Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

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don’t bomb isis says co-star of bridge of spies.  we should negotiate with isis

9 out of 10 people in the entertainment biz are idiot progressive morons because they studied the “Arts”, which is where most of the 60’s and 70’s radicals went after the noise died down from Vietnam. So along with learning how to fake an English accent they learn how horrible free markets and democracy are.

Rich K

That was one reaction from our Rich K here at bmews when I told him about an actor named Mark Rylance, who is a Brit actor of some talent, who seems to believe that we should be trying to negotiate with the murderous vermin called Isis.
So I decided to to post the story and share with you because it is, I think, so bizarre.  It may very well be that Rylance is a kindly and good man in his private life.  I wouldn’t know on way or another.  But he is surely blind or in a world not shared by the rest of us.

It’s like Wardmom says from time to time, of people like Mr. Rylance.
Speaking of liberals ...

“Those kind of folks will get us all killed”.

Take a look. And there is a video statement at the link.

Rylance: Let’s talk to ISIS, not bomb them: Wolf Hall star called for open peace talks with terrorists

The Wolf Hall actor said the murderous extremists were ‘not enemies’
Said they were people who ‘feel there is injustice’ before rally yesterday
He added that the West was guilty of killing innocent people in Iraq
For full news coverage of the Islamic State visit

By Abul Taher for The Mail on Sunday


Wolf Hall star Mark Rylance claimed last night that Britain should open peace talks with Islamic State – and even likened the terrorists to Nelson Mandela.

The actor said the murderous extremists were ‘not enemies’ but people who ‘feel there is injustice’.

But he was immediately criticised by politicians for his ‘dangerous’ suggestion.

Mr Rylance made the extraordinary comments to The Mail on Sunday before giving a speech at a Downing Street rally organised by the Stop the War Coalition ahead of this week’s Commons vote on air strikes in Syria.

Asked how the Government could negotiate with people such as mass murderer and IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he replied: ‘You have to talk to the people around him. Are you telling me that bombing the people around him will have any effect on him?’

Rylance claimed the only way peace was achieved in many cases was through communicating with people regarded as terrorists.

Referring to Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams and the late South African leader Nelson Mandela, he said: ‘We were told you can never talk to them. But eventually we do talk to them, and they are not enemies, they are people who are angry where they feel there is injustice.

‘They may be wrong, but they may be right.’

He added that the West was guilty of killing innocent people in Iraq – and was cheered by a crowd waving ‘Don’t bomb Syria’ placards as he repeated at the rally that David Cameron should not take military action but talk to those involved.

Other speakers included former Respect MP George Galloway and Labour frontbench MP Diane Abbott. But the actor’s remarks were condemned last night by former Tory Defence Secretary Liam Fox, who described IS as ‘murderous fanatics who hate us for who we are’.

He added: ‘To compare them to Nelson Mandela or Gerry Adams is not only wrong, it is dangerous.’

And Labour MP Keith Vaz, who chairs the Commons Home Affairs Committee, said: ‘Mark Rylance is a brilliant actor, but his analysis of the current situation regarding counter-terrorism is hopelessly wrong. Islamic State is unlike any other group the world has known.’

video here


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another wasted day


I woke up this morning at my regular M-F time. Down the hall and to the right, then I fed the cats. It’s 6am, what the heck am I doing up? Went back to bed “just for a bit”. Woke up at 10. Yikes. Had my coffee, found something to eat, fed the cats, gave Sniffs her medicine. And in a little while I felt cold, so let me just get under the blankets for a couple minutes ... and it’s 1pm. But, but it’s cozy under here ... 2pm. Crikey. Let me get up, I have to throw some stuff in the laundry. Well, there was folding to do first ... start the coffee once again ... now it’s 3pm.

I must have narcolepsy or sleep apnea or both or something. Gadamn, I can drop off at the drop of a hat. The other night I fell asleep standing up watching TV. Dropped an empty glass right out of my hand. Scary.


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sunday morning eye candy …. miss world

ANASTASIA LIN ..... Miss World 2015.

That isn’t what sets her apart as a reason for the post this cold and VERY windy morning. 


I don’t follow this stuff but sometimes when something suddenly shows up under your nose, okay your eyes too, it’s a bit hard to ignore.

She’d be my eye candy choice even if she were not Miss World.  That holds no special place in my thinking.  Too often I have seen, or believe I have seen, better looking women and older too, on our high streets here. ( That last is no slight to Miss Lin who I wasn’t thinking of when writing that last comment) I do confess however to being somewhat partial to Asians and redheads.  Extremes. Yeah I know. It figures, right?

