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how libtards think

Thanks Drew for link which led me to another link.

As good a way of saying good evening all as any other I can think of.

I love cartoonists. They can say so much with so little to wade thru.



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The race card. Don’t leave home without it.

This story has to be two weeks old by now and look. Just how dumb are these folks going to get?  What F***ing investigation is required?  What’s there to investigate?  Oh dear, he made provocative statements.  Woo-hoo. Get the rope.  STUPID people doing stupid things. 

Mr. Cherry has had to resign from the conservative party over his comments.  All of this because TWO people complained.

· John Cherry is being investigated by police
· He said that children from inner city would not be welcome at a new school.
John Cherry was forced to resign from the Tory Party after suggesting inner-city children from a ‘coloured area’ would not be welcome at a proposed new boarding school in the countryside.
In a report in last week’s Mail on Sunday, the West Sussex district and county councillor said the youngsters could ‘escape into the forest’ and trigger a ‘sexual volcano’ because they had been ‘plucked from their natural surroundings’.
Sussex Police have launched a probe to establish whether the comments amount to a racist offence.
A spokesman said: ‘The remarks attributed to Mr Cherry have been subject of complaints to us by two members of the public.’
He also stated truthfully that Chinese and Indian kids would do well but questioned if those from Pakistan could keep up. He also said that some of those kid came from backgrounds where the parents didn’t understand the work ethic in the werstern world. Or words to that effect.
Mr Cherry, 73, later apologised for his comments, saying: ‘My remarks were thoughtless and extremely foolish. I very much regret the distress this must have caused.’

Yeah, the truth is often distressful. Innit? But we mustn’t let the politically correct hear that. Cos this is a result.
And this one too.
Everything is about race even when race isn’t there. Look at this one.

Welsh woman fined for ‘racist’ insult after calling father’s mistress an ‘English cow’

· Elen Humphreys, 25, told Angela Payne to ‘leave well alone, you English cow’
· Prestatyn magistrates ordered Humphreys to pay £50 in compensation
· Last week, an English tourist was fined £150 for calling security guards ‘sheep s******s’ at a Welsh holiday camp
By Becky Evans

A Welsh woman was convicted yesterday of racially abusing her father’s mistress by calling her an ‘English cow’.
Prestatyn magistrates heard that Elen Humphreys, 25, went to Angela Payne’s house in Rhyl to collect some of her father’s belongings and told her: ‘Leave well alone, you English cow’.

Ms Payne reported Humphreys to police, saying the comments were the ‘final straw’.
Humphreys was ordered to pay Ms Payne £50 in compensation and was given a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to racially aggravated harassment at court.

The case comes two days after a English tourist Anthony Taaffe was fined £150 for calling security staff at a Welsh holiday park ‘a bunch of sheep s******s’.
Prosecutor James Neary said Ms Payne contacted police last November because Humphreys’ mother had previously been warned by officers about her conduct.

He added that Humphreys, of Garndolbenmaen, near Porthmadog, had called Ms Payne other names before the incident.

Andrew Hutchinson, defending, said that Humphreys’s parents had been married for 32 years but her father had then started the other relationship and gone ‘backwards and forwards’ between the two women.
‘Emotions were running high,’ he said.

Source both stories, The Daily Mail


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I must do this. I don’t want to. The whole Pigford thing makes me ten times madder than that little imbroglio in the Baltimore prisons.

I tried to write about it the other day, but I got all the way to the end and my brand new computer suddenly locked up. Mysteriously. So I’ll try again today, and write less but link more. Pigford is the most disgusting, most blatant, most racist rip off of the American taxpayer you will ever see.

Yes, Breitbart was right. Years ago. I wrote about it then. While there may have been some race-based denial of farm loans at USDA once upon a time, Pigford 1 was a mess. Poorly handled, full of false claims, full of greedy lawyers and corruption. And Obama was a dirty son of a bitch who opened that can of worms for a second time. And gave us Pigford 2. With 100 times as much money, and almost no qualifications. It was Mo Money, Free Money. It was Reparations. In the very words of the lawyers and backers of the whole thing, it was Reparations. And with the help of Senator Obama, it became a massive vote buying scheme, to the tune of NEARLY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer money. A double whammy: using tax dollars to buy himself voters. Not even private slush fund money.

