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calendar   Tuesday - June 30, 2020

Naptime Interruption

When all else fails, there’s always cat blogging.


Our half feral outdoor kitteh Ginger, “G cat”, settles down in the shade to take a late morning nap. He’s lost all his thick winter fur so he’s smooth and sleek. I want to pet him so much, but he’s not a people cat.

His nap got interrupted by a couple of engineers who came by. We’ve got a chunk of PVC barely under the grass near there that the downspout on the back roof drains into. The pipe takes the rain water over to the edge of the cliff. So they’re going to hack back some of the bushes where it comes out at the top of the gully, and put some rip rap gravel down so it doesn’t erode the hillside. Of course, putting that gravel down will kill the pricker bushes that grow there that hold the edge of the lawn in place. What can you do? I told them that the area was crawling with poison ivy, and that they should have the landscape guys come and spray first.

Right, indoor kittehs got their kibs. Ooh, they got the new salmon flavor of the Rachel Ray brand. It costs more, but it’s comparatively good kibble, compared to the other brands which seem to made from sawdust and soy powder. 


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My Big Digital Day


Asus PCE-AC88 Wifi adapter with remote 4 channel antenna. Oh baby it rocks!

UPDATE: HORRY CLAP what a difference!!!!
Installation was super easy. Put card in slot in PC, close cover, attach antenna, run the install CD. Instant improvement. Take a look at the settings, notice that the PC now has Wifi and Wifi2, turn Wifi off and Wifi2 on, and this sets the ASUS adapter as the default in the 5Ghz bandwidth. Signal is now at maximum strength, and internet speeds are insane. The Win 10 available networks thing is showing me 10 more networks than before; not mine, but that’s how good the antenna is. The graphics heavy blog Feral Irishman loads in an quarter second, FoxNews loads instantly.

I am a happy camper.  LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL


Ok, all the bits and pieces have finally arrived, so I can attack the WiFi situation here.

It’s not a hard thing to do, but there are several steps that will turn into more effort than I’d like to do.

But first I have to go to the grocery store and get some cat kibble. We ran out last night, and heaven forbid that our two little carpet queens would have no choices for breakfast. They’ve already got some well moistened canned stuff, with some crushed Dr. Marty’s raw dried kibbs mixed in. But no, they want the hard crunchy bits. So they’re wrapping themselves around my legs, giving me the pathetic kitteh stink eye. So I have to hit the store.

After that I can get around to doing my own project. We live in a 3 level condo on the ground floor, built on concrete slab foundation. The place was built in the late ‘70s, so it doesn’t have a ton of power outlets, phone outlets, and cable outlets. The Wifi modem thing from Xfinity needs all three, because we have the “triple play” package that provides internet, cable TV, and landline telephone. The only place in the house that has those three outlets close together is the small bedroom upstairs. The only place we can fit the PC desk is downstairs. So the Wifi signal has to pass through 2 concrete slabs and through 4 walls to get to my PC. So it’s no wonder I only get a 1 bar signal strength. Worse, this cheapo new PC I bought has a built=in Wifi that only works on the 2.4Ghz bandwidth, which is the slow narrow one that is totally overburdened in my building. The newer 5Ghz band is much faster, much wider, and is used less here. At least that’s what the Wifi Analyzer app shows me.

So I figured a two prong solution would work best. First, move the modem as close as possible, and get some kind of high end Wifi card for the PC that can use the 5Ghz band. So I got a big long phone wire, an equally long RG6 coax cable with 4 layer shielding, a bunch of cable connectors both straight and 90 degrees. Then I found a top rated high speed adapter that has a remote four phase antenna. This will let me raise the antenna off the floor down here to about the same level as the modem upstairs, giving me a straight signal path that doesn’t have to go through concrete. Plus super strong antennas. Naturally, the wires on the adapter aren’t quite long enough, and they use the rare mini coax cable that’s not commonly available, so I’m SOL for making my own 4 channel extension cord from standard coax cable. Instead, I have to rearrange things so I can get the PC several feet off the floor, so I can put the antenna up on the bookcase here. I only need to get it up to shoulder height, which I think I can do by putting the printer table on the other side of the PC desk, putting my old PC case on that, and then the new PC on top of that. Because I can’t raise it up too far, because the keyboard, monitor, and mouse wires have to reach the desk. So a simple job of laying a couple of wires will turn into a couple hours of moving furniture and everything else around, plus the time spent installing the card and messing about with the setup. Nothing is ever easy, and everything is always an unexpected cascade of other crap you have to do first before you can do what you want.

