the existing systems or improve them or think up anything new. In 100 years, clean running water from a pipe will be a miracle. We will fall, just like Rome. The barbarians always win.

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We won 4-3 in No Long Cheap league Friday night, missing out on total wood by 5 points.  Ouch. I was a little under average all night, 503 series. But everyone else was having a hard night too. But we’re actually in 4th place, so that’s not bad. Position round next week.


Project update:

The vent caps have been painted to as close to the “pebblestone clay” color of the siding as we could find. We got a few lengths of J channel from the maintenance guys to make the install look nice. Our contractor has finally had his license renewed by the state, and he’s filing the building permits for us Monday. That’s about as backwards as it gets, but it’s good now. Hopefully he’ll have a contract written up for us to sign as well.

We’re pretty much ready for plumbing, electrical, construction, and fire code inspection at this point, at least at the first “pre-closure” level. Which means the code guys come over and look at stuff, say yes or no, and if they say yes we can start putting up wallboard and tiles, and start putting down flooring. So who knows, we may have a finished bathroom and laundry room by Christmas.

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November 17, 2022

Bowling blogging!!

Well, we took 5 at Old Guys league last night. It wasn’t easy, but we managed. I was a hair over average in the first 2 games, and the only reason I did as well as 3 hairs under average in the last game is because I went X XXX in 9 and 10 and put another 60 points on my score. I just couldn’t find the right line, couldn’t even get a mark, and just gave up and slammed the ball down the lane in the last frames. And it worked. I finished with a pathetic 157 for a 508 series. Everyone else on my team rolled over 200 for Game 3.

More importantly, we won the beer frame, which is truly a rare thing for us. So we move up to 11th place, and we’re facing a really tough team next week.


The contractor is up in the attic all day again, running the 3 ducts and hopefully doing things right. At some point he’ll have to drill through the outside wall to mount the vent caps. Not sure if that’s going to happen today or not. Like everything else in this project, half the job is figuring out what the problems are and how to solve them. Then, once I run out and spend more money for more stuff, they can be solved. Mostly.

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November 16, 2022

Busy time here, as usual. Ducting going in up in the attic space. Waiting on deliveries is becoming the norm, and that slows everything down. A fair number of standard materials and items are not in stock anymore. Oh sure, we can order you some. And they’ll be here in a few days. This is why I purchased as much as I could ahead of time, and that made me take a bunch of guesses on what would be needed. And I didn’t always guess right. Doing the best I can.


So Donald Trump has declared 2 years out that he’s running for President again. Well that will shake up a lot of people, and it gives him a long time to put out his ideas and views, which hopefully will convince people to put this country back together the way it ought to be.

My secret hope is that he puts together a panel of smart folks behind the scenes, and develops and tests (at small and large scale) abuse resistant voting methodologies and systems. Make it for 3 cost levels. Shouldn’t be that hard; the ideas have been out there forever. Then he needs to go on and on about it everywhere every day. Find people from every county in every state, have his people learn each local system. And point out the problems publicly. But try to do it the nice way, not the loud mouth grating NYC asshole way. More flies with honey, right? My point is, if masses of people learn the frailties of their local voting and counting system, and have it brought to their awareness often enough and publicly enough, then maybe they’ll want action. Of course, if the entire GOP picked up an election integrity plank, would it hurt?

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November 13, 2022

What kind of detergent do you use to launder digital money?

a href="">The first huge scandal to blow up in the face of the Democrats after the midterms has happened even before all of the votes have been counted - as I write this, only 72% of the votes have been counted in Alaska and only 88% have been counted in Arizona.

FTX, a crypto exchange, has filed for bankruptcy, with only $900 million in liquid assets and $9 billion in liabilities. Among the list of dubious other “assets” held by the exchange is a $7.3 million bet for Trump to lose the election in 2024. This bet is a real head-scratcher, as Trump has not officially announced that he is running in 2024, which presumably would be a prerequisite for him to lose in 2024. It is also odd, even for Wall Street, for bets on election outcomes to be listed as assets owned by companies.

[ follow this link and watch the video.

FTX was being run by children. Ok, youths in their early 20s, who broke all the rules, and dressed like campus bums ]

The head of the company, until he resigned on Friday, was Sam Bankman-Fried. He was the second largest individual donor to the Democrats in the 2022 election cycle, with total donations to them of $36,793,956. Only George Soros, with a total of $128,475,971, gave that party and its candidates more money.

This is a really weird thing. And another crypto currency that went belly up, this one just after the mid-term elections. which is likely to have funneled millions to the DNC. Through Ukraine of course. And Brinkman-Fried may have run off the Argentina. SSDD.


Your Daily RACISM !!

subtitle in internet-speak: play stupid games, win stupid prizes
categories: media-bias, minorities, you were trying to create a situation, and everything is racist to you

911 Called on BLACK girl spraying bugs

Nine-year-old Bobbi Wilson was hoping to do her part in the state’s battle against lanternflies. Using a home remedy she’d discovered on TikTok, the girl went out in her Caldwell neighborhood to fight the invasive species, spraying the trees and sidewalks with a solution of dish soap and apple cider vinegar.

Yet that simple act got the police called on Bobbi, who is Black, after a neighbor dialed 911 saying he was suspicious and scared, according to her mother, Monique Joseph.

On Nov. 1, Joseph appeared at a Caldwell Borough Council meeting and told her daughter’s story, saying she hopes it will spark a conversation in the Essex County community about racial bias, diversity and equity.

“Racism, intentional or not, is still racism,” Joseph told borough leaders.

In the Oct. 22 police call, the neighbor told dispatchers, “There’s a little Black woman, walking, spraying stuff on the sidewalks and trees. … I don’t know what the hell she’s doing, scares me though,” according to Joseph’s account to the council.

