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No Worries Here

Meanwhile, the 2 or perhaps 3 confirmed cases of cholera in the entire United States all came from recent Haitian immigrants, and all were immediately contained and cured.

Cholera case in Orange County poses little risk, experts say

A woman who recently moved from Haiti to the Orlando area has been diagnosed with cholera, but county health officials say she has been treated with antibiotics and has recovered.

The woman, whose identity is protected by privacy statutes, moved to Orange County within the past month. Health officials say the disease did not spread to her family members or close friends.

Since an outbreak of cholera surfaced last month in Haiti, at least 1,344 people on the island have died, and nearly 57,000 others have become ill.
The case of cholera was identified through the state’s disease-surveillance system, and a laboratory sample was sent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where it was confirmed.

The Orange County woman’s illness was the second confirmed case of cholera in Florida, according to the state’s Department of Health. Health officials are investigating a third possible case involving a doctor returning from Haiti. So far, all the cases of cholera reported in the U.S. have been in Florida.

Because travel to and from Haiti has increased since the Haitian earthquake earlier this year, the state has asked local health-care providers to watch for people who become sick or show symptoms of cholera after returning from Haiti. In addition, the Florida Department of Health is encouraging health-care providers to administer specific cholera testing in suspected cases.

What, you’re telling me that FDOH is PROFILING????  That’s, that’s, that’s RAAAAAACIS pretty damn smart!!


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The Next Epidemic

Whopping Cough Reaches Epidemic Levels In Several States

Wonderful. A combination of illegal immigrants who have no immunizations and no health care mixed with a generation or two of parents who haven’t seen the need to immunize their children ( or bought into the fears of side effects from them ) have brought us to this: a deadly disease once rarer then hen’s teeth is now back on its feet. But hey, so is tuberculosis. And for all I know, polio is right around the corner. Anyway, this is a reminder to get yourself immunized, or to get a booster shot if you haven’t had one in decades. Because this one is here, unlike the annual “insert animal of choice here"-flu lack of vaccine, we’re all gonna die!!! scary news story.



Whooping Cough Reaches Epidemic Level in California
Federal health officials say whooping cough has reached epidemic proportions in California and could escalate in other states if more adults don’t get vaccinated.

Dr. Patrick Joseph, a California infectious disease physician, told reporters at a press conference Wednesday in Washington that more than 6,400 cases of pertussis—aka whooping cough—have been diagnosed in his state this year. He said the epidemic is at its highest level in more than 50 years and implored more adults to get vaccinated. At least 10 infants, all under 3 months old, have died from the disease this year. “While the epidemic is in adults, the tragedy is in kids,” said Joseph, who is vice president of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID). “The situation is grave when babies too young to be immunized are dying.”

Although California has faced the worst of the outbreak, several others states are seeing unusual spikes in the disease, including Ohio, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Idaho and New York.

NFID Medical Director Dr. Susan Rehm said most American adults still remain unvaccinated against many preventable diseases. “For more than six decades, vaccines have protected us from infectious illnesses that have a wide range of consequences, from lost work days to pain, hospitalization, long-term disability and death,” she said. “By foregoing vaccines, adults not only leave themselves vulnerable to sickness, but they expose those around them to unnecessary risks, too.”

Federal officials also released the results of a survey showing slow growth in adult awareness of vaccines that prevent diseases. In fact, less than half of adults know that vaccines exist for several major illnesses, including shingles, pertussis, hepatitis B, and meningitis. “Awareness is not nearly as high as we would like it to be,” said Dr. Melinda Wharton, deputy director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

LOS ANGELES—More than 5,270 cases of whooping cough have been reported in California’s growing epidemic, which has killed nine infants this year. This week’s report from the California Department of Public Health found that the highly contagious illness hasn’t infected this many in the state since 1955, when 4,949 cases were reported for the entire year.

[ Chicago area ] Over the Thanksgiving break, Winnetka School District 36 maintenance staff is doing “enhanced cleaning” in the schools due to whooping cough and stomach virus outbreaks.

On Nov. 3, the Tribune reported six local cases of pertussis, otherwise known as whooping cough. That number has since increased to 17, according to a message on District 36’s Web site, signed by the two interim co-superintendents.

The first six cases were reported at Carleton Washburn School. There are now 14 confirmed cases at that school, along with two at The Skokie School and one at Crow Island School, according to interim co-superintendents Ken Cull and Mark Friedman.

Whooping cough has swept through schools in the North Shore in the last six weeks, with a total of 41 cases reported across 11 schools in Winnetka, Wilmette, Glencoe, Kenilworth and Northfield, according to statistics from the Cook County Department of Public Health.

“Pertussis is a highly contagious illness that is easily transmitted through coughing and sneezing and may persist among a population for weeks to months,” according toa letter to District 36 from the County Health Department. “Symptoms of pertussis usually occur five to 10 days after exposure, but can take up to 21 days to appear. Initially symptoms are similar to a common cold: a runny nose, low-grade fever and a mild occasional cough. However, the cough can become severe and spasmodic — with a distinctive ‘whooping’ sound — and can progress to vomiting between bouts of coughing.”

