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Same Old Same Old

Doc Jeff reminds me that some things never change ...

... from last year, a news item that “shovel ready “ O-stimulus money to build roads and bridges is being sent to China to hire coolies imported foreign workers to do the jobs.

I just hope they use American steel, paint, asphalt, etc. The only thing worse than crappy Chinese steel is crappy French plastic. Let’s not even look at their paint ... again.

And in case you missed it in the news ... this is what happens when the typical Chinese shortcuts and lack of QA occur:


A eight-lane suspension bridge collapsed in Harbin, northeast China’s Heilongjiang province on August 24, 2012. Three people were killed and five injured when an eight-lane suspension bridge in northeast China collapsed early on August 24, only nine months after it opened, state media said.
Four trucks fell off the highway bridge when it collapsed in the morning, killing three people and injuring five others, according to local state media.

Ok, it wasn’t a suspension bridge, but the thing still literally fell apart at the seams. I don’t want that kind of infrastructure development going on in my country.


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In Which Drew Learns What Bridge Horns Are For

I’d seen these the other week and had no idea what they were for


I thought maybe they were for hanging Christmas lights from, or for stringing barbed wire to in high crime areas.  I was sort of half right. They are for stringing wires to.


So when I saw them again today I stopped and asked somebody. They’re temporary offset arms for holding cable that a great big tarp will be hung from, so that when the bridge painters go to work chipping all the paint off it doesn’t fall into the river. And the tarp also lets them work when it rains. And when they’re all done, the horns come off.

But I laugh at my fertile imagination, naming them “ears” or “horns” to myself. Bridge horns. Beep beep.

PS - yes, these two bridges are almost identical. Same age (1890), same size, same plan, different builders. Both started life as one lane bridges over mill streams along dirt roads, both are now two lane bridges down Main Street in their towns.

See More Below The Fold


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Not What I Expected

Some shops put out a menu board featuring what they’re serving up for you to bite on.

This place puts out a menu board of what they’re biting on for you to serve up.



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not guilty by reason of being muslim. again. anyone keeping score?

It has been one hell of a trying 24 hours, no complaints, just to explain that I had every intention of shutting this damn thing down after my last post. I really thought I was going to get away for the night.


Yeah right.  He did no wrong. We all believe that. Don’t we?  In a pig’s eye.  Or is that ass?

Another muzzie gets the light touch because a panel decides he knew no better because .... ??

Right the first time.
His muslim background.

This fellow says it all better.

Now let’s see....errr....naivety comes to mind. A pharmacist who supposedly has a reasonable level of intelligence: ‘unaware of the offence his conduct had caused’ and a panel so wary of the ramifications of the PC Brigade - they appear to have quivered into submission. This, to me, underscores the rotten society we live - the question now is: when liberals tuck into bed at night what plan they are hatching for the rest of us to dance on hot embers or tread on broken glass. They probably rationalise by thinking that what they have to offer is kinder than that of Germany in the 30s/40s and the Central Committee of the USSR under Joseph Stalin. Well...yes, I suppose they are kinder....but do we like it?

- Observer, East Midlands, 31/8/2012 16:19

So here’s what that’s all about.

Pharmacist who asked colleague what her favorite sex position is LET OFF at tribunal because he had a ‘restrictive Muslim background’

Professional panel accepted Khalil Jamil’s conduct was not sexually-motivated

He claimed his strict Muslim background meant he lacked basic understanding of appropriate workplace behavior

Jamil was cleared of professional misconduct and was instead given an official warning

By Kerry Mcqueeney

A pharmacist who made crude remarks to three of his female colleagues has escaped with a warning after a panel heard he came from a ‘restrictive Muslim background’ and was unaware of the offence his conduct had caused.


Khalil Jamil asked one of the women about her favourite love-making position and quizzed another about the mating habits of her horses - but a professional panel ruled his behaviour was not sexually motivated.