And if all that doesn’t do it, I also picked up a 50 foot long Cat 8 network cable, so I can temporarily hardwire the PC to the damn modem. That will absolutely give me maximum connectivity speed, but I’ll have a wire running across the floors of the entire condo. Not an elegant solution, or even a particularly safe one with that kind of tripping hazard. Use it when I’m here all alone, and hope the kittehs don’t think it’s some kind of snake toy to play with and chew on.

Or I could just go buy a house with big bedrooms and loads of outlets so I could put the modem right next to my PC. That’ll do it. And I thought this approach was an expensive one!

Right. Must get kibble. Now. Or else. 


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Feeling Positive That I Tested Negative, Woo Hoo!!

Yee ha, my PCR test results are in, finally. And I’ve got nothing. Which is what I expected, but if I could take an antibody test I’d do that too. Just to see. But those are hard to find in NJ, and they aren’t free AFAIK.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Result — Not Detected
Your test was negative for COVID-19, meaning that the virus was not present in the sample you provided. However, you may be infected but there’s not enough virus in your body to be detected yet. So if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or have other reasons to believe you are still at risk, avoid contact with anyone in your home or in public and consider retesting. You can talk with your healthcare provider about your test results. Laboratory test results should always be considered in the context of clinical observations. We suggest you continue to follow your federal, state, and local government guidance.

I’ve read in a couple places that this test is hyper-sensitive, so if it found nothing, then I’m pretty certain I’ve got nothing. 


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calendar   Monday - June 29, 2020

King Murphy The Ultimate Karen

NJ Gov Murphy Reverses On Restaurant Opening Set For Thursday


UPDATE: The New York Times Daily Briefing says he did this because new cases are on the upswing in the South and Southwest. Yeah, right, that makes sense. Because everyone from Mesa Arizona gets on a jet (which aren’t even hardly flying yet) and comes to NJ to have lunch at Bennigan’s. What a load.

Gov. Phil Murphy, speaking during a Monday news conference, said he has to “hit pause” on the reopening of indoor dining in New Jersey. He made the announcement as he said New Jersey has 156 new cases of the coronavirus and 18 more deaths (you can watch it here, below).

Murphy said indoor dining will reopen “at a later date,” but he didn’t specify. It was supposed to resume on Thursday.

Murphy said the spikes in other states were largely driven by the reopening of indoor dining and bars. He also cited the scenes at the Jersey Shore and elsewhere, where people have been congregating in close proximity, as a reason to step back.

“We do not believe it is prudent with what, is in effect, a sedentary activity,” Murphy said.

Murphy appeared to be referring to videos of bars and restaurants in Sea Bright and Belmar that have shown people partying and drinking while not practicing social distancing.

There were only 149 reported new cases today. The daily number has be at or under 250 for 23 days now, and averaging well under 500 since May 23.



For more than 5 weeks, NJ has had fewer new cases per day than we did two weeks BEFORE the early lockdown here. BS from the governor much?

When the restaurants got the green light for indoor dining, they all went out and bought fresh supplies, spent wads of money cleaning and sanitizing, rehired staff, and so forth. But now the King of NJ has waved his Imperial Hand, and they can go pound sand ... but it’s OK for thousands to protest something that doesn’t even exist, while not wearing masks or doing social distancing or using hand sanitizer.

He sux.

PS - don’t tell anybody, but a certain seafood chain restaurant in South Plainfield NJ has been doing sit down dining for a couple weeks now. Their customers are almost exclusively black. Maybe they were having indoor protests or something. Yeah, that’s it.


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Must have run out of cholorquine

COVID: India reports nearly 20,000 cases a day

I don’t think lockdown or social distancing will work very well here

Don’t forget that India has 1.5 billion people living in India. Not to mention the half billion living everywhere else around the world.

