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The One, The Only



ISIS Finally Defeated Finally In Syria?

BAGHOUZ, Syria—The caliphate has crumbled, and the final offensive is over. While the official announcement hasn’t yet been made – Fox News has been told that this village, the last ISIS stronghold, is liberated.

It’s the first time since we’ve been here in Syria for five days that the bombs have stopped dropping and the gunfire has disappeared. We have witnessed the end of the caliphate – the brutal empire that once ruled over 8 million people – is gone.

Troops here are now bringing down the black flags of ISIS. The flags no longer fly over the town, instilling fear.

The last five days, Fox News has witnessed the last major offensive up close -– with U.S.-backed SDF forces attacking ISIS from three sides, pushing the fighters back, house to house, then tent to tent, against the Euphrates River.

Inside Baghouz, it’s easy to see how they hid for so long – not just in tunnels but trenches and hundreds of cubby holes covered by tarpaulins, which blend in perfectly to the dirt.

In the end, the majority surrendered. In fact, since the start of the year about 60,000 have dripped into the desert, and most are now held in camps.

There is a major concern about what to do with the camps though. The SDF has asked for U.S. support in setting up a tribunal here to prosecute them.

A tribunal? What for? All you need is a bulldozer. Dig a trench in the sand, throw them in, and push the sand back on top of them. It’s a kinder death than they meted out to thousands of others.


More Hillary Lies Uncovered: FBI recovers some emails

Unfortunately for Hillary, the FBI had been able to recover some of the emails her staff had tried to delete and/or destroy after she had received a congressional subpoena to turn them over.

The subpoena was sent on March 4, 2015 and the emails were destroyed sometime between March 25-31st.

Contrary to Hillary’s denials, there were both work-related and classified emails among those obtained by Judicial Watch.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for something to happen. Some special people are above the law.


How To Get On The Best-Seller List Without Even Trying

1) Be mayor of Baltimore MD.
2) Have the government and city funded institutions buy tens of thousands of copies of your book.
3) Put the books in a warehouse and forget about them.
4) Pocket the money and walk away.

total grift

When last we checked in on the growing scandal surrounding Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, we learned that she had resigned from the Board of Directors for the University of Maryland Medical System.
What the resignation didn’t clear up was the matter of the half million dollars the UMMS had paid her for tens of thousands of copies of a children’s book she had written and self-published. Despite calls from Maryland legislators and even the Governor to give the money back, no mention of that was made in her resignation letter.
There are nearly ten thousand copies sitting in a warehouse and nobody seems to know what they were supposed to do with them.

More than 8,000 copies of a children’s book written by Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh are sitting in a Baltimore school system-owned warehouse, according to a spokeswoman.

The mayor has come under fire after The Baltimore Sun reported that Pugh had failed to fully disclose a longstanding business deal with the University of Maryland Medical System, where she served as a board member until this week. The hospital system has purchased $500,000 worth of “Healthy Holly” books, which Pugh self-published, between 2011 and 2018.

Pugh previously said in a statement that roughly 100,000 copies of Healthy Holly books were purchased by UMMS to be distributed by the hospital system to children in schools and daycare centers.

City schools spokeswoman Anne Fullerton said that the district has not been able to locate documentation related to book shipments, but that staff members recall a shipment of “unsolicited” copies being delivered between 2011 and 2013. She said the school system can’t confirm how many books were received or the number of books handed out to students.

“However, we can confirm that approximately 8,700 copies of Healthy Holly: Fruits Come in Colors Like the Rainbow are currently located in a district warehouse,” she wrote in an email.

It may not be against the law, but it sure is a dirty move. But not an uncommon one: a full third of the UMMS board also have sweetheart deals going.

Baltimore. A black run city, corrupt from top to bottom, from the mayor’s office to the school system, right down to the gangs that run the prisons. 



A Much Belated Christmas Thank You!!

Somebody ... that would be you, Rich ... put some money in my Paypal account in December. I just found it this morning. Shows you how little I use the thing, but these folks in Europe that I’m doing software testing work for might be sending me some money, so I had to make sure the account was still active.

So a great big THANK YOU goes out to Rich. And Merry Christmas to you too!


Arrgh, it’s a rainy cool humid day, which might be why my knee is killing me. Damn arthur-itis. Sux. So it’s ibuprofen for breakfast, along with half a leftover sandwich. I’ve got to rest it; cleaning tonight, bowling tomorrow, and on Saturday we’re going to another hockey game out in Allentown, which means I have to walk half a mile uphill to the arena from the parking garage.  Oh, and I should do a bit of grocery shopping today if I’m able. I hate getting old.



S P R I N G ! ! !


I think this could work

Sure, Get Rid Of The Electoral College

Since equality of outcome is such a big deal these days, and so many people won’t learn to admire the Electoral College for what it is, another system can be developed that ensures more equal representation and avoids mob rule by the 4 or 5 largest population centers.

How about a system where every citizen who is old enough to fully exercise all their constitutional rights can vote (eg buy a pistol and not be a felon), and their votes are tallied at the county levels. Each county in a state gets 2 electors, which would go to the candidate who wins a “mandate” level of the votes in that county, beating the other candidate by >10%. Call that >=53% of the votes. Otherwise, the top 2 candidates get 1 elector each. This gives the rural counties an equal voice against the urban counties.

The county elector totals determine how the state will align its 2 presidential electors, using the same 10% Mandate policy. So a big winner in that state will get the 2 electors, and in a close race the top 2 candidates will get 1 elector each. Endless recounts will not be necessary; if someone wins by a good margin they take the whole thing, 2 electors. If it’s even close to close, the top two get 1 each. Done. The state’s presidential electors DO NOT have the right to vote their conscience. Do as you are told, or get shot. Heck, they don’t even really need to exist, except for the pomp and circumstance of tradition.

At the national level, all the states are equal. California has the same number of electors as North Dakota. I suppose our outer territories and commonwealths would get 1 elector each. Add them all up, and whoever has the most is our next President. You’d have to set the system up so that the total number of presidential electors was an odd number. We might have to let Puerto Rico go to achieve this. Gee, oh well.

The only caveat I can see is that states would only count counties that have existed for at least 50 years, to prevent the corruptive effects of creating a whole bunch of new counties overnight.

There: no more Electoral College, every vote counts the same at the county level, every county counts the same at the state level, and all states count the same at the national level. True equality. And no mob rule.

I’m a solutions kind of guy. See a problem ... even if it’s not a real problem ... and come up with ideas for a fix.

I’m sure my idea can be nit-picked and nay-said, but I’m also sure it would work. And it’s as representational democracy as it gets. Plus it builds county and state pride through citizen awareness that we are all part of larger groups, locally and beyond.

very related

CNN does the usual

but but but ... my giant state has 20 times as many people as your empty tumbleweed state! The sheer numbers of our votes should overwhelm yours! Um, yeah, no. We’re all equal, get it? All the voters in one county are equal to the voters in that county. All the counties are equal to all the other counties in that state. All the states are equal in the country. Want your single vote to have more power, more “enfranchisement”? Move to an underpopulated county in an underpopulated state. You are a free citizen; no one is forcing you to live in your urban sprawl. And even if my state should suddenly have a massive population growth, 10 million people a year coming in, we’d still be just as equal to your state. No more, no less.