And it is still going on; Pigford “recruiters” are still traveling about the South. Are you Black, Hispanic, Native American, or Female*? Have you ever seen dirt? Do you know what a seed is? Then you qualify; you have “attempted to farm”. Sign here, get your $50,000. “They have just opened the bank vault.” But hey, don’t forget about them there other minorities; let’s get whore-mongering scuzzball NJ Senator Robert Menendez on board, and hand out millions to the Hispanics too. And any Native Americans we can find. And womens too, don’t forget them - because as 53% of the population, they’re a minority too!! 

It’s payoff, pure and simple. It’s a crime. An imprisonable and impeachable offense. It’s huge. And it isn’t news. Nothing to see here, move along. Don’t you dare say a word or you’ll be branded a racist. BRA wins again.

pick an article, any article:

Look, when even the Mt. Sinai of leftist worldview, the New York Times, owns up to it, it’s pretty much cut and dried. Granted, the Times doesn’t mention the term Pigford for the first two pages, then avoids using the word Fraud for a couple more, but eventually they get around to admitting that this was cronyism, vote buying, and corruption at it’s worst. It’s a scandal 10 times bigger than Solyndra. It’s a crime. It’s Reparations. It’s business as usual here in Black Run America, so don’t even notice it if you know what’s good for you.

And the story can be found in plenty more place than just Brietbart. It’s a story that should bring down a presidency. But then, so should have Solyndra. And Benghazi. And Fast & Furious. And on and on and on .... nothing to see here, you white middle class bitter clingers, move along ...

The New York Times reported Friday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has likely enabled massive fraud in the Pigford series of legal settlements, in which black, Hispanic, female and Native American farmers have claimed to be victims of past discrimination.

The cost of the settlements, which could exceed $4.4 billion, is the result of a process that “became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees,” the Times notes.

Among those influential members of Congress was then-Senator Barack Obama, who made Pigford payouts a priority in exchange for political support for his 2008 presidential campaign among a coveted group of black voters in the rural South, the Times reports.

As president, Obama continued to support payouts for new groups of claimants while abandoning a review process that had been used to fight fraud. The aim was “buying the support” of minorities, according to the Times, while middlemen created a “cottage industry” in defrauding the government.

On Friday, April 26th, the New York Times ran a front page exposé on the Pigford farmers settlement scandal. The Times article ended with the story of Tom Burrell, the head of a group called the Black Farmers Agricultural Association, who still travels around the country giving workshops allegedly instructing people how to commit undetectable fraud in the farmers settlements and receive tax free checks for $50,000. 

The Times article closed with this quote from Mr. Burrell:

He closed with a rousing exhortation: “Let’s get the judge to go to work writing them checks! They have just opened the bank vault.”

On Saturday, April 27th, Burrell was giving another series of workshops. This time, Burrell was in Houston, Texas; thanks to promotion from an article in the Houston Chronicle, Burrell was playing to an absolutely packed house at the Communications Workers of American union hall, a 4,000 square foot modern events facility.

It was standing-room-only in the main hall, as about 500 people--the majority of them Afrcan-American--listened as Burrell took them step-by-step through the process of filing a successful claim in the Pigford black famers settlement.

Nothing to see here, move along. And keep right on working so you can pay your taxes.

* While I have read quite a bit on Pigford over the past several years, I have not read everything. I do not know if just being Female is sufficient to get you 50 thou. There may be exceptions galore, such as being from a city, being White, never having even seen a farm, being White, etc. Maybe it’s a case of Double Payout - if you can check “one from column A” and “one from column B” you can get even more. But nothing if you can only check Column B. Know what I’m saying girlfriend? Uh huh.


