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Once Again, The One And Only Post

September 30, 2023

Not much to report. We’re putting the house back together, I bowled over average Friday for the first time in a long time, and the cat flea situation appears to be under control for now.

And that’s about it. Sorry. Oh, and the local price of frozen shrimp seems to have doubled. We won’t be buying any of that anytime soon.

oh, news, politics, idiotic laws, and Diane Feinstein dying at 90? I really can’t force myself to care right now. Sorry, not sorry.

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September 26, 2023

I need to sit down and rest a bit. So it’s a good excuse to post a little something. Or, from our perspective, more than a little something!

Our home improvement project is finished!

Yep, it took just two weeks shy of a YEAR. But it’s all done, and passed all the final code inspections. Contractor is coming back in a day or two ... whenever it finally stops raining!! ... and taking a load of mess to the dump. Then we pay him off, and we won’t see him again for half a year. Which is when we’ll floor the two bedrooms, the living room, and convert the tinfoil fireplace to a nice size high ceiling closet. We need every foot of storage space we can get.

In the meantime, we have to bear down mercilessly and throw out a giant bunch of stuff. Probably about half our possessions, including furniture. It’s just too much, and we’re bursting at the seams here.


And for added fun, the cats now have fleas

We will never know if they came from our contractor, who is a messy kind of guy, who’s girlfriend had a major flea infestation at her place about 2 months ago which took a couple flea bombs and then a professional bug exterminator to cure, and then his little old dog got them at his place, either from her/him, or from all the wild animals he feeds out on his deck at his lonely little house in the woods.

OTOH, they could come from the Wild Kingdom right outside our door, living here on the edge of “the freakin jungle” as her urban sister puts it. Every stray cat - at least 8 of them - every fox, every raccoon, every skunk, all the squirrels and chipmunks, the deer, etc ... all either come right up on our patio to peek in the windows or they walk right through our gardens. And this is said to be a very bad year for fleas around here. All those creatures have fleas, and they’re all the same kind; what we think of as cat fleas. Dogs get them too. Actual dog fleas are only found in Europe. American cat fleas are very versatile and will suck anything with hair. So that rules me out, woo hoo.

We gave both our cats the ampules of the Advantage II flea product. You just squeeze on the base of the back of their heads, and in a few hours the fleas start dying. Takes care of the eggs too. Lasts a month, so we have two treatments per cat. We also got a potent carpet and furniture flea spray and are using it copiously. Which means we’ve had to air this place out one room at a time, displacing the cats from their accustomed naps spots. Too bad. And we’re going over both cats several times a day with the flea comb. And vacuuming and washing everything in sight and drying it on the Kill setting. So any flea dirt will wash off, any fleas will drown, and anything left will get baked in the dryer.

So far so good. The first night we took dozens of the little bastards off each cat. Maybe a dozen from one of them the next day. Only about 6 total so far today. And I’m on the 5th load of laundry.  When things dry out outside I’m getting a couple big cans of outdoor bug spray and hitting all the doors, windows, and the patio too. We will beat this.

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September 22, 2023

Still breathing. Still healing. Got my ankle brace adjusted today and some more training on using it properly. Wore it for 12 hours. Tendons feel better.

Bowling with an inflamed and painful ankle is counterproductive. Still, we managed to win 5 on old guy’s league.


The Anti-Communist Manifesto?

I picked up a copy of Mark Levin’s new book, The Democrat Party Hates America!. I’m about a quarter through it, and it’s only told me one or two tidbits from history that I didn’t know. But I do pay attention to this kind of thing, and I long ago knew the commies were making inroads , even with the hippies of the 60s. Yes, there probably are a huge number of normal people who identify as Democrats. But the core of the party long ago became straight up commies. You know this is true. Just turn on the news and watch the goosestep towards absolute totalitarianism trample your rights, beliefs, and culture even further.

