Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

calendar   Monday - April 06, 2015

a bit of a time waster. what? you have something better to do at this very moment?

The Daily Fail as LyndonB refers to it, does silly things quite often. 
They ran a feature which really is I think rather pointless, because at least in the hard copy edition, they were implying that the daughters of famous show biz celebs had a resemblance to daddy.  Which I did not see.  On the other hand, the better looking ones must have inherited their looks from the mother.
He is the one, that imo .... stood out best. Here indeed is a Goddess in the making.
She’s being billed as a model but from what I saw she has a bit more to learn , and I’m sure she will.

This is Johnny Depp’s daughter.

She is only 15 now.  Judging by the photo, she didn’t have a pro hair stylist and I doubt makeup pro either.  Just wait awhile til they get into the act.


It might be worth your time to click the link if you’re into self fright, cos Bruce Willis offspring is exactly that. Frightening.



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calendar   Sunday - December 28, 2014

An appropriate memorial

This is for all you ‘Nam Vets out there. Your ‘donations’ will be delivered in bulk to Hanoi Jane. grin



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calendar   Wednesday - October 29, 2014

Guns Are Too Complex For Some; Stick With Hickory Sticks

Jose Canseco Shoots Off His Finger

While Cleaning His Gun

“I didn’t know the gun was loaded”

Former major league slugger Jose Canseco blew his middle finger clear off his hand while cleaning his handgun at home in Las Vegas.

Jose’s fiancée Leila Knight tells TMZ Sports ... he was sitting at a table in their home cleaning the gun when it went off. She says he didn’t know it was loaded—and the shot ripped through the middle finger on his left hand.

Leila tells us 50-year-old Canseco is in surgery right now as doctors desperately try to save what’s left of the finger. She says the bullet tore through the bottom part of the finger and doctors have already said he’ll never have full use of it again ... even under the best of circumstances.

Worst case ... it may be amputated.

Metro police Lt. Mark Reddon says officers responded to a call of an accidental shooting shortly after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Reddon says the former Oakland Athletics outfielder told police he was cleaning his gun in the kitchen when it fired, shooting a finger on his left hand. He was taken to University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

Canseco is a right-handed batter who hit 462 career home runs and was a six-time All-Star. He also played for Texas, Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay, the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox during a career that spanned from 1985 to 2001.

more ...

Good grief. Ok, we’ll buy this BS for now. But they’d better come up with a better story if he suddenly needs to go to Betty Ford or some other clinic after this.

And for the rest of us, PLEASE don’t start your gun cleaning session by cocking the action and pulling the trigger. Remove the bolt, open the lever, drop the slide, slip out the cylinder, unhook the barrel ... all of these ways will take down even a loaded firearm without it going off.  Naturally, emptying the magazine and clearing the chamber - twice - is the best way to start, but for those of us best suited for a career of playing kid’s games, at least opening up the gun will almost always keep it from going off.


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calendar   Friday - October 10, 2014

Dumb, blonde, woman… choose any two and you get Gwyneth Paltrow

It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.

My response: The only thing Obama needs to pass is away!


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calendar   Monday - August 18, 2014

Great poem. Good impression

Impressionist Jim Meskimen reads his beautiful original poem entitled “In Memory of Robin Williams” while doing an incredibly respectful impression of the late great comic.

Robin got his TV start on Happy Days, which was the show my mom, Marion Ross was on for 11 seasons. So I watched the rise and fall from close to the start. I was more than a little jealous. I met Robin two or three times and he was always charming and low key. Professionally, I have done the voice of his Genie character for a variety of Disney projects, so I have had a lot of exposure to his sound, and have a real appreciation for what he did with that marvelous character.

As an impressionist myself, I have only admiration for his vocal ability and his acting. This poem comes from the heart.

Link here


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calendar   Tuesday - August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Tribute

George Takei shared this on my Facebook page.


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calendar   Sunday - August 03, 2014

Back on Facebook

Yeah, back on there. So if you want to friend, or refriend, me (wardmama?) look for Chris Mosier. One of the guys I friended is named George Takei. You may have heard of him. Last seen piloting a hijacked Bird of Prey. He’s a funny guy. An example of the stuff he posts:



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calendar   Saturday - August 02, 2014

KISS This!

“I never understand, because I always call them on their bluff. I’m the guy who says ‘Jump!’ when there’s a guy on top of a building who says, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to jump.’ Are you kidding? Why are you announcing it? Shut the f–k up, have some dignity and jump! You’ve got the crowd.”

Gene Simmons


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calendar   Wednesday - January 29, 2014

This one’s for Peiper

Queen Elizabeth during her WWII service. Not certain she was actually queen then.




