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A couple of boobs

Get Back, or I’ll Squirt!

Woman Accused of Spraying Deputies With Breast Milk is a Special Ed Teacher

Is this another one of those misleading headlines posts? Is she a special ed teacher, or a special ed teacher? Read the article, it’s hard to figure out based on what happened.

DELAWARE, Ohio (KTLA)—A special education teacher is facing assault charges after allegedly spraying sheriff’s deputies with breast milk.

It happened Saturday as Delaware County deputies were responding to a domestic dispute. The woman’s husband told deputies his wife had been drinking at a wedding and hit him several times before locking herself in a car outside a banquet hall.

When the deputies found 30-year-old Stephanie Robinette, they tried to talk her out of the car. When she refused, they went in after her.

“When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle she advised the deputies that she was a breastfeeding mother and proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk,” Sheriff Walter L. Davis III.

Robinette is teacher at Summit Academy, a public charter school that specializes in the education of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and Asperger syndrome.

She faces charges including domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Why did the cops feel it was necessary to go in after her? Couldn’t they have just asked for the keys, or asked to pop the trunk and taken off the coil wire? Or booted a wheel? Let her sit in the car alone playing the radio. It’s not like she was hurting anyone.

I’d like to hear the other side of the story. Just what did Mr. Wonderful say or do at the reception that got him smacked upside the head?

And I’m sure life is going to be hell for the arresting cops for quite some time. I’m sure the “killer boobs” jokes and the dairy products practical jokes are pretty much constant. “Run for your life, she’s got a pair of 38s locked and loaded!” Heroes of the Week, those deputies must be. Life must be a regular milk run.

Maybe charges should be dropped and this one quietly pushed under the rug.


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Getting There

I’m still unsubscribing myself from various email connections, but it’s working. I’m down to about half a dozen or so emails a day at this point. Now if I can just get my wife to do a similar thing; last time she checked hers she had nearly 2,000 unread junk mails in her inbox. Yikes.

We won all 7 at summer bowling league again this week. That puts us out in first by about 6 points I think. Go team! I’m having a great time with these guys, and I’m going to try to get them to join my Tuesday winter league. It’s the fun that matters. Besides, I’m bowling pretty well with them. I threw a 633 series Wednesday night. I got a 239 in game 2, and that was because I messed up the 10th frame, 3 / 9. So I threw away a 260 game. Big deal. I’ll take a 239. And it was extra nice, because we had a visit from a guy we bowled with on a summer league years ago, back when I could hardly throw the ball. Needless to say, I’ve improved a bit since then. So much for being “tactical”; my average is going to be right back up in the low 180s next week when we face the E family team. The whole family is bowling crazy, so that should be some good competition.

I saw the neighbor lady for about a minute yesterday. She’s out of the hospital but staying with her parents for a while. She has this assemblage of rods over her forearm, pinned into the flesh, holding everything together. And all that weight is supported by some big L bracket she has to wear that holds her arm out to the side. Uncomfortable and inconvenient, but it beats losing the arm or being dead. I don’t know when she’ll be back here, but I’m guessing she’ll return to her teaching job in the fall. Motorcycles and deer: a very bad combination.


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Oh My Oh Mayan

1500 Year Old Sealed Mayan Tomb Visited By Camera Robot

We had the R part earlier, so here’s an interesting bit of A. Your A&R Thursday is now complete.

image Palenque, Mexico Researchers have lowered a small camera into a previously unexplored early Mayan tomb at the Palenque archaeological site in southern Mexico, revealing an intact funeral chamber, apparent offerings and red-painted wall murals.

Footage of the approximately 1,500-year-old tomb taken by the small, remote-controlled camera show a series of nine figures depicted in black on a vivid, blood-red background. Vases and jade ornaments can be seen on the floor of the small chamber.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History said Thursday archaeologists have known a tomb existed at the site since 1999, but they had been unable to enter it because the pyramid standing above it is unstable and entering the chamber could have damaged the murals.

imageToo fragile to excavate, archaeologists had to rely on artificial eyes to peek inside the burial chamber [this link also has a short video]. But when they lowered the video camera down, they were surely glad they hadn’t ruined the tomb with major digging. Scientists found a fully intact tomb that laid untouched and undiscovered [unexplored] for more than 1,500 years. They gazed upon red frescoes, pottery, and funeral arrangements that had been strikingly well-preserved.

The tomb is located inside a pyramid in the southern Mexico town of Palenque. Pyramids are notoriously difficult to infiltrate considering their fragility and age. In fact, scientists discovered this particular tomb in 1999, and until now had not found a way to penetrate its thick walls without compromising the structure.

The archaeologists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History lowered the matchbox-sized camera down through a hole in the top of the pyramid to gaze upon its contents. They believe it contains the remains of a Mayan ruler who died around 550 A.D.

While they found no sarcophagus or remains, they predict the images brought back to the surface – of black figures, red drawings, and jade and pearl stones – will help paint a picture of the Mayan ruler likely buried inside. Hopefully they can do it before the Mayans’ prediction of the end of the world in 2012.

