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calendar   Monday - July 20, 2015

cops grass on fellow cops and travellers honor robin hood

I’m gonna take a note, a word actually, out of Mark’s book with the word being,
“Swill”. And if this is not that, than I need to seriously consult a dictionary and do more reading.  What clap trap. What BS and politically correct nonsense this is.

Folks who have been reading BMEWS for awhile and even over years, are familiar with the Traveller/ Gypsy problem not just here in the UK, where it can get pretty bad believe you me.  But all over Europe as well.  You just can not imagine, if you are reading this in the USA, how it’s possible for a group to cut locks on gates and simply move on to land both public and private.  Of course in the USA, there are ways to get ppl off your property pretty quickly.  Over here it can and it has, taken ten long years in courts.

So anyway …. the cops see these life forms who I hate to refer to as people thus implying they are actually human, and must deal with them daily. And not just them but those other life forms in the form of human right activists.

Why the hell does anyone wanna be a policeman anymore?
An alarm was raised?  Oh dear. The F****** sky must be falling.

Police and their secret racist abuse of gipsies on Facebook: Scotland Yard investigate private group after alarm was raised by some members

· Scotland Yard is investigating reports group exchanged racist views online
· Anti-corruption officials were called in after members raised the alarm
· Offensive comments were made in secret Facebook group ‘I’ve Met the Met’

By Chris Greenwood for the Daily Mail

Police used a secret online forum to make offensive comments about ‘pikeys’, it was claimed last night.

Scotland Yard is investigating reports that a private Facebook group, called ‘I’ve Met The Met’, was used to exchange racist views about travellers.
Anti-corruption officials were called in after some of the 3,000 members, who include serving and retired officers, raised the alarm.

A third member added: ‘There is not a small minority of criminals from the GT [gipsy and traveller] community – to all intents and purposes they all depend on crime.’

Attention was first drawn to the forum, which is hidden from public view and managed on an invite-only basis, three months ago. Named ‘I’ve Met The Met’ after a fondly remembered 1980s public safety promotion, it serves as an unofficial online forum for the ‘police family’.

But several racist comments appear to have been made during a light-hearted discussion of controversy over the use of the word ‘pikey’.
The slang term, which refers to gipsies and travellers, was once widely used but is now considered unacceptable.

Both groups are officially recognised as ethnic minorities, meaning discriminating against them is illegal.

Yesterday, the force was urged to launch a wider review amid claims that racism against these groups has become ‘part of police culture’.
The Traveller Movement charity said the comments suggest a ‘canteen culture of racism towards gipsies and travellers’.

Chairman Jim Davies added: ‘Racism towards gipsies and travellers is endemic and is part of police culture. It has been allowed to fester and spread unchallenged for years.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said concerns were first raised in April, and that officers from the force’s directorate of professional standards are investigating. One of their key tasks is to assess whether any of those who posted racist comments are serving officers.


What has festered for years has been the outrageous behavior of this group.  And btw, we have ourselves come to meet some of the vermin and not to our benefit. There’s a reason so many resent and hold negative views of these …. sub humans. The property they trash, the trash and the garbage they leave behind after an uninvited visit.  Laws don’t apply to them, the only laws that matter are the ones they make for themselves.  Everything becomes a matter of race with bed wetting politically correct left.  When people are angry or frustrated they need an outlet.  Short of killing ( which I don’t oppose in a good cause ) people often use terms that are not those of endearment.  But more and more words and expressions are being made up and declared unPC and racist. Well F*** em all.
This group has gone out of its way to insure that the general public can not stand the sight of them.  Oh yeah … just what were some of the awful things the cops said in what they thought was private conversation.

Take a look.


Well f*** me if that isn’t a hanging offense, what is?

I’m damn tired .... back aches from being at this thing but this has to be shared.

In the news today .... take a look.  Then tell me cops don’t have cause to speak of the devil amongst themselves using whatever language or expressions that fit the bill.  Oh and nor just cops.  How about the folks in communities across the country who have had to put up with these miserable bastards.  For YEARS!
And mustn’t say naughty things cause they are an ethnic minority these days. 

Gipsies from across Europe holiday in Nottingham because they ‘relate to Robin Hood and his band of merry travellers’

Travellers from France, Sweden and Morocco arrived in city this weekend
The 60-strong group want to visit Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle
Illegal campers say they can ‘relate to him and his band of merry travellers’
Council said travellers are on private land and it therefore has no power to move them

By Steph Cockroft for MailOnline

Gipsies from across Europe have arrived in Nottingham for a two-week summer holiday so they can visit sites associated with Robin Hood.

Travellers from France, Sweden and Morocco have pitched up on private land next to the city’s BioCity Science Park so they can visit Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle.

The illegal campers, consisting of more than 60 people, said they want to learn more about England’s most famous outlaw as many can relate to Robin Hood and his ‘band of merry travellers.

Local residents have given a mixed reaction to the arrival. Builder Kevin Parry, 30, from West Bridgford, said: ‘They are on private land and should not be there. It is a real eyesore.

God knows what the mess is going to look like once they move on after two weeks. The city centre is not a gypsy camp.’

Jonathan Henley, 32, who lives in the city centre, added: ‘I suppose they are entitled to a summer holiday just like everyone else, although I do wonder what they all do for a living.

