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calendar   Saturday - December 01, 2007

A hero Passes

from MSNBC

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Evel Knievel, the red-white-and-blue-spangled motorcycle daredevil whose jumps over crazy obstacles including Greyhound buses, live sharks and Idaho’s Snake River Canyon made him an international icon in the 1970s, died Friday. He was 69.

Knievel’s death was confirmed by his granddaughter, Krysten Knievel. He had been in failing health for years, suffering from diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis, an incurable condition that scarred his lungs.

Knievel had undergone a liver transplant in 1999 after nearly dying of hepatitis C, likely contracted through a blood transfusion after one of his bone-shattering spills.

What boy in the 70’s with a bike didn’t fancy himself as Evil Knievel?  A sad day indeed.


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calendar   Friday - November 30, 2007

Stupid Criminal Tricks

One of the reasons I love reading LawDog’s site is his tales of woe for the criminal element in Texas.

This is no dissapointment.

A couple of days ago, Joe here (being, well, a critter) decided to improve his financial lot in life by relieving a local construction contractor of a ... thingummy. It was a very nice thingummy, as thingummies go, with 18 volt batteries and whole bunch of attachable wozzits and even a couple of doohickies.

Joe attempted to resell his acquired thingummy, but—unfortunately—the previous (rightful) owner had etched his name and the name of his company rather flamboyantly upon the side of the thingummy. All of the local item redistributing/financial centres thereabouts know the gentleman whose name was so clearly attached to the afore-mentioned thingummy, and none of them were dumb enough to glom onto the thingummy.

Finally, pushed to the brink of desperation, Joe was cruising the main street and noticed an extremely large diesel pick-up truck with a familiar name emblazoned on the side parked at a local fast-food eatery. The same name, as a matter-of-fact, as the one etched into the side of the thingummy.



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Breaking: Hostages Taken at Clinton Campaign Headquarters

Michelle Malkin has good coverage, as does the Gateway Pundit

WMUR reporting…

An armed man has taken people hostage at the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, police said.

It was not clear how many hostages there were or what weapons the man has. Police have set up a command post near the office on 28 North Main St.
Will monitor it.

Pray that it turns out alright and that no one is hurt.

WDHD is reporting Rochester has been evacuated after a bomb threat.

Take with a grain of salt, but here’s one eyewitness report from WMUR:

“A young woman with a 6-month or 8-month-old infant came rushing into the store just in tears, and she said, ‘You need to call 911. A man has just walked into the Clinton office, opened his coat and showed us a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape,’” witness Lettie Tzizik said.


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Freedom or Justice?

Bill Whittle asks a great question:  Do you want Freedom or Justice?  Can you really have both?

Are you in favor of Freedom? Well, who isn’t?

What about Justice? Put me down for that too.

Everybody wants freedom, and everybody wants justice… but it occurs to me, if you really get down to brass tacks, that pure freedom and pure justice are mutually exclusive.

For example, if one was truly free, utterly at liberty to do whatever one wanted, whenever they wanted to do it, then that person would leave a vast wake of injustice. To walk wherever you wanted: trespassing. To take what you wanted: stealing (or rape if it was who you wanted). If you were absolutely, utterly free you could murder at will. Or perhaps just drive as fast as you want.

The fact that you are not able to do any of these things puts constraints on your liberty. It limits your freedom to act. Thank God.


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I don’t care what any bleeding heart, hand wringing, weepy eyed libtard thinks.  This guy is number one and should get a medal.
Probably old news to the blog site but I just found it in the Telegraph.
Two gremlins less. GOOD! 

Texan ‘hero’ shoots and kills burglars
By our foreign staff
Last Updated: 1:08pm GMT 30/11/2007

A Texas man has become a hero after he took it upon himself to shoot and kill two burglars who had broken into his neighbour’s house.

Audio: 911 call: ‘I’ve got a shotgun, you want me to go shoot them?’
Florida ‘shoot first’ law helps gangsters
Crossing America: A political odyssey
Joe Horn called the police to report the burglary and then stepped outside and shot the burglars dead as they left the neighbour’s house.

advertisementA recording of the call suggests Mr Horn, 61, was itching to kill the two burglars.

