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calendar   Thursday - August 25, 2011

it’s always about rights. but not of the law abiding. they’re easy to control.

So between so called student riots a few months ago, the recent is London burning lets loot and pillage fun and games among the rabble, a ‘police’ action in Libya to protect civilians in that country because there are no civilians in this country that need protecting from murderous rapists and other assorted slime, and Gypsy and squatter home invasions that aren’t really a crime and anyway, the last govt. declared them to be an ethnic minority, and where before if you lost your temper and called one a name it was exactly that but now .... now it is considered a race hate crime to insult one of them.  And from the previous story posted with regard to a gypo/squatter take over of someone’s home ... we now move to another part of the country dealing with the same “ethnic” grouping of vermin.

This is, more or less, an update.  The story of the ten year battle here is renewed as Amnasty Intl. has stuck its unwanted nose into the act.  Gosh I wish someone somewhere would bloody their damn nose.

I can not begin to imagine anything along the order of the things I’m posting about, in the time of Wellington. Or Churchill. And they just don’t seem to be able to deal with things in a way that would end the nonsense.  But then .... if we look at America, while we may not have the gypo problem, we are somewhat fractured and not as united by the things that once held us together.  And I want you know know that while America was fast asleep, there were groups like Amnasty, a foreign based anti American org., hard at work to unravel the US in any way they can. And they are not the only ones.  All working in the USA, or else funding movements with donations from here and Europe. 

OK, on with the show.

Anger as Amnesty International calls for halt to planned mass eviction at Britain’s biggest illegal gypsy camp

Last updated at 12:30 PM on 25th August 2011

Amnesty International have called for a halt to a planned eviction of the traveller families from Britain’s largest illegal gypsy site, to the fury of residents.

The human rights campaigners say the order to force almost 100 families living on Dale Farm, near Basildon, Essex, to leave by the end of the month could make 400 people homeless and breach their international rights

Basildon Council officials, supported by Essex Police, are expected to take action to clear the sprawling site next month if the travellers, who moved in more than a decade ago, do not leave by August 31.

But angry Mike Beiley, 65, who lives nearby, told The Sun that despite the intervention of Amnesty International, an organisation usually associated with defending people’s rights in war-torn countries, the travellers should not be there.

‘They’ve broken the law and now it’s time for them to get packing,’ he said.

‘They don’t seem to think our rights matter.’

Jezerca Tigani, Amnesty’s deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia programme, argued that the families would be left with nowhere to go to as a result of the move.

‘Up to 400 people could be left homeless as a result of the forced eviction which would require them to vacate their plots without an authorised site to which they can take their caravans,’ she said.

‘The authorities must ensure that their actions do not break international law. A negotiated settlement is a must.

‘This means genuine consultation, in a manner that seeks meaningful input from travellers rather than a form-filling exercise and, if an eviction is unavoidable, ensuring adequate alternative housing which allows the Irish travellers to express their cultural identity.’

The plea from Amnesty follows similar calls from Raquel Rolnik, the UN’s special rapporteur on housing, and Rita Izak, a UN independent expert on minority issues.

But council leader Tony Ball said the authority had spent the last 10 years trying to find a peaceful solution and they were still trying to find a solution without the need for a clearance.

amnasty intl joins the gypos protest. see photos here


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Q. when is an englishman’s home not his castle?  A. when a squatter wants it!

Here we go again with a very old problem but here’s another new cast.

This is a never ending subject for me, and it is also somewhat personal.  We’ve been damn lucky I suppose but the threat is always there and it’s scary let me tell ya.  And for those who may be surfing and reading this and know nothing about the problem .... you may NOT use force of any kind to remove the vermin or YOU will be the one to be arrested.  It is a civil NOT A CRIMINAL matter. The police can do nothing.  You must get a court date and until then, you and your belongings are OUT IN THE STREET!  Never mind being away on vacation.  This can happen to you and it has, while you are out grocery shopping.

Great system innit?

Look at this.

Holiday squatters strike again! Romanian family take over sisters’ home while they are away

Police powerless to remove them from property.  Holidaying owners’ belongings ‘thrown into the street’

Last updated at 3:35 PM on 25th August 2011

A family of Romanian squatters have taken over a home belonging to two sisters while they are on holiday.

The group moved into the £500,000 London property while Amelita and Lilia Olasa were away in the Philippines.

Neighbours said when confronted the group produced a bogus ‘tenancy agreement’ and claim they have bought the place.


But the squatters - two men, a woman and a child - have been seen throwing bin bags out the windows which are thought to contain owners’ possessions.

Neighbours in New Southgate have been trying in vain to contact the owners and fear it will not be possible to evict the squatters until the sisters return next month.

Last week three houses in Leytonstone, east London, 12 miles away were taken over by eastern Europeans who claim to be there legally. One is thought to belong to an elderly woman visiting relatives abroad.

Squatting itself is not a criminal offence but it is illegal to break into a property. Police say there is no sign of forced entry in New Southgate, so the owners will need an eviction order.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said that although the squatters had produced what they claimed was a ‘tenancy agreement’, the phone number on the contract did not work.

He said he realised something was wrong on August 14, several weeks after the sisters, thought to be in their fifties, went abroad.

‘We noticed the front door ajar. We thought nothing of it but then we saw piles of bin bags in the front garden and on the street,’ he said.

‘We presume these are the belongings of these ladies going out. It will cost the owners thousands of pounds to get their property back as they will have to go to court.

‘I haven’t spoken to (the squatters) for fear of aggravating them, so until the ladies come back there is not much we can do. The response from the police was these people were there legally.’

Today the group claimed they did not speak English.


Yeah right. No speaka English. Sure thing. I bet some needles in the eyes or bleach might suddenly make em recall that they could speak the language even if only slightly.  These effin bastards do this because they know they can.  That is the bottom line.  If a few were made to stop breathing in a very painful manner and it were shown on YT ... you would see the end of the Gypo/squatter problem in this country. Better still, a Final Solution to the squatter and Gypsy problem once and for all time.  Who’d miss this criminal class of vermin?

And just for your added info on the subject ....
Check out this older story on the subject. And there are a hundred others. Take a gander at the pix here.



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calendar   Saturday - August 20, 2011

two stories, same outcome. some favored minority groups can break laws

It appears to be catching. The idea that no means yes and the taking of private land or public land not intended for the use these folks make of it. But then, the authorities enable them with idiot appeasement.  And this story is only one of two with the same sort of kid glove lets not offend attitude. The family in question here knew from the beginning that the land they were on was not a designated site for these vermin.  Plus, they are on the green belt.  Not that it means anything to them of course.

