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calendar   Friday - August 05, 2016

damn, dawg


SFPD Pic is big insult to BLM

The union representing San Francisco police officers published a photograph of two dogs in its monthly newspaper that critics say belittles the Black Lives Matter movement and raises questions about the police force’s commitment to repairing its relationship with communities of color.

The picture, which appeared on the back page of the August issue of the San Francisco Police Officers Association Journal, shows a pair of Labrador retrievers, one black and one white. The black dog has a sign around its neck reading, “Black Labs Matter,” while the white dog sports a sign reading, “All Labs Matter.”

The photo, submitted by a union supporter, is accompanied by a plea from the union: “Maybe it’s time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric,” a reference to many months of heated national debate over police shootings and, recently, the targeted slayings of police officers.

The photo weighs in on a controversy that has flared on social media and has animated political debates. Some people have countered the phrase “Black lives matter” by saying, “All lives matter,” and they in turn have been accused of objecting to a simple request that black people be treated fairly.

People in the Black Lives Matter movement have sought to explain that the focus on black lives is appropriate because black people are disproportionately profiled and killed by police.

The dog photo “once again shows a severe lack of understanding,” said Sgt. Yulanda Williams, president of Officers for Justice, an organization within the San Francisco police force representing African American and other nonwhite officers. “It’s so inflammatory, and they still don’t get it. They still choose to inflame situations, and it’s just really insulting.”

Good. Anything that belittles this bunch of uppity racist shits is a good thing. The whole thing is inappropriate and poorly named. Because it isn’t #BlackLivesMatter. At best, assuming they are honest in their intentions (doubtful) it ought to be #EndPoliceViolence or something. Because black lives don’t matter to other blacks at all; they have abortions left and right, and they wound and kill each other constantly. How many thousand just this year so far in just Chicago? Please. It’s just the ones that get shot by cops because they didn’t heed the officer’s instructions (usually while committing some other crime)? And that’s a load of cobblers. The whole movement is a disingenuous attempt to lever PC to allow criminals to run rampant. Fuck that.

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calendar   Thursday - August 04, 2016

If It’s Thursday This Must Be UK

Latest ISIS Terror Act: Knife Attack In London


LONDON TERROR: Woman dead and five injured in mass stabbings rampage in Russell Square

A TEENAGER has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman was stabbed to death and five people injured in an attack in central London, with police saying “terror cannot be ruled out”.

A 19-year-old man has been arrested after he was Tasered by police outside the Imperial Hotel, in Southampton Row.

He was initially in hospital under armed guard but was this morning moved to a police station and arrested on suspicion of murder, police confirmed.

The woman, in her 60s, was treated at the scene but she died a short time later.

Five people, including two women and three men, were taken to hospital for their injuries.

Officers said at 8.30am on Thursday two people remain in hospital, while the other three have been discharged.

Police have said they are focusing their lines of inquiry on mental health, but they could not rule out terrorism.

Two men, allegedly of Middle Eastern descent, were seen acting suspiciously outside the hotel after the incident, according to witnesses.

A 35-year-old witness, who wished to remain anonymous, told “I saw two men of Middle Eastern descent acting suspiciously outside the Imperial Hotel, on Southampton Row.

“One man made off on a motorbike down the wrong side of the road with the other man heading in a different direction.”

Hours after the attack Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis started spreading the news through messaging app, Telegram, as they shared photos and updates on the attack.

Witnesses described victims “screaming and covered in blood” following the rampage in which the woman – believed to be a Spanish speaker enjoying a hen do – was brutally knifed around 10.30pm last night.

Other terrified onlookers described the crazed knifeman chasing pedestrians and “lunging for anyone he could see” as police confirmed mental health was a likely factor.

A 19-year-old man was arrested at the scene after being tasered by police in Russell Square as officers yelled: “Put it down.”

The horrific incident happened just yards from where one of the 7/7 terror attack bombs detonated in 2005.

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shattered dreams of ascension

Nope. Sorry.

We got burned last night at Summer League, losing 2-5. So our chances of a total come from behind win are gone. Still, with a bit of luck we can manage to float up from dead last to around third. Good enough I guess.

