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calendar   Thursday - May 21, 2020

John Bull Late To The Party Again

A week or three ago, Boris Johnson, the PM over there, was at death’s door with the COVID. Then he got a visit from 2 Americans from NIH. A few days later he was just fine, and released from hospital. He has not been forthcoming about his treatment.

The BS-MSM has it’s soggy panties in a twist this week because President Trump has admitted that he is taking HCQ as a prophylactic against COVID-19. For his sake, I hope he’s been on it for quite a bit longer than he’s admitting to.

I came this close to just walking away from blogging forever over this treatment plan and the media’s INSANE reaction to it, for no other reason than that President Trump said in mid-March that he had hopes for it, that it could be a game changer, or maybe not. It was already known then to be effective, and the pharms were donating tens of millions of pills and announcing ramped up production nearly every day.

And then the bullshit started. First in the media, excoriating Trump and pusing the shortage panic button to ensure that a shortage occurred. Then with Democrat state governors, then with the faggots in the academic and medical communities pushing foolish studies knowing full well that they would fail or have limited success. HCQ + Zn + Z-pack, and now, + vitamin D. It has been long known to be an effective phropylactic and an effective early treatment. Which is why every damn “official” study forced it to be used on super sick patients already at death’s door in hospitals. Because OrangeManBad, so let’s let people die to “prove” it.

This was a deliberate act to allow Americans to die, purely for political purposes. The lockdown and destruction of the largest and fastest growing economy in human history is/was for the same reason: get Trump, destroy freedom, grab power, grind the world under their Socialist heels.

But now, finally, TWO FULL MONTHS later, after having banned “off label” use of HCQ, the smarmy bastiges in England are now willing to use their own health workers as guinea pigs to see if this regime does any good. Follow this story closely, because if they do not specifically mention the use of Zinc and/or vitamin D, then it is yet another “test” that is planned to fail from the beginning. Oh, and those other clinical trials we heard about back then? Most of them haven’t even started yet. Isn’t that special?

a few things you should read, if you haven’t already:
• this will boil your blood: (please read the update at the bottom too, and don’t forget that in late February the UK banned the export of all forms of chloroquine. Shortly thereafter, they banned the use of it for their own people with COVID )

this is the really short version of almost all of the above. But the details are staggering, so find a few minutes to read through them. Even if you don’t care don’t care don’t care don’t care. Is it worth reading about how the Dems and the MSM want you dead?

Barr noted the media efforts to criticize hydroxychloroquine, a drug touted by Trump during appearances with the coronavirus task force.

“[I]t’s very disappointing because I think the president went out at the beginning of this thing and really was statesmanlike, trying to bring people together, working with all the governors, keeping his patience as he got these snarky gotcha questions from the White House media pool,” Barr said. “And the stridency of the partisan attacks on him has gotten higher and higher, and it’s really disappointing to see. And the politicization of decisions like hydroxychloroquine has been amazing to me.”

Ah yes, the “news” story, in all it’s Socialist glory. Finally!!

Donald Trump drug to be tested on NHS staff with hopes it could prevent coronavirus”

Up to 10,000 NHS workers will be be given the same drug being taken by Donald Trump in the first major UK trial of hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus.

The study, involving at least 20 NHS hospitals, aims to establish whether the cheap anti-malarial drug can fend off the virus.

Oxford Radcliffe Hospital and Royal Sussex County hospital, in Brighton, are among the first hospitals involved in the global study, which will involve 40,000 health professionals from around the world.  Researchers hope to have results by the end of this year.

So far, most clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine have focused on its use in treating Covid-19 patients and shown mixed results.

But UK researchers said they hope that the drug may be more effective if it is used preemptively to reduce the chance of catching the virus.

I want to take the giant Monty Python foot, label it NO SHITE YOU ARSEFACE and drop it on their heads. Where the feek have you scunners been???

Here’s the version from Breitbart:

The announcement may give satisfaction to President Trump, who was slammed by left-liberal politicians and commentators when he revealed that he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a possible preventative.

The American leader told reporters on Monday that they would “be surprised at how many people are taking [hydroxychloroquine], especially the frontline workers, before you catch it,” before revealing that he is taking the drug himself.

Chuck Schumer, who leads the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, branded the President “reckless” and claimed that “All the experts say at best it doesn’t help” following the revelation.

“I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group,” added Nancy Pelosi, Schumer’s 80-year-old counterpart in the House of Representatives — before going on to suggest the President should be extra cautious because he is “morbidly obese”.

Still being used as a weapon, still fear mongering, and NOT ONE DAMN WORD in either news article about zinc, z-pack, or vitamin D. Conclusion: Either A) deliberate dog-shit inept lazy reporting AND/OR B) Another BS study designed to fail, or at least to minimize success.