A TRAVELLER family has been told they can continue living on an unauthorised site in Corringham until August 2013.

At their meeting last night, Thurrock Council’s planning committee debated whether the family, who live in a mobile home at the end of Park Gate Road in Corringham, should be evicted or allowed to stay permanently.

The application to legalise the site was deferred in March because the committee was reluctant to follow officers advice and throw the family off the land.

Instead they asked officers to go away and investigate if there were any special circumstances that would allow the family, who have been living there since 2006, to stay.

Last night, officers said there wasn’t, and the report to the committee warned that approving the site, which is on green belt land, “would set a very dangerous precedent that could readily be repeated elsewhere in the borough”.

The site has been subject to enforcement notices since December 1995, and when the current owner bought the site a notice was in place saying it was not a designated traveller site.

Labour councillor Gerard Rice then came up with the idea to allow the family to stay until August 2013, when the council will be forced to find 87 more pitches for travellers in the borough, and look at whether or not to legalise the site then.

He said:” I would suggest that in this particular case that we give the family temporary permission.
“This would give the family some finite time there.”
Tory councillor Stephen Veryard agreed, he said: “I think we are in an awkward position. If they knew they had temporary permission for a year or so, I think it would give them peace of mind.”

But independent councillor Barry Palmer thought the committee should just make a decision one way or the other.
He said: “At the end of the day, we are subjecting this family to a considerable amount of distress, I would think, in that we keep prolonging it.”

Tory councilor Joy Redsell was in two minds about the application. 
She said: “ I agree with cllr Rice in principle, but I just feel that we are pushing this on and on and on.
“We’ve been given advice from officers which seems pretty clear to be honest.
“We are not standing up and being counted, and saying ‘this is how it is’.
After more debate the committee agreed to allow the family to say on site until August 2013 when the council carries out its regional spacial strategy.
A caveat was put in so that the temporary permission cannot go past that date.


“we are subjecting this family to a considerable amount of distress”
Scuse me councillor but didn’t those vermin cause their distress by their illegal action? Oh, lets not talk about that. This is a protected minority and like one or two other favorite minorities, nothing is their fault.

I see the councillors and others here as being played in the movies.
By the Marx Bros.  (honk,honk)

Meanwhile, in a place referred to as a stockbroker belt village, travellers who illegally moved into a paddock in Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire in 2009, were told to leave by Friday, Aug. 19.  But wait … after a legal battle and a public inquiry, the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles by name, ruled that the ten caravans now have until Feb. 2013.
Town council in this case says that’s not acceptable and will seek further legal advice to bring the removal date forward.  Lots-a-luck.
Meanwhile, people arrested for not just looting but merely picking things off the ground dropped by looters, are being arrested and some stiff jail time is being issued. I’m not defending them BUT, good grief. Travellers/Gypos steal land and houses and wreck property and?  Anything happening to them? Any arrests? Any penalties for law breaking?


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calendar   Wednesday - August 17, 2011

the curse and the cancer in the form of the gypsy

You people lucky enough to be living outside this country, and especially you in the USA, don’t face this sort of problem.
You won’t I know understand a law that says vermin who take your home aren’t prosecuted under criminal law because the law in this blighted place, calls this a “civil matter.” For now anyway.

A thought comes to mind on the subject of Europe’s cancer. And that is.

The Nazis did NOT have everything wrong.
Their round up, where able, of these vermin was quite correct. Too bad they didn’t manage to eradicate this disease before the fall in ‘45. It’s perhaps the one good thing they might have done for civilization.

(The Proms is a musical event)

Gipsies move into immigration officer’s home while she spent night away at Proms

An Immigration officer told of her distress last night after she returned home from a night out at the Proms to discover a group of Roman gipsies “squatting” in her house.

Julia High, who works at the UK border agency, found the family of eight living illegally in her home of 30 years in Leytonstone, east London, a fortnight ago.
Despite her furious protests, they insisted their bogus tenancy documents were legal, claimed neighbours had told them she was dead and that they had rented the house from her “son”.

While the women were wearing her clothes, the rest of her belongings had been stuffed into garbage bags and dumped in her back garden.
She was even offered a glass of her own wine after being “invited” her back into her own home.
After Miss High, 55, secured an eviction order the following day, the group proceeded to trash her house, leaving most of the rooms uninhabitable.


“These people have just trashed 30 years of my life and thrown it into bin bags,” Miss High said last night.
“It is soul destroying.”
Miss High had been out at a Proms performance on a Monday evening earlier this month at the Royal Albert Hall when neighbours raised the alarm.
She had left for work the previous Friday morning and had then spent the weekend visiting her elderly parents in Guildford, Surrey.
She returned home to find the Romanians sitting around the dining table.

The front door had been levered open but she admitted she had no way of proving the Romanians were to blame.
“The women came to the door dressed in my clothes, they were sitting around my dining room table, drinking my wine out of my glasses,” she said.
“They even offered me a drink and told me they were from Romania.

“They said I was dead and my son had rented the house to them. I am very much alive, single and I don’t have a son.”
The following day Ms High secured a county court eviction order, which the police served that evening.

But by that stage, the group had destroyed much of her home. The kitchen and bathroom suffered water damage due to removal of the lead roofing.
A computer, containing valuable pictures of her two-month-old grand-niece, and digital cameras have been taken, the carpets have been removed and food taken from her fridge.

Squatters packed her clothes into in her suitcases. Only her two beds and her wardrobes were not damaged.
Last night, members of the gipsy family abused reporters after being confronted at the house they were currently staying at around the corner.
They chased reporters down the street, spat at them and also hurled abuse.

Later a woman, who gave who her name as Carmen, came out to the street and denied being the family behind the destruction.
The 35 year-old said she lived in the house with her four children, aged, 4, 12, 14 and 16 as well as her 54 year-old aunt and her two children aged 16 and 14.
The house cleaner, who came to Britain from Romania a month ago, said she rented the house from “a man who stopped me on the street and asked if I wanted to rent this house”.
She declined to answer detailed questions.

