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calendar   Tuesday - July 28, 2020

Well of course it was them

300 - 400 teens riot at Memphis mini-golf

Chim. Pout.

A Tennessee mini-golf center was the scene of mayhem on Saturday, after a reported 300 to 400 teenagers began destroying the establishment because management reportedly did not issue refunds.

According to a police report, parents had dropped off large groups of teens at the family play place without supervision, violating coronavirus orders banning mass gatherings.

Issues began at Golf and Games Family Park in Memphis, Tenn., Saturday evening when there were around 300 to 400 people at the business and an “unknown individual began throwing fireworks in the crowd causing a stampede.”

“When the stampede occurred complainant told patrons inside the business that they were closed and would not be issuing refunds,” according to the report.

The staff at the center was unable to offer refunds at the time, thus prompting all-out chaos, FOX 8 reported.

According to video shot at the center, teenagers, none of whom appear to be wearing masks, begin knocking items off counters and throwing items behind the counter. One of the girls involved is seen pulling the plastic screen, which is used as part of COVID-19 safety policy updates, from the counter and throwing it at staff.

In the same video, she picks up a metal stand and throws it. She also later spit on an employee, witnesses claimed.

Police were called to the scene. Witnesses reportedly told officers the girl seen in the video had become upset because staff would not issue her a refund when some of the machines ate her money. [ wanna bet she was lying? ]

The family park is working with authorities to identify those involved.

Due to the destructive incident, the center has updated its policy, banning all minors from visiting without parent supervision.

[ Editor’s correction: An earlier version of this story referenced faulty machines as the source for the refund demands. It has been updated to reflect the refunds were not given after the business was shut down due to a chaos occurring outside the establishment.


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calendar   Saturday - April 11, 2020

Bugging Out

Hey, remember Africa? All those locusts eating everything, spreading across the Red Sea, all the way to the edge of China? And that Chinese fungus that was supposed to stop them. Or those 100,000 hungry ducks. Yeah, right.

At least it isn’t a coronavirus post.

New thing learned today: immature locusts that can’t yet fly are called hoppers.

Locusts, Round Two: 20x more bugs, just as hungry


The little chompers are breeding like mad all over, over there. There could be 400 times as many of them by June.

KAMPALA, Uganda – Weeks before the coronavirus spread through much of the world, parts of Africa were already threatened by another kind of plague, the biggest locust outbreak some countries had seen in 70 years.

Now the second wave of the voracious insects, some 20 times the size of the first, is arriving. Billions of the young desert locusts are winging in from breeding grounds in Somalia in search of fresh vegetation springing up with seasonal rains.

Millions of already vulnerable people are at risk. And as they gather to try to combat the locusts, often in vain, they risk spreading the virus — a topic that comes a distant second for many in rural areas.

It is the locusts that “everyone is talking about,” said Yoweri Aboket, a farmer in Uganda. “Once they land in your garden they do total destruction. Some people will even tell you that the locusts are more destructive than the coronavirus. There are even some who don’t believe that the virus will reach here.”

Some farmers in Abokat’s village near the Kenyan border bang metal pans, whistle or throw stones to try to drive the locusts away. But mostly they watch in frustration, largely barred by a coronavirus lockdown from gathering outside their homes.

Aww crap, it is a coronavirus post. EVERYTHING is a coronavirus post.

Ok, this place stays on topic.

Taken in it’s entirety from Locust Watch, along with the above map. It’s part of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization:

Desert Locust situation update 8 April 2020

Swarm increase expected in East Africa

Widespread rains that fell in late March could allow a dramatic increase in locust numbers in East Africa, eastern Yemen and southern Iran in the coming months.

The current situation in East Africa remains extremely alarming as hopper bands and an increasing number of new swarms form in northern and central Kenya, southern Ethiopia and Somalia. This represents an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods because it coincides with the beginning of the long rains and the planting season. Although ground and aerial control operations are in progress, widespread rains that fell in late March will allow the new swarms to mostly remain, mature and lay eggs while a few swarms could move from Kenya to Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia. During May, the eggs will hatch into hopper bands that will form new swarms in late June and July, which coincides with the start of the harvest.
● KENYA. Swarms appear to be increasing in size in some central and northern areas with some moving westwards.
● ETHIOPIA. A large swarm was reported in the south (SNNPR) today.
● UGANDA. Several immature and maturing swarms appeared in the northeast (Katakwi, Amuria, Agago districts) on 5-7 April. The military carried out control operations. Additional swarms may appear in these areas from Kenya and move towards the northwest.

Spring breeding is underway. The situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate.
● YEMEN. An immature swarm was seen on the coast at the Oman border and another one north of Aden, and adults are laying on the eastern plateau.
● SAUDI ARABIA. More hatching and early instar bands form near the Persian Gulf where control operations continue.
● OMAN. Control underway against hopper and adult groups in the north. A few immature adult groups seen in the south.

