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calendar   Monday - March 24, 2014

MH370: Lost At Sea

Malaysia PM says satellite data indicates missing jetliner went down in Indian Ocean

What what what? Is there some new data that surfaced just since last night? Or is the search just getting too expensive?

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak says new analysis of satellite data in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 indicates that the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean.

Razak said at a news conference Monday that he was briefed by the U.K. Air Accidents Investigation Branch about data calculations conducted by British satellite company Inmarsat.

“Based on their new analysis… MH370 flew along the southern corridor and that its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean west of Perth,” Razak said. “This is a remote location, far from any possible landing sites. It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, that flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”

Earlier Monday, Australian and Chinese search planes spotted more objects in the southern Indian Ocean that were identified as possible debris from the missing jet, which was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members and was due to fly from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing on the morning of March 8.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the crew of an Australian P3 Orion plane had located two objects in the search zone—the first grey or green and circular, the second orange and rectangular. The crew was able to photograph the objects, but it was unclear if they were part of an aircraft.
An Australian Navy supply ship, the HMAS Success, was on the scene Monday trying to locate and recover the objects. Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the vessel could reach them by Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Separately, the crew aboard one of two Chinese IL-76 aircraft combing the search zone observed two large objects and several smaller ones spread across several square miles, Xinhua News Agency reported. At least one of the items—a white, square object—was captured on a camera aboard the plane, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.
Despite the reported sightings of objects, there still has not been one confirmed sighting of debris from the missing plane.


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calendar   Thursday - March 20, 2014

Flight MH370

No, nothing new. No real news; the latest is a goose chase in the far south Indian Ocean, somewhere around Amsterdam Island. The Big Empty. Another 50 - 80 foot bit of flotsam (or is is jetsam? I’m always confused by those two*. Flora and fauna I’ve got figured out) has searchers moving C-130s to far western Australia to make the 5 hour flight to check out some thing in the water.

But I just had a thought.

Various news stories are going on about how Malaysia “didn’t really cooperate” for more than a week, how their “PM withheld data”, how it seems their investigators were slow off the mark to search the pilot’s and co-pilot’s homes.

Well ... in this new, modern, Obama-ish age of American “non-exceptionalism”, why should they? This was a Malaysian plane on a Malaysian flight on a Malaysian airline, from Malaysia to China. So what’s the United States FBI got to do with it, or our FAA, or any of our alphabet government agencies? Who made us Boss Of The World? It’s not like they borrowed the plane from Boeing. They bought it.

Sure, sure, I know we WERE Team America, World Police. Fuck yeah. And that’s what we’ve been for at least 70 years now. But Teh Won is fundamentally changing all of that. We’re now no more important than Finland, or Mozambique. Just ask Putin, right?

And every time I’ve read the Navy News over the past couple years, I’ve seen articles on how the Chinese want to push our gray ships out of the South China Sea, and how the Indonesians aren’t too happy about Uncle Sugar doing any Force Projection over there either. So that corner of the world doesn’t seem to be our bailiwick anymore. Now add in all those defense cut-backs the Dems always make to “balance” the budget by giving the military the shaft ... I’m almost amazed we’re involved in this search / investigation at all. Were we invited? By whom? Are they picking up the tab?  I’m pretty sure I heard there were two or three Americans on board, but that just goes to show. There are two or three Americans on board just about anything.

* Drew’skool, for those that care:

Flotsam is floating wreckage from a ship or of a ship. Jetsam is floating stuff that has fallen off a ship, or been tossed overboard. Jetsam was jettisoned.

Flora is plants. Flora; flowers. Fauna is animals. Like fawns. Oh look, a fawn, aaah. how cute.

Rubble is broken masonry. Detritus ("dee try tus” not “det tra tus") properly is anything dead that used to be alive. Roadkill. But it has come to encompass all kinds of waste material, including rubble.

To “defenestrate” is to throw something out a window. To throw something out a porthole is “littering at sea”. I don’t know if the act has an official word.

Opportunistic Jaws quote, Quint: “Front, bow. Back, stern. If ya don’t get it right, squirt, I throw your ass out the little round window on the side.”


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calendar   Thursday - January 16, 2014

some brief notes

Some brief notes on the news.  Nothing earth shattering but some things that make us stop and wonder what’s in the water.
For example.  Once perhaps the greatest postal system in the world, in Britain it’s now come to this.

Postal deliveries to two villages have been suspended because muddy country lanes in the area are considered a health and safety risk.  Villagers are perplexed as they say, it’s no wetter or muddier this year than any other winter.
But hey … elf n safety rules these days.


