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best job in the world

You get paid, you get free clothes, food, shelter, medical care. You get the most amazing high tech gee whiz toys to play with ... and sometimes you get to push the little red button:

via Yahoo News

Top al-Qaida commander dies in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A missile from a U.S. Predator drone struck a suspected terrorist safehouse in Pakistan and killed a top al-Qaida commander believed responsible for a brazen bomb attack during a visit last year by Vice President Dick Cheney to Afghanistan, a U.S. official said Thursday.

The strike that killed Abu Laith al-Libi was conducted Monday night or early Tuesday against a facility in Pakistan’s north Waziristan region, the lawless tribal area bordering Afghanistan, the official said on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss the strike publicly.

An estimated 12 people were killed in the strike, including Arabs, Turkman from central Asia and local Taliban members, according to an intelligence official in the area who spoke on condition of anonymity. He said the bodies of those killed were badly mangled by the force of the explosion and it was difficult to identify them.

Achmed, pass me the tweezers, I’ve got another one! Um, I think.

The U.S. says al-Libi — whose name means “the Libyan” in Arabic — was likely behind the February 2007 bombing at the U.S. base at Bagram in Afghanistan during a visit by Cheney. The attack killed 23 people but Cheney was deep inside the sprawling base and was not hurt.

The Libyan? But, but I thought old Mohmar was sitting this one out? But I did hear a rumor last week that one of his sons was “going native”. Do ya think ...?

Pakistani officials denied any knowledge of al-Libi’s death. A Web site that frequently carries announcements from militant groups said al-Libi had been “martyred with a group of his brothers in the land of Muslim Pakistan” but gave no further details.

Residents near the Pakistani town of Mir Ali in North Waziristan said they could hear U.S. Predator drones flying in the area shortly before the explosion, which destroyed the compound.

That’s right raggies ... listen for the faint noise ... you won’t see it, but you’ll know it’s up there ... maybe looking at you right now, day or night ... wondering if you’re worth it. So the question you’ve got to ask yourself is - do I feel lucky today? Well, do ya?

Pakistani security officials said the four top operatives were believed killed in the strike. They included Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar, who the U.S. Justice Department called an explosives and poisons expert; Abu Obaidah al-Masri, the al-Qaida chief responsible for attacks on U.S. forces in eastern Afghanistan; and Abdul Rehman al-Maghribi, a Moroccan and relative of al-Zawahri, possibly his son-in-law. Some of the officials also said a fourth man, Khalid Habib, the al-Qaida operations chief along the Afghan-Pakistan border, was believed to be dead.

Rosenbach said militants who rise to No. 3 al-Qaida positions, like al-Libi, are often in charge of planning operations, exposing them to capture or death. Others he named included Mohammed Atef, who was killed, and Abu Faraj al-Libbi, who was captured.

It has to be one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. They generally don’t last longer than a year — mostly because the al-Qaida chief of operations has a large ‘signature’ resulting from planning operations,” he said. ”Our intelligence has done an excellent job in tracking them down.”

Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about.


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide


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Those amazing swiss do it again

I’ve always been impressed by the specialty foods made for hikers and campers. Whatever the food is, the hiking version weighs next to nothing, tastes like sand, and costs 20 times as much as the regular one. I remember SqueezMeez, Space Food Snacks, powdered ice cream, and all those expensive silvery pouches of dehydrated stuff, that when you add water to them, taste about as good as an old school MRE.

Well fear not, Katadyn - the company that makes those neat little water filters backpackers love - now brings you real food for the modern age, packaged the old fashioned way.

Introducing ... Cheeseburger In a Can !!


Of course, it’s only available in Europe for now, but for a mere €3.95 - about $6 US - you can have something like a McDonald’s Moment no matter where you are. Being Europeans, they suggest washing this epicureal thrill down with a nice glass of powdered wine, which they also sell. No word on whether the burger is available with freeze dried bacon or dehydrated french fries.

