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calendar   Monday - February 28, 2011

Will This Wake People Up?

Pirates Hijack Danish Boat With Three Children on Board

Probably not.

Pirates have seized a Danish sailboat with four adults and three children on board, Denmark’s government said Monday.

The ship was hijacked Thursday while traveling through the Indian Ocean and is now on its way to Somalia, Denmark’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Charlotte Slente told DR News, a national TV News channel in Denmark.

A Danish couple, their three children—aged 12-16—and two crew members were on board.

“It has now been confirmed that the sailboat was hijacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean,” the ministry said in a statement.

Most hostages captured in the pirate-infested waters off East Africa are professional sailors, not families. Pirates are not known to have captured children before.

Earlier Monday, the European Union Naval Force said Somali pirates hijacked a Greek-owned cargo vessel with 23 crew on board.

The MV Dover was seized Monday in the north Arabian sea, 260 miles northeast of the Omani port of Salalah, the naval force said. The MV Dover was on its way to Yemen from Pakistan when it was attacked. It was registered with shipping and naval authorities.

There are three Romanians, 19 Filipinos and a Russian aboard the Panama-flagged vessel. There is no communication with the ship and no information regarding the condition of the crew.

If you’ve ever wondered where the money goes, you are not alone. A large part of it goes to islamotherfugging terrorists. Just like you thought it did.

Some analysts - such as the Kenyan-based security consultant Bruno Schiemsky - say pirates have given as much as 50% of their revenue to the Islamist al-Shabab militia in the areas it controls.

However, al-Shabab has stated that it opposes piracy.

Sure it does. Against fellow muslimes perhaps.

One country that does seem to be involved in Somali piracy is Yemen.

Maritime security experts say the ‘mother ships’ from which pirate attacks are launched are often refuelled, resupplied and even armed in Yemen.

A UN report said: “Members of the Harardhere pirate group have been linked to the trafficking of arms from Yemen to (the Somali towns of) Harardhere and Hobyo, which have long been two of the main points of entry for arms shipments destined for armed opposition groups in Somalia and Ethiopia.”

It’s likely that the truth about all the money made from piracy will never be uncovered.


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Ten-hut! Sa-lute!

And Then There Were None

Frank Buckles, Last American WWI Veteran, Dies at 110

Frank W. Buckles died Sunday, sadly yet not unexpectedly at age 110, having achieved a singular feat of longevity that left him proud and a bit bemused. In 1917 and 1918, close to 5 million Americans served in World War I, and Mr. Buckles, a cordial fellow of gentle humor, was the last known survivor. “I knew there’d be only one someday,” he said a few years back. “I didn’t think it would be me.”

Mr. Buckles, a widower, died on his West Virginia farm, said his daughter, Susannah Buckles Flanagan, who had been caring for him there.

Flanagan, 55, said her father had recently recovered from a chest infection and seemed in reasonably good health for a man his age. At 12:15 a.m. Sunday, he summoned his live-in nurse to his bedroom. As the nurse looked on, Flanagan said, Mr. Buckles drew a breath, and his eyes fell shut.

“We have lost a living link to an important era in our nation’s history,” Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki said of Mr. Buckles, whose distant generation was the first to witness the awful toll of modern, mechanized warfare. “But we have also lost a man of quiet dignity who dedicated his final years to ensuring the sacrifices of his fellow doughboys are appropriately commemorated.”

Mr. Buckles, who was born by lantern light in a Missouri farmhouse, quit school at 16 and bluffed his way into the Army. As the nation flexed its full military might overseas for the first time, he joined 4.7 million Americans in uniform and was among 2 million U.S. troops shipped to France to vanquish the German kaiser.

Ninety years later, with available records showing that former corporal Buckles, serial No. 15577, had outlived all of his compatriots from World War I, the Department of Veterans Affairs declared him the last doughboy standing. He was soon answering fan mail and welcoming a multitude of inquisitive visitors to his rural home.

“I feel like an endangered species,” he joked, well into his 11th decade. As a rear-echelon ambulance driver behind the trenches of the Western Front in 1918, he had been safe from the worst of the fighting. But “I saw the results,” he would say.

