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Holy shiite. I’m just scanning the news this morning, and I see this article. I really didn’t think too much of it, just your typical bureaucratic mess, right? Then I took a look.

Town Pleads: Don’t Let The Killers Out


PEARL RIVER, N.Y. – Hundreds of people marched silently through the streets of a suburban New York town in the dark on Saturday with candles illuminating the path taken by a 16-year-old girl who was brutally murdered as she walked home from the library nearly 40 years ago.

The peaceful protest was a plea to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to intervene in the imminent release of a man convicted in the 1980 murder of Paula Bohovesky, an honor student and aspiring actress who was beaten, sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in a crime so depraved it stunned law enforcement and shook the small town of Pearl River to its core.

“The justice provided by the court for Paula, her family, her friends and the Pearl River community has been stolen,” Rockland County Executive Ed Day said in response to a recent parole board decision to release 66-year-old Richard LaBarbera, one of two men convicted in Paula’s murder.

LaBarbera was convicted of second-degree murder in the killing of the teen as she walked home from her part-time job at the library on Oct. 28, 1980, in the quiet hamlet, some 30 miles north of New York City.
Pearl River, N.Y., residents gathered Saturday to protest plans to release one of two men convicted in the 1980 sexual assault and murder of 16-year-old Paula Bohovesky.

LaBarbera and another man, Robert McCain, were sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder – the toughest sentence at that time. Last month, a parole board of Cuomo appointees informed the family that LaBarbera will be released in July – a move that shocked victim advocates, state lawmakers and a town that has never healed from the savage crime.

McCain, 58, is set to go before the same parole board next week. The two were denied parole seven times since first becoming eligible in 2005.

“Neither one of them has taken responsibility and neither one of them has shown remorse,” Paula’s mother, Lois Bohovesky, told Fox News in an interview.

This is where I grew up. I knew this girl. She was a couple years behind me in high school, but it’s a small town.

This was the most savage, vile murder in the town’s history. Not that there ever were many murders, ever. Heck, there isn’t hardly even any crime. The bank downtown was robbed in 1927 and there was a big shootout with tommy guns. That’s immortalized on a plaque in the town park, around the base of the flagpole by the WWI cannon.

The protesters in the photo are in Central Avenue Park. This is where the old high school once stood. They opened the closed school and sent my 5th grade class there when my elementary school was being remodeled. We were the last kids to use the place. That’s the Hook & Ladder fire house in the background. Pearl River is very gung ho with their volunteer firemen; they have two firehouses. It’s nice to see that Ringner’s Furniture is still in business. I knew the son Randy. We were in rocket club together when I was 11.

The library mentioned in this story is across Franklin Avenue off the left side of the photo. IIRC, Paula lived a short way off North Main Street, which is two short blocks past the firehouse, hang a right at the hardware store across the street from the park. I think they lived up the side street from the Good Shepard Lutheran Church. I think the murder started at the corner of Central and North Main. The guys had been drinking at the High Wheeler bar just past the corner, which was a low dive in those days. There is a forlorn area behind the buildings, where the “Pearl River” ( aka Muddy Creek ) runs through. It was a dark and hidden unpaved parking area in those days. I can’t remember if the crime happened there or in somebody’s back yard there by the church at Hunt Street. It’s been a very long time. What I do remember is that this was an entirely random, spontaneous rape/murder. They saw a girl, they jumped her. Bashed her head in with a rock, raped what they thought was a dead body, and when she turned out to be not quite dead, they stabbed her to pieces. Many many times. Then they went back to drinking.

Sometimes the news catches you by surprise. I’m a bit stunned here.

No, keep these sick effers behind bars until they rot. It’s a damn shame pussy New York gave up the death penalty. I’m sure that you could find a thousand hands in that town willing to pull the switch, even four decades later.  Heck, I’d drive up there just for the honor.





Maybe this is a good idea?

President Trump To Move USDA Research To Farm Belt

Employees at USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) intend to move from Washington, D.C. to an unspecified area in the Kansas City region by the end of 2019, the Washington Post reports.

Why it matters: “Employees, congressional Democrats and a bipartisan coalition of former USDA leaders” have warned that the move “would devastate the two agencies,” per the Post. ERS and NIFA have both recently unionized and some “union officials have promised to fight the move.”

Details: ERS jobs remaining in D.C. mostly belong to “administrative staff, analysts who perform market outlook estimates and those who collect data,” according to internal documents reviewed by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Their analysis showed that “[e]conomists and other ERS researchers who make conclusions from that data are likely to be reassigned to Kansas City” — but the USDA disputes that.

Two scientific agencies in the Department of Agriculture will move from Washington to the greater Kansas City region, USDA announced Thursday, despite strong resistance to the plan.

Nearly 550 positions at the Economic Research Service, a statistical agency, and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, which funds cutting-edge agricultural science, are expected to be moved by the end of the federal fiscal year, Sept. 30. USDA estimated the savings at $300 million over 15 years from employment and rent.

“The Kansas City Region has proven itself to be hub for all things agriculture and is a booming city in America’s heartland,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in a statement.

The news release did not identify the location of the offices. But Tim Cowden, president and chief executive of the Kansas City Area Development Council, said the agency is evaluating office property on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri border.

1) Screw the union. No government employee should have a union. Not anywhere, not ever. We The People are the bigger union, so fuck off.

2) There’s an old Sam Kinison routine about world hunger: Move to where the food is!!” It’s rough, but it makes sense.

Republican senators representing Missouri and Kansas welcomed Thursday’s announcement. “We’re home to some of the hardest working farmers in the country, so this is a fantastic decision by the USDA,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said in a statement.

NIFA and ERS workers will join nearly 5,000 other USDA employees in Kansas City, said Cowden, whose group proposed the region to USDA last year.

“We’re within 300 miles of 13 land grant universities,” said Kimberly Young, president of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, a development council initiative. The area is an epicenter of the animal health industry, Young said, with more than 300 such companies nearby.

But current employees of the two agencies, several Democratic lawmakers and a bipartisan coalition of former USDA leaders warned that the move, more than 900 miles from Washington, would devastate the two agencies.

“This is not just a change of address,” said Jack Payne, University of Florida’s senior vice president for agriculture. “It cuts NIFA off from the collaboration with other federal funding agencies in D.C. that are its major partners.”

They say that like it’s a bad thing. Get them away from the funding BS. Drain the swamp. And then plant crops when the mud dries out some.


You have to be a government to be this stupid

Top Secret Circuit Boards For F-35 Stealth Fighters: Made In China

Crivens. SMFH. Are you outta yer freakin’ mind??

F-35 jets: Chinese-owned company making parts for top-secret UK-US fighters

An expert said it’s possible to embed technology such as a chip without a customer’s knowledge that could change how it functions.

[ no kidding. How many times have we already seen this? Cellphones, etc. ]

A Chinese-owned company is making circuit boards for the top-secret next generation F-35 warplanes flown by Britain and the United States, Sky News can reveal.

Exception PCB, a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer in Gloucestershire, south west England, produces circuit boards that “control many of the F-35’s core capabilities”, according to publicity material produced by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

This includes “its engines, lighting, fuel and navigation systems”, it said.

When asked about the firm’s Chinese ownership, the MoD said Exception PCB is an established manufacturer of circuit boards to the defence industry and presents “no risk” to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter supply chain.

A director from the company said there are “clear firewalls in place” between Exception PCB and its Chinese parent company Shenzhen Fastprint.

Believe that, and I’ve got a nice bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for a good price. Jackwad.

OK, they aren’t made in China. But they’re made by a company owned by a Chinese company. Which GUARANTEES that 1) the design has been stolen, and 2) that the boards have some extra bits in them that does naughty stuff. 

Anything and everything from China is a cheat in one way or another. You can’ trust them. And they are our forever shadow enemy. I swear, every Chinese in any kind of high-tech industry is a spy. It’s only happened fifty thousand times. Everywhere.

Build your weapons in your own country using companies owned by white citizens. Period. You can not trust them either, but you can trust them a bit more than the other ones which you know are going to screw with you. It may not be a PC view, but it’s the accurate one.



A little good news, slightly old, in the salt water game of Silly Buggers being played right now in the Persian Gulf.

Six Iranian Ships Mysteriously Burn


As the strategic port of Shahid Rajaee, north of the Strait of Hormuz, was still dealing with the effects of a huge fire that caused serious destruction, Iranian media reported that six Iranian ships were ablaze in several ports in the southern part of the country.

The Iranian Republic News Agency reported that on June 7, 2019, four merchant ships caught fire in the port of Nakhl Taqi (Taghi) in the Asaluyeh region of Bushehr Province. Three ships were burned entirely, while two others in Asaluyeh suffered major damage. While the governor of Asaluyeh claimed the fires were extinguished without anyone harmed, the head of the emergency rooms in Bushehr Province said that several civilians and sailors had been injured and brought to hospitals in the region. The mayor of the town of Delvar, near the port of Bualhir, confirmed that one vessel in the port burned completely.

But we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that this was payback, or a tit-for-tat escalation of the proxy war in Yemen. It is possible that this was the navy version of the standard splodey-dope premature immolation. Their IED guys blow themselves up all the time on land. Why should the swabbies be left out of the fun?

But that makes 6 boats less for the mulla-mullahs.


