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Well, the Minister of Equality, Harriet Harman is proposing a Sex and Race bill to make some folks more equal then others, I guess to make up for lost time. Or the past.

This story appeared in yesterdays Telegraph but I wasn’t online at all and so couldn’t post it.  But I saved the article and have it in front of me.
Running into usual BS and stupid unorganized archive at The Telegraph. Just isn’t bringing up the article.

I’ve searched Google and come up empty, and even typing in whole lines isn’t bringing it up at the papers website.  This happens often at the Telegraph. I sure wish they’d hire some of the brighter types at the Daily Mail to show em how it’s done.
Anyway ....  Here’s the meat of the item, see what ya make of it.

Story is by political correspondent, James Kirkup.

NEW laws designed to give women and people from ethnic minorities greater equality at work could become a “bureaucratic nightmare” it has been claimed.

Harriet Harman, the Equalities Minister, has published a Government Bill that would allow employers to carry out “positive discrimination” in favor of female and non white job applicants.

Employers will also be put under pressure to publish details of workers average salaries to help close the gender gap in pay raises.

The bill will make it lagal for an employer choosing between equally capable candidates for a job to discriminate in favor of female and non-white applicants.

She says employers will not be “obliged” to use disciminatory hiring but would be allowed to do so voluntarily.


Or maybe not in light of today’s world.  But hey, a baby photo of her son?  Porn?

Mother told baby’s bare bottom is pornographic
By Laura Clout
Last Updated: 10:52AM BST 26/06/2008

When Gail Jordan found an old photograph of her son as a bouncing baby, she thought it would make the perfect adornment for the top of his 21st birthday cake.

But staff at Asda, whom she asked to transfer the print, refused to help unless Miss Jordan agree to censor the picture, because it showed the child’s bare bottom.

(Asda is a like a Walmart with a market.)

They claimed that the photograph - which featured her son David as a five-month-old baby, and lying on his front - could be pornographic, and insisted on covering his backside with a strategically-placed star.

Miss Jordan, 41, said went to a branch of Asda in Liscard, Wirral, with the picture to take advantage of their £9.97 offer to ice a birthday cake with a photo printed on top.

The care worker said: “They said it could be anyone’s child so it could be deemed pornographic.

“But I was asking to have it printed on a 21st birthday cake, so surely it was pretty obvious that it was my son.

“It’s ridiculous - I understand they have rules, but there ought to be a place for common sense as well.”

“In the end they would only do it with a star over his bottom, which to be honest made the whole thing even more hilarious.”

A spokesman for Asda said: “We have a policy, as do many other retailers, of no nudity, whatever the age of the subject.

“In this case we offered a number of alternatives including enlarging and cropping the photo, increasing the border size or applying a strategically placed star to save his blushes.”


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The MET, (metropolitian police, or Scotland Yard to us Ynks) is under fire and being accused of ,,, the BIG ‘ISM.’

This is funny too because this policeman, the top guy at the MET, prides himself on being Politically Correct.  I don’t say that, he does. Those are his words.
He has actually bragged in the past about just how politically correct he is.  And no surprise of course, it’s reflected a lot in his dept.

Meanwhile, and I’ll post the whole story if I can re-locate same, it is being seriously proposed that the law on equality needs some fine tuning here to make non whites and women a bit more equal. I could not make that up.  Two ppl looking for the same job, if both equal but one is minority or female and the other white,
screw the whitey and hire the minority.

Stay Tuned.

Sir Ian Blair and the civil war at the MetBy Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent

Page 1 of 3Last Updated: 11:16PM BST 27/06/2008

As a keen historian and Oxford academic, it would not surprise Britain’s most senior policeman, Sir Ian Blair, to find that his enemies are those he should be able to trust most.


And surely it is the ultimate irony that the man so often derided for what is perceived to be his excessive political correctness, should be embroiled in a new leadership crisis after being accused of racial discrimination by two Asian colleagues.

On Monday, a Commander with 20 years service at the Met said that the Commissioner had sidelined black and Asian detectives in order to surround himself with a “golden circle” of handpicked favourites.

Shabir Hussain told an employment tribunal that Sir Ian used his “very significant influence” to earmark his chosen officers for promotion at the cost of other candidates.

Two days later, Scotland Yard was sent into a panic when Tarique Ghaffur, the country’s most senior Asian officer and effectively Sir Ian’s “No.3”, quite unexpectedly became the latest and most powerful thorn in his side.