Neighbours of Miss High became suspicious of the claims she was dead and called her parents Jean and Bernard, who are in their 80s, to confirm.
Her frail mother said: “As far as I am aware she is very much alive and she certainly was when she left our house this morning.”
Outside Miss High’s home were several garbage bags and a note pleading with people not to ransack the rubbish.
Neighbours said the gipsies had come back and collected clothes Miss High had thrown away.
Miss High had switched off her mobile phone last night.

photos and more story

I can’t find enough words or expressions to describe the threat and menace of this hated breed of sub humans. And btw, the idea that someone approached
the gypo filth and offered a house is the usual excuse they all use when taking over someone’s home. It’s like something from a script. We’ve read this comment a hundred times over the years from different gypo families. They should never be allowed to thrive or to breed or to even be allowed in other countries outside their own pigsties where they all originate.  And the major reason they do these things of course is .... simply because they can.
Nobody since the war has done anything about them.  Nobody has made any examples of them.  And I fear nobody will. And so it will continue.
Not in the USA of course. Cos Americans would not put up with this for any longer then it takes to pull a trigger.


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calendar   Saturday - July 09, 2011

never thought i’d see this. gypsies refuse council cash.

I never thought I’d see this and for those who read BMEWS and are aware of my feelings on the subject (not warm and fuzzy), it comes as quite a surprise.
In a conversation with a close friend yesterday, I was accused of being a cynic.
In truth, I am and no less so now.  However, after reading this I can understand the worry of the gypsies here.  This particular group is not all that far away from our town.  It isn’t in our neighborhood, don’t want to imply that. But still.

Gipsies refuse £1m boost to site because it might attract travellers

A group of gipsies is demanding that a council spends £1million on “good causes” rather than improve their caravan site because they fear travellers might be attracted to it.

By Andy Bloxham

Kent County Council planned to spend the money redeveloping the site near Aylesford which would increase the number of caravan sites from eight to 26.
But the current residents of the site claim that introducing new families would “cause a lot of tension”.

They insisted they would “stand up for our rights” when the plans go to a public consultation.

The proposals would see an increase in the number of pitches, upgraded washing facilities, a new playground for children and the construction of a screen around the site to reduce road noise from the busy A20 nearby.
The council announced the proposals earlier this week and said a planning application would be put to councillors later this month.

Public consultation will begin in August if councillors vote to approve it and work could start as early as April next year.
A spokesman for the travellers said: “We’re dead against the development.

“Moving loads of new families here could cause a lot of tension.”
He said the travellers living on the caravan site at the moment “get on well with locals” and said new families moving in would create “tensions” that could threaten that relationship.  He added: “Why can’t the council give the money to a better cause and leave us alone?”

Another traveller, who has lived on the site for more than 20 years, said: “We want to keep ourselves to ourselves.”
A third said: “We will all oppose it. We will go to the public consultation and we will stand up for our rights.”
One local resident who lives near the site but declined to be named said: “The travellers there at the moment are pretty good and I can understand how they don’t want an influx of new people as they have got used to life as it is.

“But it is astonishing they are actually opposing this as the money will ensure the place is totally revamped.”
There are estimated to be between 15,000 and 30,000 gipsies living in Britain.

Under race laws, gipsies are defined as a minority ethnic group and are therefore eligible for certain types of special treatment to meet their specific needs.
In 2009, NHS trial guidance was launched which recommended giving gipsies priority in hospitals and GPs’ surgeries to try to reduce inequality


I am no expert in the field, but I really question how the people who deem this group an ethnic minority, or ethnic anything, can do so when many “travellers” are Irish.
Most of the others who come from across the channel are Eastern European and I believe they are Caucasians as well.  Perhaps Lyndon will comment on this if I have it wrong.  I think the liberal left needed to make nice, diversity comes into play as well, and so they made a “Special Group” out of these folks.  And as you see by that last line above, they are to be given special treatment to accommodate their special status. Including hospital and doctor priority.  If they have been “unequal” then surely it’s only because they have made themselves so by their lifestyle and free choices.
Whatever … at least with one story I can find myself without anything to bitch about where these folks are concerned.  And that’s a good thing I guess but you know …
Stay Tuned.


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calendar   Wednesday - May 18, 2011

Gypsy swindlers fly into Britain from Romania to steal. europe’s cancer

I’ve had so much to say and have said over the years, that I don’t know what I can add to the story. A story that appears to have no end.
It could have if authorities made the punishment mean something.  What a year or two in jail for these life forms?  Meaningless. They’ll be back. Of course they wouldn’t be if deleted when found.

One of the things aside from the subject matter is the wonderment that anyone might want to or be physically able to breed with any of these.

Here ya go.  Gypo Eye Candy. 
And the men aren’t much better.

The £800,000 benefit cheats: Gypsy swindlers flew into Britain from Romania just to pick up their cheques


WOW! What a treat guys. Sisters and you have your choice.


A family of professional benefit cheats who made regular flights into Britain to collect state handouts was jailed yesterday.

The Romany gypsy gang – also suspected to have been involved in a child-trafficking ring – swindled taxpayers out of more than £800,000 in a ‘flagrant and persistent’ attack on the benefits system.

Some members were based in Britain while others flew in from Romania to collect tax credits, income support, child benefits and housing benefit.

They used forged Home Office documents and job references to obtain National Insurance numbers illegally before applying for payments.

Several fraudsters made claims under two aliases and were said to have boosted payments even further by inventing children, using photographs of other youngsters.

The judge noted ‘the possibility that the children are the subject of child-trafficking and are not your own’, although the defendants denied this.

The family was traced to the town of Tandarei, in eastern Romania, a notorious base for crime gangs whose tentacles reach across western Europe.

Sentencing the gang at Southwark Crown Court, Judge Gregory Stone said they were responsible for a ‘large-scale’ and ‘professionally planned’ fraud.

Romania joined the European Union in January 2007, meaning all citizens can travel to Britain as tourists. However there are restrictions on the jobs they can take and the benefits they can claim.

Well apparently those restrictions don’t mean much.  Brits need to make a surgical military strike on the town they come from, clean out that nest once and for all.  The rest of the scum will take note and go somewhere else. Like France and Italy.  Oh right. They already have done that. Gone to France and Italy I mean.
Brits are too civilized for their own good to do what really should be done.

Gypsies.  Europe’s Cancer.

map,photos and more


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calendar   Friday - May 06, 2011

this is not just another same old traveller story … take a look.

It has been awhile since my last post about folks who are called “Travellers,” who have been allowed to claim special status alongside gypsies, as a protected minority and racial group.  In other words, say bad things about the scum sucking bastards and it becomes a ‘race crime.’ Or near to. No wait. In fact it has been claimed as such.