Update: And this could work, if it weren’t for those pesky kids for the 1964 Supreme Court decision Reynolds v. Sims, which forced the states to reapportion their elective districts based on population. Got that? They forced the states to change the way that state representatives were apportioned within that state. Sound like judicial overreach to you? Sure does to me.

At the time, forward thinking politicians were aghast, and saw the intended unintended consequences in their crystal balls:

Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois ...

“The forces of our national life are not brought to bear on public questions solely in proportion to the weight of numbers. If they were, the 6 million citizens of the Chicago area would hold sway in the Illinois Legislature without consideration of the problems of their 4 million fellows who are scattered in 100 other counties. Under the Court’s new decree, California could be dominated by Los Angeles and San Francisco; Michigan by Detroit.”

And this is EXACTLY what has happened. Ten square miles or less land rules New York State. What New York City wants, the rest of the state provides. And those deplorable hicks living upstate can go hang. They get nothing.

It’s a pity that in our government that so famously touts their system of checks and balances, that no low level check against the Supreme Court exists. Oh sure, the Legislature can create a new constitutional amendment to override some decision. Which is akin to setting off a nuke to kill a gnat. And implicit in this one and only measure is the assumption that the Supremes have infallible, Godlike powers. They are all wise and NEVER wrong. (please ignore Dred Scott, Slaughterhouses, Kelo, and many other decisions) The only time that what they have said can be “unsaid” is to change the rules that they work under. This is obvious nonsense. They are not Gods, and are just as biased, sold out, short-sighted, and foolish as anyone else in government. The acts of the President can be checked by the Legislature, or as we’ve seen lately, by some mouthy judge in Hawaii. The Supreme Court can override the President. The President can override the Legislative by veto, which in turn can be overridden by a re-vote with a super-majority. And in general, this all works. But there is no small way to nay-say the Supremes. And there is no way at all for the general citizenry to check any of these branches of government. We don’t have term limits, and we don’t have No Confidence votes. And We The People absolutely do not have the power, by redress or by referendum, to force the high court to change its mind or to even revisit poor decisions of the past.

I had never heard of the Sims decision before this afternoon.

Another Update, because I’m a tenacious old terrier: Sims may not apply here. That decision was written specifically in terms of legislative apportionment. It was not written about presidential electing. But in this day and age of penumbras, who knows?

Personally, I don’t see anything fatally wrong with the Electoral College, but I could wish it were less biased towards the largest population centers. Right now I don’t see how that can be mitigated, but just throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the answer.


Ah, the last day of winter. Finally!


What the Fox?

Rupert Murdoch Sells 21st Century Fox To Disney

Keeps Fox News Separate

Puts Paul Ryan On Board Of Fox News

Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox has spun off various television assets — including the Fox News Channel and Fox broadcast network — to form a new company that will be known simply as Fox Corp.

The spinoff completed early Tuesday is part of a multi-pronged process that will culminate with the $71.3-billion sale of the rest of Murdoch’s entertainment company to Walt Disney Co. The company announced that it had finished the process of issuing shares in the new Fox Corp. to investors of 21st Century Fox.

Fox announced its board members, including former U.S. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.). Other board members include Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Anne Dias, Chase Carey, Roland A. Hernandez and Jacques Nasser.

Lachlan Murdoch will run the new Fox company as its chairman and chief executive. The Murdoch family will control the company through its ownership of voting shares.

The Murdoch family will continue to control their publishing company, News Corp., which includes the Wall Street Journal, New York Post and Times of London. The family also will become major shareholders of Disney.

The Murdochs stand to receive nearly $12 billion in cash and stock from Disney, according to Bloomberg.

Former Speaker Paul Ryan on the board, progressive son Lachlan at the helm, and yesterday we heard how Fox News just hired DNC liar and Hillary puppet Donna Brazille.

So long Fox, it was mostly good while it lasted. In a year you won’t be able to tell them from CNN or MSNBC.


Stupid On Parade

Fauxcahontas: Eliminate The Electoral College

What, this horse pucky again???

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said she supports eliminating the U.S. Electoral College during a town hall broadcast on Monday night.

“Every vote matters and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College,” Warren told an audience at the historically black college Jackson State University in Mississippi.

Warren’s statement on CNN came after an audience member asked the Massachusetts senator about voting rights and so-called voter suppression laws.

What a fool, what a fraud, what a shyster.

Hey, you want equality, you want to get rid of the Electoral College? Fine, do so: every state gets two presidential elector votes. Each of the territories and commonwealths that the nation has (Guam, Puerto Rico, etc) get 1 vote each. Washington DC gets gerrymandered up into zones controlled by the surrounding states. (Because they are NOT a state or a territory, but the citizens there do have the right to vote. So no special electoral votes for them, nor do they get a Senator or any Congressweasels.) Within any state, every vote counts, as long as the voters are citizens who are old enough to fully and legally excercise their rights as citizens (eg, join the military, be old enough to buy handguns, and not be proscribed felons)

And from those votes, the majority rules, WITHIN THAT STATE. Thus all the states are equal in electional power, and all the citizens of a state are all equal in voting power to the other citizens of that state. What, you think this would make the Wyoming voter about 1000 times more powerful than the California voter? No no no; within the citizen’s state they are all equal, and every state has equal outcome power. Anything else is mob rule by the 4 or 5 states with the highest populations. You the LaLa Land voter want more power? Move to Wyoming, learn to ride a horse, buy a pickup truck, get a haircut and get a real job.

Oh, and to get rid of the Electoral College, you’re going to have to pass a Constitutional Amendment. So your plan had better make at least 2/3 of the states happy or it will never fly. And about 2/3 of the states have lots of land but not much population.

And as for this thing, whatever the heck it’s called, where a bunch of states have all signed on for some plan to give their electoral votes to whatever presidential candidate wins the popular vote ... how is it that these signers are not yet hanged? They have just flushed the will of their citizens right down the toilet, “disenfranchising” every voter in the state.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that the D party puts up Tranzi Hijab D Flamer as their candidate, and the R party puts up Studly Worthington III as theirs. Tranzi wins the state vote in LaLa Land by a rainbow hued landslide, but Studly, whom all of LaLa Land hates, wins the national popular vote. Ta da, by their own laws LaLa Land now helps elect Studly, even though he only got 8 votes in that whole LGBQT utopian state of LaLa. Won’t they all be happy and gay now, or what?



When Silly Posts Get Serious

Airline Luggage Seized, Filled With Baby Lobsters

Two passengers were caught attempting to smuggle 125,619 lobster seeds into Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Indonesia last week.