• Over the past week alone, the South Asian nation has seen a jump of nearly 100,000 cases according to the health ministry
• With 548,318 confirmed infections, it is now the world’s fourth-worst affected country after the US, Brazil and Russia

India reported its largest daily jump in coronavirus infections of nearly 20,000 on Monday as several states reimposed partial or full lockdowns to stem the spread of the virus.
Over the past week alone, India has seen a jump of nearly 100,000 cases according to the health ministry. In all, the country has confirmed 548,318 cases, making it the world’s fourth-worst affected country after the United States, Brazil and Russia. India’s death toll has reached 16,475.

The capital district of the northeastern state of Assam on the Bangladesh border has reimposed a full lockdown until July 12 following a spike in cases. Another border state, West Bengal, has extended its lockdown until July 31.

However, in India’s worst-affected states – Maharashtra, which includes the financial capital, Mumbai, and Delhi, home to the capital, New Delhi – most lockdown restrictions have been eased, with restaurants, shopping malls and parks reopened, and public buses and shared-ride services back on the roads.

A total of 231,095 people were tested for Covid-19 on Saturday, the Indian Council of Medical Research said – more than double the tests carried out daily a month ago.

Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh governments announced they would further scale up testing over the coming weeks.

Indian cities have emerged as major coronavirus hotspots, with Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai topping the list.

Maharashtra’s chief minister Uddhav Thackeray announced on Sunday that a partial lockdown would continue but be gradually eased to enable more economic activity.

Barber shops and salons in the state started opening Sunday with various safety measures in place.

Residents have been requested to keep within a 1.2-mile radius of their homes, a Mumbai police spokesman said. Movement outside this radius is allowed only for commuters and in the case of medical emergencies.

Cases have also spiked in Bangalore over the past few days. No activities except essential services and supplies would be allowed on Sundays from July 5, the government announced in new directives.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said his country must focus on bolstering the economy as it exits lockdowns, even as the number of coronavirus cases still keep on climbing.

The pandemic has exposed wide inequalities in India, with public hospitals being overwhelmed by virus cases while the rich get expert treatment in private hospitals.


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Plenty Yuan Made Selling Traditional Chinese Medicine For COVID

I see saffron, star anise, mushrooms, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, shredded garlic and a couple other seed or fruit things. Looks like a nice spice mix for some curry. If the mix is 1800 years old, it can’t exactly be a secret formula, can it?

“Highly Effective” Chinese Traditional Medicine Makes Shamans A Fortune


Spice mix fights COVID and wins? Heard about this a couple months ago; they were going to sell tons of it to Africa and make billions.

Question is, does it actually work? Do we have “official” studies, or is this “merely anecdotal”? Or total BS?

Chinese medicine makers have reaped stunning results in the first quarter.

One of China’s treatments for Covid-19 is a controversial traditional Chinese medicine inspired by a medical textbook written 1,800 years ago. The huge popularity of the drug – the Lianhua Qingwen capsule – has produced massive fortunes for the company behind it, as well as its shareholders.

Beyond the increased sales from the coronavirus pandemic, however, traditional remedy makers still face an uphill battle to prove their medical efficacy, maintain their domestic market share and win recognition overseas.

“Sales income from the Lianhua Qingwen capsule almost doubled in the first quarter of this year,” said Wu Xiangjun, general manager of Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical, which produces the drug, in a written exchange with the South China Morning Post. “We continue to actively push for the product to be registered and sold overseas.”

The capsule, developed in 2003 to treat severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), extracts the essence of 13 herbs based on prescriptions that date back to classic medical texts written during the Han dynasty (206BC–220AD).

In February, it became part of China’s national standard therapy for Covid-19 patients, along with two other traditional Chinese medicine formulas. There is currently no known cure for the disease.

Chinese embassies also included it in a care package sent to Chinese students overseas alongside masks and disinfecting wipes. The drug is now sold for as much as £19 (US$24) on e-commerce site eBay in the UK for a box that is priced at about 25 yuan (US$4) in China.

