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calendar   Sunday - March 25, 2012

inavded by a small town in romania?

Did not know I was booting today until I saw this.

Welcome to America?

Well, if not today then coming soon to a city near you.

I see these vermin in the very same light as the muzzie jihadi scum. The world’s cancer. And both should be annihilated.

Much of this problem of course is the result of the one world open borders that the UK is sadly tied to. And will remain so for the foreseeable future.
Anyway, what’s a bit jail time to these folks? A break from their normal working hours while their offspring learn the family trade. 

Rolling in it: The Romanian fraudsters who raked in £35m in cash machine scam

More than 90 per cent of cash machine fraud in UK attributed to Romanian criminal gangs

Most of those arrested have links to the same city: Bacau in eastern Romania

Proceeds of crime ‘now makes up 70 per cent of Bacau’s economy’

By Kerry Mcqueeney

As well as Britain, it is thought criminals from Bacau are operating in Latin America, Australia and the U.S.A.

Playing on a bed of banknotes, this innocent baby is - literally - rolling in it.

The infant clutches £20 notes in his tiny hands, oblivious to the origin of the dirty cash.

For these are the proceeds of a Romanian fraudster behind a cash machine scam - one of many targeting British bank customers.


The picture of the baby rolling in money plundered from British bank accounts was just one image found by police on a phone seized when officers raided a safe house used by a Romanian gang.

More than 90 per cent of all cash machine fraud in the UK is attributed to these and hundreds of other Romanian criminals, according to senior investigators.

The scams involve camouflaged electronic devices being fitted to the facade of cash machines in Britain which ‘skim’ victims’ data and PIN numbers to create replica cards.

The clones are reproduced to withdraw cash from any of the country’s 60,000 dispensers, with an average of £500 being withdrawn on each card.

The device takes under a minute to fit to the front of a cash machine and it can store the details of hundreds of customers’ cards.

The head of the police unit tasked with tackling the problem said the fraudsters stole £35million from British bank customers last year - and most of those arrested in connection with the scams had links to the same location: the city of Bacau in eastern Romania.
Bacau-based Adu Baunu, convicted in 2008 for credit card fraud, took a picture of his baby rolling in cash stolen from British cash machines

Bacau-based Adu Baunu, convicted in 2008 for credit card fraud, took a picture of his baby rolling in cash stolen from British cash machines

Detective chief inspector Paul Barnard, from the dedicated cheque and plastic crime unit run jointly by the Metropolitan and City of London police forces, said it was ‘striking’ that 92 per cent of those arrested, or brought to attention of police in relation to cash machine crime, were Romanian nationals.

He told the Sunday Times: ‘Most of the hundreds of Romanians arrested in the past 12 months are from Bacau or have connections to that region.’

Proceeds of crime is now thought to make up 70 per cent of Bacau’s economy, a senior Romanian lawyer claimed last week.

The flow of cash into the city is so great that an array of mansions have sprung up in the area and a number of expensive car dealerships have opened.

Many of the criminals seem content to flaunt their ill-gotten gains in their home country, splashing out on expensive cars and gaudy houses.

The baby in the picture is the child of thief Adu Bunu - from Bacau - who was jailed in 2008 for a hole-in-the wall scam estimated to have netted more than £1million.

He flashed his stolen cash by taking photographs of his infant son Eduardo playing among the banknotes.

And two recently jailed brothers, who ran a criminal gang in Romania, own a string of properties across Bacau.

read more, source, sunday mail


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calendar   Friday - March 02, 2012

comrade commissar for euro human rights court warns UK.

Some stories of interest with regard to Europe’s cancer.
You folks in the USA won’t see this where you are.  You are lucky to be mostly far removed.

I’ve had this for a few days not being sure how I wanted to present it.  But the latest comment from the usual left wing idiot socialist gas bags at the European Human Rights courts, decided me on posting the web pages with links and let you see just how F****D up euro-weenies can be. And they want others to agree to their twisted thinking.

In brief.  You will recall if you’ve been visiting this site over time, that there was a great brouhaha over a traveler’s ILLEGAL camp site which took ten years to resolve.  They were illegal from the start and they knew they were. So last year they were finally and forcibly removed. That’s it. That’s all. End of story. Erm ... well maybe not. 

An ass wipe by the name of Thomas Hammarberg, who happens to be a European Human Rights Commissioner, has opined the following.  Notice please what the idiot who can not die soon enough to please me, has said re. Dale Farm;

Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe, said the eviction of travelers from the illegal Dale Farm camp last year was a violation of their rights, ‘highly regrettable’ and must never happen again.
Britain is undermining the rights of gypsies and travelers to housing which is ‘culturally acceptable’ to them.

euro-weenie court

So in other words it was not legal or moral or correct to move the sponging SOBs, even though they themselves were in violation of the law and were in place illegally. I won’t even take time to go into all the collateral problems they caused the community they invaded. For those of you reading this who do not know, Dale Farm was the largest illegal camp site in Europe.
Meanwhile, here in the UK, The Council of Europe also runs the European Court of Human Rights, which David Cameron is currently trying to reform following its repeated interference in decisions made by British courts and Parliament.

Okay so.  We’ve got two kinds of the same sort of ppl. One group is from Eastern Europe and mostly Romanian, the other travelers and mostly I am told, Irish and English. I have read that the Irish branch are somewhat smarter and more lawyered up.  I don’t personally have any knowledge of the truth of that. Doesn’t matter anyway because both are serious problems.
But for this post …. the subject is the lying, thieving, teach em all as kids; The Roma Gypsies.
Take a look at this and if you really wanna be impressed, see the link. Cos it is impressive in a negative sort of way.

Gipsy pickpockets’ palaces: The mansions built by Romanian family of thieves who robbed train passengers while they slept


In Britain, they claimed to be destitute, living on benefits and scrounging from tourists to whom they sold the Big Issue.  (a street magazine)
But in fact the Rostas family had five huge palaces in their Romanian homeland, financed by the proceeds of a massive pickpocketing racket here.
These are the gaudy mansions the family of Roma gipsies built after stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from commuters, snatching mobile phones and cash as they dozed on late-night trains from London to Kent.

The stolen phones were sold in Romania to generate huge profits which the family used to build this 16-bedroom villa. A few streets away four similar blue-roofed palaces, all decorated with the Mercedes car emblem to symbolise wealth, are shared by other members of the extended family.