Chances are good that most reading this are tired of the category and have already seen my past rants.  So I’ve pretty much been avoiding these stories cos it’s always the same old same old. 

BUT … This story is very different from all previous articles about how these thieves (travellers) move onto land illegally and just take over. And you can not move them by force even if it’s your property.  The same is true of squatters who move into your house if you’re away on vacation.  Or maybe you went out shopping for groceries, came home and found your house occupied by strangers.

So what the heck is different about this story?  Well, the owner of the property that’s been stolen, or occupied by the thieving scum, is facing a possible fine. Why?  Because somehow he’s now responsible for moving ppl off that land, and they’re refusing to go.

Go ahead readers, try and figure this one out.

Invaded by travellers, ignored by the police. Now this farmer is facing a £20,000 fine

Last updated at 8:06 AM on 6th May 2011

They arrived on his picturesque farm three years ago in a threatening convoy of caravans and lorries. And they have remained there illegally ever since.
Desperate for help, Gerald Cleave turned to police – only to be warned, with frustrating inevitability, that he could be arrested if he tried to force them out himself.

Now officials have finally taken action.

But, astonishingly, that action is to tell Mr Cleave that if the travellers do not move on, it is he who will face prosecution.

The 68-year-old has been informed he faced fines of up to £20,000 if the 50-strong community remains there today.
He was handed an enforcement notice by the Dartmoor National Park Authority threatening prosecution unless the camp was cleared by midnight last night.
The farmer said the brazen travellers have turned his agricultural land into an eyesore and have even arranged for their post – including insurance documents and catalogue orders – to be delivered to his farmhouse.


Yesterday he recalled how he pleaded with the group to leave the one-acre site at Middle Stidson Farm in South Brent, Devon, when they first arrived.
Mr Cleave was shocked when the National Park Authority, which is responsible for planning issues in the area, told him it had no legal powers to evict.
He said police then warned him he could be arrested for assault or criminal damage if he intervened directly.

After the travellers arrived in May 2008, an application to turn the camp into a permanent site was refused. The group was served with an enforcement notice in August last year giving them nine months to leave. But Mr Cleave was furious when a similar notice was sent to him.
He said: ‘It’s ridiculous to think I could be left with a huge fine from all this. I don’t see why I should have to spend thousands getting rid of them. I’d rather go to prison than pay a penny. I have been given notice from Dartmoor National Park Authority that they must leave but they haven’t given me any help.’

He described the past three years as a ‘living hell’ and claimed his ‘hands were bound’.
‘I’ve owned this land my whole life. It was inherited from my father and I have had to watch as it has been turned into a mess,’ he said.
‘I’m desperate to get them out so I can get my land back and use it for agricultural land again. As it stands, there are at least 40 vehicles on the land, which is now a sprawling mess with horses and dogs running about.

I’m at a complete loss as to what to do. I’ve tried everything legally within my powers.
‘I could forcibly remove them but might face prosecution. I’ve asked them to leave and they won’t listen to reason, what more can I do? It’s the law of the land and the reason why this country has gone to pot.’

Dartmoor National Park Authority confirmed it had served an enforcement notice to the landowner ruling the travellers must leave.
Stephen Belli, director of planning, said if the group hadn’t moved on, the authority had five options, one of which was prosecuting the owner.
Others included prosecuting the occupiers or imposing a court injunction to imprison those still there.
He said: ‘I sympathise with the owner as obviously he didn’t invite them there, but that is an option available to all planning authorities throughout the country.’

The travellers had yesterday put up metal panelling and fencing around the site and posted a notice on the gate which read: ‘We live in this property. It is our home and we intend to stay here.’



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calendar   Tuesday - April 26, 2011

travelers causing grief. again. what else is new? read this one.

Here we fuckin go again. 

A sensitive issue. That means that liberal geeks are involved. Remove the liberal geeks and start running Britain as a country again instead of as a failed Goldenage Of Aquarius lefty liberal marxist socialist utopia. Start with our current liberal geeks in charge, Cameron and Clegg then work downwards though the government, the BBC, the local councils and anywhere else they’re infesting.

Rick, Lincs,

So what’s that all about?

It’s late, I’m not meant to be at the puter. I have the latest issue of a favorite computer magazine and a very good book and a new bottle of Bailey’s Irish BUT…
just before shutting down I needed to re-check something and caught this newest and maddening as in RCOB article.

Is there another word for DOOMED? I’ve used it to a point of loss of meaning. But damn it all, this place is ...  you know it is.

I’m posting the entire article.  For the pix use the link provided as always.
What a god damn freekin mess this place is.  I hope I’m not getting all worked up over something false here.  I do tend to anger over stuff like this very quickly.

Take a look for yourself.

Farmer who called 999 after gipsy death threats has her legal shotgun confiscated ‘in case she retaliates’

Last updated at 8:30 PM on 26th April 2011

Officers took 35 minutes to arrive after she was threatened with chainsaws and knives

A frightened farmer who called 999 after gipsies threatened to kill her was stunned when the police who eventually arrived told her they would confiscate her legally held shotguns.

Tracy St Clair Pearce, 50, was confronted by four men carrying a chainsaw and a knife, who warned her they would kill her cattle at her farm in Colchester, Essex.

She called police late on Good Friday to report the threat, but was left gobsmacked when officers took 35 minutes to get to her home, before telling her they would confiscate her shotguns.

The ordeal came just days after travellers set up an illegal camp on council land bordering Mrs St Clair Pearce’s home.
She has now lodged a formal complaint with police after claiming officers took more than half-an-hour to arrive following her terrified 999 call.
She said: ‘I am so angry and worried.
‘I could still get my throat slit in the middle of the night because that is what they threatened to do.
‘The animals are under constant surveillance now - it’s no way to spend Easter.’

Mrs St Clair Pearce’s furious brother, Stuart, added: ‘They obviously feel she is the threat to the travellers but she was the victim.
‘What I fail to understand is that the travellers feel that they are somehow protected by the law yet we do not feel like that.
‘I have spoken with a few of them and they tell me that is how they feel, like they are untouchable.
‘If they feel like they are protected, then they are going to act in that manner.
‘That is why these four young men felt it was OK to be in our field and to treat my sister in the way that they did.
‘I am in shock - I thought that the law in this country is here to protect people who live and work in their communities - not those who visit for a short while and think they are beyond the law.’

