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calendar   Sunday - March 31, 2013

Any Terry Pratchett fans here?

I’m pretty certain that peiper is fan…



Posted by Christopher   United States  on 03/31/2013 at 11:06 PM   
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a question on tech.

A senior moment?

Until Drew’s post, I forgot it was Easter Sunday and so, perhaps this won’t be seen by a lot of you, and probably not by Drew til tomorrow.

I have a tech type question.

Take a look at this screen shot. It’s my C:

I have had differing opinions on the use of indexing. Not a lot of opinions, just a couple.  But you know, the more I can learn the better off I’ll be. Or at least the better off my puter will be.

Is there any need for indexing unless you’re an accountant or someone in a profession? 

I have read in a pc magazine that this will slow you down, not make things faster. 

Opinions please?



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/31/2013 at 07:35 AM   
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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to one and all.

Renew your faith. Enjoy the holiday. Ignore small minded little leftist minds like Google, who diddled their logo, as usual, to note that today is Cesar Chavez’z 86th birthday. And the lettuce hasn’t even been planted yet!

We’re going to her dad’s today, so we made one of our famous cheesecakes last night so we’d have something to bring. We make them using the water bath method, and this time the spring form pan leaked. Dagnabbit. The solution of how to waterproof your spring form pan is simple: first, get the 18” heavy aluminum foil so you can wrap it in one piece. I always forget something; this time it was the foil so I had to make do with 3 pieces the regular width stuff. And that doesn’t work. Worse, I’m tired of getting the pan bottom scratched up, or left at somebody’s house for 3 months with the leftover, so I put a piece of parchment paper in there. And tucked it under the edges of the pan. Leaker!

So when I unbound the pan it was quite drippy. Carefully turning it over with another parchment paper and a plate, it went back into the spring form upside down and into the oven for half an hour at 400 to dry out the graham cracker base crust. We’ll see. And if it turns out to be a disaster, oh well. At least we baked. I’m sure her sister will bring cookies from the local Italian bakery, and they’ll be just fine.

You’ve seen those molded silicon muffin pans? I would like to see something like it for a spring form pan. Pretty much a rubber cover, watertight. Because the water bath method makes the most awesome cheesecakes.

Enjoy the day. Now I have to finish my coffee and get down to SP and do my work, quick like a bunny.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/31/2013 at 06:35 AM   
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if women are gonna let us see, then damn it I’m gonna look. and it isn’t about porn either.

Believe it or not, I am not posting this with Eye Candy in mind.  Nope.
I’m doing it cos I am so darned annoyed at our culture that every single day in every way, places beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and colors before our eyes, often times with their breasts exposed to a degree that rivets the male eyeball, unless the male is my humble self.  Boobs do not make the woman and they are very low on my list of attractions.  But this is not about that.

This is a gripe at seeing so many really pretty ladies , who it is very clear I am meant to see , and then being called all sorts of names usually starting with anti and often ending in - ism.  And ALL because I am doing no more then what is natural for any male who really loves women. And not just the nude ones. I feel I have to make that last one clear. 

Forget professional models.  The youngest of girls wear minis so high you would have to be stone cold dead not to notice. Even when you are not looking for it.

Our culture has become sexualized to a degree I never knew in my yoot. Of course, there were no photos on radio in my day. No puters and TV a flickering start.  The first major sex symbol of our modern age in 1950 was Dagmar, who appeared on a late night show called Broadway Open House with an old time vaudevillian named Jerry Lester.  Funny what I can remember.

The newspapers printed mainly news, of all darn things. But hey, it was pretty ladies, granted they were fully clothed in those days, selling cars in magazine and newspaper ads.  When I was young, I had to use my imagination cos this was just before the Bikini swimwear.  And even that Bikini covered more. Not too much more but a bit. 

