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calendar   Saturday - June 27, 2020

With Apologies To Robert Burns

I missed my calling. My perfect dream job would be the guy who writes clever puns for newspaper headlines.

Giant Forest Fires Across Northern Siberia. Flames can be seen from over the horizon. Millions of acres consumed.

Taiga Taiga Burning Bright

Forest fires shed the night

No mortal hand set this a-ligh

Global Warming made you fry

The fires come amid a notable heat wave in parts of the sprawling region. A high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F) was reported a week ago in the town of Verkhoyansk,. If the reading is confirmed, it would be the hottest day ever recorded in the Arctic.

According to figures reported Saturday by Avialesookhrana, Russia’s agency for aerial forest fire management, 1.15 million hectares (2.85 million acres) were burning in Siberia in areas that cannot be reached by firefighters.

The worst-hit area is the Sakha Republic, where Verkhoyansk is located, with 929,000 hectares (2.295 million acres) burning.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 28, 2020

blurring the lines



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calendar   Tuesday - March 22, 2016

BOMBING IN BRUSSELS!! Terrorists hit the Belgian Capitol!


A few hours ago, near-simultaneous explosions tore through the Belgian capitol. It seems pretty clear- even with the sketchy information- that there were at last two targets. One was the Maalbeek Metro Station, and the other Brussels Airport. Initial reports indicate that we’re looking at dozens of casualties, including at least a baker’s dozen dead. I don’t think that number is going to go anywhere but up in the next hours. This map is the best one I could find on short notice showing the relative locations of the two.

I’ll probably put more information- pictures I don’t trust putting above the fold, my two cents, and news articles- below the fold. But let’s make one thing ABSOLUTELY clear: This Had to have been a coordinated attack, and a daunting one at that. Half a dozen miles may not seem like a big distance but it can’t be easy to coordinate this kind of attack in a densely urban area like the heart of Brussels is. Which says nothing good about our security or the enemy’s capabilities.

God be with us all… I don’t pretend to know the full story behind this but I do hope that these savages get theirs.

See More Below The Fold

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calendar   Thursday - May 07, 2015

Iran: Good Sense, A Pay Off, Or JFWY?

Maersk Tigris Released By Iran

Iran has released a Marshall-Islands flagged container ship and its crew which were seized last week in one of the world’s major oil shipping lanes, the official IRNA news agency reported on Thursday.

The agency reported an informed source as saying the Iranian Ports and Shipping Organization would issue a statement in a few hours on the details of the release of the Maersk Tigris.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham told CNN on Thursday that the cargo ship had been released but declined to provide further details.

A representative for Maersk in Copenhagen, Denmark, was unable to immediately confirm whether the ship had been released.

JFWY: Just fucking with you.

They held it just long enough to prove their point, which was on a stick they poked Obama in the eye with.

If nothing else, they sure made the US look weak. They hijacked a ship in an open act of piracy right out from under the US Navy’s nose, and held it for long enough to show that not only nothing would happen, but that this act barely got any attention in the US media. This was a flagrant act of war, and the Great Satan didn’t even make a speech. Worse, about the only statement they did make was the one released by the military lawyers, saying how they weren’t responsible here or required to do anything about it.  Ships registered to an ally, a former commonwealth to whom we have an absolute treaty stated responsibility to defend. So here it is world: when push comes to shove, the US will drop you in a heartbeat. Under the bus. And all they did was provide a little coverage for their own ships, not anyone else’s. Strong horse, weak horse? USA under Obama: dead horse.


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calendar   Sunday - April 19, 2015

a few things to look at … sorry. no eye candy.

Some news in brief that may be of interest.

Heard on the news.

Police in Sicily report that muslim migrants have thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya, and that aid groups say 41 more are feared drowned in a separate incident.

Other news of not particular surprise but does raise a grin.
After all, there is a no touching rule ya know.



Nearly 100 female British soldiers were sent home from Afghanistan after finding out they were pregnant.
Ninety-nine servicewomen on operations were flown back to the UK between January 2006 and December 2013, a Freedom of Information request revealed.
Sixteen women were removed from Afghanistan in 2013 due to pregnancy while 18 were sent home in 2011, the data showed. A further 102 women were evacuated from Iraq.

In other news it’s the same old same old.  ISIS as usual.

Slaughter on the beach: ISIS behead and shoot Ethiopian Christians in sickening new propaganda video

· Video seems to show militants in Libya holding one group of at least 16 captive on a beach and 12 others in a desert
· Before the killings a masked fighter in black brandishes a pistol as he vows to kill Christians if they do not convert


source for all stories

However .... Not all the news is bad.
There’s some good in the mix as for example, well see for yourself.