Thanks in part to officials’ promotion and support, the pandemic has cemented the important role of traditional Chinese medicine in the country’s health care system, despite intense controversies over its effectiveness. It accounts for 18 per cent to 30 per cent of China’s 2 trillion yuan (US$283 billion) drug market, according to various estimates.



[ June 1 ] Customs officers seized tens of thousands of capsules of a Chinese medication falsely advertised as a treatment for COVID-19.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized three parcels of Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang on Tuesday at the International Mail Facility at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Each box contained 9,600 capsules for a total of 28,800 capsules and a total domestic value of $28,797, according to a news release. All of the shipments originated from China.

The medication is known to have been used to treat some COVID-19 patients in China and other countries. But its effectiveness is unknown and it remains an unapproved medicine for use in the United States.

So if it hasn’t been tested or trialed, it’s kind of wrong to say it’s falsely labeled. “Unapproved” might be a better descriptor. But right now it can’t be packaged as a medicine and distributed in the USA. Maybe they should label the pills “seasoning for one garden salad”?


Speaking of untested and unapproved ...

Randomized controlled trials(RCTs) regarding Lianhua Qingwen Capsules for treatment of viral influenza were searched in the CNKI, WanFang, VIP, SinoMed and PubMed. The quality of papers selected based on the inclusion criteria were assessed according to the Cochrane collaboration method and Meta-analysis was performed by using RevMan 5.3 software. A total of 8 articles were included, with a total sample size of 955 cases, including 478 cases in the treatment group, and 477 cases in the control group. In terms of the therapeutic effect, Lianhua Qingwen Capsules group was superior to the control group, ...  In terms of adverse reactions, the control group was superior to Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, ... Lianhua Qingwen Capsules has a better therapeutic effect on viral influenza, but the incidence of adverse reactions is high, and its safety must be taken seriously. Given the small number of documents included and the low quality, the efficacy and safety of Lianhua Qingwen Capsules shall be confirmed by more high-quality clinical studies.

But they keep telling us that SARS COV-2 is not the flu, and nothing like the flu! So why treat it as if it was the flu?


Meanwhile, 7 weeks ago over in Singapore:

Yiling Pharmaceutical (002603.SZ) announced that it has obtained the product listing approval issued by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore which grants Lianhua Qingwen Capsule the initial sale authorization in the country. The approval certifies and registers Lianhua Qingwen - a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used for the prevention and treatment of viral influenza - under the category of Chinese Proprietary Medicines (CPM).

Developed under the guidance of collateral disease theory, the medicine is listed as the recommended medicine for the treatment of cold and influenza by China’s National Health Commission and National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Composed of 13 Chinese herbs, the TCM has been found in the clinical research that it is effective in alleviating the influenza-induced symptoms like fever, cough and fugue.

Lianhua Qingwen also plays a pivotal role in the prevention and control of COVID-19 in China. Lianhua Qingwen was shown in a clinical trial to improve the recovery rate of patients infected with COVID-19. The latest research by State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University has revealed that Lianhua Qingwen significantly inhibited the SARS-COV-2 replication, affected virus morphology and reduced the virus load in the infected cells in vitro.


China TCM seems to have at least SIX herbal mixes that seem to help”

Traditional Chinese medicine has been playing a critical role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of novel coronavirus pneumonia. Official figures showed that 91.6 percent of the patients in Hubei province, and 92.4 percent of patients nationwide have been treated with TCM.

Three formulas and three medicines have proved to be effective in treating the infection, according to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here is a list of them.

Remember when Hubei Provence was on the verge of annihilation one week, and seemingly perfectly cured the next? IIRC they claimed TCM as the reason, and the West ignored that. Barbaric folk remedies. Shamanism. Maybe somebody in the West out to do a study or three ...


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Oh yeah, that’ll work

Iran Issues Arrest Warrant For Trump

Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the US drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad, a local prosecutor reportedly said on Monday.

Interpol later said it wouldn’t consider Iran’s request, meaning Trump faces no danger of arrest. However, the charges underscore the heightened tensions between Iran and the United States since Trump unilaterally withdrew America from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.
Qassem Soleimani was Iran’s ‘living martyr’ in war against US and Israel
8 Jan 2020
Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr said Trump and 35 others whom Iran accuses of involvement in the January 3 strike that killed General Qassem Soleimani
in Baghdad face “murder and terrorism charges”, the state-run IRNA news agency reported.

