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calendar   Monday - February 09, 2015

California Campus Commies

University of California Student Board: Divest From America

The little left wing brats are so mortified to be enjoying the best our nation can offer, so embarrassed to be part of Evil America, that the entire university system, state wide, has called for all the university’s assets to be pulled from these shores. Because human rights. And social justice. And everything is just so much better everywhere else. I guess they think their colleges are supported by bags of cash sent in from Burma and Zimbabwe. And that deposed Nigerian prince in need of a bank account who is always sending me emails. Since they reject America so completely, perhaps the little darlings should all transfer somewhere else. Bangladesh comes to mind. Perhaps Borneo.

This is the fruit you bear when your education system teaches your children to hate their country from First Grade on up. Aren’t you proud?

The University of California Student Association board – which represents all 233,000 students enrolled in the UC system’s 10 campuses – approved a resolution on Sunday that calls on the system’s leaders to financially divest from the United States.

The measure cited alleged human rights violations by America such as drone strikes that have killed civilians, and claimed the country’s criminal justice system is racist, among other accusations.

The “Resolution Toward Socially Responsible Investment at the University of California” passed with an overwhelming majority vote of 11-1-3.

“The government of the United States of America is engaged in drone strikes that have killed over 2,400 people in Pakistan and Yemen, many of them civilians,” the resolution stated. “The government oversees, by far, the highest rate of imprisonment in the world, and racial and ethnic minorities are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement agencies, particularly for drug-related offences. 400,000 undocumenteducal immigrants are held in detention centers every year, and millions have been deported since the current administration took office, and the government is directly supporting and propping up numerous dictatorships around the world with weapons sales and foreign aid.”

The resolution also called on UC system leaders “to withdraw investments in securities, endowments, mutual funds, and other monetary instruments with holdings” from the governments of Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Sri Lanka and Mexico, as well as the U.S.

A separate resolution passed with a 9-1-6 vote Sunday called for divestment from companies that do business with Israel. That vote was described as a “landmark decision” by progressives for being the “first multi-campus student association to vote in favor of divestment.” The decision was preceded by protests from a large contingent of students who vehemently opposed the measure.

“Think about that. If they had their way, the student government of the U. Cal. system would require divestment from U.S. Treasuries and most of the world,” Cornell University law Professor William Jacobson points out on Legal Insurrection, responding to the vote. “The U. Cal. student government has proven a point I’ve made repeatedly in terms of the academic boycott: If you are going to boycott Israel, then you need to apply those standards to the whole world, which will result in boycotting yourselves.”


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calendar   Thursday - December 18, 2014


The proper response to this racist request.

After the news began to spread of Columbia University granting their students extensions on their exams due to the protests of the recent Grand Jury decisions in Ferguson and NYC, other schools such as Georgetown and Harvard began requesting the same delays on their exams.

In the wake of this news, one student from Oberlin College emailed her professor with a similar request, stating:

“I do not know if you have been in conversation with any other students or faculty regarding finals. I do know, though, that the college administration has done very little, if anything, to support students who are struggling and feel traumatized because of the recent (and day-to-day) acts of racism in this country…

I am asking that you create an option (if you have not already done so) for students who do not feel like there are in a place, emotionally, mentally, or physically, to postpone the statistics final…

I know that you have the ability and power to make decisions like this, and I am asking that you use your power to support your students who have put so much energy into the class already. They are tired, they are hurting beyond belief, and their wellbeing needs to be prioritized.”

I personally don’t see how anything in Ferguson affects me at all. Much less some pampered college student. The professor’s answer?




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calendar   Tuesday - December 31, 2013

a repost of past images for your consideration

I don’t now recall who posted this earlier. Goes some months past. I had saved it to share in an email, and am re-posting it now, cos it’s something I have long believe in, even before I found bmews. 


I posted this only recently, but again, it’s that 5th column I’ve banged on about so often in the past.  Then I found this without even looking for it. I’d never even heard of this guy before.  His quote is chilling because it was said so long ago, and answers one question heard a lot which is, how the heck did we ever get to here?  Well here’s how it’s been done.  I think the quote should be passed around.



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calendar   Thursday - October 24, 2013

Comedy: Obama Tries to Explain ObamaCare Without a Teleprompter


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calendar   Thursday - September 12, 2013

a loopy lefty from the un visits brits and tells them how to run their country

Some Brits are properly pissed of at this totally ugly Marxist bitch. Can’t blame them either.  Maybe if the world is lucky, when she goes back to the country she belongs in, someone will delete the slag. 

A dabbler in witchcraft, she once offered an animal in sacrifice to Karl Marx.

But wait, she’s an official of our favorite organization.  Yeah, the UN. And .. the slag is here, telling Brits how bad things are here and she doesn’t approve.
Here’s the headline I saw first thing in the morning.

Outrage as ‘loopy’ UN inspector lectures Britain: She’s from violent, slum-ridden Brazil, yet still attacks us on housing and human rights

Now then, this Marxist shit comes from a country with unimaginable slums, and she’s here telling the Brits what to do with regard to housing and spouting the usual lefty line.  Hell, you can read things here for yourself and oh btw, if you have the stomach for something really toe curling cringe worthy, catch her video at the link below. 
No surprise the liberal media love her.



Tory MP Stewart Jackson said Miss Rolnick was a ‘loopy Brazilian leftie with no evidence masquerading as a serious UN official’.
Senior UN officials have an open door to visit the UK but no specific invitation was extended to Mrs Rolnik.

Tory MP Stewart Jackson said Miss Rolnick was a ‘loopy Brazilian leftie’
Her country has 54million living without clean water or sanitation
There are an estimated 30million homeless in the city of Sao Paulo and 625,000 live below the poverty line


Furious Tories last night demanded the UN apologise for allowing a ‘loopy Brazilian leftie’ to attack the Government’s welfare reforms.

