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calendar   Thursday - September 30, 2004

Einstein Couldn’t Figure This Out ….

From the Chicago Sun-Times we get a simple explanation of the National League Wild Card Race playoffs ....

With the National League wild-card race going down to the wire, Major League Baseball has begun plotting for a major mess—a three-way wild-card tie that would be settled before the wild-card winner opens the playoffs Wednesday.

Major League Rule 33(c) spells out the formula for the three-way tiebreaker that could involve the Cubs, San Francisco Giants and Houston Astros.

The three teams are labeled A, B and C. Team A is assured home-field advantage for the two wild-card playoff games. Team C is assured of a first-game bye, but must play the next game on the road. Team B is the least favorable of the three, though if it wins Game 1, would play at home for Game 2.

Game 1 between teams A and B will be played Monday. The winner plays Team C on Tuesday.

Because the Giants are 4-2 against the Cubs and Astros, they get first choice and are expected to become Team C, taking the bye. The Cubs’ 10-9 mark against the Astros’ gives them the second choice, and they likely will accept Team A, assuring the home-field edge.

Though general managers for the three teams were notified earlier this month, a decision on being Team A or B won’t be made until Sunday.

If there is a two-way tie involving the Cubs, a coin toss already has determined they will play on the road, whether it’s in San Francisco or Houston.



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Vietnam: The Final Chapter

It’s time to write the final chapter about the Vietnam War and appropriately enough it is being written by the children of Vietnam War Veterans.

Don’t waste another second. Go to this web site and watch this powerful presentation. It’s long but I want you to watch it all the way through. That’s an order.

The Flash presentation is courtesy of KerryLied.Com.


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Wake-Up Call

Fog thick as cement this morning on the way in to work. Everyone else slow getting in today. I’m sitting here waiting for a very complex set of database installation scripts to complete while I ingest my third large cup of coffee. It’s hard to wake up on days like this so I think I’ll call a meeting for this morning so I can get a nap. Thats’ right, you heard me correctly. Management 101: if sleepy, call a meeting and invite some loudmouth to come present his latest ideas, then slip back into the corner of the conference room after he gets started (and try real hard not to snore). Until then, I just decided to visit the Democratic Underground to see if that might wake me up. It did. I can’t believe what these people think of us (the masses, a.k.a. the proletariet, the people). Here is a sample from one of their discussion forums on “The Importance of The Debate Tonight” ....

Because we shall get an indication of either how brain-washed and ignorant the masses are, or if there is just enough common sense and discernment among the population to oust the MoFo.

How brainwashed the sheeple are. Sad but true.

Phrases like “there you go again” (Reagan) determine who is the next President of the US - kinda sad, isn’t it.

This is Kerry’s chance to change the image that many Americans have of him, that was created by Karl Rove. Rove is an Evil Genius. Just look what he has done with a wimpish, coward, moron, drug addicted, piece of shit.

He turned a hero into a girly man and a girly man into a hero. What do you think the “orange” glow is about? Or maybe Rove isn’t a genius and Americans are the most superficial people on the planet…

The average voter is superficial and Rove is a genius at manipulating them.

If Rove recognized that most of the American people are superficial and simple minded before we did, considering what’s at stake, he is an Evil Genius.

These people actually have computers and can type words onto the screen. I have decided they must be Demollectuals because they are obviously so much smarter thatn the rest of us poor “morons” and “sheeple”. It’s amazing the amount of vitriol you can observe over there. They seem to be afraid of Bush and Rove and Cheney for unspecified reasons. I’m scared of THEM and the reasons are clear - these people are about one last dying brain cell away from being foaming-at-the-mouth mad dogs. Personally, I am not waiting for National Ammo Day. I intend to stock up BEFORE November 2nd because I have a feeling these people might explode when Kerry loses. I plan to be ready if they want to rumble.


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More From The Third World

Ladies, do you wear a mini-skirt?  Well, if you do, don’t get on a bus in Swaziland.  Bus operators there think that if you do you are sending a signal that you want to be raped.  And they will happily oblige you. All of them.  Together.  And laugh while doing it.