From a Peter Hitchens column today in the Sunday Mail

A wave of human misery is now heading to Europe – and eventually to Britain – from the fiery chaos of post-Cameron Libya.

In one week, at least 10,000 migrants have been ferried to Italy by greedy criminal traffickers.

Traffickers put only enough fuel in the tanks of their boats to get them halfway across. Then they call the Italian coastguard to tell them to pick up the drifting victims before they drown or die of exposure.

And of course civilised Europe does pick them up. What choice do we have? It goes against centuries of Christianity to leave them (as the ruthless traffickers happily do) to their fate, and hope that this will discourage them.

Well Pete old boy, Europe does have a clear choice but would rather commit national and racial suicide cos it’s the liberal thing to do. And while all Europe sinks under a black tide you will all hold hands and sing we are the world.

And how can we send them back to the failed and lawless state which has already driven them out after robbing them? So it will not be long before they arrive at Calais and join the queue to be smuggled into Britain.

I can see no obvious solution to this. It reminds me of the great illegal migration of Latin Americans that utterly transformed the USA in the 1990s, and continues to do so.

Should we have listened more carefully to Colonel Gaddafi, whom we drove from power and left to be murdered in a ditch? By assisting in his overthrow, have we replaced the terrible with the horrible?

Back in August 2010, the Libyan despot went to Rome and made a blackmailing offer which many Italian politicians must now be wishing they had accepted.

Gaddafi said: ‘Italy needs to convince her European allies to accept this Libyan proposal – €5 billion [then about £4 billion] to Libya to stop illegal immigration. ‘Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration, it could turn into Africa. We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point.

‘At the moment there is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe and we don’t know what will happen.

‘What will be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry, uneducated Africans?’

You will have to look up what he said next as it is simply too shocking and unpleasant for me to reproduce.

That’s the problem. While we won’t think about it, the unthinkable is actually happening, and we have no idea what to do.

I haven’t a clue what else Gaddafi may have said that Hitchens could not print. It’s late here, I haven’t time to try and find one comment and anyway, what I’ve read so far doesn’t change anything with regard to the very serious threat of this mass influx of sub species into Europe and the UK.
Anyway ... nobody doubts Gaddafi was a bad guy.  But bad guys do not always get things wrong, and if he spoke the above as Hitchens quotes, he had it right. The level of immigration is dangerous.


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calendar   Monday - April 06, 2015

TRolling Stone Retraction

“Failures At Every Level”

Rolling Stone Magazine forced to retract fake gang rape story about UVA Fraternity

Great. Now, let’s see immediate firings from the top down. Or else this is all BS.

Rolling Stone magazine late Sunday formally retracted a discredited story about an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house after an independent review dubbed the article a “journalistic failure.”

The review, undertaken by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism at Rolling Stone’s request, produced a 12,000-word report that documented lapses in standard journalistic procedure at every level of the magazine during the reporting and editing of the story.

Two of the report’s authors, dean Steve Coll and academic dean Sheila Coronel, were scheduled to discuss their investigation at a news conference Monday in New York.

“I think the real casualty of the report is the University of Virginia’s trust in journalism,” said Abraham Axler of New York City, president of the university’s Student Council. “I don’t think any University of Virginia student going through this will ever read an article the same way.”

Oh, so this is now a teaching moment? Well I can’t say that’s a bad thing, although it was a stupid way to get there, and the lesson ought to be hammered into every student in the country, not just a few frat boys at UVA.

The report, published by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and commissioned by Rolling Stone, said the magazine failed to engage in “basic, even routine journalistic practice” to verify details of the ordeal that the magazine’s source, identified only as Jackie, described to the article’s author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

On Sunday, Ms. Erdely, in her first extensive comments since the article was cast into doubt, apologized to Rolling Stone’s readers, her colleagues and “any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article.”

In an interview discussing Columbia’s findings, Jann S. Wenner, the publisher of Rolling Stone, acknowledged the piece’s flaws but said that it represented an isolated and unusual episode and that Ms. Erdely would continue to write for the magazine. The problems with the article started with its source, Mr. Wenner said. He described her as “a really expert fabulist storyteller” who managed to manipulate the magazine’s journalism process. When asked to clarify, he said that he was not trying to blame Jackie, “but obviously there is something here that is untruthful, and something sits at her doorstep.”

Ach, crivens. What a load of rotten neeps. Oh noes, the poor wee professional journalists were led astray by “truthiness” but we forgive them. It’s not their fault!