Spring breeding is underway. The situation in Iran is becoming increasingly worrisome.
● IRAN. An increasing number of hopper bands are forming along the southern coast from earlier swarm laying.
● PAKISTAN. Control underway against hopper groups in Baluchistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


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calendar   Saturday - March 28, 2020

So Typical

Africa goes into lock down, so naturally they immediately start beating, gassing, and shooting people.

South Africa’s military helped to enforce measures that include bans on sales of cigarettes and alcohol, even dog-walking. President Cyril Ramaphosa, in full military uniform, on the eve of the lockdown told troops to be a “force of kindness” and reminded police that “our people are terrified right now and we should not do anything to make their situation worse”.

Some feared the abuse of power. In Rwanda, which imposed a lockdown over the weekend, police have denied that two people shot dead on Monday were killed for defying the new measures. In Kenya on Friday, police fired tear gas at people crowding to board a ferry ahead of a curfew in Mombasa.

More lockdowns are expected; Eswatini on Friday barred unnecessary travel for 20 days. Twenty-four of Africa’s 54 countries already have fully closed borders, according to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.


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calendar   Thursday - February 06, 2020

And A Plague On Both Your Houses

Africa Sucks

Good Weather Caused Giant Locust Swarm Devastating East Africa

Even when they win, they lose

Tearing across East Africa right now is a plague of biblical proportions: Hundreds of billions of locusts in swarms the size of major cities are laying waste to the crops in their path.
It’s the worst outbreak in 25 years in Ethiopia. In Kenya, make that the worst in seven decades.

Fueling the locusts’ destruction is a bounty of vegetation following unusually heavy rains. All that food means the landscape can support a huge number of rapidly breeding insects. And the problem is about to get a lot worse—the insect population could boom by a factor of 500 by June. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN is calling the situation in the Horn of Africa “extremely alarming,” and estimates that a swarm covering one square kilometer can eat as much food in a day as 35,000 humans. Farmers throughout East Africa now face food shortages, as the plague consumes both crops in the field and in storage.

Desert locusts only lay eggs in moist soil, to keep them from drying out. When heavy rains come in to saturate the desert, locusts—ever the opportunists—breed like mad and fill the soil with their eggs, perhaps 1,000 per square meter of soil. When those eggs hatch, they’ll have plenty of vegetation to eat, until things dry up once again.

As soon as things start getting crowded, desert locusts become gregarious and migrate away in search of more food.
These swarming grasshoppers love grains, a staple of the human diet. This is particularly threatening to farmers with depleted soils, because overgrazed lands tend to harbor more carbohydrate-rich species—grasses in particular are sapped of their protein as nitrogen washes out of overworked soil. It all but guarantees a swarm is going to make itself at home on somebody’s farm.
Water, another critical factor of locust biology, also helps explain why things are so bad in Africa right now. In 2018, the heavy rains that locusts crave came with two cyclones, in May and October, that made landfall in nearly the same place in the southern Arabian Peninsula. The May storm alone dumped enough water for desert vegetation to grow for six months, which is long enough for two generations of locusts to appear and explode their populations—fast.
Then the October cyclone added several more months’ breeding time.

Five Little Airplanes To Save Three Nations

As locusts by the billions — yes, billions — descend on parts of Kenya in the worst outbreak in 70 years, small planes are flying low over affected areas to spray pesticides in what experts call the only effective control.
Just five planes are currently spraying as Kenyan and other authorities try to stop the locusts from spreading to neighboring Uganda and South Sudan. The United Nations has said $76 million is needed immediately to widen such efforts across East Africa.

A fast response is crucial. Experts warn that if left unchecked, the number of locusts could grow by 500 times by June, when drier weather will help bring the outbreak under control.
n swarms the size of major cities, the locusts also have affected parts of Sudan, Djibouti and Eritrea, whose agriculture ministry says both the military and general public have been deployed to combat them.

Kenya’s agriculture minister has acknowledged that authorities weren’t prepared for the scope of the infestation this year. That’s not surprising, considering it’s been decades since the country’s last comparable outbreak, U.N. officials say.

The locusts also are heading toward the breadbasket of Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous country, in that nation’s worst outbreak in 25 years. On Thursday, startled residents of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, started reported sightings of the insects.

I wonder what they’re spraying with. I bet DDT would work wonders.


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calendar   Tuesday - December 03, 2019

Back To Africa

I have the real solution to this problem.

Can’t feed themselves but they sure can breed

Zimbabwe Begs White Farmers To Return As Nation Teeters On Brink Of ‘Manmade Starvation’

Crisis-torn Zimbabwe is on the brink of “manmade starvation” with most households unable to obtain enough food to meet basic standards, a UN envoy has said.

This comes 17 years after Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean government seized large swathes of land from white farmers in the country, triggering a rapid downturn in the country’s economy.

“The people of Zimbabwe are slowly getting to a point of suffering a manmade starvation,” said Hilal Elver, the UN special rapporteur on the right to food.

More than 60% of the population of a country once seen as the breadbasket of Africa is now considered food insecure, with most households unable to obtain enough food to meet basic needs due to hyperinflation,” said Elver.

How did the “breadbasket of Africa” reach the point of “manmade starvation“?

