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a father’s duty is to supervise his young daughter as she picks her first pocket

The usual scum but this is from Bulgaria. Cut from the very same cloth as the Romas.  In other words .... Gypos. Low life , sub species able to walk upright and often mistaken for humans.

Thanks to this country’s membership in the EU .... coming soon to a neighborhood near .... ?  Wherever they want to.  It’s their right ya know.

Filthy thieving bastards.

I don’t understand why the paper insists on treating the story with that headline, thus implying it’s recent and never covered before.  People have known about these sub humans for a hundred years and more.  The Germans certainly knew about them, which is why they quite rightly tried to delete them all.  Pity they missed the mark. 


OK first of all, skip the video unless you were born with lots of patience. The quality is poor and damn near impossible to understand what’s being said.
But the text and the still photos may be of interest.  Video runs 4minutes but I gave up after close to 2. Anyway, I don’t need to see a video I saw 30 yrs ago on 60 minutes. But at that time is was Romanians. Romas. All the same as I said.

We have friends here in our village who travel a lot and have encountered these miserable scum all over Europe in every major city and often at bus and rail stations and city cntrs.  You can hardly avoid them.  No surprise of course.  Look folks, if the libtards in charge aren’t able to deal properly with islamic terrorists and can’t even deport them without great cost and years in court, don’t look for defense against these scum cos authorities think they have human rights.
Yeah, the right to infest the planet come to that.

Video shows ‘Golden Hands’, a renowned pickpocketing expert
The 77-year-old has schooled hundreds of children in the art of theft
She says many of her pupils are on their way to Britain

By Ian Gallagher

A black Mercedes slows to a halt and the driver hurries to open the door for his celebrated passenger.

The tip of a walking stick appears first, then, as it finds the pavement, lean fingers decorated with jewelled rings can be seen gripping its handle.

After a few moments the stick is followed by its owner – a matriarchal old lady wrapped against the winter chill in a thick blue cardigan.

She pulls herself upright as children greet her with cries of delight and a young man obligingly takes her arm.

In this quiet residential district on the fringes of the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora, 77-year-old Donka Panova is everyone’s favourite Roma grandmother and much revered.

But don’t be fooled by her congenial smile and, above all, don’t get too close . . . she is also Bulgaria’s grande dame of pickpocketing and proud of her sobriquet, Golden Hands.

Down the years Golden Hands has schooled hundreds of children, including her 30 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, in the intricacies of her criminal art – and many of her graduates are now planning to travel to Britain in the New Year when restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants are lifted.

Sitting in a cafe, her grandson Gospodin Panov, 26, emits a low whistle as he contemplates the rich pickings. ‘All those people in London packed on Underground trains with their arms in the air. It will be too easy!’

Gospodin has experience of England already. ‘I was in Portsmouth a few years ago and made £3,000 in one week pickpocketing,’ he says. His grandmother interjects: ‘I started in 1950, in the Communist era, when things were not so easy.

‘These days, I envy the way our young people can travel all over Europe to make money.

But in my day I was the best. I was The Pickpocket.’

Even today, she still likes to keep her hand in, so to speak. ‘Only if I am at the market, though, and an opportunity presents itself.’

Not that she needs the money – her light fingers have made her wealthy. ‘I own five houses and don’t want for anything but it becomes a kind of addiction,’ she says.

Meanwhile, faced with growing concern over how many migrants from Bulgaria and Romania will come to Britain, David Cameron is determined not to make it too easy for them.

Last week he outlined a crackdown on benefits tourism, and Germany and France followed suit in what was seen as an open revolt over the EU’s policy of free movement.

Would the Kardarashi thieves ply their trade in Britain while working or claiming benefits at the same time? ‘Of course, that is the attraction,’ admits Gospodin.

There’s lots more at the link but ....... Here’s a quote from a father of a little girl learning the trade. This tells you everything you really need know about these lice, these vermin who belong in camps waiting extermination.

‘Although she is taught mainly by her mother, when she goes out to pick her first pocket for real, I will be the one to accompany her.

‘It is a father’s job’

- Zlatko Nicolov



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pickpocketing ring which trafficked hundreds of children across Europe.

There isn’t anything new in this story.  It’s an ongoing thing and has been on going for a few hundred years.
There is NOTHING that will change these vermin.  People are born as different colors and shapes and sizes. Some are smart and others got left behind.
I think what I am trying to say is, these villains are born this way. Period.  The world could be so much better if they were entirely eradicated. 
Who knows. Perhaps some day in the far future when enough of the scum cause enough mayhem, maybe future peoples will say enough and destroy the scourge.
It’s the only way to deal with the menace that is after all, not really quite human anyway, and so can not be reached on that level.

Lets be clear about the following article. This is NOT a one off thing at all.  In fact, stories like this one were covered in detail over thirty years ago on CBS, 60 Minutes.  Give you some small idea of what they are and what they do.

Police smash Roma pickpocketing network involving hundreds of children who are trafficked out of Paris across Europe and Britain

Youngsters ‘threatened with severe beatings if they did not go out to steal’

They were given targets of stealing £250 and then dropped in central Paris

Married Roma couple is believed to have masterminded the operation

Four of their own children among the minors they are accused of exploiting

By Daniel Miller

A Roma pickpocketing ring which trafficked hundreds of children across Europe threatening them with severe beatings if they did not go out to steal has been smashed, French police claim.

More than 200 children, some as young a 12, would allegedly be given targets of stealing up to £250 a day before being dropped off in central Paris or other cities and ordered to target tourists.

According to the police some of the children involved had been arrested, cautioned and released hundreds of times but were simply sent back out to steal.

The suspected masterminds are a married Romanian couple named as Stejar B, 43 and Lucica T, 44, who are also accused of exploiting four of their own children, aged from 13 to 17, as part of the operation.

The pair, along with four other Romanians have been charged with people trafficking, forcing minors to commit crimes, money laundering and criminal conspiracy, the Times newspaper reported.

Officers said the children were being ‘trafficked for criminal purposes’ to other countries, describing it as the biggest family-based network exploiting Eastern European youths they had ever discovered.

Apparently they’ve been asleep then because this sort of thing has been par for the course going on for generations. The biggest problem is that the authorities are not allowed to deal with the virus properly.  And of course the Romas have rights ya know. And lawyers to speak for them. And thousands of the scummy unwashed, lice ridden sub species will soon be heading for Britain. 