Paying The Butcher’s Baker’s Bill

A jury has awarded $33.2 million in punitive damages to Gibson’s Bakery, whose owners claimed Ohio’s Oberlin College and an administrator hurt their business and libeled them during a dispute over a shoplifting episode that triggered protests and allegations of racism.

The Chronicle-Telegram reported the same jury awarded Gibson’s business and family members more than $11 million in actual or compensatory damages, bringing the total award to more than $44 million.

Sadly, Ohio state law caps punitive damages at $22 million, so the grand total is a mere $33 million. I’m expecting a decade of appeals efforts.

“Oberlin College tried to sacrifice a beloved 5th-generation bakery, its owners, and its employees, at the altar of political correctness in order to appease the campus ‘social justice warfare’ mob. The jury sent a clear message that the truth matters, and so do the reputations and lives of people targeted by false accusations, particularly when those false accusations are spread by powerful institutions. Throughout the trial the Oberlin College defense was tone-deaf and demeaning towards the bakery and its owners, calling the bakery nearly worthless. The jury sent a message that all lives matter, including the lives of ordinary working people who did nothing wrong other than stop people from stealing.”

Get woke, go broke. Couldn’t happen to a batter bunch of lefties until UCLA gets fined a couple billion. I’m having a little daydream that every college commie indoctrination center gets hit with this kind of punch back every time they rush to judgement or riot to keep some invited conservative speaker from appearing, screw up some young guy’s life because his hook up partner had regrets the next day and decided she was raped, or some prof gets fired / student expelled because they use the wrong pronoun to describe some gender freak. A few of these, along with a sweet caveat that any college found guilty gets cut off from all state and federal funding RIGHT NOW and for the next 5 years per incident, will either shut them down or shut them up.  And when the big money talks, snowflakes balk.

I’m telling ya, it’s fire hose time in lots of places.



Ok, I survived another episode with the dentist. I’ve got my pills. I think I might be running a bit of a fever. Probably post-stress reaction. Or too many needles stuck in my gums again. Whatever. Take my ice pack and go to bed.


This is not good.

Two Oil Tankers Torpedoed In Straits Of Hormuz


OK, it may have been mines, but the stories were running with torpedoes this morning

Of course Iran is behind it. They’re trying to start a war, but why? Who cares, really? Nuke ‘em flat and let ‘em rot.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Iran for the “blatant assault” on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman earlier Thursday.

In a news conference Thursday afternoon, Pompeo said: “This assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise needed to execute the operation, recent similar Iranian attacks on shipping, and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication.”

He charged that Iran was working to disrupt the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz and this is a deliberate part of a campaign to escalate tension, adding that the U.S. would defend its forces and interests in the region, although he did not elaborate.

His comments came shortly after a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News the U.S. Navy saw an unexploded mine attached to the hull of the Panama-listed, Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous ship, one of the two ships attacked. It’s the same type of mine used to damage four oil tankers last month in the same area - an attack senior Pentagon officials blamed on Iran.

In a series of tweets, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan praised Navy efforts to rescue those on the Panamanian vessel and called Iran’s “unprovoked attacks” a threat to international security and peace.

“Iran’s continued unprovoked attacks in the region are a threat to international security and peace and an assault against freedom of navigation on the open seas,” Shanahan posted.

Shanahan also reiterated that the U.S. was not looking for armed conflict but “will defend our forces and our interests around the world.”

A spokesman for Taiwan’s CPC Corp oil refiner, which chartered the other boat attacked on Thursday morning, the Front Altair, said it was “suspected of being hit by a torpedo”, although it had not been confirmed.

Whether it be a torpedo or mines, Jakob P. Larsen, head of maritime security for the international shipping association BIMCO, told the Associated Press that the incident brings the region closer to an armed conflict.

“The shipping industry views this as an escalation of the situation, and we are just about as close to a conflict without there being an actual armed conflict, so the tensions are very high,” he said.


The tensions between the U.S. and Iran have reached a fever pitch and the diplomatic efforts to defuse the situation tend to hit a wall. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting Iran this week and is expected to try to de-escalate tensions between Tehran and Washington, though any significant breakthrough is unlikely.

Yet Abe’s visit coincided with the Iran-backed Houthi rebel attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha regional airport that reportedly wounded 26 people.


Two oil tankers were damaged in a suspected attack off the Gulf of Oman early Thursday, according to multiple reports.

The U.S. Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet told Reuters it was assisting two tankers in the Gulf of Oman after receiving two distress calls. Details of the incident were unclear, but one of the operators made an unconfirmed report that a torpedo had hit its ship, Reuters reported.

“We are aware of the reported attack on tankers in the Gulf of Oman. U.S. Naval Forces in the region received two separate distress calls at 6:12 a.m. local time and a second one at 7:00 a.m.,’’ Joshua Frey of the Fifth Fleet said. The Fleet did not blame anyone for the attack.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations—an arm of the British Navy—had put out an alert earlier and urged “extreme caution” amid U.S.-Iran tensions.

The incident comes as Iranian media claimed — without offering any evidence — that two oil tankers had been targeted in the area.

The area is near the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic route through which 20 percent of global oil consumption passes from Middle East producers. Benchmark Brent crude, in apparent reaction to the incident, rose its prices by 3.4% on Thursday.

Dryad Global, a maritime intelligence firm, identified one of the vessels involved as the MT Front Altair a Marshall Islands-flagged crude oil tanker. The vessel was “on fire and adrift,” Dryad added.

And they did this while the Japanese Prime Minister was there, trying to open discussions and reduce tensions? These sand lice are friggin’ insane.

So naturally, the left wing press blames the USA ...

The US has dramatically stoked Middle East tensions by claiming it is “highly likely” that Iran is behind the “torpedo attack” on an American-linked oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman today.

Both the Front Altair and the Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous - which was reportedly bombed - burst into flames and were forced to evacuate in the troubled region this morning.

And now, in comments that threaten to ignite tensions between the two countries, a US defence official told CBS News that it is “highly likely Iran caused these attacks”.

The source also dismissed the Islamic Republic’s earlier claim that they had rescued all the crew members from both ships branding the report “patently false.”

He said the USS Bainbridge had rescued 21 of the 44 stricken sailors involved in the incident near the Strait of Hormuz.

Earlier, Tehran’s news agency IRNA claimed Iranian search and rescue teams had taken all the crew members to the port of Jask.

The Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous is believed to have been targeted by a magnetic mine causing a series of massive explosions on board.

Sure, blame us. Mea culpa. We who might have radio intercept of the ship’s distress calls, which just might include “torpedo inbound starboard flank!!!” That’s just my guess. And let’s look at the time stamp of that Iranian news report. Did it get broadcast before, or instantly after, the attacks? Hmmm.

These are the 3rd and 4th ships to be attacked in the area within the last couple months; attacked with military level effect, not just a couple of towlies in a speedboat with AKs.

Oil prices soared by 3.5 per cent following news of the explosions, according to reports.

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif branded the explosions as “suspicious” calling them “reported attacks on Japan-related oil tankers.”

He said the incident had happened as Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei was meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a close American ally.

The US Navy’s 5th Fleet said it is aware of a “reported attack” in the area and is investigating.

A statement said: “US naval forces in the region received two separate distress calls at 6.12 am local time and a second one at 7.00 am.

“US Navy ships are in the area and are rendering assistance.”

Sounds suspicious alright. TWO attacks a few miles apart and a few minutes apart, on “Japanese related” ships WHILE the Japanese PM is visiting? Oh yeah, sure sounds like a false flag operation done by Evil Trump to upset the peace loving goat fuckers in SandLand. Riiiight. Does anybody believe their BS?

This can not go unanswered. If these ships don’t sink, if the fires can be put out, and if one identifiable piece of torpedo or mine is found that proves Iranian complicity ... aw shit, here we go again.

President Trump has sent a wake up call to Diego Garcia, where the BUFFs live. And dragged out some Patriot missiles. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I don’t want another damn war, but Iraq was a mess and we’re actually losing ground in Afghanistan. After nearly 2 decades there. Fuggit. Nuke ‘em all, then go home.

Meanwhile, CENTCOM released a video of the sand flea nutjobs showing up at one of the tankers and retrieving one of their mines that didn’t go off.

Hours after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for a pair of attacks on two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz early Thursday morning, a military spokesman released a video, photos, and a timeline purporting to show Iranian boats near the ships immediately after the attacks.

According to Capt. Bill Urban, U.S. Central Command’s top spokesman, the video shows men aboard an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps military patrol boat returning to one of the abandoned tankers, the M/T Kokuka Courageous, and removing an unexploded mine from its damaged hull. 

And the basement dwellers immediately claim it’s a false flag op. SMFH.


TNB, as always

Memphis ChimpOut Over Shot Thug

Any excuse to riot, steal and destroy.

The fatal shooting of a suspect who allegedly emerged from his vehicle with a weapon after ramming the vehicles of approaching law enforcement officers sparked a clash between Memphis, Tenn., residents and police on Wednesday night, according to reports.

The suspect was not named by authorities but was identified by two local politicians and on numerous social media posts as Brandon Webber, 20. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said early Thursday that the suspect killed by the U.S. Marshals Service had been wanted on numerous warrants.

In the violence that followed, at least two dozen law enforcement officers and at least two journalists were injured, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland wrote on Facebook.

In addition, Strickland added, “Multiple police cars were vandalized. A concrete wall outside a business was torn down. The windows were broken out at fire station 31.”

One video posted online showed a man smashing a chair against a police vehicle.