From that to the really bizarre. It’s been found that rats grow new brain cells after mating and the conclusion of a study made based on that knowledge says, (I could not make this up, I doubt you could either) “Having Sex Makes You Smarter.”
Increased sexual activity is credited with increased brain power.
One little problem say US researchers.  When the creature stopped mating, the benefits to the brain were lost.  Oh, they also said that being smarter does not mean you will have more sex. 
Oh well I’m glad we’re clear on that.


The UK is going ahead with previously announced plans to increase aid to Nigeria.
Apparently Drew’s well reasoned argument against this insanity has not been heard at number 10.  Shout louder Drew.


See what ya make of this little gem.
Everyone already knows the asylum rules in this country are a farce. 
This item made the editorial page of The Mail under the heading,
Beyond Belief. 
A 21 year old Afghan is being given “religious refugee” status on the grounds that,
he does not believe in God, and so is in fear of his life in his homeland.
At least, that’s his claim.  The Mail asks the question, “Is any excuse for avoiding deportation too absurd to be accepted by the dupes who police the system?”


Hey, here’s a note of joy.  You all be so happy to learn that the genius with the pinched and sour face known to the world as Sean Penn, has given up his 67 guns.
Yeah. Really.  He’d dating wigger actress and beauty Charlize Theron, and t’was she made him see the light about gun control. Yeah. Watch what happens when they break up. Anyway, Penn says guns are, “Cowardly killing machines.”
He’s giving them to a celeb artist who will turn them into a sculpture to be auctioned for charity.  Isn’t that sweet?  Ah … middle age love. And lust.


Here’s one that will have you cheering. Well, more like laughing at the absurdity.
The Brit Board of film Classification is releasing new guidelines on swearing in movies and changing the age at which youngsters may attend.  The age is being lowered to 15.  The reason I think it’s funny is mostly because of what I’ve heard coming from kids much younger and many years ago.  And these days no matter what the film classification is, kids get more on line than they ever will in movies. So the board’s new rule is really pointless. But I guess they need something to do with their time.  And finally ….


Britain spends £35 million a year, in American dollars that’s $57,311,923, to lock up Polish criminals … because the jails are full in Poland.  A deal has been struck with Polish authorities, whereby the UK will house criminals until 2016, giving Poland time to build more jails.
The world is a very mad and unruly place today.

Oh wait.  There is one more and I promise final item.

It concerns that unwashed looking foul mouthed creep who passes for a comedian, by the name of Russell Brand.  Who btw surely made some decent bucks in the USA. Well, his tour here is all about renouncing the material world and joining in a “revolution” whose slogan seems to be, Fight the Power.  ?  No mistake, he may look like he’s never had a bath and his mouth can be a toilet but, having said that.  At the same time he is articulate and he can express himself well if needed.  But he’s still a no talent blob who made it big because it does not take a lot to please an audience in today’s world of ‘entertainment.’ A few foul jokes and the more gross the better. Raunch seems to draw.  Just look at the success of that decadent slob Howard Stern. 


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calendar   Sunday - January 05, 2014

This Is Getting Silly

I know an old lady who swallowed a goat,
Just opened her throat and swallowed a goat!
She swallowed the goat to catch the dog,
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her,
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
I don’t know why she swallowed the fly,
I guess she’ll die.

U.S. Sends Polar Star Icebreaker to Free Chinese Icebreaker

Sent to free Russian Ship stuck In Ice

That Shouldn’t Be There If Global Warming Was Even Slightly True,

That They Set Out To Prove

PS - It’s The Middle Of Freakin’ Summer Down There


And pretty soon the punchline will be “Flashlight? Hell, if we had a flashlight we could find my truck keys and drive home!”.

The United States Coast Guard is sending the Oregon-based icebreaker Polar Star south to the Antarctic to free a Russian research ship that got trapped in the ice, and also to free a Chinese icebreaker that got trapped in the ice while trying to free the Russian ship. An Australian icebreaker also was unable to help. The 399-feet long Polar Star can break ice that’s six feet deep, at a continuous rate of three knots.

The Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy with 52 passengers was on a four-week expedition to follow the path taken a century ago by Australian explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.

One aim of the expedition was to track how quickly the Antarctic’s sea ice was disappearing because of global warming, but a blizzard and thick ice caused the expedition to be abandoned on Christmas eve, despite the fact that it’s the height of Summer in the Antarctic.

The Polar Star, which recently completed a three-year, $90 million overhaul, is responding to a request from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, the rescue-operations coordinator, the Coast Guard said today. The ship, 399 feet in length and able to continuously break 6 feet of ice at 3 knots, is specifically designed for open-water icebreaking, with a reinforced hull and special ice-breaking bow.
The Polar Star left Seattle in early December on a mission to break a channel through the sea ice of McMurdo Sound to resupply and refuel the U.S. Antarctic Program’s McMurdo Station on Ross Island.  The trip is the Polar Star’s first since 2006 for one of its primary missions, called “Operation Deep Freeze.”