‘I can see why they like Robin Hood - they have a few things in common. I just hope they are not planning on having a party every night.’

But Paul Spinks, 35, of Sneinton Hermitage, Nottingham, said: ‘It’s the first time we’ve seen them here and it doesn’t bother me.

‘It’s not like the site is being used for anything else. It’s just waste land. It would be different if it was going to be used for another purpose.’

Nina Simpson, 38, who also lives nearby said: ‘They’ve come to the right place no one is going to care. You’ve got Sneinton near here, full of welcoming people.’

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said the travellers had moved onto private land and therefore have no power to move them.

He said: ‘If it was council-owned land, there would be a very stringent plan to remove them. It is private land so our involvement ends here.’

Earlier this month, a group of gipsies from Monte Carlo had to be evicted after setting up camp in Swansea for the fourth year running.

The group, made up of 30 families driving campervans, caravans and BMWs, travelled to Strasbourg in April, before stopping off at Calais and London en route to the South Wales coast. 

They had broken a padlock to get their caravans through a gate on to public land, popular with picnickers and local sports teams. According to angry locals, the illegal campers turned a nearby footpath into a public toilet and littered the park, according to angry locals.

In 2011, a convoy of French gypsies set up camp on a village green in London while they spent a holiday sightseeing in London.

Eleven caravans, with all 40 gypsies said to be from the same family, descended on Mabley Green in Homerton, Hackney, East London.

source for full version


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calendar   Friday - June 19, 2015

not to worry, it’ll get worse and forget about it getting better

Been a crowded week.

It isn’t so much here we go again as ..... here we still are .... with regard to migrants and gypsies and other euro trash but made worse by the flood of migrants from the turd world.  And they are getting more aggressive in France trying hijack trucks and cross into the UK. There are credible reports of the stabbing and beating up of truck drivers as the migrant scum try to avoid detention and get into the rest of Europe and the UK.

Meanwhile ... we are told there will be a referendum on, in or out of the EU in another year, and I have been interested by what I’ve been reading and hearing.  There are ways to put that to a vote I hear, where the stay in the EU crowd will want to word things so yes mean to stay in, not get out.

This island I believe is in for rougher time I fear.  The govt. has refused the EU demand that Britain take in ever more poor and tired and hungry, which includes those with cell phones.

France at the moment has closed off a border to them and Calais has become a war zone. And ....
I heard an interview on the radio this week, with one of the boat ppl pulled out of the water bur not allowed to travel freely. Yet.
His English tho accented was pretty good, and most interesting given that he kept referring to his, human rights. 

This photo is just a part of a London scene, in a park just yards away from Scotland Yard.
No surprise, they are from Romania including a family of 12.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of this country has caught a dressing down from the president of the European Parliament
over comments and speeches by anti EU citizens and lawmakers here.

Depending on who you listen to or read ....


Then on the other hand .....


PM’s reforms driven by lies and hate, blasts EU chief: President insists it’s ‘not possible’ for Britain to change its relationship

· Martin Schulz says there is ‘no chance’ of changing central idea of the EU

· European Parliament President to meet Cameron in Downing Street today

· Ireland has started making contingency plans for it UK leaves the EU

By Daniel Martin, Chief Political Correspondent For The Daily Mail and Matt Chorley, Political Editor for MailOnline

David Cameron’s mission to get powers back from ‎Europe is driven by ‘hatred’ and ‘lies’, the president of the European Parliament said last night.
Hours after meeting the Prime Minister, Martin Schulz said British politicians are feeding on ‘national resentment’ and the ‘scapegoating’ of Romanians and Bulgarians.

Let’s play that back one more time, shall we.

“British politicians are feeding on ‘national resentment’ and the ‘scapegoating’ of Romanians and Bulgarians.”

Ah ,,, revisit the first photo above. Or are they homeless Brits?  Hmmm ... don’t think so.  Whoever they are, lets not scapegoat them.
I think that says volumes about the EU and where they want Europe and the UK to be.  None of it sounds good.

The prime minister‎ has made restricting EU migrants’ access to British welfare payments a key part of that effort.

But his plan received a significant setback last night when Mr Schulz said: ‘There are attempts by people in Europe and also in this country to create new barriers between countries.

‘Stirring a feeling of panic over so-called benefit tourists from Romania and Bulgaria wanting to plunder the social systems of the host countries.’
The German socialist added: ‘Outright lies are told.

‘What makes me sad and angry in all this debate is the undertone of national resentment. Hatred is spread. People are used as scapegoats.’

‎He poured cold water on Mr Cameron’s plans for renegotiation, saying changes in the relationship between Britain and the EU were not ‘possible’.

Mr Schulz said Britain ‘belongs’ to the EU and said there was no prospect of treaty change to rule out ‘ever closer union’ because of near-unanimous opposition in European capitals.


Homeless ‘Romanians’ set up camp complete with double beds and comfy sofas - just metres from Scotland Yard

But lets not scapegoat anyone


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calendar   Saturday - June 06, 2015

just like the plague. they are everywhere

None of this is surprising. 
An earlier headline covering a different story read, Romania is top of the EU fraud league. 

