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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 09/26/2023 at 07:20 PM   
  1. Hi been gone a while - again. I will get to that in a sec.

    On Harris - Not no, but HELL NO to the eligible factor.
    1) the 14th Amendment that the Supreme Court seems to be using to ‘approve’ everything of late - was written for the Freed Black Africans ONLY to protect their Constitutional Rights. [See Jim Crow Laws that were created after Africans started getting elected to State Legislatures and Local positions] The authors of it and writers of politics at the time all state that.

    2)The clause - subject to the jurisdiction thereof - also negates any Foreign persons - who are just on US soil, not attempting to become American citizens.

    3) Proof - Native Americans who have been giving birth in the America since before there was a US - were NOT made US citizens until 1924.

    This nonsense started in 1982 with a Supreme Court decision on a criminal illegal invader ‘situation’. This born in America and now we found birthright citizenship was in a FOOTNOTE of the decision and has been the so-called law since then. Much like Obama - neither one was born after 1982. And I read that they family even moved out of the US to live in Canada (did they become Canadian? Or still keep their original birth citizenship?) As her parents were in the US on Student Visas (ala Obama too).

    Here is the swing - my youngest child has a German birth certificate - but is NOT a German citizen. She has a US - Certification of a US Citizen Born Abroad certificate. Germany got rid of the AUTOMATIC duel citizenship years ago. Why you ask - because they tax citizens to death (one way to have ‘universal’ healthcare) - but alas via the Status of Forces agreements - they can’t impose most of their taxes on US citizens. See the problem.

    And much as they want to ‘proclaim’ that the British are great loving people willing to accept anyone born in their beloved land - My Maternal Grandfather was born and raised in London to a woman born and raised there. After he graduated from high school (a miracle that even happened as he was orphaned at age 7 in Victorian England) - a woman at the school graduation fete (as they call them) was talking to him and turned to the entire room and said Oh, look this fellow isn’t British. Because of his last name - his father was an immigrant to Britain from Sweden. That incident was why his goal was to come to America - where last names did not make you - not a citizen. And even Britain got rid of their - a child born of a British citizen no matter where in the World that child is born, is a British citizen (The British Nationality Law) in 1978 (oops, too late for Obama, oh my)

    The reason is that the Founders/Writers of the Constitution wanted no interference from foreign people want to change America.

    Given Obama’s Administration and Ms Harris’ questionable political behavior - the Founders Warned US - and people are intentionally ignoring it.

    Why have I been gone. A CT scan of my lungs (terrible shape, meds helping for now) showed a mass on my rt kidney. So began a huge number of medical appts. First one with Oncology - 80% of cancer, with a small (2cm) mass and a 98% survival rate. Lived with - good odds, we will deal. So I had an MRI (not keen on it - the holding the breath part is hard for me - sad isn’t it as it’s just seconds). Good news - IT’S NAHT A TOOMAH, I am so happy. And trying to get on with life.

    Now if the crapweasels would just get over this destroy Trump china virus nonsense - I could. I guess I’m golden on the vitamin thing - been taking them for years now.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/23/2020  at  08:59 AM  

  2. First comment in a while - and I really need to proofread before hitting send.

    Take care all - I’m scared to death that the dems will go out of their way to steal this election. [Not mine, but interesting] Remove Joe, declare Ms Harris ineligible and put Pelosi in the cat bird seat.] Scary thought - as there IS a reason the bumbling groper and non-American WOC were chosen.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/23/2020  at  09:06 AM  

  3. Thanks for those comments. I love when you guys write paragraphs. Outstanding.

    You are absolutely correct about the citizenship thing. Unless your youngest, born in Germany, was born as the US Embassy or on a US military base, then they are not a natural born citizen. Still a citizen in full, just can’t run for President. Big deal, right?

    Glad to hear that it isn’t a toomah, Ahnold. Very good. But I’d say any kind of odd mass bears watching.

    I won’t ever call Harris a black woman. Not only does she fail their own “paper bag test” by a mile, she is less than half black. Mama from India, high caste (white) not black one bit. Dad from Jamaica, some white progenitors. So he is (was?) less than full. That makes Harris less than 50% black. Perhaps even a quadroon, more likely an octaroon. Actually, Obama was in the same boat, as his father (if you believe that Obama senior is his actual father) was mixed race too, african + arab. And this PoC crap applies to damn near the entire world except for YTs. Or are asians included, though shouldn’t “yellow” count as a color too (and why not white as well)? It’s divisive BS. Back in the real civil rights days, they fought against the One Drop rule and won, and all those old terms of percentage are long gone. Can’t turn around now and use it for your advantage.

    But the bottom line holds, even with Brennan’s stupid non sequitur footnote: NBC is born here + both parents already citizens.

    I used the lovely word demesnes in my post, which is a good rare one, pronounced duh mains. I kept reading it as “demenses” which kind of made sense in a menses menstrual way - lands in your demenses are those you’re willing to bleed for, period. Hur hur. Nope, I was wrong. It means pretty much the same as domain. Just a weird French word I guess.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/23/2020  at  01:06 PM  

  4. i think it might be time for me to bite the bullet and find some newer blog software.
    What an amazing idea, new software. Can we assume this was all the rage in Windows 98?
    Just kidding, Take the plunge.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   08/23/2020  at  08:32 PM  

  5. We’re at peak Clown World here in KY. Bars close at 10pm, restaurants at 25% capacity, state mask mandate, State Fair closed to the public, KY Derby running first Sat in Sept WITHOUT fans....and we’ve had protests for going on 80+ days. NFAC (Not F**ing Around Coalition, a black militia) protested in Louisville a few weeks ago, said they’d be back to ‘burn the motherf**ker down’ if the Breonna Taylor investigation findings weren’t to their liking, announced recently they’d be back in town for Derby weekend (that announcement was made BEFORE the no fans at Derby announcement so we’ll see)

    Meanwhile, Until Freedom (some social justice organization I’ve never heard of before till a week or so ago) announced they were MOVING to Louisville for the time being, they had what they called ‘Breonna-Con’ (I SWEAR I’m not making this up) here this weekend.

    Now we have rumors flying around that there’s supposed to be this big ass protest Tues where three different groups affiliated with NFAC is going to have this ‘day of action’ and do a bunch of protests all over Louisville, including disrupting traffic on many of the freeways in and around Louisville. Most of downtown Louisville business glass storefronts have been boarded up for weeks. I was watching a press conference with Louisville city mayor yesterday, he had the gall to say ‘Public safety is #1’ and I wanted to reach through the computer monitor and smack the shit out of him.

    I don’t know how much of this you guys and gals are seeing on the news where you are. My hubs is a 911 calltaker for Louisville so we try to watch the news as little as possible. But thanks to our Dem state gov and our Dem Louisville city mayor, things are bad and I don’t see an end in sight any time soon. Take care of yourselves and each other, friends. I’ll update when I can.

    Posted by Severa    United States   08/24/2020  at  04:46 AM  

  6. Rich, this blog goes back 16 3/4 years, and the code in it probably wasn’t cutting edge even then. I was a programmer at one point, but not with these kind of languages. So I can follow along, but I don’t have that intuitive grasp of them needed to solve problems or add stuff.

    WordPress seems to be the one blog engine to use these days. One flavor of it is out of the box on their server, where they own all your stuff and can control your content. I don’t want that, but it is the easy way. The other version is a bit less “shake the box” setup, and runs on your own server and URL. I have both of those already. If I went with that I’d see if I couldn’t set it up on my own PC first and make it the way I want. If I switched over, all the old posts would be lost. But stupid easy and bulletproof are appealing, as I do this blog thing to have something to say, not for the “thrill” of geeking out buried deep in the code. Also, I have a code geek at the server company who is diddling with it when she can.


    thanks for the L-ville update. No, it isn’t covered much in the news, and not in any detail, and with a major bias. The never ending pandering which leads to never ending tantrums by the special people who always want more and more. My hope is that most of the country is beyond fed up with this stuff by now, and will pull the right levers in November. If that doesn’t work, I think there will a large violent reckoning.

    I’m sure you remember the Four Boxes. Soapbox, jury box, ballot box, cartridge box. Not sure if cash box should be added to those, as money gets the job done, always.

    Soapbox is broken: “hate speech”, triggering, cancel culture, social media bias and autocratic editing, extreme media bias, etc.

    Jury box is breaking: so many rioters arrested for serious crimes and then let go, with politicians and financiers supporting their insurrection. Protesters demanding “justice” while trying to intimidate everyone, often by violence, before incident investigations are even started.

    Ballot box is seriously bent: all kinds of voter fraud already, and now this push for universal mail in voting? BS, it’s a scam and a plan. If it’s OK to go to a protest you can go vote. So I’m expecting all Hell to break loose in November.

    Cartridge box: The last resort. One the Right has always believed in and prepared for, but now, at the edge of the abyss, many supporters are in self-doubt and in fear of; wanton killing of people who disagree with you is a deeply evil wrong thing that most of us recoil from. Which I guess would mean only acting in group self defense, which essentially cedes the battle to the other side. All they have to do is NOT get excessively violent, and they can hold whatever ground (physical or conceptual) that they already have. While a total purge would be an absolute solution, Draconian in the extreme, such an act would be an abhorrence to decent people. Problem is, the other side seems EAGER to do exactly that to our side, and proves it almost daily.


    In NJ no bars are open, and no restaurants can seat people indoors at any capacity. It’s a miracle we can get haircuts. However, I do know of one restaurant that has been open for months, well before official permission was granted by our governor. It has a screened porch eating area and an almost entirely PoC clientele. I see their parking lot full every Sunday, and I know there’s no way that many people can fit on the patio. But it’s a Blak Thang, so everyone looks the other way. Another piece of the pandering pie.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/24/2020  at  09:25 AM  

  7. Wow - NOT the Louisville I remember from my 10-ish years of living at Fort Knox. I had a friend who lived up there who got me hooked on everything Derby (she lived on Aristides to give you a hint). I still miss Dawn at the Downs during derby week. Although, last year, my daughter’s friend gave her a recipe for Derby pie (sans alcohol - I know a sacrilege to leave out the Bourbon - but neither of us likes alcohol in baked goods). Getting ready for this late Derby to make it again.

    The ‘mass’ appears to be scarring on the kidney. In 1986, the Nephrologist wanted to do a biopsy but with a newborn and already gearing up to leave Fort Hood (the first time) - there just wasn’t any time to do it. Maybe now they will do it - as both kidneys suck. I recently said - I’d love to have a heart-lung transplant and a (or two) kidney transplant - just to live a few hours feeling physically like most of the rest of humanity. At least I don’t turn blue at the drop of the hat like I did as a kid. And I’ve only had one surgery thus far for all the failing organs. Positives - always look for the positives.

    You know what I’d like to see in the news (we also don’t watch much of it anymore, reading is less stressful) - Is where the money is coming from and how much money is being funneled into these groups? The very same people that they claim are too po’ and helpless to get to the polls seem young, strong and healthy enough to be worse than animals by defiling their home neighborhoods. To me - that money could be better put to use to feed, educate and provide for the very human shields that they are using to destroy our cities. Or finish the border wall to protect America from the people who are coming here to wire 130 Billion plus of US dollars annually to Foreign Countries.

    I’d like one of these people inferring that I am racist, bigoted and anti-Immigration (jokes on them - my bio-Father was an Immigrant as was my Maternal Grandfather - which also makes me a WOC - which NO ONE would ever, ever believe I am) to tell me exactly how that helps these people MAKE THEIR LIVES ONE FRIKIN BIT BETTER.

    Bite Me.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/24/2020  at  09:37 AM  

  8. A trip to a Nephrolgist yesterday - bottom line - ONE number is high and has been high - like forever, I’m at stage 3 kidney disease. I almost laughed, as the doctor at WP - years ago - he ordered the last ultrasound in 2009 or 10 - said the same thing. It’s one of reasons he did nothing - I’d been there for YEARS! Which, big surprise is the exact same thing this doctor said. Can’t do a biopsy now - meds I’m on, could cause it to bleed excessively and require removal - which would leave in even worse shape. So continue what I’ve been doing since 1986 with the exact same recommendations from that Nephrologist and party on - with no alcohol, no sugar, low carbs and no OTC medications. Fun times. Again. Rinse, repeat - every 4 months from now on.

    I listened to Trump Jr speak last night - I liked it - 10PM - is too late for me anymore, with the waking up at 4AM. The ‘panel’ came on - and told me what I’d just heard. I hate when Media people - and a panel at that - treats me like I’m an idiot. I also miss all the state people and campaign people there in their Red, White and Blue stuff - cheering the speakers on.

    Must run - I need to get out to the grocery before the restless attack.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/25/2020  at  06:56 AM  

  9. comment test?

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/06/2020  at  10:45 AM  

  10. oh we can comment now? Couldn’t comment for a while there.

    So. Sat marked 101 days of protest in nearby Louisville KY. Honestly shocked that shit didn’t hit the fan Fri/Sat for Oaks/Derby. We had a rather noticeable LMPD/National Guard presence around the track, pretty sure mayor and state gov didn’t want the city to burn while the eyes of the world was on them (And we got Shedaresthedevil winning the Oaks in RECORD time! Not bad for a 15-1 shot lol. Bob Baffert won his SIXTH Derby with Authentic, a horse so skittish he runs wearing EARPLUGS. First I’ve heard of that, but hey if it works...) Now we await the findings of the Breonna Taylor investigation (last rumor I heard was they were waiting for after Derby and Labor Day to drop that bombshell) Oh and BTW, Louisville found out on Labor Day they’re getting ANOTHER new police chief. Last one was set to retire at the end of June, midway through the month there was a shootout between National Guard/LMPD and patrons at a black owned business (each side says the other shot first, black owner died in the crossfire, none of the LE had their bodycams on) and he was fired the next day. We had this interim police chief and he I guess got tired of it? and said he’s stepping down beginning of Oct.

    Clown world, ladies and gents. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

    Posted by Severa    United States   09/08/2020  at  03:16 AM  

  11. Tompkins added that Sandmann is part of groups that hold “anti-intellectualist views” and would see the professor “as part of some liberal brainwashing machine, but signing up for Transy and my class means he is required to learn that information, even if he disagrees.”

    Do you see the hypocrisy of religious and patriotic and factual American history persons - screaming at the public (i.e. Federal Government controlled) education system? These people from city councils to the heads of the democrat party and way too many republicans - do as I say and ignore what your lying ears actually hear.

    Not much else to comment on - as it depresses the hell out of me.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/10/2020  at  08:16 AM  

  12. We’re reaching peak Clown World in nearby Louisville, folks. City of Louisville settles civil suit with Breonna Taylor’s family for $12 million Never mind the fact that the FBI/Attorney General investigation findings have NOT been made public yet. Never mind the fact that it was discovered that this young lady was involved in running money for a known drug dealer (do a search for tatum report breonna taylor, 39 page read including surveillance photos and prison phone transcripts) If the cops involved in this case aren’t charged, the city is going to burn cause our elected officials are Dem idiots.

    Posted by Severa    United States   09/15/2020  at  04:24 PM  

  13. Oh I’ve posted that we’ve been in Clown World for a while here, looking back through comments here. Forgot to mention that Louisville is gonna be on its police chief #3 next month (first one fired in June after a shootout between cops/National guard and black owned business, LE bodycams weren’t on and black owner died in the crossfire. Interim chief announced ON LABOR DAY he was stepping down at the beginning of Oct) Calgon, take me away.

    Posted by Severa    United States   09/15/2020  at  04:28 PM  

  14. On the killings - probably smallest stat is - innocent people shot by police. Notice how, years ago the young former Marine shot in his own home after a no knock warrant (his cousin was the drug dealer - god help us all, if our relatives become our ‘crime’) - not much of an outcry. Little Media and of course no protests. As we (military) heard for two decades - You knew the risks when you signed up. Shouldn’t the criminals get the same response?

    I do think few people thought the Floyd deserved (or with the number of cops there - needed) his neck kneeled on for a second, much less minutes. But, the criminal justice system takes time to get - to the correct outcome. Look how long it took to imprison the fool cop who shot Ms Diamond - two years. 

    On the Taylor killing - watch The First 48 for more than a couple of episodes - I’ve heard parent/grandparent say time after time say - he/she was turning their life around, in school blah, blah, blah - totally ignoring the drugs/guns in the apt or their waistband (a 16 year old no less, that’s a felony in every single state). Give me a break - criminals end up in prison or dead - throw drugs into it - and dead is increased a 100 fold. I have no real empathy for people who commit crimes but also no respect for their family who intentionally bs about how ‘good’ they are. Guns and drugs - always end up with someone dead. That I don’t care - doesn’t mean I’m heartless - it means I spent my life trying to be a law-abiding, decent citizen. And I resent people who attempt to smear me while extolling the life of a criminal - simply because he/she was shot by police. It’s kind of a given that it will happen.

    Funny (Not) that here we are skidding into the election and we find out that this virus was man made and released by the Chinese and that no one but TWO cheap, already tested and both used for 30+ years - and cheap - have been ignored the entire time. A lot more people than Trump are complicit in the deaths of people. Most of them for keeping the info hidden. All, I feel for just another attempt to destroy Trump.

    And those protesting the shutdown and mask mandates - are the evil ones. Not.By.A.Longshot

    Just goes to show - Trump was correct about another thing - DC and the Media are the enemies of the citizens.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/17/2020  at  09:58 AM  

  15. Wardmama - it’s more than just TWO.

    Published in April, citing knowledge known for more than TWO DECADES. Completely ignored by the media.

    “Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) appears to be another potential treatment for COVID-19. Health experts said the compound could help prevent virus from spreading across the body and from causing damage.
    A recent study, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, shows that even just 0.5 percent hydrogen peroxide could kill human coronaviruses, such as those that caused SARS and MERS. The findings backed a 2009 research that found inhaling vaporized hydrogen peroxide could lead to 99 percent inactivation of virus activities.
    Vaporized hydrogen peroxide has long been considered effective in removing viruses. Researchers in 1997 discovered that the compound could completely inactivate a range of exotic animal viruses.

    Experts said inhaling the vapor using a nebulizer has been the most convenient to receive hydrogen peroxide to fight viral infections. The microscopic mist can easily reach deep into the nostrils, sinuses and lungs, which are commonly affected by respiratory diseases like COVID-19.

    “Effective hydrogen peroxide nebulization quite literally, ‘chops the head off of the snake,’ and the virus present elsewhere in the body can then readily be mopped up when the new virus influx has been terminated,” Levy said. 

    The health expert recommends using the nebulizer with hydrogen peroxide for 10 to 15 mins, 4 times a day, until the symptoms of the infection improve.

    “As it is a completely non-toxic therapy, nebulization can be administered as often as desired,” Levy noted. “


    Nebulizers are surprisingly inexpensive, with most units going for way less than $120.

    The mesh style nebulizers appear better for thin liquid medications. They are about perfect delivery mechanism for medications that work in your lungs.

    3% hydrogen peroxide is about $1.50 per quart. A nebulizer dose is around 7-10ml. That’s at least a month’s worth even at 4 treatments per day.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/18/2020  at  03:14 PM  

  16. Oh I’m sure (particularly if B/H is elected) - dozens of OTC and easy scripts will be available almost instantly. And poor Gates will have to find another way to get everyone chipped.

    I will say only two things about Ginsberg - her ‘final’ wish - she should have retired under either one of the Obama Administration, IF she wanted to ensure that a liberal justice was nominated. And that leads to two - political offices are not meant to be a career - this ‘holding’ a place when one is not of the physical or mental ability to keep a majority vote or position must be stopped.

    Joe Biden - someone posted a meme of Dr. Jill saying - hey he survived two strokes - he is doing great. Well he did, but he didn’t per se. What happened (1988) is a blood vessel in the brain burst, when doctors went in to fix it, they found another one about to burst and fixed that too. Biden could have had strokes, if he wasn’t under care. But the only real effect of this condition - is memory problems. I find it more disconcerting that this isn’t mentioned in his Medical reports. As one grows older - memory almost always becomes a problem, for someone with a known condition that leads to memory problems - wouldn’t doctors be concerned it would be worse? Or, at least, shouldn’t they?

    Only one thing on the Johnson arrest - no where did I see felony possession of a weapon - as I thought most US states have a 21 minimum age for legal possession of a handgun.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/19/2020  at  08:41 AM  

  17. Federal courthouse in Louisville to be closed starting Monday So here’s this. Rumor on the street is that Tues is when we’re supposed to get the findings on the Breonna Taylor case investigation being ran by the FBI/Attorney General Office. Oh and there’s also this ‘We’ve never seen anything like this’ | Louisville hits record number of homicides and the year’s not over I’m just kinda ready to get this yr over with now, please and thank you.

    Posted by Severa    United States   09/21/2020  at  04:15 AM  

  18. Pro active defensive measure? This does not bode well. Thanks for the tip; I’m looking into it.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/21/2020  at  07:23 AM  

  19. Severa - Cincy too is at record high gun homicides, already. I don’t get how these people can murder each other - and then turn around and point fingers at cops doing their job.

    Like everyone else - so over this year. We were broiling along at 90+ days and now we are in the 40s in the AM, barely getting past 70 in the daytime. I’d like a little draw down than going instantly from the dog days of summer to late fall.

    I have to get out of here - actually doing something (tickets and all) this AM.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/21/2020  at  07:50 AM  

  20. I’m blowing off everything - because someone/almost everyone is usually asleep around here. I’ve never been good about going about my work - while people are sleeping. Got around to cleaning the bathrooms - one of those dump as much as I can in hallway and start at the top down cleaning. So I got something actually done all the way through.

    That bread recipe looks like something I can make, even now. I bookmarked it. Will do it tomorrow - once I decide on what we might eat for dinner. I even have a cast iron dutch oven.

    Tired of reading all these leftist write and claim all these outrageous things about Trump and then shut you down - with threats or emotional responses of you attacking them. Opinions are just that someone’s ideas and thoughts on a subject. To have to listen to what is going on and knowing that these stunted, in many cases degenerate, children are going to be taking over one day - scares the heck out of me.

    I see now how Mao and Hitler got a foothold - people who willingly believe anything.

    The newest Bones book - A Conspiracy of Bones - infers just about everything is a conspiracy and the people who believe them are idiots. Wonder if Kathy wrote the book or her son did. Almost took it back before I even got into it - too much prattle about everyday crap - with no set up for a crime solving story.

    Of course the left is out to burn JK Rowling books - so I guess everyone is thinking the more outrageous the claims/story is the more successful the book will be. Pro sports (other than ice hockey) is showing the way to self-destruction with that crap.

    Petulant children never learn - until it truly hurts them.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/23/2020  at  11:18 AM  

  21. Grand jury indicts 1 Louisville police officer in raid resulting in death of Breonna Taylor So one officer got charged with 3 counts of wanton endangerment and no other charges filed. City’s gonna burn.

    Posted by Severa    United States   09/23/2020  at  01:25 PM  

  22. I hope that things will settle down - however the first thing this AM - it doesn’t look good. I weep for America.

    Everything set for the bread making - bringing the ingredients up to room temp. I even had bread flour in the cabinet. Maybe I can even remember a picture. No guarantees!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/24/2020  at  07:52 AM  

  23. Two Louisville cops were shot last night they’re both expected to recover We were watching the LMPD FB live feed during one of the shootings, it was surreal to hear shots ring out, the cops scatter to cover, then hearing those awful words SHOTS FIRED OFFICER DOWN. Hubs last day as a 911 calltaker for Louisville is tomorrow (he’s moving to dispatch in another location outside of Louisville) and to say our nerves are fried would be an understatement. 9pm curfew in place the next few days, we’ll see what the weekend holds. Pray for our hometown, we need it.

    Posted by Severa    United States   09/24/2020  at  11:21 AM  

  24. Thanks for the hat tip. Just so tired of the lies and facts left out of too much of the Media reporting these days.

    On the Covid - there was reporting a Jan 2020 Pentagon study (using US military) that it increase the risk of getting Covid - by 36% - on RFK’s website non-the-less.

    I guess all my years of not getting the flu shot - may have saved my life. Over and over again.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/26/2020  at  08:54 AM  

  25. Wow - left the key phrase getting a flu shot - out of my last post. The grammar nazi needs to learn to proof read!

    On the bread - it reminds me of a french bread mix - which to me is one of the easiest breads to put together. We all love the dutch oven version - it was a big hit here. I think that it’s been so long without good bread (the last O’Charley’s was awful - especially for them). We did another drive thru on Friday - a huge suck - sides were minuscule and options were limited. I feel like most of the normal cooks/chefs went where the work was and they all hired whoever they could. At least around here the eating out during Covid has sucked as much as life in general.

    So the left’s heads are exploding over the Barrett nomination - like the very people who judge and pick everyone (except their Prez selection) by a specific demographic - suddenly are appalled that a gop prez would ‘do the same’ - although Trump stressed her textualist juristic record. Which is exactly what the Court needs.

    Biden called Trump like Nazi propagandist Goebbels for pointing out all of Biden’s faults all the time. How rich - since the dems ads always point out every single ‘fault’ (true or not) of every repub. (at Pollitico) Hat Tip to Gayle King (not that I’ve ever admired her much) - for calling out Pelosi for calling Trump’s aides and allies - henchmen. In the Interview! Can’t beat that.

    Much like yesterday - up too early - due to the kittens being sick. They both have trouble moving, haven’t eaten other than cat milk and cry at attempts to jump up or down. I think that they poison themselves - maybe with eating flies or who knows what they licked or got into. Binx is almost recovered and ate a bite or two of food this AM, while Gizmo has hit the worst point. Daughter is using a syringe to get fluids into them to get it out of their system. No fever, no change in their eyes or mouth - so that’s why we think that somehow they got a touch of something in them that poisoned them.

    This is our life.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/27/2020  at  06:30 AM  

  26. Oh bother - I should read, re-read and let it sit for a more than a second.

    Forgot this.  I saw a brief little thing yesterday. Don’t know where it came from or where I saw it. But, anyway - Uganda which has 45 million people has had 9 Covid deaths - because everyone takes hydroxychloroquine for malaria. Umm, isn’t that also held up by US military who also (if ever deployed) take it, too?

    All this could have been shut down back on March 19th - which is when Trump first mentioned it. Via the fake news - that the first ‘stories’ about Trump pushing hydroxy for Covid, all lead with - ‘unproven drug’ - how rich since it’s been used since 1955. And the first studies/mention (April/May) are overseas where people were willing to use it (or as seen above already using it) - and having good results.

    Tell me again - this hasn’t been a political stunt (which lead to the ‘claimed’ deaths of 200,000 Americans) to destroy Trump?

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/27/2020  at  06:51 AM  

  27. People all over Africa take Ivermectin too. It’s an anti-parasite and Africa is full of horrible diseases and parasites. Look up “river blindness”; you will never go in a lake again. Merk makes the stuff the gives away tens of millions of doses of it a year, mostly in Africa. IIRC it also works as an antimalarial too? Which of course is all over Africa and all the tropical lands around the world. The places where Covid is pretty mild.

    On the ‘rona, Ivermectin plus doxycycline seems to do the job just a bit faster than HCQ.

    There is no reason that HCQ and Ivermectin won’t work together; at least one study has been suggested. Hit the virus from 2 directions at once. With zinc too of course. Not to mention the whole H2O2 thing, which destroys the virus on contact, whether in your body, in your lungs ( nebulized 1/2% H202 = 99.9% viral elimination ), on your hands or on your doorknob.

    So yeah, with all these cheap treatments that work, why the hell is anybody dying? Why is the media utterly silent about most treatments, and usually doubtful or dismissive?

    Glad y’all are liking that bread. Many bread recipes can be adapted to this method; very moist dough left alone a long while and then baked. It may not be super pretty, but it tastes good and it requires almost no dough skills.

    Hope the little kitties recover quickly. Cats eat stupid stuff all the time. The lucky ones just throw it up all over the house soon after. Ours try to eat millipedes, which are poisonous. Reminds me, time to bug spray outside again. It’s cricket time, and I’m not sure if they’re bad for kittehs too.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/27/2020  at  09:11 PM  

  28. The kitties are recovering - Binx is back on his feet and up and moving around. Gizmo is a day behind, but ate a bit this AM and no longer cries when he walks. With them ‘exploring’ the basement and our recent fly infestation - who knows what they licked, ate and such. That is one reason I keep Cat Sure in the house - we at least got that into them while they were at their worst.

    Love the bread - now that it’s cooler - I’m into the bigger meals again.

    On adoption - since the early 70’s - 75% of the children in the system can’t be adopted, as no one pushes getting the rights taken away (the more kids, the more money). They called them ‘weekend family’ where they’d take the kid for a day or two and send them back. As an adopted person, I found the concept horrible. The system has sucked - for a long time.

    Sadly - the foster system was one of the ‘unintended’ losers in the abortion fiasco (the other was the Catherine Booth Homes for Unwed Mothers, a Salvation Army program that closed all the homes in 1973- big surprise). Minority foster and adoptive parents have always been the lowest ever. Old cultural habits die hard - and taking someone else’s kid with little or minimal knowledge of the background - has been a taboo in many cultures. Heck - most of them will sell one/more of their kids before taking someone else’s. The bio-family was always an option for a child - but that is becoming less and less to - as they break apart more quickly these days. Break one social construct and sadly, too many follow. Hence where we are today.

    The concept of ‘illicit’ Haitian adoptions - is a Law & Order episode. If one of the parents sell their child to an agency - isn’t that their fault and the agencies fault - not the adoptive parent?

