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calendar   Friday - April 24, 2015

un big shot critical of how brit press writes regarding immigration, calls for censorship

Well now, so now the UN is in the business of telling civilians what to say and not say. And btw … if you take a look at most of the so called migrants who are all in total, illegal , ‘cockroaches’ is apt.

On the subject of sub human like life forms, who I am happy to learn 900 of which are now with Davy Jones, the left wing Labour Party here is blaming those deaths on the conservatives and specifically on the Prime Minister.

Anyway …. While I don’t know who this Katie is, three cheers for saying out loud what many think but are afraid to say openly.
The press, even the conservative press, continues to describe the drownings as a tragic event.  Bullshit.

They should be cause for wild and exuberant celebration. 

Katie Hopkins is criticised by the UNITED NATIONS for ‘reflecting a nasty underbelly of racism’ after calling migrants ‘cockroaches’

· UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned Katie Hopkins’
· Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein urged Britain to crack down on ‘inciting racial hatred’
· Compared Hopkins’ ‘cockroaches’ comment to language employed by Rwandan media outlets in the run-up to the 1994 genocide
· He also likened her words to Nazi propaganda during the 1930s

By John Hall for MailOnline

The UN’s rights chief has urged Britain to crack down on tabloid newspapers inciting racial hatred after a columnist for The Sun called migrants ‘cockroaches’.
In a hard-hitting statement, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein said Katie Hopkins had used language similar to that employed by some Rwandan media outlets in the run-up to the 1994 genocide, and by the Nazis in the 1930s.
He said the April 17 article in the newspaper was reflective of a ‘nasty underbelly of racism that is characterising the migration debate in an increasing number of EU countries’.


I really resent it and don’t think white folks should be ordered around or told what to say by anyone with a name like Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein, or any combination thereof.  His demand that the UK crack down on the press as they most likely do in his country, his comment regarding inciting race hatred is way off the mark.  That hatred is brought upon by the maggots flooding Europe and the UK to a point where folks born and raised here are being told how to act and speak regarding immigration. Most no longer even recognise their own country.

Here’s a prediction bmews readers.  In another thousand years and maybe less, one of your descendents will say to their kid,
Jayvon Mustaffa, did you know that way back in time one of our ancestors was white?

And finally, it’s reported today that Italy has announced they expect 5,000 a week. Think about that.

Oh yeah, maybe you haven’t heard it yet.
Although the numbers are not as large in the USA with would be fighters getting to Syria to join up with ISIS, the largest number are made up of Somalis living in America. 


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calendar   Monday - April 13, 2015

UN Idiocy As Always

UN: Iran To Lead “Gender Equality / Women’s Empowerment” Committee

With little fanfare, a U.N. body has given Iran seats on several entities, including one dealing with women’s empowerment, another with children, a third with narcotics and a fourth with crime prevention and criminal justice.

From January 1 next year, Iran will be a member of the executive board of the U.N. Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (U.N. Women), the executive board of the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

The decisions were made between Wednesday and Friday last week, at sessions of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), a 54-member U.N. organ that coordinates socio-economic and related affairs.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power afterwards underlined the fact Iran had received a relatively low level of support.
“In Iran, women are legally barred from holding some government positions, there are no laws against domestic violence, and adultery is punishable by stoning, making it wholly inappropriate that Iran assume a leadership role on women’s rights and welfare at the U.N.,” Power said.
Iran was sixth from the bottom among more than 140 countries assessed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in its most recent annual “Global Gender Gap” report. The report measures gaps between women and men in the areas of political empowerment, economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, and health and survival.

(Pakistan, also elected onto U.N. Women on Friday, fared even worse in the WEF report, in second last place, above Yemen at the very bottom.)

Useless. Nitwits.


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calendar   Tuesday - November 11, 2014

STFU Already

Are You Sick Of This BS Yet??

Michael Brown’s parents address U.N.: ‘We need the world to know’

The parents of Michael Brown, a Missouri teen killed by police, testified before a U.N. committee Tuesday because they want the world to know “what’s going on in Ferguson.”

Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. spoke to the United Nations Committee Against Torture—which also works against cruel or degrading treatment or punishment by government authorities.

“We need the world to know what’s going on in Ferguson and we need justice,” McSpadden told CNN in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We need answers and we need action. And we have to bring it to the U.N. so they can expose it to the rest of the world, what’s going on in small town Ferguson.”

Wow, and you thought Obama was a laughingstock.

In a statement, the Browns’ attorney’s office said the couple planned to “testify on behalf of many supporters who join in the appeal for global intervention in the way policing currently functions in America.”


Michael Brown Sr. said he and his wife were offering “an outlook on what’s going on in the United States and all over the world with the police, police brutality, no justice.”

This is a new low, even for the professional victim class.

And actually, it’s pretty funny. AS IF the world gave a squat. As if ISIS cares. Or Boko Haram. Or communist China. Or North Korea. Or any banana republic anywhere, where the federales shoot anyone they feel like whenever they want. Or the drug cartels do it instead. Maybe the parents could meet directly with Castro, or with Assad, or whats-her-commie down in Brazil. Places where the garbage dump monkeys are always fed golden bananas, by respectful white gloved zoo keepers. AS IF.

At this point, I really can’t wait for that grand jury to return a NO verdict. No threats, just an unspoken promise. Not In My Backyard. A promise I think might be shared by millions, just waiting. Let Ferguson burn. Who cares? Then plow it under, or just leave it to rot. Not a cent in aid, no a penny for rebuilding.