The General Pharmaceutical Council panel found Jamil acted inappropriately by making the comments and standing too close to his assistants.

However, they accepted that his background in a strict Muslim community meant he was unfamiliar to working in such an open environment with women and his basic social skills meant he lacked understanding of appropriate conduct.

As the remarks were not sexually motivated the panel cleared Jamil of misconduct and gave him an official warning.

It also took into consideration the fact that Jamil had remedied his actions by attending a ‘dignity at work’ course.

Panel chairman Patrick Malmo QC said: ‘He felt the source of this behaviour in 2009, was that he comes from a very restrictive background, with little social life, and none at all outside of his own community.

‘He lacked social skills, and had little knowledge of how one should be when working with colleagues.

‘He was unable to distinguish between friendliness and over familiarity.’

Mr Malmo added: ‘We do not think there is a serious risk of this kind of conduct being repeated.

‘Although we do not find the registrant impaired, we have the ability to issue a warning, and given the circumstances of this case, we believe it is necessary to do so.’

In a statement read to the hearing one of Jamil’s colleagues, referred to as CH, said she was working with Jamil at the Cooperative Pharmacy in Fauldhouse, West Lothian, in July 2009, when he asked: ‘Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want a boyfriend?’

She said: ‘Whenever it went quiet he came back to me and stood close again. He asked me if I was into sports, I said “No”.

‘He said he was into boxing and said feel my stomach. He grabbed my wrist and tried to get me to touch his stomach.’

The pharmacist approached her while she was at the computer at and asked her if she had a boyfriend and how she liked to have sex with him.

A similar incident occurred the following week in which he put his arms around her waist.

A third woman, known as SR, was working at the same pharmacy when Jamil stood close to her that as she bent down to pick up some prescriptions, she could not help but back into him.

She added that he had asked if getting her horses’ castrated had affected the animals’ sex drives and whether it would have the same effect on a man.

read more, source

What a load of rubbish, if he came from a so called strict Muslim background, he in theory should not even be having these conversations with a woman who was not his wife

- OpenEyes., London, 31/8/2012


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Squatting will now be a criminal offense. After all these miserable years. About time.

After all this time, like 30 damn years, it’s about time even if it is 30 years late.

Breaking into someone’s home and taking over is declared illegal. As of midnight tonight, it’s over.  We can hope.

What could be simpler?  You steal someone’s car it’s theft. Right?  But till now stealing their very house was not theft.
Just shows you how entrenched the left had become here.  Who else but those bed wetting, hand wringers would champion squatters?

Now how about illegal camps set up by gypos/travellers?
Oh we can’t do that since they’ve been declared a Race.
So the dingbats still have one arrow in the quiver.

Squatters to face six months in prison as laws giving them rights are scrapped from tomorrow

Squatting will now be a criminal offense

The crime carries a prison sentence, £5000 fine or both

New legislation also protects landlords, local authorities or second home owners

By Daniel Martin

Squatters’ rights will be scrapped from tomorrow, and a new law will mean those who invade private homes face six months in jail.

Until now, police could not evict squatters as soon as they moved in, so a homeowner’s main option to get them out was through a civil court order – which could be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

The introduction of the criminal offence of squatting, which carries a prison sentence, a £5,000 fine or both, follows a Government consultation last summer and means police can arrest squatters immediately.

Housing minister Grant Shapps said: ‘No longer will there be so-called “squatters’ rights”.

‘We’re tipping the scales of justice back in favour of the homeowner and making the law crystal clear: entering a property with the intention of squatting will be a criminal offence.

Justice minister Crispin Blunt said: ‘For too long, squatters have had the justice system on the run and have caused homeowners untold misery in eviction, repair and clean-up costs. Not anymore.

‘Hard-working homeowners need and deserve a justice system where their rights come first - this new offence will ensure the police and other agencies can take quick and decisive action to deal with the misery of squatting.’