If it is widely enough read, and I predict that it will be a runaway best-seller, the book will change the way the public understands one of our two major political parties, forever tainting the Democrats for the racism, hypocrisy, lack of principle, and sheer ruthless pursuit of power at any cost that have permeated their party throughout its history.

[ The book was #1 at Amazon before it was even released. One reason for this is that conservatives buy books, while liberals watch short videos online telling them what the book was about and how wrong it is. ]

Levin goes back in history, and I haven’t got to the real deep part of the book yet, but I wonder if he will see what I realized a very long time ago. This book isn’t tainting them. They’ve always been this way, and it’s always been visible if you knew how to look.

The Democrat viewpoint came up out of the South. That pre Civil war landed aristocracy thing ... which wasn’t new then. I’m pretty sure that the “3/5 compromise” built into our Constitution was a ploy by proto-Democrats pursuing excessive power. And they weren’t going to play ... sign on to being part of the new Union ... take their marbles and go home ... hold their breath until they turned blue ... secede before even joining ... unless they got their way. And how many times did they play that trick from 1783 to 1860? Many. Threats of secession, nullification, and so on. This is nothing new.

It wasn’t new in 1860. It wasn’t new when they found Marx at some point in the later 19th Century and with it a playbook for the ages.

It wasn’t new when Wilson was openly racist progressive. It wasn’t new when Teddy Roosevelt bought into early Progressivism either, a decade or more before Wilson. But years later, even under FDR and his pal Uncle Joe (Stalin) supported by the NY Times (commie fish wrap then too) and a compliant media, pushed their New Deal (Socialism) with it’s underlying racism (betcha didn’t know that bit!).  So this has been coming a long long long time. A Long March power grab, lasting at least 130 years so far.

And it’s straight up communism, with all the evil, death, corruption, and stagnation that entails. They. Don’t. Care. Because they believe they’ll be set up like godlings at the top of the pyramid. And you’ll eat bugs.

Because power is all that matters to them, and all that has ever mattered to them. A rigged game, top to bottom. Always.

So I’m hoping for some fresh insights deep in Levin’s book. But I’m jaded, and I’ve been watching this most of my life. For those who haven’t had this awareness, or who think somehow “but Communism was just a Red herring”, then it could be an avalanche of awakening.

It’s worth a read. And then pass it on for someone else to read. But remember the talking points.

We are going to have a revolution or we are going to become serfs. This is coming. It is unavoidable. The death count will be astronomical.

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September 18, 2023

Learning the hard way about Walmart Watchbirds

Aside from the hypocrisy in this picture ( found at The View From Lady Lake )


We found out the other day that each one of these self-check stations has an overhead video camera and is hooked into the scales that are on the checkout and in the bagging area. See that little blob on the stalk over the register? That’s the camera.

Wifely and I were picking up a couple quick things. We had one reusable shopping bag. Some items we got were light and soft, a couple were big and heavy. They didn’t come out of the cart in the order we wanted to put them in the bag. ( As a 14 year veteran of working in grocery stores in my youth, I am the world’s greatest bagger. I also have the lifetime reflex of saving dropped items with my leg before they hit the ground which I call grocery foot. ). So she held onto one scanned item while I scanned the next item that would go in the bag. And this set off the silent alarm. Clerk comes over, sees the situation on the video review, enters the passkey, and we were good to go.

It never crossed our minds that there would be a camera and a complex weighing algorithm built into these things. But there are. So now you know. And I now also know that the bird’s eye view of me is an odd sight.

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September 15, 2023

Somehow 2 or 3 posts have evaporated. Hmmph.

Evil Bladder Snake Removed, Pain and Blood Almost Gone


I had this 11” long spring tube inside me for 8 days. Insanely uncomfortable. One end in my kidney holding open the end of the ureter, the other end pushing against my prostate. Almost no control over my bladder, leakage, lots of blood, having 5 seconds warning that I needed to go RIGHT NOW every 5 or 10 minutes. And every time I did, the back flow caused a kidney pain like getting hit in the back with a shovel. Yeah, no fun whatsoever. Lived on ibuprofen. No secondary infection that I’m aware of, but the stress or pain or my bodies reaction to the surgery caused my arthritis to flare up. Started to lose balance the last days too. Pain and sleep deprivation made my mind fuzzy. The one minute removal procedure took 6 minutes but I managed. And the improvement was major and immediate. First good night’s sleep in 9 days. Happy happy camper, but still kind of tired.

