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calendar   Monday - June 30, 2008

Woo hoo!!

Guaranteed to confuse people, but a big hit with proper thinking women (and some manly-man guys who think it makes a great avatar), the Hello Kitty “Kalashnikitty” T-shirts are on sale again. This is a once every couple years thing, and the prices have not gone up. Go visit Kevin over at The Smallest Minority for more details.


Not to be outdone AND staying up with current events, and because I never could resist a good pun, there is now also a Heller Kitty shirt. Also linked to at Kevin’s blog, or go direct. My only gripe is that Miss Kitty picked a Glock instead of an all-American 1911.


Simply awesome, both of them. Get yours today!!


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Ah, who cares? It’s only those filthy wogs anyway

Biofuel Use Pushes 30,000,000 Into Poverty

Isn’t that special? Another half a percent of the world’s population is joining the ranks of the Poor ‘n Starvin

The replacement of traditional fuels with biofuels has dragged more than 30 million people worldwide into poverty, an aid agency report says.

Oxfam says so-called green policies in developed countries are contributing to the world’s soaring food prices, which hit the poor hardest.  The group also says biofuels will do nothing to combat climate change.  Its report urges the EU to scrap a target of making 10% of all transport run on renewable resources by 2020.

Oxfam estimates the EU’s target could multiply carbon emissions 70-fold by 2020 by changing the use of land.  The report’s author, Oxfam’s biofuel policy adviser Rob Bailey, criticised rich countries for using subsidies and tax breaks to encourage the use of food crops for alternative sources of energy like ethanol.

“If the fuel value for a crop exceeds its food value, then it will be used for fuel instead,” he said, “Rich countries… are making climate change worse, not better, they are stealing crops and land away from food production, and they are destroying millions of livelihoods in the process.”
One UN adviser went as far as describing biofuels as a “crime against humanity”. 

Gosh. The nerve of some people. Like they think palm oil grows on trees?


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Well it’s about time

Texas Jury Clears Joe Horn

A Texas man who shot and killed two men he suspected of burglarizing his neighbor’s home cleared in the shootings Monday by a grand jury.

Joe Horn, 61, shot the two men in November after he saw them crawling out the windows of a neighbor’s house in the Houston suburb of Pasadena.

Horn called 911 and told the dispatcher he had a shotgun and was going to kill the men. The dispatcher pleaded with him not to go outside, but Horn confronted the men with a 12-gauge shotgun and shot both in the back.

“The message we’re trying to send today is the criminal justice system works,” Harris County District Attorney Kenneth Magidson said.

Horn’s attorney, Tom Lambright, has said his client believed the two men had broken into his neighbor’s home and that he shot them only when they came into his yard and threatened him.

The suspected burglars, Hernando Riascos Torres, 38, and Diego Ortiz, 30, were unemployed illegal immigrants from Colombia. Torres was deported to Colombia in 1999 after a 1994 cocaine-related conviction.

Sorry you had to go through all of this Joe. 


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It’s all in the presentation

My guess is that Iran is having an episode of sphincter clenching right now, and is digging defensive trenches as fast as they can, assuming an invasion is on it’s way. But you can’t tell the people that. They might be upset. They might think the mighty Iranian Army isn’t quite up to the task of taking the fight to the enemy. Whoever the enemy might be today. So it’s time for some spin. Hmm, what to say, what to say ...

Iran Preparing Graves for Its Enemies

A senior Iranian commander on Sunday said his country would prepare 320,000 graves to accommodate its slain enemies in the event of an attack on the country. The remark was a veiled warning amid increasing tensions over Tehran’s controversial nuclear activities.

The Mehr news agency quoted Gen. Mir-Faisal Bagherzadeh as saying the graves would be dug in Iran’s border provinces, to provide for the burial of enemies in line with the Geneva Conventions.

“The burial of slain soldiers will be carried out decently and in little time,” said Bagherzadeh, a senior officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) who heads a propaganda body called the Sacred Defense Foundation.