All are unfinished to avoid paying Romanian property taxes.


Police believe the family may be part of a wider criminal network spread across Europe, operating in Britain, Ireland, Spain and France. One neighbour, Artur Potra, 42, a retired engineering technician, said: ‘They have never worked in Romania. They just steal, steal, steal. They started out trading stolen whisky and cigarettes in the 1990s before they moved into Britain.


BUT WAIT ..... THERE’S MORE.  Look here.

‘Con Air’ gypsy gang members who flew to Britain in £800,000 benefit fraud told to pay back just £17.65


Two members of a ‘Con Air’ Roma gypsy family who jetted in and out of the UK to pocket more than £800,000 ($1,267,478) in benefits have been ordered to pay back just £17.65p.  ($23.30)

Ramona and Dorina Dumitru were part of a gang that cheated taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of pounds in what was described by a judge as a ‘flagrant’ attack on the benefits system.

The fraudsters used forged home office documents and job references to illegally obtain national insurance numbers, which they used to claim a range of state handouts.

Gang members claimed benefits under two different aliases at the same time, and boosted the payouts they received by inventing children, producing what they said were photographs of the non-existent youngsters.

Some of the claimants did not live in the UK at all while making benefits claims, with one woman making regular flights into the country from Romania to collect their payments.

Today in a proceeds of crime hearing at Southwark Crown Court Ramona Dumitru, 34, who claimed she had six children, aged between two and 13 years old, was ordered to pay back just £16.65p of the £81,106.33p she netted.

Dorina Dumitru, 39, who used both her name and an alias was told she would only have to repay £1 despite having pocketed £101,333.27 after the court heard she had no assets.


Perhaps this one deserves a page all to itself. I couldn’t decide so I’m including it here.

Gum stolen from the UK being used as currency on black market in Romania

Police warn supermarkets to security-tag boxes of chewing gum to combat bizarre crime wave

Chewing-gum theft has become big business for criminal gangs who smuggle the confectionery across Europe to be used as a substitute for cash on the streets of Romania.

Prosecutors warn that the bizarre crime wave is now a “major problem” in cities across the UK, with thousands of pounds’ worth of gum stolen from shops. The Crown Prosecution Service warned yesterday that those caught will face the “full force of the law”, including jail.

Police believe organised gangs have identified a “soft target” in stores, where large amounts of stock are routinely left on shelves. In many cases, thieves simply load boxes of gum into trolleys and walk out. A number of forces claim the gum is sent to Romania, where shops and kiosks give chewing gum to customers instead of change, though Romanian diplomatic sources have played down the idea.

Dean Lampard, a CPS prosecutor, said: “The theft of large quantities of chewing gum is becoming big business. The police have told us this specific crime has become a major problem up and down the M5 corridor, as well as in other parts of the country.”

His warning came after two Romanian men were jailed last week for thefts worth more than £1,000. Ciprian Petw received a 24-week sentence for stealing £550 of gum in Norfolk and Taunton. He was picked up by police with a large foiled bag in Asda, Taunton, while out on bail for the Norfolk theft. He was found guilty at Taunton Magistrates’ Court of going equipped for theft. He had previously shoplifted in Manchester, Elgin and Suffolk, as well as Norfolk, and had made enough money to fund a trip home to Romania for Christmas, the court heard. Meanwhile, Fane Raducanu pleaded guilty to stealing chewing gum worth £430 from the same Asda store. He was given a six-week custodial sentence.

Police say similar raids have been carried out in Hounslow, Northampton, Hull, Newcastle, Slough, Worcester and North Yorkshire. From April to July last year, there were seven thefts of large quantities of gum in the Shrewsbury area alone. “Since then, it’s continued,” PC David Walton from West Mercia Police told The Independent on Sunday.

“We are not talking about a couple of packs; we are talking about five, six, seven maybe eight hundred pounds’ worth in one go. It became apparent it was just Romanian nationals. The chewing gum has a tangible value back home. If you are making a purchase in a shop on a street corner or a kiosk, if they don’t have sufficient change, they will give you strips of gum. The bottom line is it’s going back to Romania. People are loading up the trolley and brazenly walking out with it.”

PC Walton says the problem also goes “all the way up the M1”. The thieves avoid alcohol, meat and razor blades – where supermarket security is known to be tighter – and instead target the sweets aisles. Supermarkets have been encouraged to security-tag boxes of gum and reduce the amounts they keep on display.


There was a published photo last week sometime, of a 6 or possibly 7 year old who was being supervised by an adult gypo while the kid shoplifted.
They actually do train them that young. 


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calendar   Saturday - February 11, 2012

one law for gypos and another set of laws for the law abiding. sounds about right.

Notices were placed on villagers’ car windscreens two days ago reading:

‘Will owners of vehicles please make sure that there (sic) vehicles are removed from these roads until after the abnormal load has passed, which should hopefully be by 2pm Friday’. The mobile home is pictured squeezing past a historic pub, with police in tow.

It’s a bit hard to read on the car windshield so I’m trying to decide if it was a council officer who couldn’t spell or if it was a traveller notice.  Looking at the upper left corner it appears to be a crown like image.
Whatever ….  this bit of lunatic asylum story screamed to be shared in spite of my previous comments about tiring of this subject.
You must admit though, this is a bit out of the ordinary when the cops have to escort illegal activity.

Giant gypsy ‘caravan’ gets police escort through village to ILLEGAL travellers’ site after council forces residents to move their cars

· Officers with Land Rover and squad car escorted ‘abnormally large’ wide load vehicle to site
· Furious villagers lined the streets and refused to move their cars despite police orders
· Travellers are challenging Government ruling declaring their site illegal


When the residents of a small village heard a huge static caravan was being transported to an illegal travellers’ site, they expected the police to take immediate action.
What they didn’t expect were notices saying their cars would be towed away if they didn’t move them as the caravan was given a police escort through their main street.
‘Any vehicle that is obstructing this movement will be towed away at the owner’s expense,’ the signs warned car owners in South Harting, West Sussex.
The 15ft by 40ft caravan – thought to have cost up to £20,000 and to have two bedrooms – was being delivered to a site which has been ruled illegal, but is subject to a planning appeal.
As it slowly lumbered through the village yesterday, struggling to negotiate narrow bends and pulled by a lorry and escorted by two police vehicles, residents stood and watched in disbelief.
David Barnard, chairman of the parish council, said: ‘If they are not allowed there, isn’t now the time to stop another vehicle going on the site, instead of helping it? The concern is once there is permission for two caravans, suddenly there will be 22.’