The world’s first Canned Cheeseburger ensures enjoyable meals in the mountains and other extreme situations. People who take advantage of the vast experience of an expedition food specialist such as Trekking-Mahlzeiten for cooking their outdoor meals will get more out of life: more pleasure, less weight to carry, and more time for other things.

The Swiss amaze me. What will they come up with next?


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A bit of misdirection in the news

W.Va. may offer gun training in schools

When you see a title like that on a news item, what do you think the story will be about? It sounds like West Virginia is getting on board Kim Dutoit’s NoR idea, “Turning America back into ... A Nation of Riflemen ... one citizen at a time”. Then spend a quarter nanosecond thinking how the libs will react to that title!

But when you go and read the article , you find out that the proposed training isn’t about marksmanship or militarism, it’s a proposal that the state run the hunter safety training classes. Which is how it was in NY when I took the class ... 33 years ago? Egad.

But I do like the concept behind the proposal. Like every other state, West Virginia is losing hunters over time. More and more land is being Posted so there are fewer places for the average person to go hunt. And lack of hunting leads to some species going wild and overpopulating areas, like the deer and the Canadian geese do in NJ. So West Virginia is trying to reach out, and provide safety instruction to all potential hunters there ... and in W VA you can hunt at 10. (hmm, didn’t we have a post about children in the UK hunting with guns just a couple weeks ago?)

This proposal may also be a bit of a power play, because currently hunter safety training there is not run by the government. So it’s a certainty they’ll talk about “standards”, and this educational effort will then become a minor part of the state’s revenue stream. But if the kids are already in the school building you don’t have to worry about them getting to the classes.

From reader PGrossJr, here’s the link.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A significant drop in the number of hunters in West Virginia has left a hole in the state’s budget, and one lawmaker thinks he has a solution: Allow children to receive hunter training in school.

Children as young as 10 years old are already eligible for hunting licenses in the state, but training courses are typically offered outside of school. Proponents of the plan hope embedding training during school hours boosts interest.

Seventh- through ninth-graders could opt for instruction in topics ranging from survival skills to gun safety, but the weapons would have dummy ammunition or be disabled. Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey, who introduced the bill this month, doesn’t envision students firing real guns during class time.

Well duh. I don’t think the kids should have options here; give them all of it. But letting them handle real guns with dummy ammo ... cool! We had to watch that ancient film where the stupid hunter shoots at the buck on the hilltop, misses and plugs some guy on the other side right between the eyes. That one was even grosser than the old “you’re all gonna die” films from Driver’s Ed.

To secure a license, (W VA) residents have to complete at least 10 hours of training and be at least 10 years old when they take the test, which includes demonstrating proper gun safety. Would-be hunters have to show they can load and unload a gun, carry it across obstacles, and keep the muzzle pointed in the right direction. The fee for a license is $33.

Is 10 hours enough? Granted my class was perhaps 4 hours, but I’ve heard that many states require 40 hours. On the other hand, the Pistol Safety class I went to was about the most worthless thing I’d ever attended. Even the instructors were falling asleep halfway through it. So I’d say the content is more important than the hours, but you want to hammer in the key points many times when you’re dealing with kids. Is there an exam? I don’t know. If the boys are still in Scouts, do they get the various gun merit badges from this? I don’t know that either.


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Cervids in the Hood

With cases such as the deer hunting in New Jersey and Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism one sees a dismayingly common trait among Progressives, that of ignoring what is plainly before them, denying it, or suppressing it. It doesn’t exist, it’s not true, only an utter cad would dare to mention it. The left isn’t interested in discussing matters, but in getting adults to concede to their delusion of reality.

Odd note, just as I was typing this the local Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw show ran the Argument Clinic bit from Monty Python. Sometimes things happen that are just appropriate to what you’re talking about.