News24 reports that Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party launched the controversial land reforms in 2000, forcibly seizing white-owned farms to resettle landless blacks. Mugabe said the reforms were meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.

At least 4,000 white commercial farmers were evicted from their farms.

The land seizures were often violent, claiming the lives of several white farmers during clashes with veterans of Zimbabwe’s 1970s liberation struggle.

Critics of the reforms have blamed the programme for low production on the farms as the majority of the beneficiaries lacked the means and skills to work the land.

The Zimbabwean government’s message to exiled white farmers is now clear. Come back to Zimbabwe and save us.

The nation is offering land leases to white commercial farmers in an effort to re-start the nation’s agricultural industry.

Right. After brutally murdering thousands of whites, throwing them off the land their families had farmed for centuries, burning all the barns and destroying the equipment, and letting the country take the required 3 small steps backwards to the stone age, now they’re all starving. Because they don’t have the skills to farm. Let’s see: dirt, pointy stick, seeds, water. Ah, but then you have to do actual, you know, work. Like weeding, and chasing away hungry antelopes, and harvesting. That’s hard! We just want the gibbs, so somebody do it for us. Again. As always. But we won’t kill you this time, we sort of promise!

Um, no thanks.


African overpopulation:  Academia vs Reality: same subject, same conclusion but expressed differently

What’s driving Africa’s population growth. And what can change it

Population growth rates continue to pose lingering challenges to development efforts on the continent. The population of Africa is expected to roughly double by 2050. This will add 1.2 billion people to Africa’s 2019 population of 1.3 billion people.

What’s driving population growth on the continent, and what can be done to slow the trend, is one of the subjects that will be addressed this week at the 8th African Population Conference in Entebbe in Uganda. A focus of the debate will be the role of behavioural nudges – interventions designed to change people’s behaviour – and incentives in achieving demographic transition in Africa.
The average woman in Africa today has about 4.7 children. This varies significantly from 2.5 in southern Africa to between 5.5 and 5.8 in central and western Africa. The average in other parts of the world is 2.2 or less, with a global average of 2.5 children per woman.
Firstly, women who start childbearing earlier may have less capacity to decide on, or negotiate, their reproductive outcomes. They may also lack opportunities such as formal education, because it competes with childbearing.
About one in four women on the continent have an unmet need for family planning. Unmet need refers to the proportion of sexually active women who want to stop – or delay childbearing for at least two years – but are not using any modern contraceptive methods. Supporting women to achieve their fertility intentions can significantly reduce population growth.

There’s also evidence that half of the differences in fertility between countries in sub-Saharan Africa and other regions is due to differences in family planning programme efforts and social settings. Changing social settings can significantly improve the impact of making contraceptives more available in reducing population growth.


The Sensible Solution to Africa’s Overpopulation Problem

People in sub-Saharan Africa have loads and loads of problems, but not when it comes to having babies. As far as generating prosperity, ensuring longevity, and protecting its inhabitants from violence and disease go, sub-Saharan Africa has a horrendous record for which every black person currently alive should feel tremendously painful spasms of shame. But they are the undisputed world champs when it comes to reproduction.

Twenty-four of the 25 countries on the planet with the highest per-capita birth rates are in sub-Saharan Africa


I suggest a two-pronged approach to stop the seemingly inevitable tidal wave of African immigration to the United States. The first prong involves persuading Africans to stay in Africa. The second involves persuading Africans to alter their behavior once they’ve decided to stay in Africa.

As anyone who turns on a TV can tell you, the United States is a deeply racist nation which is structurally designed to oppress, torture, defame, rape, humiliate, extort, beat, maim, disfigure, and outright murder black people in the streets. Don’t forget slavery. Or lynching. Or the KKK. Or Jim Crow. Or, for that matter, his brother Jeff Crow, who focused his energies on keeping movie theaters segregated. Don’t forget those water hoses and those German Shepherds. Or Emmett Till. Or Trayvon Martin. Or Mike Brown. Or the fact that even though the other members of the Rat Pack were superficially nice to him, Sammy Davis, Jr. was always painfully aware that because of the color of his skin, he could never truly be one of “them.” Convince every potential African immigrant that living in the United States would feel like being lynched and raped simultaneously.

Once we’ve convinced Africans to stay in Africa, we are ready to enact Stage Two of the plan:  They need to stop having so much sex.

For all that the pundits and so-called “experts” try to blame the astronomical rates of African fecundity on colonialism or capitalism or corrupt African politicians or primitive African religions, the plain truth is that if they weren’t fucking each other so much, they wouldn’t be popping out babies as routinely as they defecate.

Learn a hobby, Africans. Start practicing yoga. Keep a journal. Make lists. Visit a family member you haven’t seen in years. Pray the rosary. Become a YouTuber. I’m certain that when you have no job prospects and all that stands before you is a vast wasteland of sand and buzzards, sexual intercourse must seem like a welcome release.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” goes the African folk saying. But your subcontinent is so economically devastated, it takes a village to afford a child.