So, from one pole to the other. Let’s not make the obvious wise-crack, that this now makes her the Bipolar Star.


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calendar   Monday - December 23, 2013

come fly with me come fly lets fly away.  ooooops.  never mind.

Remind anyone of a movie?

Take off drama as British Airways jet crashes into building: Aircraft bound for London clips its wing as it taxis at Johannesburg airport

Boeing 747 veered off taxiway and buried right wing in the brick structure
Flight to the UK had been preparing to take off from Johannesburg
All 182 passengers were led from plane to spend the night in a hotel
British Airways says an investigation into the crash is underway

By Daily Mail Reporter




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calendar   Saturday - December 21, 2013

news briefs and random thoughts

A few items of interest from here and there.

With compliments from those wonderful folks who belong to a religion of peace.

An Afghan policewoman and a pregnant teacher were kidnapped and hanged by scum referred to as ‘militants’ on Monday.
The murders follow a string of attacks on women working for government institutions over the last few months.

Apparently there are a few brave woman in that blighted place who want to know how to read and write and work outside the home and, who do not want to spend their lives barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen with a dirt floor.

I guess some men just want their women as stupid as they are.

From the department of, You Just Can Not Trust Anyone Anymore.

I’ve been sharing stories of the bizarre and stupid for a long time.  Every once in awhile I think I have stumbled upon one that makes me think, but only for a very short time, that I have found the most bizarre and dumb ever and there won’t be any more.
Of course as you already know, I’m wrong every time and that’s because it seems to be human to be stupid.  And to get more so as time goes on.
But this one surely does take a prize of some kind, and it doesn’t come from France or from Britain.
This one brief bit comes from Italy.

GENOA, Italy, Dec. 19 (UPI)—Italian police said they began the third day of their search for a serial killer who disappeared when he was on good behavior leave from prison.

Bartolomeo Gagliano, 55, was convicted of three murders and an attempted murder in the 1980s after he attacked three other people.

Gagliano was on good behavior leave Tuesday morning when he threatened a baker at gunpoint to drive him to Genoa, where he was supposed to turn himself back into authorities at a criminal psychiatric hospital, ANSA reported.

But Gagliano never returned and police have been unable to find him.

Gee. Imagine the disappointment of the authorities when after giving his word, he didn’t show up.
Imagine the fear of the community knowing the nut case was out there somewhere.  Maybe next door slicing and dicing the neighbor?

I guess he had a human (?) right to good conduct leave and never mind his past performance.  A performance that told the powers that be, Nothing!

UPDATE!  He was found and arrested in France last night.

Google is still making the news here. As concerns Europe that is.  We may all have various bitches and gripes about that company but I’m not aware we are too concerned about them and competition.  Are we?  Well, the European commission is concerned.  They wants limits on competition, is how I read things.  More socialism and less capitalism.

‘Unacceptable’: Brussels dismisses Google offer to improve competition

Google’s proposals to counter European concerns about its dominant position in the search business do not go far enough, the Continent’s top anti-trust official has warned, putting pressure on the California tech giant as the European Commission’s investigation into the matter nears its conclusion.

The Competition Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, said Google’s latest proposals, put forward in October, weren’t “acceptable” in that they didn’t “eliminate our concerns regarding competition”. He said the EC hadn’t decided whether it would impose a fine on the company, and that “at this moment there is little time left, but the ball is still in Google’s court”.

However, according to an English translation of an interview he gave to a Spanish radio station, he added: “But within a short timeframe the ball will be here and then it will be the moment to take decisions.”

The regulator has been looking at Google’s influence since late 2010, with the case expected to conclude next year, at which point the commission could begin a process to impose fines or, if the two sides can reach a deal, agree a settlement.

Google, for its part, said it had “made significant changes to address the EC’s concerns, greatly increasing the visibility of rival services and addressing other specific issues”.


Yeah I know I mentioned this a long time ago but, this story reminds me.
How’s this for increasing competition and making a level playing field. Not just the tech ppl. No. How about a rule enforced by law, that every 6 pack of Coke must have at least one can of Pepsi and maybe even one of Dr. Pepper as well. Same with beer. Now there’s an idea. You can take this to new and unknown limits never thought of or seen before.  Can I copy-write all that?