“Don’t go outside the house,” the 911 operator pleaded.

“You’re going to get yourself shot if you go outside that house with a gun. I don’t care what you think.”

“You want to make a bet?” Horn answered.

“I’m going to kill them.”

Admirers, including several of his neighbours, say Mr Horn is a hero for killing the burglars, protecting his neighbourhood and sending a message to would-be criminals. Critics call him a loose cannon. His attorney says Mr Horn just feared for his life.

Prosecuting Mr Horn could prove difficult in Texas, where few people sympathise with criminals and many have an almost religious belief in the right to self-defence.

The case could test the state’s self-defence laws, which allow people to use deadly force in certain situations to protect themselves, their property and their neighbours’ property.

Horn was home in Pasadena, about 15 miles southeast of Houston, on Nov 14 when he heard glass breaking, said his attorney, Tom Lambright.

He looked out the window and saw 38-year-old Miguel Antonio DeJesus and 30-year-old Diego Ortiz using a crowbar to break out the rest of the glass.

He grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and called 911, the police emergency number, Lambright said. “Uh, I’ve got a shotgun,” he told the dispatcher.

“Uh, do you want me to stop them?”

“Nope, don’t do that,” the dispatcher responded.

“Ain’t no property worth shooting somebody over, OK?”

Horn and the dispatcher spoke for several minutes, during which Mr Horn pleaded with the dispatcher to send someone to catch the men and vowed not to let them escape.

Over and over, the dispatcher told him to stay inside.

Horn repeatedly said he couldn’t.

When the men crawled back out the window carrying a bag, Mr Horn began to sound increasingly frantic.

“Well, here it goes, buddy,” Mr Horn said as a shell clicked into the chamber.

“You hear the shotgun clicking, and I’m going.”

A few seconds passed.

“Move,” Horn can be heard saying on the tape. “You’re dead.”

- More ...


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Santa hit by elf and safety killjoys

WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH HEALTH and SAFETY.  The nanny states socialist cocoon where nobody ever gets hurt. Ever. What never? Well, hardly everrrr.

Tradition has it that Father Christmas travels by sleigh, but it seems even he is not exempt from the diktats of the health and safety police.

They have told one Santa that he must be strapped into a full body harness in case he falls out of his sleigh as it is towed by a Land Rover at the gentle speed of five miles an hour.

Meanwhile, another has been forced to abandon his sleigh altogether, and travel on a rather less magical bus.

Members of the Halesowen and Rowley Regis Rotary Club were told that they would have to raise a four-figure sum to cover the insurance costs of a visit by Father Christmas, until he agreed to belt up.

Barry Wheeler, the president of the West Midlands club, said: “Every year we have made sure Santa gets to go through the town and wave to the children. It just seemed ridiculous, especially because he doesn’t actually ride on the sleigh that often.

“He would be more likely to injure himself getting in and out of the sleigh than actually falling out of it.”

One of the members of the club, which has been organising visits by Father Christmas for the past 20 years, has now taken the sleigh to be fitted with the harness. This means the club saved £200 on its insurance policy and could still go ahead with the event.

However, members said the tough rules took “the magic out of Christmas”.

“We’re going to try to make the belt as discreet as possible,” said Mr Wheeler. “The sleigh ride through the towns starts in December and starts Christmas off for so many people. It would have been such a shame to see it cancelled.”

Kelly Ostler, from the Association of British Insurers which represents about 400 UK insurance companies, said: “This is as much about protecting Santa from other drivers as protecting him from the speed of his own sleigh.”

But Father Christmas has not been so lucky in the Northumbrian town of Alnwick. There, a 30-year tradition of visits to the town by Santa and his sleigh have been brought to an abrupt halt by a similar insurance wrangle.