At a time when unity, loyalty and a common purpose with the chief are needed more than ever, there is civil war at the top of the Met, and the historical analogy holds.

When Brutus betrayed Julius Caesar, the conspirators attacked him in such numbers that they even wounded one another.

As one senior source revealed: “We are not sure if this is about race, so much as another battle of personalities. Sir Ian is a champion of diversity and yet here he is accused of racial discrimination - it just does not add up. But it does ask questions again about his leadership over a dysfunctional set of top officers, and how years of infighting have undermined the world’s most respected police force.”

In Sir Ian’s time as Commissioner, London has faced up to its most severe threat of terrorism since the days of the IRA, and a new epidemic of teenage gun and knife murders has blighted otherwise significant achievements on the streets of the capital. But it is the personal rivalries that most mark his reign as the country’s top policeman.

As the evidence has gathered against him, Sir Ian, who describes himself as a “bit of a limpet”, has become ever more determined to hang on.

But ominously, within some parts of Scotland Yard and beyond, there is no longer a rush to defend their embattled Commissioner. Instead, as in the last days of Tony Blair’s premiership, the focus now is on positioning for who comes next - and when.

At the start of the week, it was all looking rather good for the thin blue line as the country’s chief constables gathered in Liverpool for an annual conference involving high level discussions and long, late dinners.

On Wednesday morning, the news was all about new successes to root out teenage al-Qa’eda-inspired terrorists.

That afternoon, Scotland Yard issued a ‘feelgood’ news story about an east London shopkeeper who had handed in his entire stock of 300 lock-knives to police in a stand against knife crime.

Meanwhile at the Old Bailey, a Met murder team saw their hard work in solving a complicated domestic murder rewarded as the killers were sentenced to 20 years each.

(Meanwhile, a young mother is raped,strangled and finally stabbed to death by a miserable no good rotten “£!*^%!!, who was OUT ON BAIL for a previous murder and a looong record of violent crime.  Which pissed off the cops big time because the prosecution, they said, dropped the ball.)

But these positive headlines were soon overtaken; Sir Ian was back on the front pages, sending shock waves throughout Scotland Yard and beyond. Mr Ghaffur, it emerged, had drawn up legal documents claiming he has been humiliated, undermined and subjugated by the Metropolitan Police.

Lots more to this story here >


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Bailed terror suspect goes on the run

ok so here’s the deal Mr. Terrorist wanna be.  If you give us your promise to come back for trial, we’ll give ya bail.  Now remember, you gave your word.

Can’t help it folks.  That’s how I hear the conversation.  There are murderous cretins and they’re getting bail?  Why not?  They have rights ya know.

Bailed terror suspect goes on the run after leaving suicide note

By Richard Edwards and Duncan Gardham
Last Updated: 9:53PM BST 27/06/2008

A terrorist suspect on bail for charges linked to an alleged major suicide plot involving mass casualties has gone on the run, Scotland Yard has disclosed
The 23-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is understood to have fled during Friday prayers and left a suicide note at his home.

Under strict bail conditions, he was due to report to police at 7am on Friday. It was reported on Friday night that he escaped while at prayers in a mosque near his home, which he was allowed to attend as part of the conditions. His family are said to have contacted police after they found the note.

Scotland Yard has launched a massive manhunt, amid fears for the man’s welfare. Detectives are playing down the suggestion the note implied he was on a suicide mission to target others.

The suspect was due to stand trial later this year charged with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit explosions, amongst other alleged offences.

(and the keystone cops are worried about whose welfare ?)

He was given strict bail conditions, which amount to being under house arrest, and would have had his passport confiscated. The exact details of the conditions are unknown because the application was made in secret at court.

Police sources said they are “furious” that another terror suspect has gone on the run after being granted bail.

They have also faced problems with suspects slipping their control orders and at least three others are being hunted by police having absconded in the past year.

Zeeshan Siddiqui, a former London Underground worker linked to the leader of the July 7 bomb plot, has been missing since September last year.

He disappeared after leaping from the window of West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth, west London, where he had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Raised in Hounslow, west London, he once said he planned to run away to join the mujahideen [holy warriors] in Lebanon. He was also said to have been a friend of British suicide bomber Asif Hanif, who blew himself up in Israel in 2003.

One of the most embarrassing examples of terror suspects flouting control orders occurred in May last year.

Three men - all of whom had been placed under control orders - went on the run after failing to report to the authorities.

They included Lamine Adam, 26, and Ibrahim Adam, 20, brothers of Islamic militant Anthony Garcia, 24. Garcia was jailed for life after plotting to destroy shopping centres and nightclubs with fertiliser bombs.