Plaquenil on it’s own might be enough to keep you from getting the -19. After all, “where malaria is, COVID-19 isn’t”, with a nearly 100% correlation worldwide. But add the zinc, add the vitamin D, add some Z-pack ( and maybe some chicken soup, it couldn’t hurt! ) and you get well, as well, if you came a bit late to the prophylactic game. Just ask Dr. Zelenko. But hurry, because he’s leaving, tired of the same shit storm. Doesn’t matter that he’s cured well over 1000 patients.

Remember: 65,000 lupus and RA patients in Italy, all taking HCQ, during the height of their infection, when Death stalked the land: 20 of them got COVID. No deaths, no hospitalizations.

Note: Now that Trump has mentioned HCQ again, the “second wave” of attacks are upon us (no, not the media forecast corona comeback if any areas dared to open up and embrace freedom again) - the MSM is beating their drum again as loud as they can. Look around, and you’ll see a few news reports about a lupus patient or two who caught the disease. Proof that Trump is wrong!!! Proof that HCQ doesn’t work!!!! Yeah, well read the WattsUp articles first ... because this drug builds up to a stable level in their bodies that lasts a month or more, the vast majority of lupus and RA patients are notorious, historically for decades, notoriously poor at actually taking the pills every day, or even filling their prescriptions. Not that one of them will admit to being lax.  Especially if they’re libs. I’m waiting for the fishtank cleaner story to come up again ... you do know that that psycho Dem woman is being investigated for murdering her husband, which is what I said from the get-go?

So I’ll try to spread the word one last time. 


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calendar   Friday - June 24, 2016



Stunned Cameron intends to resign
British, German markets plunge

big_uk_flag  big_uk_flag  big_uk_flag  big_uk_flag  big_uk_flag

More later? I have to go to work now. It’s on all the networks, turn on the tube!


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calendar   Saturday - June 11, 2016

Man, this is some clucked up news

Judge Orders Reparations To Be Paid To Former Slaves

And wouldn’t you just know it? Not only is this from the UK not the USA, but the slaves in question are white boys. Lithuanians! Say whhaaat?

And they were kept in slave-like conditions, not bred and sold generationally. Nope, they were merely abused chicken catchers in Kent. Worked to shreds, heinous working conditions, dogs set on them, pay withheld, kept as indentures, etc. Modern slaves, so to speak.

Who even knew that chicken catching was a job, or that running a “gang” of them was a career path? Only in the UK! [ Drew imagines chicken gang members hangin in the barrio, colors up and flashin’ signs. Would that be giving people the bird? Eggsactly!]


Lithuanian migrants trafficked to UK egg farms sue ‘worst gangmaster ever’

[ 2015 ]Six workers bringing legal action against Kent-based DJ Houghton describe working as chicken catchers in inhuman and degrading conditions

A group of Lithuanian migrants who were trafficked to work in farms producing eggs for high street brands are suing a Kent-based gangmaster operation and its directors, in the first case of a UK company being taken to court for claims relating to modern slavery.
the workers bringing the legal action have described inhuman and degrading conditions. They said they were driven to farms and factories around the UK to undertake back-to-back eight-hour shifts for days at a time.

They said they were the victims of violence, described the process of being debt-bonded on arrival, and spoke of their accommodation riddled with bedbugs and of becoming so hungry that they ate raw eggs. They have reported being denied sleep and toilet breaks, forcing them to urinate into bottles and defecate into carrier bags in their vehicle.
They also allege that their pay was repeatedly withheld, while Lithuanian supervisors working with the Houghtons abused and assaulted workers, intimidated them with fighting dogs and threatened them with instant eviction if they complained. Accommodation provided was dirty, overcrowded and unsafe and infested with bed bugs and fleas.

A Guardian investigation in 2012 revealed that the trafficked Lithuanians were working in supply chains producing premium free range eggs for McDonald’s, Tesco, Asda, M&S, and the Sainsbury’s Woodland brand. The farm sheds they cleared of chickens also produced eggs under the Freedom Food brand, and for Noble Foods, owner of the Happy Egg Company.

Noble Foods is the UK’s largest egg company and it and its chairman, Peter Dean, have been major donors to the Conservative party. The company helicopter has been lent on occasion to the prime minister, David Cameron, for election campaigning. Cameron promised earlier this month to tackle modern slavery in the UK.

It is notoriously hard for victims of trafficking to get justice.

[ must resist the urge to call this a chickenshit lawsuit. Must. Resist. MUST!! ]

[ 10 June 2016 ] Chicken catchers win claim against Maidstone gangmaster
Six men have won a legal case against a Kent gangmaster firm they claim trafficked them to the UK to work as chicken catchers.

The Lithuanian men said DJ Houghton Catching Services used a Lithuanian trafficker before exploiting them.

The firm lost its licence after police raids in 2012 and was branded “the worst UK gangmaster ever” by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA).