Iain Duncan Smith said Raquel Rolnik had undermined the impartiality of the UN with her ‘outrageous’ call for his housing benefit shake-up to be axed.

The Work and Pensions Secretary wants UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to investigate the senior official’s conduct.

He said she had not asked ministers or officials for their input, adding: ‘I find it staggering that without this official information Mrs Rolnik feels she is in a position to be able to properly prescribe what the future of the policy should be.’

Tory MP Stewart Jackson said Miss Rolnick was a ‘loopy Brazilian leftie with no evidence masquerading as a serious UN official’.

Senior UN officials have an open door to visit the UK but no specific invitation was extended to Mrs Rolnick.

She attended only one Whitehall meeting where the spare room subsidy was among the issues discussed and, according to officials, requested no further information.

The courts have ruled in favour of the housing benefit reform, which cuts payments to working-age claimants with more bedrooms than they need.

However, briefing left-wing newspapers about her report, Miss Rolnik said: ‘My immediate recommendation is that the bedroom tax is abolished.

‘I was very shocked to hear how many people feel abused in their human rights by this decision and why – being so vulnerable – they should pay for the cost of the economic downturn, which was brought about by the financial crisis.

n her two-week tour Mrs Rolnik, who is the UN special rapporteur on housing, repeatedly borrowed Labour’s favoured description of the policy as a bedroom tax and appeared with campaigners at protest rallies.

She also suggested the idea of rent controls in the private sector, condemned the right-to-buy policy on council homes and insisted more public money should be spent on building social housing.

Senior Conservatives and Liberal Democrats condemned her intervention, pointing out that the UN more usually provides help in war zones, famines and natural disasters.

They also pointed out that in Brazil, where Mrs Rolnik was in charge of housing policy, tens of millions of people are condemned to living in shanty towns, or favelas.



Whoa wait ....

You gotta see this also.

I won’t copy it all here, just catch the link as usual.

Raquel Rolnik: A dabbler in witchcraft who offered an animal sacrifice to Marx

Academic brought up a Marxist and offered an animal sacrifice to Karl Marx
The architect appears to follow Candomble, an African-Brazilian religion that originated during the slave trade


Raquel Rolnik: A dabbler in witchcraft who offered an animal sacrifice to Marx
· Academic brought up a Marxist and offered an animal sacrifice to Karl Marx
· The architect appears to follow Candomble, an African-Brazilian religion that originated during the slave trade
Her lengthy CV lists countless qualifications, civic achievements, books and publications – but Raquel Rolnik makes no mention of dabbling in witchcraft.
Yet the architect and urban planner appears to be an avid follower of Candomble, an African-Brazilian religion that originated during the slave trade.
The academic, brought up a Marxist, actually offered an animal sacrifice to Karl Marx when she was studying for her Masters degree in architecture so ‘he would leave her alone’ to study in peace.

According to her elder sister Suely, a well-known Brazilian psychoanalyst and intellectual, Raquel had become ‘contaminated’ by other philosophies and offered the sacrifice to appease the German revolutionary socialist.

The UN special rapporteur’s fascination with Candomble rekindled memories of another controversial figure’s links with the religion that worships African gods.
Her Polish grandfather died in the Holocaust and her parents emigrated to Brazil. She has held various government positions, speaks six languages, and was appointed to her UN post in 2008.

She lived in communes at the time, she went to Africa, the Caribbean, Colombia, she went to the houses of African witch doctors to find out what was the memory of housing in Africa, during slavery. But the university didn’t accept her thesis.


And she’s visited the USA as well?  Now that part is scary.


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calendar   Thursday - May 30, 2013

someone I would dearly like to delete. I’d take pleasure in taking my time about it. see why.

Have you ever been so angry you got shaky? I’ve been PO’d more than once and jumped up and down and cursed and ranted over things.
But tonight I read something by a slag, a journalistic professorial slut who wrote a book and the daily mail (in small letters) prints her lies about us with no fact checking whatever.

A lot of brave young kids went off and fought in WW2, and not a few older ones too.  Many were lucky if they died and many came home wishing they had.
Among those troops it can not be denied there were some bad apples. Criminal types who should not have been in uniform but hey, there was a war on.
So along comes this filthy rotten piece of crap with legs and arms, and ....  I’d like to see her dead. 

I had already shut down the puter for the day, took the trash out for the morning pick up and came back to read the rest of this morning’s paper that I had missed.  I wish I had not.

Here is what I found, and honest to goodness if I were within a foot of the bitch with a baseball bat I break every bone in her worthless body.
I don’t even think I hate Fonda as much as I hate this one American traitor.  On second thought, they’re equal.

Take a look at this pornography of words and lies.  Surely she must be familiar with the film Why We Fight. But no.  WW2 was sold to American troops as a sexual adventure. Rape away boys. Have fun. Enjoy.

And this pile of manure is a college professor. 

American WWII GIs were dangerous sex-crazed rapists who the French feared as much as the Germans, explosive book claims

Book ‘debunks myth that the GI were manly and always behaved well’

By 1944 women in Normandy ‘filed complaints about rapes by US soldiers’

Debauchery, lawlessness and institutional racism are chronicled in book

Penned by Mary Roberts, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin

Veterans Affairs rep says there is ‘no way’ to reprimand the U.S. soldiers

Comes just after Sexual Assault Prevention Month in the U.S., where the military is under fire for string of high-profile assault cases

Japanese politician also just claimed that American soldiers used their women as ‘sex slaves’ during WWII

By Mail Foreign Service

Swapping stockings for kisses and teaching girls how to jive, American GIs were meant to be a welcome ray of sunshine in war-torn Europe.


But a new book has revealed the dark side of Europe’s liberation after the Second World War.

Professor Mary Louise Roberts, from the University of Wisconsin, said within months of D-Day ordinary French women came to fear their American ‘liberators’.

She tells how, by the summer of 1944, large numbers of women in Normandy filed complaints about rapes by US soldiers.