We evil white people have invested nearly 350 years in improving Africa. It didn’t do much. The entire world annually sends them vast quantities of money, food, educators, and health workers (who get killed for their efforts all the time). It makes no difference. Ever.

So, here’s my answer: no immigration to anywhere, and the whole world, China included, just let’s Africa alone for about 50 years. Build a metaphorical fence around the whole place. Let them run everything. Sure, sell them whatever (but nothing military), but only accept gold and silver or vast quantities of already mined resources in payment. And we don’t donate a cent, or a shot, or a schoolbook. No more doing the work for them. Sink or swim; they’ve had all this and 5 decades of post-colonial independence to figure things out. Yeah, there won’t be an edible wild animal left within a decade. Oh well. But Africa will either join the world stage on an equal footing, or become an empty wasteland. Enough is enough.


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calendar   Saturday - July 30, 2016

Watch Clinton Cash

(Edit: Turtler has learned the art of Video Embedding, so you can now Watch It here!)

Oh boy, do I have something for you..... well, I and our friends over at Legal Insurrection.

Clinton Cash: The Documentary Film.

The book version of this has been out for quite some time, and has probably been familiar to several of you.


Well, the people behind it decided to put the story into a video format and release it ABSOLUTELY FREE. So now watch it. it clocks in at over an hour, but the knowledge is priceless.

And please check out the review over at Legal Insurrection; they’re where I saw the video first and they deserve the pings.

I don’t really have much I can say to add to this, beyond maybe some of my own input. Pencil out some time and watch this. Then link to this post and send the video (download it if you can, just in case it vanishes mysteriously). Send it to as many people as you can. Because this needs to get out. Because there are some people that Truth needs to reach out of its’ shell and bite in the rear to see what we see.

If you really want more of my input, click below the Fold after watching.

See More Below The Fold

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calendar   Friday - February 05, 2016

oh yeah, terrorism

Almost Got Another One

Am I the only person who has noticed that when terrorist acts happen to people who aren’t white or at least European, they just don’t really count as news?

Remember the Russian jetliner taken out next to the Gaza strip a few months back? Killed everybody, ISIS took credit, end of story.

Today (OK, sometime on Tuesday actually) it looks like there was an almost. What’s an almost?  This is:


A Somali computer programmer has told how a suspected bomb blast tore open the side of a plane and sucked out an elderly passenger to his death at 14,000 feet.

Survivor Hassan Mohamed Nur said the blast shook Daallo Airlines Flight D3159 five minutes after take off from Mogadishu, Somalia, and tore a hole in the jet’s fuselage.

Describing the horror, he said the cabin went black and filled with thick smoke as passengers screamed in the confusion - as investigators in the U.S say a bomb ‘probably’ caused the explosion

Mr Nur said the passenger, an elderly man, caught fire before he was sucked from his seat and out of the Airbus A321.

‘I saw the passenger, a man in his early 60s, get sucked out of the plane,’ he told MailOnline. ‘There was a huge bang. A big hole appeared in the side of the jet and the man disappeared through it.

‘One minute he was sat in his seat, the next it he was gone. He’d been sucked out of the plane.

‘People were screaming. We all thought we were going to die.’

The charred body of a man, who may have fallen from the plane, was found in Balad, 18 miles from Mogadishu.

Airline officials say two passengers were hurt in the blast, shortly after take off on Tuesday.

One of those injured was an elderly man from Finland, who is in a stable condition in hospital in Mogadishu.

The Somali government says an investigation has begun.

The plane has been moved from the runway to a private hangar for inspection by forensic experts to inspect, Mr Mohamoud added.

He said that foreign technical experts were involved in the inquiry.

The Daallo Airlines flight bound for Djibouti in the Horn of Africa was able to fly back to Mogadishu and land safely and 74 passengers on board were evacuated.

The pilot Vlatko Vodopivec, 64, from Serbia said: ‘When we heard a loud bang, the co-pilot went back to the cabin to inspect the damage and I took over the commands as the procedure demands.

‘Smoke came into the cockpit, but it was mostly concentrated in the back of the aircraft.’

He added: ‘I think it was a bomb. Luckily, the flight controls were not damaged so I could return and land at the airport.

‘Something like this has never happened in my flight career. We lost pressure in the cabin. Thank god it ended well.

‘It was my first bomb; I hope it will be the last. It would have been much worse if we were higher.


Some are saying this was the result of bad weather. Sure, if it was raining grenades I could accept that. Or it was a faulty oxygen bottle. Sure, one that was exactly at passenger seat level height.  Sorry, it was a bomb, no matter what “officials are trying to deny. Terrorists.

But I guess it wasn’t a big enough death toll to warrant more than a passing nod from western MSM, if at all, and then they all switched back to the endless, endless, mind-numbing endless coverage of the US Presidential primaries. 


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calendar   Monday - February 01, 2016

hashtag this

Sub-Human African Scum

Boko Haram Burns Scores Of Children Alive

A survivor hidden in a tree says he watched Boko Haram extremists firebomb huts and heard the screams of children burning to death, among 86 people officials say died in the latest attack by Nigeria’s homegrown Islamic extremists.