    Adopting a child of color to show that they can’t be racist - what a load of bs. There are historical patterns of every people taking children from other peoples. The Native Americans did it all the time - some were enslaved, some raised as their own children. This was not and is not a solely ‘white’ thing - and has nothing to do with racism or wanting to be seen as not a racist. Children WERE a commodity or property just as women and men were - in most cultures of the World. You needed a large family to help to SURVIVE. More hands, meant more work.

    To me - to see everything in terms of color - is racism.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/28/2020  at  08:43 AM  

  29. I could only handle the first question of the debate - I thought their 2 minute talks were ok and then the gloves came off. Wallace looked like an old school teacher in a room full of 17 year old detention kids.

    You just lost the left, Trump told Biden.

    Best Response EVER!!!

    I found Biden hard to listen to - like he knew what he wanted to say, but couldn’t just quite get it out.

    The ‘elections have consequences’ is another zinger aimed directly at Obama’s I won first words to the Republicans back in 2009. If Biden can remember back that far - that had to hurt.

    What in the hell was Biden’s 100 Million will lose their healthcare if Barrett overturns the ACA? Why can’t the democrats ever try to stay in the realm of reality? Only those people who got on Medicaid due to the expansion, maybe. And a lot of people who went to the ‘marketplace’ changed policies like I change my underwear - because the deductible was so high. My younger daughter has had three policies since having to leave Medicaid (she had it like 10 seconds) and still hasn’t seen a doctor since we left WPAFB.

    Biden saying Trump had never kept a promise (that’s when I shut it down) - what a crock. Under Obama, not only did we lose our doctor, we had to travel to WPAFB for years. At the end - when our Doctor retired and we came back to the city - my husband paid co-pays for the first time. By the end of Obama - they kept going up and up. Trump expanded the Vet Choice, which technically my hubby should be on as he is a Priority 1 disabled Vet (discovered he & I are eligible to be buried in Arlington, neat huh!) not that it has gotten him much as our VA sucks. Now under Trump’s expansion - our medical bills are manageable and the co-pays are back down again. When it comes to healthcare - any step in the right direction is a positive and fits - ‘I kept my promise’. At least to me it does.

    Besides I know America was rip roaring along until the Dems shut down America due to Covid.

    Now the older cat - George - has gone over the edge. Can’t seem to stay any one place, moving around crying - even though he is attempting to play, now and then, with the kittens. So I’ve been up half the night coddling his crazy self to keep him out of people’s beds and quiet. Maybe his nose got out of joint because we all were so concerned about the sick kitties. God, I thought I was way over raising children!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/30/2020  at  05:56 AM  

  30. Have you checked the kitties for worms? Sounds like they’ve all had episodes of pain or discomfort. I don’t know beans about kitty care beyond the basics. I did have a cat once in school that got sick from eating bugs ... we found that the bag of kibble was crawling with itty bitty ants. Got fresh kibs, put them in a bucket with a lid, problem solved.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/30/2020  at  08:58 AM  

  31. We have no idea what happened with the kitties. But all three are doing well. Little bits already to the vet and checked for worms. Older kitty going as soon as I call them for an appt. Peace is beginning to reign again. We have always used covered containers - years of dogs and cats - it’s just sensible. Worse find in animal food - a dead mouse in the wheat (due to different aged horses, we mixed our own corn, wheat etc.

    The horses loved it the one time the guy dumped the feed and hay outside the barn. Lazy ass - as it is open (no locks), off the drive with double doors and the side for the feed and hay is right there. Anyway one of them stuck their head through the barbed wire and chewed open the corn. Happy campers. Much, much happier when what was left on the ground grew into actual corn stalks! That was a fun summer - the first one where I was dealing with 3 horses (two borders) all on my own. I’m surprised we all survived.

    So I just slogged through the gutter of Twitter - to wish the President & First Lady a quick recovery. Awful things said. And these are the people ‘proclaiming’ that they are the arbiters of peace, love, diversity and tolerance. Yeah - Not no but Hell No in any definition of any of those words.

    CBS All Access has documentaries (The Smithsonian) - there are some good ones. I watched The Battle of the Little Bighorn yesterday. Been there once a long time ago. I could tell the bias - given who they picked to discuss it. But that is neither here nor there. Dan Brown - wrote a better deal on the Americans vs Indian - Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. Short enough to follow - and pretty much dealt with from coast to coast. Tribes most people never, ever heard of. Anyway - during this, they showed a picture (yeah for them for also showing the Native depictions of it) - which, big surprise -we had in the living room of our Montana home. Turns out - it was a Budweiser promotional print at the time! Who knew. Although I should have. My Dad framed two Charles Russell prints for me. I later found a whole slew of them. Turns out that they were a Texaco promotional set of prints. I guess that was a big thing back in the 50s and 60s to get people out the west.

    Our Montana home was a Texaco station that had been dragged up to the spot when they damned the Flathead River to make the lake. My Dad’s best friend out there - was a guy who worked his way up the ladder in Texaco. I still email his youngest daughter - she spends the Christmas break up there in their old place on the lake. She even sent me a current picture of our old house - owned by Canadians. If I ever manage to get back out there - I’d have more possibility of renting from strangers in Canada than with my cousin who bought the small A frame my Mom built after my Dad died. She sends mail back - address unknown. My family is full of self-righteous egotists - who think that they are better than anyone else - but suffered more than anyone else too.

    I guess I should get this day going - at least the cats have been fed already.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/04/2020  at  07:45 AM  

  32. I’m actually taking a class for front end web development right now, learning all the fun stuff with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. It’s pretty amazing the advances that we’ve gained over the years. Just one example: remember how almost all webpages were actually two sites, one for mobile and one for desktop? well now we have what’s called responsive web design, where you use elements in HTML and CSS (no Javascript needed!) to make sites look good on any size screen.

    Posted by Severa    United States   10/07/2020  at  05:06 AM  

  33. Ok - So Brennan briefed Obama that Clinton was going to tie Trump to Russia in a July 2016 meeting notes. (via American Thinker, et al)

    End of evidence - take away their lifelong benefits - as we all know that they won’t stand trial or go to prison. I’m still wondering what Schiff’s evidence is. You think, if he had it, he’d love to put it out there under oath.

    In an article (also on american thinker) about Mrs. Obama’s 20 minute rant against Trump - is an 11 min talk by some guy trying to convince his friend to vote for Trump. Worth the time - he presents facts for Trump, Biden and a simple sentence (devastating in it’s truth and simplicity) - IF Harris wasn’t acceptable in the campaign - what makes her acceptable now!!!!)

    Also someone pointing out that Bloomberg giving money to pay fines/fees for black and Hispanic felons in FL to be able to vote, smacks at racism, since he is not including white felons in that ‘gift’. Also shows that dems don’t think middle class and poor whites vote for them. A double shot of racism. As. Usual.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/07/2020  at  09:24 AM  

  34. Severa - I’m so old I remember when there was only one kind of web page and it used frames, which you wrote by hand. Screen size adaptability used to be done by using percentages, which got hairy when you had frames within frames within frames, and the scope of the % was always local. Mostly.

    Heck, I remember when there was no html, and “online” meant going to CompuServe or to somebody’s BBS that you dialed into with your 1200 baud modem. ATA++ !!

    CSS, php, xml; it’s amazing what you can do. Java is stupid easy to code in; it’s a simple version of Pascal with most of the hard stuff built in. Phone apps and games are coded these days by assembling generic packages. This is what, 6GL programming? 7GL? Beats the heck out of moving individual bytes in and out of registers and ANDing and NANDing everything. Or chasing down errant pointers in C. GAK.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/09/2020  at  03:43 PM  

  35. Redstate has an article that one of the guys in the kidnap Whitmer scheme - is an anarchist. Probably Antifa when the truth (years from now, when the Drive By Media has some new lie about Trump as the headline of the day) comes out.

    Listening to President Trump on the Rush Limbaugh show (10/9) - as I was sick as a dog yesterday and didn’t do much of anything. Forgot the show and a family (my nephew’s daughter) birthday.

    The Africa thing - is not the only one - Uganda has had only 45 deaths. Now the question becomes - are we being lied to about how Africa is a hot bed of poverty, backward behaviors and graft and criminal governments or are they advancing due to America’s contributions over the centuries? Nigeria has the best educated people of the entire continent. As you said though - the key may be that they live on hydroxycholorquine.

    So when are people going to ‘get it’ and blame the democrats for the 200,000 covid deaths?
    They and thus their propaganda wing (the Media) belittled and mocked the President for endorsing it?

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/10/2020  at  07:58 AM  

  36. OMG - while forcing myself to listen to Rep Pelosi’s ‘press conference’ on the ‘legislation’ to allow Congress to (essentially) take over the 25th Amendment - I did my due diligence and went to to check out the bill and oppose it and write a nasty gram to them about it.

    Alas there is NO bill listed that has been submitted to be vote on. So to me - this is all rhetoric for the Media to twist into - Trump needs to be removed from office.

    I was glad to see that one reporter brought up the ethical issues and another brought up the timing of this legislation.

    But here is why I am here H.R. 25 - Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to LIMIT the NUMBER of TERMS a Representative or Senator MAY SERVE.

    About damn time. This is the real bill that needs a Press Conference.

    Read it and PASS IT AROUND thru every single platform and website you can. This is way past time to do and finally a Republican has had the guts to do it. Way to go Rep. Bradley Byrne!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/12/2020  at  07:39 AM  

  37. Back again - the Senate Hearing on the Confirmation of Judge Barrett is on. Wow - who would have thunk that a National Holiday - would be one of the biggest slam of acts of Congress who have barely done any work this year?!?

    Love (Not) all these dems putting forth pity me, sad stories of women losing their vital healthcare via centers that do NOT offer all these wonderful healthcare necessities but are basically abortion houses and the most obscure diseases or people who have ALWAYS struggled to pay for/get insurance - crappola. Aren’t people getting tired of the democrats seeing everyone/everything as a victim - needing their help? The first one opened with losing insurance. What a joke - we lost our docs and local care. We started paying co-pays and other things we never ever paid before (because of our insurance). So the ACA wasn’t manna from heaven for us.

    Lies, Distortions and just pure obstruction from the dems.

    American thinker has a slew of ads from young candidates - I said during the campaign - a lot of the young democrats had some great ideas - but were not given the chance by the DNC. Once again - a party who claims that the GOP is all old white men - put forth a decrepit old white man with an illegal alien woc to drag all the Cult of Personality/Pop Culture morons to vote for them. If it weren’t for double standards, the democrats wouldn’t have any standards. Oops there is that over 200,000 Americans dead quote again - gotta love the dems -anything/everything is a moment to repeat talking points to bash the President.

    I smell a landslide win again on Nov 3. Wouldn’t it be a hoot and finger firmly stuck in the eye of the DNC - that the Two FORMER democrats won Re-election in landslides? Because they continue to go back again and again to the same corrupt behavior. And blame the people.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/12/2020  at  08:59 AM  

  38. Want to shut the 200,000 Americans dead because of Trump meme - when someone sticks it in your face? Africa - just bring up Africa with it’s double digit deaths because so many of the countries peoples take - here’s the silencing rub - hydroxychloroquine. I was amazed at how fast it shut a complainer down.

    And that is exactly what Trump has been doing since 2015 - Responding with the truth in their face. And it drives them nuts.

    I won’t even touch the smugglers thing. The Toobin thing - Who gets so hot in a company call? Where is that yuck button when you need one?

    Going from moderately pleasant to cold and rainy overnight and now stuck in it - I made Banana bread a couple of weekends ago, made zucchini bread last weekend and will make later this week - another loaf of the cast iron dutch oven bread. I will be useless most of the winter, if I’m already too cold and tired of the weather.

    Must run - things to do and places to go. And of course, it’s pouring rain.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/20/2020  at  08:02 AM  

  39. We are going south into KY today to do the shopping - it’s been an age and what the heck.

    So on the mouth rinse study- every time you bring another study - I’m even more golden on avoiding the covid crap. Plus I’m O+ which is also a lower get it group. I guess I’ve been living better than I even thought I was. Measured the lowest blood glucose ever since they have been monitoring me in 1994. And I’m up to two weeks with all (every other day) below 100. Under 140 weight (meaning a 24 lb drop) - if I could get up off the computer and/or couch - and so something physical - I’d live to be a hundred. Keto rocks. BTW, I’m the only one here who likes Red Velvet cake - well anything RV - found a Keto mug cake online. Took a chance - one of the best cakes ever. Big for a Mug cake too. Yum!

    I hear that the debate went well - can’t wait to hear the ‘other side’(via my daughter) - I fall asleep before that stuff comes on.

    Biden made a commercial pandering to the Muslim community - bothers me - in that we don’t know what the translation is really saying. It was all over the place (to me) in the sense of most of what Biden says. It’s like he knows what he wants to say - but never seems to be able to get it. Talk about bashing Trump for his presentations - this guy makes Trump come off as a Rhodes Scholar. They should just feed him a one line response and then tell him to shut up, man. Because, to me, he always seems to step in it verbally, when he keeps talking.

    Oh bother - at least it will all be over in two weeks. And we hopefully won’t be in the Hell of a another Democrat controlled House - and can get on with the business of keeping America - well - America.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/23/2020  at  07:20 AM  

  40. Oh bother again - went to get the ingredients to do the Dutch oven bread - and I have no flour - forgot to put it on the list.

    Daughter wants me to tackle the garage. I due blood, biting my tongue on that little comment. I get no help - other than with cooking and sometimes driving/appts. Like as we run headlong into winter (haven’t been able to mow as it keeps raining and that keeps the temp below 60 - with overcast skies = it isn’t drying out at all) I’m going to tackle the garage alone. Not happening. She has cleared her room - but filled the ‘guest’ room and into the basement with her stuff. Now she wants to expand to the garage - but I have to do the work. Doubt I’ll be doing that very soon.

    We splurged on a bigger cat tree. With three - there is discontent over who sits where and the one we ordered has a post that goes to the ceiling (I believe it’s spring loaded) to increase the stability. A boon as now the game with the two kittens is to jump from the tree to the rocking chair.

    I noticed as more revaluations on the Biden/Hunter/China mess come out - suddenly America is ‘exploding’ with more and more cases of covid. Neat trick - fear mongering to hide the real story. Dr. Fauci’s latest statement on mandating masks - is like most Left apologies - a whole bunch of nothing.

    Also noticed on social media - the renewal of the covid is all Trump’s fault lie. He should have, could have done something. Their favorite concept - to ‘fix’ things without actually doing any thing.

    It’s going to be a long - 9 days. I just hope enough people vote to prevent the cheating and fraud that the dems always do in their strongholds.

    Oh and AOC said if we had enacted the new green deal - covid would have been contained/less damaging than it was. Of course it would - as the ngd is the be all, end all solution to everything wrong with America. Enacted in January - I doubt a single thing other than raising taxes - would have occurred by March. At.All. Clueless and Disingenuous - that is what the democrats have become.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/25/2020  at  10:00 AM  

  41. Yup, nothing but lies, nothing but complaints. And the only thing they do know how to do is to raise taxes and spend it on more government and funds to their financial pals (Solyndra anyone?) But like John Kerry, they always have a plan, but you never hear it. And it’s always ex post facto. Because they’re lying sacks.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/25/2020  at  09:27 PM  

  42. I can’t comment - or my anger at this crap will all spill out - other than the American Patriots ought to stand up and fight.Ok - only place safe to do it. First the ok, call it birther nonsense - but according to the US Constitution Ms Harris is not eligible to be VP - or P at all. Ever. Neither was Obama - but using the Cult of Personality - Person of Color - and walla. The Constitution and Rule of Law don’t matter. And two - 4 frikin years of Not My President - liar, corrupt, stole the election via Russian help - etc, etc and yet - now it’s time for peace, cooperation and acceptance. Bite Me.

    All of the DNC actions, elected persons and behavior has one purpose and one purpose only - to change America into all the other faltering Nations that are one small step away from - a one world order.

    Think ‘universal’ healthcare is the be all end all - check out Cuba - where 75% of original ‘care’ is aspirin and a wait list (kinda of like the VA before Trump), think it’s going to ‘magically’ improved healthcare in the existing healthcare ‘deserts’? Take a look at Germany - I was there in the 80s and there was a local hospital that looked like it had not been painted or updated since WWII - small towns and rural areas - still stink on ‘universal’. Because it is all about THE MONEY and poor, low population areas don’t improve even on - or is that, especially on - government controlled anything. Then they opened (i.e. ignored not only the borders and every single piece of immigration legislation that the DNC wrote - even the last one in 86 was Dem written - E-varify anyone, border wall - approved and financed in 2006) Any one - so that people who were raised in corrupt Nations, violent Nations, drug ridden Nations come here illegally, get all the bennies and - bring their ‘culture’ to America. And the GOP allowed it.

    This goes back to the 60s and 70s - first they enacted legislation that allows people to be housed and fed on the taxpayers - and claimed racism when people wanted to demand that people who PAID TAXES to be the only voters - calling it a poll tax. Then absentee voting in a time of ‘pandemic’ - which they did everything possible to deny it until they needed it -to alter the election process - wasn’t enough. We all knew that mail-in was going to be a highway to fraud. No verification of local, state residency, no verification of immigration/citizenship status and no verification (such as with provisional ballots) of multiple voting.

    Then all the tangled web of the voting machines rigged, hacked, or simply ignored, localized denial of entry to counting areas, forcing people to use a sharpie etc. that has made this a third world corrupt election and once again - the GOP is allowing it - all of it.

    We are being sold out by a dangerous group of rich elites who want to rule the World. Where have we all heard that phrase before. Germany, Russia and China, come to mind.

    And still - Trump was ‘voted’ out because he was the corrupt one.

    Eisenhower was right - he just missed the correct cabal behind the takeover.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/09/2020  at  09:14 AM  

  43. So - the disaster of the day - has nothing to do with the fraudulent election - the Brent Spence bridge was the scene of an accident between two semis at @ 2AM - one (carrying chemicals) exploded. North bound is the lower level. So the entire bridge (North into Ohio, South into KY - carrying both I75 and I71) is closed until further notice. They had to close the highway back to I-275 and ended up (man there have to be some stupid people driving around at that hour) all of the east and west river roads that access the highway too. Surprisingly there are no reported injuries - although the pics are awful. Since we have been here (16 glorious years) they have been fighting over fixing a bridge that went over capacity back when I was still living here in the 70s. KY owns the bridge and OH is demanding it be a Union project (KY is a Right to Work state). So nothing has been done other than patch work for decades. This should be interesting. Good thing with the covid we don’t go into KY often anymore. I can’t imagine the drive and congestion now -if hubby was still doing his pain treatments down there.

    On the mail - bet it’s fixed before Christmas. All of it - shopping, crowds, mail, and most especially covid. They are NOT going to allow Biden (if he actually wins) be smeared with a socially distanced inauguration. Not that it has allowed them to stop for funerals, protests, riots and other more important democrat sponsored events.

    All of it, since June 2015 has been a bunch of lies, distortions and meant to drive Americans apart.

    Like Rush said in Jan 2004 - I hope it fails.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/11/2020  at  11:21 AM  

  44. Checking in just to let you know - I’m reading but my days suck right now. Especially hard to imagine - since I don’t do much beyond keeping us fed and the house cleaned. I did finally get to mow the lawn between rain storms.

    The problem with masks - is that this is America. To rightly not be called a dictator and rightly not abusing his power - Trump let the states deal with the mask/shutdown issues and walla - the numbers kept going up. Because - Freedom and of course some of the exact same people screaming that Trump did ‘nothing’ and tried to talk down the pandemic - let their people do what they damn well pleased. So a virus became and epidemic.

    Saw the fact that France is having a rise in covid - compare it to the US. Except that America is bigger than Europe much less France alone. Bite me.

    Must run - daughter is up and we need to get out of here soonest. Good to have some place to come to that respects the truth and open discussion.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/13/2020  at  08:23 AM  

  45. Sorry about your Insta Pot failure. We have the Ninja Foodi - and the only problem we’ve had is I have a hard time getting the pressure cook lid on. We love it. I did my Man Du dumplings yesterday - daughter came in and thought that they smelled great. Asked what was in them - told her that the bag is out in the garage - all I know is that they are a Korean meat & veggie dumpling (I love Yaki Man Du which is the veggie only version - just too lazy to make my own (actually bought a cookbook - just for the recipe)). Anyway - just smelling the cooked version started her allergic reaction -as it turns out - this has two versions of seaweed and carrageenan). So I told her to take a benadryl - she then fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon. Food allergies suck.

    on the Covid - the FDA and CDC quietly (with help from a compliant Media) put out that the Covid tests have a high rate of false positive and false negatives test results - umm - that translates into highly unreliable. Good time to find out. And Fauci wants us all to mask even with a vaccine. From a guy who has been caught not wearing the mask/not social distancing in public - when he thinks that the cameras aren’t on him. Typical do as I say, not as I do liberal.

    It is this back and forth - that makes me suspect that covid wasn’t/isn’t what they claim. However - I do wear a mask out in public and I do only what is necessary, usually. Certainly nothing like that past where even a whim would get me out of the house.

    We are in the midst (going into winter, good time to start - NOT) going through stuff. I’m slightly impressed as the daughter and hubby have pitched in a bit, too. One of the things I’ve been doing in putting into the recycle bin old magazines (a number of which were from grandkid’s school fund raisers - which are magazines we almost never read, much less get a subscription to). I found a mother oriented magazine yesterday with an article on attachment. Granted it was not a medical article on the subject (the writer is a social worker) and it was only in the context of family bonding. But the points brought out - made some direct hits on why I’ve never been ‘normal’ (for lack of a better word). Combining the beeing left by mother immediately and the regime (which is even almost as rigid today, as it was back then) for a cardiac kid and the repeated failures of attempts to place me in a foster home - I essentially shut down on any action or attempt to get attention to my needs, She called it working at becoming ‘unseen’ as my ‘needs’ were never dealt with on a normal level at an extremely negative level. The final part of this - being an extreme (in her study/research - neglect/abuse) level, actually affects the brain and it’s ability to learn normally. Pretty much me in a 5 page article. As a former student of sociology and psychology - I also wonder, if such deprivation also engenders a bit of ‘weakness/vulnerability’ to predators? Funny the things you can stumble across in the most unexpected moments.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/16/2020  at  10:54 AM  

  46. The presser today - pretty much seals the deal - Election fraud. Makes me wonder, if that is why ‘suddenly’ we are having a rise in the covid cases and govs running around shutting everything down. (except FL, SD, and TX)

    It was epic - and the stupid poll this morning (I think it is on American Thinker) that ‘almost half’ of GOP said Trump should concede. Then you look - 72% Dem, 17% Rep. Like that is a meaningful split/poll at all. I still claim most of these polls are taken in the newsroom.

    I’m with the guy on Rush today - even if Biden won 49 states - I’d been ok with Biden winning. But what happened overnight - makes me believe that fraud occurred and it makes me angry - am I wrong? That’s it - even I expected some cheating on the dem side - but this was just so screwy in so many ways - that you have to suspect fraud. Ballots (after close of voting) just Biden votes - no down ballot votes at all. How many precincts with 100% Biden and 0 Trump, how many areas with more votes than registered voters (some even, more than qualified adults that could register to vote), and Biden - 47 years in politics with almost NO appreciable political accomplishments - got the MOST votes EVER. In.What.World would that crap happen? Oh yeah - Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Hitler’s Germany.

    Speaking of Germany - Merkal et al issued a Mandatory vaccination for covid for everyone - and they turned the fire hoses on the people who massed to protest the added caveat that she added - that the police and military will be used to Enforce It.

    And I believe Biden et al - would push for the same crap here, if we give in.

    I find it ironic - when here they just arrested a City Council member on corruption charges, another one is set to be arrested too and another one has already convicted. This is out of 5 members - no wonder the city has sucked for a while - going down the drain like all dem run cities. Corruption starts early in the dem arena.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/19/2020  at  02:34 PM  

  47. I doubt if Biden won 3 states other than in the NE and West Coast. The cheating was massive, with at least 3 different methods. I am super impressed with the data analysis stuff I’ve been seeing; those guys run numbers and trends for a living, and there is simply no way the variances they’ve found could have happened naturally. Come on man, the exact same fix goes in at the exact same time in 4 key states, and then the numbers after that all come out with the same ratios for every batch of votes in all of those states? Puh. Leez. Not to mention the blatant BS with the counts, the “found” ballots, the late arriving ones all marked for Biden and not any other candidate or issue, the 174% “turnout” in Detroit, on and on. And the worst of it all may be that the vote counting machines were hacked in advance, set to make Biden win no matter what. But Trump pulled off such a landslide that the mountains of phony votes they had to gin up made this look like the biggest election in US history. For that senile old pedo do nothing grifter? Not a chance in Hell.

    The whole thing is crap, top to bottom. Throw it all out, give the job to the Legislature as the Constitution specifies. Which Trump will win.

    Failing that, it’s time for a revolution.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/19/2020  at  04:07 PM  

  48. I agree - must run - daughter is working (paycheck, yeah) so I’m on my own.

    Mentioned a while ago the clearing out - turns out - ‘eating’ the elephant one bite at a time works. Guest room is down to empty boxes (daughter uses for her crafts sales), there are boxes gone from the garage, son’s room and his closet is almost totally cleaned up, more than one shelf of old magazines gone and we are down one of those giant tv) with a schedule for the other and the old office chair. So it is working. I hope by spring - it will be much better.

    Oh and I was wrong - there are 9 on our city council - who are now calling for a total investigation into ALL the contracts that these three were part of.

    Like it’s going to matter much - since obviously corruption is systemic in the DNC from bottom to top.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/20/2020  at  08:33 AM  

  49. Helena is the capital of Montana - kinda off center (more south) of the state - which is where most of the big cities are. Haven’t been there since 69 or 70 - can’t remember the year of the last trip. Although the 69 trip was an entire summer of hell. Mom took an ancient friend along on a one last ‘see America fling’. Just what a 14 year old wants to be dragged along on (brother got a ride with a friend and met us at the house in Montana -lucky him). And I’m meaning a see America trip - east to NYC and Boston and then cross country to end in Montana. Amazingly - the old woman had enough, just on the drive and convinced her son to buy her a plane ticket home as soon as we hit our little cabin home. Wait - we may have been living in the trailer that year. A pull along behind the car trailer. Yeah - that’s why she beat feet as soon as she could. A free trip across America and she complained the entire way. One of my best summer’s ever - NOT. Although I did get one last picture with my sister that year.

    I saw a meme somewhere this week - an Army wife - ‘no family for Thanksgiving - I’ve been training for this for years’. How I feel. Used to it - only difference is that now my hubby is home. The year our youngest was born (in Germany) he was gone 278 days - and America wasn’t in a war then. The border assignments were horrid. Had to do 30 days on the border and then every single normal training too. That year was from hell as they were getting a new tank. Which is it’s own two or three off to learn/train on adventures. He was allowed a week home when she was born - which ended up being a whole 3 days. So missing holidays and birthdays and anniversaries were a given for the 20 years we were married (another 9 with the first hubby - who I volunteered for every away assignment I could - even Panama once).

    I guess either today or Sat. I will be going out and foraging for exam gloves - boxes and boxes. They are 15 bucks on amazon - and that will spike before we blink. We have to use them with the son - as any open area is prone to infections and we can (although in the 28 months we have fought every skin disease going) we haven’t caught one ourselves. He is so much better now that the dermatitis - last one he probably got due to 18 months of fighting off everything else - is gone. Now it’s healing a spot or two here and there. No more daily bathing and covering so much area with medicines.

    Looking at the covid statistics - being over 70, having at least two medical conditions and being a minority - are the biggest risks for death from covid. I’m guessing young people who die from it - have some criteria that they are just not aware of before they get covid. I can’t get away with not knowing - as I’ve been a patient for so long on a regular basis. But I know most young, healthy people don’t go to the doctor much at all. I know I avoided them for the little things until my body started quitting on me.

    Covid is exposing how much of American goods are no longer being made in America. It is not a good thing to put everything into the ‘we are the world’ basket. Americans need to have their own factories, capabilities and food sources or we could end up like New Mexico - whose Gov just shut down just about everything. If Biden get sworn in - it’s only going to get worse. We have legislators here who want to go after De Wine for his stuff - back and forth - all over the place.

    And it’s all because they wouldn’t do a full stop for a few weeks back in the beginning. Laying it all on Trump’s door when they were in charge. Sick and tired of it all - they deserve to be shot - not Trump. He tried - but no matter what he does - he is damned if he does it, damned if he doesn’t do it.

    I hope that they all rot in hell. 

    You all have a great Thanksgiving.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/25/2020  at  07:41 AM  

  50. Hubby and daughter are negotiating who is going out to get the missing food item. Luckily it doesn’t have to be done until later - so I’ll let them fight it out. It would be so darn easy to join the pick-up service and just drive over and wait for them to bring it to us. But with so many allergies and daughter’s being so bad - I just don’t trust them to not substitute.  One of her co-workers who has even more allergies than the daughter has the service and has said that they substitute. So I guessed properly.

    Roll ingredients are on the stove - warming up a tad. Then onto the stuffing.

    I think I will be getting an item I’ve wanted for a while (like 2010 when I got all my Mom’s boxes) - for Christmas. An ‘antique’ looking glass cabinet for all my Dad’s antique medical gear. On that issue - there was a skull in the boxes. My Mom had wanted to give it to my cousin who was a Doctor but he refused everything that my Mom tried to pass onto him - oldest male with the family name - and only doctor to boot. I kept wondering where it came from. Then I remembered a picture of my Grandfather’s Medical school class (quite tiny for the time 1912(ish) I believe) with a skeleton. My guess is that they parsed it out to everyone and he got the skull. I still haven’t unwrapped it - and now I have to find the picture to go with it. I think he got his MD from Ohio State. Dad got his two from U of Cincinnati.

