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calendar   Thursday - January 31, 2013

Daily Stupid, Part I

6 Year Old Girl EXPELLED: brought clear plastic toy gun to school

Good grief. You’d think the parents would have tired hands by now from bitch slapping all these nitwits working for the school system.

EXPELLNG a 1st grader? Kicking her out of the school system ... forever?? ... for breaking a rule she probably can’t even understand? The parents in that town ought to be getting together their pitchforks and torches. Time to storm the castle Ivory Towers.

Sumter, SC (WLTX) - A kindergartner at Alice Drive Elementary in Sumter has been expelled from school for bringing a toy gun to class.

Naomi McKinney, who’s six-year-old, was expelled on January 7th.

The problem began when Naomi grabbed her brother’s toy gun to bring in for show and tell.

“I chose to bring it to school because I thought I could show my friends it because they might like seeing it,” Naomi explains.

Her dad, Hank, says he and her mother didn’t see what she choose to bring until getting a call from the school.

“The school needed me down there that my daughter was fixing to be expelled,” he says. “I got in the car and rushed down there and when I got in there the principal told me that she had a gun at school and she pulls it out and it is a little clear plastic gun.

“You have to show some kind of judgment,” Hank McKinney says. “I know there is a lot going on with guns and schools and that is tragic but a six year old bringing a toy to school doesn’t know better.”

Instead of being in school, Naomi now is spending her time at her dad’s furniture store.

The Sumter County School District weapon policy says the presence of weapons or look-a-likes is not allowed, stating the board will expel any student who brings a weapon to school.

She will be assigned a home-based instructor from the school district. The Sumter School District says they take any potential threat very seriously and will remain vigilant in creating a safe and secure environment.

Woo hoo! Now the kid gets home schooled for free!! Golly, I bet the $40,000+ the school system pays that teacher sure makes it worth throwing an almost toddler out of school for bringing in a water pistol. “If we can save even one child from getting wet...” Let’s hope at least one kid per week brings in a toy gun ... in 2 months the school system can be completely bankrupt, belly up, and the parents in that town can then get together and hire some teachers with a lick of common sense.

What a bunch of rat turds. Brain dead cowardly button pushers. Fire them all, and start over.  Whoops, sorry. We’re not “comfortable” with the way you act towards our children, so out you all go, union and all. And the town contacts Teacher University right now to let them know they’re going to hire most of this year’s graduating class, and that they want teaching to be done in their specified classic manner, so throw out your BS jibber-jabber programs and adapt them now.

The only way to fix our educational system is for the parents to take a firm hand in it from the very beginning.


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The Daily Stupid, Part II

Detroit Suburb Considering $5 Rat Bounty

St. Clair Shores admits it has a rat problem.  They’re trying anything and everything to get rid of rodents, and that may include a bounty program.

Rats can look so darn cute in pictures with their little eyes and button nose, but for a lot of people that live in St. Clair Shores, there is nothing cute about the critters.  They want them gone.

“We had seven dead rats this summer that we’ve caught.  I did see a dead one about two weeks ago in the middle of the street, and then two nights ago I saw one crossing the street at night,” said Heather Hawkins.

Rat traps can be spotted around homes and in backyards.  It’s part of the effort to control the rodents, which have become a very expensive problem.

“They’re nesting in vehicles and chewing up wires and destroying people’s vehicles.  So not only is it a health concern, but it’s starting to cost people money,” said Nicole Stanley.

“We cut up all of our bushes, took those out.  We put mesh down all along the house and then put rocks along so they couldn’t burrow under and get into the creeks and crevices,” Hawkins explained.

City leaders acknowledge the problem and are trying to come up with a solution like more secure garbage cans and educating the public on how to keep the rats at bay.  However, the proposal that has everyone talking is a rat bounty—$5 for each dead rat a homeowner turns in.

“When we first heard it, it was like oh come on.  Really?  A bounty.  But then we talked about it some more.  We said if it does help us find out where the issues are, it may be something worth considering.  We know we’re not going to trap our way out of rats being in existence,” said Acting City Manager Mike Smith.

Rats breed ... well, like rats. A female can have 5 or 6 litters per year, with half a dozen or more ratlings per litter. Set a live trap, catch one or two males and eight females, and set up a rat farm in your basement or garage. Inside 90 days you should be able to turn in a dozen rats a day. After 8 months you’ll have to turn in 75 a day or more, or else be buried in rats.

