When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

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Monday Classic



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Suspected roma gang leader, is a 66-year-old woman

Well, here we are yet again and this time it’s the same old thing but with a newer cast.

Romas, Gypos, whatever you want to call them, the menace just keeps growing like reproducing insects. Which of course these folks are closely related to.

Anyway .... France is still having problems but at least the French are confronting the problem head on. Or it looks that way.  But they are NOT eliminating the problem, which something like Sarin gas would do. Quickly and cheaply.

Oh yeah ... just a reminder.  Lots of these folks are coming our way come January.  That’s in addition to those already here. That’s what open borders is all about.  And that’s what Sarin and ZyklonB gas could put a permanent stop to. Once deleted, they can’t come back to haunt and do more damage. Easy. Too bad not enough patriots on hand or not enough people with the stomach to take on so easy a job.

Roma gypsy gang sold their women for stealing skills and children were used like conscripts in a criminal army, French court told at start trial

27 people charged are accused of committing 100 robberies in 2011 alone

Offences were carried out in France, Belgium and parts of Germany

Suspected gang leader, a 66-year-old woman to be tried separately

By Afp Reporter

Three Croatian Roma families traded women on the strength of their stealing skills and used children like conscripts to a criminal army, a French court was told Monday.

A total of 27 people aged between 19 and 55 are charged by the court in Nancy, eastern France, with offences ranging from criminal association to people trafficking in a trial taking place against the background of a highly charged debate over the treatment of Roma migrants from eastern Europe.

Gilles Weintz, the police officer who took charge of a complex probe into the families’ activities, said they were behind more than 100 robberies carried out in 2011 alone, in France and neighbouring parts of Belgium and Germany.

Most of them were allegedly carried out by children as young as 10.

The case began on the day that France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius declared Romania and Bulgaria should not be allowed into the passport-free Schengen zone due to security fears.

‘The burglaries were daily, all over Europe,’ Weintz said. ‘They never stopped: for the children it was like a form of military service.’

Weintz said the prosecution would also present evidence of brides being bought then renounced when they did not bring in enough money.

The evidence against the families is based on the tapped phone calls of 120 suspects which the officer said had revealed a mafia-style structure in which clan chiefs were supported by a network of subordinate captains and lieutenants, who in turn ran the children at the bottom of the pyramid.

‘Some of what we discovered was particularly shocking, like the father who asked his 12-year-old daughter to hide a stolen watch worth 80,000 euros in her rectum because he knew the police would not do body searches on minors.’

The people trafficking charges related to the alleged purchase of wives for up to 180,000 euros each. 

‘The better they were at stealing, the higher the price was,’ Weintz added. ‘Young looking women also commanded higher prices because they had a better chance of passing themselves off as minors.’

The officer cited the case of a woman identified as Nathalie who had been bought but failed to live up to expectations by bringing in ‘only’ 200,000 euros over two years.

Her family was allegedly ordered to pay back 100,000 euros but the amount was finally reduced to 55,000 to take into account the sexual abuse she had suffered.

The children meanwhile were expected to bring in up to 5,000 euros per month each in the form of stolen goods that were then sold on through fences in France and Germany, helping to finance luxury lifestyles for the clan chiefs, some of whom owned upscale properties in Slavonski Brod in Croatia.

The suspected supremo of the whole operation—a 66-year-old woman—is to be tried separately from the 27 suspects on trial here.

Lawyers for the defendants contest the people trafficking charges, saying the financial transactions were part of traditional dowry arrangements.

They are expected to challenge the extent to which the prosecution case is based on evidence garnered from phone tapping.

Defence lawyers also questioned whether their clients could reasonably expect a fair trial in light of the current atmosphere of hostility towards Roma in France

There is ongoing controversy over a claim by Interior Minister Manuel Valls that most of them will never assimilate into French society and should be deported.

‘I hope there will not be a judicial stigmatisation as there is currently a political stigmatisation,’ said Alain Behr, a lawyer for one of the alleged clan leaders.


the current atmosphere of hostility towards Roma in France
And of course .... there isn’t any genuine reason for that.  Is there?

