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calendar   Sunday - January 31, 2010

Council snoopers question five-year-olds on home life.  Big brother is watching you.

I really can’t think of anything to say here. Looks scary.

Council snoopers question five-year-olds on home life

By Sophie Borland

Children as young as five are being told to fill in Big Brother-style forms which let councils snoop on intimate details about their home lives.

The questions - which have been attacked as exploitative - ask about junk food, television habits, family time and even whether the youngsters ‘like themselves’.

Results are stored on a database, allowing families deemed to be ‘at risk’ to be referred to social services or doctors.

Children are asked to colour in answers to questions such as how much fruit they eat each day compared to crisps and fizzy drinks.

Hundreds of the ‘lifestyle’ quizzes, which are backed by the Department of Health, have been handed out in an attempt to build a picture of the health and wellbeing of individual households.

But privacy campaigners last night condemned the forms. Alex Deane, of Big Brother Watch, described it as ‘an unbelievable intrusion into private life’.

He said: ‘The state doesn’t bring up children, parents do. There is an important distinction between teaching and nannying - or even bullying - and this steps way over the mark.’

The lifestyle quizzes were piloted in Erewash, Derbyshire, where children filled in the forms at ‘healthy living’ after-school clubs, to which parents are invited.

Although the survey was not compulsory, pupils were strongly encouraged to fill it in.





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another sign of big brother as big govt. goes after soft and easy target. cigarettes, again.

I quit long ago but really, this is just another example of nanny state thinking and by ppl I bet who might have never been smokers themselves.

The health Nazis of course would love to ban fags altogether.  But then what?  Where next will they steal money and on what product that they will overtax in the name of protecting ppl.

I have no doubt, even with no medical background whatever except as a patient, that smoking is bad for folks.  I’m all in favor of doing the best we can to try and reach kids young and educate them.  And it does work, I’ve seen it.  But taking the logos off fag packets isn’t going to discourage any kid from lighting up that first deadly bomb. You know how it works. Remember?  Some kid offers you a fag, you accept and get sick.  Now then, some kids will never try it again. But some will, and it starts there.  Or at least that is one place it starts.

Another place is in the home, right?  If one or more parents smoke then the act becomes something quite natural to the kid(s) and at some point he or she will swipe one of mom’s.  I think it’s near impossible for a smoking parent to tell Jr. not to start smoking coz they’re bad for him.
So I guess at some point if they can get away with it, even tho they say they will not go this far, will be a total ban on fags in homes where there are children. 

Cigarettes could be sold in plain unbranded packets in latest bid to sweep away smoking from Britain

By Daily Mail Reporter

Cigarettes are set to be sold in plain packaging without logos in a bid to further strip smoking of its ‘glamourous’ image.

The Government will unveil the latest stage of its effort to half the number of smokers in Britain by 2020, which could result in a ban on people smoking in private places where children are present.

Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, will signal his support for the moves as he launches the government’s ‘tobacco control strategy’ tomorrow.

Ministers are also considering a ban of the sale of smoking products in vending machines which can help children to bypass strict laws banning their sale to under 18s.

While no final decision on a plain packaging rule have been taken, Mr Burnham, speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, said: ‘It’s something I will be looking at closely.’

However, the Government is not expected to go as far banning all smoking in homes and cars WHERE CHILDREN ARE NOT PRESENT.

The move could deter youngsters from copying celebrity smokers such Amy Winehouse and James Morrision.

I haven’t a clue who that Morrison is, but I have seen that goofball Amy Winehouse. Now then if kids are fans of hers then the authorities have more to worry about then her being a copyable pop icon. That very last line alone shows how stupid the govt. is on the issue.
Read that last line again.  Spot the obvious dumb error? 
These ppl aren’t thinking straight.  But they have the power to make others follow their dictates.  Now that makes me see red.

The rest of the article is at the link.



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Lieutenant Colonel Lee Archer, Tuskegee Airman, served his country well.  RIP, Sir.

He had to overcome a lot in those days and apparently he did.  But it could not have been easy.  He deserves our respect and thanks.