Whooping cough was also reported earlier this month at Highcrest Middle School, 569 Hunter Road, Wilmette, where 14 fifth-graders were diagnosed with the disease. The County Health Department visited the school and administered a vaccine to 84 students.

Did you know that most adults, and most babies under 6 months old, don’t get the “whoop”, even though they get the illness?

New York State has now reported a total of 462 cases of whooping cough in 2010, 66 from New York City and 396 from counties the CDC labels “upstate” [ which means not NYC, not Long Island, and not Westchester County ]. In 2009, at the same time, the state had reported 244 cases. The increase is entirely outside the City.

Twelve states have reported over 300 cases [ each ] in 2010. Upstate New York’s rate of growth in case numbers from 2009 places it second behind California. California continues in the grip of a declared pertussis epidemic. As of October 12, the California Department of Public Health is reporting 5,658 cases of whooping cough in 2010.

Three states, California, Texas and Ohio, have reported over 1,000 cases. The twelve states reporting over 300 cases in 2010 represent 75% of all whooping cough cases reported in the United States. All but Texas have higher case counts in 2010 than in 2009. Texas has reported 62 fewer cases in 2010, at 2,020.

The issue of vaccination remains at the core of the case counts. Twenty states allow parents to refuse immunizations for their children based upon a “strong personal belief”. Four of the top five states with high case counts allow this exemption. 74% of the total whooping cough cases reported in 2010 are from the 20 states allowing the exemption.

12,680 cases of whooping cough have been reported from six states, California, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. These states have the highest case counts and all six states allow the personal belief exemption. New York State does not allow a personal belief exemption.

[ Texas ] Pertussis is a bacterial infection of the respiratory system that produces a persistent, chronic cough, according to the National Institutes of Health. Also known as whooping cough, it’s most prominent in children and especially dangerous for infants.

The pertussis vaccine was first developed in the 1930’s. Before the invention of the vaccine, whooping cough was one of the most common childhood diseases and a major cause of death.

The worst case of pertussis since the 1960’s occurred in 2005 when the Travis County Department of Health reported just over 500 cases. Since the outbreak began in November 2009 over 1,000 children were tested for the contagious disease and no less than half of that number tested positive for whooping cough. More concerning, according to UCLA research, “The odds of having a history of asthma was twice as great among vaccinated subjects than among unvaccinated subjects.”

I would rather that my child had a greater chance of getting some asthma than be dead. And it’s just a greater chance, not a guarantee. And asthma comes in all strengths, from really mild and merely slightly annoying from time to time, all the way up to life threatening. And any one of those conditions beats being dead.

Whooping cough—also known as pertussis—was once a major cause of childhood illness and death in the United States, but all that changed with an effective vaccine introduced in 1940. That vaccine reduced whopping cough to a minor blip on the medical radar, with less than several thousand cases reported annually. However, there is an increasing number of parents wary of vaccines which has led to a resurgence in whooping cough in California and in several states across the nation.

Whooping cough is a serious bacterial infection caused by the bug Bordetella pertussis. It is spread through the air, meaning that coughing, sneezing, or simple conversation can spread the infection. It starts with symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and a general body ache. While seeming like a normal, dry cough accompanying a cold, within the first week it turns into a wheezing cough where the patient suffers attacks of coughing. After gasping for air, these symptoms can become worse over time if not treated properly. The cough can end in a high-pitched whooping noise, hence where the infection got its interesting name. Whooping cough is dangerous in nature because if ignored it can lead to pneumonia, ear infections, and even seizures.

Bordetella Pertussis, a rod-shaped coccobacillus human pathogen, is nonenteric and encapsulated that can be transmitted through direct contact with droplets or inhalation of aerosols. It is a gram-negative bacteria, like brucellosis and Legionnaire’s Disease.  It is very similar to bordetella bronchiseptica which causes bronchitis (kennel cough) in livestock and pets. Hard surfaces can be disinfected with dual quat disinfectants like that D-128 stuff I always talk about. Phenolic disinfectants should also work (eg Lysol disinfectant, not the detergent), as may chloride based ones (eg bleach); look for “encapsualted bacteria” on the kill list of the product if Bordatella is not specifically listed.  Another way to disinfect cloth would be with sodium dichloroisocyanurate, commonly called NaDCC and used in water purification tablets; NaDCC will kill both encapsulated and unencapsulated bacteria. It also kills canine parvo, distempter, and the Bordetellas that your veterinarian is concerned with on contact, so I’d bet on it for disinfecting laundry too if nothing else was available.

Be concerned. Be prepared. And get your immunizations up to date.


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new american super gun will be in use this month …

OK Drew .... this is your subject matter. 
Pretty darn cool huh?