Palenque was a Mayan city-state in what is now Mexico’s Chiapas state, but after its decline during the 8th Century AD it was absorbed into the jungle. It has been extensively excavated, in particular over the past two decades, but much of it remains to be uncovered.

Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (Inah) said its archaeologists had been aware of the tomb for more than a decade, but had not been able to examine it.

“Its difficult location and the work to consolidate the plinth had until now impeded penetration into the enclosure, which jealously guards the remains of a very important person from this ancient Mayan city,” Inah said in a statement.

It said that the researchers overcame the difficulties by lowering the remote-controlled camera the size of a matchbox down along a narrow shaft into the largely intact chamber. Inside, the camera revealed nine black figures painted on blood-red walls, along with jade and shell fragments, which are believed to be part of a funerary costume.

But unlike in other tombs in Palenque, no sarcophagus has been found. “It is very probable that the fragmented bones are lying directly on the stones of the floor,” Inah said.

Experts say the tomb probably dates to between AD431 and 550, and could belong to the first ruler of Palenque - K’uk Bahlam I.

I looked around a bit and there only seems to be one other picture from inside the tomb. That one can be seen here, along with a larger picture of the tomb picture above, and a 5 minute video in Spanish about the Mayas and Palenque. This is a pretty cool event, but there isn’t much to see yet.

This tomb was found in the bottom of a great pyramid, and as far as the archaeologists could tell, it hadn’t been opened in 1500 years. A tomb in a pyramid had to be someone of great importance, and therefore of great wealth. The tomb ought to have been packed full of treasure, but there is none shown in the picture. Perhaps they are hiding it, because of the huge scope of tomb robbery down there. Perhaps it’s in another room off-camera. Or perhaps the tomb was robbed 1502 years ago, and nothing is left except a bit of paint.

The Maya were a pretty depraved lot, big into human sacrifice, cutting out hearts, wearing the skins of the dead as ritual clothing, cannibalism, and so forth. Yes, they took their religion seriously, but their gods were blood thirsty maniacs. Oh sure, they did great things with astronomy, irrigation, and agriculture, and even had a reasonable economy going for several centuries, but blood and gore were, ahem, at the heart of things. So this tomb, which was originally either fully painted with red ochre, cinnibar, or literally bathed in buckets of blood (tests will tell I guess), is just what I expected. Symbolize the life force all you want ... these were some sick little jungle monkeys.


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The Tactical Cowboy

This May Be Bogus

Somewhere under this:


Horry Clap, what an Ugly Stick!

Is one of these:


Custom built by Sweetwater Precision Weapons for a spec-ops designated marksman, this heavily-modified Marlin .45-70 lever action has been fitted with an ultra-lightweight modular rail system, a titanium-core stock with adjustable buttplate and built-in round saddle, bipod and rubber foregrip. The magazine tube has been extended, and the barrel is a specialized heavy version with integrated compensator, which can be replaced with a Tilltac threaded barrel for use of a silencer.

After extensive range (and eventually, field) testing, the owner of this rifle found that at distances of 100-500 yards, he was far more comfortable shooting his scoped civilian Guide Gun than with any government issue semi-automatic. As a key element in a classified counter-terrorism team, Sweetwater was contracted to build a modular tactical weapons system around his game rifle.

Designed for use in urban areas, the SPW Marlin Mod 0 weighs in at 12.3 lbs. The Tilltac “HBRR” bolt design allows for incredibly accurate fire, though the lever action made it necessary to install an extendable (high-rise) bipod. While awkward for most operatives, the gun’s owner, having hunted with the same weapon since childhood, has little trouble maneuvering the action, even from a prone shooting position. The powerful .45-70 Government cartridge has been re-tooled by Tillman Tactical for much higher velocity and, as a result, an increased pont-blank range (comparable to a modern 5.56mm NATO round.)

Shown here fitted with a Sweetwater night vision scope, this rifle is one of a kind- and has over a dozen confirmed kills.

Yeah, you could hang all that stuff on a Marlin. The “scout mount” Picatinny rails already exist. So you could mount a night scope. Once you’ve mated an M-16 style floating forearm to the rifle you could mount anything on it, including a bipod and an ammo sleeve. Same goes for the “tactical” stock; it’s just a matter of carving one to fit the Marlin’s tang.

And you betcha, with a stronger and thicker barrel the Marlin can handle red hot .45-70 ammo, the best of which will duplicate the classic .375 H&H load (300gr of bullet at 2600fps). And if you jack the weight up to more than 12 pounds, then that load is actually going to be fun to shoot. In a 7 pound stock rifle that kind of whack might break your shoulder bone, and it will blow up a stock Marlin (and your face and hands along with it, so don’t try this at home, or anywhere else!).

But a better point blank range than the modern 5.56? That’s debatable. The .458 Barnes copper spitzers are pretty aerodynamic bullets, but the “big” modern 5.56 has a 500fps advantage. You’d have to run the numbers or do some field work to see just how “comparable” the two loads are.

And I have my doubts about the “designated marksman”. In civvie-speaker, that’s a sniper. To me that implies a blueprinted bolt gun, regardless of cartridge. It’s fast enough, and there are so many potent cartridges that will do the job just as well at equal or longer ranges.