This bounty idea is straight out of Terry Prachett ... when city tyrant Lord Vetenari saw the huge increase in rat tails turned in for bounty, he declared “tax the rat farms”. No fool, he.

Female rats can be bred as young as 5 weeks old, but waiting 2 to 4 weeks more is usually better. Lady rats go into heat every 5 days, but will spark right up if placed near a sexually mature male. Gestation takes 3 weeks. Litters are between 5 and 8, with the more mature rats having larger litters.


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Taking Off Like A Rocket

Pump Prices Going Up 2% Per Day??

Where are we, Zimbabwe?

At the local El-Cheapo no brand gas station down the street, the cash price for a gallon of low grade 87 octane gasoline today is $3.42. Last night it was $3.35. Yesterday morning it was $3.29. The day before that it was $3.27. Before that it had rested at $3.25 for 3 or 4 days, after jumping up from $3.19, which was the lowest price it had sold for in many months. This latest increase - 23¢ in under a week - is going gangbusters. 2% a day it seems ... at that rate, it will be over $4 by next weekend. Horry clap. And that’s the cheap station; the other two stations in town are already at $3.50 or higher. And NJ has just about the cheapest gas prices in the country. Help us Lord Obama, help us!

Gasoline and heating-oil futures were higher on the New York Mercantile Exchange on indications of stronger demand. The robust rally in reformulated gasoline blendstock futures continued for a 10th day as data from the Energy Information Administration showed gasoline stockpiles in the mid-Atlantic region remain near 15% below their five-year average level for this time of year.

Crude-oil futures bounced on either side of unchanged, sticking close to their highest level since mid-September.

Nymex light, sweet crude oil for March delivery was 16 cents higher at $97.73 a barrel, after trading in an intraday span of $97.32 to $98.24 a barrel. The contract settled Tuesday at the highest price since Sept. 14. ICE March North Sea Brent was 55 cents higher at $114.91 a barrel, after settling a day earlier at the highest level since mid-October.

The EIA reported that U.S. crude-oil stocks climbed by 5.947 million barrels in the week ended Jan. 25, helped by a modest rise in imports. The stockbuild exceeded the 2.7-million-barrel rise expected by analysts surveyed by Dow Jones Newswire and topped the nearly 4.2-million-barrel gain reported late Tuesday by the American Petroleum Institute, a trade group.

The large stockbuild came even as refiners boosted crude-oil process rates last week. The EIA said refiners operated at 85% of capacity, while analysts expected the level to hold at a 10-month low of 83.6% of capacity.

Gasoline stocks dropped nationwide by 956,000 barrels, compared with analysts’ expectations of a slim, 200,000-barrel rise. Nationwide stocks are 2.2% above a year ago despite low levels in the mid-Atlantic states. Distillate stocks (diesel/heating oil) fell 2.315 million barrels, more than the forecast of a 900,000-barrel drop.

Implied gasoline demand inched up to the highest level in a month, while distillate demand was the highest since mid-December.

So the prices are up because the “implied” demand is up, but the demand is up because supplies are lower. Meanwhile, crude oil on hand is at record levels, but the distilleries are just puttering along to keep the supply low. And the analysts don’t know jack. In other words, we’re being gamed. Played by the oil companies. Squeezed hard yet again. Thanks for nothing. Hosers.

Meanwhile, the economy is actually shrinking, down 0.1% for this most recent quarter after several months of modest 3-4% growth. And wouldn’t you know it, the weekly jobless claims are once again ... say it with me ... “unexpectedly higher”.

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits bounced off five-year lows last week, pulling them back to levels consistent with modest job growth.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 38,000 to a seasonally adjusted 368,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday. The prior week’s claims figure was unrevised.

Economists polled by Reuters had expected claims to increase to 350,000.

So, flat economy, more than expected unemployment ... all point towards lowered gasoline demand. The prices ought to be falling at the pumps, not spiking up. Rat bastards.


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Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and ……. Other?

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with a consultant at the Cardiology dept. at the hosp. in Winchester.

So they sent me a form to fill in which I received today, and I had to laugh at this because I don’t think I’ve ever seen this (circled in red) before.
Have You?
Like, what else is there?  Do Not Know? 
A Bizarro world indeed.

And guys, take a look at the ethnic roll call here.  And that’s only the legals.

It only just dawned on me. Other could be, General, or Admiral or Sir or Dame etc.  ??  I just never noticed that before today.