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calendar   Thursday - August 22, 2013

heat wave

When in panic or in doubt
Run in circles, scream and shout


Yes, it was notable news ... in 1957 when this was published.

Click over to Climate Depot for the latest on the mock-crisis of Climate Change.

PS - Don’t worry; the Arctic ice is at it’s highest level in a long time, with more than 50% more ice than last year, now that the peak of the melting season has passed. And the Antarctic ice is at record setting levels. So if anything, you’d figure there would be more water than ever locked up in ice floes. Maybe so. That’s why the UN - where all the real, honest climate scientists work - is predicting that sea levels could rise as much as 80cm - 31.5” - in the next 87 years. Run for your lives!!!!111!

The world is on track to become up to five degrees hotter, and sea levels could rise more than 80 centimetres this century, according to a leaked draft of a landmark climate change report prepared for the UN.

There is now a 95 per cent likelihood human greenhouse gas emissions are driving changes being observed globally, which in recent weeks have included extraordinary heatwaves in Asia and Alaska.

That degree of certainty has been revised up from 90 per cent in the last report in 2007, 66 per cent in 2001, and just over 50 in 1995. A sea level rise of up to 82 centimetres, which would have serious impacts on coastal cities everywhere, is now ‘’unequivocal’’, Reuters reported.

So let’s tax the daylights out of any country with white people in it, to obtain billions to fight this menace, while completely ignoring asking the Turd Word - with 1/2 the world’s population, diversely brown, black, and yellow people (China, India, Indonesia, and almost all of Africa) - to do as much as not burn a single twig less. Because equality. And development. Oh, and to make it work, we’re going to have to institute a totalitarian one-world government with complete control over every aspect of your life. But it’s for the chiiiildren. And the plaaaanet. So submit. You racist.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 09, 2012

Teetering on the brink of the abyss

This way to Armageddon! Hurry, don’t be late! The ride is just about ready to start. Hold on, here we go!!!

NATO makes plans to back Turkey over Syria spillover

NATO said it had drawn up plans to defend Turkey if necessary should the war in Syria spill over their border again as dozens of people were killed across the Arab nation on Tuesday.

Fighting between Syrian rebels and government forces could be heard from this Turkish border town following on from several days of clashes in the past week. One Syrian villager said a rebel push on the town of Azmarin was expected soon.

In Damascus, rebel suicide bombers struck at an Air Force Intelligence compound used as an interrogation centre - the latest attack to bring the conflict close to President Bashar al-Assad’s power base.

“ only able to stand up with crutches,” Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told a meeting of his ruling AK Party. “He will be finished when the crutches fall away.”

Erdogan, reacting to six consecutive days when shells fired from Syrian soil have landed on Turkish territory, has warned Ankara will not shrink from war if forced to act.

But his government has also stressed it would be reluctant to mount any big operation on Syrian soil and then only with international support.


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calendar   Saturday - September 22, 2012

Down For Now, But Soon To Return Thanks To UN Aid?

Somali Pirates All But Gone,
But UN Stupidity May Bring Them Back With A Vengeance

Worldwide Incidents: updated on 30 August 2012
Total Attacks Worldwide:  210
Total Hijackings Worldwide:  23

Incidents Reported for Somalia:
Total Incidents: 70
Total Hijackings:13
Total Hostages: 212

Current vessels held by Somali pirates:
Vessels: 11 Hostages: 188.

source: ICC

News: Six month drop in world piracy, IMB report shows

The number of pirate attacks have fallen sharply in the first half of 2012, led by a drop in Somali piracy, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) global piracy report revealed today, but warned that these numbers were offset by a worrying increase of attacks in the Gulf of Guinea.

Overall, 177 incidents were reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) in the first six months of 2012, compared to 266 incidents for the corresponding period in 2011.

The report showed that 20 vessels were hijacked worldwide, with a total number of 334 crew members taken hostage. There were a further 80 vessels boarded, 25 vessels fired upon and 52 reported attempted attacks. At least four crew members were killed.

The decrease in the overall number is primarily due to the decline in the incidents of Somali piracy activity, dropping from 163 in the first six months of 2011 to 69 in 2012. Somali pirates also hijacked fewer vessels, down from 21 to 13. Nonetheless, Somali piracy continues to remain a serious threat.

A quick look at the stats shows the current worldwide annual total to be at 223, and none of the last 10 actions was Somali driven.

So, it seems all well and good; the vast multi-national naval effort, combined with the huge land based undertaking in Puntland, has put a genuine kibosh on pirate activities in the western Indian Ocean. Right?

Wrong. Via Eaglespeak, here comes a report that some dimwit program at the UN might bring it all back again.

How the U.N. saved the Somali pirates from the brink of extinction.


My week and a half at sea plotting the vast distances and measuring the response time of the designated naval escorts made it clear to me that piracy would never be defeated at sea. But I had plenty of time with my new South African friend who worked for a security company named Sterling Corporate Services to understand a new program—how exactly how pirates could be defeated very quickly, on land.

In June of this year, my bow-hunting friend, a group of four dozen South African mentors,and 500 newly trained Somali recruits pointed their armada of 70 shiny Toyota Land cruisers, a small fleet of high-powered rigid inflatable boats, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft towards the coast of Somalia—the heart of pirate country.

