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calendar   Wednesday - July 30, 2014

Fighting In Libya??

Funny, I must have missed this. I thought the battles in Libya were long over. Guess not.

Islamist forces overrun Benghazi army base after battle

Islamist fighters and militants overran a major Libyan army base in the eastern city of Benghazi on Tuesday after a fierce battle involving rockets and warplanes in which at least 30 people were killed.

Special forces troops had to abandon their main camp in southeast Benghazi after coming under sustained attack from a coalition of Islamist fighters and militias, military officials and residents said.

“We have withdrawn from the army base after heavy shelling,” Saiqa Special Forces official Fadel Al-Hassi told Reuters.
A special forces spokesman confirmed Islamist fighters had taken over the base.

With Wacky Gaddaffy gone, who is running the place? And if he’s gone, that means the rebels won, right? So who the heck is fighting??? Aren’t the rebels now the government? So do the rebels have rebels? Rebel rebels? Do they tear their dresses? Rebel rebels? Are their faces a mess? WTH Libya, WTH.


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A 44% Solution

Israel Bulldozes Buffer Zone Into Gaza Strip

3 Km Wide No-Go Zone Will Protect Against Tunnels, Rockets

Gaza Nearly Halved; Area Reduced by 44%


Hey Obama, Benji has a great idea! Are you paying attention?

To protect itself from Hamas rockets and tunnels, Israel is forcing tens of thousands of people out of their homes, turning their old neighborhoods into a no-man’s land.

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza — This narrow strip of land that used to be called “the Gaza Strip,” already one of the more densely populated places on Earth, is growing dramatically smaller. The Israeli military, relentlessly and methodically, is driving people out of the 3-kilometer (1.8 mile) buffer zone it says it needs to protect against Hamas rockets and tunnels. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the buffer zone eats up about 44 percent of Gaza’s territory.

Expect the Joooo hating world to cry foul in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

“Scorched earth,” historically, means destroying land to deprive the encroaching enemy of its use. Israelis shy away from using the phrase to describe what they are doing because, in Israel, it brings to mind the strategy of the Nazi retreat from Russia at the end of the Second World War.

According to Hebrew University political scientist and longtime analyst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Yaron Ezrahi, with or without the phrase, the idea does have a certain logic. Ezrahi says there is a military and political calculation behind this devastation. Some in the Israeli government believe it will create enough Palestinian suffering so that Gazans will rise up against Hamas or force the leaders to come to terms with Israel when they come out of hiding.

But that is an assumption that greatly underestimates the resolve of Gazans to see an end to their seven years of Israeli blockade and rid themselves of the Israeli presence that controls the strip like guards positioned around a prison yard.

At the same time, said Ezrahi, the practice of systematically flattening neighborhoods is focused on saving the lives of Israeli soldiers, who might otherwise be more exposed to hit-and-run attacks.

“Israel is more sensitive than any other country in the West to the death of its soldiers,” said Ezrahi. “The death of [Palestinian] civilians is a moral crisis but is without political impact.”

Actually, the Israelis are just copying what the Egyptians started doing back in February, building a razed earth buffer zone. It’s just that theirs is several times wider, since Egypt isn’t under actual constant attack from Hamas in Gaza. And Egypt built their 1/2 km wide buffer zone by giving up their own land, something Israel has done time and time again. But not this time. This time, the land comes from Gaza.

It sounds like a good start to me, although it’s actually an enlargement of a plan started 6 years ago. Not that it will do much good, other than to give the IDF time and space to locate and destroy every attack tunnel they can. And when the attacks continue (or start up again, I’m guessing this could be about the end of this iteration of that never ending war), they can bulldoze another buffer zone 1.5 km wide. Which would leave the Gaza Strip just a little bit wider than the boardwalk at Atlantic City NJ. And that will, in my opinion, be a good second step in the three step program. Because these animals will never ever learn to live in peace.

Wasn’t it old Aesop who wrote the fable about the fox and the fleas? Somehow this reminds me of that.