“Every last one of us Yanks believed we’d wrap this thing up in a month or two and head back home before harvest,” he said. “In other words, we were the typical cocky Americans no one wants around until they need help winning a war.”

I doubt if there are more than a small handful of people still alive anywhere on earth who even remember the Great War.  According to Wiki, in all the world there are only 3 people left alive who could be considered veterans of that affair: the old sailor Claude Choules in the UK, former Women’s Air Force waitress Florence Green, also in the UK, and old Polish soldier Józef Kowalski, who signed up after the shooting was over but before the Armistice was signed. At 111, he’s nearly a year and a half older than the youngster Choules, who is a mere 109.


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Oscars Condensed for Guys

So the Oscars were on last night, all 183 hours of them. This is like the Superbowl for women, fashionistas, Hollywood gossipers, and film lovers. Umpty-seven prizes were awarded, and major nominees were given goody bags with contents worth more than your house. Nice work if you can get it. Since Charlie Sheen is currently in the Bahamas with all the seriously total sluts in Tinseltown, this year’s look was elegantly flowing gowns with only small amounts of lace and other doodads.

87% of the male population forced to watch this was on a mental dial tone after less than 10 minutes. So while you nod your head at your co-workers sagacity around the water cooler today, learning obliquely who won Best This and Best That, I’ve put together the parts that actually matter to guys.

Mila Kunis in that magical pale blue dress (the only lavender men recognize is the smell of their mom’s soap). Lacey, elegant, feminine. Hypnotic. The red carpet camera guy kept cutting back to her again and again, until your wife or GF had something to say. Secretly you could have watched that shiz all night long, no problem, just to figure out if it actually was see-through all over.

The surf goddess in the red dress was Jennifer Lawrence. She was nominated for Best Actress in a film you never heard of called Writer’s Bone. hur hur hur. I think this is Scarlett Johansson’s old dress, taken in quite a bit, but I don’t care. Where’s my defib?

And baby makes two! Natalie Portman looks 100 times better with some weight on. Sweet. So glad she’s a girl now instead of a stick insect.

In a night full of various heavily shellacked tightly up-swept girlie hairdos that only other women love, along with a serious number of WTF bed-head disasters, Amy Adams was one of the few who went with the “freshly shampooed and a little bit of a wave” look. And looked magnificent doing so. Giant emerald necklace? Who cares. Give us a twirl please Amy. Thank you.

Pics? Of course!

See More Below The Fold


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so mrs. palin is a froot loop for sugesting the govt. stay out of our kitchens, but jamie here is..?




Good evening BMEWS readers.

The fellow shown here is a Brit chef. His name is Jamie Oliver. He’s in America, as I have been led to understand, to try and teach Americans, but most especially American kiddies, how to eat healthy.  He tried and failed to get his program forced down the throats of one school authority but I forgot what state that was. I had actually forgotten all about him till yesterday when ....  I came upon this.

Jamie Oliver calls Sarah Palin a ‘Froot Loop’ over healthy eating comments

Sarah Palin famously described herself as a pitbull with lipstick - but now she has been labeled a ‘Froot Loop’ by chef Jamie Oliver.


Now why in the world would he attack Sarah Palin?  Glad you asked. Because Mrs Palin insists that it’s the parents who decide and not the govt. as to what their kids eat.  Guidelines aren’t a problem. Suggest away.  But stay out of our kitchens.  Sounds fair to me although it has to be faced that diets are important and not all kids (thanx to puter games etc.) aren’t burning off calories the way we used to. So anyway, Sarah’s a Froot Loop. That’s how the paper spelled it.

Would that be why I assigned so many Moonbats to Jamie today?  Well, no actually.  I’d have given him one or two, cos Mrs Palin isn’t going to lose sleep over his remark. Then why so many? Well, if you’re gonna assign fruit loopy designations on my ppl, be sure you don’t fall into that category yourself.
Because if anything has the ring of Froot Loop about it, this sure does.

Jamie Oliver’s most stomach-turning TV show yet? Boys on new C4 series asked to donate sperm samples for biology

By Lara Gould

Channel 4 is facing a storm of criticism over Jamie Oliver’s new TV series which features two teenage boys being asked to produce sperm samples for analysis in a science class.