Roma children are seen jumping across the tracks at a Paris Metro station. French police say many of the youngsters involved had been arrested hundreds of times but were always sent back to steal

Ten youngsters, who were present when the Romanian couple were arrested, were placed in a care home but fled within an hour.

Romanian police liaison officers, sent to France to help tackle the problem of Roma gangs, are understood to have assisted in the arrests.

In 2012 French police arrested 1,769 minors for pickpocketing or distraction theft, but even if caught they are released within a few hours.

‘There’s very little we can do with them,’ admitted a Paris police source. ‘As children, they effectively have absolute immunity from prosecution.

“As children, they effectively have absolute immunity from prosecution”.

And there’s a large part of the problem. The little snots know they are immune. But ... what if that changed and police were allowed, due to the nature of the criminal invasion, what if they were allowed to break arms and legs. Nah.  Better yet, shoot the scum dead on the spot. Bet that message would get through.  Interesting, when the Nazis (for all their own evil which is acknowledged) held Europe, there wasn’t any problem with kiddie thieves or the parents either.  Their charmed life was put on hold til ‘45 when they started breeding again, and look where Europe is today. Over run with them. So long as they know they can get away with their lifestyle at the expense of all others, don’t look for things to improve.  What’s the point of arresting and then letting go when it’s already known what they will do again and again.
A final solution to the Roma problem is a sure way to end the infestation.  People simply have to put aside all this useless talk about rights and humanity and fair play yadda,yadda.  Romas don’t understand all that except where it feeds and advances their own agenda to prey on whatever culture they decide to invade and occupy.  And they do not move on btw. They are very dangerous and that should be understood.


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town council produces but now won’t distribute leaflet telling gypos not to crap or piss in street

Not trying to match Christopher with yet another nanny state story, although this goes a bit beyond that.
I mean to say ... come on folks ... what sort of people actually need a printed leaflet to point out socially accepted and not accepted behavior?
If there are those who don’t understand things, they do not belong in a civilized country and are best deported.  If they won’t leave, shoot em.
They are a waste of resources and space anyway.
However, in this particular story ... seems like the truly stupid aren’t the targeted immigrants but people on the town council with too much time on their hands and not nearly enuff honest work to do.  But hey.  It isn’t their money they are pissing away, so that’s okay then.  It’s all play money.  In other words, the taxpayer’s money.  How it works in every country in the world is.  Ppl pay into this funny money fund called taxes.
The money is then distributed hither and yon, and winds up sometimes in local council offices and becomes “found money”.  Well, one can not simply leave money laying around like that, so they form a ways and means committee to find mean ways to dispose of this largess from .... somewhere.

On second thunk. If some of the ‘migrants’ they are trying to reach come from turd world countries, well.  On thinking a 3rd time tho, how does the council know they can read Engrish?  Doesn’t matter cos authorities will supply interpreters.

But the folks they are worried about are Romas and those from Bulgaria as well.  Welcome to open borders Britain where the country isn’t really being sold down the river.

It’s Being Given Away and to the worst sort of .... of .... I hate using using the word people cos of course they mostly are not that.

Don’t spit or have sex in the street or your neighbours will think you’re dirty: Taxpayer-funded leaflet produced to teach migrants about anti-social behaviour

City chiefs produced leaflets on behaviour for migrants, but won’t release it

They are urged not to spit, urinate or defecate in the street

Migrants also told not to dump rubbish in neighbours’ gardens

The city has seen tensions rise over large influx of Roma

By Sam Webb

A city council has created a guide to teach migrants how to behave in an apparent bid to ease tensions in the community.

The leaflet, drafted by Sheffield City Council, warns new arrivals, including Roma, against a slew of offensive habits - including urinating, defecating, spitting or having sex in the street - that upset locals.

It also contains instructions on claiming benefits and other taxpayer-funded services like healthcare and accessing translators.

There is advice on ‘being a good neighbour’, urging migrants not to dump litter in a neighbour’s garden or allow their children to play there, hang washing on their fence and not to block drains with soiled nappies.

Bizarrely, it also instructs them on how British people usually clean their rugs and carpets and recommends buying or hiring a vaccum cleaner and a shampooing machine.

The city has been riven by racial tension, especially in the Page Hall area, and fear of civil unrest is growing.  To make matters worse there are the first signs of vigilante action against the new Roma arrivals.

“first signs of vigilante action against the new Roma arrivals”.  Well let us hope so. Maybe if enough of the vermin can be eliminated quickly, others will get the message and keep out.  But I somehow doubt it.  These are a life form lower than animals. Some insects are more useful. 

Some residents with strong views about their new neighbours have begun patrolling the streets at night to ‘gather evidence’ of anti-social behaviour and possible criminal activity.

In addition, the local Pakistani community association is running ‘official’ warden patrols between 8pm and 10pm every weekday with the intention of ‘educating’ the Roma population about ‘how to behave in England’.

Which will turn out to be wasted effort and time. Why?  Because Roma are raised as thieves and charlatans. They are like a country except they are mobile and are a law unto themselves.  They are like beasts untamed and no hope of civilizing.  They do not recognize the customs or the laws of any country they infest and infect. 

Sheffield City Council defended their work with migrants and said the guide will not be released.

A spokesman said: ‘Sheffield has a proud tradition of welcoming people from a large number of backgrounds and has done for many, many years. As a council we don’t take a view who should be in this country or not.

‘We give advice to all people visiting or living in the city. This includes more than 55,000 students who come here.’

Then why spend money or time on it to begin with?
Got it. Found money and found time.

‘We have not released this document at all and it is not something which we ever agreed as a council to be used as a leaflet or otherwise.’

The leaflet, which was leaked to the Daily Express, also contains advice on raising children, saying: ‘Babies and young children should never be left at home alone.’

Robert Oxley, Campaign Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance blasted the unpublished guide as a waste of public money.

He said: ‘Spending taxpayers’ money on this frankly ludicrous guide is not only a waste of money, but there is also a danger it would exacerbate problems caused when communities do not integrate.

‘Councils should not be encouraging the use of interpreters for those wishing to access public services.

‘It’s vital that those coming to Britain are able to speak the language and interact with existing communities before they arrive, rather than taxpayers footing an extra burden for this kind of nonsense guide.’

Alp Mehmet, vice chair of Migrationwatch UK, a non-governmental body that monitors immigration, said: ‘It’s pitiful state of affairs that we have had to resort to this.

‘If they think they can stop the problem by producing leaflets I’ve got news for them: It won’t.

Just weeks ago former home secretary David Blunkett warned British cities could be hit by rioting because of an influx of Roma migrants.