Lieutenant-Colonel Lee Archer

Lieutenant-Colonel Lee Archer, who died on January 27 aged 90, was a member of America’s segregated “Tuskegee” air corps and recognised as the only black fighter “ace” during the Second World War; subjected to racial discrimination and prejudice, both within and outside the Army, he and his comrades none the less served their country with great distinction.

Strict racial segregation existed when Archer volunteered to be a pilot. He and like-minded African-Americans were at first rejected because many people thought black men lacked intelligence, skill, courage and patriotism.


Eventually, in June 1941, a series of legislative moves by the US Congress forced the Army Air Corps to form an all-black combat unit, despite the War Department’s reluctance. The pilots trained at a segregated Army Air Corps unit at Tuskegee Army Airfield, Alabama, and for ever more became known as the “Tuskegee Airmen”.

Lee A Archer was born on September 6 1919 in Yonkers and raised in New York’s Harlem district. He left New York University to enlist in the air corps in 1941 but, after rejection, trained in the infantry and then as a signaller. In December 1942 he was accepted for pilot training and left for Tuskegee. He graduated in July 1943, first in the order of merit, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant.

Archer was assigned to 302nd Fighter Squadron of 332nd Fighter Group, the USAAF’s first all-black unit, which had been formed amid great controversy in October 1942. The group moved to Italy early in February 1944 and soon began operations flying the Bell P-39 Airacobra on ground attack missions before converting to the P-51 Mustang, when their main role was to provide close escort to the USAAF’s heavy bomber forces. In their red-tailed Mustangs they developed a reputation as one of the war’s most effective fighter escort groups. It was claimed that they never lost a bomber, but postwar research suggests this might be a slight exaggeration. Nevertheless, the “Red Tails” earned near-mythic status.

On July 18 1944 they flew their first escort for a large formation of B-24 bombers. When a fierce air battle ensued over southern Germany, eleven Messerschmitt Bf 109s were shot down, one by Archer. The long-range Mustangs were able to accompany the bombers all the way to the target and back, and the bomber pilots always felt safe once their “little friends” had joined the formation. Many were unaware that all their “friends” were black airmen.

On October 22 1944 Archer took part in a sweep along the Danube. With his leader, he was attacking a Heinkel bomber when seven Messerschmitts appeared on the scene. In the ensuing battle, Archer shot down three of them, the last as it attempted to land.

The “Red Tails” escorted bomber formations to attack the oilfields of Romania, rail yards in Austria and on long-range operations to Regensburg and Munich. Archer shared in the destruction of another Messerschmitt and he was also credited with destroying six enemy aircraft on the ground, in addition to several locomotives, motor transports and barges. By the end of the war he had flown 169 missions.

The Tuskegee Airmen proved their racist detractors wrong. They were credited with shooting down 109 enemy aircraft and they proved some of the USAAF’s best pilots, many going on to win high rank once segregation in the military was ended in 1948.

Despite their prowess, few gallantry medals were received though Archer was awarded the DFC, the Air Medal with 18 clusters and a Distinguished Unit Commendation.

Archer retired from the USAAF in 1970. He joined General Foods Corporation, becoming one of the era’s few black vice-presidents of major American companies. He was an adviser on the deal that created the conglomerate TLC Beatrice in 1987, then the largest black-owned and managed business in the US. After retiring from General Foods in 1987, he founded the venture capital firm Archer Asset Management.

In 2005 Archer and three of his Tuskegee colleagues flew to Iraq to address active duty airmen serving in the current 332nd Group.

Archer lived long enough to see the service of Tuskegee airmen fully, if belatedly, acknowledged. In March 2007, about 350 airmen and widows received the Congressional Gold Medal of Honour from President George W Bush at a ceremony in the US Capitol. The present-day 99th Flying Training Squadron’s aircraft are adorned with red tails in honour of the black airmen. Many streets and parklands bear their name, and in August 2008 the city of Atlanta officially renamed a portion of the state’s Route 6 in their honour.

On December 9, 2008 Archer and the remaining Tuskegee Airmen were invited to attend the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Honoured by the American Fighter Pilots’ Association, Archer was described by a colleague as “extremely competent, sometimes stubborn but with a heart of gold. He treated people with respect and demanded respect by the way he carried himself.”