So anyway, I thought the idea that the govt. of China, lined up against one pretty girl because she was critical of their govt., seemed the wrong thing to do.  But I guess words sometimes can mean more than bullets and the powers that be over there, won’t tolerate anyone trying to upset their apple cart. And her daddy who still lives there, did warn her not to get into things political, because the authorities read the mail and texts and were aware of everything.

See the video at the link

Miss World Canada prevented from reaching China pageant

HONG KONG | By Tyrone Siu

Canada’s China-born Miss World contestant was stopped in Hong Kong on Thursday and denied permission to board a flight to the beauty pageant finals in China, a move she said was punishment for speaking out against human rights abuses in the country.

Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old Toronto actress who was crowned Miss World Canada in May, was unable to obtain a visa in advance of her arrival for the contest finals this week in Sanya, on the southern Chinese resort island of Hainan.

But she said she attempted to enter the country anyway based on a rule that allows Canadian citizens to obtain a landing visa upon arrival in Sanya.
Lin, who is a practitioner of Falun Gong, a religious group that says it is repressed in China, told reporters at Hong Kong’s international airport that she was prevented from boarding a Dragonair flight to Sanya. She said there has been no response from the Chinese authorities so far.

“There’s no comment from the Chinese embassy ... so I realize that’s the tactics they’re using, they just want to let it die down,” said Lin, who was wheeling a silver suitcase and dressed in a long brown trench coat.

“It’s very difficult to stand up for what you believe in,” she said, adding: “I need to figure out what to do next.”

Lin testified at a U.S. congressional hearing on religious persecution in China in July. In her testimony, she said she wanted to “speak for those in China that are beaten, burned and electrocuted for holding to their beliefs”, according to the text of her statement on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China’s website.

reuters video

OK guys ... no flames for dumb questions but really, there is something I genuinely do not understand.

a U.S. congressional hearing on religious persecution in China

Why is that a subject for a congressional hearing?

Why is it any of our business?

Are there no things domestically that are more important , than how the Chinese govt. deals with it’s population on religious matters?

Do we go on the assumption that everything the Chinese do is wrong?  And if so ... what are we supposed to do? 

Alright, so congress has had their little hearing.  Anything come of it?


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the life of a trucker on the road with migrant swarm … like roaches they infest europe

Don’t know how many looking in today.

Checking emails first time in a couple of days and found this.

H/T LyndonB for forwarding it to me.

I do not understand a single word he is saying as it’s (I presume) Hungarian.  The music in from the cab drove me nuts to be honest, and since I didn’t understand him anyway, and had no translation, I turned off the sound.  Before then, it was pretty damn evident that the driver was totally pissed off over the migrant scum, as you will see.

From what Lyndon sent .... the driver said “I’ll kill you c***suck**s, and at one point drove his rig straight at the migrant maggots. I was really in great hopes that he’d nail a few but that didn’t happen.
Anyway .... I don’t think you folks back home in states see much of this on TV.  The drivers have not got a very safe or happy time of it.

To use Lyndon’s words, and I hope he won’t mind as I didn’t ask.

“its thousands of these roaches. Hopefully a few of them will soon become roadkill. I feel sorry for the drivers really putting up with this night after night.”

The video runs 14 minutes and you might think nothing much happening and at first there isn’t.  But stay with it cos after about 3 minutes, things start to get serious. 
Then imagine all this vermin in the USA on our roads doing the same.  Of course, not likely to happen as happily, our guys have guns. Over here,
people are absolutely defenseless. AND ...

Merkel is sticking to her guns and says she has a vision for Germany and won’t give in.

We can only hope some patriot will put a bullet in her and put a stop to her very unnecessary breathing.

Migrants in Germany are already bitching about ... “Too much sugar in the orange juice they are given”.  “The food is not spicy enough”. “Germany is too cold”.  “THERE IS NO CIGARETTE MONEY”!  “Internet connections are too slow”.

Sexual harassment on public transport is becoming commonplace. 

The video btw (sorry about getting sidetracked with the above but...)

The video is Calais, France.  The cockroaches looking for a ride in the back of these trucks want to be, HERE!

I just found another link at the Daily Mail.
If you view the video I have posted, you will note the maggots were throwing things at the trucks way before the driver of this one lost his temper.

