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calendar   Wednesday - April 24, 2013

et tu California?

H/T Doc Jeff for this, especially as it reminds me somewhat of the post I did just the other day, about unwelcome visitors.

calif. doc jeff

That in this case it’s California won’t surprise anyone I’m sure.  But please don’t believe everyone there is some kind of fruit loop by which I mean brainless and weird.  And yeah we have more than our share of those in Ca. I am embarrassingly aware of that.  I think loving Calif. is kin to being in love with an unfaithful mistress.  Some things drive me up the wall but there are things to like. El Paseo Drive and the art galleries for one, the desert, the weather (sometimes) the Dodgers (okay they haven’t been well for awhile) the weather again cos women aren’t always bundled up head to toe for months out of the year which is important when all one can do is look. lol. Hmmmm. Seems to be a rather short list so far.  I guess I am just not familiar enough with other parts of our country or I might find places better.  But honestly, being warmer in older age is a boon. Who needs snow removal once past 50 anyway?  I loved Tennessee when we lived there (Franklin) but didn’t care much for the humid summers.  And really did enjoy Paducah with a passion, even though winters could be harsh and summers again, humid. But in the case of Paducah, I think it was the people I knew there. Some of the nicest darn folks I ever knew.  I miss that place.
But back to Ca, and the heads up Doc gave me on my home state.

Updated homeless ‘bill of rights’ passes CA legislative committee

An amended version of a bill that would extend new protections to California’s homeless population cleared the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday morning.
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, framed Assembly Bill 5 as an attempt to create a statewide baseline of homeless civil rights, citing a proliferation of municipal ordinances cracking down on behavior like lying or sleeping on the sidewalk as examples of the “criminalization of poor people.”
“Today numerous laws infringe on poor peoples’ ability to exist in public space, to acquire housing, employment and basic services and to equal protection under the laws,” Ammiano said at a Tuesday morning hearing.

Ammiano’s legislation faced a backlash from critics who said the bill would sanction behavior like urinating in public.

So I was reminded again of this, with of course the location being London.  Where these insects have actually been seen doing the above and more.

The prime minister of Romania has admitted there is a problem with citizens of his country coming to Britain and committing crimes.

Victor Ponta said Roma gypsies, in particular, posed a ‘huge challenge’ to law enforcement by begging and stealing mobile phones.

He said he supported Britain’s moves to tighten up access to benefits for Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants.

A 40-strong band did exactly that a year ago, turning the site into a rubbish dump and being accused of knife-point robberies and other crimes.

Suitcases in tow, they have taken over a patch of grass near Marble Arch and it is feared they may set up a camp.


And come January 1st next year, there are expected to be thousands more.


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calendar   Monday - April 22, 2013

the vermin are now baaaaaaaaaaak.

A comment by NJYankee reminded me of this bit of bother.  And it will get worse in a few months, when the borders will be open to thousands of the scum.
Because no matter what the liberals and the liberal thinking conservative say, the vast majority of incoming will not be the high earners or the well educated or students of rocket science and space medicine.  The majority will be more like these misfits.

Link for pix.

read and see more

They’re back: Romanian beggars return to set up camp in Marble Arch a year after they blighted run-up to London Olympics

Group of around a dozen pictured near Park Lane earlier this week
Seen chatting, clutching suitcases and sleeping on the grass
Authorities had long-running battle to remove travellers last summer

By Keith Gladdis

It’s one of London’s most desirable addresses with five-star hotels and fabulous views over Hyde Park.

But the Romanian travellers who have descended on Park Lane are not the most welcome of visitors.

Suitcases in tow, they have taken over a patch of grass near Marble Arch and it is feared they may set up a camp.

A 40-strong band did exactly that a year ago, turning the site into a rubbish dump and being accused of knife-point robberies and other crimes.

Yesterday Richard Owen, who has a burger van at Marble Arch, said the new arrivals were bad for tourism.

He said he had just seen two Romanian women ‘pull their skirts down, squat down and go to the toilet’.

He added: ‘There were tourists going by on those open-top buses, people everywhere, they didn’t care. It was absolutely disgusting.

‘The police don’t seem to be doing anything.

‘All they seem to be doing is going up and checking passports and then just let them go.

However, in another story dealing with vermin, a much happier ending although it should have come lots sooner. Some of you may recall this battle some villagers had with traveller scum last year and the one before that.

Victory for the villagers who ignored death threats, vandalism and the inevitable Left-wing cries of ‘racism’ to force illegal Romany gipsies to leave after 1,088 days

Last of the travellers have leave site in Meriden following High Court battle
Villagers who held round the clock vigil at the site will stage minute’s silence
They faced death threats, had homes vandalised and were labelled racist
Residents were even ordered to remove protest camp by planning officials

By John Stevens

For 1,088 days they have braved storms, floods, snow and torrential rain to prevent the spread of an illegal gipsy camp on the edge of their village.

But yesterday the villagers of Meriden celebrated victory after the Romanies who threatened to destroy their rural idyll were finally forced to leave.

The triumph is a hard-fought win for the hardy band who have maintained a round-the-clock vigil to stop further development at the camp since April 2010.

At the same time, the residents have faced a long and arduous legal fight to remove the travellers, who have repeatedly used delaying tactics to stay on the site.

Some of the villagers have also faced death threats, had their homes vandalised and been labelled racist.

Last month the gipsies lost their three-year legal battle to stay on the land. A judge at the High Court in Birmingham gave them until the weekend to move and ordered they must restore the West Midlands site to its former state within a month.


Restore the land? I guess the judge is serious if unrealistic.  Betcha they won’t. In any event, this one village is, for the time anyway, free of the canker that infested their domain. 