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an exchange of police usa/uk

A day or so ago, I posted a very short item about an American cop some Brits think might be able to stem the rising crime tide over here. Ha. As if the libs would condone or be helpful in any way.  And as all of you know, this is a solidly politically correct establishment. 

Well anyway I posted a comment by Sir Hugh Orde.

I wish MAC had drawn this cartoon the same day I posted the story. But no matter.  Better later than never. Nothing I could have said would be funnier than this cartoon which appeared only today.  And by the look of it, Mac must have read the brief comment made by Rich.

Here again is the quote by Sir Hugh.

“US policing is keen to learn from our approaches not just to gangs – but in areas such as public order policing and more.”

And here is the toon in the Mail by Mac today. 


‘Okay, guys. Listen up. The Brits want me to kick ass over in the UK - but don’t worry, its a reciprocal arrangement...’

See More Below The Fold


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fraudulent behaviour was in effect saving the government money? yeah. go figure.

‘Her fraudulent behaviour was in effect saving the government money. It is the most ridiculous mitigation I have ever had to bring before a court - quite ridiculous.’

The term, “One for the books” comes to mind here.
I was tempted to file it under humor. What an odd system in place.
But I suppose it works for the Brits, so who am I to question things?

Take a look at this.

Benefits cheat mum, 23, now £64 a week better off after officials rule she is entitled to MORE than the amount she was actually stealing

· Claimed £66 ($104) a week illegally but is told she can now receive £130 ($205)

· Her lawyer described mitigation as ‘most ridiculous’ he had ever brought

· Ordered to do 80 hours community service and pay £100 court costs

By Richard Hartley-parkinson

A young mother who illegally claimed benefits while working has been told she is legally entitled to more than the amount she had been stealing. 


Joanne Gibbons, 23, from Upton Priory, Macclesfield, was convicted of unlawfully pocketing £3,140 ($4,964) in income support while holding down two jobs.

She originally claimed benefits legally but failed to notify the Department for Work and Pensions that she had a job at a shop and for East Cheshire NHS trust.

When she was caught out, the mother-of-one was reassessed and told she could actually claim more money for family tax credits and child benefits.
She can now receive £130 a week, £64 a week more than she claimed fraudulently.

When she worked for clothing shop Strawberry Moon and the NHS trust between February 2011 and January 2012, Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court heard she would not have qualified for any payouts.

Gibbons’ lawyer Mr Julian Farley said: ‘This case is extraordinary and perhaps an indictment of the benefits system.

‘If you work out what the overpayment was on the income support over 11 months, it’s about £66 per week of overpayment.

‘Immediately after the fraud was found the income support stopped and her benefits were adjusted. Miss Gibbons was then entitled to make a claim for family tax credit and child benefits.

‘She’s now receiving £130 per week - £64 more than she was fraudulently claiming in the first place.

‘Her fraudulent behaviour was in effect saving the government money. It is the most ridiculous mitigation I have ever had to bring before a court - quite ridiculous.’

see more


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calendar   Wednesday - January 30, 2013

Combination Challenge #67

Black to move

Wes got this one.

1 … Qxg3+
2. Kxg3 gxf6

The book stopped there Wes.


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Looking To The Future, Darkly

The Post-Obama Assault Rifle

Short of starting a civil war ( a post for another day ), what will you do when the next generation of gun control laws get passed?

What will you do for a rifle that obeys the law, when

Yeah, I think thoughts like that. If you think we’re in dark days now, just wait another 3 years. It’s going to get worse.

But should those rules come to pass, I’ve already figured out a solution. Which in itself shows you just how pointless gun control is: not matter what kind of gun I am allowed, I will figure out a way to load and fire it quickly.

Here’s a modernized version of a 120 year design, a beefed up and modified version of a Taurus Thunderbolt rifle, which itself is a clone of the 1877 Colt Lightning rifle.


Full length original above, post-Obama modernized carbine below

Colt came out with the Lightning pump action rifle way back in the day to compete against Henry and Winchester, who had the lever gun market locked up. The pump stroke is only 2”, so this action cycles very quickly. Internally it isn’t much different from a lever gun. In trained hands a Lightning can fire 10 shots in less than 2.5 seconds.