This once-motley group, the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF), had been trained by African, British, South African, and U.S. foreign contractors for two years; in May 2011, they began setting up forward operating bases in remote coastal areas of Eyl, Hafun, Bargal, and Qaw. By June 2012, they were ready for the full invasion wave.

Their target was pirate leader Isse Yulux, a former roadhouse owner turned militia leader, who found grabbing ships at sea much easier than fighting clan wars on land. Yulux had a long track record of successful, and sometimes vicious, hauls—including a Danish family he had kidnapped from their luxury yacht. His brazen capture on May 15, 2012, of a brand new Suezmax tanker loaded with over $100 million of Dubai sweet crude made him Puntland’s Public Enemy No. 1. But the other mission of the PMPF was to push back the rapidly growing numbers of al-Shabab and al Qaeda members fleeing north from the south of Somalia.

Although the anti-piracy program was briefed to the U.S. embassy in Nairobi (which coordinates U.S. policy in Somalia), officials held a dim view of Puntland’s attempt to bolster its own security. Not surprisingly, the West still sees Somalia in its shiny new colonial clothes—one nation under one government. But for all intents and purposes, Somalia was only unified between 1949 and 1991—and most of that time under a Marxist dictator. Somaliland, the former British colony, Puntland, Galmudug, and southern Somalia has always been governed and delineated within clan boundaries, rather than foreign-engineered fantasies. A legacy of poor governance—from the 19th century sultanate deal-making with Europeans, to the colonial carve-ups of the 1885 Berlin Conference to the post-war protectorates—spawned major uprisings. If that weren’t enough, the last 20 years of being the U.N.’s favorite custodial state has resulted in a randomly selected viceroy bullying and cajoling Somalis towards that same colonial goal of a unified, democratic nation.

In early 2010, frustrated by America’s cold shoulder and the U.N.’s obsession with a Mogadishu-centric Somalia run by the incompetent Transitional Federal Government (TFG), Puntland’s President Abdirahman Farole sought help from his biggest trading partner: The United Arab Emirates. The tiny, but oil-rich maritime trading nation had a vested interest in keeping the growing legions of al-Shabab fighters funneling into Puntland away from their ships and shoreline. Within weeks, not years, millions of dollars began to flow to build Puntland’s security force.

In June 2012, two years after its creation, the UAE-funded PMPF—now with helicopters, ocean-going ships, construction battalions, and a massive base—was under pressure from Farole to become operational. He wanted the pirates cleared out by July. Coastal communities like Bargal, Bander Bayla, and Eyl were also pressuring Farole to support their homegrown efforts to expel pirates. The timing for the offensive was perfect: the monsoons that keep the pirates off the seas were about to set in; pirate crews would soon be coming off the oceans. This meant they would be much easier to reach as they chewed qat and consulted mystics about next season’s catch.

But the program had another, more-formidable enemy, the U.N.—specifically, the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (SEMG), a group that was created to document violations of the 20-year-old arms embargo in 2002 by warlord-run militias. The original SEMG reports were hampered by a lack of access on the ground and resulted in a dry accounting of militias and weapons. But with the hiring of Canadian/Somalilander and former International Crisis Group senior analyst Matthew Bryden in 2008, (a period that coincided with the growth of piracy and al-Shabab’s arrival in the north) the reports took on a bizarre and voluminous tone accusing both friend and foe of serious violations.

For example, in 2008 the SEMG accused the United States of violating the arms embargo by launching missile attacks against terrorist groups. Characterizing one such incident, Bryden’s team wrote: “The Monitoring Group considers all weapons delivered to Somalia a violation of the embargo, irrespective of the manner in which they were delivered.”

There’s a lot more to read, in a nice readable story format, so follow the link. And then somebody can tell me why I’m surprised that the UN is only making the situation worse?

PS - you’ll love this: AQ in Somalia with heat seeking anti-aircraft missiles. Wonderful.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 12, 2012


I say good for the French and screw the UN.  Gasbags who have nothing better to do then spend other ppls’ tax money.

Anyway, the frakin UN has its knickers ina twist because the French are tossing out gypsies. The headline reads, “UN attacks France over human rights.” What human? Where do they find those among gypsies outside a Hollywood movie?  This followed a headline from some days before which read; “French rout gipsy camp in migrant crackdown.”

See, the French have the same problem the Brits and others do. But say what you want to about them, the French once they’ve had it are not weepy eyed hand wringers crying, Ohhhh dear! What shall we do?  No.  They got fed up to the gills with the BS and cracked down on the vermin.  Mores the pity they won’t simply shoot them dead so none can sneak back into their country.  Which no doubt they will do.
The reporting paper said that the French were “forcing people out of their homes on ILLEGAL campsites.” And the UN doesn’t like that.  This is supposed to be going on all over France.  Gee, imagine that.  Their country and they get the notion since it still is theirs, they have a right to toss out subhuman illegals setting up campsites. Well I never.
Oh yeah …. this post isn’t so much about the rat bastards at the UN or even the French connection I’ve made here.  Nope.
It’s about some Bulgarians.  The French are sending back gypos to Romania and Bulgaria from whence they came.

So while the French are sending many back, guess who’s coming to dinner here?
You don’t need to guess. Do ya?  Of course ya don’t.
So take a look anyway.

H/T The Sun, A place I rarely visit.