Lee Archer’s wife Ina, whose name adorned the nose of his Mustang, died in 1996. He is survived by three sons and a daughter.



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calendar   Saturday - January 30, 2010


Trip back to the 1920s with a black wig and extreme eye make up and still, I can almost tell who she actually is. That’s coz I’ve been in love with her since I first saw her.  Still love her.  And at my age.  Well hell guys.  I ain’t ded yet ya know. (alright. dead.)

Do you recognize this beauty?  Without cheating now ... does she look familiar?



See More Below The Fold


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Wait a minute ... you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

See More Below The Fold


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something to lighten the hearts of the Grumpys .. Grumpiness is a sign of advanced civilisation

Don’t know what BMEWS readers will make of this but be interesting to find out. At least I learned what a bonobo is. I think.  I had never run across that word before.  Have you?  As for the Ramsay fellow mentioned here, I never watched or read him but have heard enough not to want to. If he’s an example of advanced civilization I don’t think I wanna see where it ends.

Victor Meldrews was a grumpy old character in a sit-com called, “One Foot In The Grave.”

The Victor Meldrews of this world should take heart – their grumpiness could be down to being higher up the evolutionary ladder than people who are easy-going.

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent

Researchers now believe that being aggressive, intolerant and short-tempered could be a sign of a more advanced nature.

A more childlike attitude to behaviour such as tolerance and sharing, could, in contrast, be an indication of not being as developed, the new study suggests.

The news will be welcomed by those who are known to operate on a short fuse, such as talented but foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay and businessman Sir Alan Sugar.

It could also provide scientific weight to the writer George Bernhard Shaw’s famous saying that “all progress depends on the unreasonable man”.

Researchers looked at two different kinds of monkey – the familiar chimpanzee and the less evolved but much more easy going bonobo, two of the closest living relatives to human beings.

Chimpanzees are accepted as more evolved than bonobos in terms of physical appearance, behaviour and social structure.

But chimps are also much more aggressive, particularly as they get older, when they become less tolerant of each other, share less and show more signs of violence to others.



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and the moonbat award for the month goes to:Taxi drivers offered their licence form in Braille


Just seems to work this way. I have one thing planned and something else crops up I can’t ignore.  This article come almost from our back door. Portsmouth is only about 12 miles away.  I think it still takes 45 minutes to get there. Well anyway, I started the day with a laff thanks to Rich K
and LyndonB although they could not have known it.
To understand the following quotes, you would have to see my previous post.

Hmmm. Hit by a german blitzkrieg then steamrolled by a french tank brigade.Sounds about right to me.
Posted by Rich K United States 01/29/2010 at 02:55 PM

Speaking of “tragic accidents”
Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Posted by LyndonB

Those quotes had me spilling my coffee.  They shall get the bill for cleaning coffee stain off shirt. Good thing it wasn’t McDees or I’d sue.

So anyway ... after that I ran smack into this.

Taxi drivers applying for their Hackney Carriage licence are being offered the forms in Braille by a council.

Published: 7:30AM GMT 30 Jan 2010
Braille ad in Taxi Driver Application form

The document, issued by Portsmouth City Council, makes clear that it is also available in large print or audio format for those with sight problems.

A notice at the end reads: “You can get this Portsmouth City Council information in large print, Braille, audio or in another language....”

The council, a member of the Plain English Campaign, defended the forms.

Head of customer services Louise Wilders said: “Obviously, a taxi driver would not need the Braille version, but they might find a foreign language version helpful.

“The form is also for employers to fill in - they could need a Braille version.”



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calendar   Friday - January 29, 2010

at last, a story with a happy ending ….. I can end the evening on an upbeat.

They’re calling this a “tragic accident” and I’m left scratching my head trying to understand just what is so tragic about it. The culture such as it is has just been improved by one.
There is one less gremlin to deal with.  The gene pool is gratefull and I bet his neighbors are too.
So where’s the tragady?  I think that’s a bit over the top.

Nice to know that for once, elf ‘n’ safety had it right.