However, little by little a little later on, some things began to change. Movies got a bit bolder, some censorship was relaxed and one bright day, Playboy appeared. But long, long before Playboy, the Great White Way, that is, Broadway under the guidance of Flo Ziegfeld ( Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. ) staged spectacular shows that glorified he said, the American woman.  Some of which were either French or English btw. No exposed boobs in those shows but oh my.  Those wonderful, legs
always on display. And that brings me to where I wanna be.  About women on display.  Of course in our modern up to date time, we are seeing more of them and what they have to display.  And what they have to display is a glorious sight to men hardly equaled by a sunset over water.  If even then.  To be very honest, I am less impressed by that poetic sunset then I am of a beautiful female.  Even and old WW2 poster of Betty Grable is more appealing to me.

Now here’s where things really go wrong for us guys who are very much older but not rich or famous or glamorous.  Not even minor movie actors.
We still enjoy looking at beautiful women.  Can’t help it.  And to make things even worse yet, the women we gape at are ALL of them, far younger than we are.
Well of course they are.  Why on earth would we want to stare at someone who more resembled us with sagging bottom, thick thighs, thinning hair, and all the other things that make age so physically unattractive?  And so the older we get, the worse the names we are called for doing only what comes naturally.

Now then, if you should go to the home page, or any page of the Sunday or the Daily Mail, over on the far right side under the heading of FEMAIL is a feature that appears 7 days a week.  Today is very tame compared to Monday thru Saturday.  Any excuse to show an actress getting out of a car with legs splayed and a boob coming out of a bra best not worn with that sort of dress.  And even worse she may also be worse for wear.  Photo after photo of women on display and almost all displaying just enough to grab our eyeballs and paste them there, but only enuff to tease and drive us bonkers.  For more, we’d have to go to other sites.  So anyway, the mail features these things and the Mail isn’t the Lone Ranger of course, but because we will stop and we will look
and some might even drool, we are also stuck with mean labels for doing exactly what we’re enticed and is normal for us to do.

And that bothers me.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/31/2013 at 05:53 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - March 30, 2013

Prices Slashed! Best Deer Of The Day!

Too Good A Deal Deer To Pass By

Man Charged For Hunting In A Walmart Parking Lot

[Pittsburgh PA] An Indiana County man is facing several charges, after wildlife officials say he went deer hunting in a Walmart parking lot.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says 40-year-old Arcangelo Bianco, Jr., fired several rounds from a handgun at a 10-point white-tailed deer from within the Burrell Township store’s parking lot, and then bagged the animal near Old William Penn Highway.

The alleged shooting happened last November, while Bianco was shopping at the store, and then saw the buck in the parking lot.

Oho, there might just be a competitor for Clinton NJ in the “biggest and mostest deer everywhere you look” competition. Out by Pittsburgh you get 10 pointers IN the parking lot. Here in Clinton we get them across the street from the Walmart parking lot. There a huge herd over there by Edna Mahan and the Developmental Center

“He got out of his car and chased the deer down through the parking lot, and I believe even across Route 22,” said Patrick Dougherty, the Indiana County District Attorney.

According to charging documents, the deer ran around a corner of the store, and Bianco hopped out of his truck, gun in hand, and “began firing multiple rounds at the deer.”

Concerned shoppers packing the area on a busy day for holiday shopping called 911 to report a man with a gun running through the parking lot.

Buck Fever. You never know when it will strike.

Bianco faces a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment, as well as several hunting violations, including hunting without a license, shooting on or across highways and unlawful killing or taking of big game. The charges come after a four-month investigation.

State police initially opted to not file charges and hand over the case to the Game Commission whose charges carry stiffer penalties.

Dougherty says it was important that the charges be filed.

“Number one, we’re a big hunting community, and people that are legitimate hunters were very upset about this. Number two, that people that were at risk in parking lot that night,” said Dougherty.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that brainwave here went out hunting at 9pm??

Here in NJ they’d never get around to charging him with the hunting violations. He’d be locked up so fast for gun crimes and so on that it would make your head spin. Out in western PA they understand things a bit better. Man, gun, big deer. It’s inevitable what happens next.

h/t to Jim Hawkins


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/30/2013 at 01:34 PM   
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One Up, One Down

Life In The Smooth Lane

On the one hand ...

Brazilian Bikini Waxes Make Crab Lice Endangered Species

Pubic lice, the crab-shaped insects that have dwelled in human groins since the beginning of history, are disappearing. Doctors say bikini waxing may be the reason.