Chief Constable Phil Gormley, from the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: ‘Police can now act immediately and remove squatters directly from properties in line with the new legislation and ensure people’s homes are protected.’

The new offence will protect homeowners or legitimate tenants who have been excluded from their homes.

It will also protect those who own residential buildings that they don’t live in, such as landlords, local authorities or second home owners.

Previously, their only option was to seek a civil court order to regain possession of their properties, which could be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

Hey ... so far so good.  Right?
Who could possibly disagree with the idea that your property is actually your property. You have tax records.  My gosh, your belongings are either inside that house or have been tossed out onto the front yard.
Who could argue against this revision in the law. Which for once and maybe the only time actually recognizes the plight and the rights of the homeowner.  Who could argue against that?
But you all know already.  Don’t ya?
Well, this blithering fucking idiot of the weepy eyed bleeding heart left who I hope dies soon.  This total schmuck who lies through her teeth.
Here what this lying ass-wipe has to say on the subject.

But homeless charity Crisis said the new law would criminalise vulnerable people, leaving them in prison or facing a fine they cannot pay.

‘It also misses the point,’ said Leslie Morphy, the charity’s chief executive.

‘There was already legal provision that police and councils could, and should, have used to remove individuals in the rare instances of squatting in someone’s home.
Criminalising homeless people when they are just trying to find a place off the streets.’

She went on: ‘It will do nothing to address the underlying reasons why vulnerable people squat in the first place - their homelessness and a lack of affordable housing.

‘Ultimately the Government needs to tackle why homeless people squat in the first place by helping not punishing them.’


Homeless people?  Not exactly the ones we’ve all seen over the last few years.  What we have seen time and again are healthy and sometime even somewhat well dressed youth having a ball and laughing it up.
We have seen interviews with squatters from foreign countries who have come to England they said, because word was passed that housing could be had for nothing.  We have seen Gypsies move into homes claiming they bought the house from someone but somehow their English always seemed to fail at some questions.
The younger kids by which I mean the teens and 20s who don’t work and won’t work are also part of this (soon past we hope) game of tag and gotcha with homeowners and the courts.
That the law so stupid has taken all these years to correct is as much an outrage as the actions of the house thieves.
That it took so long says something about the people who have held power over the many years. 

And the idea put forward above by that douche bag in human form, who says “the rare instances of squatting in someone’s home” is either asleep, stupid, has lived on another planet or all of the previous.  Rare instances?  Rare?

That’s how these civil right left wing liberal bastards think.  Many of them buy that shit. They’re that stupid.  But the rest promote it not always because they believe it themselves, they do these things because there isn’t anyone out there killing lefties like them.  And so they get away with chipping away at the foundations of whatever country they operate in.


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Night Shift Sucks

Once upon a time, I worked the overnight shift in the grocery stores. Never again. It was Hell. And it looks like it still is. This story is still breaking ...

4am shooting leaves 3 dead in NJ grocery store

OLD BRIDGE, N.J. – DEVELOPING:  At least three people have died in a shooting at a New Jersey supermarket early Friday, a law enforcement official said.

The person believed to be the shooter is among the dead, a law enforcement official briefed on the shooting told The Associated Press. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the shooting took place in a different jurisdiction.

The shooting happened at about 4 a.m. inside a Pathmark grocery store in Old Bridge, a suburb about 25 miles from New York, Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry told The store was closed at the time and was scheduled to open at 6 a.m.

The store and its parking lot were closed Friday.

New Jersey Transit closed its nearby park-and-ride lot and told riders that they could park in other park-and-ride lots or could ride the North Jersey Coast rail line.

Shots were heard inside the Old Bridge supermarket just before 4 a.m. EDT as employees were preparing to open the store for business, said the local ABC affiliate.

Police found two windows bashed in, the station reported.