Alqasimehr did not identify anyone else sought other than Trump, but stressed that Iran would continue to pursue his prosecution even after his presidency ends.

Alqasimehr also was quoted as saying that Iran requested a “red notice” be put out for Trump and the others, which represents the highest-level arrest request issued by Interpol. Local authorities generally make the arrests on behalf of the country that requests it. The notices cannot force countries to arrest or extradite suspects, but can put government leaders on the spot and limit suspects’ travel.

Hey raghead, you’re the friggin’ enemy. Get bent with this BS and go hump your goats again.


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O.F.F’s.S. Not Confidence Inspiring.

So I’m still waiting for my COVID test results. I have no doubt that I do not have the virus, but I’d really be more comfortable knowing this officially before I do major social interaction, including a possibly “illegal” visit across state lines to visit my mother, who is in the high risk category.

Quest Diagnostic is running the tests around my part of NJ, and they sort of promise results in 2 - 3 days. It’s been 5 days now. NJ is running more than 20,000 COVID tests a day for more than a month now, so you’d think they have it nailed down and squared away at this point.

Test results took forever to come back way way back in the beginning of this thing; wife’s co-worker was tested March 10 and didn’t get results until March 21, which caused us to self isolate for a week and a half before this whole foo hit the shan. We even had to stay far away from people at her sister’s wedding, wearing our masks and conversationally yelling halfway across the backyard to talk with people.

QD sent me an email just now, “your test results are in”. With only minor trepidation I followed the link, logged on, and got my test results.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!! Apparently I was tested for Lyme disease on July 19 of last year, and I DON’T HAVE IT. Woo hoo!!!

Um, hey dimwits ... come on already.


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calendar   Saturday - June 27, 2020

With Apologies To Robert Burns

I missed my calling. My perfect dream job would be the guy who writes clever puns for newspaper headlines.

Giant Forest Fires Across Northern Siberia. Flames can be seen from over the horizon. Millions of acres consumed.

Taiga Taiga Burning Bright

Forest fires shed the night

No mortal hand set this a-ligh

Global Warming made you fry

The fires come amid a notable heat wave in parts of the sprawling region. A high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F) was reported a week ago in the town of Verkhoyansk,. If the reading is confirmed, it would be the hottest day ever recorded in the Arctic.

According to figures reported Saturday by Avialesookhrana, Russia’s agency for aerial forest fire management, 1.15 million hectares (2.85 million acres) were burning in Siberia in areas that cannot be reached by firefighters.

The worst-hit area is the Sakha Republic, where Verkhoyansk is located, with 929,000 hectares (2.295 million acres) burning.


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calendar   Friday - June 26, 2020

help wanted: Karen /Juanita to be annoying pool slave

Our condo park is trying sooo hard to get the pool open this season. It used to open Memorial Day weekend. We used to hire some high school kids with their newly minted lifeguard certificates. All that has changed. Becasue COVID.

Now nobody wants to be a lifeguard, the Red Cross is way behind with the training, and now the glorious State has decreed that there must be a paid gatekeeper and enforcer of the rules . Oh, and you get to muck out the bathrooms several times a day too.

This showed up in my email today ...

Hi All,

One of the requirements set by the State in order to open a pool is that there must be a designated “Ambassador” who will be responsible for enforcing COVID-19 protocols, and that an Ambassador must be on-site at the pool for the entire time the pool would be open. The pool management company is unable to provide this Ambassador, and the Ambassador cannot be a volunteer. Therefore, any Ambassador would need to be hired by the Association to fulfill this requirement. Attached please find a job description for this position. Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel might be interested.We would need a minimum of 2-3 persons to fulfill this requirement.

Another challenge is the ability to find lifeguards, and to complete the proper training and certification that is required for the lifeguards - the Red Cross is still limiting the certification classes, and so it is taking longer for training to be completed. These certification classes were not able to begin until mid-June due to the prior stay at home orders. Additionally, many people who would be/have been lifeguards, are no longer comfortable doing so. The pool management company is attempting to complete the training and assign guards, but at this time we do not have a definitive date for this.