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calendar   Tuesday - July 29, 2014

Up Above The Gay Young Wind Of Spring

Of Interest To Almost No One

I am a reader. Always have been. A glutton for the printed word. Books gravitate towards me so much that every few years I have to give away boxes full of them.

While helping my best girl here clean out a bit more of her mother’s house, I found a copy of Heidi in the bottom of a closet. Two copies actually; the newer, brighter one a 1938 printing “based on the 1927 translation” of Johanna Spyri’s 1880 famous Swiss novel. The one I brought home is a non-illustrated (well, one simple drawing) version from Saalfield Publishing; my guess is that it’s 1928-1935ish. Cheap. Old yellowed paper, cloth over cardboard binding. Kind of the same era as books that were my parent’s when they were kids, or a wee bit older. Well used. Held together with ancient little yellowed bits of tape. Several generations of names written in pencil inside, the remains of a DIY “ex libris” card made from tape and notebook paper. A well beaten old volume, brittle pages not merely foxed, but weaseled and badgered as well. Anyway, to my surprise, I had never read the story. So home it came.

Best girl here works for eye doctors as a technician. She’s the one who gives you most of your eye exam, including the refraction which establishes your prescription, on the lensy thing called a phoropter. The thing known to the rest of us as “is it better now ... or now?”


Yeah, that one. And one part of that test, for those that need it, is a bit called a near vision test (near point vision). This entails them placing a little card full of words of varying sizes on a rod that sticks out of the refractometer (or one of several other devices actually) 15” for you to read with your newly deduced prescription

image  image

Sometimes, instead of a card of words clipped to the stick they’ve got a fancy one where you can spin in different symbols, alternate texts, etc. Makes it more versatile. Although generally, it seems to be the same text. And I know, because I read the things every week. Because the doctor’s offices I clean on the weekends are eye doctor’s, and they all have the same stick with the same rotating card with the same bit of text:

“Up above the gay young wind of spring was singing through the fir trees”

I’ve had a bit of fun with it because a) it does sound really gay; b) the job is lonely and boring and I wind up talking to myself sometimes.

So imagine my Big Moment when I was halfway through this antique children’s tale, and I came downstairs chuckling and declaimed this evocative and colorfully written passage to her

It was the month of May. From every height the full fresh streams of spring were flowing down into the valley.  The clear warm sunshine lay upon the mountain, which had turned green again.  The last snows had disappeared and the sun had already coaxed many of the flowers to show their bright heads above the grass.  Up above the gay young wind of spring was singing through the fir trees, and shaking down the old dark needles to make room for the new bright green ones that were soon to deck out the trees in their spring finery.  Higher up still the great bird went circling round in the blue ether as of old, while the golden sunshine lit up the grandfather’s hut, and all the ground about it was warm and dry again so that one might sit out where one liked. Heidi was at home again on the mountain, running backwards and forwards in her accustomed way, not knowing which spot was most delightful.

Ha, found it. It was in Heidi all along. We laughed.

Now to find that other snippet from the other side of the card, the one about sailing the boat along the coast for hours while on the lookout for cannibals. Seriously, these cards haven’t changed since the 1940s, I swear.



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Lights Out In Gaza


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israel stepped up its military campaign against Hamas on Tuesday, striking symbols of the militant group’s control in Gaza and firing tank shells that shut down the area’s only power plant in the heaviest bombardment in the fighting so far.

Flares turned the sky over Gaza City orange overnight and by daybreak, as the conflict entered its fourth week, heavy clouds of dust hovered over the territory. A thick column of black smoke rose from a burning fuel tank at the power plant.

The pounding came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday warned of a “prolonged” campaign against Hamas. It was not clear if this meant Israel has decided to go beyond the initial objectives of decimating Hamas’ ability to fire rockets and demolishing the group’s military tunnels under the Gaza-Israel border.

Already, the intensity and the scope of the current Gaza operation is on par with an invasion five years ago, which ended with a unilateral Israeli withdrawal after hitting Hamas hard.

In Tuesday’s strikes, Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of attacks, leveling the home of the top Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, and damaging the offices of the movement’s Al-Aqsa satellite TV station, a central mosque in Gaza City and government offices.