I can’t say if somebody was trying to break in, or if they were upset that the store wasn’t open all night, or if this was a disagreement between armed employees (and carrying a gun in NJ is 1000% against the law!), or what.  I don’t know the town of Old Bridge, so I can’t give you any help there either. Old Bridge is in central, coastal NJ, though it is not really a “down the shore” town as they say here; while it is south of Raritan Bay and Staten Island, it is also several miles west of the Garden State Parkway, the coastal highway that is the effective western border to all the seaside communities.

UPDATE: Shit, piss, and damnation. I hate when the weekly NCIS scenario actually happens.

Police responded to shots fired inside the Pathmark, where employees were stocking shelves, at 1043 Route 9 in Old Bridge just before 4 a.m. The store was scheduled to open at 6 a.m.

There was a confrontation with the gunman, who was reportedly in body armor, and the suspect was killed. He was tentatively identified as a 23-year-old ex-Marine who worked at the supermarket for the last two weeks.

It is unknown how many others were shot before police responded, but authorities believe he killed two, a man and a woman, before turning the gun on himself.

Authorities say he left the store around 4 a.m. and returned dressed in camouflage, armed with an AK-47 and an automatic handgun. He shot the two victims, both young adults. The woman was believed to be just 18.

Responding police discovered the bodies and evacuated the other employees to the nearby TGI Fridays. Several were being treated for trauma at waiting ambulances.


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calendar   Thursday - August 30, 2012

Holiday Requiem In August

It’s Not Just Me


county residents love their bridge, especially at Christmas

Next To Last Christmas for White Bridge Road Bridge.

See? Other folks understand the allure of having a 120 year old chunk of iron in your neighborhood. It’s got looks. It’s got charm. It’s got those! I love those on a woman bridge! Plus it keeps the speeds down, and it keeps giant trucks from using your street as a short cut or a bypass route.

But as much as they love their old white bridge - and they love it enough that the last time the county painted it, painted it county green when it’s the only bridge on WHITE BRIDGE ROAD (duh), the locals came out at night and painted it white again - it’s literally on it’s last leg. And that leg is rusting. The thing is falling down, victim of too many beatings, too much rust, and just not being built strong enough to begin with.

Read all about it, and look at some sad pictures, here.  But see happy holiday pictures here!!

No official time has been set for the bridges demolition as far as I know; discussions are still under way more than 3 years later, federal funds have been spent, state funds have been gathered, and a tentative date of June 2013 has been floated. We’ll see.


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Just STFU Already

Hey Texas, Just Ignore Them

Fed Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law: It’s RAAAAACIST

RCOB. Can’t somebody just drown these idiots like a bag of unwanted kittens? Holy ham on rye. We need ID for everything, from renting a hotel room to borrowing a book from the library. You can’t be a modern citizen without it. Period. So how the flippin flippity flap is having a voter ID racist? What, can’t the my-nar-it-tays drive themselves down to the county to pick one up? They’re free! And everybody else has to go get one too. So what’s the damn beef?

WASHINGTON — A federal court on Thursday blocked Texas from enforcing a strict new voter identification law, ruling that the state had failed to prove that the mandate would not disproportionately suppress turnout among eligible voters who are members of minority groups.

“The State of Texas enacted a voter ID law that — at least to our knowledge — is the most stringent in the country,” the court wrote. “That law will almost certainly have retrogressive effect: it imposes strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor, and racial minorities in Texas are disproportionately likely to live in poverty.”

Yer darn tootin, Newton: Texas is fucking OVERRUN with illegals and needs a seriously stringent system to keep them from illegally voting. But wait, this is the federal government of minority superiority, so let’s turn up Teh Stewpid dial to 11.

The 56-page ruling came days after another three-judge panel in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the Texas Legislature had intentionally discriminated against Hispanic voters in drawing up new political maps for Congressional and legislative districts, citing the same section of the Voting Rights Act.

Greg Abbott, the Texas attorney general, called the voter ID decision “wrong on the law” and said that Texas would keep fighting.