Lamine worked as a Tube driver and allegedly wanted to carry out an attack on a nightclub in Britain.

The alert was sounded after the third man - Cerie Bullivant, 25 - failed to report to his local police station. He was later found.


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I always liked this guy and still have trouble understanding just what went wrong and exactly why he resigned.

My take, he was driven out by the left.  Or am I missing something?


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yeah, what they said

Via Kim, via Hog On Ice ...

RE: DC v. Heller, a 5-4 Decision

“Petitioners and today’s dissenting Justices believe that it protects only the right to possess and carry a firearm in connection with militia service.”

That should send chills down your spine. Look how close we came to losing the right to bear arms. If you’re one of the many idiots who do not understand that a vote for a liberal President is a vote for judges who will destroy your rights, you need to have your face rubbed in this sentence over and over. And if you’re stupid enough to stay home as a protest or vote for Bob Barr, helping Obama get elected, you deserve to live in North Korea. All four far-left judges wanted to repeal the Second Amendment, and the only thing that saved us was the presence of that perpetual embarrassment, Kennedy.

Had Al Gore won the 2000 election, we would not have Alito or Roberts, and the individual right to bear arms would no longer exist, and every one of us would be facing the possibility of total gun confiscation, with no constitutional remedy. We would have to rely on the good judgment of our state and local governments to protect us.

Justice Stevens is 88, Ginsburg is 75, Kennedy is 72, Scalia is 72 and Breyer is 70. Souter is only 69. Remember this in November.

So, hold your nose, close your eyes, squeeze your butt cheeks nice and tight, and pull the lever for McCain. Don’t stay home as an infantile protest. Don’t waste a vote on Barr, even if he does have a few good qualities, because he stands no chance of winning. Because with McCain in office, the chance of him putting in one, two, or three proper justices is about 60%. With Obama, it’s 0%. And that’s a stone cold guarantee.

This little warning applies to all the lower Federal judges too. If for no other reason than that, we have to elect McCain and as many other Republicans representatives as possible. We have no choice really.

Mr. Hog points out several of the weaknesses that I noticed yesterday. Ok, Heller is a step in the right direction. But this part, Scalia’s own statement, is just dead fuggin wrong:

Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms. Miller’s holding that the sorts of weapons protected are those “in common use at the time” finds support in the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons.

a) Oh yes it is. Any weapons, any way, anywhere. Go read Jefferson again.
b) concealed carry is part of the Any Way I just mentioned.
c) common use? Give me a break. “Any weapons” includes ... any weapons! Common or uncommon. If I want a Morning Star made up of razor blades, that’s my choice, not yours.
d) Dangerous? WTF? Show me a non dangerous weapon please. Dangerous to myself? Gee, life’s a risk. Dangerous to my target? That’s the weapon’s job. Dangerous to other people not targeted? Ok, that might be a valid point, but stepping down that road will soon lead to the “overpenetration” argument, and we’ll be right back at Romeny’s (et al) “excessively powerful” bullshit. Better to just sue me later for negligence.


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You’re on your own now UK

US sends home the last American Nukes from UK

The United States has quietly withdrawn its last nuclear weapons from Britain after more than half a century, a watchdog said on Thursday.
he Federation of American Scientists, which studies the U.S. nuclear arsenal, said in a report that Washington had removed its last atomic bombs from the British Royal Air Force base at Lakenheath, where they had been stationed since 1954.
At the height of the Cold War, the United States had more than 7,000 nuclear weapons in Europe. Most were withdrawn in the early 1990s, and today, Kristensen estimates the number at fewer than 240.

But the CND’s Hudson said their final removal would not effect the campaign against deploying U.S. missile defense systems in Britain—which still has its own nuclear arms.

(nuke “expert") Kristensen said it was “a puzzle” that the withdrawal had not been announced at a time when the West is arguing with Russia over weapons cuts.

“By keeping the withdrawals secret, NATO and the United States have missed huge opportunities to engage Russia directly and positively about reductions to their non-strategic nuclear weapons, and to improve their own nuclear image in the world in general,” he wrote.

Britain still has it’s own supply of bombs though. I guess that should be enough. 


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Speaking of guns … some bad news?

Army thinking about retiring Ma Deuce

After nearly 90 years of service, the US Military is looking at replacements for the venerable 50 caliber M2 machine gun, designed way back when by John Moses Browning. Egad! As far as I know these things are still being made, though I have heard that many of the M2s mounted on tanks and Humvees today started life attached to B-17s back in WWII. That would make the guns as old as the grandfathers of the young men who are using them in combat.