As much as I love the old horse killer, I have real doubts whether any incarnation of a .45-70 would cut the mustard as a real tactical rifle. But it’s fun to daydream about! Tactical cowboys, yee ha! Sure, now try putting that fug ugly stick in your saddle scabbard without the horse tipping over. LOL


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a statue for president reagan in London’s Grosvenor Square

Always happy to post something on or about my favorite president and governor.  Thought BMEWS readers might be interested and I kinda doubt that this is getting much play in the USA.  Hope I am wrong.

The only real problem I may have is, the politicians he mentions here are all of them, lightweights.  And even bringing Cameron’s name in is yuk because he’s consv. lite. These people, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Bush shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. Although I could give Bush some slack if pushed but still.  None could come up to his measure.

See the link below for all of the story.

The left derided him as a drooling warmonger. But our leaders could learn so much from Reagan’s appeal to the common man

Last updated at 1:28 PM on 30th June 2011

For one group of London expats, next Monday will be particularly special. Following a weekend of Independence Day celebrations, hundreds of Americans are expected to gather in Grosvenor Square to unveil the statue of a man who became the incarnation of the special relationship.

Thirty years ago, when Ronald Wilson Reagan became the 40th President of the United States, there were many who mocked him as a washed-up Hollywood has-been. With his country traumatised after Vietnam and Watergate, with inflation soaring, oil prices rocketing and the Middle East in flames, American prestige seemed at its lowest ebb.

Yet on Monday, Margaret Thatcher’s great soulmate will become only the fifth U.S. President to have his own monument in the mother country — following George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.

There could hardly be a greater tribute to a president who endured merciless mockery during his administration yet is now remembered as one of the most influential men of the past half-century.

A century after the so-called Great Communicator was born in the obscure little town of Tampico, Illinois, the son of a drunken travelling salesman and a pious, church-going mother, Reagan’s legend continues to grow.

Even now, Republican presidential hopefuls casting their hats into the ring for the chance to take on Barack Obama next year routinely invoke him as their greatest hero.

None of them, however, comes close to matching Reagan’s extraordinary appeal to the common man.

Across the Western world, no conservative leader — not David Cameron, not Nicolas Sarkozy, not Angela Merkel and certainly not George W. Bush — has quite emulated the patriotic populism that made him so successful.

Yet even British politicians have much to learn from the story of a man who came to power in 1981 with prices rising, the economy stagnant, and his nation’s morale at an all-time low — and left office eight years later as one of the most decisive leaders in modern history.

The statue of Reagan will be unveiled in London’s Grosvenor Square to mark the former president’s 100th birthday



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illegal immigrants heading for Europe

H/T Jihad Watch

Interesting piece but Mr. Sennels has it wrong with regard to building refugee camps.  Even outside Europe. Why?  How much more are the people who pay the taxes expected to shell out? For how long.  Seems like it could be forever.  Why?  Europe owes these life forms nothing at all.  The problem of mass immigration here as well as that in the states, is that the west in general seems loath to protect itself by any means necessary.  And the necessary in these cases isn’t making life comfortable for the illegals.  The necessary is making them grave yard dead.  That’s a message they can understand and anything short of that will not work. There is another alternative of course.  This one.


Illegal immigration: “We can no longer hold Europe’s southeast flank”
by Nicolai Sennels

The “Arab Spring” has unleashed an unprecedented wave of illegal immigrants heading for Europe. The fall or weakening of several dictators has resulted in loosened security, which allows people to flee the Islamic societies. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have already entered the EU, and hundreds of thousands more are on their way.

In 2008, 80,000 illegal immigrants entered Greece. The Greek authorities cried out for help, saying that “the country can no longer handle the task of guarding the European Union’s southeast flank.” As a result, immigrant gangs have ravaged the historic center of Athens, “wielding swords, axes and machetes.” A new report published by Reuters tells us that illegal immigration is setting new records, as “Illegal immigration to Europe is now on track to surpass the peak hit in 2008. The IMO says about 42,000 migrants have already crossed into Italy and Malta alone, surpassing the 40,000 total for the two countries in all of 2008.”

The EU’s foremost job is to protect its citizens

The most important task above all others for the EU—now and for the coming years—will be to build and maintain an effective and well-guarded border fence at relevant stretches of the Union’s outer border. At the same time, the EU countries must work together at building and running refugee camps in areas outside Europe. In those cases where illegal immigrants cannot be sent back to their country of origin, they will receive shelter, food and medical care there.

According to the UNHCR, the cost of having one person in a refugee camp somewhere in Africa, for example, is 50 dollars / 33 euros per year. The price for having a refugee in a country like Denmark is 50,000 dollars / 33,000 euros. In other words, for every single refugee who is allowed to stay in Denmark, we can protect and feed one thousand refugees in a camp in an area where they understand the language and feel home in the culture.

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and author who writes from Denmark.


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Two of a kind


Two of a kind? Yup, and this is only half.

See More Below The Fold


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New Ann’s without nu-ance

Glenn Beck Vs. The Mob

Liberals are not like most Americans. They are the biggest pussies on Earth, city-bred weaklings who didn’t play a sport and have never been in a fight in their entire lives. Their mothers made excuses for them when they threw tantrums and spent way too much time praising them during toilet training.