Scores of charred corpses and bodies with bullet wounds littered the streets from Saturday night’s attack on Dalori village and two nearby camps housing 25,000 refugees, according to survivors and soldiers at the scene just 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram and the biggest city in Nigeria’s northeast.

The shooting, burning and explosions from three suicide bombers continued for nearly four hours in the unprotected area, survivor Alamin Bakura said, weeping on a telephone call to The Associated Press. He said several of his family members were killed or wounded.

The violence continued as three female suicide bombers blew up among people who managed to flee to neighboring Gamori village, killing many people, according to a soldier at the scene who insisted on anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to journalists.

Troops arrived at Dalori around 8:40 p.m. Saturday but were unable to overcome the attackers, who were better armed, said soldiers who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press. The Boko Haram fighters only retreated after reinforcements arrived with heavier weapons, they said.

Eighty-six bodies were collected by Sunday afternoon, according to Mohammed Kanar, area coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency. Another 62 people are being treated for burns, said Abba Musa of the State Specialist Hospital in Maiduguri.

Boko Haram has been attacking soft targets, increasingly with suicide bombers, since the military last year drove them out of towns and villages in northeastern Nigeria.

From things I’ve heard, these aren’t really suicide bombers. They’re human bombs - prisoners, slaves, old women, livestock, and even babies - doped to the gills on narcotics, then loaded down with C4 and shrapnel and sent to wander into crowds. This is the foulest and cruelest kind of warfare, which is to be expected with another ISIS aligned pizzlamic group run by stone age abo ground apes.

And the United States will do nothing.

And the United Nations will do nothing.

Because #dontburnblackbabies. And #stoptakingsexslaves.

Right, because that’s all it takes to solve problems in the Magic Negro’s Unicorn Rainbow World. And worse, that’s all he’s willing to do.


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calendar   Thursday - July 30, 2015

Lying about lions lying about

Cecil Was Murdered!!!!1111!!!11!


A “trayvonesque” picture of Cecil from his prime. Wild lions live to about 14, he was 13 when a hunter got him

Another case of when the internet is used as a weapon.

Cecil, a 13-year-old lion, wandered out of his sanctuary in a national park in Zimbabwe this month, following the scent of a potential snack.

At the other end of Cecil’s search was a lure, placed there by hunters who, conservationists say, wanted their prey to cross into unprotected territory so they could kill him.

Cecil, well known to those who visited the Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe for his jet black mane, was beheaded, according to conservation officials. His corpse was left to rot in the sun.

Zimbabwean officials said that Dr. Walter J. Palmer, an American hunter known for killing big game with a bow and arrow, killed Cecil, and was being sought on poaching charges.

Johnny Rodrigues of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said Cecil was lured out of a protected game preserve one night in early July by a hunting party that tied a dead animal to a car.

The first shot, which the authorities say came from Dr. Palmer’s crossbow, was not enough to kill the lion. Cecil was tracked for nearly two days before Dr. Palmer killed him with a gun.

This sure sounds pretty dreadful, and if people don’t look any deeper and just react emotionally, it could lead them to doing some pretty foolish things ...

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Two signs posted on the door of a nondescript dental office here asked passers-by to mourn the death of Cecil, a lion who was lured off his sanctuary and killed during a game hunt this month in Zimbabwe.

“WE ARE CECIL,” one read; “#CatLivesMatter,” read another. Nearby was a sign with a darker message for the dentist who said he killed the cat: “ROT IN HELL.”

In the hours since Dr. Walter J. Palmer apologized for killing the lion, he has gone from a dentist and longtime hunting enthusiast to a villain at the center of a firestorm over the ethics of big-game trophy hunting.

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study, until the end of the hunt,” Dr. Palmer said in a statement. “I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt.”

The outrage and attention surrounding the lion’s death online caused Dr. Palmer to keep his office closed on Wednesday as he joined an ever-expanding group of people who have become targets of Internet vigilantism, facing a seemingly endless shaming until the next issue comes along.

Can we just back up here for a minute or so please?

First of all, you can’t just pick up your guns and bows and hop on a jet to Africa from Minnesota at a moment’s notice to go hunt one particular lion. Not even lions in general. Aside from aligning and reserving the complex array of travel arrangements, I’m sure there was also a vast array of visas, hunting licenses, weapons transport approval forms, hunting guide reservations and hiring and so on. Without a doubt it took weeks, if not months, to pay all the fees, cross all the “t"s and dot all the “i"s. And then ... 35 hours of travel time to get there? Not just the 4 to 6 flights to get him to that corner of Zimbabwe, but the day and a half spent driving out into the bush and setting up camp and so on. The point is, this wasn’t spur of the moment.

