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Hey, it’s art, m’kay?


This is my idea of a protest movement. What you’re looking at is a painting from 1873 called La Ghirlandata by artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It means “the garlanded one” I think, and is one of the key paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite period. Which itself was a protest movement against the overly formal and somewhat stodgy Accepted British Way of Painting of the period.

I just think she’s a gorgeous red head. The model was Alexa Wilding.

Read a nice good bit about the Pre-Raphaelites here, one of several a great art sites maintained by Stephanie P, a lady of significant knowledge and auburn accomplishment herself.


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Far Out: Fascists Are Far Right

Speaking once again about co-opted memes, how did fascism come to be identified with the far right? Only in Europe, where Extreme Socialism is “normal”, could this definition fit. And to American eyes, there are about 12 atoms difference between communists, socialists, national socialists, and fascists. They’re all ultra-leftist outlooks, differing only in the uniforms and mustaches.

And why are groups of traditionalists, who don’t want to see their own cultures eradicated, who don’t like the violence and intolerance that Sharia brings with it, people who stand up and speak out, who will not submit ... why are they the extremists here? Sounds to me like they’re perfectly normal.  Anyway, a right big mess today in Denmark. I say, thank God some folks in Eurabia are finally pushing back. Too bad they’re currently outnumbered 100 to 1.

80+ Arrested At Anti-Islam Freedom Protest Rally In Denmark

Pro-Dhimmi Counter Protesters Hurled Stones And Bottles At Small Crowd Of Freedom Lovers

Clashes broke out Saturday as far-right groups from across Europe gathered in Denmark for a rally they said was meant to make their governments act against the threat of Islamic extremism. Violence flared in the port city of Aarhus as a small group of far-left protesters broke off from a march staged to counter the right-wing rally, said Georg Husted, a spokesman for Aarhus police. Protesters carrying masks pulled up paving stones and started throwing them and other missiles, he said.

One police officer suffered minor head injuries after he was struck by a bottle, Husted said, but no civilians were hurt or damage caused to buildings.

Police arrested 25 people following the violence, said Husted, most of them from extreme left-wing groups. Between 200 and 300 people attended the far-right rally, according to police estimates, while about 5,000 people gathered for the anti-fascist demonstration.

The far-right rally brought together protesters from the Danish Defense League, as well as smaller groups from Scandinavian countries, Germany, Poland, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom. Those attending want to send a “clear message to the leaders of Europe,” according to the English Defence League (EDL), one of the organizers of the far-right event.

“Our governments and our media behave as if Islamic extremism exists only in the head of a few extremists, and claim that it is unfair to make the connection between Islam and extremism,” an online EDL statement said. “This is ridiculous, just as it is ridiculous to claim that anyone who criticizes Islam must be an extremist in their own right. We believe in fair criticism of Islam and in the defence of our cultures, our nations, and the rights and freedoms that they have long protected.”

England, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Romania, Finland, France, Poland? Russia too? Run for the hills, it’s the White Power Uprising the press has been wetting its pants in fear over for decades, finally!!

Um, no, not so fast there bucko.

More than 80 people were arrested Saturday as protesters hurling rocks and bottles tried to interrupt an anti-Islamic demonstration by far-right groups from across northern Europe, Danish police said.

There were numerous brief scuffles throughout the day as police tried to separate some 2,500 counter-demonstrators from a few hundred people attending the anti-Islamic rally in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city.
The defense leagues and other counter-jihadist groups that have sprung up in Europe in recent years distance themselves from neo-Nazis and say they don’t accept racism or anti-Semitism. Opponents say they are just a new manifestation of xenophobia in Europe, targeting Muslims instead of Jews.

The defense leagues and other counter-jihadist groups that have sprung up in Europe in recent years distance themselves from neo-Nazis and say they don’t accept racism or anti-Semitism. Opponents say they are just a new manifestation of xenophobia in Europe, targeting Muslims instead of Jews.

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian gunman who confessed to slaughtering 77 people last July, cited the English Defense League and other counter-jihadist groups in the anti-Muslim manifesto he released before the killing spree. Those groups have condemned his actions and dismissed him as a lunatic.

Ok, let’s let the nutcakes have their say now ...

Mari Linolkken traveled from Norway to join the counter-demonstration in Aarhus, 200 kilometers (125 miles) northwest of Copenhagen, saying she felt compelled to stand up against the far-right movement after what her own country had gone through with Breivik’s attacks.

“The English Defense League, Danish Defense League, the Stop Islamization of Europe — we have experienced what their ideology means in practice,” she said.

Really? How so Mari? Breivik was not a member of these groups. And in practice Breivik - a crazy person, m’kay - targeted the lefist elite and their children. He didn’t go on a muslim hunt, as much as he may have despised them. So what’s the connection in your head, so strong that you’d ride a train for hours to another country to take part in a counter protest?

A long-planned gathering of far right-wing movements from across Europe met in Denmark on Saturday to try to form a pan-European anti-Islamist alliance, a project that will test the cohesion of a fringe trying to build support built on fears about immigration and militant Islamists.

Members of European far-right groups, including the English Defense League (EDL) and the German Defense League, arrived in the Danish city of Aaruhus for the rally, which was expected to draw and anti-Islamic crowd from Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania and Sweden, according to the Guardian.