The point is, our Progressives are unwilling to discuss things that refuse to conform to what they insist must be true. Whether it be terrorism, thugs, individual initiative, or even diet, it lines up not with their thinking it has to be bogus. Reality is not their friend, not really. When they speak of reality they are really speaking of things as they should be. They support and applaud who ever speaks in a manner they can agree with, and damn those who raise up inconvenient facts. Were it not for their enablers in academia and the media the breed would’ve gone extinct decades ago.

It’s a pity, for we could’ve been further along in the matters that matter were it not for the ultra-conservative Progressives.

(And an announcement. Considering all that I’ve learned in the past few days about American Progressives, I have concluded that my support of individual rights, personal responsibility, individual initiative, the right to self-defense and the means thereof, and the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances means I must be a liberal. You know, just like Ronald Reagan. smile )



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calendar   Wednesday - January 30, 2008

living in fatigues while serving with the Army in Iraq: Well HELLO Capt. hey-hey, good lookin’

Well, if nobody would mind and I hope not, since (with good reason) Drew posted a lovely American lady in arms earlier,
I didn’t think anyone would mind if I passed on this good looking Brit Army Capt. 
Click the link and then be sure to see the photos in Feminine and Fabulous.
I think she looks great. There’s also a video and this might be of more interest to ladies seeing this.  But even in combat gear and a gun, she’s a stunner.

So ... Cheers for our only real allies.  The Brits! (especially this one)

living in fatigues while serving with the Army in Iraq

Goodbye combats, hello Jimmy Choos

Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 28/01/2008

After living in fatigues while serving with the Army in Iraq, Claire Brown was desperate to look feminine and fabulous again. Hilary Alexander went into action

In pictures: Feminine and fabulous
Video: Claire Brown’s makeover

Reader makeovers are often a wonderful source of surprise - and our latest challenge did not disappoint. At the start, we had Senior Captain C.P.T. Brown, in command of the Light Aid Detachment, 3 Logistic Support Regiment, in fatigues and boots, her hair hidden under her beret in a tight bun.


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Bye bye Silky!

Edwards is out. Hairspray stocks tumble. searches for new comic material. Nobody else even notices.

In more important news, Michelle Malkin wonders about the next CNN GOP debate -

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have at least one bona fide conservative questioner on the CNN debate panel tomorrow night when the GOP candidates meet at the Reagan Library?

I can think of exactly two guys - actual Conservatives - who would ask the tough questions and not put up with evasive answers. Just two. Fred, who would be very uncomfortable being there. And


The Mustache of Truth


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Damn that Global Warming! - Snowfall shuts down Jerusalem

An Ultra-Orthodox Jew and Palestinian youths walk in the streets of East Jerusalem during a snow storm, 30 January 2008.

A heavy overnight snowstorm blanketed Jerusalem and other parts of the Holy Land in white on Wednesday, closing schools and stores and grounding public transportation.

The sense of excitement among Israelis, used to warm Middle Eastern weather, was palpable.

Children threw snowballs on slushy streets, and weather reports topped local newscasts, eclipsing an upcoming government report on the 2006 war in Lebanon that could pressure Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign.

Apparently it snows a couple times during a normal winter in Jerusalem, but not in amounts like this. Here I am sitting in MD about an hour and a half from DC and we’ve only seen a cumulative total of about 2 in of snow so far this winter. NOT FAIR, I tell you! 


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To call it ‘war’ makes soldiers of terrorists

From an editorial in The Telegraph

To call it ‘war’ makes soldiers of terrorists

Our Government announced the end of the “war on terror” last week. It is not that terrorism has disappeared, simply that British officials have been warned to desist from declaring openly that we are at “war” with its exponents.

This is a sensible move: there is nothing that terrorists crave so deeply as the moral status of soldiers, even while they reserve for themselves the terrorist’s freedom to do horrific harm to the softest possible civilian targets. We should not afford them even the name of combatants, since terrorism works specifically by attacking ordinary, helpless people in their everyday lives.