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Jersey Boy: Outrage Over Gosnell Black Out

h/t to Wardmama


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RCOB Causes Writer’s Block

The monkeys had the keys to the banana plantation. Again.

The “again” part is what is driving me up the wall. Every time I start trying to tell this story, I wind up in RCOB mode; how could the people in charge be so bloody stupid? Yet they are, and here we go again.

So this may have been news last week, but it’s still grating on my hide like a bad rash. I’ll try to write a little, quote a lot, give you a bucket full of links and let you do with it as you will.

And I’m probably a racist for even making the post, just as much for making the “monkeys = gorillas = guerrillas” association, because this is a story about black criminals and an utterly corrupt and wasted justice system in another BRA city. And a criminal gang name Black Guerrilla Family. Sorry, but it’s true. Baltimore MD is a hole. It’s another once proud American city run to wrack and ruin by it’s inhabitants, and it’s a cesspit right up there with Detroit MI and Camden NJ. And for exactly the same reasons.

But ... OMFG. This one just blows me away. As always, added bold and/or italic emphasis is mine.

Baltimore MD: 13 Corrections Officers Indicted

More than a dozen Maryland state prison guards helped a dangerous national gang operate a drug-trafficking and money-laundering scheme from behind bars that involved cash payments, sex and access to fancy cars, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Thirteen female corrections officers essentially handed over control of a Baltimore jail to gang leaders, prosecutors said. The officers were charged Tuesday in a federal racketeering indictment.

The indictment described a jailhouse seemingly out of control. Four corrections officers became pregnant by one inmate. Two of them got tattoos of the inmate’s first name, Tavon — one on her neck, the other on a wrist.

The guards allegedly helped leaders of the Black Guerilla Family run their criminal enterprise in jail by smuggling cellphones, prescription pills and other contraband in their underwear, shoes and hair. One gang leader allegedly used proceeds to buy luxury cars, including a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW, which he allowed some of the officers to drive.

“The inmates literally took over ‘the asylum,’ and the detention centers became safe havens for BGF,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen E. Vogt, using shorthand for the prison gang’s name.

It’s a complete non-sequiter for me to even wonder WHY a men’s prison has female guards, but that’s “gender equality”; give the jobs to women even if this is the worst place any woman could ever be.

The Black Guerilla Family was founded in California in the 1960s but now operates nationwide in prisons and on the streets of major U.S. cities, including Baltimore. It arrived in Maryland’s prison system in the 1990s, according to the Justice Department, and is increasingly involved in narcotics trafficking, robbery, assault and homicides. By 2006, federal authorities say, the BGF had become the dominant gang at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Gary D. Maynard, head of the Maryland agency that oversees the prisons, appeared at the Baltimore news conference where prosecutors announced the charges, and took responsibility for ongoing problems.

“It’s totally on me. I don’t make any excuses,” said Maynard, who was appointed by Gov. Martin O’Malley in 2007, when the prison system was experiencing a spate of inmate violence and corrections officers’ complaints of staffing shortages. “We will move up the chain of command, and people will be held accountable.”

Really? You two-faced twat waffle. You already ARE at the top. So hold yourself accountable NOW, and submit your resignation. FAIL. You suck, bye bye. Somebody else can do the investigation, although the time and cost effective way would be to fire everyone in the system from the guards on up, then start over.

[ the inmate named ] Tavon is Tavon White,[...] who allegedly headed the Baltimore branch of the BGF. White seemed to go out of his way to flaunt his status. In a press release, the FBI quoted a phone call White made from jail, in which he touted his control over the facilities:

This is my jail. You understand that? I’m dead serious....I make every final call in this jail...and nothing go past me, everything come to me....Any of my brothers that deal with anybody, it’s gonna come to me. You see what I am saying? Everything come to me. Everything. Before a mother-f—— hit a n—— in the mouth, guess what they do, they gotta run it through me. I tell them whether it’s a go ahead, and they can do it or whether they hold back. Before a mother-f—— stab somebody, they gotta run it through me....Anything that get done must go through me.