Aviation Security officers intercepted four suitcases filled with plastic bags carrying the lobster seeds, believed to be pearl and sand lobsters, concealed in clothing.

Rina, the head of the Fish Quarantine and Fishery Quality Control Agency (BKIPM), told the Jakarta Post, that officials became suspicious of the suitcases that had been left in the baggage handling area.

“The suitcases were destined for Singapore using national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia,” Rina said on Saturday as reported by

Though the suitcases originally appeared to only be packed with clothes when processed through the X-ray machine, officers reportedly thought something looked fishy and decided to unpack the bags.

The Aviation Officers found the thousands of lobster seeds, which are used for lobster farming, reportedly estimated to be worth $1.31 million USD (Rp 19 billion).

Something looked fishy. Yeah, I’ll bet. The two smugglers have not been identified or captured.


But it turns out that lobster smuggling is big business. It goes on all the time, all over the world. This story, about 2 suitcases full of baby lobsters, called seedstock or seeds, shows that the little 1” long sea bugs are worth more than $10 each. That’s BIG money in Asia and Indonesia. Nor is this just limited to the far side of the world. Under the Lacey Act, Americans have been sent to jail for 8 years over violating Hondurans fish regulations - by collecting undersized lobsters - even though Honduras said no violation occurred. People want lobster, of any kind. When trade wars get involved, the legal fishermen find a work around. Right now, China (which seems to want lobster almost as much as it wants pork) has laid a ban or a heavy tariff on “Boston lobsters” (the cold water kind with the big claws) imported from the USA. So our fishermen are selling their catch to the Canadians, who have so damn many of them that the lobster flights to China have increased from once a week to at least once a day. Ordinary people have been known to pack live adult lobsters in their luggage, perhaps because such a critter would be worth a fortune back home. And of course, the governments get involved, because in some parts of the not-so-free world it looks like the aqua farmers have to buy their baby lobsters from the government.

People need to eat. People everywhere love lobster. No matter how much aqua farming is done, it will not meet the demand. So smuggling goes on. Sometimes there’s a bit of theft, piracy, or the occasional murder. But the smuggling continues, because smuggling is the natural human reaction to a restricted market. Always has been. Always will be. Governments should just get out of the way, maybe?

Our kind of lobsters grow where the ocean waters are cold. The dozen or so kinds of clawless “spiny” lobsters grow all over the world wherever the ocean waters are warm. They’re actually a boon to the fishing industry, eating up all the “trash fish” they catch by accident. Natural recycling that has a big profit margin. That’s the best kind, right?

Lobster Link-o-rama!!

original source for this story
spiny lobster aqua farming in Vietnam
Indonesia busts lobster smugglers, saving the government a fortune in lost revenue
Your Government In Action: 4 Americans get 8 years each in jail for smuggling Honduran lobsters
Except Honduras said this wasn’t a crime

All because the U.S. Government thinks there has been a violation of Honduran law.

One small problem: The Honduran government doesn’t think there has been a violation of Honduran law. The attorney general of Honduras wrote to Attorney General John Ashcroft to tell him that there is no violation, and Honduran officials have filed a “friend of the court” brief in U.S. courts to explain what Honduran law says on the matter.

15 years ago, smuggling just half a ton of lobster cost an American his boat, his company, $75K, and probation
Even stupid tourists try to sneak them back home in their luggage.
Smart smugglers know to use waterproof suitcases.
a 2015 report and map about smuggling busts across southeast Asia
General info about shellfish farming all around the world
“Canadian" lobster exports have 7-fold increase thanks to US lobster embargo. Well, the cheap Canadian dollar helps too.

What I really want to see is effective Queen Conch farming. They are the tastiest thing that lives in a shell, bar none. Yet efforts to raise them in bulk have not gone far, and the Caribbean is running out of wild ones.



And a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all!

I’m only slightly more Irish than Elizabeth Warren is Navajo, but I go along to get along. I’m actually quite amazed that the SJWs aren’t out there screaming about cultural appropriation, but Irish people are white, so I guess that doesn’t matter.

My going along goes as far as picking up some Guiness beer, and making some corned beef and cabbage.

If you’re planning on simmering a corned beef, the package instructions tell you to boil it for about 50 minutes per pound. Here’s a tip: don’t go by the weight on the package, because there’s quite a lot of juice in there with the meat. Sure, add the juice to the boiling water, but first pour it from the package into a measuring cup. If you get a cup of juice, that’s a half pound. A pint of juice is a full pound. Take that amount off the weight on the label; what’s left is how much your chunk of meat weighs. Cook accordingly.

I always chop up an onion and a couple of carrots and add them after an hour and a half. When the meat is done I transfer it to a glass baking dish and into a very low oven, so it will stay nice and warm while it rests. Then I cut a cabbage into 8 pieces, carve off the core by the stem, and throw that in the pot for about half an hour. Cabbage boils, picks up some nice flavor, and everything is still hot and ready at the same time. This year she found some rough mustard that has horseradish in it. Usually I just buy a jar of hot horseradish.

It doesn’t hurt to put some beer in the simmering water. A nice rich malty beer might even help a bit. I add extra pickling spices if I have any around; the little bitty packet in the package isn’t enough in my opinion.



500 Tons Of Smuggled Chinese Pork Seized


U.S. federal agents seized 1 million pounds (454 metric tons) of pork smuggled from China to a port in New Jersey amid fears the meat could contain traces of the African swine fever virus that has ravaged the Asian country’s hog herd.

The bust marks the the largest-ever seizure of agricultural products in the U.S., according to Anthony Bucci, public affairs specialist at U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The pork arrived in more than 50 shipping containers over the past few weeks to the port in Newark, hidden in containers of ramen noodles and laundry detergent, he said.

“At this point, it’s an ongoing investigation,” Bucci said by telephone, adding that the customs agency is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Humans can’t be infected, but pig populations can be wiped out by African swine fever. China’s hog herd—the biggest in the world—has plummeted as farmers cull inflicted animals.

Is this an act of bio warfare? I think it may be.  We have no need to import any pork at all. And oddly, I thought the Chinese had already bought up at least one major US pork conglomerate, since their own piggy farms are all infected. For two years China has been buying every American pork chop they can find.

Ah, I get it. Sell the tainted garbage to the Americans. Just like everything else they export. Painted toys. Wallboard. Pet food. Blood pressure medicine. Fentanyl. Spyware built into electronics. The list of corrupt and tainted products is endless. They have no morals, no human compassion, and no quality control.

So I wouldn’t say it’s a “maybe” that the meat was infected. It’s a damn guarantee. Because if it wasn’t, they’d be eating it themselves.

And you know what? I bet the refrigerated shipping containers were a dead giveaway, when their manifests said they were filled with laundry detergent and dried ramen noodles.