Safety guidelines ‘stopped police from saving drunk man killed on motorway’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:34 PM on 29th January 2010

A drunk who was killed after stumbling along a motorway was seen by two police officers who decided not to stop and help him because of safety rules, an inquest heard today.

Lee Fairbrother was hit by two cars in the early hours of July 16, 2007 after drinking with friends and ingesting a cocktail of cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis.

Mr Fairbrother, 26, was walking down the embankment of the southbound M57 in Liverpool when he was seen by two officers driving to Kirkby police station.

But ‘crucially’ the officer reporting Mr Fairbrother provided inaccurate information - saying he was near junction one.

The car hire worker was actually at the opposite end of the 14-mile M57, close to junction seven.

To make matters worse, the control room operator rated the call as Grade 3, ‘any other police response’, then downgraded it to Grade 4, passing it to the Highways Agency.

Highways Agency officers - who are not allowed to exceed the speed limit in an emergency - were called in from Newton-le-Willows, 15 minutes away.

When they arrived, nearly 40 minutes after the first call to police, Mr Fairbrother, who was two and a half times over the driving limit, was dead.

He had been knocked down by a Volkswagen and driven over by a Renault Clio.

Highways Agency officers Clive Sims and David Taylor had arrived just one or two minutes too late, the coroner said.


officers Clive Sims and David Taylor had arrived just one or two minutes too late

No. No they didn’t.  Hear that officers? You did very good. Ignore the coroner.  You were right on time. It was the gremlin who was too late getting his useless life together.


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There are not enough bats at BMEWS to place with this article.  Maybe we should dump the moonbat here and replace it with an image of the officer involved.

It’s this kind of insanity that goes unchecked that drives folks nuts.
Just why is officer Moonbat still on the job?  How’d he ever qualify?  Who gets his kick back on payday?  How does he get away with this sort of stupid bahavior?  How come someone hasn’t pulled the plug on him by now?

Be sure and click the link below coz there is more. You might not think there is. But it’s so. You will not believe the very last line in this article at the link. I can’t believe it.  Be very interested to read your reactions to just that one line. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.  If it weren’t part of a news story on line, I’d say Drew with his sense of humor made it up. Or else the Daily Mail is holding something back.

Driver fined for blowing his nose… by same PC who ticketed man for dropping £10

By Paul Sims

When motorist Michael Mancini found himself stuck in a queue of traffic with a runny nose, he instinctively reached for his hankie.

However, the simple act of pulling out a tissue and blowing his nose earned him a £60 on-the-spot fine because he was ‘not in proper control of his vehicle’.

Policeman Stuart Gray, nicknamed PC Shiny Buttons for his zealous approach to the job, also handed out three points - even though Mr Mancini had his handbrake on.

Now Mr Mancini, a 39-year-old father-of-two, faces a potentially expensive legal battle to clear his name after vowing not to pay the fine.

He is the latest victim of PC Gray, who is no stranger to controversy.

A few months ago, the officer issued a £50 fixed penalty for littering to unemployed Stewart Smith, who accidentally dropped a £10 note in the street as he left a shop.

Last night Mr Mancini spoke of his disbelief at his experience.



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News Convergence

Bin Laden Blames U.S. for Global Warming

Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden has called for the world to boycott American goods and the U.S. dollar, blaming the United States and other industrialized countries for global warming, according to a new audiotape released Friday.

In the tape, broadcast in part on Al-Jazeera television, bin Laden warned of the dangers of climate change and says that the way to stop it is to bring “the wheels of the American economy” to a halt.

He blamed Western industrialized nations for hunger, desertification and floods across the globe, and called for “drastic solutions” to global warming, and “not solutions that partially reduce the effect of climate change.”

Wow, bin Laden is friends with ManBearPig. Who’da thunk it? One kind of terrorist is brother to another kind of terrorist.


Save the polar bears, even though they are not halal!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 01/29/2010 at 05:26 PM   
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Guilty Verdict

Scott Roeder Guilty of First Degree Murder

Jury deliberates only 37 minutes to reach unanimous agreement

One hour ago:

WICHITA, Kan. — Jury deliberations have begun in the trial of the man accused of killing a Kansas abortion provider. The jury is considering whether Scott Roeder is guilty of premeditated first-degree murder in Dr. George Tiller’s death.

