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If only it were this easy!



Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/31/2012 at 06:43 PM   
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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

From this week’s Patriot Post Chronicle:

I don’t know why everything has to be a partisan issue. Why can’t everyone of all political persuasions come together and hate Democrats?”
—humorist Frank J. Fleming


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/31/2012 at 06:08 PM   
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it really never ever ends. nobody learns anything, especially the wanker judges here.idiots!

Just another very sorry example of a totally fucked up (sorry about the language but) lack of justice system I’ve ever seen.  Not that I have seen a lot mind you.  But we’ve all read a lot about this kind of judicial screwing of the victim, by letting off the perp. Three of them in this case actually. See the video at the link.

So here’s another idiot judge with a word to the scum. He is telling her;

‘Your record is terrible for violence given that you are 26 years of age.”

So the slut has a violent record already. Not the first time she’s had problems and is known to the authorities.

But now the wanker judge says,

‘People have been killed and maimed through being kicked in the head.’

The conviction is her fourth in six years. The three defendants have 21 previous convictions between them.

They were also given a 12-month sentence each, suspended for two years, and a community order.
Here’s how serious this group takes .... Community Orders.

However, the court heard that Wray had not complied with previous community orders.

Now then, since one of the group is this young mommy of three,

pram-pushing mother, 26, repeatedly stamps on innocent man’s head in racist attack in front of her two children

Amanda Lowe spared prison by judge at Manchester Crown Court
Lowe left baby girl and eight-year-old daughter to attack Khuram Nisar
Baby’s father Wesley Earls and Lowe’s cousin Daniel Wray also threw punches during the unprovoked assault in Piccadilly Gardens
Group have 21 previous convictions between them

By Helen Lawson

But despite the shocking violence, she walked free from Manchester Crown Court on Friday.

Judge Lindsey Kushner QC told Lowe, of Rochdale Road, Blackley, Manchester, that she had been spared jail because of the impact on her children.

see the complete article and photos here

Spared because of the impact on her children?
Wouldn’t you think that being brought up by a slag like that would be worse?  How long before this criminal scum kills someone?
How old will her offspring be when they commit their first crime? 

Her kids should be taken away for their protection as well as that of society. And she should be permanently sterilized.
Might be a good idea to have someone stomp on her head too, just so she knows what it feels like.  That goes as well for all involved in this. Jeesh. Conviction after conviction and they’re out and about.
Hope the judge is their next victim. What a fool.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/31/2012 at 01:27 PM   
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a low level cultural war against the brits says Paul Weston. PLEASE see this video

H/T again to .... Winds of Jihad

This is an excellent site and the first time I believe that I have lifted two items in a row from the same blog.
If you will please take the time to see this video, which I have embedded, you will see and hear an extraordinary interview.
One is extraordinary for the absolute intransigence of the lefty libtard doing the supposed interview.
The other bit of what I found extraordinary, was the person being interviewed.  His name is Paul Weston and before today I never heard of him.
There is no reason why I should have, being a foreigner myself and just not having seen his name pop up in the press I read.  If it did, I wasn’t aware of it.

For my friends in America, listen to this man and take note of the lefty interviewer who just doesn’t appear to get it. Maybe he isn’t listening.

If you listen to nothing else tonight, grab hold of this. It explains lots of what Brits face today.
While I am not sure of Weston’s timeline of 20 years, I do think what he says can happen if enough people get fed up enough.
The video itself came originally from Vlad Tepes blog site at and MRCTV. 

Lay your eyes and ears on this.

Paul Weston tries to explain it to a leftist moonbat journo….

by sheikyermami on October 31, 2012

But the coin just will not drop. A painful experience.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/31/2012 at 12:05 PM   
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FRANCE, law prohibiting “the concealment of face in a public space” went into effect.

H/T from Winds of Jihad.
Another one of those awful islamophobic anti muzzie web sites that have the impudence to question and criticize and call into question the actions of the rop.
Those members of which preach hate, have organized gangs right here in the UK who have targeted young and vulnerable white girls for rape and prostitution.
The very people who use free speech to damn Democracy and haven’t the sense to know how senseless their actions are.  The folks many of whom are immigrants, who quite openly insist that their host country must bow to their needs and opinions and religion. Which as we all know is a peaceful religion. Don’t we? 