“I’m not here to label anyone, only to share my point of view as a Black woman, a Black mother and a Black resident in this town, to bring awareness on racism and implicit bias that we experienced on the very street that we live on,” Joseph said.

Joseph said her neighbor, Gordon Lawshe, used triggering words during the 911 call when he reported he was “scared,” and that Bobbi was wearing a “hood.” Those words have resulted in the deaths of Black and brown people at the hands of police before, Joseph said.

The neighbor, Gordon Lawshe, lives right across the street. With that name, my guess is that he’s white. You’d think he’d recognize the kid who lives right across the street, and maybe venture out to ask her what she’s doing? Or maybe he took the “safe” way out, having been the recipient of the death glare, the mouth, and buckets of attitude from these neighbors in the past? We’ll never know. His lawyer says he wasn’t doing racial profiling, merely providing a description. In the video you can see that at least 3 cop cars showed up.

And if some kid was spraying unknown stuff on my trees and sidewalk, you’re damn right I’d call the cops. WTH. Did she have a permit? Did she have adult supervision? Probably not.

And it turns out that Lawshe is a local politician. A Republican. And a white guy. And I’m sure you’re aware of the acts of violence and protests etc that have occurred at politician’s homes. Remember a year or so ago when “an abundance of caution” was the watchword? [ pull up 15 Elizabeth Street on Google Maps Street View. Note the “Love Lives Here” sign in his front yard ] Lawshe, the “politician”, had been a councilman for the community, a position that he resigned from more than 12 years ago, and then took a job as the sports membersjip director at the local community center. Yeah, he’s a big political player for sure.

But no, let’s make it about race. Because we’re always the victims. And some of us are professional victims, going out of their way to provoke situations they can cry about.


Texas Air Show Collision, Lives Lost, WWII B-17 Bomber And P-36 Fighter Destroyed

an instant before the P-36 fighter hit the B-17 bomber

Two World War II-era planes collided and crashed while performing a flyover at a commemorative event in Texas on Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement. It was not immediately clear how many people were on the planes.

A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra were participating in the Air Force’s Wings Over Dallas air show when they collided mid-air near the Dallas Executive Airport just before 1:30 p.m. local time, the FAA said.

Many short videos of the collision on social media:

Tragedy has struck at a Texas airshow, with two antique aircraft colliding in midair.

A World War II-era P-63 Kingcobra fighter struck a Boeing B-17 bomber during the airshow in Dallas on Saturday, according to KXAS-TV.

Cellphone video of the catastrophic crash reveals the fighter approaching the bomber from above, possibly out of the bomber pilot’s line of sight.

Both planes plummeted to the ground in pieces after the collision and exploded on impact.

And the ace reporters at MSN get things exactly backwards of course:

The Wings Over Dallas Airshow was on full display when a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress crashed into Bell P-63 King Cobra from behind. Both planes immediately went into a nose dive before crashing into a runway and exploding.

There were six crew members in the planes that did not survive the crash, according to a report. Fatalities have not been verified by local authorities.

[ I’m not expecting anyone to be a history buff or a plane spotter or anything like that, but if you don’t know what a B-17 is and what one looks like, you are not an American. ]

There were two things going on in the air at the time. The bomber was doing a slow flyover, and the fighter was doing a high speed pursuit fly-by with another plane.

Both airplanes were at low altitude. The fighter came down from 8 o’clock (relative to the bomber) and was executing a banked turn up and to the left. Due to the long nose of the fighter and it’s low mounted wing, it’s possible that the pilot never even saw the bomber. The impact was just at or aft of the B-17’s left wing root; the collision shattered to fighter to pieces and cut the bombers fuselage in half. Both planes hit the ground less than 2 seconds later and fireballed. I don’t think anyone in either airplane survived.

There are very few B-17s left and almost no P-36s.

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November 12, 2022

So, what’s new with you? I turned 62 yesterday. And I was feeling every one of those years. I really wanted to go find some kids somewhere and yell at them to get off my lawn. Instead I tried on some ill fitting pants and pulled the waistband halfway to my armpits to see how it looked. Sadly, it’s not a fashion statement I’m quite prepared to embrace. I am at the stage though where I feel my New Balance sneakers (official old guy shoes) can go with everything.


We lost 3-4 at No Longer Cheap League last night. Conditions were unbelievably bad, due to a freshly laid odd oil pattern and very rainy weather. The approaches were super sticky and the lanes were dead most of the way down and then the back end just ahead of the pins was hyper reactive. To get anything to happen with my (freshly cleaned) ball, I had to stand 4 to 6 boards left of my usual spot and target my throw 1 -2 boards right of my usual. And still the ball would rip too far to the left most of the time. It was like open bowling on a Sunday afternoon when the lanes are totally burned up. It was a good night to use your spare ball or your least reactive strike ball. Sadly, I only had DV8 with me, and that one is a hook monster. So I did what I could to spaz throw it as flat as I could. And that mostly worked; my first game was only a couple under average but my next too were in the 190s, so I pulled a 550 series for the night.

One of the other really challenging parts of bowling is learning how to quickly adapt to nasty lane conditions. I’m not there yet, but at least I’m no consistent enough that I can spot them.


Project Update: The happy rainbow after a dark night of despondent insanity and panic

The bathroom plumbing passed the leak and pressure test, so that’s all good. The wiring is nearly all in, as far as it can go before inspection, although we do have to put in a couple circuits and they need AFI/GFCI ($$) breakers, as bathrooms and laundry rooms are damp environments. So a 20 amp 120v one for the washer circuit, a 30 amp 240v one for the dryer circuit, the whole bathroom becomes a 20 amp 120v circuit, and probably a 20 amp 240v one for the electric baseboard heater, which is only a foot away from the side of the bathtub but not in a water spray direction. Still, that GFCI will make the code guy more complacent, even though there is no actual code for electric heater distance from a water source. It’s just Best Practices. OTOH, the only other location is behind the door up against the wall, and that’s a fire hazard. We have the slightly charred door to prove that.