Roeder’s lawyers on Thursday failed to make a case for a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. The judge also refused to allow the jury to consider a second-degree murder conviction.

Roeder has said he killed Tiller to protect unborn children.

If convicted of first-degree murder, the 51-year-old faces a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 25 years. Prosecutors could later ask the judge to impose a so-called “Hard 50” sentence, which would require him to serve at least 50 years before he can be considered for parole.

Sentencing will be on March 9th.

I’m not going to say something trite about “taking the law into your own hands” because the law has always been in the people’s hands. But law is one thing, and being judge, jury, and in this case executioner is quite another.

Even if you are a staunch opponent to abortion you would have to be unhinged to believe that Roeder’s actions were justified. Same goes for clinic bombing, although we haven’t seen much, if any, of that since 9/11. Arrest those who break the laws. If laws exist that you don’t like, do what you can to change the laws. If you can’t change the laws, even after 37 years of effort, then maybe you should reconsider your viewpoint; you simply do not have enough other people who agree with you to make the changes that you want.

Reporting from Wichita, Kan. - In a trial that never became the referendum on abortion that some abortion foes wanted, Scott Roeder, a 51-year-old airport shuttle driver, was convicted today of murdering George Tiller, one the nation’s few physicians who performed late-term abortions.

The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for only 37 minutes. Roeder faces life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder.

Roeder also was convicted on two counts of aggravated assault for threatening to shoot church ushers Keith Martin and Gary Hoepner as he fled Reformation Lutheran Church after murdering Tiller.

Whether Roeder shot Tiller at point-blank range in the forehead at Tiller’s church in Wichita last May was never at issue; Roeder had admitted it to reporters, in court filings and finally to a jury on Thursday. He also said he had been stalking Tiller since at least 1999.

“I have never seen a state’s case and a defense case that so neatly dovetail,” said prosecutor Anne Swegle, noting that Roeder admitted systematically stalking Tiller before calmly approaching him in church, pressing a gun to his forehead and firing a .22-caliber slug into his brain. “He was totally remorseless in delivering to you his version of events,” Swegle told the jury.

Roeder, the only witness called by the defense, said he felt relief after shooting Tiller on May 31. After the murder, he drove toward Kansas City, stopping for a pizza along the way.

Roeder had wanted to claim the crime was justifiable homicide, based on his belief that abortion—in every case—is murder. But Sedgwick County Judge Warren Wilbert said he could not claim he acted out of necessity. Abortion rights groups became alarmed when Roeder’s attorneys asked the judge to allow the jury to consider convicting Roeder of voluntary manslaughter. At the end of testimony Thursday, Wilbert ruled that the jury could only consider premeditated, first-degree murder.


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I think I have invented a new position here at BMEWS.  An Anger Desk. Yeah. That’s me ok.

I may even enter a new category for it. 

I don’t know about you folks, but I just happen to like Kelloggs Corn Flakes.  I don’t give a tinkers damn how much salt or sugar they put in it.
I like it the way comes outta that box just fine.  Oh but no.  The freeken health nazis and other we’ll do your choosing for you health quangos have pressured Kelloggs to reduce the salt content by another 30 percent.  They also say some 14,000 ppl have died due to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks etc.  But they don’t say what else those folks had in their diets. Anyway, it’s 14,000 out of how many millions upon millions who have no trouble whatever. So I’m PO’d again coz I hate it when some unelected group of do-gooders insist I eat grass and bark instead of what I like.

Kelloggs says that over years it has already reduced sugar and salt by a lot but only gradually so ppl wouldn’t noticed a sudden change in taste. That way they say, ppl get used to the change without even knowing a change ha taken place and the product will still taste the same.  Pretty clever.

Recently, Nescafe altered a recipe for our own good. Right. All the things that gave it flavor were reduced.  The taste difference was immediate and very bland. So we stopped buying it. Even tho the label assured us that it was, “New and Improved.” Yeah. In a pigs ass it was.