I’d lump the lawyers who defend these lice in with those who really do not need to be here.

Europe’s twin Cancers.  Romas and the lawyers.


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wuss cries over climate and vows to never fly again.

An excellent example of the lemming like mentality of modern Liberals.
By voluntarily eliminating himself, he is making room for much saner people to prosper.
Doc Jeff

Got a heads up on this article. Again, from Doc Jeff and I missed this as I haven’t seen it yet in the hard copy.  Might be an on line version only.
Funny thing about this, the DM (daily mail) has reported a slightly different version of findings, and even on the radio I heard that there is still some questions unanswered even among members of the IPCC.  Whatever. A hundred years from now ppl will be referring to this in the same manner as we do with regard to the Tulip Mania in Holland in the 1600s.  Of course, human nature being what it is, it’s a certainty that there will be something to replace our current climate mania with something just as stupid. 

This guy is a total wuss.

What sort of grown man cries over this subject?  Cringe worthy article but the comments following make for pretty good reading.
Clearly, the vast majority of people just do not buy into this. Yet here we are in a world controlled by climate change fanatics. 
Take a look.

‘No children, happy to go extinct’, tweets weatherman after grim climate-change report made him cry (now he’s considering a vasectomy)

Eric Holthaus, who used to do weather for Wall Street Journal, was reacting to Friday’s findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Scientists found in the report that it was ‘extremely likely’ that humans are causing warming trends
Holthaus said he has decided not to have children in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint, and has considered having a vasectomy
He tweeted on Friday ‘no children, happy to go extinct’
The weatherman also said he is committed to stop flying as ‘it’s not worth the climate’
US Secretary of State, John Kerry, calls the report ‘an alarm bell’
It means scientists have moved from being 90 per cent sure to 95 per cent sure regarding global warming

By Marie-louise Olson

A meteorologist who has covered weather for the Wall Street Journal tweeted that he has decided not to have children in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint, and is considering having a vasectomy.

He also vowed to stop flying after the world’s recent climate-change report made him cry.

Eric Holthaus was reacting to the findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which released a report on Friday that found it was ‘extremely likely’ that humans are causing warming trends seen in the last several decades.

On Friday afternoon the weatherman tweeted: ‘No children, happy to go extinct, which in and of itself, carries a certain sadness. #IPCC’

His next tweet said: ‘Its a very emotional decision. Mixed feelings. adios babies?’

According to another tweet from Holthaus, the Dutch artist known as Tinkebell, who calls attention to animal rights issues through works that use the remains of dead animals, had herself sterilised last week for a similar reason.

Holthaus, who now writes for Quartz, has decided he will also reduce his carbon footprint by giving up on air travel.

‘I just broke down in tears in boarding area at SFO while on phone with my wife. I’ve never cried because of a science report before. #IPCC,’ was his first tweet on around 2pm on Friday.

‘I realised just now: This has to be the last flight I ever take. I’m committing right now to stop flying. It’s not worth the climate,’ he tweeted a few minutes later. 

It’s worth reading what a lot of folks are saying in reply in comments at the DM.

more at the source, DM


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Not Really AWOL

My goodness, didn’t I have a busy week. All sorts of running about and getting things done. Phew. And so much more to do. Arrgh.

But I’m here. For a bit at least.

Hey, how about that “looming government shut down” gigantic “battle” over Obamacare funding? Am I the only one who smells a rat, and thinks the whole thing is a staged event? A celebration of smoke and mirrors, sound and fury signifying nothing? 


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A ‘Must Read’ article…

I seriously urge everybody to just say ‘NO!’ to ObamaCare. Don’t participate. Don’t sign up. Don’t pay any fines or fees. Don’t even file tax returns if they ask about your health insurance.

Here’s that ‘must read’ article.


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Executed as she talked to her mother on the phone.

Don’t know if American papers or TV are running with this kind of story. ??