Swimming Pool Ambassador 2020 Pool Season

We are looking for a detail-oriented, responsible person to serve as an Ambassador for our private community swimming pool.  Candidates must be able to communicate effectively in English.

The Ambassador is tasked with keeping the entire pool area and bathrooms in compliance with all COVID-19 regulations and protocols.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

• COVID-19 awareness, cleaning and sanitizing, to perform assigned duties in a manner that promotes the safety of attendees and staff
• Monitor entry points to avoid congregating; stagger access as needed
• Maintain capacity limit to 30 persons and monitor sharing of personal property
• Maintain records of staff screening
• Monitor and encourage social distancing of bathers on the pool deck
• Serve as a COVID contact person, maintaining log book of pool attendees to coordinate potential tracing efforts
Contact local law enforcement in the event of non-compliance of Executive Order No. 153
• Maintain adequate supply of required sanitizing products& PPE
• Fulfill outreach plan including communication and signage regarding restrictions, expectations, hygiene

Candidates must be available weekdays, weekends and holidays through September7. Ideal candidates must be punctual and reliable.
Candidates must complete Competency-Based Training for infection prevention & control, and provide certification of completion.
Pay is bi-weekly, $13.50/hour.If interested, kindly email or fax letter of interest along with resume to the management office as noted above.Contact me with any questions.

So the job is to be a Karen, wagging your finger at all your neighbors and making sure they don’t have any fun. And call the cops on them if they do anything naughty ... you know, act like normal people. Make yourself the instant enemy of all your neighbors!

And you also get to be a Juanita, cleaning everything all the time, including the bathrooms. Probably after every use.

And you have to wear the kit, sitting out in the sun in mask, gloves, plastic face shield, and maybe even a bunny suit, while everyone else goes for a swim.

Hours unspecified, but they want you whenever they want you any day of the week and you’d better be on time.

Pay is $13.50/hr. And they want a resume.

Good frickin luck. You’re not even going to find a kid to be a lifeguard.


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calendar   Thursday - June 25, 2020

Fudging The Numbers

An Abundance Of Caution Tyranny

NJ Governor Murphy Now Padding COVID Death Numbers With “Probable” Cases, Jacking Death Totals 14.2%


New Jersey is now reporting probable deaths as part of its regular updates amid the coronavirus crisis. The report became public as Gov. Phil Murphy announced 406 additional coronavirus cases and 26 more deaths during his Thursday news conference (you can watch it here, below).

New Jersey reported 1,854 probable deaths since the outbreak began in March. Added together with confirmed deaths, it means as many as 14,872 people have died in New Jersey because of the coronavirus.

Just under a third of the probable deaths are associated with a long-term care facility, said Edward Lifshitz, medical director for the state Department of Health.

Murphy said his administration has been examining death certificates to identify residents, with “great reliability,” whose passing probably happened because of the coronavirus.

For many of these people, tests were never performed even though they had the underlying symptoms of the illness, Murphy said.

Murphy said the numbers “represent the toll this pandemic has had on our New Jersey family.”

“We report this out of nothing other than a solemn sense of duty,” he said. “For many families, we hope these determinations will provide a sense of closure.”

What a load of turnips. He’s doing this to pump the numbers to keep his reign and his “emergency powers” running as long as he can. And to grab federal money I’m sure, and to Get Trump.

King Murphy sux.

Note: The “Confirmed” death count stands at 13,018. The new “Probable” death count is 1,854. This adds 14.24% to the grim stats.

This sleight of hand nearly doubled the number of deaths in my county, taking us from a very low 67 up to 122. This is a scam.

See More Below The Fold


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pizza pizza

I’m thinking of trying to make pizza dough. I’m a bit tired of making bread at this point. Pizza dough is simple, and it looks like a good one needs actual kneading and a long retarded ferment; make it, shape it, and let it sleep in the fridge for several days. So you wind up with something that’s starting to be sourdough. So it’s right up my alley. I don’t know if I can learn to flip the dough in the air, but that always looked so cool to me.