Life Behind Bars For 320lb Child Squasher

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A Florida woman has been sentenced to life in prison for killing her 9-year-old cousin sitting on her as a form of punishment.

The Pensacola News Journal reports that 66-year-old Veronica Green Posey was sentenced Friday after jurors convicted her of first-degree felony murder.

Prosecutors say Dericka Lindsay had suffered horrific beatings from Posey, and Lindsay’s adoptive parents, James and Grace Smith. Officials say Posey sat on Dericka for more than five minutes in October 2017, causing the girl to die from lack of oxygen.

Posey’s attorney said the 320-pound woman was trying to help the Smiths and didn’t intend to hurt Dericka.

These “people” are a psychotic mess. Adopto-daddy got 10 years for this, but his wife is in the nut house, so no charges for her yet.


The grift that just keeps giving

Chiquita Khrushchev: : Illegal Aliens Are My Constituents


Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) referred to illegal immigrants as her “constituents” during a Thursday House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing.

Ocasio-Cortez was questioning Wilbur Ross, President Donald Trump’s secretary of commerce, when she made the statement. She began by referencing remarks Republican Kris Kobach made while he was Kansas secretary of state. Kobach encouraged Trump early on in his administration to add a 2020 consensus question about citizenship.
“Mr. Kobach later sent an email to you on July 14, writing that the lack of the citizenship question ‘leads to the problem that aliens who do not actually reside in the United States are still counted for congressional apportionment services,’” she said.

“Of course they do reside in the United States. They reside in my district. They’re my constituents,” she said of illegal aliens.

I think she needs to take a dose or two of Nuance. Or a smack or three with the old cluebat to get her unstuck on stupid. If that’s even possible.

And let’s take a look at those rules. Illegals aren’t taxpayers and they should not be voters, so no representation for them. Ha, that would cut California’s number of Congressmen in half I bet.




Saturday Silliness, Getting Your Goat Edition

Vermont Town Swears In Goat As Mayor

Lincoln the goat, 3, was elected the official “pet mayor” of Fair Haven, Vermont, with 13 votes.

The Nubian goat narrowly beat out Sammie Viger, a Boston Terrier, who fell just short with 11 votes. The remainder of the 53 counted votes were spread amongst a 16-animal candidacy.

While Fair Haven does not have a human mayor, Town Manager Joe Gunter held the election to encourage children to get involved in local politics — and raise money for a new playground in the process. Unfortunately, the $5 donations to submit a pet for candidacy only raised about $100, with approximately $79,900 to go.

Still, Lincoln perfectly suits today’s political climate; while being sworn in, Lincoln reacted to his newly official status by immediately defecating on stage. The Fair Haven police chief reportedly rushed in, armed with broom and dust pan to save the furry politician any further embarrassment.

Sounds like the goat must be a Democrat.

But hey, Diversity. It’s not just a regular goat, but a Nubian goat. That’s the kind that climbs trees and poles, right? Goat on a pole! Well, in politics it would be goat on a poll, I’m sure.

Electing a goat should be no surprise for Vermonters; they’ve already elected a jackass for a Senator. Hopefully Fair Haven is not a muzzie town, or else the new mayor is going to need extra security.


Saddest Headline Of The Day: “Joe Biden Emerges As The Man The Democrats Need”

the field of possible Democratic candidates has become absurdly crowded with absolute poltroons. It is like a New York City Marathon for the unfit.
There are more than 30 possible or already declared Democratic candidates, and all but three or four tick at least three of the following high-explosive booby-trap boxes: a draconian green program based on Ocasio La Pasionaria’s intuition that without it the world will burn up in twelve years; personal-income-tax rates in the 70% range; legalized infanticide; completely nationalized health care; open borders and no attempt to distinguish citizens from non-citizens; and vast reparations to African Americans, Latinos, and native people.
The inevitable Joe Biden, who first ran for president in 1988 but was knocked out for cribbing a platitudinous line from defeated British Labor-party leader Neil Kinnock, seems likely to make the race.

In fact, Joe Biden is the man America needs. To be sure, he could not possibly win, and he does not have the judgment or moral authority to be an effective president. But he is an amiable old water buffalo who would make a somewhat respectable race and gather together the many Democratic constituencies that are now proliferating and multiplying like an aggressive virus, and by his honorable example, though failing to excite anyone, might also prevent every sane Democrat from voting Republican.



Bowling Blogging

Another Joe free night. And after he told me last week that he’d be here this week. Gee, thanks. But we bowled well enough to win 5-2, and we were home by 8:30. Nice. I threw a 617 series, and rolled a 257, my high game of the season so far. My knees held up pretty well, and for 2 1/4 games my hand was able to put the necessary snap on the ball for some good spin. So I’m both healing and getting stronger. Fine by me.


Birthday Boule.


It’s Joe Peck’s birthday, so I made birthday bread. Too bad he won’t be here to eat any of it. But I’ll make more for Easter when I’ll see him.


The madman shooter in New Zealand is a deranged fascist. He shot nearly 100 muslims in a country he’s not a citizen of, to foment problems in the USA and blame Trump. Whack Job !!!

Those lands Down Under have seriously strict gun control. Tell me how he got an AK into New Zealand, along with a big pile of ammunition and some bombs?



Doing It The Hard Way In The Turd World
Maybe This Will Work For Venezuela Too

What if you had an oil well that you pumped by hand?


UK Health Advise: Boil Your Flail First, Don’t Share Your Whip

Blood Diseases Spread By Muslim Self-Flagellation

Doctors puzzled by how 10 British men caught a little-known virus have concluded they became exposed during religious self-flagellation, highlighting a new way to transmit blood-borne diseases.

The unnamed patients had all taken part in group Shia Muslim rituals cutting or scourging themselves in Iraq, Pakistan, India and the UK.

“There have been suggestions that you might spread infections through this route, but it has never been described before” in a published medical study, said Dr Divya Dhasmana of St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

A paper published by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said doctors could at first find no easy explanation for how the men were infected with human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1).

The virus is typically spread via blood transfusions, sexual contact, breastfeeding and sharing needles. While most never develop and symptoms, some can go on to suffer blood cancer or a debilitating nervous system condition.

The men had each been diagnosed by screening programmes in the preceding years, or during routine tests such as before undergoing IVF, but showed none of the lifestyle factors typically associated with infection.

Dr Dhasmana solved the riddle when she noticed one of the men had scars on his back. She quickly found out that all of them had undergone religious self-flagellation. Many reported sharing blades.

Shia Muslims men sometimes flail themselves with bladed-chains or cut their foreheads in rituals during the religious festival of Ashura, which commemorates the martyrdom at Karbala of Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. The streets can be filled with processions of bloodstained men rhythmically striking themselves.

Just another indication that they’re all suppressed masochist homosexuals.


So, the sadist and the masochist go on a BDSM date.

“Hurt me, hurt me!” begs the masochist.

“No” says the sadist.