But the really good news is that I have figured out the IRC 2015/2019/2021 codes and how to meet/beat them. And we got permission from the condo board here to put the duct vent caps on the opposite outer wall of our unit. This has been driving me crazy, giving me an ulcer, destroying my sleep, and giving me panic attacks. I am not exaggerating. This entire project is predicated on getting the washer/dryer upstairs, and that is contingent in getting the dryer duct properly laid out. And there are a bunch of rules and regulations for that, which it didn’t seem possible to understand. But now I do, and we will win this game.

Dryer vent ducts are limited to 35 feet effective length, with every duct elbow counting as 5 feet. We were always going to have a longer run than that, so I bought a booster fan. Then it gets worse. This place was built with the dryer vent cap only 18” above our front door. Big no-no; it has to be at least 3 feet, and that rule has been around forever. Many decades. ( I swear, the only way this condo park passed inspection when built was through bribery ) And any new work you do, even if it hooks up to old work, has to meet current code. So I had to get “emergency permission” from the condo board to put in a vent cap in a legal location. And I got that, and one for the bathroom ceiling fan too.

But the effective run was still quite long, and code says residential units cannot use booster fans. Nightmare time, especially since the wickedly expensive one I bought a while back is past the return-by date. (I bought it early to avoid inflation; the price has gone up $100 since then) But there are several caveats in the IRC code, if you read chapter after chapter and connect all the dots. No, booster fans are not allowed. But power ventilators are. What’s a power ventilator? It’s a booster fan. But a well made one, with all the modern bells and whistles ($$$). IRC code specifies that these must be UL code, UL 705 DEDPV specifically. DEDPV is an acronym that means Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator. What it really means though, is that this new kind of booster fan a) be of a no lint clogging design, b) not be made of plastic, c) have a motor that plugs in, not hard-wired, d) have a temperature sensor that shuts the thing off if it gets too hot, e) turn on and off based on an air pressure activated switch, f) have a cool down circuit that runs the unit for a few minutes after the dryer stops, g) has a remote LED status panel you mount near the dryer that shows you on/off/fire/clog conditions, with it’s own label that says the unit is UL 705 DEDPV compliant, and h) you have to stick up a permanent sign that states how long the duct run is, how long the effective duct run is, and that there is a UL 705 DEDPV unit X feet downstream.

And it turns out that the Tjernlund LB2 booster I purchased meets all of those criteria. Sadly, the stubborn Scandis up there in Minnesota who make the thing still call it a booster fan, and only mention that it meets IRC2018. This is a bit confusing to a clueless homeowner like me. Call it whatever you want, but change your webpage so that it says “This is a DEDPV machine, meets IRC 2015, 2018, 2021” or something like that.

So, given that, the 3rd caveat in the code says that I can if I used one of these DECPV units, installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, I can run the ducts as long as the booster fan spec says. Which is 160 effective feet for this model. I only need 43. So I’m golden.  And of course, the dryer duct will be galvanized steel, assembled without screws, held together with both fire code compliant duct mastic and top of the line fire code compliant ducting tape, fully insulated with fire code approved sheathing, and supported far more frequently than the minimum once every 12 feet. That’s a lot of hurdles to clear, so you can see why it’s been giving me fits. OTOH, a better contractor might have been more conversant in the building and residential codes and just explained things to me.

Compared to this, meeting code for the duct run for the bathroom ceiling fan is easy. Turns out there’s a table, the ever popular M1504.2. Which says that, at the “high” 110CFM setting our dinky little ceiling fan can run, my 4” duct allowable maximum length is a bit under 10 feet. Dude, it takes 10 feet just to get past the bathroom and the laundry room. BUT, and it’s a really big but, if I use a larger diameter pipe I can run a longer duct. I could do the job with 5” duct. But 5” vent caps are impossible to find. 6” ones are becoming ubiquitous. And 6” duct will fit between our ceiling joists, and only cost a few cents more than 5” ducts. And with a 6” duct there is NO LIMIT on how long the duct can be. Yeah, because there will never be any pressure in the duct. Fully insulated and connected the same way as the dryer duct of course. So I’ll get an4"-6" adapter cone, 10 or 15 feet of 6” rigid duct, run that across the joists and into the attic, and then switch over to insulated flex duct (table allows me 91 feet of that) and run that over to the wall cap. Which of course has to be screwed and adhesive silicon caulked to the outer wall, and then have official fire block foam where it’s pipe comes inside.

The laundry room fan, which counts as “whole house ventilation”, can vent to the attic just 2 feet away, but we’ll run an insulation 4” flex duct up to one of the attic roof vents and fashion a plate under it to mount the upper end of the flex duct. That one is easy.

So it’s time to go shopping again, and spend a few hundred bucks more.

See, meeting code is easy. [ Drew you sarcastic bastard ] All you have to do is go crazy, then study the heck out of all the code books, then throw another ton of money at the problem. Ta freakin Da.

!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!

November 10, 2022

Bad day today. Running up against conflicting building codes, chapping my ass. May have a solution. Might not. Have to wait on the condo board, meeting Monday night.

We won 5-2 Wednesday in Old Guys league, against the 2nd place team and with 2 no-shows on my team.

Rib roast is cooling. I want to sleep. Please God send me a solution to the vent duct problem.

!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!

