Sarah Palin is the only woman who can make Tony Romo WIN a playoff.

calendar   Sunday - March 06, 2016

So Long, Nancy

Nancy Reagan, 94


Nancy Reagan, one of the most high-profile and influential first ladies of the 20th century, has died. She was 94.

The cause of death was congestive heart failure, according to her rep Joanne Drake, a spokeswoman with the Reagan Library.

“Mrs. Reagan will be buried at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, next to her husband, Ronald Wilson Reagan, who died on June 5, 2004,” Drake wrote in a statement.


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calendar   Sunday - February 21, 2016

cheezy riddle

What do porn stars and the GOP presidential primary campaign have in common?

No Bush!

Jeb Bush Bows Out of Campaign, Humbled and Outmaneuvered

(Nothing like the NY Times to rub salt in wounds it helped create!)

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race on Saturday, ending a quest for the White House that started with a war chest of $100 million, a famous name and a promise of political civility but concluded with a humbling recognition: In 2016, none of it mattered.

No single candidacy this year fell so short of its original expectations. It began with an aura of inevitability that masked deep problems, from Mr. Bush himself, a clunky candidate in a field of gifted performers, to the rightward drift of the Republican Party since Mr. Bush’s time as a consensus conservative in Florida.

“I’m proud of the campaign that we’ve run to unify our country,” Mr. Bush said, his eyes moist, in an emotional speech here Saturday night after his third straight disappointing finish in the early voting states. “The people of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken, and I really respect their decision.”

Mr. Bush’s campaign had rested on a set of assumptions that, one by one, turned out to be flatly incorrect: that the Republican primaries would turn on a record of accomplishment in government; that Mr. Bush’s cerebral and reserved style would be an asset; and that a country wary of dynasties would evaluate this member of the Bush family on his own merits.

So Christie is gone, and now Bush III is gone. Who will be next amongst the “big debaters”? I’m assuming that all of the “little debaters” will soon drop off and go home.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 16, 2015

another double debate

OMG. we sat through both debates last night. National security, immigration. What to do about ISIS.

My top takeaway? I really, really don’t like Wolfgang Blitzer. What a prick.

“So, Mr. Republican Candidate, how many thousand innocent babies and grandmothers are you planning on tearing to shreds and napalming in your carpet bombing plan to get rid of ISIS?”

And I get the feeling that Donald Trump has reached his nadir. It may all be downhill from here, as the empty platitudes sift out into detailed plans, and we see whether he brings any steak to the table, or just some aromatic sizzle. Nice of him to promise not to run as a third-party spoiler.

Dr. Carson has no fire. He’s the Prozac Candidate. Nice guy, but way too mellow.

Pataki? Not a hope. Total JV.

Paul? The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I think his family crazy is starting to shine through.

I think it’s gonna be Cruz.

What were your favorite moments from last night’s double fiesta?


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calendar   Wednesday - October 28, 2015

the big debate

I only got to see part of the latest GOP debate last night. But the part I did see was grand, with several of the candidates cussing out the leftist MSM and the smarmy CNBC moderators. Yo bitches, you aren’t the news. You’re just a mouthpiece. So can the attitude. I thought the part where Cruz mocked the softball questions of the DNC debate was hilarious.

I was not thrilled with Carson’s on the fly addendum to his flat tax plan ... oh right, we’ll also tax capital gains and corporations 15%; that’ll make up the multi-trillion dollar shortfall. You got played Doc, and you stepped on an IED with that bit.

I might have to catch it on YouTube or something to see the whole thing.

What was your favorite/ least favorite part?


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calendar   Saturday - June 27, 2015

Enter The Big Guy From NJ

Chris Christie to announce presidential bid early this coming week ...

If the trips to New Hampshire and leaked announcement invitations weren’t big enough clues, Chris Christie is in for 2016.

Like several other campaigns this cycle, Christie’s team went for a digital-first approach ahead of any formal announcement: The New Jersey governor launched a campaign website on Saturday, just three days before he’s expected to announce his White House bid from the gym of his high school alma mater in Livingston, N.J.



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calendar   Thursday - May 28, 2015

me too me too me too

Another bright moment in Loserville

Ex NY Governor George Pataki announces bid for GOP Presidential nomination.