The Baltimore City Paper has published at least 10 stories on the Baltimore branch of the BGF. In 2009, according to the City Paper, 24 alleged gang members—four prison employees among them—were indicted on drug, gun, and extortion charges; the BGF leader at the time, Eric Brown, ran a community nonprofit organization that allegedly served to cover up illegal activities.* (Several Baltimore-area BGF members allegedly do this sort of thing.) In 2010, 13 more BGF members were indicted. And this isn’t just happening at the Baltimore City Detention Center. In 2011, an employee of Baltimore’s supermax Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center (now known as the Chesapeake Detention Facility) was sentenced to 37 months in prison for assisting the BGF with drug trafficking, among other crimes.

So this story isn’t a lone example. It isn’t even another example. It’s at least the FOURTH TIME that charges have been made against prison guards for being part of, or corrupted by, the Black Guerrilla Family gang. Hello, is anyone home at all? Is anyone in Baltimore listening? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

And it gets WORSE. The lead - 13 prison guards indicted - is less than half the actual story: 25 people were actually charged!! Let’s get the FBI’s own statement:

BALTIMORE—A federal grand jury returned a racketeering indictment charging 25 individuals, including 13 correctional officers with the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, for conspiring to run operations of the Black Guerilla Family (BGF) gang inside correctional facilities. All 25 defendants also are charged with conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute drugs, and 20 of the defendants are charged with money laundering conspiracy.

The indictment and a detailed affidavit were unsealed today upon the arrests of the defendants and the execution of 15 search warrants. Approximately 170 agents and officers assisted in today’s arrests and search warrants. The indictment was returned on April 2, 2013. One defendant was killed in a robbery several hours before the indictment was filed.


“Correctional officers were in bed with BGF inmates, in violation of the first principle of prison management,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “Preventing prison corruption requires intensive screening at prison entrances and punishment for employees who consort with inmates or bring cell phones and drugs into correctional facilities.”

“This investigation revealed the pervasive nature of prison corruption in Baltimore City’s Detention Centers,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen E. Vogt. “Such corruption causes the FBI to divert crucial investigative resources away from addressing violence on the streets of Baltimore. In this case, the inmates literally took over ‘the asylum,’ and the detention centers became safe havens for the BGF. Such a situation cannot be tolerated. Law enforcement should not have to concern itself with criminal subjects who have already been arrested and relegated to detention centers.”


The 10 men and 15 women charged in the indictment are alleged to be members or associates of the BGF, a gang active in prisons throughout the United States. According to the indictment, BGF has been the dominant gang at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) and in several connected facilities, especially the Baltimore Central Booking Intake Center, the Women’s Detention Center (which houses many men), and in the Jail Industries Building. The indictment alleges that since at least 2009, BGF members and associates in BCDC and related prison facilities engaged in criminal activities, including drug trafficking, robbery, assault, extortion, bribery, witness retaliation, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

BGF members and associates allegedly bribed correctional officers at BCDC and related prison facilities to smuggle drugs, cell phones, and other contraband. Correctional officers arranged favored treatment and privileges for imprisoned BGF gang members, and officers thwarted interdiction and law enforcement efforts against BGF inmates. BGF members and associates allegedly had long-term sexual relationships with several correctional officers and impregnated them.

HFS. I’m losing my one remaining marble here. But it still gets WORSE! Prison authorities already had a pretty good idea that at least one of the guards was a gang member years ago, and did nothing.

One of the corrections officers accused this week of helping Black Guerrilla Family members smuggle drugs into a Baltimore jail was flagged seven years ago for alleged gang ties.

A state investigator raised concerns in 2006 that [prison guard] Antonia Allison might have been linked to the Bloods. Federal prosecutors this week accused Allison of working with a BGF member who was an inmate at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

The fact that Allison continued to work at the jail after the investigator’s report raised new questions as the state continues to grapple with the corruption scandal at the troubled state institution.

Allison is one of 13 officers charged in the indictment; four others were allegedly impregnated by Tavon White, the gang member who authorities say controlled the jail. Twelve others, including inmates and alleged gang members outside the jail, were also charged.