“We do not wish the families of enemy soldiers to experience what Americans had to go through in the aftermath of the Vietnam War,” he added, apparently referring to the ordeal faced by families of MIAs during and after that conflict.

Although couched in humanitarian terms, Bagherzadeh’s comments come as top Iranians step up belligerent rhetoric in the face of reports suggesting that Israel or the United States are planning to attack Iran, and specifically its nuclear facilities.

The head of the IRGC, Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, at the weekend delivered stern warnings to Iran’s enemies, telling the conservative Jam-e Jam newspaper that Israel was within easy range of Iran’s missiles.

“Our missile power and capability are such that the Zionist regime—despite all its abilities—cannot confront it,” he said.

Jafari told Iran’s neighbors that they would also be held responsible if they allowed their soil to be used to launch attacks against Iran.

... and so on, yadda yadda. Sounds like some empty scimitar rattling to me. But I love the spin. I guess when the bombs start falling they’ll announce a sudden swimming pool and well digging program. I guess we know where Baghdad Bob went after all!


All our graves are belong to you!


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Note to self: must check the Ramirez cartoons every day ...




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Firefox Annoyance


Does anyone know how to get rid of this thing? Every time I start up the new Firefox, it opens two tabs. The first tab is for their Welcome Page, the second tab is for my homepage. I’d rather not have that first tab at all. I looked through the various chrome and preference .js files, but I didn’t see this one. Maybe I’m not looking for the right thing?

I went through their website and didn’t find an answer, so I activated their online chat room assistance thingy. I sat in the queue for about half an hour, and the instant I got to the top of the queue it bounced me out. Gee, thanks.

It’s a small annoyance on an otherwise great browser. One of the super things about Firefox is that it’s so customizable, so there has to be a way to turn this off. Does anyone know how?

UPDATE:  I fixed it. All it took was reading through a few dozen of the JavaScript files to realize that the “What’s New” page is their branding page and is on by default. Then all I had to do was to edit the branding file and turn it off. Details in the comments. Cool.


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calendar   Sunday - June 29, 2008

I don’t buy it

Cover Model Dies in Fall From New York Building

imageA European Vogue cover model fell to her death from her Manhattan apartment building Saturday in an apparent suicide, a coroner ruled Sunday.

Ruslana Korshunova, 20, died around 2:30 p.m. in a fall from a building on Water Street, in Manhattan’s Financial District.

Korushnova’s New York agency and a spokeswoman for medical examiners did not immediately return telephone messages.

Originally from the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, the almond-eyed, flowing-haired Korshunova appeared in advertisements and on runways for such designers as Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci and DKNY. British Vogue hailed her as “a face to be excited about” in 2005.

Her break came when modeling booker Debbie Jones noticed her while perusing an in-flight magazine article about Korushnova’s hometown of Almaty, according to the Vogue report.

“She looked like something out of a fairytale!” Jones told the magazine. “We had to find her and we searched high and low until we did!”

Police said the fall was under investigation. Korshunova’s New York agency and a spokeswoman for medical examiners did not immediately return telephone messages.

But a bystander told The New York Post: “I heard what sounded like a gunshot or a bomb or an explosion.

“I looked down the street, and I say to the cop, “Did that person just get hit by a car?”’ said an electricity company worker, who identified himself only as Patrick, 32, of Brooklyn.

The two men raced over to the scene. “Her arms were crushed,” Patrick told the Post. “Her head was on the left side and blood was coming out in a pool.”

Police said there were no signs of a struggle in the apartment.

The window from which she fell had a balcony, which had construction netting around it that appeared to have been cut.

According to several model websites, Ruslana had just returned from a successful fashion shoot in Paris “and was on top of the world”. She would have been 20 Wednesday. Suicide? Don’t you believe it. She probably wasn’t willing to whore herself out to the Russian/Albanian/shitholistan mafias that run lower Manhattan these days. This young woman had everything going for her, and her career was just starting to take off.


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To keep and bear - a bit of original intent

US Constitution, Article I Section 8
“The Congress shall have power to ... grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water;”

What the heck does that mean?

