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calendar   Wednesday - April 30, 2014

we’re all gonna die, but at least we’re happy

The rain is coming down in buckets here, and has been since last night.

We’re on the very, very ragged edge of major flooding.

Down town, the peaceful little Beaver Brook has sprung it’s banks and is now a raging torrent 100 yards wide. Where this “little” stream joins the South Branch (of the Raritan River) right on the south edge of town, is a massive field of white water, triple it’s normal width. Pretty scary.

With isolated heavy rainfall possible through early Thursday, the Weather Service issued a flood watch through this morning for the state’s northern and northwest regions, as well as for portions of eastern Pennsylvania.

“The flooding is definitely the primary concern,” said Carl Erickson, an Accuweather meteorologist in State College, Penn.

With the ground already soaked this evening, rising rivers were approaching their banks as runoff reached those waters, he said.

At 7 p.m., the Rahway River at Springfield and the Assunpink Creek at Trenton were at moderate flood stage, according to data from the Weather Service. Several others were at minor flooding stage, including the Passaic River at Chatham; the North Branch of the Raritan at North Branch Village; and the Millstone River at Griggstown.

The rain is “coming too hard, too fast” for runoff to seep into the ground, Erickson said.

Until today, April’s rainfall was slightly below average for most of the state, he said. This storm could double the amount for some regions.


The South Branch rises under my favorite old bridge, NE of Flemington

New Jersey is getting drenched today, with bands of heavy rain continuing to fall across the region — and more rain on the way tonight.
HUNTERDON COUNTY [rainfall for today, so far]

Readington: 3.26 inches (4:50 p.m.); Lambertville: 3.15 inches (4:43 p.m.); Wertsville: 2.00 inches (3:35 p.m.)

So we went out for sushi for dinner. Right next to the Beaver Brook (map ref 40.637220, -74.906817), the turgid brown waters nearly lapping at the back of the restaurant. Hey, I had to say that; how often do you get to write “turgid” and get away with it? grin And since it’s BYOB, we stopped in at the booze shop across the street first ... what shall we get, a Riesling or some sake? Hey, let’s get both!! So we settled for a genuine Gewürztraminer and a bottle of Momakowa Silver sake. And I got to use an umlaut, woo hoo!

Ok, a big platter of sushi and sashimi each later, comes with the crispy shrimp filled tempura roll, salad, and miso soup. Plus we always have to order something daring ... because part of the thrill of sushi is getting something really gross and then daring each other to eat it ... we got the baby octopus, which we haven’t had in years. A dozen or so little red octopussies, the size of a quarter, boiled bright red, their heads sliced open and stuffed with sesame and garlic and stuff. Chewy, and yumm!! They were out of monkfish liver, and we had the sea urchin and the raw scum shrimp last time.


Ordinarily, the gross-out factor here for roast baby octopus would be about a 6, a solid medium. But she’s Italian, so fried calamari (squid) is nothing new, and everyone in the family knows the tentacles are the best part. Plus, pulpo salad. Tentacles!! So for us, the octopus was about a 0.2 on that scale. But it freaked out the people at the table near us, and that’s what it’s all about.

So, we finished off the German wine, which had a nice crisp clean taste with a mild citrus finish. Perfect for cleaning up after seafood. Then we opened the sake, and had a few rounds of that. The Momakowa Silver is quite dry, and tastes not at all like low octane gasoline the way that certain famous cheap brand of sake in the green bottle tastes.

And it was a very nice dinner, down at our local Sea Kara sushi joint. It wasn’t Kumomoto Oyster night; that’s Friday. And they do a magnificent job thene, serving those soft gentle buttery good oysters topped with a tiny shred of fresh cilantro, a microspoon of flying fish roe, and a half spoon of brown sauce. Which is to die for. But not tonight. Tonight it was simple slabs of fish, straight up or on rice. And that was enough.

On the way out, the Beaver Brook was lapping at the back edge of their parking lot. And it’s still raining. Hard. ruh roh.

We, however, live on top of the hill. And we still have half a bottle of sake left.


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Farewell to Freedom Part 3, the linking

Oh, we would live in such just world if only this were true.

Outstanding work, mr egnor. 


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farewell to freedom part two and btw …. F*** the NBA!

Something caught my eye in the morning paper and really got to me. Pissed me off in bad but plain English.
So I came here to post my thoughts on the subject to find that Drew has spoken on the very same subject.
Well, that makes two of us.

I don’t follow the NBA, never did.  But the story about the Clippers owner has made the press here and frankly, I don’t understand.