Thought it was worth posting a part of it ...  Even if only half is true, this should be a serious wake up call to the left.  Right. Won’t hold breath on that.

Take a look.

Executed as she talked to her mother on the phone: Fate of 16-year-old victim of Kenyan mall massacre as it emerges terrorists shot some children five times

Gunmen targeted 30 children who were taking part in a cooking event

As many as 30 hostages were taken by the Al Shabaab terrorists

Sources said militants hurled a severed hand and head from a balcony

The Kenyan military didn’t believe the hostages would survive their ordeal

Rescuers recall balconies dripping with blood and screams ringing out

By Ted Thornhill

Children as young as five were shot up to five times by the terrorists that carried out the Westgate mall massacre, it has emerged.

The attack, carried out last week by gunmen from Somalia-based terrorist group Al Shabaab, left 67 people dead, including six Britons.

New accounts of the extremists’ merciless assault reveal for the first time the fate of some of the 30 children who attended a cooking event at the mall. Some of them were as young as 12.

One girl at the event, a 16-year-old girl, was shot through the eye, according to The Sunday Times.

The paper reports her father’s final phone conversation with her.

He said: ‘She said “I’m okay, I’m with friends, call Mummy fast and tell her I’m okay”.’

When her mother called her she heard yelling and then gunshots, then the line went dead. She had been cut down at close range.

The paper also reports that witnesses describe children as young as five being hit up to five times by the terrorists, as they roamed the mall looking for victims.

Mitul Shah, 38, meanwhile, a London-born father of one caught up in the siege, was hailed a ‘hero and a star’ for reportedly offering hicmself as a hostage to allow children to escape from militants.

( he was murdered along with others )

According to The Sunday Times, one of the gunmen told victims: ‘You didn’t spare our women and children. Why should we spare yours?’

Firefighters, police and soldiers were faced with horrific scenes when they entered the mall.

One firefighter told the paper how he was sent in to put out a fire in the CCTV control room, started by rocket-propelled grenades that were fired by soldiers.

He heard screaming from a balcony, then gunshots, then saw blood dripping from above. Some security men were crying, he said. Then a severed hand and a head wrapped in cloth landed on the floor next to them.

A Western security official told The Sunday Times: ‘They were saying to the troops, “If you come any closer we will execute a hostage”.’

The extremists had piled dead bodies up against the doors to hinder their progress.

It’s understood from intelligence sources that the Kenyan military deliberately caved in the top floor car park to kill them, by firing rocket-propelled grenades at the support columns. They assumed that if the hostages weren’t already dead, they soon would be.



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to say or print anything that justifies a crime in France, can lead to fine and arrest.

We get the Daily Mail 7 days a week, read cover to cover.  Or, I’d like to say I do.  My wife for sure does, sometimes even the sports page and always financial. So how’d we miss this story? 
There has been a time or two I have either been just too tired, or out of sorts, but one of our regulars emailed me the article so although some days late, it’s still worth the post. Comes under a heading we haven’t bothered to enter under categories which is;

What was this woman thinking?

Maybe she wasn’t thinking at all.  ??

H/T Doc Jeff

French mother convicted after sending three-year-old son named ‘Jihad’ to school in ‘I am a bomb’ T-shirt

Bouchra Bagour, 35, found guilty of ‘justifying a crime’

Insisted she had put it on child ‘without stopping to think about it’

The back of T-shirt read Jihad: Born on 11 September

Child’s uncle, who bought T-shirt also convicted

By Jill Reilly

A French court has found a mother guilty of ‘justifying a crime’ after sending her three-year-old son, Jihad, to school in a T-shirt with the slogans: ‘I am a bomb’ and ‘Born on Sept. 11’.

Bouchra Bagour, 35, was given a one month suspended sentence and fined 2000 Euros. Her brother Zayed, who had the T-shirt made, received a two month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 4000 Euros.

The case was brought after a teacher at the child’s pre-school in Sorgues near Avignon complained about the T-shirt. She and the school’s principal were shocked and alerted authorities.