Haniyeh, whose house was turned into a mountain of rubble by a pre-dawn airstrike, said in a statement Tuesday that “destroying stones will not break our determination.”

No one was hurt in Haniyeh’s home. Since the start of the war, Israel has targeted several homes of Hamas leaders but none was killed presumably as they appear to have gone into hiding.

Gaza’s power plant was forced to shut down after two tank shells hit one of three fuel tanks, said Jamal Dardasawi, a spokesman for Gaza’s electricity distribution company. The shelling sparked a large fire and a huge column of smoke was seen rising from the site. Dardasawi said 15 workers were trapped inside by the fire and that the damage would take months to repair. There was no immediate word on casualties.

“The power plant is finished,” its director, Mohammed al-Sharif, told Reuters.

Even before the shutdown, Gaza residents only had electricity for about three hours a day because fighting had damaged power lines.

He said the local fire brigade was not equipped to extinguish the blaze.

An Israeli military spokeswoman had no immediate comment and said she was checking the report.

The plant had already been hit last week and was working at a reduced capacity of about 20 percent, allowing only a few hours of electricity a day for Gaza’s residents.

Israel launched a military offensive in Gaza on July 8, saying it wanted to halt rocket attacks by the dominant Hamas movement and other armed groups. Ten days later, it sent in ground forces with the declared aim of destroying Hamas tunnels that criss-cross the border area.

Though international pressure has been mounting to end the fighting, there is no end in sight to the 22-day conflict in which 1,116 Palestinians, many of them civilians, and 53 Israeli soldiers and three civilians have been killed.


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Sounds About Right



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calendar   Monday - July 28, 2014

Wait, Wait, That’s The Wrong Kind of Judicial Activism!

Palmer v. DC: Judicial Action That Furthers Freedom

Court gives DC a spanking over pistol laws, issues blanket no-permit CCW

From the court decision

The Idea
In their complaint, Plaintiffs assert two claims for relief. In their first claim, Plaintiffs
allege that, “by requiring a permit to carry a handgun in public, yet refusing to issue such
permits and refusing to allow the possession of any handgun that would be carried in public,
Defendants maintain a complete ban on the carrying of handguns in public by almost all

The Logic
Thus, having concluded that carrying a handgun outside
the home for self-defense comes within the meaning of “bear[ing] Arms” under the Second
Amendment, the Court must now ask whether the District of Columbia’s total ban on the carrying
of handguns within the District “infringes” that right.
This question is not difficult to answer. As the Seventh Circuit stated in Moore v.
Madigan, 702 F.3d 933 (7th Cir. 2012), “[a] blanket prohibition on carrying gun[s] in public
prevents a person from defending himself anywhere except inside his home; and so substantial a
curtailment of the right of armed self-defense requires a greater showing of justification than
merely that the public might benefit on balance from such a curtailment, though there is no proof
that it would.”

The Decision
Having reviewed the parties’ submissions and the applicable law, and for the above-stated
reasons, the Court hereby GRANTS Plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment and DENIES
Defendants’ cross-motion for summary judgment; and the Court further
ORDERS that Defendants, their officers, agents, servants, employees and all persons in
active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of this Memorandum-
Decision and Order, are permanently enjoined from enforcing D.C. Code § 7-2502.02(a)(4) to
ban registration of handguns to be carried in public for self-defense by law-abiding citizens; and
the Court further
ORDERS that Defendants, their officers, agents, servants, employees, and all persons in
active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of this Memorandum-
Decision and Order are permanently enjoined from enforcing D.C. Code § 22-4504(a)

What does all this mean??
In simple terms, Washington DC merely gave lip service to the SCOTUS decision in DC v. Heller; while it allowed for people to keep a functional handgun in their home, it demanded that they have a permit to carry a gun outside the home. Yet the city never made such a permit available. The courts, quite righteously annoyed at this derisive act of wienie wiggling in their direction, have now bitch slapped DC and are saying that their law (code) is struck down, and since no permit process was ever enacted, then (for now at least) no CCW permit is necessary. Which means any DC resident who is a legal firearms owner can now carry in public, in whatever way they want. Right in the nutz DC, right square in the nutz.