Ok so the man is a bit bigoted.  He voiced a thought, most unpolitically correct, in a conversation he thought was private.  Unfortunately there was a recording device near enough to pick up the argument he was having with his 20 yr old girl friend.
He’s 80 btw, but she’s only with him for his brilliant mind.  Papers here have described her as his girl friend, so I was surprised to read that she was an ‘archivist’ for the Clippers owner.

Apparently she sent a photo of herself and Magic Johnson to Instagram, and Mr. Sterling, who owns the Clippers, came unglued.  He told her she should not be photographed with black people and told her not to bring black to any of the Clipper games.

All hell broke loose over his weathered head.

So, I have a couple of problems understanding the lengths that the NBA has a right to go.

They have banned him for life from the game.  He is no longer even allowed to go to his own offices or have anything to do with the Clippers, a team he bought with his money and btw, he is the longest holding team owner in the league. So he is banned for what he said in what he thought was a private conversation.

That’s understandable.  After all, in the world we live in today, one must never but never ever, give voice to thought that is not in keeping with politically correct ideals.
What I have the most trouble understanding is the fine.

He is fined 2.5 million dollars by the NBA.
Where the fuck does that lobby get the right to fine a man that much, for an unpopular thought or opinion? 
On top of that, they are also going to force him to sell the team.

Oh btw …. horror of horrors. 
He is no longer to be allowed to attend any NBA games. Ever.

Keeping with that thought, if the same applied to folks attending any sports venue,
you would see a large subtraction of fans attending any games.  Because lots of people have lots of feelings that are not exactly warm and cuddly toward certain highly protected groups. 

My guess is he probably isn’t exactly the warmest hearted person on the planet.
He’s 80 years old and his feelings were set long ago.  He most likely made some very important enemies along the way.
Today is payback for them.
The racial bull shit is a blind.


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Farewell To Freedom

Am I the only one who thinks that NBA Clippers owner Donald Stirling is being hung out to dry? Thrown under the bus? That he has a solid case for a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the NBA?

I don’t have to agree with what he said. Although what he said ... I’ve certainly heard far, far worse. From people of every color, about people of every color.

But it was said in private. And illegally recorded.

Is there any Freedom of Speech left at all? Because this is exactly what it’s all about.

Have the Thought Police completely taken over America? Looks like they’ve already won in Europe.

On the other hand, was this conversation illegally recorded? I keep hearing that this “V. Stiviano” woman was hired as his archivist, and tasked with recording conversations? Who does this guy think he is, Moses? Abraham, that every word he utters is so important? Very strange. Certainly it was illegally published, right? “Leaked”? Not that that seems to be a crime, or even a faux pas these days. I gather she gets one helluva paycheck for her work, and a couple cars each worth more than the house you live in. And a $1.8 million apartment to live in. Nice deal for a simple scribe. So ... girlfriend, mistress, archivist, grand-grandpa puffer?

And is she really that hideous? Everyone is talking about this situation, and every woman who has said anything about it to me has always cut her to shreds, primarily over her looks, and the plastic surgery they assume she’s had. Wow. I thought she was kind of hot. Ok, hot in a bit of a bitchy ghetto skanky way, but that’s all the rage these days, isn’t it? Not really my style, but you try to keep an open mind and be accepting.

I am so confused.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 29, 2014

What, nothing from nobody today?

Well fine. Here’s a little bowling post. I know how you all look forward to them so much. NOT.

Well, we got smeared in Greed League. Last night of the season was tonight, and we went in having to win all 7 points just to fight our way, finally, out of last place. We didn’t win all 7. We didn’t win even 1. I bowled like a total shit sandwich, not even making a 475 series. It was terrible; I could not get my ball to do anything, or even to go where I wanted it to. I give up.

Oh well.

That does it for this league for me. Ain’t coming back. I didn’t really want to be in it this year, but gave it one more try.  Ok, no, I’m really not good enough for this group. But worse, there is simply no way that 3 1/3 guys can compete when everyone else has 5 guys on their team. Our 4th member only made it in 10 or 12 times in the 35 week season. We never stood a chance, and we were in dead last place since mid-September. Ok, we had a halfway fun time. But far too much of my money went out, for the pittance in prize money that’s coming back. So forget it. If the best I can hope for is “we’ll have a bit of fun, but there’s no way we’re ever getting out of last place” then I’m going to do that in the least expensive league I can find. Because spending even $6 more every week for 35 weeks starts adding up to some real money.