    Meal was discussed with hubby and son and I have about 20 minutes before roll making commences - so I guess I should shut down the computer.

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/26/2020  at  08:00 AM  

  51. Glad that your adventure turned out well. I made mistakes on every single item - but they all ended up tasting good. So all’s well that end’s well.

    Sorry about your kitty - I so worried about our George kitty because it was obvious he was the runt and so small. But he’s done well and grown into a small (the pig kitten is about a pound shy of him already) but healthy adult. Actually he is elderly, which is why I think that two kitties were a bit too much for him.

    We bought gloves - 3 stops but got two boxes of each size. And it looks like the chain no longer has my cabinet. I guess I will go online and see what I can find - as what they have is like 2 times the price.

    Well I guess I should get off the computer and try to do something today.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/27/2020  at  02:49 PM  

  52. I have seen only two of those specialty companion pet places - both are at least 30 minutes from us - one on the east side and one up by Jungle Jims. While I adore animals - I grew up too farmy - don’t name the lambs as it makes it hard to eat the lambchops. So while I might get weepy about losing an animal - I don’t go to extreme measures. Especially since we’ve been poor most of our lives. Other than X-rays and a standing order for the one cat for antibiotics when she tangled with whatever on her outside prowls - getting them fixed was about as expensive as I got (paid almost $200. in Fl to get a cat fixed - but then I did have money from working).

    Now - the vet knows me - and has let me pass the yearly check - if George doesn’t need shots. We’ve had some rough years and I fear if Biden gets in - it will happen again. At least this year has been a lesson in living minimalist.

    I just hope he doesn’t screw with the Veterans Choice Act - while nice under Obama. Trump expanded it. You’d think that they would give a damn about a Priority 1 disabled veteran with over 20 years in - but no, most politicos really don’t care at all. Of course most of what they drivel on about is also meaningless and simply a way to get into office. At least Trump actually did something for people in America. I hate to think of it being undone by a guy who has done very little for the previous 47 years. Of course I really don’t think Biden will be doing much of anything - I’m suspecting Obama - especially since he has ‘named’ so many of the Obama era people.

    God I hope that these lawsuits move forward or the SC would hear the President - America can’t stand Obama 3.0.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/01/2020  at  09:05 AM  

  53. Release the Kraken. Link dump because I’m feeling paranoid about my last few posts just evaporating without a trace.

    If this story is true, there is an active coup being waged by the intelligence apparatus against the President of the United States, and against the citizens. People have been killed. And the coordination is nationwide involving all the alphabet groups, loads of leading politicians, Big Tech, Big Money, and so on. Are we on the edge of a Civil War? Or are we already in one?

    There is a whole lot more out there if you make a little effort to find it.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/02/2020  at  10:32 AM  

  54. On the vaccine - I just worry that they are trying to push this through too quickly and the thought of it being mandatory - scares the crap out of me. I am not a fan of mandatory medication for all.

    Imprimis (via Hillsdale College) is a condensed version of a Forum or Speech by people in the fields that teach or are invited to speak to the students, the last two issues (once a month and free - I have years - one of the few magazines I keep) were on Covid. Good and thoughtful on the issue and how it should have been dealt with. Like this AM - they guy on the news said 2000 OH died of Covid yesterday - but an article I just read online said 3000, died of Covid in America yesterday. What’s the truth. Did our guy misspeak? Or did OH have the majority of the deaths? Or is it like it has seemed to me - the back and forth - depending upon who you listen to. As the guy in the second article said - Doctors being silenced and the back and forth - is not science. So where is the problem lying.

    Also interesting to note - in the article with the 3000 dead in America yesterday from Covid - it ended with a little list of ‘where we go from here’ - the first one was about people dying from Covid while the President is obsessing over an election he lost a month ago. First - the President isn’t a doctor. Second - what can he do? If he slammed down restrictions - You and I know that they’d all be shouting tyrant.

    I’m just tired of it.

    On the election - at Rush’s site - during the Bush years - a task force headed by that noble ‘election watcher of the the World’ former President Carter and James Baker studied the elections in the US and made TWO recommendations Stronger Voter ID requirements and NO MAIL-IN VOTING in 2005 - another let down by RINO Bush. And the duplicitous dems. And everyone in every position to protect and defend the American citizen’s RIGHT to a LEGAL voting process.

    I hope that they all rot in hell.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/03/2020  at  10:54 AM  

  55. Several of the ‘gist’ of your lost comment are exactly why I don’t think Covid is 2020’s version of the plague. Yeah I saw the Fau Chee bs and also - I think it was People - but I don’t even pick the crap magazines up any more - Obama -Love saved our marriage’ (excuse me I just threw up a bit). I despise those who have it all, including a lifetime of income/medical care - acting like they were/are suffering and surviving a terrible injustice. Being President is NOT FORCED UPON ANYONE - and a guy who has a wife who doesn’t want to be involved (darn, just threw up again - like that cow, hated being on every damn cover of every magazine and lauded as all that for 8 years. What a pair of lying and disingenuous pos of worthless crap.

    I spent my childhood surrounded by the actual rich. One - it is why a lot of people thought we were rich. [you can build an nice house easier and cheaper, if your parents provide the land] And I went to college with those same kids (a private mid-west college] It is one of reasons that I don’t like groups of people/tend to be a loner around people. They were elitist who thought they deserved everything/anything and the rules didn’t matter to them. Then I spent 9 years around the Army being told what to wear, where to shop, how to talk and (my favorite, NOT) being told what volunteer ‘work’ was acceptable. My first female boss - didn’t do her job but tried to interfere in everyone else’s. And so on and so on. I even have been accused of name dropping by mentioning some of the people my family knew when I was growing up. You can’t win at times - too many people are haters and/or have no common decency any more.

    Yes - I do agree - a war time national posture, proving the masks that work (if there are any in the world) and proving meds - or even simple information to keep the people ok or at least able to fight this thing, are all just more reason I think that this is more political than medical. I think the chart on the story I mentioned the other day - had 75% of the people who died of covid were 75+. That is NOT the plague - that is an illness that kills tho elderly/co-morbid. Which also includes the annual flu and pneumonia - every single year of human history. Which also makes me skeptical of all the blather and faux fear-mongering.

    -Mask It Up’ Jingle?!? - Never heard it.

    Here is my oldest and most favorite cat song:

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/06/2020  at  10:06 AM  

  56. Oh bother - the Media is at it again. First the local (probably a CBS down from on high, get all the outlets to repeat it) said that the Trump campaign was blaming the election fraud on a dead foreign leader. How disingenuous of them - makes me continue to suspect that this is all a political stunt to distract from a winning Trump agenda possibly a Trump almost landslide re-election and of course to avoid reporting on election fraud. That is more believable than Covid kills everyone/anyone - mask up for your health and take our mandatory, shoved through as fast as we can vaccine or you can’t do anything for ever again.

    Saw a meme yesterday: Step One - Mask up everyone
    Step Two - Vaccinate everyone (proof card provided)
    Step Three - ID Chip everyone
    These people make Hitler look like a piker.

    I hope that they all rot in hell. My mantra to get me to Christmas.

    I made crepes and red velvet pancakes (why we don’t eat out much - no one can agree on much of anything) - anyway, I finally did it properly. Made the batters in the early afternoon, covered them and put them on the freezer in the garage to chill. It all worked perfectly - except as I was moving the crepe pan to a trivet - it turned all of a sudden and I burned one of my fingers. However having passed advanced burn care almost two decades ago and having every burn creme, ointment and medicine in the house - fixed it up quickly. The pain was the hardest thing to deal with - as I can’t take anything with codeine in it. Which would have done the trick quickly.

    I got the Aldi Wine Advent Calendar - makes me remember that I really was never a wine drinker. The daughter assures me that one of her friends will gladly take all the leftovers. I think we only finished one of the little bottles (bigger than I expected). Maybe I will do some Christmas cards one of these afternoons.

    Due to covid nonsense - we are paying to get rid of our massive tvs and an old office chair. Step by step we are still trying to clean out this place.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/07/2020  at  10:25 AM  

  57. Sounds good - chili is something I don’t do often but still enjoy now and then. I also like the green Chile but the others here think it’s weird, for some reason.

    Love the Goya CEO even more - pound it into their stupid heads that their crap is simply wrong.

    I think I know why the dems want to stack all the courts - so that they can destroy our Election/Constitutional system and turn us into every single socialist failure of the World. The old Momism is ringing in my ears - If your friends jumped off a cliff - would you do it too, simply because ‘everyone’s doing it’. I keep hoping that one of the cards/strings gets pulled and the whole corrupt situation is exposed fully - once and for all.

    I saw, not one but two stories already this AM on ‘possible adverse reactions’ of the vaccine. I’d have trouble taking a vaccine (certainly mandatory at that) for a disease even approaching 50% death - but one with a under 3% worldwide? Not in your life - most especially put out during the year of the disease. Also saw another good meme on that - We can’t isolate the covid gene - so how did the ‘create’ the vaccine? And mandatory/card required - where are the people rising up and saying - HELL NO I WON’T GO? Isn’t it ironic (NOT) that these thugs in politics are those very same people?

    As I’ve said - I hope that they rot in hell.

    Your knees - my being cold until May - getting old sucks.

    Trade you one sick kitty for two demon spawn from hell. I use a spray bottle of water to keep me from smacking the crap out of these two. Right now we have one of those timed room fragrance thingys on the plastic cat food containers to try and keep them from chewing on the and jumping on the counters.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/09/2020  at  08:52 AM  

  58. The news this AM is that the TX suit - is up to 17 states. I hope it keeps going - the more states that decide Honest Elections and at least a viable investigation into questionable states (come on, it’s not all 50 states is the way American elections have gone on since the beginning. Yes, here and there and in regular pocket areas - there has been problems, questions and outright fraud. Quietly and out of the fake Media reporting (except on page 30 in a small section at the bottom of the page, if ever) is the news that X happened and so-and-so was charged and will go on trial. Nothing else, no follow up. Proving once again - that DC has been corrupt for a lot longer than Obama or this election. It is a Presidential Election and must be as free from widespread/coordinated corruption as possible.

    If Cruz gets to take this to the Court and wins - he is in the catbird seat for the next Presidential Run. I know why Trump picked Pence - but I agree with you as to his not being interested in running for President.

    The woman in charge of scheduling the ‘large garbage’ pick-up screwed our schedule up - totally (and in the chain of email/replies - the dates are there 12/8 and 12/15). We had to cover the tv up with plastic and pull it back up to the house. I get annoyed with stupid people who can’t even keep their sent out schedule.

    So - within hours - two stories on allergic reactions to the new vaccine. Just like the entire covid event - everything comes into question again and again. This is what America gets for politicizing everything. Watched a couple of movies/docus on the Kursk - it shows how crappy life, reporting, reactions, decisions, equipment is when it is all a political scam/controlled.

    Tired of It All.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/10/2020  at  10:20 AM  

  59. I have a cousin (OK, him Mom is my Aunt’s sister - so I know that there is a word or number in there between a and cousin - but we all grew up together (less than a mile between all 4 homes - so to all of us - cousin it is) who has been battling prostate cancer (clear scan just earlier this year) - both he and his wife got the covid - he essentially blew it off, she struggled a bit with her breathing. He is the same age I am - 65. One of the reasons that I also think this entire covid was to destroy Trump and divert from the real news - and good news about Trump during the campaign. Rush said the other day that the Media admitted that they ‘thought’ reporting about Clinton’s email scandal was why she lost, so they wouldn’t report on the Biden scandal. What a bunch of traitors - just like all the judges (bet you it was RINO Roberts that ended the SC consideration). We are being sold out by all of them - corrupt as the sun is hot (as my Dad would say). You are so right - too much bs on covid.

    ‘Redneck tow truck’ - whatever works is fine with me. One of them - who carried a chain in his car, got me out of fix when I got too close to the shoulder and slid off the road. Another just muscled my car out when I slide down a hill and off the road that way. If it’s a stupid and bothersome ‘accident’ - I probably have done it. At least once.

    And now it comes to this - medical people avoiding THE vaccine - so is Trump hatred that bad or are they simply practicing sound advice? Push through this vaccine which is supposedly for a virus which has in America, a 0.03% death rate, 75% of whom are elderly with co-morbid conditions. Italy got hit so hard in the early days because 70% of their population is elderly and to ‘assist’ their economy, they have a Chinese Road of people/companies in their Nation - a double whammy. Which is also probably why our coasts are hardest hit, too - big entrances for foreign peoples.

    Been taking Vit D for a long time. One of the things I learned as a Mommie-in-training - take the babes out for at least 10 minutes a day - sunshine helps with the processing of Vit D in the body. Big cities with big populations of a certain religion/cultures have a big problem with rickets in their children - because they keep them under wraps for so long. That is what is also being missed with the covid - treat the specific situation. In medicine - one size does not fit all. At. All. Ever. Grew up out in the sunshine with hard work to boot - horses and all - obviously did me a lot of good.

    On one of the cat groups I follow on FB -there have been a lot of challenges (best eyes, most embarrassing picture and so forth) but also - some people who are losing their cats (also facing problems since a lot of vets have cut out/down care options - not good) who call them THE cat. You know that one special one - I was thinking about it. My, THE cat, my Dad brought home in his suit coat pocket. The people owned both Mom cat and Dad cat, they also had 6 kids - so the kids named the ones that looked like Mom (gray tabby) female names and the ones that looked like Dad (white w/black spots) male names. My big ole Tom went through his life with a girls name - it didn’t matter to either of us. I had to put him to sleep when I lived in CA - he had cancer - which was a death sentence for animals back then. It was only recently that I realized my Dad brought him home in the summer of 1960. And I discovered that the summer in CA when I put him to sleep - my Mom put down all the others, as the poodle had cancer and the golden had some other condition - the terrier and cats - and my guy - were all 18+ years old.  She felt that they had been together since they were babies and wouldn’t cope well with losing each other. And of course the care of so many animals - as old age set in - got to be a lot for her. THE cat (Mehitable) was born in Montana, lived most of his life in Ohio and spent the last couple years of his life in California. And he wasn’t the most traveled, I brought a cat, Phydaux home from Germany - before she passed she lived in Florida, Oklahoma and Texas after having been born in Germany.

    Daughter found out (DNA testing) that the demon cats from hell - are a mix with the largest percent - Main Coon. Which makes me understand Binx’s fascination with sinks and the tub. Gizmo - is just a pig and a ‘special’ cat at that - does some of the dumbest stuff ever. We just can’t explain where Binx’s desire to launch himself from great heights comes from.

    I bought a bunch of heat/serve and easy meals - I have no desire to kill myself cooking leading up to Christmas. I did already get the ham. Hard to find a tiny one - most of them would feed an Army.

    We had delivered pizza yesterday for the Army-Navy game. Odd as heck game - I thought neither one was going to score for any real merit and then Army started putting it together. A bit of trivia - while living in CA - I was able to see a Heisman Trophy in real life. Pete Dawkins was stationed at Ord while we were there and they opened their house one afternoon to Division staff families. He won his at West Point. One of the few ‘famous’ interactions I have had - although Ord was where we went to the last public/military appearance of General Omar Bradley. Due to rank - we would have never gotten close enough to actually meet him.

    Memories - pretty much all I got this year. I truly hate the politicians and Media.

    Can watch ten thousand car commercials to come and get your car before Christmas - but then listen to them diss even going out of your house - cuz - C O V I D.

    The next few weeks are gonna suck. If it ends up being Biden - we will not hear another word about covid. I bet. Or he will shut down the country completely (doubt that big time).

    Since two of the nurses who took care of my son at Galveston Shriners now go yearly to a complete follow up after being ‘volunteers’ for a weight loss pill testing and ended up with cardiac problems - I have a hard time to take a new medicine. Especially one for a virus that I’m not even 100% positive that it is what they say it is and does what they say it does.

    Oh well - I guess I should go and pretend to be among the living.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/13/2020  at  08:54 AM  

  60. Small hams? I saw a Smithfield or Hatfield honey ham in the grocery store for $9.99. Looked like it would feed 4 for one decent meal. I love ham, but it’s hard to find one of a reasonable size. And ham steaks somehow just aren’t the same thing.

    Personally, I don’t worry about the Covid. As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m on a solid dose of vitamins, and I take the ionophores cuercetin and ECGC every day. So my resistance is top notch. Some doctors in my area are handing out Ivermectin, which is the cure. Let me repeast that: IT IS THE CURE. But they can’t prescribe it, and they don’t even want to say “the I word” because of CDC/FDA/AMA pressure. Good news is, you only need one dose, maybe two. So swallow this pill in my office, and come back Thursday for a follow up. And people are cured. Maybe “Fau Chi” will lift the kaybosh on it once pedo-Joe is in office. This whole thing is the biggest con, scam, socialist takeover, great reset, whatever, pile of nonsense that ever ever was. Ivermectin does the job, along with zinc, doxycycline, and a bunch of D and C. “5000 fold reduction of viral load in 48 hours” (google that), and at any stage of the illness. But we’re not allowed to know that, or get it, here in USA. Because OrangeManBad.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/13/2020  at  10:02 PM  

  61. The son buys a ham at Aldi - pre-sliced and I bag it up at two slices each for him to eat. It lasts about 6 months. Their ham steak, which he bought first - was what got him interested. They had their Army sized hams at $1.89 a pound - which is why I went looking. Finally found a 3 pound chunk. I also got their Pain de chocolat (Chocolate bread, not what you think, it’s mini loaves with chocolate through it) - which now every one eats, they are that good and macrons. I actually bought a Macron cookbook but they are a lot of work. And you can’t freeze the batter to use later. To give you an idea of how little we eat at dinner - the Home Chef meals for 2 - works for all four of us. My big meal is usually lunch. I love Aldi for their meat prices. I can walk out with a weeks worth of meat for what I’d pay for one package at any other store - even Wal Mart. Even our local Wally world have better steaks (not from the butcher display) than on the meat shelves at Kroger. And no one can even cut a rolauden cut properly. And that’s sick in a so dominant German place like Cincinnati. Until 2003 - Ohio’s largest immigrant group was still German. And their command of German food - sucks. Nothing like Bavaria - just bought a Bavarian cookbook - it’s to Germany what Texas is to the US - a whole nother country. I was sad that this year Aldi had almost none of their usual German Holiday stuff. Oh well - I really shouldn’t be eating all of that anyway.

    I posted that article on the Ivermectin on FB - I’ve been posting a lot of articles on there lately - even family think I’m going over the edge - but if the Media isn’t going to print things until it’s too late to make a difference - where else are they going to be exposed to it? Besides I’ve always have been lacking in social graces!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/14/2020  at  11:22 AM  

  62. We got the snow overnight and this AM - not much but it’s here. Mostly we are cold - 17 at 6:30 AM when I was watching the news. Should melt tomorrow when the temps go back up to over 40.

    Interesting article on AmericanThinker - Trump’s end game. Made great points about why Trump did the lawsuits and how he KNEW that they weren’t going to fly (and why) and how he can still win.

    Also an interesting article on But Covid - that the Chinese - shut down and track via app the ‘peoples’ But Covid status. But the more interesting thing - they do NOT count positive tests in their But Covid numbers - they only use those who get symptoms (i.e.SICK). Imagine that.

    I realize after talking to a local yesterday when I was out - that I have a valid excuse to not take the But Covid vaccine. I am part of test for a medication right now and since I’m not at the two year point - I will demure for the sake of a viable result of this test. (I like that they are covering my annual CT scan ‘for my participation’). Not a rush of months to start putting this out to the public - but actual years for ensuring that there are no serious/fatal results (see gardasil).

    And so it goes.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/16/2020  at  11:20 AM  

  63. We got more snow as we were coming home from our errands - so much for 0% chance of precipitation.

    We finally found a Home Chef that - it’s not that we didn’t like it - it’s just that it had no taste. Even with a decent mushroom gravy. And too few potatoes even for 2 people. Oh well - the more we try, I guess it was to be expected.

    Kitty Binx learned this morning how to get the little pour spout open on the kibble container - a bit sad he couldn’t stick his head in. So now they are on the microwave - which really won’t work as they got up there for treats once already (now in plastic container too).

    I even wrapped some presents - son’s probably won’t get here before Christmas - but I don’t think he cares that much as to when things come. So far, it appears everything we sent got where it should go.

    I never thought I’d use Chewy but I hate wrestling that litter pail into a cart, then the car and then out again. And with so many kitties - those little things are gone with one fill up. Also here - it’s been hard to find kitten food - except at the pet stores. Which just adds another stop - so I order and get it sent to the house.

    I think online is killing more stores/business than intended. But isn’t that the political way - unintended consequences?

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/18/2020  at  06:26 AM  

  64. Just lurking these last few months all but still breathin. Wanted to wish all the Bmewsers a happy holiday before the storm of Stupid hits our fair nation come January. Vettes are all stored for the winter and one will be set of in Race trim over the winter for hopefully some track fun next summer. That’s all I got, Stay safe all.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/22/2020  at  05:33 PM  

  65. Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday wishes to everyone!

    I am stupid busy right now getting ready. Shopping almost done - only have to get some sausages a fancy cheese, cheesecake is done and cooling, honey crusted pecan pies tomorrow while I wrap everything, then old guy’s bowling league, then I’ll be making fancy fancy panda pee bread X Eve morning. Two days of driving, eating, drinking, driving, so by Saturday it will be time to sleep in.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/22/2020  at  10:15 PM  

  66. Merry Christmas to everyone still around here.

    A friend of mine (we went to high school together) asked what’s going on! I was going to email back - nothing - which is why you haven’t heard from us. The lie in the news is that her life has gone on just like normal - still working at her job, still visiting her brother and his wife and so on. I guess no one really pays attention in CA to what the god on high puts out. Of course it probably didn’t help that Ms Pelosi has made a mockery of it ever since the start.

    Nice to know (just before the old guy takes over) that there were/are false positives. Big Surprise. I expect But Covid to disappear on Jan 21st faster than they run Trump out of DC.

    My news of the week - I use my hubby’s exercise ball (they requested he get one during Physical therapy for his back) - as my computer chair. Other than those expensive gaming chairs, it’s been working well for my back at the computer. One of the demon spawn - gashed it with their claws. So I had to get a new one. Come spring - I’ll buy a patch kit and see if I can find the hole.

    We finally got rid of all the big items. They picked up the office chair yesterday morning. After the holidays I’ll call the Veterans group to come pick up the two or three bags we have sitting there in the garage. Oh and I’m down to the last set of magazines, too. Bit by bit, it’s working.

    And the most effort I’m going to on Friday will be to make a pan of rolls. Cookies are done, Not traveling anywhere. So it will be - the same old, same old for us.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/23/2020  at  07:39 AM  

  67. On Ford - wasn’t Ford’s infamous ‘Let ‘em Burn Memo’ over the hit-in-the-rear-watch-it explode Pinto? It’s what got the Fairs and the Nunnellys millions more than all the other victims of the Carrollton Bus Crash, when their lawyers went through all lawsuits against Ford and explosions in accidents, they found it buried in a ‘settled’ CA lawsuit. My oldest son was in an accident with a Ford Explorer. He and 3 friends drove to Atlanta for a Superbowl party (we were living in KY, so think back to the 90s) and were driving back to Ft Bragg when the driver fell asleep - the Explorer rolled when he tried to steer it back onto the highway. Bad call to get at 2AM - no one was really hurt though.

    Any way - I have been on since 5AM - I guess I should do something else on Christmas Eve.

    I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (again) and hope for a better New Year.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/24/2020  at  10:43 AM  

  68. I heard a doctor on the radio - that there are some 80,000 studies worldwide on But Covid and various medications/treatments - that the US faux chi is ignoring as is the Media. Makes it smell like a political stunt - yet again.

    Not a heck of a lot going on around here. As usual.

    I did find out yesterday at my now quarterly nephrology appts. that I will not have to do standard dialysis. There is one that can be done at home (not the blood being taken out and cleaned). Which I also learned is every other day for 4 hours. Yeah for me. But since I’ve been at this level since at least 2013, possibly even longer than that - it’s down the road. We shall see how this goes. He talks about the hypertension doing the damage - but I spent from birth to seven, turning blue at the drop of a hat due to a lack of oxygen - have to figure that wasn’t good for any of the organs.

    I’ve seen that commercial - a good one.

    Off for now - I’ve got to eat something today.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/29/2020  at  01:29 PM  

  69. Sorry about your bowling team. Mine was solely for socializing and encouraged and assisted the eating (our ally in Germany had the best spring rolls ever) - which offset the intention of using bowling for ‘exercise’. Just like our walking time - usually spent going from house to house - for drinks! However, shortly afterward, I left the first hubby and lost bucu pounds (down from a 10 to a 6) when I spent what money I had left after rent on food for the kids - cigs and cokes diet.

    We have a small bottle of champagne for tonight, I will set my alarm to wake me up (10ish is usually when I start awake and shut down the tv for good) to end this year once and for all.

    So, it seems from a couple of things I read - that the great election steal is unraveling. Much like everything else - always a bit late, but in the end it all comes out into the light. Seems like the progressive left should have learned their lessons by now, their ideas are failures no matter when and where they are tried. Always.

    I wish we could get a new car - but alas - not in the books for us right now. We could get a moderately decent used one - but that would drain our savings down the average in the US and I prefer to keep it high, It will help us get through, if the socialists actually take power.

    Read an interesting read from a woman who joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Senegal. She had little to say good about the people and the way of life over there. She actually admitted that it made her appreciate America even more. She also said America should not be importing these people - as they won’t change and will bring their corruption here. It read just like the book my neighbor gave me about what life in Nigeria is like. And Nigeria is the best educated of the African Nations. 

    And the Media and our government just shovels lies to us and more money down that rat hole again and again.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/31/2020  at  10:54 AM  

  70. Epoch Times has an article on the GA hearings - end point - 30,000 votes for Trump just dumped.

    I am beginning to think that this mess is finally unraveling.

    Fun times - getting my popcorn ready. I wish I could drive to DC for the 6th March.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/03/2021  at  11:01 AM  

  71. I wish I could go too. But I’ll be watching on TV, assuming the MSM even covers it. And if a revolution breaks out, gee whiz, it’ll be high time.

    Last I heard more than 140 GOP reps were saying that they’d stand up and object. But that’s just noise until it actually happens. Wednesday the 6th can’t come soon enough.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/03/2021  at  10:02 PM  

  72. Someone finally asked the question - straight without any obtuseness - on AmericanThinker - why all the death and NO discussion of treatments? Also they had an article on Trumps call to GA SOS and the audio and the transcript. Exactly how the fake Media should do it, if it was actually doing reporting of facts and news.

    I can’t get that floppy fish toy - I tried the mouse/feather shooting out of the hole thing - scared the crap out of the cat, so it went back to the store.

    We are still trying to find the perfect (and non life/health threatening) way to keep one cat off the counter. I got Jackson Galaxy’s book Cat Daddy - not what I expected (infers that his special cat from Hell, Benny is what made him what he is today - NOT, it’s a biography closer to (but no where near as sordid or bad) as Valerie Bertinelli’s homage to being a true rock-and-roll groupie -while portraying herself as America’s teenager).

    It just reminds me to never get a book written by a leftist. I couldn’t tell you the person, some famous woman - maybe hollyweird or dc, but she opened her ‘story’ with the family sitting at the dinner table being lectured on the failures of republicans and the evils of capitalism. I knew my parents were republicans - but they never railed on the failures of the dems or even much about the good of the gop. We were encouraged to learn to read and spell words at the dinner table - so that we could improve at school. Not be hounded with political mantras. Also - while we went to church every Sunday - other than my Mom - who used the Bible as a weapon of guilt - we weren’t hammered about being devout or praying at home. Although I never did hear a cuss word at all while while young from either of them. Sad to say - one of the last words my devout Mother said was bullsh*t (about family members loving her, she always thought everyone was out for money from her).  I’ve always said - if it wasn’t for her Pro-life stance - my Mom was the perfect leftist. I’ve always felt she did something, she considered unforgivable - which I believe is at the root of some leftists - self-hatred, the rest I feel just either want to get back at everyone who ever laughed/hassled them or are just evil/criminal - wanting to get as much as the can from everyone else.

    I really need to get my day going, oh bother.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/05/2021  at  07:58 AM  

  73. So sorry about your friend - getting old sucks.

    I’ve seen the pictures of the debacle yesterday - I’d bet money that none of those ‘storming’ the Capital were Trump supporters. The guy with the horns - has shown up at very specific times. A friend looked up his page - he is Q-Anon and claims to be a Trump supporter. But given his public persona and chosen times to appear - he is classic case of psychological need for attention - i.e. mentally ill. Too bad that the dems ruined our mental health system. First - a lot of them would not be in power and secondly many of the tragic events/murders/attacks of the past few years would never have happened.

    Victor David Hanson wrote a piece on the hypocrisy of the Dems since Nov. While it took all the lies and crap thrown at Trump and rephrased it as now no longer correct or right or a good thing to do - it does show how corrupt the dems and Media are.

    Meanwhile Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn took apart the hypocrisy of the Media/Dems on the rioting in DC (still do not believe that they were Trump supporters) - and the destruction that went on in so many places in ‘mostly peaceful protests’ of last year.