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calendar   Thursday - January 02, 2014

more comments from 2013 but a different source. oh boy are they different.

There were 40 celebrity quotes in the morning paper, Daily Mail.

Some were amusing, Roger Moore was downright funny.  And then, there were stupid ones you can’t begin to imagine.

So I just grabbed a few to share with you.  I grabbed ones I am sure you’ll find of interest because in a couple of cases … a few actually … they are comments of far left lib. useful idiots and brainless absolute jerks.  I would think if they really did care all that much for humanity and all the rest of their BS …. they would take poison or else shoot themselves to make the world a better place.
Scratch that last one.  They don’t like guns.  Perhaps they could just fall into a river or off a building.

One monster, and even looks it, is that filthy looking ignoramus, that high priestess of stupid …. Sinead O’ Connor.

I happen to have a very long standing hatred of this piece if ignorant shit, this small talent ego-maniacal slag.  Goes back many years ago and it has to do with our national anthem.  Wait, I’m not talking about the Stars and Bars now.  I mean Old Glory, The Stars and Stripes.  She didn’t approve of it.  What happened was;

There was a concert she headlined in the USA.  At the venue it was the habit to play the anthem before opening the show.  It took place I think during the Viet Nam war, where our grunts were being stabbed in the back by “students” and others who wanted to be young again. Anyway ...

This O’Connor slag, this uglier than ugly, told the concert promoters she would refuse to go on stage if they played the anthem.  She said she did not believe in them, for any country, so she was not singling out ours alone.  Well obviously the promoters had a lot at stake.  Not national pride, not patriotism, but money lost if they had to refund tickets.  Who knows?  I sure don’t.  I don’t like them any better than I do her.  But imagine ….. the slag is in OUR country, making money in OUR country, and she thought (rightly it turned out) that she could decide on whether or not our anthem got played.
So I hate her guts along with that other bitch named Fonda.

That’s the background of my feelings.  One might be correct to assume that, I did not forget … and I don’t forgive.  And I wish her the worst.  And I shouldn’t when I think about it. No.  You see, for all that I have wished ill for that traitor Fonda, she has gone from strength to strength.  And O’Connor appears to be alive and well. Still.  In spite of my best (worst?) wishes. 

Oh … and just wait til you see her quote.  Coming up soon.

‘I’ve always thought I looked better naked’: Daft, vacuous, vain… It was a vintage year for inane celebrity quotes. So who said what?

By Daily Mail Reporter

Celebrities really do say the silliest things. From the man who admitted attempting a world record for sitting on the lavatory to the woman who said one of their ex-husbands had moved on to a woman who looks like a pig’s backside.

‘This is going to sound big-headed — but I find myself endlessly fascinating.’
Far left ugly duckling writes for marxist guardian newspaper. 
imageJulie Burchill

‘Unfortunately, the masses are stupid. Only the individual is beautiful.’
Gerard Depardieu

‘I always thought I looked better naked.’
image Anna Chancellor

‘Which artists do I admire today? Myself.’
imageYoko Ono

‘I find Madonna insanely irritating and completely fake. And I think she feels the same way about me.’ Piers Morgan

‘I get out of bed, look through my little black book for a likely phone number, pop a handful of Viagra into my mouth and put my teeth in.’

imageRoger Moore

Here comes the big one bmews.

‘My biggest disappointment is that, so far, none of my children has told me they’re gay.’

imageSinead O’Connor

And btw … I am no great fan of that other slag, Loco Yoko. Had her late husband not been who he was, we wouldn’t know of her.
No class and no talent either.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 03, 2013

On Sir Terry Pratchett

It’s a pretty sad event but I am not aware if some of you, who know this guy, know about this.

He has been interviewed on radio and spoken in the newspaper interviews as well, on assisted suicide.

I wish the folks who produce videos would stop believing that every fucking thing they present to us, just god damn HAS to have music of any kind in the background.  And most especially draggy crap that sounds more like a funeral dirge which in this his case is still a mite premature.

He will in all likelihood go to Dignitas, unless he does it himself while he still can. 

If Dad wants to end his life, it’s his choice. I’ll support him

Terry Pratchett’s daughter talks with raw honesty about the Alzheimer’s that’s led the man she idolises to fight for assisted death

By Amanda Cable

Rhianna Pratchett was in a taxi in a North London traffic jam when her father phoned. The date, she recalls, was December 6, 2007, and she thinks she was coming back from the gym.

The conversation which followed was so shocking that, five years on, it remains the most traumatic memory of her life.

Unknown to his only child, author Sir Terry Pratchett had just been having hospital tests after finding difficulty typing. ‘From the second I answered his call, the detail of everything I’d done that day — all the hours minutes and seconds preceding that conversation — have been wiped from my mind,’ says Rhianna, 36.