Former New York Gov. George Pataki, announcing Thursday that he’ll seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016, told Fox News that he would authorize American “boots on the ground” to go after Islamic State targets in Iraq.

The former Republican governor weighed in on a debate that has divided the party. Pataki insisted he does not want to see a “trillion-dollar, decade-long war,” but said the U.S. cannot allow ISIS to have “recruiting” and “training” centers.

“If necessary, we will send in American boots on the ground to destroy those training centers, destroy those planning centers and then get out,” he said. The U.S. has more than 3,000 troops in Iraq to train and equip Iraqi forces, but they are not technically in a combat role.

Pataki, meanwhile, pledged to run on a “reform agenda” as he joins a crowded field seeking the GOP nomination in 2016.

“My whole life has prepared me for this moment,” Pataki told Fox News. “I am running.”

I give this one a shorter lifespan than Fred Thompson’s BS attempt that other time around. Pataki? Total nebbish. Boots on the ground? Gosh, a get tough, get rough Warrior Candidate? Don’t you believe it.


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calendar   Monday - April 27, 2015

Miss Me Yet??

GW Finally Speaks Out: Trashes Obama

In a closed-door meeting with Jewish donors on Saturday night, former President George W. Bush delivered his harshest public criticisms to date against his successor on foreign policy, saying that President Barack Obama is being naïve about Iran and the pending nuclear deal and losing the war against the Islamic State.
The former president, ... proceeded to explain why Obama, in his view, was placing the U.S. in “retreat” around the world. He also said Obama was misreading Iran’s intentions while relaxing sanctions on Tehran too easily.
Bush then went into a detailed criticism of Obama’s policies in fighting the Islamic State and dealing with the chaos in Iraq. On Obama’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops in Iraq at the end of 2011, he quoted Senator Lindsey Graham calling it a “strategic blunder.”
Bush said he views the rise of the Islamic State as al-Qaeda’s “second act” and that they may have changed the name but that murdering innocents is still the favored tactic. He defended his own administration’s handling of terrorism, noting that the terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who confessed to killing Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, was captured on his watch: “Just remember the guy who slit Danny Pearl’s throat is in Gitmo, and now they’re doing it on TV.”

Obama promised to degrade and destroy Islamic State’s forces but then didn’t develop a strategy to complete the mission, Bush said. He said that if you have a military goal and you mean it, “you call in your military and say ‘What’s your plan?’ ” He indirectly touted his own decision to surge troops to Iraq in 2007, by saying, “When the plan wasn’t working in Iraq, we changed.”

“In order to be an effective president ... when you say something you have to mean it,” he said. “You gotta kill em.”
[ cough cough, ahem ] ( Bush also spoke about Putin ) ... Putin’s domestic popularity comes from his control of Russian media, according to Bush. “Hell, I’d be popular, too, if I owned NBC news,” he said. [ gee, do we know anybody like that? cough cough ]
Regarding Hillary Clinton, Bush said it will be crucial how she plays her relationship with the president. She will eventually have to choose between running on the Obama administration’s policies or running against them. If she defends them, she’s admitting failure, he said, but if she doesn’t she’s blaming the president.

For George W. Bush, the remarks in Vegas showed he has little respect for how the current president is running the world.

Don’t bother reading the thousands of comments. They’re nothing more than another fat dose of BDS. Still, for whatever Mr. Bush was or wasn’t as President, he has done the honorable thing and kept his opinions to himself for the past 6 years Maybe he feels that’s long enough. 


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calendar   Monday - March 30, 2015

In My Inbox

loser  Just Go Away Already loser

My Friend,

I will soon make my decision on running for re-election and one thing is for certain - I will not be able to run a successful campaign unless I have your support.

Over the last couple of election cycles, we’ve seen incumbents take their re-elections for granted—and lose.

I promise you I am not one of them.

If I decide to stand for re-election to the United States Senate, I will give it everything I’ve got—and your continued support means a great deal to me.

Just hours remain until the end of the quarter and I need to know you stand with me.

We are still $25,687 short of our fundraising goals. Will you please reaffirm your support by making a generous contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 to help me lay the early groundwork for a successful defense in the quickly approaching primary season?

My Friend, I am not making this decision lightly and I need to know if you will stand with me.