And their arrival prompted a wave of crime all over France, with American soldiers caught committing robberies and petty thefts.

Professor Roberts said: ‘My book seeks to debunk an old myth about the GI, thought of as a manly creature that always behaved well. The GIs were having sex anywhere and everywhere.

‘In the cities of Le Havre and Cherbourg, bad behaviour was common.

‘Women, including those who were married, were openly solicited for sex. Parks, bombed-out buildings, cemeteries and railway tracks were carnal venues.

‘People could not go out for a walk without seeing somebody having sex.

‘But the sex was not always consensual, with hundreds of cases of rape being reported.’

The locals of Le Havre were shocked by the soldiers’ behaviour and wrote letters of protest to their mayor.

One complaint, from October 1945, said: ‘We are attacked, robbed, run over both on the street and in our houses.

‘This is a regime of terror, imposed by bandits in uniform.’

Le Havre’s mayor, Pierre Voisin, complained to Colonel Thomas Weed – the commander of US troops in the region.

‘Scenes contrary to decency are unfolding in this city day and night,’ Voisin wrote, adding it was ‘not only scandalous but intolerable’ that ‘youthful eyes are exposed to such public spectacles’.

The mayor suggested the Americans set up a brothel outside the city to avoid public outrage and contain the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However although US officers publicly denounced the behaviour they did little to curtail it.

The book also claims the US army ‘demonstrated a deep and abiding racism’, suggesting they pinned a disproportionate number of rapes on black GIs.

Documents show that of 152 troops disciplined by the army for rape, 130 were black.

Professor Roberts said: ‘American propaganda did not sell the war to soldiers as a struggle for freedom but as a sexual adventure.’

She points out that The Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper of the US armed forces, taught soldiers German phrases like ‘waffen niederlegen’ meaning ‘throw down your arms’.

However the French phrases it recommended to soldiers included ‘you have charming eyes,’ ‘I am not married’ and ‘are your parents at home?’ US magazine Life even fantasised that France was ‘a tremendous brothel’ inhabited by ‘40,000,000 hedonists, who spend all their time eating, drinking and making love’.

A cafe owner from Le Havre said at the time: ‘We expected friends who would not make us ashamed of our defeat. Instead, there came only incomprehension, arrogance, incredibly bad manners and the swagger of conquerors.’

video here

From the daily mail

I managed to clam myself and wrote the editor as follows:

I read with some dismay the twisted ranting of an American professor with regard to our troops in the last war.
Shameful secrets of the GIs who preyed on women, in Thursday’s Mail.

I’m an American but NOT an apologist for criminal behavior. I’m certain bad things including rape did happen. But I’d bet it happened less among our troops due to the constant drumming in our heads about the shame any bad behavior would bring on our country and ourselves and the service.  The writer quoted here lies when she says American propaganda did not sell the war to soldiers as a struggle for freedom.  It most certainly did and she ignores the film produced for the army by Frank Capra, called “Why We Fight.” Please Google that and you will see how slanted her reporting is to have omitted that series of films shown to the armed services and also to America. By today’s standards you might find it a bit corny I admit. But the truth is still there in the Why We Fight series.  I hope the DM will allow this letter so all of you can see the truth for yourselves. The war was never presented as a sexual adventure, and these scurrilous remarks do a disservice to the many who died fighting, or returned legless or worse.  In too many cases the lucky ones were those who died, and many returned wishing they had.  She and her book do a serious disservice to those who gave their all. Honest criticism is one thing but this is mean spirited attack by a self hating American lefty.


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calendar   Sunday - April 21, 2013

something none of us knew so now we should all feel more secure. I have a bridge for sale….

they happen just about every single day. And I’m sick to death of it.

That was Drew speaking in some frustration. Well now .... r we a team er what?

Drew finds the problem and I find the solution.  OK I didn’t but I found the folks who did.  It’s all so easy when it’s explained.
So now everyone can relax, pop open a beer or whatever works for you and see this.  It explains everything and should any of us become the unfortunate victim of a crime, just remember this and I’m sure we’ll be on the road to feeling better.  Sure.
Hey, anyone in the market for a bridge?

Are crooks really criminally minded? Abnormal brain activity ‘means offenders cannot control their behaviour’

Adrian Raine, of the University of Pennysylvania explains findings in The Anatomy of Violence
Criminals have low activity in emotional parts of brain

By Daily Mail Reporter

Criminal activity could be all in the brain, meaning offenders cannot control their behaviour and need treatment to help them stay on the straight and narrow, according to a British academic.

Many repeat offenders, killers and psychopaths share abnormal patterns of activity that could help to explain why they turn to crime, neuroimaging of their brains by Adrian Raine has previously found.

Psychopaths and murderers also have low activity in the front parts of the brain related to processing emotions, self-awareness and being sensitive to violence.

Now, in his new book The Anatomy of Violence, Raine, a criminology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, says that those who commit domestic violence, aggressive teens or lesser offenders also share those abnormalities and keep doing ‘the same wrong things’.

He says: ‘The seeds of sin are brain-based’ but could be tackled with the right treatment.

‘The finding suggests that many people currently being punished for their crimes cannot actually control their behaviour, and should be seen as suffering from a disorder that needs treatment,’ he told the Sunday Times.

Raine and a team of neuroscientists found that the ventromedial prefrontal cortex - a part of the brain associated with decision-making - is found to be shrunken in habitual criminals with psychopathic tendencies.

In repeat impulsive offenders, the part of the brain related to learning from your mistakes - the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex - has been found to be underdeveloped.

Previously, research has shown that low activity in the anterior cingulate is linked to a higher risk of reoffending while shrunken amygdalas, related to emotions and morality, have been found in teenagers with conduct disorders - described by doctors as aggressive and anti-social traits.

These include burglary, violence and pathological lying.