Bagour insisted she had put it on her son ‘without stopping to think about it’ when he wore it to school on 24 September last year.

A few days later the town mayor, Thierry Lagneau of the conservative UMP party, asked prosecutors to investigate.

I condemn the attitude of the parents who shamefully took advantage of the person and the age of this child to convey a political message,’ Lagneau said at the time.

The verdict of an appeals court in Nimes overruled an earlier decision to acquit the pair.

Bagour’s lawyer Gaele Guenon told AP she was astonished the acquital had been overturned.

During her trial Bagour denied the charge of defending terrorism through the T-shirt message.

‘I thought it might make people laugh,’ she said, according to Le Parisien.

The expression plays on the popular French saying ‘Je suis la bombe’, which translates roughly as ‘I am the best’.

The back of the T-shirt read ‘Born on 11 September,’ but Bagour insisted it was only a reference to her son’s date of birth.

Bagour’s brother - who gave the child the T-shirt was also charged.

Zayed Bagour denied trying to promote a message by buying the T-shirt.

‘It’s the day his birth I wanted to highlight, not the year,’ he told the court.

In an interview with the newspaper La Provence in November, Boucha Bagour said that while she is Muslim, ‘there is no message to be conveyed by the T-shirt — no intent.’

‘Bomb’ is used in the sense of ‘handsome,’ nothing more,’ she said.

However, lawyer Claude Avril said: ‘Idiocy is often the best alibi to hide real intentions’, reported Sky News.

‘At some point there must be limits. They are not stupid. They understand the significance of what they are doing,’ he said.

Josette Pessemesse, from the far-left Front de Gauche party, wrote an open letter to the court defending the ‘right to humour.’ It was signed by around 50 people.

‘This is the same as qualifying all Muslims as terrorists,’ Pessemesse told France Info.


Interesting. In France one may not legally opine that a crime may be justified. 
So, what might happen if a parent caught their child’s abuser, and either crippled him or killed him, and I said “Good”. The bastard had it coming for what he did.  I am justifying the parents taking the law into their own hands, and so therefore could be arrested.  Is that correct?
Not sure that’s a very fair law.  Or am I off side here?  I may not like her use of those images and words and what they convey. I see no humor either. Not so certain about arrest or fines tho.  Really not certain what I think, as I ponder this story.


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eye candy from another time


Movie of same made some yrs ago. Sad story, beautiful girl.

Ziegfield Follies girl?

as I never saw her, 1924. She was a blond by the 40s. Found on a Ziegfield page.

Unknown:  1910, Ziegfield Girl

HAZEL FORBES (?) Ziegfield Girl



At 14, was chosen as the youngest chorus girl in the Follies.

Doris Eaton Travis was the last living Ziegfeld girl. In her 106 years, she performed for presidents and princesses, entertained Gershwin, Lindbergh, and Astaire, starred in silent and talking pictures, bantered with Babe Ruth, offended Henry Ford, outlived six siblings, written a newspaper column, hosted a television show, earned a Phi Beta Kappa degree in history, raised turkeys, and raced horses. In 2010, she performed on Broadway, returned home to Detroit and two weeks later peacefully passed away



Thhhhaaats All Folks

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Saturday - September 28, 2013

Glad I made step-son pack his lunches

Back when I married my wife her youngest son was a sophomore in high school. I made him pack his lunch. We’d both pack our lunches the night before. The school principal kept sending letters begging me to enroll him in the school lunch program. I wouldn’t do it. Now I know why—the school got more money for each kid enrolled.

So it is with great glee I present Yuck!

Yuck: A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch from Maxwell Project on Vimeo.

My fondest school lunch memories are back in the late 60s: We lived across the alley from the school, so me and the sisters would just sashay home and Mom would usually have soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for us. Boring? Nope. The soup was always different, and nobody gets tired of a good grilled cheese sandwich.