“The state will appeal this decision to the U.S. Supreme Court, where we are confident we will prevail,” said Mr. Abbott, who has also vowed to appeal the redistricting case.

Mr. Abbott also noted that the Supreme Court had upheld the constitutionality of a voter ID law enacted by Indiana. Texas, however, bears a higher burden under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Under that statute, jurisdictions that have a history of discriminating against minority voters must receive federal approval before making any change to their voting rules and it is up to the state to prove that its change will not dilute the voting power of members of minority groups.

Hey, there’s a double dose of fresh cow flop right there. First, there ain’t no damn HISPANICS in Texas. 5 million illegal MEXICANS, sure. But those guys are not hispanics. They’re Atlatl-Meso-Hispo-Americans, which means they only got a little bit of hispanolic in them, mostly Aztecish. Next up, what gives with the double dealing “higher burdern of proof” law. Is Texas now branded as some racist bad boy forever, who has to get down on his knees and beg and plead against the coastal PC faggots for the right to change state law? Go jump rope in the nude with some barbed wire buddy. That’s not the Texas way. Nor is it the American Way. That part of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. No group can be held to a higher hurdle than any other one: we all get treated the same. Equal protection under the law.

Oh, and By The Way: the federal court ruling is utter bullshit. There is simply no way in Hell that ANYONE can prove that law X, Y, or Z will not change voter turnout ahead of time. Because voters are a fickle bunch. And they could decide they’re just not going to bother this time ... and that itself would kill the new law, wouldn’t it, if that’s the burden of proof the feds are demanding. It’s impossible to meet. So fuck em: ignore their judgment. Any citizen who really wants to vote will make whatever effort is necessary, as long as it doesn’t cost anything other than time and filling out forms.


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calendar   Wednesday - August 29, 2012

who me?

Not ded. Just awol.  Arrrggh.

So here’s a quick snapshot of our all-natural lawn cropping service. Who needs mowers when we’ve got this crew? Rain on the windows, sorry.


Anyone want to play “spot the funky bridge bits?” Here ya go:


Answers below the fold


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sing together now. I’mmmmm Dreaming of a Neuuuuu-tral Christmas

If the Tommys who fought for this country in 1939-1945 could have foreseen what would become of their homeland by the year 2012,


Or perhaps they might have laughed at the recruiting officers and posters and said,


If what we have today is now the norm, and apparently it is, if up is now really down and you know the rest of this, then was THIS worth bleeding for?

Just me off on a very frustrated rant cos there isn’t anyone to kick or hit and if there were, would it do any good?  All I’d get would be arrested. Then sued.

But I have to tell you, things are really, really SHIT when Father Christmas is banned because the term ‘might’ offend.  How do people manage to come to these bizarre actions and the thoughts that lead to them.  How?  What part of the human brain controls this sort of crap?  And why aren’t people out in the streets screaming that they are tired and refuse to take anymore.

Bah.  Spittin into the wind.


A senior cop has disclosed that police officers have been banned from using the term Father Christmas to avoid the risk of offending women or non Christians. 

AND ..... blacklist and whitelist are banned.

H/T Police Inspector blog

Doughnuts and Diversity.

August 28, 2012 by inspectorgadget

The British police are always being taught about diversity.

Most of these sessions are obviously ridiculous: a ban on the phrase ‘manning the phones’, apologising for slavery which was abolished before our police force was even established and insisting that police officers take off their boots before entering a gypsy caravan for a drugs warrant. Any opportunity to make serious points about, say, disability issues, is lost in the hilarity during lessons about how we shouldn’t say ‘As sure as eggs is eggs’ in case it offends infertile women, and how we should never say ‘Father Christmas’. ‘Father Christmas’ is a double whammy.
We are taught that the name excludes women and non Christians at the same time.

Now then, this bit of total insanity is from May. That’s only three months ago but I figured some of you needed a reminder of just how seriously stupid this fuckin place has become.  There is NO hope. NONE!!!! Whatever. It’s over for this place.