More than a third of probes into alleged corruption involving EU cash centered on Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.
Romania had 36 investigations opened against it last year, Hungary 13 and Bulgaria 11, according to OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office.
Then of course there are the gypos, I call Europe’s cancer.  We have some close friends just up the road, we visit often having what Brits call, coffee morning.
Just friends staying in touch on a fairly regular basis. Anyway, this particular couple travel a lot, and have shared a number of horror stories about travel in Europe, being confronted by gypsies.  An old story. Been going on for years but made worse by the open borders as enacted by the members of the EU. A bad idea made worse by the kind of people you do not want in your country, much less next door to you.

Folks in USA can’t have no idea how bad it can get in some places. No reason why you should know with so much going on at home and other higher concerns re. isis etc.  Just be thankful these creeps haven’t discovered America.  Yet. 

Romanian gang arrested for robbing female tourists at Alicante and Murcia airports and even following holidaymakers back to their accommodation

· Spanish police arrested nine people in connection with robberies at Murcia and Alicante airports
· Subjects had even followed holidaymaker to accommodation to rob them
· Part of a wider programme to catch criminals who prey on tourists
· Travel advice is to stay alert and keep your valuables close

By John Hutchinson for MailOnline

Holidaymakers are being warned to be on their guard after a spate of robberies in Spanish cities and airports popular with tourists.

At the end of last month, Spanish police arrested nine people in connection with a series of robberies at Murcia and Alicante airports.

The group had targeted foreign visitors, with the crimes being committed at the airport and even claims that some travellers have been followed back to their accommodation.

Alicante is a popular summer destination for British tourists, yet they will have to be on their guard following a spate of recent robberies
Spanish news agency Murcia Today report that the nine were Romanian nationals.

The arrests are part of a wider clampdown on stolen goods in the provinces of Almería and Granada and the region of Murcia.

Police officers arrested 20 people in connection with 35 robberies last month, with 13 searches discovering a raft of stolen goods.
Computers, jewellery, cars and money are just some of the items recovered.

A spokesperson for ABTA told MailOnline Travel: ‘We are really pleased to see that the Spanish authorities has brought this group of thieves to justice. Airports can represent rich pickings for thieves as they know that there will be large numbers of people carrying valuables either on their person or in their luggage.

‘People may also be distracted if they’ve arrived in an unfamiliar airport and are trying to find their bearings. So although it is incredibly easy to let your guard down particularly after a long flight, keep alert, place your wallet, passport etc in an inside jacket pocket and keep an eye on your luggage.



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calendar   Tuesday - March 17, 2015

multiculturalism has become a “racket” as a black anti racist talks white angers, left

This news item is a bit of coincidence considering the post with regard to the sheboons from the standpoint that with liberal enablers, things get worse.
They will never improve.

Some of the folks one has to feel sorry for thru all our anger at what we all saw, are the people who went to war even in recent times, and who did serve our country with honor.  What must they feel like knowing that folks who don’t know their background or service, will look at them and only see niggers.  That can not be an easy thing.

Back in the 50s when the traitors known as the Rosenbergs were on trial and finally done away with, many thousands of Jews in the USA bore the brunt of the Rosenberg crime. Even those who faced no threat still felt the shame of it.  It’s very hard to explain to folks who have never been called a ‘dirty jew’ or a ‘kike’, especially after the Rosenbergs, could feel like.  It’s like you want to go out and tell people hey, that isn’t me. You want to explain you had nothing to do with them, even tho you weren’t called upon to do so. 
So yeah, I am aware that not all of the folks we see that are black are exactly like those sheboons.  The problem is, libtards are creating more of the same kind and they’re mostly still white and worse yet, far worse and far more confusing for some of us, why oh why can’t libtard Jews see thru all that?  As Dr. Jeff once pointed out with some frustration as I recall, too many Jews vote Democratic and left.  And because of the Jewish experience, they want the world to be a pretty place for the oppressed who happen to all be black. 

Well, here’s today’s dumb outrage from the left.

Bmews ,,,, This is just about as bloody F****** stupid and PC as it gets.

Fortunately in this one case, some kind of logic prevailed BUT, the dumb assed attitude remains as entrenched as ever.  The worse part of it is, and I really believe this, is that most people are wise to the BS, most don’t actually buy into it, most believe it’s fraud by another name, but most are also so it seems, powerless to stop the PC steamroller.

Oh … btw.  As an aside. A famous ( Brit) civil rights and anti race campaigner has come under liberal fire.  And a black man at that.

Former head of Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) said politicians and the media had become “terrified” of discussing race

Trevor Phillips has been accused of holding “misguided and dangerous” views about race after suggesting that multiculturalism in the UK has become a “racket” which discourages proper integration.

So it would seem that even a black “activist” and a ‘Sir’ no less, is misguided and dangerous due to his views which on the face of it, may just be too white.  Ya think?
I now present you with today’s bit of I’m offended by those words so you must not use them.

Jeremy Clarkson ruling: Travellers group objects as BBC Trust says Top Gear presenter’s use of ‘pikey’ was not racist

The BBC is facing a fresh dispute over the behaviour of its Top Gear presenters after an internal investigation concluded that the programme’s use of the word “pikey” was not racially offensive. The ruling by the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee, due to be published tomorrow, was condemned by Gypsy and Traveller organisations, which accused the Corporation of “legitimising the use of a racist word”.