Congress has the power to grant Letters Of Marque And Reprisal. This power allows them to write a bit of paper that can turn a privately owned boat into a warship acting on behalf of the nation.

So Congress can create what used to be called privateers. Instant Navy, just add ink to paper. Privately owned ships that are semi-pirates, but our semi-pirates. Pretty cool, but what of it?

Well, there isn’t any point to writing Letters of Marque if possession of such a letter causes a citizen to go out and have a ship built. The Navy could build the same ship in the same time. No, Letters of Marque were a bit similar to Rights of Angary in that both used pre-existing ships. But you can’t just go sticking a few dozen tons worth of iron cannon on a sailboat all willy-nilly and call it a privateer. It will either sink or tip over. Not good. Those pre-existing privately owned ships had to be designed and built from the get-go to carry cannons. And carry them they did. No one took a Letter of Marque down to the foundry and said “here’s my note, give me 3 dozen of the big ones please, plus a few tons of gunpowder”. No, those private ships were already armed.

Already armed, with privately owned cannon. Weapons of minor mass destruction. Weapons of a completely military nature. Weapons capable of, indeed designed specifically for, projecting explosive “destructive devices” with the specific intention of killing and wounding as many people as possible at one time.

Those are the kind of “arms” the Second Amendment is also talking about. Cannons similar to the privately owned ones that the British attempted to seize at Lexington and Concord. Artillery in the hands of the citizenry. Weaponry that put them on par with any standing army of the day.


and Heller was argued over pistols?


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We’re gonna need a bigger bus

It looks like they’re running out of room under the ObamaBus ...

One More Commie Who Worked For Obamie

Yeah, I’m a couple of days behind with this story. Looks like Michael Klonsky, former leader of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society [a 60’s radical commie group]), from a family of communists, Obama campaign worker with his own blog on the Obama webpage ... and a teacher, naturally ... has been thrown under the bus.

One by one we winkle out the Marxists, Stalinists, Maoists, anarchists, and assorted bomb-throwers all closely working together with Obama, and he makes them dissappear. For now. When the hell are people going to wake up? This Obama has more nasty baggage even than Bill Clinton did. At least with Clinton it was “just” his philandering and his association with some rather shady characters back in Arkansas. Obama seems to know every ultra-radical in the country. And all the preachers of hate. And the Che True Believers, even federal judges!! ... and it comes to light, at least the little light generated by the VRWC ... it gets put down as “swiftboating” and “smear” and at best gets 10 seconds on the news once. And then it gets forgotten about.

I can’t cover this better than C&S and Gateway Pundit did, so please visit them both and get the facts. And take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about him, knowing how PC edited WikiP can be. This guy is about as hard line a communist as has ever been in America.

Did we win the Cold War for nothing? Does anyone even have any idea anymore what Communism means? “When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”, except Obama seems to be the Teflon Terriertm and none of this sticks to him, or even to people’s awareness. This is just as bad a case of Willfull Blindness as we witnessed earlier in the week with Heller, as Jeff at Alphecca points out. I guess that’s what comes of living in the “Reality based” community - you get to fashion your own reality and live inside it, regardless of any of those annoying facts.


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Reflet Software (version 2.4) is available HERE
(changes in version 2.4 are noted at the bottom)

This is a stand alone program that will take an JPG image and add a lake refletion to it.

There is English translation. Of sorts.  For folks who want to sex up (Brit term) their pix.

If there’s an easier more straightforward program and FREE, I’d like to know.  I love this stuff, I just don’t understand it all.  It’s all magic.



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Former soldier, charged for making a citizens arrest:  A MUST READ PEOPLE! JUST UNBELIEVABLE.

I read this story Sunday morning, all of it.  It’s just plain incredible what our world has come to.
Of course, incredible or not, it isn’t surprising.  There really doesn’t seem to be anything that the powers that be are willing to do.
The thugs get younger and stronger and bolder and why shouldn’t they be bold?  What have they to fear?  Apparently, not a thing.
And when even the parents who can help won’t, what does that say for the future?