    For some reason our bank statement was late - yes, I’m a dinosaur and do the paper version and rarely actually open my online account (usually to transfer money to an fro with all of the adult children). Anyway between that and my Money program being on the wrong thing (i.e. nothing showing but claiming that ‘that check number has already been used) I finally got the entire thing done. Now I have to do some creative math to fix the problem created by past failures of clearing of failures to even out all the numbers. I keep meaning to do it (about 400 to 500 hundred off) - lots of stupid little things that should have been cleared but somehow never got checked off. I’m not that lazy - I think it’s a failure of the program. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Started when we had two accounts. I hate book keeping - and got lazy as all the money flowed in from dead relatives. Usually I clear it up right away. Now it’s been a couple of years. I got asked to be an accountant and also an IRS tax preparer because I am so rabid about numbers and keeping all straight. Couldn’t do it as a job - I’d become suicidal quickly.

    Someone in Congress posted a thing (looks like a legal paper) on the malfeasance in PA prior to and during the election. Wish it had been done when there was time to actually have it help the Trump lawyers/accusations.

    And so it goes. Kind of agree - Goodbye America.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/07/2021  at  10:23 AM  

  74. You know - IF the tag Q Anon fits for her - then just more proof that she was an extremist, not a ‘Trump supporter’. It would be like someone in the Klan showing up at a Democrat March and the Media putting them forth as a ‘Biden supporter’ (Not that, that would ever happen in our Fake Media). There are extremist groups in everything that you can think of - you know the fringe people. Most of them are intentionally seeking to be ‘the poster child’ - their 15 minutes of fame. Also she was was climbing into the window of the Capital hallway (no, the video was disturbing, barely had time to know what happened) - lots of controversy on which cop actually shot her. I believe that the Capital police (who is the current accused) have the right to shoot someone breaching a secure and private Capital space. The other thing I question - is would someone explain exactly why someone leaves the Military (especially the Air Farce) at 14 years? 6 more measly years and you get medical insurance and a retirement until death. And the Air Farce - come on they are not the toughest job in the Armed Forces, by far. Seems like an outlier in many, many ways - and look at the video and pics - those are NOT the usual Trump supporters who go to the rallies and marches. Young Men with backpacks. Not what I see in all those pictures since 2015 of Trump supporters. At.All.

    And the problem with lying and distorting things - it all unravels, in the end. Much like Clinton’s infamous - I did not have sex with that woman. When crimes are committed someone of honest stature and morals - always comes up with the proof. And these people are not part of the Hillary cabal - they won’t be protected by a sudden suicide or accidental death.

    I was re-reading your car buying note - was waiting for a pizza and they had one of those free car news thingys. There was an actual ad for a ‘rare’ manual transmission car. Miles were too high and it was too far up north to even consider. The last one I drove was our little Firenza - that thing did great on the autobahn. Finally just died at about 130K miles. I guess those 3 years were too hard on it. I also loved my friends MG that her hubby bought her in England and had it shipped to Germany ($6000. - we should be so lucky these days) - both a hard and soft top too. I use to tool around Lawton, OK at 50 miles an hour in that little car. Never got a ticket either.

    I’d worry about the dem nonsense except it is Rep Hank-Guam will tip over, if we send 3000 Marines - Johnson putting forth using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, Ms OC who is putting forth a new impeachment nonsense (the call to GA SOS) and done nothing for 47 years Biden talking up reparations. Even with an amount of control of both Houses and the WH - these people aren’t as dangerous as they sound.

    BTW - President Trump is about to award the Medal of Honor to SFC Alwyn Cashe - since it has already gone through all the process and landed on his desk recently. The ‘racist’ President is going to award a black man a MOH in probably the fastest ever process for a black Armed Forces person in US history. Won’t that be a hoot.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/08/2021  at  09:44 AM  

  75. I couldn’t get your personal thoughts link to work.

    Hot Air - is getting to be like the Fake Media - parse things to present them the way they want it to appear. And a lot of it - is simply not connected in any way to even match the headline or the so-called pundit’s point.

    When the ACLU stands up and says - hey maybe you should re-think this censoring nonsense - you know that THE line has been crossed.

    Just tired of it - so Trump and people are moving to parler. So remove parler. Since the Capital (Trump endorsed and encouraged attack lie) - his approval has increased with conservatives. We all realize the lies, distortions but also the almost complete corruption of the Federal Government. Tired of it and tired of watching nothing being done to fix any of the real problems in America at another trillion or twenty every single year. Not even a legitimate Federal Budget for years - another lie.

    Stop with the Standing Up, stop with Us vs Them and stop with claims of a coming Civil War.

    This can end with two simple people, grass roots and state lead Constitutional Amendments
    1) ALL public offices have a two term limit. Good enough for the President - good enough for anyone elected by the people - no matter how inconsequential or lowly.
    2) A repeal of the 16th Amendment - NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX. Return everything other than Defense - to the States - who then send money to DC for things such as infrastructure, defense and intra-state highways etc. Social issues and handouts are NOT FEDERAL ISSUES nor should be paid for by the tax payers unless they want to do LOCALLY.

    You think that illegals are going to stay here, if there isn’t a chance of chain migration or social handouts?  You think we are going to hear of 82 different genders if there weren’t Reps & Senators putting in fluff ‘legislation’ to fund their lives and force others to speak kindly of them or not at all?

    Cut ‘em off at the check book - it’s the only thing that will make them understand that We The People mean business to get them the HELL out of our LIVES.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/10/2021  at  09:58 AM  

  76. Which one is my personal thoughts link?

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/12/2021  at  09:58 PM  

  77. Jan 10 - you opened with - no longer safe - since it was bold, I misinterpreted that it was a link, I guess.

    Go to popvox dot com - the new faux impeachment bill is H.R. 24 - even at popvox - it is ‘trending’ oppose, not support.

    Speaking of popvox. I got an email that I was being suspended due to ‘using spam’(i.e. ‘violating’ the terms of service) by copying a message and using it in ‘multiple’ times (it was either two or three, oh my) - I’m not even sure what bills it was. What annoyed me was, that I have done that dozens of times over the years. Also criticized for asking for the text of the bill (or hey, even a real link) and the questionable nature of the phrase ‘for other purposes’ - which now appears at the end in 99.9% of the bills. So I send a non-apology apology but finished with - how can we make informed decisions on support or opposition - if there is no text of the bills for us to see what is actually in the legislation? I got an email the next day - thanking me for the my response and re-instating me. It also went on about agreeing about the lack of text - but that is all they get (basically, just the title) with that little tag line at the end. Imagine my surprise, when I get to the bottom of the email and it’s from the CEO and Co-Founder of Popvox. I wonder, if some lacky stepped over the line. And it amazed me that the CEO of the company would read my email.

    Deactivated my twitter (although you wouldn’t know it, guess I will put all the ‘alerts’ into spam to help end it). Talking about facebook too - but it’s how I keep in touch with family and Army friends. Oh well - we shall see.

    The 25th went down in flames - I suspect that this peachment will be stoked for a few more days for headlines. The crazies in Congress don’t realize - first - you can’t impeach a former President (7 days, weekend included) and second - all anyone defending Trump has to do is 1) produce the original tweet and 2) start bringing up the affidavits and witness statements of the Election fraud. That will shut it down quickly.

    Ted Nugent stood up and wrote Biden a letter that without a bunch of obscenities that basically said - I remember the past 4 years - I will not unite with all of you ever.

    Oh well - off for a dental appt in a while.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/13/2021  at  08:57 AM  

  78. Congrats on the bowling - I’d like to consistently score over 100, but with my shoulder - I doubt I’ll be bowling ever again.

    On McConnell - totally a turtle move - act like your ‘protecting’ the President, but really just CYA so that you might get elected again. KY is interesting to watch - Lexington and Louisville tend to elect the Gov - but the rest of the state is what is keeping McConnell in. It’s all red. Guns, booze, tobacco and gambling on the ponies is what set KY up - they really aren’t about to mess that up.

    This was just show for the interim, although I do believe that the dems want to ensure that Trump can’t run again in 2024. Too bad, so sad (although who in their right mind wants 4 non-stop years of this crap again?) I don’t think he will - especially in when in his hour(s) of need the GOP and Pence did not Stand Up and back him. I’m amazed that he got as much done as he did.

    Speaking of Biden^ - there is a video of the Obama speech in Belgium (listed as a UN speech) - the two takeaways - 1) the International Order we have worked generations to build and 2) the average man and woman are too small minded to govern their own affairs. Look at the people Biden appointed - they are are Obama people. This will be Obama’s 3rd term - and don’t forget - 5 days before he was elected (and Biden uttered these words too just before his election) - join with me to fundamentally transform America.

    This is going to get ugly. However, these people do believe that they are the smartest people in the room, that We The People are too dumb to function without them and that we are all the dregs of humanity. Problem is - two groups own the guns - the criminal (the left’s army) element and the solid patriotic American (including most Veterans). The Left never fight - unless they can stack the deck against their opponent. We fight when we see our Rights and way of life being threatened. It’s what War, governing by the Rule of Law, Laws themselves, Education (not indoctrination - notice how some of the fringe crazies on their side are already calling for indoctrination camps!?!), and Free Speech is about. Tolerance means allowing people to live as they please - as long as they don’t infringe on others, inclusion means all thoughts and ideas can be heard. Freedom means we don’t bow down to anyone or take orders from them.

    Which is exactly what these people are demanding - follow us, fall in line, behave, believe and we’ll let you be.

    Glenn Beck had an interesting conversation yesterday. He went on Tucker Carlson the night before and called this Twitter/etc silencing - a digital ghetto. Oh my the response from the left (even Jewish groups) went to condemning him for equating the removal with the Holocaust. So Glenn had a Jewish historian on the who said ghetto was derived from Italian Jews from the word gett which is a Jewish divorce and means to set aside. Originally it was used as a phrase - genetic ghetto - setting aside from jobs, housing etc of a group of people based upon their genetics. So this use of the digital ghetto in reference to the deletion of Trump - is a correct use. Also both of them wanted to let people know - what worries them - is that this is the first step. If we don’t Stand Up and say No - it can lead step by step to another Holocaust type situation.

    I dislike the Left - if they say or do it - they are just being a good citizen. If anyone that they disagree with say or do it - it’s dangerous, a dog-whistle or must be silenced.

    I hope more people Stand Up and stop this nonsense. Before it’s too late.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/14/2021  at  09:53 AM  

  79. Much like But Covid - I’m not at all sure what exactly happened in DC at the Capital. Too many people/news haven’t/aren’t telling the truth, it’s hard to clear through the crap to find the truth. Rush had some interesting remarks on that CNN ‘accidentally’ told the truth - that Trump did not incite the Capital incident - because those people left his speech (to retrieve their weapons) while he was still speaking. Interesting that a leftest Media person would tell the truth.

    I’m just tired of it all.

    Lies upon lies and corruption and insults and silencing. It all just leads me to believe that this entire year was meant to divert and prevent Trump from being elected again.

    The Ohio Dept of Aging sent me a pack of masks - same mail some local politico sent me a flier on In this together and do your part crap. This late in the game!?! I have to ask - are they intending to make this nonsense National and Mandatory? Power and Control is all the dems desire and this would turn America into a 2nd World Nation - a long with the increase in illegals and foreigners - then it’s a step to 3rd World status and then they are just a hop and a jump from the International Order that Obama et al are ‘building’.

    People should be scared - even more scared than the power mad Dems are of Trump.

    Up too early and now I just want to vegge out for the day.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/16/2021  at  08:00 AM  

  80. Another day and up again way too early (6AM would be sleeping in for me) by 8:30 today everything done except the vacuuming. Mainly because we are on month four of waiting for a vac part for the new lighter one - so the old heavy one was brought up from the basement. Heavy and noisy - just what 4 adults shut in since forever need every now and then - not to mention the 3 cats. 

    We are in the midst of trying a motion-sensitive shot of air spray can to keep Binx off the counters. He is particularly sensitive and responsive to the water spray bottles but it doesn’t work for the counter. Mixed reviews right now - seems we people get shot more than him.

    Some good articles - as I said - that was what the conversation Beck had the other day - this digital ghetto and silencing - can be the first step to the end result Holocaust - if we don’t fight back.

    Gates - never forget he dropped out of college. Ever notice how many people who dropped out of high school or college that the Left holds up as ‘those who we should listen to and admire?’ I admire hard work, people who use their brains - not people who ‘get theirs’ (and no mention of exactly HOW they ‘got’ theirs). I dropped out - but because I’m a conservative - I’m meaningless.

    Aaron Rodgers slammed the politicos hypocrisy on But Covid response/behaviors - more than that he gave $500,000 of his own money to The Barstool Fund which is giving money to help keep small businesses open. It was a good article on Townhall. Whenever has any politician ever given his/her own money (or touted a private organization that actually is helping people)? Ever. Oh, yeah, the current President - hated Trump - has donated financial assistance to the great and small for years.

    Just another reason to hate him. And make sure no one knows the truth.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/17/2021  at  09:58 AM  

  81. So now the NG troops in DC are going to be vetted, due to some imaginary ‘threat’ and of course the NG is mostly white.

    Why are the leftists - who ‘claim’ to have won by the largest vote ever - not celebrating?  Why are the leftists - who now control (essentially) all 3 branches in DC - most of the judiciary and have a pretty good hold on the SC - not celebrating?
    And finally, the essential question since forever -
    Why are the leftists never, ever happy?

    I can answer the last one - just from dealing with the few family members I know. They are filled with anger and resentment and their lives are all about blaming others and getting revenge.

    And now they control everything and want to destroy us - for nothing that we did to them. Ever.

    Angry people, people seeking revenge are not Christians and they are not conservatives and they are not patriots. When self comes first - all the bad and evil of the World/Humanity are unleashed.

    29 years as an Army wife - the most feared person in uniform is the one who wants to murder, kill, torture. They are the ones who lead or by their cowardice - endanger their fellow soldiers lives.

    We are seeing what 70 years of politicizing every aspect of human life, results in. While at the same time wasting billions of dollars and accomplishing nothing of value to the average person.

    I still do not understand why more Americans aren’t storming DC - not less. Nor why so many illegals want to come here. When the system collapses - there won’t be anyone to protect them or provide for them. You think that the Southerns - worried about their slaves and their welfare when the war came to them? It’s always been every man for themselves.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/18/2021  at  12:51 PM  

  82. The Things Are Getting Ugly dial is now turned up to 11. It only goes to 12 and after that the machine catches on fire.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/19/2021  at  10:33 AM  

  83. Just read a thing on the ‘birther’ crap - in the context of - the way the dems acted, proved to me it was all crap. I’ve been reading/watching politics since way back when I was living in CA and several people I knew there woke me up to actually paying attention to politics (sad that CA changed so much for the worse since then). Clinton’s operative did not come out swinging with Obama was born in Kenya - that came later as either photoshopped nonsense or actual original documents came to light. The original concept is simple - 1) Obama’s stated father was not an American citizen and the British law at the time was no matter where in the World a baby was born - if the parent was a British citizen, the baby was automatically British. 2) No matter how you do the math or infer on Ms Dunham - she was not of legal age to confer legal citizenship upon her son at his birth and 3) the fake ‘birthright citizenship law’ was not found until 1982 - which negates both Obama and Harris’ right to be President or Vice President. No matter where in the US each of them were born. But yes, if Obama was born in Kenya - it would make it a whole lot easier - as he would have been automatically a British citizen. But like his school records and even his ‘autobiographies’ there is no real paper trail to prove or disprove much of anything about his life and origins. Ms Harris is a whole nother deal - both of her parents were citizens of other Nations when she was born. She is not a Natural Born American. Thus Constitutionally ineligible to be where she is.

    Apparently - not enough people care that the democrat party was destroying the Constitution from within. So emboldened - they simply started destroying the Federal Election system from within.

    However, having said all that - 545 people are not the end of America (especially since there are still a few moral people there with brains and a love of the Constitutional Republic), 5 -10 states are not the end of America.

    We faced the biggest Empire at the time - to earn our freedom. We faced two World Wars to ensure many Nations had similar - or at least a chance - at freedom.

    And 4 years of Trump proved that even with opposition party underhanded crap, no support from his own party and 95% negative ‘news’ reporting - he did accomplish much of what he set out to do. Thus proving to those of us who know the truth - that DC can fix the problems - if they just work for Americans and the country. That will keep the fire lit a lot longer than the dems can even imagine. And once the economy collapses or B/H institute Federal But Covid mandates - a percentage of the left just might wake up to reality and say no mas.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/21/2021  at  08:22 AM  

  84. No mas, no masks? BTW, Financial Times now on board the Ivermectin bandwagon. For the longest time I found all the latest Covid news, drug research especially, at the financial sites. Because money.

    Oh, and Oxford University, the world’s biggest Big Gun medical research institute, is gearing up an Ivermectin traial. Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, large scale. Because all the other 75 trials and studies came from countries full of darkies (of varying shades and hair textures), and one of the few places that actually has systemic racism and white supremacy built in is the medical research community.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/24/2021  at  12:03 PM  

  85. I knew that But Covid was going to change under Biden - it was a given as I always felt the hype was meant to destroy Trump. 88 to 93% of people are good to go - and they shut down and continue that bs for almost a full year? At least now - I’ve got viable numbers to say - bite me to the vaccine. Once again - simply to destroy Trump.

    The GOP just prove again and again for the past 4 years - that they are as corrupt as the democrats. Can’t even give a crap about the future of the party over you don’t like the guy. What a bunch of crap weasels. All of them.

    Not much else going on - have to get new glasses - one of the arms is falling off. Just like everything else - no one answers the phone to give me hours and or if they are even working. Sucks to be me.

    Cold as heck here - will be close to 50 in a couple of days - back down to the 30s and then - yep back up to near 50. I already don’t feel well.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/25/2021  at  10:40 AM  

  86. Well the weather people proved again that it is one lesser (politics being the #1) occupations that you can do nothing right and continue to be paid the big bucks. Freezing our butts off. It may break 30 this afternoon (predicted to be 40, close to 50, oops). Traffic yesterday sucked bad, ice every where and oh, look the person who wanted to by-pass Losantiville and Cincinnati to call it Seven Hills - should have been listened to. We tried everything to see if the clinic was open - so we set out. First time in forever that we saw the majority of the people driving the speed limit. Only problem - the one over pass we had to do (made harder by having to hit it by coming uphill) and a semi- at a light who couldn’t get going (spinning all them wheels) - so we had to go around him.

    The doctor said if they ever close - they would call us. She thinks I might have inhaled that nasty med the nephrologist sent me that knocked me on my butt. So bad that even yesterday (6 days after ending it) I set off the buzzer during my 6 minute walk (fell to 83% saturation). So now I have to go back next week to do it again, another sleep study (I think due to the 3 nights on the med when I woke up gasping for air), had blood drawn and a chest x-ray (to rule out pneumonia) and a slew of new appointments stretching to June. Oh my.

    Don’t even want to go out shopping this AM. 7 days or less to get my new glasses. Finally.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/29/2021  at  08:38 AM  

  87. Not pneumonia - not inhaled medication. Who knows. I did not realize the reason I’m going back in this week for another walk - is because I’ve never desaturated before.

    We are snowed too - once on Sat and even though it was supposed to be rain - again last night. Happy we don’t have a life to need to go any where. I don’t think we got more than an inch or two either time.

    I can’t post this to FB as my older daughter has no humor about her dad, but I just donated to the San Antonio Zoo to have a Rat named after my Ex fed to a snake on Valentines Day. My lawyer asked me, after my soon-to-be ex was deposed - Why did you marry that jerk, that’s how charming he was/is. Had I known all that I know now - I’d be rich (we had 6 accounts when I left him - only got my inheritance back )not even one full account) from exposing all his dirty deeds. Also hated that no one in the Army told me - that if I waited 6 more months I’d been eligible to half his pension. In the end - it was almost a waste of my life, except for the older two kids.

    Been youtubing all my old and obscure music from my youth. I have two vhs of songs from MTV and VH1 before they went stupid. I enjoy the videos as much as the music.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/01/2021  at  12:27 PM  

  88. Yes we too are puddles of complaining pain after shoveling - best thing about But Covid for us - we don’t go anywhere, now that the daughter is working from home. Sad - but it works for us.

    Finally hunted down and got rid of all the years of magazine (most were for grand kid’s school fund raisers) gone. Hoping to find a way to get rid of some of the not exactly junk (i.e. like to make a few bucks from) stuff to continue to clear out. Daughter and I talked yesterday about ‘the boxes’ (my Moms stuff) in the garage. The problem is that she didn’t pack it - as financial, pictures, important papers etc - she thought everyone (family included) was out to get her, slam her in a third world old folks home and run away with prized family possessions and her money. So all the truly important papers, pics - were salted into boxes full of crap. One of the last ones I went through - I found the intact file of my Dad’s Navy career - important - as even the Navy Records people could only find his DD214 and a paper on his awards. So I now know when he went into the Navy Reserves and when he retired from that.

    I’m rabid about it - because in the beginning I found a newspaper article on Princess Grace coming to Cincinnati. I thought - oh just my Mom being impressed by a celebrity of the time. A few boxes later, I came across a letter my Dad wrote to my oldest sister - I’ve arranged a meeting for you with Princess Grace. The connection. Sadly my Dad only wrote Dec 1st on the letter and I’ve yet (the paper went out of business decades ago) to be able to find the article again. Another was sorting out a box of old letters into keep and throw - I had put one from a woman I know was an old friend of hers on the throw pile (they are both dead) - but for some reason I picked it up to look at. She had been cleaning out her parents house and found ‘this’ and thought my Mom should have it. It was a letter from my Mom’s Mom to her parents on the death of my Uncle in a WWII plane crash. I’d only heard my Mom’s version - as her Mom died 3 years after my Uncle was killed. My oldest cousin now has the original - as my Uncle was still alive so I sent it to them. Those are the family gems, I am trying to sort out of all of the crap. Never knew my other Uncle went to the same college (on an acting event) that my daughter ended up going to. Simple things that have connected the family again and again over the decades.

    Someone criticized me once for mentioning the people my Dad knew. The big one - locally - was that he was Doris Day’s doctor when she came to Cincinnati. It was no big deal - the family (Dad, his brother, his Dad and his Uncle - were all doctors here) and Doris grew up here - basically the Doctor Family Fischbach took care of the Kappelhof family - all good Germans and pretty much the way it was back then. Not a big deal to all of us. Dad was also the Doctor for the big hotel and the local FBI office. It was just how we grew up - never knew until later - how some people think it is me showing off. Considering how I’m the only one who never finished college (I ran out of money) - I’m the black sheep of the family. Told my hubby the other day - I grew up among the elites of the time - and I found most of them less than charming - especially their children who lorded over everyone else - entitled to the max - over simply having money. Shallow and really boring - as the ‘look at me, I’m talking’ crap got old real fast.

    Off to do another walk and see where this ‘not feeling well’ is going to lead me this year. Already had to schedule an appointment with my primary doc. It’s getting old fast.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/03/2021  at  08:43 AM  

  89. great article on AmericanThinker -

    Take away for me (even though I really think at least 70% of But Covid was mis-reported, distorted and/or used as a political hatchet against Trump) is ‘First, all three vaccine candidates—from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna—are still experimental and investigational. Pfizer, in its own executive summary to the FDA on December 10, 2020 calls it “ investigational Covid-19 vaccine.” -

    Enough for me to say - pass until there is more study and PROOF of it’s safety and results against But Covid.

    Also another good two articles on Trump being able to use the Senate faux ‘trial’ to expose the Election Fraud. Both pointed out that in just 3 states Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin - were true Election Fraud as the actions were pushed through by Election ‘officials’ (dates for mail-in being accepted, not certifying signatures and of course middle of the night recounts - for starters - invalidate the Elections results because Elections are Federal issues and the laws for them - must be passed by State Legislatures - not Election ‘Officials’. Those 3 states alone - win the Election for Trump.

    This could get interesting. Even better than the Stupor Bowl.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/03/2021  at  09:32 AM  

  90. Aspiration it is, after the latest pulmonary visit. Feeling good - although I still take too long to get back to normal breathing after any/all exertion. Sleep test tonight. Rinse/repeat and thus is my life now.

    Good article on AmericanThinker -a brief history of vaccine screwups.
    What’s a little death or spreading of a disease in the course of ‘protecting’ people? But, hey the blacks are fools for not forgetting Tuskegee? Right? All fits perfectly with - if not for double standards the left wouldn’t have any standards at all.

    Create the problem and then tax (which AT has an article on Mark Robinson who parlaid a citizen statement to the City Council on gun rights into a LT Gov position) and then blame the law abiding, employed citizens for the acts of the criminals and accomplish nothing with all the added taxation.

    Also - Just learned that Charles Curtis was the 1st Vice President of Color. 31st VP. March 4, 1929 – March 4, 1933. He was a member of the Kaw Nation.

    Just like Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for President on a National Ticket - just because the political party doesn’t exist now - does not diminish the achievement.
    Destroy/Ignore our history - just makes it easier to destroy America as founded.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/04/2021  at  10:33 AM  

  91. I’m over But Covid too. Funny Not, (feeds directly into my ‘But Covid reporting/fear mongering was all to destroy Orange Man Bad) that all of sudden all these studies and nod to treatments (been in existence for years/being studied) come to light. I saw a overview of an article (can’t remember where) - that there are zero flu cases being reported. The question asked - is it real or has the masking of But Covid - stopped it in it’s tracks?

    You are getting snow - we are facing even worse temperatures than we have been having. Dropping down from the 20s/30s to single digits to highs in the teens. Not sure what is worse - snow or freezing to death. Either way - yuck. You should have seen the ice around our cars - even the ground as the snow started melting and then froze overnight.

    We are using our final food gift card for the eats during the Stupor Bowl.

    I’ve had one But Covid test - some guy had 5 and just died. It’s like the vaccine - those who don’t really need to get it are getting it and those who need it - really aren’t. Just more politics gone wild.

    Oh - Epoch Times is reporting that the Supreme Court is going to hear all the cases on election fraud (WI, GA, PA & MI). Interesting - let’s hope that they deal with this mess in a truly Constitutional way.

    Ideas for the blog - my life is descending into medical hell. So I’m no help. I have an appointment with my primary doctor on Friday which will lead to surgery. I put it off (until Jan. everything was working well) and now I have to deal with it. 20 years since the last surgery - which was laproscopically done - so no stitches and long healing. And with all my current problems - should not be a fun time.

    However, on the blog - maybe we should research if and how - is it possible to work on bringing American citizens back together. I mean - the divisions are based upon different opinions - and that is so ridiculous and meaningless to deal with. Like children having a tantrum to get their way. Self-indulgence and self-absorption. Is there a path to fix this? Is it even worth trying? I always thought that most Americans were actually in the center - like me - conservative on some issues and a little more open on other issues.

    BTW - UVA is where my second oldest grandson got a full ride. Studying robotics or engineering or (knowing him) both.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/07/2021  at  09:57 AM  

  92. H.R. 1 - Nancy et al - attempting to overthrow all existing Election laws and making it easy to scream voter intimidation and having all of the votes in the state nullified. The dems are attempting a communist one party system that must be stopped now. Not that I see many/any repubs standing up and fighting back.

    We got snow - our 2 to 4 inches is 9. So now I wonder if those teens and below temps heading our way - will be even worse than ‘predicted’.

    Finally balanced our checking account - still have money. Good thing. Doing the son’s - it is way over his ‘approved’ limit - so I took his card to work on draining it. Maybe in a day or two now to start. Now that we have the dictatorial dems in power and he qualifies as a white supremacist - they will hound him as they did the entire 8 years of Obama. He doesn’t need it. Yeah he does, if we die - he will need full time care - that tends to cost the big bucks. A fall or other serious injury - we are going to need to install assistance - as I can no longer handle a 6 foot man in movement. And I doubt even my husband can. 19 years ago - I discovered people with hand damage are the worst on the amputation/disabled condition. It makes you helpless to do for and protect yourself. Stupid people who try to control and manage those who are disabled and their caregivers. Meanwhile the fraud and crap ‘conditions’ I see in some people makes me disgusted.

    Got an oximeter, now attempting to find out some kind of do able schedule for testing. And, as usual, my phone is being a butt about a new app.

    So it goes.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/09/2021  at  09:47 AM  

  93. Do the oximeter several times a day, starting with before you get out of bed in the morning. Pretty soon you’ll be able to know your levels throughout the day. They do vary. I use mine at least 3 times a day. It often takes a minute to get a stable reading, after bouncing a few times. For me, 94 is typical, but I’m often at 98 after waking, after a night of BiPap and O2 concentrator. I can feel it when my levels drop to 88-89, and will go mask up for a half hour or so if I’m at home.

    Can we bring Americans together? I want to think so, but this “snowplow” story going around makes me doubt it. That woman is evil as well as messed up in the head. And she’s a typical Leftist, hateful, self-righteous, and ugly. Probably used to own 20 cats but they all ran away she sucks so much.

    There is no middle ground. Middle of the road normal Americans, slightly conservative but generally open minded, stayed where they were, made the best of life, while the Left moved further and further and further left and ramped up hatred white hot. They’re now far over the horizon, probably suffering hernias from moving the goalposts so often. I will not move to meet them in the middle, which would be even further left. We’ve done that several times already and they just go further left and then pitch another tantrum.