Damn, I just couldn’t get it together last night. “Woulda, shoulda, coulda, didn’t” describes it perfectly. “Mister 9” all night, with a poor conversion percentage. I did make one awesome spare, after a terrible Big Ugly leave of about 6 pins. Kicked the 4 to the inside and took out the 7; the 4 just lay down and scooted across, knocking everything else down slowly. WTH, and I’m keeping it.  At the end of the night I dropped my ball off for a rejuvenation steaming and a resurface sanding. It’s been at least 100 games since I’ve done that. Speaking of 100 games, the alley does these little Thank You credit cards, where they give you X free games and some virtual money you can spend at their restaurant (but not on beers). Since I never get up there to practice, the games have just been accumulating; at this point I’ve got my own personal season, with 95 free games total. That’s 32 weeks of free bowling, 3 games per week. That’s a league of my own.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 03, 2016

bears repeating

Bears Like Cat Food Too Ya Know

A bear attacked and injured a Pohatcong Township man before running off into the woods Wednesday morning on the man’s property off Route 627, the township’s mayor said.

The black bear, estimated to be between 450 to 500 pounds, ran over to the 57-year-old man about 9:30 a.m. and began swatting at the man, Mayor James Kern III said. The man was outside trying to feed his animals in the 300 block of Route 627, Kern said.

The mayor said he didn’t know what kind of animals the man owned, but indicated they were his pets, not farm animals. Pohatcong Township police said the man was feeding a cat.

“The victim said the bear was startled and reacted by swiping his paw at the victim,” police posted on the department’s Facebook page.

The man suffered cuts in the attack to his arms and hands and was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in Phillipsburg, but injuries did not appear to be life threatening, Kern said.

Pohatcong Township is only a few miles away, just the other side of Jugtown Mountain.

Pohatcong Township on Wednesday afternoon posted an update on its Facebook page indicating the reported attack is yet to be confirmed. The update, which went live shortly after 2 p.m., came about four hours after the department and township mayor initially warned residents about the reported attack.

Guess they have their doubts. That’s understandable; my bet is that if a 500lb bear takes a swipe at you, you lose an arm or a leg, not get minor scratches.

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double plus good



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roots music time

Just for fun

That would be Jimbo Mathus on rhythm guitar and vocals, with Luther Dickinson on the dobro.

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I just got word from my server hosting company that they are moving to newer, up to date machines at the end of the month.

Certain older software that was written with archaic SQL etc may no longer run.

This blog was old when I got it, with out of date software even then. And I’ve been running it for how long? 10 years? No, not that long. January 7, 2008 I took over from Mr. Christian, and he had it a bit more than half a year from when The Skipper died, and that was around the end of May 2007. So I’ve been doing this eight and a half years, going towards nine.

And ya know what? Not a damn thing has changed. Every single issue I’ve written about and railed against is still out there, just as bad and nasty as before, if not worse.

Here’s a paste from one of Allan’s last posts:

Meanwhile, while you slept a few thousand more Mexicans crossed the border last night, Wal-Mart built six more stores somewhere, the trade deficit with China increased by a few billion dollars, the North Koreans and Iranians came up with seventeen more plans to prove they are barking mad and several thousand more non-Muslims were murdered in Darfur by followers of the Prophet For Profit.

Then again, you already know all this and just need a place to get together and figure out what we’re all going to do when the roof caves in - and make no mistake, the rafters are crumbling. Depressing? Sure, but what are we going to do?

We can start to fix our government eighteen months from now in the 2008 elections. The interim is going to be dicey as somebody out there decided in the last election to install a whole bunch of really crazy people in the Congress and Senate. That was not my fault, by the way - and neither was it George Bush’s fault.

As for the rest of the sitrep, we can wall ourselves off from the rest of the world and experiment with isolationism again or we can continue to muddle our way through the minefield of international relations - and that is where the problem comes in. We’re just no damn good at realpolitik. Not this administration, the whole country has never been real good at the devious games diplomats play. We haven’t been at this game long enough to understand all the rules.