OBAMA in the news again.  He’s never out of it, what president could be. But this time, well.  He needs to recognize that whatever faults they have that he doesn’t approve of, Russia is a sovereign nation and how they deal with internal problems is not his business.  If it doesn’t threaten America, the subject should be dropped.  Wardmom’s comment about policing the world comes to mind.  Maybe I should forward her comment to the WHouse.  Cept there won’t be anyone there as smart as she is, and so they wouldn’t understand it anyway.

The homosexual community worldwide has been made aware of Russian attitudes and the policy they have there on that subject. Fine. Let them write and complain to President Putin if they want to.  But I really don’t think it’s any business of our govt. in DC to lecture the Russians or to make a demonstration in the form of who we send to the Sochi games in 2014.  I’m referring now to the winter Olympics being held there.

Obama is sending high profile gay rights activists as part of “official presence” at the Sochi games. Some heads of state are already saying they won’t attend the opening of same. The USA is sending Billie Jean King as a member of the official US delegation.
He’s done that to show the Russians where our country stands on the issue, is my unasked for opinion. 
And btw .... I think the Russians are making a mistake freeing the tree huggers from greenpeace .  I predict that now they’ll believe if caught again, the Russians will be tame as pussy cats again.  And so given time, they will do it again.  Maybe not but what are the odds this recent demonstration has taught them anything?  Now if Uncle Joe were still alive ....  Nah. Bad thought.


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calendar   Thursday - December 12, 2013

thousands disrupted as London fog rules

So where was I when I was interrupted by myself?  Hard to say cos too much extra noise and stuff going on around me. Mostly outside.
Gee, even in this foul (not quite that bad but) weather, farm work and it machinery must go on. Lots of activity across the street. Farm field.  I think they’re dumping more soil on the place.  No rain but still very out outside and neighbor just has to vacuum up fallen leaves. Makes 2wtice in the last five days. Noisy damn things.  Then trash pick ups. Yeah, plural.  One monster truck for recycles and the other truck for garden waste. So where was I?

Oh yeah. Take a look.

UK weather: thick fog causes travel disruption as flights cancelled at Heathrow Airport

The Telegraph

More than 100 last count says 170 flights at Heathrow and City airports cancelled, with ferry services affected, as visibility drops to less than 50 metres in places

And not just Heathrow btw.

Thick fog has caused another day of flight chaos for air passengers and also affected ferry services.

The poor visibility, predicted by the Met Office to be less than 50 metres in places led to 80 flights being cancelled at Heathrow airport in west London.

At London City Airport in London’s Docklands nearly every early-morning service was either delayed or cancelled. At least 20 departing flights were cancelled and almost 40 arrivals were either cancelled, delayed or diverted.


Another paper reported, “thousands of airline passengers will wake up to find themselves in the wrong place this morning”.
Two hundred flights to and from Europe’s busiest airport were cancelled and hundreds more were delayed.  British Air alone cancelled more than 100 flights.  Other airline were also affected.  It was a mess and I’m happy we weren’t flying anywhere this month.  Not that we could anyway with health issues.


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calendar   Thursday - November 28, 2013

truthful statement is followed by the usual pc apology.

I should not be here at this moment but .... insomnia works in many wondrous and aggravating ways.  Loaded with pills and wine and still no sleep and busy day ahead, a day I think I might miss.
Ruff patch lately and unexpected visit from wife’s old school friend from across the country, totally unexpected and unannounced. But they were what Brits refer to as ‘mates’ which are close friends. Hadn’t seen each other in 20 or more years altho they kept in touch. So they descended on us with neither of us feeling up to scratch but what could we do?  Mad rush to straighten things and clear the room where we host guests etc.

Ok so anyway ... insomnia and booted this damn machine which I want to replace with bigger better faster and SSD drive.
Does MAC have SSD? I’m sure they must.  I am thinking tha at my age, it may well be the last puter I own so I want speed and easy use and I want it to have a bedroom, loo and kitchen too.

None of the above is why I am here at this moment. I just sidetrack myself a lot as most of you good folks know.
I haven’t turned on the heat in this room cos I need to be awake at least for this post which I want to share.  Colder it is less likely I’ll doze at the keyboard but do not look forward to the day’s coming activities. Crivens.

A few days ago I posted something our readers will by now have forgotten and no particular reason why you should even remember it.

Here’s a fraction of what I posted at the time.

inflammatory remarks about one minority community by a senior politician

I don’t know if it’ll make much difference, but this was a surprise coming from a senior politician.

I guess he isn’t running for elected office, but the pc crowd who always search out and find offense is sure to lock on to this one.

Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption, says law chief: Attorney General warns politicians to ‘wake up’ to the threat posed by minority communities

Dominic Grieve made inflammatory remarks in a newspaper interview
He said minority communities have ‘endemic’ corruption
‘It’s mainly the Pakistani community, not the Indian community’, he claimed
Also said corruption could be found in ‘white Anglo Saxon community’
The senior law officer said that the authorities should take action to combat electoral fraud in areas with high migrant populations

By Gerri Peev

Corruption is rife in Britain’s Pakistani community, the country’s most senior law officer has warned.

Dominic Grieve said politicians needed to ‘wake up’ to the threat of corruption posed by minority communities using a ‘favour culture’.


This will surely coma as a shock to to you all.

Mr. Grieve has now issued a groveling apology for his remarks. 

The government’s chief legal adviser has apologised for any offence caused when he said corruption was “endemic” in some ethnic minority communities.

Attorney general Dominic Grieve told a newspaper the problem was not restricted to “any one community” but he was referring mainly to Pakistanis.

Some Asian commentators have described Mr Grieve’s remarks as “divisive”.

Later, Mr Grieve said he was wrong to give the impression that there was a problem in the Pakistani community.

In a statement, he said: “It is not my view. I believe the Pakistani community has enriched this country a great deal as I know full well from my extensive contact with the community over a number of years.

“I’m sorry if I have caused any offence.”

LONDON: Pakistanis outraged at the remarks of Britain’s Attorney General that they all are “corrupt” and come from a “favour culture” have demanded his resignation, describing his apology as half hearted and insufficient.

And so it goes.


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calendar   Friday - November 15, 2013

oooops, say muslim fighters after they find they have beheaded 1 of their own.

I’m thinking maybe I should have passed this one by, while assuming it first of all would not be new to you out there, and secondly it might be just another boring bad muzzie story. So on the off chance that many may not have read this, have a look at this.

I guess as long as they’re killing each other, no harm done.

Oh, off topic but of some note. 

Afghanistan opium poppy cultivation at record high

Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan hits record high, UN report claims, with most of the rise in Helmand province, where British troops are about withdraw. The report says the increase was by 49%.

Other very important news the papers, well one that I saw, says that international diplomat and aging teen, Paul McCartney, yeah, that McCartney, has told President Putin that the oil rig protesters should be freed at once.
Talk about wine,women, song and money going to one’s head.  What a simpleton.
Those folks never thought that they would end up in Russian jails.
We can only hope they are NOT comfortable.  Actually, Mr. Putin should have old friends deal with the tree huggers. Permanently.

Other very important news.  (not)

Oprah Winfrey claims that Obama is being dissed because he is a black man. 
She says he has received more abuse than any other president, and it’s all due to color.
I guess the name George W. Bush is forgotten then.

So now on to the next story. 

Islamist terrorist shows ‘enemy’s’ decapitated head to baying crowd… unaware he has just killed fellow Syrian rebel

Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham severed the head of a fighter in Syria
Believed he was a pro-Assad soldier but turned out to be a fellow rebel
Group ‘misunderstood’ comments he made about Shia founding fathers

By Wills Robinson

In a sickening video posted on YouTube, soldiers from the Syrian-based group Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) were seen holding up the decapitated head of a soldier they believed was a supporter of President Bashar al-Assad.

But, after the footage was made public, the victim was recognised by an extremist as a fellow rebel fighter who had been wounded during a battle.

The militants have now asked for forgiveness.

read more at the source


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calendar   Wednesday - October 16, 2013

good news and bad news around the world and up your street

OK, I have some good and some bad news. Seriously. 

Lets see.  Maybe the good news first.

Very recently in the news was the happy sinking of a boatload of illegals in which 350 were drowned off the coast of Italy.
That was a welcome thumbs up. 

Within days another boat sank and 12 were reported drowned. Good.
Unfortunately, almost 200 were saved. Bad.

The good news to come out of that little episode was the death tally.

It wasn’t 12 drowned.
It was 30. Good.

Sadly however, here the really rotten bad news. Bad for Italy, bad for Europe and mostly bad for this country where most wanna be, so this is a triple bad.

Italy is going to triple patrols off its southern coast to avoid a repeat of the wonderful shipwrecks that drowned more than 360 would be immigrants.

We can only hope the Italians pursue that endeavor with the same dash and determination and derring do they exhibited in WW2, and as professionally as the captain of Costa Concordia more recently.  Maybe they’ll assign him to the job and he’ll patrol somewhere off the coast of Montana.
Yes, of course I know but maybe he won’t.

And speaking of news that ain’t so great.

The worst by far. This is awful.
The weepy eyed hand wringers with bleeding hearts at the European Union, are giving $39,784,805 to help settle the refugees of those boat that went under. 39 million dollars. Oh what the hell. Not their money and anyway ... easy come easy go.
Damn fools.