Mr Blunkett called on Roma migrants from Slovakia to ‘change their culture’ because their dumping of rubbish and refusal to send their children to school had caused ‘understandable tensions’ with residents in Sheffield.

Britain is home to more than 200,000 Roma migrants, most of them from Eastern Europe.

The former Home Secretary said ‘frictions’ with local people could lead to race riots.

‘If everything exploded, if things went wrong, the community would obviously be devastated,’ Mr Blunkett said.

Mr Blunkett claimed that the cultural gulf between the community in Sheffield and the Roma was far greater than that between white Britons and Pakistani immigrants.


Here’s more on the subject. And the news ain’t good.

Sheffield has the fastest growing Roma community in the UK, with an estimated 4,000-strong population.

The document, produced by immigration integration officials, says “public services like the police, city council and health services can provide an interpreter”.

It also tells new arrivals: “Your first home will probably be rented from a landlord. It will have running water and a flushing toilet. In the house, only use the flushing toilet for urinating and defecating.

“Do not urinate or defecate outside the house or in the street.

“Do not spit in the street. Spitting is dirty and spreads diseases. Doing these things is against the law, it will upset your neighbours and people will think that you and your family are dirty.”

It adds: “You may share a back yard or garden with at least one other house. Please respect the part of the back yard that belongs to your neighbour.

“Don’t go on it, don’t allow your children to go on it, don’t dump ­rubbish on it and don’t hang carpets, washing or other things on your ­neighbour’s fence without their ­permission.”

It also warns against intimidating people in the street by blocking their way or shouting – problems already raised by locals in Page Hall.

And also says: “Physical sexual relationships of any type are not allowed in public places.”

source is the express for more


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the romas in sweden tra-la

The worldwide sickness eating away at the very foundations of the west, and by sickness I am referring to human rights and the extremes it has been taken to.

Tired, tired and it never ends and no surprise at all that this comes from that bastion of pc ... Sweden.
Just so readers know it isn’t just the loons here in the UK.  This sickness is like a plague.

Thousands of Roma eligible for compensation after Swedish police compiled unofficial list of names claiming it ‘helped them tackle crime’

List of 4,700 names was compiled by Skane County police
Included dead people, children and distant relations of Swedish Roma
Police argued that the list was to fight a ‘criminal network’
However commission ruled it had no purpose and breached human rights

By Chris Pleasance

Thousands of Roma could claim compensation after a list made by police in Sweden was deemed to have breached their human rights.

Skane County police said they compiled the list of 4,700 names because it ‘helped them tackle crime’.

However a commission has ruled that the list was prejudicial as it lead to Roma being watched who hadn’t done anything wrong.

The list, which the commission said was the result of several years work, contained the names of 200 dead people, alongside children’s names and those of distant relations of Roma living in Sweden.

Skane police could now be in for a bill of hundreds of thousands of pounds following the decision by the Commission on Security and Integrity Protection as every one of the 4,500 living people named are entitled to compensation.

Skane County police has claimed the list was assembled to ‘fight a criminal network rather than to keep tabs on people of a specific ethnicity.’

However the ruling found that there was ‘no clear reason’ for the list, adding: ‘An undefined purpose gives no framework to the personal data, which in practice undermines the protection of individuals’ integrity.’

Sweden’s national police commissioner Bengt Svenson said: ‘I hope and pray to god that this is the only registry of this kind. It’s upsetting. This is completely unacceptable and I cannot understand the purpose of it.’

The news comes just a week after European human rights campaigners warned that media coverage of missing girls discovered with Roma families risked perpetuating ‘age old myths’ about the travelling people.

The case of Maria, a blonde girl found living with Roma in Greece, stunned the nation after she was found to belong to a Bulgarian family leading to allegations of kidnap.

Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights, said: ‘Most news reports, not only in Europe but all over the world, have insisted on the ethnicity of the families from which the children have been taken, thus propagating age-old myths portraying Roma as child-abductors.’

Meanwhile Britain is preparing to open its doors to thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants from 2014 as part of EU free-movement agreements.

Myth my butt.  Yeah ... a myth based on absolute fact! 



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an example if one is needed, of what this country faces lots more of come Jan 1

Don’t know why photo has blocked face but no matter.
Just thought I would post this further example of what Britain is damn sure going to face in the multiple thousands come Jan.1

Wish cops here could simply haul off and kick his nuts in.  See how much he feels like joking and dancing after arrest then. But no. As usual, the vermin always know their rights.

Is justice Arrest such a joke? Shocking video shows Romanian thief laughing and DANCING after being arrested

The unidentified man is seen playing around even though he is handcuffed
His friends play loud music as officers wait for a car and the man dances
Online commenters in Romania say the man’s actions shame the country

By Sam Webb

A Romanian man was filmed laughing and dancing after he was arrested by officers in London, who were waiting for a car to take him to the police station.

The video has caused heated debate in Romania where the country is trying to insist that Romanians who come to the UK will behave themselves and not simply going there to steal.

But the young man in the video who was not named by Romanian media was said to have been stopped this week in London and was being held in handcuffs after being caught stealing.

Standing in front of his friends they put loud Romanian Manela music on their car stereo prompting the young man to make several jokes in Romanian and start to dance some steps to the popular tunes.

The others are heard laughing and joking off-camera with the young man making several pelvic thrusts indicating that he is not in the least bit worried.

At one point he rests his shoulder on the police officer as if he’s sleeping even though he clearly isn’t drunk or inebriated in any way. For him the whole situation is just a joke.

User comments posted in Romania ask whether the man’s parents are proud of his actions that have shamed the country.

The video ends when the man is taken by police to a car and driven away to the police station.

In October it was reported that Policemen from Romania and Poland are being drafted in to help British forces combat an Eastern European crimewave.

Scotland Yard has recruited the officers, who have flown to the capital for a two-year ‘tour of duty’ to help identify and deport overseas offenders.

The move comes ahead of the lifting of border controls on immigrants from Romania in two months’ time.

source for video


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a pestilence that needs to be Eradicated.

Dear Readers,

It was my original intention to focus on this story.