Next, oh noes, poor old Cecil was tricked, lured to his death by evil minions. Really? One particular lion out of hundreds? Thousands perhaps? How did that happen, and can we hire them for extracting needles from haystacks? This one particular lion, now in the 13th year of his maximum 14 year life span, lived in this game reserve. Look it up. Hwange National Park is 5,657 square miles. Five thousand six hundred fifty seven square miles! Which, if a square chunk of land, is a bit over 75 miles per side. And a dead donkey on a tow rope is going to lure a lion that far? Must be the most wonderfully ripe bit of carrion ever, to compete with all the dead and rotting zebras and antelope right there in the park itself! No, I think the truth is that Mr. Cecil was a border skulker, known to duck out of the park for some naughty lion highjinks and then zip back in before he could be caught out. Mr. Dindo Nuttin, with claws.

But then they shot him with an arrow, and left him for days to die. And then cut his head off and threw his body to the dogs!!  Yes, it’s called Africa. Welcome to it.  I am not a trophy hunter. I am not a night hunter either. Nor have I ever been on Safari, or even within 1,000 miles of the continent of Africa. So I don’t know jack. But if you have read any of those Safari stories (eq Death in the long grass) you’ll know that the hunt is rarely a clean one shot kill with instantaneous death. Almost always the wounded quarry has to be followed on, the blood trail and the spoor, the heat, the flies, the closed in tawny world of the savannah, and the final coup-de-gras at close quarters. Maybe that’s all cinematic bullshit, but maybe that’s the way it is. 500lb predators might just be quite hard to kill. Especially if you just wing one at night. Then what do you do?

As to the body being left behind ... yeah, so? You can’t eat lion. I don’t think even the natives will eat lion, and they’ll eat anything. Jackals and vultures eat lion. It’s their job. Other lions will eat lion too, because, while being Mighty Hunters, they’re also scavengers by lazy convenience.

So why is Dr. Palmer in such hot water? Because under that hoary old mane, Cecil wore a tracking collar. And a bunch of animal rights activists who have never seen any wild animal more fearsome than a squirrel, but who have seen Disney’s Lion King countless times, know that humans are all evil, especially the white ones, and that lions are all cuddly-wuddly and just want to be loved. And perhaps the good doctor forgot to pay off every last official in the country, so somebody in Zimbabwe ratted him out. Very glad to take his $55,000 “hunting fee”, but just as eager to throw his white ass to the media dogs and label him a poacher when the winky-dinks got upset. So now he has to pay. Because #CATLivesMatter. So let’s destroy him, his business, and his family. With just the click of a mouse. Because the internet is a far stronger weapon than any crossbow or rifle ever made. Welcome to the intolerant age of digital revenge. Social Justice for lions too!!


I wasn’t kidding about the cuddly-wuddly bit. The impromptu memorial to a dead lion outside Dr. Palmer’s office in Minnesota.


Proving once and for all that they are utterly disconnected from reality, PETA calls for the doc’s death. He killed a lion? Hang him!

PETA has released a shocking statement in the wake of Cecil the Lion’s death, saying the dentist who hunted and killed the animal should be killed.

“Hunting is a coward’s pastime,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement to Time. “If, as has been reported, this dentist and his guides lured Cecil out of the park with food so as to shoot him on private property, because shooting him in the park would have been illegal, he needs to be extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged.”



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calendar   Wednesday - May 06, 2015

Finding The Will To Fight

Goodluck Jonathan Gaining In Fight Against Boko Haram

Outgoing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan isn’t acting like a lame duck when it comes to going after Boko Haram, the murderous Islamist army that has terrorized the northern part of Africa’s most populous country.

In recent weeks, government forces have taken the fight to the terrorist army, rescuing hundreds of women and girls held captive in Boko Haram’s forest stronghold in Borno state. Amid the cheers for Jonathan, who lost his bid for re-election to Muhammadu Buhari on March 31, some critics are wondering what took so long. As welcome as the new offensive is, some say it reeks of last-minute legacy gilding.

“Boko Haram is the big blemish on Jonathan’s legacy, so it’s understandable that he’d want to crack down and score some successes on his way out to improve his record,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst with the Clarion Project, told

In the last year, Boko Haram has abducted an estimated 2,000 mostly Christian women and young girls, selling some into sexual slavery and killing others. In the past week alone, the Nigerian military, along with coalition forces from neighboring countries Chad and Cameroon, has advanced on Boko Haram strongholds and rescued nearly 700 of the captives. According to reports, more than 200 of the rescued women were pregnant.

What the government forces have found as they fought their way deep into the Sambisa forest where Boko Haram is based, is a force that could have been reckoned with long ago. Some captured militants even said they lacked guns and ammunition, and were often reduced to fighting with sticks.

The recent offensive, as well as the tragic plight of women held in horrendous conditions for months, has left some in the international community wondering why these actions couldn’t have been taken sooner.

Gee, I dunno. Maybe because Obama put the nix on it? You know, denying them weapons shipments, supplies, threatening them with war crimes at the UN over using barrel bombs. That kind of thing. And now, perhaps with sanctions lifted since O’s pet won the election, old Goodluck is making hay while the sun shines. There is a lot more to this story than this little news article is aware of. 


