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And that’s a wrap. Good night, America!


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Under Siege - Update

You remember our story last week about the little Cornish village of St Day?  This is how they were living:

For local residents, the protocol on Fore Street is simple: do not confront, do not engage, stay inside.

Well, now there’s an update to the story here.  How are they faring?  Have the police rounded up the “yobs” and given the streets back to the residents?  What do you think?  This is the UK after all.

Local police admit preferring not to “criminalise” young people for acts that include arson, theft and criminal damage, so there seems little incentive.

The police, I understand, are covertly filming the yobbish antics, and plan to distribute DVDs with the edited footage to parents.

Well, that’ll show ‘em, won’t it?  I bet those yutes clean their act right up knowing they’ll be featured on a DVD.  rolleyes

Meanwhile, only rain seems to keep the yobs off the street; in St Day we pray for it.

How unbelievably sad.


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It’s Over


Alito Confirmed To Court!

Yea - 58

Nay - 42

The largely party-line vote was 58-42 to replace the more moderate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with Alito, a federal appeals judge since 1990, came four months after the Senate approved Bush’s first Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts, as U.S. chief justice.

Alito arranged to watch the Senate vote at the White House and was to be sworn in at the Supreme Court later in the day. He was expected to attend Bush’s State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday night with fellow justices.

They’re cracking up I say!  Bwaaaaaaaaaa

Misha has some Democrats Underwear Reaction.  A Sample to whet your appetite:

Javaman: I weep for our future…

InAbLuEsTaTe: It may be a dark day but the sun will shine again. I’m pissed as hell–maybe more than when the election was stolen from Gore–and I’m going to channel that anger into doing something about the sorry state of our Democratic party.

symbolman: I’m seriously thinking of starting a third party and strange as it may sound I want to call it the “Cool” Party. Coolers.

Stop it. You’re killing me!  LOL

Then, Ankle-Biting Pundits has some more reaction to the story that most people are proud to be an American:

Juniperx (1000+ posts): How is that?
Our health care system is in the toilet, we are losing our civil rights, we have a despot in the White House, the economy is sucking wind, our infrastructure is falling apart, our money is being spent to fund an illegal war...We used to be great.

donheld (1000+ posts) ‘Proud to be An American’ to me is another way of saying “Proud to be an Ignorant American.” Most amerians have not idea what their government is up to and most like their ignorance.

VegasWolf (1000+ posts) I am voting with my feet. The Cayman’s seem like the place to be. This is not the country I grew up in. The economy sucks beyond belief, religious fanatics run amok, the education system is ranked 3oth in developed countries, so exactly what is it to be proud of being an American? Except to some mohawk wearing, civil war flag waving, homophobic personality, can’t spell PhD, redneck person that writes to Free Republic?

The Caymans????  Oh man, I guess Canada isn’t good enough anymore.  3stooges


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The word “committed” has two distinct meanings. If you’re a Conservative, the first definition applies to you: Bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action, or attitude. This is because Conservatives believe in America and are bound and determined to protect this country from terrorists and are wholly against the socialist madness coming from the wingnuts on the Left. If you’re a Liberal, the second definition applies to you: Cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution. This is because you are barking mad and need to be placed in a nice quiet home out in the countryside where they play soothing music and give you hourly doses of medication to help you screw your head back on straight ...

Tasting Victory, Liberals Instead Have a Food Fight
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds congressional Democrats in the best position they’ve held in 14 years, besting President Bush and Republican lawmakers on Iraq, the economy, health care, immigration, ethics and more. All of which can mean only one thing: It is time for the Democrats to eat their own.

Right on cue, liberal activists including Cindy Sheehan and Ramsey Clark gathered yesterday at the Busboys & Poets restaurant and bookshop at 14th and V streets NW for what they billed as a forum on “The Impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.” But the participants, while charging the administration with “crimes against humanity,” a “war of aggression” and even “the supreme international crime,” inevitably turned their wrath on congressional Democrats, whom they regarded as a bunch of wimps.

“Does the Democratic Party want to continue to exist or does it want to ignore what 85 percent of its supporters want?” demanded David Swanson, a labor union official who runs “Impeach PAC” and other efforts to remove Bush from office. Singling out Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (Nev.) for derision, Swanson said that Democrats who do the right thing “are exceptions.”

Sheehan, just back from Caracas, where she praised Venezuela’s anti-American president, Hugo Chavez, and called Bush a “terrorist,” said she expects Democrats will “seriously screw up” the midterm elections in November. Besides, “we can’t wait” for the election, said Sheehan, who is mulling a primary challenge to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).