John McCain

Not a snowball’s chance in an erupting volcano you turncoat. Off all the species of RINO, you’re the one we want to go extinct ASAP.

Retire. Move to an unknown island in the far South Pacific. Buy a rocket and shoot yourself into the sun. Just. Go. Away.



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calendar   Wednesday - November 12, 2014

Make That Plus Eight

Dan Sullivan (R) Wins Alaska Senate Seat


Republican candidate Dan Sullivan defeated Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Begich in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race Wednesday.

The win gives the GOP eight Senate pickups in the midterm elections. The party is also seeking a ninth seat in Louisiana’s runoff in December.

Sullivan ran a confident campaign, ignoring the debate schedule Begich established and setting his own terms.

He pledged to fight federal overreach, talked about energy independence and at seemingly every opportunity, sought to tie Begich to President Barack Obama and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, who are unpopular in Alaska.

Begich complained that Sullivan offered little in the way of proposals for what he would do as senator.

Earlier Tuesday, election workers began counting absentee ballots and early indications were Sullivan maintained an 8,100 vote advantage over Begich. It proved to be true later that night.

With roots in Alaska, Sullivan recently served as the state’s natural resource commissioner. He also had spent seven years in the military [USMC] and worked in Washington as assistant secretary of state. He returned to Alaska in 2009 and was appointed attorney general by former Gov. Sarah Palin.


Dan Sullivan flanked by wife Julie and daughters Laurel, Isabella, and Meghan

more background info about Senator Sullivan here


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calendar   Wednesday - November 05, 2014

redrawing the lines

From today’s USA Today, h/t to John Jay



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Democrat Meltdown

Some of my picks for ‘must read’ articles today:

Democrats vote unanimously against the 1st amendment…

On June 18, when this proposed constitutional amendment came up in the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Sen. Ted Cruz did a simple thing: He offered an amendment to replace this amendment with the exact words of the First Amendment.

The subcommittee defeated the First Amendment. Every Democrat on the panel voting against it.

How Ted Cruz Exposed the Free-Speech Haters


Media pushes to eliminate the Constitution when Democrats lose.

How else to explain why the New York Times wants to forever cancel the midterm election. You read that right, cancel them. Outright. According to the Times, midterm elections no longer make sense. The problem is that the midterm electorate “has been whiter, wealthier, older and more educated than during presidential elections.”

Mind you, no one is stopping the non-white, non-old, or non-educated (i.e., Democrats) from voting in midterms.



Democrat Underground melts down. One example:

Unknown Beatle: “What the fuck is the matter with this nation? Things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse, and as hard as we try and yell and cuss, no one is doing shit about all the criminality going on with the banks, politicians, and anyone that breaks the law as long as they’re filthy rich. I’m so fucking pissed off right now I can’t see straight. My blood pressure is sky high. I need to take it easy.”

Your guy has been in charge for the last six years. What an Idiot.

The 16 Most Epic Democratic Underground MELTDOWNS


About those Democrat myths… This one’s my favorite.

3) An improving economy would limit Democrats’ losses. In the few places he felt confident and welcome enough to campaign, Obama devoted much of his appeal to citing the economic progress his administration has made: jobs created, growth, healthcare costs, corporate regulation.

The election results were pretty definitive proof that voters are not feeling the progress Obama feels has been made. Most importantly, it is an unhappy fact that a significant part of the decline in the unemployment rate under Obama has been the result of discouraged workers giving up the search for employment altogether. Indeed, in exit polls, nearly 70 percent of voters expressed negative feelings about the economy, many years into the Obama recovery.

Let’s see… jobs created? Just part-time jobs. Healthcare costs? Way up! Corporate regulation? Also way up. Not feelng that economic recovery here. To quote then Vice-Pres. candidate Algore, “Everything that should be up is down. Everything that should be down is up.”

Voters’ verdict explodes Democratic myths


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calendar   Saturday - May 24, 2014

I may have found the perfect candidate

He Even Has Good Hair

Self-made businessman David Larsen is running for Congress here in New Jersey, entering in the primary in hopes of unseating incumbent “Republican” Leonard Lance. I’ve met the fellow twice now, he came around to my door doing his hustings. And we’re going down to his open meeting next week. I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Here he is, his platform as a Reagan Republican. Which is how he introduces himself. Oooh, be still my beating heart.