Probably the longest serving weapon in the U.S. military arsenal is the Browning .50-caliber M2 machine gun. Often referred to as “ma deuce” for its M2 designation, the weapon entered U.S. service at the end of World War I, being scaled up from the Browning .30-caliber M1917 machine gun. The .50-caliber weapon was initially designated M1921.

Using a round designed by Winchester, the .50-caliber machine gun was originally intended for ground troops to use against enemy troops. Subsequently, it was employed as an anti-aircraft weapon and then became the standard armament of U.S. warplanes. In 1932, the design was updated and redesignated M2.

Now, after almost 90 years of service, the U.S. Army has moved to replace Browning’s remarkable machine gun. The Army recently ordered three prototypes of a lightweight .50-caliber machine gun. Produced by General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, the weapon weighs about one-half of the current .50-caliber M2HB (Heavy Barrel) machine gun, fires with less recoil and is equipped with technology to improve accuracy, according to the company.

The Army and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) will test the new guns and then apply the lessons learned to a potential production design. Low-rate initial production could begin as soon as 2011.

It would take several years for the new weapon to replace the “ma deuce” in U.S. service. But even if it does so, the M1921/M2 would have been in service for a century.

Damn. But I wonder ... half the weight but has less recoil? That sounds like breaking the laws of physics. Unless they’ve somehow incorporated some kind of recoil sled, like on artillery. And those hydraulic buffers tend to overheat even at 1/10th the cyclic rate. Notice though, that the cartridge itself is in no danger of being done away with. Heller no!


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Heller Decision Released

  • 2A - Yes, it’s an individual right
  • DC ban unconstitutional !!
  • Miller overturned? No.
  • Gun Laws tossed? No.
  • 2A applies to the States (ie 14th Amendment)? MAYBE

SCOTUS splits 5-4 ... that alone should scare the shit out of you. This story is fresh out, all over the news, so go look there. And then jump to SCOTUS Blog for a bit of analysis and links to the documents.

At this instant in time I can only call this a tiny victory. The scope of it may take some time to become apparent. Certain things are not to my liking, but better a small victory than a major defeat?

Quotes from SCOTUS Blog:

Examining the words of the Amendment, the Court concluded “we find they guarantee the individual right to possess and carry weaons in case of confrontation” — in other words, for self-defense. “The inherent right of self-defense has been central to the Second Amendment right,” it added.

The individual right interpretation, the Court said, ”is strongly confirmed by the historical background of the Second Amendment,” going back to 17th Century England, as well as by gun rights laws in the states before and immediately after the Amendment was put into the U.S. Constitution.

Justice Scalia’s opinion stressed that the Court was not casting doubt on long-standing bans on carrying a concealed gun or on gun possession by felons or the mentally retarded, on laws barring guns from schools or government buildings, and laws putting conditions on gun sales.

In District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290), the Court nullified two provisions of the city of Washington’s strict 1976 gun control law: a flat ban on possessing a gun in one’s home, and a requirement that any gun — except one kept at a business — must be unloaded and disassembled or have a trigger lock in place.  The Court said it was not passing on a part of the law requiring that guns be licensed.  It said that issuing a license to a handgun owner, so the weapon can be used at home, would be a sufficient remedy for the Second Amendment violation of denying any access to a handgun.

Quotes from the robed 9:
“Thus, we do not read the Second Amendment to protect the right of citizens to carry arms for any sort of confrontation, just as we do not read the First Amendment to protect the right of citizens to speak for any purpose.”

Excuse me, say what?????

It this a pussy decision by the Supremes? Right now it looks that way to me. I have to spend time reading and thinking about it. And who knows what other decisions will come after this, perhaps every 70 years or so.

UPDATE - my goodness, the work that went into this decision. They have dissected each and every word, and every phrase, and it’s alginment and strength relative to every other word and phrase. Then traced the history of each word and phrase, back to the year 1. Now I’m at the part where they discuss the history, and who wrote what when, and what that author meant when he wrote it. And every part they bring up, so far anyway, says essentially “HANDS OFF”. So I’m very interested in reading more to see how they go from these dozens of utterly unequivocal statements to the “it’s Ok for the right to be a limited one” that I think is the bottom line. It’s going to be a long night, or a long couple of days, as I’ve got things to do.

