meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers … strife ahead ..


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 10/22/2010 at 10:30 AM   
  1. For some reason it is hard to find the price of dynamite on Google, however, I doubt if it would cost $15,000,000+ US to buy it to clear this mire. As for bulldozers, I think for the price of fuel, they could probably find some volunteers in the area to bring in farm equipment for the cleanup.
    Then again, a few gallons of petrol and a pack of matches would take it to the ground as well.
    Better yet, bring in a batch of Serbians to move into the caravans when their owners are out getting a pack of smokes, shopping for groceries, looking for work, or burglarizing the countryside.. can you say ‘self correcting problems’ in the ensuing violence? Bwahahaha!

    Just a thought…

    Posted by Doctor DETH    United States   10/22/2010  at  10:58 PM  

  2. well said Doc ....
    The problem only got to these proportions due to the former govt, many of whose laws are still enforced until rescinded, which I have read can’t be done overnight. I’ve no idea why. You will be aware I’m sure, that the previous govt. was left and quite socialist. At the moment the govt. is made up of a coalition of libs and conservatives.
    I hate to say so but I don’t hold out much hope for this place and to be honest, I worry about my own country a lot because folks at home aren’t looking close enough at here. And some that do manage to, get it wrong anyway.  [gloom]

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   10/23/2010  at  03:08 AM  

  3. It’s Britain By God! When riled they were famous for moving with lightning speed and efficiency. All it takes, if I understand parliamentary procedure correctly, is someone to get the floor, forward the motion and get a certain ratio, and it flies.
    What the Hell are those people doing, running by the American rule of constant committee and pork-belly politicking?
    The bulldog has gone to sleep, and the people in the house seem to be loathe to awaken it.
    Of course, A lot of it seems to be apathy. The only thing worse than a group that hates one is a group that has no feelings at all, because they ignore what is happening. At least the people who hate you still feel for their own welfare.

    Just a thought..

    Posted by Doctor DETH    United States   10/23/2010  at  03:40 PM  

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