Look! Crazy anti-semitic extremist fascist anti-islamic protester nut cases!!!!!!11!!

Danish ones too!!! The Danish Defense League took part

And the English!! The English Defense League took part

Did you notice the one thing all these protesters seem to have in common? That one symbol of evil that binds them together, like Sauron’s Ring? Yeah, I’m sure you saw it. In bright red, the color of blood. Or in black, the color of evil, right on their country’s flags!!!

Even the Germans!! The German Defense League took part

OMG. OMFG. HJJCOAPS ... they’re all Christians!!! Get out the fire hoses, let lose the attack dogs! Stop them now!!!

BBC World Affairs correspondent Richard Galpin said it was not clear if the EDL would succeed with the aims of the rally.

But anti-racism campaigners already fear the hardline anti-Islamic rhetoric being used will increase tensions in European cities and encourage extremists on both sides.

Nottingham University’s Matthew Goodwin, an expert on far-right groups in Britain, said the meeting would be strategically significant even if the numbers were not.

“What we are seeing here for the first time in British political history is an anti-Muslim far-right organisation taking the lead in trying to mobilise pan-European opposition to Islam,” he said.

Yes. Yes, I can see that. But I don’t think it’s the first time in history. It’s just the first time in about 800 years or so. But don’t nobody dare to say the ”C word”. Not that one either silly, but I meant the other C-word. But I can also see weasel wiener Galpins’ view, and in his words I see him eagerly paying the jizya: pushing back against the green horde will raise tensions, and like breathing, saying no, or looking cross-eyed at the wrong time, it will encourage more muslim extremism and enrage the Arab Street. Much better to just lie down and take it, like the spineless dog you are.

I’m sure Atlas Shrugs will have some seriously large coverage on this, if not now, then soon. Oh hella yeah. With extra gravy and side dishes. Video and quotes from a participant that says the number of antislamic protesters was double what the media is reporting. No kidding, how many times have we seen that trick? She even has Anders Gravers full speech, word for word, that ends with:

The media and politicians call us far right and hate groups. However, it is not SIOE and the Defence Leagues who took our countries to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not we who stone women to death or bomb trains.

We have always done things according to the law. This has not stopped politicians and media accusing us of murders and other violence we did not commit.

We are only using our democratic rights to peaceful protest. And we will win.

We have to step up the action. We have to make our protests stronger. We have to make our language stronger.

But we have to stay within the law. And we will stay within the law.

Every mosque being built must be protested against. Not only must protests be held outside mosques, but also the building companies making the mosques. Also the councils allowing mosques to be built.

Whenever a woman, or even worse, a child is raped, we must protest outside the mosque closest to where it happened. Even if it is only four or five people.

The media must be challenged to report our protests or we will accuse them of supporting the violence of the world’s biggest hate group. Islam.

All anti-Islam groups must work together to defeat our enemy and to win this war.

Victory is ours. NO SURRENDER.

Read his whole speech out loud and see if you take issue with one single word. Far right extremists, indeed.

Lan astaslem! Lan astaslem! Lan astaslem!



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Same Tactics, Other Side Of The Pond

Peiper’s posting continues to be very light while he takes care of his ailing wife. So this post is pretty much his. I’m just writing on news clippings he mailed me; he found them first.

I got a packet in the mail from him the other day, another big envelope stuffed with newspaper clippings from the UK. Letters From Littleton I call them. Along with the usual snips of utterly gorgeous homes and Edwardian manors for sale for eye watering prices, colorful in depth reporting on Things British in the Sunday papers with wonderful pictures, and the latest crazy from UK’s never ending hit show Muslims Gone Wild, he stuffed in two essays on the twist the Progs put on daily life. More indications that we are all Breitbart, and that fighting the patently false meme they throw out is the only way to defeat them (the Brits pronounce that “Pay-tent-lee fullz” which is adorable).

Never bother to argue with a leftist. They start from a false premise, build up strawmen, wantonly use projectionism, and immediately devolve into ad-hominem attacks. Which means they debate like the smallest of children, and any parent knows you don’t waste your breath debating with little ones. Simply lay down the law and walk away, ignoring their tantrums.

From the first essay, here’s UK Telegraph author Simon Heffer cutting through the muck on the whole Gay Marriage thing. Interesting in that the same “issue” is over there, and the same bunch of progs are making exactly the same kind of infantile noise, with the same kind of implicit media support. Heffer is Breitbart. Heck, he was probably Breitbart before Breitbart was. Andrew didn’t invent the anti-meme meme. He just gave it a new face. It’s the same old fight, the never ending battle. The progs - I will never again grace them with the once-respectable label “liberal”, for they are not liberals at all, they are statists: socialists, communists, and tryrannists, and like the Australians I will not let them co-opt the term - push just about every single one of their causes and ideas from a false pretense. Cut away the lies and their house of cards falls; like their Emperor Teh Won, they too have no clothes.

The real bigots in the gay marriage row are the liberals

On Thursday, the Government launched a consultation on its plans to allow people of the same sex to be ‘married’ in civil ‘weddings’.