(Well sir, I guess you just thought wrong. Have another think.)

Mr St Clair Pearce said his sister had felt threatened but told the travellers ‘in no uncertain terms’ to leave her land or she would call the police.
He said: ‘They were being abusive and threatening a woman who was on her own in a field.
‘They told her they were going to slit her throat and the throats of our cattle and horses.
‘Does “I am going to slit your throat?” come into normal conversations?’

He said they had been visited by police more than 10 times since the Good Friday incident and made to feel as though they were the aggressors.
‘The officers have said it is wrong to confront them and that we should have turned our backs and called the police.
‘But when we did call the police they did not even arrive for half-an-hour. ‘When the police did arrive, they had this incredible attitude that somehow we were to blame.
‘I actually had to turn round and tell one young officer, “Excuse me, you are talking to the victims of crime here”.’

Mr St Clair Pearce said his sister was clearing ragwort from the field and using a knife to do so.
He thinks the travellers were incited by seeing the knife in his sister’s hand when she told them to get off her land.
He said: ‘My sister has grown up with a load of brothers, so she was not fazed when they started being aggressive towards her.
‘But there is only so much you can take and to be told you would have your throat slit and your animals throats cut is too much.
‘The officers were particularly interested in making sure that she did not have any firearms at the property.
Mr St Clair Pearce said since the incident his sister had voluntarily removed the guns from her property.
He also confirmed she did not use them at any stage to threaten the travellers.
The travellers were approached today and asked for a comment but refused.

The siblings run a rare breeds farm which homes unusual horses and rare Shetland cattle.
Essex Police have confirmed no arrests have been made in connection with the allegations of threats to kill, although statements have been taken.
At one stage last weeks there were 18 caravans illegally camped on the council-owned land although the numbers have been dropping gradually in recent days as the travellers move on.
The site has been earmarked for a legal travellers’ site but Colchester Borough Council has yet to open it.

Gerard Oxford, a Colchester councillor, went to support Mrs St Clair Pearce after the attack.

He said: ‘A woman, all on her own, phoned 999 after threats against her life and the police took 35 minutes to get there.
‘Then, at about midnight, the inspector asked for an assurance that we were not going to take any action ourselves.

‘The police decided to take statements and the next day, lo and behold, they could not find anyone responsible.’
Inspector Jim White of Essex Police said: ‘In order to prevent any public order incidents, and to keep members of the public safe, we obtained a warrant to remove firearms.

Gets a mite confusing at this point cos there wasn’t any actual “attack.” So either the Mail got it wrong or the councillor did. And the following sentence reads like a quote from the councillor but surely should belong to the brother since there isn’t any “we” with regard to that councillor. Or do I miss something here?
To be honest, the problems here with these gypos/travellers call em what you want, is so extensive, so expensive, so overall bad, that I’ve come to just automatically assume they’re to blame (since they generally are) any time a landowner or law abiding citizen raises an issue concerning them.

Oh yeah, the headline may be misleading. According to the story itself, she moved the gun before the cops got a chance to take it away.


Oh .. one final thing. Don’t you pull up weeds and stuff like that as opposed to cutting them with a knife? You need to get from the roots. No? Knife doesn’t do that, that I am aware.  But then, I don’t know a hell of lot about gardening or things of that nature.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 15, 2011

kids young as five trained to steal.

They are not saying it loudly, not in big bold black and white headlines but .... mostly these are gypsies. Yes .. crime doesn’t have any one nationality. But certain kinds of crime have a DNA, if you’ll allow me the loan of that term.

When Sarkozy deported thousands of the scum, he took a lot of heat from the liberal press. Even some Conservative (lite) politicians joined the chorus.

I need say nothing more. Read is all for yourself.  This is just one of the serious cancers eating away at Europe.  What a shame so damn many survived the war to breed more of their kind.

Caught on camera: The Fagin-style gangs forcing children as young as five to pick pockets and shoplift


Gang leaders making £120,000 a year

Fagin-style gangs have started recruiting child thieves as young as five to pick pockets and shoplift for them.

Earning £120,000 a year, they have been targeting shops across the country by recruiting the youngsters because they are too young to face prosecution.

Many of the children have been smuggled into the UK from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, but some are English and travel from the capital to other parts of the UK to carry out the crime.

They are then taken on ‘daytrips’ to towns and cities where they are shown what to steal.

Because they are under ten, the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales (12 in Scotland), they cannot be prosecuted even if they are caught red-handed.

Police in Peterborough have become so fed up with the practice that they have released video footage that shows a gang in operation.

Nick Constanti, a PCSO who has been looking into the crime, said: ‘They go along to the shops, take the goods, take them back to the person and then go out again.

‘We have some CCTV of a child standing next to his mother and her pointing at which fragrance she wanted and she then walks away, he picks it up and puts it in her handbag.

‘There are some innocent parents and children do pick things up they shouldn’t in shops, but we could see her telling him what to do on the CCTV.

The two women would point out items they want to steal and the boy would then grab them, concealing them in a backpack

‘Footage will show them pointing out the products to the children and that is enough to prosecute the person.’

Europol says each child can earn the gangs up to £120,000 a year and there were at least four operating in Peterbroough alone between December 2009 and August last year.

While most of the time the thieves take small items that can be easily concealed in a backpack, some have become brazen.

PC Grahame Robinson, from Cambridgeshire Police, said: ‘We have seen footage where a child is pushing a trolley out of a supermarket with a flat screen TV in it.

‘This kid cannot have lifted the TV never mind get it into the trolley.’

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection admitted foreign gangs using children as pick-pockets and thieves are well established within the UK.

A spokesman said: ‘Using a child for criminal purposes is exploitation and is a form of child abuse.

‘Law enforcement agencies, social workers and local councils are working together not only to make awareness and highlight the issue but work together to safeguard these children and put in place measures necessary to protect them.

‘Exploitation by gangs trafficking children is well-established but these kind of child gangs are a relatively new phenomenon.’

The CCTV footage handed to Cambridgeshire Constabulary shows two young girls using their younger brother to steal clothes from Asda supermarket.

Police linked the case to eight other thefts in Peterborough and two sisters have been caught and given community punishment.

Oh right. There’s the ticket ok. Community punishment. That’ll put the fear of God in em.

Photographs released by police show members of a 15-strong gang of Romanian children who repeatedly targeted the city between December 2009 and August 2010.

In one shocking case security footage captured two kids, aged eight and six-years-old, piling stolen produce into their mum’s backpack in Boots.