The amount of compensation due to the men will be assessed at a later date.

The judge found the company unlawfully withheld wages and failed to ensure the workers had adequate facilities to wash, rest, eat and drink.

He also found it paid the men for the number of chickens caught rather than for the time worked and spent travelling.

The men claimed they had to travel for up to seven hours before being put to work in filthy conditions without proper equipment or clothing.

They also said they threatened and abused by supervisors with dogs.

Lawyers for the Lithuanian men said the case was the first time the High Court had ruled in favour of victims of trafficking against a British company.

“It...should be seen as a warning to British companies that they must eradicate all forms of modern slavery from their businesses, whether in the UK or elsewhere,” said Leigh Day partner Shanta Martin.

Someday Peiper will return and cover all this UK excitement for us.  No new word on his recovery, although he did have a birthday last month. I doubt that it was a very happy one. Poor old chumley.


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calendar   Saturday - April 09, 2016

UK Grooming Gang Gets Moderate Sentence

Muslim Rape Gang in UK gets 125 Years Behind Bars

Prior to arrests, police, school officials, and social workers ignored 127 complaints to their existence

Asian child sex gang who included a bus driver who met victims as he took them home from school in Rochdale are jailed for total of 125 years

* Main victim in the shocking case was a white girl with learning difficulties

* She was repeatedly groomed for sex from the age of 14 by a group of men

* Judge paid tribute to her bravery today as he handed out long sentences

* Public gallery broke into applause as judge gave one man 25-year term

Ten men have been jailed for a total of more than 125 years for sexual offences against eight girls and women in Rochdale.

They included Afraz Ahmed, a former bus driver who picked up two of his young victims from school and offered them free tickets.

He was originally questioned in 2006 but a decision was made not to prosecute him after he claimed the girls’ complaints against him were racially motivated.

The public gallery broke into applause today when Ahmed was handed a 25-year sentence.

The main victim in the case was white and had learning difficulties. She was said by prosecutors to be an ‘extremely vulnerable young woman’ who had endured ‘a very difficult home life’.

She walked into a police station after media coverage of the 2012 convictions of a number of Asian defendants for grooming white girls for sex in the town.

She told officers that from the age of 14 she too had been repeatedly sexually groomed by a large number of men in Rochdale.

The main victim in the case said that ‘hundreds’ of men would ring her up, wanting her to go out and have sex with them, during the time she was groomed.

image  image

pure evil: faces only a hangman could love. Two of the perps from the grooming rape gang

Former bus driver Ahmed, 33, of Rochdale, was found guilty of various sexual offences, including rape, conspiracy to rape and sexual activity with a child, in relation to five underage victims.

While working as a bus driver, Ahmed, then aged in his early 20s, spoke to his schoolgirl victims in a ‘highly inappropriate manner’, the court heard. He asked if one of them had a boyfriend and seemingly offered them free bus tickets.

The judge told Ahmed: ‘You objectivised your vulnerable victims so you could exploit them for your own sexual desire.’

Mohammed Zahid of Rochdale, got five years. Mahfuz Rahman was jailed for five-and-a-half years

On-the-run Choudry Hussein, 38, formerly of Rochdale, was jailed for 19 years in his absence for rape, sexual activity with a child and conspiracy to rape.

He is believed to be currently in Pakistan after he absconded during his trial.

Rehan Ali, 27, of Blackley, was imprisoned for seven years and Kutab Miah, 35, of Rochdale, for nine years after both were found guilty of rape and sexual activity with a child.

Abid Khan, 39, of Liverpool, was jailed for six-and-a-half years and Mohammed Zahid, 55, of Rochdale, for five years after both were found guilty of sexual activity with a child.

Mohammed Dauood, 38, of Burnley, was jailed for 16 years after he was convicted of offences in relation to two victims including rape, sexual activity with a child and sexual assault.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Dozens of other grooming gangs exist across the UK and have been operating with impunity for decades. Most of the comments on the news article feel the sentences were a joke; give the perps 125 years each or better yet just hang ‘em. And nothing ... NOTHING ... is being done to punish or even re-educate the PC-dominated police and other public servants who allowed this to continue for years by ignoring and disbelieving more than 125 tip-offs and complaints about the groomers. Give them the rope too!

Sorry, no new word on Peiper’s condition, but no news is good news. So I did a UK piece for him.


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calendar   Saturday - February 27, 2016

It started with an afternoon drinking session.

And ended with her knickers down around her ankles, in broad daylight, in public, when the fuzz arrived.

Draggin me tired old and poor bones outta bed for this I am, begorrah.

It reads funny in the hard copy and I suppose it may cause a grin here too.
But.  This is serious stuff when one gives a little bit of extra thought to it.

She wants to hide who she is from the public, she is after all, a QC. That’s a kind of a lawyer.  I have not researched what “kind of” works out to.
Here’s what’s so bothersome.