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calendar   Wednesday - December 26, 2012

guess who’s coming to dinner?  is this what britain joined the eu for? I doubt it.

The answer to every single problem in the UK today in control immigration - Schools too full? Immigration. Hospitals running beyond capacity? Immigration. Under 21’s unable to get work? Immigration.

But they won’t sort things out. They are no longer capable of sorting anything and anyway, they signed away their sovereignty long ago.
They are doomed.  The country will be overrun in time, and belong to muslims and these vermin.  Hope I am gone and home again by then. If only!

I know this is rather a long post.  It has to be. This what Britain’s membership in the EU is going to cost them. 

We’re on our way to Britain: A year from now up to 29m Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to settle in Britain and claim benefits. And these gypsies in the slums of Sofia can hardly wait…

The Sofia bus route does not reach Fakulteta because the drivers refuse to go there, as do the rubbish collection men

· Since EU borders were opened up in 2004, 1,114,368 Eastern Europeans have uprooted to live in England
· And more are set to arrive over the next 12 months, tempted by tolerance and a host of benefits

By Sue Reid

The only indication that the city authorities recognise the huge gipsy town’s existence is the electricity meter boxes bolted tightly to the tops of telegraph poles so they cannot be tampered with by residents.

The main supermarket — the owner is himself a gipsy — has stopped all credit because of the debts racked up for unpaid groceries.

Notice anything?  Sure you do. Interesting, don’t ya think?

No wonder that in a year’s time, when a total of 29 million Bulgarians (and Romanians) gain the right to live, work, and claim state benefits in Britain under EU ‘freedom of movement’ rules, a great many families from Fakulteta plan to decamp the 1,250 miles to the UK.

‘The gipsies have no jobs because ordinary Bulgarians do not like or trust us,’ explains Bobby George.
‘We are discriminated against as gipsy people. In Britain it is different. You treat everyone, black, white, brown or yellow, just the same. Of course, they will want to go.

‘But there will be a day when your country is full up, when you cannot afford to give benefits to any more people from Europe and the rest of the world, too. They hope to get there before that moment happens.’

The latest Census, published this month, reveals how mass immigration has dramatically changed our country.

Since EU borders were opened up in 2004, 1,114,368 Eastern Europeans have uprooted to live in England. 
Last year, 40,000 Bulgarians and Romanians moved to the UK, joining 130,000 of their countrymen who have settled here during the past decade.
But these numbers are nothing compared with the flood of migrants expected when the rules change in a little over a year’s time.

Until now, migrants from the two former communist nations (officially barred from working or claiming benefits in Britain until the freedom of movement rule comes in on January 1, 2014) have neatly exploited a gaping loophole in the EU rules.

It allows Bulgarians and Romanians claiming to be self-employed to get a British national insurance number and a raft of hand-outs, including housing and child benefit.

Many of the new arrivals have worked hard, cornering the market in car-wash companies, for instance.

But others are less industrious, and include Roma gipsies who, remarkably, now sell a third of all copies of the Big Issue.

Even selling one copy a week of the magazine (created to help the British homeless) miraculously gives them self-employed status and allows them to beg with impunity outside shops and on street corners.

Bulgarian and Romanian incomers have been blamed by police in their own countries and in Britain for a massive rise in organised crime, including the trafficking of children to Britain to beg, pickpocket, milk state benefits and even enter the sex trade.


It is estimated that 2,000 children from Romania and Bulgaria are under the control of modern-day Fagins in our major cities.

According to Scotland Yard, a skilful child thief can make up to £100,000 a year ‘working’ on the streets, buses and Tubes in London — cash that is sent back to Roma villages and towns at home.

So critical is the problem that Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister visited Britain earlier this month to meet Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss how child trafficking and other organised crimes can be controlled when the UK doors swing open yet more widely.

Meanwhile, Antoaneta Vassileva, head of Bulgaria’s National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, warns that the UK is now the EU hot-spot for Roma child pickpockets from her country — a problem that will almost certainly get worse when the rules change in a year’s time.

In Sofia, she explained to me: ‘The children are trained by their parents, or another relative, to be thieves.


There is a lot more to read at the link. And you should. Cos when this country finally fills up, guess where else they’ll land?  Oh, you don’t believe that’s possible?

Well sorry but, you might be much mistaken in that.  Have you read this article?  Notice how these very poor ppl, many who may not even read or write, somehow found … Loopholes.
Or maybe, just a wild guess here.  They have lawyers?  Ya think? 
For me, based on what I see here and read, I have become suspicious enough to believe it is entirely possible. Might take awhile, but when the dust settles, give me your tired and poor will be fulfilled in spades.

How the heck could the Nazis have got is so damn wrong about Jews, when they had it so totally correct about these folks?  They were a problem even way back when, but not as prominent.  There wasn’t anyone around then to tell them they had a human right to screw up other countries. 

Friends of ours who we had Christmas dinner with, do a bit of travel and sightseeing in Europe. They belong to a trust of some kind that involves travel at reasonable rates for older folks who are retired.  They tell us of the high number of these vermin in the major places and the police caution travelers about them, especially at the train and bus stations.  The are quick at cutting and running with women’s hand bags and have all sort of tricks as described here. They are a major menace but in many cases, human and civil rights protects them.  They have to be caught red handed and that ain’t easy. And even when caught, it make little difference.  Arrest 1 or 100, and it’s like trying to empty the Atlantic with a thimble. 

Authorities here report that 92 per cent of all ATM scams in the UK, are the work of Romanian scam artists. 

CBS 60 Minutes did this story more than 30 years ago. But nobody was paying any attention back then.  At the time, there was no reason to I guess. 
Well, the UK will be paying a lot of attention.  America might want to as well, while there’s still some time.

It’s really that serious folks.