“Cindy for the Senate!” called out moderator Kevin Zeese, a Ralph Nader acolyte. “It’s important for us to stop thinking as Democrats and Republicans and break out of this two-party straitjacket,” argued Zeese, a third-party candidate for Senate in Maryland. After the participants made their urgent calls for impeachment proceedings, John Bruhns, identifying himself as an antiwar Iraq veteran, rose for a clarification. If Democrats don’t first “gain control of one of the houses” of Congress, he wondered, “how else can we impeach this monster?”

Swanson had a ready brushoff for Democrats who won’t pursue impeachment because they’re in the minority: “Just go home if you’re going to talk that way.” Offering the lessons of 1994, he said: “The way the Republicans got the majority was not by being scared. . . . It was by going out and speaking on behalf of their base and letting themselves be called radicals.” Bruhns, wearing a crew cut and business suit, disagreed. Somebody in the audience called for him to “shut up.”

“They didn’t answer my question,” Bruhns protested after the exchange ended. “How do you get impeachment if you don’t win elections? I’m being practical.” Elected Democrats and their liberal base are in one of their periodic splits between pragmatism and symbolism. Under pressure from blogs and liberal groups, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) yesterday attempted an obviously doomed filibuster against the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito—and Kerry got only 25 of the 60 needed votes.

Likewise, the chance of a Republican Congress moving to impeach Bush is close to zero. When one of the impeachment forum’s sponsors posted an item on its Web site about news coverage of the event, a reader responded that, without conservative support, “this becomes a cartoon image of the old pinko commie left, and fair game for the wingnuts at Fox.”

- Believe it or not, there’s even more to this madness here ...


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New Rules for School Children

Every day I see a story that makes me more confident in our decision to homeschool.

British school bans raising hands

LONDON, Jan. 28 (UPI)—A school in London has banned children from raising their hands in class and teachers from calling on students with their hands raised.

“It is every child’s instinct and every teacher’s instinct as well because it is ingrained in us,” said Andrew Buck, the school’s principal.

“Some pupils are jiggling so much to attract the teacher’s attention that it sometimes looks as if they need the lavatory, then when it is their turn they often don’t know the answer. Boys—and it is usually boys [emph mine - FC]-- are seeking attention, so they put their hands up before they have had time to think about the question.”

Buck said the same children often wave their arms in the air, but when teachers try to involve less adventurous pupils by choosing them instead, it leads to feelings of victimization, the Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

To spare embarrassment of the students who do not know the answer, the school has incorporated a “phone a friend” system, allowing one child to nominate another to take the question instead

Yup, it’s those industrious boys being the cause of all the ills.  Good grief.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 01/31/2006 at 09:27 AM   
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Altered States

My fellow Americans, the state of the union is good. The state of Massachusetts is another story. That state is unfortunately plagued with two of the worst Senators in American history.

On the one hand you have that moron Kerry who, if he had won the 2004 election would be delivering the State Of The Union speech tonight and watching his choice of judges be approved for the Supreme Court. Fortunately for America, he did not win so he ran off to Switzerland and tried to organize a filibuster of President Bush’s nominee, Judge Samuel Alito. This is unsportsmanlike conduct to say the least, if not un-American, but what else can you expect from the Angry Left?

On the other hand, you have that bloviating blimp, Ted Kennedy, whose tenure in the Senate is long past it’s “Use By” date. “Lizard-breath” Kennedy still can’t get over the fact that his day is done and he has been a ... has been ... since 1969. Kennedy has been a major nuisance ever since. Why do the people of Massachusetts keep electing morons like these two?

Regardless, Judge Alito will be confirmed today and George W. Bush will give the State Of The Union speech tonight. Things always have a way of working out for the better when good people resist the efforts of hate-filled, jealous losers like Kerry and Kennedy. Kerry can now go back to Switzerland and work on his French accent. Kennedy will probably go off and drown his sorrows ... and maybe his current girlfriend.

Senate to Vote On Alito Today
Confirmation Near as Filibuster Fails
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Republican senators, aided by 19 Democrats, cleared the path yesterday for Samuel A. Alito Jr. to join the Supreme Court and for President Bush to put his stamp firmly on the nine-member bench. The Senate voted 72 to 25 to end debate on Alito’s nomination and to allow a roll call on his confirmation today, shortly before noon. Alito’s supporters garnered a dozen more votes than the 60 they needed to choke off a Democratic filibuster effort, which would have allowed debate to continue indefinitely.