The dispute comes a week after the BBC suspended Jeremy Clarkson for allegedly punching one of the show’s producers during a row over food. An inquiry has been launched into the incident, during which it is claimed the Top Gear presenter called Oisin Tymon a “lazy Irish c***”.

The complaint, which was lodged by the Traveller Movement charity, relates to a Top Gear episode which aired in February last year and featured a race of popular 1980s hatchbacks. During the programme, presenter Richard Hammond’s choice of a Vauxhall Nova is ridiculed, before Clarkson is seen erecting a placard at the start line bearing the words “Pikey’s Peak”.

In its ruling, seen by The Independent, the BBC committee acknowledges the fact that the word “pikey” derives from “turnpike” and is therefore related to Travellers.

However, it said there had been “no intended racist reference” by the Top Gear team. “The committee believed the word ‘pikey’ had evolved into common parlance among a number of people to mean ‘chavvy’ or ‘cheap’ and … viewers would not necessarily associate it with the Gypsy and Traveller communities,” the committee stated.

Refusing to uphold the complaint, it also noted that the use of the word “pikey” on Top Gear was the continuation of a “running gag” between Clarkson and fellow presenter James May about Hammond’s perceived cheap style. The placard was also a pun on the famous US racecourse Pike’s Peak, it added.

Reacting to the ruling, a spokesman for the Traveller Movement said the BBC Trust had made an “absurd” decision, adding that the charity would be taking its complaint to the media regulator Ofcom.

“We are horrified by the BBC’s green-lighting of the use of the word ‘pikey’ by the Top Gear presenters. The claim that it has evolved a new meaning and that most people do not realise it has any reference at all with Gypsies and Travellers is absolute rubbish,” he said.

There’s a lot more but you get the picture.

article continues

I must have led a very sheltered life.  I never heard the word pikey or pike used as a slur or in any other mean way against the vermin who break the laws and make otherwise peaceful folks erupt in anger and hate at this one group of misfits.  And a person would have to be blind or stupid or both not to know the many examples that have made them so unwanted in anyone’s back yard. Or within a mile of them. Make that 100 miles.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 11, 2015

muslims vs gypsies argue over grave site.

While I have no great love of gypsies .... this does seem a bit of way over the top re muslim demands.

‘Council denies is committed ‘to reaching an amicable and acceptable solution’
I wonder if that means they’ll simply cave in. 

I might have had some sympathy even with muzzies, considering what the gypsy grave site looks like.  (see link ) Anyway, as recently as 20 yrs ago I’d bet there would be no complain by muslims. It’s only since they discovered how easily white folks who belong to a higher civilization will cave in to and accommodate their demands.

Maybe the Gypsies will set up a camp on the spot. That’s a fight I’d enjoy seeing.

Gipsy great-grandfather’s body ‘could be EXHUMED’ - because family of Muslim in neighbouring plot don’t want their relative buried next to a ‘non-believer’

Shadrack Smith, 89, buried in multi-faith cemetery after death in January
Bereft family had paid £2,500 to buy three plots side-by-side at cemetery
Family who own neighbouring plot complained Mr Smith was not Muslim
Smith family claim they were told that Mr Smith’s body could be exhumed
Council denies it is considering exhumation but said it was committed ‘to reaching an amicable and acceptable solution’

By Steph Cockroft for MailOnline

Council denies it is considering exhumation but said it was committed ‘to reaching an amicable and acceptable solution’

After a huge traditional Romany funeral with more than 400 people, they buried him with his grave facing towards his home – also a Romany tradition.

But they were left shocked when a Muslim family who owned a plot next to Mr Smith’s grave complained to the council about their relative being buried next to a ‘non-believer’.

Just two weeks after his funeral, which was one of the largest ever held at the cemetery, the family say they have now been warned Mr Smith’s grave may have to be moved.

The local council, which runs the award-winning cemetery, will meet tomorrow to discuss the ‘provision for burials’ at the cemetery but denies that exhumation has been discussed as an option.

But it said it was ‘sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned’ and is ‘committed to reaching an amicable and acceptable solution.’

His distraught family, which includes eight children, 25 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren, have now vowed to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to ensure Mr Smith’s body is not move.

His daughter-in-law Tracey Smith 46, said: ‘This whole thing has devastated our family.

‘We were told when we bought the plots that it was a multi-faith cemetery and it is, but the council has been so unsupportive.

‘I feel for the Muslim family because they obviously thought they were going to only have other Muslim families buried around them, but that’s not our fault, or our mistake.

‘We have been in the right, and yet the council has tried to bend over backwards to please the Muslim family.’

She added: ‘We have been told we might have to exhume Shady if the council decide to side with the Muslim family.

muslims - vs gypsies at grave site


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calendar   Tuesday - October 07, 2014

the kind of folks you want next door, if the next door is a thousand miles away

After a long hard day at muggings, general trouble making and pocket picking ... the friendly gypsy community like to relax and let their hair down with a bit of horse abuse.