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calendar   Wednesday - April 29, 2015

The Wrong 300

Nigeria Rescues 300 Kidnapped School Girls From Boko Haram

Oops, they weren’t the 300 the world was looking for

An army spokesman told the Associated Press and Reuters that the 200 girls and 93 women rescued Tuesday by Nigeria’s Armed Forces did not include any of the schoolgirls kidnapped from Chibok by Boko Haram militants last year.

In a tweet on its official account, the Nigerian Armed Forces said: “FLASH: Troops this afternoon rescued 200 girls & 93 women from #Sambisa Forest. We cannot confirm if the #ChibokGirls are in this group /1.”

Army spokesman Col. Sani Usman told the AP that 293 people were rescued Tuesday “but they are not the Chibok girls.” Reuters also cited Usman as its source.

In April 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls near the northern village of Chibok. Dozens escaped, but 219 remain missing. Their kidnapping sparked a worldwide outcry, creating the social movement “Bring Back Our Girls.”

In October, the Nigerian government announced a cease-fire deal with Boko Haram that included the release of the girls. Two weeks later, the terrorist organization denied the reports and said the girls had been converted to Islam and married off.

In a follow-up tweet Tuesday, the military said: “#Sambisa Forest: The freed persons are now being screened and profiled. We will bring you details later. /3 #NeverAgain.”

The military said its troops captured and destroyed three terrorist camps during the operation in Sambisa Forest, where Boko Haram is believed to have many camps on a game preserve eight times larger than Yellowstone National Park.

Boko Haram, whose attacks on schools have forced thousands away from an education, loosely translates as “Western education is forbidden” in the Hausa language that is spoken by about 40 million people in Nigeria and neighboring Niger.

In March, the leader of Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, making the Nigerian terrorist organization the largest group yet to agree to fight under the Iraq- and Syria-based extremists.

So these were the nearly 300 that the West wasn’t even aware of. Nice. Makes you wonder how many other hundreds ... thousands?? ... of people are held prisoner by this ISIS spin off group.

Because #BlackLivesPeopleDon’tEvenKnowAbout


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calendar   Saturday - April 04, 2015

if he has his way, the white man’s burden will become even more burdensome

I don’t know what to say.  Almost everything has been said before about these types.  Of course, to suggest they are wrong is racist. May even be a hate crime.

I can’t understand why any white folks stay there.  I guess many are stuck.  I don’t suppose they can come here to Britain and claim refugee status or asylum, being as how they are so clearly the wrong race and colour and culture.  I mean, after all.  Most have names other white folks can pronounce. Even spell sometimes. Oh right ,,,, I believe they may also be Christians so right there is a demerit. 

Julius Malema - the man who would tear down South Africa


Julius Malema is unequivocal about what he and his political party want to do with the statues of Cecil Rhodes and other imperialists dotted across South Africa.

“Those statues have to be removed; we’ve asked the state to remove them,” he tells The Independent. “If the state continues to be reluctant on this we will remove them.”

His forthright view marks him out as the one decisive leader in what is fast becoming an explosive subject in South Africa. Protesters across the country have called for the statue at the University of Cape Town to be removed, spawning the hashtag #RhodesMustFall.

Following initial calls from students to take down the statues, the current indecision over what to do with the symbols of colonialism – and, for many, apartheid – is pushing the country into a collective angst about its future after Nelson Mandela.

Into this political quagmire enters Mr Malema, who advocates the seizure of white-owned farms as happened in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.

With his “expropriation without compensation” position on farmland, Mr Malema is both pragmatic and incendiary. Taking literally the Charter’s calls for “land to be re-divided amongst those who work it” and that “all shall have the right to occupy land wherever they choose”, he says that he offers a fair system for farmers to reapply for land.

But he then says he agrees with the agenda of grabbing white farmers’ land in Zimbabwe, stopping short of admiring Robert Mugabe and his violent methods.

continue reading from source


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calendar   Wednesday - April 01, 2015

Memories of a lost land

Turtler’s comment got me thinking, and when I think near a keyboard anything can happen.

I found this at Keith Addison’s Journey To Forever website, which also has a great entry on natural mosquito repellents.

Kurt Vonnegut 1979 - Biafra, A People Betrayed

It was a nation with more citizens than Ireland and Norway combined. It proclaimed itself an independent republic on May 30, 1967. On January 17 of 1970, it surrendered unconditionally to Nigeria, the nation from which it had tried to secede. It had few friends in this world, and among its active enemies were Russia and Great Britain. Its enemies were pleased to call it a “tribe.”

Some tribe.

The Biafrans were mainly Christians and they spoke English melodiously, and their economy was this one: small-town free enterprise. The worthless Biafran currency was gravely honored to the end.

The tune of Biafra’s national anthem was Finlandia, by Jan Sibelius. The equatorial Biafrans admired the arctic Finns because the Finns won and kept their freedom in spite of ghastly odds.

Biafra lost its freedom, of course, and I was in the middle of it as all its fronts were collapsing. I flew in from Gabon on the night of January 3, with bags of corn, beans, and powdered milk, aboard a blacked out DC6 chartered by Caritas, the Roman Catholic relief organization. I flew out six nights later on an empty DC4 chartered by the French Red Cross. It was the last plane to leave Biafra that was not fired upon.

