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January 20, 2022

UK: Plan C - Dump Plan B !!

PM Boris Johnson: England To End Mask Mandates, Work From Home Restrictions, Vax Passports Starting Next Week

Virus gonna virus, and you can’t do beans about that. Never could.

Boris Johnson has confirmed that Plan B measures to control the spread of coronavirus in England will be allowed to expire.

Mr Johnson, speaking to the House of Commons after a tumultuous PMQs (their term for the weekly Q & A session in Parliament with the Prime Minister. Imagine if pResident Brandon* had to face the entire Legislature once per week, on live TV), said that working from guidance, a requirement to wear face masks and the use of Covid passports in some settings would be dropped.

He said more than 90 per cent of over-60s across the UK had now had booster vaccines to protect them, and scientists believed the Omicron wave had peaked.

He said the Government had taken a “different path” to much of Europe and the “data are showing that, time and again, this Government got the toughest decisions right”.

People will no longer be told to work from home and, from Thursday next week when Plan B measures lapse, mandatory Covid certification will end, Mr Johnson said.

“Organisations can of course choose to use the NHS Covid pass voluntarily but we will end the compulsory use of Covid safety certification in England,” Mr Johnson said.

The Government’s guidance to work from home will end immediately, he said. “From now on the Government is no longer asking people to work from home. People should now speak to their employers about arrangements for returning to the office,” Mr Johnson said.

The Government will also no longer mandate the wearing of face masks anywhere from next Thursday and they will be scrapped in classrooms from this Thursday.

Case rates in the UK, almost all of them the Omicron variant, have been falling for a couple weeks now, down 27% in the last 2 weeks.


The conservatives in England are finally realizing what some of us in the United States have been saying for a year. These measures do not matter. They are not stopping the spread of Covid.

Mandatory masking is pointless. Vax passports are pointless and wrong.

In this speech, Johnson lays out the timeline to end the mask mandates.

Ben Riley-Smith of the UK Telegraph is reporting that virtually all Covid restrictions in England will be ending shortly.

No more Covid passport.

No more government-mandated work from home.

No more masks on children.

No more mask mandates anywhere.

Damn, Boris Johnson just became Ron DeSantis.

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Another few Covid “oh, by the way” bits of info.

The new treatment pill from Pfizer, jokingly called Pfizermectin by many but actually named Paxlovid, is a combination of the two drugs nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. While nirmatrelvir is something new, ritonavir has been around for some time.

There is a somewhat similar medicine out there called Kaletra, which is ritonavir combined with lopinavir. While this Russian product was initially The Great Covid Hope in the Far East, it continually and repeatedly failed in trials. Like Ivermectin, ritonavir is a protease inhibitor and has been used as an HIV medicine. Kaletra has shown to improve pneumonia resolution in influenza patients, so it is at least somewhat effective as an antiviral.

There is another antiviral from Russia that seems to have some positive effect. This one is called Arbidol (Umifenovir) and it works against cold and flu viruses. It’s been around for more than a decade. It also works against SARS-Cov-2. This medicine is NOT available in the USA, as the company never applied for an EUA.

Arbidol is a broad-spectrum anti-viral drug, mainly for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections caused by influenza A and B viruses, etc. In recent years, many studies have proven its effectiveness against both SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Arbidol hydrochloride can block virus replication by inhibiting the fusion of the lipid membrane of the virus with the host cells. Compared with the untreated control group, arbidol can effectively inhibit coronavirus up to 60 times at a concentration of 10–30 μmol/L, and significantly inhibit the virus’s pathological effects on cells.

This was known, published, in late February 2020. But don’t forget that SARS-Cov-2 is NOT influenza A or B, and it is NOT SARS or MERS. That being said, it does appear to have positive effects.

Meanwhile in China ... a patented herbal concoction called “Shufeng Jiedu Capsule” also seems to do the job, especially when used with Kaletra and Arbidol. Gee, really?

Anyway, the primary active ingredients in Shufeng Jiedu Capsule are quercetin, resveratrol (from wine) and Glycyrrhizae, which is licorice root.These are all derived from the herbal mixture used. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses licorice root in darn near everything (a href=""> example , 90% effective against Covid pneumonia), then some ginger, perhaps some cinnamon, and then they add the weird Chinese bits.

Funny how the whole world got out their microscopes and Petri dishes and medical history books and tried everything they had that worked on flu, SARS, and viruses. Over here we’re told that our guys did that too, but nothing came from it. Instead it was “go home and take a Tylenol until you turn blue, then go to the hospital to get put on a ventilator until you die”. “Oh, and here are a few medicines you can take that don’t really work, and you can’t have (and we can’t get) the ones that do work, so try not to die until the “vaccines” get here.”

Not to mention that we, and so many other countries, took the worst ass-backward approach to this whole thing possible.

Figuring out why sound public-health practice was rejected in favor of lockdowns is the job of writers and researchers for many years to come. But this much we know already. We had the information we needed to rationally address this threat. We had the experience and knowledge we needed to approach this responsibly and scientifically. A very small group of people on both sides of the Atlantic chose a different path.

Something is wrong with this picture.

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Order your “free” covid test kits. 4 per address. Will ship in a few weeks.

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January 16, 2022

Where did my posts from earlier today go? WTH? Ok, I found them. Got a few bugs to work out with this new machine. But it runs, so that’s a plus.


So, you want to whine about a mess of corona?