Break,break … Need some advice here. LYNDON?

Why would she need permission to fix leaking windows?
What rewiring? On windows? If wiring was already in place, surely permission would have been given in the past. And permission for new plumbing in a Grade Two house?  I thought that would only apply for Grade One. ??

Things sure do get turned upside down here.

A mother of two, who asked not to be named, said: ‘It is absolutely outrageous. I live in a Grade II-listed house with leaking windows that needs rewiring and new plumbing, but when I applied for planning permission it was refused. I’ve got two children and no central heating but these guys can just move in. It is bang out of order.’

Neil Simpson, 50, said: ‘When I had a little touring caravan the council came down on me like ton of bricks. They told me to take it away so I did, because that’s what people like us have to do. There are perhaps two laws being applied.’
A Chichester District Council spokesman said they understood residents’ concerns about the delivery of the caravan, adding: ‘We have taken action in a number of different ways.
‘There is a planning stop notice which prohibits more than two mobile homes and any engineering work on the land. We understand one of the mobile homes has been removed.
‘We have also served an enforcement notice requiring the removal of the mobile homes from the land, which the owners appealed against. This is now the subject of a High Court challenge.’
A police spokesman said: ‘We recognise the local sensitivities around this issue. We are playing a minor role in the event.’


Why are these people still called “Travellers” they are obviously not planning on “travelling” anywhere! One of them even said “They might as well get used to it because we’re going to be there for a long time”!
- Sharon, Paris, 11/2/2012 10:20



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calendar   Thursday - February 02, 2012

residents try to block illegal development of green belt. guess who’s told to move on?

This really is the craziest darn place.
Look at this. Group of law abiding ppl doing their volunteer best to protect their home grounds. The so called Travelers bought the property legally. However, they broke the law by developing on the green belt.  You do not simply go somewhere and dig up the land.  But they do it all the time because laws are meaningless to them.  And you must be careful how you speak to the mo****ers, or you could be banged up for raaaaaaaaism. Yeah really. The previous govt. declared them a race and so there are things you may say which in turn will be used against you. 
So then, a group of people are doing their best to stop illegal development but THEY are the ones now being evicted from their site.

Tear down your protest camp! After two years of protecting green belt against illegal traveller invasion, villagers get THEIR marching orders

Residents warn illegal site is in danger of becoming Dale Farm II

Travellers paid £100,000 to buy paddock - and moved in over bank holiday weekend when the council was powerless to stop them developing it.

Residents barricaded the site in Meriden, West Midlands, to keep out trucks delivering 1,800 tons of hardcore rubble

200 villagers manned camp to make sure the site is not developed - but THEY are given their marching orders


For 642 days, the residents have camped out to prevent the spread of an illegal traveller camp on the edge of their village.

But now the vigilant villagers of Meriden are being thrown off their protest camp – while the travellers remain.

Planning officials ruled that the residents’ rudimentary shelter of caravan, tarpaulin and wood-burning stove constituted an illegal development and must be dismantled.


But the town hall has so far failed to move on the travellers, despite the rejection of their planning application.

The decision was last night condemned by the residents of the West Midlands village, who branded the move by Solihull Council’s planning committee a ‘disgrace’.

They warned the illegal traveller site was in danger of becoming Dale Farm II – a reference to the mass illegal occupation in Cray’s Hill, Essex, which only ended after a multi-million pound, decade-long planning row.

The Meriden travellers paid £100,000 to buy a paddock from a local businessman and, in time-honoured fashion, moved on to the land at the start of a bank holiday weekend in April last year – when the council was powerless to stop them developing the site.

But they had not reckoned on the determination of villagers to preserve the Meriden Gap greenbelt which separates the village from Coventry and Solihull.

As word spread, residents swung into action, descending on the eight-acre site and forming a human barricade to prevent a convoy of lorries from delivering 1,800 tons of hardcore rubble to the site later that evening.

Ever since, around 200 residents have manned their camp around the clock to make sure the site is not developed any further, working to a rota with shifts lasting anything from an hour to overnight.

Only last week they succeeded in preventing another eight lorry loads of hardcore from being deposited at the site.

But like their foes, the residents did not have planning permission for the camp – which stands on a builders’ yard driveway immediately opposite the gypsy settlement – and, last night, the Tory-run authority voted to issue an enforcement against it.

Planners ordered them to remove the stove, caravan and tarpaulin by March 31, even though the owner of the builders’ yard has given them full permission to remain there.

Around 80 villagers and members of the residents’ group Meriden RAID (Residents Against Inappropriate Development) packed into a meeting last night at the council house to hear the decision.



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calendar   Saturday - January 28, 2012

pirates and travelers.  all brothers under the skin color

Here’s what’s in some of the papers tomorrow or on the radio today.

Go figure.  Was a time when pirates were simply deep 6’d and forgot about.
How times and pc thinking have changed. And not for the better.

Here’s the headline.

Somali pirates captured by navy to face court in Seychelles

Right. That’ll put the frighteners on em ok.

Britain has agreed to what has been described as a “ground breaking” deal with the Seychelles, who will prosecute 14 pirates in return for help building and running its prisons.  The Seychelles agreed to prosecute after about $300,000 was earmarked to improve prison capacity.

Would it not have been more cost effective to let the vermin drown after firing their boat?  Just asking.

Then this little blurb appeared with no headline or author.
Hey Drew. Take note.  Reason I say that is because while I was in the states, Drew did a darn good job posting this story from here.  Well, here’s an update on the kafuffle at a place called Dale Farm.  Anyone remember that?  Large group of Travelers (thieves by any other name) took up illegal residence and stayed for ten years.  They were finally evicted among much press coverage and the usual damnation from the radical left.  Well guess what?


Some are anyway. They’ve returned in defiance of a high court order. There were violent clashes reported in October last, when the police tossed the bastards out. But this group says they are back and are staying.  Understandable really as the laws of this country do not apply to them.  Just ask em.



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calendar   Wednesday - January 18, 2012

about as bad as it gets. squatters. why isn’t anyone killing them? they deserve it !