My big fat gipsy horse fair: Up to 80,000 people descend on Irish town for one of Europe’s oldest and biggest annual horse meetings

The Ballinasloe Horse Fair, a tradition dating back to the 18th century is underway in County Galway, western Ireland
The fair has a long standing tradition with the Irish travelling community, with many returning to event every year
Said to be one of the most important social and economic events for the community, as they buy and sell horses

And here we see some lovely examples of traveller womanhood relaxing on the day. They stop for our shutter bug to snap a few pix but it takes a whole chip to capture the beauty third, fourth and fifth from the right. That’s big Ma-Moo saying hi.  Hi Ma-Moo.


It's well known that these folks are able to, Talk to the animals.  Here's a fine example and a reminder that there's nothing like a good whoopin' to help keep the spirits up.  Click the whip hand for 19 exciting snaps of gypsies at play. And remember, when they're here relaxing amongst their own kind, they aren't in your town robbing you blind.
Til next time .....  bye,bye



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calendar   Saturday - October 04, 2014

hatfields and mccoys gypsy style

Gypsies make their own laws I guess. 
No ... hang on.
There’s no guessing anything about these folks.  Best not to get on the wrong side of them.

No surprise here. The killer is the one on the right.


Here’s part of the story .... see the link for more.

Gypsy blood feud: Man warned cousin’s son he would kill him on the happiest day of his life as revenge for 1987 car smash - then shot him dead days after his first child was born

John ‘Boy’ Ward, 33, shot Thomas Ward, 21 over a bitter family feud

Shot him dead at a caravan site five days after his daughter was born

Court heard he phoned his victim in 2011 and said: ‘It’s me, your enemy. I’m going to wait until you are at your happiest - then I’m going to get you’
John ‘Boy’ Ward found guilty by a jury at St Albans Crown Court yesterday.

Following the shooting, John used a fake passport and fled to Denmark

The feud began when Thomas’s father, James ‘Young Fox’ Ward was held responsible for death of his cousin, Micky Ward, in a car crash in 1987

Six years later, James Ward shot dead Micky’s brother James ‘Bimbo’ Ward
John ‘Boy’ Ward was the younger brother of the two dead men

Thomas’s father, James ‘Young Fox’ Ward was jailed for 13 months in July while drunkenly driving around in a revenge mission to find his son’s killers
Clips of the funeral were on My Big Fat Gypsy Christening on Channel 4

By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline

This thing reads like something we’d see on TV. Boardwalk Empire, Gypsy style.

article and pix continue here


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calendar   Sunday - July 27, 2014

another million or so for the gypos

Yup. Tis them again.  You have serious problems back home in the USA of course.  Every country has its problems but ... be thankful you don’t face this PC - BS on a daily basis. I think Americans however would be far less likely to put up with this group to the same degree the Brits think they have to.

The cancer eating Europe, the worthless sponges and professional no goods the Germans didn’t have the time left to finish off.
The gypos.

Planning inspectorate?
Hmm.  Kinda like .... Secretariat?  Has a Bolshie ring to it.

If you missed the original story concerning this case, the grandma simply opposed them and also complained about her vehicle being blocked by theirs. She may have used a term like, and I am imagining this cos I do not recall her exact quote, she may have said “you people” which would have been enuff to trigger a threat and charge of .... raaaaaaacism!

Gipsies who landed a grandmother with a criminal record after falsely accusing her of racism are to get a new £500,000 caravan site (yes, paid for by the taxpayer)

The move has angered residents living near farmland at Chorley, Lancashire
At least two imminent house sales said to have fallen through as a result
Gipsies falsely accused ‘community stalwart’ José Hampson of racial abuse last year
Local council has been told it must find the Linfoots a permanent site

By James Tozer

Gipsies who falsely accused a grandmother of racial abuse are set to be given a new caravan site at a cost to the taxpayer of more than £500,000.

The move has outraged people living near what is currently tranquil farmland, with at least two imminent house sales said to have fallen through as a result.


The council behind the proposal has already spent £145,000 trying to throw the group off their existing camp on green belt land.

And the gipsy family meant to benefit from the new site have said there is no guarantee they would move there in any case.

The plan would see taxpayers provide a new site for five mobile homes belonging to the Linfoot family.

Last year the family falsely claimed toy shop owner and community stalwart José Hampson, 78, had called them ‘dirty ******* gippos’ in a row over their illegal camp.

Mrs Hampson, a widowed former Sunday school teacher, was given a criminal record after being found guilty of racially aggravated harassment, but after an 11-month nightmare her good name was restored when a judge quashed the conviction.

Now the council has been told it must find the Linfoots a permanent site and residents of a quiet row of terraces this month learnt that farmland behind their homes had been chosen – despite being the most expensive of nine potential sites to develop, at £560,000.

Mrs Hampson said: ‘I don’t see why they should receive special treatment like this, especially if it means another beautiful spot is spoiled as a result.’

The proposal has led to a campaign from residents of Cowling Road, the chosen site on the edge of the Lancashire market town of Chorley.

Currently grazed by cattle, the land was reputedly given to the council by a former mayor for £1 on condition it was used to benefit the townspeople.

Glenn Hutchinson, landlord of the adjacent Spinners pub, said: ‘It’s not the right place, it’s as simple as that.

It’s a semi-rural location on the outskirts of town. All the residents around here are appalled we were not informed of this by the council even though dozens of others were consulted.’

Another resident said: ‘My fear is that they won’t stop at five caravans, we could see other travellers stopping off there as well.’