‘In January, the only thing left will be the goat’: Romanian father-of-seven’s boast as mayor says half the population of his villages are on their way to Britain for the higher salaries and generous benefits

Remus Neda, 37, is heading for the UK to take advantage of state handouts
He makes most of his money by begging on the streets of Paris
People in the villages of Berini and Uliuc live in abject poverty
Are forced to sleep in cramped clay huts surrounded 20 of their relatives
Mayor Koller Gabriel-Adrian claimed villagers were leaving ‘because they do not have anything here’

By Louise Eccles


However, something somewhat related came up of even more interest and a good example too, in comments made by a former high govt. official here.  A man who belongs to the left wing Labour Party.
He still doesn’t have all of it but .... he isn’t too far off the mark and it just surprised me to read this from liberal.

Something you need to know first.  The fellow I am referring to is ...


For real, not in a snide way meant, or political.  The poor guy is actually blind. But far from dumb.  While I haven’t agreed with his views on many things hearing him on radio or reading him at times, I never thought the guy was stupid or a loony tune.  LyndonB here at bmews would have a much better take on him than I do, so I’m hoping L. will be reading this and comment.

Anyway .....  if Mr. Blunkett feels this as a blind man, I wonder what he would say if he had sight.
The culture he speaks of that he asks them to change, can not happen in the lifetime of anyone reading this now.  If ever.
These are NOT people in the way we normally think of that word.  Not even close.
They are .....  A PESTILENCE

And that is not a mere figure of speech to be shrugged off.

Mr. Blunkett sir, you have the floor. 

Influx of Roma migrants could spark city riots, warns David Blunkett

Mr Blunkett called on Roma migrants from Slovakia to ‘change their culture’ because their dumping of rubbish and refusal to send their children to school had caused ‘understandable tensions’

By Tim Shipman

British cities could be hit by rioting because of an influx of Roma migrants, David Blunkett has warned.

The former Home Secretary said ‘frictions’ with local people could lead racial tensions to ‘explode’ in a repeat of the riots that rocked Northern towns in the summer of 2001.

Mr Blunkett called on Roma migrants from Slovakia to ‘change their culture’ because their dumping of rubbish and refusal to send their children to school had caused ‘understandable tensions’ with residents in his home city of Sheffield.

Sheffield citizens have already set up street patrols to combat anti-social behaviour by the Roma. Britain is home to more than 200,000 Roma migrants, most of them from Eastern Europe.

‘If everything exploded, if things went wrong, the community would obviously be devastated,’ Mr Blunkett said.

‘We saw this is Bradford, Burnley and Oldham all those years ago when I first became Home Secretary. If things implode it’s not outside here that cops it, it’s the community.’

On that occasion more than 200 people were jailed after racial tensions erupted and Asian communities clashed with far-Right groups such as the National Front.

Mr Blunkett claimed that the cultural gulf between the community in Sheffield and the Roma was far greater than that between white Britons and Pakistani immigrants.

He said: ‘The Roma youngsters have come from a background even more different culturally, because they were living in the edge of woods, not going to school, not used to the norms of everyday life. We’ve got to change that.’

Mr Blunkett said locals were entitled to ‘grumble’ about the large influx of migrants from Roma communities, but they should not ‘stir up hate’. ‘I wouldn’t want other people to put up with things I wouldn’t put up with myself,’ he said. ‘This is nothing to do with criticising people about being racist. By all means grumble, but don’t stir up hate. If you set a fire alight, you came from Bradford, you saw it – nobody gained from that.’

Mr Blunkett said the ‘understandable tensions’ between locals and Roma were evidence of a ‘cry for help from very, many people’ who want the authorities to intervene and return their communities to ‘the semblance we had before’.

The former Home Secretary called on the police to persuade Roma people ‘not to spend all their time in the street’ and discourage them from throwing rubbish.

He accused the Government of having its ‘head in the sand’ over the true numbers of Roma in Britain. In 2011, official estimates suggested ‘relatively few Roma citizens’ lived in the UK.

The Mail yesterday quoted the mayor of two Romanian villages as saying half of their residents will move to the UK when restrictions are lifted in January.

Koller Gabriel-Adrian said he believed ‘50 per cent’ of the 1,100 people in poverty-stricken Berini and Uliuc could travel to Britain in search of higher salaries – and the generous welfare system – in the New Year. He added: ‘In January, the only thing left in the village will be the goat.’


If he could only see what many others have, he would surely understand that the hate he asks people to put aside, is pushed onto them by a rootless, lawless rabble.  A rabble that should by rights have no rights and especially not the right to exist.  Their breathing is an affront to civilization, and there should by rights, be a hunting bounty on them.

If you should happen to be at a bus station or railway in many European cities, you might find yourself confronted by a woman with what looks like a drugged baby in her arms, crying help me, help my baby.  A few hours later you may see the same babe in arms but a different woman.  They will be holding out to you, a pitiful flower on a stem or a sprig of something all teary eyed.  DO NOT put a hand on that flower or on that sprig, because once touched you may have bought it.  Your arms will be grabbed and if you pull away you’ll hear a SCREAM you won’t think could come from anything human. You might want to check pockets and purses btw.  Gotcha!

And then there are the kids young as 8 to 10.  Wife has a friend who tells us how she was robbed.  Her purse was carried across her shoulder and under an arm, and not in the usual way many carry one hanging off the shoulder.

A kid had the moves of a dancer she says, as he grabbed the strap and whirled her in a circle slipping the purse off and over her head. She says it all happened in a matter of seconds, and he then tossed the bag to a young girl who ran off with it. She in one direction and he in another.  She said she didn’t think the boy could have been much older then 10 and couldn’t get a really good look at the girl but that she was small.

About a month ago friends of ours here in the village went on a trip.  They are about our age and belong to one or two travel groups, one being connected to the National Trust.  Well anyway ... they took a trip to Prague which they said was a delight, although it could have been better but for.
I’m sure I don’t have to spell it out.
Their tour guide passed out safety pins and instructed all the men to pin their pockets closed. I don’t know what she may have advised the women in the group. Oh ....
EVERYONE it was stressed, should carry larger amounts of cash and passports in a safety belt inside their cloths, leaving only a tiny amount in pockets or purse should a lucky thief manage the pocket anyway or get off with a purse.

Why should people who have earned their way in life and now want to do those things ppl do, tour, relax, enjoy the scenery, why should they have to go through these motions that in past time would have been unheard of?

The former Home Secretary called on the police to persuade Roma people ‘not to spend all their time in the street’ and discourage them from throwing rubbish.

locals were entitled to ‘grumble’ about the large influx of migrants from Roma communities, but they should not ‘stir up hate’.

Seems to many that the hate isn’t being stirred by the locals but by the invaders.  And the useful idiots of the left who allow this to happen all over Europe and the UK.  And if Mr. Blunkett believes rubbish and school are all that needs tending to, then he is truly blind in more ways than one.
He has not been able to view what so many other have been forced to endure.