Other footage shows an adult pointing out to a child which items she wanted him to steal for her.

Police have also identified a gang of English children travelling from London who target Peterborough once every few months.

Detectives believe the gang send young children shoplifting in pharmacies and clothes shops across Britain.

Last October police smashed an alleged child trafficking ring thought to be forcing dozens of Romanian children to beg and steal on London’s streets.

In raids in officers found more than 100 children living at 16 addresses in east London, including a three-year-old, who gangs used for pick-pocketing, shoplifting sprees and prostitution.

It is believed the proceeds fund lavish lifestyles in Romania.

The operation was part of a joint British and Romanian investigation into Fagin-type child gangs operating in the UK. Operation Golf was launched after a surge in petty street crime in the West End in 2006

Children as young as six were found to be engaged in distraction muggings stealing handbags and phones in coffee shops and bars as well as cash machine thefts.

At the time, Chief Inspector Colin Carswell, of Operation Golf, said: ‘These children are exploited by gangs and in some cases their own parents. Many parents are told by the gang they can earn money if they give up their child to be taken abroad.

‘The gangs loan them money. This is at an extremely high interest rate, and it can take many years to pay off gangs, with increasing numbers of the children and even entire families becoming entrapped as debt slaves.’


Some friends in the village here travel quite a bit every year. They took a trip to a several European capitols. The menace created in some places by beggars and gypsy thugs was they said, a blight.  Not everywhere to be sure. But they say there is a very big increase from several yrs ago on their previous trips. Some of the beauty spots are infested with them (gypos), and they’re quite bold.  There are warnings in many places by authorities, alerting tourists to the threats and in some cases what to look out for.  Authorities could solve the problem in short order.  Trouble is, nobody has the balls anymore.
So the cancer continues to eat away at them.


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calendar   Monday - March 07, 2011

dance gypsy, sing gypsy, drink gypsy, steal, gypsy! “a-doin’ what comes natch-er-lee”

I don’t understand why the govt. here has been unable to tackle the problem of these folks.
One of the problems has been in contention for TEN YEARS.
Well hell, that shouldn’t be any surprise. Look at the squatter problem here. All talk and nothing done and more on that later but ….

These three articles came to my attention only a short while ago. One dates to the end of Feb, don’t know how I missed it. Another has been posted before but is in the news again.  All relating to one of the cancers eating away at this once great country.

The cancer in this case is Travelers. Some say Gypsies and some say there’s a difference between the two, aside from country of origin.
Wherever they’re from, they are a drain on their host country.  But then, I’ve said that before. Everyone knows it.  For some of you new to BMEWS and new as well to the problem of these leeches who often move onto public property and settle in, they have been declared a ‘race’ by the last govt. and so now enjoy the status of a minority group.  Careful now.  In this brave new world, insulting them or making disparaging remarks about the bastards could see you in court.

This is from last month and is gypo event #1.
I think the Mail headline writer got a bit carried away. I kind of doubt that the town was really “terrorised” by some horses but then, I wasn’t there.

Town terrorised by 250 wild horses ‘abandoned by gypsies who can’t afford to feed them’


A town is being overrun by a pack of 250 wild horses abandoned by gypsies who can’t afford to feed them.
Five of the horses have been killed when they were hit by cars and others are starving because they are not being fed.
RSPCA inspectors were today on the scene at Bridgend, South Wales, after calls from worried animal lovers.

The horses are believed to belong to gypsy families who have moved on from the area and were unable to pay for their feed and upkeep.
Hundreds of people have posted messages on a Facebook page set up by the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies.

Chairwoman Jenny Macgregor said: ‘The horses are everywhere, we’ve had reports of them getting onto the M4 motorway and being killed.
‘We have found at least five or six dead and they are dying of starvation and lung infections.
‘The situation is out of control.’

Residents in the town say they have been woken up by small groups of horses galloping past their homes in the middle of the night.
Animal lover Pat Jones said: ‘They have apparently been wandering around for the last few days.
‘One of my friends has spent the morning trying to keep them from running into the road.
‘There are around 250, but they have split up into groups and they are absolutely starving.
‘I’ve heard that at least five or six have been found dead. It’s really sad.’
An RSPCA spokesman said: ‘We are assessing the situation.’


Our second article also involves horses but not quite in the same way.  This story has visible blood at the link.
What IS the same is the trouble these life forms cause wherever they are found.
They are good for the same reason squatters are good.
They prove conclusively that, The Law Is An Ass!

Big fat gypsy shoot-out: Hundreds of terrified travellers run for cover after armed rivals take feud to horse fair

This was the terrifying scene after two men were shot when a bitter feud between traveller families erupted at a horse fair in Ireland.


Children were knocked to the ground as hundreds of people scattered in all directions after hearing gunfire at Smithfield Horse Fair in Dublin at the weekend.
Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident at around 11.30am at Smithfield, in the north inner city on Sunday

The victims are being treated in hospital but it is thought their wounds - to the hip and leg - are not life-threatening.

(oh dear. not life threatening. what a shame that is.) italics by peiper

A third man sustained wounds to his arm and was said to be undergoing treatment in hospital.
A suspect explosive device was also recovered at the scene. It is being examined by Army bomb experts.
The Defence Forces later revealed the device to be a ‘homemade’ shotgun.
More photos and lots of blood at the link. Have fun.


This is more or less an update to a story that’s been running for a very long time.
The difference this time is, the figure for removing the illegal scum has grown.
The Brit taxpayer in the region is none too happy.  I mean, they weren’t right pleased to begin with and are now at knife’s edge.
Take another look at this one. See the photo at the link cos this is a huge camp.
Been there ten years and hasn’t been legal from day one.
But remember now. They’re a racial minority so kid gloves with any remarks.
You don’t wanna be sued for any hurt feelings.

Cost of evicting travellers from UK’s biggest illegal site could cost taxpayer a staggering £18m

Last updated at 2:06 PM on 7th March 2011

The huge cost of evicting travellers from the UK’s largest Gypsy site in Essex could reach £18million it was revealed today.
Occupants of the site at Dale Farm in Crays Hill have been locked in a 10-year dispute with Basildon Council over the greenbelt land they use as their home.
But now, just days from councillors approving an eviction order, the breakdown of the cost of removing the 90 families from the site has been outlined.