All I can really tell you is (a) keep a firm grasp of right and wrong, (b) stay involved in government and watch the bastards in Washington every minute, (c) use every legal means to make sure you can defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and (d) keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere.

Hardly a thing has changed.

Anyway, it would cost a fortune to bring this old clunk up to date, and it would require a ton of work to migrate everything to a new platform, blah blah blah. I’m not going to do it.

And frankly, I miss Jay terribly every time I sit down at this keyboard. The fun is gone for me.

So what I’m saying is ... if the blog survives the server move, fine. If it doesn’t, well, so long and thanks for all the fish.

And if it does survive, I think it’s time to pass the mantle. I covered the Obama years. Who wants to cover the Clinton ones?

All I can really tell you is (a) keep a firm grasp of right and wrong, (b) stay involved in government and watch the bastards in Washington every minute, (c) use every legal means to make sure you can defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and (d) keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere.

Good words to live by. Who will carry them into the future for us?

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calendar   Sunday - July 31, 2016

bias down under?

Tear Down That Offensive Mural !!

Oh riiight, it’s only offensive because of the near nudity. In Australia. Not because it’s offensive to Queen Hillary. Oh sure.


An Australian mural of US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a revealing, stars and stripes swimsuit may be taken down, after it has reportedly been deemed offensive.

The creator of the painting, the street artist who goes by the name Lushsux and who has also painted murals of the likes of Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian, branded calls to remove it “pathetic”.

The provocative mural is on the wall of a small business in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray, and reports say the business has been asked by the local Maribyrnong Council to remove it.

“We believe it is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, in accordance with the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007,” the council’s chief executive Stephen Wall told Fairfax Media on Friday.

Wall said local police had been asked to urgently provide their opinion on the mural, adding that the council intended to issue a notice to the building’s owner to remove it within 10 days.

Lushsux accused the council of being out of control, telling Fairfax the mural was “on par offence-wise” with a deodorant ad.

Speaking on Melbourne radio, Lushsux said he suspected that his Instagram account, which he said had some 110,000 followers, was deleted due to him posting a photo of the raunchy Hillary image.

“It’s hard enough to be an artist… to lose your social media following in this day and age is a big loss,” he told 3AW on Friday.

But the artist shows no sign of changing his style. Asked what he planned next, Lushsux told listeners: “I might paint a big mural of Trump in similar style.”

A couple of points here ...

First, I’d rate this as a D+ in terms of creativity, given that everyone already knows what a money grubbing grafter she is. And also given that the whole Hillary in a flag-ish one piece has already been done as a photoshop all over the internet:


Second, it was no big deal when Sarah Palin was “mocked” in several swimsuits, hooker outfits, tracksuits, etc. Well, except that in general she looked pretty good in all of them, even though most were ‘shopped:
image image image image image

Third, this kind of stuff isn’t limited just to Americans. Either mocking misogyny knows no borders, or guys everywhere find creative ways to share their arousal from powerful women:

So what are we really dealing with here? Maybe Oz is doing a little preemptive favor currying, just in case?

Hey, maybe they should have done like Albania, and put up a statue to her. Granted, it’s a rather manly looking one, but come on.


I guess they were out of Nobel Prize medals in Oslo this week.

No, I’m not making this up. Check out the video. Better yet, peek below the fold and check out the reaction of our news talking heads to Albania’s news talking ... heads.

UPDATE A big “fify”: the artist has reconsidered and repainted and is throwing PC back at everyone , that is, if they know how to notice things like that ...

I can’t wait to see this bit of news on tonight’s Albania Today show.  image

I think that’s worthy of a screen cap and some embiggification ...


If nothing else, it sure puts a bit of perspective on Australia’s claim that a bit of near nudity is offensive. Holy cleavage Batman, who is this woman?? Wooo hooo!!! 
(ok, that took 3 seconds. Her name is Greta Hoxhaj. What a beauty!)

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Sometimes the internet gives you the greatest pictures ...

Young Prince George had his 3rd birthday July 22

Animal sensitive types are aghast that he fed his dog a bit of ice cream. A little ice cream never was a problem for our Welshie was I was a boy, and it seems this Welshie is doing OK with it too.