Graeme Fairchild, a clinical psychology lecturer at Southampton University, told the Sunday Times: ‘If the parts of your brain involved in feeling guilt or empathy are damaged, then there is an issue of diminished responsibility. It is too early to use this research in courts,

but we have to ask if they are truly to blame for their behaviour.’



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calendar   Thursday - February 28, 2013

Again? Still? RCOB

5/3 of some folks are complete idiots

Earlier this month the President of Emory University wrote a piece for the school magazine about the efficacy of compromise. By the 24th he was forced to apologize for the piece because he mentioned slavery fully in context in his piece. The faux outrage that his comments caused proved three things: that no one at Emory has any grasp of American history, that the professors at Emory University are morons, and that the student body are utterly unable to employ critical thinking.

Read it all if you want.

Or read the original news piece here.

Or President Wagner’s little essay that the whole flap is about, right here.

Or just look at the picture of the anguished collegiate liberals out protesting and getting it ass-backwards as always:


The Amy Farrah Fowler glasses and hair give hotness somehow. It’s amazing, but it’s true.

ATLANTA — A reception on Friday at Emory University to celebrate the work of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the years after the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could have been more poorly timed, but not by much.

Emory University’s president, James W. Wagner, spoke Friday at a reception for an exhibition about the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. More Photos »

All week long, the president of Emory, James W. Wagner, had been trying to control the damage done by a column he wrote for the university magazine. In it, he praised the 1787 three-fifths compromise, which allowed each slave to be counted as three-fifths of a person in determining how much Congressional power the Southern states would have, as an example of how polarized people could find common ground.

It was, he has since said, a clumsy and regrettable mistake.

A faculty group censured him last week for the remarks.

Really? Srsly?? A group of faculty called out the president of their university because they felt his essay was racist?

Holy shit.  Fire the whole dumb fuck bunch of them. And get your kids the hell out of Emory if they go there. Obviously the faculty has no faculty with history, logic, patriotism, or simple reasoning.

Would somebody, anybody, please tell me how president Wagner’s essay was in any way, shape, or form, wrong? Two great and shining examples stand out as classics in American History to show compromise in action in Government. The Two Thirds Representation is one of them. And the Missouri Compromise is the other ... and both are on the same subject.

What kind of turbo-stupid drooling imbeciles are being turned out by the government run schools these days, that not only do current students not get this most basic civics lesson, but that their instructors, having graduated years earlier, worked their way up the educational pyramid to full PHD status and name-brand college professorships, also do not get it? That’s a non-stop continuous FAIL over a 12-20 year period, AT LEAST. I am beyond aghast. I am stultified. People, college students and professors, CAN NOT be this misinformed. And yet, they are. BY THE MILLIONS. TENS OF MILLIONS.

We need to take torches, pitchforks, and shovels and tear the entire nation’s educational system apart, from the very roots of pre-school on up, and rip out the black-armband morons EN MASSE who have failed our nation. They are far beyond a disgrace. They are subversive lying traitors. Every teacher who pushed revisionist history: flogged and fired. Every teacher who just swallowed the supplied lesson plan whole, and never questioned authority, who never put in the smallest bit of thought, who just regurgitated the garbage year after year: flogged and fired. They are traitors. Plain and simple. They are enemies of our nation, and enemies of our children. This is no accident. This is a national, decades old, coast to coast coordinated effort to misinform and to inculcate hatred and stupidity. And they should all hang for it.

There should not be a black person in America who is not willing to get down on his or her knees and thank God and the Founding Fathers in public for the 3/5 Compromise. Not a single one.

That even one black feels otherwise is a terrible tragedy. That nearly all of them feel otherwise is an indictment of brainless stupidity that covers an entire race. There is no hope for them. Not now, not ever. Their cause is lost. They are not just willfully misinformed, they are intellectually incapable. And any other person of any other race who buys into their moronic worldview is even more hopeless.

Let me put it as succinctly as I can: if black people have been taught that the 3/5 Compromise was a bad thing, then the teachers who taught them this are both morons and traitors. If black people were taught otherwise, but have come to consider the 3/5 Compromise a bad thing based on their own reasoning and based on consensus opinion within their own subculture, then they are effectively too stupid to draw breath. There is no middle ground, nor any room for discussion: it’s either A) teachers are traitors, or B) blacks are imbeciles.

If neither A nor B was the case, then I’d be hearing educational groups and race-representing groups preaching from the rafters 24-7 against that view. And all I hear is crickets. 


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calendar   Tuesday - June 05, 2012

American words are mangling our English.

I read this the other day, posting because it bothers me. Darn if everything doesn’t bug me these days.
I read this and thought, hey guy. You make it look like we forced it on your country. Anyway, he has so much I think is wrong for a guy who actually is smart and writes books that are good etc. But I’m bugged anyway.
Take a look.

Don’t talk garbage!...or why American words are mangling our English


The most delicate tool ever invented is the English language. It is endlessly rich, subtle, mellifluous and diverse — a vast mechanism built from 220,000 words, perfectly formed components that work together like jewelled cogs.

To wreck that mechanism deliberately — and to teach our children to do the same — would be worse than obscene. But that is what is happening.

A survey of 74,000 short stories written by British children has revealed that Americanisms are destroying traditional British words.

Like the grey squirrels that were introduced into the UK from the U.S. 130 years ago — and have almost wiped out our indigenous (and much lovelier) red squirrels — American words are infectious, destructive and virulent. And they are taking over.

Yeah okay. Lets talk for a second about that miserable grey rodent. The grey squirrel.
Just who Mr. Stevens brought the itty-bitty cute little things to these shores?
One of your own. That’s who.

the first greys were brought here from North America in 1876. Over the years more were introduced, notably by the Duke of Bedford to the park at Woburn Abbey where they thrived.

Well pardon me if American English is not only meant to be easy to use but damn well descriptive as well.