In order to hide her ID, our not so fair lady now accuses the guy of sexual assault.
That’s because over here and probably USA too for all I know, it’s the same there.
Once a lady comes forward with an accusation, she becomes anonymous.

Lately, there have been a number of high profile cases here in the UK, where some poor schnook who it later is found to be not guilty, has his life on hold for a year or more while his case works its way thru the media and the courts.  His home is searched and his face is plastered all over the media, generally with a police invitation to other “victims” of his abuse to please come forward.
Anonymously.  And just like that … several hundred woman and girls suddenly discover that they too have been abused and Elvis was a witness.

DJ Tony Blackburn breaks down over sex abuse claims

I am not making light of genuine abuse. You need to understand that. And of course, I can only write as a male observer via the nation’s media reportage.

The authorities say that victims of sexual assault in large numbers, hold back and do not accuse their attacker.  Fear is one reason they remain silent.  Another reason given is that women and especially young girls, fear that nobody will believe them, and so remain silent too. In order to overcome this sorry plight, police withhold the names of the people making the accusations. I can even understand that, and my immediate reaction is to side with the alleged victim.

So, as it already has happened, there are men and most especially high profile ones,
who go through a kind of living hell for a long time before the dust settles.
And all it take is one person to claim they’ve been touched, abused or raped outright,
to set the process in motion.

And remain anonymous.

Rush hour romp: Married City lawyer accused of having sex with top QC at Waterloo station

By Thomas Connelly

A married City lawyer has appeared in court accused of having sex with a prominent QC at Waterloo train station.

Graeme Stening, general counsel at London private equity outfit Doughty Hanson & Co, and the unnamed female barrister, were arrested by police outside the busy commuter hub, it emerged yesterday.

According to a report in The Times, the top lawyer and “middle-aged barrister” embarked on an afternoon drinking session and were arrested after members of the public made complaints about their “activities”.

The unnamed QC, who is described by the newspaper as a “leader in her field”, admitted outraging public decency last summer. She also accepted a police caution that will appear on her criminal record.

But fast-forward six weeks and the prominent barrister claimed she had actually been the victim of a sexual assault that evening. As a result, she is now entitled to lifetime anonymity. It is also understood that she has applied to have her caution quashed.

51 year-old Stening — who spent time with City outfit Simmons & Simmons and Pinsent Masons legacy firm Simpson Curtis, according to his current online work bio — appeared at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court yesterday accused of outraging public decency.

The top lawyer was due to stand trial earlier this month, however a further file is now being considered by the Crown Prosecution Service, delaying proceedings until June.

lawyers screwing lawyers H/T LegalCheek


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calendar   Tuesday - February 16, 2016

dad’s pub?

One of my father’s favorite jokes is a classic that goes by the name of The Golden Saloon:

A guy comes home completely drunk one night. He lurches through the
door and is met by his scowling wife, who is most definitely not happy.
“Where the hell have you been all night?” she demands.

“At this new bar,” he says. “The Golden Saloon. Everything there is golden.
It’s got huge golden doors, a golden floor and even the urinals are gold!”

The wife still doesn’t believe his story, and the next day checks the
phone book, finding a place across town called the Golden Saloon.
She calls up the place to check her husband’s story.

“Is this the Golden Saloon?” she asks when the bartender answers the
“Yes it is,” bartender answers.
“Do you have huge golden doors?”
“Sure do.”
“Do you have golden floors?”
“Most certainly do.”
“What about golden urinals?”
There’s a long pause, then the woman hears the bartender yelling,
“Hey, Duke, I think I got a lead on the guy that pissed in your
saxophone last night!”

Well, I followed one of Vilmar’s links last night, and took one from where that sent me ... 

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Friday - January 29, 2016

hysteria imported from the U.S.  really?  i’ve been hearing that for years.

Everything running late today.

I just found this and thought, why not?

It might anger a few, and I can’t buy into it.  But the fellow writing the column seems to think it’s us, that is Americans, who are to blame for the bizarre subject of my previous post on education and gender.

There are a lot of things over this side of the water, that ppl here say originate in the USA, and maybe some do.
But nobody I am aware of is holding a loaded gun to the head of any Brit, and forcing them to adopt a loony tune program.

Here’s an example from the column.  I’d encourage all to read it all, cos it isn’t all bad.

Why, then, has the concept of gender fluidity come to loom so large that the Government wants to grill teenagers about it?

Essentially, this is a hysteria imported from the U.S. The Puritan strain in U.S. history — English Puritans, in despair at corruption in the Church of England, migrated there in the 17th century — has left the country with a propensity for doctrinaire witch-hunts.