Fair warning America. Hold on to those guns.


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calendar   Monday - October 21, 2013

travellers/roma/ gypsies whaever u call em, they leave this behind for others to clean up

I have said lots on the previous post tonight.  So there isn’t a thing I can add here I have not already said about this filth.
Filth ... also what these lice in human form ALWAYS leave behind.

* GENOCIDE * is the ONLY solution. 

French police move in to clear largest Roma gypsy camp in Marseille to find ghost town of rubbish and ramshackle huts after site’s NINETY families slipped away in the night

The site, in the heart of Marseille, was the largest Roma camp in the southern French city
It is unknown where the ninety families have gone but they left behind mounds of rubbish and makeshift huts
It comes days after an abducted four-year-old girl was rescued after a similar camp was cleared in Greece

By Matt Blake

It looks more like a post-apocalyptic wasteland than an inner-city campsite for families and friends.

But today police moved in on the largest Roma gypsy camp in the heart of Marseille days after the order was issued to dismantle the site.

But by the time they arrived they found the ninety families who lived there gone, having slipped away into the night.

All that was left was a forgotten ghost town of ramshackle huts, mounds of rubbish, wood, tyres and corrugated iron.


It is not known where the itinerants went as the long task of clearing up their village began.

It comes a week after police sparked riots in France after officers dragged a 15-year-old Roma schoolgirl off a bus in front of classmates so she could be expelled to Kosovo with her family.

Leonarda Dibrani was on a school trip when immigration officials boarded the school bus and arrested her.

She later described being escorted from the bus. A teacher ‘told me to say goodbye to my classmates. I told her it wasn’t fair,’ she said.

Leonarda, who was deported to Kosovo with her family on October 9, said her life was now ‘a nightmare’ and that all she wants is ‘to come back to France with my family’.

The government says her family, who had been living in Levier in the Doubs region of eastern France, had been denied asylum.



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travellers camp in hospital car park. hosp. is seeking legal advice when guns are the answer

I really do believe there are many here at bmews, who are far more civilized than I am.  I say that because when it comes to these vermin, I continually suggest genocide as the only answer.  I know many of you draw a line, but I do not.
Here’s just another example of why it is I hate these folks with the heart of the most rabid Nazi. 

I pretty much feel the same about the left, who enable these scum.
So far in all my rants about these sub humans, and all the examples I have shared over the few years I have been doing this, so far I haven’t found anything quite as bad, and over the time here I have posted lots of very bad examples. 
But taking over a hospital parking lot has to rank among the worst, and it clearly shows you what these ppl are and how they think..  They are worthless degenerate scum, they should all be eliminated by any means, till there are none left. That includes their offspring over the age of 5. 

Oh yeah, just so ya know. A hospital spokesman says, “Legal advice is being sought.” Is it any wonder that these misfits do as they please and usually get away with it?

Read this one folks.  You may still not agree with my attitude or solution, but you can surly see what causes my total hate.  The time is long overdue for …


‘We’re here on holiday’: French travellers who have caused chaos by setting up camp in hospital car park claim they are visiting from Paris and Nice

· Staff car park at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport blocked by caravans

· French travellers with 14 mobile homes say they’ll move on ‘shortly’

· Hundreds of NHS hospital staff were turned away from work this morning

· Hospital chiefs taking legal advice over how they might eject travellers

· Hospital visitor says: ‘Someone could suffer because a doctor is late.’

By Harriet Arkell

French travellers who prevented doctors from parking outside a hospital when they parked their caravans there say they are in the UK ‘on holiday’ and plan to go home soon.

Speaking from their mobile homes in the car park outside Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital, one of the gypsies said: ‘We will not stay long - this is a holiday.  We live in Nice and Paris and will go home soon.’

News of their bizarre holiday choice comes a day after the Mail revealed how hordes of Roma travellers had been moved on by French police from camps in cities including Paris and Marseille.
The gypsies, who set up camp over the weekend with 14 caravans and an array of luxury cars including two Mercedes, a BMW X6, and a Volkswagen, blocked hundreds of NHS staff from parking outside the hospital, which is taking legal advice on how to move them on.

Hospital spokesman Julian Hayman said legal advice was being sought over how to eject the travellers but warned staff that the 300-space car park would be closed in the meantime, possibly for as long as three days.

When asked whether the hospital would have the power to forcibly eject the caravans, Mr Hayman told MailOnline: ‘We are in discussions at the moment with our legal team on that front.’

A hospital worker, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘Finding a parking space is bad enough normally without this happening first thing.
‘I find it infuriating this situation can be allowed to continue until the families decide to move themselves on.

‘There are doctors and other medical staff who work on emergency cases around the clock.
‘They are being forced to park some distance away all because a group of French travellers fancied the spot to set up camp.’



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the centre of an international appeal to uncover her identity

Drew’s post below is mind bending, but not surprising. 

Not surprising either is the subject of this post, when we consider who the ppl are who are involved.
It’s an age old gypsy thing, a never ending story of taking whatever it is they happen to want, no matter what the object of their desire is at the time.  Including children.

For those readers who may not know it, there is nothing out of the ordinary for them by taking babies and young kids.

My grandmother was taken by gypos when she was not quite 2 years old.  Her brothers tracked her down and took her back. And that was in the 1800s.  Just another day in the life for those vermin.

Here’s the story, there are loads of pix and you really should see the whole darn thing.

Btw ....  my wife remarks that as a youngster people used to exercise much caution and keep a close eye on the kids, when gypos came into an area or made a camp in the area.  She remembers neighbors telling one another to keep a close eye as there were gypsies in town.

First pictures of gypsy couple ‘who snatched Maria’ accused of abducting her

Dental tests have now revealed Maria is five or six-year-old, not four
She is now at the centre of an international appeal to uncover her identity
Charity claims she was treated like ‘dancing bear’ by family she lived with
DNA tests show she isn’t related to Hristos Salis or Eleftheria Dimopoulou
They’ve been charged with child abduction and will appear in court today
8 ‘promising’ calls: 4 US, and 1 from Sweden, France, Canada and Poland

By Ben Spencer, Rebecca Evans and Jill Reilly


These are the first photos of the gypsy couple who appeared in court today charged with abducting Maria, a young blonde girl whose identity remains a mystery.

Hristos Salis, 39, and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, have been held in custody pending trial after responding to the charges behind closed doors in Larissa this afternoon.