I use quotation marks not to denigrate the idea but because, like millions of others, I believe that the only people who should be able to marry and have a wedding are those of different genders. My opposition to homosexual ‘marriage’ is straightforward. The phrase is simply illogical — and no change in the law can make it otherwise.
We used to be a society where differing views were respected. I respect the views of those who support same-sex marriage, even though I profoundly disagree with them. I would not dream of insulting them or their beliefs. Indeed, anyone wishing to make the case against same-sex marriage must do so rationally. Calling its advocates rude names, or deriding their arguments, would simply weaken the case.

This view is plainly not shared by Lynne Featherstone, the Lib Dem MP who is Equalities Minister. She said the opposition expressed by prominent Christians to same-sex marriage was ‘homophobic’ and belonged in ‘the Dark Ages’. She singled out as ‘medieval’ the use of the term ‘heretic’ by a cleric to describe those advocating a change in the law. Miss Featherstone said her own views were, by contrast, ‘progressive’ and the Government’s policy was ‘loving’.

Such blinkered intransigence — indeed, I would go so far as to call it bigotry — does not bode well for the free, pluralistic society that liberals claim to believe in. And it makes a mockery of their much-vaunted virtue of ‘tolerance’.

Two things I generally adore about the British press: first, you actually need to be able to write well to get one of the jobs; second, they are not afraid to use their own language. “Dumbing down” simply is not done. This isn’t an article in the Times, it’s from the Daily Mail, the newspaper for everyman. Can you imagine seeing “blinkered intransigence” in the New York Post? I love it. But let’s get back to a proper bit of prog prodding:

My homosexual friends tell me that many of them are opposed to the planned law change, for much the same reasons as I am. One told me he thought they were ‘silly’, ‘patronising’ and ‘just designed to make a political point’. Therefore the majority of people — mostly silent — are being asked to accept a policy advocated by a minority, but which would have a serious effect on the nature of marriage.

The fact that the language used by those urging a change is intemperate only adds insult to injury.

The arguments of the mainstream Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches against same-sex marriages are well known. These are not pariah groups.

However, the language Miss Featherstone uses about them might suggest to the ill-informed that they are.

The slur ‘homophobic’ is designed, like ‘racist’, to shut down any argument — in other words, to censor debate. When a liberal such as Miss Featherstone calls someone ‘homophobic’, the implication is that person is prejudiced and holds views that are beyond the pale.

The truth is that ministers are all too aware of the widescale opposition to their policy (not just among clergy, but also among many reasonable people of faith and no faith), and have cynically decided to launch an all-out assault on their opponents.

Their weapons are abuse, vilification, unreason and moral blackmail as they attempt to silence, or at least cow, the opposition.

This is a shocking attack on freedom of speech.

Mr. Heffer is absolutely correct. The tactics used over there are the same ones used over here. “Intemperate”, which is a classy way of saying “poo flinging monkeys without a leg to stand on”. It is as if they all came from the same play book, some bit of manifesto somewhere, some set of rules for radicals. Hmm, ya think?? But such tactics are nearly universally applied to any of their causes. They are not at all limited to the gay marriage “controversy”, which itself is a lie: such a controversy didn’t exist for 5,000 years of human history, until just a couple years ago, when certain destructive factions felt they could get another kick in at that so-famous weak horse. The only way the progs win is by silencing all the other voices. And making you feel the outcast until you submit. Lan astaslem. I will not submit. Not to the progs, nor to the jizzlamics who use the exact same playbooks.

Now this assault on traditional conservative values is in full cry. Some argue that this is simply Mr Cameron and his friends trying to isolate and weaken his party’s Right-wing. Yet I fear there is more to it.

There is a sneering, disapproving tone used by Mr Cameron and his outriders against a wide range of conservative beliefs.

For example, those who protest against the exploitation of the taxpayer-funded welfare state by scroungers are dismissed as heartless. Those who want higher standards and the return of selection in education are regarded as divisive. Those who deplore the easy availability of abortion or divorce are dismissed as antediluvians.
The fact is that traditional conservative values are not a minority interest. They are instinctively held by millions of people of all ages, faiths, sexual orientations and classes in our society. Liberals, however, maliciously seek to stigmatise the values as evil. They do this because they cannot trump conscience by reason alone.

My only critique against Mr. Heffer is that I would have written “by reason AT ALL” instead of “by reason alone”, since the progs really have no honest reasoning behind their caterwauling.

Fight the meme. Lan astaslem.

See More Below The Fold


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lost in the hooplah?

The thing about a gated community is just that. It’s gated. And a community. A closed circle. A cul-de-sac. Fenced off. Private. Please go around, thank you, have a nice day.

You can’t make a gated community down the main street of town. You can’t enclose a business open to the general public within a gated community. Pretty much by definition, gated communities are niche living areas, pocket neighborhoods if you will, fenced off from the rest of us. Private property, trespassers not welcome.

Perhaps you could jump the fence or sneak around the gate to take a shortcut across one to get to the Skittles store, but why go to that trouble, especially in the middle of the night? And then you’d have to jump the fence on the other side to get out, and then do it again on your way back home. It is not abnormal to think that such an action is suspicious behavior. It’s passive aggressive at the very least. My minor inconvenience at walking an extra couple of blocks trumps your right to private property? Eh, no. Bad mindset. Just saying.