Here you go:



Ok, lame joke. Mezzacorona is a “value oriented” brand of wine from the Italian Alps. The Pinot Grigio is made the old school way, and goes well with lots of things. Their Di Notte (of the night) is a blend of two varietals you’ve never heard of, plus some Merlot to soften things up a bit. Should go good with strongly flavored meats or spicy food.

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No time for blogging this morning. I’ve got to get cleaned up and go bowling. Our Wednesday night team from Old Guys League is doing our post-bowling, because we were made to isolate the week after Christmas because my spousal unit tested Covid positive Christmas Eve. And then I got sick with it, so I missed a couple weeks of league. So even though we had bowled Wednesday, and she didn’t get sick until Thursday, and tested positive on Friday, they told our team not to bowl the following Wednesday. An “abundance of caution”; we all know that drill by now.

So I’m well enough at this point, so it’s time to hit the shower and get up there. And then later I’ll have to do my usual Sunday cleaning, and somewhere in there I need to get to the grocery store, and get some dishes and housework done. And then we can sit back and “enjoy” the no-good giant storm that might hit us later. Or not. It’s supposed to hit late this afternoon, and she has to work tonight. Forecast is for about 3” to accumulate before switching over to rain around 10pm. So a wet and sloppy night. Too much fun.

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i haven’t picked up a ball in a month. Last time I bowled was the Friday a week before Christmas Eve. 12/17?

So we went to Cheap League. Half the league was absent. Very quiet. We played X’s team. He’s very good, and the two young relatives of his on the team are pretty good too. So my team got 68 pins handicap, and away we went. We all bowled over average the first game, but Big X (the young woman on his team is Little X; they both have almost identical names) laid down a 268. i wasn’t going to lie down for that, and managed a 224, and the wifely pulled a 210. So we won Game 1 by 15. Nice.

Game 2 we didn’t do so great, but they didn’t either. The lanes were changing, and it took us a while to adapt to that. Wifely and i were just a little under average, but a little was all it took, and we lost Game 2 by a couple dozen.

By Game 3 i had figured it out, and bowled low and slow, shifting between a “lots more to the left” stance and a “lots more to the right” stance, adjusting my hand angle and ball speed accordingly. I threw 9 strikes in a row from the beginning of the game. Then I did a 7/ in the 10th, followed by something ... another strike, I don’t remember. But I threw a 265, which is the highest game I’ve thrown in league in a very very long time. This was my first game >=250 in either league in at least 2 years. Add it all up and I threw a 654 series, so I’m super happy. I think I have a 171 average in that league, so that would be a 523 series, so I was 132 over, which is just shy of the 140 Over Average Series award. Oh well. I guess 2 awards for one series will just have to be enough.

So we won Game 3 and took total wood, giving us a 5-2 win for the night.

Does this mean I’m over the damn Covid yet? I think it should count.

And my pretzels drew raves from everyone. That’s nice. Too bad these will be the last ones made from the super high gluten King Arthur flour. The price is just too damn high; more than $40 for 9lb delivered. Way too much. Next batch I’ll used bread flour and add some vital wheat gluten to get the percentages up. That might do the job.


No unboxing post

I think those posts people make when they buy something new, and take a zillion pictures of them taking it out of the box, are beyond stupid. So none of that from me.

My new PC got delivered last night, just left in the parking lot in front of our garage. We found it by chance and brought it in. Several hours later I got an email that my package was delivered. Glad we live in a zero crime area.

So the box sat in the hallway overnight, thawing out. It should be a snap to get it up and running, although I’ll have to dig out the actual remote for the TV set to access it’s menu, as that’s the only device we have that’s easy to find the WiFi password. After that, I can see about installing my whiz bang Wifi antenna thing, installing the hard drives from my previous computers, making sure that BitBlocker is turned off, and finding the CDs and thumb drives I’ve got that have my programs on. Several others i can just install via online.

And then I can has pooter again. This time the box is going up on the bookshelf, on vibration absorbing feet with squishy “vibrapod” vibration absorbing feet on top of them. I am tired of killing PCs by minor bumps on the computer desk. Isolate the box, then isolate it two times further. I have extra long cables if needed.


Well duh ...

An analysis of Covid cases etc out of Calgary Canada is showing a massive spike in illness onset, hospitalizations, ICU, and deaths for those people who just got the jabs.

No kidding. The shots stress the heck out of your immune system, so running out in panic and getting the vax “to be protected” while insanely infectious variants are running around isn’t the smartest move. And of course, the caveat is that these jabbed up folks don’t count as even partially vaccinated until two weeks after the shots. (by which point they are either cured or dead) So, oh noes!!!, the case rates are exploding in Calgary among the evil unvaccinated while vacinnated numbers remain low!!!

it’s a scam. Duh.

Have you seen the ads on TV with all the happy little kids having fun and living life, while the voiceover and the chyrons let you know that any kid 5 or older can get the shots? I think this is pretty damn disgusting.

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Says OSHA grossly eceeded their powers. Healthcare vax mandate remains.

Alex Berenson from Unreported Truths

Jan 13 at 2:53 PM

This mandate was the broadest of the three, affecting all companies with more than 100 employees. The block effectively ends forced Covid vaccinations at the federal level.


Supreme Court Halts Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s pandemic-related vaccination-or-testing mandate for large businesses at a time of escalating COVID-19 infections while allowing his administration to enforce its separate vaccine requirement for healthcare facilities.

The court acted a/20fter hearing arguments last Friday in the legal fight over temporary mandates issued in November by two federal agencies aimed at increasing U.S. vaccination rates and making workplaces and healthcare settings safer. The cases tested presidential powers to address a swelling public health crisis that already has killed more than 845,000 Americans.