The scenes will be featured in Jamie’s Dream School, in which he attempts to turn around a group of troubled teenagers by sending them to a school run by celebrities.

As part of the seven-week series, the teachers – including Tony Blair’s wife Cherie and his former communications chief Alastair Campbell – were asked to devise classes about their specialist field.


And btw ....Channel 4 sure has earned a good number of these bats.


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muzzie filth …. and they insist they be treated as normal folk. just like us. uh huh. wrong

I caught this a few minutes ago ... It came round about but Gates of Vienna I think were the first to post it. Not clear on that.  I got from Europe News.
Whatever ...

This looks for real to me and frankly I wouldn’t know a way to vet the thing and Snopes has nothing that I could find, so I’m posting it for all to see.

The video is dated but the attitude and the threat is strong as ever.

Poor France if this kind of thing is real and still occurs. 


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not certain if it qualifies as a castle but no matter, you could call this place home.

Seem to be in a history mode here.

Boo-Hoo ... I have only a few minutes and must be off to see dentist.  Waaaaaaa.

My home is my castle?

This sort of thing is eye candy to me.

Take a look.

A castle to call home. There’s a catch.

For £850 a month, English Heritage is looking to rent out a three bedroom property in the grounds of Framingham Castle in Suffolk.  The red house was formerly staff accommodation at the castle, which was built in the 12th century by the 1st Earl of Norfolk.

The successful tenants will have the grounds of the castle to themselves after sightseers have left for the day.
Newspaper blurb with photo did not say if any duties were involved but I doubt it if you’re paying EH. Wonder if they have internet connection to that place. Prolly only dial up. I mean, how close to the BT junction can this place be? Doubt much it’s close at all so forget broadband unless BH allows satilite hookup somewhere out of sight.

Clicking anywhere on the photo will bring you to more info on this place, as well as more pix. Interesting stuff.



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‘Don’t know much about History…’

1827 - The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad is incorporated, becoming the first railroad in America offering commercial transport of both people and freight. Obama would like to go back to the 19th century.
1854 - The Republican Party is organized in Ripon, Wisconsin. Oh the irony!
1885 - AT&T is incorporated in New York State.
1935 - DuPont scientist Wallace Carothers invents nylon. Oh the fashion!
1983 - The final episode of MASH is broadcast. Alan Alda never recovers.
1993 - Waco, TX: BATF agents raid the Branch Davidian church with a warrant to arrest David Koresh. Four BATF agents and five Davidians die in the initial raid, starting a 51-day standoff. President Clinton is clueless, passes to AG Janet Reno. 


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calendar   Sunday - February 27, 2011

Yet another challenge facing government schools.

Honestly, you can’t––well, I couldn’t––make this stuff up! Here’s the headline:

You can lead kids to broccoli, but you can’t make them eat

Students’ reaction to healthier lunches highlights challenges for schools

Lunch poses a challenge? The government schools are already overwhelmed by the challenge of teaching

…reading, and ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.
(taught to the tune of a hick’ry stick!)

No, the government schools, and by extension, the teachers’ union, can’t teach reading, and writing, and arithmetic. So, with the help and approval of Moochelle Obama, the wife of the First Mongrel, the schools are now going to teach the kids what to eat. Chicago is leading the way, but, like Obama trying to force lead the rest of us into the heaven-on-Earth promises of ObamaCare, the Chicago schools are having problems forcing cajoling kids to eat what the elite want them to eat.

Anyone who has ever tried to sneak healthy food into kids’ lunches knows what Chicago Public Schools is going through.

Sometimes kids openly embrace the new food. Sometimes they eat it without realizing the difference. And sometimes they refuse it altogether.

CPS has met with all three reactions this school year, when it stopped serving daily nachos, Pop-Tarts and doughnuts and introduced healthier options at breakfast and lunch. But in a sign of how challenging this transition can be for schools, district figures show that lunch sales for September through December dropped by about 5 percentage points since the previous year, or more than 20,000 lunches a day.