The Retreat at Twin Lakes community in Sanford, Fla.

Meanwhile, the Progressives write windy essays on how rotten the whole gated community concept is. The nerve of those snobs living inside, wanting to keep the outside world out, believing in their right to privacy and private property. And citizens owning guns! And having Neighborhood Watches, or even hiring private security companies! How dare they not let Big Government take care of every aspect of their lives! Proles! Racists!! Elitists! Little Hitlers in their little bunkers! Little Eichmanns too!!!

Fight the meme. Reject every single base assumption the progressive left stands on, because almost all of them are made from smoke and mirrors. 


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Homeland Security rules the international airways

Found today and making time to post due to interest.
I need to find someone who can explain this to me cos frankly, I don’t understand the position being taken by Homeland Security. But then, after our last visit to the states, and many of you will recall what a nightmare that was for my Brit born wife getting through customs at LAX, it’s safe to say I don’t feel warm and fuzzy thanks to the over reaction we faced.

Oh btw, I now forget what it’s called and till last year it used to be free. When flying to the USA you must apply to immigration agency and fill out an on line form. Nothing intrusive.  They want to know where in the USA you’re going and where you’ll be staying and for how long.  In our case I listed the hotel we’d be at for a couple of nights because I had no idea what our temp. address would end up being.  Thing is, if I read this correctly, and maybe I’m not, everyone flying between say London and anywhere else that comes close to American soil will have to give info AND, they will I think be paying for the privilege.  Which if that’s true, hardly seems fair if their destination is not the USA.  ???  The article doesn’t say, but perhaps there is no charge if they aren’t coming to the US.

Well anyway, this is the take from one Brit travel writer.

Simon Calder: Fancy a trip to Mexico? The US has the final say

As the Easter holidays approach, plenty of people besides you (and possibly your family) take an interest in your travel plans – from the milkman to your insurance company, which will want to know if you intend to try anything tricky or stray into trouble zones. But starting this month, another organisation has British travellers in its sights: the US Department of Homeland Security.

Following the terrible events of 9/11, and several subsequent terrorist attempts to murder people using civil aircraft, the Americans take an understandably close interest in the identities and motives of everyone flying to the US. Before any trip to the 50 states, you must reveal your plans to the American authorities. They then make “pre-flight comparisons” against watch lists belonging to a multiplicity of agencies, including the FBI – and even the Center for Disease Control’s “Do Not Board” list. If your details match someone, you are off the plane.

Up to now, there has been a simple way to eliminate the danger of being denied boarding: don’t buy a ticket to America. But as The Independent revealed this week, you may now fly to Mexico, Cuba or eastern Canada only if the US authorities agree.

The Department of Homeland Security requires airlines to send passengers’ full names and dates of birth at least 72 hours ahead of departure. And that plane may leave the gate only when the US says so. A spokeswoman insists: “The US government has the authority to refuse entry into its territory any flight it deems to present a threat to its security.”

Consequently, British passengers flying to popular destinations such as Havana and Cancún, as well as to the major Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax, face the prospect of being barred from a flight by officials of a country which they do not want to visit.

While a Heathrow to Mexico City flight spends several hours traversing US airspace, other journeys covered by the new rules do not.

The Canadian carrier Air Transat warns passengers who book to fly from Glasgow to Toronto and Gatwick to Halifax – routes that do not normally touch US airspace – that failing to supply personal details “could result in passengers being refused to fly”.
Compared with the increasingly onerous demands made upon international travellers, the data demanded is not especially intrusive. But the principle is preposterous: that the US has the final say about who can fly the Atlantic.

Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, says the UK Government should “engage in urgent and constructive discussions with the US authorities to make sure those travelling between Britain and Canada, Mexico and Cuba can have the same rights as people on any other journeys around the world”.

The logical conclusion of the American argument is that any plane from anywhere in the world that is technically capable of reaching the US has to be regarded as suspect. For example, our old friend the easyJet flight from Manchester to Sharm El Sheikh has enough fuel to cover the 2,551 miles to Egypt’s Red Sea coast, and at least 10 per cent more in reserve. This puts New England within reach of Manchester– so everyone on board should surely be signed off by Homeland Security too.

Homeland Security rules the international airways

Giving country A the right to decide who can fly between countries B and C is the thin edge of a dangerous wedge. You may wonder where you were when a treaty was agreed that assigns to the Americans the right to meddle with your travel plans. Surely you would have noticed.
In fact, no treaty has been negotiated because the US authorities believe none is necessary. A spokeswoman says the new rules are “consistent with US international treaty obligations”. Any airline, such as British Airways, Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic, that wants to fly to America must agree to abide by Homeland Security regulations. If these rules are extended to cover flights over, or close to, US territory, the airlines have to comply – or risk being banned by the world’s only aviation superpower.



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Chess Problem #808

The theme here is ‘attraction’:

This device is usually employed to attract an enemy piece onto an unfavorable square. Sometimes this implies that the piece being so distracted is placed under attack.

White to move and win.

1. ?

I’m happy to report that my copy of this book is falling apart.  I’ve been using it too much in the last year or two.