I did 3 leagues this year. I had to pay for 2 of them. In the other one I was a season long sub and bowled for free. But after all those games - 300 or more - I’m not one bit a better bowler. Stronger maybe. Smarter, maybe a tiny bit. But my best average this year is still under 190. Ok, maybe I am somewhat better. But not as better as I want to be. And my ball is worn out at this point. And I’m just tired of it. All I did since August was bowl.

I may not even join a summer league. I do need a new ball, and I’d like to learn how to throw the damn thing properly. But I feel I need a break from the whole scene for a while.

yee ha, back to the dentist again tomorrow. Whoopee .


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calendar   Monday - April 28, 2014

Wurst Blog Post Evah


The absolute best big brand braunschweiger on the market. Jones brand tastes like bean paste in comparison. Any braunsweiger is superior to any liverwurst. Same kind of stuff, but the braunsweiger has a spicier, fuller flavor. There’s no going back.

Another yummy product loaded down with salt and cholesterol. A couple slices of some hearty bread, some raw onion and some good brown mustard, maybe a slice of American syntho-cheese; it sure makes a helluva good sammich.

Eat and enjoy at your own risk.

“wurst” blog post evah. Nyuck yuck yuck.


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second worst blog post evah

I just finished a bit of English Luncheon. Kippers on toast. Little herrings in cans. Oh so very yum, but roaring with salt and cholesterol.

Kippers #1 were the Brunswick brand of Seafood Snack kippers. Lots of little pieces of fish, not much oil, and only the lightest smoke flavor.

Kippers #2 were the Season Naturally Smoked Kipper Snacks kippers. 4 or 5 fillets in the can, a fair amount of oil, and enough smoke flavor to make a campfire.

Without a doubt, the Season product wins. No contest. Both cost about the same.


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the funny pics

But his teeth were really white!

The face of irony, from Game of Thrones


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3am tea again

Damn. I’ve got to figure out the right temperature for the bedroom, with the right mix of blanket, with the right mix of fluid intake at what time before I go to bed. I’m tired of this waking up in the middle of the night, either parched dry or on the verge of flood. Same goes with waking up roasting or freezing. There’s just got to be some way of keeping the middle ground, and of keeping asleep.

And maybe I need to see if diet effects dreaming. I did a lovely tri-tip on the grill tonight, a medium sized 2.8lb one. Had to run up to the gas station to exchange propane tanks - price went up there too - and our cheap grill from last year is already showing significant signs of rust and wear. Whatever; the steak came out great. A nice salad, a moderate pile of tater tots, a slice of bread to soak up all that wonderful meat juice ... mmm that’s a nice meal. Easy and delicious. And yet later on I’m having terrible dreams. OMG, I’m reliving 2 or 3 of the worst dates in my entire life in my dreams. Nooo!! I haven’t done anything to deserve this! They were bad enough the first time; why would I ever want to go through them again? Maybe I need to eat more vegetables or something.

Ha, neat new plot twist on tonight’s Game of Thrones on HBO. Bran and his crew captured at Castor’s? Not just one but TWO direwolfs trapped and caged there? Interesting; this is absolutely not in the books. Cool!

I’ve got another dental appointment tomorrow. Sadly I’ve got a fair amount of minor work to be done. Nobody ever told me that those silvery amalgam fillings they used to put in would shrink and wear away with time, letting a bit of decay creep in around the edges! So now they’ve got to come out, to be replaced by the resin kind? Crickey. And expensive!!! I think this may be the last visit for some time. Looks to me like the price of dentistry has gone up over the past 8 years just as steeply as the price of gas. Which, you probably noticed, is up AGAIN. Barstards.

Fast check of the news ... holy cow, a couple of tornadoes tore things up in Little Rock Arkansas and in eastern Oklahoma. At least a dozen people killed.

The Arkansas tornado touched down about 10 miles west of Little Rock at around 7 p.m. local time and moved northeastward for at least 30 miles, the National Weather Service reported. It missed the state capital but passed through or near several of its suburbs, causing widespread damage in the communities of Mayflower and Vilonia.

According to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, five of the deaths occurred in Faulkner County, five more occurred in Pulaski County, and one occurred in White County.

The tornado, which grew to be a half-mile wide, turned buildings into rubble and stripped the leaves and smaller branches off of trees.

“Homes and businesses are destroyed,” DeCample said. “The size of the path sounds like a half-mile to three-quarters of a mile wide when it went through.”