Vilmar had no idea just exactly how right he was two or three years ago, when he told me they were doomed.  I didn’t take it in at the time and thought it merely a figure of speech.  Well it wasn’t.  He read the future better then I did.

Blacklist is blacklisted: Met bans word over claims it is racist… and staff have to say ‘red listed’

Staff told to avoid ‘inappropriate’ whitelist or blacklist
Red list and green list are ‘less sensitive’, boss says
Force has been hit by string of racism allegations

By Rick Dewsbury and Chris Greenwood

Police chiefs have banned the word ‘blacklist’ over fears it is racist.

They have also struck out its opposite – ‘whitelist’ – which is used by IT workers for a list of acceptable email contacts.

Scotland Yard employees have been told to use ‘red’ and ‘green’ instead.

The move baffled officers, who said it would do little to help the force emerge from its latest racism crisis.

Thirteen reports of racism, involving 27 officers and staff, are being probed by the Met and the independent police watchdog.

One officer said: ‘Frankly we all sigh when things like this come around. Lots of good work is done to make sure policing reaches into all parts of society and helps the most vulnerable. This is not it.’

The ban emerged in an email to Yard IT staff from security services chief Brian Douglas. He wrote: ‘IB (Information Board) are uncomfortable with the use of the term whitelist (and I presume blacklist)

‘I am sure we can appreciate the sensitivity around the use of such terminology today so please ensure it is no longer used.’

The measure is part of a drive by police chiefs to stamp out racism within the force. But officers within the organisation are said to have described the latest orders as ‘bizarre’.


When even the cops (not all certainly) get this stupid, then all is well and truly LOST!

How much longer will ppl be allowed to sing I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas come Dec.?


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the three terrors in words and music

I guess I was misinformed because here it is and THIS is a MUST see and hear.

This is what I wanted to find but used the previous posting instead.

I guess we shouldn’t laugh coz really, it’s serious stuff.


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we con the world in words and music

Well now, this is what ya get when you stumble on to one thing while searching for another.
If you have not seen this, it’s worth a look. I think there are other versions on the same theme.
One was called The Three Terrors, a spoof of the 3 Tenors using this tune, but it was pulled from YT.
Which is how I got this version.

Not one of these folks is a ‘vocalist’ as I understand that word.  It runs a good minute longer than it needs to as the point is well made long before the end.  It’s too long but hang in there. 
I don’t think you’ll be sorry.


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if you think the brits are the lone rangers in this, this will prove otherwise. read this.

Well what have we here?
You had to ask? 
The usual except this time it isn’t placed here in England.

Europes cancer yet again but a different location. And of all places.


H/T Germany, Politically Incorrect, English Version

Gypsies: Your Pasture or Your Town Burns

Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and parked on your plot of land are a couple of RVs. During the course of the day there are more and more, first 20, then 40, then 80. More are expected, and nobody has asked about a parking permit. There’s no toilet, so your pasture and the area around it are endlessly getting covered by fecal material; there’s grilling going on; food leftovers flying out all over, and nobody but the RV owners can be heard. All day long! This very thing happened to a farmer in Switzerland’s Wallis region.

When he asked the illegal parkers to drive on and tried to add a little emphasis to the demand with his tractor and neighbors, he was threatened with murder, and the gypsies intended to set the town on fire. Besides this, the property owner found out that in a week, that is on July 28th, a wedding was to take place in his pasture. 800 plus people were expected for this. Authorities and police did nothing except blockading a few streets. The gypsies had broken no law. Such has been playing out for days and even up to this hour in Collombey-Muraz in the Waadt region:

The Valais farmer Simon Turin is beside himself. On Sunday drivers from Germany and France illegally set up camp in a pasture on the grass he mows for his cattle – without asking. Yesterday, Turin counted 77 RVs. And there will be more, since according to statements the drivers will celebrate a wedding with at least 400 people. According to the police, there are no toilets or trash containers. “It’s a giant pigpen. Excrement and trash are lying all over the place,” Turin says. On a pasture that Simon Turin leases, drivers have settled for a wedding. Since the district attorney didn’t order the immediate clearing, the situation escalated on Tuesday. Turin, along with colleagues on tractors, wanted to clear out the camp. “But the drivers threatened me: If I step foot on the pasture, they would kill my family and set the town on fire,” Turin said. The police had to arbitrate.