American words are designed to be easy to use. They are simple to say and spell. They combine nouns and verbs, labels and instructions, so that they are convenient to pick up and apply. A country of immigrants, speaking a dissonant babel of Yiddish, Italian, Gaelic, Dutch, Norwegian, German, Polish and Russian, needed a common tongue.

Take sidewalk, for instance: it refers to that part of a road (the side) reserved for pedestrians (who walk). Two simple words are compounded to replace a third, pavement.

Yet pavement is a wonderful word, a fragment of old French that resonates with the ringing blows of medieval craftsmen as they laid a stone floor — pavire is the Latin word for beating or ramming down. Why must we in Britain discard a beautiful, meaningful word, and replace it with a Frankenstein creation?

American-English is a compound language — a language in kit form. Any word can perform any function. Listen to the jargon of a burger-flipper at fast-food restaurant: ‘Welcome to the drivethru,’ ‘What’s your order?’ ‘Do you want fries with that?’ ‘I’ve actioned it,’ ‘Have a nice day.’

Drivethru might be the worst of all possible words. It takes a verb and a preposition, and screws them together (Americans love doing that: walkup, stopover, hangout). Then it mangles the spelling.

Finally, it applies this hideous, mongrel expression to a place where the food isn’t fit for dogs.

In English, you can order your food, but food isn’t an order; you can fry potatoes, but they’ll be chips, not fries; you can take action and see action, but you can’t simply action anything.

The findings of the survey, by the Oxford University Press, revealed yesterday that British children no longer know the difference between real English and its half-delinquent American cousin.

Why isn’t sidewalk correct? It’s a walkway by the roadside. No? Yes?  Floor. Now there’s a great word. When I read articles about people being injured or knocked down, the Brit press describes it as, someone was knocked down to the floor. Never mind it wasn’t indoors but out of doors. So GROUND I think should be the right word but here it’s all ‘floor.’
Here’s another word that drives me bananas when I see it used or hear it spoken.


Over here, if I wanted to say for example that I felt pressured to do something or act in some way, the word used here is not pressured but pressurized.
I felt I was pressurized into making that chess move.  Instead of pressured. That just doesn’t look or sound right. But that’s how it’s used here. I guess Mr. Stevens wouldn’t approve of the American use.

Oh yeah and lets get chips and fries out of the way. Picky-picky. First of all they are fried damn it. So we call em the way we sees em. Chips are these, these
how do I describe a chip. A particle?  I don’t care if Brits want to call em chips. Go in good health and enjoy but don’t tell us that potatoes that are fried are not fries.  And I especially don’t care for his put down regarding the food not being fit.  Jeesh. I’ll let you guys fill in the rest.
I know Drew can pick it apart better then I will.

Hey .... why is “goods train” any more descriptive or any better then “freight train?” If it’s hauling a load somewhere it’s what?  Freight. No?

U.S. English is sometimes called globish, bundling ‘global’ and ‘English’ into one concept. And as we know, some Americans have a rare ability to bundle all kinds of words together.

George W. Bush was capable of saying: ‘They misunderestimated me,’ and ‘Is our children learning?’ This was a president who treated English the way a horde of squatters treat a stately home — barging in, kicking holes in the walls, and generally leaving it in a foul mess.

Uh huh. Excuse me sir but I believe the squatter thing is STILL an English problem your govt. hasn’t done anything about yet. They said they would.
And you won’t find Americans that would put up with that in the USA. But in your country it’s always open season.
And I don’t believe Bush ever said Is our children learning unless that’s one line taken out of a line or a paragraph.  I never heard him say misunderestimated either. Did any of you because he could have and I just missed it.

Of course, language is not a fixed thing that must not be tampered with. It has been evolving for 1,500 years, and in that time English has absorbed the vocabularies and grammars of half the world, as traders, invaders and refugees brought new words and ways of speaking to these shores.

It has been shaped and honed by the greatest poets who ever spoke in any tongue, from Chaucer and Shakespeare to John Betjeman and Dylan Thomas.

But the coarse, half-articulate version called American-English is not an evolution. It’s a degraded version.

Two centuries ago, British abolitionists fought the American slave trade. Now a new campaign of abolition is needed — to rid us of American-English.

For everyone who is fed up of hearing drugstore instead of chemist; windshield instead of windscreen; hood instead of bonnet; cookbook instead of cookery book; gas instead of petrol; cranky instead of irritable; smart instead of clever and subway instead of underground — we do not have to tolerate it. Throw these words out!

In Minnesota and Mississippi, the inhabitants are welcome to talk as they

Many words that seem American actually originated in the UK

wish. But in Birmingham, Blackburn and Barnstaple, we do not have to mimic them.

We need not replace our dustbin lorries with garbage trucks, our newspaper cuttings with clippings, our courgettes with zucchinis, our drawing pins with thumbtacks.

And we must resist all pressure to add prepositions to words that don’t require them. It’s fine to meet a friend — there’s no need to ‘meet with’ anyone. Why would you want to ‘reach out to’ someone when you can just ask?

When I was a boy, growing up in Stratford-upon-Avon, decades before the banking crisis and international terrorism stifled the tourist trade, Americans were everywhere. They came in homage to Shakespeare, while committing cheerful barbarisms on the bard’s language.

I admired their lack of hypocrisy — the way they’d buy the best seats at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, for instance, and then leave at the first interval, because they didn’t understand a word of it (I also liked the way this gave me a free seat for the second half.)

I learned that we were, as the playwright George Bernard Shaw put it, two countries divided by a common language.

What the tourists seemed to think, though, was that we Brits were putting it on, that our accents and vocabulary were an act, an entertainment for the benefit of U.S. visitors.

‘Do y’all really say “fortnight”?’ a woman once gasped at me. ‘How do ya even remember a word like that?’

In 1921, American journalist H. L. Mencken argued that, as his nation comprised twice as many citizens as our little island, and was a burgeoning superpower compared with our fading Empire, his language outgunned ours.