But here’s how the Mail headlined the story.


Helpless my sick and tired ass. 


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calendar   Thursday - November 26, 2015

Warming Up Some Leftover Chicken

UK Ladies Knit Sweaters For “Rescue Chickens”

“What’s that Daisy? Timmy fell down the well?”
“Begaawwk!! Buc buc buc!”
“And there’s a meteor about to strike the wellhead?”
“"Use the power winch? Great idea, let’s go!!”

No, not that kind of Rescue Chicken


No, you are not hallucinating

A mother-daughter team from a southwestern port city in Cornwall, U.K., are knitting mini-wool sweaters for rescued ex-battery hens.

Bird lovers Nicola Congdon, 25, and her mother, Ann Congdon, 58, have been providing homes for former battery hens, who were kept in tiny cages under poor conditions for the sole purpose of egg-laying.

“The chickens absolutely love them,” Nicola told UK newswire SWNS. She said the chickens have “no problem” putting the sweaters on and that they only wear them for short periods of time while outside.

Battery hens? Is that the kind that are extra crispy for deep frying? Flat beer, self-rising flour, lots of spices? No? Not that kind of batter-y?

Or do chickens now come in voltages? “Um, gimmee 4 of those AA Rhode Island Reds, and a Cornish Marauder in Lithium 9 volts.” No?

Artillery chickens? 105mm, 120mm, 155mm birds? “Sah, forward mount loaded with AP roosters, target bearing 120.3 mark, range 12,000!! Ready to fire, Sah!” What, not that kind of battery either? What’s left? Certain not chickens for beating. Everyone knows you beat eggs, not chickens.

Arrgh, some things are just so confusing. 

I’m getting loopy. Maybe I should have a bit of pie to eat ahead of time. Just to make sure they all came out properly.


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double birdie

Happy Thanksgiving To All



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calendar   Wednesday - November 25, 2015

furious prep

I am baking, madly. Furiously. Is there any other way to go about it? Pies. Pecan, blueberry, mincemeat. Maybe an apple one? We’ll see. “Bring desert” they said. “For 11” they said. So that’s what, 3 pies? Because nobody has “oh just give me a tiny sliver” with my pies and then doesn’t come back for the rest of the slice. Never.

Right. Then to my mom’s on the weekend ... so 5 pies? Crivens, I might have to make more dough. Or run to the store and get a topper or two. And some pineapple rings!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Here ... a recipe so easy a child could do it. Well, a child you can trust with a knife and a ladle in the kitchen. basic cream of celery soup, enough for 4 medium bowls full.


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nigel farage on german domination and the uk leave the eu.  bravo farage

For Americans who may not know.
This is Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader trying to take the UK out of the EU.

One important thing to know so you know he is legit.

The left here hate him with a passion.  They can’t counter his criticism or do not know how to debate his issues, so they excoriate him and they accuse him of things they make up as they go. Of course he always gets the ‘ism’ and ‘phobia’ labels thrown at him.
He was banned at one university only recently.  Oh silly me.  I used an incorrect word. I said “banned”.
The new word as conceived by bed wetting left wing loony tunes when denying someone a chance to speak at their school is,

OK .... look at Merkel’s face when he lights into the Germans and poor Mr. Hollande of France looks like a deer in the headlights.



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race row over oxford ball with new orleans theme … pc student idiots

More university idiots.
There must be billions ovem.  And they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!

There really ought-ta-be a cull of these morons.  Seriously folks.  Wouldn’t western culture be way better off.  All these jerks do is get in the way.
Why isn’t there anyone doing something about them?

Take a look.

Oxford University in ‘race row’ over ‘problematic’ 1920s ball

Critics have wondered why the colleges are commemorating ‘an era of history steeped in racism’


By Helena Horton

Colleges at the University of Oxford have been drawn into a ‘race row’ after advertising New Orleans and 1920s-themed balls, to be held in May 2016.

Students have claimed that the balls may cause offense to female and ethnic minority students.

They have complained to the organising committees of the events.

Magdalen College’s £185-a-ticket ball, inspired by “The Great Gatsby”, promises to take students “back to 1926”. It has been marketed using the quote: “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!”

Arushi Garg, a law student at the college, has spoken out about the “problematic” nature of the event.