Well, France also has problems with these roaches in human form.  They invade a country and then push and push to see how far they can go. And in the west so far, they have gone a few miles. But even under a socialist president, they have laws against some things and one of those things is having your face covered in public.  Which naturally is a hate crime against muzzies and their oh so peaceful religion.
Here’s the latest which is more an update as the story is on going.

France: Freedom sack causes outrage, rebellion and incitement to riot

by sheikyermami on October 31, 2012


A court in France’s northern province of Lille sentenced a fully-covered 18-year-old woman to 6 months in prison on Oct.30 for refusing to present her identity card to police, reported AFP.

The woman, who wasn’t identified in reports, refused to show her identity card to police, telling them she didn’t have time before attempting to escape. The woman kicked police officers who followed and eventually caught her.

The woman was convicted of willful violence, outrage, rebellion and incitement to riot and was issued a sentence two times longer than expected. The prosecutor had originally demanded a 3 month prison sentence.

“If she had shown her face she would have avoided beginning her career with an adult criminal record,” said the prosecutor.

Covered women in France are legally required to show their faces and identify themselves as of Oct. 11, 2010, when a law prohibiting “the concealment of face in a public space” went into effect.

In France, a new youth movement is targeting the negative influence Islam is having on French society. Generation Identitaire (Generation Identity) has issued a video, Declaration of War, in response to what is perceived to be an Islamist war against Western society: “We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person, for refusing someone a cigarette, or having an ‘attitude’ that annoys someone.”

Meanwhile, the establishment media are declaring the group to be “far right” and ignoring the circumstances which have led to the emergence of such a movement.

Generation Identitaire is one of many groups giving voice to the fear that many of their fellow citizens feel. Their Declaration of War lists a catalog of examples of left-wing social engineering that members of the organization believe have undermined the foundations of French Society:

more to read at the source


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/31/2012 at 09:51 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - October 30, 2012

A little poll

I put together a little poll about the debates. I tried to post it here on BMEWS but I guess I can’t—or don’t know how to—post a third-party javascript. So I posted it on my own blog. You can find the poll here.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/30/2012 at 06:14 PM   
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back tomorrow

At 12:26pm today, I initiated what I thought would be a simple bank transfer for funds in the USA to our bank here in the UK.

It is now 5:50pm, and I have been on the phone since 12:30 back and forth between the UK and the USA.

My left ear burns and the right one doesn’t feel so cool either. Even with a good speaker phone here, I still needed the hand set because some of the VERY MANY folks I had to keep telling the same story to in the USA, use headsets with no volume I can hear well.

I am worn out, all I’ve had all day (since breakfast) is a snack and so, no posts from me today.  Just can not sit here for another minute, catch ya tomorrow.

Oh btw …. I never did get the transfer made.

Apparently I need to be in the bank to make a wire transfer. By which I mean, me personally. I’d have to be present and accounted for in their sight.
Great security.

Right. I’ll book a flight home to the USA just so I can present myself to the bank and make a wire transfer.

And here I was under the impression that technology was going to make life easier.
It has in many ways. Just not in this case. Which is frustrating.

jdp … over and out

PS: Hello El Monte, Ca.  Bet its changed since my early days driving a taxi there 50 yrs ago


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/30/2012 at 01:04 PM   
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Some Obama Humor



See More Below The Fold


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/30/2012 at 12:50 PM   
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E10: Ivanov–Sveshnikov, Chelyabinsk 1973

Tenth exercise from Your Move by Yakov Neishtadt.



Graphics courtesy of Exachess

I had this ready a week ago and forgot to post it. Sorry.