Preach it sista, preach it!

Ann Coulter writes on Glen Beck’s experience the other day where he and his family were harassed while attending a free outdoor concert in New York City’s Bryant Park.

A liberal’s idea of being a bad-ass is to say vicious things to a conservative public figure who can’t afford to strike back. Getting in a stranger’s face and hurling insults at him, knowing full well he has too much at risk to deck you, is like baiting a bear chained to a wall.

They are not only exploiting our lawsuit-mad culture, they are exploiting other people’s manners. I know I’ll be safe because this person has better manners than I do.

Bullying is on the rise everywhere in America—and not just because Obama decided to address it. It’s because no one hits back. The message in our entire culture over the last two decades has been: DON’T FIGHT!

There were a lot fewer public confrontations when bullies got their faces smashed.
These liberal pukes have never taken a punch in their lives. A sock to the yap would be an eye-opening experience, and I believe it would do wonders.

And while the self-proclaimed “nomad member of the artistic underclass” tries to quickly cover up her physical assault on the Beck family (via wine throwing), her harassment of his body guards ("acrobatics" or mock kung-fu?), and her self promoting verbal and visual harassment (things said and posters quickly made and waved about), The Blaze does a bit of internet digging and gets at the truth even faster than she can close her accounts and try to wipe out her digital footprints. Because the lefty elitists really are so stupid that they have to broadcast their actions on Twitter etc in real-time. And the internet is forever.

If I were Beck I’d be thinking about a lawsuit. If you can’t punch these hippie scumbags in the face physically, you can at least kick them in the ass in court, right where they carry their wallets. And he can afford to lawyer this broad into penury. WTF, that would only be treating a liberal the way that a liberal organization treats any Conservative they don’t like. What’s good for the goose, and all that.

Stand up Conservatives, you have nothing to loose but your chains. Just make sure you go about in groups; being a Republican these days is like being a black guy in Alabama in 1947. Or a Christian in Egypt in 2011.


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the voice of syria have some grinning while some just groan

Happened on something of a humorous nature the other day.
Apparently Syria has their version of Baghdad Bob.  Remember him?  Well, this version is female and a lot prettier, speaks perfect English and is a graduate of Oxford with a masters degree.  Article doesn’t say in what but it doesn’t matter for our purpose here. Must say though I am more impressed with her degree and looks then I am with the local rep. here from the Action on Climate change, who is about to attend university in Leeds for a degree in ... Sustainability. ? WTH?

But back to the subject. Syria.  I have a question for any of you in the USA. Are you folks getting a lot of coverage about the situation there? It’s 24/7 here or so it seems.  I am not defending Syria in any way but, in every case whether it Libya, Syria or any other state the west has issues with, when people gather to protest and usually riot, they are without exception suddenly Pro Democracy Advocates. And we are all cajoled into believing that BS. Well some of us just don’t buy that line.  And btw, things in Egypt will prove how freedom loving and democratic those folks are in a short time.  It’s reported that muzzies there have their knickers in a twist because Mr. and Mrs. Mouse (as in Mickey) have made an appearance in someone’s Twitter account dressed as muslims. So some group of freedom loving members of the ROP are calling for tongues to be cut off.

Well anyway ...........  Here’s someone called Comical Sally.  Ooh ... and she’s a redhead too.

‘Comical Sally’ returns to defend Syria

The Syrian government spokesman nicknamed “Comical Sally” for her attempts to defend the regime returned to British television two weeks after she was thought to have been fired.

By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent


Reem Haddad had disappeared from the air-waves after saying that refugees fleeing into Turkey were “visiting relatives”. She said: “It’s a bit like having a problem in your street, and your mum lives in the next street, so you go and visit your mum for a bit.”

A statement on a Syrian news website said she had been replaced as head of the department of international information. But on Sunday she reappeared, giving an interview to Sky Television in support of claims that many Syrian troops had been killed by armed gangs.

She quickly found herself in trouble again, though, saying she disputed the figure given by the opposition to the station for the number of protesters killed even though she could not give the government figure herself.

“The number that we have which I do not have because I don’t have an accurate number is different from the number that you have just quoted,” she said. “It’s different, but it’s not the number you gave me.”

Miss Haddad is the daughter of a former Syrian ambassador to West Germany, who is now head of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee. Her international upbringing accounts for her fluency in English, polished when she did a master’s degree at Oxford University, according to an official website.

Her fluency and loyalty made her an obvious choice to represent the regime’s view. But she also developed a tendency to become aggressive when pressed over her claims that eye-witness reports were not to be trusted, at one stage hanging up the telephone on John Humphrys, presenter of the BBC Radio Four Today Programme.

Some newspapers nicknamed her Comical Sally in memory of the official spokesman of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq in 2003, Mohammad Al -Sahaff, who became known as “Comical Ali” for his desperate attempts to claim Iraq was winning the Gulf War.