November 09, 2022

i don’t want to talk about the election defection inflection. WTF happened? Who knows? But let’s face it, half the country hates this country, are communists but don’t even know it, wants the freebies and no responsibility, and can’t do basic math, or write cursive, and never reads a book. Zombies, sheep, morons. Your choice.

cheating? Oh please. How many DECADES has this country - all parties, all levels of government - had to develop, test, and implement a more foolproof system? It never happens. In other countries, you get a purple finger when you vote. In other countries, you get shot for voting illegally. In other countries voting is seen as your civic duty (if not required by law) and you go and do it. They don’t have mail-in ballots, early voting, same day registration, voter IDs (which nobody considers racist) or any of that “it’s soooo hard to vote” BS. Heck, Brazil counted up all their ballots in one day. And 90% of those votes are on paper.

!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!

November 08, 2022

It’s Election Day !!


We got over to town hall first thing this morning and voted, so we’d have that out of the way before the contractor gets here. The place wasn’t crowded, but there were several early birds in there casting their ballots before work.

And then we found out that we have new voting machines. I never had a problem with the old machines, which had touch screens and allowed you to vote quickly. But they didn’t print out a receipt or a paper copy. And the new ones do.

I just learned that our old machines were from Dominion. That’s all the reason I need to approve their replacement.


Our county purchased 136 of these things, and the tabulation equipment. Top of the line. Great big 32” screen, and it makes a paper copy of your vote.

The ES&S ExpressVote XL. They bought the whole system, not just the voting machines. No more paper voter roll log books; there’s an electronic sign in system. You get issued a notched strip of paper, rather like the old-time punch cards (Hollerith cards), but larger and without holes. That card gets fed into the slot on the side of the voting machine, and just like depositing checks at your ATM, it gets pulled right in. And you can see it through the clear window. So now you vote. Touch the buttons, choose your candidates and your position on any bond issues etc. Look it over, press the Cast Vote button. And it asks you if you’re sure, and reminds you that once you say YES you don’t get to change your mind. So you press Yes, it tabulates the vote, and prints it all out on the paper card too. There may have been a “Is the paper the same as your vote? Y/N” choice, I don’t remember. But there’s your choices, printed right on the card, along with a quick-scan barcode. Tap the ACCEPT button and the card goes in the hopper and you’re done. As I was voter 43 this morning, it’s my hope that the cards get shuffled before they are processed.

So it’s electronic tabulation, and there’s a scanable paper backup which can also be read by hand. So it’s triple redundant. And the machine is only plugged in; it’s not online to anything. So it seems pretty good to me.

Heaven knows how much these things cost. Plenty, I’m sure.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Monday - August 10, 2020

Still Here

No, nothing to blog about today, sorry.

But I’ve been to everybody else’s blog, leaving comments here and there.

Also, I’ve been looking, once again, at soundproofing materials. I don’t think I have a project here, and it would be very small one if I did. I just find the field interesting, how you can make a room or a machine much quieter through acoustic treatments. Sometimes it’s absorptive materials, sometimes it’s mass loading, plus all the research into shaped surfaces that break up reflections, and the multi-density viso-elastic materials. You can even get sound mitigating PAINT. Plus the usual quiet curtains, acoustic carpet pads, and stuffing the walls with fireproof rockwool insulation, and using thicker or decoupled wallboard. You can even get special wallboard with acoustic decoupling built right in. 


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calendar   Friday - August 07, 2020

Ospreys are up, is Trump in town?

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s ... A Frog? *


It’s kind of overcast today, low clouds. There still isn’t much air traffic around here, so when I heard the sound of something flying up there, I looked. It kind of sounded like a helicopter, and it kind of sounded like a jet. Except it wasn’t moving very fast.

And then I spotted a small dark spot moving through the clouds. It came out again, and yup, it was an Osprey, the unusual dual tailed tilt rotor boxy little aircraft that the Marines usually fly. Even far enough away so that it looked 1/4” long, I could still see the giant propellers spinning around. Pretty cool.

The only time I ever see or hear one of these things is when President Trump is visiting his place over in Bedminster, about 15 miles east of us.

Let’s check ...

BEDMINSTER, NJ — President Donald Trump is coming back to Bedminster for the second time in three weeks.

According to the President’s itinerary, he was set to arrive at Morristown Municipal Airport Thursday evening at around 9 p.m. after a day that was to include three separate stops in Ohio, including one at the Whirlpool Corp. manufacturing plant.

Trump was just in Bedminster the weekend of July 24-26. He was returning to Trump National Golf Club Thursday night, but it was not clear whether his stay would last the entire weekend, or whether it would include any tours of storm damage in the wake of the remnants of Tropical Storm Isaias.

Trump is expected in New Jersey this weekend. Temporary flight restrictions have been announced for Thursday through Sunday for Morristown, where Air Force One lands, and for Bedminster, which usually foreshadow a presidential visit.

Heh, this is more fun than bridge spotting. Easier too; all I have to do is listen.

 *   cultural reference if you’re too young to know this line. Scroll down a bit. 


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calendar   Tuesday - August 04, 2020

TNB At Mansion Parties Across America

This kind of crap is why our NJ governor King Murphy is stepping back on his re-opening plan. The ferals mess up everything for everyone every time.

[ woo hoo, Firefox saved me! The power went off for a while right in the middle of this. But the post was still there when power was restored, so happy me. Life during a hurricane, no? ]

Commercial Party Houses Out Of Control, Killings, Robberies, And Neighborhood Mayhem

Wild pool party shut down by police at New Jersey mansion

A massive rager at a mansion in New Jersey’s richest zip code was shut down by cops over the weekend — and neighbors say wild Vegas-like blowouts have been regularly held there despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Hundreds of carefree revelers — most without masks — were spotted outside the home on Hemlock Drive in Alpine for what promoters called “The Lavish Experience Pool Party” Saturday night, NBC New York reported.

Cops eventually were called to break up the bash, which spilled out onto the street with zero regard for social distancing rules.

One person was seen taken away in an ambulance, while others were passed out drunk on the front lawn, the outlet reported.