Police reported that they had received a call for assistance from the U.S. Marshals Service earlier in the evening.

The Commercial Appeal of Memphis reported that a “tense standoff” developed between law enforcement and residents after the shooting, which took place in the Frayser neighborhood.

On the one hand, it’s “we need more police protection”. On the other hand, when the cops do their job and stop the perps cold, it’s always “police brutality” and another protest/riot/uprising/ chimpout.

You can’t win. So either don’t play, or get out the fire hoses and come down on this shit like the angry fist of God.


Local Paper Smacks Ilhan Omar

Good. She’s a fake, a fraud, a campaign finance cheat, a tax cheat, and most probably a bigamist, maybe even a trigamist. Married her brother then married somebody else, yadda yadda. And she’s a damn jihadi, and nobody likes her. So much for the wonders of diversity.

Ilhan Omar is facing some fresh criticism from her very own backyard.  Rep. Omar, D-Minn., was the subject of a stinging editorial in Minnesota’s Star Tribune on Wednesday in the wake of her recent campaign finance violations—with the paper suggesting that it was just the latest “misstep by the first-term congresswoman.”

“U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar is back in the news again, and not in a good way,” the editorial began. “The former state representative who won a seat in Congress last fall continues to be dogged by past missteps, this time eight violations of Minnesota campaign-finance law that will cost her nearly $3,500 in reimbursements and civil penalties.”

Minnesota campaign finance officials ruled last week that Omar owed her campaign committee nearly $3,500, as well as a $500 civil penalty to the state, after using committee funds for personal travel and help on her tax returns.

As the Star Tribune noted, the state’s Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board reported that Omar and her husband filed joint tax returns while she was married to another man. Minnesota law only allows spouses to file jointly in civil marriages whereas Omar filed with a man with whom she was only married in “faith tradition.”

“It is even more disturbing, therefore, to learn that among the board’s latest findings ... Omar, for two years running, filed joint tax returns with a man she was living with but not legally married to. Complicating matters further, she was legally married to another man at the time,” the editorial read.
Rep. Ilhan Omar slams religious conservatives over ‘heartbeat’ billsVideo

The paper also called on Omar to disclose whether she benefited materially from the filings. “That is something that voters, who are obliged to follow tax laws no matter how painful, are entitled to know,” it read.

The incident was just one of many issues—including collecting allegedly illegal speaking fees—that could prompt an investigation, the paper said.

Gee, doesn’t this call for impeachment? Or at least a recall? Sounds like several possible felonies; much more than mere high crimes and misdemeanors.

Why not just arrest her now, throw her in jail, and then see what they can come up with. That’s the accepted method these days isn’t it? At least that seems to be their style to get OrangeManBad.


A loaf at last? Alone at loaf? Having the last loaf?

Whatever. I’ve got what will be my last loaf of bread in the works right now. Since we’re both overweight, we’ve decided that the best time to start a low carb diet is after my colonoscopy. What I’d call making a clean start, for sure. So I hope it turns out well. It should be a lighter loaf, as I used all AP flour with just 10% WW. And a touch of sugar and a TB of gluten powder. The previous loaf was mostly that heavy duty bagel flour. It tasted just fine, but was quite a bit like a tan brick.


Bowling Blogging

We had the buy last night, bowling unopposed. Yet we managed to only win 5 out of 7 points. I’m weaning off the Prednisone, and going into the second game my hearing cut out just about completely and my balance got messed up a bit. Maybe that means my middle ear is draining? Beats me, I couldn’t feel it. But it screwed up my game and I rolled way under average. So we lost that one. I did what I could in the 3rd, and we managed a win. Good thing we bowled way over in the first game, which gave us enough extra pins so that we could make wood.



Rats In The Plumbing


An illegal alien was photographed sneaking into El Paso via the storm sewer system. This manhole is half a mile from the border.

Obviously the storm sewer drains into the Rio Grande. Gee, maybe it would be a good idea to weld in a few dozen rebar barriers in the pipes soft of near the river? Or some one way spikes? Not that the idea of man eating giant alligators with AIDS ( and lasers ) is unappealing.


Me and my big mouth. Almost literally. I’m getting a colonoscopy next week. Woo friggin’ hoo. I was supposed to see the dentist the day before for more work on my implants, but the butt exam docs say no pain killers for 5 days before. And my dentist, Dr. Pain, always leaves me pretty sore. So I called to move my appointment back a week or so. Instead they’ve got me coming in tomorrow. Could have been worse; they were willing to see me at 4pm today. Yikes! That would mean missing bowling league. OMG.


Oh boy, it’s mosquito repellent day, if you’re old enough to make the date association!.


There is a special level of Hell for people like this

Kingwood Township, Hunterdon County. That’s the outer suburbian rural southern end of my county, about 15 miles south of here.

200 Neglected Dogs Rescued From Home

More than 200 dogs have been rescued from a massive hoarding situation on a property in Hunterdon County..

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center arrived at a house in Kingwood on Tuesday to remove the dogs after humane law enforcement officer served a warrant, according to a Facebook post by the shelter and authorities.

Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s detectives and State Police who searched the home and other buildings on the property found more than 170 dogs believed to be neglected. Thirty dogs had previously surrendered by the home owners.

The shelter said all of the dogs were in need of vaccinations and would need to dewormed, microchipped, and spayed or neutered.

The Monmouth County SPCA, which was called to the property to assist St. Hubert’s, said in a Facebook post that the dogs seem to have had “limited human contact and minimal to no veterinary care” and that many of the dogs were pregnant and had “masses and infections.”

I’m waiting for the arrest report. I want to see if this was a defunct puppy mill, a dog fighting breeder, or a supplier for that certain kind of Turd World take out delicacy kind of place. The perp’s name will probably be telling, even if the cops aren’t saying why there were so many dogs.



Tremendous rain last night. And my knees didn’t hurt at all from the weather change. Actually, my knees haven’t hurt a bit in the last 2 days. I’m going up and down stairs like a normal person, with ease. My ear doctor has me on a short light course of Prednisone. I had no idea that steroids could alleviate RA symptoms, but duh. It makes sense. I’m at the tapering off point with that prescription, so I’ll keep an eye on when the discomfort comes back. But right now I feel fine.


I made coconut shrimp last night with a dipping sauce made from sweet orange marmalade and Thai chile sauce. It came out real good, and was stupid easy to make. Cool. I’m really not that good with frying food. We rarely do it because of the oil smell.


Gross, but it seems to work for lots of people. Usually it’s a medical procedure with all the costs. But not for this person ...

DIY Fecal Transplant, $6

( insert your jokes here )

I really don’t know what to say, but I wouldn’t do it with just anybody’s crap. And I have no idea how big a load of their shit you need to take.

Eew, but I’ve been seeing this kind of story more and more lately. The wife works with someone who had it done, loves the result, but is now afraid to take antibiotics, which would kill off her new bacteria. Hmmm.


Sunday morning silliness in the news? Truly, this is an international crime, I’m sure.

Smoking Hot Actress Subject To Fine, Arrest? For Wearing Sexy Dress At Cannes Film Festival


Duh, at Cannes it’s a miracle that the young actresses wear any clothing at all.

A Vietnamese fashion designer and model is facing punishment in her home country for wearing a skimpy dress in France, some 9,000 miles away.

According to a report, Ngoc Trinh, 29, wore the flimsy, see-through black gown at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

“Her outfit was improper, offensive and has caused public outrage,” Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Vietnam’s minister of culture, sports and tourism, said afterward, according to the Sun.

The minister ordered an investigation into whether Trinh violated Vietnam’s public decency laws by wearing the dress – even though she did so far from home. If guilty, she could face a heavy fine, the Sun reported.

The sheer, beaded dress featured an opening on the front and exposed her legs on either side, while the fabric was largely see-through.

Trinh attended the festival in support of the film, “A Hidden Life,” directed by Terrence Malick, which tells the story of an Austrian farmer who refused to fight for the Nazis during World War II, according to Design Taxi.

Oh wait, she’s not even an actress? Yet, but I bet she gets offers now! She’s just a designer back home, but if she has half a brain cell she just moved to LA and applied for asylum.

Funny how the commies and the muzzies are a total bunch of stiffs who need to control their women with an iron fist, but it’s the Christian fundamentalists and the orthodox Jews that our media criticizes for their patriarchal attitude towards their women.

But WTH, that’s one helluva adorable hot girl in an amazingly sexy dress. Worth another look, for sure. Click pic for massive embiggification.


One internet user said: “Although there are some advocates of Ms Ngoc Trinh’s freedom, I support the need to have sanctions to prevent offensive and self-esteem behaviours of some artists and models when attending international events.”

Another commented: “It is necessary to have specific rules for artists when going abroad to maintain a national face.”

A third wrote: “Any profession must have professional ethics.”

Commies suck.


White Supremacist Neo-Nazis Crash Detroit Pride Parade !!!

International Headlines!!

Looks like less than a dozen were there, including a couple of their kids. YAWN. Amid tens of thousands of Pride people.

White supremacist appears to urinate on an Israeli flag as nationalist group interrupts LGBT celebration in Detroit by tearing apart Pride flags and giving Nazi salutes

• White supremacists caused outrage among the LGBT community when one of them appeared to urinate on an Israeli flag during a Pride event in Detroit
• The National Socialist Movement showed up at Motor City Pride doing Nazi salutes and were seen tearing a Pride flag as people watched on in horror
• The group is one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the United States and is known for its anti-Jewish and racist protests

White supremacists caused outrage among the LGBT community when one of them appeared to urinate on an Israeli flag and gave Nazi salutes during a Pride event in Detroit.