Might have been Comical Ali here, but we called him Baghdad Bob as I recall.

btw ... Can’t fault her for hanging up the phone on that bombastic jerk, John Humphrys.  Most of his interviews sound more like an inquisition then an interview. He constantly interrupts the ppl he is asking questions of, he asks a question which takes him 20 minutes and then he answers it himself. He really is very much in love with his glorious self and the sound of his own voice. 


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calendar   Wednesday - June 29, 2011

This One’s In The Bag

From Top To Bottom, Government Has Only One Policy:

Waste Money On Shit

Condo residents in Florida forced to pony up $200-$500 to DNA dog poop.

Poop Police to wage war on Phantom Shitters.

Good Lord, and I thought my condo association could waste money. We’re not even in the same ballpark as this bunch.

Plagued with pets that do business in all the wrong places, dog owners in the Village of Abacoa, a condominium association of 458 units, must pay a $200 fee starting Aug. 1. The money will pay DNA Pet World Registry to take the dog’s genetic fingerprint and keep the information on file.

Doggie droppings found in condo common areas will be collected and mailed in a plastic tube to the Knoxville, Tenn.-based company. If the poop matches the pooch, the owners can be fined up to $1,000. If they don’t pay, a lien can be placed on their home, said Susan Nellen, property manager for Versa Property Management, which manages the condo near Roger Dean Stadium.

Not everyone supports the policy.

“This is nuts. They will be testing all kinds of poop. Is this America?” said Troy Holloway, who owns one of the condos.

But managers say they have no choice. Dogs are defecating and urinating in elevators, in stairwells, on carpets and in the lobby, as well as common areas outside. The condo association is spending $10,000 to $12,000 a year replacing and cleaning, said Matthew Brickman, president of the Village of Abacoa Condominium Association.

“The smell is disgusting. Residents are embarrassed to have company. Dog crap is everywhere,” Nellen said.

A maintenance person from Versa Management will collect marble-sized samples found in restricted areas. The samples go in a leakproof plastic container about the size of a small perfume bottle containing DNA stabilization solution. The container is mailed to DNA Pet World, where the identification test is done.

If the illegal poop matches a registered dog, the owner can be fined. If the problem persists, the animal can be confiscated, Brickman said.

Feces identification is a booming business. DNA Pet World and PooPrints - its motto is “Match the Mess through DNA” - are spinoffs from BioPet Vet Labs. They started in October. By the end of the year, they expect 300 American franchises, Mayer said.

The process only works for feces. There is not enough DNA in urine to make a match, Mayer said.

Welcome to the nanny state. When society breaks down civility is the first thing to go. Respect for yourself and for your neighbors? Gone. The unspoken desire to make your little corner of the world a better place? Gone. It’s not my responsibility. Let someone else do it. And let’s see what I can get away with when nobody is watching, haha on you sucka.

We always had dogs when I was growing up. They would ask to go out, get hooked up to a long rope, and go out in the back yard to do their business. We’d come along later with a shovel and clean things up, although this wasn’t really practical in the winter, and lead to a rather spotty lawn in the early spring. And when the dogs went for a walk, if they dropped one, no, we didn’t clean it up. Nobody did. But the town wasn’t wall to wall dogs, and the poop was usually in the street. It washed away in the rain. It didn’t really matter. But most of us knew better than to let our dogs drop the big one on somebody’s lawn, even if we didn’t like them. Especially if they were watching; that could get you a punch in the nose.

A couple decades ago we started having the Baggy Brigade when people walked their dogs. I thought it was kind of gross at first, but later I came to see that this was a decent thing. It’s the responsible and considerate thing to do.

We are not allowed to have dogs in our condo village. Dogs aren’t even allowed to visit. I miss them. But even if we were allowed, I don’t think I’d have one. It just isn’t fair to the animal to be locked in the house all day, alone. Dogs need people around, and they need to get outside and run around and sniff things and do all their doggy activities. So the first part of being a responsible pet owner is determining if you can even properly care for one. If you can’t, then you don’t have pets. And if you take your pet around and about to do it’s business, you join the Baggie Brigade and you clean up after it. Period, no question, no hesitation. Anything less is not only irresponsible, it’s embarrassing. Because humans know the difference between right and wrong, and that’s all there is to it. I think the entire British Empire, and white culture in general, was built on that one concept of avoiding embarrassment. Be honest, considerate, and responsible, because you’ll feel like a real jerkwad when you don’t and then get caught out. Worse, people will talk.

Sounds to me like these folks in Florida are only one or two steps up the evolutionary stairs from the dogs they won’t clean up after, and that’s forcing the local nanny state to step in. Maybe they should just write a new bylaw that prohibits having dogs. It’s worked for us. But we both sure miss having a dog around sometimes. That’s the price you pay.

Hey ... Poop Police! Isn’t that one of Obama’s Shovel Ready jobs? LOL


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North Korea: You Don’t Need No Education

North Korea shuts down universities


I have a pran!

North Korea has shut down its universities for the next 10 months and sent students to work in factories, agriculture and the construction sector as it struggles to rebuild its economy.

Reports in South Korea indicated that the government in Pyongyang on Monday ordered all universities to cancel classes until April of next year. The only exemptions are for students who will be graduating in the next few months and foreign students.