Leaders of both parties said Alito, 55, will comfortably win confirmation today, although not by the 78 to 22 margin that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. received last fall. Legal analysts say Alito’s 15-year record as an appellate court judge suggests he may be more consistently conservative than Roberts. Moreover, they say, Alito is poised to make a larger impact on the court because he will replace Sandra Day O’Connor, the deciding vote in numerous 5 to 4 decisions over the years. Roberts succeeded a fellow conservative, the late William H. Rehnquist.

“I am pleased that a strong, bipartisan majority in the Senate decisively rejected attempts to obstruct and filibuster an up-or-down vote on Judge Sam Alito’s nomination,” Bush said in a statement. “Judge Alito is extraordinarily well-qualified to serve on our nation’s highest court.” The attempted filibuster was more symbolic than serious from the start, as Alito’s opponents realized they were almost certain to lose yesterday’s “cloture” vote. But liberal groups pressed their Senate allies to use the nomination process to underscore concerns that Alito will try to restrict abortion rights, expand presidential powers, and limit access to courts for environmentalists and others hoping to overturn state policies.

Democratic Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry of Massachusetts took up the liberal cause last week, forcing Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) to schedule yesterday’s cloture vote so that today’s confirmation vote could take place. The debate was largely unremarkable until Kennedy delivered a thundering, ad-libbed speech in which he warned that the Alito vote “is going to have echoes for years and years to come. If you are concerned and you want a justice that is going to stand for the working men and women in this country, it’s not going to be Judge Alito,” Kennedy roared as tourists in the visitors’ gallery leaned forward for a better view.

- More on the story here ...


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The Big Show


Jeff Stahler—The Columbus Dispatch


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calendar   Monday - January 30, 2006

Greed In Los Angeles

C’mon! Get real! Los Angeles is upset over nude cartoon characters in a video game? Are we talking about THE Los Angeles? Porn capitol of the world? Home of more adult filmakers than any place on Earth? The city with more hookers than almost anywhere in the US? The town where cocaine and booze are the two basic food groups?

This is utterly unbelievable! This sounds more like a shakedown than anything else. How can a city attorney stand up and shake his finger at a video game maker who he claims is indulging in “greed and deception” while filing a lawsuit to blatantly and openly grab part of their profits? How do these people sleep at night ... ?

imageimageCity Of LA Sues Over Game Porn

The City of Los Angeles has sued Take-Two Entertainment, the makers of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for hiding pornographic material in a game and is requesting that the company give up part of its profits from the game. Mid last year gamers discovered they could unlock the porn hidden in the game. At the time, the company insisted that hackers had created and inserted the material into the game, however investigations initiated by U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and the Federal Trade Commission found that the company itself had created the porn.

The discovery prompted the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to change the rating of the game from Mature to Adults Only, effectively keeping the game out of most retail outlets. The legal action is just the latest problem for Take-Two, which sold 30 million copies of its wildly popular video game series Grand Theft Auto, but has recently lost sales, profits, and investor confidence from a debacle over hidden sexually explicit content. Shares in the Company recently dropped 14 percent. The drawn-out saga became the political issue for explicit content in video games and drew battle lines between concerned parents and politicians on one side, and the video game industry on the other.

Now, L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has announced that he is asking that the company hand over a portion of the profits from the game.He said “Greed and deception are part of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas story - and in that respect its publishers are not much different from the characters in their story. Businesses have an obligation to truthfully disclose the content of their products, whether in the food we eat or the entertainment we consume.”

Losing the legal game could mean lost profits for Take-Two, which already lost millions over the incident. The company was forced to remove the mature-rated game from retailer’s shelves and replace it with “Adult Only” packaging. And most retailers won’t stock AO-rated games on shelves, so Take-Two lost even more sales. Earlier in the week the company announced fiscal 2005 year earnings that slashed year profits almost in half: to $37.5 million from $65.4 million the prior year.


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Granny Git Yer Gun

Forget about your evil, hateful mother-in-law, guys. It’s your grandmother-in-law you need to be worried about. I guess the ol’ lady was just having a bad hair day or else the metamucil hadn’t worked yet. Either way, this poor schmuck is toast ...