One more piece of a certain uppity regime’s “we are above the law” attitude gets shot down in flames. Watch liberal loonies start screaming “Wild West, Wild West!!” as the street crime rate plummets ... although there might be a few highly justified goblin removals first.

Alas, this was “only” a decision from the District Court, not from the very top. But near enough, so now DC can’t continue to pretend to follow the rules while thumbing its nose at them instead. Gak, that kind of audacity we can live without.


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Like This


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Sunday - July 27, 2014

another million or so for the gypos

Yup. Tis them again.  You have serious problems back home in the USA of course.  Every country has its problems but ... be thankful you don’t face this PC - BS on a daily basis. I think Americans however would be far less likely to put up with this group to the same degree the Brits think they have to.

The cancer eating Europe, the worthless sponges and professional no goods the Germans didn’t have the time left to finish off.
The gypos.

Planning inspectorate?
Hmm.  Kinda like .... Secretariat?  Has a Bolshie ring to it.

If you missed the original story concerning this case, the grandma simply opposed them and also complained about her vehicle being blocked by theirs. She may have used a term like, and I am imagining this cos I do not recall her exact quote, she may have said “you people” which would have been enuff to trigger a threat and charge of .... raaaaaaacism!

Gipsies who landed a grandmother with a criminal record after falsely accusing her of racism are to get a new £500,000 caravan site (yes, paid for by the taxpayer)

The move has angered residents living near farmland at Chorley, Lancashire
At least two imminent house sales said to have fallen through as a result
Gipsies falsely accused ‘community stalwart’ José Hampson of racial abuse last year
Local council has been told it must find the Linfoots a permanent site

By James Tozer

Gipsies who falsely accused a grandmother of racial abuse are set to be given a new caravan site at a cost to the taxpayer of more than £500,000.

The move has outraged people living near what is currently tranquil farmland, with at least two imminent house sales said to have fallen through as a result.


The council behind the proposal has already spent £145,000 trying to throw the group off their existing camp on green belt land.

And the gipsy family meant to benefit from the new site have said there is no guarantee they would move there in any case.

The plan would see taxpayers provide a new site for five mobile homes belonging to the Linfoot family.

Last year the family falsely claimed toy shop owner and community stalwart José Hampson, 78, had called them ‘dirty ******* gippos’ in a row over their illegal camp.

Mrs Hampson, a widowed former Sunday school teacher, was given a criminal record after being found guilty of racially aggravated harassment, but after an 11-month nightmare her good name was restored when a judge quashed the conviction.

Now the council has been told it must find the Linfoots a permanent site and residents of a quiet row of terraces this month learnt that farmland behind their homes had been chosen – despite being the most expensive of nine potential sites to develop, at £560,000.

Mrs Hampson said: ‘I don’t see why they should receive special treatment like this, especially if it means another beautiful spot is spoiled as a result.’

The proposal has led to a campaign from residents of Cowling Road, the chosen site on the edge of the Lancashire market town of Chorley.

Currently grazed by cattle, the land was reputedly given to the council by a former mayor for £1 on condition it was used to benefit the townspeople.

Glenn Hutchinson, landlord of the adjacent Spinners pub, said: ‘It’s not the right place, it’s as simple as that.

It’s a semi-rural location on the outskirts of town. All the residents around here are appalled we were not informed of this by the council even though dozens of others were consulted.’

Another resident said: ‘My fear is that they won’t stop at five caravans, we could see other travellers stopping off there as well.’

Chorley council identified nine potential sites for the Linfoots’ five caravans and earlier this month announced that it had chosen a site known as Cowling Farm.

The proposal is now out for consultation.

Chorley council had set aside £145,000 to evict the Linfoots from a plot of green belt land they own less than a mile away.

But last year it was forced to give them temporary permission to stay after the Planning Inspectorate said the council had failed to make enough provision for travellers and gipsies.