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calendar   Sunday - October 07, 2012

update to older fraud story. no surprise. immigrant steals millions but has rights!

Some of you might, just might recall this story from last year.

The usual fraud and theft and lies as practiced by the Roma pros, that eastern euros and most especially Romania produce with regularity.
So forget all old and boring stuff.  Here’s are the photos. nice huh?


Now here is the update that belongs to the photo. This is the interesting part. Actually, less interesting then maddening.  Chris and LyndonB will be yanking out hair if they have any.  Wife who generally does NOT cuss (oh darn more her taste) issued a surprising expletive.

What a fracked system in the west.  If I were able to drink (my stomach can not tolerate the hard stuff, never could even in youth) and I had a drink every time I read something like this, I’d be stoned all the time. Hell, I’d be dead by now there are so damn many articles that follow this stupid, maudlin, mawkish left wing rights crap ......  You will notice of course her sign.  Right on slut. Fight that “rasism” issue. Then learn to spell. 

Take a look.

By the way, in American dollars that works out to $16,131,000.

Romanian fraudster who helped to steal £10m in benefits is allowed to stay in Britain to protect her human rights

* Lavinia Olmazu provided false National Insurance numbers to immigrants

* Olmazu should have been deported automatically upon her release

* She was able to persuade judges because she has son, 12, it would be an attack on their human rights if they were to be deported back to Romania
Home Office appealed against immigration court’s decision to let her stay

By Larisa Brown

A Romanian gypsy campaigner jailed for her role in a £10million benefits fraud has been allowed to stay in Britain to protect her human rights.

Lavinia Olmazu, 33, and her accomplice, Alin Enachi, funneled £2.9million in false benefits claims to 172 Romanian gypsies after providing false National Insurance numbers to immigrants.

Olmazu was sentenced to more than two years in prison in 2010 and should have been deported automatically upon her release.

But she has been allowed to stay in Britain after challenging the Home Secretary’s attempt to have her removed by exploiting a loophole in the Human Rights Act.

She has been able to persuade judges that because she has a 12-year-old son it would be an attack on their rights if they were to be deported.

Her case will raise further concerns over how judges are interpreting Article Eight of the act, which guarantees the ‘right to family life’, to allow criminals to escape deportation by arguing that being removed from Britain would be a breach of that right.

As reported in the Daily Telegraph, the Home Office had believed it was appropriate for her child to return to Romania with her, as he is Romanian-born, has a father who lives in the country, and lived with his Romanian-speaking mother and her Romanian partner until she was jailed.

But when the Home Office tried to deport her she argued to immigration judges that being deported would breach her human rights because she has a son, 12, who she said was essentially British, having spent much of his life in the UK.

She claimed he did not speak Romanian fluently.

The case is among the first to be considered by senior immigration judges after an attempt by Theresa May to make it more difficult for immigration criminals to stay.

In June Mrs May declared war on judges who refused to deport foreign criminals because of their human rights, saying the courts should stop allowing overseas prisoners, law-breakers and illegal immigrants to stay in Britain on the grounds that they have a right to a family life.



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calendar   Friday - September 28, 2012

Good french citizens have enough and run roma scum out of their community. BRAVO!

I just can’t get away. Can I.

Just now saw this and am sooooooo happy to share.

Bravo Frenchmen!


There’s nothing for me to say.  This says it all.  Maybe Brits should take a page from these good folks. 

H/T Telegraph

Romas chased from camp by Marseille residents

Residents in the southern French city of Marseille took the law into their own hands and chased a group of Roma from their illegal camp before burning what was left behind, police said yesterday.


Police arrived at the scene to keep the locals and the Roma apart as the Roma left on Thursday evening with their caravans and vehicles, but some of the locals returned later to set fire to any belongings left behind.

The locals, who blamed the Roma for burglaries in the area that had happened since their arrival a few days earlier, had warned authorities that if they were not evicted they would do it themselves.

“It’s no surprise this has happened,” said Caroline Godard of Rencontres Tsiganes, a group set up to help Roma. “There is a climate of tension that is being fanned. We are moving towards a war between the poor.”

The Marseille branch of France’s Human Rights League (LDH) said that although there was no violence and noone was injured in Thursday’s incidents, “one can fear the worst” for the future.

France’s Socialist government is currently attempting to get an estimated 15,000 Roma living in makeshift, often illegal camps across France to return to their countries of origin, mainly Romania and Bulgaria.

The policy of closing migrant camps and repatriating the Roma with a 300-euro incentive has been widely criticised. Critics have said the Roma will use the money Paris will give them to buy bus tickets back to France.

Romania, one of the two poorest countries in the European Union, has the biggest Roma minority in Europe: 620,000 according to the latest official census, more than two million according to local rights groups.

the biggest Roma minority in Europe: 620,000

ZYKLON B could put paid to that number

If only.


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calendar   Wednesday - September 12, 2012


I say good for the French and screw the UN.  Gasbags who have nothing better to do then spend other ppls’ tax money.

Anyway, the frakin UN has its knickers ina twist because the French are tossing out gypsies. The headline reads, “UN attacks France over human rights.” What human? Where do they find those among gypsies outside a Hollywood movie?  This followed a headline from some days before which read; “French rout gipsy camp in migrant crackdown.”

See, the French have the same problem the Brits and others do. But say what you want to about them, the French once they’ve had it are not weepy eyed hand wringers crying, Ohhhh dear! What shall we do?  No.  They got fed up to the gills with the BS and cracked down on the vermin.  Mores the pity they won’t simply shoot them dead so none can sneak back into their country.  Which no doubt they will do.
The reporting paper said that the French were “forcing people out of their homes on ILLEGAL campsites.” And the UN doesn’t like that.  This is supposed to be going on all over France.  Gee, imagine that.  Their country and they get the notion since it still is theirs, they have a right to toss out subhuman illegals setting up campsites. Well I never.
Oh yeah …. this post isn’t so much about the rat bastards at the UN or even the French connection I’ve made here.  Nope.
It’s about some Bulgarians.  The French are sending back gypos to Romania and Bulgaria from whence they came.