OK, So as I understand it.  This foreigner with only basic knowledge of the Jazz Age, sees the time only through one lens. And one that apparently favors her POV . The colonial and a colored one.  And a female.  Yes, it all equals, VICTIM.  To Arushi, going back to the past for a ball ignores when movies first spoke.  She easily ignores the music, well of course she does.  She really isn’t ‘one of us’ and never will be, I don’t think.  There isn’t any thread to connect this dark faced foreign person who has little real knowledge of that era.  Well, except from the view thru the victim and race lens. 
And she’s a “law student”.  We can imagine what sort of mess she will contribute to in the future.
For this dim wit, the past has no glory and nothing to recommend it. 
Well ... for all it’s probable faults and at the end of the decade there was an terrible depression .... for all of that.

I sometimes think it was perhaps the last time America really had a great time.  They had a ball. And baseball and The Babe.
It really was what it was called.
An Era of Wonderful Nonsense.  And yeah I am aware. The country paid for it in 29.  But that is not the issue here. It’s idiot university, diversified, politically correct foreigners and those who follow them.  Read the rest of what what this loon has to say.

She told student paper The Cherwell: “1926 at Magdalen was a time when people of colour and women were entirely absent from college spaces. I felt uncomfortable with the advertising.

“Obviously my demographic (woman of colour from a former colony that remains a developing country) makes me less likely than others to uncritically long for a past that privileged some more than others.

“But it would be nice if they cut down on the nostalgia a bit, because if we were re-living the past, the corridors of institutional spaces like Magdalen/Oxford is definitely not where you would find people of my gender, race and nationality.

“I wrote to the Magdalen organisers and they engaged quite respectfully with me, and are communicating with me to understand why I think this is problematic.”

It never occurs to her that there is no “nostalgia” but a bit of a tribute to the style and dress and music of the age.

“they engaged quite respectfully with me”
No dear.  They were sucking up, more or less.

But they never would have had you been a white Christian of either gender. 

Lincoln college has faced criticism for “cultural appropriation” due to the marketing around its New Orleans-themed ball.

It promises “amazing jazz”, “spectacular Mardi Gras” and “clandestine magic”.

Students, including co-chairmen of the student union’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality, have said that it promotes “nostalgia for an era steeped in racism.”

The Telegraph

“a former colony that remains a developing country”

In other words .... the Turd World.


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calendar   Tuesday - November 24, 2015

one pond scum down, one wounded and tended to by soft hearted israelis

Hey ... are these guns registered?

Can you imagine the reaction of these Israelis to a lecture on gun ownership?

Kudos to the shooters and the guy who goes back just to make sure the slag was finished.
Don’t understand how one of the maggots managed to survive. So far anyway.
I don’t think would be terrorists like these should ever be given medical help after being wounded in the commission of attempted murder.

Israelis shoot Palestinian teenager dead and wound another after they threaten them with scissors in the West Bank

Girls attacked a man, 70, they mistook for an Israeli and suffered wounds

The teens, said to be cousins, caught on camera being confronted

Israelis then shoot both repeatedly at close range - killing 16-year-old

The attack is the latest in a two-month spate of Israeli-Palestinian violence

By Flora Drury For Mailonline

The moment two teenage girls were shot at close range, killing one, as they lay injured on the ground after stabbing a Palestinian pensioner with a pair of scissors.

The 30-second clip shows the girls, said to be cousins, aged just 14 and 16, being confronted in the street after they injured the 70-year-old, stabbing him in the back with the scissors.

The girls, still wielding the scissors, are both shot and fall to the ground - only for the armed Israelis to walk over and shoot them both again.

The elder of the girls, named as Hadeel Wajih Awad, was killed - dying two years after her older brother, who was also shot by Israelis, according to the Middle East Eye.

Nurhan Awad is reported to be seriously injured.

The cousins had apparently mistaken for the man for an Israeli, the latest in a string of attacks by Palestinians on Israelis.

The elderly gentleman suffered wounds to his head and back, while a 27-year-old bystander was lightly wounded, apparently from bullet shrapnel. 

A witness, Akram Ezyy, said the attackers looked like were ‘about 12.’ He said they were chasing after two old women with scissors when they were shot.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement the police officer ordered the girls to halt their attack, and shot them when they came toward him.

continues at source


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university idiots give lecture in doublespeak on why yoga is culturally insensitive


Meet the leaders of the future bmews readers.  The future movers and shakers and decision makers.


University of Ottawa bans yoga classes over ‘cultural genocide’ concerns

By Michael Koziol, Sydney Morning Herald

Are yoga classes culturally insensitive?