U.S. activists fought — and won — admirable battles for the rights of women, blacks and gay people.In the process, however, a huge industry grew up around minority rights. American universities are grossly overstaffed with ‘diversity’ officers who encourage professors and students to denounce anyone who uses ‘insensitive language’ to describe an oppressed group.

The same is increasingly true of British campuses, which love to copy the latest American politically correct fad.

I’d always thought cos that’s what I was taught, that the Puritans left England cos they weren’t allowed to persecute here , and so left to go where they could do the persecuting.
Well anyway ...

Here’s the link to the whole article.



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education?  none of the above?  cue the loony tune theme

You want nuts?  Crazy?  Bizarre? 
Here ya go.

I can’t pretend to understand this.  Does anyone else understand?  Is there something to this?  Maybe I’m too old to grasp it.  Gender fluid?  Demi-girl? Whoa.  What the heck is that?

Children as young as 13 to be asked whether they are ‘gender fluid’, ‘demi-girl’ or ‘intersex’: Official survey asks pupils to pick from a list of


· Government-backed survey asks children as young as 13 about gender

· Given 25 options to describe their gender, including tri-gender and intesex

· Youngsters are also asked whether they feel safe using single-sex toilets

· Other questions include whether school should have one unisex uniform

By Steve Doughty Social Affairs Correspondent For The Daily Mail

Children as young as 13 have been invited to describe their gender as any one of 25 different options in a Government-backed survey.

children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield

The choices put before teenagers in research for the Children’s Commissioner for England include ‘gender fluid’, ‘demi-girl’ and ‘tri-gender’.

The list of alternatives is being offered to children as part of a campaign to ‘find out how gender matters to young people’.

Youngsters are also asked whether they feel safe using single-sex toilets, and if their school should have unisex ones instead.
Other questions include whether their school should have just one unisex uniform.

The research, described by one of its authors as ‘committed to feminist methodologies’, was condemned by critics who said it was biased and politically motivated.

Yesterday Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield withdrew the survey after the Daily Mail asked her office about it.

A spokesman said the version that had been distributed was ‘a draft’ and had not been cleared by the Commissioner. A new version will be prepared with some questions withdrawn.

The survey was designed at a time of deepening controversy over gender politics, amid claims by activists that everyone should be free to choose their own sex.

Earlier this month the Commons’ women and equalities committee, led by former culture secretary Maria Miller, said anyone over 16 should have the automatic right to change their legal gender. The committee’s report also claimed that 650,000 Britons – around one in 100 – are ‘likely to be gender incongruent to some degree’.

The research for the Children’s Commissioner involves 13 to 18-year-olds. It was commissioned by her £2.9million-a-year organisation, which is sponsored by the Department for Education.

It asks youngsters whether they agree that ‘people should be free to choose their gender’. Teenagers are then given 25 options to describe their own gender, choosing as many as they want. Those under 16 are advised that they might wish to consult their parents, but are not told to do so.



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calendar   Thursday - January 21, 2016

the least debate

Whudza “Wazzock”??


Proving that they have far too much time on their hands and nothing much else to do, Britain’s Parliament pulls a chuffy and gets it’s knickers in a soggy twist. Over Donald Trump. WTF???

London (CNN):  Donald Trump is used to being the one doing the tough talk.

But on Monday the Republican presidential hopeful was on the receiving end of the harsh words—with no opportunity of rebuttal—as British MPs made their disdain for him clear during a parliamentary debate on whether to ban him from the country.

In doing so, the parliamentarians served up blunter criticisms than some of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination have landed, labeling the 69-year-old “poisonous,” “a buffoon” and even a “wazzock”—British slang for “a stupid or annoying person.”

“I don’t think Donald Trump should be allowed within 1,000 miles of our shore,” Jack Dromey, the Labour Party’s shadow home affairs minister, told the assembled MPs.

The debate was triggered by a public petition launched in the wake of Trump’s call to ban Muslims from the U.S., which called on the British parliament to ban Trump from the country for hate speech.

It received more than 576,000 signatures—more than five times the number required for MPs to consider sending the matter for debate in parliament.

But the debate was non-binding, with no vote taken at the end, and was always going to be used by MPs as an opportunity to vent their thoughts on the divisive Republican under the protection of parliamentary privilege, which legally shields them from accusations of defamation or slander.

Trump’s camp responded to the debate via a statement from one of his companies Monday.

Sarah Malone, executive vice president of Scotland-based Trump International Golf Links labeled the debate “ridiculous” and “absurd,” saying the British Parliament was setting a “dangerous precedent” and “sending a terrible message to the world.”

But at least one of the MPs participating in the debate felt that the brash New Yorker was unlikely to be overly concerned about the opinions of a gathering of British MPs.

“I’m not sure that he’s going to be terribly worried about this debate,” said Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh.

Probably not. That’s his New York Attitude coming through again.


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calendar   Friday - December 18, 2015

Germany in control. Again. Don’t much like the uniforms tho.