But at least I learned another new word. Learned it the hard way.  Dysuria. Painful urination. Yeah, but the definition doesn’t describe the intensity. Somewhere between ground glass shards, a rusty saw blade, and barbed wire.

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September 11, 2023

Twenty Two Years Later

As if you need reminding

image &nbps;  image

At 8:46:40am the first plane hit the World Trade Center, but things started happening long before that. MSN has a timeline that goes back years

Americans are looking back on the horror and legacy of 9/11, gathering Monday at memorials, firehouses, city halls and elsewhere to observe the 22nd anniversary of the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil.

Commemorations stretch from the attack sites — at New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania — to Alaska and beyond. President Joe Biden is due at a ceremony on a military base in Anchorage.

His visit, en route to Washington, D.C., from a trip to India and Vietnam, is a reminder that the impact of 9/11 was felt in every corner of the nation, however remote. The hijacked plane attacks claimed nearly 3,000 lives and reshaped American foreign policy and domestic fears.

On that day, “we were one country, one nation, one people, just like it should be. That was the feeling — that everyone came together and did what we could, where we were at, to try to help,” said Eddie Ferguson, the fire-rescue chief in Virginia’s Goochland County.

It’s more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) from the Pentagon and more than three times as far from New York. But a sense of connection is enshrined in a local memorial incorporating steel from the World Trade Center’s destroyed twin towers.

The predominantly rural county of 25,000 people holds not just one but two anniversary commemorations: a morning service focused on first responders and an evening ceremony honoring all the victims.

Other communities across the country pay tribute with moments of silence, tolling bells, candlelight vigils and other activities. In Columbus, Indiana, 911 dispatchers broadcast a remembrance message to police, fire and EMS radios throughout the 50,000-person city, which also holds a public memorial ceremony.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts raise and lower the flag at a commemoration in Fenton, Missouri, where a “Heroes Memorial” includes a piece of World Trade Center steel and a plaque honoring 9/11 victim Jessica Leigh Sachs. Some of her relatives live in the St. Louis suburb of 4,000 residents.

“We’re just a little bitty community,” said Mayor Joe Maurath, but “it’s important for us to continue to remember these events. Not just 9/11, but all of the events that make us free.”

New Jersey’s Monmouth County, which was home to some 9/11 victims, made Sept. 11 a holiday this year for county employees so they could attend commemorations.

As another way of marking the anniversary, many Americans do volunteer work on what Congress has designated both Patriot Day and a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

This Sept. 11 marks 22 years since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, an event that 60%-38% of those surveyed in a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll said changed Americans’ lives forever.

On the morning of Sept. 11, United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11 departed from Boston en route to California before hijackers crashed them into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, while passengers attempted to overtake United Airlines Flight 93 from hijackers before it crash-landed in Pennsylvania.
The remains of the World Trade Center stand amid other debris Sept. 11, 2001, following the terrorist attack on the buildings in New York.
How many people died in 9/11?

The 9/11 attacks left 2,977 dead across New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania, according to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. That total includes the 2,753 who died after the planes struck the Twin Towers, 184 people at the Pentagon and 40 people who died when Flight 93 crash-landed in Pennsylvania.

The youngest flight passenger who died was Christine Hanson, a 2-year-old on her way to Disneyland on United Airlines Flight 175. The oldest was Robert Norton, 82, who was on American Airlines Flight 11.

The 19 hijackers from the militant Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda also died.