A neighbor told The Post that the wild affairs have been a regular occurrence since May, at the height of the coronavirus crisis. She said she’s seen party buses dropping off people for the bashes — which are brazenly advertised on social media.

“A few months ago, new neighbors moved in, renters,” the neighbor said. “They started having parties one weekend after another. They were bringing in full party buses, at least 100 people or more.”

Another neighbor who didn’t want to be named told NBC New York the house is practically doubling as a “nightclub.”

Several lifetimes ago I worked in Closter NJ, the next town over. Plenty of money in Closter, but Alpine is the home of serious green. Quite a number of famous movie stars, sports figures, and music legends live there, along with the cream of the fiscal crop.

They must be beyond furious that this kind of thing is going on in their extremely exclusive area.

House parties have definitely been an issue in NJ lately, and have been used as a COVID excuse by the government more than once.

But it gets worse ... much worse ...

!!! ~~~~ !!! ~~~~ !!!

Gangsters storm NFL star’s house Beverly Hills party and start robbing everybody, 1 dead, 2 wounded

A SHOOTING at a flashy Los Angeles mansion party held for an NFL star has left one person dead and two fighting for their lives, reports say.

A terrified partygoer filming as multiple shots rang out at the plush Beverly Crest pad said “a bunch of gangsters came in and robbed everybody and started shooting”.

The shooting occurred hours after cops were called to a gated community in Mulholland Drive after complaints from neighbours.

Scores of people were attending the party - prompting the police callout at about 6.30pm because of the ban on large gatherings in Los Angeles County during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But officers attending did not have a warrant to enter the property so were unable to break it up. Hours later, gunshots rang out at around 12.47am, sparking panic as revellers ran for the exits.

Three people were rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds, according to CBS. One person died from their injuries and two others are said to be in acritical but stable condition.

A man in his 30s and a woman in her 40s were among the victims.A fourth person suffered a non-firearm-related injury while fleeing, it’s reported.

Yet again, as always, this was a short term rental property in a really high end area, and the attendees were ... 100% non diverse. And ignoring every kind of anti-COVID rule in existence. And in two weeks they’ll all be sick. I’m really tired of this BS.

Plenty of pictures and much more to the story at the link.


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Just Mailing It In This Rainy Morning


I’m such a fan of the PO. Vilmar will understand.

Mail in ballots are flat out wrong, an opportunity rife for corruption. Ballot harvesting - an operative comes around your neighborhood to collect them all - is even worse. Guaranteed corruption.

Simple Solution?

Too afraid to vote in person? Hmmm ... I wonder if ... set up the polling place with one of those counters surrounded by plastic walls. Worker behind the desk all gowned gloved masked. Positive ventilation system blows air outwards. You walk in ... one at a time ... with your ballot envelope ... clerk checks the voter rolls, checks your ID / voter registration, you sign the digital screen with the just wiped wand/pen AFTER you’ve been verified and watched your ballot go into the locked and sealed collection bin. CCTV from 3 angles covers the entire event, cameras run all day, data saved to disk or chip.

Such an arrangement could be built in a couple hours for small expense. When the numbered collection box gets full, several people come in to seal up and evidence sign the old one, count the envelopes several times and sign to that, and put in a new box, identifying themselves on CCTV. GoPro vidcam wearing workers follow the box through the building to the evidence locker, past several locked doors and sign it in with a guard as witness.

The whole Deliver Your Vote process takes under a minute, and the collection box exchange and securing takes only a couple minutes.

No mailing, no lost envelopes, no boxes of votes that magically appear at the last second. This isn’t rocket science.

Of course this will be more difficult in the big cities. But any town or small city under ~~ 50K population should be able to do it. The whole idea is Chain of Evidence, just like the cops do. And CCTV and data chips are so cheap it’s just silly.

Yeah, some people really are not able to get out, and get over to the polling places. Prove it, and you can vote by mail. You “can’t” show up because it’s a minor inconvenience? TFB, then you’re not going to vote.

Naturally the voter rolls would be up to date, matched against the tax records, the credit card company and cell phone address lists, coroner data and the III criminal database etc. As I’ve said a hundred times before, registration closes at least 30 days prior, no exceptions.

!!! ~~~~ !!! ~~~~ !!!

Crivens, it is REALLY pouring out there today. Since long before dawn. Thankfully it’s cooler, and so far not a breath of wind.  But if the big wind shows up later, after 8 -10 hours of ground saturating rainfall, we’re going to lose a lot of trees. Not cool.

The tropical storm winds were reaching the state by 8 a.m. Tuesday and were expected to increase quickly as Isaias was moving through at 33 mph, the National Hurricane Center said.

Heavy rain and the potential for flash floods continues to be a significant threat, but that threat has shifted west as the aniticipated track of Isaias shifted west overnight.

The Jersey Shore is expected to be spared the heaviest rainfall though 1 to 2 inches are still possible. The north and western parts of the state, including Hunterdon, Warren and Sussex counties, are still forecast to receive more than 4 inches of rain.
The state got a taste of the storm Monday evening as a patch of thunderstorms moved through. A wind gust of 70 mph was recorded at the Robert J. Miller Airpark in Ocean County, and one of 59 mph was recorded at Neshanic Station, according to the weather service’s Mount Holly office.

Neshanic Station is just across the county line here in Somerset County. It’s a sleepy little crossroads semi-rural kind of place, off the beaten track but only a mile or so from a major highway. Situated on the banks of the South Branch of the Raritan River, just a mile or two of where both north and south branches join and flow down to Rutgers, it was a mill town and a produce shipping point back in the long ago day.

There is a rather rare double span lenticular bridge there in perfect condition, with a very old derelict 2 span Pratt through truss RR bridge on one side, and a high plate girder RR bridge, still used daily, a bit downstream on the other side.