I never knew I had an ear fetish before this, but I want to pet hers.

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must be a ginger thing


My outdoor kittehs do the same thing. Find some flowers, rub your face in them. They knocked over half my daffys this Spring until I put up a bit of fencing.

Anyway, we haven’t had a visit from Miss Alina K here in a long time, not since her hat with the furry ears pic or the tulips pic before that.


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calendar   Saturday - July 30, 2016


Hope I rolled my car window up. Forget raining cats and dogs, it’s coming down tigers and elephants out there. If I left the window open then I’m going to have a very wet seat, because I’m not going out in this for nothing!

I don’t think so, Tim.

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Hot Rounds

thermobaric bullet or “natural” dieseling?


This is the Army’s new M80A1 EPR 7.62 bullet. It is made just like the M855A1 5.56 bullet: a copper base core behind a hardened steel penetrator front core with a gilding metal jacket. Hey, it’s lead free and thus “green”! Weighs in at about 130gr I think. It is not fired at any kind of extreme velocity. The bullet has been designed to fragment, usually breaking apart at the cannelure line the way Ball 5.56 ammo did back in the early 60s.

I’ve seen a lot of ballistics test gelatin block videos. I can’t recall ever seeing one that created an internal explosion that sat there huffing smoke rings before.

The flash you are seeing is real. Apparently gelatin block has some kind of flammable vapors in it (news to me I thought it was just Knox and water); when the bullet passes through it creates an enormous primary temporary wound channel that sucks lots of air into the entrance hole where it can mix with those vapors. When the block collapses - again at very high speed - it’s Chem 101 and the old PV=NRT ideal gas law - air temperature and pressure soars as the volume instantly diminishes to almost nothing, and this self ignites like a diesel engine. FOOM. And creates a One Two punch of a second temporary wound channel. And then the block sits there blowing smoke rings.

Enemies beware: not only does this one kill you dead, it blows you to shreds - twice - and sets you on fire. Oh, and it also shoots right through Level III armor, even at long distances. Nowhere to hide.

Horry Clap.

link 1

link 2

link 3 - effect still there even at low velocity (ie extended ranges)

link 4

Slow motion video with the 5.56 M855A1 EPR bullet below the fold. Watch the fireball burst into life.


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Watch Clinton Cash

How many people have you shown the truth?

(Edit: Turtler has learned the art of Video Embedding, so you can now Watch It here!)

Oh boy, do I have something for you..... well, I and our friends over at Legal Insurrection.

Clinton Cash: The Documentary Film.

The book version of this has been out for quite some time, and has probably been familiar to several of you.


Well, the people behind it decided to put the story into a video format and release it ABSOLUTELY FREE. So now watch it. it clocks in at over an hour, but the knowledge is priceless.

And please check out the review over at Legal Insurrection; they’re where I saw the video first and they deserve the pings.

I don’t really have much I can say to add to this, beyond maybe some of my own input. Pencil out some time and watch this. Then link to this post and send the video (download it if you can, just in case it vanishes mysteriously). Send it to as many people as you can. Because this needs to get out. Because there are some people that Truth needs to reach out of its’ shell and bite in the rear to see what we see.

If you really want more of my input, click below the Fold after watching.

Personally, I don’t think every single deal has led to catastrophe. Though that is beside the point.

I have supported the Keystone XL Pipeline for pretty much its’ entire duration.

I honestly think India did the right thing from their point of view (even if it is bad news for us), and we should be sharing our technology with India and vice versa.  Because it is the largest democratic republic in the world, because it is a valuable ally in our future confrontations with Iran, Jihadis, Pakistan (but I repeat myself), and the PRC. Because the clock is running out. And because it is not squeamish about getting in the trenches.