Surprised? I actually am. My parents never tried to ‘sneak’ healthy food into any meal. They just said ‘eat what’s on your plate.’ ‘No, you can’t have seconds of anything until you eat what’s on your plate.’ Unlike Gollum or the Government, my parents weren’t ‘sneaks.’ (I’m also surprised at having Pop-Tarts on the menu. When did that happen? Donuts? When I was in school you could buy an eclair, or cheesecake, or fruit Jello. No donuts.)

So, sales are down 5%. Why is this bad?

See More Below The Fold


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‘Don’t know much about History…’

1594 - Henry IV is crowned King of France
1797 - The Bank of England issues the first one-pound and two-pound notes.
1801 - Pursuant to the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801, Washington D.C. is placed under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress, which still annoys Eleanor Norton Holmes.
1812 - Lord Byron gives his first address as a member of the House of Lords, in defense of Luddite violence against industrialism in his home county of Nottinghamshire. Lord Byron would approve of union protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, etc.
1939 - The U.S. Supreme Court rules that sit-down strikes violate property owners’ rights and are therefore illegal.
1951 - The 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, limiting Presidents to two terms, is ratified.
1973 - The American Indian Movement occupies Wounded Knee, S.D.
1974 - Screw Up Your Life People Magazine is published for the first time.
1991 - First Gulf War: President George H. W. Bush announces that ‘Kuwait is liberated.’
2003 - Rowan Williams (the Insane) is enthroned as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury.


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calendar   Saturday - February 26, 2011

North By North South?

Oh Noes!! Compasses losing accuracy because Magnetic North Pole Is Drifting!!


Sometimes I swear news stories are published just to scare people. Or to annoy those of us who can actually think. The magnetic north pole has ALWAYS been moving. As nifty as compasses seem when you’re a kid in Scouts, they all have this bit of inaccuracy built in. The truth is that they don’t actually point north. Or to the north pole. Or even to the magnetic north pole. The truth is that the compass needle aligns itself with the local magnetic field, a bit like a homing pigeon flying along a local ley line. And - no shir, Shitlock - those local field lines are not now, nor have they ever been, entirely parallel to the magnetic axis. This is what “magnetic declination” is all about. It’s also what you can avoid by having a GPS, or a device that has one built in. Like an iPad app. In the bad old days, we had to have paper maps available and know how to read them, and how to adjust them. The declination amount was shown at the top of the map. Yeah, an old map would have the wrong value, so you had to get new maps every decade or so. Big deal.


No, this is NOT a newly discovered Jackson Pollock painting. It’s the earth’s magnetic field.

Ordinary Compasses Thrown Off by Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Field

The Earth’s magnetic field is changing at an increasing rate, throwing off airports and altering the aurora borealis—and its effect on ordinary compasses could mean the difference between homeward bound and hopelessly lost.

Earth’s northernmost magnetic point—or magnetic north—is distinct from its geographic North Pole, and scientists have long known that the magnetic poles are on the move.

But the magnetic poles have been moving faster lately, sliding towards Siberia at 34 miles per year at a speed that’s accelerated 36 percent over the last 10 years, according to the United States Geological Survey, or USGS.

Since compasses rely on magnetic north to point you in the right way up the trail, the average $2-dollar model could very well point you in the wrong direction. Depending on location and journey length, unaware hikers or boaters could find themselves hundreds of miles off course if they don’t calibrate for the shift, experts said.

Don’t forget that every once in a geologic while, the magnetic poles actually reverse themselves. It’s always been like that. And unless I missed the fine print statement that says how this is a magical and instantaneous shift, my understanding is that the magnetic pole goes from up to down by moving a little bit all the time.

And just for gits and shiggles, this Scary Science article above forgets to point out one salient fact: the magnetic north pole is moving northward over time:


which means that compasses are actually getting more accurate for most of us, because the distance between the magnetic north pole and the rotational north pole is decreasing. The magnetic pole is not moving directly towards the rotational pole, but it’s many many hundreds of miles closer to it than it was a century ago. See here for more movement history. And don’t let science stories scare you. Half the time they’re pure crap.