Like Hell. Pay the piper. Pay the iron price. Fall on your swords.

In a statement responding to the report, the University of Virginia’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan, described the article as irresponsible journalism that “unjustly damaged the reputations of many innocent individuals and the University of Virginia.”

Mr. Wenner said Will Dana, the magazine’s managing editor, and the editor of the article, Sean Woods, would keep their jobs.

In an interview, Mr. Dana said he had reached many of the same conclusions as the Columbia report in his own efforts to examine the article, but he disagreed with the report’s assertion that the magazine had staked its reputation on the word of one source. “I think if you take a step back, our reputation rests on a lot more than this one story,” he said.

Yes, true. Trolling Stoned‘s reputation rests on the gullibility of a bunch of pot befuddled teens and twenty-somethings buying your rag and buying into your bull because it’s so cool. Plus you put hot chicks and popular musicians on the cover.

Shall the world start digging now? It’s not like back issues don’t exist, and probably most of them digitally at least for a decade’s worth of issues. How much scrutiny would all your other extreme stories hold up to, if subjected to intense investigation? And then what? Will you have to hand out papal indulgences by the bucketful, forgiving all for their “fake but not even really accurate” efforts?

Nobody takes the fall here? Nobody? Failures at every level, yet nobody is to blame? Nobody is held responsible? What are you, 3 years old?

Worthless fish wrap then. Not even good for rural toilet paper.

This is all BS.

UPDATE: And now the lawsuits begin. Good. 


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calendar   Friday - February 13, 2015

Not up to this today

Sorry. I’m a bit under the weather. And the weather sucks.

And I have to fix the knob on the shower. Drip drip drip. Ah crap.

So here’s a bunch of shiz I could’ve posted about ...

ugh. I feel like crap.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 27, 2015

Last Week’s Missing Headline

How did I manage to miss this one? I’m sure it was on every single news channel, 24 hours a day, for a solid week.

I’m sure it was the ONLY story covered by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, WOR, WPIX, PBS, and all the rest, all day, all night.

How did I miss the hundreds and hundreds of hours of air time given to expert discussions, analysis sessions, and international opinion panels, all supporting Eric Holder and the FBI for their judgement, dedication, and reasoning powers?


DOJ to clear Darren Wilson of civil rights charges

Federal authorities will not seek civil-rights charges against the Missouri cop who gunned down unarmed black teen Michael Brown, law-enforcement sources said Wednesday.

Former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson had already dodged state indictments in St. Louis County before the US Department of Justice found that there’s not enough evidence to prosecute him in federal court for Brown’s death.

“After a thorough review of the facts, the Justice Department came to that conclusion,” a law-enforcement source told The Post.

St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch presented evidence to a grand jury, and the panel declined to indict Wilson.

The Feds launched their own probe to see if Wilson intentionally set out to violate Brown’s civil rights. Another law-enforcement source said the FBI completed its examination and prosecutors couldn’t recommend charges.

Justice Department lawyers have already started drafting a legal memo, formally announcing their decision to not charge Wilson, The New York Times reported.

The head of a national police legal defense fund welcomed the DOJ decision – but complained that it should have come faster.

“DOJ has known from the very beginning that no violation of civil rights occurred when Officer Darren Wilson shot an aggressor, Michael Brown, in self-defense,” said Ron Hosko, president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund and a former FBI assistant director.

So, try as hard as they could, not even Eric “my people” Holder could make a case of any kind stick. Because officer Wilson was in the right the whole time, and everybody with a lick of sense knew it from the very beginning. And all the rest is bullshit.

Notice though that the media, which apparently believes they are running the nation (or just forming all public opinion, which is nearly the same), is still pushing the meme that officer Wilson has done something wrong. Even though a Missouri Grand Jury exonerated him. Even though a deep FBI investigation exonerated him. Even though the racist, petulant, putrescent puss scab that is the Attorney General took an army of T-crossers, I-dotters, and stone-turner-overs and came up with ZILCH, even so, the media still are pushing their discredited meme. “gunned down”. “unarmed teen”. “dodged indictments”. “not enough evidence” ( because ZERO is “not enough” pretty much by definition ).  All imply guilt by association, by their very use. Castigation through spin. But when the facts have shown time after time, that your opinions are false, then your surly sub-rosa susurrations become a libelous smear campaign.

Sometimes, late late at night, I almost wish for Sharia law. Not their kind. DrewSharia law. My kind. There would be public lashings for this kind of “journalism”. Because I don’t think they’re ever going to learn until they suffer significant physical pain. “Libel between the lines” gets you 50. 