But, seeing how this right is universal to our citizens, I will venture an opinion: do we really need anything more than the Instant Background Check thingy we have today? As long as it can check to see a) have you been convicted of an offense that takes away your right to guns and that penalty still applies? and b) have you been found to be mentally incapable of handling the responsibility, and that judgement still applies? and that the government can be responsible in keeping the data up to date and accurate ... that’s enough. All transactions would have to go through one of these checks, and that’s it. No other rules are needed, anywhere. None. They aren’t needed. Because RIGHTS specify some of the things that you may do, and LAWS punish you for what you have done. It’s a Before and After thing. Anybody who has passed the check should be able to buy, own, and carry any kind of weapon anywhere at any time (my wife adds the interesting viewpoint that on private property if the owner wishes to deny you that right, then it should then become his duty and responsibility to provide security for you!). It is only when you MISUSE that right that the laws come into play. That’s all that laws do. They aren’t made out of magic. Passing a law doesn’t somehow make it impossible to take a certain action. Not at all. At best, law becomes part of a feedback loop; the citizen knows that X is illegal and understands why, and why this is right, and then adds X to the things he or she doesn’t do, and eventually incorporates the idea into their moral base. That’s the only way that law stops anyone from doing anything. For the most part, law only comes around later, after the fact, and puts the bite on you. And that’s my 2 cents at this point.


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what the heck

The mysteries of BMEWS ... I’ve been trying to update things a little. I think I managed to delete the Recon forum, but then I was poking around and I found another forum? What the heck? You didn’t tell me about that one Mr. C. !

So it exists, but it hasn’t been used in a while. I don’t know where the link on the main page went to, or when, but I’ve been a member here for years and I don’t recall ever seeing it. But this link will take you there. For me it was interesting reading, since most of the posts are quite old. But Rancino was using it as recently as last fall, and member “Philander” was there in late October. Other posts are by users I don’t recognize either, though a couple of the old timer’s names are familiar. And Peiper seems to be in charge of several parts of it.

Geex, the things management has to find out for themselves. This is like finding that the employees have had a secret break room in the basement for years, and I never knew. What a sneaky bunch!

I don’t even have an idea how to kill this one. I can’t even tell you how I found it. So go there and use it, all you secret members. Including you, Ozarkmatt, who logged in while I was writing this post!

I think I’m pissed. Yup. What other secret places are hiding around here, frequented by secretive users who never comment on the main page, that I’m paying for? What, you think this blog came with instructions, a user manual, and a map? Like hell it did.

UPDATE: Ok, I installed a link over by the Log In area to the “Freedom Forum”. Which means members can go there and post and comment to their heart’s content. It’s yours to play in, though I still own it. I might post there, I might comment there. But I won’t be playing Daddy there, until somebody skins their knees and comes crying. So try and behave, a little bit at any rate. Not that I need to say that, seeing how polite and erudite this generation of BMEWS members are. Enjoy.


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Lockheed During WWII
Lockheed During W.W.II This is pretty neat--special effects during the 1940’s:

During World War II the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to protect it from Japanese air attack.
They covered it with camouflage netting to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air.

Gotta hand it to Hollywood set designers as well.  Just something of interest that isn’t politics or crime.




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Happiness is new lead

Sixteen to the Pound


Happy Day!! Not only did my tax return check show up today, I also got my first batch of new bullets from my west coast friend Maurice. You think I’m a gun junkie? Ha!! He made the last batch from straight wheel weights and they worked just fine. This batch is cast from a complicated formula that uses wheel weights, bar solder, birdshot, and linotype and results in an alloy very very close to the proverbial Lyman #2 alloy, but with added arsenic. This means they can be heat hardened to a very high degree, and that the hardening should last a long time. And hardened lead can be shot faster without leaving a mess.

You see, the thing about lead is that it is very soft. So soft, in fact, that you can’t actually shoot pure lead bullets very fast without them tearing up a lot inside the barrel of your gun. So bullet casters add some tin, some antimony, and sometimes some arsenic to the mix. In the right proportions you wind up with an alloy that is thick enough to carry plenty of mass for a good hard hitting bullet, thin enough so that the liquid metal can easily fill all the little nooks and crannies in the mould, soft enough so that it will distend - what shooters call mushrooming - when it hits something, thereby cutting a much bigger hole, yet hard enough so that it can take the high pressures necessary to launch the bullet at a respectable velocity. This ought to be the perfect mix. I have to send him a quick Thank You email, and find out if this bunch has been water hardened, or heat hardened, or just air dropped. Then I have to go about figuring the proper amounts of the right kind of gunpowder to shoot them at the right pressure, and see if they’re accurate. If he hasn’t oven treated them, I’ll set a dozen aside and cure them in my own oven, and see if that makes a difference.