The accusations prompted lawmakers to call a rare out-of-session hearing on the state’s prison system. Members of the House Judiciary Committee will hold the meeting May 8 to ask how the alleged corruption developed.

Del. Luiz R. S. Simmons said allegations against corrections officers need to be investigated “seriously.”

Court filings paint gang members as highly organized, with an eye on the long term at a facility intended to temporarily hold suspects before trial. Prosecutors say they methodically went about co-opting corrections officers and had a command structure that jail authorities believed would determine succession if a member was set free or sent to prison.

Corrections department investigators discovered BGF documents outlining that new recruits are trained to target female officers with “low self-esteem, insecurities and certain physical attributes,” according to the affidavit. Gang members believe such officers can be easily manipulated, investigators wrote.

Previous federal investigations targeting the BGF suppressed the gang in Maryland’s prisons and on the streets, prosecutors say. But the new indictment says it became deeply entrenched inside the jail — establishing the 36-year-old White in power while he awaited trial for more than three years on an attempted-murder charge.

The gang had documents. In the prison? They had a work plan. Did they have a vision statement too, like every other corporation? Did they have a server network across the national or MD prison system that the FBI had to hack into. Fer crying out loud, the gang had documents and a recruitment process??? Highly organized indeed. Crivens.

And it gets even worse. Pimp-daddy Tavon be putting 5 jewels in dat boo-tay tappa crown; he had his own damn HAREM of guards to screw and knock up - one even had TWO of his spawn.

Four female correction officers were impregnated by the reported leader of a Maryland prison gang, which used a network of female prison guards to help launder money, run drugs and smuggle contraband into state detention facilities, according to a federal indictment.

One of the guards was twice impregnated by Tavon White, identified in court papers as the alleged leader of the Black Guerilla Family.

Two of the female correction officers tattooed “Tavon” on their bodies, one on her neck and another on the wrist, according to the indictment.

In one incident, one guard kept watch over a closet, in which White and another guard had sex, according to authorities.

I can’t deal with this. I just can’t. Please let me out of BRA. I can’t take it any more. This crap went on in this prison for at least 3 or 4 years. It’s been going on in other prisons in Maryland for as long if not longer. Indictment after indictment, and it doesn’t stop. Nobody is trying. They’re just going through the motions, and the monkeys are getting fatter and fatter.


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my goodness


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Monday - April 29, 2013

Fix Your Inbox Please

Hey RAFFS@i*****

I’m really getting tired of getting an inbox full of Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

It’s not like I don’t know who you are, E.R..

It’s just that I have no other way to contact you. Because every time I send you an email ... d’oh!!

At least please uncheck the “reply” box on the comments thing, so the system doesn’t try to send you email. I thought I had it set up so that that box was NOT checked automatically, but maybe it doesn’t always work right.

Thank you.

And if your inbox is full, clean out some space so you can get the response mails you’re asking for. Thank you twice for that.



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Mother Nature Is Not Helping

Another 2 week old news story I just learned about today.

Massive Landslide Closes Bingham Canyon Mine


Outside Salt Lake City, Utah. The Bingham Canyon Mine is an open pit mine, the largest in the world. It is more than 3 miles across and nearly a mile deep.

The landslide went off at about 9:30 in the evening on Wednesday, April 11. It was expected: like most modern mines, Bingham has redundant sensor systems (radar, laser, seismic, GPS) that measure ground movement down to the millimeter and give plenty of warning when a collapse is imminent. The mine was evacuated about 12 hours before the landslide, and nobody was hurt.

But the scale of the landslide was a surprise. Approximately 165 million tons of rock shifted, causing a highly localized earthquake measuring 5.1 Richter. It damaged or destroyed roads, power lines, and other infrastructure, and a number of the giant shovels and dump trucks that move ore and waste rock out of the pit.


[April 13] BINGHAM CANYON — Limited mining activity has resumed at Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine, three days after a massive landslide.