OK, now let’s modernize it. The medium size receiver Colt was never chambered for anything more potent than the black powder driven .45 Colt. That’s just about the lowest pressure cartridge still on the market. So let’s amp it up somewhat. Plus, in this plan for the future exercise, all military cartridges from anywhere, past and present, have been banned. So we can’t use the .45 Colt.

There is a newer generation of extreme modern pistol cartridges that run at full modern rifle pressures. The .454 Casull, the .460 Linebaugh, etc. Great for hunting bears at 200 yards, but way too much gun for using in the home. And home defense is half of what this daydream rifle is about. So let’s meet halfway between the .45 Colt, and the .454 Casull. Why not? After all the Casull almost is a .45 Colt; it just uses a stronger and slightly longer version of the Colt’s case, then runs it at 4 times as much pressure. So ... Drew whispers to his crack team of product liability lawyers ... we’ll make our own cartridge. It will be too long to fit in .45 Colts, and will operate at up to standard magnum pressure: 35,000psi. We’ll beef up the Taurus so that it can safely eat this ammo even at 43,000psi, and we’ll proof test the rifles at 53,000. That’s a full 50% more than the ammo spec calls for ... and since we’re the ones also selling the ammo, we’ll try to keep the home defense product line well below that pressure level. Less BOOM that way. And even though the cartridge we’re designing is a magnum version of the old .45 Colt, we won’t use the “m word” anywhere. Just in case of twitchy DAs. No, we;ll look at things from the other end of the table, and call it the .451 CSR. No, not “Cane Spirit Rothschild”, that delightful Caribbean libation. “Colt Short Rifle”. And that turns out to be just the kind of gun we’re building.

We’ll lop almost 9” off of the Taurus design’s barrel, going with a 17.25” tube, which makes the government happy. If we have to we can beef up the barrel, but it probably won’t be necessary. We’ll cut down the stock too, so that the gun is 37.25” long even when the butt plate is removed. And we’ll sell the gun with a 1.25” recoil pad installed. So it will be 38.5”, and the government will be even happier. While we’re at it, we put a handguard/palmswell on the pump’s forend. And we put a classic pistol grip stock (the legal kind) on the back. Both of these make holding the rifle easier, but they both reduce perceived recoil.

Now for the sneaky part. We’re going to tighten up the rifling in the barrel. Instead of spinning the bullet at a leisurely 1 turn in 38” like the .357, or a relaxed but still sedate 1 turn in 16” like the .45 Colt, ours will spin the bullets just as fast as modern high powered rifles. 1 turn in 9” should be fine. What’s the point of this? SF/M. Surface feet per minute.

Huh? Imagine you are a microscopic bacterium. (try seeing yourself from Hillary’s point of view) Imagine that you are clinging tightly to the side of a bullet that gets fired from a gun. Amazingly, that bullet manages to fly through the air for a full 60 seconds before it lands. How far have you traveled? That’s SF/M. SF/M=PI*d*RPM/12, but we don’t have RPM. We have muzzle velocity and we have rifling twist (quick side note: while the forward velocity of a flying bullet decreases rapidly, the spin imparted on it when fired never decreases), so we derive (and bypass) RPM with SF/M = PI*d*MV*60/twist.

Ok, fine, Mr. Formula, but who cares? Well, you the prospective gun owner ought to. The faster you can spin a bullet, the more stable it will remain when something interrupts it. Said another way, bullets that spin faster penetrate in a straighter line. Faster spin also causes stronger deformation on contact (mushrooming). We’re building a moderately powered rifle, fully expecting that it be used indoors for home defense. So let’s try to avoid shooting through the bad guy and the wall behind him into Mrs. Tucker’s house next door. She gets so cranky when that happens!

There is a special line of heavy, strong bullets on the market for today’s monster pistol cartridges. We’re not going to use them for HD. We’re going to use medium weight hollpoints that were designed to do their job at 900fps. And then we’re going to fire them at 2000fps and spin them at nearly twice the rate. That gives us a SF/M number far above what the bullets were designed for. That means they will hit , mushroom, and practically explode. Wounds will be very shallow, only 4-6” deep, but the impact craters will be immense. You betcha: we’re blowing the bad guys up as well as blowing them away.

image image

Sure, this is all just a daydream on my part, but the cartridge design will work as I said, the rifle can be built as I said, and little lightly built hollow point pistol bullets work as I described when you shoot them too fast and too spinny. They will fly to pieces.