New U.S. Army rifles that use radio-controlled smart bullets

By Daily Mail Reporter

* Weapon hailed as a game-changer that can fire up and over barriers and down into trenches
* Soldiers will start using them in Afghanistan later this month

The U.S. army is to begin using a futuristic rifle that fires radio-controlled ‘smart’ bullets in Afghanistan for the first time, it has emerged.

The XM25 rifle uses bullets that be programmed to explode when they have travelled a set distance, allowing enemies to be targeted no matter where they are hiding.

The rifle also has a range of 2,300 feet making it possible to hit target which are well out of the reach of conventional rifles.

The XM25 is being developed specially for the U.S. army and will be deployed with troops from later this month, it was revealed today.


The rifle’s gunsight uses a laser rangefinder to determine the exact distance to the obstruction, after which the soldier can add or subtract up to 3 metres from that distance to enable the bullets to clear the barrier and explode above or beside the target.

Soldiers will be able to use them to target snipers hidden in trenches rather than calling in air strikes.

The 25-millimetre round contains a chip that receives a radio signal from the gunsight as to the precise distance to the target.

Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, project manager for the system, described the weapon as a ‘game-changer’ that other nations will try and copy.

He expects the Army to buy 12,500 of the XM25 rifles this year, enough for every member of the infantry and special forces.

Lehner told FoxNews: ‘With this weapon system, we take away cover from [enemy targets] forever.

‘Tactics are going to have to be rewritten. The only thing we can see [enemies] being able to do is run away.’


The XM25 appears perfect weapon for street-to-street fighting that troops in Afghanistan have to engage in, with enemy fighters hiding behind walls and only breaking cover to fire ocasionally.

The weapon’s laser finder would work out how far away the enemy was and then the U.S. soldier would add one metre using a button near the trigger. When fired, the explosive round would carry exactly one metre past the wall and explode with the force of a hand grenade above the Taliban fighter.

The army’s project manager for new weapons, Douglas Tamilio, said: ‘’This is the first leap-ahead technology for troops that we’ve been able to develop and deploy.’

A patent granted to the bullet’s maker, Alliant Techsystems, reveals that the chip can calculate how far it has travelled.

Mr Tamilio said: ‘You could shoot a Javelin missile, and it would cost £43,000. These rounds will end up costing £15.50 apiece. They’re relatively cheap.

Lehner added: ‘This is a game-changer. The enemy has learned to get cover, for hundreds if not thousands of years.

‘Well, they can’t do that anymore. We’re taking that cover from them and there’s only two outcomes: We’re going to get you behind that cover or force you to flee.’

The rifle will initially use high-explosive rounds, but its makers say that it might later use versions with smaller explosive charges that aim to stun rather than kill.


Hang on there ... a bullet that only stuns?  What kind of stupidity is that?  You KILL the enemy, you don’t stun them. Dead enemies are the goal. Aren’t they?


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not the usual eye candy …

The story that goes with this photo has to do with eye surgery.


That’s the link if you want the story.  Didn’t work at all well for this lady.
But ... I saw her photo and saw eye candy.  Not the usual I grant you. No bikini or sexy, suggestive pose. But there sure is something here. So I thought I should share it.  Anyone else think Mona Lisa?



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brits worry about muslim reaction to wikileaks reports

No surprise this thing is spreading like the plague.  Here’s how some of it is being reported here. Interesting reading that the self important buffoon Nelson Mandela thought his opinions and insight were required or appreciated. His claim to fame was what?  Just another Bush/America basher.

Britain fears Islamic fury over WikiLeaks: Report

LONDON: The British government has warned that its citizens in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and other parts of the Muslim world could be targeted in a violent backlash over “anti-Islamic” views expressed in diplomatic documents being leaked this week, media reports said on Sunday.

The whistle-blower website WikiLeaks is to release almost 3 million documents on the internet, including thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables sent to Washington from the American embassy in London, The Sunday Times reported.

It said the British government has warned that its citizens in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and other parts of the Muslim world could be targeted in a violent backlash over “anti-Islamic” views expressed in diplomatic documents.

Some disclosures may put pressure on Britain’s “special relationship” with the US by revealing the private views of diplomats on former premier Gordon Brown, the present Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg.

Brown’s rocky relationship with US President Barack Obama that included a visit to New York in September 2009 during which the White House was accused of “snubbing” the former prime minister, is almost certain to be mentioned as is Britain’s troop withdrawal from Iraq, The Sunday Telegraph said.

But officials said the real damage could be done by the disclosure of cables in which American diplomats refer to candid British views of key figures in the Muslim world.

According to The Mail today, 92-year-old Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa is among world leaders believed to have been criticised in a leak of US diplomatic files.

Other world leaders who have clashed with the US, including Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai, Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, also come off badly in the no-holds barred private cables to the White House from scores of US embassies.

About 800 messages are from the US Embassy in London and some reportedly feature negative and hostile comments about Brown and the Labour Government.

These are thought to relate to the Anglo-US dispute after Britain freed Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al Megrahi from a Scottish jail to a hero’s welcome in Libya last year.

The cables are believed to include withering US assessments of Brown’s personality and prospects of staying in power. Cameron also does not escape from criticism.