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muslim … to be or not to be … in time won’t be a choice if loopy left holds sway

Well, it’s not so much denouncing the rop as it is denouncing the islamisation of their culture. And who in their right mind would want that?  But this fellow is upset, he says.  My guess is that he’s just sucking up and being all sorts of multi-culture politically correct.
It’s not a huge poster, you’ll see.  I wouldn’t think that most people who see it would even be able to ID the shoes as his design.  Sure, some women might. But the general public?  No way.

Point of the exercise is … there are people in other European countries who also worry, a lot, about what’s happening to their country and culture. And the same thing holds true everywhere.  That many people can not be wrong about their fears.  Everywhere we turn we see appeasement and over accommodation and fear of being branded racists and worse.  Although the ‘R’ thing doesn’t bother me at all.  Big deal on that. 

So what has happened here is Miss Belgium 1991 who is now a senator, is much concerned, nay I’d say fearful, that her country will be lost to the ROP one day. She has campaigned for freedom for women from the threat of islam.  That can not be a bad thing. This is her.

These are the only pix I could find quickly of her in 1991, along with the poster in question.  No time for a deeper search as this isn’t for eye candy anyway.

Who but men into fashion and women would know those shoes?

Christian Louboutin, the luxury shoe designer, has gone to court to kill a far-Right campaign in Belgium that uses the famous stilettos in a poster denouncing Islam.

The poster by Flemish group “Women against Islamisation” reportedly shows the bare legs of Anke Van Dermeersch, a Miss Belgium of 1991, but now a senator for the extreme anti-immigrant party Vlaams Belang. She is wearing the signature red-soled Louboutins as she lifts up a black dress.

Words etched along the naked leg mark potential skirt lengths – ranging from “Sharia compatible” at the ankle to “stoning” high up a thigh.

The poster is loosely inspired by a photograph by Canadian feminist Rosea Lake which went viral in January called Judgements, depicting various skirt lengths ranging from “matronly” to “whore”.

The poster carries the slogan “Liberty or Islam” as well as the group’s web address.

Paris-based Louboutin argues that the ad tarnishes his image and wants an emergency “cease and desist” ruling from an Antwerp trade court.

The Vlaams Belang party, meaning Flemish Interest, has suffered in the polls in recent years and regularly launches provocative media campaigns against what it calls the “Islamisation of Belgium”.

source is The Telegraph

And oh ... just so we can remember .... just a few of the recipients of the ROP’s love and mercy.




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they kill in cold blood in daylight, do video, plead not guilty and are called mister

Can anyone explain to me the purpose of a criminal trial, other than to determine if a person is guilty or not guilty?
What if a violent crime, murder for example, is committed in broad daylight?  Add witnesses to nail down the proof.  Or … forget the witnesses.  Sometimes they make mistakes or else they might be,
raaaaaaaaacists.  People like me for instance. I’m happily one of those.
However, what if the perp does the crime and then goes in front of a camera dripping his victim’s blood, weapon in hand?  How about that?
What need is there for a trial?  Why waste court time and give vermin a platform?  Why?  Can anyone please explain the point of that?

So here we are today with yet another headline that just screams RCOB.

Anyone, anywhere will know and recall some months back, when a couple of thick lip, broad of nose … Negroes ( mustn’t use the word that better describes the scum) used a car to run into and disable the Brit soldier victim.  Then, the black bastards cut him to ribbons, tried to behead him and then …. and then … faced a camera calmly explaining that this was revenge for the killing of muslims in muslim countries and saying there would be more killings of the infidels yadda, yadda.

Surely most of you saw that video, with one of them covered in blood and weapon at his side, also bloodied.  And a very brave woman who confronted him.  Any question of guilt here?
I thought it was all over, but no.  To my surprise, they are in court (via video link) and they both deny killing that soldier.
AND …. they want to be addressed by different names if you please.  They are of course being referred to as, Mister.  Get that would ya. Mister indeed.  These arrogant, lying, murderous bits of black filth.

Another news source ran a headline as follows.

“Woolwich murder suspects deny killing soldier.” Suspects?  Huh?  I had to look up the damn word to make sure I still knew what it meant. Hey, at the rate the English language is being raped and abused, maybe the word suspect had changed.  But no. So far it hasn’t but that’s just today. 
There isn’t any ‘suspect’ about this case.