The hypocrisy is staggering in this one

Liarwatha: “I have “zero” sympathy for those who cheated to gain entrance to college.”

So says the woman who got into a top university by claiming to be Native American.

rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes



Pray for the center, and batten down the hatches

Incredible Storm Strikes The Great Plains, From North Dakota To Texas

Winter Storm Ulmer will continue to bring widespread high, damaging winds, heavy snow and blizzard conditions to the Plains into Thursday.

Snow and gusty winds from Ulmer continue from the Colorado Rockies to much of the Dakotas.

Deteriorating weather conditions, with increasing snow and wind, including blizzard conditions, will intensify in parts of the northern High Plains Wednesday evening. That includes a swath of eastern Wyoming, the Dakotas and northern Minnesota.
Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado; Cheyenne and Torrington, Wyoming; and Alliance, Valentine, Sidney, Nebraska and Pierre, South Dakota, all reached blizzard criteria (frequent gusts to 35 mph and visibility less than a quarter-mile for at least three hours) on Wednesday. Scottsbluff and Chadron, Nebraska, also neared blizzard criteria but did not quite achieve it.

Denver International Airport reported a wind gust to 80 mph and heavy snow around 12 p.m. MDT Wednesday. Colorado Springs gusted to 97 mph Wednesday afternoon. Thundersnow was also reported in the eastern half of the state.

A major pileup occurred early Wednesday afternoon between Denver and Colorado Springs on Interstate 25.

All roads in the Nebraska Panhandle, more than 350 miles of interstates in Wyoming, several interstates in Colorado and 150 miles of Interstate 90 in South Dakota are closed.
Blizzard conditions are likely where the snow and strongest winds overlap in the northern Plains, with winds gusting 50 to 70 mph contributing to widespread blowing and drifting snow.

Winds may decrease somewhat Wednesday evening in the central Rockies and central High Plains, but snow will dry out some, which will lead to lower visibilities. This may allow blizzard conditions to continue into the overnight hours in the central Plains.

Additional interstate closures are possible. Areas that don’t see snow from this storm in the Southwest and Plains will still see high winds. Wind gusts of 40 to 80 mph are likely in those regions.

The winds could cause localized power outages and tree damage and will also be a hazard for high-profile vehicles.
High-wind warnings have been issued for a wide swath of the Plains, from New Mexico and West Texas into the central Plains, where wind gusts over 70 mph may lead to downed trees, power outages and will make travel dangerous.

This storm system will bring severe weather and flooding rain to parts of the Plains, Midwest and South as well.
Significant snow will spread across a swath from western Nebraska and western South Dakota to eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

A broad area along this stretch could see 6 to 12 inches of snow.

No word on the chance of tornadoes down in the panhandle, but who knows? And the day after, this system will warm up a bit and head east, bringing heavy rain from Houston and Alabama up to Buffalo and up into Canada.

This is going to be some nasty shizz for a whole lot of people.

Stay safe. Stay indoors. There’s enough wind out there to blow trains right off their tracks. That already happened down in New Mexico.


52% Of Illegals From Canada Are Mexicans
( I bet the other half are Chinese )

More than half of the illegal immigrants arrested last year as they traveled from Canada to the U.S. were Mexican citizens, according to newly released government data.

A total of 4,316 noncitizens were arrested at the northern U.S. border in fiscal 2018, and 2,245 of those were Mexican citizens. Mexican nationals are able to fly to Canada without a visa.

Total arrests at the northern border jumped 43 percent between 2017 and 2018, and reached the highest level in eight years. In 2017, 3,027 were arrested.

The number of people arrested last year represents about 1 percent of the more than 400,000 people taken into custody at the U.S.-Mexico border in that same period, according to CBP data.

Right, so we don’t need a wall with Canada. Yet.

Interesting how the 2008-2017 capture numbers are down by such huge numbers compared to what they were in 2000-2008. It’s like somebody told them to stop trying. Wonder who?


[ massive snip snip of old posts, now pasted below the fold. Sorry, I had to delete a big bunch of them too ]


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Thursday - July 23, 2015

One of our local hidden gems

Our little piece of Hunterdon County NJ feels like a step back in time to many of our weekend visitors. Because it is. You go 2 blocks off the highway and it’s like going back 170 years. I love it.

This was a highly rural area until the 1840s, but farms and businesses began to blossom here in the 1850s, around the time the railroad came through. The great growth period was over by the 1920s, and the area went back to sleep for the next 50 years. But that growth left us with lots of mid 19th Century to early 20th Century homes, and plenty of locally constructed mail-order iron bridges, and we’ve been very fortunate that so many of them have survived. We have streets full of them, entire neighborhoods, all restored. Victorians, Colonials, Italianates, Greek Revivals, Gothics, Craftsmen, Dorics, you name it. Plus plenty of the truly American style “I built it” houses just too tough and ornery to fall down. Ever. Makes for great walking tours for the tourists, who then need to go shopping and get a meal or two, and perhaps visit one of our several museums. We do quaint here, but the real deal not the pretend kind, and we do it all the way to the bank.

Anyway, hardly a mile off the beaten downtown track is the well hidden McCloughan Mansion. Now owned by a restoration consortium, this 1850-1860 Italianate brick villa is slowly being brought back to its formerly grand condition. Not that it was ever really all that bad; it was just empty and lonely for a few decades. Nobody lives there now, but the place isn’t spooky at all.

But I mean it about the well hidden part. The road it fronts is heavily wooded and bushy, and you can only catch the smallest glimpse of this place as you drive the up hill curve past its frontage. From the back it can’t be seen, not even in winter, even though the property is hardly 100 yards from the busiest local highway in the county. So all the in-town houses get the adoration and awards, and this place ... I wonder if many of the residents even know it’s there? I only just discovered it myself a couple weeks ago, when I went looking for the ancient barn next door, with its distinctive copulas.


more info:


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calendar   Thursday - April 24, 2014

Persian doorways

Iwan to hide my pendentive squinches behind your pishtaqs



Both pictures are Iwans on the Jameh Abbasi mosque in Isfahan Iran, built in 1629. An Iwan is a deep, open ended gateway, often with a vaulted ceiling. A portal. More properly, it’s a gateway area that projects from a building, usually a mosque, rather like an attached ramada or a porte-cochere. A pishtag is the flat front plate of the iwan; the ones visible here are decorated with blue tiles. Squinches and pendentives are architectural transitions used where a rectangular building needs to support a circular or semi-circular dome or open archway. In the real world, you probably would not see squinches used with pendentives ever, since they are different solutions to the same problem; if you use one, you don’t use the other one. So I’m just having fun with that.

For a bit more fun, free caulk to the first person besides McGoo who spots the science behind all these man-made stalactites. What do they actually do? Hint: they’re also called honeycombs. Tons of pictures online. Second hint: once you left the building through the iwan, you were usually in a large busy courtyard, probably the bustling bazaar in the middle of town. Out in the blazing sun, buying spices, trading camels, trying to get your flying carpet fixed.