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calendar   Monday - January 19, 2015



No, i ain’tn’t dead yet. A bit under the weather perhaps. Mainly I’m just being kept too busy. Wife has a bunch of days off from work again, so somehow I have no time for blogging.

We had a nasty little ice storm here. Most of it melted away, but for half a day it was like a skating rink out here.  And there was much spreading of calcite ...

I found out the hard way about a poor automotive product. I had this windshield spray over the summer called Bug Wash ... in very fine print it says “not suitable for sub-freezing conditions”. What a stupid product. Fine, maybe you don’t have to make the stuff out of antifreeze. But at least put a little alcohol or some propo in there so that it stays semi-liquid down to 10°. Nope. Who the heck remembers about changing out the windshield squirt? This stuff freezes solid at 32. Left me with a frozen reservoir and a popped tube. At least it was an easy fix when things thawed and leaked everywhere.

So, news? I haven’t really even watched any. Or spent much time online.

Alright, let’s take a quick look ... oh, sweet. HALF OF THE WEALTH OF THE ENTIRE WORLD is held by 1% of the population; the 80 richest folks have more money than the population of the poorest half of the planet combined. Gee, that’s nice.


Horry Clap. You know, there’s hardly any point even in “occupying” these rats and “redistributing” their wealth ... it adds up to about $400 per person, even if you can assume no distribution costs at all.

Billionaires and politicians gathering in Switzerland this week will come under pressure to tackle rising inequality after a study found that – on current trends – by next year, 1% of the world’s population will own more wealth than the other 99%.

Ahead of this week’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in the ski resort of Davos, the anti-poverty charity Oxfam said it would use its high-profile role at the gathering to demand urgent action to narrow the gap between rich and poor.

The charity’s research, published on Monday, shows that the share of the world’s wealth owned by the best-off 1% has increased from 44% in 2009 to 48% in 2014, while the least well-off 80% currently own just 5.5%.

Oxfam added that on current trends the richest 1% would own more than 50% of the world’s wealth by 2016.


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calendar   Monday - December 22, 2014

Cooling Off And Going To Bed

Hoo boy.

Ok, the cheesecake is cool now. Wrap it up and put it in the fridge to mature. She likes them “white”, so to her this one came out perfect. I like them browned a tad on top so I think it’s underdone. Whatever. Best tip ever for folks using the water bath method of cooking cheesecake: Go get a roll of extra wide tinfoil, so you can wrap up the springform pan with one seamless piece. No leaks that way. And use a big roasting pan as the bathtub itself. Two teakettles full of boiling water gives you enough depth to moderate the oven temps. ( she made a regular size cake in a 10” spring form pan. It floats! )

The next bunch of mincemeat bars is done too. The “test batch” lasted just over 2 days before we nibbled up the last of it. I threw a shot of Grand Marnier in the mix and a handful of brown sugar, and got them out of the oven on time. I’ll leave them uncovered overnight, then wrap them up tomorrow.

The test batch of lobster bisque was a failure. Ok, call it canned crab bisque, since lobster is too expensive to experiment with. Fine. It just didn’t taste so good. I’ll make my brother’s cream of celery soup instead, and do scallops with pancetta and wasabi avocado for a fishy appetizer. That’s easy, and it’s very impressive.

Fine. Off to bed. More to do tomorrow.


Yes, I’m keeping an eye on the news. I am so pissed off at NYC Mayor deBlasio right now. And I saw it coming with those two poor NYPD officers, especially after the “we want dead cops now” rally the other day. The line has been reached, and now it’s been crossed. Which is why you’re seeing the “look at us, having a peaceful, prayer filled vigil, community support” and all that BS, when yesterday these same baboons were flinging poo through their cage bars. They’ve just figured out that they’ve pushed things too far, and realize the pendulum is going to swing back the other way. And it’s a damn big pendulum.

Not that any of that is going to slow down the worst of these animals. OMG. OMG, OMG, I want to do the most un-Christian things to these evil sickos. Father and son in the bunch too. Ewww. It’s going to take a mighty big can of Raid to clean out those roaches.

Early morning update: watch the oon change the tune. Just like I said.

Our city is hurting, we are hurting. Today we mourn the loss of two NYPD officers who were gunned down in a vicious act of senseless violence.

As soon as news broke of the tragedy in Brooklyn, I spoke with both the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. And let me be perfectly clear, we are all outraged and saddened by the deaths of these police officers. Any use of the names of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, in connection with any violence or killing of police, is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases.