Dave Larsen on the Issues

Congressional candidate David Larsen doesn’t hesitate to explain where he stands on the issues. “A man is defined by how he keeps his word,” says Larsen. “If elected to Congress I will be asked to take the following oath of office: ‘I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.’ I intend to uphold that oath every minute of every day that I am in office.”

PRO-LIFE: Protect the sanctity of innocent human life from conception to natural death.

FIREARMS: Protect the Second Amendment right to bear arms and defend our families and property. Promote our strong sporting heritage.

GOVERNMENT: The size and scope of the federal government ought to be reduced to those powers and responsibilities specifically enumerated in the Constitution and the federal budget reduced accordingly.

NATIONAL SECURITY: President Reagan correctly pointed out that no nation was ever attacked because it was too strong. One of the prime responsibilities of our government is to defend our nation.  At the same time, we must not sacrifice our Constitutional rights in the pursuit of greater security. David Larsen will work to make sure we maintain our military supremacy.  We must also remember and take care of those that fought and sacrificed on our behalf.  We must stand with those nations that stand with us and are aligned with our beliefs. We must not cede any aspect of our sovereignty to an outside entity.

CUT SPENDING: Over the years, numerous studies have been commissioned on how to cut wasteful spending and balance our budget.  Time after time, little or nothing is done after these commissions post their reports indicating ways to save billions of dollars.  The first place David Larsen will work to end wasteful government spending will be by pushing these cuts Congress already knows about. He will vigilantly oppose wasteful spending by both parties and work towards the enactment of a balanced budget amendment where taxes cannot be raised without the approval of a super majority in both chambers of Congress.

CREATE JOBS: David understands that government does not create productive jobs and subsidies do not drive innovation.  From the Victrola to Compact Discs to the iPhone, technological developments that improved our everyday lives came from individuals and companies that had an idea, took a risk, and worked to make their vision a reality. They did not come from a government bureaucrat deciding which products or industries should be favored over others. The United States did not become the greatest nation in history by adopting the kind of five year plans used by the old USSR. Today, regulations and mandates stifle innovation and drive jobs overseas.  Many of the shackles government has placed on the free market must be removed. This will unleash Americans’ natural creativity and industriousness. We must also allow the successful to reap what they sowed. Punitive taxation and rules that create artificial limits must end.  Once the business climate becomes more accommodating, the jobs will become more plentiful.

REFORM TAXES: David Larsen will fight for a just and simplified tax system that does not discourage innovation or encourage the government to gamble with American’s hard-earned money, but a policy that fuels productivity and fosters American Prosperity for All.

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE OPTIONS: Our nation has been blessed with abundant natural energy resources. Unfortunately, some who believe they know better have placed much of these resources off-limits. I believe all paths towards providing the energy we need must be facilitated. However, there should be no subsidies. The marketplace will determine which companies and businesses are viable and which are not, which are better, and what is the fair price for their goods and services.  Energy independence is essential to America’s future as an economic world leader and critical to its security. Exploring and utilizing our native resources will not only lead us to energy independence, but it will create many jobs directly and indirectly.  Additionally, our nation will benefit by reduced costs since there is an energy component to the price of virtually all things. Lastly, exploration on federal lands will produce a revenue stream via royalties that can be used to pay down our mounting debt.

REPEAL & DEFUND OBAMACARE: I strongly oppose any and all health care reforms that take away patients’ ability to make their own health care decisions and rob business of the ability to create jobs. If the U.S. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare in whole or in part, I will work to eliminate any vestige of it that exists in our tax code or regulations.

IMMIGRATION: Stop illegal immigration through enforcement of immigration laws and better control of our borders.

THE FEDERAL RESERVE: Since its creation, the Federal Reserve Bank has devalued the American dollar.  In recent years, the policy of Quantitative Easing has been used by the Fed to print trillions of extra dollars, creating an imminent threat of hyper-inflation.  This policy of government created inflation is a hidden tax on the American citizen, silently robbing Americans of their wealth by diminishing the value of their savings.  At the same time, the Fed has resisted all attempts by Congress to audit its books, in order that it be made accountable to the American people.  It is time to audit the Fed and, if necessary, to dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank and return the power of printing money to the Department of the Treasury, under the supervision of an elected Congress.