‘The whole thing is a bit of a blur. He’d been having tests, he said. It was a rare form which affects spatial awareness. “We’re putting out a Press release next week,” he said. “I wanted you to know beforehand.”

‘I went into shock. I’d had no idea anything was wrong. At that moment, the taxi driver turned and snapped at me — he was irritated the journey had got him stuck in a jam — and I burst into floods of tears and said: “My Dad’s just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.” The driver just shrugged.

‘I could hardly breathe. All I wanted to do was just get out of that car and back to my flat. I was flying to the U.S. the next day to work for two weeks and I remember telling Dad that I’d cancel it, but he told me there was no point. “There’s nothing you can do about it,” he said. “If you stay, it isn’t going to change anything.” ’

‘Dad calls it ‘The End Game’. It’s his life, his death and his decision’

A week later, Sir Terry’s office released the Press statement, and his battle with Alzheimer’s, having been diagnosed at the age of 59, made headline news around the globe.

As the second-bestselling author in the UK (behind J.K. Rowling), Sir Terry has a cult following of millions. His fans reacted with genuine emotion — and many contacted Rhianna directly.

‘Doctors believe he had Alzheimer’s for a while before he was diagnosed, which means he probably wrote two bestsellers before his illness became official’

Terry Pratchett was the UK’s best-selling author of the Nineties. He has sold more than 70m books worldwide in 37 languages



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calendar   Sunday - March 17, 2013

Who is she?

This isn’t a trick like that last one I posted a few years ago. This is a legitimate 1930s movie starlet. Two questions:

A) Who is she?
B) What role is she best remembered for?


I’ll leave this up for a day or two, unless someone gets the right answer!


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calendar   Friday - February 01, 2013

Aww Ed

Ed Koch, Former NYC Mayor, Dies At 88

I disagreed with this guy at least half the time, but he was the most likable mayor in generations and did his best for the city.

Former Mayor Ed Koch, the combative, acid-tongued politician who rescued the city from near-financial ruin during a three-term City Hall run in which he embodied New York chutzpah for the rest of the world, died Friday. He was 88.

Koch died at 2 a.m., spokesman George Arzt said. The funeral will be Monday at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan.

After leaving City Hall in January 1990, Koch battled assorted health problems and heart disease.

The larger-than-life Koch, who breezed through the streets of New York flashing his signature thumbs-up sign, won a national reputation with his feisty style. “How’m I doing?” was his trademark question to constituents, although the answer mattered little to Koch. The mayor always thought he was doing wonderfully.

Bald and bombastic, paunchy and pretentious, the city’s 105th mayor was quick with a friendly quip and equally fast with a cutting remark for his political enemies.

The mayor dismissed his critics as “wackos,” waged verbal war with developer Donald Trump ("piggy") and mayoral successor Rudolph Giuliani ("nasty man"), lambasted the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and once reduced the head of the City Council to tears.

“I’m not the type to get ulcers,” he wrote in “Mayor,” his autobiography. “I give them.”

When President George W. Bush ran for re-election in 2004, Koch, a Democrat, crossed party lines to support him and spoke at the GOP convention. He also endorsed Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s re-election efforts at a time when Bloomberg was a Republican. Koch described himself as “a liberal with sanity.”

He was also an outspoken supporter of Israel, willing to criticize anyone, including President Barack Obama, over decisions Koch thought could indicate any wavering of support for that nation.


Under his watch from 1978-89, the city climbed out of near-financial ruin thanks to Koch’s tough fiscal policies and razor-sharp budget cuts, and subway service improved enormously. But homelessness and AIDS soared through the 1980s, and critics charged that City Hall’s responses were too little, too late.

Ed Koch was a real old school Democrat, a proper American Liberal. As far as I could ever tell, he was NOT a Marxist/Statist hiding being the false label of “Progressive”.  I’m sad to see him go, but he was very sick there towards the end, and he is no longer suffering. Be with god, Ed. Shalom.

And I think I won the Weasel’s Dead Pool.


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calendar   Monday - January 14, 2013

How do you strip a dead knight of the honor? Award another 1 and take that 1 away. say what?

Once upon a time, there was this really weird looking guy named Jimmy Savile.  He was a major act here in the UK once upon a time. Very major.
He died last year an old man and almost immediately, stories began to surface about his abuse of and sexual attacks upon youngsters of both sexes, as well as teens and a few women too.  There have been people now coming forward from 30 and 40 years ago who claim to have been abused by him. The numbers grow day by day.

It has been written that his influence was such, that even though there were some who were aware, they said nothing.  Police have been accused of not listening to the few who did tell stories of abuse, but either were not believed, or were told to “belt up” as nobody would believe your story.