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calendar   Tuesday - April 22, 2014

to think this could be ours but for being short of spare change.

In US currency .... at current rate of exchange, that makes this pile $5,046,211.68.

And worth every penny too.

OK so .... the sell price is only the beginning. There’s upkeep and grounds and all sorts of other neat stuff. But I could see living here.
Get a printing press and make my own money.

Wife on some sort of diet that’s making me crazy. Or is it just dizzy? Or both? 

Anyway ,,, here’s a nice change from the usual.

Gone With The Wind actress Vivien Leigh’s country retreat where her ashes were scattered goes on sale for £3.5 million

Country estate, which includes bluebell wood, walled garden and gardener’s cottage, bought by the actress in 1961
She used the estate to get away from London, spending hours in the garden and receiving many famous guests
On the market for around £3.5million, estate agents expect a surge in interest because of the famous former-resident

By Richard Spillett

The former country home of one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses has gone on the market for £3.5million.

Tickerage Mill, near Uckfield, East Sussex, was bought by Vivien Leigh for just £20,000 in 1961 and, after she died of tuberculosis in 1967, her ashes were scattered on the pond of the country estate.

Estate agents say interest in the property has soared since its current owners, Ken and Honer Hoggins, decided to sell up.


more photos here


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calendar   Thursday - December 12, 2013

just a side trip on my way to another article. got sidetracked again but worth the look

As usual I was headed somewhere else and came across this and fell in love again.

Why do I have to see beautiful places I can never afford when I’m not even looking for them?

So anyway I saw this. There are lots more photos. I really like the gardens here too.  Bet the landscaping would be as costly as the running of the house.
I think they may still refer to places like this as, a pile.  Whatever.  I’d also bet the panels date to the original.
But the bathroom tubs would have to be replaced by regular showers, cos when you’re a certain age, it isn’t certain you’ll be able to climb out of these.

Whoops ... I just noticed.  It isn’t the entire building. Is it?  Lyndon?  Nah. Not for that price and especially NOT in Cumbria which has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  You live there and you have money.

10 bedroom detached house for sale Guide price £1,475,000 ( $ 2,417,806.70 )

Longtown, Carlisle, Cumbria CA6





Go here for all the other pix.


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calendar   Tuesday - November 12, 2013

Feels Less Than Honest

“It’s a SPIRE”: architectural verdict means new WTC is tallest building in USA


Shown here in two pieces, the extraordinary antenna “spire” is 40 stories tall all by itself.

[May 14, 2013] Last week, a 40-ton spire was hauled up to the tippy-top of the new World Trade Center, making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (well, maybe). Aside from raising the WTC to the symbolic height of 1,776 feet, the spire will broadcast TV and radio signals.  [link which includes dizzying video looking down from that height.]

[today, November 12, 2013] New World Trade Center recognized as tallest building in US

An expert committee of architects has announced that New York’s new World Trade Center is the tallest building in the United States at 1,776 feet.

The Height Committee of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat announced its decision Tuesday morning in Chicago.

The committee is recognized as the final arbiter of building heights around the world. It had been weighing whether a design change meant the needle atop 1 World Trade Center is part of the actual building or merely the equivalent of a broadcast antenna.

The committee announced Tuesday that the needle was a spire, and therefore, a part of the actual building. Twenty-five members of the group met in Chicago on Nov. 8 to debate the height of the building.

The tower built on the site of the 9/11 attacks is a symbolically important 1,776 feet tall with the 408-foot needle. It would be 1,368 feet tall without it, shorter than the 1,450-foot Willis Tower in Chicago.

Pretty neat I guess, and of course the committee decided things this way. And it does kind of look like there are several little platforms around it with railings, although I doubt anyone in the public would be allowed up there. Besides, the energy from all the radio and TV signals would probably fry you. But if you can stand in it, or on it, then it’s not just an aerial, right?

Without the spire though, the new tower is exactly as tall as the old 1 WTC. The old one had 110 floors, with the top floor at 1347 feet elevation. The new one has 104 floors, with the top floor at 1,268 feet elevation. So the people-usable part of the new one is a bit lower, though somehow the roofs are at the same height. The last 100 feet at the top hide the HVAC and water systems, and the top of the open screening around them counts as the official “roof” *. I would have liked to see a new WTC that was solid building to 1776 feet, and then just under 225 feet of antenna on top for a symbolic 2001 feet 9.11 inches total height.

… a beacon at the pinnacle of the spire, 1,776 feet high, will be switched on and the 288,000 lumens of light emitted from it will be visible from 50 miles away, serving as a new visual marker for millions looking east from New Jersey, officials say.

According to the map, I ought to be able to see that beacon from here by looking to the ENE. I’ll have to try that, or perhaps find some higher open ground somewhere in the county.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Saturday - November 02, 2013

a cathedral of books

One of the comments asks, “What would God say?”

Clever line.

Anyway .... saw this yesterday, not one of my better days and haven’t posted. But share it now.
This really is quite spectacular.

It was a 15th century cathedral in the Netherlands.

Lots of churches here have been converted to private homes and put to other uses outside religion.
Scary when you think, churches are slim to empty and closing, but the mosques are not only full, but a few churches have been sold to the rop and have been converted into mosques.

Perfect for bibliophiles! 15th Century cathedral is transformed into a book shop

Architects convert stunning medieval Broerenkerk cathedral in Zwolle, Netherlands, into modern book shop

Work on the Gothic building was allowed on strict condition the church could be returned to previous condition

Original stained glass window, pipe organ and decor retained in the radical redesign

By Tom Gardner

For ardent bibliophiles, a shopping trip to this book shop must be close to a spiritual experience.

Broerenkerk, the famed 15th century Dominican church in Zwolle, Netherlands, has been transformed into a stunning modern book store.

Architects BK. Architecten were allowed to radically redesign the interior of the 547-year-old Gothic building on the strict condition they left the original features, such as the pipe organ, stained glass windows and decor intact.



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calendar   Tuesday - June 25, 2013

1,800 yr old walls as part of your house. could you ask for more?

ok, it isn’t a castle but it may be a lot cheaper to maintain. And it’s all yours for only £8million.
In dollars it’s only $12,338,439.81. Hey, a bargain. I remember when the dollar pound ratio was 2 to 1. Which means that house could go for 16 million.
who-ha. such a bargain!

I could see living in a house like this. You’d need staff of course, and have to hire Drew to do the windows.

This house happens to be located in a very pretty part of this country.

Country manor house with 1,800-year-old Roman walls which could be yours for £8million

Whitestaunton Manor has recently undergone a £5million renovation
The home was built in 15th century on grounds of third century Roman villa
Property, including 83 acres of land, is now up for sale for £8million

By James Rush

A unique country pile which features 1,800-year-old Roman-built walls has been put on the market for £8 million.