Swazi women are protesting.  The police?  They do nothing.  Result?  MORE women get raped.

Here’s how the latest incident was described:

“The girls’ screams were drowned out by the crowd, all men, who whistled and cheered on the conductors, who continued with their raping even though the girl was bleeding heavily,” an eyewitness said.

Some women attempted to intervene, and wrapped a Swazi cloth (lihiya) around the naked girl’s waste. They were reportedly pushed aside by the conductors, who continued to rape the girl.”

You’d think the women would stop doing wearing those things until some sense of lawfulness returned (or they begin packing guns to kill these pieces of shit who try and rape them.)

But, then again, we ARE talking Africa.  And Swaziland has the highest rate of AIDS in the world.  And they are dirt poor.  And ignorant.  And mired in tribalism.  Basically, they’re fucked (no pun intended!)

And before you click on the link, this is how this story starts (it comes from a United Nations site):

[ This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

Is anyone surprised?  Is it possible for any organization to be any more ineffectual than the UN is today?

If you are a man from Nigeria and have hair braids, dreadlocks and earrings---you are a homosexual.

That cracks me up.  But given how some “men” dress today and queer makeovers, I’m not so sure I disagee.

Anyways, it seems Nigeria’s soccer players sport exactly that kind of stuff on their heads.  Sports administrators for that country say this about them:

“They should even be suspended for some years,’ said official Ahmed Lawan. Referees at a forthcoming junior tournament should remove offending players even if they are the best on the field because their behaviour was culturally unacceptable and promoted homosexuality, he added.”

The fallout from this should be interesting.

Don’t piss off your teacher in India.  You’ll find yourself munching on a delicious cow pie!


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Get Drunk.  Get Naked.  Argue.  Die.

Hell, the title says it all.  Details here. 


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S. H. I. T. Laughs

For those not yet familiar with it S.H.I.T. means “sure happy it’s Thursday!”

OK, now that THAT’S out of the way, here’s some late night yuck-yucks for you.

From Leno

--- What a crowd! You sound like those girls in that West Virginia prison when they heard that Martha Stewart was coming!

--- Have you heard about this - Martha Stewart has been ordered to report to Alderson Federal Prison West Virginia by October 8th. What does that mean “by” October 8th? Why would you go sooner? Do a lot of criminals like to get to prison a few days early? So they understand, so it’s not all rush, rush, rush the first day. Get your curtains up, paint the room, do that kind of thing.

--- You know what’s interesting about this whole Martha Stewart case? People think she was convicted for insider trading, but she was only convicted for lying to prosecutors. Her prison term is for giving false information and covering it up. And today Dan Rather said, “You can go to jail for that?”

--- The debate deal for three debates almost fell apart because John Kerry did not want a light to flash when his time was almost up. And George Bush didn’t want a light to flash because he’s easily distracted.

--- They say this debate is already helping the economy. In fact, millions of people are buying large screen TV sets so they can see Kerry’s entire head.

--- What do you think of this? According to a sports illustrated poll, 30% of male reads said they would rather watch a big playoff game than have sex. The other 70% said “hey that’s why they have half time.”

--- There is a concern that increasing testosterone in women can over time cause certain masculine traits like facial hair and a deep voice. Though they say there are certain signs that women should look out for if they’re getting too much testosterone. For example, ladies if you have an erection, that’s a dead giveaway right there.

From Letterman

--- Welcome to the show. This just in. CBS says they can not vouch for the authenticity of John Kerry’s tan.

--- As you know Martha Stewart is going to the slammer, the can, going to jail. Some place in West Virginia. But don’t kid yourself. This place is tough – room services stops at ten.

--- There’s a new $50 bill out to help stop counterfeiting. They made some changes to Ulysses Grant. There’s now a red and blue background, glowing threads, and ink that changes from copper to green. Sounds like someone got a queer makeover.


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A Win For Gun Owners!!

Finally!  Common Sense Prevails!

Congress has just passed a bill allowing residents of D.C. to own guns.  As you may recall guns were banned some time ago but given that the law was crappily written, the borders (Virginia, Maryland, etc.) porous, AND it violates 2nd Amendment rights, Congress took action.