There are only about 100 lenticular bridges in the whole country, many are derelict now, and most of them are single span. Binghamton NY has a 3 span one, and Middlesex County CT has a 5 span one. All of these were built 135 years ago by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company.


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calendar   Sunday - August 02, 2020

Nobody Says The “B” Word. Or The “J” Word.

AirBnB To Restrict Party House Rentals In NJ

Airbnb has cracked down on “party houses” throughout the state of New Jersey as the world continues to attempt to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We stand with Governor (Phil) Murphy, and we support his call to action to stop parties and promote behavior that respects the public’s health,” said Chris Lehane, SVP of Global Policy & Communications for Airbnb. “We ban party houses and will not tolerate irresponsible behavior on our platform. We know that there is still more work to be done, we ask that neighbors contact us as soon as possible through our Neighborhood Support Hotline, to directly communicate any concerns, which will help us continue to effectively enforce our party house ban.”

As part of this, 35 listings across New Jersey that have received complaints or otherwise violated policies on parties and events have been either suspended or removed from the Airbnb platform, officials said.

Additionally, Airbnb recently shared out restrictions on some U.S. guests under the age of 25 from booking entire home listings in their local area. As a practical example, if they identify a 20-year old guest who is located in Hoboken, the systems are set up to restrict that user from booking a house, apartment or other entire home listing in Hoboken for a 1-night reservation the following weekend unless they have a history of positive reviews on Airbnb.

However, if that same 20 year-old is booking a stay to visit family in Ocean City, the restriction would not apply.

This kind of thing has been in the news quite a bit lately. It seems some folks have figured out that they can rent a nice place in suburbia for a night, put out ads in da hood, charge people to attend, and make a pile of quick money.

The party animals descend, cause an all night ruckus, trash the house, mess up the whole neighborhood, and go away. Streets parked solid, cars up on folk’s lawns, all kinds of misbehavior, fireworks, and often as not “random” gunfire.

Far be it for me to mention how certain types were prominent at nearly all of these events. Although if you read the stories carefully and ignore the “representational” picture in the above story ...
“The party was reportedly held as a celebration of Liberian Independence Day and featured free food and alcohol and a twerking contest.”
“Darius Edwards, 24, of Brooklyn, has been charged with two counts of assault by auto, eluding, obstruction and possession of marijuana”
“Yaakov Weiss, 40, of Jackson, who owns the home, and Patience Guanue, 23, and Alicia Hinneh, 22, both of Newark, were issued summonses for violating the governor’s executive order limiting gatherings to 500 people or fewer “
“The party was advertised on Instagram as a “mansion party,” and included free food and alcohol”
“It took all of Jackson’s on-duty police officers, along with help from the Freehold, Howell and Lakewood police departments, New Jersey State Police, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, to clear the crowd”


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calendar   Saturday - August 01, 2020

NHL Stands Together

Nobody Kneels. Nobody.

Players from the Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Stars, and Nashville Predators all stood to honor the playing of the national anthem in recent games.

Not one single player kneeled.

On Tuesday, players for the Flyers and Penguins stood together in solidarity before their exhibition opener in Toronto.

The respective teams stood together on the blue lines to show solidarity — and the Penguins made sure the message was clear.

In a tweet, the beloved Pittsburgh team wrote, “The Penguins and Flyers, two of the fiercest rivals in sports, united in solidarity this afternoon, to stand up against social injustice, racism, and hate.”

On Tuesday, NBC Sports reported that the Boston Bruins and the Columbus Blue Jackets had the same plans for their game Thursday night. And the two teams did, indeed, gather — arms linked — in a circle.

“Over the past several months we have been trying to educate ourselves and learn more about racial injustice in our country and around the world. As a team we have decided to lock arms during the playing of the United States and Canadian Anthems as a sign of solidarity with the Black community,” a spokesperson for the Bruins told the outlet.

“This action is solely intended to be a positive sign of support for the Black community, and a way for us to use our platform to help end racism,” the statement concluded.

I think it’s very important to note that these men are standing up and speaking up, not being disrespectful. And they’re not saying they’re supporting BLM, they’re supporting eliminating racial injustice.

And I’m fine with that. Granted, it’s an empty gesture. Especially in empty stadiums. But it’s better than nothing. Let’s see if they actually do anything more than this.

As long as they don’t go all nutso Aunt Jemima Syrup and AOC on everything. And don’t forget that racism works both ways.


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calendar   Thursday - July 23, 2020

another downpour

It’s raining again, unbelievably hard. And it’s almost time to leave for bowling. Of course!

Honestly, it’s hard to believe it’s raining this hard. I can hardly see across the backyard. Total deluge. There will be flooding. 


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calendar   Wednesday - July 22, 2020

Birthday booze

So it’s Stephanie’s birthday today. Yay Steph. She’s 65. OMG. We’re going up there to visit and celebrate on Sunday, so I’ll do my weekend cleaning Saturday night. I’ve shifted my Thursday cleaning to Wednesday so I can do mini-summer bowling league. I think I like Wednesday better anyway.

It’s my brother’s birthday too, woo hoo. He’s younger than she is by a few. But we were up there this past weekend and did b-day then. Chocolate cake, ice cream, fresh sourdough bread.

I have no idea what to get her for a gift, but I think it’s high time her birthday got prominence. Everyone else’s does, except hers and mine. We always go over there to visit, and she cooks, serves, and cleans up. I know she likes to do that, and she’s a really good cook, but I’d like to give her a bit of celebratory respite, nome sane?

I suggested we get take out lobster, as you still can’t sit down to eat in a restaurant in their state or in mine. Such BS. And late July is THE time to get Maine lobsters. A nice 2 - 2 1/4 pounder would be perfect. With a few dozen steamers, some corn on the cob, blueberry pie and some blueberry muffins. Lots of melted butter. A real Maine clambake, hot coals and stones in a pit on the beach, layers of seaweed, and an old chunk of plywood over the hole. Rinse it down with Schlitz beer. Pure heaven. But no, he’s got gout these days, so no lobster for anyone. Crivens.