I guess the thing that bothers me so darn much is that so many things these days seem to be decided for me. And nobody asked first.

Kellogg’s to cut the salt in its cereals by a third following pressure from health watchdogs

By Sean Poulter

Kellogg’s will cut the salt content of its Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and other brands by up to a third following pressure from health watchdogs.

The company has previously delayed the reduction of salt levels, claiming customers enjoy the taste it offers.

However, it has now bowed to pressure from the Government’s Food Standards Agency and campaigning health groups to change its recipes.

The FSA says the nation is eating too much salt, which carries a serious health threat.

Average daily salt consumption is 8.6g, which is 43 per cent above the recommended limit of 6g.

The figure is linked to 14,200 premature deaths a year from conditions linked to high blood pressure, including strokes and heart attacks.

Kellogg’s said its decision will remove approximately 300 tons of salt a year from the nation’s diet.

The decision to cut the salt in Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies by 30 per cent will feed through to reductions in other big-selling brands such as Crunchy Nut, Frosties, Coco Pops and Rice Krispies Squares.

Here’s what two people commenting on the subject had to say.

I don’t recall ever voting for ‘Consensus Action on Salt and Health’. What consensus? I’m sure I’m far from alone in disagreeing with their ‘consensus’, which rather undermines the meaning of the word, doesn’t it? No doubt like the National Obesity Forum this lot will turn out to be 70% funded by Whitehall, making them essentially a Govt department in all but socially-responsibly Orwellian-sounding name.

Why not just provide an alternative version and leave the original alone? A sad day for democracy when I now don’t even have a choice over what I want to eat.
- Rich, Leeds, UK, 29/1/2010 12:48

EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am fed up of being told what I can have and what not - I am an adult, I can read labels and I can make decision on my own!!

- Karolina, London, 29/1/2010 15:05



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eBay Update … eBay Backtracks, says sorry and allows sale of a board game.

eBay Update

eBay says sorry for banning dad’s army game

Yorkshire Evening Post

Auction giant eBay apologised to one of its users today after blocking the sale of a Dad’s Army board game because it could promote racial hatred.
Officials at eBay conceded that the game, based on the much-loved television series and being offered for sale by retired bank official David Davidson, had been wrongly classed as “offensive material” by its checking systems.

A spokeswoman for eBay stressed that more than 100 million items were for sale on the site and that it did everything it could to bar items which promoted racial hatred.

The spokeswoman said: “While we are committed to keeping items that promote racial hatred off eBay, a Dad’s Army board game is clearly not one of these.

“We hope that Captain Mainwaring would have been impressed with our efficiency!”

eBay says sorry

I think the capt. would have given you guys the flat side of his sword.

BTW ... banning items that promote hatred won’t work or make fewer ppl racist. That is not what makes people that way.  Not anymore. Those folks have already made up their minds.  But there are collectors who don’t hate anyone who just are fascinated by a particular time in history and collect memorabilia.  They probably also collect items to do with Ike and Churchill and Monty. I think the closer truth however is, ppl are also drawn to evil even when they personally are not themselves evil.  The whole cult like popularity of AH and the Nazi movement apparently sell more then all the others mentioned.  It’s almost like going to see a horror movie you know will scare you.  I can’t explain it better then that.  According to what I hear and read, books and items to do with the Nazis have not diminished over the years. In fact, interest has grown outside the holocaust issue. But there isn’t any evidence that it has produced more Nazis or turned those who are not so inclined into neo-Nazis.
The liberal left social engineers who get their panties in a wad at the sight of anything associated with that period, need to get their own lives and leave the rest of us alone.  Fat chance of that when companies hire them and promote em all the time.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 01/29/2010 at 11:17 AM   
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Just another thing to get pointlessly pissed off about.

I guess this just another thing for me to be pointlessly pissed off about. I can’t understand how people can become this incredibly stupid, but they have.

Unless this show has been seen in the USA on PBS or cable, most Americans won’t know what this is all about. So here’s a link should you be interested.

It was a hugely popular and I am told, a very funny show that ran for a long time. It wasn’t my cup of tea and I didn’t get anything from it but then I’m not a Brit.