Well, it’s happened again.  Yeah I know.  I was tired of these never ending stories. But this is one hell of a story.
Besides .... I am reminded of the promise by this govt. that the law was going to be changed.  The PM made that promise I do believe, around about election time. Was that 2010 or 2011?  I think it was 2010.  Whatever.  I didn’t really hold my breath.

Interesting though when it happened to a govt. type last year, she got back her property pretty fast.
Nobody else does.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke recently announced proposals to make squatting illegal in residential dwellings. The Ministry of Justice was unable to say when the law would come into force.

Yeah right.  But it never happens in time to give relief to the innocent and the people who are desperate for the change. It is so fuckin obvious that this needs change. 

I can not begin to describe the depth of my hatred for the scum who do these things and my total disdain for the powers that leach who allow it to continue.

Squatters should ALL be slaughtered on sight. The country should be swept of this vermin by any means. Anyone who objects should likewise be made to stop their un-necessary breathing, as they are enablers of this loathsome practice. 

‘My childhood home has been invaded by Moldovan squatters’: Woman’s anguish as eight Eastern Europeans break in days before she is due to sell

After inheriting her childhood home from her mother and renting it out for a couple of years, Janice Mason decided to make a clean break with the past by selling the property.

Having found a buyer, she hoped the heart-wrenching process could be completed swiftly. But a group of Eastern European squatters moved in before the contracts had been exchanged.

As a result, Mrs Mason is facing months of anguish and frustration.


The £250,000 three-bedroom detached house in Walthamstow, East London, was left empty after the tenants moved out. Seizing their opportunity, the eight squatters, believed to be Moldovan, broke in through the back door.

Mrs Mason and her husband David discovered what had happened only after a neighbour went round to meet the people she presumed were the new owners.

She was met by a heavily pregnant woman who brandished what she claimed was a ‘tenancy agreement’.

Alerted, the Masons rushed to the home but found the locks had been changed. Police told them they were powerless to act as it was a civil matter. Lawyers have advised the couple that they face a legal process that could take up to eight months and cost them thousands of pounds.

‘We are going through hell at the moment,’ said Mrs Mason, 49. ‘We’re not eating, we’re not sleeping properly. I have had to inform my buyer that the house is now occupied by squatters and we cannot sell it to her. The salt in the wound is that I even have to pay for the electricity they use while they are in there.’

Her husband, 48, who works as a driver, added: ‘I have paid my taxes all my life and abided by the law. But when something like this happens, the law is against me.’

The house was built in 1970 and Mrs Mason’s parents, Betty and Bill, moved in the following year when she was nine. Bill died in 2003 and Betty moved into a care home in 2009. The house was rented out to pay the costs.

Betty passed away in December 2010 and the two-year tenancy came to an end in May last year, after which Mrs Mason decided to sell up.

An offer of £248,500 was accepted last month but the deal ground to a halt on January 8 when the Masons, who have no children and live 12 miles away in Epping, Essex, learned the Moldovans – four adults and four children – had moved in.

The owners were also met by a woman clutching a ‘tenancy agreement’ when they arrived.

‘She was saying she would call the police,’ said Mrs Mason. ‘So we thought let’s call the police and resolve the matter. But they couldn’t do anything.’ Officers examined the occupants’ documents, which stated they let the property from a woman called Sharon Wright from December 28 and paid £2,000.

They were unable to contact the woman and refused to pass her mobile number to the Masons, who were allowed inside briefly to examine the house, which had been left unfurnished.

A sofa and TV had been moved in. A steady procession of men and women were seen entering and leaving when the Mail visited the property this week. The squatters were seen using a shopping trolley to help move in mattresses, folding chairs and a table. None of them was prepared to talk.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Squatting in an empty property remains a civil matter and the owners were advised accordingly.’

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke recently announced proposals to make squatting illegal in residential dwellings. The Ministry of Justice was unable to say when the law would come into force.

(And that cos the Ministry of No Justice are made up of no care idiots. Putzes”! All of em.)



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calendar   Friday - January 13, 2012

families move into empty houses to foil squatters

I had promised myself (and readers) that I was going to avoid the squatter/gypo/traveller issue.  It had really become tiresome because it was happening so often, it was hardly news anymore. 
But it was not a New Year’s resolution.  And besides, this has a slightly different twist to it and so it’s worth sharing.  The more so because the authorities in charge last year made promises. Publicly.  Of course, I believe it was an election period so promises made then should always and automatically be considered bogus.

Ilford: A community besieged by squatters

Mark Blunden and Rob Parsons

A community under siege by gangs of Romanian squatters targeting dozens of vacant homes has launched a fightback to reclaim properties there.
In an escalation of the squatting epidemic blighting London, up to 30 homes around Ilford have been occupied in the past year - and police said they were powerless to step in.

Nine neighbours secured one empty house on Boxing Day to stop it being taken over again after a group of squatters moved out.

Their action came after a series of cases across London in which organised gangs of Eastern Europeans have occupied and trashed strings of empty neighbouring properties. One resident taking on the squatters in Ilford told how she returned home from work one day to find up to 30 of them in the four-bedroom house next door.

Susan Dixon, 47, said the gangs have refused to leave occupied properties in her area and sometimes turned hostile when challenged by the owners.
The mother-of-one has since gathered nearly 2,000 signatures demanding action by Redbridge council and is due to speak in the town hall this month.

She said: “They moved in next to me and I had no idea how to act. It took weeks to research and so we want the council to arm the community with information. People are scared, angry and in disbelief that someone can just take over your house.

“It must be one of the most squatted areas in Britain. These people can be very intimidating but police say it’s a civil matter and we must go to court.”
Residents also want the council to work with estate agents to ensure properties on the market are not so visibly for sale and to advise on security.
Home owners have reported having windows broken, rubbish piled up in gardens, bathrooms “trashed” and lead removed from ceilings.

One couple were stuck with a £600 gas bill after squatters refused to leave for three months. Their carpets were also stolen, windows broken and holes drilled in the doors for satellite TV.

Local councillor Aziz Choudhury said some squatters slept in “shifts”. He said: “My ward is affected severely by this. On one road they moved from property to property three times. The area’s reputation is going down. By the time eviction papers are served in court they’ve trashed the house and gone.”

In October father-of-two Bhajan Channa said he was “traumatised” after squatters did £20,000 of damage to his three-bedroom home after he had moved out to sell it.