A tradition going back 184 years where all police officers working as a bobby on the beat, is coming to an end, with a radical overhaul of the dept.
I guess the mean streets have become too dangerous even for the cops.

BAD news for Christian newspapers in another part of the world. Well, not the end of the world but....
A Malaysian court has ruled that a Christian newspaper may not use the word “allah” to refer to god.  So expect to hear a bit of noise (possibly)
over minority rights in that mostly muslim country.  A three judge muslim panel declared that the word allah is not an integral part of the Christian faith so therefore non muslim papers can not use that word.

So I guess that islam and muslims at least in that country will now own the (c)allah rights. lol


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calendar   Saturday - October 12, 2013

on saying sorry and … the demand to be called chelsea

If there’s one single thing I don’t understand, and even as a kid I never understood the requirement to say you were sorry, unless you really were.  But apparently it please people to hear other people say, I am sorry.  Saying you are sorry and if you can act well enough while saying the magic words, can even lesson a jail sentence. 

These politically correct days, apologies are all the rage. People are saying sorry for the silliest things, and even saying sorry if they think but nobody has complained, that they have given offense of some kind.  And btw .... lots and lots of people are offended by almost anything.  Heck, you may offend someone by not supporting their chosen football team. Gotta say sorry and look like you mean it.

All of the above is my way of bringing you this really silly article I caught the other day.  I needed to check and see if it was April 1st as, well you know how time flies. It could have been April first.  You don’t know. It could have come and you missed it.  But no. It was only the end of last month which was September.

Grab this one bmews.

I’m sorry for saying ‘fighting like girls’: BBC pundit Robbie Fowler forced to apologise for jibe about players

Former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler apologised live on BBC1’s Final Score on Saturday

He was debating a tussle between Fernando Torres and Jan Vertonghen the Tottenham-Chelsea game

Football fans on Twitter criticised decision to issue apology

By Arthur Martin

A BBC football pundit has apologised for saying two Premier League players had behaved ‘like a pair of girls’.

Former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler was discussing the Tottenham-Chelsea game on Final Score on Saturday when he made the comment.

But his apology left fans claiming it was another example of the BBC’s obsession with political correctness.

During the game, Chelsea striker Fernando Torres and Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen had been involved in a series of clashes.

Fowler said: ‘Torres and Vertonghen were at each other’s throats all game, like a couple of girls – pulling each other’s shirts and pushing each other.’

Less than half an hour later, Fowler apologised on the live BBC1 show. ‘I made a comment about women’s football. I do apologise,’ he said.

OK, we got ya. Now that should have been it. Right?
But oh no.
It now gets kinda cringe worthy.

‘I’m a big, big fan of Liverpool Ladies actually, who have a chance of winning the league tomorrow. I’ll be watching that.

‘Anyone at home who was offended – I’m deeply sorry. I hope that’s the end of that.’

Within minutes, football fans used Twitter and online forums to criticise the decision to issue an apology.

Owen Jones tweeted: ‘Robbie Fowler being made to apologise for saying Vertonghen and Torres were fighting “like girls” is an absolute joke. It’s political correctness gone mad.’

James Wilson added: ‘This is a massive low. Embarrassing.’

more plus see the photos

Two months ago Fowler’s former club Liverpool released a list of words and phrases that they want to ban from the terraces, including ‘play like a girl’ and ‘don’t be a woman’.

And in other news of the day.

Last week I shared the good news that a couple hundred immigrants trying to sneak into Europe, drowned when their boat caught fire. Well, the final figure looks to be 339 died. Hurray!  Better than expected. The bad news was that some 20 were saved. But hey, 300 plus is still a win,win.

Now comes news that another boatload of the riff-raff has sunk in the same place, but only about a dozen drowned.
Well you know, can not win em all.

And finally.
As many of you will be aware from USA papers and TV news, the maggot,faggot Manning who leaked all those papers insists on being referred to as, Chelsea cos, deep down you see he is a girl.  OK. Whatever.  But leave it to the PC left wing press, who the maggot I am certain would not be reading UK papers where he is, well they are indeed now referring to him by his chosen name of Chelsea.  Which is beyond stupid because unless Uncle Sam pays for a sex change while he is in prison, he has male parts and Chelsea is outta bounds.  Sure hope the guards don’t have to follow a politically correct line and accede to his demand. And btw ... as I read it here, it is a demand and not a request the vermin is making.


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calendar   Friday - September 27, 2013

wusses …. we’re surrounded by wusses I tell ya.