For extra fun, know that the movement of the magnetic poles is most probably caused by movement within the molten core of the planet. “Core Flux”. Vast continental sized plumes of molten iron rising and falling and swirling around. That’s the accepted theory it seems. Yet somehow that more energetic core moving about, sometimes closer to the surface, sometimes further away, that vast and incomprehensibly large mass of molten iron sometimes hotter or cooler ... has no impact whatsoever on the temperature of the surface just 50 miles or so above it. No, it’s a microminimal change in the amount of a rare atmospheric gas that causes the surface temperature variations. Uh huh. Right.


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Firefox Tips for avoiding blacklist punishment

Have you ever lost a great comment here because the blacklist filter spit out your post? You can’t post certain links here, but you can avoid the punishment of losing your whole comment if this occurs. This happened to me this morning, so I found out several ways to work around it.

Firefox users can go into about:config and set dom.disable_window_open_feature.toolbar to TRUE, which will override any Java setting a blog engine might use. That way you ALWAYS get the toolbar in a new popup window, even if the blog is set to not give it to you.

Another way is to learn the Firefox keyboard shortcut, Alt-Left Arrow, which will take you to the previous screen. So it works the same way, but without anything visible. Blacklist message? Alt-Left, then edit your comment and resubmit. You do have to remember the shortcut though.

A third way is for me to change to the parameters of the popup comment window so that it always has the browser toolbar visible. This is easy to do, now that I know how and where to do it. It makes the comment window load a tiny tiny bit slower. I tried it, it works, but I went back to having it set to ‘off’ for the time being. If folks would prefer to have it on, sing out in numbers, and I can do that.

A fourth way is to set your browser to force all popup windows to open as a new tab. That gets you the back button by default because the new tab is still within your original browser window. It should be a tick or two faster to open a new tab instead of a whole new browser window as well. In Firefox this is done in about:config by setting the value for to 1. See

Fifth way: when in doubt, try the obvious. D’OH!!! Using the backspace button will take you from the blacklist message back to the comment editor. It will not take you from a properly submitted comment back to the editor though.

The blacklist filter is usually quite useful, but sometimes it is a real pain. And I hate losing a big essay of a comment because of it. I’m sure you do as well. So know you know. Other browsers ought to have similar kinds of adjustments, so do a bit of research if you have to.


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Government quota threat to firms that fail to appoint 25% female boards.

How appropriate in this case, the default color here is ‘red.’ Jeesh.

Is anyone here against women achieving success in business? Against being treated fairly? I guess I’m really asking if this kind of quota is really justified.
It seems arbitrary. Why not 30% or 25.7% Where does the commissar get his figures from?  And I think the lady with the reply to this has it right.  There will be ill feelings with regard to merit or gender.  I recall losing out on a job right after a serious push in affirmative action. It was more a trainees kind of thing although I had some slight training already.  It was at KFI in LA, many,many years ago. Thing was, the guy they hired never showed up on time, had no real interest and ... the station couldn’t sack him at the time. Once or 2wice he didn’t even show up for work at all.  I didn’t really mind too much at the time because I wasn’t planning a career as a studio engineer anyway. Not that I’d have turned it down. 

Is it okay to to use quotas to make up for or try and balance past acts that denied jobs to ppl? 

This guy thinks so and holds the club to batter business.

Government quota threat to firms that fail to appoint 25% female boards


British companies are facing the threat of compulsory female quotas if they fail to ensure a quarter of their board members are women by 2015.
The threat will be made by Lord Davies – the former trade minister appointed by Business Secretary Vince Cable to examine why many top firms have no female directors.
His conclusions will be unveiled today and are likely to infuriate many business leaders at a time when firms are struggling to survive.
Lord Davies is expected to tell companies that they are in the ‘last chance saloon’ when he demands that 20 per cent of board members of the top 350 FTSE companies should be women by 2013.
The target will move up to 25 per cent by 2015. His research found huge resistance to the idea of compulsory quotas, with just 11 per cent of firms backing them.
One idea is that the targets will initially be voluntary but companies will be expected to have to explain to ministers why they haven’t hit them.
City ‘superwoman’ Nicola Horlick yesterday heaped pressure on the Government by coming out in favour of quotas.
Miss Horlick, who has started her own fund management firm and has brought up six children, said there was ‘no choice’ but to push companies to that position.
She said: ‘Generally, I do not favour positive discrimination as I believe very strongly that people should be chosen on merit for any job.
‘However, our public companies show no desire to be more inclusive of women and so I see no choice other than to push them in that direction.