    As a nation we’ve gone far beyond way too far; it’s time to get back to a real center. Sadly, even a old school Dem like JFK is a right wing extremist cis-centric misogynist pig white supremacist neo-nazi arch-conservative racist homophobe in their eyes. In my heart, Reagan was a centrist. “Never the twain shall meet”.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/09/2021  at  11:02 PM  

  94. Computer screwing up - so before it craps out for the day - yeah on the leftists - it’s why I won’t contact my nephew, even though I still want my sister buried with her family. And I didn’t do anything wrong except express my opinion on a long dead topic. Bite me, nephew.

    I mean her sons are on opposite coasts, rarely communicate with each other, much less any of us that are left of the family. One is educated (the hateful one) and working at a self employed position since he made a lot of money and semi-retired after marrying late and having small children in his 50s. The other has gad about his entire life, a 20+ year ‘college experience’ (not that I ever was informed of him graduating - my Mom funding at least 90% of it - while ignoring her own children and other grandchildren - only willing on a 100% payback schedule before handing out any money at all). I know he changes jobs often, failed at his marriage (so much so - his ex fled the state) and blames everyone for all his problems - but then so does his brother. Yes, their Mom was an alcoholic - but neither seems to get the fact that my Mom’s entire family has some form of alcoholic behavior. We (her 5 kids) had some worrisome time with the devil water. It is the self absorbed - me generation on steroids. Worse - they are attempting to destroy other people simply for not believing in the same crap that they embrace.

    Snow - we finally cleared it up (two shovel sessions in one day) it dumped another 1 to 2 inches. Now our temps are plummeting and we are supposed to get 6 more inches next week.

    I just hope we don’t freeze to death.

    Thanks for the oximeter schedule - I’m having a hard enough time to test my blood glucose levels, every other day. I’m not as much a non-compliance patient as my Mom was - but I don’t like these invasions of my time and effort. I will see what I can manage - I’m guessing as I get used to it - I will get it done.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/11/2021  at  12:20 PM  

  95. Snow? i’d take it over the near 1/2 inch of ICE that hubs had to scrape off of the car before going into work today. Still working, taking a Javascript class (trying to career change out of this warehouse BS) and just trying to stay healthy and (somewhat) sane.

    Posted by Severa    United States   02/11/2021  at  04:34 PM  

  96. Our problem is that we have a thin layer of ice under all the snow. And then the snow melts a bit. It ices and then it snows again. We are on the third clean the drive/cars in a week - with another 6 inches due in a few days. Rinse, repeat

    Drew - we have had so many birds come to eat the dry cat food (and making a mess while doing it) that we quit putting it out - especially since the cat that comes (I’m beginning to think we feed the male cats that have homes but wander the neighborhood during the day) doesn’t eat dry food. Still it’s out there along with the unused kitty house. And we can’t leave it overnight or the raccoons come and eat (which is also why I can’t put it in the backyard).

    So this AM (it’s o dark thirty) - I didn’t get to the oximeter before getting out of bed - hard to do when a cat is walking all over you, crying for you to get the heck out of bed.

    Maybe tomorrow.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/12/2021  at  05:50 AM  

  97. Yesterday was a mostly win day - doctor kind of blase about my newest medical procedure - which will most likely lead to some kind of surgery. Much better response than berating me for ignoring it. Also he asked my hubby to simply send him questions about Covid and the vaccine. That is why I like him - medically school trained but with a real world brain.

    While we were in there - the optical shop called - so I have new glasses that fit without having to be stapled to my face.

    We overloaded our shopping as the 6 inches of snow - has now increased to at least 8 and oh by the way - look at the temps in Great Falls MT - minus 57. And that crap is headed our way too.

    Fun times. Off to do the last couple of items we couldn’t get yesterday and fill up the car before winter Armageddon hits.

    I will email you a picture - my tongue in cheek to the the But Covid vaccine.

    Everyone here stay safe and stay as warm as possible in this mess.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/13/2021  at  09:01 AM  

  98. While we didn’t get the 8 to 10 inches of snow - I still cancelled my next appt (would have been today, now in March) because neither of us wanted to go out and shovel snow again. Thankfully our neighbor got his snow blower out and did our sidewalk and up along the side of the van.

    Mostly getting bored with being shut in and shut down. I liked the article about people who have had Covid don’t need to get the covid vaccine. Even our doctor admits that mostly is about keeping the vulnerable ‘safer’ - not protecting you. . . Umm, then why take it - if you are healthy? I understand medical people - as they encounter all kinds of people and risk being exposed - thus exposing others. But hermits like us. I’ll just keep wearing my mask and not become some sort of experiment for the OneGlobalWorld control freaks.

    Total aside - watch Karneval in Koln 2021 - really weird. One of my daughter’s co-workers lived there and talked about Karneval - so she viewed it. Just a little too weird for me. But then Bavaria - where we were both times is very different from most of Northern Germany - just like the Black Forest - is different too. Kind of love it that 1) Germany and it’s gone green wokeness is hurting them big time this winter and 2) They are considering a Dexit - as they have been the strongest economy and now are really not liking being forced into taking in thousands to millions of professional moochers. Gonna hurt the OneGlobalWorld crowd with this one too.

    75+ years later the families (even the 13 survivors are all dead) - got the news that the Navy has declared the PE56 a casualty of war - not an accident, when divers found the boilers intact. It was a good 3 part docu on CBS all access.

    At least this (relatively) early in the day - the laundry is all done. My pulmonary doc said once a day on the oximeter. However, within a day, she did notice a lot of low numbers on the recent overnight - so I may get oxygen on the overnight. We shall see. I had gone down to the basement to move loads over and came up - noticed I’d forgotten some stuff for the last load so I ran down again. Decided to do one oximeter after ‘activity’ (as she called it) - my oxygen was disgustingly low and my heart rate was disgustingly high. But within 60 seconds they were both back to acceptable levels - so it’s not taking me forever to recover.

    And so it goes.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/17/2021  at  10:38 AM  

  99. Back again - two quick hits - isn’t it convenient that MI finds 177,000 voters who should not be on the rolls - after the ‘win’ for BiteMe? And doesn’t that indicate that Trump et al are not conspiracy theory liars - that election fraud and corruption/manipulations DID exist?

    I just got a note - on of all things, a comment I made on Youtube that ‘even my country is a republic and a democracy’ - and that ‘the use of/insistence on Constitutional Republic’ is just a hammer for the rethuglicans. The GOP is a spineless go along to get along corruption allowing swamp dweller bunch of pathetic turncoats - not the ones in DC wanting to control every little aspect of the lives of Americans and intimidating/silencing every leftist ever. And read the democrats own words and writings - they almost NEVER used the words Constitutional Republic. They all think we are so damn stupid that we believe democracy equals democrat and Republic equals republican in the minds of ‘ordinary people are too small minded to govern their own affairs’ (Obama speech in Belgium) citizens. That is how people who lie, cheat and don’t even do their jobs - feel about the rest of their fellow citizens.

    Oh yeah - and the NAACP filed a lawsuit on ‘behalf’ of a dem rep - against Trump for - get this - inciting the Jan 6 Congress mess. These people are just going to destroy themselves with their repeated attempts to destroy Trump.

    Oh - and I just got a call - going to do another overnight before considering oxygen at night. Win for me. Again

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/17/2021  at  11:03 AM  

  100. Wardmama- Your insurance company will probably cover the cost of an oxygen concentrator but you may have to meet their deductible first. The PerectO2 is probably the best one out there, built like a tank, but there are a couple models that are a bit quieter. You get used to it, and learn that keeping the filter clean and the filter cover plate tight limits the noise. Having one leased by your insurance company can be a good idea IF they are dealing with a reliable medical equipment company. Mine was not, so I bought my own out of pocket. The rental one came with a backup O2 tank in case of power failure, which I never used.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/17/2021  at  02:04 PM  

  101. So sad that Rush has passed - as you said, though - not unexpected.

    Yes, my insurance co will pay - and I think that with the first MRI/specialist visit - I beat our deductible (there is an advantage to being a Priority One Disabled Veteran (although under Biden, I don’t know how long that will last)) into the dust. One advantage too of having the same insurance since 1981.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/17/2021  at  02:25 PM  

  102. So sorry about the snow.  Right now - we are in an especially insane circle of hell and the hits just keep on coming. Our snazy computer ice/water/temp control do everything 6 year old (and already a cool grand put in just 18 months ago for the same problem) refrig died - sort of. We finally got it to hold 25 (freezer) and 36 (refrig) temps long enough to order online a new refrig which only has an ice maker (not working - because alas in the take down the line is leaking somewhere - who cares). We were the last delivery (7:36pm) and thus at 9PM (after a late for us dinner) we were putting all the food sitting on the garage floor into the new refrig. Figured even as it worked up to the correct temps -it was better than sitting on the garage floor.

    Monday - son’s appt was ok. It was going out for eats that went arwy. After one place had no working fryer we went next door for pizza. Apparently I got the wrong pizza - so in a huff the son went in to order the one he wanted. Actually the one mistake wasn’t that bad, hubby & I ate most of it for dinner.

    And in this below double digit temps - the windshield on the car (not the van) - cracked - again - I think that this is the third time since my Mom gave it to us. I believe it’s might be because this car has never, ever been in a carport or garage. Ever.

    And if that isn’t enough - yesterday the window of the shed fell in. So this afternoon, if the daughter isn’t working - we will be down there attempting some sort of crappy fix to get us through this winter from hell. I saw a meme - 2020 - Covid, 2021 - Hell Freezes Over. Pretty much sums it up.

    On Melania vs all the others - just in the store yesterday - every other mag was Biden, Harris or both. It’s disgusting to me. I don’t care, I don’t idolize any living human and I certainly am smart enough to see the blatant and outrageous bias.  Mrs Trump was a model - I always thought that those are the people the left admires. And an Immigrant. Nope, if they have functional brains, Immigrate legally, work hard for a living and go gop - they are dead to the media. Hypocrites.

    A lot of good came out of the Texas situation - a big (and think back to the stupid late night local commercial type ads/businesses) furniture guy opened his three stores - allowing people to sleep on the beds, sit in the chairs and eat (as he ordered in fast food). Or the one who had an overnight delivery of cases of water - that people came up and took. When he opened the door of his store - there was more than enough money and notes from the people who took the water.  Of course there were the stupid people who killed themselves and their children sitting in a running car in a garage (go for a drive -same result and you live to tell about it). Or who simply froze to death because they couldn’t even think of a solution. Scary - but I think most of DC will see that as proof positive that the people are too stupid to govern themselves.

    Every group has outliers, criminals, stupid people and racists. Doesn’t make any one group bad - makes them Human.

    On the nasal But Covid treatment - that is what we have been waiting for - as our doctor told us the problem is that the But Covid remains in the nose and even with the vaccine we remain carriers if we are exposed to it. And why would I take a legitimately untested vaccine that won’t prevent the disease? So this might be the ticket to a better end. Notice how the ‘article’ was more concerned with ‘following strict But Covid protocols’ - over how long that they have been working on this? Gotta always remind the sheeple that masking and distancing are more important than facts. Especially given that most of the very people telling us all the But Covid rules and ‘we’re all in this together’ crap - never are wearing masks or mostly not even social distancing and putting forth things like Las Vagus is opening 3 new hotels and oh, look take your kids here to this new local event - a wonderful place to get out to. Hypocrites and liars all.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/24/2021  at  10:33 AM  

  103. The But Covid starts out in your nose, throat, and mouth for 2-3 days before it moves down to your lungs. This is why gargling with old school Listerine is so important - and 3 clinical studies showed that “the taste you love to hate” works better than any other mouth rinse, including betadine (iodine) and 100% straight alcohol. So get some, and give yourself a 30 second rinse and gargle every time you come home from anywhere. Pity you can’t use it on your sinuses, but you can use dilute hydrogen peroxide. Cut the 3% stuff down to 1/4% by adding 11 parts distilled water to 1 part H2O2. Then either snort some, put it in a cleaned out sinus spray bottle, or go get yourself a nebulizer if you can afford it. Half a teaspoon will be enough for a 5 minute misting session, or several good sprtizes. And that will kill the But Virus in your sinuses dead in it’s tracks.

    The But Covid also lives on in your intestines far longer than it does in your lungs. Not a lot you can do about that, but having your immune system in top shape and keeping your gut biome optimal can help. So take your vitamins, start an iodine supplement plan, and take those antioxidants and probiotics. Did you know that 97% of Americans are iodine deficient? The RDA is crap - it’s a number just big enough to keep the typical adult from getting goiters. It is FAR below the optimal level. Best get a blood test from your doc to get your numbers, but 2 - 5 drops a day of either Lugol’s 2% solution or nascent iodine in a tiny glass of water will help a lot. Remember to get some extra selenium in to protect your thyroid. In other words, eat 3 or 4 brazil nuts a day, because if you don’t live on a bay you can’t afford a daily dozen raw oysters.

    Here’s another But Covid nasal spritz coming soon. Drugs delivered via nasal spray or by nebulizer straight to the lungs are vectors finally getting some attention. Why take a pill when you can go straight to the problem, and not need an injection either?

    “AR-711 is being developed as a self-administered, at-home inhaled treatment for COVID-19 patients who are not yet hospitalized. The Company’s vision is that if highly effective immunotherapies such as mAbs could be formulated as inhaled therapy, then COVID-19 patients could be treated much earlier in the course of their disease within their own homes.”

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/26/2021  at  12:06 AM  

  104. So the only good news is that it wasn’t the window that fell in - it was the faux window pane decoration and the curtain. Not much to do to get them back up for the rest of winter. Although I really need to get in there and clean it up. Much like the garage and the basement.

    Spent yesterday looking for a picture - know I have it - can’t find it at all.

    I did find a picture of my Mom, her brother and her Uncle Channing at Ocean Beach (which I suspect is New Jersey as that’s where my Mom was born). I know my cousin has met him (Channing was in his 50s and still living with Mary Borden Farley (my Mom’s grandmother)) when the entire family was at my parents small Farm here in OH for Christmas. After WWII, my grandmother gave the farm to my parents for a dollar to get my Dad and Mom and two sisters to move back from Seattle (in hindsight the best thing ever done) as they loved living there.

    Ah don’t get me on the race baiting crap - see Sheila Jackson Lee’s Reparation bill - IF you can find it - even popvox doesn’t list it under her name (even though it’s one of the few bills she has actually put forth in a while) - I had to find the number to get to it. And today there were two articles on ‘how to talk, when white’ - which basically is not to speak and be prepared that most words you use are racist.

    The more that the democrats can make words mean whatever the hearer believes that they mean (oops I misspoke, my bad) - the dumber the people become and the more divided that they become.

    God I just wish one entity would provide to the World proof or a courtroom willing to hear about election fraud in 2020. sick and tired of people hating over absolutely nothing but real life.

    Life sucks and then you die. Or But Covid might get you, first.

    Get over yourselves.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/27/2021  at  12:39 PM  

  105. That stoat video was cute. I always like animal rescue stories.

    So new fun times - today my nose has exploded twice. The first time in the bathroom - so TP was handy, both nostrils but just a few minutes to shut it down. Then after grocery shopping - in the car in the drive thru line. Because of that (looking all over for tissues or napkins) - there was blood all over my hands, the seatbelt and my coat. Fun times. Probably this insane weather in which I can’t breathe much anyway. Not enjoying this new symptom.

    Finally got the car with a come to us windshield replacement - because with this back and forth weather (warm and sunny to freezing again and back again) - it’s cracking all the way across the entire front window.

    My dental hygienist had the mask, shield and gloves - we talked about our Army sons. Her’s retired to Clarksville TN as a disabled Vet - mine is in Kansas in a new job attempting to improve medical care for Veterans. I think that they finally sold their home in Clarksville to their long time renters. Two homes is a heavy burden.

    Otherwise - let’s hope that the stupid covid bill and the even worse equality bill - don’t pass the Senate.

    Oh and another person arrested for election fraud - 2 different states plus MI purging 177,000 names (conveniently) after the Election. But NO there is no Election fraud to even go into court or be heard at the Supremes.

    So tired of it all. Will send you a picture - of my Grandfather’s Medical School graduating class - it caused quite a stir on the FB page I put it on.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/02/2021  at  03:49 PM  

  106. Nose is because I’m on blood thinners. Go figure.

    I was so tired yesterday - not sure why. Except the parking garage for this building combo of UC Medical School and UC Hospital and clinics sucked big time. I had to go for what used to be my annual vision field test. Apparently, I didn’t do so hot as I’ve got another scheduled for May. Yeah. Last time I was there - I forgot to put the ticket (tagged at your clinic front desk) into the little machine - as it’s in the hallway, not at the elevators. For some reason yesterday, it seemed like every empty space was empty because one or both of the cars parked on the line or over it. Ended up where the roof ends. I come out and put the ticket in the stupid machine and drive down to the exit (we used the last time we were there) and it turns out to require a super secret pass card now. So now I have to back up and get out of there. The main exit has two lanes but 3 feeds into it. So it’s backed up a lot. I get up there - and even with a marked ticket that had been properly put in the upstairs machine I had to pay a buck. Which is why the other line was stopped cold, an old woman either didn’t have a dollar (oh, and the machines were all flashing - no credit cards) or didn’t want to pay since the little scan thingy on the ticket which is supposed to make the garage free. So I won’t ever park in that garage again - I can manage walking across the street from the main garage. Apparently - getting pissed off - wears the heck out of me.

    So at least 108 criminal illegal invaders who made the run for the border in TX tested positive for but covid. Now multiple that by every single place/hole/tunnel that these people are streaming across our border and all the other diseases that they are bringing in. Which is also why I’m not crying big tears for the 25 plus criminal illegal invaders whose smuggler ran in front of a semi killing about half of them. Scares me to death that these people sneak across the border (and somehow manage the money to pay the smugglers, but not to live in their own country) and take jobs from people who come here legally with a migrant worker card or are already American workers - plus whatever diseases and/or drugs they are bringing in too. Might that be why our life expectancy and resurgence of disease long thought gone - are doing so bad, lately.  porque? Makes sense to me - but then DC no longer makes sense about anything, now. Oh and now the sycophant media is calling the ‘children in cages’ - migrant living facilities.

    I’m surprised - not - about the Biden* non-interviews - just like winning ‘with the most votes ever’ without much campaigning. All even more - pay no attention to the man behind the curtain than even the Obama Administration was. Just kind of sad that they feel fine with using a senile old man and really scary that anyone on the D side (not to mention any I, L, C or R isn’t standing up and saying Not No but HELL NO) supports this pathetic situation. Especially after 4 years of Trump being damned if he does and damned if he didn’t.

    But hey - the American media is the one of the bastions of all the truths and facts - everything else is just conspiracy theories. Or lies. Or disinformation. Or fanaticism. Or cultists following their White supremacist ‘leader’.

    Of course now,it’s all falling apart. As people dragged up to that bastion of civility and truth - Congress - are debunking just about every single thing that the Fake Media has been peddling about Jan 6.

    Tired of it all. Not the America I grew up in and not even close to being sane or rational at all, anymore. Sad.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/04/2021  at  11:13 AM  

  107. Thanks for a great comment Wardmama - you saved me from writing a post on the same topics!

    Other things I won’t post for now, because I’m also tired of the “but covid”:

    * Peru had a big covid outbreak. El Presidente got out the Ivermectin. Reduced death rate by 14X. Awesome. They had an election, new Presidente comes in, stops the Ivermectin. Death rate goes up 13X. The stuff works, period.

    * Fauci’s NIAID is “studying” the adverse reactions and deaths from people getting the mRNA vaccines. “Now with a focus on allergic reactions NIAID is clearly concerned given reported incidences of adverse reactions post vaccination to commence another major clinical trial involving the mRNA-based vaccines from both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.”

    This amounts to doing the long term testing of these EUA gene therapy drugs that the manufacturers didn’t do. Turns out quite a lot of people are having bad reactions, no kidding. DO NOT GET THE mRNA INJECTIONS. Maybe this new one from J&J is Ok. We’ll see.

    I’m going to keep waiting ... not that I have any choice, because being an “upper middle aged” white guy without severe pre-existing conditions, who is not a medical worker, teacher, homo, illegal immigrant, or grocery clerk puts me down the list anyway. I don’t think my number will even come up until late this year. Fine by me.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/05/2021  at  10:00 AM  

  108. I just got a note from my doc - well from someone else stating that my primary doc thinks I should get on the list (no spots available right now, but hey we’ll contact you) for the But covid vaccine. Love him, really - but if my pulmonologist isn’t hyper neither am I and now with this thing (which I will try to find the link) you just commented on - not going to happen until years down the road. Of course our local See BS news station ran an article that an epidemiologist said that there were no deaths or adverse reactions from the vaccines. I had to post that I guess that the CDC was ‘lying’ since they had 966 deaths in their Adverse Incident Report. Oh, and I just saw Austria stopped the Astra-Zeneca But Covid vaccine - after a single death. Gotta love our biased and lying Media.

    All of hubby’s local friends are in their 20s (from college) and got full time jobs to do things like pay of college debt, get a car and maybe one day move out of Mom & Dad’s place. So they aren’t even playing games on the computer much lately. Even the son - has lost a lot of his online friends. I’m thinking it’s a case of damn, I got this job and managed to keep it during But Covid - I’m not going to screw up and lose it. So my guys are not even doing much computer time with friends - much less any in person stuff. Both of my local friends are dealing with elderly parents. Both are retired now - so doing some stuff with their family. We don’t do movies - Secretariat was the last one I saw in a theater. That’s how long it’s been. I was a teenager before I even went to a theater to see a movie. My dad rented a lot of disney stuff (as all the aunts & uncles and cousins lived within a mile) so every b-day and holiday was a full house of family. Had to keep the kids controlled some way. Sheltered life - I was a senior in HS when I had pizza for the first time. However, my Mom’s - fresh, homemade every bit of food - and lots of seafood - let her live until 93 (her Mom was 50 something and her Dad was 75 when they died) and is probably why I’m still ticking all these years later. We don’t go out to eat much either, even before But Covid. So it’s not like we are exposing ourselves daily. Pretty much hermits - and allergic hermits at that.

    My phone crapped out on Friday - really basically fatal. We had to order a new phone. Added minutes - which shut down our credit card (we committed the criminal mistake of charging to the same company in less than 5 minutes). So it dumped my desktop picture and apparently screwed up the voice mail permanently. It’s going to be a long week.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/08/2021  at  09:39 AM  

  109. The medical supply place changed their overnight oximeter - I hate it. Very uncomfortable - woke me up at 2AM feeling like my finger was being crushed. I do not care at all, if it was screwed up - all the fingers on that hand had (like) paper cuts (probably one of the vile kittens) that I never noticed until yesterday afternoon, tried a bandaid on one - ended up with liquid bandage on all of them. Works for a while - but with cooking, cleaning etc - bandages don’t last all day either.

    Ran out of kitten food - leave it to the one time I expected Chewy to keep to their almost overnight delivery - they don’t. So the kittens ate big kitty food this AM. It’s only about two weeks until they are a year old. So it’s ok. No longer feeding any outside kitties - we haven’t seen Fluffy since the first bad weather hit. I knew he had a home as he would walk up the side walk going east every single morning after his AM nosh at the cat house. His doppleganger - Not Fluffy (I will send a pic, so you will see why we called him that) comes either from the woods below us or down the hill across the street. He stopped coming when the big snow hit. Since each one has zoomed by only once, I figure that they really do have homes and aren’t in any real need of food. So I’ve stopped putting it out. Stopped the dry when the weather turned bad, as the birds were the only ones eating it - and making a huge mess on the ramp.

    Sorry about your non-party. My friends do drive bys every once in while. None of them liked the dog. It’s been a while since we did anything with friends. Sad = that the first people who came by after we moved here - were one of my late brother’s friends and his sister. She still lives in the family home on the street we all grew up on. One on one - I have no problem with gay people. He is really a nice guy and took crap at home and in school for years. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Sadly, his sister is dying - and so he comes over every day and spends time with her. My friends - not so much - as to being pleasant and friendly to me. And in that vein - I am on my 3rd family member (extended sort of) that I just responded OK to and will just pretty much write off except for Christmas cards. The nephew insulted me - never in my life as bad, even with some of the worst crap I’ve gone through - over an opinion of mine. Typical CA leftist. Which is sad as I have several CA friends (we lived in CA for 3 years decades ago) - one a friend from my Montana days when we were kids - who are sane and still talk/online converse without problems. And my cousin went wonky as ‘he is the arbiter of all truth and family history knowledge’ in the family as he lived here and I left them all decades ago. I know what I did, even back in 1974 and I know what people have said directly to me. I’m getting tired of it.

    I know I lack in social graces - always have. I know that I give off the ‘scapegoat’ vib - as my one sister and I were the ones my Mom went after all the time. So I guess people just think that they can blame it all on me or treat my like an idiot without consequences. I used to watch Oprah back in the day, almost stopped when she went through a black music all the time period and then ended completely when she started with all the fakes, scammers and charlatans (i.e. her book club stupidity). One of her shows was about a family devastated after being hurt and a child slaughtered after taking a limo home after a family wedding. Jennifer Flynn sat on the side of the highway holding her daughter’s head in her hands. She said (on Oprah) everyone in the family/friends tells her she needs to get back to normal - but for us there is no normal anymore. In the same vein - SGT Greg Stubbe was on Glenn Beck after being wounded by an RPG that hit him in the hip. He said - he and his wife learned from this - not that what we value most, but what we value least. Both deal with me - I’ve done burn care for 19 years now. It is our normal - anyone whose done long term care for a sick person - knows how draining it can be. It also makes the petty crap and Cult of Personality/Pop culture aspect of life meaningless. So I guess it will be me and my immediate family and the few friends I’ve managed not to po - until the end. Big surprise - it’s been that way for a long, long time.

    I guess I should go do something before I have to leave for yet another doctor’s appt.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/10/2021  at  10:22 AM  

  110. I forgot when I emailed the picture - Fluffy is looking at the camera. Until you view them up close, they look like doppelgangers. But Not Fluffy is much more brown (actually his fur might be much longer). The daughter and I saw a new inter-lopper yesterday. It was all black but short haired, with either a white tail tip or an injury. I put a dash of food out, but it had already walked on. Also noticed (which is why I stopped putting the wet cat food out)that the next door neighbors new puppy comes over to nosh. I can tell it’s a dog - as they lick the bowl clean.

    I will send you another pic - yesterday I made a Japanese Cheesecake. To me, it’s like a fluffy vanilla cake and a cheesecake mated and had a delicious baby. But in the end - with a full dishwasher and two full sinks - I remembered why I quit making cheesecakes. Although I do want to make a Japanese Jiggle Cake - looks a lot like the cheesecake. With all the work aside - that recipe for the cake, just might become my favorite. Really very soft and fluffy.

    The longer it goes on the But Covid news seems to get worse and worse. Kids getting kidney injury. Yes they recover, but then they end up like me - scarring on the kidney(s) - which leads to a cancer scare and the constant battle (since like 2013) to monitor the A1c number as mine is approaching the high end, but has been the same since 2013. All because I had less than a week of high blood pressure back in 1975 at the end of my first pregnancy - pre-eclampsia. It wasn’t even at the highest I’ve ever registered. Go figure. It all comes back to haunt you, if you live long enough.

    I read a bit on the Biden* speech, much like Obama - I can’t stand to listen to them lie to my face. I really don’t like listening to most politicians. Just like car salesmen - lie to my face and then act like I’m the problem. I wonder why absolutely no one is screaming about the open border in this time of But Covid. Like our now defiled Cuomo, is this just another plan to kill a bunch of useless American citizens and ‘require’ the But Covid ‘emergency’ to remain in place? I wonder two things - 1) If and/or how long it will be until we know the true But Covid death numbers and 2) If they ever will back off pimping this vaccine? Death, child mysterious syndrome, allergic reactions, blindness, deafness and no absolute cancel the lock down/mask mandates in the near future, after you get the vaccine. If it does not end the madness - it is not a vaccine - it’s either a treatment or the continuation of a political scam meant to control us. The idea of ‘pre-bunking’ (i.e. Media controlling the narrative) makes it all the more look toward the political scam than a true deadly World pandemic.

    Even the flu - kills the elderly and people who have co-morbidity medical conditions in disproportional numbers. I still feel that it was a political scam to destroy Trump and thus - just one more reason to NOT take their vaccine/treatment scam either. Or maybe a test run on biological warfare that went awry - or exactly as planned.

    Enough on the ‘conspiracy theories’. Since we have been lied to for so long by so many people/agencies who are in control of us - how much really is conspiracy and how much is simply actual truth? Talk about a Twilight Zone.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/14/2021  at  10:26 AM  

  111. Fell down the rabbit hole yesterday - a very interesting rabbit hole.

    Stumbled across this -
    What is an Anti-Vaxxer - don’t let the title fool you. It is more about being attacked by the current culture police, written by a doctor. The comments (really as fascinating as the article) lead me to this - - which is about Britain’s over reach on the But Covid

    and then this - which is about the largest group not taking the vaccine.

    today it was the Economic Curmudgen - on the stimulus.

    I think that the natives are truly getting restless and realizing that we must rise up or Biden* won’t stop the madness.

    About damn time.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/15/2021  at  07:42 AM  

  112. In that rabbit hole, was mention of a book by Jordan Peterson - a Canadian psychologist who had a drug addiction/bad life for a while and has come out on the sane side again. Writing books about the ‘rules’ of life. He was on Bill Maher in 2018 - the show was stunning - in so many ways. Maher and his panel were so noxious - that even the comments were pointing out how terrible they behaved. But what was most stunning is that Peterson was pointedly attempting to talk about the lack of civility on the left - and where it was going to go. They all were rude and tried to make jokes about it. He was warning and also predicting where this behavior was going. I tried to listen to a podcast he did - but listening to people talk for over an hour - just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. Anyway - this AM I was kind of wishing I hadn’t terminated my Twitter to ask Maher if this was ‘being a dictator’ - by showing a pic of the NYC celebrations of the return of soldiers from WWII under the Roosevelt era - since Maher claimed that Trump wanting to do a military parade in DC was a step to dictatorship. They are all such hypocrites.