So while the French are sending many back, guess who’s coming to dinner here?
You don’t need to guess. Do ya?  Of course ya don’t.
So take a look anyway.

H/T The Sun, A place I rarely visit.

“They heard about the benefits here and have come to claim them”

Family of nine Bulgarian gypsies who targeted UK to scrounge benefits are housed in just three weeks — at the taxpayers’ expense

A FAMILY of Bulgarian gypsies who came to Britain to scrounge benefits have been given a house — less than three weeks after arriving in the country.
Rusi Georgiev, 41, partner Mariana Sabeva, 34, and their SEVEN kids headed to the UK when work ran out at home.
They set up a makeshift camp outside historic Westminster Cathedral in Central London — as Rusi told pals he was here to take advantage of the soft welfare system.
The family has now been handed a home after lodging a claim for asylum with the Home Office.
The gypsies arrived legally by coach with European passports. They were in council emergency accommodation before camping outside the Catholic cathedral.
The Sun found them living in squalid conditions, littered with dirty nappies.
They slept on the ground outside the cathedral doors.
A fellow Bulgarian said: “They heard about the benefits here and have come to claim them.
“They’ve been offered tickets back to Bulgaria by the authorities but they want to stay.
“In Bulgaria they can’t get these benefits. More and more people are going to do this.”
Westminster Council eventually took the family off the streets because of “safeguarding concerns around the children”.
They are now living in a house at taxpayers’ expense while the Home Office processes their asylum claim.
Tory MP Nicholas Soames called it “unacceptable”.
Matthew Sinclair, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, added: “Ministers must ensure Britain isn’t an easy target for benefit tourism.
“Asylum is not meant for anyone who fancies an easy life at taxpayers’ expense.”

Wanna bet ?  Looks like you have it already like it or not. 
There are two choices.  Delete the entire family and send a message to others who want to come here and suck the place dry, or pay em and house em. Forever.
Or, you could send them to France and let them deport them.  But then, that leaves open the possibility they will return.


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calendar   Friday - August 31, 2012

Squatting will now be a criminal offense. After all these miserable years. About time.

After all this time, like 30 damn years, it’s about time even if it is 30 years late.

Breaking into someone’s home and taking over is declared illegal. As of midnight tonight, it’s over.  We can hope.

What could be simpler?  You steal someone’s car it’s theft. Right?  But till now stealing their very house was not theft.
Just shows you how entrenched the left had become here.  Who else but those bed wetting, hand wringers would champion squatters?

Now how about illegal camps set up by gypos/travellers?
Oh we can’t do that since they’ve been declared a Race.
So the dingbats still have one arrow in the quiver.

Squatters to face six months in prison as laws giving them rights are scrapped from tomorrow

Squatting will now be a criminal offense

The crime carries a prison sentence, £5000 fine or both

New legislation also protects landlords, local authorities or second home owners

By Daniel Martin

Squatters’ rights will be scrapped from tomorrow, and a new law will mean those who invade private homes face six months in jail.

Until now, police could not evict squatters as soon as they moved in, so a homeowner’s main option to get them out was through a civil court order – which could be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

The introduction of the criminal offence of squatting, which carries a prison sentence, a £5,000 fine or both, follows a Government consultation last summer and means police can arrest squatters immediately.

Housing minister Grant Shapps said: ‘No longer will there be so-called “squatters’ rights”.

‘We’re tipping the scales of justice back in favour of the homeowner and making the law crystal clear: entering a property with the intention of squatting will be a criminal offence.

Justice minister Crispin Blunt said: ‘For too long, squatters have had the justice system on the run and have caused homeowners untold misery in eviction, repair and clean-up costs. Not anymore.

‘Hard-working homeowners need and deserve a justice system where their rights come first - this new offence will ensure the police and other agencies can take quick and decisive action to deal with the misery of squatting.’

Chief Constable Phil Gormley, from the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: ‘Police can now act immediately and remove squatters directly from properties in line with the new legislation and ensure people’s homes are protected.’

The new offence will protect homeowners or legitimate tenants who have been excluded from their homes.

It will also protect those who own residential buildings that they don’t live in, such as landlords, local authorities or second home owners.

Previously, their only option was to seek a civil court order to regain possession of their properties, which could be time consuming, expensive and stressful.

Hey ... so far so good.  Right?
Who could possibly disagree with the idea that your property is actually your property. You have tax records.  My gosh, your belongings are either inside that house or have been tossed out onto the front yard.
Who could argue against this revision in the law. Which for once and maybe the only time actually recognizes the plight and the rights of the homeowner.  Who could argue against that?
But you all know already.  Don’t ya?
Well, this blithering fucking idiot of the weepy eyed bleeding heart left who I hope dies soon.  This total schmuck who lies through her teeth.
Here what this lying ass-wipe has to say on the subject.

But homeless charity Crisis said the new law would criminalise vulnerable people, leaving them in prison or facing a fine they cannot pay.

‘It also misses the point,’ said Leslie Morphy, the charity’s chief executive.

‘There was already legal provision that police and councils could, and should, have used to remove individuals in the rare instances of squatting in someone’s home.
Criminalising homeless people when they are just trying to find a place off the streets.’

She went on: ‘It will do nothing to address the underlying reasons why vulnerable people squat in the first place - their homelessness and a lack of affordable housing.