Mandela, who stepped down as President in 1999, condemned George Bush over the Iraq War, suggesting the US President had ignored the United Nations’ calls for restraint because the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan was black. He also called Tony Blair the “foreign minister of the United States “ for supporting Bush over Iraq.


Oh right. The race card. How typical.
That’s not all re. Mandela.  Apparently he was quite upset with his advisors when they managed to talk him out of calling Mrs. Thatcher to give her a piece of his mind. Or what passes for a mind anyway. Imagine the nerve of the guy.  Even thinking he was on the same level as the Iron Lady. As tho he were an equal.
See?  That’s what you can expect when you allow some people to learn to read and write.  Here’s a man who insisted President Bush be tried for war crimes when Mandela himself spent time in prison for terrorism. What a bad joke he is.


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calendar   Monday - November 29, 2010

queer american traitor and classified material ….

Well I guess by now you are all inundated with the news regarding the WikiLeaks thing.  It’s everywhere here as you would expect.
Some folks now have reasons to dislike us but it shouldn’t matter too much cos they didn’t like us before either. But it has caused one hell of a problem and of that there isn’t any doubt.

Some of what’s being leaked is interesting okay, but I still think the ppl responsible need to be dead and I might even include their families. I say that only because that might be the only way to discourage others.  Frankly, I feel as though America has been attacked again, but in a different way.
I suppose also you’ve already read about the fag responsible for the initial leaks. 

Something awfully wrong with our security for so much to be taken. But then, that’s how spies and saboteurs get away (for awhile) with so much. Like good con men, I guess they’re believable and trustworthy. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be allowed so close to classified material. 

Bradley Manning: The prime suspect of giving files to WikiLeaks


The prime suspect in the leaking of top secret documents to the WikiLeaks website is currently confined to a cell at a military base in Quantico, Virginia.

By Nick Allen in Los Angeles

Bradley Manning, 23, enlisted in the US Army in 2007 and became an intelligence analyst in Iraq, sifting through classified information at Forward Operating Base Hammer, 40 miles east of Baghdad.

Born in a small town in Oklahoma he went on to spend part of his childhood in Wales, attending a secondary school in his mother’s home town of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

He was there from the age of 13, returning to the US during his sixth form years, and fellow pupils described him as a “computer geek”. After arriving in Iraq the young soldier, who is gayqueer, complained of feeling socially “isolated” in the military.

As he spent his time looking through classified information for up to 14 hours a day, he is believed to have become increasingly disillusioned by US foreign policy, once describing “military intelligence” as an “oxymoron”. Manning is said to have tracked down and communicated with Adrian Lamo, a well known former computer hacker in the US, who he thought would help him get information out.

But Lamo later alerted the US authorities and provided them with a series of online exchanges between the two men.

Manning was alleged to have told Lamo that he had found “incredible, awful things that belonged in the public domain and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington, DC”. He was also said to have boasted that he had used blank CDs to download classified information while pretending to be listening to Lady Gaga.

Manning’s clearance would have given him access to the Secret internet Protocol Router Network used by US military personnel, civilian employees and private contractors. However, investigators are trying to establish whether he had help, both from inside the military, and from civilians.


I don’t know about you, but there really is something about that face that screams smash, break, rip off. 


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school daze and teacher seductiuon? make that abduction. abduction without seduction?

This article is interesting more for what it doesn’t tell us.

These days the reports of female teachers seducing young boys is becoming so common it isn’t even shocking anymore. Or surprising.
And btw ... I really do question the “seduction” part of the stories I have seen, recalling that boys that age are already primed for seduction.
There’s not much to seduce and I think the use of the word “child” as the Mail does here is totally without reason. Child?  In today’s world?
With all the images already out there in movies, DVDs, posters, computers and lets not forget advertising and oh yeah, how about MTV? No,no.
The ‘C’ word here is uncalled for and misleading. 

But back to this article .... apparently there is no charge of seduction.  It’s abduction. Which leaves unanswered - abduction for what reason if not sex?

The five charges of sexual activity with the youngster were not put to the defendant and she will not now face prosecution on those counts.

Doesn’t that appear odd to you?  Here the story.

Ballet teacher who had been accused of having sex with underage pupil admits abducting 15-year-old boy

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:47 PM on 29th November 2010

Sarah Pirie, pictured, admitted taking the teenager away from his legal guardians.


A ballet teacher who had been accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy today confessed to abducting the youngster.

Sarah Pirie, 27, admitted taking the child away from his legal guardians on May 22 last year, Preston Crown Court heard.

Pirie, whose current address is Marner, Luxembourg, had originally also been charged with five counts of sexual activity with the same boy between March and June of last year.

Pirie had pleaded not guilty to all charges and was due to undergo a three week trial starting today.

But after discussions between prosecution and defence barristers, only the single charge of child abduction was put to the defendant, to which she pleaded guilty.

The five charges of sexual activity with the youngster were not put to the defendant and she will not now face prosecution on those counts.