‘When two-thirds of the people who use a certain language decide to call it a freight train instead of a goods train, they are right,’ he wrote. ‘The first is correct usage and the second a dialect.’

That’s provocative and witty, but wrong. Linguists estimate that a working knowledge of American globish needs just 1,500 words, not even 1 per cent of the content of the Oxford English Dictionary. The rest is wasted.

If I am writing in dialect, it’s a dialect that is 100 times more beautiful and precise and fascinating and expressive than the debased version that Mencken wanted to foist upon us.

It contains words such as foist, for a start. And burgeoning. And mellifluous, a word I used at the top of this page: it comes from the Latin words mel, or honey, and fluere, meaning flow.

Flowing like honey — that is just what our language does. And that’s the way that British children should learn to speak it.


I let the darnedest things get to me. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/05/2012 at 11:44 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - December 08, 2011

Oh No Not Again

UPDATE: Shooter was not a student, wasn’t the driver of the car either

Authorities investigating the deadly shooting Thursday at Virginia Tech say there is no apparent connection between the still-unidentified gunman—who apparently took his own life—and his victim, a 39-year-old campus police officer and father of five.

The male suspect shot and killed Virginia Tech police officer Deriek Crouse in a parking lot Thursday afternoon before killing himself with the same handgun about a half-mile away, school officials said during a press conference Friday.

Crouse was killed after pulling over a Virginia Tech student in a traffic stop at around 12:15 p.m. Authorities said the gunman—who was not involved in the traffic stop—walked into the parking lot adjacent to the Cassell Coliseum and ambushed the officer. Crouse was unable to return fire, according to officials.

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said authorities are “very confident” they know the identity of the shooter but are waiting to release his name until his next-of-kin is notified. They believe he acted alone.

Geller would not comment on whether the assailant had any known criminal record or history of mental illness.

She said the motive in the shooting is still under investigation. She also would not confirm reports that the shooter stole a vehicle in Ratford, Va., before driving to the Virginia Tech campus in Leesburg.

“We have not made an absolute connection that he stole the vehicle,” Geller said. 

Larry Hincker, Virginia Tech’s associate vice president of university relations, confirmed that the suspect was not a student at the school.

So it was another selfish suicider who felt the need to take someone with him, or was hoping for Death By Cop. Asshole.

Virginia Tech Shooting: 2 Dead At This Point

A police officer has been shot and killed on Virginia Tech’s campus during a routine traffic stop, according to the university. A second victim was found dead at another campus parking lot. The suspect is described as a white male wearing a maroon hoodie, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. The shootings occurred shortly after noon.

Students are asked to stay indoors for now as hundreds of police officers are searching and securing campus buildings and public areas. Area K-12 schools were on lockdown, but are now releasing students.

“We’re looking absolutely everywhere for the person who fits the description,” Mark Owczarski, Virginia Tech spokesman, said at a mid afternoon press conference. Students are not in class today because exams were set for tomorrow, he said. Those exams are now postponed. “It’s a very tragic day.”

The whereabouts of the gunman remains unknown. The suspect, according to an earlier posting on the school’s website, is described as a white male wearing gray sweatpants and a gray hat with a neon green brim.

University officials have scheduled a 4:30 p.m. media briefing.

“Several law enforcement agencies have responded to assist,” read a posting on the school’s website. “Virginia State Police has been requested to take lead in the investigation.”

Messages seeking comment from school officials were not immediately returned.

“There is an active campus alert in Blacksburg,” read a notice on the school’s website. “Everyone should seek shelter or stay where you are. Blacksburg Transit service is suspended until the alert is lifted.”

More details as they emerge.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 12/08/2011 at 04:26 PM   
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calendar   Monday - May 23, 2011

it’s racist to suggest that black women aren’t as pretty as other races. why?

What makes it so?  It’s an opinion.  There are some nice ones, mostly those of mixed race. That’s an opinion. Others are free to differ.

I think Asian women outshine all others, till I see a striking redhead and then I alter my opinion. I’m fickle that way.  But I guess that’s racist too.

It was a great week for the easily offended.  Those pious and easily bruised libtards determined to be outraged as often as possible.

That’s right kids.  Lets not tolerate people who publish ideas that might be wrong. More to the point though, ideas you don’t agree with.

Everything and anything critical in any way whatsoever, of any minority group, especially groups that are in favor these days is automatically

Well of course.  The school has an anti racist officer. I wonder if she wears a uniform with an armband of any kind and struts as opposed to walks. Just a thought.

Press Release: ULU unanimously calls for Satoshi Kanazawa’s dismissal

The University of London Union Senate (the umbrella union for 22 colleges within the University of London), the Union’s legislative body representing over 120,000 students, voted unanimously in favour of calling for a campaign for the dismissal of evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, Reader in Management at the LSE, and to condemn his poor research.

Kanazawa published an article on Psychology Today on Monday 16 May 2011 called “Why black women are less attractive than any other women”. Previous articles by Kanazawa include “Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes?” and “What’s Wrong with Muslims?” which estimates there to be “120 million potential suicide bombers worldwide”.

Sherelle Davids, anti-racism officer-elect of the LSE Students’ Union says:
“Kanazawa deliberately manipulates findings that justify racist ideology. As a Black woman I feel his conclusions are a direct attack on Black women everywhere who are not included in social ideas of beauty.”

Amena Amer, incoming LSESU Education Officer comments
“We support free speech and academic freedom, but Kanazawa’s research fuels hate against ethnic and religious minorities promoted by neo-Nazi groups. Not only does he use LSE’s credentials to legitimise his ‘research’ but this jeopardises the academic credibility of the LSE.”

The academic community has widely condemned Kanazawa’s flawed research and there should be no place for his unscientific bigotry at the LSE. Students stand united against his disgraceful conclusions and will not let this negatively impact good campus relations” says Community and Welfare Officer-elect Lukas Slothuus.