As usual, the organisers - Alnwick Lions Club - planned to mount the sleigh on a district council trailer. But this year the council has ruled that using the trailer would be too dangerous because Santa is not a council employee, so he would not be covered by its insurance.

Instead, he has had to cancel the tour and will have to ride into town by bus to switch on the Christmas lights. Graham Luke, of the Alnwick Lions, told the Northumberland Gazette newspaper: “It is health and safety. We have become Americanised - that’s the best way of putting it.

“It is very frustrating because it is a tradition that has been going on for so long.”

An Alnwick district council spokesman said: “We always try to help with community projects, but regrettably, this is out of our hands.”


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Doctor who killed is free to work

Doctor who killed is free to work

I wasn’t gonna post anything this early but, going thru this mornings paper (and much thanks Drew for reminder re. Google it) there is this very scary story.  Hey,,, this is in my back yard.  Whoops, Brits say garden, not yard.  Whatever ... this is beyond the fringe.  I would hate to fall ill and find myself in hands like these.  Reading further we find this doc doesn’t even pass medical tests.  But he’s free to carry on business as usual.

A doctor convicted of killing a patient through gross negligence has been told that he can return to work in the NHS.

Amit Misra, 37, fled to India after being found guilty of the manslaughter of Sean Phillips, a 31-year-old sales executive, who died from a common infection while recovering from routine knee surgery.

A court was told that the trainee surgeon had failed to diagnose the infection and was “too proud” to ask senior doctors for help until it was too late. He was suspended from working for a year and avoided a jail term after his barrister pleaded that his career was in ruins.

Yet despite failing to prove himself in a series of medical assessment tests, the General Medical Council has ruled that Dr Misra should now be allowed to return to Britain to work, seven years after Mr Phillips’s death.

Under the law all cautions and convictions given to doctors have to be examined by the governing body, but in many cases the GMC allows those convicted of serious crimes or unprofessional conduct to work again.


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Streisand Supports Clinton, Clinton Blames Obama

[Washington, DC] The campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination may be getting ugly… frighteningly ugly.  In the midst of a major drop in national polls, Sen. Hillary Clinton is suddenly endorsed by actress/singer/activist Barbra Streisand - a virtual kiss of death.  The Clinton camp is calling it a ‘dirty trick’ and points the finger at Hillary’s principal rival, Sen. Barack Obama.

“Hillary is a powerful voice for change as we find our country at an important crossroads,” said Streisand in a written statement on Tuesday.  “Under her leadership, our country will regain its respect within the global community.”

Clinton supporters call it a ridiculous coincidence that Streisand’s announcement would come only one day after the uber-powerful media queen Oprah Winfrey promised to campaign for Obama in 2008. One Clinton campaign worker, speaking on condition of anonymity, simply said that ‘the gloves are coming off now.’

“There was no reason for this,” said Democratic strategist Marlon Davis.  “Question her ethics, call her a ‘flip-flopper’, even demand financial records, she can dance around that until after the election.  But to sick ‘Babs’ on her is just beneath contemptible.”

“For a presidential campaign, the endorsement of Barbra Streisand is akin to the President finding out that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is having sex with Jane Fonda.  You’re done.”

In the past weeks, promises of civility from both Obama and Clinton seemed to go by the wayside as the issues heat up and poll numbers get closer.  Clinton has, on different occasions, charged that Obama has no foreign policy experience, and accused his political action committee (PAC) of paying for support from politicians in key early nomination states. 

For Obama’s part, in response to Clinton’s claim that during her eight years as First Lady she was ‘actively involved in issues both here and abroad’, he slammed the door by suggesting that former Secretary of State Madeline Albright might be surprised to find out that Hillary was the ‘face of foreign policy’ during her husband’s administration. 

Obama spokesman Bill Burton also said that until Sen. Clinton discloses White House records that she’s been reluctant to turn over for some time now, she has no room to criticize anyone’s campaign finance practices.  But Streisand… Barack Obama supporters say that he’s just not capable of such tactics.