The court heard the prosecution’s case depended on the ‘quality and credibility’ of the youngster’s evidence and it would be ‘inappropriate to maintain the allegations in respect of the other counts’.

Michael Lavery, prosecuting, added: ‘In this case the crown came to the view that there is no realistic prospect of a conviction.’

No more details were given in open court and the circumstances relating to the child abduction charge were not explained.

All the charges related to a time when Pirie, originally from Dundee, worked as a ballet teacher and choreographer in the north west of England.

Pirie, who has no previous convictions, was given bail until sentencing on January 7 on condition she does not approach the youngster again and co-operates with probation for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Judge Michael Byrne told the defendant: ‘You should understand this, because it is most important, the fact that I’m ordering a pre-sentence report in no way indicates the nature of the final sentence. All options will be available to me when I deal with this.’



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just old cars and love of them

Hey. how about this?  Just found it and found it fascinating. Not too sure how well it would hold up in constant use. I’m assuming this thing has been stored not used.  Whatever .... the fact it’s an old car is enough for me. I just like those old styles.  If I had the chance or more like it, the money, I’d get one of those cars built with modern materials and engine, but the style of the 20’s and 1930’s. Like the 1928 Mercedes. One among very many. The Stutz Bearcat comes to mind.
Those cars had pizazz. They were jazzy. I just like the looks of them although having once ridden in an uncle’s model A, just like this one ...

The ride wasn’t anything to write home about. A 1928 Ford and Uncle Al was still driving the darn thing in 1945.
Anyway, this posting is about a wooden car. This one.

Historic wooden car floated at auction

Is it a car or is it a boat? Unique car sails back into the limelight as it goes to auction with an estimated value of £20,000-£30,000.

By David Williams


Q: What do you get when you commission a boat builder to perform a “makeover” on a 1932 Talbot 14/65?

A: A unique Boat Tail Tourer, such as this one that will go under the hammer next month.

The Talbot began life as an ordinary saloon car, created by the Clement Talbot factory in west London nearly 80 years ago. But it took on its nautical flavour 30 years later when boat-builder Peter Lawrence of Cranleigh, Surrey, was commissioned to design and craft a new stem-to-stem wooden body that still adorns the car today.

It was entirely handbuilt, constructed from three-inch by 1/4-inch planks of finest Honduran mahogany, laid fore and aft and contoured to the classic boat tail configuration. The bonnet and doors were then cut out and expertly fabricated, with the whole body finished to the highest standards.

The interior is finished in black leather with art deco detailing, reflecting the era in which the car was built. Ingeniously, so as not to interrupt the elegant mahogany lines when travelling without rear passengers, it features a removable wooden hatch, in true boat tradition, beneath which is a bench seat.

The Talbot has a conventional steel chassis and is powered by a six-cylinder, 1,670cc engine. Beyond two rectangular aeroscreens, a tonneau and magnificent nine-inch diameter Marchal headlamps, the specification – not to mention the creature comforts – are limited, requiring the “crew” to be suitably attired for inclement weather.

The unique Talbot goes to auction with Historics at Brooklands on December 4, when it is expected to fetch between £20,000-£30,000. According to boatbuilders Henwood & Dean, of Hambleden, Henley-on-Thames, the estimate is comparable to the cost of recreating the wooden bodyshell alone, today.

Further details at the Historics at Brooklands website.

See More Below The Fold


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eye candy

Kinda difficult resisting a post of these two. So being weak ... I am.  Enjoy.





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the french take action while brits dither?  surely not.

I had mentioned the other day, on the subject of nutcase happenings, the idea that a couple of Somali pirates have relations here in the UK, and that one already had a wife and kids here.  He said he wants to come here under asylum. No doubt they’d grant him his wishes and provide benefits as well under European human rights and the rest of that BS.

Drew also posted something on the subject and made the very accurate observation that the Chandler couple were selling their story, “a bit at a time.”
Oh boy are they ever.  It’s been in every paper every day for the last week.  And the Mail has been laying out their saga not just full page but double pages open center.  I was getting bored with it to be honest. But something in today’s version really caught my attention, and I suspect BMEWS regulars and others may be surprised by this as well.

According to the couple, the people that the pirates feared most if they can be believed, are the French and their Navy.  They say in their latest installment, that when captured the pirates kept shouting, what nationality? What nationality?  It transpires, according to them, that the pirate worry was that they had captured a French couple.  That’s the claim anyway.  Apparently the French have shown themselves only too happy to engage the enemy and haven’t the health and safety concerns of others.  If that is true, then Bravo France!

Why didn’t the navy save us? The Chandlers reveal how they were captured by pirates under the gaze of British patrol

By David Jones

Moments after storming aboard Paul and Rachel Chandler’s yacht, the pirates’ leader began haranguing them with one question that was clearly of vital importance to him.

‘Nationality? Nationality?’ he shouted repeatedly in thickly-accented English, as the couple were taken below decks at gunpoint.