The court was divided in both cases. The court ruled 6-3 with the six conservative justices in the majority and three liberal justices dissenting in blocking the broader workplace ruling. The vote was 5-4 to allow the healthcare worker rule, with two conservatives, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, joining the liberals in the majority.

The federal workplace safety agency issued a rule affecting businesses with at least 100 workers requiring vaccines or weekly COVID-19 tests - a policy applying to more than 80 million employees. Challengers led by the state of Ohio and a business group asked the justices to block the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule after a lower court lifted an injunction against it. Companies were supposed to start showing they were in compliance starting this past Monday.

The high court blocked a Dec. 17 decision by the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that had allowed the mandate to go into effect.

The court’s order blocking enforcement while litigation continues in a lower court likely signals doom for the administration’s attempt to boost vaccination numbers by harnessing federal powers to protect workplace health and safety. During the oral argument, conservative justices expressed skepticism about the legality of that approach.

The other mandate required vaccination for an estimated 10.3 million workers at about 76,000 healthcare facilities including hospitals and nursing homes that accept money from the Medicare and Medicaid government health insurance programs for elderly, disabled and low-income Americans.

The justices lifted orders by federal judges in Missouri and Louisiana blocking the policy in 24 states, allowing the administration to enforce it nearly nationwide. Enforcement was blocked in Texas by a lower court in separate litigation not at issue in the case before the Supreme Court.

Workers must be vaccinated by the end of February under the mandate.

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WHO Just Caved On Boosters

Says repeated use of original formula unlikely to be sustainable or appropriate. Says new vaxes should be based on current variants.

Problem is, new variants come up faster than vaccines can be built against them.

So it’s over. No more 3rd booster, 4th jabs.

Expect future vax to be more like flu vax, some generic attenuated dead virus mix. And about as effective too ... not very.

Treatments are the ONLY answer, always were the only answer. IVM, HCQ, interferon, etc. Take your D, zinc, quercetin.


PC is not working again. Can’t deal with it. Bought a new ACER, cheap. i5 cpu 12mb ram, 512gb SSD, win 10. Should be able to put my HDs inside and my super WiFi antenna too.

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Ok, my PC is being cranky again, so it’s back to the tablet for minimalism posting.

Big news everywhere today:CDC director Rochelle Walensky says 75% of all Covid deaths were people with at least 4 serious comorbidities. This is at every news site, with the video of her saying it.

But the NBC fact checkers say it ain’t so. Oh no, that’s not what she really really said. Because if you ignore the MSM sound bite and dig up the actual report, youll find that it wasn’t 75% at all. It was 77.8% !! See, totally different and Tucker and the Trumpsters are all liars.

This is the same MSM hypocrits who are still claiming that obesity is the #1 cause, with smoking right up in there somewhere too. Yet the study specifically states that these underlying causes are not the primary leading cause of death conditions. Those are, along with being at least 65 years old ... being immunocomprimised, having heart conditions, pulmonary issues, diabetes, and kidney and liver disease.

So let’s split the hairs to the sub-atom level, why not.

And maybe I can go find that link and read the study itself to see if it mentions the other 25% of deaths. How many were under 65? How many only had 3 conditions, or 2, or even 1? If they’ve got some numbers to find the 4+ group, they’ve got all the other numbers too. Out with them already.

And They’re Right!!

Buopt not because “Republicans pounced”. But because Walensky did not express herself clearly. The 75% number is from a study on the vaccinated, and ONLY on the vaccinated.

It also points out that blacks, browns, and woo-woo Indians have the worst overall health and have the highest incidence of severe outcomes with this thing. It isn’t a big study, and to me it seems like nonsense, claiming that only 36 vaccinated people died from the Covid in an entire year, out of 1,228,000 who got the jabs. No mention of the who knows how many thousands who died FROM getting the jabs; that’s not part of this report. There is something in there about these numbers being roughly similar to the earlier unvaccinated population here and in the UK, but it’s a real pain copying and pasting with this tablet when I have only one tab. So go read the study, it’s only a few pages.

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January 10, 2022

The vaxes help, but less than you think, and not for all that long either. And they don’t do very much for the latest variant at all. No kidding.

Better than nothing, but you’re still sick and you can still spread it. And unless you’re pResident Brandon, or one of these isolated dingbats on the Supreme Court, you’ve known this FOR MONTHS NOW.

Wormwood, baby! Not news to me by a long shot, and hopefully someday it will make it’s way out of the lab already.
% at all. It was


Another something from Sometimes Interesting

A long story with a twist or two.

Too much time on my hands ... Sometimes Interesting has a great big post today on Seaview Farms, one of the original poor houses and work farms in the New York area, which dates back to 1830. It soon became a tuberculosis ward, and later became a hospital nexus. It operated until the 1970s, but has fallen into the weeds and is now some kind of greenbelt parkland on Staten Island. But once it was huge, housing thousands. And for many years it was self sufficient, growing not just enough food to feed the residents and staff, but to supply the surrounding area and actually turn a profit. Able bodied residents learned trade skills and the place was quite beneficent for a very long time.

There’s a neat little aside way down in there, almost a throwaway bit of trivia. Tuberculosis was brought to a halt with the development of antibiotics during WWII. One of the first antibiotics made other than penicillin was streptomycin, created by Merck working with Rutgers University. The Army experimented with the stuff. The first patient who got some died. The second patient who got some recovered but was left blind. The third patient who got some fully recovered, and after that the rest was history. That patient? The wounded soldier was later known to the world as Senator Robert J Dole.