‘Ultimately the Government needs to tackle why homeless people squat in the first place by helping not punishing them.’


Homeless people?  Not exactly the ones we’ve all seen over the last few years.  What we have seen time and again are healthy and sometime even somewhat well dressed youth having a ball and laughing it up.
We have seen interviews with squatters from foreign countries who have come to England they said, because word was passed that housing could be had for nothing.  We have seen Gypsies move into homes claiming they bought the house from someone but somehow their English always seemed to fail at some questions.
The younger kids by which I mean the teens and 20s who don’t work and won’t work are also part of this (soon past we hope) game of tag and gotcha with homeowners and the courts.
That the law so stupid has taken all these years to correct is as much an outrage as the actions of the house thieves.
That it took so long says something about the people who have held power over the many years. 

And the idea put forward above by that douche bag in human form, who says “the rare instances of squatting in someone’s home” is either asleep, stupid, has lived on another planet or all of the previous.  Rare instances?  Rare?

That’s how these civil right left wing liberal bastards think.  Many of them buy that shit. They’re that stupid.  But the rest promote it not always because they believe it themselves, they do these things because there isn’t anyone out there killing lefties like them.  And so they get away with chipping away at the foundations of whatever country they operate in.


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calendar   Wednesday - August 29, 2012

if you think the brits are the lone rangers in this, this will prove otherwise. read this.

Well what have we here?
You had to ask? 
The usual except this time it isn’t placed here in England.

Europes cancer yet again but a different location. And of all places.


H/T Germany, Politically Incorrect, English Version

Gypsies: Your Pasture or Your Town Burns

Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and parked on your plot of land are a couple of RVs. During the course of the day there are more and more, first 20, then 40, then 80. More are expected, and nobody has asked about a parking permit. There’s no toilet, so your pasture and the area around it are endlessly getting covered by fecal material; there’s grilling going on; food leftovers flying out all over, and nobody but the RV owners can be heard. All day long! This very thing happened to a farmer in Switzerland’s Wallis region.

When he asked the illegal parkers to drive on and tried to add a little emphasis to the demand with his tractor and neighbors, he was threatened with murder, and the gypsies intended to set the town on fire. Besides this, the property owner found out that in a week, that is on July 28th, a wedding was to take place in his pasture. 800 plus people were expected for this. Authorities and police did nothing except blockading a few streets. The gypsies had broken no law. Such has been playing out for days and even up to this hour in Collombey-Muraz in the Waadt region:

The Valais farmer Simon Turin is beside himself. On Sunday drivers from Germany and France illegally set up camp in a pasture on the grass he mows for his cattle – without asking. Yesterday, Turin counted 77 RVs. And there will be more, since according to statements the drivers will celebrate a wedding with at least 400 people. According to the police, there are no toilets or trash containers. “It’s a giant pigpen. Excrement and trash are lying all over the place,” Turin says. On a pasture that Simon Turin leases, drivers have settled for a wedding. Since the district attorney didn’t order the immediate clearing, the situation escalated on Tuesday. Turin, along with colleagues on tractors, wanted to clear out the camp. “But the drivers threatened me: If I step foot on the pasture, they would kill my family and set the town on fire,” Turin said. The police had to arbitrate.

There is no rule of law in Europe’s countries any more, foreigners can possess the land anytime; justice and police dared nothing against 800 gypsies! That’s what it looks like.

Whether the “guests” will leave today still hasn’t been reported! Please provide links, in case somebody happens to find something!
Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

PI Germany, source

It is just beyond my ability to understand why it is, that folks can not just shoot intruders dead and be done with it.


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calendar   Friday - August 17, 2012

gypsies again … but a very different place. a px on the filthy bastards.

Not exactly the same old because of, location, location, location.

Miserable gypsy vermin at it again. That part is usual and no surprise.
These scum do as they please, the laws be damned as the laws quite obviously do not apply to them.  While I may hate their guts and wish a mass killing of the lot with NO exceptions, it must also be said that they can only do what they do with the co-operation of the authorities who just refuse to see common sense and worry about rights and race and stupid laws, old ones at that, that have no place if they ever did, in the 21st century.
The difference this time, and it really will be interesting to see how it finally plays out, is where these lawless, thieving scum have landed this time.
Take a look at this.

Gypsy families invade playing fields of £30,000-per-year Marlborough College where Kate Middleton played hockey

Arrived there after being evicted from an illegal site in Berkshire

Have told police they will refuse to move from the historic site


A convoy of gypsies has invaded playing fields at the Duchess of Cambridge’s former £30,000-a-year ( $47,000.00 ) independent school and refuses to move.

The group, made up of half-a-dozen caravans and assorted vehicles, trundled onto the hallowed fields at exclusive Marlborough College, Wiltshire, and have established an illegal camp.

The travellers are now occupying the site, where Catherine went to school, and have told police they will not go.


Well-heeled residents nearby have condemned the convoy for bringing caravans, horses carts and dogs onto the the college’s prestigious playing fields.

Resident Jacqui Broadbridge said: ‘We could hardly believe our eyes when this convoy of gypsy lorries, caravans and horseboxes drove through the estate.

‘They must have been looking for somewhere to set-up camp. We then heard they had driven straight through the gates onto the college playing fields.’

The travellers had been evicted from an illegal site in Newbury, Berkshire, on Thursday before making their way into Wiltshire.

Shortly before 6pm on Thursday families living on the Barton Park estate, on the west side of Marlborough, saw the 15-strong convoy heading past.

The group, in caravans, horseboxes and even tarmac lorries, drove into the Marlborough College gates by the public school’s Memorial Hall.

They then roared onto the college’s playing fields - where a week ago scores of children attending its annual Summer School had been playing.