UPDATE: This was a tough one. Even Wes hasn’t posted after I emailed him a hint. Here’s the answer…

1. … Ra3! (decoying the Queen)
2. Qxa3 Be4+
3. Kf4 Bg2+
4. Kg5 Qxe5+
5. Kg4 Qf5+
6. Kh4 Qh3+
7. Kg5 Qh6+
8. Kg4 f5#


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 10/30/2012 at 12:38 PM   
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calendar   Monday - October 29, 2012

Watching the world blow by

So the whole damn state is shut down, for our big State Of Emergency. Hurricane Sandy gonna huff and puff and blow our house down. Except not really, here in the west of the state where we live.

But the highways and local roads are empty. Everyone’s huddled under their stairs at home with a jug of water and a can of Spam.

So we were out driving around having fun and going shopping.

Let me tell you, Lowe’s is a dangerous place when you’re just moving in.

We had at least $20,000 in ideas, but we settled for a new shower rod. But we went upscale and got the new trendy kind, burnished nickle of course, where you get a double rod. Curved. We had a single curved shower rod at the other place, and those things are great. You get so much more room to move around in the shower. The new double bar kind puts a second curved rod about an inch and a half further away and a bit straighter, so your elegant outer curtain never touches you practical inner curtain. And thus no mold or mildew ever grows on it. And if you have just the one curtain, you can use the outer rod to hang towels or wet swimsuits from. Seemed like a good idea, so we went for it.

We also got a couple of water filters. One for the whole house, to cut any grit in the water and to lessen the chlorine. And a dandy 3 stage one by Whirlpool for under the kitchen sink to filter out anything and everything.  With the basic sediment/odor filter on the main line, the undersink filters should last twice as long. Which is good, because the filters are EFFIN EXPENSIVE. Still compared to a couple bucks worth of spring water a day, the whole thing and an extra set of filters should pay for itself in less than a year. And I have two new, new home projects. Because there wasn’t enough to do here already!

And back out on the streets ... it’s deserted. And outside, a wind is rising; the eye of the storm hits the NJ coast in a couple hours.

YouTube has sucked all the fun out of videos. Farg it. Never gonna waste my time trying to embed one ever again. Go, follow the link. Or not. I don’t care.

So we went to the diner around the corner to eat, instead of trying to unpack pots and pans and figure out what to cook. We were the only customers, and this is a very popular diner. We had the waitstaff at our beck and call, so we had a lot of fun teasing the waitress and chatting her up. And I left her a bloody huge tip, after she brought me an extra cherry for my second Manhattan. Mmmm. I could get used to drinking those. And we had enough leftovers from that to last us at least another meal here, even if the power drops. Blinky so far, but still on. Yay, underground power wires!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/29/2012 at 04:50 PM   
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girl seduces older man who says he couldn’t fight her off. problem is, the girl is 7

I’m not sure if this article tells us enough. I don’t mean I want more but that something seems missing. However, I find it impossible to believe that a seven year old girl could do what he claims.  Which is basically, she forced herself on him and seduced him.  WTF???
That is unreal, but you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

He is suing the young girl for making false accusations against him.
BUT .... he pleaded guilty to sexual assault.  Now has had second thoughts and claims he had bad legal advice.

I blame the hand wringing libtard leftists who all over Europe as well as here, ended the death penalty. I blame a system that appears to many to be way too soft and, understanding of criminals.

Recently, in a totally unrelated story, a fellow named Mustafa something er other, raped a woman who’d been drinking and left her in an alley.  Along came someone else who saw her helpless and crying and, he raped her as well. The report says he was found and arrested but then let go.  Don’t know why.
Mustafa, the first rapist, got 7 years.  Seven freekin years for rape.  Where’s the justice in that?  Where there is clear and honest evidence of a crime like that, the victim should be allowed to determine the penalty. Even if she requests a dull razor with which to perform surgery.
In the case of the rapist Mustafa, his lawyer says that this was really unlike him, and he acted out of character in a one off crime.

First, kill the lawyers.

Now back to the original story about a grown man sexually assaulted by a 7 year old.
God damn sick bastard.