I embrace the governing principles that our Founding Fathers staked their lives, their fortune, and their sacred honor for so that we might live as a free people. Unlike today’s politicians, these were men of politics – as well as philosophers and visionaries. The limited federal government our Founders established created a civil society governed by the rule of law and unleashed, for the first time in history, the incredible potential of man through the mechanism of the Free Market.  Working with limited constraints, it took just over 150 years for Americans to create the greatest economic force in the world. Our explosive growth, fueled by technological innovation, raised the standard of living far beyond anything previously envisioned or experienced, anywhere.

But all of that has changed: in the past four years alone, the federal government has expanded the scope of its power, the size of its bureaucracy and the amount of its debt to levels that defy comprehension. Americans today are literally being regulated to death as business shut down and people lose their jobs.  Regulations and taxation are roadblocks that discourage the efforts of entrepreneurs and investors. They cause unnecessarily high costs for products and services leading to a slowdown in demand and, ultimately, lost jobs. Today we outsource our jobs…tomorrow we may end up outsourcing the future of the American workforce – our own children.

For most of our short history as a nation, we have enjoyed the benefits of a limited federal government. The American people were free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as they, themselves, defined it.  Our economy flourished and our society was considerate.  It can be that way again. American history shows that there is no greater force for economic expansion than the absence of government interference.

He’s also in favor of term limits too. And English as our official language.  And marriage being a thing between a man and a woman. And in reasonable environmental rules but not at the expense of liberty. And a strong foreign policy supporting our traditional allies and friends. And having secure borders. And having a selective immigration policy, not the blind open door model we have these days. And in making efforts to get those recent immigrants to assimilate and become new Americans.

Oh, and he has the endorsement of plenty of big name Conservative groups and talking heads, from Gun Owners of America to The American Conservative Union to Michael Reagan and Conservative Talk Radio host Steve Malzberg to several Tea Party groups and PACs in the area.

Find out more ... David Larsen for Congress dot com.

It’s not that NJ doesn’t have real Republicans ... we just have trouble getting them elected. Steve Lonnagon was 10 times the Conservative that Chris Christie is. But he pretty much managed to get my vote, and my wife’s vote, and that’s about it. Larsen doesn’t seem to be bringing any of Teh Crazee to the table at all.

And Lennie Lance has got to go. For a “centrist Conservative” he seems to vote in lock step with Obama’s policies nearly all the time. RINO much?? chaa!!


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calendar   Monday - May 05, 2014


With “friends” like this, who needs Democrats??

Graham: GOP Could Get Burned On Benghazi

Any attempt by Republicans to embarrass the Obama administration over the deadly September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, could backfire in the mid-term congressional elections, a Republican U.S. senator warned on Sunday.

Some Republicans view the attack, in which militants killed four Americans at the U.S. mission in Benghazi including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, as a political liability that could hurt President Barack Obama’s Democrats in November.

Although the issue may resonate with some voters, pushing it too hard is politically risky for Republicans, said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who is running for re-election this year.

“If we’re playing politics with Benghazi, we’ll get burned,” Graham said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

When asked if the issue has become more about politics than substance, Graham said: “Anyone who believes this is just about politics, go tell that to the family members … Anyone who plays politics with Benghazi will get burned.”

The Benghazi issue resurfaced last week after a conservative watchdog group released emails that it said showed Obama administration officials were concerned with protecting the president’s image in the days after the attack.

Republicans in the House of Representatives seized on the new evidence last week and called for a special, “select committee” of lawmakers to investigate.

In response, a State Department spokeswoman said on Friday: “This is just another attempt to use this politically.”

So I guess Senator Graham would rather just look the other way and sweep things under the    bus    rug?

Or is he actually trying to pretend he can do all of this apolitically, and thus “let a crisis go to waste”?

Because. 1) Liar. 2) Impeach. 3) Damn right it’s political. Also political.


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calendar   Thursday - January 16, 2014

No Sale

Ain’t Nobody Buying This


Bold words from the crybaby pretender. Oh he’ll stop that bad tyrant Obama, baby, right in his tracks!

PAGE after PAGE of comments at Facebook, 3400 so far, where not one single person believes him. Not even a little bit. And dozens/hundreds call for impeachment. it is to link, then laugh. Then cry I suppose.


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