There is no rule of law in Europe’s countries any more, foreigners can possess the land anytime; justice and police dared nothing against 800 gypsies! That’s what it looks like.

Whether the “guests” will leave today still hasn’t been reported! Please provide links, in case somebody happens to find something!
Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

PI Germany, source

It is just beyond my ability to understand why it is, that folks can not just shoot intruders dead and be done with it.


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calendar   Tuesday - August 28, 2012

British-born doctor was senior member of heavily-armed militant gang in syria

ok so, which group do you think will eventually take control?

Article say it was the good rebels who saved the guy. Fine. But it’s clear there are at least two different groups and I think you can bet more, who are fighting over there and soon will be shooting at each other.

Pretty scary though to think that a guy is actually a doctor working in a hospital here, when he isn’t doing his jihad thing in Syria.

take a look

Find terrorist NHS doctor: MI6 lead hunt for extremist on sabbatical from London hospital who held British journalist captive in Syria

British-born doctor was senior member of heavily-armed militant gang that held two photographers captive at a camp in war-torn Syria
Medic told captive John Cantlie he took leave from his post at a leading London hospital to wage ‘holy war’
Extremist - who has a wife and child in Britain - intends to return to a job in the NHS when he leaves Syria

By Rebecca Evans

Intelligence services were last night trying to trace an NHS doctor who was part of a terror cell that kidnapped and shot a British photographer in Syria.

The AK-47-wielding medic is part of an extremist gang that held veteran war photographer John Cantlie and a fellow western journalist hostage for a week.

A heavily bearded Islamic fanatic, he told his prisoners he had taken a sabbatical from his NHS job to wage a ‘holy war’ in Syria.

He also told them that he was planning to return to his senior post in a South London A&E department.

Last night the General Medical Council said it would be investigating Mr Cantlie’s account.

A spokesman said: ‘Protecting patients is our priority. We are looking very closely at these allegations.’

Mr Cantlie, 41, was captured last month with Dutch colleague Jeroen Oerlemans while they were covering the civil war between President Assad’s army and rebel fighters.

As he tried to flee in a botched escape attempt, Mr Cantlie was shot in the arm but was later treated by the doctor, who was using a clearly labelled NHS medical kit.

When asked his name, he told the captives: ‘Just call me the doctor – I’m the only one here.’

The medic, who said he was 28 and had a wife and child in Britain, was also among the leaders of a group who were planning to behead ‘spies’ and was furious when the execution of two Syrians he believed to be undercover agents was halted.

It comes just days after the intelligence services warned that dozens of Britons, many thought to be of Pakistani origin, were going to Syria to wage jihad, or holy war. The concern is that they will return to the UK radicalised and pose a security problem.

Mr Cantlie told the Daily Mail of his British captor: ‘When he told me he was an NHS doctor, I thought it was weird.

‘This is a man who has taken an oath to save people and help them, and here he is walking around with a Kalashnikov and preaching sharia law. There are not any doctors who I know that do that.

‘He clearly believed in what he was doing but to follow something to that extreme is the disturbing thing. He was visibly upset when the execution was called off.’

In a macabre twist, the doctor, who spoke in a South London accent and kept his face covered with sunglasses and a scarf – said he was glad of the experience in Syria as when he returned to Britain

he wanted to specialise in trauma injuries.

Mr Cantlie added: ‘He said treating jihadists wounded in battle was good training and had a pack of gauzes, medicine, IV drips and medical gear.



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