I suppose some of you may think I go looking for things that will make me see red.  Actually, I don’t.  It’s more like those things come looking for me, because they know I’m a rapt audience.  How to avoid getting PO’d.  I guess I could quit listening to the radio in case some liberal blurb comes out of the speaker, and I’m too far away to run and shut the damn thing off.  Quit reading the newspapers. Hey, I know that would work. Except I’d miss a bunch of things I’d want to read.

What happens generally is what happened early this morning while looking at one of our papers over breakfast.  Saw a small headline that said, “I’ll buy protester a new placard”.  Well, I recognized the guy in the photo, I knew what he did cos I’d read it yesterday on line, and at the time I thought, good for you. But you should have kicked the jerk’s balls up around his ears. At the time, it wasn’t a story I considered posting. Who cares about a guy shoving an anti-nuke protester?  Today changed all that.  Cos the story now is his damned apology and I think it was grovelling as you’ll see.

Here’s the background.
He’s a publisher, his client (Damian McBride) has a book out which has been, in part, serialised for the past week in a major paper.  It has caused a storm and it’s pretty much a tell all political thing, some are claiming smear. So lots of controversy and name calling and ill will.  Has NOT a thing to do with wars or bombs or Syria or nukes.

Enter our politically correct old goat who follows news cameras and most especially outside interviews or news spots, where he then hoists his no nukes posters.  Or placards as they are called. He is most likely unemployed or unemployable or perhaps he’s retired due to age.  He apparently has plenty of time to stick his nose and placards in places so he and them can be noticed.  He has to be sick, in a manner of speaking only, to think his feeble little efforts will have any impact or change any govt. policy. But my guess is his ego feels great.  He is a pathetic little man with no other life but to get up the nose of others.

Lets be clear on something.  Yes, free people have a right to protest whatever it is that bothers them.  I’d like to protest my neighbor’s dog with a cannon.  Thing is, this particular schmuck interrupts things as well.
He is where he is not invited and is unwanted.  Not that he cares.

So the creep tries to get into the shot where this interview is taking place, but the publisher decides to act as a bouncer.  At which point I said bravo. Bout time someone stood up to these uninvited pests.

Btw … the “protester’s dog” got so excited during the scuffle, he bit his owner. Ha. Hope it hurt.

So anyway, the publisher received a ‘police caution.’ Which led to … what I consider to be a grovelling apology which lets face it, will just encourage the idiot with the placards.

Immediately after the incident Mr Dale (the publisher) remained defiant, writing on Twitter: ‘Oh dear, I seem to have gone nuclear… Mirror photographer tells me I did what the snappers have wanted to do for years!’
But today he struck a more regretful tone, apologising to Mr Holmes as well as his own family, friends, work colleagues and even Labour leader Ed Miliband.

See the link for all the photos and the video. Really much ado so have no idea why the police caution was given.

Writing on his blog, Mr Dale said: ‘I did apologize personally to Mr Holmes on Tuesday afternoon and we shook hands. He agreed to let the matter rest, but I have no complaint that he changed his mind on reflection.
‘Since the events of Tuesday I have gone through what happened over and over again in my mind. Whatever I felt at the time, nothing can justify what I did.
‘In addition, having accepted my guilt, I feel I should make some sort of reparation to Mr Holmes. I will pay for a new placard for him and also make a donation to a charity of his choice.’
He went on: ‘Above all I want to issue this public apology for my behaviour.
‘I want to apologize and say sorry to Stuart Holmes, who is a passionate campaigner and well known to everyone who attends party conferences and was perfectly entitled to do as he did on Tuesday in trying to get attention for his causes. It was totally out of character for me to react to him in the way I did.
‘I also want to apologize for the blogpost I wrote after the incident. It was full of absurd bravado and in the heat of the moment I behaved in a frankly idiotic way.
‘I have embarrassed not only myself but my family and my work colleagues and I apologize to them.
‘I also want to apologize to Labour leader Ed Miliband and his conference attendees.’


Gee…. did he leave anyone out?


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calendar   Thursday - September 26, 2013

12 firemen, three engines one teen stuck in a kiddie swing

Once the entire article is read, I suppose it might make some sense.  ??

I found it at NuttyNews but the link here is for the Mail which has more photos.

I thought it might be good for a quick laugh. Probably not for the girl in the swing tho.
Anyway, makes a brief (very brief) thing from my usual.

Twelve firefighters in three fire engines called to rescue teenage girl who got stuck in a SWING in local park

Girl was trapped in the child’s swing yesterday in Finsbury Park, London
Three engines, containing at least 12 firefighters, were called to deal with it
London Fire Brigade said: ‘We take anything to do with children seriously’

By Kieran Corcoran


Three fire engines and at least twelve firefighters were mobilised to rescue a teenage girl who was stuck in a child’s swing.