In Northern Ireland, the IRA and the loyalist paramilitaries often spoke high-mindedly of themselves as being at “war”, just as they were devoting their greatest energies to murdering blameless churchgoers, children and cab-drivers. There, the surreally named Consultative Body on the Past - set up to look at ways of healing the rifts caused by 30 years of violence - last month foolishly suggested that the IRA and loyalist campaigns could perhaps be officially reclassified as part of a “war”.

The truth is, of course, that had the Troubles really been fought as a war, most IRA and loyalist gunmen would be dead and their leaders tried for war crimes, since they routinely flouted the Geneva Conventions. I’m sure that it has not escaped even al-Qaeda’s attention, however, that - in Northern Ireland at least - terrorism has paid off rather better.


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“spread fear with beheading,” Ah .. the religion of peace again .. News From The Other Front.

They’re Back in the news ..

Fanatic ‘hoped to spread fear with beheading’

By Duncan Gardham
Last Updated: 2:09am GMT 30/01/2008

A terrorist planned to kidnap a British Muslim soldier, cut his head off “like a pig” and release a video of the beheading to cause panic and fear across the country, a court has heard.

Khan ‘made four shipments to terrorists’
Parviz Khan, 37, was said to be a “fanatic” at the centre of a terrorist network shipping bomb-making equipment to kill British soldiers in Afghanistan.

But he was also hatching a plot at his home in Birmingham, to “kidnap and butcher” a member of the British armed forces, Leicester Crown Court heard. Khan was “enraged by the idea of Muslim soldiers in the British army,” said Nigel Rumfitt QC, prosecuting.

He said Khan planned to enlist the help of drug dealers to approach a soldier in Broad Street, the nightclub centre of Birmingham.

“They were going to take him to a lock-up garage and there he would be murdered by having his head cut off ‘like a pig,’” Mr Rumfitt said.

“This would be filmed and they would have the soldier’s ID card to prove who he was.

“When the film was released it would cause panic and fear in the armed forces and the wider public.”

the rest with photos of the sub-humans


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calendar   Tuesday - January 29, 2008

Deer Me!

NJ gives up on Lybrel For Deertm, citing problems with hooves not being able to open the pill packs. Decides to just use assassination instead. Statewide Panic Ensues!

Sharpshooters target deer in crowded N.J. county

MAPLEWOOD, N.J. - On a hilltop with breathtaking views of New York’s skyline, sharpshooters perched in trees took aim Tuesday at white-tailed deer, a species being crowded out of one of the nation’s most densely populated areas.

Ok, let’s get our biases in order right off the bat. The poor widdle bambis are being forced out by suburban sprawl. TOTAL LIE. I grew up in that part of the country; back in the 60s and 70s there wasn’t a deer to be found anywhere. East Coast deer had been hunted to near extinction by the early part of the 20th century. It’s taken them a long time to rebound, but boy have they ever.

The problem is common enough in New Jersey’s suburbs, as it is in other communities that have brought in marksmen to thin the herd: When their numbers get too great, the gentle animals destroy the forest, spread Lyme disease and pose a hazard for drivers.

But perhaps nowhere else have the trained shooters been so close to so many people as they are on the South Mountain Reservation, a nature preserve bordering hundreds of high-priced homes in the thick of the country’s most crowded state.

If they’d let me, I could shoot 5 or 6 a night from my back porch here in my condo park. Every night they cruise by, bold as brass, not 20 feet away. NJ deer aren’t tame, but they’ve adapted to super-suburbia amazingly well.

“I could come out on my deck and get shot,” said Sharon McClenton, a 42-year-old teacher whose house in West Orange butts up against the preserve.

Fear! Fear! Panic at the remotest of possibilities!! Sharon neglects to mention that she goes out to “Furry” parties 3 nights a week and uses the party name of “Dasher”. So there’s hope, at least, that her dream will come true.

Officials and many other residents insist, to the consternation of animal rights activists, that the hunt is necessary.