The Students’ Union welcomes the unanimous ULU decision to campaign for the dismissal of Kanazawa.

The good doctor had the gall to suggest that black women were less attractive then white, Asian or native American women.  I once knew an honest to gosh Cherokee and she had a body to die for and long thick black hair, bit of a skin problem and not a classic beauty, but darn good looking in spite of that. But I’ve seen photos of American Indians in general and haven’t seen any great beauties there outside a catwalk. Have you?
I have seen a number of very pretty black women, more brown and beige really then black.  But overall, he could be right except the screamers on the left can’t tolerate opinions like his, and so call for his removal. That’s so much easier isn’t it, then refuting his argument with other evidence of opposing research. Although since beauty is so much in the eye of the beholder, I don’t know if there actually is any scientific evidence for either side.

One of his critics, Ashok Kumar, an ‘education officer’ at the student union, says academic freedom in Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa’s case does not apply. Well of course not.
He wasn’t critical of white folks. Ashok huh? I wonder if that’s misspelled. Like maybe it should be, Ashole?  Kumar says there isn’t one person who will defend him.
No, more likely that the voices who might are being stilled or else just not reported on at the college. Naturally, Dr. Kanazawa is being referred to as a “Fascist.” Oh. Surprise.

Personally, I think the doctor is a lucky man cos he gets to have Japanese women. Or even Chinese if he’s apologetic enough. Or Korean.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/23/2011 at 10:45 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - February 22, 2011

has american industry sunk to the depths that we’re hostage to home grown jerks and foreigners

Knowing how touchy/feely our BMEWS ppl are and how sad the story, I thought I should warn our friends to have the hankies handy. Sob.

What a load of rubbish this is. It just gets the blood boiling to know that foreign interests in our internal affairs and how we deal with crime and punishment (and too often lack of the p-part) can throw a wrench into our machinery.
But the very worst part of this whole damned thing is, I’m left asking a question.

Have we become so dumb in the USA that we can not manufacture this stuff ourselves?  What the hell is happening to us? What, damn it?

The Daily Mail, which is not I know you won’t believe, a liberal paper, is talking about the “grisly end” to rapists/killers and miserable excuses for human beings.
How about the grisly end of their victims? Oh right. Since they’re already dead they don’t count anymore. Just the living filthy fuckin trash as represented by these examples.

the case would halt executions in Georgia and many other states. U.S. ‘execution protocols’ say the anaesthetic, sodium thiopental, must be administered first in lethal injections to render the prisoner fully unconscious.
There are no U.S. firms currently able to supply thiopental.


I don’t care if the scum are buried alive in this case and many like it.  Did they make the end of life humane for their victims?  And I do not for one minute buy the BS that we MUST treat these vermin well or we become like them. That’s BS too.

Jeeze I get so damn angry sometimes. And these days all the time it seems.

Professor Sheri Johnson, of Cornell University law school, a member of Hammond’s legal team,

Maybe if we’re lucky, Ms fuckin Johnson of Cornell Univ. will become a victim of worse and hopefully survive just to see her attacker(s) well defended by ppl like her. Then the bitch can die and I’d celebrate. The same for the idiot pen-pal broad who brought warmth to a cold blooded killer. But first …. eliminate with extreme prejudice Reprieve and others like them, using the very same methods as used by the criminals they want to save. Lets see how they’d like that.
Trouble is, nobody has the ability or the know how or the organization to bring that about.  Wait, the govt. does but won’t use them to protect America in quite that way. What a shame.  Our country is under assault not just by islamic animals, which is severe and bad enough all by itself. We’re under assault by, us.
And we are also being assaulted in a manner of speaking, by libtard foreign politicians with the authority to impose their weak kneed, hand wringing standards on what passes for a justice system in our own damn country. What’s with that? 

Prisoners’ agony in botched executions with British drug


Two American prisoners died in agony in botched lethal injections after being given allegedly defective anaesthetic supplied by a British drug company.
The grisly details of the deaths of murderers Emmanuel Hammond, executed by the state of Georgia last month, and Brandon Rhode, put to death there last September, will form the basis of a High Court action to be launched on Tuesday.

Both kept their eyes open when they should have been in a coma and Hammond grimaced in pain.

The legal action, brought by the campaign group Reprieve on behalf of the Rhode family, aims to force the British pharmaceutical regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), to recall all the anaesthetic supplied for executions by Dream Pharma, a tiny company located in West London.

If successful, the case would halt executions in Georgia and many other states. U.S. ‘execution protocols’ say the anaesthetic, sodium thiopental, must be administered first in lethal injections to render the prisoner fully unconscious.
Then he or she is given pancuronium bromide, a muscle relaxant that makes it impossible to breathe, and potassium chloride, a caustic chemical that stops the heart.
There are no U.S. firms currently able to supply thiopental. Dream Pharma’s consignments, sent last summer to states including Georgia, California, Arkansas and Arizona, were the last from Britain before Business Secretary Vince Cable imposed a ban in December on exporting drugs for executions.

The Mail on Sunday interviewed three witnesses to the most recent botched execution, that of Hammond, 45, who raped and murdered a teacher, Julie Love, in 1988. All said that he remained conscious as he was put to death on January 24.

Professor Sheri Johnson, of Cornell University law school, a member of Hammond’s legal team, said she stared at him throughout as she knew the previous prisoner to be executed using the Dream Pharma thiopental – Rhode – had kept his eyes open throughout and had not lost consciousness.

Prof Johnson said: ‘He closed his eyes perhaps ten seconds after the drugs started. But then, some time later, he opened them again. Perhaps one or two minutes after that, his mouth screwed up to one side. It looked painful, as if it could be a grimace of pain.’

Reporter Josh Green also said Hammond first closed and then reopened his eyes some time after receiving the thiopental. Later, he wrote, he observed Hammond give out ‘short bursts of breath that lifted his lips’.