It’s a long read, and the individual fate of the dozens and dozens of buildings are covered, as are the changing politics of the eras, which designer designed what, and on and on. If you’re sitting around recovering from Covid and viral pneumonia, it’s a great way to burn up a couple of boring hours.

Or you could do laundry and make a batch of pretzels. I did all three things this afternoon. And my blood oxygen levels are staying at a healthy level, with only one brief little nap and O2 concentrator session early this afternoon.


Something really different for once

Cottage Where Ulysses S Grant Died in 1885 kept as shrine ever since, still has his funeral flowers in remarkable condition.


Impoverished by a Ponzi-style swindle and dying of throat cancer, Ulysses S. Grant moved to the Cottage on June 16, 1885. With the love and support of his family, his publisher Mark Twain and the nation at large, he completed Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant only days before his death on July 23, 1885. The publication of this two-volume work ensured his family’s financial security and gave the world one of the most critically acclaimed memoirs by a U.S. president or historic military figure.

Today, the cottage remains essentially the same as during the Grant family’s stay.  Visitors tour the downstairs of the cottage, viewing the original furnishings, decorations, and personal items belonging to Grant, including the bed where he died, and floral arrangements that remain from Grant’s August 4th funeral. The cottage is now owned by the State of New York and open to the public by the Friends of the Ulysses S. Grant Cottage.

Grant died there on Mount McGregor, too, at 8:08 a.m. on July 23, 1885, and the cottage has remained almost untouched since, a shrine to the former president which now welcomes visitors in the warmer months. In the parlor, the mantle clock is permanently set to 8:08, and in the dining room—shrouded in darkness most of the time—sit the same massive flower arrangements on display at the first memorial to Grant, held at the cottage before a large crowd on August 4, 1885.

Today, when a tour guide turns on the dining room lights, visitors see much the same sight those mourners did: a six-foot-tall gate—like that which might stand at heaven’s entrance but emblazoned with the president’s name—entirely constructed out of dried flowers. Nearby a sword made of flowers rests on an oversized pillow of flowers surrounded by smaller floral sculptures in the shapes of crosses, a heart, and an anchor. After 136 years, Grant’s tributes have been drained of their bright colors. The petals are caked in grime, and some have fallen off over the years. But the set pieces are mostly intact, which makes them a historical anomaly.

Once upon a time US Grant was one of the greatest heroes in America. That’s why he’s on the $50 bill. Who he was and what he did has been largely forgotten. He was one of the toughest generals ever, but he wasn’t that great a president. And he was just as human as the rest of us, from humble origins with plenty of problems in his life.

The Grant cottage in Wilton NY is adorable. I’d love to have a vacation house in the woods by a lake just like it. With modern amenities of course.



Let’s see what the news is today ...

Bob Saget has died. He was 65. Found in a nice hotel room in Florida. No signs of drug overdose or foul play. Huh. I’m going with vax death.

Triple jabbed AOC has the ‘rona. Maybe she shouldn’t have been out partying in Florida last week, maskless, with the poofter squad. What. Ever.

More yadda yadda about the January 6th “Insurrection”. God this is so tiring. It’s the biggest load of hooey we’ve ever had crammed down our throats, aside from the pandemic. There was no insurrection. There was no riot. Nothing was destroyed. The Capital was not damaged or looted. A few people had heart attacks and died, then or later. And Ashli Babbit, surrounded by armed and armored Capital Police and no threat to anyone, was murdered. Most of the whole “event” was a false flag operation rigged by the FBI, the Gestapo wing of the DNC. And I’m beyond sick and tired of the non-stop bullshit going on for over a year now.

And on the Covid No Shit Shirlock front .... vaccines make things worse. MUCH WORSE.

The statistically significant and overwhelmingly positive causal impact after vaccine deployment on the dependent variables total deaths and total cases per million should be highly worrisome for policy makers. They indicate a marked increase in both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment that was originally sold to the public as the “key to gain back our freedoms.” The effect of vaccines on total cases per million and its low positive association with total vaccinations per hundred signifies a limited impact of vaccines on lowering COVID-19 associated cases.

These results should encourage local policy makers to make policy decisions based on data, not narrative, and based on local conditions, not global or national mandates. These results should also encourage policy makers to begin looking for other avenues out of the pandemic aside from mass vaccination campaigns.

In other words, we were lied to

The vaccines are making this worse, not better. This is why we are not getting ourselves out of the hole.

It won’t make a piddle’s worth of difference ...

I think I’ve figured out the pattern and can now confidently predict how health authorities worldwide will react to this stunning result: they will ignore it. Instead, they will mandate vaccines for everyone of every age ASAP. Am I right?

I am so fucking tired of this. We are living in insane clown world and the only thing allowed to be done is to beat the circus drum even harder. This isn’t merely mass hypnotic psychosis. It’s mass suicide. And that is no accident at all. ‘

Heck, even the NY Post sort of agrees, though they still toe the line of the lie.

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January 9, 2022

Oh, by the way, ICYMI ... that other new anti-Covid wonder drug, Molnupiravir from Merck? It can give you cancer (mutagenicity) and it can cause birth defects (teragenecity). And it doesn’t work too well against the ‘rona either. So it got an EUA of course.

And all this was known, even before Ridgeback acquired the thing from Emory, and then cut a deal with Merck.