The Arkansas storm, which was on the ground off-and-on for nearly 80 miles, was one of several tornadoes that touched down Sunday as a large storm system moved through parts of the Plains, Midwest and South.

Less than two hours before the Arkansas tornado struck, the twister hit Quapaw, a community of about 900 residents in northeastern Oklahoma near its border with Kansas and Missouri. Ottawa County sheriff’s dispatcher Kelli Soechs said it killed one person, not two, as her office erroneously reported earlier in the evening. Soechs declined to explain the discrepancy.
Storm ratings for Sunday’s twisters were not immediately available. Before Sunday, the country had not had a tornado rated EF3 or higher — with winds above 136 mph — since Nov. 17. The 160-day streak is the fourth-longest on record. Sunday also would be the latest date for a year’s first storm rated EF3 or higher. The previous latest first big storm was March 31, 2002.

A half mile wide? THREE QUARTERS of a MILE wide?? I’ve got exactly ZERO experience with tornadoes and I’m quite happy that way, but isn’t that getting up into the Fist Of God territory? Those poor people.

The EF scale supplanted the older F scale for tornadoes, as actual damage done seems to be more important than sustained wind speeds. So what does that mean, that a F5 tornado out over the open prairie doesn’t count if it only tears up grass?


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calendar   Saturday - April 26, 2014

“Significant Blow”, Indeed

Royal Navies Seize More Than A Ton Of Heroin


British and Australian navies seize largest ever heroin haul at sea

A joint operation by the British and Australian navies seized the largest ever haul of heroin at sea, weighing 1,032 kilogrammes, the Ministry of Defence announced last night.

The drugs, with an estimated British street value of more than £140 million [$268 million US], were found on a dhow, or sailboat, some 30 miles off the coast of east Africa near Kenya and Tanzania.

Commodore Jeremy Blunden, the British Royal Navy commander in charge of the operation, said the seizure was a “significant blow” to drug trafficking networks.

It was made as part of an international operation against drug smuggling in the Indian Ocean, which helps fund organisations such as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

“This is the sixth seizure of heroin by the Combined Maritime Forces since January* and is by far the largest ever made by the organisation,” said Commodore Blunden, who is based in Bahrain.

There has been a surge in the volumes of heroin trafficked through eastern Africa in the past few years, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Heroin is typically routed through the region – known for its porous borders and weak maritime surveillance – from Pakistan and Iran on its way to Europe.

Crew from HMAS Darwin boarded the wooden boat east of Kenya and discovered 46 sacks of heroin hidden among bags of cement.

The Navy says the drugs from the dhow were taken aboard HMAS Darwin.

The seizure was made as part of an international operation against drug smuggling in the Indian Ocean, the profits of which help to fund terror organisations including Al Qaeda.

The ship’s commander, Terry Morrison, says the heroin seizure will put a dent in terrorist funding networks.

“These drugs have now been seized and are about to be destroyed,” he said.

“It’s well known that these drugs assist terrorist organisations through funding so that they can conduct violent acts.

“Today [HMAS] Darwin is proud to be able to remove these drugs from that funding stream.”

The Navy ship is currently deployed on Operation Slipper.

Operation Slapper is more like it. Well done lads. And I hope you let that dhow accidentally sink with all hands.

In the navy
Yes, you can sail the seven seas
In the navy
Yes, you can put your mind at ease
In the navy
Come on now, people, make a stand
In the navy, in the navy
Can’t you see we need a hand
In the navy
Come on, protect the mother land
In the navy
Come on and join your fellow man
In the navy
Come on people, and make a stand
In the navy, in the navy, in the navy

See More Below The Fold


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hmm ... an angel at the end of tunnel of white light?

See More Below The Fold


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Saturday Read

Because Obama is black, even opposing his policies, ill conceived as they are, is decried as racist

This is where we have arrived in today’s America. The official progressivism party line lauds racial discrimination in order to, wait for it… prevent racial discrimination! So racial discrimination is illegal and immoral, unless the discrimination is aimed toward whites, practiced in the furtherance of social justice. Quite frankly, this practice constitutes the most condescending form of racism in that it assumes that these favored groups need to be held to a lower standard than everyone else. And everyone else needs to be obstructed in order for some minorities to be successful. It’s akin to forcing prima ballerinas to wear sandbags while dancing, so as not to outperform the other dancers.

This outlook has resulted in a presidency that is mindboggling in its incompetence and criminal in its relation to the Constitution. Under the Constitution, federal officials, including the president, must obey the laws of the United States, or be subject to impeachment, which like an indictment, is issued for Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Well, no shirt, Shylock.