They were not extremists. They were muslims. This is what islam is, and has always been. It is not a religion, but a theological tyranny bent on world domination. And you are the target. Forever. “Let’s roll” is not a trite phrase. It is a command, a worldview. Just because China is now a bigger economic enemy than the active agents from sandland doesn’t mean they are no longer an enemy.

Never forgive, never forget, never slack off. Is this keeping hate alive? No, it’s recognizing that an endless battle continues, and the only victory will come from annihilation of the other side.

Meanwhile, lunatic policies have done more to remove our freedoms, waste our money, and destroy our nation than any filthy raghead camel fuckers with box cutters or suicide bombs could ever do. Our leaders were afraid to fight effectively, afraid to actually win. And here we are today. Hey, raise that Pride Flag, hate yourself, your race, your gender, your history, and kowtow to the illiterate crazies. Ann Coulter was right, both about indoor plumbing and force converting their few survivors to Christianity.

“Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam, post 9/11. Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do. They don’t have the energy. If they had that much energy, they’d have indoor plumbing by now,”

‘Invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity’

The national anger was almost immediately muted by government and the MSM. President Bush was castigated for labeling our call to arms against pisslamic jihad a Crusade. Leftists across the country indulged in navel gazing trying to understand how this was our fault. Various loonies hatched conspiracy theories claiming it was an inside job, a false flag, a secret act by zionists. “First time fire ever melted steel!” was the moronic view of one well known obese dope. Within a couple years commiehomo Obama had dumbed it down to a tree planting ceremony. The cowardly media wanted us to believe that the Global War On Terror was over once OBL had been taken out. Not a chance.

Most of us know who the enemy is, was, and will always be, from 9/11 back through our entire history to the shores of Tripoli. After a 20 year effort against these 7th Century malcontents, the bottom line was a zero sum game. They’re still out there, but laying low for now. And look at all the freedoms we have lost, while the government has let no crisis go to waste and created an utterly corrupt Orwellian security state more focused on silencing Obama’s “enemies” (that’s you, you deplorable clinger) than actively eliminating actual enemies within and without. Assholes. But hey, blame Trump and Climate Change.

We have lost our way, and we long ago lost our souls. That’s what you need to remember about 9/10, the day before.

Meanwhile meanwhile, how is it that these scum are still alive? And awaiting trial? WTF.

A Plea Deal To Spare The Lives of 9/11 Masterminds
WASHINGTON − A full two decades after their capture, the U.S. military commission “Trial of the Century” against the five accused leaders of the 9/11 attacks appeared finally back on track earlier this year.

Then came another delay in pre-trial hearings this past July. And in August, a bombshell: The Department of Defense disclosed that prosecutors in its Office of Military Commissions are considering a plea deal to spare the lives of self-admitted plot mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four alleged accomplices in exchange for admissions of guilt in the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people 22 years ago today.

Take them outside and drown them in pig’s blood. Get it done.

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September 07, 2023

Ok. I made it through surgery, through recovery, and got home. Then the anesthetic wore off and I spent the rest of the day in pretty major pain, while urinating blood. Eventually the ibuprofen kicked in a bit, and all the glasses of water I was drinking did their thing, and the red flow took on a yellow tinge. But it still hurt like ragged knives until I started passing solids ... coagulated blood, tissue, whatever. That was extremely painful to do, but after that things were somewhat back to normal. Somewhat. I was awake most of the night, feeling like I needed to go about every 5-10 minutes . all for a reddish dribble or a couple drops. My back is really sore too. So around dawn I took my various medicine inhalers, some new pain killers and got up. Having a little coffee now, will probably spend the day in bed, or at least very near to a toilet.

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September 05, 2023

My kidney surgery is tomorrow morning, so I’m getting my affairs in order, just in case. I’m pretty confident that things will go well, but I don’t like hospitals and I’m a little scared. It’s day surgery so I should be home by late afternoon, but I don’t know how fuzzy I’ll be from the anesthetic. I’ll post as soon as I can.


This is just a test post.