“There are clearly too many deer for this environment to handle,” said Michael Jaffe, 65, who normally walks through the reservation with his dog Charlie.

On Tuesday morning, shortly after at least one gunshot cracked in the distance, the two were forced to stroll the side streets bordering the scenic preserve because it was closed for Essex County’s first deer hunt.

Forced. FORCED!! by The Man. To walk on public streets (and thus again FORCED to use the Puppy Pooper Picker Upppertm) instead of walking his Lotza Shitzu in the woods. Cuz it’s wabbit season. duck season. Evil Sniper Season!

The 10-day hunt will take place each Tuesday and Thursday through Feb. 28 throughout the roughly 3-square-mile preserve, an oasis of woodlands, streams and trails that was famously used as an outdoor backdrop for Thomas Edison’s early movies and even “The Sopranos.”

Up to a dozen specially trained hunters at a time will be perched at least 20 feet up in trees and are required to shoot downward to ensure that the bullets go harmlessly into the ground.

Yeah, after passing harmfully right through the deer’s heads

The rules also require them to set up a minimum of 450 feet _ a football field and a half _ from the nearest homes, a mix of colonials, Tudor-style, and Queen Anne-style houses and sprawling mansions on tree-filled lots _ many of which have back yards looking into the reservation.

Those measures didn’t make McClenton feel any safer as she waited Tuesday for her pre-dawn bus to the New York City school where she teaches second-graders. She questioned whether the hunt was necessary.

“I haven’t seen an abundance of deer, quite honestly,” she said.

she said, as she extended her 4 part white cane and tapped her way along. You can’t drive 3 miles on any highway in this state and not see a dead deer, any time of the year. They are everywhere. Truly, the Official State Animal, Bird, and Insect all ought to be on one T-shirt: dead deer by the side of the road, being eaten by turkey vultures and swarmed by a cloud of flies.

County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo Jr., who has pushed for the hunt, said the preserve can sustain about 60 deer, but estimated 300-400 were living there. The goal is to kill about 150 of them.

So 400 deer live on 2000 acres; 5 acres per deer. It’s a wonder they haven’t all starved to death by now. Of course, Jersey Deer can eat anything. The effers are half goat, I swear. They’ll eat your entire garden in one night, and then come back the next night and finish off your shrubs and trees. I bet they’d eat the siding right off your house. I’ve heard they go through the dumpsters at McDonald’s after closing and fight over the leftover McSalads.

“The residents of our county will hear shooting, and there is no reason to panic,” he said.

Got it figured out? Shots from the wood: no need to panic. Shots from the hood: Panic! Quick, pass another gun control law!!
Or, since these guys are Official State Animal Control Culling Agents, they could be issued silencers. Oooooh, that would be sweet!! Let’s give them High Powered Sniper Rifles too!!

DiVincenzo said 13 deer were killed Tuesday morning on a total of 15 shots.

“It worked perfectly,” he said. “There were no incidents whatsoever.”

Hunters killed 50 more deer in the afternoon, bringing the day’s total to 63, according to county spokesman Anthony Puglisi.

If they continue at this rate, in 10 days they’ll have killed them all. Twice over. That’s when they’ll find out that it’s really 1200 deer living there instead of the estimated 300. And as soon as this bunch are offed, all the other municipalities will engage in some Midnite Deer Dumping (NJ didn’t learn anything from watching the Sopranos. The Sopranos learned from watching NJ), and within a month this park will have twice as many deer as before.

Throughout the hunt, the meat from the kills - Tuesday morning’s shoot alone produced about 2,000 servings of venison - will be donated to needy families, officials said.

who will probably sue, because their feelings are hurt because the nanny state is forcing them to eat road kill. Woods kill. Whatever. Believe me, they’ll complain about it.

Animal rights activists call the culling barbaric, and say officials should explore other methods such as contraception to control the animals’ numbers. Authorities used to trap the deer and then move them out of the preserve, DiVincenzo said, but many deer would die in transit and fewer places wanted to take the animals.