Home owners are powerless to get their houses back, despite being allowed in by police to photograph the damage.

Redbridge council said: “We are working with partner organisations, in particular the police, to take steps to try to prevent squatters gaining access to empty properties in the borough.”

source,evening standard

Notice, no threat of shooting dead on sight or anything else that would end this blight. The council will, work with partner orgs. and take steps. Sure thing. That’ll scare the hell out of the vermin in human form.

A somewhat embarrassing note. I have told folks here that this kind of thing could never happen in the USA. Oh boy. Wanna bet?  I found an example from Long Beach, Ca. that pretty much mirrors this. Good grief.


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calendar   Saturday - November 05, 2011

no more squatter/gypsy/traveler stories … except for this.

For a few years now
I have shared with some great frustration, the many stories about squatters, travellers and gypsies.  They all do basically the same thing and all pretty much cause havoc and great expense to innocent property owners.

It isn’t that the problem has gone away in the short time I was gone.  Trust me. It hasn’t.  But to be honest, I am bone tired of the story and I bet you are too. 

Damn if it isn’t reported so often (cos it happens so often) that you’d get the impression nothing else happens here except that subject.  So in the future, I am going to ignore (or will do my best to ignore) any more articles on that subject. 

I can report however that Parliament has met to discuss legislation to outlaw squatting.  I’m not clear on the traveller/gypsy thing though.  Whatever, I have discovered I’m brilliant because what I’ve been ranting about seems to have been said publicly by some politician who has said, that folks do things like squatting and taking property simply because they have faith that they will get away with it. Which is what I’ve been saying for so long.  So I guess maybe now I’m a rocket scientist er sompthin.  Jeesh.  Wouldn’t you think that was self evident?  Why has it taken these folks so damn long to discuss the topic in govt.? 

Anyway, I think the law will change but I don’t yet know when it will take effect.
Why not now?  What’s wrong with now?  Or first thing Monday morning. Why wait?
But I guess better late then not at all.


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calendar   Sunday - October 23, 2011

Vacation Or Not, The Story Continues

Not sure when Peiper is getting back from his travels, but it’s been 6 weeks now. I think that’s a standard vacation for the Brits, but he’s retired so who knows? But just in case ... his last post before leaving was on the pending eviction of the gypsies from Dale Farm in the UK, an area that they had taken over years ago.

Earlier this week they got the old heave-ho. The police were equipped with riot gear and ready for a big showdown. I don’t think that happened. There was some burning, some protesting, and the usual crap, but in the end the armed government forces and their heavy machinery won out over a bunch of wankers and their pasty little RVs and caravans.

So on with the never ending story ...


Flaming barricades: I love how rioters and other low life always set their own neighborhoods on fire first!


“The English are coming; they are in order of battle and ready to fight.”
“Strike boldly, they will take to flight!”

Joan d’Arc d’Gyppo tries to rally the resistance with cross and a giant cuppa


surely this wall will hold back the plod


um, maybe not


cleaning up the mess afterwards

The travellers of Dale Farm and their supporters had vowed they would ‘fight to the death’ to defend the illegal camp site from the bailiffs. But in the event, none made the ultimate sacrifice. Hundreds of riot police armed with Tasers stormed the site at dawn yesterday, swiftly gaining control despite facing a hail of bricks and being threatened with spades as two caravans were set on fire. Sporadic resistance continued for most of the day, but by last night the Battle of Basildon was all but won after 27 arrests.

The raid to clear the site began at dawn and demonstrators quickly retaliated by throwing a hail of missiles and buckets of urine at the officials entering the area. This resulted in two people then being shot with Taser guns by police officers. But progress in evicting the travellers was slow as police officers had to first deal with the hundreds of protesters who had descended on the site to fight the residents’ cause.

Electricity was cut soon after the operation began and moments later a caravan was set alight, sending flames and thick black smoke into the air. After a 90-minute stand-off, the police made another push into the site at 9.25am and scaled the scaffolding put up at the entrance to the camp. Throughout the afternoon officers and bailiffs worked to remove seven protesters who had secured themselves to the scaffolding tower with ropes. By then nearly all of the traveller families had left Dale Farm and were watching proceedings from a neighbouring legal site.

A warning klaxon was sounded three times to notify travellers then bulldozers were used to smash down fences. Police hacked through shabby fences to get into the site. At another barricade, a strong line of officers ignored a rambling traveller and pushed forward. Anarchists were chained by their necks to ruined vehicles filled with concrete.

Just 24 hours earlier, following years of negotiations that cost the taxpayer £18million, the travellers lost their bid to keep the homes that had been built illegally on green belt land.

Residents in neighbouring counties have been preparing themselves for an influx of the evicted travellers. Park wardens have started digging trenches around open land to ensure that caravans cannot be driven onto the grass. Supermarkets have also stepped up security to prevent the travellers from using their carparks and road junctions are being monitored. Farmers in the area surrounding Dale Farm have placed hay bales and farming equipment at the entrances to their land to prevent residents getting in following the eviction, local residents said.

One said: ‘They have begun to do this in the last couple of weeks. It looks like it is to stop evicted residents getting on to the farms.’

Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, said: ‘We now believe that those who want to leave peacefully have already done so and those who are left have made it clear that they have no intention of co-operating with the council.

‘Resistance and violence as some are now suggesting will be in nobody’s interest - especially not the travellers or their families. We now must get on with the difficult job of clearing Dale Farm in as safe and dignified a manner as possible - and that is what we will now do.

Mr Ball thanked the police and congratulated them on the professional way they had carried out the operation. He said: ‘When I became a councillor, it was never in my mind and never did I want to preside over an operation where we saw riot police on the streets of Basildon.But I am absolutely clear that after 10 years of negotiation to try and find a peaceful solution to this that actually what we’re doing is the right thing.”

Many more pictures at the above link, and dozens more stories covering the event in the UK papers. So it’s a positive note for Peiper to come home to, though I really have no idea when he’ll be back. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these thieving scum haven’t co-opted his home in his absence. After all, it only took the Basildon council TEN YEARS to do the right thing that they should have done on DAY ONE. You don’t negotiate with criminals. You take them down, then you take them away.