“They heard about the benefits here and have come to claim them”

Family of nine Bulgarian gypsies who targeted UK to scrounge benefits are housed in just three weeks — at the taxpayers’ expense

A FAMILY of Bulgarian gypsies who came to Britain to scrounge benefits have been given a house — less than three weeks after arriving in the country.
Rusi Georgiev, 41, partner Mariana Sabeva, 34, and their SEVEN kids headed to the UK when work ran out at home.
They set up a makeshift camp outside historic Westminster Cathedral in Central London — as Rusi told pals he was here to take advantage of the soft welfare system.
The family has now been handed a home after lodging a claim for asylum with the Home Office.
The gypsies arrived legally by coach with European passports. They were in council emergency accommodation before camping outside the Catholic cathedral.
The Sun found them living in squalid conditions, littered with dirty nappies.
They slept on the ground outside the cathedral doors.
A fellow Bulgarian said: “They heard about the benefits here and have come to claim them.
“They’ve been offered tickets back to Bulgaria by the authorities but they want to stay.
“In Bulgaria they can’t get these benefits. More and more people are going to do this.”
Westminster Council eventually took the family off the streets because of “safeguarding concerns around the children”.
They are now living in a house at taxpayers’ expense while the Home Office processes their asylum claim.
Tory MP Nicholas Soames called it “unacceptable”.
Matthew Sinclair, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, added: “Ministers must ensure Britain isn’t an easy target for benefit tourism.
“Asylum is not meant for anyone who fancies an easy life at taxpayers’ expense.”

Wanna bet ?  Looks like you have it already like it or not. 
There are two choices.  Delete the entire family and send a message to others who want to come here and suck the place dry, or pay em and house em. Forever.
Or, you could send them to France and let them deport them.  But then, that leaves open the possibility they will return.


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calendar   Friday - June 01, 2012

they got the wrong man. and they have experience doing just that.

Looking for the right words to convey how hypocritical not to mention stupid the politics of various statesmen are.

I don’t know if the news from Syria and the claimed “massacres” are big news in the USA.  I imagine they are as a report here says the govt. (USA) is very unhappy with the Assad regime.  Like Britain and the USA haven’t got our hands full in Afghanistan and other troubled places around the world, now our unwanted noses are sniffing around Syria.  Why?  Ah. The buzzword of our new century. CIVILIANS.  Right. Washington, London, Paris and paid ‘friends’ are concerned that civilians are suffering boo-boos like they did in Libya.  And every atrocity committed is all done on the orders of Mr. Assad, we are told to assume.
One Brit official is even now openly saying military option is open. In fact, British Foreign Minister William Hague said military intervention against Syria’s President Bashar Assad would be on a much larger scale than in Libya.  So there.  What I would like to know is, why should we care?  Why is it the business of outsiders as to how Assad deals with his internal problems? 
I hate to say this but I will risk the slings and arrows because saving one group of foreigners from their fellow citizens in what looks more like a brewing civil war,
is not only none of our damn business.  If it comes to what Mr. Hague suggests, then I hope that the Syrians will prove to be a tougher foe and much better prepared and more willing to fight then was the case in Iraq and Libya.  Unless our leaders can come up with a better reason for intervention in a sovereign country, like our own national security interests, instead of this uman rights BS, I see it as another ill advised waste of money and resources that benefit a few.
I don’t really care if Assad wipes out half his population to stay in office.  Those folks are less then nothing to me. If on the other hand there’s some proof of some kind that has to do with the support of terrorists operating against us and the west, then the proper response is a nuclear strike.  If we aren’t willing to go that far, then we need to keep ourselves to ourselves and let those folks sort out their own problems.

OK, speaking of human rights and atrocities and thuggery and the oppression of civilians.  Assad of Syria faced with armed insurrection kills a few thousand ppl.  That’s bad and we must go in and stop him.

Mugabe steals farms and kills a few hundred white farmers and multiple thousands of his own ppl.  Yawn. Ho-hum. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
What?  Aren’t we going to go in armed to the teeth to protect the remaining “civilians” he’s been persecuting for years?  zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Of course not. Not a bit of it. In fact. Why not an award or something?  Ya think?

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe is honoured by UN as a ‘leader for tourism’


DURING his three decades in power, Robert Mugabe has dragged once-wealthy Zimbabwe into the gutter.
His forced seizure of white-owned farms precipitated the collapse of the economy, leading to devastating poverty.

He has the blood of tens of thousands of his people on his hands and is banned from travelling to most parts of the world because of his regime’s human rights abuses.
Strange then that the United Nations has honoured the tyrant as a tourism ‘ambassador’.

In a move prompting condemnation, the UN’s World Tourism Organisation has invited Mugabe to join its prestigious ‘Leaders for Tourism’ group.
The UN agency last night claimed the accolade did not bestow any honour on the despot. But critics last night attacked the decision to recognise the 88-year-old.

For a man who has destroyed his country’s infrastructure and cynically engineered hunger to be an “ambassador” for tourism is disgraceful – particularly as he has been personally responsible for the downward spiral of the economy and destroyed the hotel, travel and tourism industry in the process.’

Tory MP Oliver Colvile added: ‘I’m afraid the UN has something of a track record of making silly appointments without due regard to the circumstances.
‘Mugabe has destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy and does not deserve any recognition, least of all for encouraging tourism.’

Kumbi Muchemwa, a spokesman for Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change, the main opposition party, said: ‘Robert Mugabe is under international sanctions, so how do you have an international tourism ambassador who can’t travel to other countries? The UN is losing credibility. Does it think people should go to a country where the law is not obeyed?’