Read all about it!

By Adam Lusher
Last Updated: 12:11AM BST 29/06/2008

When a former soldier made a citizen’s arrest, he ended up being charged, then intimidated. Now he has lost all faith in justice.

Maria McCourt makes an unlikely gangster’s moll. Many might see her as a suburban grandmother, a data-input clerk happy with a life she describes as: “Very quiet, boring, really – just how I like it.”

Her bespectacled husband, Frank, looks like the former soldier he is, and he is proud to earn his living delivering and fitting oxygen masks for the seriously ill. The McCourts might seem like people who are likely to be on the police’s side. They were, once.

Their nervousness betrays a different story. It shows in Mrs McCourt’s antidepressants, in the pint Mr McCourt needs to steady his nerves before reliving the ordeal that “destroyed us both”.
When Mr McCourt, of Crawley, West Sussex, was confronted by youths hurling stones and threatening his wife, he thought he was within his rights to make a citizen’s arrest. Instead, police arrested the 56-year-old on suspicion of kidnapping. They treated the youths as traumatised witnesses.

They put Mr McCourt in a cell and charged him with assault. They let him live for months with the threat of a jail sentence until – after the intervention of a local MP – the Crown Prosecution Service decided that taking Mr McCourt to trial was “not in the public interest”.

Sitting in a front room full of family photographs and his wife’s ceramic ornaments, Mr McCourt has his freedom but, he says, “a little bit of me has been destroyed forever – the bit that believed in British justice, that thought I would get help when I needed it, instead of being betrayed.”

And as Mr McCourt tells his story, it does indeed seem hard not to fear what it might reveal about modern British justice.

To his neighbours, he is a hero. They had been preparing placards and planned to demonstrate outside the crown court during his trial. The police, they say, were of little use against antisocial behaviour.

Mr McCourt claims that the police were also of little use when, a fortnight after his preliminary court appearance, dog excrement was smeared on his van. “When I phoned, they said ‘We’ll give you a crime number’. That was it.”

When the intimidation continued, with a night-time call from men challenging him to a fight, the police did at least visit. Three-and-a-half hours after the men had left.

Mrs McCourt, 59, is politely incredulous at suggestions that the police might defend them. “They are extremely nice to your face,” she says. “Then they look around and think, ‘Who’s the easiest one to charge?’ We call it back-to-front Britain: the hard-working, honest people are sent to the back. The yobs go to the front of the queue.”

The McCourts’ questioning of British justice began on Sunday, February 17, with the thump of something hitting their window as they ate their evening meal. Mr McCourt emerged to see two 10-year-olds throwing stones at cars and houses.

“I asked them what they were doing. They called me an effing B, an effing C. One of them started kicking me in the legs. Maria told me to leave it, so I just said to them, ‘If you do this again, you are going to be in serious trouble.’ ”

He pauses only to note that, in another age, if his son, Marc, now 36, had behaved similarly as a child, “I would have taken him straight to the neighbours to apologise”.

Instead, Maria phoned him the next day at 3pm. “She could barely talk for crying. When I got home, she told me she had gone to walk the dogs [Tommy, Wesley and Bubbles, the couple’s small papillons].

“The two kids from the night before had come up behind her with about six others. They were prodding the dogs with sticks and saying they were going to kill them. The dogs were terrified. So was Maria.”

Mr McCourt shepherded his wife into his car as the youths hurled abuse from the end of the street, and drove her to her afternoon work shift. “They were still there when I returned, throwing whatever they could get their hands on. They put me through two hours of hell.”

He tried to find a beat bobby. There wasn’t one. “I didn’t ring 999,” he says, “because I didn’t think it was a big enough incident. I didn’t want to upset the emergency services.”

Instead, he tried phoning the antisocial behaviour “hotline” number he found in a council leaflet. “It just rang for 45 minutes. No answer, no hold music, no Greensleeves.”