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) interrupted the family-friendly event on Saturday, holding placards with their slogan and swastika flags. 

The white nationalist group is one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the United States and is known for anti-Jewish and racist protests.

Images show LGBT supporters attempting to block them joining the event. Police are seen in the vicinity.

Motor City Pride began at noon and had four stages of entertainment, in addition to over 100 food stalls and other merchandise on sale. The city’s main parade takes place on Sunday.

One image of the day’s events appears to show an unidentified neo-Nazi group member urinating on an Israeli flag, with one LGBT supporter watching in horror at his actions.

Counter-protesters were pictured being blocked by law enforcement from intervening as members of the National Socialist Movement demonstrated.

Thousands of people, many in colorful costumes, kicked off 2019 Motor City Pride Festival weekend on Saturday amid rainbow flags in downtown Detroit’s Hart Plaza.

Described on its website as Michigan’s largest pride celebration, the event is estimated to have been attended 40,000 people celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

However the day’s celebrations took a sour turn when the NSM showed up and amplified tensions among the LGBT community. 

The [ NSM ] group was founded in 1994 in Michigan, claiming that it ‘specializes in theatrical and provocative protests’ and is one of the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the United States.

The resurgence of the NSM began in 2004, in the wake of the deaths of the country’s two major neo-Nazi leaders, William Pierce and Richard Butler.

Unlike other neo-Nazi outfits, the NSM adopted an open-arms recruiting policy that allowed members of other white supremacist groups to participate in NSM actions and join the NSM.

So this is an uber-group of all the other skinhead neos from all over the country, and the best they can field is a dozen bearded weirdos, including their kids. Isn’t that pathetic? Oh gosh, they’re SUCH a problem. And let’s blame Trump for it in the comments. So sad.


Trump’s Mexico Deal: Tired Of Winning Yet? Hell No, This One Is YUGE !!
And the MSM is sucking lemons and sour grapes

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell admitted Saturday morning on “New Day” that the United States got “almost everything it wanted” in the U.S.-Mexico trade deal that was announced Friday.

The “New Day” coverage began with CNN White House correspondent Sarah Westwood describing the White House’s intention to “frame this as a victory for President Trump,” who reversed his original plans to impose a tariff on Mexican imports in response to the country’s concessions, particularly “stepped-up immigration enforcement efforts.”

Westwood reported Trump’s Friday night announcement before showing video of the Mexican ambassador calling what the country agreed to “unprecedented.”

Yes, OrangeMan Bad is intending to frame this major win as a ... major win. Isn’t that terrible?

The president delved into more of the deal’s specifics on Saturday, including Mexico’s promise to deploy their own troops at the border.

“Now, there is the additional border enforcement and help in breaking up trafficking networks. The U.S. got almost everything it wanted from Mexico,” Blackwell noted from the anchor desk after Westwood signed off.

The anchor’s admission comes as Rep. Maxine Waters and others framed the news as Trump caving from “just another bluff.”

Yeah, that’s right, he “caved”. Because that puts it in the worst possible light, because OrangeMan Bad. Always. Even though President Trump threatens something a tad extreme every time, and within a day or two the other side gives him whatever he wanted, if not more. Every single time. WINNING!! But he’s the one who is caving.

What a bunch of delusional lying losers.

Build the wall anyway, longer thicker and taller. And add machine guns and minefields.

And then start the purge across the whole country. No illegals, no asylum, no anchor babies, no H1-Bs, no immigration at all for 5 decades. Throw them all the hell out. We’ll have zero unemployment, save trillions, keep billions from draining out of the country, and can pretty much cancel welfare or cut it back 80%. And if we absolutely have to bring in some foreigners, we’ll take their very best and brightest only. The rest can stay in their own shithole countries, and work on improving things there themselves. We will no longer be “a nation of immigrants”. We will be a “nation of winners”. America First, America Only. And screw the rest of the world. We showed them how to succeed, and if they’re unable to follow, well, who cares?



This is either a very early post today or a really late post for yesterday. It’s a bit after midnight, and I’m up taking my pills with food.

I had the hearing test today. I failed it. Pretty strong loss in both ears, but worse in one which is filled with fluid. This is not news to me. So they’ve got me on steroids first, and then maybe they’ll do one of those eardrum drain grommet things. So I don’t think I’ll be getting hearing aides just yet. Have to try this and that medical approaches first.

Right. So I’m making some overnight sourdough. It’s always an experiment; I’m out of bread flour, but I still have a bit of whole wheat flour, some regular flour, and plenty of that really strong ( high gluten, high protein ) bagel flour. So I made up a recipe, 80% hydration so it’s “no knead” style, and I’ve got it going in the riser at a slightly sub-optimal temperature. That will keep it warm enough to rise, but slowly. Whenever I get around to it tomorrow morning I’ll give it a good knead, and put it in a greased pan and give it a couple more hours at a nice happy 83° . That will come up fast, and then I can bake it. I never make pan bread, but those loaves are easy slicing for toast and sandwiches. And after that, I think it will be time to take my wonderful sourdough starter, that I’ve kept going for more than 2 years now, and put it in greased ice cube trays and freeze it. Anything left will become pancakes. And then we’re both going to go on some kind of reduced carb diet, so there won’t be any bread for quite some time.

Yes you can freeze yeast, and sourdough starter as well. Once it’s frozen you pop it out of the ice trays and into a double big ziploc bag. And each cube is enough for a loaf, although you need to thaw it out and feed it up for a few days ahead of baking.

Yeast is tough stuff. There was some story the other week about how some science guys in Israel found some ancient beer jars, thousands of years old, and were able to recover the yeasts from the pores in the clay. They brought it back to life and brewed up some beer from it. The jars had been buried in the hot desert sand for 5000 years or so.


Oh the Hell you say.

Minneapolis Killer Cop Wants Joke Of A Sentence For His Murder Conviction

Attorneys for a Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder after he shot and killed an unarmed woman who had called 911 asked a judge Thursday to forgo a prison sentence in lieu of an unusual arrangement: they propose he’d report to jail for a week each year on the woman’s birthday and the anniversary of her death.

“This sentence honors the memory of Ms. Rusczcyk and allows Mr. Noor to continue to serve the city,” Mohamed Noor’s defense attorneys, Thomas Plunkett and Peter Wold, wrote in their motion ahead of the sentencing scheduled for Friday in the murder of Justine Ruszczyk Damond. “Just as importantly, it mandates that Mr. Noor will continue to consider his action and the great loss they caused.”

The suggested sentence, instead of the 12-and-a-half years recommended by state guidelines for the third-degree murder charge and four years for second-degree manslaughter, would last the entirety of Noor’s probation, which the attorneys didn’t specify in their request. It also would incorporate an annual period of community service so the officer could continue to repent for his actions and give back to his community.

Noor was convicted this past April after he shot and killed Damond, a 40-year-old dual citizen of the U.S. and Australia, in July 2017. She had been engaged to be married a month after the shooting unfolded.

Let’s see, 12 1/2 years plus 4 years is 16 1/2 years which is 858 weeks. So if this guy should happen to live to nearly 1000, he’ll have served his time. He’s 41 now. Assuming he lives another 50 years, his suggested deal would still add up to LESS THAN ONE YEAR in the can.

Blow it out your ass. This is an incredible insult. What did you expect from a sandbox afro muzzie AA hire cop? It’s not like Ms Rusczcyk matters. She was merely a female, white citizen. Cops, blacks, and muzzies are above the law.

I am highly offended. Tack on another 5 years for excessive audacity. Rot in jail forever you bastard.


[ massive snip snip of old posts, now pasted below the fold. Sorry, I had to delete a big bunch of them too ]



The inanity and insanity gets worse by the hour.

Woman Says She Is ‘Honored to Be Given Gift of Life’ as She Aborts Twins

A woman who aborted her twins on screen in a recent PBS documentary commented she was “honored to be given this gift of life” and then said it was inconvenient for her to allow the twins to live.

The Frontline documentary, which focused on changes in the abortion industry over the last 30 years, featured a scene in which the woman aborted her twins using the abortion drug mifepristone, or RU-486.

“What I hope I feel is a sense of peace, not only with myself and the decision that I’ve made, but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I’ve chosen not to bring into the world,” the woman said on camera. “Thank you for choosing me, and I’m honored to be given this gift of life, and also I can’t do it right now. I can’t accept that mantle in terms of the other lives that I’m taking care of and I’m responsible for.”

About the only thing that could make this worse would be if she had deliberately become pregnant just to have an abortion for the show.


Oh horse apples.

Wear your AirBuds all the time, so you can listen to music while the guy next to you on the subway whacks off.

Are you for real??

There’s actually a very good reason for wearing AirPods all the time, even at the risk of offending someone: to safely ignore street harassers.
I wear my Apple EarPods, the classic kind with cords, for this purpose. A familiar gut feeling, the kind sharpened over years of simply existing as a woman in the world, told me I probably wasn’t alone.
Headphones act as both cue and barrier; they convey an air of unavailability that warns strangers not to bother and provide a membrane of protection when someone decides to anyway. Suspended in a state of plausible aloofness, people with headphones plugged in their ears can pretend they didn’t hear those comments and keep on walking.
Even if the headphones can’t stop a bad situation, they can help their wearers cope with the encounter. On a recent morning, Anni Glissman, a marketing manager in Chicago, was wearing her Apple EarPods on the train when the car emptied out. A man entered from an adjacent car, sat down next to her, and began to masturbate. Glissman didn’t move, afraid a reaction might somehow make the situation worse.
The headphone barrier, she said, gave her the courage to stay stony and keep her gaze steadily out the window.