Of course, the Dems are saying it is election year posturing.  (so what?  They do it, too.  FUCK ‘EM!)

To illustrate the stupidity of gun grabbers’ aversion to average citizenry being allowed to defend themselves (this IS D.C. after all!) Eleanor Holmes Norton, a nonvoting delegate to the House, said:

“the homicide rate in Washington is approaching a 20-year low, but the rate is rising among juveniles.”

My reply:  hey you stupid bitch-faced FORON!!!! The reason crime is down and homicide rates went with them is because the homies comitting them are in jail and will stay there a while.  The reason homicide rates are increasing among juveniles is that they are growing up and we’ve not put their felonious asses in jail yet!  Until then, innocent citizens should be able to own whatever they need to defend themselves against these gang-banging, drug dealing, pimping assholes.


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Debate Night Questions I’d Like To See

Peter Kirsanow has a list of 40 questions he’s challenging any journalist out there to ask John Kerry.  Tonight would be a good night to start.

They are humdingers.  I wish I could list them all here but y’all would get a bit annoyed with scrolling through them on the chance this does not interest you.  So just right click on the links and open them in new windows.  Here. And here.

I’ll give you a taste to whet your appetite for these delicious beauties:

Senator Fuckface (OK, they can’t say that but WE can!)

----You’ve repeatedly demanded Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation over Abu Ghraib prison abuse. In light of such demand, please respond to the following:
a. Given your confession that you committed atrocities in Vietnam, including burning villages and using 50-caliber machine guns on people, shouldn’t you, then, withdraw from presidential consideration?
b. If your answer is “no,” please explain why a secretary of Defense should be held to a higher standard than an aspiring president who personally committed atrocities objectively more horrific than the abuses for which you hold Rumsfeld accountable.

----You now state that Iraq was “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time,” yet just a few weeks ago you stated that knowing what you know now you’d still authorize the war. Why would you still vote for a war that is wrong?
a. If the war was wrong, do you maintain Saddam should still be in power? If not, how would you remove him?
b. Which of the following is your primary objection to the Iraq war:
(1) that it shouldn’t have been fought?
(2) that it was in the wrong location?
(3) that the timing was bad?
c. If your answer’s either (2) or (3) above, where should the war have been fought and when?

----During your eight-year tenure on the Senate Intelligence Committee, you missed more than three-fourths of its public meetings. You refuse to release your attendance reports for the committee’s closed classified briefings. Why shouldn’t voters infer that disclosure of these attendance reports would reveal that you neglected to attend numerous classified briefings?
a. If you did miss any classified briefings, what duties were you tending to that were more important than attending the briefings?

----Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the president lied about the reasons for going into Iraq. Presumably, this means that the intelligence data didn’t support the reasons given by the president. You had the same intelligence data on Iraq as the president, yet you voted to authorize the war. Why, then, did you knowingly vote for a lie?
a. By doing so, didn’t you also lie to the American people?
b. If so, will you, therefore, urge your supporters to stop running ads declaring that “Bush Lied”?
c. If you maintain that you didn’t lie, is it because you neglected to read the intelligence reports prior to the vote?

---In several speeches before black audiences you’ve stated that a million African Americans were disenfranchised and had their votes stolen in the 2000 presidential election. There are no official or media investigations that support that statement. What evidence do you have to support the statement and if you believe a million blacks had their votes stolen, why haven’t you called for criminal prosecutions and congressional investigations?

---- You’ve stated you would appoint only pro-choice judges to the federal bench. Would you agree that, even if it’s not your intent, such a litmus test could disproportionately disqualify Catholic nominees?

a. What would you do to ensure that your abortion litmus test wouldn’t have a disparate impact against Catholics?

---- What do you consider to be your most important accomplishment during your nearly 20 years as a senator?

---- You also criticize the president for going to war “without having a plan to win the peace.” You’ve stated that “winning the peace” would require more troops — but you voted against the $87 Billion bill to fund the troops who are already there. Could you please explain how you would’ve deployed more troops had your vote against funding prevailed?
a. “Knowing what you know now,” would you have voted in favor of the $87 billion in funding?
b. In other words, do you now regret voting against the funding bill after voting for it?