“It used to be extremely common; it’s now rarely seen,” said Basil Donovan, head of sexual health at the University of New South Wales’s Kirby Institute and a physician at the Sydney Sexual Health Centre. “Without doubt, it’s better grooming.”

The trend suggests an alternative way of stemming one of the globe’s most contagious sexually transmitted infections. Pubic lice are usually treated with topical insecticides, which once included toxic ones developed before and during World War 2. While they aren’t known to spread disease, itchy skin reactions and subsequent infections make pubic lice a hazardous pest.

And yet, on the other hand ...

Bikini waxes and Brazilians ‘behind rise in STI warts’

Shaving the pubic region causes ‘micro-trauma’ of the skin, boosting the chance of a pox virus called Molluscum contagiosum, say the French experts.

The virus causes water warts, small pink bubbles which can break out over the body. These warts are relatively common in children as the virus can be spread by normal skin-on-skin contact.

However, it is also passed on during sexual activity, and over the last decade the incidence of this type of infection has been on the rise.

French doctors wanted to know if this rise was linked to the growing fashion for ‘Brazilians’ and other forms of pubic hair removal.

They looked through records of visits to a private skin clinic in Nice from January 2011 to March 2012, and identified 30 cases of water warts infection. All but two of the 30 patients had undergone pubic hair removal. Twenty of the 28 had been shaved, five clipped and three waxed.

In four cases the warts had spread to the abdomen and in one they had spread to the thighs.

Writing in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, they warned: “Hair removal (especially shaving) could favour its acquisition, propagation and transmission by micro-traumatisms.”

They said the reason for opting for pubic hair removal remained “unclear”, “but may be linked with internet-based pornography”.

“Another reason cited is an increased sexual sensation. There may also be psychological reasons, as an unconscious desire to simulate an infantile look or a desire to distance ourselves from our animal nature.”


The trend, they noted, was “also growing among men”. In fact, 24 of the 30 cases were in men.

On the third hand, it could be because French men have discovered manscaping but have not yet discovered soap.
On the fourth hand, it’s generally the under 35 set doing all this trimming and waxing, and they’re the ones having all the sex anyway. And if smooth is the style, Harry Balszac won’t be getting much, so he won’t be impacting the stats too much.
On the fifth hand, basing a medical opinion on a survey of less than 3 dozen Nice smoothies isn’t too smart.
6th hand says: 2/3 of the infected had shaved? Hey Jacques, clean your damn razor!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/30/2013 at 09:10 AM   
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Rich Wins

No way I could resist that minor challenge. Predicting when my next post is gonna be, and what it will comprise. Da noiv!


So, shall we go for a double? How about a triple play? Nah, let’s get Rich all worked up, and go straight to the four play.

See More Below The Fold


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/30/2013 at 09:00 AM   
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calendar   Friday - March 29, 2013

it’s Here!

The new PC arrived about 90 minutes ago. I took everything out of the box and just looked at it for awhile. It’s all black and sinister looking with chrome piping around the edge of the front panel. Pretty neat. The DVD has a spring loaded trapdoor on it, like the dust cover on an M16. Also neat. The top of the case has a little depression in it for your hand held devices, and there are 2 USB 3.0 ports, a microphone jack, and a headphone jack right there. So I hooked it all up, turned things on. And it came to life just fine. So this is my first post from my new i7 machine. I’m going to name him Hecho, after my surprise at finding him hecho en Mexico.

Oooh, the new keyboard is nearly flat. It doesn’t weigh a third what the old keyboard weighs. Actually, the whole machine is lightweight. Great big box, but the Fed-Ex guy carried it with one hand. No kidding; the PC itself probably doesn’t weigh 10lbs. That’s a far cry from the nut busting weight of the old one. Thank goodness that one’s old 18” CRT monitor died a few years back. That sucker must have tipped the scales at 50lb.

So, I’m up and running. Now to figure out Windows 7, get Outlook going, blah blah. Oh, and I have to see if either WiFi or Ethernet is faster. And then finagle moving files across. And exploring what kind of bloatware Dell put on the system (doesn’t look like much, since this is a “business” machine). So I might be busy for a bit.