Mugabe was honoured on Tuesday as a ‘Global Leader for Tourism’ in a special ceremony at Victoria Falls. Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the UNWTO, made the presentation and endorsed Zimbabwe as a ‘safe’ holiday destination.

The US however is among a number of countries that have issued advice warning about the dangers of travelling in Zimbabwe, despite its natural beauty.

The UNWTO claims to promote ‘ethical’ tourism around the world. Its 155 member states include such unlikely tourist destinations as Afghanistan and North Korea.

A spokesman for the agency denied Mugabe had been made an international ambassador. It said he was one of a number of world leaders who had been presented with a ‘leaders for tourism’ letter inviting them to do more to promote tourism. He said there was no legal commitment or title attribution to the head of state in question.


Further proof that the United Nations is a corrupt circus designed to allow tinpot tyrants to masquerade as world statesmen. Robert Mugabe, the blood-stained Zimbabwean despot, has just been appointed the UN’s ‘tourism envoy’. Perhaps he could start by organising bus trips of the killing fields in his own country. Making Mugabe a ‘tourism envoy’ is the sickest joke since Gaddafi was appointed to the UN’s ‘human rights’ commission.

Littlejohn at the Daily Mail


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calendar   Monday - October 31, 2011

It’s About Time

US To UN: FU !!

$60 Million? Nah, we’ll be keeping that, thanks.

U.S. Will Withhold Funds For U.N. Agency After Vote to Grant Membership to Palestinians

The United States will not pay $60 million to a U.N. cultural and educational agency after it voted Monday to accept the Palestinian mission as a full member, triggering a U.S. requirement to cut off funds.

“We are not going to be able to continue contributing to the budget,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. “Palestinian membership as a state in UNESCO triggers longstanding legislative restrictions which will compel the United States to refrain from making contributions to UNESCO.”

Washington is required by law to cut off funding to any U.N. agency if the Palestinian Liberation Organization is granted membership in any group at the international body.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization voted 107-14 with 52 abstentions on Monday granting Palestinians full membership in the organization. The U.S. voted against the nomination. Eighty-one votes of the 173 UNESCO members were needed for full membership to be approved.

“Long Live Palestine!” one delegate reportedly shouted in French at the meeting.

The U.S. funds about 22 percent of UNESCO’s budget, or roughly $80 million annually. Nuland said the $60 million was scheduled to be sent in November.

Unfortunately, this is only UNESCO, not the whole UN package. But there’s a movement under way to de-fund that bunch of socialist puss-weasels as well:

Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., has also introduced legislation that would withhold U.S. contributions from any U.N. agency or program that “upgrades” the status of the Palestinian observer mission at the U.N, whether full membership or not.

Ros-Lehtinen has previously argued efforts at de facto recognition of a Palestinian state is an attempt to evade a negotiated settlement with Israel.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton said the U.N. vote signals weakness in U.S. diplomacy, particularly since some of the United States’ closest allies voted against U.S. wishes.

“So ineffective was Obama administration diplomacy, that France voted in favor of Palestinian membership, and Britain and Japan abstained. U.S. statutes, dating from 1990, now require a full cutoff of U.S. funding, which Congress should insist occur immediately. Should the administration seek changes in the applicable statutory provisions that would eliminate or weaken the funding cutoff, Congress should reject them,” Bolton said.

“UNESCO has made its decision: it prefers Palestinian membership to American participation. Now let the rest of the U.N. specialized agencies make their choice,” he added.

Damn straight skippy. When the ’Stache of Truth speaks, ya’ll better listen up. And gosh, another utter non-surprise: under Obama, our diplomats are effin’ worthless. Strong horse, weak horse, dopey donkey. An ass that needs kicking.

UK out of EU. US out of UN, UN out of US. Let the effers fend for themselves for a decade. Idiots.


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calendar   Saturday - March 19, 2011

France Over Libya

French Lead The Way

Enforce Air & Ground No Fly Zone / Ceasefire In Libya

Obama & family take vacation in Brazil

Brink of war? Are you kidding? Everybody samba!!

French fighters jets soared over Libya on Saturday to counter Moammar Gadhafi’s military forces who were intent on destroying the opposition as they pushed into the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

“Our air force will oppose any aggression by Colonel Gadhafi against the population of Benghazi,” said French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking after an international, top-level meeting in Paris over the Libyan crisis.

“As of now, our aircraft are preventing planes from attacking the town,” he said. “As of now, our aircraft are prepared to intervene against tanks.”

The international show of force is much-welcomed by besieged rebel forces who have called for backup to help them stave off a government offensive against their positions in Benghazi and other rebel-held enclaves.

Latest developments:

* French jets have entered Libya’s airspace to prevent Muammar Gaddafi’s forces from attacking Benghazi, President Sarkozy has announced.

* Sarkozy’s statement to the press came after world leaders, including British PM David Cameron, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and various Arab leaders, met in Paris Saturday to hold crunch talks on the crisis in Libya.

* Reports emerged this morning of a fighter plane being shot down over Benghazi. Photos and video show the jet above the city falling through the sky in flames.

* Rebels in Benghazi say the government has been bombing roads and areas around the city. The regime has denied any involvement, saying its air force has remained grounded and the cease-fire is being upheld.