The couple, who face a sentence of between 10 and 20 years in prison if convicted, deny they snatched the girl and say they took her under their care after her mother handed the girl to them shortly after giving birth.

‘It was an adoption that was not exactly legal, but took place with the mother’s consent,’ Constantinos Katsavos, one of the lawyers representing Salis, told reporters, adding that is what the couple testified in court.

It is ‘well known’ that ‘there is a baby-trade conducted by gipsies between Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and England.’

The couple have told various stories
– that she was abandoned by a Bulgarian woman, or found on a rubbish tip – but Mr Yannopoulos said it is more likely she is from Scandinavia.

Yesterday residents of Farsala’s gipsy camp claimed a Bulgarian family had made an arrangement with the couple to look after their daughter since she was a baby.


‘There has been no kidnapping, no robbery, no trafficking,’ insisted her colleague Konstantinos Katsavos, who also represents the couple.

‘They did not buy the child,’ he said.

‘We know the (girl’s) parents are from Bulgaria,’ Marios Sainopoulos, a representative for the Roma community in Greece, told Skai TV on Monday.

‘The mother gave the child away because she could not raise it… the child was not kidnapped,’ he insisted.

Police allege the woman claimed to have given birth to six children in less than 10 months, while 10 of the 14 children the couple had registered as their own are unaccounted for.

Police said the family received more than £7,000 a month in benefits for the children they claimed to have.

Police chief Vassilis Halatsis added that the woman had two separate ID cards and names.

He said: ‘Of the children we have traced so far, just by looking at them you can see that there is very little or no resemblance at all to the parents.

‘It is obvious that we are faced with a very well-organised racket, and it is certainly not the only one.’



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calendar   Thursday - October 17, 2013

as much a cultural and social threat to europe as islam.  the roma.

This fight has been going on since 2012. Some had thought it had gone away.
But no.  Another idiot enabler wants to curse his fellow citizens with scum who are not fit to live, by moving gypos into a civilized area of Paris.  If successful, the area would quickly resemble an open garbage dump.  Which for them of course is only natural.  Vermin scurry around and burrow in filth. It’s their natural habitat. If one doesn’t exist already, they will create a new one.

Look at this.

French prime minister sparks fury by backing plans for Roma camp in one of the most exclusive parts of Paris

· Proposed camp would be in 16th district
· Area is known for its upmarket shops and restaurants
· Jean-Marc Ayrault said he can see no reason camp wouldn’t work
· Manuel Valls last month called for all Roma to return to home country

By Peter Allen In Paris

The prime minister of France has infuriated cabinet colleagues by backing plans to set up a Roma gypsy camp in one of the most affluent districts of Paris.

Jean-Marc Ayrault, one of the most traditional Socialists in his government, said he could see no reason why the plan for the 16th arrondissement should not be a success.

‘Why not?’ he said, when told about the project put forward by elected officials from the Leftish Front.
It would see thousands of mainly Romanian gypsies setting up their caravans and huts around a chic area renowned for its upmarket shops and restaurants.

This is despite efforts by successive French governments to smash the camps to pieces and to deport the gypsies who live in them.
Such issues will be of particular interest to Britain, which is preparing to welcome thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants next year when EU labour laws are revised.

Last month Mr Ayrault’s colleague Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, said it was ‘an illusion to think that we can solve the Roma problem through integration.’

Mr Valls wants to do everything possible to keep the Roma out of France, as he associates them with crime and public health problems.

His views were supported by a BVA poll which revealed that 77 per cent of French people agreed that Roma were inherently ‘different’.

more at the link, including comments like this one.

Patriot, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Typical Socialist.

Wanting to earn humanitarian Brownie Points by walking all over the tax payers who fund him.


Meanwhile, in another part of town another bru-haha concerning these illegal vermin.

French police board school bus to arrest 15-year-old Roma schoolgirl so she could be thrown out of France with her family

· The case of teenager Leonarda Dibrani has shocked French society
· She was met by officers after trip and hauled off in front of her friends
· Now the French Government has backtracked and ordered a probe
By Sam Webb

The case of a 15-year-old girl arrested by police in front of fellow pupils so she could be expelled to Kosovo with her family as illegal immigrants has caused outrage across France.

The government, trying to save face, is now investigating the case of Leonarda Dibrani who wants to return to the country, and has described her shame when she was escorted by police from a school bus after a field trip.

Immigrants’ rights groups and even members of the governing Socialist Party are calling the conditions of the expulsion shocking.
The Interior Ministry said the family’s application for asylum had been rejected and it no longer had the right to stay in France. It said they repeatedly refused to leave, so police detained the father and deported him to Kosovo on October 8.

They also detained the mother and five of their children, but Leonarda was away on a school field trip. Police met her bus when it returned.
The teenager ‘was crying, she was upset… she was discouraged’ when she got off the bus, Mr Boy said, and teachers and other children were shaken by the incident.

Prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault ordered an investigation into how she was taken into custody and said that if any errors were found, the family will be allowed back to France for further examination.

The Education Without Frontiers Network said the expulsion was a setback for their efforts to keep illegal immigrants in school and to protect them from police intervention.

It is also an embarrassment for Socialist president Francois Hollande’s government, which has portrayed France as a haven for the world’s oppressed and distanced itself from his conservative predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy’s tough policies toward Roma and other immigrants.

Last month Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, said it was ‘an illusion to think that we can solve the Roma problem through integration.’
Mr Valls wants to do everything possible to keep the Roma out of France, as he associates them with crime and public health problems.

On October 6 Five Eastern Europeans were held in Paris after a £1million jewellery raid by up to 15 men brandishing sledgehammers and axes.
Police believe a Roma gipsy gang was behind the well-organised robbery at a Swiss luxury watchmaker’s store in the French capital.


Fred, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

It is only a stooping off place for a night or two while they are shown how to claim housing and unemployment money in the UK and then they will be on their way.


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calendar   Friday - October 04, 2013

slightly different twist on the never ending gypsy curse.

I recall a month or two back when I said I was sooooo tired of the Traveller/Gypsy/Roma thing that seems to happen everyday, that I was going to stop or at least restrict the number of posts on the issue.  But lately, I have posted a few due to the nature of the articles, as I thought they stood out from the rest by some small degree.  Well, this one stands out by being way different from how they are usually reported, although yesterdays post and video of the Irish horse racer (killers) was by far way different from any other post I’ve done on that sorry and tired subject.