A group of officers from Wiltshire Police stayed in the gateway to prevent any further vehicles driving in - but claimed they were powerless to evict them.

One said: ‘There is little we can do because it is private land. The college staff are aware the travellers are here and it is up to the school to take legal action to remove them.

‘All we can do is stand and watch and wait and from what we have been told by a member of the college staff the travellers have said they intend to stay until Monday.’

Marlborough College, founded in 1843, is an independent school for day and boarding pupils up to the age of 18.

Jonathan Leigh, Master at Marlborough College, said yesterday: ‘We are pursuing all legal steps to remove these people as soon as possible.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/17/2012 at 10:31 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - August 09, 2012

england gives and the vermin take. and take. and laugh at their benefactors.


An Iraqi who came here for asylum and was handed a six-bedroom home. In return, he joined a gang that looted shops and raided a famous Michelin starred restaurant.  Photos at the link.  Miserable sub human scum. Take a look at those faces. Should any of them still be breathing?
The govts. no matter who in power, are a nest of vipers feathering their own nests. The left is in firm control of the things that contribute to the problems here.  With their multi-culture BS and their diversity and their kow towing to anything non white, it isn’t a surprise things are this way.  And they’ll continue because the sense of national survival is absent among those calling the shots on civil and human rights and all the crap that goes with it.

You think things are any different in the USA among that group?

And when it comes to the folks we all think of as crazies like the guy who shot those poor Sikhs in Wisconsin recently, why are ppl like him always gunning the wrong damn people?  Why oh why aren’t certain left wing groups being hit? Why isn’t some of the leadership being taken out?  Why isn’t that 5th column being brought to book?  Hasn’t happened one time that I can think of.
And that’s part of the problem.  With all the guns in America among so many diverse people, nobody has yet done a damn thing about taking out our mutual enemies.  Who btw track all right wing groups and I’m not referring to Federal agencies or any law enforcement people.  Although they do track as we know.  I’m referring to those bed wetting hand wringers who are foreign in organization but openly operate in the USA.  They are all still breathing. WHY?


It has emerged that one of last year’s rioters, Nasir Muhsen, 18, was living in a $4million apartment, funded by British taxpayers.


He and his family were housed in one of London’s most fashionable areas after they fled Iraq to claim asylum in Britain but he claimed to be so poor that he joined the riots to steal money for food.

Yesterday Muhsen was locked up for six and a half years at Inner London Crown Court after racking up what a judge called a ‘handsome record for violence’ after coming to Britain.

Sneering with contempt for the judge and laughing as he swaggered to the cells, he joked: ‘Obviously I want more, I want to remain in prison.’
The Mail can now reveal that Muhsen and his family trashed their six-bedroom flat in a grand Victorian mansion block in Kensington after being housed there by the council.

To the fury of neighbours, who include a naval admiral, they enjoyed a 3,000 sq ft basement apartment just by Earls Court.

The property, which if rented on the private market could command around £6,000 a month, had been refurbished before their arrival last year.
But by the time the family were evicted last Christmas for not paying their heavily subsidised rent to the council, it was in such a bad state that builders had to spend ten days on repairs.
One neighbour said: ‘They were like animals. All the wardrobes were ripped out. It had been gutted.
‘The windows were broken, the doors were off. It looked like it had been party central.  People came and went all times of the night. They trashed it.’

Muhsen was living at the plush property with his mother and brothers at the time of the riots, yet his defence lawyer, Rupert Bowers, argued: ‘He had no income, the money he took was to buy food.’
Muhsen, who a month after the riots was jailed for another robbery, has convictions dating back to 2009.
He was given a youth rehabilitation order after being convicted of wounding and possession of an offensive weapon in 2010 and robbery in June 2011.  But like many of the gang members, he breached the order to join the riots, during which he was part of a group that ransacked an off-licence, battering the terrified shopkeeper over the head eight times with a bottle of champagne.

Yesterday Judge Usha Karu jailed Muhsen for six and a half years for conspiracy to commit violent disorder and robbery.
The court heard that Muhsen was part of a mob of more than 50 youths from rival gangs who teamed up for a night of ‘devastating’ disorder.
She told them: ‘It was a year ago today that you were involved in the mob criminality that so disturbed the law-abiding members of the public.’
Today, in stark contrast to the scenes of arson, looting and damage, London is hosting the Olympics, which demonstrates the excellence which can be achieved in sport and is an inspiration to all.
‘However, those involved in these events were intent on the opposite.’
In extraordinary scenes, many of the defendants, aged between 15 and 25, whooped with joy, shouting obscenities and laughing as the judge passed sentence.

Yesterday he laughed as he was sentenced to three years in jail. Having already served a year on remand, he will be eligible for release in only six months.


Meanwhile, a country that does care about a little thing called border control and self survival while not perfect itself, has just cracked down on their gypsy camps and destroyed camps all across the country and is deporting them in large numbers. That country is France!
I’ve only just read about it minutes ago. 

France smashes its gipsy camps, making hundreds homeless

PUBLISHED: 16:00, 9 August 2012

France’s socialist government has begun smashing up Roma gipsy camps across the country and deporting the illegal immigrants living in them.
It comes days after Greek police rounded up 6,000 migrants in Athens at the weekend - detaining 1,600 for deportation.
Destruction of Roma gipsy camps and deportations began in Paris yesterday and will move to other major French cities, where camps have mushroomed in recent years.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/09/2012 at 11:52 AM   
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calendar   Monday - August 06, 2012

here we are still

Not so much a here we go again as a here we still are.

Months ago I mentioned this story.  There’s an illegal traveller site, as there always is, and they are ripping up some part of the green belt it is illegal to build on. Matters not at all to them of course.  Just one of many reasons so many Brits hate these folks but then, it just raaaaaacism.  Nothing to do with what they are and how they behave. Nah. It’s just race. Altho how a traveller is equated in that way is beyond me.