Is it my isp, my computer or web sites that seem to take forever to load?
Seems like crawling thru mud sometimes.  Whatever.  I’m due for a new puter and have been pre occupied with things like, bills.
Oh ... I got another request (more demand really) to pay my share for ... Obamacare.  WTF.  That’s the 2nd time in 5 months. 

So anyway ... after the new year provided I make it that far, I want a laptop to replace my old desktop. Takes up too much room, too many wires and I can make better use of the space.  I don’t know why, you’d think I’d be looking forward to a new pc.  But I’m not. Not in the same way I used to.
But I do need new and faster, even tho I am not a gamer and don’t do videos and photos much anymore.

Ok .... on to important stuff.
It’s a given far as I am concerned, that this place and all of Europe is in or headed for, the sh*****.  Just a matter of time.  Merkels million step children are already in her country.  There appears to be some resistance among some groups to the migrants.  Nowhere near enough however, to make a difference.  And, there still are a number of bedwetters happy to welcome the virus that will eventually be their end. So be it.

Here in the UK I saw an example last night, young white and liberal ladies, not too articulate but very presentable, well dressed for TV and one of em even very pretty, no longer kids, spewing the usual bullshit about Brit colonialism in the past being the cause of muslim frustration.  Words to that effect.  Then a couple of folks who mentioned Trump with the usual racist charge.  Someone tried to point out (I thought) that he had not made any racist remark in his call for a muslim travel ban.  One fellow who could have been a muzzbot but didn’t look the part, thought the Brit call for a travel ban on Trump not right.  Nobody seemed to be talking about what I thought was way more important.
The meetings going on with the Brit PM vs the other members of the EU.
Bottom line guys. 
Merkel still rules.  Wholdda thought all those years ago after such a nightmarish defeat, that Germany would be calling the shots again.
Odd too when I recall that Hitler said they would.  After the fall he predicted, with Germany at Europe’s center, they’d rise can control things again.  Of course, not exactly in the way he dreamed it.  Russia and the west didn’t start shooting at each other or bombing cities etc.

The Brit PM has made an issue over benefit payments to migrants. Any migrants. He want a hold of 4 years before anyone can make claims. But she and many members of the EU say no to that, especially if the migrants are members of the EU already.  There are things Cameron hasn’t made a point of so far, or not that I read or heard about.  It’s a royal mess.  That said ... somehow and someway, I do not think the UK will as threatened, leave the EU.
Even Cameron, the PM, really does not want to leave.

Here’s a couple of examples in pictures via the front pages of newspapers.





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calendar   Wednesday - December 09, 2015

UK Denies Reality to Prove Trump Wrong

Ignore them. Trump is wrong!!

Donald Trump says that in the wake of the apparently Isis-linked San Bernardino shootings, all Muslims should be banned from entering the US “until we are able to understand this problem”.

In implicating every follower of the religion in the massacre in California, the 2016 Republican contender betrayed a popular American belief that Isis is widely supported across the Muslim world.

Yet the reality is that Muslims around the world share an overwhelmingly negative view of the militant group.

Well, that is true. Sort of.

Mr Trump said in a campaign statement that “hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population” was evident “without looking at the various polling data”.

But when data journalist Max Galka actually did just that, he found that no more than 15 per cent of people in countries with significant Muslim populations outside of Syria had a favourable view of Isis.

The figures include a recent Pew Research study, which found that even in Nigeria – the country with the highest levels of support for Isis outside Syria – only 14 per cent of people had a favourable view of the group.


BUT ... turn the glass over, and look at it again from the Half Full perspective ...

Countrypop, MILISIS %Total
Burkina Faso16.9381.3544
Saudi Arabia28.8341.1532
Pop Subtotal975.2776.5786
Islamic nations not listed:
Pop Subtotal118.19
Pop Total1093.46

Gak, remind me to never make a table ever again.

Right, so 76 million people ADMIT to supporting insane levels of murderous violence in the name of a “religion”. That’s more than the entire population of France. [ nothing to see here, move along ]

Anyway ... the UK media continues to turn itself inside out and to weld their own eyes closed to keep their tizzy fit against the Donald raging. Meanwhile, two of the top ISIS supporting nations in their own poll happen to be two of the biggest nations flooding the UK borders with  invaders  refugees.


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calendar   Wednesday - November 25, 2015

nigel farage on german domination and the uk leave the eu.  bravo farage

For Americans who may not know.
This is Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader trying to take the UK out of the EU.

One important thing to know so you know he is legit.