Amid the chaos of the assault, the British red ensign that had ­fluttered proudly from the Lynn Rival’s stern had been torn down, and they quickly realised that the gang chief, Bugas, was terrified that they might be French.

Six months before their kidnap, when another band of Somali pirates hijacked a yacht from Brittany cruising in the same stretch of ocean, French commandos had staged a ruthless rescue operation.

Sanctioned by the French Defence Minister, Herve Morin, it was a show of force designed to send out a message to the pirates — that one nation, at least, was no longer prepared to stand by and let them plunder the seas with impunity.

So when the Chandlers assured Bugas they were British, his relief was immediately obvious.

‘The pirates don’t mess with the French any more,’ says 60-year-old Paul. ‘Their forces are too gung-ho.

‘But I think they see the other ­Western navies who patrol the area as a bit of laughing stock.

‘They know that if they have just one hostage at gunpoint, then these navies — with all their might — are impotent.’

Since we now know that the ­Chandlers were kidnapped under the compliant gaze of the Wave Knight, a Royal Navy supply ship armed with cannon and machine guns and ­carrying 25 Royal Marines, the pirates’ ­contempt is all too understandable.

But two crucial questions have ­lingered since the supply ship’s ­inglorious role in this nightmarish saga was first revealed.

Should the Admiralty have adopted the same tough stance as the French and ordered the Wave Knight to attack?

And if they had, would the Chandlers have been spared a 13-month ordeal which saw them flogged, mentally ­tortured and threatened with death?

Told today for the first time, the Kent couple’s gripping, first-hand account of their capture on October 23 last year finally provides the answers to these questions — questions which have cast a long shadow over the Royal Navy’s proud reputation.

If you’re interested in the entire, tiresome story here’s the link. However ..... here’s the part I think you should see the link for. I’ve edited for space.
Isn’t it interesting?  Empty threat after empty threat.

At this point, Bugas (the pirate leader) seized the radio and ordered the couple to pack their bags ready to decamp to the Kota Wajar. (pirate mother ship)

As they did so, the radio crackled to life again and they heard the British ship threaten the pirates aboard the ­captured cargo vessel.

WK: Kota Wajar. You are in my security area. Alter course to the north please.

[There was no reply to this warning, and indeed the Kota Wajar failed to respond to any of Wave Knight’s entreaties. This was because, the Chandlers later learned, the pirates on board were beating the container ship’s skipper — one of 21 crew members being held hostage — over the head with a water bottle].

WK: Kota Wajar, you are threatening my security. Alter course to the north. Please acknowledge.

Once again, Bugas forced Paul back on to the radio to tell the British ship to stop its threats.

LR: EU warship, this is sailing yacht Lynn Rival.

WK: Lynn Rival, I am under attack from a previously pirated ship. I will come back to you

[From his position below deck, Paul could not see or hear gunfire, but the Ministry of Defence told the Daily Mail the pirates onboard the Kota Wajar opened fire on the Wave Knight with their machine guns.

Under the military Rules of Engagement, the British vessel could now have launched a deadly assault against them, but did not do so because of the 21 crew held hostage on the cargo ship.]

WK: Kota Wajar, you are threatening my security. Alter course towards north ­immediately or I may take action.

LR: We are very frightened. We have been told we will be killed if you do not stand off.

WK: Kota Wajar, you are threatening my security. Alter course towards north ­immediately or I may take action which may include the use of lethal force.

LR: Our captors say they will kill us if you don’t stand off. We are terrified!

At this point, apparently satisfied he had bought them enough time to evacuate, Bugas ordered Paul to turn off the radio and ram his beloved yacht into the stern of the Kota Wajar.

This was to get them close enough to climb the rope ladder that had been lowered by pirates on the high-sided container ship.

His ploy worked, and the Chandlers were transferred to Kota Wajar while the crew of the Wave Knight looked on.

It was, indeed, a fiasco. As a patriot and a seafarer, Paul is reluctant to criticise our Navy, but as he remarks — what was the point of the ship being there if it couldn’t help them?

Here’s what a few Brits have had to say on the subject.

How ridiculous - this couple took to the radio to beg the Navy not to intervene, yet now claim they wanted them to and were ‘happy to die’. And they seem to also forget that they videoed pathetic messages through the year begging for money to be raised for their release because otherwise they’d die.

Now that they’re home, they’ve suddenly transformed themselves into heroes who would have laid down their lives raither than have Britain pay one penny for their rescue.

I can understand their cowardice when captured, but to now try and spin themselves into heroes is a disgrace.

- A. Wright-Burke, London Bridge,

You can just imagine what would have happened in the Navy had helped.

* Human Rights Lawyers crawling out of the woodwork lead by Tony Blairs wife.
* Social Services saying its the Pirates that are the real victims and all should be given homes in the UK.
* Millions of £ in Compenastion for Hurt Feelings to the Chandlers had the rescue attempt failed.

Don’t forget that the Afghan High-Jackers are still in the UK and we can’t deport criminals.