Chorley council identified nine potential sites for the Linfoots’ five caravans and earlier this month announced that it had chosen a site known as Cowling Farm.

The proposal is now out for consultation.

Chorley council had set aside £145,000 to evict the Linfoots from a plot of green belt land they own less than a mile away.

But last year it was forced to give them temporary permission to stay after the Planning Inspectorate said the council had failed to make enough provision for travellers and gipsies.

Council leader Alistair Bradley said: ‘Time and again decisions on what’s best for Chorley have been taken out of our hands by the Planning Inspectorate.’

full version continues

We have site here, just at the end of the street that looks something like this, but even better and more of it. 
If you think ppl don’t worry about that, think again.


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calendar   Sunday - July 06, 2014


I posted the original story that went along with the photo a few months ago.
So this is more an update.

The French appear to be somewhat stricter or at least that’s the impression.

Parents to jail, then deported and banned from returning.  Of course, Romas being who and what they are, it’s a sure bet they will try to return.
From their standpoint, I would imagine they’ll try for Britain where they will invoke human and civil rights and the right to a family life with compliments of the over abused Brit taxpayer.

As for the kiddies. Well, as you’ll read here, cos they are after all at so tender an age, the police simply let them go. Sure thing. So the little shits can continue doing what their culture instills in them.
I still don’t understand, I really don’t, why it would be so awful to give the police the authority to simply delete the scum. The kids as well. Not only would it greatly reduce the burden on the French and clean up their cities, it would work to the benefit of Europa overall. But no.
It’s a ring fenced loop that plays on and on.
What? Me worry?
Seems to be the unspoken motto of this group of sub human life forms.

‘It was industrial-scale exploitation’: Roma gang in Paris who sent children to rob holidaymakers jailed for up to eight years each

Twenty Roma parents and other family members were beginning prison sentences of up to eight years each
They sent their own children on to streets of Paris to rob holidaymakers
British tourists were among those targeted by some 40 youngsters
Each child had to ‘steal two wallets a day, or two or three mobile phones’
Judge said those sentenced were ‘involved in industrial-scale exploitation of their own children’

By Peter Allen

Twenty Roma parents and other family members who sent their own children on to the streets of Paris to rob holidaymakers were beginning prison sentences of up to eight years each yesterday.

British visitors were among the hundreds of tourists targeted each day around the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower by some 40 youngsters.

There were disturbances in the court late on Friday afternoon when the tough sentences were handed down. The heaviest went to women – including mothers – involved in the crime network.

The senior judge of three involved in the case, Dominique Piot, said: ‘Each minor had to steal two wallets a day, or two or three mobile telephones.’

He said those imprisoned were ‘involved in industrial-scale exploitation of their own children’. Comparing them to modern-day Fagins, he said that children who failed in their targets were often beaten.

The offences took place between 2011 and 2012, and the youngsters involved were aged between nine and 17.

Two women and one man were sentenced to eight years, while a woman and a man got seven years each. All were permanently banned from France.

One of a series of photos showing roma kids at work.


Recently in our neck of the woods, a group of roma adults did what you see here, inside the bank itself, to a woman at the atm machine.
They are bold because generally, they are allowed to be. 


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calendar   Tuesday - April 22, 2014

the sorry state of france today.

Just so ya know, it isn’t just the French who have problems with these vermin.
That said, it does often appear to be worse there than it is here.  I have not heard or read of it happening as often in say London, as I have Paris.
If the authorities could only wake up.  Shoot and kill the bastards as soon as they are caught. Bang,bang and continue until the rest of their verminous kind get the message and stay away.  If word got out that people were no longer willing to put up with their shit, things would change for the better.  I have no doubt about that. 

More then 30 yrs ago the wife and I spent three days there.  Never saw or heard of a problem. This was long before the new agreement among the lefty euros who roped what became the EU, into that disastrous open border thing. We even went out late at night walking in Paris, others were out also, no problem. Never saw a Roma camp or any of those sub species.

The police can call for ‘systematic eviction’ all they want, til the cows come home if it makes em feel any better. But what will cure the slime invasion isn’t systematic eviction, it is plainly and rightly systematic extermination.  And especially those young enough to breed more of their kind. No age restrictions. Total elimination to cut the cancer out once and for all. 
Since that logical course will never occur, we can look for more of the same, and look for it to become worse. And there is no ‘if possible’ about it. There is no ‘if’, as it will be possible. Time will prove me correct in this.

Caught on camera: Moment brazen cash-point thieves swarm around middle-aged tourist near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and take his money

An aggressive gang of Roma sneak thieves surround a tourist
Within seconds they casually try to help themselves to his money
Police last week called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma

By Peter Allen

With the bells of Notre Dame heralding a glorious Easter Sunday morning, a tourist uses a cash point a short stroll from the ancient Paris cathedral.

Within seconds he is surrounded by an aggressive gang of Roma sneak thieves, who make no secret of what they want from him.

Feeling hands on his back and arms, the middle age man turns around in horror to see the utterly fearless gang casually trying to help themselves to his money.

Such scenes have become so common in the French capital that police last week called for the ‘systematic eviction’ of Roma.

Groups of thieves, many of them teenagers, swarm around the main tourist landmarks day and night.