Whitestaunton Manor is a seven bedroom 15th century home situated near Chard, Somerset.

But it was constructed on the grounds of a third century Roman villa and includes structural masonry from that period in its walls.


The home, which could be the only one of its type to boast genuine Roman features, was today described as one of the nation’s finest country homes.

Grade I listed Whitestaunton Manor has been put up for sale with Savills Estate Agents for £8 million - making it the one of the most expensive residential properties for sale in Somerset.

It follows a decade-long, £5million renovation with the home now boasting a combination of classic architecture and modern technology spanning 1,800 years.

The home features seven bedrooms, three reception rooms, a grand hall which houses a hammerbeam roof, a three bedroom lodge house and an outdoor swimming pool.


Despite being made of hamstone, there is underfloor heating while lighting comes courtesy of LEDs.

It is also one of only a few private residences in the UK with a medieval hammerbeam roof - which was completed in 1438 but only discovered during its renovation.

A pond flows to the north of the property where the remains of the Roman baths can be found. These were uncovered and featured in an episode of Time Team in 2003.


The Deeds of The Manor include a family pew on the north side of the Parish Church of Whitestaunton, near Chard, Somerset.

The property also comes with 83 acres of land, stables, garaging and a three-bedroom lodge.

The gardens surround the house on three sides and are dominated by a variety of beech, ancient copper beech and willow trees.

‘The Romans had free rein when they came over here and they chose the spot because it was so beautiful. Its position and setting is stunning.

‘As for the house, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking a 15th century home would be dark and you would bang your head on the ceiling. This is different - it is well proportioned and bright.

‘The owner has spent £5 million doing it up, he is a real purist and his attention to detail is second to none.

‘It is very unusual to have Roman walls in the home and this is possibly the only one in the country.

hammerbeam roof see this and more here

I do believe I see a bridge across that pond. Drew will take note.
btw ... Ponds “flow?” I always thought they were still water.  Yes? No?


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calendar   Monday - June 24, 2013

a departure I need to make more often?  I think maybe so. Not sure. Have your say.

I got a bit carried away this morning looking at castles.  There was something in the paper that mentioned one and had a few other recommends and a small

photo. So naturally I went on line to look it up and WOW!  I ended up looking at a lot of them, and in one place because I read, most of the old castles are located in a place called Wales.

Whose spelling and language is totally incomprehensible to all but a few natives.  I’ve been there, once a long time ago.

Don’t think we saw one castle on that trip.  The article says that Wales “has some of the finest castles in Britain.”

I’ve been trolling castles almost all day.

Google Welsh Castles. Great stuff.

My next visit will be Scotland and then England and I’m sure there has to be one or two or more in Ireland too.

Caerphilly Castle (Welsh: Castell Caerffili) is a medieval fortification in Caerphilly in South Wales. The castle was constructed by Gilbert de Clare in the 13th century as part of his campaign to conquer Glamorgan, and saw extensive fighting between Gilbert and his descendants and the native Welsh rulers. Surrounded by extensive artificial lakes – considered by historian Allen Brown to be “the most elaborate water defences in all Britain” – it occupies around 30 acres (120,000 m2) and is the second largest castle in Britain.  It is famous for having introduced concentric castle defences to Britain and for its large gatehouses.
Gilbert began work on the castle in 1268 following his occupation of the north of Glamorgan, with the majority of the construction occurring over the next three years at a considerable cost. The project was opposed by Gilbert’s Welsh rival Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, leading to the site being burnt in 1270 and taken over by royal officials in 1271. Despite these interruptions, Gilbert successfully completed the castle and took control of the region. The core of Caerphilly Castle, including the castle’s luxurious accommodation, was built on what became a central island, surrounding by several artificial lakes, a design Gilbert probably derived from that at Kenilworth. The dams for these lakes were further fortified, and an island to the west provided additional protection. The concentric rings of walls inspired Edward I’s castles in North Wales, and proved what historian Norman Pounds has termed “a turning point in the history of the castle in Britain”.



Magnificent Conway Castle, has been described as ‘one of the great fortresses of medieval Europe’, and is without doubt one of the most impressive of Welsh castles.
The castle was was built on the site of an earlier Welsh monastery, founded by Welsh prince Llewelyn Fawr and was designed by the king’s master architect-mason, James of St. George, being built between 1283-1289.
The castle stands in a strategic position perched on a rock and dominates the Conwy estuary, on approach it conveys a deep sense of strength and impregnability. Conwy Castle was one of Edward I’s most expensive projects and originally had a coat of whitewash.
The castle provides the visitor with the opportunity of walking the top portions of the soaring curtain walls, from which the views over the town, its Medieval walls and the Conwy Estuary are stunning.


Cfon Castle


I even have a bridge for Drew



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calendar   Tuesday - May 07, 2013

China On The Rise

Not exactly a bridge post, except to remind readers that the various kinds of trusses used on bridges are also used on buildings. It’s just another example of how Our Friend The Triangle helps keeps things, um, stiff.

China To Move Quickly To Cover Up New Newspaper Building

covering material - latex, sheepskin? - not specified


Chinese authorities have rushed to censor the country’s microblogging site, Sina Weibo, after users started mocking a picture of the new Beijing headquarters of the People’s Daily newspaper, which resemble a giant penis.

A search on Sina Weibo for “People’s Daily” and “building” results in a message that says the keywords have been blocked “in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies, search results cannot be displayed”.

Some comments about the 150 metre tower, which is still under construction, were recorded despite the censorship.

“Of course the national mouthpiece should be imposing,” said one user.

“It seems the People’s Daily is going to rise up, there’s hope for the Chinese dream,” said another.

The newspaper itself has been called “Raping People Daily” by Chinese netizens for “chronically misleading the people with false reports”, according to blog Hug China.

“It was understood that the propagandists in Beijing do not like this nickname, but that they chose the bizarre design of the new headquarters reveals that it may not necessarily be so,” it said.

Unreal. But true!
Notice all the diagonals, all coming in and down. Ordinarily this would be called a Pratt Truss design, but I guess in this case we’ll have to call it a Prat Truss.

Such a building could never be constructed in America. Well, it could, but we’d build it at least 10 stories   longer  taller.

Let The Jokes Begin

and after this we’ll return to our proper mature blogging.


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calendar   Wednesday - April 24, 2013

Saved By Climate Change

The Stonehenge Of Israel

Divers find huge stone circle under Sea of Gaililee.

A mysterious, circular structure, with a diameter greater than the length of a Boeing 747 jet, has been discovered submerged about 30 feet (9 meters) underneath the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Scientists first made the discovery by accident in 2003 using sonar to survey the bottom of the lake but published their findings only recently.

“We just bumped into it,” recalls Shmuel Marco, a geophysicist from Tel Aviv University who worked on the project. “Usually the bottom of the lake is quite smooth. We were surprised to find a large mound. Initially we didn’t realize the importance of this but we consulted with a couple of archaeologists, and they said it looked like an unusually large Bronze Age statue.”