The reports suggested that the students will be put to work on construction projects in major cities while there are also indications that repair work may be needed in agricultural regions that were affected by a major typhoon recently.

Analysts in Japan claim there may be other reasons behind the decision to disperse the students across the country. “One reason is that there is a possibility of demonstrations at university campuses,” said Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University and author of a number of books on the North Korean leadership.

“The leadership has seen the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ in Africa and it is very frightened that the same thing could happen in North Korea,” he said. “They fear it could start in the universities.”

There you go. Forget education. Farmers and miners don’t need any. Who needs young minds when you have young backs? Break up the student groups before they can form protest movements and send them one by one to the far corners of the country to be worked to death. But keep the schools open for the 12 foreign students; that brings in cash money.

No, the only thing that matters is keeping old Kim and his boy in power. In a tyranny, it’s all about the tyrant. The rest of you can go hang.

On the other hand, if there weren’t any nascent student protest groups before, there sure as heck are now. And if the students aren’t dispersed one by one but instead five by five, or in groups of 10 or 20 (which is much more cost effective), then Kim Jon Il has just infected his entire country with Jasmine Malaria. Smart move Kim. Not even Arec Baldwin is that stupid.


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my life so far ….

My Life So Far ……

It has been a rather hellish week due to a back problem of some long standing.

I had back surgery a long time ago, an experience I do not want to ever have again.  Pretty damn painful.  Got some meds from doctor, anti inflammatory/pain killer combo I was told.  Of course, it has a tendency to cause stomach upset. Well that’s ok I suppose as at least now I am able to put my damn socks on and tie shoes. Not that I couldn’t do those things a week ago when this happened.  But not without a lot of groaning and a lot of very serious pain.  Now I can bend somewhat and even stand up when going to the loo.  Not too funny. 

Over the years, from time to time it goes out but has never lasted this long. Won’t stay here too long today but I am feeling a lot better. Which means there isn’t any excuse not to communicate with folks.

Over the last week I’ve done somewhat more reading then I usually do. What else was there to do?  Don’t have a TV and I couldn’t boot and sit at a computer.  Couldn’t stand either btw.  Couldn’t even get outta bed without bracing myself and painfully pulling myself up.  Or maybe I was pushing up. Yeah, pushing seems correct.

Well anyway, so I’m reading lots and because we get two papers (three on weekends) I tend to read things having more to do with the part of the world I live in now, then the world I left behind seven years ago. Normally I read all the news stuff and ignore the celeb gossip and health features. However, lately I started noticing things I had skipped over in the past.

Every single day there are stories having to do with health and warnings of approaching disaster.  For example.  Did you know “new studies” say that thinner people are more likely to have heart attacks and bad health overall, then chubby folks?  Then there is another study that asks, “Could food-packaging chemical rob men of their sex appeal?” No kidding. A gender-bending chemical found in food packaging may reduce a man’s ability to attract a female.  A study from the University of Missouri found male mice who were exposed to bisphenol ‘A’ as babies, became demasculanised and ‘behaved more like females.’
Well hell people. Nobody should be eating mice anyway. And who does these studies?  I remember years ago they said eggs were gonna kill me. So I cut back on those and now they say, “Woops. Never mind.” heh-heh. Also, researchers now say that bacon isn’t gonna kill me after all and in fact may actually be healthy.  Even knowing how damn lucky I really am can be depressing, given the knowledge of what can happen in the future.  I forgot to mention it but, I was also listening to radio a lot more. Kinda like the days before TV.  I heard a frightening program last night on the aging and old age care or lack of, and it really,really made an impression on me.  Scared the heck outta me more like it. 

Then we were told there was an ice age due anytime within the next 500 or 1,000 years and there was something to do with the ozone layer.  Now we’re being told we are not gonna freeze but fry.  At my age, frankly I don’t give a damn.  I have other things that bother and depress. I really do.  Like, seeing contemporaries pass away and many far younger then I am.

So anyway, the things I was reading made me think even more of the things I think about anyway.  Except now I dwell on em more. Can get rather depressing though because I’m thoroughly convinced that our world is a totally disintegrating and disordered place.  Well it is darn it.  A story in one paper this past week reports that some teachers here are quite reluctant to discuss the attack on America on 9/11, because they feel it might provoke “racism and islamopobia.” They especially worry about bringing the subject up in classes where a certain group who belong to a religion of peace, make up the majority of students.  Hells bells, we wouldn’t want to upset them.  What next?  Lets not say anything about the Holocaust least it offend Germans?  And how’s this bit of lunacy?

BINMEN refused to take away a retired granny’s recycling because they said an ice cream tub she put in was the wrong shape.
The city council said that they only took bottle shaped plastic.
The council has since said that the policy is now revised so all’s well that ends.