Paedophile, 61, ‘plans to sue his seven-year-old victim for making up allegations against him’

John Thompson, 61, claimed he could not fight off victim and that she ‘flirted’ with him but still admitted the sexual assault

Now he denies it and plans to sue the girl, Teesside Crown Court heard

By Martin Robinson

A paedophile is planning to sue his seven-year-old victim despite admitting sexually assaulting her and being sentenced for his attack earlier this year, a court heard.

Manipulative John Thompson, 61, was spared jail in July after he insisted he was unable to fight off the young girl, claiming that she ‘flirted’ with him, pinned him to a bed and forced her tongue into his mouth.

He was given an eight-month suspended sentence, provoking condemnation from child protection officials who called his claims ‘outrageous’ and said he should have been jailed.

At his sentencing, Thompson, of Hartlepool, was also given a treatment order, supervision and a ban on contact with under-16s.

Within a month of his court appearance, Thompson failed to turn up at a meeting with a probation worker and when he attended others he was said to be uncooperative and hostile.

Nigel Soppitt, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown court on Friday that officials from the Probation Service consider the order to be unworkable because of Thompson’s attitude.

He has now said he is innocent, had received bad legal advice before he admitted the offence and is threatening to sue the schoolgirl for making the allegation against him.

udge Gillian Matthews, who passed the original sentence, told Thompson he was spared jail in the summer only because she wanted him to go on the treatment course.

She said: “Your approach to the Probation Service has been absolutely have to engage with them.

‘If you do not, you will go to prison.

‘I am not having this attitude you have displayed at appointments. You have got
one more chance - that’s it.

‘If you do not turn up with a better attitude, you will then go to prison.’

Judge Matthews will have an update in a month, during which time Thompson, of Hartlepool, will have had another opportunity to take part in the programme.

She said: “He is already complaining about his legal team, saying he should not
have pleaded guilty and that he will sue the complainant - all classic traits of a paedophile.’

Lorraine Mustard, for Thompson, said he client struggled to understand the terms of the suspended sentence order, but that he was now in no doubt what would happen if he failed again.

She said: “He understands that the Probation Service have to confront him with some very difficult issues and the fact he feels uncomfortable about them is neither here nor there.

‘There seems to be some misunderstanding which has been underlined to him today, and the onus is upon him to apply himself.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/29/2012 at 01:56 PM   
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family of high-ranking Al Qaeda planner killed by a CIA are to sue the British government

Should this be filed under humor or stupid people? Both maybe.

That expression kill the lawyers begins to take on a more heartfelt meaning as opposed to a joke.

I doubt this will go anywhere, but the very idea that anyone could take it seriously is mind boggling.

And take a look at the photo of the scum.  I wish the papers would stop claiming he is British. I don’t even care if he was born here. This bottom crawler was never a Brit.

I can only hope the bastard’s last moments were very painful.

Terrorist’s family planning to sue British government for helping to kill him in CIA drone strike

Al Qaeda planner, from Birmingham, played role in coordinating airline bomb plot
Rashid Rauf’s family seeking a declaration by civil courts that intelligence sharing is unlawful

By Larisa Brown

The family of a high-ranking Al Qaeda planner killed by a CIA drone strike are to sue the British government for helping to murder him.

Rashid Rauf, a fugitive Briton who played a pivotal role in coordinating the airline bomb plot, was reportedly killed in a U.S missile attack on a Taliban safe house in Pakistan’s tribal areas in 2008.

His family is now to launch a legal challenge accusing the Government of being complicit in the murder of one of its own citizens on foreign soil.

British intelligence officers who shared information about him with their US counterparts may be judged to have assisted in his murder, or of committing war crimes.

Rauf, 27, a former baker’s boy from Birmingham, was on a CIA ‘High Value Target’ list because of his alleged role as a chief planner for Al Qaeda attacks on the West.

Intelligence services also believe he was the brains behind the July 7 London tube attacks, and that he masterminded the failed 2006 plot to blow up US airliners flying from Heathrow, using liquid bombs.

A close friend of the family, who have always maintained that Rauf had no links with Al Qaeda, told the Sunday Mercury: ‘They want justice for their son who was killed in murky circumstances that amount to cold-blooded murder.