While in Biafra, I saw a play which expressed the spiritual condition of the Biafrans at the end. It was set in ancient times, in the home of a medicine man. The moon had not been seen for many months, and the crops had failed. There was nothing to eat anymore. A sacrifice was made to a goddess of fertility, and the sacrifice was refused. The goddess gave the reason: The people were not sufficiently unselfish and brave.

Before the drama began, the national anthem was played on an ancient marimba. It seems likely that similar marimbas were heard in the court of the Kingdom of Biafra. The black man who played the marimba was naked to the waist. He squatted on the stage. He was a composer. He also held a doctor’s degree from the London School of Economics.

Some tribe.


De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Say nothing but good of the dead.

I asked a Biafran how long his nation had existed so far, and he replied, “Three Christmases, and a little bit more.” He wasn’t a hungry baby. He was a hungry man. He was a living skeleton, but he walked like a man.

Miriam Reik and I picked up Vance Bouijaily in Paris, and we flew down to Gabon and then into Biafra. The only way to get into Biafra was at night by air. There were only eight passenger seats at the rear of the cabin. The rest of the cabin was heaped with bags of food. The food was from America.

We flew over water, there were Russian trawlers below. They were monitoring every plane that came into Biafra. The Russians were helpful in a lot of ways: They gave the Nigerians Ilyushin bombers and MIGs and heavy artillery. And the British gave the Nigerians artillery too and advisers, and tanks and armored cars, and machine guns and mortars and all that, and endless ammunition.

America was neutral.

When we got close to the one remaining Biafran airport, which was a stretch of highway, its lights came on. It was a secret. Its lights resembled two rows of glowworms. The moment our wheels touched the runway, the runway lights went out and our plane’s headlights came on. Our plane slowed down, pulled off the runway, killed its lights, and then everything was pitch black again. There were only two white faces in the crowd around our plane. One was a Holy Ghost Father. The other was a doctor from the French Red Cross. The doctor ran a hospital for the children who were suffering from kwashiorkor, the pitiful children who had no protein.



As I write, Nigeria has arrested all the Holy Ghost Fathers, who stayed to the end with their people in Biafra.

The priests were mostly Irishmen. They were beloved. Whenever they built a church, they also built a school. Children and simple men and women thought all white men were priests, so they would often beam at Vance or me and say, “Hello, Father.” The Fathers are now being deported forever. Their crime: compassion in time of war. We were taken to the Frenchman’s hospital the next morning, in a chauffeur-driven Peugeot. The name of the village itself sounded like the wail of a child: AwoOmama.

I said to an educated Biafran, “Americans may not know much about Biafra, but they know about the children.”’ We’re grateful,” he replied, “but I wish they knew more than that. They think we’re a dying nation. We aren’t. We’re an energetic, modern nation that is being born! We have doctors. We have hospitals. We have public-health programs. If we have so much sickness, it is because our enemies have designed every diplomatic and military move with one end in mind — that we starve to death.”

About kwashiorkor: It is a rare disease, caused by a lack of protein. Its cure has been easy, until the blockading of Biafra.

The worst sufferers there were the children of refugees, driven from their homes, then driven off the roads and into the bush by MIGs and armored columns. The Biafrans weren’t jungle people. They were village people—farmers and professionals and clerks and businessmen. They had no weapons to hunt with. Back in the bush, they fed their children whatever roots and fruit they were lucky enough to find. At the end, a very common diet was water and thin air. So the children came down with kwashiorkor, no longer a rare disease. The child’s hair turned red. His skin split like the skin of a ripe tomato. His rectum protruded. His arms and legs were like lollipop sticks.

Vance and Miriam and I waded through shoals of children like those at Awo-Omama. We discovered that if we let our hands dangle down among the children, a child would grasp each finger or thumb—five children to a hand. A finger from a stranger, miraculously, would allow a child to stop crying for a while.

A MIG came over, fired a few rounds, didn’t hit anything this time, though the hospital had been hit often before. Our guide guessed that the pilot was an Egyptian or an East German.

I asked a Biafran nurse what sort of supplies the hospital was most in need of.

Her answer: “Food.”


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calendar   Tuesday - March 31, 2015

Bad News


Buhari Set To Win In Nigeria

Opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari is on the verge of a historic victory over Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, with most votes counted.

Gen Buhari, a former military ruler, is ahead by almost three million votes, with results still to come from just three states.

Analysts say it is hard to see how Mr Jonathan can overcome this lead.

The opposition has never won a presidential election in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous state.

Observers have generally praised the election but there have been allegations of fraud, which could lead to protests and violence.

More than 800 people were killed in protests after Mr Jonathan beat Gen Buhari in the previous election.

And so Obama’s stealth jihad continues.

Buhari supports imposing Sharia, islamic law. And PDP members have questioned why Buhari was picked by Boko Haram as part of the team to have talks with the government of Nigeria in Saudi Arabia.

Visit Pamela for more.

And this link explains everything.


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