Which reminds me.  I simply must post a comment made by Wardmamma4 on that article from yesterday. Although it has nothing to do with this particular story I am about to share, it could easily apply to this as well.

Awful people - and I hear that K is becoming a ‘party’ drug - it would be nice if those people simply killed themselves but they almost always kill innocents while merrily they go along free to create havoc and mayhem where ever they go. I’d talk about the cost of the horses and taking care of them - but obviously these people steal most of what they ‘use’.

Posted by wardmama4

The headline in the hard copy version read as follows.


The budget flight crime wave: Romanian pickpocketing gangs use low-cost airlines to target cities and fly home in time for tea

· Europol director Rob Wainwright says the gangs are active across Europe
· Exploit low-cost airlines by targeting city and getting ‘back in time for tea’
· He said police cooperation is needed to halt the crime wave

By Chris Greenwood

No-frills airlines and Europe’s free travel rules are being exploited by Romanian gangs to target Britain, it was revealed yesterday.
Up to 240 crime networks have been identified in the country by Europol, the European criminal intelligence agency.

Its director Rob Wainwright said crooks are using low-cost airlines to target cities for one-day sprees.  Thieves, credit card fraudsters and pickpockets buy cheap tickets to fly in and out in just a few hours.  As a result police are almost powerless to identify those responsible.

An estimated 68,000 Romanians live in Britain, but there have been 28,000 arrests of Romanian people for serious offenses in the past five years.

Mr Wainwright said his agency was facing ‘petty criminals operating across multiple jurisdictions’.

He added Romanian and Bulgarian offenders are responsible for 90 per cent of all card-skimming in Europe.


‘We have this travelling criminal gang phenomenon that has become much more prevalent in the last three or four years; gangs from Lithuania, gangs from Poland, gangs from Romania that are operating in 20 or more European countries,’ he added.

‘They fly on low-cost airlines, do a few hits in one city and get back in time for tea. It’s very difficult for local police to respond.’
Experts think gangs have divided Europe into two, along a rough line from *Gdansk in Poland to Lisbon in Portugal.

Romanian gangs control the north, including Britain, Bulgarians the south.
Romanian criminals are specialists in pickpocketing and card-skimming, in which devices fixed to cash machines steal card details, they say.
The information, combined with a PIN recorded by a hidden camera, is used to drain a victim’s account.

Often data is used by accomplices in countries that do not require security chips, such as the US, Canada and Asia. This summer, police blamed Roma gipsies who were living rough on London’s Park Lane for a surge in begging, pickpocketing and shoplifting.

In one case a shoplifter was found to be a notorious Romanian criminal wanted for more than 60 offences including kidnap and armed robbery.

Unedited version @ the DM here

The words used in the article, “more prevalent”, are not empty words by any means.  Some French ministers as reported here, are trying to take a stand and are ready they say to restrict and deport.  Of some interest btw, is the fact that one minister has publicly stated that these people are not able to fit in with French culture and society and see no hope in them doing so.  It remains to be seen of course, what measures the left will take to try and block deportations.
There is absolutely no question at all in any country that hosts these people, that the general populations do not favor them and would prefer they go away. They also favor deportation as well as restrictions on their immigration to their countries.  But hey ... those are simply the peasants, the bigots and raaaacists, the little folks; and who listens to them anyway?

* Formally the German port of Danzig stolen from Germany in 1919, retaken in 1939, which the Brits, due to a treaty with Poland, thought it was worth starting another war with the Germans over.


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calendar   Wednesday - October 02, 2013

truly a worthless and rotten people we’d all be better off without

I don’t know about you folks, but this is just one more valid reason, imo, why these worthless leaches should all be disposed of.  There is no difference I can see between this group, and Romas.
Pretty damn sick! 

When you see the video ,,, does it look to you as if the police car is trying to stop them or clear the way for them?

Travellers leave horse dead on the side of an Irish country road after crashing it into the back of a car while racing it

Travellers had been racing the horse on the N8 road, connecting Cork with Dublin, it is claimed

They crashed the animal into the back of a parked Volkswagen Polo

They then left the horse to die on the side of the road - with blood pouring from its head, neck and front legs

Travellers are believed to have been ‘sulky’ drivers, racing the horse from a two-wheeled racing cart

By Sophie Jane Evans

This is the distressing moment Irish travellers are believed to have left a horse to die on the side of a country road after crashing it into the back of a parked car while racing it.

The travellers had been racing the brown and white animal on the busy N8 road, connecting Cork with Dublin, when they smashed into the stationary black Volkswagen Polo, it is claimed.

They then left the horse to die on the side of the road - with blood pouring from its head, neck and front legs.

The group are believed to have been ‘sulky’ drivers - members of the Irish travelling community who race horse and carts along busy main roads.

A sulky is a lightweight two-wheeled racing cart, so named because of the solitary confinement of the driver.

The traditional sport has provoked much controversy - with campaigners arguing that sulky racing compromises both the safety of pedestrians and drivers and the welfare of animals.

An eye-witness, who had been travelling along the busy road - which connects with the M7 - captured the distressing scene on camera at around noon yesterday. 


‘I heard in the town that a sulky driver crashed the horse into a parked car - as you can see in the photographs,’ said the woman, who wishes to remain unnamed.

‘The horse was abandoned with a broken neck. It was still alive.’

She added: ‘Sulky racing is a common sight on country roads, often with young teenagers driving the horses.’

Earlier this year, five men were jailed for racing horses through commuter traffic on one of Ireland’s busiest roads in May 2012.

Footage of the race - which left chaos in its wake - went viral after being uploaded to social networking websites.

See more here


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calendar   Monday - September 30, 2013

Suspected roma gang leader, is a 66-year-old woman

Well, here we are yet again and this time it’s the same old thing but with a newer cast.

Romas, Gypos, whatever you want to call them, the menace just keeps growing like reproducing insects. Which of course these folks are closely related to.

Anyway .... France is still having problems but at least the French are confronting the problem head on. Or it looks that way.  But they are NOT eliminating the problem, which something like Sarin gas would do. Quickly and cheaply.

Oh yeah ... just a reminder.  Lots of these folks are coming our way come January.  That’s in addition to those already here. That’s what open borders is all about.  And that’s what Sarin and ZyklonB gas could put a permanent stop to. Once deleted, they can’t come back to haunt and do more damage. Easy. Too bad not enough patriots on hand or not enough people with the stomach to take on so easy a job.