The cost is broken down between the council and police’s ‘worse case scenario’ estimates, with £8m being spent by the council and £10m by Essex Police.
The removal of the gypsies is expected to take around eight weeks, with the expenditure confirmed in a meeting due to take place next Monday.
If confirmed the residents would be given 28 days to leave the site, with the enforcement notice applying to 51 pitches, outbuildings, utility blocks, fencing and walls.
Despite the huge cost, Tony Ball, leader of the council is determined to press ahead if the families choose not leave by their own accord.
Mr Ball said: ‘No one wants a forced clearance of this site and we have spent 10 years asking the travellers to work with us to seek a peaceful resolution.
‘However, it is important the law is applied equally and fairly to all people and if we do not take action in this case, we would have little moral right as a planning authority to take action against future unauthorised developments.
‘That would set a very dangerous precedent.’
The huge bill could force town hall bosses in Basildon to axe more jobs and hike council tax and the town’s Labour group has opposed the eviction on humanitarian and costs grounds even when the estimations were smaller. 
Group leader Lynda Gordon said: ‘Only a week ago we were told we were reckless for wanting to take £2million out of reserves to pay off the sports village to avoid selling off playing fields.

Legal wrangling over the issue first began a decade ago when the council became aware that families had started to used the land at, which now houses more than 1,000 people.
But travellers - who have placed a large banner declaring “We won’t go” over the site’s entrance - have declared they will use violence in a bid to protect their homes.
Mr Ball added: ‘We have tried to work with the families concerned to find a peaceful resolution but, after 10 years of continued and illegal development of the green belt, we must draw a line under the matter and take action.


For those who would like to learn more .... ENGLAND’S GREEN BELT

Hell’s Bells. As long as I’m talking about Gypsies I may as well add this one item to the list.  Poor woman looks at least 25 or more yrs older.

Gypsy wife becomes world’s youngest grandmother… at 23

Last updated at 3:23 PM on 7th March 2011

· She gave birth at 13 to daughter who fell pregnant at 11
· She says marrying young is ‘tradition’ in Romanian gypsy circles

A gypsy wife has become the world’s youngest grandmother - aged just 23.
Rifca Stanescu, from the village of Investi, Romania, told how she gave birth to her daughter, Maria, while only 13.
Despite her mother’s pleas to stay in school, Maria gave birth to son Ion at the age of 11.

Rifca, now 25, told the Sun: ‘I am happy to be a grandmother but I wished something else for Maria - and something else for me.
‘Ion is a good boy - and he is already engaged to a girl aged 8. Boys are always good to have - they don’t have to suffer as much girls I think.’
Born in 1985, Rifca defied her family’s wishes and ran away with jewellery seller Ionel Stanescu when she was 11 and he was 13.



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calendar   Monday - February 21, 2011

they didn’t have enuff rights already so, special allowances for misbehaving pupils from gypsy homes

Last post ....

Leave ya with this insanity just so everyone knows all is normal in this pc - multiculture dumb assed world.

It’s them again.  Who?  Them!

Theyyyy’rrrre Baaaaaaaak.

GYPSIES in the news. New Rights too, apparently.

Schools told to go easy on disruptive gypsy children or face action under the Equality Act

By Gerri Peev

Schools have been told they have to make special allowances for misbehaving pupils from gypsy and traveller families

Teachers have been warned they could be taken to task under the Equality Act if they discipline or exclude such children from schools.

Cash-strapped schools are even told they should launch an ‘outreach’ programme with a dedicated member of staff to ‘build trust’ with traveller families.

Under Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance, teachers are told to be sympathetic to traveller parents because they struggle with ‘confidence’ issues and are put off attending school meetings to discuss their children’s behaviour.

A guidance note said: ‘In cases where parents co-operate with the headteacher and are shown to be committed to assisting the pupil to manage their behaviour, it is less likely that the pupil will face exclusion.

‘This procedure may indirectly discriminate against the gypsy and traveller pupil whose parents may be less likely to come to the school to speak with the headteacher.’

Tory MP Priti Patel criticised the special treatment. She said: ‘I have concerns with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission dictating to headteachers how to run their schools and burdening them with more bureaucracy.

‘There are times when schools do need to exclude pupils to protect the rights of others to learn and headteachers should not be put off making these decisions by the patronising diktats of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.’

She added: ‘The Commission’s recommendation on travellers only serves to reinforce stereotypes as well as showing that political correctness and the human rights agenda are being skewered further against common sense.’

Katharine Birbalsingh – who was fired as a deputy head after laying bare problems in the state school system – said: ‘The idea that certain groups should be protected from exclusion is nonsense.

more here


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calendar   Tuesday - November 23, 2010

gypsy lived the life of riley at the expense of Brit taxpayer.  ho-hum. business as usual

I think I post too many stories on these folks. I really do. So why do I continue?  Cos it’s a blog site and rants, gripes, complaints and almost anything else that grabs my attention is up for blogging.  Also ... it’s so damn close to home considering I live here.

Truth to tell though, I am tired of the subject but darn if it doesn’t keep coming up and it does have it’s impact.  Be thankful you folks back home don’t have to put up with this. 
In terms of large sums of money I guess this is bad enough. But we’ve read worse where the frauds have not reached this high. But this makes the second time in about six or seven months that one of “these” people have been found out screwing the system in this way.  Hey, if the powers that be are going to make it easy for these folks to do this sort of thing, it can only get worse. And now that they have been declared a ‘race’ well, one must be careful before bringing charges.  Have to be very careful about hurting anyone’s feelings don’t ya know.

The Romanian gypsy who lived luxury lifestyle with £113,000 benefits stolen from British taxpayers

By Nick Fagge

A ‘shameless’ Romanian gipsy who stole at least £113,000 in benefits to fund a life of luxury has been jailed for three years.


Illie Schian, 47, bought sports cars, motorcycles, quad bikes and electrical goods with money he received from British hand-outs.

Using taxpayers’ cash, he even built his family a nine-bedroom mansion in Romania, complete with marbled floors, a spa bath, servants’ quarters and two kitchens filled with modern appliances.

He is also accused of involvement in a people-smuggling ring that sent around 180 children to Britain to beg and steal.

The fraudster amassed a £20,000 nest egg in a Romanian bank account before he was finally caught by police.

Schian, from Enfield, North London, applied for political asylum under an assumed name when he arrived in the UK 11 years ago, claiming he had been persecuted in Romania because he is a gipsy.