And as far as Paul Kagame is concerned… as far as African dictators go he is not particularly awful. I’d almost compare him to one of the old school theoretical “Enlightened Absolutists.” He helped end the massive, bloody ethnic Hutu-Tutsi genocides that plagued Africa’s Great Lakes, has done something to haul Rwanda up, and is fairly reliable for as transmitting charity aid goes.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s still a tyrant, the ruler of an ethnic minority regime (think something like a less bloody version of Assad’s Alawites in Syria) who keeps the majority underrepresented, and has been financing an invasion by-barely-concealed-stealth in the Congo for looting and vengeance on his old enemies. I’m not saying he is that good a guy, but I will say that he has the moral character of a lot of people who had gorgeous Renaissance era portraits done of them by people like Leonardo and who we talk about as “Patrons of the Arts.” (Hello Sforzas!) And that on this continent we could do a lot worse.

But in most senses, this is beside the point. Do I think the Keystone XL’s benefits will far outweigh its’ problems? Absolutely.

Do I think cooperation with India is good? Yes. Do I think we should sacrifice our commitments to the Non-Proliferation treaty publicly to do it? Ehhhhh...Probably.

Do I think we should work with Paul Kagame? Probably. Was it worth giving him a needless credibility boost? Probably not.

But here’s the thing: That does not make this stuff OK. The ends done here Do NOT justify the means here. Because not only are the means thoroughly corrupt and destructive to responsible government, but the Clintons view these means as Their Own Ends. The actual ends of their policy- the actions they use their political power for- are Irrelevant to them compared to the amount of loot they can make off with.

While there might be good arguments for these actions, and reasons for why the State Department should do them. based on their merits and demerits. But if that’s the case they should be debated and considered in the light of day and carried out through the proper channels. The key thing is the Clintons obviously did not decide based on whether a course of action was Good. They decided based on Who Would Pay THEM. And they didn’t even have the moral fiber to only allow themselves to be bribed by people and factions who are friendly to us (or at least not seeking to hurt us).

And that is a disaster. A Secretary of State doing the bidding of whoever the last person to bribe her husband was. In some ways I think it’s even worse than having an arch-traitor like Alger Hiss in that position. Because while the absolutely corrupt may *inadvertently* wind up doing something that is good, they are doing it for the same reason that they gave 20% of our nation’s Uranium supplies to Putin for.

She will just as easily paper over administrative problems as she will fundamentally alter US policy, and will just as easily do a legitimately good thing as she will do something that will devastate American security for years to come. It doesn’t matter what ideology you have, what your agenda is, what you ask. Just the size of your payday.

Give us the Money; to hell with the consequences and To Hell with the Country!

At least Alger Hiss only worked for the Soviets. Hillary will work for absolutely anybody.

And now they want to run the country again. Can you imagine what that will be like?

Posted by Turtler   United States  on 07/30/2016 at 10:42 AM   
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calendar   Friday - July 29, 2016

Digital Evaporation

I lost two posts! There’s something odd between Firefox and the BMEWS editor that comes up when the browser has been open for half a day or longer. It seems to lose a pointer or something, and the posts I submit go off into the digital ether, never to be seen again. Beats me.

Anyway, we won 5-2 in summer league, bowling against our old nemesis team of Ken and his mom. It was a hard fight even with our 57 pin handicap, but we pulled it off. Just barely. We won small and we lost small, and in the end when all the numbers were added up we took wood. By 9 pins. Phew!

In other, less important news, Hillary Clinton accepted the DNC nomination last night. I saw a couple minutes of it, with Slick Willy up next to her on the podium, and I almost puked. She was the victor from a field of one in the primaries, Bernie’s challenge being little more than blown smoke, and the Democrat Machine running full speed behind the scenes to guarantee her “win” before the primary season even opened. The sitting Vice President had no interest in running. Really? When the heck has that ever happened before? It’s all such BS. If they’re going to be all totalitarian about it, and the benighted citizens who call themselves Democrats want Big Party to tell them who their candidate is going to be, then save a few hundred million and God knows how many million citizen hours and stop with the nonsense of “voting”. There never was any choice, it was a done deal since 2008 and we all knew it. All Bernie’s efforts did was to show just how big a bunch of brain dead communists our children really are. Way to go, helicopter parents. Asswipes, every damn one of you. And now the real fight begins, Donald Trump vs the entire world media (our other “betters’ who decide things for us stupid bitter clingers and losers).