So anyway …. the weak powers that be ordered these vermin to vacate the land and as expected they went to court and things drag on and the weak powers that be say okay.  We’ll give you a year to move. But you’re out in the year 2013.  What a joke.

Meanwhile, a group of humans, (as opposed to travellers) who are residents of the village, took up a vigil round the clock to stop the vermin from bringing in more construction equipment and damaging any more of the green belt. As well they didn’t want to see the site expanded. 
In addition to the vigil they set themselves up to protest, which they’ve been doing.

Now being the wroooooong racial make up (Caucasion) and so not belonging to any particular favored racial or religious group, the protestors have been ordered to move.  Of course they have.  The illegals damaging land that is not supposed to be built on can get another grace period but the ppl who’ve been living in the area simply get the shaft.

Figures don’t it .

See for yourself.

End protest at travellers’ site or face jail, villagers told

Villagers who set up a protest camp after a group of travellers moved on to green belt land near their homes were last night facing threats of £20,000 fines or even jail unless they leave.

By Andrew Hough

More than 250 residents of Meriden, Warwickshire, have maintained a protest around the clock outside the illegal 10-acre site since May 2010. Despite council officials deciding to allow the travellers to remain until next year, they have threatened villagers with legal action unless they abandon their protest as it breaks local planning laws. 

(Erm, pardon me there fella but, the protesters aren’t ripping up your green English garden of 10 acres.  They are in fact trying to halt any further damage.)

“Instead they have gone for an option which will waste taxpayers’ money, even though we have stated that we will leave in March 2013 if the travellers keep to their agreement to go.

“We will not stop protesting until they go, even if that risks imprisonment.”

The travellers bought the land for £100,000 from a local businessman. They arrived at the site on April 30, 2010, one day before the May bank holiday, when Town Hall officials were powerless to stop them illegally developing the site.

Using bulldozers and heavy machinery, they tore up the green belt land on Green Eaves Lane to create what has been described as “a motorway services car park”. However, they were then unable to unload a further 1,800 tons of hardcore on to the site as locals formed a human blockade and have since been fighting to have the site closed

The travellers’ application for retrospective planning permission was refused by the local authority and a High Court judge refused their appeal against eviction in April. The council has since allowed them to stay until March.

However, officials have told the protesters to leave and issued them with an enforcement notice ordering them to remove a tarpaulin and caravan from their makeshift camp.

A council email was sent to the group after councillors this week voted in secret to prosecute locals who defy the enforcement notice. It states that legal action is being considered, with the maximum fine for breaching a planning enforcement order being £20,000.
Russ Thomas, 72 said he was “prepared to go to jail”. “It’s disgraceful the council can behave in such a manner,” he said.

Jean Greenfield, 80, a retired welfare officer said: “I wonder where our equal rights are? It’s not feasible at my age to go to prison.”
Nikki Sinclaire, an MEP who is supporting the residents, said the council had got it wrong. “Solihull council should use their own judgment to dismiss the thought of action against this temporary presence,” she said.

Ken Meeson, the leader of the council, refused to rule out taking legal action against the protesters.
He added: “We are currently awaiting legal advice on this matter and therefore cannot comment further.”

Neither the villagers nor the travellers have planning permission for their camps.

Last night the Residents Against Inappropriate Development (Raid) criticised Solihull council and said they would not leave before the travellers.

“The council could have given us the same extra time deal as they gave to the travellers who don’t live at the site at night but are causing daytime harm to the green belt,” said David McGrath, the chairman of Raid.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/06/2012 at 05:00 AM   
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calendar   Monday - June 18, 2012


Yeah I know. Some time ago I said I was tired of the traveller stories and wanted to stop posting about them. Boring. Now I’m not sure when I see a story like this one.
These folks are always a curse.  But this one really has a bizarre twist in that the cops trusted a few and now look.  Why oh why can’t people grab some guns or any weapons they can find and simply wipe the lice away? 

The Germans never invaded this country but these days a different kind of invasion has occurred, and the natives are helpless.
It won’t be long before these scum start digging up this playing field and what a mess that will be. But they don’t care.  What? Me worry? 

I just can’t believe this but it’s so.

Take a look.

Gypsies ask police to open up field so they can reverse their caravans - and then park up and stay put

Officers asked for height restriction barriers to be removed at field entrance so travellers could turn round and stop blocking a street
But 15 caravans drove in and are refusing to move leaving the council to begin court action to evict them

By Emily Allen

Police have been labelled ‘naive’ after a group of gypsies seized the opportunity set up camp in a field officers had opened up to allow their caravans to turn around.

The officers asked for height restriction barriers to be removed at the entrance to some playing fields in Fareham, Hampshire, to allow the group to manoeuvre after they were blocking a street.

But the group simply drove in and pitched up and now they’re refusing to move.


Initially four caravans were parked on the Cam Alders playing fields, but now there are as many as 15.

Fareham Borough Council will have to begin court action to evict the group.

Council leader Sean Woodward today said the restriction barrier had been in place to stop travellers using the fields and described the police’s actions as ‘ridiculous’.

He said: ‘A group crowded into the road in their caravans and blocked the road.

‘I would have left them to it but the police came along and demanded the council open the height restriction barrier to allow the caravans to go in and turn round.

‘It was the most ridiculous thing. OK, they couldn’t turn round in the road but that’s the police’s problem.

‘The police told the council to open the height restriction barrier, which was in place to prevent exactly what was happening.

‘And that, of course, let them on. They didn’t turn around, they moved in.’

He added: ‘How naive can you be?’