But company officials say the activity is in an area that wasn’t effected by the slide, called “the cornerstone,” and has nothing to do with the actual mining of ore.

Rio Tinto’s Kenecott Utah Copper spokesman Justin Jones said mining of “waste rock” resumed about 1 a.m. Saturday in the southeastern part of the mine. This is rock that is cleared that has no value, to get to the ground that contains ore, he said. It marks the first activity in the mine since the slide Wednesday night.

The massive slide registered as a magnitude 2.4 shake at the University of Utah seismograph station. Pictures taken from KSL Chopper 5 have amazed viewers and readers. But the slide’s exact dimensions had not yet been determined.

On Saturday, Jones said crews still were not allowed to get to the mine floor. The Mine Safety and Health Administration has ordered work in that area stopped until further notice. Jones hoped that crews would be able to get to bottom of the pit by next week.

No further movement of the mine had been recorded as of Saturday.

“It is essential for us to get back to work and get up and running as soon as possible,” Jones said.

Some slope movement had been detected two weeks earlier, enough to cancel the visitor’s season.

The good news, which may or may not last, is that the price of copper has not spiked.

165 million tons of rockfall. The biggest dumptrucks there can carry 400 tons. It’s going to take a long, long time to get this mine cleaned up and back to full operational capacity. Maybe they’ll just start a new pit altogether ... although it’s my understanding that the ore vein is way down at the bottom. This one mine supplies 17% of all the copper in the whole country.

more pics:

more coverage:


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Freedom In The Heartland

This ought to give the leftwing bedwetters nightmares. Loving it.

Indiana House Passes Switchblade and Silencer Bill


[Drew, late to the party again. But it’s a big ol’ world, and I bet you hadn’t heard this one either. Come to think of it, it’s pretty hard to find news stories on it at all for some reason.]
HB1563 passed the Indiana House in February this year, and passed their Senate 77-20 on April 1, but went back for a little re-work. Now it has passed unanimously. It’s a little hodge-podge of a “natural resource” bill, covering a number of issues from precisely defining what a minnow is, to proper boat loading for recreational water skiers to well pump installer licensing to penalties for hunting on somebody else’s land without permission.

But two aspects of the bill are really eye-popping in this day and age.

The first part allows hunters to hunt using sound suppressors on their guns. While this is quite common in Europe, and is even required by law in several Scandinavian countries, the use and possession of the dreaded “silencer” is an iteration of abject fear in almost the entire United States. And it’s also something that is covered directly by the federal Gun Control Act of 1934. Yes, the same federal Act that made machines guns hard to come by, outlawed short barreled shotguns, cane guns, and firearms hidden in everyday devices like pocket watches also made “cans” a big old no-no. Unless you had the expensive Class III stamp and could jump through N+1 rings of fire to get approval for it. I do not think that the Indiana Bill makes such permitting unnecessary, but it does allow their use specifically, and that is a small miracle. One that just makes sense anyway; all a “silencer” will do for a hunting rifle using standard ammunition is to moderate the bang just enough so that you don’t need hearing protection. That’s smart legislation: who wants the woods to be full of armed hunters walking around wearing ear plugs??

The second eye-popper is that the bill removes the stigma of illegality from spring actuated and gravity actuated knives. Known to the rest of the nation as switchblades, this kind of pocket knife has had generations of irrational fears wrapped around it. In this day and age, when several other entire design classes of pocket knives exist that can be opened with one hand, and just as fast, there is no real point in keeping switchblades illegal.

Bravo Indiana. Now let’s get the governor to sign this into law. ( Given the huge majority in the State Legislature, I don’t think this is going to be a problem. [fingers crossed])

After two years of effort by Knife Rights and our sponsors, the Indiana legislature has repealed the state’s irrational ban on switchblade knives.

Senator Jim Tomes and Senator Johnny Nugent have worked tirelessly with Knife Rights to pass this repeal.