‘Having had four daughters, it really saddens me that there are still underlying prejudices against women.
‘I am not a feminist and, as I say, I believe in meritocracy, but sometimes you have to create rules initially in order to give certain sections of society a chance.’
Lord Davies, a former boss at Standard Chartered, said recently: ‘If companies don’t take a radical change in attitude, and hire more women at the top, then we will have to introduce quotas.’
He is expected to announce that shareholders and headhunters will be expected to abide by a new code of conduct to look for more women on their boards.
Chairmen will also be urged to be more ‘adventurous’ when appointing non-executive directors.

more at the source here



Take women on their merits, or not at all

By Cristina Odone

As I walked into the headquarters, I couldn’t resist a little smile: I’d made it. I was a member of the board. The Catholic Herald was hardly a global media empire, and I was not being paid six-figure sums to attend, and contribute to, the quarterly meetings. But I felt my status as a media professional had been confirmed: eight men and one woman felt I had something to offer their shareholders.

Imagine, though, if I were walking into those high-ceilinged rooms in the knowledge that I was filling a quota. Imagine if I knew I had been selected not because I had been a successful editor, knew a thing or two about advertising promotions, or even because I boasted a great contacts book; but because the company had to have a certain proportion of women on its board. I’d feel a token woman, not a successful one.

This is precisely what will happen to women if Lord Davies, the Government’s business adviser, has his way. The former trade minister wants to make it compulsory for boards to consist of 25 per cent women by 2015. Lord Davies’s proposal is bad for business and worse for women.

Instead of feeling that they have a contribution to make, women on the board will feel their accomplishment has merely been to tick a box. Instead of bursting with ideas, they will be terrified of being caught out: given that they have been chosen for their gender, not their ability, they’ll feel insecure about their professional qualifications. How can they prize their achievements when they are not sure that they were appointed on merit?



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a mild rant if you will, on the subject of just one of many far left loony tunes.

I have a problem referring to some ppl as liberal.  It kind of justifies them or makes em appear as reasonable to some degree when in fact, the folks BMEWS refers to as liberal are out and out lefties with a socialist agenda. We know there’s nothing reasonable about em. Might be an exception here and there.  And I even question if all of them really wholly believe their BS, or just have made it their life’s work to undermine Western culture and traditions for reasons we can’t yet imagine.

For example.

There is a very far left loony tune with a screechy voice (to my ear) named Polly Toynbee.  Yes, she is related to that famous name. When I say left, think Trotsky,Marx, Lenin, cos she swallows the entire line. She is a committed red.

Well, no surprise she writes for a left wing paper and in a recent article cited in I think in the Telegraph, (?) she referred to the current PM’s ‘Big Society’ as a “busted flush.” I don’t care. I’m not sure a lot of Brits buy his BS either. (Big Society)
Interesting how those letters are so interchangeable.

So then, speaking of being busted our lefty lady ain’t doing too badly when it comes to that awful capitalist stuff called money.

Her husband picked up a nice $50,000.00 after he was sacked from the Audit Commission. And .. they live in a $2,000,000 house.

Being much concerned about how much money other people are making, because of course there’s no doubt in her mind that each according to their means etc., she said “everyone’s salary should be made public.” Except of course, and you knew this was coming, except hers.

When she was asked about it in an interview, she refused to answer the question.

Ain’t that typical?



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Islamic fundamentalists are already imposing their own brutal puritanism

Well,well. What a total and complete surprise. Who could have guessed that these bastards would show up now that the country had found Freedom and Democracy. Or at any rate, listening to liberals talk you’d think that what’s being referred to as an Arab Spring was heralding a new age of .....
What exactly?

Here’s just a small example.

Suspected Islamists otherwise preoccupied themselves with slitting the throat of a Polish Catholic priest, which, if confirmed, would be the first such sectarian murder in modern Tunisian history. And anti-Semitic slogans could be heard outside Tunisia’s main synagogue: this in a country with no history of persecution of its Jewish minority.