    Much like Biden* and his open border crap - talking about maybe (if we are all good little comrades) and get our ‘vaccine’ - we might, just might be able to have a 4th of July bbq. But hey letting every single illegal at the border get free bus trips to where ever in the US they want to go - no problem. And children at the border are going to be handled by FEMA - not a word about if they are being traffiked at all.

    Going back to Mr. Peterson - on amazon book reviews - I really wonder about what some liberals read. I’ve been a life long republican, my parents were republicans - I never heard them or a single (sane gop) person talk about taking away birth control (abortion is murder for hire), talk about anti-science. [Yeah I know that is about global warning (computer models are not real science when the crap they base it on - is flawed) and gender bs] or more importantly wanting to control the lives of others in America. Pathetic as most of them are - they are not dictators/tyrants in the making.

    Until the reality clue bat hits a lot of these idiots, liars and criminals upside the head - America is in trouble. Glad to see most of the people commenting on the Peterson/Maher youtube - see reality and how Peterson was attempting to question the people about the on coming problem. Too bad that these people refuse to listen or deal with facts.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/16/2021  at  08:21 AM  

  113. Liberals don’t read. At best, they buy a big fancy book by Hillary or the Mooch to put on their coffee table to impress their Lib friends. This is why the best seller lists are always full of conservative books; Republicans read, and they buy the books they read.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/17/2021  at  11:09 AM  

  114. You’re right - and the other thing that they do is pimp the latest political celeb to run for President. I’m sick of hearing the Mooch should run, as a backdoor way for the big O to be back in the White House. Of course all of that has gone silent since Biden* got in. As we know - from the people appointed and the massive EO flurry - that the big O is running the show. I can’t wait until Kammi attempts to take power. Never forget (such as Cuomo) they always eat their own when it becomes politically expedient. The big O won’t let power slide from him that easy. Probably one of the reasons he took Biden* on as VP - not only insurance against assassination, but to elevate him so that ‘down the road’ he could become the puppet president to allow Obama to finish his ‘transformation’ of America.

    The only blessing in this entire bs mess - is that Trump showed Americans and the World that a lot of crap can be undone in a mere 4 years. Imagine what he could have done if he had had support of his own party!

    And that’s what frightened these anti-American traitors the most. He went in and actually did the heavy lifting and work - and bingo - it fixed things.

    I just hope that McConnell can hold up the GOP until 2022 and then just shelve anything/everything that comes out of the House - or - to God’s ear - we also win a majority in the House to stop this nonsense.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/18/2021  at  08:02 AM  

  115. So I apparently did not do well on the last overnight oxygen study. The company that takes a while to call me to arrange the study - was here hardly a day after I read the email from the doc that I didn’t do well.

    I don’t like the machine - too much noise - I can barely sleep with my hubby’s fan (all three of them run a fan at night). So earplugs it was - still sounded loud to me. And the on light was like a airport landing light. Up around 4AM this morning.

    We are going to see if we can move it to a less annoying place.

    I forgot a grandchild’s bd - sucks to be me. Trying to figure out, how to fix it. Can I blame almost dying from aspirating a med into my lungs? Think that will fly to a 8 year old? One that thinks I don’t like her because she picks at her little brother until a fight happens. I lived that in reverse with my closest brother - so I guess that’s why it annoys me so much. Great kids though - not those touchy feelly into everything kids. They find things to do - and enjoy grandparents time - as they don’t have to do school work when we are around or they are here. Not like walking next door, like I did. No break from normal daily life back in the day.

    Making zucchini bread in a few (doing laundry right now) to go with tonight’s penne with vegs (shh don’t tell the adult kids - it’s veggie).

    We did Mexican from our favorite place this week. I think I could live on it. Miss going to the Asian place down the street - we do it when the daughter used to go to Georgia or Columbus for work. She is terrified of going anywhere near seaweed/algae. Or bringing any of it in the house. This But Covid is really getting to us. At least she has gotten to work from home now. So some money is coming in for her to pay bills.

    I am hoping that enough people start rising up and saying NO to this But Covid waffling about the next ‘allowable’ thing IF we get the vaccine/treatment. I reminded my hubby that Phen Phen was ‘approved’ for weight loss and a lot of the nurses (if not all of the people, but it was nurses who told me about it) now go in yearly because of possible heart damage. And this vaccine/treatment - didn’t even get the normal 3 phase study. Oh and reading the story about the woman doctor who came up with this - mRNA was used in gardisil - remember all the young girls dying from that one. Shouldn’t that have been a cautious warning?

    Turns out the reason they are using a live piece of the virus is that it takes so long for a virus to die (how they make the annual flu shot). So in addition to using the mRNA - they are also for the first time using a bit of the live virus. Like I want to be a lab rat at my age.

    Thank you - I already have 4 organs attempting to kill me already. Don’t need to go add a loaded bullet to the mix. I’ll wear a mask and stick solely to shopping to avoid that vaccine/treatment.

    People mag is at it again - trying to ‘fix’ the Oprah interview with Harry & Meghan - and also pimping Mooch again. ‘I just try to make food fun’ - like that woman cooks a meal, ever. I’m.Not.That.Stupid.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/20/2021  at  10:00 AM  

  116. Great articles - saw the news this AM and people are rioting in Germany over the forced crap that they have to bow down to - call it anti-Freedom and unConstitutional. Love it - as same is happening to a lesser degree in England. Now reading those items you posted - to see that But Covid is a SARS variant - for which we have PROVEN treatments for - even more makes me think this was purely a political stunt.

    The microbiology gobbly gook - only one word in there is truly important (other than the info on SARS (and it’s variants)) is INHIBITS - means it shuts it down.

    Off label is not the evil that the left/politicians made it out to be. I take an off label drug - because of what it does. They just did it to shut down the hydroxychloroquine and do their best to make Trump come off as an idiot. Too bad, so sad that they ended up killing (possibly, if we ever get the real numbers) 500,000 Americans. But what do they care - they are the elderly and the sick - who drain valuable medical resources from everyone else.

    Probably the worst of the 90% of elderly - would have died even with treatment - but probably 75% or greater of the over 70 crowd and everyone else could have survived this - if they had tried existing medications. Which used to be medical malpractice.

    I just can’t believe that the hatred of Trump was so great as to be willing to lie to the population and kill so many people.

    BTW buried in the stimulus bills was the ignored fact that that 4.38 billion was given to illegals - and so now Biden* Admin is attempting to blame Trump for the surge of illegals.

    I wish Trump was still in office. Although, I did read the dems in the House are turning on Nancy on the attempt to overturn the Iowa GOP win. I’m wondering if enough is enough as the sheeple and the sane people of America are getting tired of the crap going through the House these days.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/23/2021  at  10:51 AM  

  117. Great articles - saw the news this AM and people are rioting in Germany over the forced crap that they have to bow down to - call it anti-Freedom and unConstitutional. Love it - as same is happening to a lesser degree in England. Now reading those items you posted - to see that But Covid is a SARS variant - for which we have PROVEN treatments for - even more makes me think this was purely a political stunt.

    The microbiology gobbly gook - only one word in there is truly important (other than the info on SARS (and it’s variants)) is INHIBITS - means it shuts it down.

    Off label is not the evil that the left/politicians made it out to be. I take an off label drug - because of what it does. They just did it to shut down the hydroxychloroquine and do their best to make Trump come off as an idiot. Too bad, so sad that they ended up killing (possibly, if we ever get the real numbers) 500,000 Americans. But what do they care - they are the elderly and the sick - who drain valuable medical resources from everyone else.

    Probably the worst of the 90% of elderly - would have died even with treatment - but probably 75% or greater of the over 70 crowd and everyone else could have survived this - if they had tried existing medications. Which used to be medical malpractice.

    I just can’t believe that the hatred of Trump was so great as to be willing to lie to the population and kill so many people.

    BTW buried in the stimulus bills was the ignored fact that that 4.38 billion was given to illegals - and so now Biden* Admin is attempting to blame Trump for the surge of illegals.

    I wish Trump was still in office. Although, I did read the dems in the House are turning on Nancy on the attempt to overturn the Iowa GOP win. I’m wondering if enough is enough as the sheeple and the sane people of America are getting tired of the crap going through the House these days.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/23/2021  at  10:51 AM  

  118. Back - I was just trying to close out my computer to go get lunch when I saw something that caught my eye - Dr. Oz starts his week of hosting Jeopardy. But alas, the former contestants (not a mention of how many) complained as - gasp - Dr. Oz recommended hydroxychloroquine for But Covid. How dare he? Also twitter is ablaze because he recommends supplements ‘that do nothing’. As people age and eat/cook less - such things as multivitiams and those nasty little drinks that are suppose to be full of vitamins and minerals touted? 

    There are times I hate the human race for it’s abject hatred of anyone not them. My great great Grandfather was in the Whose Who of Homeopathic Doctors. Part of the problem is that we have forgotten that every wives tale and ‘ancient’ remedy had a basis in fact and was proven to help - maybe not everyone but they did some sort of good -or wouldn’t be used. And those meds/supplements - might not Cure but most won’t Harm. Which also used to be a part of the Medical code before the politicized doctors/medical groups dropped it - First do no Harm.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/23/2021  at  11:17 AM  

  119. On townhall is an article filled with tweets in the opening seconds of the CO shooting about ‘taken alive, has to be a white guy with a gun’. Once again (see Boston, MA, Orlando FL and San Bernadino CA [I’d also include Fort Hood, TX but that was the Army’s fault] - as to the failure of the FBI to follow through on ‘guys flagged or on terrorist watch lists). I do notice how - every single certain religion man who killed at least one American managed to avoid being shot by the racist, white supremacist police. Maybe all of our ‘protectors’ are attempting to avoid inciting the religion of hate from attacking again - and what’s a few American lives to keep them happy.

    Except, just like leftists - there is no appeasement, cooperation, apology - simply submit or die/be silenced.

    You know - after Jefferson created the Marines to go to the halls of Montezuma and the shores of Tripoli - Congress should have created a permanent ban on anyone of the religion of hate from being able to immigrate here - even legally and surely never as a ‘refugee’. They kill their own - there is no appeasement. 

    But Congress will attempt, yet again to take away our guns. Always manage to punish everyone/law abiding for the acts of the mentally ill, religion of hate, criminal few. Why have laws - if, apparently, none of them are going to be followed?

    Right - got to always pretend that they are doing something.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/24/2021  at  09:18 AM  

  120. So the good news is that after putting it off for way too long and not wanting to go under the knife with all my current problems - no surgery. I can go to my grave with this little issue and it won’t even be listed on my death certificate as a ‘possible’ problem leading to death. Must go back in a year just for grins. Like the annual mammogram - I can’t get an appointment in this But Covid era - not that I care that much at my age. No wonder medical costs are so high - lets just assume everyone doesn’t take care of themselves and put them through annual tests every single year. Whether they actually need them or not. Like, during But Covid - I want to spend my days at the hospital clinics.

    The dems created all three extreme threats to civility, peace and crime problems and continue to blame guns. Open borders (especially escalating after 1965s first amnesty), close all the mental hospitals because mean family members just want to shut away their problems and an open ‘refugee’ system (tell me why Muslims should be allowed to ‘refugee’ from a Muslim nation? Isn’t the fact that they kill their own - a huge warning sign?) - has left us with gang problems, unfettered/uncounted illegals, human traffiking, children literally being thrown over the border to enable chain migration and staggering murder rates in most US cities (dem run). So how is it that the sane people see that the worst happens in the cities where the gun laws are the most strict. It shouldn’t make sense - unless you look to DC and see that laws are meant for ‘some’ people and meant to ‘prove’ that they have done something. And not much else - except sometimes to sneak some un-Constitutional little attack on religion or reality - that no one notices (or even read) in the thousands of pages of crap.

    The Depts in DC - have done almost nothing to meet their mission statements. The FBI knew about the Boston bombers, Orlando shooter, the Garland TX shooters, San Bernadino shooters, the Fort Hood shooter (as did the Army it’s self, too), the Parkland shooter, etc and yet did nothing to stop them from getting weapons or committing these crimes. Education was suppose to improve schools and raise our level on the World field - we’ve fallen even worse. Energy was supposed to make us energy independent - but the dems crush that down at every turn. And so on - not to mention O’ccare was supposed to lower costs and give people more access - but it was Orange Bad Man who actually tried to do something about medicine costs and effective treatments for But Covid and look how that turned out.

    The NRA has a frightening article in the current magazine on the falling of gun freedom in South America which appears to be the step by step that our current dems are doing. I mean even Australia actually has proven that the only ‘shootings’ that their gun confiscations stopped/reduced was suicides.

    Why oh why can’t we get rid of these corrupt politicians? When are people going to wake up?

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/25/2021  at  10:24 AM  

  121. There was an article on newserthat the former (translation - Trump era appointee) head of the CDC was the one who said that But Covid escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China. Of course - the article smeared him more times than actual commentary on how Dr. Redfield came to that conclusion (called speculation by the great god Fauci). And probably why Trump made the (racist) comment about the Wuhan virus. See how when the truth comes out - ALL the damn Pieces fall into place?

    Not much else going on around here - I am trying to continue the one bite at a time clean up of this place. We actually managed in one go through to vacuum the main part of the house today. Took minutes - as I’ve been chanting for months now - give me 20 minutes and this place can be spic and span. But when I have to do it - it takes days.

    Getting used to the machine. At least I’m sleeping better now. I found a more reasonable wedge that is working well. I even slept to 6:30 AM this morning - kitties were not amused. However I feel like I got run down by a truck - all my joints ache. But since it turned cold again and has been raining for days - I’m thinking that is the source of the problem.

    Daughter is getting the vaccine on Thursday. I will go with her in case any reaction occurs. We can’t talk about But Covid and the vaccine - as she is thoroughly on the liberal side of anything Trump oriented. Fun times.

    Well I’m off - been online too long already and have to do something of value today.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/28/2021  at  10:53 AM  

  122. Please try and steer your daughter to the J&J vax. And, if it isn’t too late, encourage her to pump up on vitamins to maximize her immune system. After a whole year of “everyone” knowing that “But Covid” can be avoided or minimized by optimal levels of D, C, K mk7, the Bs, zinc gluconate, magnesium L-threonate, selenium, plus use of N-AC, melatonin, curcumin, and cuercetin ... it is emerging that the people who are having negative reactions to the vaccines may be vitamin/mineral deficient. Which means they didn’t pay attention for an entire year. At the very least take a good multivitamin daily, along with 1000mg C and 5000IU D3 at every meal.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/30/2021  at  10:46 AM  

  123. She got the J&J vaccine, mostly because a spot opened up and of course because it was a one and done. I went with, just in case something happened. I did notice that they asked on her questionnaire - are you on blood thinners. That does not bode well for me, as I am. Oh well - wasn’t thinking about getting it anytime soon. I have been plying her with vitamins and minerals for a long time. She is a bit under the weather today - but since we went from 70 and sunny to 47 and rainy - not sure what hit her. She finally got herself a local doctor. I won’t hold my breath as to when she or the hubby will actually make an appointment. Must be nice to feel relatively ok to avoid the doc for so long. Actually, I’m glad for my hubby that the RFA back treatments actually worked to keep him back pain free. Now, he will have to start over again with all the referrals and probably a short stint at PT again before advancing to the good stuff. Too bad his neurosurgeon retired - he was the best - which says a lot for a military doc.

    Meanwhile VA is being idiotic again. A new ‘survey’, need to update your status, blah, blah, blah - while not offering any real appointments. So what’s the point? Yeah I know - just another government entity pretending to be doing ‘something.’ I can see why there are so many homeless vets - when there is no point to even bother trying to get help.

    Vaccine passports and now some idiot at CNN wants to tax those of us who won’t get the vaccine. Imagine for just a second, if Trump had even hinted at that. And Biden*’s new CDC head is off script about the doom about to happen because of those not getting the vaccine as ‘cases continue to rise’. Take a look (actually NPR has a good and easy map to see the truth) - it’s all those states that are shut down tight that are spiking up on the east coast.

    But worst of all - guess who’s NOT getting the vaccines? Not only is it Trump supporters, but the medical people, the blacks/poc, rich white liberals and of course the hippies. An article I read yesterday said more than half of the US hasn’t gotten the vaccine. And of course the border is open wide to people - who aren’t going to get the vaccine (people of color) and a high percentage already have But Covid.

    Scary times - as rational thought (btw, another CNN person stated

    But it’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.

    and sanity are out the window.

    And they call Trump supporters anti-science and science deniers. Bite Me.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/31/2021  at  11:20 AM  

  124. I adore the Lindt White Chocolate truffles - YUM! I am glad that your Easter (Happy Easter, late - to all here) as we did, what we always do - make a lamb based meal and eat dinner together.

    When I was on the Parish Council - I attempted, with an older black woman, to try to convince the ‘power’ that be, that Easter Sunday/weekend should NOT be about bunnies and chocolate. Alas, as so many ‘religious’ people are convinced that moving toward the secular crowd will draw them in - it was a useless attempt.

    I loved to sit in the one Chapel and listen to Sister Mary George go after the Protestant Minister about events held in ‘God’s House’ - I find it refreshing to see people defend the Chapel from moving toward secular stuff - from what I read in the Bible - so did Jesus.

    We had a dusting of snow on April 1 - freezing again. And then yesterday back up to 70. This week will be nice until Friday - when it starts raining again. I feel like all it’s done is rain - but the weather lady says that we are too dry.

    I almost killed a kitten yesterday. If it hadn’t been for falling on a surge of water on the kitchen floor, he’d been dead meat. And now I can’t even remember what made me so mad at him. I was in pain for most of the rest of the day. Hubby worried I broke something in the hand I extended to break my fall (unlikely as that ever would have been). After all that pain - an almost not visible bruise is all I have. Good news but it sucked most of yesterday.

    I hear you going out to family for the holidays - my daughter and two youngest sons came here for a few days during my cancer scare last summer - Look no, But Covid. Personally I’m of the opinion that early in this mess - my family were exposed to it and thus not a problem since then. I don’t know if that nose swab would have found it after so much time. But in the end - after the many, many times I’ve been told I was going to die and I’m still here - I have a huge skepticism of doom and gloom. Especially when we see so many people - survive it and in some places almost never get it. And here in the US, it still seems to be the most restrictive areas that are bad, plus of course of the utter hypocrisy of an open border and not caring about how many are coming across with the But Covid. You either believe in a pandemic and shut our borders and do what are the best treatments or you give up the scam and let life go back to normal everywhere. Anything in between is political bs.

    On the hydrogen peroxide - I make a lot of the cleaners from home recipes - mostly for emergency situations, but some because the store stuff is so darn expensive/big that for my one or two things - not worth it. I made all of our clothes detergent and dryer sheet stuff when my son’s skin went to heck two years ago. Since then I found Eco balls (discovered son and hubby allergic to the wool ones) - for both the washer and dryer. I use a free and clear detergent and dryer sheets for hubby and I, sheets and towels too. But son’s stuff is the Eco balls. In the dryer they are annoying - thumbing around like rocks. But they work and I’m not having to make detergent and dryer stuff anymore. I use the hydrogen peroxide in the dish washer - so I don’t have to pay the big bucks for the cascade rinse stuff. Now, if the stores would just keep dishwasher cleaners in stock more often - I’d be good. Vitamin E is my go to for any cuts/scrapes and it really does a great job of preventing scars other than kitten claw based ones (polysporin a must in that case). Also use it on the animals - won’t poison them.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/05/2021  at  09:02 AM  

  125. I had a really nice post almost done - alas it went to online hades. Had to run to the pharmacy to get my pre-meds before the dental work. That went better than it’s been a while so my pathetic attempt to take care of my teeth is working. Home again and really want to eat (it’s lunch time) but not sure what to eat. Don’t like days like these.

    On But Covid - one of the former Bengals (NFL) players has a print and now on tv commercial. My doctors kept me healthy when I was playing, they have kept me healthy after I retired and I trust my doctors. I got my shot, you need to get yours. I know that the ad is aimed at blacks, but I find it annoying. It’s NOT my doctors that I don’t trust (and they are not hounding me to get the vaccine, yet) - its the politicians, the political appointees who haven’t seen a patient in decades and the Media that I don’t trust. Can’t remember where - but yesterday I saw a page - What you can do and can’t do after your vaccine. Can’t do? Why should I take a - not within standards tested shot - if I still can’t do things? What is the point? Yeah I know - it’s a way to keep the masking, distancing, closed down and of course ‘the new normal’. Bite me.

    Aldi had it’s German week - and they sell a cake called Indulgent Cake. When I saw the box - I was so happy - it was small. We’ve been eating leftovers to clean out the freezers, which are both stuffed. Anyway this cake was 4 pieces - cake, marello cherries, whip cream and a thin slab of chocolate on the top. Hubby & I split a piece. What I loved about German bake goods - look like they are filled with health rotting sugar and actually aren’t.  I bought meat there - because they were the only store around with a rack of lamb. So we are set for food for a while. Like any store - you have to be careful what you pick - some is great and some sucks. They used to sell a gluten free line (Live G Free) which had a Parmesan pasta. It was delicious and so easy to do that I think a kid could make it. Haven’t seen it in ages.

    I just hosed down all the screens to put back in - now that we are above freezing. It will be nice to have some air through here. At least I did accomplish something other than just getting to the dentist today. Positives, always look for positives.

    Just remembered (telling everyone) - if you would like to see something that even I would not wish on my worse enemy - but get to see that there are still people who will run to a horrible thing to save another person and how advanced we humans are in some of the stuff we create - on Netflix - Formula 1 - Drive to Survive - season 3, episode 9 is worth watching the entire episode to see how it all plays out in the end. Also - if you want to see how the cultured epicells (artificial skin dermis, my son’s was called Integra) is made, on Discovery+ on How It’s Made - season 1, episode 10 has a segment on it.

    Really must find something to eat (other than Indulgent Cake)!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/07/2021  at  12:20 PM  

  126. Way behind - it all started Friday when everything went sideways and hasn’t let up. I did finally make all my phone calls. So my pulmonary doc wants a sleep study. That should be fun. I don’t want to be in the hospital overnight - and I can’t sleep during the day. Good thing they are booked until Oct. I will talk to her at my appt next month.

    Aldi - when I got the meat they had Rib Eye Bone in Chops. It was expensive and it does have a bit of fat. But we cut them up - giving us, what will be in the end at least 4 meals. But the meat was amazing - it was so soft and flavorful - been a long time since I had a steak that good. Hubby and I covered ours with Jaeger sosse (Hunter Sauce) - Yum. This one turned out really good - thick and not over spiced.

    So after buying a ok for us cake - I turned around and made cinnamon rolls yesterday. They worked well as the cook time was wrong so I doubled it (heck they weren’t even close to brown) and then left them in the oven after I turned off the heat.

    After the But Covid ‘vaccine’ - breakthrough cases. I love it - for years doctors laughed at me for saying that they only times I got a flu shot I got the flu. Now to ‘explain’ the problems of the But Covid ‘vaccine’ - it’s breakthrough cases (testing positive after getting the shot, passing on But Covid while being asystematic, etc) It is why I do not believe fuaxchi at all.

    Now we are back to children in cages and cops shooting unarmed black men almost daily - under - gasp - a democrat prez. Imagine that. Hubby said he saw an article that opined that maybe Biden is setting up Harris vis a vie the Border. Interesting take - makes me wonder if like Don Knotts - Biden simply plays the fool on the tv.

    Gotta run - way behind already. Again.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/13/2021  at  08:03 AM  

  127. So Matt Walsh (it was on daily wire) did an article on a very tragic shooting - video via twitter of a BLACK woman holding her 1 year old daughter shot, her two friends (BLACK) males ran away and she tried to get to the back of a car, falling and crawling at the end - covering her child the entire time until she died. The video caught by a surveillance camera was ‘leaked’ to the police. No news 24/7/365, no public funeral, no gold casket, no riots, nary a peep. Heard about it? No, neither did I - it happened almost two years ago. The reason(s) it wasn’t front page news - it was one of the many shootings (rarely reported) in Chicago and the shooters were gang members. Gotta love our harbingers of truth Media people.

    And, by the way, there is was no Election Fraud in 2020.

    Did not know that the lack of zinc leads to taste/smell problems. Each of the kids take a zinc supplement - we get our in our natural vitamins. Been doing it for years. Plus other than they still drink sodas - I make probably 90% of the food we eat. And little of it comes out of boxes. It did my Mom in good stead and I will keep to it.

    I forgot to commiserate on your dental extractions. The only ones I had (wisdom teeth) - I was in the chair all afternoon - simply because the specific Army dentist should have never been given the DDS to torture people, ever. And it was only one side done. The other side which I did when we returned to the US a few months later, was also done by an Army dentist who actually knew what he was doing. It didn’t take but a few minutes after the shots took effect. I was putting the grandkids b-days on my phone calendar - and discovered that my hubby has his next dental appt on his birthday. Yuck. Since it’s birthdays that we pick a restaurant to carry out and pig out.

    Scare that world on the J&J ‘vaccine’ - when it was 6 women - aged 18 to 48, one died, one in critical condition and the symptoms were between 6 and 13 days after the shot. The only bad thing (and it’s bad) is that it is a rare and severe clot called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Is that so damn hard to put in your so-called news report? Scare the crap out of people - when it is a small group (like the breakthrough cases, and other adverse reactions have been treated as). And stop the one and done shot. Typical of how this entire But Covid has been (mis)handled all along.

    I was going to mow the front yard but it is so damn cloudy and cool - I’d bet I’d get set up as it starts to rain. We are suppose to be in the 30s at night the next couple of days. Damn - every time I actually think spring is here it goes away big time. Daughter and I found one extended family member grave site - it’s my Dad’s cousin’s son Basil F. Jr and his wife and I (assume) their daughter. We’ve been driving by it weekly. His Dad is buried in Louisville KY. I have a picture of Basil F. Sr - you can tell him, the males of the family have a high forehead (or else their hair recedes very early in life) - in a WWI era uniform. Alas no name tag and it took me forever to find a military database with only two F. males military age in WWI. I knew it wasn’t my Dad’s Uncle as he always wore glasses, so Basil it was. I wonder what my kids/grandkids are going to do with all these pictures of long dead family members whom none of them know - when I’m gone. Their history and very few people seem to care any more.

    And so sorry that you followed a dental mishap with a unexpected sickness. Glad it’s not the But Covid. Sometimes life just seems to suck.

    I guess I will finally get off the computer and get some lunch. Time flies when you are traveling around the internet.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/14/2021  at  11:14 AM  

  128. Wow. Just Drew and wardmama left? No comments on each post? I had to scroll past posts all the way back to April 1st to find a comments link, then I had to scroll through comments that went all the way back to last August to get to today. What happened?

    Taking a break from orientation for the new company and thought I’d drop in. BMEWS is still on my blogroll and I check every so often to see that my links are still active. Removed Rush because, well, you know. crying 2 Emperor Misha is probably on the chopping block too (no posts since January). And a couple of other sites were deplatformed for being conservative.

    I’m still on Facebook only because I’m trying to get family to move to Gab. I just dropped MeWe. Don’t believe the lies… MeWe does censor just like Facebook, plus they just dropped support for my favorite new browser, Dissenter. (BTW, the fonts on BMEWS are doing weird things. Too small to read until April 2nd then they jumped to too large to fit on the page.)

    Anyway, I want to make you aware of this article. I think it’s important.

    If you are ever on Gab look me, Chris Mosier, up. Same for Facebook until I either leave or am banned permanently.

    Oh, I mentioned the new company. After almost four years with Swift I will be driving for BTC delivering mostly cement. Dry, powdery cement in pneumatic dry bulk trailers that use air pressure to unload. The technical term for unloading is ‘blowing your load.’ I kid you not. Good night.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   04/14/2021  at  10:42 PM  

  129. Hubby is worried about the ‘screening’ of military - it all goes back to the shift from the military as a fighting force to military as a political social experiment (i.e. women in the military). Don’t get me wrong, if I hadn’t been a medical train wreck all of my life I would have signed on the line, myself. Grew up with a long history of family in uniform. But it is simple - the military isn’t the first organization to test social experiments out in. I knew a lot of gay guys in the Army. One of them was even a groomsmen in my first wedding. Nice guys one on one. One of my best Army wife friends used them while she served as her ‘dates’ - gave the gay guy creds to get people off his back and gave her a ‘guy’ to keep others from hitting on her. But, it was a personal decision back then to either get everyone to back off on their ‘difference’ or because of a true belief in serving their country. No skin off my back. But to force something on such an institution is not a good thing. I can remember many women soldiers doing back to back pregnancies -’cuz they’s paying for it’ and when I get out - I get the welfare. And as much disgust I have for my ex - he was accused of sexual harassment. Which I went in and told his CO that it was a laughable accusation as he couldn’t care less about any woman. If she had accused him of hitting her - now that I could believe. Long story short - it is a hidden attempt to (once again) go after the knuckle dragging white supremacists. You can have blacks that insult everyone not them - OK, And Hispanics who can refuse to even speak English (not to mention insult everyone not them) - OK. But white guys step a millimeter over a line verbally - run ‘em out of our Army. I worked for the EO office for a couple of years - learned a lot.