Gah, I am not used to this new keyboard at all! But it’s quieter. I was hoping the keys would light up, but no. Oh well.

I like the mouse. I can adjust the speed of the thing right from the top. Cool. Now to figure out what these extra buttons on each side do.

See ya ...


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/29/2013 at 04:52 PM   
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Free Guns!

Best liberal smack-down of the day.

Move To Tuscon, Have A Blast

A former mayoral candidate in Tucson, Ariz., is drawing heated criticism from Democrats after he launched a program this week to hand out free shotguns in high-crime neighborhoods.

Shaun McClusky, who kicked off the program Monday, financed it with initial donor commitments of $12,000. He told that with those private donations alone, he can arm and train 36 people—and hopes to begin that process in 60 days.

McClusky said he’s already received more than a dozen responses from residents, “none of them negative, all of them positive.”


The 9 shot Mossberg 590, about $325, makes a great home defense gun. Comes in 12 or 20 gauge

But with McClusky launching the gun handout program in the same area where former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011, he’s running into stiff resistance from Arizona officials.

State Rep. Victoria Steele, who represents Tucson, called the program “plain lunacy.”

“Arizonans in Tucson and across the state are demanding that we reduce gun violence and create safer communities. Handing out shotguns is not a solution,” she said in a written statement.

Want to bet Ms. Lib? $50 says that crime in the neighborhood he distributes the guns in drops like a friggin’ rock within 3 months.
Especially if he talks up the act, adds some possible BS about a new Neighborhood Watch and Citizen’s Night Patrol. That will drive the Left and the media ( but I repeat myself) bugpoop, freak out the police, and result in a much higher patrol presence in the area. Which will cause crime rates to drop.  Hahahahaa. Just make sure that old Jim Crow helps the guns go to the proper people. Otherwise it WILL be the Wild West.

The program, though, is actually the brainchild of a master’s student at the University of Houston. The student, Kyle Coplen, launched what he calls the Armed Citizen Project, a nonprofit that is handing out “defensive shotguns” for free in certain neighborhoods of Houston and studying the effect on crime rates.

Reached Thursday, Coplen said it’s too early to tell whether there is an effect—but he said he intends to expand the program to 15 cities by the end of the year. Right now, the program is only in Houston and Tucson, with McClusky’s help.

“His idea’s great,” McClusky said Thursday. “So I took his idea and I ran with it here in Tucson.”

McClusky said he’s working with a gun shop that will help procure the shotguns and run the background checks and another school that will help conduct training classes. He said he’s identified three high-crime neighborhoods and estimates it will cost $300 to $350 to arm each person who signs up.

Pure undiluted awesome. 


That’s right you EUrowienies, in America we sell ammo designed specifically for shooting people

20 gauge shells are very similar

Don’t know shotgun gauges from a hole in the ground? Here’s Heather to help show you the differences. Smaller gauge number equals bigger gun and more recoil


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/29/2013 at 02:11 PM   
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eye candy as final contribution for the day

Her name is SAM FAIERS and I think she’s cute.


But I love seeing more of her and so .....

See More Below The Fold


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/29/2013 at 09:06 AM   
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russians track foreign “rights industry” operating in their country.

I hate to use super liberal sources but then, why not?
And this one does the old heart good to read.

GOOD for Russia and,

BRAVO President Putin, for giving those “rights” bastards a poke in the eye.  They’re annoyed. Good!  They’re pissed. Good!  They’re unhappy. Good!

I wish the Russians would reform the old KGB for the express purpose of dealing with these creeps.  With extreme prejudice.

Seems the Russian govt. is fed up with foreign nationals and organizations coming to their country and interfering in their internal affairs, and generally just making themselves a royal pain in the butt.  You know.  The same way they are allowed to operate at home in the USA and here in the UK.  So here is what the Ruskies are doing, and why not? 

Tax inspectors and prosecutors have been raiding anti-corruption and their allied friends in the “human rights watchdog” industry.  It’s a clampdown on on FOREIGN funded charities and non govt. agencies operating in their country.