While it looked real awesome at first in the lab, it failed in drug trials time after time. I’ve been following it for more than 20 months now.



Oh Just Knock It Off Already

3 days ago they found FLORONA, and now today, DELTACRON

Influenza + coronavirus = florona. Or Fluona.

Delta variant merged with Omicron variant = Deltacron. Also known as Delmicron, because as always everything to do with this virus has to have at least two different names.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

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January 8, 2021


He was wearing antifa gear, had pipe bomb in his backpack, more bombs at home. Had checklist in pocket “weapons, gas mask, take direct action” from Portland Oregon Antifa.

Law enforcement has arrested a man who allegedly brought a pipe bomb to a rally in support of a Florida man detained on criminal charges stemming from the January 6th, 2021 protest at the US Capitol. Garrett Smith, a Pinellas County man, was apprehended on Thursday morning after a rally in support of Jeremy Brown.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Smith after they recount him quickly fleeing from the scene of the demonstration. A search of Smith’s backpack revealed an item law enforcement is calling a “pipe-type explosive device.”

Smith was carrying a helmet decorated with an ANTIFA symbol in his backpack. The red and black drawing of three arrows has been associated with the left-wing street terror movement for years.

Sheriff’s deputies allegedly confirmed that the device Smith brought to the scene of the rally was an active explosive device. Gualtieri is describing Brown as an ideological lone wolf “sleeper,” revealing that the leftist militant is declining to cooperate with authorities’ investigation thus far. Police allegedly located more explosive devices in a search of Smith’s home, including one grenade-style object.

“Where was he going to go next? What was he going to do?” said Gualtieri. “Of course, we don’t know the answer to that, but he had all the equipment to cause destruction.”

Pictures and video at the link. H/T to 90 Miles From Tyranny.


I may have turned the corner on this thing. I hope.

Feeling much better this afternoon. Suddenly, the both of us. Big burst of energy and alertness. Not that we were foggy or anything. Just lackadaisical. So we got motivated and did a bunch of housework. Cleaned the bathroom and cat pan, got all the garbage and recycling out, did a few loads of laundry and got the kitchen completely clean. All the dishes. I even took a shower and shaved. Then we made something sort of cajun with leftover chicken and steak. So now it’s time to eat.

I’m not coughing hardly at all. I’m not tired or sweating. No aches or pains. Sinus not bad at all. Big appetite.

Is this the ivermectin miracle? Or the results of all that QP and zinc? Not sure, not sure that I care. Just glad to feel like I’m winning against this crap. Let’s see if that lasts. Fingers crossed.


My Covid Odyssey

Another day, another day in unsplendid isolation, another day of not feeling any worse nor really any better. I’ve got a little cough, I’ve got a little runny nose. My oxygen levels are pretty good, with or without additional oxygen. I’m eating and resting and staying warm. I’m taking another round of ivermectin, this time at the medium dose level, along with the prednisone, using my Anoro daily, and getting in 5 or 6 puffs from my albuteral inhaler as the pharmacy did not come through with the albuteral liquid for my nebulizer. And I’m taking all the vitamins, supplements, zinc, magnesium, powdered medicinal mushrooms, black seed oil, and the potent quercetin phytosome. And the dingleberry elderberry pills. Plenty of strong green tea with raw honey. There isn’t much else that I can think of to do. I don’t seem to be getting any worse, I’m not tired at all although I’m not filled with boundless energy, and I don’t seem to be getting any worse. Or not much worse. It’s so hard to tell. No fever though. Can still taste stuff. Good appetite. No more night sweats or chills. No numbness in my hands or feet, brain seems sharp enough, no chest pains or body aches.

But it is really boring being stuck in this house since Xmas Eve. My big escape today was to clean the snow off my car, go to the drive thru ATM at the bank, and then put some gas in my car. Out and back in 15 minutes, didn’t see or talk to anyone.


Take this for what it’s worth: Pasteur Institute says Omicron is barely stopped by natural immunity or by fully vaxxed immunity if it’s fresh.

Omicron blows right through most of the monoclonals, although they didn’t look at the Regeneron Regen-Cov product or the Glaxo Smith Kline product. Getting a recent booster did stop it, but it took as much as 31 times more of those artificial antibodies to do the job compared to what was needed to shut down Delta.

I’d say it’s time to update the vaccines and monoclonals to make them more Omicron specific. Or to finally get behind repurposed treatments that seem to have done good things for millions in other parts of the world for earlier variants. Can’t hurt to try at this point.

The scientists began by testing nine monoclonal antibodies used in clinical practice or currently in preclinical development. Six antibodies lost all antiviral activity, and the other three were 3 to 80 times less effective against Omicron than against Delta. The antibodies Bamlanivimab/Etesevimab (a combination developed by Lilly), Casirivimab/Imdevimab (a combination developed by Roche and known as Ronapreve) and Regdanvimab (developed by Celtrion) no longer had any antiviral effect against Omicron. The Tixagevimab/Cilgavimab combination (developed by AstraZeneca under the name Evusheld) was 80 times less effective against Omicron than against Delta.

“We demonstrated that this highly transmissible variant has acquired significant resistance to antibodies. Most of the therapeutic monoclonal antibodies currently available against SARS-CoV-2 are inactive,” comments Olivier Schwartz, co-last author of the study and Head of the Virus and Immunity Unit at the Institut Pasteur.