I don’t buy this crap for a second.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 17, 2014

Falling In Like


I don’t subscribe to Glenn Beck’s ,The Blaze TV channel. I don’t even stop by to read The Blaze every day, and I ought to. It’s pretty darn good.

But I heard this young woman this morning on Fox News, while I was out in the kitchen putting together my coffee, and I found myself fairly impressed with what she had to say. Then I came out to the living room and saw who was doing the talking. Horry Kow!! Ellison Barber, a fairly recent graduate of the excellent little Wofford College in Spartanburg SC, is a journalist for The Washington Free Beacon, an online newspaper that bears looking into. She also has a frequent column at The Blaze, and is a regular guest opinionator on Fox News. So it’s a fair guess she’s at least a bit on the Conservative side.  rolleyes  And smart, and sharp as a tack. Love it.

But my goodness, ain’t she also insanely good looking?

I personally don’t buy the IRS’s “dog ate my homework” BS that they lost 2 full years of Lerner’s emails. B.  S.  And there isn’t a computer network manager anywhere in the world who buys it either. Horse. Hockey. Plus, this is the government. They have all the money in the world for the greatest and latest digital systems. Daily backups, incremental backups, constant snapshots. RAID. Mirrors. Islanding. Plus it’s all but impossible for just one person’s email to evaporate. Your computer crashed? Who cares? You only have a copy of them; they live on the server. Forever. And if all the email of the whole damn office was going bye-bye on a regular basis, they would have had a team of IT wonks in working on it instantly, 2 years minus 2 hours ago. Better yet, it’s nearly impossible to go in to a system like that and “accidentally” kill one person’s email and not leave muddy footprints everywhere. Even assuming they could also track down and eliminate every single branch email - all the people that got CCed and BCCed on whatever mail she participated in - even if they could do that, every last backup file, data island, and even tape mount has an automatic access log with a time stamp and an authorization code on it. And the systems that run the data silos have usage logs too. So it’s utter crap. Any IT wonk could go into that system, and in an hour tell you who did the deletions and when. Assuming they were actually done, and Lerner’s email did really get wiped. Personally, I expect they’re on a portable HD in the drawing room side table, right next to Hillary’s Whitewater papers that nobody could find for 7 years.

Total Shenanigans. Arrest her, arrest the entire IT staff of the IRS, arrest their management chain, and throw them all in jail for Contempt of Congress. And let them rot. Fire the whole damn bunch and start proceedings to fine them every last cent of their life assets. Someone will talk. They ain’t the boss of us: WE ARE THE BOSS OF THEM. Public SERVANTS. Get it? Not one keystroke they make, not one Post-It used, not one swish of a white board marker, that shouldn’t be open to public scrutiny on demand. And Congress IS the demand that makes it go.

This is the Lie Of The Year, just as big, just as blatant as “If you like your doctor/medical plan, you can keep it.”

I owe no allegiance to liars.


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calendar   Sunday - May 11, 2014

late night tea time

Up again in the middle of the night. Wide awake. I don’t know why. Can’t get back to sleep. Ok, check the house; fine. Visit the bathroom. Fine. Mugga tea? Sure, why not; it seems PG Tips is my go-to at 3am. Mmm, it smells so good.

Ok, so what’s happening out there in the middle of the night here??

Let’s start things off with a BANG, or at least a smash:

image2014 IndyCar Grand Prix of Indianapolis Starts with Huge Crash
It took only seconds for pole-sitter Sebastian Saavedra’s dreams to go up in smoke at the 2014 IndyCar Grand Prix of Indianapolis on Saturday.

When the green flag dropped, Saavedra stalled at the starting line. As a result, opposing drivers were forced to work around the 23-year-old Colombian. Carlos Munoz couldn’t react quickly enough, making contact with Saavedra and setting off a scary chain of events. Mikhail Aleshin also rear-ended Saavedra, compounding his bad luck.

Debris went flying all over the track.

The collateral damage wasn’t limited to the drivers, though. John Tuohy of The Indianapolis Star reported that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard was struck by debris as he waved the green flag. Mayoral spokesman Marc Lotter said that Ballard had been hit in the elbow, but the injury wasn’t considered serious.

I had to go and stare at my calendar after reading this one. Indy, today?? WT ... ? I even checked the internet ... nope, Memorial Day isn’t until the end of the month. It wasn’t until I was on my second read through that I noticed that this was the “IndyCar Grand Prix” not the Indy 500. riiight, because they had that big fight and split up a couple years ago, remember?  Amazingly nobody was really hurt. Bet it took them a while to sweep the track clean though.

speaking of bangs and smashes ...