“Senator Obama had nothing to do with Barbra Streisand’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.  He didn’t talk her into it,” said campaign advisor Ed Senheis.  “Admittedly, it’s a tough blow to take and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person, but it didn’t come from this organization.  To suggest it did is simply more misdirection by the Clinton Machine… more politics as usual.”

Publicly, Sen. Clinton has graciously accepted Streisand’s nod, gushing that she deeply appreciates her confidence.  Privately, campaign workers are scrambling to find a way to fend off the downward spiral in poll numbers they know is surely coming.



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One Fatwah, Coming Up!


Dutch lawmaker planning film criticizing the Quran

imageimageTHE HAGUE, Netherlands: A Dutch conservative lawmaker said Wednesday he is making a film to highlight what he describes as “fascist” passages in the Quran, his latest high profile criticism of Islam.

The interior and justice ministers said they were concerned, but believed they had no authority to prevent the lawmaker, Geert Wilders, from screening his film.

Wilders plans to depict parts of the Quran he says are used as inspiration “by bad people to do bad things.”

Less than 10 minutes long, the film is expected to air in late January. It will show “the intolerant and fascist character of the Quran,” said Wilders, whose anti-Islam campaign helped his Freedom Party win nine seats in parliament in last year’s election.


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calendar   Thursday - November 29, 2007

EU emission rules could limit Army vehicles

Hey Drew ..Doc Jeff ... Mr C and anyone else interested. Wanna inlist?  Incentives include bad housing, lack of ammo at times, not near enuff appreciation but hey ... you get to risk life and limb .... oh the glory of it.

EU emission rules could limit Army vehicles
By Laura Clout
Last Updated: 2:39am GMT 29/11/2007

The fighting capability of the Army’s new generation of armoured vehicles could be limited by European rules on greenhouse gas emissions.

To avoid breaching the EU rules, the 3,000 vehicles must be specially designed to limit the damage to the environment in the battlefield.

However, critics claim that this could compromise their fighting effectiveness and say protecting British troops should take priority over complying with the regulations.

The design of the armoured vehicles - called Future Rapid Effect System (FRES), is yet to be finalised, but each will be fitted with cutting edge electronic equipment.

At the request of the Ministry of Defence, the design will incorporate defences against roadside bombs and rocket-propelled grenades.

Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, fears the EU rules could prevent soldiers from being able to share fuel with American allies.

He said yesterday: “At a time when equipment shortages in Iraq and Afghanistan are leading to the deaths of our brave service personnel, it is preposterous that this Government is pre-occupied with whether our military vehicles are compliant with EU environmental regulations.

“They should be built to protect our forces and to enable them to carry out the tasks asked of them. The Government needs to wake up and realise that we are fighting two wars.”

The MoD has admitted that FRES will have to meet rules that cut emissions from cars, vans and lorries.

A spokesman said: “Our first priority for FRES is to provide capability and protection for our troops. Decisions about fuel and emissions - although important - are secondary and should not impair our ability to conduct operations.”

The award of the £16 billion FRES contract has been beset by delays and the vehicles are not expected to be ready until at least 2012. In February, the Commons defence committee said it had been a “sorry story of indecision… and delay”.


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Shameless plug for PC Mug

After my last post on the gun crazy British, my BMEWS coffee mug felt “uncomfortable” so I helped it out with a little “reassurance” by surrounding it with nearly half as many real guns as the Brits seized in their nationwide raid. Get your BMEWS gear today, and comfort it all you want. Notice that the mug is a little different from what you see in the Cafe Press BarkStore; this is the Special Edition Politically Correct in the Extremetm coffee mug that is adextrous. The label placement favors neither left nor right handed drinkers, being equally unviewable by either when actually held in a hand. Or a paw. Or a pod or a tentacle, because the BMEWS mug doesn’t discriminate against anyone or anything! Plus people sitting across from you can’t read it either! Get yours now!



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Big anti-gun sweep in Britain … oops

Peiper’s post reminded me that the Daily Mail is always a great source of moonbattery. It’s a great way to start your day.

Full article here .