On the other end of things, if you load this cartridge down with 300grain bullets, you can expect about 1870-1950 fps. That makes the .451 CSR considerably better as a short range big game hunting cartridge, and nearly the equal of a .45-70 using standard factory 300 grain bullets. Which is plenty enough to hunt deer, elk, or bears out to 150 to 200 yards.

Lastly, I’d build in a tube feeder for the magazine. something either like Henry’s loading button and spring slide lock, or a tube within a tube like Remington used on it’s rimfire rifles back in the 60s. You can reload the whole tubular magazine in just over a second. Make up a little cylinder thingy, kind of like a pepper grinder that holds 6 columns of 5 rounds each; a whole in the underside fits over the end of the magazine tube. Spin the top to line up a cylinder full of cartridges, and in they go. Do it twice - press, twist click, twist click, release - and you’ve got a full magazine. Carry 20-30 rounds on your hip in a holster the size of a medium flashlight. Easy design. You could even make a slapper button on the top to get them all moving. Or a coil spring and plunger per cylinder.


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Hi. I’m still here…

Drew emailed me to see if I was still alive. Yes I am. Between school and job search I’ve been busy. I got a grant through the VA and am pursuing certification in IT. I will try posting a little more, if only a few chess problems.


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calendar   Tuesday - January 29, 2013


Get ready America?

Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

A brief bit that caught the old eye and felt the scare should be shared.

Have you heard of a top cop (American) named Bill Bratton?

He is being sought by some over here to head the police and bring, it is thought and prayed, American style policing to combat gang and drug violence.  Apparently Mr. Bratton had quite a bit of success in LA, Calif.  And his name got around.

(I will get to scare part soon)

How in the world whatever tactics he used to do whatever it is he was supposed to have done, will work in this politically correct asylum, is way beyond my understanding.  He must know this place, he must know police stations, (well at least one anyway) fly the rainbow flag on the proper day to show support for … hmm … er … you know.

He’d be butting heads with the left and civil rights and human rights lawyers AND … lets not forget the European Court of Human Rights which on occasion says what’s what on laws over here. 

It isn’t so much that the police here are bad eggs. It’s that their hands are tied by courts and lawyers who believe victims shouldn’t have rights.  Well that’s the perceived notion by golly.  Even a few on the left in sober moments away from their herbal substance of questionable legality, are beginning to question the criminal system in play here.

There is an English gentleman by the name of Sir Hugh Orde, of the Association of Chief Police Officers, London SW1.
He it was who proposed the international policing conference after the 2011 riots.

(Here come de scary part)

Sir Hugh says, and I can quote him here,
“US policing is keen to learn from our approaches not just to gangs – but in areas such as public order policing and more.”

Say what?  Our cops are keen to what?

OK, it is generally true that people can learn from each other. Most times.  But American cops can handle most things the dumb law allows.  After the riots here, and you will recall there was more than one of them, I’m not too certain Sir Hugh’s fellows can teach our guys much. Heaven help us if some left wing wanker in the USA in a position of some authority, decides the UK cops idea of how things could work in my country ……. OMG. 
Does not even bear thinking about.
Or wait.
Maybe it does.



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path to a green card?

People who are regulars to bmews and my ranting over the years about the American version of the KGB, working as Immigration Dept., officials welcoming (ha) visitors to LAX, and generally being uncommunicative and unhelpful as well as unfriendly, will I think understand our distress while reading the morning papers.

On Immigration.

What else?

Seems four Republican senators led by Mr. McCain, joined four Demos to lay out a plan for immigration reform.  Hey, are we all for that?  Reform. What a nice word.

This new reform will I read, include an offer to a “path to green card status” for eleven million ILLEGAL aliens in the USA.

Isn’t that nice?  A pass to the green card.  Which oh by the way, my wife holds and has for more than 40 years but which MUST now be given up as, she was told, since she was no longer a permanent resident, for all the reasons bmews readers know about, the fact that she still had hers meant that someone who should have a card didn’t have one is because my wife still had hers. Huh?  Do we have quotas?
I guess whoever inherits her card might be one of those “illegals” or else a relative of The One in need of a card that once belonged to a long time tax paying resident. 

Maybe my wife should sneak into the USA as an illegal, and then wait about ten years for another amnesty and get on another path to a green card.