Texas man arrested for suspected premarital sex with 16-year-old wife
The marriage may be legal but the suspected premarital sex was not, authorities said on Saturday after arresting a 41-year-old Houston-area drama teacher for the alleged sexual assault of a child, his 16-year-old wife.

Ilich Guardiola, who also works as a voice actor in Japanese animations, was pulled over in a traffic stop in the Houston suburb of Spring Valley last month and later questioned about his relationship with the teen riding with him, police said.

Shortly after the incident, Guardiola married the teenager, who has not been identified, in Las Vegas with the approval of her mother, who witnessed the wedding.

Police said there is circumstantial evidence that the two engaged in a sexual relationship prior to legal marriage.

“The marriage is absolutely legal. We received a copy of the marriage certificate,” said Gary Finkelman of the Spring Valley Police Department.

Guardiola was arrested on Thursday at his Houston-area apartment for violating a Texas law that forbids sex with a child, regardless of the child’s consent. A child is defined as a person under 17 years of age.

Guardiola’ bail has been set at $50,000 and no lawyer has been listed as representing him, according to his arrest record.

Really Texas? Seriously? Intolerant bunch of Christo-fascists, or what? And “circumstantial evidence”? More seriously? What’d ya do, go rooting around in the dumpster for some used rubbers? Pathetic. I mean, look at this story: the guy gets pulled over, but “later” he’s questioned about his relationship? Why, did they drag him off to pedo-jail immediately?

Actually I think this is a lose-lose case for Texas. If the guy had been abducting the under age girl, and the cop hadn’t questioned him (or arrested him on general principle) and he had been a kidnapping pedo, then they would have been in 11 kinds of hot water. Instead, he’s hassling a guy apparently on his way to getting married in Vegas?

Ok, the dude probably is a pedo. Or one of these frightening western religious creeps, with 32 children and all the wives have to wear long gingham dresses and clomp-along shoes, and the homestead has never seen a gallon of paint or a bottle of Windex. Or both. 41 yo teacher, 16 yo bride? Texas creepy.
PS - if she’s old enough to get married, and does so with free will and parental consent, then shouldn’t ALL those “minor laws” go out the window? And we have to treat her as an adult, an “emancipated minor”? So let’s see her picture. Because I want to see what color gingham the bride wore.
hmmm - if the story seems strange, it’s always best to look for other sources ... nope, this one is also misleading, but in a different way.

Exit, pursued by a cop. A Houston-area drama teacher is retreating from the limelight in handcuffs after cops discovered he had married a 16-year-old girl in Las Vegas. Illich Auyapah Guardiola, 41, had made a name for himself as an English-language voice actor in Japanese anime films. But he aroused suspicions when he was caught in a car with the teenage girl during a a traffic violation stop in April.

Spring Valley Village police soon found out that Honduras-born Guardiola was a teacher who worked at several local acting schools and theaters. The teenager was one of his students at the Houston Family Arts Center, Click2Houston reports. An investigation into the illicit relationship revealed that the teacher had thoroughly seduced his underage victim. Court documents show that the teen sent a number of text messages to the older man, including one that read, “I love having sex with you.”

Maybe Texas, maybe all states should take a step back and compare their age of consent laws with their age of marriage laws. It would be pretty stupid if they didn’t line up.

I’m going back to bed:
:eyeroll: :eyeroll: innuendo much??You’re a Ram, baby Obama is just so proud and excited that one of his peoples got drafted. No wait, Obama is just so proud and excited that Michael Sam was drafted by the Rams, making him the first openly gay guy in pro football.

With the 249th overall pick in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams made history and selected Sam.

Sam was a consensus All-American and the Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year as a senior at Missouri.

That good, and yet he was 249th of 256? Sounds like there is still some resistance to the big gay push in football. Reeducation training camps, here we come!

President Barack Obama congratulated Michael Sam on Saturday for being the first openly gay football player taken in the National Football League draft, the White House said in a statement.

“From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are,” Obama said. He also congratulated the NFL and the St. Louis Rams, the team that drafted Sam.

Sam, an All-American defensive end who played for the University of Missouri, made history when he was picked by the Rams in the seventh and final round. He was the 249th of 256 players selected.

The 24-year-old got the news by telephone from Rams’ coach Jeff Fisher, who told Sam: “You are a Ram. The wait is finally over.”