Anyway, so popular is this show still, after years off the air, there are web sites dedicated to it. (see above) There was even a board game which eBay UK in it’s unfathomable ignorance and dedication to political correctness has seen fit to ban due to Swastikas on the box. No, it isn’t some right wing racist game dreamed up by the BNP or the KKK or some nut case looking to offend ppl.  Read the article.  Jeesh ….

eBAY, YOU ARE BEYOND BEING MERELY STUPID IDIOTS.  YOU HAVE BECOME WORLD CLASS STUPID “FUCKIN” IDIOTS!  You haven’t the brains god gave a rock. You truly are as the man says, MORONIC! 

eBay bans sale of Dad’s Army board game for promoting ‘hatred and racial intolerance’

When Dave Davidson was clearing out some old junk, he thought nothing of selling a 99p Dad’s Army board game online.

Nick Britten

But he was amazed when the auction site eBay refused to let him sell it because it might incite racial hatred and promote violence.
The offending part was a Swastika on the box, modelled on the opening titles of the sitcom which showed Swastikas and Union flags strategically moving around a map of Europe.


And despite its apparent family-friendly content, where players attempt to get their platoon to one location on the board, eBay stuck by their decision to ban the auction declaring: “We don’t allow the sale of memorabilia associated with the Nazi Party.”

(Yeah right but I’ll bet ya eBay sells old uncle joe photos and the Hammer and Sickle don’t ya. There’s also a Hammer & Sickle Vodka I am told. Amazing isn’t it, that this ass-wipe, this condom stuffer, can not see that the board game is NOT memorabilia and is NOT associated with any political group. And yet, and yet.  Ppl like this get decision making jobs with large companies and get to decide for everybody else, what is correct and proper to buy and or sell.  )

Mr Davidson said: “I couldn’t believe it when they sent me an email telling me my Dad’s Army board game could insight violence and hatred.

“Its so annoying because any human being with an ounce of common sense can see Dad’s Army is the most harmless TV programme in the world.
“There’s no swearing, sex or violence – it’s not like I’m trying to flog a piece of Nazi memorabilia here.
“I was just baffled.”

He said Ebay was “run by a system, by robots, with no brain who probably just vet the content without looking into anything properly”, adding: ”It’s moronic.

“They allow coins and stamps with swastikas and there are hundreds of novels which are war stories that have them.”
Mr Davidson, from Droitwich, Worcs, discovered his item had been removed from the site last Saturday when he received an e-mail from eBay.

It said his listing breached the company’s offensive material policy and added: “We don’t allow sellers on eBay to list items that promote violence, hatred, racial or religious intolerance, or items from organisations that promote these views.
“We don’t allow items or memorabilia associated with the Nazi Party.”

The ‘Dad’s Army Board Game’ was released in the mid-1970’s when the TV series was at the height of its popularity.
Jenny Thomas, spokesman for eBay UK, said: “eBay will remove listings that bear the marks of organisations that promote hatred and racial intolerance and we are strict and unapologetic in adhering to this policy.”

Peter Oteng, chief executive of the Worcestershire Racial Equality Council, said that there are strict laws about advertising discriminatory material and eBay, as the advertiser, was protecting itself.

He said: “You can’t joke with this because you are joking with millions of people killed. It’s not a laughing matter at all.  It’s very serious.”
He added a compromise could have been to advertise the board game without showing the swastika image.


“You can’t joke with this because you are joking with millions of people killed. It’s not a laughing matter at all.  It’s very serious.”

No you bleeding idiot. It is a laughing matter.  It’s a board game based on a TV show you jerk.  No again you ignorant schmuck. It isn’t serious. It’s a board game based on a comedy TV show. Dad’s Army is a British sitcom about the Home Guard in the Second World War. ‘Dad’s Army’ ran for nine years from 1968 until 1977. It spawned a full length feature film, a radio series and a musical stage show.

I think eBay should reconsider their position on this particular subject and sack the ppl involved. Not because of what they did. No. Because they are just too stupid to work for a major company and make decisions affecting other people. They do not have what it takes.


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