Also, and I have to thank Wes for reminding me, I have Lazlo Polgar’s book. The one that he used to train his daughters Susan, Judit, and Sofia. Susan was the Women’s World Champ for a while. All of them qualified as Grandmasters using the men’s scale. Well, not sure about Sofia. I think she got interested in being a wife and mother. But I’m certain she was Master level…which means she would kick my @ss over-the-board. (yes, unfortunately, FIDE rates women differently. Sad, but true. The Polgar sisters have been trying to change that. Has caused problems for the Polgars, there are politics in the chess world.)

Taken from Combination Challenge by Lou Hayes and USCF Senior Master John Hall (2520)
Graphics courtesy of Exachess.

Wes finally got it right, though he ‘cheated’ and used Rybka. I do have to agree with Wes; I’d have never played 3. Ra3 either.


1. Nf7 Kxf7
2. Qf6+ Kg8
3. Ra3! f4

if 3… Be8
4. Rg3+ Kh7
5. Qh6# or

3… Nxa3
4. Qg6+ Kf8
5. Bxa3+

4. Bxf4 Nxa3
5. Re3 Be8
6. Rg3+
and White wins.


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Readers Online

The little widget over there at the top of the right sidebar tells me I’ve got somebody from Duluth Minnesota reading the blog. Glad to have you come visit.

But I’m still mad at your mayor. I have not forgotten the White Guilt campaign of February and for your town’s sake I hope it is in abeyance.


A campaign designed to bring people together and inspire a community discussion about the effects of racism has produced some strong reactions in the Twin Ports and beyond — including what Mayor Don Ness called “threats" and “hateful messages” from around the world.

Locally, several people say they are offended by the Un-Fair Campaign, less than one week after it was launched to draw attention to racial inequalities in Duluth and Superior. The campaign uses billboards and other ads and events to say that racism is still a problem in the community.

Phil Pierson, a 31-year-old Duluth resident, was so put off by the initiative and its slogan — “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” — that he and like-minded friends created a Facebook page Monday morning called: “Stop racist unfair campaign.” By day’s end, about 150 members joined.

“The issue of racism is real, but it doesn’t pertain only to whites. A campaign directed only to white people is by definition racist,” Pierson said.

But I fear that it is not; that the campaign is ongoing, with widespread support from many of the 96% white population of your frigid far northern community. Why else would a protest rally just a couple weeks ago - which was more of a proclamation event - draw such vehement counter protest and media furor? A whole EIGHT guys stood out on the street corner of your town and declared that they felt that there was nothing wrong with being a Caucasian. Therefore the press branded them as White Supremacists, the counter-culture rallied to shout them down, and the riot police - in Duluth Minne-frickin-sota they have riot police, OMFG - had to be called out. That the situation devolved into a snowball fight is simultaneously so deliciously ironic and completely apt as to be completely charming.

About eight members of a white supremacy group arrived at the Duluth Civic Center shortly after 10 a.m. today and were immediately confronted by dozens of people who had gathered in opposition.”

Protesters against the white supremacist group showed up early to perform a ceremonial ritual with the Native Americans, using tobacco to represent their prayers and offerings.
Many protesters were throwing snowballs at the white supremacist members. According to eye witnesses, two protesters were detained for the throwing of snowballs.
The Duluth Police Department stood guarding the entrance to the city hall where the protest took place. Many stray snowballs thrown by protesters at the white supremacist group ended up on the cops behind them.
After the police led them [the “white supremacists"] to safety inside, many protesters took to targeting the Duluth Police Department with chants calling them supporters of racism.

And what was the terrible message of hate that these neo-Nazi skinhead militia inbred hillbilly freaks came to Duluth to poison your tender (and still very white) ears with? Dig this horrible hateful screed:

I would first and foremost like to thank all of you who have come out on this cold Wisconsin day. My name if Robert Hester and I am a member of the Supreme White Alliance. We do not call ourselves Supreme as in Supremacists. WE call ourselves supreme as we feel that we are supreme in our brotherhood of love and commitment towards each other and towards the families of our brotherhood. We have a dedication towards our brotherhood that we feel is above all else. With that being said let us address the issues at hand:

Our race, our culture and the future of our children are declining at drastic rates. Through global media filled with the lies of multiculturalism our children are being told that they should be ashamed of who they are. That they should feel guilty for being proud white children. They are being indoctrinated by campaigns like this to wipe out the identity they have with the White race and culture. They are continually told and made to feel that they are inferior when it comes to sports, music, dance, drama, and practically all classifications dealing with daily life and now this campaign wants our children to feel that they are to be ashamed for being white!
They say we are “privileged for being white”. I see privileges! I see privileges for those who are willing to work hard and make something of themselves. What is “white privilege”?

Is it being the only racial group that isn’t legally protected if those of another race attack, rob, rape and murder us because we are white?

Is it being the opposite of a “minority,” despite that the white race makes up less than 10% of the world’s population?

Is it being the only group ever accused of racism by authoritarian liberals?

Is it the White man always having to say he’s sorry because he has dedicated his time to working hard and studying in order to succeed as opposed to standing by with his hand out waiting for someone to give him something for nothing?
Is it Whites having no right to act in their own racial interests, even as Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Jews get to act in their racial interests?
Is it guilt for having the same skin color as the men who created the modern world, including science, technology, art, rule of law, and human rights?
BEING WHITE IS NOT A CRIME…..but they are tying to make it one.