We real are a country lead by invertebrates

- James 001, The west coast of nowhere,


It’s not up to the Royal Navy, paid for the taxpayers, to rescue any idiots who chose to sail into these pirate infected waters. Since they were stupid enough to do that, then they should face the consequences of their own making. They should now be glad that they are now home and making lots of money selling their stories, instead of blaming anyone else.

- mari, london,

The Chandlers claim that they were not in fact sailing within the danger zone.  ???


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/29/2010 at 11:51 AM   
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Come fly with me, let’s float down to Peru ..

The heart-stopping moment a stunt plane snapped apart mid-air - and the pilot walked away with just an injured foot

By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 1:59 PM on 29th November 2010

This is the terrifying moment a pilot nearly lost his life after the wing of his plane snapped off mid-air.

But Argentine pilot Dino Moline managed to activate the plane’s ballistic parachute - walking away from the crash with just a burnt foot.

These dramatic new images released today show the accident unfolding as the 22-year-old was performing in an air display in Santa Fe, Argentina.


The 3,000 onlookers could only watch in horror as the wing snapped off his RANS Air Brigade Plane 1,640 feet above the ground - while it was upside down in the middle of a manoeuvre.

The plane began to spin dangerously out of control.

But Mr Moline managed to dodge death by deploying the parachute, which slowed his sickening fall to earth.

The plane crashed to the ground in a roar of flames, but Mr Moline escaped alive with minor injuries.

‘I don’t know what happened to me,’ he wrote on the website for ‘Show Aereo 2010 following the incident on on August 15.

August 15?  WHy so long for these shots?  Has anyone seen these that far back?


More photos HERE


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/29/2010 at 11:13 AM   
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John Galt Leaves Paradise

It’s No LAFFing Matter

Faced with a new law that singles them out for massive tax hikes, Fiji Water puts a cap on operations and walks away from the well.

Fiji Water on Monday closed its operations in the South Pacific country that gives the popular bottled drink its name, saying it was being singled out by the military appointed government for a massive tax increase.

A company statement announcing the decision did not say whether the company was shutting down permanently in Fiji, where an acquifer deep underground has been the source of one of the world’s most popular bottled water brands. The company, owned by California entrepreneurs Lynda and Stewart Resnick, said it was closing its facility in Fiji, canceling orders from suppliers and putting on hold several construction contracts in the country.

But the company wanted to keep operating in Fiji and was willing to hold discussions with the government about that, said the statement, issued from the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles.  In the statement, Fiji Water president John Cochran said Fiji’s government announced last week that it was imposing a new tax rate of 15 cents per liter on companies extracting more than 3.5 million liters (920,000 gallons) of water a month — up from the current one-third of one percent rate. Fiji Water is the only company extracting that much water.

“This new tax is untenable and as a consequence, Fiji Water is left with no choice but to close our facility in Fiji,” the company, which sells its bottled water in more than 40 countries, said.

The tax rise comes amid a deep downturn in Fiji’s economy that is blamed on political instability following a coup in 2006 by armed forces chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama — Fiji’s fourth coup since 1987. Key trading partners have imposed various sanctions on the government, including European Union restrictions on the vital sugar industry.

Bainimarama’s government has also taken a hard line with foreign companies. Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd. in September sold its controlling stake in Fiji’s main daily newspaper after the government imposed strict new foreign ownership limits on media companies. Bainimarama did not immediately comment on Fiji Water’s statement.

Cochran said Fiji Water was the only company that would be affected by the tax increase.

Funny how some businesses are. Even ones like this one with what I assume are fairly low overhead and high profit margins. Hit them up with massive tax increases that put them on the far side of the Laffer curve, and they say to heck with it. Even if they could eat that new tax rate and still show a fat profit, or if they could jack up the price of their product to offset it and not impact sales.

Yes, this is perhaps a bit of gamesmanship. And I doubt that Fiji Water employs tens of thousands of locals. Probably only a hundred or even less. And the owners are raking it in. But you have to stand up to tyrants of all stripes. So I hope they take their pumping and bottling machinery with them and sail away. I wasn’t aware that sleepy little Fiji was ruled by a junta either. Screw that. Guess I’ll be crossing Fiji off my list of dream vacation spots.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 11/29/2010 at 10:23 AM   
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good way to start monday. wishing someone dead. actually, there are a few but this case !"£!!!)

I think between Drew and myself we could start our own damn health alert. Although he’s in worse shape with that cough.
I doubt anyone noticed but I was not here yesterday laid up with my own darn off to bed day. Fine today because I’m loaded on pain killers so I don’t give a darn.
But I’m also damn well PO’d again. I am really steamed and wish this jerk would just die, or get hit by a bus.

Someday Mr. Cable I will return to my home country. You may visit as who knows. Anything is possible. You might find yourself in my part of the country. You might be walking across the street and BAM!  Oh gee. Really officer, I didn’t see the man. My foot slipped and hit the gas. Gosh. I am sorry. (snicker,snicker) Is he dead?
No? Oh, can I try again?