I think the social “norms” of avoidance and non-confrontation have gone too far. What this woman should have done is to start yelling at the creep and making a scene. Hell, if there were any actual men on the train they would have beat the crap out of the freak ASAP. Or she could have just moved to another seat. Or shot the asshole in the balls with a tazer. What the heck is our world coming to?

And all these women ... all these “empowered” “strong” women .. are living their lives in a state of slightly hidden perpetual fear. Um, that doesn’t add up to me.

Feeling at ease in a public space, especially for those who identify as women, can be an impossible balancing act, says Laura Logan, a sociology professor at Hastings College in New Hampshire who studies street harassment.

Somebody actually studies this? I mean, other than figuring out the most effective body blows to lay a beat down on the creeps? I think this is a death spiral situation. Instead of immediately slamming this kind of behavior, loud and long and constantly, the lefties have gone soft, “letting it be” “letting it all hang out” and now they’re having to deal with the consequences.

And I don’t think this article was talking about a bus in the ghetto, which certain feral types are well known to use as a mobile toilet, a comfortable place to rob or molest others, a place to find sexual gratification in public, and so forth. One more reason to not use public transit or live in a city. Any city.


You know, I’m getting rather sick of this vindictiveness. I want to see some backlash, kind of on the level of killing a fly with a giant sledgehammer.

Nasty Nancy: Throw Trump In Prison

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump “in prison” as she clashed with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler in a meeting on Tuesday night over whether to launch impeachment proceedings.

Pelosi met with Nadler (D-N.Y.) and several other top Democrats who are aggressively pursuing investigations against the president, according to multiple sources. Nadler and other committee leaders have been embroiled in a behind-the-scenes turf battle for weeks over ownership of the Democrats’ sprawling investigation into Trump.

Nadler pressed Pelosi to allow his committee to launch an impeachment inquiry against Trump — the second such request he’s made in recent weeks only to be rebuffed by the California Democrat and other senior leaders. Pelosi stood firm, reiterating that she isn’t open to the idea of impeaching Trump at this time.

“I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison,” Pelosi said, according to multiple Democratic sources familiar with the meeting. Instead of impeachment, Pelosi still prefers to see Trump defeated at the ballot box and then prosecuted for his alleged crimes, according to the sources.

Prosecuted and imprisoned. For his “alleged crimes” which they can’t even name or enumerate. This is vile, the lowest of the low. And there ought to be some comeuppance for it.


Arrgh, I managed to lose yesterday’s posts. Not that there was all that much; I worked the whole day and then we did Summer League. Where we won 5 out of 7, so that wasn’t so bad.

Also, I had a nice surprise, finding out that a young woman on our league is the daughter of a guy we used to bowl with many years ago. I never put it together, but when I saw the two of them together the resemblance was remarkable.

We met her when we bowled a summer league a few years back and had this young man on our team. She was the girlfriend, heavily pregnant. We haven’t seen him around lately, and it looks like she’s pregnant again. That child is about ready to enter kindergarten. Time flies.

It’s probably best not to ask about either situation, but they did seem a nice young couple. And little B is C’s daughter. How about them apples? hahaha.


Plenty more painting for me to do today I think. We’ll see. My knee was starting to act up badly last night, so maybe I’ll take some time off from painting. Plus it’s going to be very hot today.


75th Anniversary of D-Day

Our President is in Europe giving speeches on it.

OMAHA BEACH, France (AP) — With the silence of remembrance and respect, nations honored the memory of the fallen and the singular bravery of all Allied troops who sloshed through bloodied water to the landing beaches of Normandy, a tribute of thanks 75 years after the massive D-Day assault that doomed the Nazi occupation of France and portended the fall of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Thursday’s second day of ceremonies to mark the surprise Allied offensive by air and sea moved to France after spirited commemorations in Portsmouth, England, the main embarkation point for the transport boats that carried tens of thousands of soldiers to Normandy, each not knowing whether he would survive the day.

Leaders, veterans, their families and the grateful from France, Europe and elsewhere were present for the solemn day that began under a radiant sun.

At dawn, hundreds of people, civilians and military alike, hailing from around the world, gathered at the water’s edge, remembering the troops who stormed the fortified Normandy beaches to help turn the tide of the war and give birth to a new Europe.


Up to 12,000 people gathered hours later at the ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery, where U.S. veterans, their numbers fast diminishing as years pass, were the guests of honor. They shared a giant stage with President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Sadly, this is ancient history now. Few of the people involved are still with us. And the lessons of that terrible war seem to have just faded away, at home as well as in Europe.



Currently, it’s 43° here. It’s the 4th of June.



Ok, manly task of the day, completed.

I cleaned the grease traps on the gas grill. The drip trough was crusty and slimy, and the catch basin was overflowing with gnarly burnt grease cake. It was time. I BBQed a dozen chicken thighs last night, and you know how much yuck they drip off.




Not much blogging, again. I’m just so tired lately. I slept 10 hours Friday night, and I could do the same again tonight. I don’t think I’m sick. Just run down.

And we made it almost a whole 48 hours without rain. Amazing. And then the skies opened a short while ago, and announced their intentions with a blast of thunder that scared the heck out of the cats. Two kittehs sleeping. KABOOM!! Two kittehs moving at the speed of light to go hide under mommies bed. Por kittehs. But I do have to say, cats are generally better at thunderstorms than dogs are. Maybe they don’t hear as well. Dogs usually just lose it.


At the condo clubhouse there is a cute little book box outside the pool fence. It’s shaped like our town’s famous red mill, and holds a few dozen books year round. People share books they’re tired of. I took a look today and found two copies of Tom Sawyer. One was a Scholastic Book from 1961. 45¢ paperback. The other is a copy from 2014. In the preface to the newer one, it says how this is the cleaned up, simplified, kinder gentler version. In other words, it’s the politically correct one. And someday, young reader, when you’re older and wiser, you really should read the original. Funny how the kids in 1961 didn’t need that kind of protection from classic literature. I borrowed the old one naturally.

Funny also, how this little book has always been considered a story for young kids. Early readers. Seriously? Then we’ve had 143 years of massive dumbing down. Tom Sawyer was written in 1876, telling a story set around the mid 1830s. Like Melville’s Moby Dick, written a few decades earlier, Tom Sawyer is written in old, but not hi-falutin’ old. Common old. But still, either it was a major challenge for kids in those days, or the ability to read was such a valued thing, a glorious rare endeavor, that it was held in the highest esteem, and went hand in hand with the assumption of a robust and replete vocabulary.

Can you imagine this kind of writing in a college level tale? Now wrap your head around the idea that this was written for 10 year olds.

While Tom was eating his supper, and stealing sugar as opportunity offered, Aunt Polly asked him questions that were full of guile, and very deep - for she wanted to trap him into damaging revealments. Like many other simple-hearted souls, it was her pet vanity to believe she was endowed with a talent for dark and mysterious diplomacy, and she loved to contemplate her most transparent devices as marvels of low cunning.


He got home pretty late, that night, and when he climbed cautiously in at the window he uncovered an ambuscade, in the person of his aunt; and when she saw the state his clothes were in her resolution to turn his Saturday holiday into captivity at hard labor became adamantine in its firmness.

I’m in love. What gorgeous wording.

We have become so lazy, taking this most precious gift for granted. Goodness, other than my immediate family, I don’t think I know anyone who actually reads. Sits down with a book and has a go, and does not shy away from the complex written words, but revels in the taste and feel of them, along with whatever the subject matter is.


Equal Opportunity Mayhem.
How will the media handle this, and still keep to their agenda? Easy. You’ll never see a picture of the shooter.

12 Dead plus shooter in Virginia Beach VA Mayhem

A longtime city employee shot and killed 12 people and injured at least four others after opening fire Friday afternoon in the public works building, making it the country’s deadliest mass shooting this year.

Police said officers killed the man, identified Saturday morning as DeWayne Craddock, a long-time engineer with the city, after he fired at them in the city’s scenic Municipal Center in Princess Anne, a campus of about 30 brick Colonial-style buildings.

The four injured were all in surgery Friday, Police Chief James Cervera said during a news conference a couple of hours after the massacre.

One officer was shot during the exchange but was saved by his bulletproof vest, the chief said.

“This is the most devastating day in the history of Virginia Beach,” Mayor Bobby Dyer said in the news conference. “The people involved are our friends, co-workers, neighbors and colleagues.”

Craddock on Friday was a current employee of the public utilities department, Cervera said. He came armed with a .45-caliber handgun with a sound suppressor on it and shot one victim in a vehicle outside before entering the building. The rest were shot inside.

Cervera said police found victims on every floor of the building. 

Four officers responded, found the gunman almost immediately and then initiated what became a long gunfight with the suspect, Cervera said. After an officer shot the suspect, they administered first aid.

Officers found victims on all three of the building’s floors, Cervera said. They also found a .45-caliber handgun with large empty magazines and a silencer.