Initially passed unanimously by the Indiana Senate, passage of the bill has been thwarted two years in a row by a single House committee chairman who refused to hear the bill. Senators Tomes and Nugent were able to bypass the obstinate chairman by adding the repeal language to a Conference Committee Report on HB1563 dealing with related matters. This Report was passed by the Indiana House 78-19 on Wednesday and the Indiana Senate 50-0 today.

HB1563 with the included Switchblade Ban Repeal language now goes to Governor Mike Pence. Please contact Governor Pence and ask him to sign HB1563.

Knife Rights. We tend to forget about them because there aren’t all that many restrictions and because the guns get so much more coverage, but these are “arms” too, and they’ve got at least one group of their own working on their behalf. Well done.



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Yeah, I wonder Why


I’m sure you could come up with at least 10 more.

courtesy of The Looking Spoon


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dance gypsy, drink gypsy, STEAL GYPSY.  It’s in their dna

And just so you folks back home (USA) don’t get too comfortable, this particular gypo outfit also operate in the USA.

£420,000.  In US dollars that’s 650,615.63.  at the current rate of exchange.

‘Gypsy gang’ raided Ireland’s National Museum, tied up security guard and stole eight rhino horns worth £420,000

· Security guard managed to free himself after the heist and raise the alarm
· Four heads had been removed from display at Swords, north of Dublin
· Staff said they had put them in storeroom because they feared theft

Masked men stole stuffed rhinoceros heads bearing eight valuable horns from the warehouse of Ireland’s National Museum.

Officials have linked the raid on a storeroom in Swords, north of Dublin, to an Irish Gypsy gang that specialises in such heists across Europe.

The theft was carried out by three men who tied up the lone security guard. He later freed himself and raised the alarm.

Europol said the thieves - officially called the Rathkeale Rovers but also dubbed the Dead Zoo Gang by Dublin tabloids - had already targeted museums, galleries, zoos, auction houses, antique dealers and private collections in Britain, continental Europe, the United States and South America.

In 2010, U.S. undercover agents arrested two members of the Rathkeale gang trying to buy four black rhino horns in Colorado. They both received six-month prison sentences.

Rathkeale is considered the epicentre for Ireland’s Gypsy minority, known locally as travellers. They own most of the properties in the town, which regularly experiences huge influxes of Irish travellers from throughout Ireland and Britain arriving in luxury vehicles for clan events.

Irish police and Europol say the Rathkeale criminal network also is involved in road-tarmac fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods, particularly tools and engine parts.



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To Infinity, And Beyond!

Virgin Galactic Ignites Rocket Engine In Test Flight

Breaks Sound Barrier, Returns Safely To Earth


The spaceplane being developed by UK billionaire Sir Richard Branson has made its first powered flight. The vehicle was dropped from a carrier aircraft high above California’s Mojave Desert and ignited its rocket engine to go supersonic for a few seconds.

Sir Richard’s intention is to use the spaceship to carry fare-paying passengers on short pleasure rides above the Earth’s atmosphere. His company Virgin Galactic has already taken hundreds of deposits. The rocket vehicle is known as SpaceShipTwo (SS2).

Although it has been in the air on more than 20 occasions, this was the first time its hybrid motor had been ignited. It was only a short burn lasting about 16 seconds, but it propelled SS2 beyond the sound barrier to a speed of Mach 1.2. Future outings should see progressively longer burn durations, enabling the plane eventually to reach sufficient velocity to climb more than 100km into the sky.

Monday’s mission began at the Mojave Air and Space Port at just after 07:00 local time (14:00 GMT). Test pilots Mark Stucky and Mike Alsbury were reported to be at the controls of SS2.  It took off slung beneath the WhiteKnightTwo aircraft, which does the job of lifting the rocket plane to its launch altitude - some 45,000ft (14km).

A little under an hour later, SpaceShipTwo was released, dropped a short distance to get clear of WhiteKnightTwo and then lit its engine, which burns a combination of a solid rubber compound and liquid nitrous oxide. After shutting down its motor, the vehicle then glided back to the Mojave runway, touching down just after 08:00 local time.