118 arrested and 1,300 guns seized in massive firearms raid

Nearly 120 people were arrested and 1,300 guns and imitation firearms seized in a major police crackdown, it was announced today.

Raids in hotspots which account for more than half of Britain’s gun crime - Manchester, London, Liverpool and Birmingham - involved more than 1,000 officers yesterday.

Wow, sounds impressive! Looks like a major crackdown on criminals. You go Britannia!!

The operation seized 10 handguns and £5,900 in cash.

Officers also confiscated six imitation handguns, 1,290 other realistic imitation firearms, three CS gas canisters, a stun gun and four air weapons.

Aah, what? The headline says 1300 guns but it turns out that 1296 of them were toys? And 4 BB guns. Calling London ... calling London, this is Reality Base One. ‘Allo ‘allo? Um, is this thing on?

A large number of knives and batons were also recovered, along with five separate seizures of live ammunition. In all, 67 warrants were executed and 34 vehicles were seized.

Wow, 5 whole boxes of ammo. And some knives. And a bunch of sticks!! Damn, I am impressed. Such a shame that it took over 1000 cops to gather a haul like that.

The operation was part of an anti-gang action plan set up by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in September, shortly after schoolboy Rhys Jones was shot and killed near his Liverpool home.

Ms Smith said: “Getting guns off our streets is a top priority for the Government and the day of action sends a strong message to criminals and the community that weapons won’t be tolerated.

“Yesterday’s success proves that gun crime can be tackled and communities can stand up against the intimidation of guns.”

Especially the eviiil intimidationtm of all those toys. I’m sure little Timmy can sleep better at night because of this.

As one commenter put it “I wonder if I should call 999 and inform the police that the little boy down the road has a complete cowboy outfit, including a pair of cap guns?”


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School Bussing Works?  Where?

Well, according to an article in The Daily Mail by Laura Clark and based on an interview with the Brits head “Equality Chief” who is Trevor Phillips and who has returned from the USA after seeing how great it works back home (USA), he is all aglow.

He has based his conclusions on his visit to Wake County, North Carolina.  He has, “heaped praises on a US scheme” the article says.

Now then, because the Daily Mail which is normally a good read but unfortunately has a very screwed up way of trying to find articles to link to, I am unable to do so. 

He is in praise of No. Carolina mixing kids of different social class rather then by race.
Of course Mr Phillips won’t have to bus his kids (if he has any) across town in winter weather an hour out of their local district.

Anyway ... it really is all pie in the sky and that’s my own opinion. 
Why in the world would N.Carolina want to throw together kids who may have nothing in common with each other? But I guess it makes him feel warm and fuzzy especially as he’s on the left of the spectrum.

If anyone wants to read the article it’s published under the title:
School bussing works, claims equality chief.

Hey by the way ... I’ve been away for a few years.  Do we have an “Equality Chief” back home ?  Just curious.

Mr Phillips further claims that the experiment in Carolina works so well that “white families are now returning from the suburbs.” Whatever the hell that means.


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Council tax spies ‘to pry into attics’

I don’t know if this falls into the catagory of nanny state or not guys. After all, if the govt. is looking for cheats ...?
Oh btw boys and girls, Council Tax here in UK is our form of property tax.  And trust me please ... The Brits are overtaxed and overcharged for everything!

Council tax spies ‘to pry into attics’
By Lewis Carter
Last Updated: 2:38am BST 24/10/2007

Lavatories, conservatories and greenhouses will come under the scrutiny of inspectors revaluing millions of homes for council tax, it has been claimed.

Tax inspectors have been told to take into account even the smallest property feature such as an outside lavatory, the Conservatives said.

The new guidelines, detailed in Valuation Office Agency (VOA) training documents unearthed by the Tories, have led to fears of higher bills and claims that the Government is “deceiving” the public on revaluation plans.

The training documents show new proposals to grade and tax homes, taking account of breakfast rooms, storage cupboards, dressing rooms, lavatories, sun lounges and attics. for the rest of the story


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