Ooh, what lovely things these bullets are. They might look pretty messy to you, but that mess you see is the lubricant. He gave them a double dip in the Lee Liquid Alox lube, before and after sizing them to .460”. I’ll wipe the extra off after they’ve been loaded up. The bullets pictured here are cast from the very well designed Ranch Dog TLC 460-425 RF mold and weigh in at 433 grains each - almost exactly one entire ounce per bullet. Which is exactly what they should weigh. The bit of brass on the end is actually a bit of brass. It’s called a gas check and helps to keep the furnace hot burning gunpowder gases from messing up the end of the bullet when you shoot it. Plus it helps seal the bore a little, and that usually adds to the velocity. There are two aspects to the Ranch Dog bullet design that make it superior. All their bullets are actually designed to shoot in lever action rifles, which means the bullets can’t be very pointy. Ranch Dog developed the nose shape to feed perfectly in these rifles, plus made the nose as aerodynamic as possible given that it has a significant meplat. The meplat is the name for the flat end of the nose of the bullet. A big meplat cuts a big hole in your target, instead of just pushing things to the side the way pointy bullets do. A large meplat adds to the drag, but vastly increases the bullet’s hitting power, even if the bullet doesn’t mushroom.  The other great part of the Ranch Dog design is the number and shape of the lubrication grooves. Most cast bullets only have one or two grooves. Sometimes 3. This one has 8. Nearly half the bearing surface - the parallel sides of the main body of the bullet that rub against the inside of the barrel - is lubricant. This means the Ranch Dog is a very low friction bullet, which means it will shoot faster at a given amount of gas pressure. And faster is almost always better. Now add in the nature of the alloy and the hardening, and you’ve got a bullet that can be pushed very hard but is still soft enough to expand to about 1” in diameter when it hits the target. Like a deer. Or a bear. Or an elk. And a bigger hole, all the way through and out the other side, is always better. Always.

I have a very strong “magnum throated” .45-70 (almost a .45-90) rifle so I can safely test these bullets at pressures in the 52,000 psi range. With the right powders it should not be hard to get these babies going 2000 feet per second. Maybe 2100. Yes, that’s nearly as much power as an elephant gun. But I figure, hey, what with Global Warming and all, I’d best be prepared in case those pesky polar bears starting invading New Jersey.

Whoo hoo! I needed an excuse to go shooting anyway. 


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A schoolboy aged 12 has been identified after sending beheading videos to his classmates

This future killer, and make no mistake, he will, arrived in Britain as an asylum seeker in July 2005, and at the age of eight allegedly assisted a nine-year-old and a 12-year-old boy in the forced rape of his sister.
Sweet kid huh?

I suppose the state will care for the evil little bastard for who knows how long, declare him fixed, after which he’ll do his thing. And he’ll be bigger and stronger and healthier no doubt.

Why not save society the head and heartache by wasting his worthless butt now.  Oh nooooooo, can’t do that.  First, EU won’t approve and besides, it might violate his human rights.

What about the the rights of the average citizen to be protected from scum like this?  Huh?  Average citizens have rights too? When did they get those? duh!

Blond, white schoolboy is al-Qa’eda extremist, say police
By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
Last Updated: 5:20PM BST 25/06/2008

A schoolboy aged 12 has been identified as an al-Qaeda inspired extremist after sending beheading videos to his classmates, police have disclosed.
Anti-terrorism chiefs have said the example revealed how violent extremism is spreading “like a virus infecting young minds”.

The blonde, white schoolboy from West Yorkshire is among 120 people being dealt with by police in a new anti-terrorism scheme targeting al-Qa’eda inspired youths.

He has been identified only by the initials BC and was reported by his school after he was found circulating video clips of terrorists beheading Westerners.

Sir Norman Bettison, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, said: “That was bad enough, but he also has an unnatural interest in guns and weapons.

“He spoke openly of his wish to be a sniper and spoke of his curiosity of what it would be like to kill someone.”

Sir Norman described him as an “angelic looking boy” whose police mugshot showed a fair-haired child so short that his head was barely in the frame of the camera.

“He is at risk of being a violent young man and a threat to society,” the chief constable said.

(No, he isn’t at any risk at all.  It’s all the rest of us that will be at risk from this evil,vile pointless shit. Why is he still breathing?)