‘They respect nobody – they just want money or anything else they can steal,’ said another tourist who witnessed the incident at the cashpoint between Notre Dame and the Louvre museum, in the 1st arrondissement.


‘It might have been Easter, but the gangs were everywhere,’ she said. ‘One minute the man was making a cash withdrawal, the next he was a crime victim.

‘If the police come anywhere near the Roma, they just laugh and then run off. Areas are becoming completely lawless.’

Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world, and the British make up the city’s biggest visitor group, but its battle against the Roma is a losing one.

read and see more


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calendar   Tuesday - February 18, 2014

one problem and two different ways to face it.

A tale of two towns.  Well, one is a city and the other is a village.

I keep promising myself I won’t bother with this kind of post, and here I am again. Sometimes, some things can’t be avoided.

Take a look.

Council to blow £2.5MILLION to turn this squalid travellers’ site into a deluxe park. Caravans will have their own driveway, lighting and soundproofing and cost the same as a first-time buyer’s property

Critics said it would be cheaper to buy houses for the travellers in Bath
Gypsies moved onto the council-owned greenfield site five years ago
Lib Dem-controlled authority bizarrely claim building the site will save them money as they won’t have to keep moving the travellers along
The site is currently a muddy field with litter piled high

By Rob Cooper

A council is planning to spend £2.5million on a traveller site for just 13 caravans - which will cost as much as the average first time buyer spends to get on the property ladder.

Bath and North East Somerset Council will spend £190,000 ( $ 317,092.92 ) on each pitch on the green belt site while neighbouring properties sell for just £160,000.

Opposition councillors have slammed the project and insisted it would be cheaper to buy properties for gypsies to live in.


HERE, for the rest

However .... in another place with another group, a village decides to take the vermin on and not accommodate and appease.

Victory for villagers as gypsies are FINALLY told they will be evicted from illegal camp… but four-year battle has cost taxpayers £200,000

The Supreme Court has rejected pleas for the travellers to be allowed to appeal eviction ordered by the Court of Appeal
Gypsies moved on to site in ‘military-style’ operation overnight four years ago - after council offices had closed for the weekend
Group had argued that eviction would violate their children’s human rights
Council has spent £200,000 fighting the case since November 2009

By Lucy Crossley

A group of gypsies who used human rights laws to stay in their illegal camp for more than four years have finally been told to move on - leaving taxpayers with a legal bill of £200,000.

The 78 Irish travellers, who hail from just four families, had refused to budge despite facing three different courts, a planning inquiry, a council, and a battle by locals who accused the group of trashing their village.

Last October the camp in Hardhorn, Lancashire, who had flouted planning rules, appeared to have lost its case when they were told to move out by the Court of Appeal.

However, despite being given four months to quit the site without the chance to appeal, the group used a loophole to take their case to the Supreme Court claiming the eviction ‘violated’ the human rights of the 39 children living on the site in 60 caravans.

Now the Supreme Court has rejected pleas for the travellers’ to be allowed the right of appeal under a ‘point of law of general public importance’.

read and see all the rest here


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calendar   Wednesday - January 22, 2014

look who’s keeping an eye on gypsy immigrants now.

H/T Kafir Crusaders

This item is a month old, interesting nonetheless.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it, can’t figure out why, since it appeared on TV to begin with, the story didn’t appear in our morning papers. Maybe it did and I just missed it. But don’t know how as this wouldn’t be that easy to miss. Would it?  Just a thought but, could have been one of those days I didn’t see one of the papers.  I didn’t see it on line anywhere either.
Better late than never.

Boo-Hoo.  Muslim traditions and culture (?) being undermined by who?

Take a look at this reblog.

Video: LOL, Muslims Patrolling Sheffield Moaning About Roma Gypsy Immigrants

I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle to myself whilst watching this video at the irony and hypocrisy of it all. Pakistani Muslim immigrants in high viz jackets walking the streets of Sheffield to keep an eye on the Roma gypsy immigrants who have flooded the area.  Moaning about the negative effect they are having on the area and an increase in tensions between the Muslims and the Gypsies.

The Muslims are right, the Gypsy scroungers are not wanted or needed here and do drag the country down.

Well now the Muslims know exactly how us Brit’s feel then at their mass influx and negative effect of the nation. How Muslim immigration has been destroying our country from within. Wiping out communities as places like Bradford, Burnley, Bolton, Tower Hamlets, Dewsbury, Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Luton and Leicester fall victim to Islamization and turn into Muslim enclaves.

At least the Gypsies aren’t forcing their food on the Muslims! Or that Muslim children learn their heritage at school! Or Gypsy men aren’t grooming Muslim schoolgirls and raping Muslim women en mass like the British people have thanks to Muslim immigration.


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calendar   Tuesday - December 17, 2013

my old flame, i can’t even think of her name,

My old flame, I can’t even think of her name but it’s funny now and then
How my thoughts go flashing back again to my old flame.

Count Basie / Dameron Tadd


Am I guilty of a race or hate crime by, pointing out that, this fellow is a traveller?

Roma, gypsy, traveller, they are all related in one way or another.  A blight on civilization.

Too bad he didn’t off himself.