“The suspect was reloading extended magazines in that handgun, firing at victims throughout the building and at our officers,” Cervera said.

It was not known if the weapons were purchased legally.

“It is not known” means “we didn’t bother to look”. Other journalists did, and all his gear was legally purchases. Which means he didn’t have a criminal record, nor was he a certified nut case.


This is the shooter, a certified engineer

Sorta throws a bunch of stereotypes in the trash, now doesn’t it? Wonder if the guy was a registered Republican too, and/or a muzzie? And there are questions about whether he’d been terminated the day before or not. Oh, and the municipal building doors were never locked. Frankly, I want to know if he was on psych meds, or had just come off of them. If so, I’d opine that Big Pharma was far more to blame than the NRA. Not that either group is to blame in the slightest, but you know how things are these days.

These are the victims

But, OMG, extended magazines!! And a silencer/suppressor!! Not that anyone in the media cares, but a typical 1911 .45 semi-automatic pistol has a 7 round magazine. An extended round mag is usually 10 shots, so even “extended” isn’t really “high capacity”, even though VA allows 20 round magazines. Suppressors are legal in Virginia too, no special permit required. Actually, they’re legal in 42 states. Which the MSM will never ever mention.

Not that any of that will stop the gun control crowd, or even slow them down for a heartbeat.

The embattled Minnesota Democrat took a swipe at the NRA just hours after a disgruntled city employee went on a shooting spree that left 12 people dead and four more injured.

“I am outraged and heartbroken,” she wrote in a tweet. “How much longer will we ignore the pain of our communities? We need to immediately confront the power of the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in this country.”

DeWayne Craddock, the suspected shooter, died in a gunfight with police officers. He was a veteran employee of the Public Utilities Department who made multiple legal firearm purchases, including for a handgun and rifle, in recent weeks, the Wall Street Journal reported.

A police officer was also wounded, but was saved by his bullet-proof vest. The police didn’t reveal the motive for the shooting.

Omar’s comment about the NRA prompted the group’s spokeswoman to question how it was related.

“This was a heinous tragedy,” Loesch wrote in a tweet. “Your remarks move me to ask: What do 5 million members of the NRA have to do with this man’s crime? Was this man a card-carrying member? His purchases were legal, whose fault is that? Does he bear any blame at all? Serious questions.”





A couple little life updates ...

We got beat at bowling league. All of us tired old folks played a team of young college boys. Boundless energy and not a spare ounce on any of them, nor any aches and pains. Youth sucks. Well, we won one game. I bowled like crap. My knee went out again and I barely rolled a 478 series.

My first try at making Bang Bang shrimp didn’t turn out so good. The sauce is fine, using half the amount of mayo the recipes call for. Ok, maybe I added a bit too much hot sauce. Typical me. What I didn’t like was the thinness of the coating, and how it refused to brown up. Then it struck me: Bang Bang shrimp isn’t hella different from General Tso’s chicken, other than the meat and the sauce. So my next attempt will use a cornstarch slurry (1/2c cornstarch, 1/2c AP flour, 1/2tsp salt and pepper, 1/2tsp baking powder, 1/2tsp paprika. Dry coat a pound of buttermilk soaked shrimp, tails removed, then mix in a beaten egg and 2Tb vodka and wet coat). Use enough oil so that the temp doesn’t drop, fry them up half a dozen at a time, 350 for about 4 minutes. Dip in the sauce, drip off on a cooling rack, sprinkle on sesame seeds. A couple minutes in a 375 oven, then sprinkle on finely sliced scallions and serve. We’ll see. This means I have to go shopping and buy more cornstarch and shrimp. Gosh, how awful.

... later on ...

Well, at least I got in a couple hours of line painting before the rain came back again. Welcome to NJ summer: humidity 94%, chance of rain 95%. Every day.

... much later on ...

Crivens, I think it’s rained at least 6 times today. Downpours, all of them. So my arthritic knees are killing me, gee thanks. Took my ibuprofen and all my anti-oxidants.

The final take on the shrimp came out pretty darn good. I softened the sauce down a lot; it was too hot. And I do have to find the exact right oil temperature so that they brown instead of singe. 355 or something in there. Maybe lower? Thing is, I don’t want to overcook the shrimp.

Ow, my knee. Damn this stuff. Hate it.



run, hide, fear! (when in panic or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout)

Tornado Warning issued for my county. Lasted half an hour.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for parts of Hunterdon County in New Jersey and also for Bucks County in eastern Pennsylvania, effective now through 4:15 p.m. Wednesday.

The warning was issued as a cluster of strong thunderstorms was moving through central and eastern Pennsylvania and pushing into western sections of New Jersey, and forecasters spotted wind rotation near the Delaware River in Lambertville.

Residents in the Hunterdon area are being advised to seek cover, because the storm cell moving through is packing strong winds and hail as large as 2 inches in diameter.

... and nothing happened.

Phew, we escaped disaster once again.


... and of course, half an hour after the warning expires, the storm hits us. Raining buckets, nearly dark out, the kind of sudden incredible downpour that you usually only encounter when you’re on a camping vacation with the family.


Yup, it’s still a witch hunt

Mueller Gets In One Last Dis On Trump, Then Retires

“If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that,” Mueller said during his statement. “We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”
“The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing,” Mueller said.

So, was a crime found to have occurred? Not answered. Was there collusion or conspiracy? Not answered. Was there evidence of any of Trump’s staff having committed these acts? Not anwered. Crimes? Not answered.

Does Mueller believe in Innocent until Proven Guilty? Doesn’t look that way. Is it possible to prove a negative? Not usually. Do I have get the idea that this guys concept of “confidence” of innocence was set at a bar of Olympian level? You betcha. And his concept of “guilt” set at a bar a few feet below ground? You betcha twice.

But hey, stir the pot one more time, provide a distraction, shift the focus off the spotlight finally beginning to shine on your cronies and swamp roaches in their dark corners. Get the Dems all worked up on the impeachment BS once again.

There are an infinite number of links to his 8 minute speech. Go find one, watch his talk, and make careful note of the weasel-ocity going on.

Two years of effort, millions spent, lives ruined. And the final answer is ... eh, meh, uh, ± meis / menos ±, maybe, um, or maybe not.

It’s still a witch hunt.

[ UPDATE ] and of course Rush sees right through it ...

“As set forth in the report after the investigation, if we had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Do you realize what an abomination of the justice system that is? I say this without any partisanship or favoritism toward Trump here at all. This just turns our system of justice on its head. It really does, folks. If we had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.

How about this? “If we had confidence the president clearly did commit a crime, we would have said so.” That’s the way it’s supposed to be. “If we had evidence the president committed a crime, we would have damn well said so.” It’s not, “If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” That’s not what the job is. And then he goes on to say we couldn’t have indicted him anyway because of Justice Department guidelines.

But then this next: “We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.” Well, go tell that to Jerry Nadler and Elizabeth Warren and the rest, ’cause they sure as hell think that you have. “We did not make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

Yes, you have! You have done everything you can to imply that he did and that you just couldn’t find it! That’s what makes me so livid. This guy in his righteousness sitting here saying that “We did not make a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.”

“Beyond department policy, which is the Office of Legal Counsel guidelines, we were guided by the principles of fairness.” Ha. What an absolute crock.

.... Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, the worm is turning. And sharpening its teeth.

This coupe thing was so vast it was international, involving both the UK and Italy? Crivens. Better distract the people ASAP !!!


NCAA Still Playing Ostrich Over Trans Athletes

According the NCAA’s Transgender Handbook, “According to medical experts on this issue, the assumption that a transgender woman competing on a women’s team would have a competitive advantage outside the range of performance and competitive advantage or disadvantage that already exists among female athletes is not supported by evidence.”

Seriously, they have a handbook just for this? OMG.

And yet once again ...

Transgender athlete easily wins NCAA women’s track championship

A transgender athlete who identifies as a woman won an NCAA national championship on Saturday.

Franklin Pierce University senior Cece Telfer beat the eight-woman field in the Division II women’s 400-meter hurdles by more than a second, with a personal collegiate-best time of 57.53.

Telfer also earned All-American First Team honors with a fifth-place finish in the 100-meter hurdles earlier in the day at Javelina Stadium at Texas A&M-Kingsville.

A second and a quarter faster than the 2nd place finisher. Who was a quarter second faster than 3rd place, who was a half second faster than 4th place. No, no advantage there at all.




Yo, what up? It’s time for another kitchen adventure.

I’m going to try and fry some shrimp tonight. I can’t decide whether to make coconut shrimp or Bang Bang shrimp. That’s the house specialty at the Bonefish Grill restaurant chain ... we’re going there this weekend for her birthday anyway, so if the recipe is good I’ll have a fresh memory to compare the real deal with it.

Right, off to the store. If they don’t have buttermilk or buttermilk powder and Mae Ploy sweet Thai chili sauce, I can substitute. I always have Sriracha and hot Thai chili sauce on hand.

At least it’s stopped raining. Which means that maybe I can preheat the fry oil in my dutch oven out on the grill, and not stink up the house with oil fumes. Someday ... someday I’ll have a kitchen vent hood that really, really flows the air. Anything under 450cfm just doesn’t really do it. And most of the standard fans are <350cfm. I want a big mutha with a 8" pipe. Yeah right. And you have to open a window on the other side of the kitchen to let fresh air in, or else you'll never get close to that kind of actual air flow.



Take the little victories where you can find them.