“He is not a Muslim. He is not driven by ideology – he is too young to spell the word.

“But he is being influenced and intoxicated by the imagery and appeal of Jihadist and other internet violence.”

Sir Norman, speaking at a conference of police chiefs in Liverpool, said that the internet helped to peddle the “virus”.

He added: “We know that there is a latent sense of grievance in the minds of many young people which, in the right conditions, can lead to the desire for violent expression.

“What happens if they learn how to build and deploy an explosive device that will cause mass casualties? Or if core al-Qa’eda can get their hands on these people to act as mules for a more sophisticated attack?”

The police chief urged every parent – particularly Muslims – to address the issue of extremism with their children.

“The al-Qa’eda brand of violent extremism continues to spread like a virus infecting young minds,” he said.

“Every young Muslim will be introduced to ideas around al-Qa’eda and a ‘global struggle’. I don’t see how you can avoid it in 2008.”

The 12-year-old boy arrived in Britain as an asylum seeker in July 2005, and at the age of eight allegedly assisted a nine-year-old and a 12-year-old boy in the forced rape of his sister, although he was never prosecuted, police revealed.

He is now being handled under a scheme known as the Channel Project, which has been running for the past nine months.

The number of suspects uncovered so far – 124 - was “higher than expected”, Sir Norman added.

They have been referred to the police and other agencies by schools, community leaders, mosques and others.

“We are trying to intervene early. We are trying to snuff out violent extremism,” said Sir Norman.

Sir Norman said none of the referrals had been prosecuted because officers were attempting to avoid using anti-terror laws against anyone identified by the scheme.

“Throwing the book at them in terms of the Prevention of Terrorism Act would be complete overkill,” the chief constable said.

(Overkill? Overkill?  Considering what’s he’s already done re. rape of his sister, there’s no such thing as overkill. Not in his case. He needs to be dead ASAP)
“We are not talking about criminal actions. We are talking about vulnerable kids.”

Two other cases highlighted by the senior policeman were Muslim youths, known only as NH and YH, who were both 15 when they were reported by their communities because they were showing extremist and racist tendencies.

New figures revealed that 36 people were convicted of terror-related offences last year and 31 have been convicted already this year, with several trials ongoing. Around 140 are on remand awaiting trial.

Bob Quick, the head of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “The threat has not lessened in any way to that we have seen in the past four summers.”

We know that there is a latent sense of grievance in the minds of many young people which, in the right conditions, can lead to the desire for violent expression
Sir Norman Bettison, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire


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First I must say I got this story originally from Kim du Toit at The Other Side of Kim.

This really takes the cake if I may use an old and overworked expression.  And to happen in the USA?  The USA?

Uh huh, read all about it.  If you don’t lose your cool on this one you are indeed made of iron. Or stone. Or are just a very calm person.
My first instinct would have been to grab a gun.  But of course, in that case I might be writing from jail assuming I’d be allowed a computer.
But this story really burns me.  And all over freekin GYM?  GYM?


May 25, 2008—Bronx HS of Science senior Michel Dussack has a “B” average, an 1890 SAT score and an almost full college scholarship for the fall.

But Dussack’s mother was accused of “educational neglect” two weeks ago and was reported to the city’s child-services agency - because she missed a scheduled meeting to discuss her son possibly failing gym.

Karen Dussack, 40, is now under investigation by the Administration for Children’s Services, the city’s welfare agency that protects kids from neglect and abuse.

Two caseworkers from the ACS showed up at Dussack’s door in Bayside, Queens, on May 14. The ACS interviewed Karen and her husband, also named Michel, as well as their two children, Michel and his sister, Deborah, 11. They checked the home for smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors and examined the contents of the refrigerator.

The visit lasted two hours. Afterward, someone from the agency interviewed a representative from Deborah’s school, MS 158 in Queens, and the family pediatrician over the phone.

“It was humiliating,” Karen said.

The Department of Education has a policy of reporting parents whose children are absent 10 consecutive days or 20 days over four months.

The department would not disclose Michel’s attendance records. But in a conversation between Bronx Science officials, ACS representatives and the Dussacks recorded by the family and played for The Post, it was revealed he only had eight unexcused absences.

The nonconsecutive days were for family deaths and illnesses, and his mom said she knew about them.

Sources at the department told The Post that since the case of Nixzmary Brown, who was absent 46 times in one school year and killed in January 2006 by her abusive stepfather, school officials have been encouraged to enforce the absence policy strictly.