Stand up for your rights. Stand up for your culture. Stand up for the future of your children. Stand up and be heard! Let’s put a stop to people like these trying to make us feel guilty for being white!”

But, you know, Hester belongs to an organization that supports a positive racial awareness for his group, therefore he is a de facto racist. Because he’s white. End of argument. Full text of Hestor’s speech in the comments at the above link.

8 people got together in sleepy frozen Duluth to fight a meme built there to belittle them, so 12 or so others who get off on self-flagellation had to show up to shout them down, with assistance from the braying press. And the riot gear clad police show up to keep the peace. As is their job. And only a snowball fight ensues. Thus the police are racist. Go figure.

Sounds to me like mayor McCheeseHead’s plan is working real well up there.

a flyer distributed for the above rally, via White Reference

Be your own Breitbart: fight the meme. If it is fine for people of one ethnicity to organize to support their pride in that ethnicity, then it is fine for any other ethnicity to do so. The majority is not wrong simply because it happens to be the majority, right now, here in this one small corner of the planet. Yes, white people built Western Civilization, but it isn’t a closed building. Anyone can join. And there is no reason to feel poorly about this edifice; all we have to do is look around the rest of the world and see that it’s almost always much worse everywhere else.

The Un-Fair campaign in Duluth is itself unfair.

Thanks for visiting. Let me know when common sense starts to prevail in your isolated corner of the frozen north.


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calendar   Friday - March 30, 2012

Le French Take Le Action

French Police “Detain” 19 Islamists, Seize Weapons

It’s a start

PARIS – President Nicolas Sarkozy says police in cities around France have detained 19 people in a crackdown on suspected Islamist extremists.

Sarkozy said on Europe-1 radio Friday that weapons were seized in some of the raids, including AK-47 assault rifles.

He said more such operations are planned. The raids come after a spate of killings in southern France.

A Frenchman who espoused radical Islamist views and said he had links to al Qaida claimed responsibility for the killings. He was killed in a gunfight with police last week.

The raids were carried out by the domestic intelligence agency, the DCRI, with the help of the elite Raid police commando group, Agence France-Presse news agency reports.

Several of the raids were in Toulouse, particularly the Mirail quarter, sources told AFP. But there were also raids in Nantes, which is believed to be a centre for the Forsane Alizza (Knights of Pride) group, to which Merah had been linked by some French media.

It is a Salafist group that was dissolved by the interior ministry in an earlier investigation. One of those arrested was the group’s suspected leader, Mohammed Achamlane.

Police sources told AFP that three Kalashnikovs, a Glock pistol and a grenade were seized at his home.

Sounds like they’re rounding up the right people. Very very few normal people keep grenades around the house.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/30/2012 at 02:40 PM   
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Oh let me taste your tears, Scott!

Direct from Soylent Green, the greatest Feel Good Story of the day. The week. Possibly the whole month.

Most Delicious Schadenfreude

Now that a bit of common sense has taken hold in Queensland Australia and the free citizens have thrown just about their entire crop of Liberals out of office, the new Premier Campbell Newman, the guy elected to run the state, is dismantling nearly all the Green Initiatives that were going to Save The World from Evil Carbon and Global Warming. He’s taking them apart, brick by brick, dollar for dollar, scam by scam. And the peon assigned for the task is the guy who put them all together in the first place, Greg Withers, who just so happens to be the husband of the now disgraced and un-elected former Premier Anna Bligh. I have no idea if he will be able to get back all the green scamulus money he siphoned off to his cronies, but I’m sure Newman will make him try.

This is the best dish of down home schadenfreude ever, almost as good as Cartman’s revenge on the “Scott Tenorman Must Die” episode of South Park, which is by far the greatest episode ever of that show.

QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman has ordered Anna Bligh’s husband to begin dismantling green energy programs he helped create, as the new LNP government moved to slash environmental spending to offset the federal carbon tax. The showpiece of the Gillard government’s $1.5 billion Solar Flagships Program is now in jeopardy, after Mr Newman yesterday pulled the plug on $75 million in state funding pledged for the $1.2bn Solar Dawn solar thermal project near Chinchilla, west of Brisbane.

Resources Minister Martin Ferguson yesterday suggested the federal government might withdraw its own $464m contribution, promised only last month. “If the new Queensland government chose to breach the existing financial commitment to the Solar Dawn project, the Australian government would naturally need to consider its own position,” Mr Ferguson said.

Mr Newman yesterday declared his LNP government would axe seven other green schemes, on the grounds the carbon tax would make them redundant. “We now have a federal government that is imposing a great big carbon tax on us and the rest of the country that is meant to solve all these (environmental) problems,” he said.

Mr Newman has given the job of dismantling the programs to the bureaucrat who set them up - Greg Withers, who is married to Ms Bligh.

“We want him to unravel those programs ‘cause he’s the bloke who set them up,” Mr Newman said.


Yes! Yes! Oh let me taste your tears, Scott! Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Mmm-yummy!

I just might have to make a batch of chili to celebrate. Poh-ney! Poh-ney!!!

And if you have no idea at all about South Park, ponies, or exquisite schadenfreude, click here to watch that episode.


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Doggy Days

Last of the few, first of the new?