Savile apparently was a law unto himself, or so the story now being told goes.

As more and more people come forward to claim victimhood, the police have shifted into high gear and have been arresting all sorts of former big name entertainers who are “suspected” of sexual harassment.  That could be nothing more than a grope or pat on the bottom, unwelcome as that may be.  Almost anyone who may have worked with Savile or might have been a friend or a friend of an acquaintance 100 times removed, is under suspicion and arrest and bailed.
Please note dear reader, NONE of those pulled in so far have actually been found to be guilty of anything as yet.  In other words, the continuing investigation of Jimmy Savile has spread the net wide and is snaring all sorts of everyman.

One poor fellow, a weatherman, was off on holiday with family.  Somehow his name came up and the kops in several cars like something out of Hollywood, went to his house at 6:30 one fine morning, and battered down the front door.  Ooops. Nobody home.

Savile had done a lot of charitable work and raised millions for various causes.  No doubt he had his own agenda, if even half of what’s being published is true.
He had very popular TV shows back in his heyday, and so naturally youngsters were attracted to him and his fame.  One of his shows was aimed at the young in fact, and the format called for some lucky kid to appear with him to have a problem fixed. That show was called, “Jim’ll Fix It” and ran on the BBC from 1975 to 94. And here’s where things really get interesting.  You see ….

Some of the abuse is supposed to have taken place on BBC premises.  Did any of the management know what he was doing?  Did anyone suspect and keep quiet?

Do any of you hear the footfall of the gathering lawyers?  I thought you might.

A year ago when he died the nation was almost in a state of national mourning, with tributes and remembrances.  But then, then some voices were heard.  Faint at first. Only the odd one or two and then three.  Soon the number grew and there were a dozen as the storm gathered strength. And then more and then more yet until, the numbers grew to a hundred – two hundred – and before we knew it there were 450 reported cases of sex abuse carried out by the fallen hero who it is now claimed, used his work as a volunteer celeb in a children’s hospital to have access to the vulnerable. And this went on for 50 years, many claim. Ah yes. the claims.

His estate is valued at something like 4 plus million pounds.  In American dollars that’d be about $6,435,657.  You will not be surprised to learn that the estate funds have been frozen pending possible payouts for lawsuits.  You also will not be surprised to know that the numbers of accusers continues to grow.

Once upon a time, Jimmy Savile was knighted. Oh yes. A very big man indeed. SIR, Jimmy Savile.
And now things get totally bizarre and totally stupid but then I must remember where I am these days.

The powers that be want him stripped of his knighthood. Should be easy enough. Ya think?

Here’s the headline from today’s paper. And the story.

Revealed: Bizarre plan to give Jimmy Savile a second knighthood so he can be stripped of it publicly

· An OBE or knighthood expires when a person dies but title ‘Sir’ is still used

· Honours Forfeiture Committee may award Savile another knighthood so he can be stripped of it publicly

By Tara Brady

Sir Jimmy Savile could be awarded a posthumous knighthood – so he can then be stripped of it.
The bizarre plan is being considered by the Honours Forfeiture Committee because knighthoods cannot be removed from people who have died.
Those given a knighthood are awarded lifetime membership to a ‘living order’ and the title no longer exists when the holder dies.

A Whitehall source told The Sunday Times: ‘The forfeiture committee is certainly looking at the issue.’
The TV host, who died last year aged 84, was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 1990 - an award which followed the OBE he was given for services to charity and broadcasting in 1971.

The Queen has the power to remove honours after they have been recommended by the forfeiture committee.

A report published this week by Scotland Yard and NSPCC said he DJ spent ‘every waking minute’ thinking about abusing children and used his celebrity status to that end. Eighteen girls and ten boys aged under ten were abused – the youngest being a boy of eight targeted at his school.
Allegations of sexual assault have been made by 450 individuals, aged up to 47, and some have yet to be interviewed.
The 214 confirmed offences included 34 rapes and stretch across 28 police force areas. The most recent was in 2009 but they date back as far as 1955.
Lawyers for the victims have already instigated compensation claims against the BBC, NHS and education authorities for failing to stop the serial predator. The payouts could run into millions of pounds.
Victims said it was shocking it had taken so long to expose the DJ’s predatory behaviour.
They said senior managers who missed opportunities to stop him should be named and shamed.



Hang on there. If they give him another one and take it away, would that not still leave the original? So his dead body would still be?
A dead knight?

OK, by this time you might think that’s all there is. And probably so, for now.
But read this take.  And Mr. Glover is I think, quite right. With all that’s come out, guilt isn’t in question but … here. 

Forgive me asking, but how do the police know Savile spent ‘every waking minute’ planning abuse?



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