He was granted indefinite leave to remain in the country, but he proceeded to fleece British taxpayers out of tens of thousands in job seekers’ allowance, child benefit and housing benefit before he was arrested in July this year.

The Romanian was jailed for three years after he admitted a string of fraud charges at Southwark Crown Court on Friday.

Mr Justice James Wadsworth QC said: ‘You did your utmost to defraud the public.

He was granted indefinite leave to remain in March 2004 and his family came to Britain to join him. But shortly afterwards he was jailed for 15 months for theft.

On his release from prison, he disappeared and began to commit benefit fraud using his false identity.Through this he netted a total of £113,889 in just three-and-a-half years.

He was arrested four months ago following a long-running investigation into the organised crime gang he was part of.

Prosecutor Martin Whitehouse told the court: ‘The defendant came to the country intending to defraud the benefits system and, as soon as he could, he did just that.

Some impressive pix at the link.  Unless they bring back hanging for theft, this fellow and other like him will not be impressed by the jails here. They are a race of professional liars and thieves except for the odd one off who isn’t and even they might be suspect. Possible exception might, I say might, have been Django” Reinhardt. 



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calendar   Friday - October 22, 2010

meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers … strife ahead ..

As if this country doesn’t have enough to deal with. Now this damn thing and yes. It’s pretty much the same old same old BUT, the press reports a new wrinkle today.
Can you believe it?  This has been brewing for ten long years.  Of course, the left leaning Labour party was in power all that time and I guess but don’t personally know, that creeps like Harperson contributed to this problem.  See?  This is what you have to look forward to in a far left socialist nanny state.

To make matters even worse, there’s a group calling themselves Wombles, who I have never heard of outside stories for kids.  Apparently this group while not gypsy/traveler, is just looking for an excuse to confront the state and things could get quite messy. They will support the gypsies they say. Oh boy. And to think, the authorities could have closed things down before the numbers got this high. And nobody here has the stomach for firepower. At least on the govt. side.

Fury as travellers living on Europe’s largest illegal camp leapfrog thousands of people on council house waiting list

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:43 PM on 22nd October 2010

Four travellers facing eviction from Europe’s largest illegal travellers’ camp have leap-frogged more than 4,500 people to go to the top of a housing list in Essex.

However, the residents of the controversial Crays Hill site near Billericay have turned down the properties on offer because they want caravan pitches instead of permanent housing.

The news that the four had been prioritised on the housing list was revealed at a hearing at Southend County Court and it will infuriate the local community.


But the part to pay some close attention to is this.

Eviction of gypsy camp could cost the taxpayer £10million

By Daily Mail Reporter

Around 1,000 travellers have been given their marching orders while Essex police and the council draw up plans to evict them.

But hundreds of supporters have pledged to fight the eviction, and there are fears that the process could take two weeks and cost £10 million in police wages.
Essex Police has applied for extra government cash to pay for the eviction, as it anticipates violence flaring up at the sprawling site.

Gratton Puxon, a traveller campaigner, said: ‘Home Secretary Theresa May is being asked by Essex police to contribute up to £10 million to cover rising costs for the policing of Basildon’s ongoing plans to evict traveller families from the district.
‘No one has yet calculated how much further time and money would be wasted moving on those forced to camp on roadsides and parking lots.

‘Travellers have sworn to set up fresh camps on council land in the district.’

A police source told The Echo that the cost of an eviction would escalate if anti-capitalist groups like the Wombles joined the travellers to stand against the bulldozers.  There is intelligence of groups like the Wombles being involved, as they would relish a big fight against the state.’


more here at the source


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calendar   Tuesday - September 28, 2010

Dance, gypsy … sing, gypsy … drink, gypsy ….  STEAL GYPSY … and teach the kids as well

This is what these folks are almost all about, but I suppose it’s bigoted to say so out loud.  Or I should say bigoted and racist to the know nothings who aren’t exposed to it.  Like the civil rights idiots who got their knickers in a twist last month when the French govt. decided to clamp down on the illegal camps and deport illegal immigrants from this group.  Anyway, this isn’t exactly new as it’s been known for a very long time. 

If the authorities weren’t so damned afraid of world opinion and their membership in the EU, they could dispose of this group in the same manner they disposed of their former communist leaders, Nickolai Chauchescu and his wife.  Bang-bang, you’re dead.
The end always justifies the means when you’re dealing with a national cancer.  I am referring specifically to the criminal group and not the entire community,
a small percentage of which are guilty of nothing.  All the rest who are known and with records of crime should be eliminated.  Just a thought, might also be a good way to take the pressure off overcrowded prisons.  Eliminate all of the worst with long records and repeat offenders.  Cost effective too by gosh.

In the dock: Modern-day Fagins who ‘sent 200 Romanian children to beg and steal in UK’

By Nick Fagge

A gang of modern-day Fagins brought almost 200 Romanian children into Britain to steal and beg for their criminal masters, a court heard yesterday.
The youngsters, some as young as eight, were said to have been trained in their home country to pick pockets, snatch bags from bars and restaurants, shoplift and beg at home.

Then they were packed off to the UK, many with forged documents.
Their bosses, all Roma gipsies, coerced families into giving up their children, saying that they would find them work and send money home.
But in actual fact the youngsters, who were each making up to £100,000 a year, were sold as ‘slaves’ to other gang members and forced to hand over every penny of their earnings to their masters.

A defendant, named Petrica Dragusin claimed that it was not a crime to ‘receive money from children’.

Yesterday, 24 gang members faced charges in a Romanian courtroom. Some of them appeared before a judge penned behind a dock with wooden bars.
Their criminal network is said to have sent at least 181 youngsters to Britain over seven years up to 2009 - seeking out disabled children and those younger than 14, which is the age of criminal responsibility in Romania.

The group faces charges including child trafficking, money laundering, possession of illegal guns and creating a criminal network.
The charges read: ‘This group is involved in organised crime trafficking under-aged Romanians of Roma origin to western Europe, especially Great Britain, to exploit them through begging activities and street crimes.

‘These people planned to carry out serious crimes over a long period of time with each gang member allocated precise tasks through a well-organised hierarchy. From the evidence found by the British-Romanian team it concluded that the minors found in the UK were transported there by the members of the criminal group who are under investigation in this case.

‘The children were forced to beg, steal and commit benefit fraud under the supervision of this group.’
It was also claimed that Romanian police suspected the gang of child trafficking in 2005, but allowed the criminals to continue the trade - until they were forced to act following pressure from Britain.

read more here and photos


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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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