Police here carry a guidance card that warns them, “suspects cannot be handcuffed ‘just’ because they pose a danger to police.” You just could not make that up.  What kind of insanity is that?  And speaking of insanity.  I’ve been watching this once proud country little by little ceding its sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in foreign countries.  They can not deport criminals and even terrorists, if there’s a question of their “human rights” being violated in some way by their home country.  Britain is sadly bound in many ways by the European Court of Human Rights (and abuses).  That doesn’t say anything positive about their sovereignty to me.  take a look at this

One bit of good news that came out last week, although very small, is still something to feel good about.
One of four hooded men who broke into a house in the middle of the night, was killed by the homeowner.  The bad guy was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of another burglary but was released.  I guess he won’t be breaking into anyone else’s home anymore.  And that’s a good thing.
Stay Tuned
- 30 -


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Recursive Stupidity

The $2 Billion Nobody Wanted

In the basement of a Baltimore vault the size of a soccer field, 1 billion dollar coins are just sitting there. Thanks, Congress.
Each coin costs the government 30 cents to make, so the piles in those vaults have cost the government $300 million so far, according to NPR.

The whole thing started in 2005, when the Presidential $1 Coin Act was written into law. While the legislation seemed to have good intentions, when the U.S. Mint started producing the coins a couple years later, the demand just wasn’t there. I mean, have you even heard of the presidential $1 coins, let alone seen one?

Unused dollar coins have been quietly piling up in Federal Reserve vaults in breathtaking numbers, thanks to a government program that has required their production since 2007.

And even though the neglected mountain of money recently grew past the $1 billion mark, the U.S. Mint will keep making more and more of the coins under a congressional mandate.

The pile of idle coins, which so far cost $300 million to manufacture, could double by the time the program ends in 2016, the Federal Reserve told Congress last year.

A joint inquiry by NPR’s Planet Money and Investigations teams found that the coins are the wasteful byproducts of a third, failed congressional effort to get Americans to use one-dollar coins in everyday commerce.

In 2005, Congress decided that a new series of dollar coins should be minted to engage the public. These coins would bear the likeness of every former president, starting with George Washington. There would be a new one every quarter. So, far, the Mint has produced coins through the 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant.

Members of Congress reasoned that a coin series that changed frequently and had educational appeal would make dollar coins more popular. The idea came from the successful program that put each of the 50 states on the backs of quarters. But as the new presidential dollar coins rolled out, the greenback lost none of its dominance in Americans’ hearts and wallets.

Support Diversity: cut a politically correct deal where everyone gets to piss away a fortune

It was easier for the bill’s sponsor, then-Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), to move the presidential coin bill forward if it didn’t displace other dollar coins honoring Sacagawea, the teenage Native American guide to Lewis and Clark.

The deal: The mint would be required to make a quota of Sacagawea coins. Currently, the law says 20 percent of dollar coins made must have Sacagawea on them.

Inside one basementlike Federal Reserve vault in Baltimore, NPR was able to see 45 million $1 coins of various types. The coins were overflow from vaults elsewhere.
Inside the vault, dollar coins languished in clear plastic bags piled high on sturdy metal pallets that looked like baby cribs. Through the bags, one could see Sacagawea mingling with Suffragette Susan B. Anthony and rubbing edges with some of America’s early chief executives. Glaring fluorescent lights coaxed an occasional shimmer from the dollars, which are made mostly of manganese brass and have a gold color. One row of pallets bore a handwritten note that said, “Dollars ... 48 skids ... 6,720,000.”

The Government Philosophy: If at first your idea sucks, try again. If it still sucks, try again. If it still sucks, ramp up the program a thousand fold.

After the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea series lost their bids to become America’s pocket change sweethearts, the presidential series was the next big [stupid] idea.

But in a report to Congress last year, the Federal Reserve said the coins are now being held “with no perceivable benefit to the taxpayer,” and that banks are sending them back to the Fed in increasing numbers.

They just don’t get it, do they? Once upon a time we had actual Silver Dollars. They were a large ponderous coin, but at least they were “real” money, a great chunk of silver that filled your hand. Those coins - the Peace Dollars - were minted up to 1935, and remained in circulation for almost 30 years.

In the early 60s the silver went away, but the huge coins stayed. For the longest time we had Eisenhower Dollars (and Kennedy Half-Dollars) in circulation, but they quickly became rare. These were well made coins, and accepted as the real currency that they were, but both were heavy and inconvenient.  I think we still have the Kennedy Half, although I haven’t seen one in ages. At more than twice the weight of a quarter, why bother? The lesson should have been clear. But no.

The “Susie B” was a total flop. It’s another well made coin, but it’s the same color as a quarter but just a smidgen larger. If you aren’t looking super closely, you’re going to use it as a quarter, and shortchange yourself 75¢ on every purchase. At first the idea was to make the coin different by giving it a unique 11 sided edge, which turned out to be nearly impossible (ie $$$) to make, so the hendecagonal edge was moved to the inside, as part of the stamping. But at least the “Eagle on the Moon” obverse was carried over from the standard Ike dollar (not the bicentennial) so you could tell it was real money. But in use, the coin sucked. Thanks a lot Carter. Another loser idea.

Next up was the Sacagawea “golden” dollar. It’s a bit bigger than the Susie B., and it’s struck from manganese bronze. It tarnishes very quickly and seems cheaply made.