Man Fatally Shot by Ex-Wife’s Grandmother
January 29, 2006, 11:18 AM EST

A man picking up his young son for a supervised court visit was shot twice at point-blank range by the boy’s 81-year-old great-grandmother and died of his injuries, police said. Alex Reyes, 26, was shot Saturday while picking up his 18-month-old son, said Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Witnesses reported that Reyes appeared to be having a casual conversation with his ex-wife and her grandmother, Jeane Ellen Allen, on the front porch of their home, when Allen allegedly pulled out a gun and fired, said Amormino. “There was no argument,” he said. “She just pulled the gun out and started firing.”

Reyes was shot in the hip and the head and died at a hospital, said sheriff’s department Lt. Ted Boyne. Allen was arrested for investigation of attempted murder and was being held in lieu of $500,000 bail. She likely will be charged with murder, Boyne said.


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Wounded In Action

I am sorry Mr. Woodruff was injured and I hope he and his cameraman make a quick recovery. However, I question why this is all over the media and being covered by every major MSM outlet as if it is an earth-shattering event. What about the troops who have to endure this every day, some of whom are performing acts of courage and bravery in the course of getting injured that go largely unsung?

Have the media become the story they profess to cover? Where are the news stories about the brave men and women putting their lives on the line every single day and night? If the media covered these acts of courage and the progress that is being made in Iraq as well as they cover one of their own getting injured or the murderous acts of the madmen our troops are fighting, I would feel a whole lot better about their honesty in reporting. Is one reporter in a hospital in Germany more important than a wounded Marine at Walter Reed hospital? You tell me ...

imageimageABC News’ Bob Woodruff and
Cameraman Seriously Injured in Iraq


Jan. 29, 2006 — “World News Tonight” co-anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt are recovering from injuries suffered when their convoy was hit by an improvised explosive devise in Iraq today. They remain in serious but stable condition following surgery at a U.S. military hospital in Iraq and will be treated at a medical facility in Germany.  The two and an Iraqi soldier were seriously injured when their convoy was attacked near Taji, Iraq, about 12 miles north of Baghdad. Woodruff and Vogt suffered shrapnel wounds and underwent surgery at the U.S. military hospital in Balad.

Both suffered head injuries and Woodruff also suffered wounds to his upper body. They were flown to the U.S. military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, and doctors there will assess their condition and monitor their recovery in the coming days. “We take this as good news, but the next few days will be critical,” ABC News President David Westin said in a statement. Woodruff, Vogt and their four-man team were in the lead vehicle traveling in a convoy with Iraqi security forces in Taji, Iraq. Woodruff and Vogt were standing up in the back hatch of their vehicle taping a video log of the patrol at the time of the attack.

“He wanted to get out and report the story and not be locked in and taking information from someone else who was experiencing it,” said ABC senior producer Kate Felsen, who had been working with Woodruff for the past two weeks. “I spoke with both of them,” Felsen continued. “Doug was conscious, and I was able to reassure him we were getting them care. I spoke to Bob also and walked with them to the helicopter.” Woodruff and Vogt had been embedded with the 4th Infantry Division and were in a mechanized vehicle on a combined operation with Iraqi Army and Coalition forces when the explosive went off.

“This is very common over there now,” said White House correspondent Martha Raddatz on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” “These attacks are planned, and this [the small arms fire] is a secondary attack. “Sometimes when the medical personnel come in, they have small arms fire following up on that,” said Raddatz, who also has covered the Pentagon for years and has had extensive experience filing reports from Iraq.

The ambush of the convoy was complex. The explosion was followed by small arms fire from three different directions. Iraqi security forces spread out looking for the triggermen while U.S. troops tended to Woodruff and Vogt. The convoy was equipped with improvised explosive device (IED) jammers, which would interfere with the signals from a remote-controlled device using wireless signals. Officials believe the IED was detonated through a hard wire in the ground. The attack on the convoy occurred in the same area where a U.S. Apache helicopter was shot down earlier this month.


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Coming To America


“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

—Theodore Roosevelt, 1907


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Mixed Signals From Paleswine

Hamas has appealed to the European Union not to halt funding to the Palestinian Authority following the militant group’s election victory. At the same time masked gunmen on Monday briefly took over a European Union office in Gaza to protest a Danish newspaper’s publication of cartoons deemed insulting to Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you, is there?


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Looney Cindy Update

Cindy Sheehan has decided to run against Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein in the California primaries in June and has already received her first endorsement ... from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The insanity just never stops does it?


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Unsafe At Any Speed

John Sherffius—St. Louis Post-Dispatch


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