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calendar   Tuesday - July 26, 2016

your daily terrorism: If it’s Tuesday, it must be France’s turn

ISIS Psycho beheads priest in Normandy church then preaches koran from pulpit

Hey Europe, let’s hold another candlelight vigil and make strong sounding sound bytes for the press. Both of those are almost as effective as getting the UN to send a strongly worded letter of complaint!

Islamist knifemen forced priest, 84, to kneel and filmed his death as they slit his throat: Hollande says ‘France is at war with ISIS’ after jihadists storm French church during Mass chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’

* Priest had throat cut while another hostage is fighting for life after knifemen burst into Normandy church at 9am

* Reports that one of the attackers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they launched assault at Gambetta Church near Rouen

* Vatican has condemned the ‘barbaric’ killing of the 84-year-old priest and an anti-terror investigation is underway

* ISIS claim responsibility for the atrocity while Francois Hollande says France is ‘at war’ with the terror group

* The attackers lived locally and one had electronic tag having been jailed in France for trying to travel to Syria

* French authorities revealed this afternoon that they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack

* Nicolas Sarkozy calls for ‘merciless’ response as ex-PM said ‘everything is being done to trigger a war of religions’

Maybe if they armed the altar boys this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. Maybe if they fought the war they claim they’re in, these things wouldn’t happen so often. Maybe.

A nun who survived a terror attack in which a priest was beheaded by ISIS butchers has given a chilling eye-witness account of her escape.

She was at the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Reuen, Normandy, during morning Mass when the terrorists crept in, but managed to escape before the clergyman was murdered.

A 19-year-old known only as Adel K forced priest Jaques Hamel, 84, to his knees before taking a knife to his throat and attacking one of four other hostages which included two nuns and two parishioners.

It is understood Father Jaques was only at the church conducting morning mass because he was covering for the regular priest who was on holiday.
The terrorists reportedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before filming themselves carrying out the sick attack.

They were both shot dead by police.

But wait, there’s more!

It has since emerged that one of the two ISIS knifemen was a convicted terrorist and was meant to be living with his parents with an electronic tag.

The pair took the 86-year-old priest, two nuns and two parishioners hostage at the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen in Normandy during morning mass at 9.45am, killing the priest and critically injuring another hostage.

One of the terrorists, a 19-year-old Frenchman who lived close to the church, is said to have left for Syria in 2015 to try and join Islamic State, but he was arrested.

He was jailed for terrorist offences following a short trial in France, before being released on March 2 this year.

He had tried travelling to Syria to join ISIS twice, but failed both times.

On his first attempt as a 17-year-old, he attempted to travel to the war-torn Middle East via Munich, but was sent back to France.

The second time he tried, he got kicked out of Turkey and was sent back to Switzerland where he was arrested at Geneva airport on May 14 last year.

After his second failure, he was jailed for a few days in in the prison of Champ-Dollon in Swizterland before being extradited to France and convicted of conspiracy to prepare acts of terrorism.

His conditions included returning to live with his parents, wearing an electronic tag, and reporting to his local police station.

But this did not stop him becoming involved in today’s atrocity, in which Father Jacques Hamel, 86, had his throat cut.

According to his bail conditions, the electronically tagged terrorist was allowed out unsupervised between 8.30am and 12.30pm.

Today’s attack took place between 9.45am and 11am.

Perhaps France will now learn that all convicted terrorists should be allowed to use the hemp loophole to avoid further incarceration. Take them outside and “gibbet” to them.

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There Is None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

Fifth Islamic Terrorist Attack In Eight DAYS In Germany

Splodeydope named Mohammad kills self, wounds 15 at festival in Ansbach

Syrian suicide bomber - nicknamed ‘Rambo’ - who blew himself up outside German music festival had pledged allegiance to ISIS, had Islamist videos at his home and had enough chemicals to make ANOTHER bomb

* Suicide attacker detonated bomb packed with metal shavings outside bar in Ansbach, near Nuremberg, last night

* The 27-year-old bomber, Syrian man who was denied asylum, was turned away from music festival containing 2,500

* The blast left 15 people injured - three seriously - and is the fourth bloody attack on German soil in the past week

* Attacker, named locally as Mohammad Daleel, previously treated in psychiatric unit and had twice attempted suicide

* Search of his home reveals bomb-making material and video on phone showing him pledging allegiance to ISIS

A Syrian suicide bomber - nicknamed ‘Rambo’ - who blew himself up outside a German music festival had pledged allegiance to ISIS, had Islamist videos at his home and had enough chemicals to make another bomb, it has emerged.