The left here hate him with a passion.  They can’t counter his criticism or do not know how to debate his issues, so they excoriate him and they accuse him of things they make up as they go. Of course he always gets the ‘ism’ and ‘phobia’ labels thrown at him.
He was banned at one university only recently.  Oh silly me.  I used an incorrect word. I said “banned”.
The new word as conceived by bed wetting left wing loony tunes when denying someone a chance to speak at their school is,

OK .... look at Merkel’s face when he lights into the Germans and poor Mr. Hollande of France looks like a deer in the headlights.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/25/2015 at 10:31 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - November 17, 2015

policy on Islamic State? Clueless at best - spineless at worst. hard hitting littlejohn. good read

Here in Britain, like most of Europe, there still doesn’t appear to be the political will to confront the terrorist threat head on, for fear of being accused of ‘Islamophobia’.

Incredibly, there are still dunderheads like Pixie Balls-Cooper who think we should open our doors to unlimited numbers of ‘refugees’ from North Africa, the All you need to know is that before the first shots were fired on Friday, world leaders were preparing to attend a grandiose summit, not to co-ordinate plans to fight terrorism, but to address what they claimed was the greatest threat to mankind — non-existent global warming. Middle East and Afghanistan.

That’s just a small taste of what Richard Littlejohn has to say in the following article.  As is usual for him, he gets it right.
And he says it all very well, so I’ll shut up as I can’t add anything to this. No need to, as he’s done the work.  Read on.

Our policy on Islamic State? Clueless at best - spineless at worst

By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail

Right up until the first explosion outside the Stade de France on Friday, the world leaders heading for the G20 summit in Turkey were still pretending that the greatest threat to the world was climate change.
At least this time we’ve been spared the absurd Hokey Cokey-style show of solidarity we saw after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris in January.
How the jihadis must have laughed at that sentimental display of impotence by those who regard themselves as the most powerful men and women on Earth. All it had taken to bring them together in one place was a handful of terrorists armed with automatic rifles.

Last weekend’s shocking carnage was Charlie Hebdo writ large, with a bigger body count and another bout of empty rhetoric from elected Western politicians struck blind by the muzzle flash.
Once again their predictable reaction has been to put on their solemn faces, repeat the tired mantra that the terrorists will never win and insist this latest bloodbath has ‘nothing to do with Islam’.
As if to reassure us, a Muslim shopkeeper in Luton displayed a ‘Not In My Name’ poster condemning the Paris attacks.
Unfortunately, a ‘vast minority’ of his co-religionists disagree with him.

Just up the road from Luton, in Bedford, hundreds of ‘peace-loving’ Muslims were meeting to plan their next move towards turning Britain into a Sharia state.

Most of the usual suspects were there, including the BBC’s favourite Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg, fresh from his arrest on Syria-related terrorism charges, which were subsequently dropped, and other representatives of the ‘charity’ CAGE, which described the recently evaporated Izal beheading specialist Jihadi John as a ‘beautiful young man’.

No doubt all the speakers were at pains to stay within the law, but can you imagine an extreme anti-Islam organisation being allowed to stage a rally at Bedford Corn Exchange?
If such an event had gone ahead, it would have been raided by armed police and the speakers charged with an assortment of exciting new ‘hate’ crimes. Call Me Dave’s steadfast response to the Charlie Hebdo murders was a headlong rush to make ‘Islamophobia’ a specific criminal offence. So much for all the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ posturing about freedom of speech.

If a British editor republished those cartoons of The Prophet, he’d have been arrested for inciting hatred. It’s a classic indication of the Government’s schizophrenia when it comes to dealing with Islamist jihad.
Despite lobbing a few bombs in the direction of Islamic State (aka, Izal), the West’s policy towards militant Islam is clueless at best and spineless at worst.

President Obama even dismissed Izal as a ‘junior varsity’ team, barely worth a second glance just so long as they confined their medieval barbarity to their own borders.
Well, now Izal’s gone global. In the past fortnight it has carried out or inspired a number of atrocities, including blowing up a Russian holiday jet and targeting civilians in Paris. Will Paris be the tipping-point which leads to a grand coalition, including Russia and the United States, being assembled to wipe Izal off the face of the Earth? Probably not.

And even if the world does get its act together and defeats Izal on the ground, what about the terrorists already in our midst?
The Paris attackers included French and Belgian citizens, as well as ‘refugees’ who had entered Europe through Greece.

For more than a year, I’ve been pointing out that at least 90 per cent of these almost exclusively Muslim ‘refugees’ are fit young men of military age, about whom we know nothing. How can we be sure that among them there aren’t a significant number of terrorists sent to wreak havoc in European cities? The barbarians are already inside the gate.

After the massacre of British holidaymakers in Tunisia, I asked how anyone could be certain that one of these ‘refugees’ who makes it to Britain won’t get his hands on an automatic weapon and wander on to Brighton beach and start firing at random. Now we know the answer. They may not have reached Brighton yet, but they certainly managed to get as far as Paris.