The University of Sydney has been debating whether to ban yoga unless the spiritual side of the practice is also included in the classes.

Students at a leading Sydney university say they would have to carefully consider the running of any yoga classes after the practice was cancelled at a Canadian college because it might be culturally insensitive.

The University of Ottawa Student Federation raised international eyebrows when it cancelled yoga classes because of concerns about “cultural genocide”, colonialism and “Western supremacy”.

In an email from a student representative, yoga instructor Jennifer Scharf was told her seven-year-old program would be discontinued due to “cultural issues of implication” involved in the practice.

“Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced and what practices from what cultures (which are often sacred spiritual practices) they are being taken,” the student wrote in an email exchange that was published by the Washington Post.

“Many of these cultures are cultures that have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy, and we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves and while practicing yoga.”

Ms Scharf taught an inclusive yoga program for the Centre for Students with Disabilities. According to reports, the decision to halt the program was taken by the Student Federation, which describes itself in its charter as “the instrument of political action of the undergraduate student population”.

Student leaders at Australian universities appear less inclined to wield the axe of political correctness, at least on this occasion. At the University of Sydney, free yoga classes were until recently run by the Health and Wellness Society, a club financed through the student-run University of Sydney Union (USU). The club lost its registration earlier in the year after failing to follow correct administrative procedure.

USU president Alisha Aitken-Radburn said that to the best of her knowledge, the organisation had not received any complaints about yoga and cultural appropriation.

How’s this for pc doublespeak?  These kids actually speak this way?  Apparently so.  Anyone know WTF they are talking about?
Yeah.  They know, but they’re the only ones who do. 

But Adam Ursino, one of four ethnic affairs officers on the Students’ Representative Council, said students would have concerns about the return of yoga if it was stripped of its cultural context.

“It’s really difficult to distinguish between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation,” he said, speaking on behalf of the four. “Because yoga is considered in the Hindu equivalent of the Bible ... we decided that it was inherently a Hindu ritual practice.

“And so because of that, taking it away from its spiritual significance – taking the ‘yoganess’ out of yoga – is problematic and it does render it culturally appropriative because it becomes colonial and secularised.”

This thing goes on and you might enjoy the lunacy. Or,,, pull out your hair cos some of these total wastes of space idiots, are learning nothing of value at university but will some day (ya never really know) they will be making decisions of a more serious nature for you.  Or your descendants.
There’s a video here also of dubious audio quality but you’ll get to hear a bit of if you want your brain rattled.

writer Reni Eddo-Lodge said she sympathised with the Ottawa students, because yoga had become associated almost exclusively with people who were thin, white and blonde.

“Yoga really does have to become decolonised, wrenched away from the perception that it’s only for a hyper-flexible, super-thin and very white elite few,” she wrote.


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russian plane shot down …. pilot dead and crew member a prisoner of syrian rebels

We’ll be hearing and seeing this for a few days I would imagine.


Putin warns Turkey there will be ‘serious consequences’ for ‘stabbing Russia in the back’ by shooting down one of its jets… as video emerges of rebels chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ over the body of dead pilot

Turkish army has shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 war plane near its Syrian border, officials confirm
The Russian jet had violated Turkish air space and ignored ten warnings in five minutes, army says
Putin called Turkey’s decision to shoot down the plane a ‘stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices’
Russia claims the jet, which crashed in Syria’s Turkomen Mountains, had been in Syrian airspace when it was hit
In response, Turkish army released flight tracking data showing where the jet violated its airspace
One pilot dead, the other reportedly captured by Turkmen - ethnic Turks subjected to Russian airstrikes this week

By Sara Malm and Will Stewart In Moscow for MailOnline

Turkey’s military have today shot down a Russian war plane near its border with Syria after the jet violated Turkish air space.

The Russian Sukhoi Su-24 jet was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter planes after ignoring nearly a dozen warnings, Turkish army officials said.

President Vladimir Putin called Turkey’s decision to down the plane a ‘stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices’, as his Defence Ministry still claims the jet was in Syrian airspace.

‘The loss we suffered today came from a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists,’ President Putin said, speaking at a meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan in Sochi, Russia, on Thursday afternoon.

Putin boldly claimed that Turkey has been buying oil from ISIS, funding the terrorist group, and accused Ankara of protecting the jihadists with the country’s military, Moscow-funded reports.


Reports a bit sketchy but we will I am certain, be hearing and seeing more.  One of those Russian airmen is alive and a prisoner.
Stay tuned.