2 new litters of rare otterhounds could save dying dog breed


Britain’s rarest breed of dog - which is more endangered than the giant panda and the white rhino - could have been saved after 19 puppies were born this month.

Just 20 British Otterhounds were born in the UK during the whole of last year so the arrival of the pups - born into two litters to owner Maria Lerego in Ledbury, Herefordshire, - has provided a vital lifeline to the dying breed.

There are less than 1,000 Otterhounds left in the world and about 300 of those are in Britain.

The numbers are far less than the 2,000 or so giant pandas left in the world and the 17,000 white rhinos.

Otterhounds date back to the 12th century when they were bred to hunt otters which were then seen as a pest.

Ms. Lerego is apparently of the only breeders in the country, doing her best to keep this largely unknown breed of working dogs going.

She believes Britain needs to keep its own native breeds going and is pleased she has received a lot of interest from people wanting to buy a puppy. The dogs sell for around £800, she says.

‘The breed is still very much at risk if the numbers keep declining as they are at the moment but it is a much happier situation than five years ago,’ she said.

‘There are so few Otterhounds because they had never been available to the general public, so the public didn’t know they existed.

‘They make excellent pets, they are a very sociable breed and they are intelligent. ‘They are very easy going characters and quite laid back. If you gave them the choice of a hunt or an afternoon on the sofa, they would pick the sofa.’

Otterhounds are renowned for their excellent hunting skills and strong work ethic.


otterhound with Ms. Lerego: 80lb-120lb as adults, a big dog for big spaces

If the ottie looks more than a bit terrier-like to you, it’s because it is. Otterhounds are a mix of several kinds of hound, mostly. Lots of mostly. Cross breed them with a Welsh terrier and you get an Airedale, a 65lb Standard Poodle sized terrier that looks like a giant Welsh terrier. Welshies are small, usually only about 20lb for the males. Don’t ask me how you cross a Welshie with an otterhound, but I think ladders are involved. All three breeds were originally worked as hunters.

With a bath and a trim they can clean up somewhat, but they are naturally rough coated dogs.
They don’t shed, but they do snore.
Pictured: Champion show dog Belle River Dixieland Jazz.


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Recovery? What Recovery?

In Texas, Even The Donkeys Are Unemployed


forget peanuts, this one will work for hay

With pastures withered from a lingering drought, farmers in Texas and northwest Louisiana have abandoned donkeys by the hundreds, turning them into wandering refugees that have severely tested animal rescue groups.

The nation’s biggest donkey rescue group says that since March 2011, it has taken in nearly 800 donkeys abandoned in Texas, where ranchers mainly used the animals to guard their herds. Many of the cattle and goats have been sold off, largely because of the drought and the nation’s economic slump, putting the donkeys out of a job.

The donkey market has shriveled with the dried-up fields of Texas, where auction houses won’t take them.

“The last ones we tried to sell, they brought the donkeys back to us. They tried to get a $5 bid for both of them and couldn’t get a $5 bid,” Deputy Bill Pentecost, who wrangles stray livestock for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office north of Austin, said last month.

Texas has 1.4 million fewer cattle than it did a year ago, a drop of 10.5 percent.

“Texas has large, large, large, large ranches. As the wells dried up and grazing’s gone down, animals are coming up to the fence to eat. People are realizing they’ve sold all their cattle … but they’ve got 20 donkeys,” Meyers said earlier this year.

Ranchers use donkeys to guard remote herds. Donkeys instinctively don’t like dogs of any kind, including coyotes and wolves, and will pretty much attack them on sight. Most of the guard donkeys are close to feral. Ranchers have taken to sneaking donkeys onto other rancher’s property. Go to sleep with an empty dusty pasture, and wake up to an eeyore alarm clock as several dozen braying surprises greet the dawn.

The horse meat pet food business has pretty much been shut down, so farmers with too many donkeys can’t exercise the Alpo Option either.

Gantt, a Claiborne Parish livestock farmer who works on contract for the sheriff’s office, blames U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., for the scores of donkeys he’s taking care of. Landrieu was among sponsors of a measure that shut down the nation’s only horsemeat processing plant by forbidding the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspect such plants.

In most other parts of the world, people are happy enough to eat horses. They probably wouldn’t mind a bit of donkey stew either. In the USA, we can’t even use them for dog food.


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calendar   Thursday - March 29, 2012

your government inaction

House Rejects Several Budgets

Obama’s Budget Vote Utter FAIL: 414-0

Bipartisan? Ain’t no such thing, in deed.

The Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction plan went down to a crushing defeat in the House late Wednesday night in a vote that damages the one bipartisan proposal that just a few months ago had seemed like a possible solution to the country’s debt woes.

The 382-38 defeat, with just 16 Republicans and 22 Democrats voting for it, marks a bad end to what began nearly two years ago,

Minutes earlier, the House also defeated Mr. Obama’s own budget, submitted last month, on a 414-0 vote arranged by Republicans to embarrass the president and officially shelve his plan.

The House also defeated an alternative offered by the Congressional Black Caucus that would have included $4 trillion in additional tax increases on top of those Mr. Obama proposed, and used that money to boost spending on domestic programs. That plan was killed 314-107.