    I have family censoring me - I guess my votes for Trump - brought out the hatred in my family. Ok with me - with all our health problems and now three kitties - we won’t be traveling much. We can send the daughter as our emissary. I po’d the mil - by telling her all I can send her is pictures of the kitties - as that is all we take right now. But then I’ve lacked in social graces for most of my life.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/15/2021  at  10:23 AM  

  130. I can’t get it all done anymore. Trying and sucking big time. I got the front lawn mowed and actually didn’t hurt or take all day to do it. And then, it snowed. So I think tomorrow or the next day it will be about 70 (again) and I will start that process of the back yard, although it is knee high already. Fun times.

    Meanwhile the house is a mess - as I had things to do most of the week (like trying to mow the yard) and so on. I blithely went to do all my usual Tues shopping/errands. Spent a bit at Meijers and went down the street to Kroger. Full cart and checking out - card in, pin in and a couple seconds later - Please Remove Card. And then, all hell broke loose - the card reader froze up and as people in the line wonder what the heck is going on - a supervisor had to be brought to reset the system. Repeat - except now, it won’t accept the card - says we have no money. Put the son’s card in and walla I’m out, sputtering that I just used it - AOK and I checked the balance before I left home. Tried to run it through the bank in the store - Zero in our account. Now I’m getting scared so, as I unloaded the bags called the hubby and he checked it - AOK. Now before I go shopping tomorrow I have to run it through something to see if, somehow they screwed up my card. And then I have to wait for a new card. I can’t wait to try to explain it to my bank. The only downside to our bank is that they have no local offices/banks anywhere. It’s a plus as they charge nothing for all the stuff that they do, the downside is we have to do everything via the phone - which takes F O R E V E R.

    Tried to contact one of the son’s doctors (refills are needed and alas he doesn’t see her until June) - knew I’d dial the med center as it was - if this is an emergency hang up and dial 911, press one for the latest But Covid information and press 3 to get to your clinic. I didn’t - it rang and rang and rang.

    Oh the best news ever - got a letter from our dental ins co - dated April 2 that they have not received the payment due May 1st and oh, by the way there is a $2.50 extra onto the payment. Now, if it was meant to be that they didn’t receive the April payment - Uh - proof read before you sign the letter. But since they haven’t sent me a statement since July of 2017 (after they lost the fight over approving my daughter for treatment after ‘throwing her off our policy’ which we were never notified of and we also received a new card for her) - apparently they decided to punish me by not sending a monthly statement. Probably thought I’d go find another insurance carrier. Not turn around and put it all into a letter which I send every month with the check - and they have accepted. Oh and I send it out ahead of all my first of the month checks. I hate the company but there are only two I can use in OH (or around here) and it has a much more manageable monthly payment.

    It’s always something.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/22/2021  at  10:44 AM  

  131. Carrageenan - what a hoot - it almost killed my daughter (did you know how many algae and seaweeds that there are? She and I laugh - that if she ever wants to commit suicide, she can just walk into the International foods aisle and pick up the food take it home and eat it. Carrageenan was put in food because of the rabid vegetarians and vegans, as a replacement for - gasp - gelatin because it comes from beef. It’s in all bottled milk drinks and has been approved for infant formula. I am ok for the veg/vegan crowd to do their thing - and to have their own lines of products but because it’s cheaper and easier (sea moss can be grown anywhere unlike icky cows) but to obliterate food, drink and get this cosmetic products with the stuff to increase profits - nope not at all. But then the allergy crowd has and is told - eat it and shut up - take some pepto afterward. I’m glad that the doctor had a friend who almost died from a shrimp allergy - because she didn’t hesitate to write a script for an EpiPen. I wonder what she will say when I tell her carrageenan kills the But Covid. What a hoot. She got the J&J one and done shot.

    Sounds like 2020 is starting out to be as sucky as 2020. I’ve po’d so many people most days I feel like just sitting and re-watching all the tv shows we bought. No commercials, no lies and no one to po.

    It’s the local banks still showing a big fat 0 in our accounts (all of them, even the son’s) and national chains (other than Kroger) have no problem what-so-ever. So I know two local ATMs that aren’t bank connected (it meant going back to Wally World on Friday to get cash). Stupid stuff - but then it just reminds me exactly why I left here 47 years ago. Stupid to come back here - did for my Mom who couldn’t have cared less. But that’s the way my life has gone - a lot of mistakes and attempting to be nice to people who just don’t care. At least at this time - I really like all my doctors. Which is a good thing as I get older and sicker.

    The dishwasher is stuck in cleaning hell. I was running it with a cleaner inside, since the kids are eating out (going to a movie for the first time since this hell started). Now the only way to get it to stop is to turn of the switch and shut it. I finally got it out of the cleaning cycle - it’s stuck on cancel right now. I figure by the time someone has to set it tonight we just might get it back to the normal cycle. I hope - tired of this expensive crap lasting no time at all. I’ve got a 40 year old Hoover shampooer that still works - meanwhile we are one the 4th vacuum (thanks to But Covid we can’t get the brush, so we can only use the lift out ‘dust buster’ section) and our 3rd carpet cleaner (the shampooer does not suck up the water -so it’s all windows open - which limits it’s usage a lot).

    I guess I will get some lunch - before it’s dinner time.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/24/2021  at  12:12 PM  

  132. 1619 - debunked in a single sentence: Study actual history Americans - the Native people and Mexicans spent hundreds, if not thousands of years killing and enslaving each other and every ‘other’ tribe that they came across with very few exceptions (The Five Civilized Tribes) before any white people came here.

    Oh and if it weren’t for tribes in Africa cooperating with and/or making money on selling their ‘own’ - it wouldn’t have gotten such a foothold back then. Although America abolished slavery over 150 years ago, it still thrives in Africa. Africa has the highest rate of enslavement in the world with nearly 10 million enslaved today. There are more than three times as many people in forced servitude today as were captured and sold during the 350-year span of the transatlantic slave trade. And finally - the Americans of African descent just need to be reminded that slavery pre-dated the African onslaught. And it continues to this day.

    I just wish people would realize that they are being manipulated as useful idiots in a much larger game of destroying most of the World’s population and/or turning it back into slaves again.

    Oh and those original migrants to America - attempted socialism and almost died out. There is a poster that can be bought - that shows how many of the Pilgrims died in the First Year. We are lucky that there even was an America created. And I think I’ve written about the number of Africans who survived the Atlantic crossing - 99% went to Central and South America.

    Terrible thing - think about the Jews in Germany in 1930s. Think about the girls in so many Nations for centuries sold like cattle (even into current times) or murdered for something so petty as wanting to go to school.

    As I’ve said - every people has been conquered and every people has conquered. The reason to study history is to learn it and try not to do the same thing, ever again. And yet it still goes on. The destroyers of America are dividing the people by color and ancient history to achieve a goal that will set humanity back a thousand years. And too many people are too stupid to see it.

    Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. “ – Martin Luther King

    [Mine] Bull Connor and George Wallace are laughing in hell (and Rev. Martin L. King is rolling over in his grave) at what many of today’s blacks have become, exactly what their grandparents and great-grandparents fought against – bigots.

    At least I get to make the Derby pie (I make mini ones) next weekend. Oh and the Reds (MLB) are ‘announcing’ that they aren’t a super spreader. I love how the Media continues to harp on the vaccine and masks and nothing opening up - but hey, it’s safe to go to a baseball stadium. Bite me.

    Older cat at the vet’s for a dental - get to go get him at 3. Out bright and early the AM - for some reason it feels like a Saturday. I did get the lawn mowed - and I wasn’t sucking wind or aching for days. Yeah Me.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/28/2021  at  11:13 AM  

  133. Michael Collins took a picture of earth from the module which included the lunar lander - entitled (later) - Every human of earth except Michael Collins. The last of a truly great generation are dying.

    Bowling seems to suck this year - like so many things. If Trump were actually inaugurated - We’d be booming - and maybe your bowling would be better. Who knows - at least we wouldn’t be overrun by unvetted criminal illegal invaders and having the But Covid goalposts moved every time we turn around. Speaking of that, I was doing my usual bi-weekly shopping when I turned into an aisle two women were talking, the one asking the other if she gets nasty attacks. Gasp - she was in Kroger’s without a mask. Said, she has never worn one. And we were off and running - nice long discussion sharing info and even a comment with a young woman who stepped in to mention God. Interesting.

    It is connected to the above - but you won’t see it. We are watching The Blacklist on Netflix. If you can get past the idiotic and childish descriptions - the actual show is very interesting and really intriguing. I’d build on that - but then part of the interest is the discovery. If you really can’t abide it after an episode or two. Simply watch episodes 21 and 22 of season 1. We are at episode 5 of season 2. But (nothing to do with the show) - those 2 episodes are truly revealing. I like shows like this - makes me pay attention and keeps my interest. And think - because every time I turn around, what I thought wasn’t even close to true.

    Your emergency pretzels look like my usual turnout. I completely zoned out - and almost forgot my mini derby pies. I only got 6 with the dough left over. Worried because it did not look good at all and the nip I tasted was very flat tasting. Same with the filling - although enough of it was good enough to use. I threw the entire edge away. I think the cooler time waiting for the new refrig didn’t do it any good. But neither the daughter or I are sick - so it wasn’t bad - just didn’t look good raw. The dough cooked up fine, as did the filling - puffed up and crisped fine. 

    Hubby found a sleep mask with blue tooth and built in ear phones. I tried it last night - but alas, as always with me - technology does not cooperate. My mp3 player quit just as I was falling asleep. On that issue, he has spent most of the weekend - not a happy camper - an update caused most of his settings to go dead. He has struggle to bring the more important ones back to life. You don’t want to know what system/version I run - but then I just browse the internet and read emails and play some card games. Technology hates me - and the feeling is somewhat mutual.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/02/2021  at  12:02 PM  

  134. Hey Drew, Hey WM, just hangin out, upgrading and detailin a few of my Vettes in case our Shit governor lets us enjoy life outdoors soon. Yes the Oregon story is true, and all the local Biz folk are hands tied about mask BS and 6ft everything. Schools seem like prisons from the outside as Playing outside seems to be a Felony offense for the kids. Well, that’s all I got for now. Keep a stiff upper whatever and take care of yourselves.
    in_jail  in_jail  in_jail

    Posted by Rich K    United States   05/04/2021  at  02:48 PM  

  135. Seems like everything stops But Covid, except the vaccines. And that gentlemen - is the essence of the past year plus. And people really wonder why there are no maskers, no vacciners - opps my bad - vaccine hesitant fools who are risking everyone else’s life.

    On that note - for the first time I had my vitamin D level checked. Saw my nephrologist on Monday, he does blood work, ‘cuz he needs to keep up with my kidney function. Big surprise in the phone call this AM - the kidney numbers are better than they have been in a while. And I am in good shape on the Vit D level.

    Meanwhile, we are back into the 7th circle of Hell. Sunday night we noticed that the
    living room carpet that was nearest the door was wet. I thought that during the storm that evening, perhaps a wind gust blew rain in, as I had the door open to cool the house. We should be so lucky. It seems we had a small leak under the sink - that somehow didn’t get the under the sink part wet - but the living room, front hallway, dining room and of course the kitchen itself. We had to pony up for the plumbing (apparently, a tree falling on our house is the only plumbing that they will pay to fix) but they are going to pay for all the damage. Carpet is up in the hall way, living room (not all yet), and dining room. And, as our luck always seems to go - they said the A word today - Asbestos. If that test comes back positive - we are up a river and going even closer in the rings of Hell.

    So we have decided to speed up our dump and get rid of a much larger percentage of stuff - much faster. No hotel approved yet - but if the A is positive - I’m sure we will be out soonest.

    Daughter is now working six days a week - which causes the kitties great concern. We have several professional humidifiers and fans going in 3 rooms and our ‘special’ cats - are just scared by the men coming in to work. Go figure. I just hope my clinging to sanity during all of this gets me some bonus points in the afterlife. And I guess we are just being forced to rebuild this house bit by bit by bit.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/04/2021  at  03:32 PM  

  136. Ok - we are not in any of the 9 circles of Hell - pays to check what they are. Right as I was about to either go crazy or hit someone - ins co calls. The insurance co is going to give us 30 days in a hotel w/kitties. The asbestos tester is arriving tomorrow. Reading - most home asbestos isn’t a problem. I will send you a pic of the now non kitchen via email. One leak and all hell breaks loose. It worried us as to how much we will have to pay. Hotel search and contractor search in the works.

    Looks like a few days of eating out.

    PS I do not like sleeping with 3 cats locked in the room with us - they have no concept of sleeping through the night.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/05/2021  at  04:02 PM  

  137. Holy smokes, what an awful situation!! We had a plumbing problem in the kitchen twice now, and I use my drill auger every 3 or 4 months just to keep the pipe clear. I think I’ll go get a new one that can go full 20 feet. They cost about $25. In the meantime we put some bio chemical down the sink once a week which is supposed to eat grease and hair.

    Insurance might cover the asbestos. My mom’s house had asbestos shingles, so when the vinyl siding went in in ‘96, the contractor just made the shingles go away one night. Don’t ask, don’t tell. There is no danger at all with asbestos shingles, especially when they’ve been painted so many times ove 50 years. But the law says “mitigation” and that costs a pile.

    Keep your kitties up all day and maybe they’ll sleep more at night. It’s a chore, they love to hide and nap. Ours sleep at least 8 hours during the day and then patrol half the night. Bad kittehs.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/06/2021  at  10:02 AM  

  138. Rich - WTF in Oregon?? Whole place is gone nutzo. Brown is out of control, but I read some of the restrictions come off Friday. The trigger levels in Oregon are silly. “oh no, we have more than 300 in the hospital with Covid!!” NJ has twice the population packed into 1/12 the area, with 4 times as many in hospitals. And we’re happy, as that’s a lot less than it was a few weeks back. We’ve had 6 times as many cases, and 10 times as many deaths. So IMHO, Oregon looks really sissy reacting this way over “nothing”.

    And masks don’t work. Period. Especially outdoors. Especially the cheap POS masks everybody uses. Empty virtue signalling and a potential health hazard.

    Maybe if super woke Oregon were to go buy a few million Ziverdo Quad Care kits and distribute them it would help. Less than $3 each in India. IVM, D, zinc, doxycycline.
    In the meantime, take your vitamins and get some sun if there is any. 10,000IU D3 (first 2 weeks if you’re just starting, otherwise 5,000IU per day), 500mg Magnesium, 1000gm Calcium, a vitamin K mk7 pill, and a little zinc. Anything else, like big doses of C and the Bs, NAC, E, a few brazil nuts, daily multivitamin, and as much shellfish as you can afford, lot’s of leafy greens, plenty of exercise ... won’t hurt a bit.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/06/2021  at  10:27 AM  

  139. I am alive and adult again- working from my computer while being in the house doing laundry. Fun Times.

    And that is my life - even with cable tv and a kitchen - it’s even more pathetic than normal.

    Now we are just waiting for the Ins co and their answer on how/when to proceed. Entire first floor (other than the garage) - needs to be emptied. Cuz the idiot flippers and who ever - also idiot - put down the carpet (maybe the floors too) just glossed over the fact that there was abestos in the glue of the original floor (do they put wood floors over wood floors?) Just asking as that may leave the bedrooms alone - who knows. So cheap ass flippers who used cheap ass contract workers to do cheap ass work with cheap ass products. I just can’t believe that in 2000 such crap could go on. Or that we weren’t informed before purchase that all the houses (neighbors went through a smaller version of ours - as most of their water went outside) had asbestos glue in them. The assessment guy said - that as soon as they put the carpet tacks (his word) in they should have realized what crap was still 60’s-not-to-code garbage. To me - the Harvest Gold colors should have given it away - that little had been done to the interior since 1965 when the house was built. It should be illegal. But in this area - the laws protect the companies - not the citizens. This year is the first time National banks were allowed to open here. And if Kroger weren’t headquartered here - I doubt that they’d be here either.

    It’s nice to work on a computer again. Off to finish the laundry so that I can get back to our one room (at least the adult children each got their own room). I guess things could be worse. Positives, always think of the positives.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/15/2021  at  01:23 PM  

  140. I am back in the world again. The tech-idiot is on a new MS Surface. Anything computer is a
    tough learn for me. Signing into all the places I go - sucks. So does bringing things bit by bit sucks. So now the ins co is looking for a house/apt to rent. I guess the asbestos was enough for them. I’m wondering about the house across the street from us - it’s a rental and it’s empty. But no realty sign. Hmm, now what?

    We went from cold rainy spring to hot early summer overnight. I remember that was one of the other reasons I left all those decades ago.

    Off to check on the son. And then play with the new toy some more.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   05/19/2021  at  10:31 AM  

  141. I hate computers - third time to post this.

    I get Imprimus - it’s a family thing, I thought that was a good article.

    My ex hit me and our son for years -it would take a book for the other verbal and psychology bs - including sabotaging every single job I had or was offered. Having said that and to include the horrible things he did or said about me that I discovered years afterward, I still am appalled at the two friends who suggested that the best thing would be for him to die. People don’t realize - I don’t hate him (even if I can sound like it sometimes) as hate is a feeling. I fled because I stopped feeling anything for him. And I knew that’s what leads to one person killing another.

    Which brings me to your first article - how is it police or white people’s fault that these creatures have no feelings for another person to start shooting over someone stepping on a foot, in a crowd. These creatures are less than animals - who don’t kill over slights or in passing. That ‘culture’ is their fault - and it as nothing to do with mainstream Americans.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   05/19/2021  at  12:26 PM  

  142. The ferals are at it again. Out of Dallas - is a rabid kid who snuck into a house to snatch a 4 year old twin out of his crib and killed him, leaving his body in the middle of the street. Then he went back for his twin brother but got scared off. No mention of a mother, twins were living with the father’s last squeeze. He, however, had disappeared long before this horror occured. Once again - what part of raising a creature less than an animal killing a baby because he can’t find the jackass who is probably the source of his rage - belongs aimed at the police or anyone in America who happens to be white?

    Bored to tears - wish I was at home -I’ve always felt uncomfortable in someone else’s home, even my Mom’s after she moved out of our home.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   05/19/2021  at  02:01 PM  

  143. Like everything else, we consider it a success that we are getting the lawn mowed. Having said the crap weather we have had turned out to be great for my hostas. They are looking great and the huge one is expanding down the bed. Since I transplanted a couple of plants a couple of years ago - I hope that they meet in middle. That’s the best bed we have.

    Otherwise we aren’t going to do too much this year. I put a note on the door across the street, to see if he would rent it to us. He is trying to sell it - even had an offer, but they found a problem, which he had to fix, so they back out. It probably won’t happen but it was worth a shot.

    We aren’t going over to the house on the weekends. So today I did laundry downstairs. It wasn’t that bad -certainly nice to have an hour & half of quiet. That’s my life right now.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   05/22/2021  at  06:48 PM  

  144. I’m alive - my phone -not at all. It died yesterday. My hubby had bought a phone but a couple of tries didn’t work, this time it did. I really don’t like a new surface and a new phone. I think my head might explode, but I’m trying to deal.

    And that’s about it for my life - no home, shut in a room. And before this, I thought my life was boring.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   05/25/2021  at  01:12 PM  

  145. Sorry about your situation. Try to get outside when you can. Hit the library and find a new author to get into. Binge watch the Mare of Easttown miniseries on HBO ... it’s a rather dark small town murder mystery, rather similar to the original Broadchurch series on BBC, but the lead character has all kinds of issues. The vampire series True Blood is a hoot, it ran for 6 years so there are loads of episodes.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/28/2021  at  10:47 AM  

  146. I have gotten the newest books from the library by my 3 favorite (now) authors, just finishing a Rizzoli & Isles book. Have a Bones one on hold.

    The problem is - we are on the east side of town, don’t know the area, where things are and hubby has been going to the house most days. It kinda sucks right now, but is going to suck worse next month, when the daughter has to actually go into work and they might be starting to work on the house. Then I will be stuck here to keep an eye on the son. I think it’s just being shut up in one room.

    Obviously, the guy across the street wasn’t interested in renting. I kind of hope he doesn’t get any interest for a while (like 6 to 9 months)! I think I’ll set my daughter on looking up the house she’s really good at it and has her computer here.

    Be prepared - you might get hit with the cold spell - went from the 70s to maybe hitting 57 today. And here I am without a coat.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   05/29/2021  at  06:17 AM  

  147. I think that both the stories are meant solely to keep the sheeple in line for their ‘jab’. My Dad is rolling over in his grave of this demeaning of both the medical profession and it’s words and the English language in particular.

    The air quality guy is at the house - so we are going to find out how much of the house has to be torn up & replaced. One of the ladies here at the hotel has been here for three months. She & her two dogs just got off oxygen after the electrical fire at her home. At least the stuff we are losing isn’t anything we care about.

    I guess that’s it for me - although I find it a tad bit righteous that blm is imploding. One founder has exposed it’s hypocrisy and another just quit over being hypocritical by
    buying a million dollar house. The truth sucks when you’re a liberal grifting off others pain and poverty.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/01/2021  at  11:48 AM  

  148. Oh heck, my comment just went bye bye.

    Ling story short Fauci lied people died. And the emails are flying to prove it.

    It was (or is appearing to be) a pack of lies to get rid of Trump.

    I just hope that the real irony and poetic justice will be that ‘the majority’ of the people stop listening to and believing the corrupt politicians and their lying propaganda machine - the Fake Media.

    We did Asian for hubby bd - he got Korean bulgogi. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it. Haven’t had since KY days - the 90s.So I guess, I’ll have to learn how to make it.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/04/2021  at  02:11 PM  

  149. We have had two wrong way drivers on the interstate highways in less than a week. The first one didn’t cause any accident, the second, yesterday, killed a mother and her children. I am beginning to think that a number of these unusual situations that are becoming more often are ‘suicide by’ situations. Just too odd that these are occurring one right after the other now. A year of being shut up and, here we are almost half way through this year and stuff is just now opening - sort of. It is enough to drive the weak to desperation and make the predators even more raging.

    Nice to see Joe Manchin standing up against his party. Meanwhile, the Rino twins - Romney and Ryan are doing all they can to drag the gop back to it’s surrender to get a piece of the corruption pie. Also noted our vaulted, truthful media put out the Romney/Ryan story before they put forth the one that Trump still has a firm grip on the gop. Hmm, I wonder why.

    I still marvel - that the two gop presidents I admire most are former democrats. It’s something one of these idiot pundit’s should look into and the democrat party should worry about.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/07/2021  at  07:36 AM  

  150. you know, I used to hear that the definition of a conservative was a liberal who had been mugged. Having lived on the other side, maybe Reagan and Trump both brought some “reality based” views to the table, along with sharp minds and brave souls.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/07/2021  at  11:10 AM  

  151. So todays excitement - not - the fire alarm went off this morning. It did not do my heart or stress levels any good. Seems some idiot was smoking in his/her room. I was checking on the kittens - after resettling the son in his room - that the fire truck drove up. Fun times.

    Not much else going on around here - pouring rain and cicadas. Whoo!

    Almost forgot - a mass shooting left 17 injured in Cleveland. Media informed us that no suspects were identified. Since they followed up with a running total of shootings in the area - with no comment on race of injured or shooters. I know the game well - the longer it takes to identify people, they end up being the usual race.

    And there are still people who believe the Media is telling them the truth.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/08/2021  at  04:12 PM  

  152. So Fauci speaks and the sheeple rush out and get the not FDA approved vaccine that has not (in real scientific testing) established the long term negatives or possible permanent complications (that can’t be sued for in the future) and now he’s back to spewing all the lies again.

    The Houston hospital fired 178 medical employees for not getting the ‘jab’. These people have no concern for common sense, individual medical situations that over ride taking the vaccine - won’t even touch the religious aspect - which like all things democrat - some religions are more equal/correct than others.

    I’m tired of all the lies and the sheeple buying it, hook, line and sinker.

    The latest on the house - the contractor didn’t like the air quality test done, so he is going to hire another company to do a touch test before they start. He says soft items like the couch should be dumped.

    It’s always something.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/10/2021  at  03:43 PM  

  153. So, how rich. Daily Wire has a follow up article on the usual suspect that snatched the one twin, killed it and threw his body into the street. Our killer ‘kid’ had an ankle monitor on when he was arrested. Also, noted in the story, was that the mother of the twins had been searching for them. Dad snatched them, stashed them with the girlfriend and then disappeared. The feral killer ‘kid’ had an arrest warrant for breaking into another house on the street, hence the ankle monitor.

    The problem is that none, not a one, of the ‘solutions’ created by meddling into un-Constitutional areas and then mangled by other politicos in future years, are not doing their ‘missions/jobs’ appropriately any more. Cops arrest, the perps get bail (and then actually bails) or probation and then simply go out and commit more crime. Rinse, repeat, on and on. The lawyers rig the system against the citizens, in favor of letting ‘petty’ criminals go and the criminals just go on and get more dangerous. And the cops get frustrated with the millionth time of encountering the same perps, same crime and with the least little provocation - shoot to kill, to end the crime game once and for all. Welfare has created a feral underclass culture of angry, bitter women, shiftless and irresponsible men and feral children who have no control or even civilized behavior.

    And it starts in the family. My next door neighbor is an immigrant from Nigeria. He & his family are Christians. His eldest son is a biologist (so is the Dad, retired now) in CA. They are writing a book together. He has two children still at home. The older boy is in high school, he dresses well, leaves on time for school. He does what we did and alternates driving with a friend. His Dad bought him a nice car. The daughter is in middle school. They keep their place neat, grow veggies - I assume are used in dishes from Nigeria. Quiet, very pleasant people. He wrote a book highlighting the differences between American blacks and African blacks. I noticed that he highlighted education as one of the keys.

    Of course, that was also one of the the systems that the politicians destroyed when they created a dept. to ‘improve’ it. I just don’t get how so many people seem to choose not to see reality, or simply don’t care any more. Of course, more than two generations of the ‘unintended consequences’ of politicians meddling where they never should be has dumbed down most of the people and those who got ‘theirs’ in any number of the ‘good times’ - keep voting them in too, to keep the majority of the people stupid, so they can feel superior, too. And maybe get an in to the seat of power. And the people in the middle - slave away to pay taxes to fund this nonsense and suffer the crime and once in a while get a sane politician in to rein in a bit of the bs.
    I’m off to the disaster house to get the irreplaceables out of the bad zone.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/12/2021  at  07:26 AM  

  154. Back again. On Townhall is an article about the Chinese defector confirming that But Covid is lab made, etc. Once again - Fauci lied, people died.

    On American Thinker is this

    The two presidents hadn’t talked much in the months since Obama left office,” writes Dovere of Bush and Barack Obama, “though their staffs, along with Clinton’s and George H.W. Bush’s, were on email chains that featured rapid-fire Trump mocking and consoling one another over the state of the republic.” As someone who voted for both Bushes, reading this made me cringe.

    Once again, proof that most of the ‘representatives’ are corrupt. Politicians lied, people died.

    And finally, Senator R. Johnson kicked off youtube for cheerleading hydoxychloroquine and Vitamin D.

    Gotta love the corrupt still lying after all this time.

    Meanwhile, a quick drive to find a post office, became a serious lost in the city I grew up and massive frustration. I pulled into a parking lot and called the daughter who gave me the exact same directions. So she did some fiddling online and discovered it’s an open ‘mall’ full of stores and the PO is in the back. So no name of this area (the huge signage is on the main street) or no simple in the Kroger area.

    At the house earlier, intending to mow the lawn. Alas it was soaking wet, by the time it was dry - it was pushing 90. So we stashed some irreplaceable stuff in the basement and got the laundry done.

    And so it goes.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/12/2021  at  03:35 PM  

  155. Thanks for these updates. I would like to read your neighbor’s book if it gets published, but I know exactly what he is talking about. Actual Africans come over here, see the opportunities, and work 3 jobs while attending school. They are appalled by American blacks behaviors, outlooks, and lack of motivation.

    Shifting gears, why would the soft stuff in your house need to be tossed? Surely it can’t be asbestos saturated can it? Or did you have a black mold problem as well?

    Regarding your other comment, once again we see that it’s really the Uniparty.

    Good for Senator Johnson. And I think that any social media platform that has the abhorrent gall to censor an elected government official ought to be severely punished. Shot, hung, set on fire, IRS investigation (if we could trust the IRS), Sherman Anti-Trust, etc. In the words of my anti-heroine Greta Thungberg, “How dare they!!??!”

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/15/2021  at  11:52 AM  

  156. The good news is that the guy the contractor hired said there is no asbestos in the air. It only gets in the air when people step on the broken tiles. Solution - putting old sheets on the broken areas. And thus we probably won’t lose much stuff.

    The son’s dermatologist said today, that it takes years for asbestos to cause mesothelioma. That both hubby & I have to do annual lung ct,s is a good thing too. It seems, given his history, the son may have developed an allergy to latex. So now we have to use nitrile gloves. It’s always something.

    On one of the northeast laws (there are a bunch of various ‘state’ laws now) - the only baby deer not to touch are those hidden in the woods. Fawns found can be carried back to the woods or even rehabbed and returned as it isn’t human touch/scent that causes problems. It’s sad that the fawn didn’t make it. Perhaps that us why the doe brought it to humans.

    I’ll try to get my hubby to put the house pics on a flash drive so I can email what is going on to you. I need to get kitty pics on one too. I feel so helpless without our set up and I don’t know what I’ll do, if he dies before me. The kids, while much better with computers than I, aren’t tolerant of my lack of skills.