I remember that she used to like chocotinis. That was ages ago, easily 15 years. I know that booze is a bit impersonal, but other than new tennis or golf balls, what does she need? She gave up curling years ago, just after I found out where to get the big stone things they use. And I don’t think she does the off road bicycle thing anymore. I don’t think they go fly fishing anymore either. And Frank has a closet full of his fancy scotches, but what’s in there for her? So I’m thinking a broad spectrum chocotini kit just for her. Quality chocolate chips, a bar of high end dark chocolate, some Godiva liqueur, some Baily’s, a decent Triple Sec, a good vodka, Kahlua, white or dark creme de cacoa. Chocolate or vanilla vodka, or is that overkill? Because it turns out that there are as many recipes for chocotinis as there are for chicken. Infinite. So cover the bases? Who makes a chocolate shaver?

Guess I’ll have to find some beer and make pretzels. It’s expected that I show up with some kind of bread product. But I’m getting tired of making my 4 flour sourdough. And I’m not sure if an Entemann’s knock-off is the right thing. I haven’t made one yet, even though I have what looks to be a great recipe, and I don’t want to bring a first time bake anywhere, just in case. The pretzels I could make in my sleep, I’ve done them so many times. And they are world class good, but you have to eat them within a few hours of baking. Don’t know if the “newlyweds” are coming or not. They’re both retired now, so they can’t use the “we have to go down the shore every weekend to our beach shack” excuse anymore. 


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calendar   Monday - July 20, 2020

sap be gone

sometimes the internet is right about things.  I had a bunch of sap drips on my car from parking under the pines. Rubbing alcohol took them off instantly. I used a clean microfiber towel, wet the end, and just rubbed them lightly. 99% gone. I’ve also read that a steam gun can do the job, but I haven’t tried that yet. And “claying” will get anything left. I don’t clay, so that’s out.

But the alcohol thing works pretty great, and it’s cheap. After I was done I went straight to the car wash around the corner, just in case alcohol wasn’t good to leave on the clearcoat for long.


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calendar   Saturday - July 18, 2020

still here, just busy

Not much to say, just got too many things to do. We started mini summer bowling league Thursday. It’s a no-tap league, which we weren’t aware of. Whatever, it’s still some practice time before winter league starts. It’s being done with social distancing, which makes things kind of strange. But we’ll manage, and as time goes by (fingers crossed) the restrictions will lessen. Yeah right.


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calendar   Thursday - July 16, 2020

Yesterday’s News Today!!

Been pretty busy around here lately, and I seem to get tired a lot faster than I used to, back in the day.

Bits And Pieces

Here ya go: Tall buildings are sexist. This is what passes as a college professor these days. Ignore the high cost of urban real estate, ignore the efficiency of multistory buildings. Nope, these things are built to celebrate erections. Whacko!!

You should have followed the process. UK removes illegally placed BLM statue after just 1 day. It’s a pretty good statue, although I don’t know if celebrating radicalism is a good thing. Actually, it turns out that Ms. Reid is just a person, one of the thousands who protested. But after the old statue of Edward Colston was torn down and drowned on June 7, she climbed the plinth and stood there looking all Black Power and had her picture taken. So it’s very symbolic. And, of course, by erecting the statue illegally, and having it taken down, more publicity is achieved, and the mantra of oppression and victimhood is enhanced.

I’m interested in how such a detailed and very lifelike statue was made so quickly. It’s resin, so my guess is it was either cast or created with one of those 3D printers, with data points collected by one of those 3D laser scanners. Or perhaps created by laser ablation of a solid block of material . Impressive technology, all of it.


Another college professor spying for China, caught trying to run away with stolen data. China is asshoe. So is Song Guo Zheng.

Song Guo Zheng, 57, was arrested Friday, May 22, 2020 as he landed in Anchorage, Alaska. He was about to catch a flight to China when he was taken into custody.

According to the FBI, Zheng was involved in a scheme to use approximately $4.1 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to bolster China’s research in the areas of rheumatology and immunology. Zheng is also accused of making false statements to cover up his involvement with China while working at multiple universities, including Ohio State.

I didn’t know we had any flights going to China, not even from Alaska. I thought President Trump put a COVID stop to that a few months back.


900 days running with no mishaps and NO CARBON EMISSIONS AT ALL . The Candu [ love the name. Can Do!! ] nuclear reactor works just fine. Wind power, solar power, tidal power just don’t cut it, and our nations have become too built up for any more hydroelectic dam projects. Nuke is the only way forward. We’ll just bury the spent fuel rods somewhere deep and stable, and let the radiation bacteria eat it up.


George Floyd Officer’s Body Cam Footage Released (view by appointment only).. Transcripts of two of the involved officer’s cam footage were released the other day. Floyd was stoned out of his head, uncooperative, COVID positive, multiple co-morbidities, overdosing on fentanyl. Still, the cops should have found some better way to restrain him. Always consider the optics.


Something to read, an essay of the obvious at American Greatness.

In a way never seen before, America has gone mad.

The Democratic Party, having left the likes of Henry Jackson and Daniel Patrick Moynihan far behind, is being steered by the ideology of Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. It’s in thrall to a Maoist mob. It’s tacitly (and sometimes not so tacitly) accepting wholesale destructiveness. It’s in bed with the Black Lives Matter terrorist group, contributions to which end up in party coffers. While the party lets Bolshevik bullies get away with violence, it vilifies decent citizens who try to defend themselves and demonizes cops who simply want to do their job.
We can’t even be sure that the best president of modern times will win reelection over a doddering fool in thrall to our society’s most dangerous elements.