I wasn’t going to boot today to be honest.  Must be catching cos I really don’t feel up to much.
I always think older folks who make the claim that they would never go back to their teens and are so happy to be old, are telling a fib.
When I feel this crappy I wish I were 40 again. I’d even settle for 50.  Of course I wish that anyway, even when I feel very well.
However ... I could not ignore this article and felt the need to share it.

Apparently two rival traveller gangs are at war.  I think the police should let em at each other.

So here’s the story.

An arsonist burned his own head when his ‘Russian-style’ hat set alight as he tried to torch a rival drug dealer’s car.

Things then got worse for Karl McGarry, 25, when he also managed to set fire to his getaway vehicle.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that McGarry had become embroiled in a 20-year feud between two traveller families in St Helens, Liverpool.

A member of the Price family ordered him to firebomb two cars but when he leaned through one of their windows, his furry hat ignited.

Unaware that the headpiece was on fire, he got into his getaway car, setting that alight as well.

McGarry, who worked as a ‘full time drug dealer’ in St Helens, Merseyside, was later recorded on a police bugging device, complaining about setting his Russian hat on fire.

Another voice could be heard laughing: ‘That was when you had that big mark on your head, weren’t it?’

Liverpool Crown Court heard the Price family was trying to control the supply of class A drugs in the town and had previously been known to petrol bomb and fire shotguns at the Maughans.

Eight of their gang were jailed for a total of 97 years last week for drug, firearm and arson conspiracies.


Just a note about YT ads. They can be blocked. But you might see an ad just seconds long on your pc unless you have YT ad blocker.
Have fun.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 11, 2013

they’re back and in time for Christmas shopping. and more on the way next month.

Well what a darn huge surprise.  And just in time for Christmas shopping for those brave enough, in London and every major city in the country by the time it’s all over.  And of course the scum will stay.  Because this country does NOT have full control of its own borders anymore.

Back in time for the Christmas rush: ‘Aggressive’ Roma gypsies return to Marble Arch to beg from wealthy tourists and shoppers

Travellers reportedly targeting wealthy tourists and shoppers for money
They were evicted in July - with some even give free flight home
But now they’re back and council chiefs say there’s very little they can do

What defeatist talk. Nothing they can do?  Nothing? OK. Here’s a solution.  You round the vermin up in large vans and lock the doors from outside.
Then flip a switch that brings the gas into the van where they’re locked inside.  Dump bodies in pre dug hole in wasteland someplace, go back for another load of passengers. Or ... quicker way is napalm on a group of the lice.  The rest will be more than happy to leave while they can still breathe.
But no, authorities will wring their hands and claim there is nothing they can do when in fact, there is much they can do.  Beginning with facing the menace head on and using extreme measures to correct the problem.  Although I don’t see deleting this sub species as anything extreme really.


Romanian gypsies who were evicted from Marble Arch in July have returned and are targeting Christmas shoppers in London’s West End.

The travellers are reportedly ‘aggressively begging’ wealthy tourists for money, in some cases even marching them to cashpoints and waiting as they withdraw cash.

Over the summer Westminster City Council obtained an order evicting the gypsies from their makeshift camp and even paid for some to return home to Romania.

But now they are back and council chiefs say there is very little they can do about it.

They have called for a change in the law to give them a ‘modern set of tools for a modern set of problems.’

Police recognised that people are feeling ‘frustrated’, but UK and EU laws mean attempts to permanently move the group on have failed.

The schmucks haven’t figured out that making them dead is a permanent solution.

Their return has caused outrage among local businesses, who say the group are aggressively begging and stealing from shops and stalls along Oxford Street.

Abdul Mohammed, who works at a souvenir stall a short distance from the arch said they had been harassing his customers.

He said: ‘The other day a woman was buying something from me when one of the gypsies came up to her and started asking her for money.

‘She tried to ignore her but the woman didn’t stop, she was grabbing her arm and pointing at the money in my customer’s wallet.

‘When my customer left the gypsy followed her, she was about to give in and give the woman some money so I shouted to her not to give her any.

‘When I did that the gypsy came running back to me and shouted ‘f*** you’ - they have learned how to say that now.

Mr Mohammed said that the gypsies had been targeting the West End’s wealthy foreign visitors.

He explained: ‘They go up to a lot of Arab men and women because they know they have a lot of money.

‘They will point right at the money as they count it out and ask for it. Then they take all the cash they have collected to the Western Union nearby, I see them doing it every day.’

A huge operation in July saw the council and police move in to break up a camp set up on the central reservation of Park Lane, one of London’s most exclusive streets.

But now the group have been living in unsanitary conditions on the narrow strip of grass between two war memorials opposite the Dorchester Hotel.

According to one worker the police and council staff move the travellers off their squat every morning, marching them up to the junction of Park lane and Oxford Street.

They take their bedding, mattresses and other possessions in trollies with them before settling down in the square beneath the arch.

One worker, who mans a tour bus company’s stall complained that once the travellers have been moved up to the monument they were left unchecked for most of the day.

He said: ‘No one seems to care what they are doing after about eight o’clock in the morning.

‘Why is it when you have hundreds of policemen out and about looking for cyclists you can’t have some cracking down on this?’

On Tuesday a team of police and border officials were seen checking travel documents belonging to the travellers.

more to see and more to read


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