The 27-year-old, named locally as Mohammad Daleel, injured 12 people outside a packed wine bar in Ansbach, near Nuremberg at 10pm last night after being turned away from an open-air music festival filled with 2,500 people because he didn’t have a ticket.

Instead he walked to a bar in the centre of Ansbach, a town of 40,000 that is also home to a US Army base, and detonated a DIY bomb filled with metal shavings and screws. It was the fourth violent attack on members of the public in Germany in less than a week and authorities have now ordered increased security at airports and train stations.

Police today raided the Syrian’s home in Ansbach as Germany’s Interior Ministry revealed the attacker - dubbed Rambo by friends at his asylum shelter - had been refused asylum and was due to be deported to Bulgaria.

Bavaria’s top security official Joachim Herrmann said a video has been found on the bomber’s phone showing him pledging allegiance to ISIS. Petrol, chemicals and other materials that could be used to make a bomb were also discovered. Police say he had six Facebook accounts, including one under a false identity.

The man announced a ‘revenge’ attack against Germany in the name of Allah ‘because they help to kill Muslims’ and involved the name of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It also emerged that the bomber was carrying a roll of 50 euro notes with him at the time of the attack.

This afternoon a news agency linked to ISIS said the attack was carried out by an Islamic State fighter, adding: ‘He carried out the operation in response to calls to target countries of the coalition that fights Islamic State.’

The assailant was already known to police for possession of drugs and had also spent time in a psychiatric facility having attempted suicide on two occasions in the past. Daleel was apparently angry at facing deportation to Bulgaria and wanted asylum in Germany, reports claim. 

A hearse containing his remains left the scene of the bombing at dawn while residents at the man’s asylum shelter described him as a ‘lying attention seeker’.

The latest incident will fuel growing public unease about Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, under which more than a million migrants have entered Germany over the past year, many fleeing war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

An interior ministry spokesman said the man had received two deportation orders - the latest on July 13 - but could not be returned directly to Syria because of the civil war ripping the country apart.

The first deportation notice was issued on December 22, 2014 and he was to be transported to Bulgaria because this was where he had submitted his first asylum request.

The spokesman, Tobias Plate, said he could not say ‘at this moment why the deportation’ of the asylum seeker didn’t happen. It was not clear when he was supposed to be deported. 

It comes after a spate of attacks in the south of the country.

On Sunday, a Syrian man hacked a woman to death with a machete and wounded two others outside a bus station in the southwestern city of Reutlingen before being arrested. Police said there were no indications pointing to terrorism.

Two days earlier, mentally ill loner Ali Sonboly, 18, went on a deadly gun rampage at a Munich mall, killing nine people and leaving dozens wounded.

And an axe attack on a train near Wuerzburg last Monday wounded five. A 17-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker was shot and killed by police as he fled the scene.

The recent attacks in Bavaria came shortly after a Tunisian man driving a truck killed 84 people when he ploughed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, along the famed French Riviera.

Bavaria Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said the man, who arrived in Germany two years ago, had tried to commit suicide twice before last night’s bombing.

The guy was a friggin’ nutcase. No, seriously! Well, duh, right? Because normal people are always running around making bombs and then blowing themselves up because a (unappealed?) court decision didn’t go their way. Riight.

I’m just glad this one’s jihad-fu was so poor that he didn’t manage to kill anyone else. Just cripple them and give them severe burns. That’s Ok then, right?

Kill the whole lot of them. Send them all home, then nuke them from orbit. Twice. Just to be sure.

I wonder if Merkel and her gang at the media will pretend this one had nothing to do with jizzlam too, as they tried to do with most of the others. 5 attacks in 8 days. How much are Germans going to put up with?

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/26/2016 at 02:31 AM    avatar
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