(yeah, some hotline. The number is 101 and is almost useless.  What they do is take your name and addrss and the nature of your call and they log it.  That’s IT!  Then if you have to call again for the very same problem from the very same source, there’s a record of the complaint on file.  As Drew is fond of saying, Woo-Hoo. That’ll scare the little bastards, huh?)

At about 6.45pm, Mr McCourt made his fateful decision. Exploiting a lull, he slipped out of his house and round the corner. “The two 10 year-olds were beating a waste bin with sticks. I got one of them by the front of his shirt. I didn’t hurt him. I just told him, ‘You are under citizen’s arrest’.”

He marched the swearing youngster back to his house. “I told him: ‘I am not going to harm you, but I want to contact your family and the police.’ He said he was asthmatic and asked for an aspirin. Of course I fetched a tablet.”

The boy’s friend summoned a relative, who phoned the police. There was just time for the young detainee’s mother to arrive. “I offered to explain, but she was swearing as badly as her son, so I let him go. He walked to his mother calling me an effing C.” Then two police officers arrived.

“You know what?” says Mr McCourt. “I even thanked them for coming.” The officers spoke to him, then the boys. “They said, ‘There’s been a serious allegation. We must investigate. We are arresting you for kidnapping.’ I thought they were joking.” They took him to Crawley police station to be bailed, then drove him home to a wife who was “in floods of tears”.


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Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must ‘kiss my ass’ for his support : is this reported in states?

Hey, is this being reported this way back home in USA?
Seems unreal.  I mean, like him or not Clinton is supposed to be an astute politician. No?
I know both camps aren’t exactly in love with each other.  Which made a recent photo in our papers here quite embarrassing to look at with Shillary and Rama-Lama whoever hugging one another and smiling.  The photo (staged of course) looked so fake it was unbelievable.

This pix really needs a caption!

By Tim Shipman in Washington and Philip Sherwell in New York
Last Updated: 1:13AM BST 29/06/2008

Bill Clinton is so bitter about Barack Obama’s victory over his wife Hillary that he has told friends the Democratic nominee will have to beg for his wholehearted support.

Bill Clinton is still very bitter that Barack Obama beat his wife Hillary

Mr Obama is expected to speak to Mr Clinton for the first time since he won the nomination in the next few days, but campaign insiders say that the former president’s future campaign role is a “sticking point” in peace talks with Mrs Clinton’s aides.

The Telegraph has learned that the former president’s rage is still so great that even loyal allies are shocked by his patronising attitude to Mr Obama, and believe that he risks damaging his own reputation by his intransigence.

A senior Democrat who worked for Mr Clinton has revealed that he recently told friends Mr Obama could “kiss my ass” in return for his support.

A second source said that the former president has kept his distance because he still does not believe Mr Obama can win the election.

Mr Clinton last week issued a tepid statement, through a spokesman, in which he said he “is obviously committed to doing whatever he can and is asked to do to ensure Senator Obama is the next president of the United States “.

Mr Obama was more effusive at his unity event with Mrs Clinton on Friday, speaking fondly of the absent former president, who attended Nelson Mandela’s birthday celebrations in London instead. The candidate told the crowd: “I know how much we need both Bill and Hillary Clinton as a party. They have done so much great work. We need them badly.”

But his aides said he has so far concentrated on cementing relations with Mrs Clinton first. They say they are content to let relations with Mr Clinton thaw gradually.

It has long been known that Mr Clinton is angry at the way his own reputation was tarnished during the primary battle when several of his comments were interpreted as racist.

But his lingering fury has shocked his friends. The Democrat told the Telegraph: “He’s been angry for a while. But everyone thought he would get over it. He hasn’t. I’ve spoken to a couple of people who he’s been in contact with and he is mad as hell.

“He’s saying he’s not going to reach out, that Obama has to come to him. One person told me that Bill said Obama would have to quote kiss my ass close quote, if he wants his support.

“You can’t talk like that about Obama - he’s the nominee of your party, not some house boy you can order around.

“Hillary’s just getting on with it and so should Bill.”