A guy goes in to a pizza shop to get a slice. Several customers are there, watching the baker behind the counter make the pies.

Instead of throwing the spinning dough in the air, he’s got his shirt off, and is stretching the dough across his fat hairy sweaty chest.

“That’s disgusting!” says the guy.

“If you think that’s bad”, says the woman in line next to him, “don’t ever watch him make the bagels.”


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calendar   Wednesday - June 24, 2020

Job Loss Numbers, Free States VS Lockdown States

OT, and just for gits and shiggles (yeah right):


Another amazing study ... and totally unexpected too.

Government’s Most Most Essential Workers Are Government Workers

As in No Kidding. You didn’t think they’d lose even an hour’s pay, did you? Meanwhile, you’re out of work for as long as they feel like it.

[ Dateline Kansas ] Employment data released today for May by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Kansas has about 107,000 fewer private-sector jobs than in February, prior to Governor Kelly’s mandatory shutdown order over COVID-19.  At the same time, state government employment declined by just 200.

Residents and business owners in states under a COVID shutdown mandate from their governors are suffering far more job loss.  May private-sector employment in those 43 states was 13.1% lower than a year ago, but the states not shut down by their governors only lost 7.7% of their private job base.

Thirty-two of the 43 states shut down suffered more than 10% private job loss.

The governors of those 43 states were much more protective of state employees, however.  In fact, eight states – Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island – had more state employees in May than a year ago.  New Jersey’s private sector was devastated with an 18.5% job loss, but state government jobs declined by just 0.4%.

None of the governors that didn’t lock their states down increased state employment levels.  Collectively, the shutdown states had 5.2% fewer state government employees in May compared to a year ago, compared to a 9% decline in the seven states that weren’t shut down.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem took a lot of heat from national media for not closing her state, but her actions are positioning the state for a COVID economic recovery.  With private job loss of just 6.9%, tax revenue loss should be must less than many other states; Governor Noem will also be better prepared to deal with tax loss, having reduced state government employment by 14.1%.


South Dakota also has a very low COVID mortality rate, at just 1.3% as of June 17.  The seven states not shut down have an average COVID mortality rate of 1.8%, while the other states’ average mortality rate is 5.5%.

The states locked down by the governors also have more deaths per million of population (375 vs. 103), and South Dakota is even lower, at just 88 deaths per million.

COVID cases per million are also 11% higher in the states that were shut down, There are 6,791 cases per million in the states that were shut down and 6,073 in the other states.


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No No Neo

I actually did some work on the blog itself today. A miracle, right?

I’d heard privately that sometimes the page would load and you’d get a splash screen saying the domain was for sale. This is not true, duh. It’s kind of a hack.

I used to look at statistics for the blog. So I had the NeoWorx counter thingy in the code. NeoWorx went out of business years and years ago, but I never got around to taking the code out. And somebody figured out how to use it, also years ago, and set up a scam. Send them money for the domain name. It just took the web spiders this long to get around to my rinky-dink blog.

So I pulled the code. And I hope it works. Let me know if it doesn’t.

And while I was at it, I put in the current URL for Vilmar’s blog down at the Disclaimer at the bottom of the blog. The other link was so old it had him as Right Wing Howler. Egad.


Next up on the To Do list for BMEWS:

1) getting the blog email working again. I haven’t been able to log into it in most of a year. I bet there’s 20,000 junk emails in there, and maybe a couple of good comments and new member requests.

2) trying to remember how the header scroll text message things work. I figure it’s about time to pull my Sarah Palin texts off of there. It’s been what, 7 years? Or is it 11? The Obama Era was endless darkness, so I can’t recall whether McStain ran against him the first time, or whether that was Mittens Romney the pretend Republican.

I’m going to leave the tartan up in remembrance of Stewie. Allan put it there ... 16 years ago? ... when he died in his car. I liked Stewie, so it’ll stay. So many members have come and gone, several passed away. Allan and Peiper too. I haven’t heard from Mr. Christian in ... 13 years?

OMG, I’ve been running this blog forever. 14 years. Mr. Christian only had the helm for a few months, and Allan died early in 2006. The only commenters I don’t miss are Old Cat Man and Christopher.


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