But the Bowles-Simpson plan was the most anticipated vote of the evening, earning its first-ever vote in either chamber.
But it was attacked by those on both ends of the political spectrum, leaving the two chief sponsors to defend themselves. Mr. LaTourette listed a series of attacks he said were untrue, adding after each: “False. Your pants are on fire.”

Rep. Charlie Bass, New Hampshire Republican, said he also supports House Republicans’ budget but said that plan doesn’t have a chance in the Senate

As you can see, meeting an issue in the middle only causes you to be attacked from both sides. And the Republican budget - the one that Paul Ryan trotted out a week or so ago that was going to save a few tens of billions when the government overspends by trillions each year, won’t make it past the Senate. Gosh, I am just so glad that the Two Party System works so well, and that a spirit of compromise is alive and well on the Hill, since both sides really only have the best interests of all America at heart, and differ only on minor points of ideology.

So what is it, something like 1100 days now that the federal government has been operating without a budget? Every second of Obama’s term, and perhaps even longer?

Oh, and nice bias with that “arranged by Republicans to embarrass the president” line. Funny that you didn’t see the Black Caucus budget’s defeat as an embarrassment, what with it’s call for $4,000,000,000,000 in extra taxes, from a country with only 310,000,000 citizens, only half of whom pay taxes. Sure CBC, no problem, we’ll all cough up an ADDITIONAL $25,806 each, on top of whatever other taxes we’re already paying. Gosh, no, shooting that one down wasn’t embarrassing at all. It was raaaacist.

Not that anyone is asking me, but in my opinion any government group forming itself based on their member’s appearance is itself racist. Sorry dudes, no can play that way. You are hired to represent all of us, not just the ones who might look like your sons or daughters if you had any.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/29/2012 at 09:22 AM   
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Ok, Who Let The Fox Reporter In AT NBC?

Hard to believe this article came from NBC. It’s not the story itself that matters, just the editorial take at the end.

NO $5 Footlongs in San Fran

The catchy Subway sandwich shop jingle involving a variety of foot-long sandwiches available for $5 doesn’t apply in San Francisco.

The sandwich-making chain stopped selling the five-dollar footlongs in San Francisco due to the “high cost of doing business,” according to SF Weekly.

Oh noes!!

Apparently, the city’s new minimum wage, raised to $10.24 as of Jan. 1, make $5 footlongs an impossible business model.

Unless you want tuna fish, which is the sub of the month. Yum.

My goodness, that’s very nearly a Conservative thing to say! Imagine that, having to pay the proles San Fran’s “living wage minimum” cuts the margins too closely.

We’ve got a Subway in our town too. When they have the $5 deal running, they have steady customers from late morning to mid afternoon. When it isn’t running, business isn’t so good, even though the $5 deal only saves you a dollar or two off their better sandwiches.

Calls to Subway’s corporate headquarters have not yet been returned. But half a dozen San Francisco Subway workers said this recent move was explained to them as a reaction to San Francisco’s minimum wage ordinance. Per the will of the voters, minimum wage is calculated each year based on the “August-to-August change in the Consumer Price Index.” On Jan. 1 of this year, it jumped from $9.92 to $10.24, apparently pushing Subway execs to revoke our county’s cheap sandwich privileges. As the minimum wage rises higher, perhaps Subway will be forced to scrap Jared Fogle for parts.

Again and again, Subway workers cited the city’s minimum wage as the driving factor in this decision.

So there you have it. I don’t know how large the Subway shops in San Francisco are, but the one in my town never seems to have more than 3 people working at any given time. 3 people times an additional ($10.24 - $9.92 = $0.32) 32 cents comes out to less than one dollar per hour. That seems an awfully small amount, but when the margins are microscopic, a dollar an hour could mean the difference between just getting by and losing your shirt.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/29/2012 at 09:01 AM   
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Speaking of TSA workers and hotel partying

Miami Beach police say two Transportation Security Administration officers partied a little too hard Tuesday night, trashed their South Beach hotel room, then picked up a semi-automatic handgun and shot six rounds out the window.

One bullet pierced a $1,500 hurricane-resistant window at a nearby Barneys New York, penetrated a wall and tore into some jeans in the closed store’s stockroom, according to store manager Adelchi Mancusi. No one was injured.

Jeffrey Piccolella, 27, and Nicholas Anthony Puccio, 25, were arrested just before midnight. The Palm Beach County men have been charged with criminal mischief and use of a firearm while under the influence.

In a city known for wild, late-night behavior, merely tossing speakers, lamps, a phone, ice chest and vase out a second floor window at the Hotel Shelley, 844 Collins Ave., might not have drawn much attention.

But according to an incident report, a front desk clerk and security guard called police about 11:18 p.m. after they heard one gunshot, followed by three to five more a few seconds later. When the clerk went back inside the hotel, a guest told him someone was throwing things out the window of Room 217, where Piccolella and Puccio were staying.

Detective Vivian Hernandez, a police spokeswoman, said officers arrived and, after a shell casing was found on the ground amid broken room furnishings, the SWAT team was called out.

They were not in Miami Beach on TSA business, according to [TDA spokesman] Allen.

“TSA holds its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards,” Allen wrote.

Well yes, we can see that. Expect no comment from the White House; neither one of these guys could be one of Obama’s mythical sons.


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