Another Democrat said that despite polls showing Mr Obama with a healthy lead over Republican John McCain, Mr Clinton doesn’t think he can win.

The party strategist, who was allied to one of the early rivals to Mr Obama and the former First Lady, said Mr Clinton was “very unhopeful” about the nominee’s prospects in November.

“Bill Clinton knows the party will unite behind Obama, but he is telling people he doesn’t believe Obama can win round voting groups, especially working-class whites, in the swing states,” the strategist said.

“He just doesn’t think Obama will be able to connect with the voters he needs.”

Joe Klein, the author of Primary Colours, a fictionalised account of Mr Clinton’s 1992 election, who has known the former president for 20 years, said he also heard that he was “very, very bitter”, from people who have spoken with him.

“It’s time for him to get over it or go off and do his charitable work. He knows the rules of the road. What’s going on now is kind of strange. I think his behaviour is really, really shocking.”


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calendar   Saturday - June 28, 2008

Slow Blogging Day

I was at a party all afternoon. I got roped into the setup and the cleanup. Tired now. And not a whole lot happening out in the world right this instant. So here’s a contender for what could be the world’s dullest blog post. Or not. You never know!

Woo Hoo, Free Caulk!!

Discover single-use, disposable caulk! Beautifying your home has never been so simple.

  • Easy-to-handle package
  • Packaged specifically for one-time use to minimize waste and eliminate storage
  • No instruction, experience, or additional tools required
  • Cut down prep time and clean-up time
  • Small enough to store in small spaces, such as the kitchen drawer
  • Easier to dispense with one hand, eliminating the need for a gun or excess tools
  • Reduce unnecessary waste by evenly dispensing from front to back of package
  • Help create a neat, even bead despite changes in pressure
  • Perfect size for most common caulking jobs

Customers are thrilled!!
“I received my sample just in time, as my husband needed to re-caulk the bathroom sink. Was he ever surprised that I had this handy dandy little container with just the right amount too!! Easy to use. Kudos!”

Follow this link and get yours RIGHT NOW! (sorry, US residents only)

Yes, I know. It’s an advert. But really ... could there be an ad campaign more dull than Free Caulk? Find one and link to it in the comments. Winner gets ... free caulk!!


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Heinz mayonnaise advert with two men kissing (freekin GAK)

Just what the hell were these ppl thinking?
And the photo published in all the papers are disgusting.  GAK, indeed.  Story is from The Daily Mail

Heinz mayonnaise advert with two men kissing set to become most complained of the year
By Paul Revoir Last updated at 8:52 AM on 24th June 2008

A mayonnaise advert showing two men kissing has been withdrawn after it led to more than 200 complaints.

Heinz confirmed last night that it had withdrawn the television commercial for its Deli Mayo following ‘consumer feedback’.

The ad was launched a week ago yesterday and had been due to run for five weeks.

Heinz said it was no longer aired after last Friday.

Nigel Dickie, of Heinz UK, said: ‘It is our policy to listen to consumers. We recognise that some consumers raised concerns over the content of the ad and this prompted our decision to withdraw it.

‘The advertisement, part of a short-run campaign, was intended to be humorous and we apologise to anyone who felt offended.’

The advertising watchdog has yet to confirm if it will investigate the Heinz commercial, one of the most complained about commercials this year.

Viewers said it was ‘offensive’, ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unsuitable to be seen by children’, while some parents were angry that they had been forced to explain same-sex relationships to their youngsters who asked them about the ad.

The commercial shows a family scene with a young boy and girl getting ready to go to school.

They refer to a man making sandwiches in the kitchen as ‘mum’.

He is dressed like a delicatessen worker and has a New York accent.

Their father enters the kitchen, grabs a sandwich and says to the man: ‘See you tonight, love’.

The ‘mum’ then shouts back ‘Hey, ain’t you forgetting something’, before the two men kiss.

‘Mum’ then tells him: ‘Love you. Straight home from work sweetcheeks.’

It finishes with the slogan: ‘Heinz Deli Mayo – Mayo with a New York Deli flavour.’


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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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