Obama “the leader of the free world”, made a speech yesterday in which he talked tough but essentially told the world “let somebody else do this.”

Asked whether the decision to carry out bombing against Libyan forces could begin immediately after Saturday’s session ends, a senior State Department official said: “In terms of when the bombing starts, I’ll leave that for others to lay out at the appropriate time.”

Such leadership.

Fearless Reader then got on his airplane and began yet another vacation embarked on a vital 5 day trade mission to South America with his family.

Obama departed Washington just hours after endorsing military action against Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, leaving an array of military might at the ready and raising the prospect that he would have to authorize military action from a foreign land.

For Obama, the visit represents a chance to engage with newly elected [ Brazilian ] President Dilma Rousseff and get a firsthand assessment of what administration officials believe is her practical approach to governance and foreign relations after eight years of the flamboyant Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
Obama arrives bearing no major policy gifts. And he’s not likely to deliver on two of Brazil’s top wishes—an endorsement for Brazil to become a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council and a relaxation of tariffs on Brazilian ethanol. The United States and Brazil are the world’s largest ethanol producers.

And after promising question and answer news conferences with these South American leaders, Obama’s first presser was no questions asked. Yeah, because that’s what Rouseff wanted, right.

Obama’s “press conference” with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was abruptly shrunken down to just statements from each leader and no questions from American and Brazilian reporters, though U.S. officials have been quick to point out that they wanted questions from the media but the Brazilian side blocked it.

Wonderful. Brazil abstained from the Un Security Council No-Fly vote, and has in the recent past been willing to engage in talks with Iran.

PRE-POSTING UPDATE: BATTLE IS JOINED In the time it took me to write this post, it looks like war has broken out in the skies over Libya. I was going to do a sidebar piece about the French flying their new Rafale fighter, which is their slightly smaller, less expensive version of the Eurofighter Typhoon, that has not yet been in any real combat ( a few bombing runs in Afghanistan is all ), but this takes precedence:

Allied Powers Declare Military Action Against Libya
PARIS—Top officials from the United States, Europe and the Arab world have launched immediate military action to protect civilians as Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi’s forces attacked the heart of the country’s rebel uprising.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said after an emergency summit in Paris on Saturday that French warplanes are already targeting Qaddafi’s forces.

The 22 participants in Saturday’s summit “agreed to put in place all the means necessary, in particular military” to make Qaddafi respect a U.N. Security Council resolution Thursday demanding a cease-fire, Sarkozy said.

“Our planes are blocking the air attacks on the city” of Benghazi, he said, without elaborating. French planes have been readying for an attack in recent days.
British Prime Minister David Cameron said after the summit: “The time for action has come, it needs to be urgent.”

Obama sambas, while Libya burns.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/19/2011 at 11:00 AM   
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calendar   Friday - March 18, 2011

making the world safe for democracy

If we get ourselves involved in foreign affairs then at least lets not be hypocrites.

Lets simply tell the world up front and out loud ... we’re gonna do this or that and fuck you if you don’t like it. Or, be diplomatic and state our reason(s) for sticking our nose where it isn’t wanted, and then say fuck you. BUT PLEASE! Lets stop the horseshit about democracy where the word means little or nothing except as an expression. What bothers me about this latest thing with Libya is the BS we’ve been getting about all those poor civilians who are also unarmed. Oh really? Unarmed? 
Seems like all folks in turd world places only have to say the word freedom and it automatically puts em on a high moral plain. Like the word “activist” excuses everything.

Well, in the case of Libya, armed people attacked the government. The govt. did what govts do. It hit back. But in this case, we don’t happen to like the shit faced bastard who is head of that govt. and we hear the sirens call. FREEDOM! Democracy! And immediately the Prime Minister of England, whose country has been doing business there for years, gets an itch in his butt and the cure is a no fly zone to protect all those “innocent” civilians.  Who would not have been attacked had they not attacked the govt. The French also are very quick off the mark, they want in on this thing too but there’s a catch. The USA was dragging it’s heels. Mr. O. was having second thoughts. Or more likely, no thoughts at all. But he finally caved in because all those innocent and “unarmed” civilians looked like they were gonna lose to Gadaffi, hereafter to be referred to as simply Daffy.

Now, in fact today, we hear from ppl called rebel commanders, that they do have “weapons capabilities that have been kept hidden.” They also claim to possess some tanks and choppers as well as artillery AND .... they claim to have a few “fighter jets” at their disposal.

Reminds me of Texas Guinan.


I think we all agree on one thing. Daffy is a miserable psychopath and nobody except his family might miss him if died today. However, it’s wrong to assume he has no supporters outside the ppl who make money off him. We should have totally done him in after PanAm.
Well we didn’t. Our govt. made him a deal he couldn’t refuse and he accepted. A few months ago he was being welcomed in European capitols with his tents and medals. The whole fuckin world knew the guy was a freak but put up with him anyway. Now ... all of a sudden he’s Hitler? Come on. He’s always been a close copy of the original.

We don’t have any moral obligation anywhere to violate another country’s sovereignty unless our own national interests are at stake. If they are, say so. But forget the moralizing and the guilt. Stop with damn speeches about all those poor and destitute folk yearning to be free. If people feel strongly about the starving in Africa for example, then throw away your money giving to their various charities or do what many have done. Go over there as a volunteer to help or do what moonbat Madonna does. Adopt black children. But don’t insist that the American taxpayer has any obligation to support anyone but ourselves. Which is not the case now. And going to the expense of sending military help to people who’ll more then likely stab Uncle Sam in the back at the first opportunity doesn’t sit well either.