Where have the Travellers gone now? Right next door mostly to a legal site. So go figure. I was hoping they’d get tossed all the way back to Ireland or something. No such luck. But for now, we’re seeing their ends at Dale Farm at any rate.


push on, you blighters


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/23/2011 at 09:07 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - September 21, 2011

One For Peiper

Peiper is on vacation, so I’ll make a few posts on his behalf. This one is right up his alley.

Traveler Plague Spreads Across Britian

Dale Farm gypsies start up ‘illegal’ new site

TRAVELLERS from the illegal Dale Farm site are setting up a new camp 60 miles away in Luton.

At least 20 caravans have been taken to a picturesque park in the Bedfordshire town — and travellers said up to 40 more would soon arrive.

Council chiefs in Luton said they had started eviction procedures — as the travellers continued to fight moves to evict them from the Dale Farm site in Basildon, Essex.

One of the movers warned: “There’ll be 40 more caravans coming from Dale Farm. We have nowhere else to go.”

Caravans began arriving at Stockwood Park, a 100-hectare site near the M1, on Monday evening. One man was allegedly seen pulling up in a mobile home and using boltcutters to break a lock on park gates.

Cars dropped off caravans in the park before heading off to pick up more, locals said.

One [local resident] called police but said it took an hour for officers to show up.

The resident said: “We don’t want Dale Farm’s problems here. The police and council should have responded quicker to stop them getting on the land.”

Here we go again. The worthless Plod hamstrung by PC, and outnumbered by the violent, slave holding scum and their git, take their bloody time before showing up and doing nothing.

Travellers at the new camp — 60 miles from the Dale Farm site at Basildon, Essex — were unrepentant yesterday as their kids played happily in the park.

On Monday the High Court granted the Dale Farm families an 11th-hour reprieve, banning bailiffs from clearing the barricaded camp until Friday.

Irish traveller Flint Devons, 29, who lived at Dale Farm for seven years, said the threat of eviction had made him ill.

He said: “I moved to Luton rather than wait for the bailiffs because my health was suffering.

I can end your suffering, mate. Somebody pass me that SMLE and it will all be over in just a second. With a bit of luck I can stop the whole lot of you from suffering too.

Stockwood Park, near M1 junction 10, has a rugby club, football pitches, 18-hole golf course, riding stables and children’s play area.

Luton Borough Council yesterday began legal action to remove the travellers from the park.

A spokesman said: “The council was made aware of the encampment and immediately started the standard legal procedure for eviction. We expect to move them on very soon.”

Good luck with that. They’re here to stay, so you can kiss all those local amenities goodbye. Best to move the horses now before they’re stolen or turned into stew.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 09/21/2011 at 07:09 PM   
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calendar   Monday - September 12, 2011

some of our favorite folk in slavery charge.

No time for much more then sharing this ….. on the move.

There’s just no getting away from some of our favorite people. Is there?

Shaven-headed, starved and beaten, the 24 slaves rescued in police raid on travellers’ site - some after 15 years in captivity

Victims lured from soup kitchens, benefit offices and hostels

One suicidal man ‘rescued’ from a bridge and promised a better future

Slaves kept in filthy kennels and horse-boxes - one held for 15 years

Five people from the travellers’ site arrested

Last updated at 8:25 AM on 12th September 2011

Two dozen modern day slaves held in appalling conditions were rescued when police raided a travellers’ camp yesterday.

About 200 officers stormed the site where the men were being kept in filthy caravans, dog kennels and horseboxes.

Some were starving. The vulnerable victims had been lured from soup kitchens, benefit offices and hostels with promises of paid jobs and shelter.

They were put to work in gruelling manual labouring jobs including paving driveways and clearing rubble because they were deemed cheaper than hiring machinery.

At least one man had been kept as a slave for 15 years. Another was found with dog excrement on his clothes. Investigators are now working to uncover the true scale of the horror amid speculation that there may have been hundreds of victims.

Five travellers – four men and a woman – from the site were arrested for offences under anti-slavery legislation introduced last year. They will be questioned by police today at police stations in Bedfordshire and Hertfodshire. Three more suspects were being hunted last night.

But police are facing searching questions over why they did not act sooner after it emerged that claims of slavery at the site were first made three years ago.

Twenty-eight men have come forward with such allegations since 2008.

The slavery ring was uncovered at Greenacre caravan site, a long-established gipsy site in Billington, near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire.

Police believe a gang of Irish travellers are behind the shocking racket. They said some victims were kept in kennels and horseboxes.

Detective Chief Inspector Sean O’Neil, who led the dawn raid, said: ‘The men we found at the site were in a poor state of physical health and the conditions they were living in were shockingly filthy and cramped.

more plus photos at source


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calendar   Saturday - September 10, 2011

the looming eviction at Dale Farm and evidence that gypos lying. oh surely not. update

A not altogether update surprise with regard to the ‘travelers’ so called, because it’s discovered that in spite of claims that if evicted they’d have no place else to go, (hell should be a good option for em) it appears some of the families do indeed have other places.
In fact ... some have houses in Ireland.

I’m sure some of our BMEWS readers will recall this bit of false hand wringing.


Well, seems not all, are all that lost.  Take a look.

Revealed: The Irish houses secretly ‘owned’ by Dale Farm travellers facing eviction

Last updated at 3:30 PM on 10th September 2011

Many travellers who say they will have nowhere to live when they are evicted from Britain’s biggest gipsy camp secretly own properties elsewhere, it has been claimed.

The 86 families have long protested they’ll be made homeless when they are forcibly removed from Dale Farm, Essex.

However, new evidence has revealed many of them are connected to homes in Rathkeale, a town in the Republic of Ireland which is often regarded as a spiritual home for travellers.

A number of them are listed on deeds, others are on planning applications to build property and many are still listed on the electoral roll.

David McPherson-Davis, an Essex parish councillor, said: ‘This appears to confirm suspicions people have had for a number of years following various inquiries carried out into the background of the people on the Dale Farm site.

‘It indicates there are alternative places for, at least, some of the families to return to. It begs the question, why do they keep denying they have anywhere to go?

John Dornan, a local Tory councillor in Essex, said: ‘I am sick to the back teeth of calling for an inquiry into the funding and management of this site.

‘We have travellers saying they chipped in and spent between £1.8million and £2.5million on developing Dale Farm, when the majority of people were on benefits. How?

‘And now there is more evidence of some of them with access to property elsewhere.’

complete unedited here

“why do they keep denying they have anywhere to go?”
Cos this is a culture of liars and thieves and it comes naturally to them. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/10/2011 at 12:14 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - September 03, 2011

living near travellers, a first hand horror account

I think everyone should see this first hand account.