Council leader Alistair Bradley said: ‘Time and again decisions on what’s best for Chorley have been taken out of our hands by the Planning Inspectorate.’

full version continues

We have site here, just at the end of the street that looks something like this, but even better and more of it. 
If you think ppl don’t worry about that, think again.


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This is for greyjohn

From, the source of the now infamous cucumber post, comes this: Devil with a Blue Dress On!

Below the fold. This is only an R-rated blog.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Saturday - July 26, 2014

As usual, Pat Condell speaks for me.


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The Electric Cord speech

Abraham Lincoln. A great man. A great President? Not sure. Did he save the Union. Guess so. Did he violate the Constitution in doing so? I can’t find where the Constitution does NOT allow any State to withdraw from the Union.

Anyway, thought you BMEWSd and BMEWSettes might enjoy this little-known speech. Two or three years before he was elected as the first Republican President.

Electric Cord Speech, Chicago, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln
July 10, 1858

[Citizenship is based on the principles of the Declaration of Independence, not on ethnic or religious identity. — TGW]

…Now, it happens that we meet together once every year, sometime about the 4th of July, for some reason or other. These 4th of July gatherings I suppose have their uses. If you will indulge me, I will state what I suppose to be some of them.

We are now a mighty nation, we are thirty—or about thirty millions of people, and we own and inhabit about one-fifteenth part of the dry land of the whole earth. We run our memory back over the pages of history for about eighty-two years and we discover that we were then a very small people in point of numbers, vastly inferior to what we are now, with a vastly less extent of country,—with vastly less of everything we deem desirable among men,—we look upon the change as exceedingly advantageous to us and to our posterity, and we fix upon something that happened away back, as in some way or other being connected with this rise of prosperity. We find a race of men living in that day whom we claim as our fathers and grandfathers; they were iron men, they fought for the principle that they were contending for; and we understood that by what they then did it has followed that the degree of prosperity that we now enjoy has come to us. We hold this annual celebration to remind ourselves of all the good done in this process of time of how it was done and who did it, and how we are historically connected with it; and we go from these meetings in better humor with ourselves—we feel more attached the one to the other, and more firmly bound to the country we inhabit. In every way we are better men in the age, and race, and country in which we live for these celebrations. But after we have done all this we have not yet reached the whole. There is something else connected with it. We have besides these men—descended by blood from our ancestors—among us perhaps half our people who are not descendants at all of these men, they are men who have come from Europe—German, Irish, French and Scandinavian—men that have come from Europe themselves, or whose ancestors have come hither and settled here, finding themselves our equals in all things. If they look back through this history to trace their connection with those days by blood, they find they have none, they cannot carry themselves back into that glorious epoch and make themselves feel that they are part of us, but when they look through that old Declaration of Independence they find that those old men say that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” and then they feel that that moral sentiment taught in that day evidences their relation to those men, that it is the father of all moral principle in them, and that they have a right to claim it as though they were blood of the blood, and flesh of the flesh of the men who wrote that Declaration, (loud and long continued applause) and so they are. That is the electric cord in that Declaration that links the hearts of patriotic and liberty-loving men together, that will link those patriotic hearts as long as the love of freedom exists in the minds of men throughout the world.


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Sgt Schultz

Home now, but only to eat and change. Then it’s off to work. Then to sleep. And tomorrow to work.

So I really won’t be back here until late Sunday, or perhaps Monday.

At which point I’ll only be looking forward. Or, as Sgt. Schultz used to put it, “I zee nutting! I zee nutting! Nutting!!!”

Oh, and my mother saw the cucumber bit. “Aaaaaaaaaannndrew!!” Gee, thanks for that.

Just so you know ... mom is always watching. Always.


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another one of ….. them.  in this case, his underwear failed him. ugly

Been in the news last couple of days and no doubt you’ve seen it already.
Yuk ...

I don’t understand why the authorities announce to the world why the bomb failed.

Isn’t that giving the enemy vermin valuable info?

Hey all you would be bombers.  Wash your undies and don’t wear more than a day.