I smell a push for more gun control coming. NJ Governor Alarmed By Increase In Shootings

Gov. Phil Murphy said Wednesday he’s concerned about a sharp increase in fatal shootings amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Col. Patrick J. Callahan, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, said the state’s fatal shootings have increased 19 percent over last year’s year-to-date number, rising from 84 to 100 victims.

He said there were 39 shooting victims within the past week, with 13 succumbing to their injuries.
Murphy said New Jersey is “not immune to what we’re seeing around the country in terms of this lethal cocktail of being pent up,” with people coming to grips with closures and unemployment amid the hot summer.

Murphy said New Jersey, like the rest of the nation, is dealing with the fallout over the death of George Floyd, and the country is showing anger and frustration over the lingering “stain of racism.”

“The cocktail could not be more challenging,” Murphy said. “You’ve got gobs of people out of work. You’ve got small businesses that have been crushed.”

Murphy said many people also face numerous mental and physical health challenges as they deal with the consequences of the pandemic.

“That’s almost an unprecedented combination of factors,” he said.

Meanwhile, movie theaters in the state lost their bid to reopen, while more states have been added to NJ’s quarantine list. Also meanwhile, the state is investigating a fatal police shooting. Suicide by cop, the Morristown police had to shoot a guy who had sliced himself and was threatening his mother with a gun. OK, it was an Airsoft gun, but those things look totally real. Especially if you paint over the orange band.

The man fatally shot by police on Tuesday in Morris Township was brandishing an “airsoft” pistol that resembled a Beretta firearm, the state Attorney General’s Office said on Wednesday.

Timothy O’Shea, 24, died at 5:41 pm at Morristown Medical Center, according to a statement from authorities.

Police from Morris Township, Morris Plains and Morristown had responded to a 911 call at 4:14 pm reporting a domestic disturbance on Fairchild Avenue. The caller said a person at the residence had cut himself and had a gun.

“Uniformed officers of the three police departments responded to the residence on Fairchild Avenue where Timothy O’Shea lived. Upon arrival, officers encountered the 911 caller and took that person into safety.

“Shortly after, at approximately 4:19 p.m., officers encountered Timothy O’Shea, who was holding a pistol and bleeding. During the encounter, one officer fired his weapon, striking Mr. O’Shea,” the statement said.

Police rendered medical aid until EMS personnel arrived to transport him to the hospital. The pistol that was in O’Shea’s hand was a replica Beretta 9mm airsoft pistol, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Replica airsoft pistols resemble the real thing, but they fire plastic projectiles. Airsoft weapons use a gas propellant and are similar to BB guns, but their less-harmful ammunition has made them popular for target practice, war games, and police- and military training.

By federal law, imitations of real guns are required to have orange-colored plugs on their barrels to set them apart. It was not immediately clear if this weapon had such a marking.

There was no riot, no protest, and the story hardly made even the local news, because O’Shea was white. Tru dat!


Meanwhile, way down the shore in Wildwood Nj, an obviously edited Rodney King style video is getting people upset. He dindu nuttin, as usual. But the end of the vid does look like police abuse.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/16/2020 at 09:19 AM   
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calendar   Monday - July 06, 2020

Fiat Lux

A Less Than Bright Idea?


I finally got around to changing the bulb in one of the recessed light fixtures in our bathroom. It’s been out for months. With all these 3rd generation LED bulbs, they last so long I don’t even remember where the spares are kept. So after looking through the closets and drawers, I remembered that I’d see a pack of them out in the gigantic mess we call our garage when I was looking for some tool or something last week. So I went out and got them. A little dusty, the generic package unlabeled and slightly water stained. Brought them in the house, took one out and screwed it in. And the instant I did that the lights went out.

Aw crooop, what have I done?

So I spent a few minutes using the flashlight from my cellphone to check all the breakers, and then realized that power was out to the whole place. Power was out to the whole condo park. It had happened at that exact instant.

We had a line squall moving in; the wind kicked up from nothing, clouds sprang up, the sky got dark, the temperature dropped 15° in a couple of minutes ... and then the downpour began. One of those short intense summer rains, it was over in a couple minutes. And then the power came back on. So I checked the bulb, and it was working just fine. Yay me.

But what is this, why is it so yellow? Reach up to check it, and the thing is hot! WTH? And then I figured it out: this was an actual lightbulb. Not an LED, not a CFL, not one of those halogens masquerading as a bulb, but an actual incandescent lightbulb. 60 watts, 770 lumens, Sylvania. How many years has that thing been around? They were dead and gone ages before we moved in here 8+ years ago the day before Hurricane Sandy. They went away under Bush 43, right? 2006 or before? Wow. It felt like a “hey let me take my other car” moment and finding an Egyptian chariot in the garage. Something from antiquity.

It’s a nice comforting light. Let’s see if it lasts. IIRC, those old bulbs had a life measured in hours, not in decades. And there’s only one left in the pack. 


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calendar   Wednesday - July 01, 2020

Speed Blogging

Sorry, no time for this today. Here’s a few links to news stories

•   Scientists cure lab mice with Parkinson’s by accident. This could be big, but it will take lots more R&D.

•   Summer snow dumps 6-8” in high rockies. Must be global warming again.

•   CHOP gets the chop in Seattle. Plenty arrests made. I’d treat them as invaders or traitors. Either way, here’s the gallows.

•   Harvey Weinstein buys his way out. $19 million, cases dropped. Did you every really believe #MeToo was about anything other than money??

•   China is asshoe. Hong Kong eaten up like Dim Sum. Life under communism: new “security” law is ex post facto. Bye bye freedom.

•   And the arrests in Hong Kong begin. China reneges on agreement made 20 years ago. And this is a surprise to whom??


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