Jill Rand, a Florida nurse who became Hammond’s penfriend, said that she too saw him move his lips.
Several witnesses also said Rhode, 31 – who murdered three members of the same family in 2000 – kept his eyes open throughout.

Maya Foa, an investigator at Reprieve, said: ‘If it’s not recalled, more prisoners are likely to die in agony.’
Georgia’s next scheduled execution is on March 1.

Ms Foa said Reprieve was also taking statements from witnesses to a third ‘botched’ execution – Jeffrey Landrigan, 50, in Arizona in October.
Dream Pharma last night failed to respond to requests for comment.
An MHRA spokeswoman said it could not comment on the pending legal action.



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calendar   Saturday - November 27, 2010

comrade teachers and MPs call out students for people’s demonstration

I did a smattering of this last week, but I have more here.  I want people to see what’s happened and the promise made for more of the same.
The outrage is that some politicians (left) and professors (left) have encouraged the vandals.

Honest protest is one thing. But when police are physically attacked and property damage occurs, that passes protest and become assault and criminal damage.
Here. Take a look at what some profs and Labour Party MPs have said is perfectly okay.


And these are a few of the comrade commissars who say right on. Good show gallant students. These are a few of the pols who make the laws and profs. who are responsible for the teaching indoctrination of comrade students, who have a god given right to an affordable college education.


# Lecturers ‘congratulate staff and students on magnificent demonstration’
# Sussex University academic boasts he planned the attack a fortnight ago

And here are a few of the choice words they had to impart to the “students.”


Violent protests were ‘marvellous’ says veteran Labour MP as students announce next demonstration

By Daily Mail Reporter

* More protests planned for November 30

* Students critical of being held for hours in cold

A veteran Labour MP has been criticised for describing Tuesday’s student protests as ‘marvellous’.

David Winnick’s controversial remarks came as students announced they would take to the streets again on November 30 in protest at the Government’s planned increase in tuition fees.

Mr Winnick, the MP for Walsall North and a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said ‘As far as yesterday’s demonstration is concerned it was marvellous and gives a lead to others to follow.’

more here and more pix There’s a bit of video as well.

Labour MPs cheered on student vandals on Twitter as they smashed up Tory headquarters

# Lecturers ‘congratulate staff and students on magnificent demonstration’
# Sussex University academic boasts he planned the attack a fortnight ago

As protesters started destroying the entrance to the Westminster building, MP Alex Cunningham tweeted: ‘Well done our students – thousands outside the office getting stuck into the LibDem / Tory government.’

more here



Stay Tuned .... they promised more in three days.  I wonder if the jerks and irresponsible lefty dirt bag politicians and professors would be willing to pay for all the damage they encourage.  Course not. 

That’s what T A X P A Y E R S are for.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/27/2010 at 10:33 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - September 21, 2010

darn those cheap skate americans … they aren’t giving enough says an american. euros love it

European I think just love it when an American confesses and admits what failures we are and how but for us poverty would be ended, gorebal warming would cool, there’s be no wars and the common cold might be a thing of the past.

Yeah,yeah I’m exasperated/exaggerated.  Hey say there a combination of those two words? Anyway, saw the headline in morning paper and so booted to post earlier then usual.  We had some washing to do and the weather forecast said the next couple of days would be sunny and even into the 70s.  Mind you, 70 does not always translate into mild or warm.  So we went to the creek and brought back everything to hang on our line and the sun immediately went in.

Right. A maddening headline in the paper as follows.


Right.  It’s our fault again.  Jeesh. Tell ya what.  I just discovered that the reason the problem is always in front of us is, new generations get fed the pap and sob story and it just goes on.  Nothin’ new here.  Where’s the money been going all these years?  Maybe between em Vilmar and Drew took it and lost it all in Vegas.
Do any of you folks recall the collections made in schools when we were all young? 
I’m afraid Americans are just gonna have to do more .....  !%$£%^&*(*(&^%%$£$&^*(!!^

American lack of interest in achieving the Millennium Development Goals
amounts to a failure of leadership that dooms efforts to revitalise the campaign to failure, one of its leading architects has said.

By Mike Pflanz in Nairobi

Prof Jeffrey Sachs, a New York-based economist, told The Daily Telegraph, that the world would fail to meet the eight targets to reduce deprivation adopted in 2000 because the US had effectively turned away from the process.

World leaders gathered on Monday in New York to discuss progress towards the goals, which aimed at halving poverty, ensuring every child completes primary school, tackling killer diseases including Aids and addressing the impacts of environment change.

“In the US, it’s not as if people are debating whether we are going to meet the promises or not, there is simply no debate happening at all,” said Prof Sachs in an interview. “If the Obama administration began committing what it promised it would, right now, all the MDGs could be met in Africa by 2015.”

Developed nations have already delivered less than half the £32 billion of increased aid promised at the 2005 Gleneagles G8 summit. By contrast Britain was one of the few nations showing sustained commitment to meet its promises on the MDGs.

While Britain is on target to meet a pledge to give 0.7 per cent of national income in aid by 2013, the US has fallen behind, giving just 0.2 per cent in 2009.


Just so nobody mistakes me for a compassionate and caring conservative.  Screw Africa! Screw the entire 3rd world.  I for one do not care.  Let em eat cake.
Zillions and zillions over the last 60 or so years and nothing changes except the bloated egos of rock stars who do aid concerts, and the pockets of the fixers.
The west throws money at peoples who feed rats milk.  Can not make that one up. It’s true in one place. Heaven knows what other examples are out there.
Britain pledges what?  While at the very same time making cuts here at home.  Oh that makes sense. Freekin ijits.

I want an air conditioned cave somewhere that also has broadband, maybe Utah. Or Montana. Someplace nice and remote and TV with only one channel that broadcasts Dodger games.  Bad enough when foreigners bitch about us and who likes that.  But when an American jumps on the bandwagon ... Nuts!


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