Roma gypsy gang sold their women for stealing skills and children were used like conscripts in a criminal army, French court told at start trial

27 people charged are accused of committing 100 robberies in 2011 alone

Offences were carried out in France, Belgium and parts of Germany

Suspected gang leader, a 66-year-old woman to be tried separately

By Afp Reporter

Three Croatian Roma families traded women on the strength of their stealing skills and used children like conscripts to a criminal army, a French court was told Monday.

A total of 27 people aged between 19 and 55 are charged by the court in Nancy, eastern France, with offences ranging from criminal association to people trafficking in a trial taking place against the background of a highly charged debate over the treatment of Roma migrants from eastern Europe.

Gilles Weintz, the police officer who took charge of a complex probe into the families’ activities, said they were behind more than 100 robberies carried out in 2011 alone, in France and neighbouring parts of Belgium and Germany.

Most of them were allegedly carried out by children as young as 10.

The case began on the day that France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius declared Romania and Bulgaria should not be allowed into the passport-free Schengen zone due to security fears.

‘The burglaries were daily, all over Europe,’ Weintz said. ‘They never stopped: for the children it was like a form of military service.’

Weintz said the prosecution would also present evidence of brides being bought then renounced when they did not bring in enough money.

The evidence against the families is based on the tapped phone calls of 120 suspects which the officer said had revealed a mafia-style structure in which clan chiefs were supported by a network of subordinate captains and lieutenants, who in turn ran the children at the bottom of the pyramid.

‘Some of what we discovered was particularly shocking, like the father who asked his 12-year-old daughter to hide a stolen watch worth 80,000 euros in her rectum because he knew the police would not do body searches on minors.’

The people trafficking charges related to the alleged purchase of wives for up to 180,000 euros each. 

‘The better they were at stealing, the higher the price was,’ Weintz added. ‘Young looking women also commanded higher prices because they had a better chance of passing themselves off as minors.’

The officer cited the case of a woman identified as Nathalie who had been bought but failed to live up to expectations by bringing in ‘only’ 200,000 euros over two years.

Her family was allegedly ordered to pay back 100,000 euros but the amount was finally reduced to 55,000 to take into account the sexual abuse she had suffered.

The children meanwhile were expected to bring in up to 5,000 euros per month each in the form of stolen goods that were then sold on through fences in France and Germany, helping to finance luxury lifestyles for the clan chiefs, some of whom owned upscale properties in Slavonski Brod in Croatia.

The suspected supremo of the whole operation—a 66-year-old woman—is to be tried separately from the 27 suspects on trial here.

Lawyers for the defendants contest the people trafficking charges, saying the financial transactions were part of traditional dowry arrangements.

They are expected to challenge the extent to which the prosecution case is based on evidence garnered from phone tapping.

Defence lawyers also questioned whether their clients could reasonably expect a fair trial in light of the current atmosphere of hostility towards Roma in France

There is ongoing controversy over a claim by Interior Minister Manuel Valls that most of them will never assimilate into French society and should be deported.

‘I hope there will not be a judicial stigmatisation as there is currently a political stigmatisation,’ said Alain Behr, a lawyer for one of the alleged clan leaders.


the current atmosphere of hostility towards Roma in France
And of course .... there isn’t any genuine reason for that.  Is there?

I’d lump the lawyers who defend these lice in with those who really do not need to be here.

Europe’s twin Cancers.  Romas and the lawyers.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/30/2013 at 11:01 AM   
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calendar   Friday - September 27, 2013

france’s interior minister on romas ….  send them all home. my solution is more final.


A French minister and a socialist at that.  Aren’t they supposed to be of the left? 
Doesn’t matter here.
The only question is, how many will listen?

Fed up as are many, he wants the Romas deported, and he could be in a spot of trouble with the EU over his free speech.

France’s Interior Minister calls for Roma gypsies ‘to return’ to Romania or Bulgaria because they can’t integrate

· Manuel Valls said the Roma way of life is too different for them to integrate
· Said Roma communities are in ‘obvious confrontation’ with locals
· European Commission threatened sanctions against France for its policy

By Peter Allen In Paris

A French minister has called for Roma gipsies to ‘return to Romania or Bulgaria’ because they don’t integrate well in France.
There have also been demands from other politicians for the two impoverished countries to be ‘locked out’ of European agreements which allow freedom of movement.

Interior minister Manuel Valls’s explosive words yesterday started a wide-ranging debate about the abject failure of EU ‘open border’ immigration policies.
The European Commission immediately threatened sanctions against France for its policy towards the Roma community.

A spokesman insisted everyone from Bulgaria and Rumania was a citizen of the EU and therefore had a right to travel anywhere.
Three years ago the Commission’s vice president, Viviane Reding, sent a similar threat to former president Nicolas Sarkozy, saying that Roma expulsions had to stop.

The row will be of huge interest in the UK, as next year restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians looking for work are being swept away.
In an interview on the France Inter radio station, Mr Valls said: ‘The Roma should return to Romania or Bulgaria.’

The Socialist Party member added: ‘Yes, we must tell the truth to the French – these populations have a way of life that is extremely different to ours, and they are obviously in confrontation with local populations.’
Illegal Roma camps have sprung up on the edges of major cities such as Paris and Marseille. All have become associated with widespread crime and major health hazards.

‘It is unrealistic to think we will solve the problem of Roma populations only through integration.’
He said there is ‘no alternative but to dismantle these camps and gradually move them across the border’.

And last night he remained defiant in the face of criticism, insisting: ‘The majority [of Roma] should be delivered back to the borders. We are not here to welcome these people.
‘I’d remind you of [former Socialist premier] Michel Rocard’s statement “it’s not France’s job to deal with the misery of the whole world”.’

One of Mr Valls’s own cabinet colleagues, Arnaud Montebourg, also pointed to the fact the minister’s family were migrants from Spain.

Referring to the Schengen agreement which allows people to move across Europe without passport checks, Mr Cope said both Romania and Bulgaria should be excluded.

‘We close our eyes to the French government to what is happening in our country – the constant violence’, he said. ‘This is extremely serious and…it is out of the question that Bulgaria and Romania enter the Schengen area until the problem is resolved at the European level.’

There are an estimated 15,000 Roma gipsies in France. Two years ago the then interior minister, Claude Gueant, claimed the vast majority of street robberies in Paris were carried out by Romanian immigrants.

source and pix

What Europe should do is reopen the old Nazi camps, rebuild the ovens and dispose of this virus once and for all time. All of them. No exceptions.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/27/2013 at 04:16 AM   
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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