Travellers invaded my village a year ago - and it’s sheer hell. Don’t tell me they’re the victims


Returning from a Bank Holiday weekend in Torquay to our home in the quiet West Midlands village of Meriden, I was greeted by an appalling vision.

Bulldozers, earthmovers, cranes and lorries were desecrating hitherto unspoilt land just yards from my front door.

Already a lot of damage had been done. The topsoil had been removed, trees destroyed and caravans parked.

Hordes of travellers had quietly bought a plot of land which is set aside for green belt and agricultural use and were unlawfully building on it.

It is no exaggeration to say that weekend in May 2010 was the beginning of an endless nightmare. It’s not just the rubbish left everywhere by the travellers, the endless noise nor even the destruction of our peaceful rural outlook.

Along with my fellow villagers, I have received an appalling and constant volley of abuse. I have had death threats and warnings that my house will be burned down. I have been accused of racism, of being a paedophile. I have even been reduced to tears by stress.

And all because of the travellers who decided, illegally, that they would build their homes next to mine.

Sadly, my situation is hardly unique. The abuse of the planning process by travellers is happening all over the country — as exemplified by the saga of the Dale Farm site at Basildon in Essex, Europe’s largest illegal encampment which is occupied by more than 80 families.

In Essex, as in Meriden, the depth of the commitment from local people has been inspirational, showing that the travellers can be challenged.

A local protest group formed swiftly after the travellers’ arrival in our peaceful village — a protest which has now lasted more than 500 days.

It has been an exhausting experience, because of the naked intimidation from the travellers.

Typical is this message we recently received: ‘Build a bonfire, build a bonfire! Put Meriden in the middle. Put all residents in the middle. And burn the f***ing lot.’

Such offensive language makes a mockery of the pretence, so assiduously cultivated by the politically correct brigade, that travellers are an oppressed ethnic minority who have to endure constant racism from the settled population.

Indeed, accusations of racism have become a shield to protect travellers from criticism about their behaviour. In the fashionable narrative of victimhood, they have been portrayed as a group suffering from social exclusion and prejudice.

So, according to this mentality, any criticism of their conduct, from tax evasion to thieving, amounts to nothing more than bigotry.

But I can categorically say that this is all sentimental nonsense. The argument has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with law-breaking.

The real bullies are not fictional extremists but some of the travellers themselves, who seek to achieve their goals by brute force and fear. Over the past 16 months at Meriden, the local residents have even had to endure threats that our houses will be burned down.

I once received a serious warning that there was a contract out to kill me. As part of the travellers’ campaign to destroy my reputation, I have been the subject of a barrage of frivolous complaints to the police.

One absurd claim was that I had been spying at night on travellers’ children in the site’s toilets. I don’t even know where these toilets are!

One Meriden resident found herself being tailgated when she was driving home at night. When she finally arrived at her house and, in her terror, rang the police, she found that she had been already reported for shouting ‘racist abuse’ at those who were following her.  On another occasion, I was accused of untethering their horses so they escaped from the camp.

Vehicles have been parked across the gates of my home to stop me getting out, while I have also had to put a concrete block on my driveway to stop it being used by lorries.

These trucks are just one distressing facet of the travellers’ numerous business interests, which include selling copper wiring and making Tarmac — which cause much noise, smell and disturbance to myself and other residents.

Of course, we are not the only ones who have had to put up with these problems.

In Essex, local residents also found that, while the travellers bought the land legitimately, they then illegally built on it, laying concrete pitches, Tarmac roadways and even some permanent bungalows, none of which had planning permission.

Their confidence in ignoring the law has been bolstered by the army of noisy supporters, who absurdly paint the travellers as victims of state oppression.

Typical of this deluded stance is the posturing of veteran actress and revolutionary socialist Vanessa Redgrave, who yesterday visited Dale Farm, expressed outrage at the idea of closing the site and spoke of the local travellers as a ‘strong, wise, gentle community’.

Any private individual behaving like the Dale Farm lot would soon have felt the full force of the law. Yet because of the climate of appeasement engendered by political correctness, the machinery of the state has long hesitated to take any action.

Only now, after a protracted legal battle, are the police and the local council threatening to evict the travellers from their unauthorised site. Meanwhile, the law-abiding local residents seem to have no choice but to put up with the intimidation and inconvenience of living next to these traveller sites.

The toll of this struggle in Meriden has been high. When I was giving evidence at a recent public inquiry into the site, I broke down in tears, such was the stress I have been feeling over these long months. Inevitably, this led to a series of cruel, mocking calls from the travellers.

But they will not win. The fight must go on, not just for the sake of our village, but also for so many others and their inhabitants.

What has been inspirational about the battle of Meriden is how it has led around 40 other villages throughout the country to take a stand against the travellers, who until now have been able to operate with military precision in their land grabs.

Their chosen method is to buy a piece of land on the green belt — always cheaper than other land because it is almost impossible to get planning permission for construction.

Then, on a Bank Holiday, they move in the tractors and bulldozers, knowing that the municipal officials who might try to stop them will be away.

Meanwhile, just before five o’clock in the afternoon, they put an envelope through the door of the local town hall, in which they apply retrospectively for planning permission, thereby trying to give themselves a spurious fig leaf of legality.

But, thanks partly to the Meriden example, village campaigners are wise to these tactics.

The travellers operate by bulldozer and barrister. But they should not be allowed to get away with it any longer. Those of us opposing their sites are not asking for anything special. We just want the laws that we obey to be applied to travellers.

That would be true equality. At present, what we have in Britain is discrimination — against the settled population.

Please see photos at this link.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/03/2011 at 12:54 PM   
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Greeted by the morning papers that are full of this and it will be very interesting to see how things play out.  I am NOT holding my breath in favor of the authorities.
Save this post somewhere and lets see how wrong I might turn out to be. I think this could drag out for a few months or more.


Anarchists – activists – protesters.  Depending on the paper you read, are gathered at that illegal Gypsy camp site I wrote about some days ago.
These are scum who live only to make things difficult for the system they deride. A system that allows them freedoms they might not find in many other countries.
Well, there’s a hundred of them training and giving support to the illegals.  They have built watchtowers, installed barbed wire, and have bales of hay stacked and ready to fire if needed.  They’ll eventually be referred to as ‘peaceful protesters.’ They are holding training session on how best to resist the authorities that will show up to evict them.