Read the rest: The Affirmative Action Presidency.

slightly related ... but what a super line ...

Meanwhile, as Mr. Taranto pithily points out, the laughably inexperienced President Obama continues to play golf while Putin is playing chess – and, if you’ll forgive the mixed metaphor, Putin is playing for all the marbles.

Neat. Read the rest, with his unique way of mixing opinion with pretty girl pics, at Animal Magnetism.


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Muslim war propaganda that only fools and appeasers take at face value

It was 5 in the morning, frankly I have not been exactly at the top of my game, if you will allow me that rather overblown expression.  A bit of ill health (no sympathy please) has me up at five in the morning, the double take of sleeping pills and double dose of wine and then something stronger having no effect. So naturally I came downstairs for a third attempt at something to induce sleep and mask pain, and decided to boot and see what I could find at this hour of the morning.  I find having done so the effort has been worthwhile. Not for sleep but what I found, and anyway the discomfort is now manageable.

As is usual, I have not posted the entire article but leave it to you the reader to follow the link to all of it.

We all know the cure for this world wide disease.  I think we also know we will never see it come about. So while you can, say goodbye and kiss Western ideals and civilization goodbye.  I say that because I see no evidence of mass demonstrations or actions against our enemies, who are, after many years of practice, so much better organized and funded and willing to cause mayhem and on occasion resort to behavior our side seems hesitant to match. 
Beyond that, our side has never that I am aware, targeted the American 5th column and those traitors who aid and make possible the advance of those who would turn the Western world into something it was never meant to be.

My time in your world could be short due to age and health, so I won’t see it or be here long enough to see if I’ve been right or wrong.
But you will. And I wish you luck. 

Syndicated News

Islam’s Religious War With Everyone

By Daniel Greenfield
Frontpage Magazine
Posted 2014-04-22 22:01 GMT

Few divides are as impossible to bridge as those of religion. You either believe or you don’t.


When it comes to Islam, non-Muslims are expected to take its goodwill on faith. If you believe your eyes and ears, Islam and violence go together like peanut butter and jelly. But if you believe Muslims and their spin doctors with academic degrees, Muslims are the victims of other religions.

If Muslims fighting Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are the victims of non-Muslims, what are we to make of Muslims fighting other Muslims in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq? Religious civil wars make it hard to believe that Muslims are the victims of other religions instead of the authors of their own violence.

Religions have a long history of not getting along with one another, but there is only one religion that has never gotten along with any other religion, is engaging in a religious war with every religion that exists, with atheists who have no religion, and even with its own co-religionists.

Is all this violence someone else’s fault? Or is it Islam’s fault?

Muslim hostility to Christians and Jews is not a phenomenon that began with the modern State of Israel or American foreign policy.

Muslims have warred with Christians and Jews as minorities and persecuted them as majorities. Academic apologists claim that Muslim hostility toward Christians derived from an ongoing conflict, but at no time during the history of Islam until the twentieth century did the Jews have a functioning state.

Israel has conveniently become the focus and explanation for Muslim hostility toward Jews, but that fails to explain over a thousand years of Muslim hatred and persecution ... long before Herzl or the IDF.

Why did Muslims persecute and kill Jews long before Zionism was even a word? For the same reason that they killed Christians.

Islam hated Judaism and Christianity from the start. The Koran urges Muslims not to befriend Jews or Christians (Koran 5:51) speaks of “enmity and hatred” with Christians (Koran 5:15) and the Jews (Koran 5:65) who are also to be cursed. The Jews are accused of “creating disorder” (Koran 5:65) and Christians are accused of worshiping their priests (Koran 9:31). The Jews and Christians believe in evil things (Koran 4:52) and Allah’s curse will be upon them (Koran 9:30).

Muslims don’t hate and kill Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because it is Jewish.

September 11 was part of an ongoing war against Christians dating back over a thousand years.

The real reason why a Muslim carries out a terrorist attack in New York or Boston is the same reason why a church gets burned in Egypt or bombed in Syria. It’s the same reason why teenage British girls get raped and why the Christian population of the Middle East has shrunk from a quarter to a tenth.

Everything else is just Muslim war propaganda that only fools and appeasers take at face value.