H/T BBC News:  BBC

Two plead not guilty to Lee Rigby murder in Woolwich

Fusilier Rigby was killed close to Woolwich barracks in May

Two men accused of murdering soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London, have pleaded not guilty.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, from Romford, east London, and Michael Adebowale, 22, from Greenwich, south-east London, denied the charges at the Old Bailey.
They are accused of murdering Fusilier Rigby near Woolwich barracks on 22 May.

The men also denied attempting to murder a police officer on that day, as well as planning to murder a police officer on or before that day.

Mr Adebolajo has asked to be known as Mujaahid Abu Hamza in court, while Mr Adebowale wants to be called Ismail Ibn Abdullah.

The men appeared via videolink from HMP Belmarsh, with Mr Adebowale sitting in front of a prison sign.

Fusilier Rigby’s widow, Rebecca Rigby, was in court for the hearing.

A trial date has been provisionally set for 18 November.



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tolerance for the intolerant …

Nothin’ new I don’t suppose.  Just further evidence of how little the west is willing to go to defend its traditional freedoms, and how far it’s willing to go to accommodate a people and religion(?) who accommodate no one.


Link of course but above tells it all. 



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calendar   Friday - September 27, 2013

What, only 100?

$100 Million In Grants To Detroit


The federal fingerprint in efforts to fix Detroit is growing larger as the Obama administration has found millions of dollars in grant money to help the bankrupt city hire more police and firefighters, and clear out blighted neighborhoods.

But considering the Motor City is at least $18 billion in debt, it will take a far larger infusion of cash or historic deals with bond holders, insurance companies and other creditors to correct the problem.

Four high-ranking White House officials will discuss federal efforts and other opportunities Friday during a closed-door meeting at Wayne State University with Gov. Rick Snyder, state-appointed emergency manager Kevyn Orr, Mayor Dave Bing and community and business leaders.

The federal money being directed Detroit’s way by the U.S. government totals more than $100 million and will be augmented by millions of dollars more in resources from foundations and Detroit businesses, but it falls far short of a the wider bailout some in the city had sought.

A little gibs be betta den no gibs a tall.

“Something is better than nothing,” said Bridgette Shephard, 47, a social worker who lives in Detroit. “A bailout would have been better, but if we can sustain some of our needs with grants that would be a start. Let’s take it. Whatever kind of money it is to benefit the city, I’m all for it.”

Das wha I jus sayd!

But this is barely a drop in the bucket, and the bucket has some big rusty holes in it.

Detroit has had a poor record in making sure grant money is used properly and even spent at all.

In 2011, Mayor Dave Bing fired the director of the city’s Human Services Department after an internal investigation revealed $200,000 intended for poor residents was spent on office furniture for staff members.

The following year, his office had to scramble to use about $20 million in grants that had been left sitting for demolitions of thousands of vacant houses. The city’s Police Department also allowed a $400,000 grant to lapse for a new armored vehicle.

Corruption, much? Followed closely by lazy and stupid? Like I said, big rusty holes.

The Obama administration is trying to show its support without trying to send any message about a bailout, said Peter Henning, a Wayne State Law School professor.

Officials, especially those from HUD and Transportation, can commit funds for infrastructure projects, while Holder can chip in resources for fight Detroit’s high violent crime rate, Henning said.

“So these are back door ways to provide federal funding and support without having to seek a bailout, which would be dead on arrival from both parties,” he said. “The goal is to strengthen Detroit, but only indirectly. This is at best a muted commitment because what Detroit really needs is dollars and not just support that might be beneficial in three to five years. But any hope of that is a pipe dream.”

Well, yeah. Why should any of us give you a cent, considering how you’ve wasted everything that’s come your way before? The horse is dead. I don’t want to get the bill for giving it a new set of horseshoes.


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wusses …. we’re surrounded by wusses I tell ya.