The structure is comprised of basalt rocks, arranged in the shape of a cone. It measures 230 feet (70 meters) at the base of the structure, is 32 feet (10 meters) tall, and weighs an estimated 60,000 tons. It is twice the size of the ancient stone circle at Stonehenge in England.

The exact age of the structure has been difficult to pinpoint, but calculations based on the six to ten feet (two to three meters) of sand that have accumulated over the bottom of the base—sand accumulates an average of one to four millimeters per year—as well as comparisons to other structures in the region, put the estimate anywhere between 2,000 and 12,000 years old.

The possible purpose of the structure is even more enigmatic.

What archeologists are certain of is that the monument was likely of great importance to the people who built it. Marco notes that the nearest basalt outcrop was a few hundred meters from the site, and that the stones, which were three to six feet (one to two meters) in width, would have weighed over 200 pounds (90 kilograms) at times.

“We see a society that was capable of organizing the construction of such a large structure. It’s unique to transport these stones and unique to arrange them. You need to plan and to mobilize people, because they’re too heavy to be carried by a single person.”

Neat. No useful pictures in the press yet though. Perhaps this was another observatory like the Rujim al-Hiri, better known as Gilgal Refaim, a mult-ring paleolithic construction in the Golan Heights that is far older than the pyramids.

One of the last great barely known wonders of the ancient world is a Stonehenge-like monument sitting atop Israel’s Golan Heights. Called Gilgal Refaim in Hebrew (The Circle Of The Refaim or “Wheel of the Refaim"). It is one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in the world.


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calendar   Thursday - March 21, 2013

Sir Francis Drake

Worth £500 at the time, it is now on the market for £1.25m, with a Lordship thrown in. Listed in the Domesday Book, the house in Sampford Sampfo Spiney, Devon, is thought to date back to 1028. In the 12th century it belonged to Gerard Ge de Spine to, Lord of Sampford, for whose family lived there for so long the parish was renamed Sampford Spiney, rather than just Sampford.
It was in 1581 – seven s years before the Spanish Armada A – that Drake became the owner. Included in the sale is the Lordship of Sampford for Spiney and 202 acres of land. The house has five bedrooms and three reception rooms.


In 1581 Sir Francis Drake won this gorgeous Dartmoor mansion in a £500 bet. Now, for £1.25m, it could be yours (and there’s even a Lordship thrown in)

· Sampford Manor on edge of Dartmoor thought to date back to 800s
· Was once historic seat of the Lord of Sampford, Gerard de Spineto
· His descendants had to give deeds to Drake after losing £500 wager
· Current owners bought the house as a derelict shell 25 years ago
· But have worked with English Heritage to rebuild and refurbish it

By Simon Tomlinson

‘Nobody can quite say exactly when the house was built. It was first recorded in 1028 but we think it could have been build as far back as the 800s.

‘It was certainly well-established by the time of the Doomsday Book in 1086 when people were bringing their tithes here.

‘It was rebuilt and extended in the early 17th century after it fell into his disrepair after Drake’s death.

‘Inside the house we have the biggest bread oven you’ll ever see, they would have baked bread here for the whole of the village.

‘When I arrived there were stories of judges robes being found under the staircase and the kitchen was called the courtroom. It would have been the civic centre of the parish.

Having some super serious and maddening problems with the browser I’m using, so good place to end anyway.
See link for more and some photos as well.

Trying Safari and think I’ll uninstall the damn thing.



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calendar   Thursday - December 06, 2012


Bungling builders bulldoze entire historic French chateau by mistake… after its millionaire owner told them to demolish a small outhouse on its estate

· Chateau de Bellevue, near Bordeaux, once boasted 140,000-square-feet of grand reception rooms, ornate fireplaces, winding marble staircases
· Then its new owner, a Russian millionaire businessman, employed a team of Polish builders to renovate the manor to its former glory
· But the workers apparently misunderstood the instructions and pulled down the castle, leaving the outhouse completely untouched

By Matt Blake




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calendar   Tuesday - August 14, 2012


Even minus the sea views, Dorset is one of the most beautiful bits of real estate to be found anywhere.  I’ve been there so I’m not speaking hearsay or travel brochures.  There are lots of spectacular places on this island, truly there are.  Many years ago while acting road manager for Country acts who toured the UK, I got to see places even my Brit born wife hasn’t seen.  I’ve visited places whose names I can’t recall and aren’t in any travel guides.  I’ve seen good and bad as you will anywhere. 

I happened to see this in the morning paper and thought it worth posting for another reason beside beauty and the fact that I am taken with it.

First of all it isn’t something usual for bmews.  Yeah from time to time I’ve posted houses but always because I thought something unique about them.

The owner of this “cottage” has to have money just for the upkeep of that roof.  Thatch is very expensive and then there’s that lawn and trees etc.
I love this sort of architecture I suppose because it isn’t normal to my growing up experience.  And it’s a sure bet we will never be in a position to afford a home like this.  Never mind the home. Anyone can buy I guess but the upkeep would eat us alive.  And Dorset isn’t I’d opine, an inexpensive place to live in.  A case of Champagne taste and beer pocket for me.

If you scroll down to the third photo at the link, you’ll see two houses under construction on either side of this house.  Larger and almost dwarf the cottage and nowhere as pretty. No class at all.  No character.
Pretty much the same thing here where we now live.  The two pretty outdated dormer bungalows on either side of us were sold and demolished and newer larger houses built.  One of them truly a characterless eyesore of no beauty whatever and costing about One Million 600 thousand if using American dollars as the example of cost. And they don’t even bother to trim their front hedge. Looks awful trust me. Every house on this street keeps the front neat and tidy but not overboard. The million dollar house ignores theirs and house and hedge look like crap.
Easy to understand then why I’m so damn over the moon when I look at places like this.

I don’t know if it’s actually the very prettiest in all the land ... but it’s in the running.

Is this the prettiest cottage in England? Dream home with remarkable sea views and all yours for £3million

The house is perched on top of a cliff in Dorset with views of the Solent and the Needles

Its owner says for years people have turned up at her door and tried to buy it from her

Sandy Hollowood is now off to Australia and is selling what estate agents say is Britain’s loveliest home


With its thatched roof, manicured lawn and floral gardens it is the epitome of the chocolate box cottage.

Only, the views outside are not that of an unspoilt countryside that goes on as far as the eye can see.

There are no winding country lanes nearby. Nor are there acres of undulating greenery.

Instead this sumptuous £3million property enjoys the most spectacular sea vistas imaginable.


Perched on a cliff-top in Christchurch, Dorset, potential buyers need only turn 180 degrees from the rural idyll of the cottage itself to take in the stunning views of the Solent.

The unique combination means the four-bedroom detached property on Avon Run Road boasts the best of both worlds.




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