OK, I’m almost done but I want to ask. For those who think we need to be everywhere … Maybe we should attack this guy too? No? Why not? He was voted out of office last year and refuses to leave.

Ivory Coast mortar attack may be crime against humanity, say UN

The UN has condemned a mortar attack on a market that killed at least 25 people and said it could be a crime against humanity.
The UN blamed forces loyal to incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo, whose refusal to cede power has sparked a growing political crisis. They said in a statement that Thursday’s attack sent at least six 81mm mortar shells into an Abidjan neighbourhood. The UN said at least 40 people were wounded.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s biggest city, has seen daily battles for weeks that have left hundreds dead.

Yeah so?  Why should I care?  But go ahead. Invade the place cos you can not condemn Daffy if you don’t go after this guy too. 

And lets not forget this creep. If we ever got involved in that country, it should be to help what’s left of the legitimate white farmers, who’ve been driven off their lands and been raped and killed by this thug.  I don’t believe the things that happen there get as much attention in the American press as it does here.  And don’t say they should all leave and go home, because that is, for very many, their home.

Below is dated and comes from 2009, at which time Mugabe ranked as the #1 worst dictator.

Robert Mugabe

Age: 85
In power since: 1980
Last year’s rank: 6

Inflation in Zimbabwe is so bad that in January the government released a $50 billion note — enough to buy two loaves of bread. The unemployment rate has risen to more than 85%. In 2008, Mugabe agreed to hold an election, but it became clear that he would accept the result only if he won. His supporters launched attacks on the opposition, killing 163 and torturing or beating 5000. He ultimately signed a power-sharing agreement with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, but since then Mugabe has broken its terms and installed his own people at the head of every ministry. Meanwhile, health conditions have reached crisis levels. More than 3800 Zimbabweans have died from cholera since August.

Although U.S. leaders have called for Mugabe’s resignation, imports from Zimbabwe (primarily nickel and ferrochromium, both used in stainless steel) rose in 2008.

So how about it folks?  And there are lots of others. The world does not run out of them.  Why, think of the business we could do selling arms and maybe even hiring out to fight never ending little wars everywhere.  Cos as long as there’s bad people running countries all around the globe, there will be excuses to go in and clean their houses for them, even if they don’t ask. All in the name of humanity of course. And as Rich K says, America has a moral right to do anything we want anywhere we want, to subdue bad guy dictators.
Trouble is, in many parts of the world, a dictator might the only stability some folks have.
btw … I’m all for wiping out places like Somalia and Iran. Maybe it’s personal. I still haven’t forgotten Black Hawk Down or our embassy in Iran under that peanut farmer.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/18/2011 at 02:51 PM   
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calendar   Friday - December 03, 2010

mudscum filthy terrorists should have human rights protected? how many agree with that pov?

Right you are. Your country is attacked by a sub-human species but the law says you must treat em as tho they are real people. Moreover, you must obey international law and follow the suggestion of the idiot UN committee.
Pshaw ... gotta be kidding me.  BS to that and the UN.  Wish we could get out of that thing and kick em all out of our country. Let em move to Brussels.
Terrorists are not impressed by good treatment unless they see it as a weakness.  “Human Rights” For rats. Where’d they get that?

We’ll eventually defeat muzzie terrorists by holding hands and singing we are the world?

Anti-terror fight should be conducted within laws: UN expert

United Nations (ANTARA News/Xinhua-OANA) - The global anti-terrorism fight should be conducted according to the rule of law while taking into account the human rights, a UN expert told reporters here Wednesday.

“We believe that in the long term terrorism will only be defeated if we do so according to the rule of law and with appropriate respect for human rights,” Mike Smith, who is the executive director of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), said at a press conference here.

“If you don`t consider law and human rights, you threaten to alienate the origin of communities, maybe just perpetuate the problem and contribute to the recruitment of terrorists,” Smith said.

The Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) is tasked with monitoring implementation of Resolution 1373, which requests countries to implement a number of measures intended to enhance their legal and institutional ability to counter terrorist activities at home, in their regions and around the world. The Committee comprises all 15 Security Council members.

The Committee is part of the UN which allows it to easily bring professionals together to brainstorm on a particular subject, Smith said.

source is antara news


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/03/2010 at 09:53 AM   
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calendar   Friday - November 26, 2010

leave the united nations?  oh if only


As usual there’s more at the link.  I’ve gone to the Sultan before. He can be funny at times even when being serious.
You may find this an interesting read.

Getting late, hafta go.  More puter problems.  I think my sound system is failing.  Vol. isn’t very high. ??? Gonna see if I can find the problem.
Cheers All

Want Human Rights? Leave the United Nations
By Daniel Greenfield

Good news everybody. Saudi Arabia now has a seat on the women’s board at the United Nations. That’s right, a regime where it’s illegal for women to drive or leave the house without being accompanied by a male guardian, where girls were pushed into a burning building because they were trying to flee without covering their ‘obscene’ female faces… will be a key player in the international effort to empower women.

I don’t know what contribution the Saudis can make to the project, since in Ridyah, empowering women usually means strapping them into an electric chair. But in the Muslim world, human rights is usually read to mean banning criticism of Islam under the guise of Islamophobia. In Europe, Islamists are calling the Burqa a human right. That’s probably what the Saudis will bring to the table, along with the condemnations of Israel that are De rigueur in every UN group and body.