The scientists observed that the blood of patients previously infected with COVID-19, collected up to 12 months after symptoms, and that of individuals who had received two doses of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine, taken five months after vaccination, barely neutralized the Omicron variant. But the sera of individuals who had received a booster dose of Pfizer, analyzed one month after vaccination, remained effective against Omicron. Five to 31 times more antibodies were nevertheless required to neutralize Omicron, compared with Delta, in cell culture assays.


So here we are, two years later, caught flat footed once again.

It’s been the most astonishing two weeks for American public life, with so many prescient changes, from new censorships, admissions, backtracks, experts speaking out, public outrage, and what strikes me as a progressive unraveling of every orthodoxy imposed nearly two years ago.

Not even the influential and powerful are in a position to defend what has happened to us. They seem to be gradually pulling away from public life, unable to say things that connect to what everyone knows.

Above all else, what’s remarkable right now is the undeniable arrival of Covid to a degree to which hardly anyone could have imagined all that time ago, when so many experts set out to deploy their fabulous new system for stopping the spread of a disease.


Nearly two years ago, they deployed a new experiment in stopping a pathogen. It was a plan that was 15 years in the making, hatched by fanatics who imagined that state policy could outwit a virus.

The wreckage was astonishing, and yet what was the payoff? Here we are today with a wave of sickness that defies every prediction, and with collateral damage beyond even the worst predictions (including my own). And the truth of this is all over the data that anyone can see and the stories that anyone can hear.

The country is right now sicker than it has ever been in our lifetimes.

What a stunning repudiation of state policy – the worst failing of public health and public policy perhaps in the history of the US if not the entire world.

Nice going asshats. And we’re the ones denying Teh Science???

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January 7, 2022

Sidney Poitier has passed away. He was 94.


Sidney Poitier, whose portrayal of resolute heroes in films like “To Sir, With Love,” “In the Heat of the Night” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” established him as Hollywood’s first Black matinee idol and helped open the door for Black actors in the film industry, has died at 94.

His death was confirmed by Eugene Torchon-Newry, acting director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Bahamas, where Mr. Poitier grew up. No other details were immediately provided.

Mr. Poitier, whose Academy Award for the 1963 film “Lilies of the Field” made him the first Black performer to win in the best-actor category, rose to prominence when the civil rights movement was beginning to make headway in the United States. His roles tended to reflect the peaceful integrationist goals of the struggle. Although often simmering with repressed anger, his characters responded to injustice with quiet determination. They met hatred with reason and forgiveness, sending a reassuring message to white audiences and exposing Mr. Poitier to attack as an Uncle Tom when the civil rights movement took a more militant turn in the late 1960s.


OK, I has blog again. I had to renew the domain registration, as the auto-pay failed because the credit card I was using expired. So I went through the rigamarole, used a new card, and paid them the $15. Good for another year, and several more auto-renews after that.


My O2 levels are staying between 93 and 95 today, which is pretty good. Not feeling tired or short of breath, or coughing, or anything. No sinus pain either. Time to take some more Prednisone, and then eat, and then more vitamins. I am going to beat this. But I’ll probably have to delay my dental appointment yet again, just to be 100% sure I’m past the viral pneumonia before I go in for my next oral surgery. Life gets complicated sometimes ya know?

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January 6, 2022

Happy Insurrection Day!

Here in the land of freedom, of free speech, of the right to gather to redress grievances, the land of due process and a fair and speedy trial, plenty of mostly peaceful protesters remain isolated in terrible jail conditions, uncharged, untried, unconvicted, denied bail, and ignored by their elected representatives an entire year after being taken in by a false flag operation lead by the FBI and the DNC. They are political prisoners to a regime of evil usurpers and have been left to rot. I’d quip “say their names” but most of us have no idea who they even are, or how many of them they are, or anything. They have been disappeared.

And what is the news, even at “right wing” Fox?

VP Harris describes Jan. 6 alongside Pearl Harbor, 9/11 as dates that ‘echo throughout history’
Vice president says, ‘I wonder, how will Jan. 6 will be remembered in the years ahead?’

Complete and utter bullshit. And this is what you are fed and told to believe.

This government is the enemy.


Personal Health Update

Yes, I still have the ‘rona. I also have viral pneumonia, although I can’t really feel it, and don’t feel bad at all. Ok, I’m having a few cold like symptoms, a bit of a runny nose. That’s it. I had a small fever the other day, but that’s gone too. My post from the other day, rather obscure, was the result of me going to my doctor for a sore sinus condition and being hauled off to the hospital in an ambulance. I didn’t get a choice in the matter. I spent the entire day in a negative pressure isolation room in the ER, strapped and wired to a highly uncomfortable chaise bed. I was given a bolus injection of dexamethasone and a nebulizer of albuterol sulfate, a covid/flu/RSV PCR swab and a digital chest xray. I was then forgotten about for the rest of the day. I could not get out of the bed, I could not get to the bathroom. I had nothing to eat or drink for 9 hours, I didn’t even have a tissue to blow my nose if needed, there was no interior handle on the curtained off pressure door to the room and there was no call button. With no cell coverage or wifi, and my phone out of reach in my coat pocket, the only way I could mark time was from the automatic blood pressure cuff inflating to arm popping pressure every half hour.

Eventually some doctor stopped by to discuss my admission. What, am I being admitted? Why? Do I have the covid? Yes. Do I have pneumonia? Yes. Bacterial or viral? Viral. Can I get the monoclonal antibody treatments? No, you aren’t 65 or older. Can I get either of those treatment pills that just got the EUAs? No, we don’t have them yet. Oh. Well, what can you do for me, aside from the steroid shot and putting me on oxygen support? We want you to have the remdesivir treatment. Is that the one that takes 4 to 6 days of IV infusion? Yes. Isn’t that the one that the WHO is strongly against, the one that’s outlawed in several European countries because it doesn’t work, and the one that some studies have shown can kill as many as 1 in 4 people who get it? Silence.