In Russia, More NGOs Targeted For Inspections

By Claire Bigg

Amnesty International has joined a growing list of organizations raided by Russian officials in recent weeks amid what activists describe as a ruthless Kremlin crackdown on dissent.

Prosecutors and tax police on March 25 searched the venerable rights watchdog’s Moscow headquarters, along with three other prominent advocacy groups—the movement For Human Rights, the Public Verdict Foundation, and the Agency for Social Information.

Russian Raids Continue

The Agora rights association says more than 40 nongovernmental organizations across Russia, many of them vocal critics of President Vladimir Putin, have been subjected to unannounced audits in the past month.

Other groups have also reported surprise inspections by the Justice Ministry, the fire-safety service, and the Health Department.

Agora estimates that up to 2,000 organizations may have been searched in total.

Prosecutors on March 25 said they were simply conducting extra checks of foreign-funded organizations that fall under controversial new legislation requiring such groups to re-register in Russia as “foreign agents”—a term widely used to discredit or execute people during Josef Stalin’s purges in the 1930s. Many groups have refused to comply.

Nongovernmental organizations are crying foul and accuse authorities of seeking to muffle critics in response to unprecedented antigovernment protests last winter.

Amnesty International condemned the inspections in a toughly worded statement, accusing Russian authorities of seeking to “deliberately stigmatize and discredit NGOs in the eyes of the public.”

It also reiterated fears that the new law on “foreign agents” may be used “to harass and seek closure of those highlighting abuses and critical of the government.”

Both Amnesty International and the movement For Human Rights claim officials involved in the searches requested documents that the government already has on file.

Source here is radio free europe and radio liberty.

The left love to use words like liberty. They use it a lot.  Means when you don’t agree with them you are automatically anti freedom and anti liberty.

Rachel Denber of Human Rights Watch
So, whatcha think guys?  Liberty loving, lefty Eye Candy?


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/29/2013 at 08:25 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - March 28, 2013

Spring Is Coming

No Drew, “Winter is coming”. It even says so, right on Sheldon’s wall by the door. Right over the House of Stark sword.


Nasty little bastard king Joffry can’t die soon enough

somebody, anybody, please kill him

3 days left until Season 3 kicks off Sunday night for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Yes!!!

Hey, I just watch it for the wonderful soundtrack. And the buckets o’ blood swordy violence. And the boobies. And the hot man on man action. And wanna-be can’t-get-any Queen Margery’s general lack of undergarments. It’s like Spartacus, only with an intensely convoluted plot. And boobies of a generally slightly lower quality*. But with dragons! And the frozen evil un-dead. And green fire. And a ornately costumed cast of thousands. And that fantastic CGI clockwork opening on every episode. Plus a smokin’ hot, mega-evil, redheaded priestess. Hey, what’s not to love? 

Ok, the thing not to love is that each season is only ten episodes. Which is torture, waiting 9 1/2 months until the next season. But it’s worth it.

I. can’t. wait.

Here’s an hour’s worth of music from last season.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/28/2013 at 05:12 PM   
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Speed Banking

My local bank swapped out it’s old ATM and put in one of the latest units from Green Machine.


They’ve been in use across Canada for some time now, but they’re finally making their way south. And horry clap! These things are fast!

ATM card in the slot. Bip! It pops right out. Screen lights up: Enter your pin. Bip bip bip bip. Boop. Tick tock. We’re in! Select Transaction. Fast Cash $60. Bip. Do you want a receipt? Y/N? No. Bip. Thpp thpp thpp, 3 twenties come out. Done. Bye. 10 seconds.

The old machine took at least a minute and half the time you had to fight to make it even take your card. This new one is awesome.  If your bank doesn’t have a new model Green Machine, make a fuss and demand one. Who has time to waste?

Oh, and it uses less power and has no carbon footprint. And the company donates part of their profits to environmental causes.

As if I care. It’s 10 times faster than the old one. That’s what matters to me.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/28/2013 at 03:43 PM   
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nice face


I know, I know; she’s not even a redhead. What is this blog coming to??? LOL


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