Alright I admit I noticed the word “suspected” and suspected does not always mean that the suspect is in fact guilty.
Still though .... I’m thinking cos I’m not trusting these low lifes, who would have done anything like that?  Can’t be me or Drew. I can account for us. Well, I can account for myself but I’m pretty certain Drew is where he always is.  Searching for red haired opera singers.

I don’t think any of our BMEWS regulars would approve this tho I can’t account for all of em.

I know.

BUSH DID IT and if not him ...  Right.  The Jews!  Gotta be.  Hmmm. Wonder where Doc Jeff has been.  It can’t possibly be those hardy members of the Religion of Peace. Those fighters for freedom so long as that freedom consists of thinking like them.

It will be very interesting to see how the Jasmine Revolution plays out over time.

Sex, brothels and the REAL tyranny threatening the Arab world: Islamic fundamentalists are already imposing their own brutal puritanism


A few hundred metres from the main mosque in the heart of Tunis’s old quarter lies Abdallah Guech Street, a red-light district which has thrived since the 19th century. Here, the Ottomans legalised and regulated prostitution — as they had in much of the rest of the Muslim world.

Uniquely, though, in the Arab world, the tradition in Tunisia endured. Every one of the country’s historic quarters boasts bordellos; even, most remarkably, Kairouan, Islam’s fourth holiest city after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

In keeping with Tunisia’s deep-rooted secularism and unprecedented championing of Muslim women’s rights, the prostitutes carry cards issued by the Interior Ministry, pay taxes like everyone else and enjoy (along with their clients) the full protection of the law.

Or at least they did until last month’s Jasmine Revolution. But last week, faster than you could scream ‘Allahu Akbar’, hundreds of Islamists raided Abdallah Guech Street armed with Molotov cocktails and knives, torching the brothels, yelling insults at the prostitutes and declaring that Tunisia was now an Islamist state.

As soldiers fired into the air to disperse them, the Islamists won a promise from the interim government that the brothels would be permanently closed.

In other cities, brothels were targeted, too; and there have been demonstrations throughout the country — whose economy is heavily dependent on the vibrant tourism industry — against the sale of alcohol.

Suspected Islamists otherwise preoccupied themselves with slitting the throat of a Polish Catholic priest, which, if confirmed, would be the first such sectarian murder in modern Tunisian history. And anti-Semitic slogans could be heard outside Tunisia’s main synagogue: this in a country with no history of persecution of its Jewish minority.

When the Tunisian revolution started last month, it was hailed as a template for the rest of the Arab world. But if revolutions are judged by their outcomes rather than their intentions, then the story of post-revolution Tunisia is equally instructive.

The world’s attention has quickly moved on — to Egypt, Bahrain, Libya or the next theatre of this extraordinary, fast-moving drama.

The phrase ‘Arab Spring’ is being touted as if we were witnessing an unambiguous leap forward for ordinary Arabs: history marching towards democracy and pluralism.

No one wishes to contemplate, let alone prepare for, the alternative — that this might end in the restoration of authoritarian rule or, worse, the triumph of a radical Islam.

When David Cameron visited Egypt this week, there were too few signs of the budding liberal democracy which he and other Western leaders had envisioned. He could hardly congratulate his host, a former Air Force commander, for what was, in effect, another military coup. There was no Lech Walesa figure for him to meet, no secular democratic champion of the new Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood remains the only political group of any note. The key to being optimistic about Egypt’s future — and the Arab world more generally — is not to look too closely at what is happening on the ground. And to pay as little attention as possible to the events in Tunisia.

For all its restrictions on direct political participation, for decades, Tunisia was the most secular and progressive country the Islamic world has ever known. The regime was the least brutal in the region, its people the wealthiest and best educated.

The poverty level was just 4  per cent when the revolution broke out, which is among the lowest in the world.

Eighty per cent of the population belonged to the middle class. And the education system — allocated more funding than the army — ranked 17th globally in terms of quality. The veil was banned in public institutions, polygamy was outlawed, mosques were shuttered outside prayer times, and men needed permission from the local police to grow a beard.

There quite a bit more and it’s all HERE


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