No thanks, I want to go home. I didn’t ask to come here, I feel abducted, and this room is a prison cell and torture chamber.

So they send in some other doctor, the most cadaverous wan looking exhausted young woman I’ve ever seen in person. Add a few herpes sores, knock out a couple teeth and put her in some size 13 sneakers and she could pass for some homeless crack ho lying in the city gutter. Oh you really do need to stay. They can’t take care of you at home. Your oxygen levels are poor. You have preexisting conditions. You are going to get so much worse before you get better. And on and on. So even though I have oxygen equipment at home, and can meter my levels constantly, and I have all the vitamins, supplements, and a variety of natural and off label anti-viral and anti-inflammatory treatments, I agreed to stay overnight. Fine, we’ll set you up. And that was that for another few hours.

She did not offer me a glass of water, anything to eat, ask if I needed to use the bathroom, get anyone to help me get comfortable. She just left. Hours passed. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. So I disconnected all my wires and hoses, managed to climb over the locked rails of the inoperable chaise bed, and made it the 5 feet to the bathroom. With seconds to spare. And peed just a little, as I was totally dehydrated at that point. There wasn’t even a cup in the room, so I slurped a couple of palmsful of water from my bare hand. Which I later measured at home was less than half of 1/8 cup. A couple tablespoons.

I was livid. I hooked myself up to the machines again, found my cellphone, sent my wifely a text to come get me the hell out of there. And I took a picture of my terrible horrible condition from the monitor, which shows what is a good O2 level for me, good BP for me, and a decent low pulse and breathing rate. In other words, I’m as good as I usually am, living with the apnea and COPD that I’ve been told I have. I rested a bit, and then took action, getting out of bed again, getting dressed, and knocking on the heavy and fully curtained off isolation room door until I got someone to come by, and then demanded my release. This took some time, and another visit from the PA who acted as if I’d personally offended her, and another visit from the attending, who was sympathetic, and when shown the picture of my monitor, told me that there wasn’t anything more they could do and I should leave. So I signed the Running Away Against Their Advice Form, and got the hell out. She came and got me.

When I got home I drank 4 full glasses of Coke and had a big bowl of Progresso soup. An hour later I peed about half a cup. I was that dehydrated. I took a shitload of vitamins and went to bed.

The next day I got a follow up call from my doctor’s office, and had a great talk with the young woman who called. She was aghast at my treatment at the hospital, and could not speak against my opinion of the effective treatments denied me and the ineffective and deadly treatment offered me. Two years into this pandemic, and the “process” is still a) go home and take a Tylenol and isolate until you turn blue, then b) go to the hospital and die, either from the remdesivir or the ventilator. Every other treatment that has come along, from the vitamins to the nitric oxide to the ivermectin to the quercetin to the nigella sativa to the licorice root tea to everything and anything else, has been ignored and denigrated. But my doctors are a little proactive, and they quickly got me a prescription for some prednisone pills and some albuteral sulfate liquid I can use in the nebulizer I already have.

Aside from a few free thinkers, most Healthcare is a mindless bunch of automatons operating under complete government control, pushing only the buttons they are told to push and ignoring all others. And government wants me to die. They are the enemy.

This morning, after a good nights sleep with my Bi-PAP and my oxygen concentrator, my blood oxygen level was 98. I am taking more Ivermectin. I am taking the quercetin phytosome with extra zinc. I am taking a larger amount of the nigella sativa oil and have ordered more. I am taking Benadryl (hey did you hear that Benadryl and milk cure the covid? Pretty close. Benadryl and one of the lactoferrins, a milk enzyme, used together, can cut the viral load 99%. This is still early stage research, but it looks promising. Cross your fingers).

So I will get better, or I won’t, but I’ll do that in my own home. And a week from now I will rejoin society, such as it is for me. Because everyone else is walking around with this damn bug right now, getting on with their lives for better or worse. After laying off thousands of medical workers who wouldn’t get the poison “vaccines”, this latest wave of “darkness and death”, the CDC is now allowing infected health care workers to be in patient contact WHEN THEY HAVE ACTIVE SYMPTOMS. What. The. Fuck.

Oh, and after all of this, my nose was still painful. So I gathered up a fingerful of Cerave healing creme and rubbed it around inside my nose. That did the job.

Same situation, told by a better writer than me:

To think that every week over 8,000 Americans are dying, mostly in hospital ICUs is unbelievable.  But that is no excuse that there is no serious attention by the mainstream media.  Take a moment to reflect that this is more deaths than those in the 9/11 attacks and Pearl Harbor, combined.  And it is happening every week.

Hospitals have become killing machines, places where the kiss of death is a protocol following government guidelines. Despite wide COVID vaccine use deaths in hospitals because of late stage viral infection remain at a high level.  Difficulty in getting COVID testing quickly and often probably contributes to the high death rate.  Too many people do not get their COVID infection addressed early.  There remains too little use of monoclonal antibodies early for infected people.  So their infection progresses to serious lung and breathing problems. 

That is the beginning of the end.

And it will be a long time before the new antiviral drugs from Pfizer and Merck are broadly available and there will be more information on whether they are really safe and effective for all diverse types of people.