I won the every weekend competition for the little WordScapes game I play on my phone. Ooh boy, I got a big bunch of coins, which I can spend in the game to buy clues to the hidden words. Except I played so much to get the high score, I really don’t feel like playing the game any longer. The puzzles repeat far too often, and their list of words is both too small and too free-form modern. “anti” is not a word, it’s a prefix.








A Good Finish

We won 7-0 last night in the final week of Cheap League rotation. No we have two weeks of the finals, and then it’s over. And then two weeks off until summer league starts.





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calendar   Friday - August 26, 2016

fair use

Once in a while having a clearer understanding of the Fair Use Doctrine can come in handy.

What it is: LINK 1

Here’s a checklist: LINK 2

Here’s a nice graphical flowchart: LINK 3

( source )

Remember, at BMEWS it is always our intent to educate our readers in a non-profit manner.

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calendar   Thursday - August 25, 2016

Finishing Strong

We mopped the floor with our opponents last night, taking all 3 games and a total margin of over 100 pins. They were 2 points ahead of us in the standings, but 6 down from the team ahead of them, so our 7-0 win gave us their slot in the standings but wasn’t enough to bridge the points gap into the top 4. So we finished in 5th, and were rewarded a kingly $40 per person. Sweet. Yup, another 3 weeks and we would have been knocking on 1st place. Still, considering we were dead last by 4 points just 7 weeks ago, I think we came back real strong.

I’ve got a couple of new balls on order; the alley’s summer time discount of 40% off created a better price including drilling than any of the online shops would sell me the same balls for without drilling. Sweet.

Winter league starts in 2 weeks. I’m just going to put those balls aside for a little while, not even have them drilled, until I get my release a bit more squared away. I’ve got to my axis tilt and rotation more where they ought to be. Seems like I can either rev the ball up and throw it straight, or rip threw it on the release and get a totally horizontal axis - ie a spinner. Both can make strikes, but neither will hook much at all, so I’m never going to get the kind of entry angle that a big hook shot gives. And that means consistent strikes with a big safety margin. That’s not me. Not yet.

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back to school

First day of school today in our county.

Two new kids on the high school bus early in the morning. Neither was on the grade school bus last year, so they either moved here over the summer or else they escaped from parochial schools and are now experiencing public education for the first time. Woo hoo.

An entire zoo full of little squeakers on the grade school bus. I counted 20 but I don’t think all the kids made it in this morning. And it was helicopter parent time. Oh boy, both mommy and daddy showed up to put junior on the bus, and they got there early with babies in tow to give themselves lots of time to record this momentous event. Even the grandparents were there for a couple of the kids. So in a matter of minutes, I went from total isolation to being ring master for a crowd of almost 70 people. And then, once the individual pictures were taken, the group pictures were taken, the parents only pictures for Facebook were taken, the littlest army filled up half a school bus ("Oh look, how cute! She’s reaching up to take that big first step onto the bus. Get her picture, get her picture!!"), and away they went. An exodus of SUVs and minivans ensued, of size and speed that would make Peiper’s UK Travelers proud. And then it was lonely silence again.

Looks like it’s going to be a good day to paint garages. Now until frost actually.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 24, 2016

And now for something completely different..

At Haymarket Park: Trump by a Bobblehead

It was the battle of the bobbleheads.

Five hundred plastic, blue-pantsuit-wearing Hillary Clintons stood on tables across from 500 “Make America Great Again” red hat-wearing Donald Trumps—a stare down, but with plastered smiles on their bobblehead faces. Tuesday night marked the third Bobble Election at Haymarket Park, held in honor of the upcoming presidential election.

Saltdogs’ fans cast their votes by choosing a free bobblehead before settling down for a game. Whichever of the 500 bobbleheads ran out first was the winner.

Charlie Meyer, president and general manager of the Lincoln Saltdogs, said the poll wasn’t about politically dividing baseball fans but having fun and satisfying curiosity: Will Trump or Clinton be the last man or woman standing?

“It’s been a heated race, and I think it will get much more heated once we get closer to November,” Meyer said. “But this is a fun deal.”

Besides entertainment, Meyer said they hoped to raise awareness by reminding people who haven’t registered to vote to go do so.

It’s 6am, home after a long day (night? Gotta love 3rd shift) at work, and I miiiiiight have made that bourbon & Coke a little stronger than anticipated (Wild Turkey 101, was finishing off the bottle)
This story made me smile. 

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calendar   Saturday - August 20, 2016

Rule 34 Is For Real

Rule 34 is the internet rule that says that some kind of porn exists for everything. Shoes, puppies, blueprints, Swiss cheese, rare books, anything. And if porn doesn’t exist for it, the mere mention that such is the case will cause porn to be created for it.

After making my previous bridge post, I stared at my work and eventually realized there was a girl in the picture. Hiding half the truss, thanks. Fine. If that’s how the game is played, let’s go. I knew of one picture right off the top of my head. I even knew the model’s name. So to the search engines, and I plug in “Ariel bridge”

and what comes back is ...


Not what I expected, but both awesome and abhorrent in its own right.

Awesome, because what you’re looking at is a bowstring truss bridge, made from both wrought and cast iron (like I just wrote about) and utilizing our old friend the Phoenix Column. This means the bridge is older than I beams, but younger than the Civil War (because after the war the Phoenix Iron Company turned swords into plowshares almost literally and used their cannon building technology to make rigid braced hollow tubing that could be easily assembled on site; ie the Phoenix Column). And this particular bridge is given superb coverage by my fellow bridge hunter Nathan Holth. Awesomer, because it’s a “WIBCO”; a bridge made by the prolific Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio. The bridge now lives in a park in Mt. Vernon Ohio, so maybe our friend Turtler can go and visit. Google found it for me because the bridge is funded by the Ariel Foundation. Figures, right?

Abhorrent because the bowstring truss is very strong, so it was a total diss to just nail the thing to the side of a walkway - not even a bridge, just a wooden path with railings on pilings!!! - to make it look like a bridge. This little arch could support a steam locomotive, even though it’s 140 years old. Also abhorr - ok, not really abhorrent, just a bit embarrassing, because the pictures I was looking for all came back in the search too; every one of them already stored in the back room here at this blog. Oh the photos are out there galore; I’m just the only one who renamed them to name the subjects.

Here’s what I was looking for ... mildly NSFW, plus a few others similar, because this is a Rule 34 post after all.

That’s Ariel, she’s on a bridge, and the picture is bloody huge if you save it.

Hey, you knew there’d be redheads involved. They’re always trying to pop up everywhere here.
Ok, a few others, mostly “artistic”. Go find the hardcore ones yourself.




Huh, look at that. A little pop-up window. Thought they were all disabled. Wonder what happens if I click on it?

Hey, hey, what’s happening here? I’m losing control of my PC!! Windows opening everywhere!!


Now wait just a goldarn minute here! There ain’t no bridge in that last pic! (assistant whispers in ear, bringing Drew up to date) Oh, it’s called a bridge? Fine. But enough.

Rule 34: give them an inch, and they’ll try and sell you some cream to make it 9 inches.

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full countered Pratt pony

Yes, it’s finally time for another bridge post.



Counters are the diagonal members running in the opposite direction. They help manage shear stress. By using the full set of counters you get a bridge made of “X"s, which is very good at supporting transitional loads ... like when a locomotive drives up one end of the span, across it, and off the other end. This is also the very best reason to use forged steel components, because steel can handle switching from tension to compression, which wood and iron can’t. Wood is always weak in tension, cast iron is weak in tension, and forged iron is weak in compression.

Too cute ... the model’s name is Bailey. Like the Bailey bridge? Maybe she has a sister named Bridge-ette.

Woo hoo!

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borderline blues

Buddy Guy blurs the line between rock and the blues. Who cares what you call it? This is dance music, even if you can’t dance. Happy happy happy. Get up and move your big ass ‘round, even if you don’t have one of those either.

I’ve got the CD, which is exceptionally well recorded. Crank up the volume just a bit and it’s like you’re right there.

Just in case you don’t like the blues - there’s got to be one of you, somewhere, right? - check below the fold for a bit of bouncy funk that will also get you up, get you happy, and get you moving. Brought to you by the Lovetone Meatball, or so I’ve been told.

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under the knife

That does it. The cat is going to get fixed. I can not take it any more.

Dizzy the cat, the mostly blind one, is in heat. Again. Every 4 god damn weeks, I swear. And she’s a very talkative cat to begin with. Which means now I’ve got Opera Cat, doing her full-throated arias all over the house. All day, all night. For days.

Would. You. Please. Shut. The. Flying. Fuck. Up!!!

It doesn’t matter how much she gets petted, or rubbed, or brushed, or played with, or snuggled, or fed. Or anything. A minute later and she’s at it again. 3 in the morning and she jumps up on the bed and starts howling.

Lucky for her she really isn’t trying to get out of the house. Because I might just be too tempted to let her. But more kittens is the last thing we need around here.

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calendar   Friday - August 19, 2016

thanko yu for not sweating



Only in Japan!! Or by mail order!!! $42 at Japan Trend Shop

h/t to Stoaty the Weasel

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calendar   Thursday - August 18, 2016

Almost Made It

We took 5 last night, going 5-2 against the first place team. Not quite enough to knock them off their throne, but enough to give it a big wobble and leave them vulnerable in the finals next week.