Sir Richard said in a statement: “For the first time, we were able to prove the key components of the system, fully integrated and in flight. Today’s supersonic success opens the way for a rapid expansion of the spaceship’s powered flight envelope, with a very realistic goal of full space flight by the year’s end.”

The flight did not involve a trip to space. Virgin Galactic says it’s ramping up to go beyond the atmosphere later this year and begin passenger flights shortly afterward.

SpaceShipTwo is the commercial version of SpaceShipOne, which in 2004 became the first private manned rocket to reach space.

More than 500 aspiring space tourists have paid $200,000 or plunked down deposits for a chance to experience several minutes of weightlessness.

Pretty darn awesome. Gizmodo has kept abreast of all the Twitter tweatings and has some more pictuers

Here’s the video -

Sir Branson’s little test sled looks a tiny bit familiar I think.


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council worries about causing distress to thug who beats up 10 yr old girl, leaves her for dead

They just can not help themselves it seems.
It’s always the rights and the feelings of the nasty folks must be protected and the general population can go screw themselves.
All in the name of “rights” of course.

How’s this for double speak ?  Welcome to our brave new world, where up is down etc. 


The bitch is worried about the harm it might do, the “distress” it may cause the miserable thug, the verminous sub human thug who almost killed a ten yr old girl. He beat the hell out of her, left her for dead, and the council responsible for the cretin had nothing more to say.

Take a look at this face.  Doesn’t just looking at this creep make you want to destroy it?

The council knew about his previous record, it wasn’t news to them.  But they allowed the creep freedom of movement and warned nobody of his record. 

Society stupidly thinks sub species like this can be cured of whatever it is that makes them evil.  The fact is, some are beyond any human understanding and are wasters of space.  They deserve to be euthanized.  No, I take that last one back. I want him to hurt.  Start with the rack and work from there.  It’s the very least he deserves.

In refusing to release the internal report, Julie Grant, a reviewing officer for Stockton Borough Council, wrote:

‘The review of procedures centred on an audit of social care intervention in respect of a living individual.
‘Given the passage of time and the fact that the criminal proceedings are concluded any disclosure of personal data arising from the councils audit is in my view unwarranted.
‘Disclosure would not cause any embarrassment for the council but it is likely to cause further harm and distress to Connor Hodgson.’

And just why the hell should anyone care about that?

Council refuses to publish report on vicious teenager who almost killed 10-year-old girl so as not to cause HIM any distress

· Report could ‘distress’ Connor Hodgson, who was jailed for attack
· MP says refusal to release report could be seen as a cover-up
· He admitted beating and throttling schoolgirl, before leaving her for dead
· Review said disclosure of personal details for living individual is unwarranted

By Anna Edwards
A council has refused to reveal a review’s findings into the care of a teenager who left a ten-year-old girl for dead - because it would cause the attacker ‘further distress’.

Stockton Borough Council has been accused of a ‘cover up’ because of its decision, which reviewed the care of Connor Hodgson, who lured the schoolgirl away from friends before beating her repeatedly, throttling her and leaving her on a river bank.

She was left covered in blood and beaten so badly part of her head had to be shaved and she needed stitches across her scalp.

A review was carried out by Stockton Borough Council after people on the close-knit estate demanded to know why such a dangerous youth had been allowed to live in council care in their midst.

However the anticipated publication of the report has been refused because officials are concerned about the effect it might have on the teenager.

Hodgson, who was 16-years-old at the time of the attack, was jailed indefinitely last July after he admitted causing the girl grievous bodily harm with intent.

Teesside Crown Court was told he throttled her and beat her around the head so viciously he could have killed her.

The brutal assault caused such outrage that police were forced to appeal for calm in the days following the incident.

the rest is here

When this monster is given a new identity and released in a couple of years - which he undoubtedly will - the cretinous Julie Grant should be forced to take him into her home.
- rfyorke , Yorks UK, United Kingdom


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calendar   Sunday - April 28, 2013

I’m gonna miss her.

She’s been Queen my entire life. The good news is I think Charles has stepped aside. So it will be King William or King Harry.



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