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calendar   Monday - November 23, 2015

JANUS Award of the Week

Total Hypcoprisy

Police Chief of Washington DC, the city where almost nobody can own or carry handgun, and even keeping a functional loaded weapon in your home is a crime, suggests citizens should get involved in their own mutual self-defense and “take down” active shooters if they can. You know, engage the bad guys with sustained and accurate gunfire until the cops show up. If the cops show up.

Hypocrisy by cops = hypcoprisy

In a surprising comment, [Washington DC] Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is encouraging ordinary citizens to subdue or even kill active gunmen if they can as the “best option for saving lives before police can get there.”

During an interview Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Chief Lanier was asked what should people do if they are in the vicinity of an active shooter like the ones who terrorized Paris on Nov. 13.

“Your options are run, hide, or fight,” the D.C. police chief said. “If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.”

The District for decades had outlawed handguns until the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ban in 2008. Since then, city leaders have enacted restrictive laws that are still being challenged in court by gun owners and pro-gun activists.

Chief Lanier, who has enthusiastically supported the city’s efforts to limit handgun ownership, admitted that her suggestion for the public in the midst of an active gunman does not reflect the longstanding advice offered by many police officials around the country.

Uh huh. So, for all those years when it was “To Serve And Protect” it was a) we aren’t legally required to do “protect” stuff you know, b) don’t do this yourself, “taking the law into your own hands”, and c) you aren’t allowed to own a gun, much less use one.

I see. And now, now that ISIS is popping up all over the world, now that the Agitator In Chief has us on the edge of a race based civil war, now that it’s open season on the police all over the country, NOW it’s “Shoot the bad guys first for us, protect us. PS - you still aren’t legally allowed to own, brandish, or use a loaded firearm.”

Guess they’re supposed to use blunt cutlery, finger guns, and precision-chewed PopTarts™.



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b-b-q muslims?  chinese turn flamethrowers on muslim group in cave

Screw the “rights” groups.

The Chinese will and should do whatever it takes to secure the stability of their homeland.  Doesn’t matter if we don’t care much for their form of govt.
At this moment, we aren’t in a live gun fight with the lice who say they are Jihadists, and here the Chinese are. OK, they say they are but, just cos some rights group says otherwise, doesn’t mean the Chinese are lying.

So good for them. 
Well done China.  (well done? now that’s a hoot)

Here’s the headline.


Forces say they initially used grenades and tear gas to target attackers

Beijing says it is hunting ‘foreign-led extremists’ in Xinjiang
Rights groups say unrest due to controls on Muslim Uighurs

By Brendan Cole For Mailonline and Reuters

Chinese forces used a flamethrower to force more than 10 ‘terrorists’ from a cave in the western Xinjiang region in the hunt for what Beijing has called foreign-led extremists.

China said security forces had recently killed 28 members of a group that carried out a deadly attack at a coal mine in Aksu in September, the first official mention of the incident reported by Radio Free Asia about two months ago.

In its account, which could not be independently verified, the official People’s Liberation Army Daily said armed police had tracked the attackers into the mountains ‘like eagles discovering their prey’.

Rights groups say China has never presented convincing evidence of the existence of a cohesive militant group fighting the government.

Much of the unrest, they argue, is due to frustration at controls on the culture and religion of the Muslim Uighur people who live in Xinjiang.

Beijing vehemently denies accusations of rights abuses, though independent verification of the situation in Xinjiang is hard because of tight government controls on visits by foreign reporters.


The Uighurs are Muslims who see themselves as more culturally and ethnically tied to Central Asian nations than to China

They are an indigenous group who speak a Turkic language

They live in the Xinjiang region in western China and have had a long history of clashing with China’s central authorities.

The Uighurs’ case for greater autonomy strengthened after the collapse of the USSR and they saw independent Muslim states arise in Central Asia

Beijing is accused by some rights groups of suppressing demonstrations by the Uighurs

In a statement, spokesman for exile group the World Uighur Congress Dilxat Raxit said: ‘The Paris attacks gave China a political excuse to brazenly use flamethrowers to clamp down on unarmed Uighurs who have no just legal protection and who seek to avoid arrest.’

Senior Chinese officials have increasingly described the security challenges in Xinjiang as an important front in the global fight against terrorism.

Western nations, however, have been reluctant to cooperate in China’s anti-terrorism campaign there, nervous about being implicated in possible rights abuses.

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