Obama’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, called the Saudi win, “a very good outcome”. I’m not sure what she would consider a bad outcome. Given her role in kneecapping Canada for the Security Council seat, Rice would probably have considered a victory by a country that actually gives women full equal rights to be a defeat. When your only goal is to pander to the Third World, particularly the Muslim parts of it, in order to defy the colonialist and phallocratic Western patriarchy, handing over power to a phallocratic Eastern patriarchy is just a means to an end. At least until it actually becomes the end. The end of everything.

The fallacy of the United Nations is its assumption that every member of the UN is morally equal. The truth is that the majority of the world’s nations are dictatorships with limited human rights. The UN is nothing more than the representatives of dictatorships trying to talk about human rights without breaking up into gales of laughter. If you replaced 75 percent of the UN’s representatives with members of American street gangs, you would still end up with a more civilized body.

But we look the other way. And now Saudi Arabia, along with the likes of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Libya are on the board. Their mission will be to promote global standards for gender equality. Which should in theory disqualify countries who don’t believe in gender equality from membership. Of course since this is the UN, UN Women will have little to do with its stated mission.

Chilean leftist Michelle Bachelet, who heads up UN Women, praised Sudan for its commitment to gender equality in her opening statement. Yes, Sudan, a genocidal state which uses mass rapes as part of its ethnic cleansing campaign. And it’s already clear that the focus of UN Women isn’t to promote gender equality, but to intervene in conflict areas. Which means the odds are excellent that UN Woman will be used to crank out an endless stream of condemnations of countries that fight Muslim terrorists, while cloaking those condemnations in the name of the rights of women in the affected areas. And the Saudis are perfectly positioned to guide UN Women down that road.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/26/2010 at 03:25 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - November 07, 2010

sorry I checked my inbox tonight. rcob!  can’t we please drop the damned UN?

Damn it I really thought I was outta here earlier.  Checked inbox before shutdown and found this bloody £”!!&^*%* thing.  Who are these foreign god damn effin jerks to tell my country how to do things in our own back yard.

United States Placed In Human Rights Hot Seat

The United States has been defending its human rights record before the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council.

A 30-strong US delegation was grilled by more than 80 states on issues ranging from the Guantanamo detention centre to racial discrimination. Switzerland called for a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty.

The US was the 136th UN member state to be scrutinised by allies and adversaries in the UN rights body, as the Obama administration opens itself up to a council that was shunned by his predecessor.

US Assistant Secretary of State Esther Brimmer, head of the high-level delegation, said she was honoured to present the first US Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

“We take our place in the UPR process with pride in our accomplishments, honesty in facing continued challenges, and a commitment to using the international system to elevate and advance the protection of human rights at home and abroad,” she told the packed meeting room in Geneva.

Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and Iran, some of the US’s fiercest critics, were among the first to speak during the three-hour meeting.

The Cuban ambassador, Rodolfo Reyes Rodriguez, called on the Americans to end their embargo against his country.

Iran’s delegation urged the US to “halt serious violations of human rights and humanitarian law including covert external operations by the CIA carried out on pretext of combating terrorism”.

Many countries raised similar issues such as the death penalty, failure to ratify key human rights conventions, the treatment of migrants, racial discrimination, US prison conditions, the closure of the Guantanamo detention centre and related abuses allegedly committed during the war on terror.

Death penalty

Switzerland, like Ireland, France, Britain and a host of others, called on the United States to bring in a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty.

Ireland? where they’re throwing bombs again. France? Britain?  Oh that last one is a gas. Britain?  Where most burglars even with a record do not see the inside of a jail?  Britain, where the average man on the street and women too, favor the death penalty. But hey, that’s just the law abiding ppl and who listens to them anymore. Britain? Where more then a thousand VIOLENT criminals are walking the streets free as birds cos the jails are crowded?  Switzerland?
I have a message for all you stupid hand wringing, bunny hugging, bed wetting, butt fuck ass wipes.
GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!  DROP FUCKIN DEAD SHIT HEADS!  DO IT NOW so we don’t have to listen to your pious bullshit.
Switzerland ... Tell ya what dip shits.  We’ll end the death penalty if all of you holier then tho overpaid fat cat stuffed shirts take ALL the violent prisoners we have waiting on death row, into your country.  With no possibility of return to the USA.  You house the miserable bastards. At your expense.  Or don’t you love mankind quite that much?  You only love em removed by some miles where you won’t have to put up with the problem.  Oh woo-hoo. The Swiss took a few Gitmo prisoners. How thweet you are. Kiss,kiss.  Wait till they turn on ya, and they will.  You gonna send em back?

You guys can flame me if ya want to but I’d be very happy if somehow some way some terrorist found a way to bring down the UN building. I hate the idea of that false money grubbing place on our shores. I’m tired of listening to Russia give us advice on rights.  I’m tired of all the human and civil rights groups messing about and really, really would just love to gun ALL the bastards down.  It’s become an industry we don’t need meddling in state affairs. And, most are foreign based as well, with offshoots operating in the USA.

Oh yeah ... please notice our not so glorious president has allowed this latest UN forum where President Bush (for all his faults) ignored it.

There’s lots more to read and get steamed about. 
I really don’t think I need this damn newsletter. Do I?  Jeesh.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/07/2010 at 01:14 PM   
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