Underpants bomber failed in mission to blow up airliner ‘because he wore same pair of underwear for two weeks’

Umar Abdulmutallab ( ????????? ) was on suicide mission when he attempted to detonate a bomb in his underpants as the plane approached Detroit
The bomb however failed to detonate aboard the flight, which was carrying nearly 300 people
Head of the Transportation Security Administration has said bomb failed to detonate because of how long Abdulmutallab had been wearing underwear

By James Rush

The notorious underwear bomber’s plot in 2009 to blow up a plane on Christmas Day failed because the explosives became ‘degraded’ after he wore the same pair of underpants for two weeks, according to a U.S. official.


Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was on a suicide mission when he attempted to detonate a bomb in his underpants as the plane, en route from Amsterdam, approached Detroit.

The bomb however failed to detonate aboard the flight, which was carrying nearly 300 people, but caused a brief fire that caused burns to his groin.

He was sentenced to life without parole in February 2012 after he pleaded guilty to all charges on the second day of his trial the previous October.

The head of the Transportation Security Administration said this week the bomb failed to detonate because of how long Abdulmutallab had been wearing his underwear.

John Pistole told the Aspen Security Forum: ‘The bomber had had the device with him for over two weeks.’

Mr Pistole was then asked whether the bomb had become ‘damp’, to which he replied: ‘Let’s say it was degraded.’

During his trial, Abdulmutallab said the bomb in his underwear was a ‘blessed weapon’ to avenge poorly treated Muslims around the world.

In 2009, months before the attack, he travelled to Yemen to see Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric and one of the best-known al Qaeda figures, according to the government.

He told investigators that his mission was approved after a three-day visit with his mentor.

Al-Awlaki and the bomb maker were killed in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen in 2011, just days before Abdulmutallab’s trial. At the time, President Barack Obama publicly blamed al-Awlaki for the terrorism plot.


Abdulmutallab ?  That’s a real name? wtf ?????????????


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another sop to political correctness.

Things just never improve. They go from schtoopid to even more so.
Pol.correctness rules the day again. And the muffin brains send another person to diversity training.

Even so, while I’ve heard of DT, read about ppl being made to attend those useless things, I had no idea there was one for each and every group. Apparently there’s one for the odd guys, one for travellers, and now it appears there’s even one for darkies too. I guess the pc muffin heads have designed one for every group and eventuality that can be imagined. And best of all, from their muddled pov, it only take one offended person to trigger an alert and send someone off to the diversity and sensitivity gulag for retraining.

So Uncle Joe wins after all.

Councillor, 70, who called herself the ‘nigger in the woodpile’ is sent on equality and diversity course

By David Wilkes

A 70-year-old councillor who called herself ‘the nigger in woodpile’ has been sent on an equality and diversity course.

Convent-educated Elizabeth Peters used the offensive term while speaking to a member of the public after a Stroud District Council meeting.

The grandmother, who runs a bed and breakfast in Brimscombe, Gloucestershire, and organises the village fete, apologised but said the phrase was commonly used when she was young.

She said: ‘I’m 70 and grew up with this kind of thing. It was just something which slipped out. It was not directed at anyone except myself.

‘There were no foreigners around. I have already apologised to the two people who were upset.

‘I have also gone through with what the council wanted me to do – go on an equality and diversity course.

‘It will cost me £150 plus transport to London or Birmingham. It’s a really costly mistake.’

The phrase, used as a metaphor to describe a hidden fact or problem, originally referred to fugitive slaves who hid in piles of firewood in the American Deep South in the mid-19th century.

Last night Tory councillor Mrs Peters told the Mail: ‘I’m a Christian and believe you should love everyone whoever they are, regardless of their colour or creed, so I think for me to go on this course is a bit silly.

‘I’ve already done equality training with the council, but it was mainly on gays and travellers.’

She said she used the offensive phrase after a council licensing meeting last month, adding: ‘There were three of us on the panel. Two thought one thing and I thought something else. I was not being racist. I used the phrase to describe myself as the odd one out.



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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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