The Rauf family have been encouraged to launch their legal challenge after lawyers for a young Pakistani man, whose father was killed by a drone strike, seek to have the sharing of UK locational intelligence declared unlawful.

Noor Khan, 27, is said to live in constant fear of a repeat of the attack in North Waziristan in March last year which killed more than 40 other people.

In a landmark case at the High Court in London last week, Mr Khan launched an application for a judicial review examining the UK’s alleged complicity in the CIA’s drone campaign.

If Khan’s case is successful, judges will be forced to examine whether GCHQ officers can legally share information on the location of individuals if they believe this may be used to target them with drone strikes.

Khan’s barrister Martin Chamberlain told High Court judges that while soldiers who kill as part of an international armed conflict are protected from prosecution, it’s unclear whether the turmoil in Pakistan’s volatile tribal belt constitutes a war.

A spokesman for human rights charity Reprieve said: ‘This anomaly could make the killings unlawful and British officials who shared intelligence leading to those killings would be guilty of accessory to murder.

‘Even if this is held to be a war, the drone strikes could break international humanitarian law by exceeding what ‘proportionate and necessary’ is leaving officers who share intelligence at risk of assisting crimes against humanity or war crimes.’

read more see more, source daily mail

If I have any problem with our CIA, it’s that they are not targeting (far as we know) the ass wipes like Reprieve. Every single one should be taken out.
And the lawyers who take these cases, along with the families of same.  That might send the right message and end the farce these folks engage in.
If only.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/29/2012 at 11:59 AM   
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Now this is one hell of an outrageous article.
What kind of a justice system says it is unfair to a defendant to reschedule a trial for assault, because changing things would be unfair to him?
A totally screwed up system and court. That’s what. 
And get ready ... it was all for just THIRTY DAMN MINUTES.

Meanwhile, the leaches in government and various spokesmen and women perhaps, continue to talk tough and promise stern measures against miscreants like this guy who, at the moment must be laughing his head off.  And why not?  Look what he got away with and all due to a mistake made by the prosecution. Was it a mistake of evidence?  DNA? A bad witness? A missing witness? 
Yes to the last. The witness being in this case , the victim.
But she didn’t skip court.  The prosecution gave her an incorrect time for court, and so she missed the court where she was supposed to be.
So instead of the court coming down on the whoever who screwed things up, the court screws the victim.

WTF is wrong with ppl?  If he had wanted to hit someone, why didn’t he pick a fight with another bodybuilder?  At least that would have been one hell of a challenge.

Take a look at this.

Bodybuilder ‘who beat girlfriend black and blue’ walks free from court when she fails to give evidence (because blundering CPS told her wrong time to appear)

Harriet Atkinson, 22, was wrongly told to attend court in the afternoon for the morning trial of fitness trainer Lewis Rookyard

Magistrates thought it would be unfair to the accused to reschedule, so dropped the case because she failed to turn up

By Martin Robinson

A young woman whose boyfriend allegedly beat her ‘black and blue’ says she has been denied justice after he walked free from court because of a Crown Prosecution Service blunder.

Harriet Atkinson, 22, was wrongly told to attend court in the afternoon for the trial of fitness trainer Lewis Rookyard who denied a charge of assault by beating.

But unknown to her, the trial where she was due to give evidence against her former lover had been fixed to start in the morning at South East Suffolk magistrates court in Ipswich.

Officials realised she had been given the wrong time when she did not appear at 10am and a police car was sent to pick her up.

The prosecutor applied for the case to be postponed for 30 minutes, pointing out that Miss Atkinson was on her way and was in no way to blame.

But magistrates rejected the application and dismissed the case due to her non-attendance.

Miss Atkinson, who works in the fashion industry, said: ‘It was the fault of the CPS that I was given the wrong time for the trial to start - but it was just a case of human error which I can understand.

‘What I am really angry about is that the magistrates threw the case out even when they were told that I was not at fault for being given the wrong time and I was on my way.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 10/29/2012 at 11:17 AM   
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sunday night eye candy

Hafta go. Can’t stay awake. Arduous day.








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