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Nice Fur

We spent this past frigid cold weekend on the couch under a big heavy quilt watching the Starz gladiator drama Spartacus. Damn. Closest thing to outright porn I’ve ever seen on TV. Chock full of beautiful women with lovely curvy perky bodies, and loads of well muscled sweaty dirty good looking guys wearing little more than a couple leather straps (or less) chopping each other to bloody bits. In slow motion with buckets of gore. Constant sex, full frontal nudity, violence, and Roman depravity. Plus more peen than you can shake a stic ... never mind. It’s cheese, but it’s awesome cheese. Darn shame there’s hardly a redhead to be seen; Lucy Lawless changing between her blond wig and her redhead wig every 2 minutes while flaunting her nipple chains doesn’t cut it. Oh it cuts it, fer shure, but not in a redhead kind of way. We watched the whole first season and the first 3 episodes of the second. Another weekend like that and we’ll be up to the new episodes in Season 3.  There’s still 2 months until the next new Game of Thrones episode, so we’ve got to watch something.


no, it ain’t contacts


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Human rights? He isn’t even human. family outrage

‘What about my human right to live my life without looking over my shoulder because he is roaming free or trying to get released again? Does no one care about the families and the damage that is done?’
At her semi-detached house, the middle-aged woman added: ‘I will suffer every day for the rest of my life because of what he’s done. It will never get easier for me, so why should it for him? Why should he be given the protection of anonymity so he can escape what he’s done when I can’t?’
She said the constant worry of him being released had a deep impact on her. ‘I just can’t cope, I’ve been through enough and now this keeps coming up. Life should be life, he should never be freed.’ He doesn’t deserve human rights, he’s not even human. He committed such a horrendous crime and should have to face up to it.’

There is still every reason for the public to fear the man. It is indisputably in the public interest to know if he is going to be moved closer to release and for the judge – who has yet to decide the man’s fate – to be held fully accountable for his decision.

So what is this all about?

A screw up that’s hard apparently, to put to rights.  Speaking of ‘rights’ as if the victims and families have any these days, this multiple killer (as I’ve heard but don’t know the facts) butchered his victims, some are saying who claim to recall a noteworthy and infamous case they believe is this fellow) wants to be protected and placed in open prison.  At some point it is hoped the press will be able to ID the killer so the public can know who it is that could be released among them.  The accounts in the papers about this particular vermin, are not even going into detail of his crimes, although at the time they were made most public. The crimes were so horrendous we are told, that they made the news nationwide.  Well, there have been a number of crimes here over the years that also fit that bill, so I guess it’s a matter of going through old files and taking your pick of various crimes in an attempt to ID this one particular guy. Lots of luck with that.

The idea that he would even have the right to do this today, and that he has a lawyer willing to be his mouthpiece, will be seen by some as proof of how fair and wonderful is the justice system here.  I’d say it’s proof only of how far wrong and how skewed the system has become under the stewardship of the left over many years.  I think it’s proof of national insanity that it’s allowed, and that there are those who would champion his cause. 

See the link for more.

Notorious killer who wants to move to open prison granted anonymity by High Court judge using human rights laws

· Judge ruled that allowing convicted man, who has spent decades in prison, to be publicly named could ‘endanger his life’
· Details of the man’s offending cannot be revealed to the public by order of the court

By James Slack And Jack Doyle

A judge has used human rights laws to ban the identification of a notorious killer who wants to be set free.
The man – whose crimes shocked the public years ago – is currently challenging a Parole Board decision refusing him a transfer to an open jail with limited security.

This is typically the last step taken by killers before they are freed back on to the streets.
Yesterday the high court sparked fury by saying the man might be in danger if other inmates found out his identity.

Mr Justice Simon, sitting in London, rejected submissions from the Press that granting the killer anonymity was setting a precedent for other high-profile prisoners to seek anonymity.

Quincy Whitaker, making the no-names application, told the judge there was ‘a serious likelihood of a serious attack’ on the man if his identity were revealed.
She argued this would infringe his rights under the 1998 Human Rights Act to not have his life endangered or be subject to inhuman or degrading treatment.


Is it any wonder most of the public that is interviewed, does not believe the law and justice is on the side of the law abiding?
How can it be considered so, when all the evidence so far, points in the opposite direction?


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Check out Chris Muir’s Day By Day strip for today (it’s also over on the right sidebar):


Horry Clap. Raw. And he knows which side of the aisle the Nazis were on too.

Remember: Kollektive aktivität macht frei. collective action makes you free.  Hey wait, isn’t that a minor paraphrase of what Obama said at he second coming re-inauguration?


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