The “50 state” quarters were a neat idea for the first 2 years of their issue. The whole country was checking their pocket change all the time, and setting aside a few of each mintage. After that it became dull. I might be one of the few who stuck it out to the bitter end and filled my “official” collector board, but highly uneven distribution of the coins made that “hobby” a real pain in the tail. By 5 or 6 years into the program the only thing it had taught Americans was that any shiny disc could pass for money. Gee, what a great lesson that was.

Not to be outdone, the mint then took the quarters thing even further and issued another series featuring Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and all the other territorial areas we have. That must be where Obama got his 57 states concept from. All this late effort did was to PISS OFF the folks like me who had filled up our collector boards and now had no place to put the coins that were obviously part of the same series. Thanks Mint. You suck.

So after watching the Sacagawea Dollars rot for a decade, and seeing the boredom generated by an ever changing quarter, politicians and the folks at the mint put both crap ideas together and came up with the Presidential Golden Dollars. And gee, who would have guessed? They utterly suck. They suck so bad that banks send them back. Few people even know the things exist. The coins are such crap that stores refuse to accept them. They aren’t money, they’re video game tokens. On the first coin, George Washington looks like a constipated corpse wearing a weave. Seriously:


I looked stuff up in Wiki. Turns out there is a whole other series of Sacagawea coins with different backsides “honoring” Native Americans, showing various indian activities such as planting corn, living in peaceful harmony with nature, and killing white people and burning their villages. Oh, I jest with that last one. But the real take away from the Wiki entry is that, once the silver and gold went away, and once the economy grew past the point where a dollar was a whole day’s pay, these coins fell into disuse. So for more than 70 years now dollar coins have been on the outs. They are the coin that nobody wants. Oh sure, coin collectors. Big deal. Nobody wants dollar coins as spending money, m’kay? They suck.

Which is why the mint continues to waste hundreds of millions of dollars stamping them out, then bagging them up in vaults where they lie in the dark. Money wasted making waste money that nobody wants. Current currency that is so unknown and low caste that stores won’t even accept it as real. US Dollars as video tokens. Recursive stupidity.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 28, 2011

Meanwhile, In the UK

With Peiper out sick, I guess it falls to me to try and figure out the important happenings over on l’Isle d’Socialiste. There weren’t any mad muzzies waving their hook hands about while preaching death and destruction today, but there were the usual 200 articles per newspaper featuring celebrity girls with big boobs. Gosh, breaking news, that is. And fwance is going to build more nuke reactors. Oh those craaazy fwench!

One story did catch my eye though. Here on the coasts in the US we sometimes get bits of news from “the country”. In the UK they have Wales for this. Wales isn’t a very big place, about the size of perhaps 3 standard Texas ranches laid end to end. Maybe 1/5 the size of New Jersey. But they do make the papers once in a while.

I double checked to make sure this was nowhere near the M4, that highway he writes about that seems to be routinely shut down by livestock.

Runaway cow herd takes over Tredegar street


It’s udder chaos!

A quiet street in Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent, was invaded by a herd of cows which trampled on gardens and peered into windows, say residents.  The 20 cattle escaped from their nearby paddock and decided to feast on front lawns and flowers in Peacehaven. Residents are used to straying sheep but say the rogue cattle have become a nuisance.

Blaenau Gwent council says it is monitoring the situation.

Love it, love it! The government is monitoring the situation.

Oi, you! Getcher berloody coow offa ma yard!

Resident Sonya Gould, 70, said: “We are used to having pints of milk delivered to our doorstep but not the whole cow. “They were everywhere. We are all treading cow muck into our carpets because it’s all over our garden paths. “We held a fund-raising event to plant flowers around the communal gardens but the cows have eaten them all.”

The cows also raised frowns by leaving cowpats on garden paths and trampling over lawns in the incident at the end of last week.

Ann Ingram, who was woken up by the cows mooing, said: “It used to be sheep, and that’s bad enough, but cows are a whole different kettle of fish.

I think it’s just a good opportunity for everyone to make bad animal puns and milk this situation for all it’s worth.

“It’s frightening for many of the older people here to have cows walking down the street, peering in their windows, it’s ridiculous.

“They’re obviously big animals, and an elderly person can’t just shoo them off - there’s no telling what an animal might do.”

People living in Peacehaven have brought in the council in a bid to get the herd to move back to their paddock.

A spokesperson for Blaenau Gwent Council said: “We’ve done our utmost to tackle this problem, and have responded to all call-outs. “We continue to monitor the situation at least once a week and any roaming animals will be impounded.”

The council added that they may take legal action against the farmer if he is unable to keep his cows under control.

Magnificent. Cattle are roaming around the neighborhood for days, playing Peeping Daisy, frightening the old folks, and giving Wales a fresh coating of shit, and the government wants to reassure everyone that they’re taking a look at things almost twice every week!

In many parts of America, this would not be a problem for very long, but you would see a quick run on really large freezers down at the appliance store. Or really large block parties suddenly breaking out all over.

Someday Peiper will return, and he might have exciting tales of British Electric rewiring his home. I think he said that they were coming by to install a new squirrel or something like that, to bring his place up to spec.

What, you think this is bad? Wait, it gets better worse!

See More Below The Fold


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