Hey, I’m fine with doing it the kind, gentle, natural way: let’s import a few hundred big hungry bears and wolves and let them loose. Besides, you can think of this hunt as a kind of Lybrel for Jane “Doe”tm contraception - feed them just one lead pill once, and they’ll never breed again. Ever! (I knew I could work the birth control thingy into this somehow)

Essex County, which includes Newark, has about 6,300 people per square mile - almost 80 times the national average - making it the state’s second-most densely populated after neighboring Hudson County, according to 2000 census figures.

Newark has so many people in it that the rats feel squeezed in. And in the middle of that, the deer are breeding like mad. Sure sounds like “a species being crowded out” to me.

Original article here.


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a new week, a new crop of idiots. First contender

Illegal Aliens Rear End Homeland Security Vehicle

January 29th, 2008 @ 4:22pm
by Jayme West/KTAR Newsroom; Photo by Doug Murphy/Ahwatukee Foothills News

Normally, a non-injury rear-end collision wouldn’t warrant a news story. But in an ironic twist, this crash involved a van full of illegal immigrants which slammed into an SUV owned by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said the Chrysler van was heading west Tuesday morning when it was involved in a three-vehicle chain-reaction crash near the Elliot Road off-ramp. Harold Sanders with DPS said, “the 11 illegal immigrants inside the van were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

There were no reports of any injuries, despite the fact that the van was overloaded.

The passengers inside could have been moving targets for other vehicular danger. “The van was not designed to hold 11 people,” Sanders said. “That’s based on the amount of seat positions. I believe there were only two or three passenger seats.”

usted esta detenido

How much you wanna bet they didn’t have any insurance either?


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Dagnabbit, I missed another one!

The 10th year anniversary of the VRWC was 2 days ago. This was 10 days after Matt Drudge appeared on the Event Horizon by breaking the Monica story.

image image


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FL goes to McCain

With 67% of the votes counted now, McCain is up by about 64,000 votes out of a bit more than a million counted so far. Fox News and others are making the call.

Should we all start taking spanish lessons?

PS - And how about those Paulbots? For months now not a website could run a poll or make a comment against him without getting swamped ... and he gets 3% in Florida. I think I know why ... all the Paulbots are only 11 years old.

PPS - McCain’s modest “I won I won I won! neener neener neener!” speach (who me, sarcastic?) mentions that he’s been on the campaign trail for 18 months now. The election is a week more than 8 months away. So it will be a campaign of 26 months and then some; more than 2 full years. This is wrong people, just wrong. 


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calendar   Monday - January 28, 2008

Oh I like this one

Via Kim’s, a great short read about men.

Once upon a time I sat in a meeting room at AT&T having a take-out Thai lunch with the whole project team. We were teasing this one reserved, shy, quiet guy to put extra hot sauce on his already spicey food and eat it. “Come on Carl”, I urged, “you can do it. Be the man.” At which point some anal feminazi, saturated in attitude, lit into me but good. From zero to harpy in no seconds flat. “What, he should take stupid risks just for your entertainment? That makes him a man?” Well, yes, actually, it does ... but in a way that’s a minor reflection of the point of this article. “Oh, so if I eat the hot sauce that will make me a man too?” goes Hitlera. Uh, no, with your attitude you’ll only be a dick. With or without the sauce.

Some things just can’t be explained. But this guy gives it a really nice try. And it’s just and proper that the concept be extended to the women who also put themselves in harm’s way; it’s not really about being manly, it’s about getting it. The Greater Good and all that stuff that isn’t taught in schools anymore, if it really ever was.


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Oh, and here's some kind of visitor flag counter thingy. Hey, all the cool blogs have one, so I should too. The Visitors Online thingy up at the top doesn't count anything, but it looks neat. It had better, since I paid actual money for it.
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