I suppose some of you may think I go looking for things that will make me see red.  Actually, I don’t.  It’s more like those things come looking for me, because they know I’m a rapt audience.  How to avoid getting PO’d.  I guess I could quit listening to the radio in case some liberal blurb comes out of the speaker, and I’m too far away to run and shut the damn thing off.  Quit reading the newspapers. Hey, I know that would work. Except I’d miss a bunch of things I’d want to read.

What happens generally is what happened early this morning while looking at one of our papers over breakfast.  Saw a small headline that said, “I’ll buy protester a new placard”.  Well, I recognized the guy in the photo, I knew what he did cos I’d read it yesterday on line, and at the time I thought, good for you. But you should have kicked the jerk’s balls up around his ears. At the time, it wasn’t a story I considered posting. Who cares about a guy shoving an anti-nuke protester?  Today changed all that.  Cos the story now is his damned apology and I think it was grovelling as you’ll see.

Here’s the background.
He’s a publisher, his client (Damian McBride) has a book out which has been, in part, serialised for the past week in a major paper.  It has caused a storm and it’s pretty much a tell all political thing, some are claiming smear. So lots of controversy and name calling and ill will.  Has NOT a thing to do with wars or bombs or Syria or nukes.

Enter our politically correct old goat who follows news cameras and most especially outside interviews or news spots, where he then hoists his no nukes posters.  Or placards as they are called. He is most likely unemployed or unemployable or perhaps he’s retired due to age.  He apparently has plenty of time to stick his nose and placards in places so he and them can be noticed.  He has to be sick, in a manner of speaking only, to think his feeble little efforts will have any impact or change any govt. policy. But my guess is his ego feels great.  He is a pathetic little man with no other life but to get up the nose of others.

Lets be clear on something.  Yes, free people have a right to protest whatever it is that bothers them.  I’d like to protest my neighbor’s dog with a cannon.  Thing is, this particular schmuck interrupts things as well.
He is where he is not invited and is unwanted.  Not that he cares.

So the creep tries to get into the shot where this interview is taking place, but the publisher decides to act as a bouncer.  At which point I said bravo. Bout time someone stood up to these uninvited pests.

Btw … the “protester’s dog” got so excited during the scuffle, he bit his owner. Ha. Hope it hurt.

So anyway, the publisher received a ‘police caution.’ Which led to … what I consider to be a grovelling apology which lets face it, will just encourage the idiot with the placards.

Immediately after the incident Mr Dale (the publisher) remained defiant, writing on Twitter: ‘Oh dear, I seem to have gone nuclear… Mirror photographer tells me I did what the snappers have wanted to do for years!’
But today he struck a more regretful tone, apologising to Mr Holmes as well as his own family, friends, work colleagues and even Labour leader Ed Miliband.

See the link for all the photos and the video. Really much ado so have no idea why the police caution was given.

Writing on his blog, Mr Dale said: ‘I did apologize personally to Mr Holmes on Tuesday afternoon and we shook hands. He agreed to let the matter rest, but I have no complaint that he changed his mind on reflection.
‘Since the events of Tuesday I have gone through what happened over and over again in my mind. Whatever I felt at the time, nothing can justify what I did.
‘In addition, having accepted my guilt, I feel I should make some sort of reparation to Mr Holmes. I will pay for a new placard for him and also make a donation to a charity of his choice.’
He went on: ‘Above all I want to issue this public apology for my behaviour.
‘I want to apologize and say sorry to Stuart Holmes, who is a passionate campaigner and well known to everyone who attends party conferences and was perfectly entitled to do as he did on Tuesday in trying to get attention for his causes. It was totally out of character for me to react to him in the way I did.
‘I also want to apologize for the blogpost I wrote after the incident. It was full of absurd bravado and in the heat of the moment I behaved in a frankly idiotic way.
‘I have embarrassed not only myself but my family and my work colleagues and I apologize to them.
‘I also want to apologize to Labour leader Ed Miliband and his conference attendees.’


Gee…. did he leave anyone out?


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