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National Ammo Week

Kim du Toit is fed up with the gun grabbers and has proposed a National Ammo Week, November 13-20th.

I’ll be buying several hundred rounds.

Read about it here. Then log in to his site (if you read us you should read him daily, too, and ALREADY be a registered commenter!  wink and let him know how many hundreds of rounds YOU are going to buy.  (Dottie, I’ll buy 100 in your name!)

Speaking of which, anyone know good online sites that sell good ammo at great (cheap) prices?


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Blue Skies .. No Kidding!

For the first time in over a month there will be no hurricanes in Florida’s forecast this weekend as the weather gods go out for beer during the seventh inning stretch. Florida residents are encouraged to come out of their spider holes and enjoy the sunlight while they can.



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Daily Dose

Quote Of The Day

“Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking.”
-- Clement Atlee

On This Day In History
September 30th

1955 - James Dean Killed In Auto Accident
James Dean was killed in an automobile accident today along with his mechanic Rolf Wutherich, when Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder crashed head-on into another car. The tormented young actor was the embodiment of an entire generation’s restless rebellion, made famous by his role in Rebel Without a Cause and called “the damaged but beautiful soul of our time” by Andy Warhol. He had always seemed to be searching for a way to release that restless energy, finding an outlet in the racing of cars and motorcycles. His fascination with cars and speed began when his father gave him his first ‘39 Chevy. Ironically, Dean had been on his way to a car race at the time of his death.

1791 - Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute premiered in Vienna, Austria.

1927 - Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run. The record stood until Roger Maris hit 61 in 1961. Mark McGwire beat Maris’s record in 1998 by hitting 70 and Barry Bonds topped this in 2001 with 73.

1949 - The Berlin Airlift came to an end.

1966 - Botswana gained its independence from Great Britain.

Today’s Birthdays

Elie Wiesel, (1928- ), American writer, survivor of Auschwitz
Johannes Wilhelm Geiger, (Hans Geiger), (1882–1945), German physicist, inventor of the “Geiger Counter”
Lester G. Maddox, (1915- ), U.S. public official, governor of Georgia (1967–71), nut-case segregationist
Truman Capote, (Truman Streckfus Persons), (1924-1984), Novelist, playwright, and short-story writer

Thanks to The Quotations Page - The History Channel - InfoPlease.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 29, 2004

Just For You!

Surprise! Thursday night we will have LIVE feeds from the debate, courtesy of BlogsForBush. Right here! You can watch the debates and follow along with the real-time fact-checking while the Great Pumpkin implodes. We hope you’ll tune us in tomorrow night. 9pm EDT. Be there or be square!


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Debate Preparation

Well, the Great Pumpkin and “W” are getting ready for the shootout on Thursday night. We’re going to have a poll here Friday morning so you can cast your vote as to who you think “won”. Stay tuned. In the meantime, other Moonbat preparations are underway ....

excaim  Babs Streisand is bloviating about a “Free Press Being Intimidated”.

excaim  Mount St. Helens is getting ready to blow its top in a pretty good imitation of Al Gore.

excaim  Jesse Jackson is joining the Kerry Campaign as the “Official Campaign Jerk”.

excaim  William Shatner is filming a movie in the (soon to be) birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk. The Klingons are boycotting.

excaim  Michael Moore is starting out on the “Slacker Uprising Tour”. McDonalds along the route have been notifed by FEMA to be ready.

excaim  Al Franken is also going on tour. Maybe their buses will collide. We can only hope.

The Moonbats are circling, eyeballing Miami in preparation for Thursday night. The media whores are gathering. The Great Pumpkin is ripening.

Trick Or Treat!?!


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Photo Caption Contest

Below is a picture from Reuters with this description:  “A model presents a creation as part of DSquared2 Spring/Summer 2005 women’s collection during Milan fashion week, September 29, 2004.”

Go ahead ....
give us your best caption ....
we dare ya ....
and no wise cracks ....
forget I said that last part .... 



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