When Muslims run out of non-Muslims to persecute continue


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calendar   Friday - April 25, 2014

Deutschland von Sinnen:  Germany out of her Senses

Not up to a lot today .... staying dry for the most part and warm as well. Hasn’t stopped raining all day. 
Nothing but crap news locally with the development of our beautiful green belt known as Barton Farm, soon to be turned into a parking lot and 2500 homes.
All very depressing. To make matters even worse, the local rag which isn’t much of a paper but I guess don’t have to be, reports that a major road leading into Winchester will be diverted through the new development. Insanity. It was originally laid out in a nice straight line by the Romans and went directly into what once was England’s first capitol city. There is one other road that does the same from another side.  I can’t believe they don’t see the traffic nightmare ahead, on top of the nightmare we already have.
Very depressing.

Ok so, I booted to look something up, couldn’t find it but did find myself at The Gates of Vienna.  I go there from time to time.
I was struck by the headline tho I’m never surprised where Germans are concerned.  I did kinda think however, that they might be the very last European country to sell it or give it away.  I thought they might be a sort of last stand hold out.  Guess not. 

Because it’s a very long read, I’m simply posting a small bit and the video.
For all of it ... see the link below.

H/T Gates of Vienna

Has Germany Gone Nuts
by Baron Bodissey

Akif Pirinçci is a Turkish-German fiction writer who has turned to social-political criticism in his latest book. If he were not an immigrant, he would probably have been prosecuted for his scathing denunciation of Modern Multicultural Germany’s obsession with feminism, sexual perversion, and immigration. As the interviewer in the video below says, Mr. Pirinçci makes Thilo Sarrazin look like a wimp.

In the following introduction to the video, our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy provides some context to the uproar over Akif Pirinçci, whose interview on the state television network ZDF was censored and then removed from the network’s website. The translator also includes a full transcript of the subtitled interview.

Note: The translated quotes from Akif Pirinçci contain vulgarities. I have redacted out the naughtiest words, but some of the lesser solecisms remain. Readers who are offended by vulgar or suggestive language may want to skip this post.

Akif Pirinçci: “Red-Green Polluted Politics”

By Rembrandt Clancy

[Akif Pirinçci] The purpose of this contribution is to draw to the attention of Gates of Vienna readers the successful German writer of Turkish origin, Akif Pirinçci, who has been subjected to an explicit mainstream media censorship in Germany following the publication of his first non-fiction book in late March, Deutschland von Sinnen: Der irre Kult um Frauen, Homosexuelle und Zuwanderer (“Germany out of her Senses: The Mad Cult around Women, Homosexuals and Immigrants”). The book’s subtitle is suggestive of some of the topics which the reader will find represented below, all facets of what the author calls Germany’s “Red-Green polluted politics” (Rot-Grün versiffte Politik).

Pirinçci’s notoriety in Germany is comparable to that of Thilo Sarrazin (cf. recent interview: “The Axioms of PC Madness”, Gates of Vienna) who captured the nation with his Deutschland schafft sich ab (“Germany is Abolishing Herself”).

Akif Pirinçci grew up in a poor family. “For us, an egg was a feast”, he said recently in an interview with Bild am Sonntag. In 1969 the Pirinçcis emigrated from Istanbul to the Federal Republic of Germany where his parents joined the growing population of Turkish Gastarbeiter (Guest Workers) who helped to power Germany’s post-war Wirtschaftswunder. The ten-year-old Akif completed his growing years in the beautifully green, low-mountainous region of the Eifel near the Belgian border. He showed an early interest in writing and by the age of twenty-one he published his first book. But his cat detective series, Felidae, — with Cat-Inspector Francis as the main character — won Pirinçci international renown; and perhaps without realising it at the time, the cat lover Akif Pirinçci achieved his political independence.

Felidae has been translated into English and sixteen other languages.

Akif Pirinçci on Evolution and Power

Pirinçci was unknown as a critic of the “the Left-Green dictatorship of thought and values” (Gesinnungsdiktatur) until his controversial essay, in which that phrase appears, was published on the internet portal Die Achse des Guten as “Das Schlachten hat Begonnen (English version: “The slaughter has begun”). It depicts a “creeping genocide against Germans” (Pirinçci: German Video Interview, 43.00 min.), and it created an Internet storm.

“Germany out of her Senses”: The Mad Cult around Women, Homosexuals and Immigrants”

[Source: Politically Incorrect. Translated by Rembrandt Clancy]

Akif Pirinçci: Germany, Oh Golden Elysium

Pirinçci writes the following few paragraphs against the background of German national self-hatred mentioned above. It has been observed that the elites in Germany promote the EU on the basis that it was nationalism which caused the war, and not socialism, in its contemporary mutation as National Socialism. Therefore the national state must be abandoned along with all consciousness of national identity.

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