If that isn’t bad enough …..  and even I could not have expected this … the bloated shits at the UN have now put in their unwanted, unneeded and intrusive two cents worth.

They are backing the illegals, who recently have been given protected ethnic minority status.  The travellers (as they are also called, it’s a mixed batch here) are threatening to use their kiddies as shields so the bulldozers that eventually turn up, will be faced by that and grind to a halt.  Of course, the illegal vermin won’t be faced by anyone like myself, who’d simply roll over their kids and then go looking for the parents.  No sweat. They asked and they’d be answered. That’s the problem the authorities face.  The enemy (and they surely are that) know going in that no harm will come to anyone chained to an entrance or standing in front of a dozer. It’s no gamble on their part as they know what the response will be. Zip. Nothing but requests from frightened authorities that someone will indeed get hurt, for which the authorities may feel sorry.  What the authorities need in these cases, are ppl like me who’d feel nothing and get the damn job done. Which in turn would send a clear message that says we will not put up with this crap anymore.  First target though should be the so called activists. Kill each and every one and do it slow so they will have time to contemplate on their own errors in judgement. Gives em something to think about on their final exit.

None of that will happen of course, it’s just a pleasant thing to dwell on while reading about how the authorities (according to the posters carried by the illegals) are attempting ethnic cleansing.  Oh, if only.  And as for the busy body UN, Hmmmm.
Lets see. The word ‘explosives’ comes to mind. And that won’t happen either. Just another pleasant thought to fantasize about.

None of this should surprise anyone with regard to how kid glovish they treat crime here. For example, the Director of Public Prosecutions has referred to the riots last month as …. “disturbances.” All that looting and all that burning and the deaths, that was all, a disturbance.  Oh well then. No harm done.  To be fair and quote him correctly, he was speaking about how the rioters were being held to a different standard of criminal behavior.  He wants the courts to treat them as criminals if they are, but as ordinary criminals and not as a separate category of criminal.  And there are a lot of folks who say the courts are coming down too hard on some of the looters who have never before committed any crime, and some whose only act was to steal a shirt or a bottle of Coke or simply pick up something another looter dropped. I think what I’m trying to say is, and being clumsy about it, is that there seems to be an almost kind hearted soft approach to some things by those in power, that isn’t necessarily supported by the majority of the ppl here. And the traveller/gypsy problem is just one problem among very many.  Why on earth has this particular camp site taken ten long years, when with a bit of tough policing and ignoring the hand wringers on the left, they could have solved it.  Why?
Is it any wonder that these folks do as they please with no worries. Give in to this one group now, and there will be hell to pay in the future.

Btw … with regard to the anarchists, activists etc.
That 100 strong group I mentioned earlier includes those from Sweden, Germany , Belgium, and Poland.  And one has-been wrinkled old Marxist actress name of Vanessa Redgrave.  Who I’d like to see in one.

So after all of that above, finally, here’s what got me started on that rant.

And pissed doesn’t half cover it

Anger as UN says: Don’t knock down illegal traveller site until ‘culturally appropriate’ home are found

They have been desperately searching for supporters to help fight their eviction.
So within minutes of discovering that no less than the United Nations was backing their cause yesterday, residents of Europe’s largest illegal traveller camp triumphantly raised the organisation’s blue flag in celebration.

In an astonishing intervention, the UN condemned plans to bulldoze the Dale Farm camp and insisted that the eviction should be suspended to protect the travellers’ human rights.
The demand came from the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which said bailiffs should be called off until travellers are found ‘culturally appropriate alternative accommodation’.

It comes days after the High Court in Britain ruled that the camp in Crays Hill, Essex, should be demolished.
The evictions of 80 families on 52 plots are set to begin within a fortnight.

Furious homeowners living next to the camp yesterday expressed disbelief at the UN and said its move could lead to further delays in evicting the travellers.
Len Gridley, 52, whose property backs on to the site, said: ‘The UN should stop sticking their oar in. It has nothing to do with them.

It’s a planning issue, pure and simple, and if this causes another delay, which I fear it will, then they should have to pay for the costs of the eviction.’

The UN has no direct power to stop the eviction, which will cost taxpayers £18million. But its intervention will almost certainly inflame an already tense atmosphere on Dale Farm.
More than 100 anarchists and seasoned activists have descended on the site over the past few days to support the travellers.

Their ranks are expected to swell still further over the weekend, and police fear up to 2,000 from 30 groups will try to block the eviction.

Protesters are attending regular ‘war meetings’ to discuss ways to keep out bailiffs.
Although it is publicly being billed as ‘non-violent action’, one anarchist privately admitted: ‘Everyone knows this is going to end in violence. It’s what always happens.

Some of the protesters may pretend that this is peaceful, but behind the scenes we are holding war meetings.’

When asked what tactics the activists were going to use, he replied: ‘I’m not going to tell you, but they won’t be for the faint-hearted.’ British university students at the farm have been joined by anarchists from Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Germany.

Yesterday a spokesman for the activists, who gave her name only as Marina, said that they were taking turns to stay up during the night to watch for the arrival of the bailiffs.


Protesters are planning to chain themselves to concrete blocks at the traveller site – part of which was built illegally – in the battle against the bulldozers.


Details emerged as a ‘foreign legion’ of activists began joining the barricades at the camp in Crays Hill, Essex, an area of which the travellers bought and then built on without planning permission.

Swedish Marxists and German campaigners, as well as British university students, are among those who have drifted in to the six-acre site, where about 400 of the 1,000 residents have been ordered to leave.
Aerial photos taken yesterday showed the occupants are turning the camp into a fortress, with watchtowers, barbed wire and hay bales and tyres that can be set alight.

High-pressure canisters that can be detonated have also been stockpiled. One activist, who declined to be named, said: ‘We will take whatever action is necessary to stop innocent people being left homeless.

‘They’re not hurting anyone. We have chains and padlocks to lock ourselves to the concrete blocks. Children will form part of the human barricade.’

Another, who covered his face with a hood and jumper, added: ‘There is no way we are leaving them (the travellers) here to be attacked by the thugs who pass themselves off as bailiffs. Yes, we are preparing for battle and want here to be our fortress.



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  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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