The travellers had been criss-crossing their way across Gosport and Fareham for several weeks.

On Saturday the council sent in bailiffs to remove the group after they pitched up in Stubbington.

The caravans then blocked up a street close to the playing fields in Fareham and it was here that police ordered barriers to be removed so the vehicles could turn around.

Cllr Cllr Woodward said if police wanted to clear the highway they should have made the travellers uncouple their caravans from their vehicles and turn them round.

He is now ordering an inquiry in to what happened.

He said: ‘I’m sure they (the travellers) are finding it hugely amusing. They moved on with police assistance. They are having a laugh because of the police but at our expense.’

Hampshire police said council officers were not ordered to open the gates, it was ‘a request’.

A spokeswoman for the force said: ‘The issue was the highway there was blocked by all of the caravans.

‘The only way to sort that out was to let them into the ground to turn around and let them out again.

‘There were already caravans on the ground anyway so action will have to be taken to move on ones already there.

‘It was not an order to open the barrier, the council were prepared to open it and it was the most practical solution at the time.’

Fareham Borough Council has been left to clear a huge amount of rubbish left by the travellers, including builders rubble and an old caravan.

And they have now had to put up large boulders and tree trunks around all public open spaces in a bid to stop any more encampments.

Deputy leader Councillor Graham Burgess said: ‘We’re doing everything possible to stop them getting access to our land in the interests of all the residents of the borough because travellers cost money.

‘We’re being proactive in our enforcement of our green open spaces.’

Councillor Sean Woodward is also fighting to have trespass made a criminal offence.

Currently, it is classed as a civil matter courts and authorities must go through the courts or employ bailiffs to remove them from public land.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘I have taken this up with the Prime Minister directly. Trespass should be made a criminal offence. As soon as they step on public land police would be able to arrest them.’



Posted by peiper   United States  on 06/18/2012 at 02:42 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - June 14, 2012

framer threatens travellers on his land with force.

Well it’s about damn time.

Score one for the side of right and logic.

The story and photos say more then I can. Enjoy.

Now, if only it were legal to kill the vermin. Ah. Relief.


· Dave Dawson threatened to remove travellers by force himself after declaring: ‘I won’t tolerate it.’

· Police say travellers left of their own accord in two hours 50 minutes after Mr Dawson’s intervention
When he found travellers’ caravans had arrived on his land, Dave Dawson had two options.
He could either alert the authorities and wait for the slow turning of the wheels of justice and officialdom.
Or he could rely on the somewhat quicker wheels of his digger – and remove the caravans by force.
Taking the second course of action, Mr Dawson put in a call to the police to inform them of his intentions, which risked leading to his arrest.

‘I just won’t tolerate it. It is my land. I bought it and I have worked hard for it. I called the police and told them I was going to get the digger and move them.
‘I didn’t care if they got squashed, flattened or left on their own, but one way or another I was going to get them off my land.’

There’s a lot to see and read but the one thing that really stands out and shows you all just how insane the laws here are, is this.

‘The police told me that once they are on the land they have rights. But what about my rights?’ Mr Dawson added.

‘As it was, the police threatened to arrest me. It has already cost me a day’s work and about £500 to repair the damage. They cut through a metal gate and put their own lock on it.’

once they are on the land they have rights

Does that one tiny line convey just how thoroughly fucked up the politicians have allowed this place to become?


Posted by peiper   United States  on 06/14/2012 at 08:35 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - May 24, 2012

if it were the other way around, it would be a race/hate crime

Now lets not say anything over the top with regard to this particular species as they fall into a protected category. Anything negative you say about these vermin (oops) can be taken as raaaaaaacist. You betcha. If a strong dislike of these miserable space wasters is racist, then I’m quite happy to be one. 

Travellers ‘forced homeless men to fight each other for entertainment’ and gave one a horse tattoo ‘to show they controlled him’

* Traveller family lured men with the promise of working for £40 a day

* They were forced to work 80-hour weeks for hardly any pay

* The men were beaten if they tried to escape


Josie Connors (left) and her husband James John Connors are accused of holding a person in servitude

A traveller family used vulnerable men like ‘serfs from the Middle Ages’, forcing them to fight each other as entertainment, a court heard yesterday.

The family made the men perform ‘menial and degrading’ jobs for no money, telling them they would be tracked down and beaten if they tried to escape, a jury was told.

The workers were forced to fight as the travellers watched and placed bets, it was claimed.

One of the workers was allegedly ‘branded’ with a horse tattoo, said to be an emblem of the travelling community and a ‘permanent marker of their control over him’.

Brothers John and Jerry Connors, both 30, and their brother-in-law William Connors, 38, allegedly lured four homeless men into a life of misery after offering them food, lodging and £40 per day to work as labourers for their block paving business.

But when they arrived they were forced to work for 80 hours a week and ordered to live in squalid tents, it was said.

Despite the initial offer of money, they were hardly paid, the jury was told.

The workers were allegedly banned from communicating with ‘people from the outside world’ and had their driving licences, passports and wallets taken from them.

They were often beaten, Southampton Crown Court was told.

The three Connors relatives are each accused of four charges of slavery.  They each face four separate charges of getting men to perform forced or compulsory labour, which the jury will consider if they are acquitted of the slavery charges.

On the opening day of their trial, prosecutor Charles Thomas said: ‘These workers were required to live in appalling conditions and to work for them with equally appalling terms and conditions.

‘In addition to their work as labourers they were required to perform menial and at times degrading tasks.’

After police raided one of the Connors’ camps in Hamble, near Southampton, in June last year, they were told by one of the men there that he had been exploited for up to eight years.

The vulnerable men were said to have been recruited from soup kitchens or homeless shelters.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/24/2012 at 10:37 AM   
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