There were 8,712 educational-neglect cases reported to the state during the 2006-07 school year, with 36 percent substantiated. The previous year, 8,302 cases were reported, with 42 percent substantiated. Both those numbers are steep rises from the 5,542 cases reported for the 2004-05 school year, before the Nixzmary case. That year, 33 percent of cases were substantiated.

“The school has a responsibility of forcing a parent to attend to a child’s education,” said Bronx Science Principal Valerie Reidy. “I’m sorry this family’s lives were thrown into upheaval, but my job is to protect the children in my school.”

Reidy said the school was having trouble getting Karen Dussack to come to school to discuss Michel’s gym situation so the school guidance counselor reported the family as “the last resort.”

But Dussack said she only missed a scheduled meeting because her daughter hurt her foot playing softball and had to see a doctor. She admitted she didn’t reschedule, but told school officials she was dealing with Michel’s lack of participation in gym - often caused by his asthma.

During the recorded meeting, the ACS told school officials there was no educational neglect in Dussack’s case.

Kim Sweet, executive director of nonprofit group Advocates for Children, noted her group often gets calls from parents hit with false charges and said, “When schools are frustrated with a problem, they reach for educational neglect even though they know it’s not really the right option.”

Dussack, whom Michel called “a great mom,” said, “I more than understand the need to protect children, but there have to be safeguards.”

“Right now, parents have to look over their shoulders. They can get charged with neglect for anything, it seems. That’s an abuse of power.”

“What happened to me can’t happen to other people,” she said. “It’s just so wrong.”

The Department of Education’s Office of Special Investigations is reviewing the school’s actions.

Department spokeswoman Margie Feinberg told The Post mandated reporting helps pinpoint abuse faster.


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High Court rejects bid to block EU treaty.  (This Sceptered Isle)

I know I’m always banging on about how I think England is losing it’s sovereignty.  Well, that’s because I believe it is.
It won’t all finish in my lifetime cause I’m fairly old now.  It’ll take a bit more time to happen but I think unless things reverse, it will eventually happen.

And the same can be said for the USA, where no matter where you look, it sure looks like the left is in control.  NOT a good thing for any of us.

Their strength (the left) is in how easily ppl have accepted political correctness.  Politicians apologize at the slightest hint that someone in their party has been critical of a member of a minority. Gasp!  Good example this week is London’s mayor,Boris Johnson.  Showing a loss of that which would make him manly, he quickly distanced himself from a perfectly innocent aide who said nothing.  But of course the professional victims come out of their holes with dripping fangs etc. and like any politician Boris abandoned one of his people.  The USA isn’t any different.  Look what happened to Trent Lott a few yrs ago.
Over what?  Nothing.  And he crawled and he apologized and wept. Didn’t he?  And he also said nothing.

I guess that’s how it starts. And everybody accepts what we can’t change and so things continue while we diversify, make nice to foreign countries less civilized and who wouldn’t exist but for the UK and USA.  And genuflect at the alter of multi-cultism.  No, that isn’t spelled wrong.  That’s how I see it.
I suppose this is as good a place as any to quote Drew.  “Gak.”

LONDON (Reuters) - The High Court rejected a lawsuit on Wednesday that sought to halt the country’s approval of an EU reform treaty.

Businessman Stuart Wheeler had brought the case to try to force the government to block the ratification of the Lisbon treaty, which seeks to streamline decision-making in the 27-member bloc.

“We have found nothing in the claimant’s case to cast doubt on the lawfulness of ratifying the Lisbon treaty without a referendum,” the judge, Lord Justice Stephen Richards, said in his ruling. He also refused Wheeler leave to appeal, saying: “We are satisfied an appeal has no prospect of success.”

Wheeler immediately said his lawyers would take the case further and apply to the Court of Appeal for permission to challenge the verdict.

The Lisbon treaty is already in jeopardy because it was rejected this month by Irish voters in a referendum and must be adopted by all 27 EU members to take force.

The treaty replaces an EU constitution that was rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005. This time around, Ireland has been the only country to allow its voters a say in a referendum.

The British government had promised a referendum on the EU constitution before it was scuppered, but says it did not need one on the Lisbon treaty, and parliament has now approved it for ratification.

The government says it stands by the principle that the treaty cannot come into force without Irish consent, but other EU members are still entitled to proceed with ratification.

The High Court judge called on the government last Friday to delay the formal ratification of the until he had ruled on the legal challenge.

(Reporting by Peter Graff and Kate Kelland, editing by Keith Weir)


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