Mr. Cable for Yanks who don’t know the shit, is a member of the Lib/Dems.  Liberal Democrat Party. Those are the folks who always know what’s best for you and will be happy to do your thinking for you should you tire of the exercise. And even if you don’t.
Mr. Cable is the business secretary and finds it his bleeding business to try and stall and or influence the American practice of the Death Penalty.  So ... in an effort to do just that ......

Human rights victory as Vince Cable imposes restrictions on export of ‘execution’ drug to U.S.

By Daily Mail Reporter

Tighter controls have been imposed on the export of a drug used in the execution of U.S. prisoners.

Business Secretary Vince Cable today announced the move in an apparent backtrack after earlier refusing to ban sodium thiopental being exported for such use in America.

The sedative is part of a three-drug cocktail used in lethal injections in the US. The States has a shortage of the substance and many states have halted or slowed the pace of lethal injections while searching for alternative sources of the drug.

Last month, Arizona Chief Deputy Attorney General Tim Nelson confirmed the state used sodium thiopental from Britain to execute an inmate.

The statement came during the course of judicial review proceedings of Mr Cable’s refusal earlier this month to use his powers under the Export Control Act to impose an immediate ban on the drug’s export for execution purposes.

Nathalie Lieven QC, appearing for two death row prisoners, Edmund Zagorski and Ralph Baze, had told Mr Justice Lloyd Jones at London’s High Court that Mr Cable’s initial decision was irrational and unlawful as state executions were a clear violation of fundamental human rights the UK sought to protect, and the Government had reaffirmed its commitment to the global abolition of the death penalty.

She said that there was a national shortage of the drug in the US and the UK was the only known source, and there were ‘strong grounds’ for fearing that sodium thiopental from the UK had already been used in lethal injections.

Unless an export ban was imposed, further supplies from the UK could be used to execute her clients and many other prisoners.

more here

And my feelings are equal for any fuckin foreigner who thinks our business is theirs as well. And I’m damn well pissed off at my own country for being in such a dumb position.  How do we let these things happen?  I can’t think of any excuse. Why is this drug only available here and the USA apparently doesn’t have the formula?  Why can’t we reverse engineer the recipe?  Steal the damn thing if need be.  Let em sue and be damned.  Abolition of the DP? Fine. In your fracked up liberal to the extreme system where your idea of penalties is a softly,softly approach while whack jobs are out free stomping and stabbing people and getting penalties like, “community service.”

I guess added to everything else I’m a mite frustrated because I’m still here, and unlike a prisoner who counts the days to freedom, I haven’t yet reached the point where I can even start counting. Try that on for size.  So I read this sort of thing and see it purely as other ppl sticking their unwanted nose into our back yard. And just for the official record.  I hate it when I think my own country does that for whatever reason.  Unless it’s in our national security interests.

Why isn’t our CIA or some other secret agency out there killing our enemies which include any politician of any country or any group of ppl or any organization who gets in our face?  Why is that maggot who initially gave away documents to Wikileaks still breathing?  I read that our people had been watching the shit who started it all for some time. And they let him live?  Why?



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/29/2010 at 10:10 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - November 28, 2010

Could have been lots worse

North Korean Attack On Yeonpyeong Island

Used Thermobaric shells

Damage would have been far more extensive if a) so many of the shells hadn’t been duds, b) their cannons weren’t so inaccurate, and c) if the meticulously planned attack had used an up to date map

N. Korea fired thermobaric bombs
Attack was designed to cause maximum damage, but equipment was old

South Korea’s military concludes the attack was meticulously planned, although much more damage would have been caused if the North’s equipment wasn’t so old and faulty. A high-ranking South Korean military official said that North Korea used thermobaric bombs, or “fuel-air bombs,” to wreak havoc on Yeonpyeong Island, the first time it has done so.
Thermobaric bombs have longer blast waves than regular explosives, and when used in the open air, they can result in increased casualties and more structural damage.

The South Korean military is examining around twenty North Korean shells that failed to explode and were found lodged in concrete walls and in tree branches. Eighty of the 170 shells fired managed to land on the island. Roughly 90 rounds fell into the sea.

The number of duds is expected to increase, as troops are still combing the island for shells. South Korean authorities believe the duds and the shells that failed to reach the island were the result of North Korea’s aged equipment or flawed gunpowder and detonators.

Military officials believe North Korea achieved such extensive damage on the island despite the duds and the misses because it meticulously planned the attack. It used “time-on-target” (TOT) coordination, a military tactic in which all the munitions arrive at the same time at a designated target for maximum destruction.
They didn’t fire randomly but specifically targeted the military base on the island, including oil storage units, and 20,000 liters of oil were released, some catching on fire. They also targeted the post office, a supermarket and municipal buildings. Those structure were formerly military buildings, so the South Korean military suspects North Korea was planning from an old map.

Let’s hope that the same can be said for the hundreds or thousands of missiles that the NorKs are setting up on the border, and that their target data and guidance systems are from 1951.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 11/28/2010 at 10:32 PM   
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