Like the French, we also have our own home-grown terrorist problem. An estimated 450 British passport holders who have passed through Izal training camps are said to be walking our streets again.
How can we possibly keep track of all of them? They should never have been allowed back in the country. How long before one of these domestic terror cells goes ‘live’ in London, or one of our other cities?

The security services say they have foiled seven major plots this year alone. I believe them. But in the event of an extensive Paris-style attack, would we have the police and military manpower available to respond?
In the immediate aftermath of Paris, there were inevitable demands once again for the security services to be given more powers. But they still won’t use the powers they have got.

German police actually intercepted a car packed with weapons heading for Brussels, but forgot to tell their Belgian and French counterparts.
There have been raids on 180 different addresses in the wake of Friday’s massacre. If they already knew about these people, why hadn’t they raided them earlier? And why aren’t we doing the same? As in most of these incidents, at least one of the attackers was already on the radar.
Here in Britain, like most of Europe, there still doesn’t appear to be the political will to confront the terrorist threat head on, for fear of being accused of ‘Islamophobia’.

Incredibly, there are still dunderheads like Pixie Balls-Cooper who think we should open our doors to unlimited numbers of ‘refugees’ from North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The West’s reaction to terrorist attacks is usually knee-jerk, piecemeal and hopelessly insufficient. Maybe that’s all we can do and hope that things get back to normal (ish), as we did after Madrid and the London Transport bombings.
After Paris, will the response be any different? I’d like to think so but I fear not.

All you need to know is that before the first shots were fired on Friday, world leaders were preparing to attend a grandiose summit, not to co-ordinate plans to fight terrorism, but to address what they claimed was the greatest threat to mankind — non-existent global warming.


No surprise that ‘human rights’ lawyers from Islington have travelled to Calais to help migrants at the notorious Jungle transit camp exploit a loophole in the law which would allow them to enter Britain.

But why anyone from this country would want to go to Calais to do their Christmas shopping is beyond me — despite the cheap booze.

Since the Paris attacks, Eurotunnel passenger numbers are down. So they have high hopes for a ‘Christmas in Calais’ special offer to tempt British punters to cross the Channel. Mickey Mouse will be there, so will Santa and visitors are promised ‘fairytale characters wandering the town centre’.
Yes, we’ve seen some of those fairytale characters, fighting with border guards and police, lighting fires on main roads, pulling down fences and trying to stow away in lorries, private cars and on trains.

Perhaps those Mickey Mouse ‘human rights’ lawyers might like to get in the Christmas spirit by dressing as Santa’s little helpers.

Ho, ho, ho!




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Story a couple of days old now.  And it isn’t anything new either as the same had been reported a few years ago at other schools.

I don’t know enough about the subject to know what difference there is.  I think kosher meat is drained of blood as is halal.

Anyway ... the papers are still full of the Paris murders as you may imagine, so this kind of thing doesn’t get much mileage at the moment.
Not surprisingly.

The choice argument is kinda weak if you think about it in this case.  How many kids would know about the subject?
What youngster would be able to tell the difference?  And slaughter by islamic methods wouldn’t mean anything to kids, but it would to the parents. What I think is .... the parents are afraid of being called islamophobic and raaaaaacist.  So they bring the kiddies into it. 
Which shows ya where diversity, multi culture and pol. correctness have brought us.

Kids in ‘no choice’ row over halal meat at Bilborough school

By JonPritchard

Parents say they are “furious” after claiming a school has given their children no choice over whether they eat halal meat or not.
A letter sent out by Portland Primary Academy in Bilborough advised parents of a change of school meals, which included a note that all meat was halal.

The school says only chicken meat will be halal – the term for a method of slaughtering animals in line with Islamic law.
But parents said the children should be allowed a choice over whether to eat they want to eat this type of meat or not and objected to the method.
Jenni Tyas, of Bilborough, sends two of her four children, aged eight and 11, to the school. “It’s disgusting,” she said.

“There should be a choice and we should have been consulted over it in the first place.
“When I saw what it said on the letter, I sat down and explained to my children what halal meat was, and how the animal was killed, and they said they didn’t want to eat it any more.

“We pay for our school meals so we should have a choice.
‘’I’ve been having to send them in with packed lunches, but they want a warm dinner during the winter.

“A lot of other parents have been down to the school to speak about it,” she added.
Landlady Sonia Sheppard sends her 10-year-old son Elliot to the school.
She said: “It’s not about religion, it’s about choice.

“Everyone should be able to have a choice of what they want to eat no matter what religion they are. We are a big family of animal lovers.
“We’re not vegetarian but we don’t agree with the way the animals are killed to make halal meat.”

A statement was issued by the school after it was contacted by the Post.
It said: “Due to a change in our supplier’s arrangements, our supplier has confirmed from Monday that all chicken meat will be halal, all other meat is not halal.
“Any changes advised by the supplier will be communicated to the community through our website.”



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