I got to play hero twice, putting myself totally in the zone the last few frames of each game to try and pull out a win. That worked in the first game, where I just fixated on the 2nd arrow and threw 9/ X XXX to finish and put 80 on the board for a fat margin win. Tried as hard as I could in Game 2, rolling X X XX9 to add 89 to our score; not enough for a win, but enough so that we lost small, by only 12 pins or so. It wasn’t really necessary in Game 3 because we were well ahead anyway, but I still did X XX9 just for gits and shiggles. I ended the night with a 557 series, which is about where my bowling ought to be.

Next week ... position round, and the parsing of the money. Money honey, woo hoo. Yeah, like $5 each. Ain’t no money in summer league honey.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 17, 2016

Leaving Home

On the off chance anybody checks out the Left Coast and can’t escape in time to eat their meals elsewhere, I know a number of good suggestions I might list if people are interested.

Well, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but now I have an announcement to make. And while I have been drafting posts about both the Iran Ransom and the Olympics (and how politics and cheating go hand in hand), but the big news I have to give is closer to home.

I am still committed to this blog and the Great Cause of our time, but tomorrow- possibly today for you- on August 17th I will be moving halfway across the country. I don’t make it a secret that while I am a man of the right, I have also been a Californian born and raised. And what’s more, someone that has lived on the dread, died-in-the-wool-left Coast itself. My parents came from the Middle of the country decades ago to live here, and I have lived here in this house my entire life.

Now I am doubling back on the path tread by them, the “Okies”, and the Miner 49ers and moving to Ohio. I have my misgivings about My Grandmother is getting on in years and could use our help, and above all the costs of uprooting from the home of 20~ years and moving halfway across the country to a place I scarcely know are less than the costs of staying. Taxes are high, a criminally insane water policy has all but insured drought will strike again, the “law” tried to abolish concealed carry, and I still remember the times when Bernie’s Brownshirts attacked a Trump Rally down the street while two married Jihadists slaughtered a Christmas Party.

This would be the chance where the jokes about the Far Left Coast would come up. But in all due honesty… I feel they’re mostly out of place for me personally. I am NOT blind to California’s innumerable flaws, chief among them the dual facts that it seems committed to being re-annexed by Mexican drug cartels and the fact that it has helped elect every Leftist president we have been cursed with. But the California I knew was generally good to me on the whole. Even with a hideously corrupt school system and government. The neighborhoods were good, The food’s delicious (especially if you know where to look), the climate’s generally above par (though anybody who thinks it shines all the time has never shivered in 30 degree F weather in the middle of Fall of in Santa Clara). And perhaps most surprisingly… almost everybody I have met- and I mean almost everybody- from school on was friendly or neutral. And hard as it may seem, many people know about my political and philosophical beliefs- including in school- and were accepting of it, sans a few individuals (two or three of whom I am proud to say I helped fire).

So on some level I think a part of me will always belong to here, even long after I leave. It is the land of my childhood and nothing I can do will change that. And I suppose I can see why many people might be drawn in by the warm, fuzzy glow of a Leftist, progressive utopia. After all, my life has largely been a demonstration of its’ better sides (to the extent that oxymoron exists).

But even then the underlying rot crept up from the cracks. That was all too obvious from when one of my (married) math Co-Teachers was arrested and dragged off for shagging a student, probably with the knowledge of the Principal.  Even though his wife also worked on the very campus. But more damning was the bitter, encrusted corruption that lies at the top of the school districts and how my parents had to use their legal skill and positions in the PTA to fight a years long, savage battle with a system run by people who will screw over their students- including the disabled- in order to serve themselves. The fact that I was framed for defusing a situation with a history professor blocking the door and physically threatening me was probably the nadir of it. And I think it mirrors the dozens of ways=- from water infrastructure to sanctuary cities to drugs to forest ires- that this dream fails. How it crumbles when even a handful of people with black hearts, greedy natures, avarice, or simple incompetence get high enough on the food chain, and how no amount of resources, Godly mercy, or well intentioned people are around.

I was just one of the ones lucky or blessed enough to not suffer the full consequences. The brilliant VDH has made a long, long series of posts that show a fuller story. It’s well worth reading, just in case you thought you knew everything about Leftist Lunacy.

So, what next for me? I don’t know. But regardless of what happens I do know I can look forward to one thing. Ohio’s a swing state, and we’re moving in time for voter re-registration for the General Election. Which means for whatever I’ve given up, I will have the chance to do something I really never have done before. Cast a vote in the General Election that might make a non-trivial difference. And ultimately, why else was America founded?

In any event, I look forward to getting back in the swing of things.

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calendar   Tuesday - August 16, 2016

Bigger Red Is Extra Green

Well duh, of course having Americans building, owning, maintaining, and crewing the ships that go from one US port to another raises the price of goods a tiny bit. If we had a bunch of beaner boats crewed by Mongolians, Greeks, and Filipinos like most international shipping, the wages would be even more pathetic and the ships run down to rusty hulks. And it would even easier to sneak in spies, terrorists, and Democrat Commie agitators. I’m not usually a fan of protectionist legislation like the sugar subsidy, but I think I’m in favor of this one.  HOWEVER I can see modifying it a bit to keep it modern: it should not apply to American territories, protectorates, or states that are islands and more than 25 miles out to sea, or to coastal states that are not contiguous or adjacent to other states or territories by more than 50 miles.  In other words, create a loophole for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Somoa, USVI, and Puerto Rico.

Such an act: Keeping up with the Jones


Hey, this one’s only red on top and on the bottom. Wait, um, never mind.  red face

Crowley Maritime Corp. took delivery Friday of MT West Virginia, the fourth new Jones Act product tanker built for the company by Philly Shipyard, Inc. (PSI). Crowley will christen the West Virginia on Tuesday at a ceremony at Philly Shipyard.

The LNG-ready West Virginia can be converted for propulsion by liquefied natural gas (LNG), joining sister ships Louisiana, Ohio and Texas, which were received by Crowley in 2015 and 2016 as the first-ever tankers to receive the American Bureau of Shipping’s (ABS) LNG-Ready Level 1 approval.

Like its sister ships, West Virginia is 50,000 dead-weight-tons (dwt) and capable of carrying 330,000 barrels of product. The new tankers are based on a Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) design that incorporates numerous fuel efficiency features, flexible cargo capability and the latest regulatory requirements. The

vessel is 600 feet long and is capable of carrying crude oil or refined petroleum products, as well as various chemical cargoes. Marathon Petroleum Corporation is the charterer.

If converted to run on LNG, then this ship would have practically no carbon footprint. Well, “no footprint” relative to 600’ cargo ships of 50Kdwt. But aside from a sailboat, that’s as clean and green as it gets.

The Jones Act is a 1920 bit of protectionist legislation properly called The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 that says “keep American shipping American”, from the beginning to the end. It’s all about “cabotage”, a most excellent and rare word, that means the exact opposite of “NIMBY”. It’s total “IMBY”: it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there’s a paragraph in there requiring the steel used has to be mined and refined here, and any wood grown and worked within our borders. Jones Act, Fuck Yeah!

cabotage:  a requirement that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried on U.S.-flag ships, constructed in the United States, owned by U.S. citizens, and crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents.

Super Patriot John McCain tried to nullify the Jones Act in 2015.


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Big Red



Ain’t she a beauty? That’s a Lockheed 5B Vega from 1928. This the 22nd model 5B Vega built, and it became an unique variant when the wasp B engine was replaced with a 420hp supercharged Wasp C engine of 22 liters displacement (1343 cu in). At the same time the engine was replaced, many of the 7 passenger seats were removed to make room for a nice big gas tank that held 420 gallons. It was in this flying barrel of petrol that Amelia Earhart set off to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic on May 20, 1932. She mostly made it; her intended destination was Paris, but Ireland made a great place to land when things started going wrong ...

Her plan was to fly all the way to Paris, but after her altimeter had failed, encountering adverse weather, including heavy icing and fog, a fuel leak, and a damaged exhaust manifold, Earhart landed in a field at Culmore, North Ireland. The distance flown was 2,026 miles (3,260.5 kilometers). Her elapsed time was 14 hours, 56 minutes.

A lone, astonished farmer saw her land.

Amelia cut the switches, climbed out of the plane, and, as the man approached the plane, called out, “Where am I?”

Danny McCallion replied obligingly and with excruciating accuracy. “In Gallegher’s pasture.”


Later that year, Earhart flew the Vega to another record. On August 24-25, she made the first solo, nonstop flight by a woman across the United States, from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey. The flight covered a distance of 2,447 miles and lasted about 19 hours.

The aircraft now resides in the National Air and Space Museum. Right click the pictures here for much larger versions.

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Dang, nobody posted nothing today.

Hey, we won 5-2 at bowling last week. And Wednesday is our last day of competition; the finals are next week. We’re up against the 1st place team, and if we stomp them they’ll drop like a rock. We’ll never take the lead, but at least we can trash their dreams and enjoy the schadenfreude. Nasty? No, not really. They really aren’t very good bowlers. They’re in the lead because they get such a huge handicap from everyone. If we can get our duckies in a row again we can drop kick them right off the lanes.

Weather for Wednesday night will be cooler and drier. Still warm but not the rain forest kind of swelter we’ve been having. Which is actually typical NJ summer time. Steam bath. Hmm. So maybe that will mean the lane oil will be a bit tackier, and break a little early for a change? An active back end? Cool. That’s just what we want.

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