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September 02, 2023



I was stopped at the light in town and some petite young woman decided to use my car as brakes for her Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab. Didn’t hear any skid, no rubber streaks on the road. She just drove right into me. My foot was on the brake, so I wasn’t bounced into the car ahead of me. No injuries. She gets out and is all “I’m so sorry! This totally my fault! I can barely see over the steering wheel, and with the giant hood I have no idea where the front of my truck is!!” Gosh, so glad you’re riding around in a ton brick of death you can’t see out of or control.

It was just a thing, nobody all angry or upset. We spent 15 minutes at the intersection, exchanging insurance cards and license numbers and stuff. I did not immediately think to call the police, but I assumed one would cruise by, especially since the accident happened right across the corner from the police station. But as luck would have it, not a one. So after we got each other’s data, I went across and knocked on the PD door. No answer. Knock a few more times, then call the non-emergency number written on the door, once I deciphered the Spanish. And then Officer Barney opens the door, so I went in and filed a report.  So now I have to do all the insurance stuff, most of which I did online. The car is driveable although the trunk is mashed and no longer latches. So I used some steel foil HVAC tape to tape things together, which should work real well.

I didn’t get upset until the next morning, and now I’m wondering if the vehicle is a write-off, “totaled” if the repair cost is more than it’s 7 year old book value. Damn, I loved that car. Just under 50,000 miles, and still pretty much in showroom condition. And I go in for kidney surgery Wednesday morning, so it’s going to be a few weeks before I can even schedule an appointment with the appraiser. Guess I’ll have to line up a rental car, as I’m sure that will take a couple days.


In other personal news, I’ve got nearly all the backsplash tile sealed, and the contractor wasted most of a day painting and priming the wrong set of closet bi-fold doors. Measure twice, work once? Not him. Communicate, ask a question? Oh no. Just have at it. Heck we didn’t even know he was there, as he was working in the garage and the parking lot. He didn’t even knock on the door or send a text. Iteration 3,192 of this guy just bulling ahead without thinking. So glad we’re slowly getting closer to having this phase of the work finished. Some day. Please.

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August 30, 2023

Gosh, a whole week without a post. I’m sorry. Things have been rather busy for me lately.

I’m running around from doctor to doctor to get checkups and pre-surgical approval. The idea makes sense, but it seems like a lot of CYA to me. I didn’t go through any of this when I had my hernia operation 24 years ago. Times change. Today I have to go to the pulmonologist. I haven’t been there in years, foolish me. But I didn’t get a good vibe from the doctor I dealt with back then, so I stopped going. The practice has expanded and they have a whole new team of doctors, so let’s hope it’s better. I have no idea how long I’ll be there; I’ll take my BiPAP machine so they can read the history on the chip, perhaps adjust it a bit, and write me a prescription for a new one. The one I have is at least 9 years old, discontinued in 2017, and the device is part of the Respironics recall. So a new one is in order I guess.


The LVP flooring is complete in the middle level of our unit. It’s lovely, and nearly all the little issues have been solved. I’ve got a nice coat of sealer on 2/3 of the backsplash tiles. I did them out under the back eve on an old table on sawhorses, with layers of cardboard and plastic under them. Nothing sticking so far. I’d like to get a second coat of sealer on them before they go up on the wall, but the weather isn’t cooperating. Rain. Hey, at least we’re not in Florida, as they get hit today with yet another hurricane. Poor Florida. The Gulf Coast gets hammered again.

So today, weather permitting, our contractor can figure out the shims for the feet of the railing between the middle and lower levels, cut them, mark them, and then put a coat of poly stain on them. Then screw them in tomorrow. And then saw the new threshold for the front door, so I can sand it and stain it later. That is, if it stops raining.

Horry Clap, between the weather, my health, his health, her job ... it’s a wonder anything gets done here.

Ok, time for a “wholesome” breakfast of a sandwich made from whatever I can find in the fridge, a banana, and a Nutty Buddy. And then I can get ready for my next doctor visit.

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