In hospitals, patients with breathing problems and upper respiratory distress are giving medical actions that may address pain but inevitably lead to death, often after many weeks in the ICU.  They get the useless and harmful drug remdesivir, supplemental oxygen, steroids, and are intubated, put on a ventilator and usually put into a coma.  And eventually they die and become another COVID statistic.

It has been reported that the death rate for COVID patients prescribed remdesivir (26%) exceeds the fatality rate of COVID patients prescribed ivermectin, which is recorded by the Medicare database at 7.2%.  And it has documented serious side effects.

!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!

January 5, 2022

Still here. Still not dead. Still fighting the covid. Thought I was over it, but I was wrong. Don’t want to write a 10 page rant about medical care. Suffice to say I will treat at home and get better or I will die at home. Trust me, that’s a long way away. I don’t feel bad at all. A small cough.

Yesterday was a medical day from Hell for me. Someday I might share, but right now I’m still so upset I can hardly think straight. But I am free, and at home. Good enough for now.

!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!!

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!!



You can’t win with the greenies. They yell and scream and beat their tom-toms over renewable energy and carbon neutral, and they want the whole world to run on free electricity. But they don’t want to burn anything like wood or gas or coal to generate it, OMG No Nukes Never!!!, and don’t damn the rivers for hydroelectric. The only forms they approve of are the ones that don’t really work, like solar and wind. Even though wind turbines are a money pit and endangered bird and bat killing factories, and even solar farms out in the empty barren desert are no good because a tortoise might stub his toe on one while walking by.

So what’s the world to do? Hey, about geothermal? Take superheated ground water out of a really deep hole, use it to run steam turbines, then put the water back in the ground for Gaia’s hot rocks to heat up again. Perfect right? Oh no, can’t have that. Well, not in the middle of gob-smacked nowhere Nevada, far from any town, road, or even forest, because some “rare” toad lives there who might be displaced. A 2” toad left over from the Pleistocene Epoch that nobody even knew existed 4 years ago. And his two cousins that live in tiny hot springs a few miles away. All of them have been isolated from the rest of the world for nearly 3/4 million years.

The Dixie Valley toad is restricted to the spring fed-wetland habitat along the western edge of the Dixie Valley playa.


The overall population numbers of the Dixie Valley toad are unknown. The habitat occupied by the species is adjacent to a proposed site for a geothermal power plant that could dry up the marsh and threaten the toad’s survival.

And when you have a really weak protest movement to Save Teh Toad, best bet is to get some group of leftover Indians [ the Paiute were already well beaten by the Utes and the Navajo before white folks showed up ] involved so they can claim it’s sacred native land. Even though it’s on barren federal property, not part of any rez, that was sold to the government 25 years ago because it’s utterly worthless. It’s so worthless that the Navy uses it as a bombing training area. Remember the movie Top Gun?

The Paiute-Shoshone reservation is in Stillwater, which is a bit northeast of Fallon NV, which is 55 miles east of Reno. The Dixie Valley area is another 30 or so miles further into the back country. The abandoned microscopic town of Dixie is at the head of the valley and there is already a 66 megawatt geothermal generator there.

And call me Mr. Silly, but couldn’t you take some of that underground water, cool it off and filter it, and spread it around to make sure the wetland stays ... wet?

The hot springs area is here, map ref 39.79485663133185, -118.06097532095313. There is nothing there, just some salt crusted dried mud. There is nothing anywhere near it. Even the OHV recreational area some miles away is no more than a simple wooden sign on a wooden post.

But that’s how they play the game. I can smell the patchoulli and ganga from here.

RENO, Nev.—Conservationists and tribal leaders are suing the U.S. government to try to block construction of two geothermal plants in northern Nevada’s high desert that they say will destroy a sacred hot springs and could push a rare toad to the brink of extinction.

The lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe says the project would turn a “pristine and unique location of ecological value and spiritual significance” into an industrial site.

It’s the latest public lands conflict pitting green energy production against potential harm to wildlife habitat or cultural resources in the biggest U.S. gold producing state, where legal challenges traditionally target things like hard-rock mining.

Environmentalists nationally have rallied around President Joe Biden’s ambitious renewable energy agenda, which embraces solar, wind and geothermal production.

Geothermal plants pump water from beneath the earth to generate steam to make electricity. The deeper they drill, the warmer the water is. The power plants produce significantly fewer greenhouse emissions than plants that burn natural gas or coal.

The lawsuit filed Dec. 15 accuses the Bureau of Land Management of illegally approving Ormat Technologies Inc.’s project in the Dixie Meadows about 100 miles (160 kilometers) east of Reno without the necessary environmental analysis.

It also says the agency is violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Right, and remember how these hippie wokesters want the world to run on electricity? That means batteries. And the good batteries are made from lithium (as are the hippies’ psych meds). But this same group stopped a lithium mine in NV, because of a flower. Seriously, a flower. Biggest lithium-boron source in the country, perhaps the world.

Formed by natural springs, Dixie Meadows is a critical wetland ecosystem in a desert oasis that is home to the Dixie Valley toad found nowhere else in the world, the lawsuit says.

The Biden administration approved the project last month even though the center’s petition to list the toad as a U.S. endangered species is still pending before the Fish and Wildlife Service.

The center is the same group that won an endangered species listing earlier this year for a rare plant at the site of a proposed lithium mine 225 miles (362 km) southeast of Reno. Lithium is a key component of batteries for electric vehicles, a centerpiece of Biden’s energy strategy.

See More Below The Fold


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