Are we ever going to run out of bullshit “firsts” for every damn group to pat themselves on the head for? Isn’t just a little tiresome at this point? Frankly, if I were Sam (if Sam I am?) I’d be rather humiliated to get that call. Oh, it doesn’t matter that he trained and practiced his whole life to make it to the pros. Doesn’t matter that he starred in college ball, made All-American, and even Player of the Year. Nope. All that matters is that he kisses boyz.

I ain’t going here either, because YOU KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN:

Austrian bearded drag queen wins Eurovision song contest
Copenhagen (AFP) - Austria won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest early Sunday with “Rise Like a Phoenix” sung by bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst.

The 25-year-old performer, whose real name is Tom Neuwirth, took the Eurovision crown in Copenhagen despite initial expectations that the eye-catching performance would be too controversial in socially conservative countries.

“We are unity, and we are unstoppable,” she said after winning the glitzy competition with 290 points compared with 238 points for runner-up the Netherlands, in what Eurovision fans had anticipated would be a more closely fought race.

Since the contest was launched in 1956, voting has often been tied to politics and the 2014 event was no exception, with the audience jeering countries that announced giving points to Russia.

Yup, that’s our superior cousins over in Europe, being all sophisticated and all. The talent show is all about national politics, screw the talent. Unless the talent has a whole deck of Cards to play. Like gay Jesus here. Unity. Oh gag me. Like a phoenix. Torched for the very first time. Like a pee-eee-ee-nis. Oops, sorry, I meant fee-eee-ee-nix. Feel your heartbeat, next to mine.


Sometimes I don’t know why I bother to get out of bed.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 23, 2014

mid-nite tea

3am again ... up for a bit, feel completely parched. Good time for a nice mug of PG Tips Rich. With a spoonful of sugar but no milk. Mmm, soothing.

We took all 7 tonight at Greed League. I think we only have 1 week left in this season. Right, so we played the almost-last-place team tonight, and fought them to the end. We can get out of last place, right here at the very very end of the season, but to do that we have to beat this team 6 games in a row. We’re halfway there now. Next week will be the clincher. I bowled Ok tonight, 207/147/200. Yeah, I hit a rough patch in Game 2, with 5 opens. Grrr. Some nights I have trouble getting the ball to go where I want, while getting enough hand on the ball to make it do anything (hook, rev, carry, etc).  After adjusting my feet, my hand, and my target I finally got back in the groove. Annoying. But we won that game too, so no biggy.

And who knows, maybe we’ll even have all our guys next week. Maybe. You can never tell with Bob, because his job sends him back and forth to Texas and South America all the time. Almost weekly. He’s missed 2/3 of the season. Again. And this will probably be the last time together for this team. Oh, we’re a good mix personality-wise. No troubles there. It’s just that, with 3 and 1/3 members, we don’t stand a chance in a 5 man team league. So we’re probably going to go our separate ways. And Greed League is so close to dying anyway, sputtering along with 8 teams and unwilling to change it’s old Big League rules to better suite a tiny membership. Besides, I did 3 leagues this year, and that’s at least 1 too many for me. I have no time for hardly anything else.

Back to bed soon. It’s very relaxing, sitting here in the silence and near dark, drawing warmth from the tea mug as it slowly cools. Gaah, I left the tea bag in too long. Ok, now it’s a bit on the acid side, but I’ll drink it anyway.

‘Tay, what’s new at 3:20am in the news??

Oh looky, the IRS is a dirty birdie again. Giving bonuses and paid time off to workers who mouthed off and/or didn’t pay their own taxes. Hey, just like their boss, right? Good old Turbo Tax Timmy Geitner?

IRS employees who had been disciplined for tax and conduct issues were nonetheless rewarded with monetary awards or time off, according to a watchdog report released Tuesday.

The report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that while for the most part the reward program for IRS workers complied with federal regulations, employees who had themselves failed to pay their federal taxes and had discipline problems were also rewarded.

“While not prohibited, providing awards to employees who have been disciplined for failing to pay federal taxes appears to create a conflict with the IRS’s charge of ensuring the integrity of the system of tax administration,” Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George said.

The watchdog found that in the period from October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012 over 2,800 employees who had been disciplined for conduct problems, including issues with federal tax compliance, had received over $2.8 million in monetary awards and over 27,000 hours in time-off awards.

Golly. Hey, did you notice how the numbers there line up nearly perfectly? 2,800 workers, $2.8 million in bonuses. That means EVERYONE gets $1000 bonus, across the boards, no matter what. And these are the fuck-ups, don’t forget. And 2,800 workers, >27,000 hours bonus time-off ... just about 10 hours each. EVERYBODY gets a bonus day off with pay, no matter what.  It’s like they’re declaring a dividend. With your tax dollars. And now we need THOUSANDS more of these jokers, ARMED, to make you comply with Obamacare.