The girl slid herself into the swing in Finsbury Park, north London, yesterday afternoon, but was unable to get out without assistance.

The large contingent of firefighters, who arrived in three separate fire engines, were eventually able to free her after removing the swing from its frame.

It is believed the girl was freed after the firefighters were able to slide the swing off of her legs.

A bystander told MailOnline: ‘She had her hands in her head, embarrassed, and was being filmed by her family and was clearly stuck in the child’s swing.’

‘A lot of firemen had showed up - they were there for about 15 minutes. They took the chains off the swing and managed to slide it off of her.

‘She wasn’t hurt - just embarrassed as there were a lot of people stood by and watching.

‘People were wondering why there were so many fire engines, though.’

A spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said: ‘We were called just after 6pm yesterday to a child stuck in a swing.

‘We take anything to do with children seriously, and send the correct response for any eventuality.

‘We never know exactly what we’re going to find until we get there, but once we ascertained what it was we were able to free the child from the swing and get our fire engines away quickly.’

‘Two fire engines and a fire rescue vehicle was sent. The rescue unit has specialised cutting equipment and if we are called to someone stuck we may well need to use that.’

the rest is here. source


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calendar   Friday - September 20, 2013

our post office is still closed. monies are needed more by other countries.

The issue of muslim women and the veil is almost always in the news but sometime there’s a bit of a wrinkle in a story that catches my eye.
Not that it’s rocket science and you’d spot it also.

There are it is reported, 17 hospitals here that have a full face ban in place.  Actually, very few wear a full face veil anyway. But a lot of ppl argue and I’d agree, that patients have a right to see the face of those providing care in a hospital.
Anyway ... the whole issue of face covers is absurd.  Why those in power long ago did not clearly state that there are some things NOT compatible with a western country I’ll never know.  But here’s the thing that struck me as odd.

Hospitals are being asked “ to consider “ banning the niqab.  Notice that wording.  Asked to consider?  So then it opens things up for an option to say no?  Consider a ban?  Why the hell not an outright ban and screw anyone who objects.  Let em go and find a job in sandland.

and also in news briefs I have heard and again this comes as no surprise to you.


Rebel armies are turning their guns on each other.  They are a rag-tag army made up of different religious and political beliefs - a differing vision if you will, of what each wants a future Syria to be.
And Mr. O. and his Lurch like sec. want to be involved in that?  Putin of course has managed to stall the war games Paris and London and Washington are so eager for. Ha. Be interesting to see how this plays out. 


Some African high mucky-muck whose name I now don’t recall and it doesn’t matter. Well, it’s been found that this police official has been selling aid material for Somalia.  I guess he has (or had) a private army of sorts, and aid for Somalia and others were simply stolen by this guy and sold to others who in turn sold things to people meant to be receiving help at no charge.  Not anything new of course.  Been going on for years everywhere in that part of the world.


Some Brits are happy to own bragging rights to aid btw.  Yeah.  Some report claims that Britain has contributed more real cash in foreign aid
than any other country.  SUCKERS!

Meanwhile .... our local post office, closed these past five years or so because London says there isn’t any money, remains closed as of this writing.
I do not expect it to reopen in my lifetime.  And this is a village that in the past, had a post office for well over a hundred years.
Of course, we’re talking in the days before mass immigration, and grand give- aways to other countries. 

I wish people were vetted for language skills before being hired. Just a small thing I know. Went into a pastry shop for some evil unhealthy comfort treats. Real whipped cream filled donut like pastry chocolate covered.  Actually looks like a bagel but isn’t. Anyway, I asked the woman behind the counter if she could put it in a box for me. Actually, there were two pastries.  But she thought I was saying ‘bag’. Her English was not the best.  No big deal but let me tell you, it has been a very difficult past two or three days.  Worked myself to exhaustion even with help, digging out bushes and cutting down dead trees etc. Just too damn tired to boot the puter.  Wife still ill and has taken to adding Gin to her pain killers to cope with the back pain.  She isn’t tipsy or anything like that, and it isn’t like every hour, but often enough to be a mite concerned. 

Some work desperately required on the outside upstairs windows.  The wood is rotted and needs treatment and painting etc.  Nothing I can handle.
So it happens that a couple of painters were working on the house next door.  I told the guy we had work needed doing, no problem he says.  As soon as we finish this project, I’ll come by and take a look at what you have. They have been working all week on the house next door.
Yeah right.  They do this a lot over here.  You read about ppl with no jobs all the time, but try and hire someone.
They just do not generally show up.

And finally ...

One of my dearest friends here has been told he has Prostate Cancer.  More tests are scheduled for him next week to see if its traveled anywhere.
He’s a year younger than I am.  Give one pause.


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