The watchdog found that the more than 1,100 employees who had issues with tax compliance received more than $1 million in monetary awards and more than 10,000 hours in time-off awards.

Yup, the numbers stay the same. Even if you work at the tax office and don’t pay your taxes, you STILL get the “guaranteed minimum” bonus of $1000 and 10 hours off with pay.

Meanwhile, the rest of America is asking, “What’s a bonus? Is that anything like a raise? I think I remember those, but I haven’t seen one in several years.”

The IRS had about 100,000 workers during the period under review.

In the 2011 budget year, more than 70,000 IRS workers got cash bonuses totaling $92 million, the report said. In the 2012 budget year, nearly 68,000 workers got cash bonuses totaling $86 million.

That’s $1278, and $1265 per “standout” worker, the “upper” 70% of their workforce. So the difference between Hero and Zero is about $266.

The IRS. So non-discriminatory that everybody gets a slice of happy pie, because pie are free!!

PS - WTF is ANY government agency doing, handing out bonuses of any kind? The friggin’ gall of these bastards knows no bounds.

Hey, gas prices shot up 10 to 15 cents a gallon last week alone! Looks like we’re getting our summer hit a couple months early. Gee, thanks for that Big Stinker Oil.

The average price for regular gasoline at U.S. pumps jumped 8.5 cents in the past two weeks to a 13-month high of $3.69 a gallon, according to the latest survey of prices. Frankly, that doesn’t sound too bad in Walla Walla where the prices are closer to $3.79 a gallon.

This increase (up 43 cents a gallon for the year) is being attributed to a rise in crude oil prices and a higher demand for motor fuel, according to Energy Information Administration data.

Plausible. However, these and other plausible (or semi-plausible) explanations are rolled out year after year just before school lets out and families hit the road for summer vacations. It’s suspicious.

No, it’s bullshit. A new bit of pipeline is open, and the oil is flowing down-country to the Gulf refineries. Where it’s turned into gasoline. And shipped off to other countries.

After reaching a 13-month average high of $3.65 a gallon for regular unleaded in Georgia, gas prices have finally stopped climbing.  At least for now. Gas prices stabilized during the weekend after continually rising over a 20-day period, the AAA said on Monday.

The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $3.67 on Sunday, an increase of three cents from last week. The average in Georgia rose 7 cents to $3.65, AAA said. Prices in Georgia, Tennessee and Florida didn’t increase at all this past weekend, AAA said, and increases in gas prices last week were smaller than those occurring in previous weeks.

“During the past week, gas price increases slowed until they finally stopped over the weekend,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA, in a press release. “It is too soon to know whether we have seen the peak price for the season, but this is a good sign that relief is on the way for motorists at the pump.”

It’s pretty common for gas prices to rise in the spring, AAA said, with peaks occurring during spring months for the past three years.

Really? Because I’ve been watching carefully for years now, and the real hit comes on the last Wednesday before the Labor Day Weekend. That’s when the boosted up summer prices come in. And stay in. To stick it to you during the part of the year when you might actually want to drive somewhere just for the fun of it. Like, vacation. So what I think I’m reading here, from the Georgia AAA, is more “lie down, shut up, take it and be happy” from our ruling class. Behave peons, and pay!

Bleh. Sod it all, I’m going back to bed.



Oh, Puh-Leeez

Obama sends troops to Poland to pressure Putin ... he sent 150 paratroopers. A hundred. And fifty. For joint exercises with Poland and three other eastern European nations. 4 countries. 150 troops. So that’s what, about 37 troops per country? A bus full each?

Oh yeah, that’ll leave a mark.

Meanwhile, Putin probably moved 40,000 troops and 10 tank brigades to the Belarus border, because they were just sitting around doing nothing. Just in case. And maybe gave them some of those new helmets and new body armor like the troops down in Crimea have, the kind that stops our poodle-shooter bullets. Nice. 


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calendar   Saturday - April 05, 2014

More Focused Today

Ok, Saturday. Get things done day.

Having a late breakfast, early brunch. A bit cool and wet for yard work, but a good day to do laundry. And taxes. Eww Ick!!

Had a nice time at bowling last night, hanging with the fun couple on the other team. Nice time, and we won all 7. That puts us solidly in about 4th place on a 15 team league. Deep into the “big money” zone. hahaha, as if.

Ok, guess I can manage a quick look at the news, just to see if anything major is rearing its head ...

Crivens. It’s all sickening. I think I’ll go shopping.


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