    I’ll ask my hubby to get the title of the book for you. Online all I can I can find is his professional works - apparently he was a prolific researcher/writer. 121 professional papers and the book with his son. The one he gave us, was a fictional work.

    I guess that’s about it - when going to a grocery store is exciting - it’s an indicator of how boring things are.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/15/2021  at  03:40 PM  

  157. The harsh fact of nature is that prey species breed at a high rate and suffer high fatality rates. Probably half the fawns born don’t survive their first few weeks. Since we have an awful lot of deer around here, and it’s fawning time, we are seeing injured or dead ones nearly every day.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/18/2021  at  12:29 PM  

  158. Yes, back in the day, when my Dad and his Dad hunted in Montana - my Dad shot Bambi’s Mother. When they went to get the doe, they found Bambi. The wildlife people told them what to feed her and when to change food and call them when the spots started to fad. Then they would come get her and put her with the herd in the area. Those were the days! I haven’t seen a deer (in our back yard) for more than a year.

    Finally, the contractor might get off his butt, now that the air quality guy that he hired, put another quash on all of us dying from asbestos, he’s got to get to work. And the insurance company has started ponying up some money. So maybe we will move forward. Finally.

    The title of my neighbor’s book is The Cradle and The Bed. His name is Oyebode Olakanmi. I can’t find it on amazon, but maybe Half Priced Books might have it. Just checked - half price has it. It took a while for me to get into - as I didn’t see it as a comparison of two cultures.

    Read a piece by a guy born in America, but expat to Africa. His views were interesting, he thinks that CRT is a distortion of Christianity (he’s a minister) and that the key is putting the past to rest and forgiving. I hope that people start listening. Because more crap like went on in the aftermath of the Floyd death isn’t going to endear most people too the reparations/CRT crap.

    I must be a mutant. I want to simply live in peace and be left alone to live my life as I see fit. I don’t understand people who want to force others to agree with them. Whatever happened to live and let live? We are humans - very similar, but not carbon copies. Getting tired of this crap real quick. My new idea of reparations - a one-way ticket back to your home of origin/Africa.  Return and it’s an automatic 10 year jail sentence. And then deportation.

    I guess that’s my thoughts for the day. a a

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/18/2021  at  02:19 PM  

  159. I am back, finally. Too long a weekend. At least now, the birthdays and parent holidays are over - so we won’t be carrying in massive amounts of food for a while.

    So we discovered the reason, this is moving so slowly. The contractor needs the work done, the report filed and payment approval, before the next step. The next step now, is the guys in protective gear to come pack up all the stuff and move it out. Followed by more guys in gear to pull up all the carpet and flooring. Then we move into putting it all back together again.

    Had an appointment with my other pulmonary doc. It takes about 20 years for asbestos inhalation to develop the serious lung problems. Because it causes plaque and fibrous material in and on the lungs (and cancer, too). But those take a lot of time. People who develop any of the problems in less than 20ish years are mostly smokers. I laughed and said, I won’t be alive in 20 years.

    The next thing to go on the house will be Saturday. Which gives us time to mow the lawn. And just take it easy. Daughter brought some cat toys from home. Our old kitty went wild, had a grand old time playing with his one.

    I can’t imagine risking my child’s entire life, just to get some money. But then, Wolfgang Puck is offering $120K for servers and can’t get anyone. What are these people going to do - do they think that they can simply transition to welfare? And never work again? And are they so stupid as to believe that the government really has trillions of dollars a year to keep everyone on some sort of ‘government handout’?

    The people really have been dumbed down, massively.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/22/2021  at  07:11 AM  

  160. We just tried Freshly. The food was good, but it veered from no seasoning to too much seasoning to finish the entire meal. Hubby and I are going to try two more meals before we call it. We decided to try it, as they offer microwave meals sent fresh.

    Using the guy’s own words - Holy shit, how did I miss this?

    In 2018, Larry Correia practically predicted Biden’s attitude (h/t: Glenn Reynolds):

    I’ve had a Caring Liberal tell me that the example of Iraq doesn’t apply, because “we kept the gloves on”, whereas fighting America’s gun nuts would be a righteous total war with nothing held back… Holy shit, I’ve got to wonder about the mentality of people who demand rigorous ROEs to prevent civilian casualties in a foreign country, are blood thirsty enough to carpet bomb Texas.

    You really hate us, and then act confused why we want to keep our guns? [it’s from an American Thinker article this morning]

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/24/2021  at  06:07 AM  

  161. Yeah, I saw that one. I think it’s on Instapundit too.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/24/2021  at  11:17 AM  

  162. So the daughter and I went shopping, yesterday, not a good thing. But I found a Keto Tropical Mango shake mix. It’s good. Found sandals that actually have a decent sole and arch support. Bought the cat a harness and a small cat tree so he can see out the window. Still on the hunt for some food stuffs we are used to. Hubby at house, as the guys to clear out all the broken tiles are coming to work. Next will be the movers to clear all the rooms.

    The second batch of Freshly were better, so we are going to try a few more packs. The same old, same old gets really old, especially when we are limited on our cooking options.

    I’m trying to use the treadmill while the laundry is drying. Starting slow and short until I get back to daily walking again.

    And most of the rest of our time is boring as heck. This got old real fast.

    Almost forgot - the heart complications are just another reason, I won’t be getting this test shot. Hubby read somewhere that a piece of pre-historic something or the other had covid. Yeah, right - just like it came from bats. Just another lie.

    Oh and on Townhall, in the comments - on the racist Rotunda article - Someone made a comment about Trump dismantling Federal Government agencies.  Of course comments flew about such a stupid comment, until someone asked - name one Federal Government agency did Trump dismantle. The first response was priceless - CNN!

    Now I know why America is in the trouble it’s in, the idiots reproducing and voting.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   06/28/2021  at  02:58 PM  

  163. I saw that one too. 20,000 years ago there was an outbreak. In China of course!!

    Since then we’ve adapted; our genes altered, and that change stays with the human race FOREVER.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/30/2021  at  01:03 PM  

  164. Pods to be dumped in the driveway on Tuesday. Packing up & out on Wednesday. Finally, we are getting somewhere. Maybe we will be back in the house by Christmas.

    If we can stay sane that long,

    The tablet has become the thing to have - so I rarely get much time during the day. Still doing the treadmill, can’t get anyone else to even consider joining me.

    I can’t comment on the news -we are avoiding most of it, to keep sane.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/02/2021  at  07:58 PM  

  165. Happy Fourth of July!

    Not much going on here. Just got back from doing the laundry - since everyone else is asleep - I get to use my tablet.

    Fun Times.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/04/2021  at  02:07 PM  

  166. Well, it continues to veer back into things going wrong. Guys in pack - at the house Tues, Wed and today. Now they will be here tomorrow, too. Every time I think it’s getting better, it goes right back to problems. Hubby asked me today about the sink, I couldn’t even remember what it was like. Of course today was cleaning day and I have to wrangle the kittens from her room.

    I keep up with the news, but it frustrates me too much.

    We had to replace our a/c unit. Original - so we figured that was a given. As I said, rebuilding the house bit by bit. I guess it happens. The house at the end of our street, has been empty for more than three years. Whoever owned it went to Florida/wherever every winter. I assume died in said place and they finally went in a couple of months ago and cleared it out. Speaking of which, I got a phone message - “I was driving around the neighborhood and saw your property, if you are interested in selling, give me a call”. Hubby wonders how she got my phone number. In this day and age -it’s almost a given to be able to find that info.

    Did you see the article on americanthinker - about the domestic terrorism which is fact free fact sheet and pushes, oops my bad, extolls government spending. And I was bored and went to youtube. First, was a clip entitled Brent Spiner in the role that made him famous. And President Joe Biden holds a press conference/Jeff Dunham.

    Well I guess that is all, other than liar Fauci now putting out that because of the Delta variant, even the vaccinated should wear masks. Cooperation amongst the sheeple must be waning. And, OH gov admitted that his vax a million contest, didn’t increase people getting vaccinated. Like we didn’t expect either thing to happen.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/08/2021  at  09:23 PM  

  167. After today, stuck in the car with a/c that just wasn’t doing the job - sucks. Just went to the house and the 3 rooms are empty. they had to take the piano to their warehouse, because they couldn’t get it any where in the house, other than the rooms being stripped. Next is to remove the rest of the crap flooring & carpet. They have to replace all the cabinets because they are so old and cheap, they can’t match them. And in the living room and front hallway, they have to paint them, because they had to tear out rotten pieces of wall.

    Some days it seems like we are sailing along, others I feel like we will be here until Christmas.

    Trump’s lawsuit against big tech, should be interesting. A lot of people can be called for being censored by big tech.

    Gotta go, they want dinner. And people/family wonders why I don’t update often.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/12/2021  at  04:59 PM  

  168. We didn’t have that headache, when our a/c went. Which surprises me, given what we went through with the roof and now this.

    So today, they are coming in hazmat gear to get rid of all the flooring - now that all our stuff is gone. That may go on until tomorrow.

    Today is room cleaning day - so I have to wrangle the kittens to our room. Deal with the son and somewhere in there, do a load of laundry.

    I can’t wait until this is over.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/15/2021  at  06:44 AM  

  169. I have been wondering how the a/c search has gone. Great that it is working out.

    I just got a keyboard for my tablet. We went home to mow and do laundry. I got the front done with a couple of hits on my inhaler. In the sun, it was just so hot. Despite that, the back was still in the shade and was still wet, so hubby didn’t get much done, except the laundry. And I left my phone at the house. At least, hubby has to go back again tomorrow.

    I have to send you some pictures of the empty rooms. But I’ve barely posted any on fb. Just too much and too little to do stuck in one room. Oh, since it’s summer, we now have kids flooding the place on the weekends for tournaments. Fun times. NOT!

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/20/2021  at  06:42 PM  

  170. So I forgot why I wanted to comment. Seeing a lot of articles against the vaccine. But the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons came up with two of the most salient points. As to the actual ‘vaccine’ - where are the statistics on adverse reactions and why aren’t they being done like the new drug advertisements, with all of the possible reactions and contradictions included. Their second main point was the absolute illegality of people going door to door to ‘encourage’ people to get the ‘vaccine’ violates every aspect of medical care in America (hippa et al). Not to mention that every emt, tech and nurse assistant, requires a set of conditions and a credentialing process. Lay people have no legal right to discuss medical decisions with strangers. They demanded that the program be dismantled. They also stated that the government doesn’t belong in medicine, as it violates the 4th Amendment.

    I hope this spreads across America. Enough is enough of the lies and attempts to control us, forever. Meanwhile, the rouge dems from TX seem to be the newest super spreaders. How damn righteous. Or is it proving that this really isn’t a vaccine? And I saw a headline this am, about ‘the anti-vaccine’ channel. Like every gop/trump supporter watches fox news (which I assume is the channel they are talking about). Talk about lies and disinformation!

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/20/2021  at  07:14 PM  

  171. So the best laugh I’ve had in a long time (from the comments on a Townhall article liberal reporter’s reason for lagging vaccine numbers)

    Two lab rats sitting in a cage:
    Lab rat 1: Hey, did you get your COVID vaccination yet?
    Lab rat 2: Nope, it’s still being tested on humans.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/21/2021  at  06:57 PM  

  172. The contractor finally got as tired of the lagging of the insurance company, they are going to start the wall repair & painting after just sending the receipt for the final abatement. So work starts Monday! Yeah.

    Meanwhile nothing much happening here - other than housekeeping is getting worse and even when on they come they only do one or two things - she didn’t vacuum our room.

    It’s getting hard to be nice sometimes.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/24/2021  at  03:44 PM  

  173. Glad that is all done. As usual, nothing goes right in this house. They started the wall repair and a part of the plumbing repair broke. He finally got there today. They filled the 4 or 5 holes behind the stove. Since it was the original stove - is it Coppertone? I know that the frig was Harvest Gold. But the contractor agreed with us that the house was built poorly and that the previous ‘owners’ were cheap ass flippers. They found open spaces, to the attic, in addition to those mysterious holes behind the stove. And they found two wall plugs not attached to a stud.

    And so it goes. This happens more often than people really know. The nurse who put the iv in for my test yesterday, also had to leave her home. Only one room and only for a few weeks.

    I’m so over this and can’t wait until school starts. Tired of unruly and out of control children. It must suck to be a teacher today. Meanwhile, my d-i-l homeschools the 4 youngest kids. They are so well behaved quiet and wouldn’t think of touching anything in our house without asking. And they all know a lot about what they should know for their ages. Of course they have the money to be able to provide music lessons, gymnastics, horse riding and other activities.

    Well, I should try to accomplish something today.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   07/29/2021  at  01:06 PM  

  174. I’m tired of it all. We have become pariahs around here - people are refusing to get into the elevator with us. I take it, sort of, because a hotel is full of - not local people. But those are the people pushing the vaccine, promoting the the passport, and blaming the unvaccinated for all the cases, deaths and need to ‘perhaps’ shutdown again. I’m not stupid, I know the delta isn’t the ‘claimed’ killer that the original was. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. And I know that there are long existing, tested and used medications that would have stopped this in it’s tracks and possibly saved a lot of lives.

    In essence, I’m just tired of it all. Lairs, haters, and criminals telling me, I’m scum, stupid and at fault. Bite me.

    I went to the house the other day - it’s all repaired, painted and we submitted suggestions for floors and cabinets. You would not believe the crap that the contractor has found -basically it’s amazing that this house is still standing, with all the changes made over the years. Apparently, most were by the the worst possible ‘contractors’, cheapest products and done by blind, retarded illegal foreigners.

    We have gotten taken on a lot of our big ticket purchases - and we should just learn to say No. But we are stuck for now.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/01/2021  at  04:10 PM  

  175. Oh, the Olympics suck. I hate listening to the ‘commenters’ (worse are the Sky Sports who took over Formula 1) and of course all the surrender to the cause de jour. I so wanted to watch the Equestrian and the Para Olympics. Good luck finding anything much more than a wrap up. You can show something as stupid as skate boarding, but ignore that the horses have been part of it for a long, long time.

    And don’t get me started on the Biles situation. She is the definition of an Olympic athlete, being purposely cheated out of a final big win, a true survivor and years older than her team mates and competitors. If her depression or a mental freeze took over, what the hell - if she had fallen and broken her ankle or leg, she’d been done forever. It’s why the teams send alternatives. What she did was better then jeopardizing her life.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/01/2021  at  04:25 PM  

  176. Wow a week, what the heck have I been doing? We picked flooring on Friday. Exciting, not really -guys at the contractors warehouse are a lot less pushy than in public stores. We went to Jungle Jim’s after. Kind of a bust - as some of our choices weren’t on the shelves and the Jenni’s (of notorious Pelosi ‘let them eat ice cream @ $1200/quart’ fame) are all new flavors that are weird. So I got the son a Tellimook Birthday cake ice cream. It’s good and does taste like a yellow cake. We did Mexican for dinner. Eating out is wrecking havoc on all my numbers - but I enjoy not cooking all the time and it tastes good.

    I will go look for that providone iodine worth having on hand, at the very least.

    Otherwise, life in a room sucks more and more, every day. I can’t wait until school starts, at least then the kids will be gone.

    At least I found a line, actually two, one sell 4 Keto vanilla ic bars with chocolate covering. Tastes just like a klondike bar. The other is a super fruit frozen bar - the Kroger had a huge box out front for a while, then moved it back to the ‘sell it to get rid of it’ area. I love them, three flavors (blueberry/pomegranate, strawberry lemon and mango/orange). Usually, never been a fan of frozen pops of any, not ice cream, kind, but these are small but so flavorful and something totally different then the usual dreck. And in a world of so many NOs, it’s nice to have some oks.

    I could go on and on about living in a hotel but just the (it seems) daily screw ups with housekeeping - it’s getting old. Nice people but they just don’t seem to get it right at all.

    The para Olympics start on the 24th. I’m pushing it - because they are quite amazing to watch, but also because the olympics has sold out and barely gives a nod to these people.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/09/2021  at  01:33 PM  

  177. Your meeting takes me back to almost all of the different meetings during my army wife years. It’s one of the reasons that I quit joining groups. I have no time and temperament for such nonsense anymore. I consider myself retired and don’t care to be bothered.

    I got the povidone-iodine in the swabs - to do our noses - if the need arises. Should anyone here get it, will find a doctor to get ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. A friend got the new covid, been in the hospital a few days, now moved to a rehab center as she is still on oxygen. They have never worn masks, travel (she has to go to NIH (Baltimore?) as she has von hippel-landau disease). She is 68.

    Gotta go - time got away from me. That dog video was cute. Man, I think it’s a great day, if I can even touch my cat - let alone teach him anything beyond the meow mix song on my phone means it’s meal time.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/13/2021  at  07:31 AM  

  178. I’m here - I had a missive about to post.

    Short - going nuts here, Biden* sucks and I doubt he is involved in anything given this new ‘vacation’ excuse. we should have nuked afghanistan until it glowed, salted it til nothing would grow, carpet bombed the mountains until they were fine sand and dirt and had a few ‘oops’ over the borders in Pak i stan and I ran, they will now re group, take back Iraq and start all over again. And all the corrupt in DC will blame it on Trump. The dems - selling out America and costing innocent American lives - every chance they get. Oh and while those fools in DC are ‘terrified’ of good ole southern white boys - the real dangerous terrorists to the world, they set free.

    It’s raining here - thus no outside work at the house and I hate this place. Even a door between the bed and the living/eating area would give a small break/privacy. I’m so over this.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/16/2021  at  02:25 PM  

  179. When my mom’s garage burned a few years back, she and my brother had to live in hotels for 3 months. They were going crazy. They didn’t want to go near a restaurant for a couple years after that, they were so tired of eating out.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/17/2021  at  06:55 AM  

  180. I’ve reached the point that I’m about to go to the taking out food again, every day. I went off yesterday I just had enough of everyone sitting around and doing nothing with no real privacy.

    I can’t imagine the concept that grabbing onto an airplane and falling to their death is better than what will be happening on the ground.

    And he’ll blame it on Trump.

    The criminals are running the institution and the rest of us are going to pay the price.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/17/2021  at  12:59 PM  

  181. WM there are several articles up at American Thinker you may want to read ...

    and there is no evacuation going on at all. Even if they’ll pay the $2000 demanded. NONE:

    Biden surrendered Bagram Airfield on July 4. That date was not by accident. He had planned to pull everyone out on September 11. No calendar accident there either.
    I fully expect the Tali to have mass executions of Americans that day, on the grounds of our former embassy. Will anyone ever wake up to the reality that this entire administration are traitors to the US of A? Probably not, as I read that a post-Kabul poll shows 54% think Biden did a great job running away from Afghanistan. This whole news cycle is nauseating.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/20/2021  at  01:37 PM  

  182. Biden* has destroyed the Democrat ‘brand’. I thought that Obama did it - but they are going to find some tough times ahead - especially if they keep trying to shut things down.

    Another duplicity of the Democrats - ‘terrified’ of the good ole boys white supremacists from Jan.6th, but have no problem letting the actual PROVEN world wide terrorists -get back in control.

    And I think that anyone involved with the Armed Services, Dept of Defense and Homeland Security - should have military experience. This is just another duplicitous aspect of the Dem party - JFK set up the Peace Corps - because, he felt that everyone should serve their Nation for at least two years. There are times that I really believe two things - that Sen Joe McCarthy was right and that the Dem Party was behind the Kennedy assassinations (RFK, too). They bamboozled LBJ into the Civil Rights Act (while not voting for it, to keep their creds) and like the last immigration bill, that they backed Regan into signing - then they blithely sit back and ignore the laws that they pass and watch the destruction of America begin.

    I can’t understand why the Left/Dens/insane hate Trump so much. He was them - rich, serial womanizer and a ‘celeb’. But he made the trifecta of mistakes - actually being happily married, getting right with life/God and loving America and wanting to fix it.

    That these rabid anti-Americans were and are willing to let Americans die (2020) or be killed (next islamic terror attack) to advance their power hold.

    Time for Americans to stand up and say - Not No, but HELL NO.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/21/2021  at  07:00 AM  

  183. Unless the next crop of terrorists get their hands on some serious nukes, they won’t kill anywhere near as many Americans as the Dems did with the Covid, by ignoring generations of medical knowledge, denying effective treatments, keeping silent on simple ways to boost your immune system, ignoring any and all actually effective prophylactic measures, while pushing only for genetic therapy vaccines, that were based on a concept that has been failing for many years. And now half the country is chock full of spike proteins, serious pathogens in their own right, while DemMSM Nazi vax passport madness sweeps the country, forcing segregation everywhere, causing unemployment, and completely ignoring the actual medical science they claim to worship. Now that the worthless jabs are showing themselves to last less than a year, the next round of jabs is coming. And then the next, as the fizzle of Delta is now giving way to the next fear porn variant Gamma. Or is it Lambda?

    Not to mention the economic and mental harm they have done to hundreds of millions of us.

    90% of all our Covid deaths could have been prevented. NINETY PERCENT. But the nursing home murderer governors skate, the obscene liars who run the Big Gov Big Med pyramid skate, and the goddamn KGB who runs social media censorship at the current government’s behest don’t even get noticed.

    They should all hang.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/21/2021  at  04:42 PM  

  184. Facebook has a new ‘entry’ #protectyourfamily - pretty much anti-vaccine. But in real world situations. A nurse on the board, who is being terminated on Dec 1 (deadline to being forced to be vaccinated) - said that these vaccines failed in Stage 2 (all the animals died). Have you seen this anywhere? However, if anyone would know that - wouldn’t it be someone in the medical fields - who just might get the opportunity to read the inserts with the vaccines and/or the detailed studies.

    I’m glad that the truth is getting out - even if it is just on Facebook (probably Twitter too (given the hashtag)

    Trump had a massive rally in Alabama - yet he lost to Biden*

    And yes - the Dems are at fault for the millions who died of Covid and now are being permanently disabled/altered by this so-called vaccine.

    The scary part is that it was/is all intentional, Why don’t more people see it/believe it?

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/22/2021  at  06:44 AM  

  185. I’ve heard rumors, but that’s all. The UK Oxford vax didn’t do much to protect the monkeys, and the antibody level isn’t that great. There are dozens of Covid vaccines out there, and plenty more in the works, and far more that never made it past early testing. So that rumor may have come from there. Most new drugs fail, which shows our testing method is actually pretty rigorous and safe.

    The mRNA vaccine concept is not new, but it has failed for every other disease it’s been tried against in the past. Perhaps animal testing mortality was part of that.

    In general, animal testing is done long before a vaccine makes it even to Stage 1, the small scale human safety test. Stage 2, often called Phase 2, is moderate size efficacy testing. Does this thing do what we want, without significant side effects. Phase 3 is large scale testing, usually involving 1000s of people, with long term follow up, randomized controlled testing (RCTs), placebo controls, etc.

    If you find something, a link to a report, post it!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/24/2021  at  07:05 PM  

  186. ;googling’ Operation Warp Speed - it does say ‘...vaccine candidates and found that their development followed traditional practices, with some adaptions. For example, some clinical trial phrases overlapped each other and with animal studies to accelerate development.’

    I just keep asking why the powers to be are so insistent that everyone get the shot, because given the out breaks even among the so-called vaccinated - it’s not a good vaccine for a ‘deadly’ pandemic.

    Our government weasels at work - son got a missive from his Medicaid group - the missive said - get the Covid-19 vaccine and get a $50.00 gift card to Wal Mart, inside all the disclaimers and languages available pages - was a slick card that said - get the Covid-19 vaccine and get a $100.00 gift card. We pay taxes for them to use it to bribe people to get their shot. And they can’t even get that right.

    And still people don’t ask why?

    I don’t know, if you get the same weather or not - but if you do - brace yourself for wicked heat. I never sweated so much in years (even in Texas - it’s a dry heat). Now it’s been raining off and on.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/25/2021  at  02:11 PM  

  187. Still one of the best sites on the web DREW.
    Love the story on Montana today, land of my ancestors actually, so kudos to them for telling all and sundry to fuck the hell off.
    Keep it up buddy.
    two_thumbs_up  two_thumbs_up  two_thumbs_up  two_thumbs_up  two_thumbs_up

    Posted by Rich K    United States   08/25/2021  at  06:01 PM  

  188. I always loved our time in Montana. And they sent a woman to the US House of Representatives- four years before women got the vote. Just wish more states were as Freedom and Forward thinking.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/26/2021  at  06:25 AM  

  189. Sorry about your bowling - blame it on Biden* and finally we can have a conspiracy theory that rises to the hysteria of the leftists.

    The Sultan was right - it’s on the Statue of Liberty and it’s dem written and passed immigration laws that they are violating to allow this un-vetted and un-tested horde to cross the border and be bussed (damn and I thought that the dems were against busing,\\sarc off\\ to all over the country. In the end let’s hope it will work in favor of preventing mandates. All of the reasonable and sane things - were ignored from the git go of this virus. Which is simply what we the people have been asking, since the beginning. Why? In the end - with all that has happened, really from June of 2015 - has been political and meant to not only destroy Trump - but conservatives, Constitutionalists and true liberals. While the dems play an ‘anything goes’ behavior - they intend to clamp down as intense (if not worse) than Mao, Pol Pot or Lenin/Stalin ever did. And the virus is their Zyklon B. Get rid of the elderly, the medically compromised and then just have the opponents to wipe out.

    I hope that the mother denied custody - is inundated by freedom leaning lawyers to take up her case. In a similar vein, I was shocked that Yahoo via People got the dead Veteran who died in a Houston hospital correctly. He was in his home hospital for 7 hours, before a ‘bed opened’ in Houston. And the root of the problem was not the ‘beds’ in Houston, but rather that the hospitals there FIRED nurses and staff who wouldn’t get the faux ‘vaccine’.

    Interesting point made in one - two!?! articles I read lately - the #Me Too garbage was stated to take out Trump and backfired by taking out prominent politicos and of course their best friend(s) - Epstein/Weinstein. Too funny - and I guess that’s why they went over the edge and had to unleash Covid on the World.

    I stand by my constant mantra - if you lie about one thing, you will lie about other things. And my question continues to be - Why?

    The LtCol - took the hit, so that he can start to wage the war that needs to be, against a two tiered America. Where the true criminals are not being held accountable.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/29/2021  at  08:58 AM  

  190. I finally read the Blaze article. About time. And the Judge who stripped the Mother’s parental rights - back tracked - saying he didn’t have that authority. Good to see people starting to fight back and/or admit the truth.

    Running late, must run.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   08/31/2021  at  08:43 AM  

  191. Just reading an article on Biden*’s ‘speech’ on the withdrawal - in context of a number of other things I’ve read about that and the But covid lies, now I’m seeing the CRT under attack as well as 1619 and the LtCol who resigned to go after the anti-Americans who allowed the debacle of a ‘withdrawal’ to happen - I’m hoping that one of these crazy leftists with a g** thinks the giggling leftist from CA would be better and ‘fixes’ it. Which we know would probably be a bigger disaster, but would ensure 22 would be a landslide for our side. It is going to be Americans who stop this - we are long past even expecting our side in DC to do anything meaningful. Until Trump comes back.

    Read another thing yesterday from a guy who got a ‘missive’ from a leftist that showed they believe whatever Media that they read - hook, line and sinker. And just spew it back again and again. It made me realize that my nephew never even read what I wrote, couldn’t believe it (because his Media told him the opposite) and there is no talking to them.

    I get now why they are so dangerous, unlike me - I only want to hear, read and speak the truth (it’s why I hate gossip so much) - they want to destroy us.

    Off to the house today - the floor guy is coming by. Then it’s off to spend money on a new sink and stove hood. Because they still work, we have to buy new rather than put the old back. Fun times.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/01/2021  at  05:47 AM  

  192. That video was outstanding. First comment says it all - Do what you want with my music. Just don’t make it boring. Freddie Mercury. I shall get in trouble yet again on FB by posting it. The last was yesterday with a Whose on First But Covid parody. People have no sense of humor anymore. The grammar Nazi in me - loved that aoc joke - make it more rich - (via American Thinker) Dr. Manyguns at some Canadian college wants to do away with capitalization - to make life better for the Indigenous (notice the capitalization) people. If it weren’t for double standards - the left wouldn’t have any standards.

    Man you got the rain harder than we did, a guy in the laundry room said his parents in eastern Ky got terrible flooding. In TN where my daughter lives (Ft Campbell) one area - where the high school her older son went to - got hit hard. We got rain - hubby did the front yard and started the back with the weed eater - as neither of us have done it in a while. It doesn’t dry out until afternoon - which have been ‘feeling like’ 100+ with our humidity. Now we are into the 60s at night. Instant fall!

    Imprimis had an interesting issue - on the end game of the gender crap - making no place safe for women.

    Crappy way to wake up this AM (if I weren’t up yet, cat in my face at 5AM) - the fire alarm went off. Son was dressed (so he can take care of himself) when hubby went to get him down 4 flights of steps. Two fire trucks came. Probably some idiot smoking in their room - again.

    Floor guy came out and measured the rooms - Progress. We are buying a sink and range hood - simply because we don’t want to put 60s crap and a broken hood vent back in.

    Must run too much to do today.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/04/2021  at  07:39 AM  

  193. Well I’m bored to crap and back. Hubby went to pick up the new kitchen sink and to the house to attack some more of the lawn. Forgot to mention that literally days before this disaster happened - I bought a tomato plant and a impatient plant and the daughter bought onion and potato starters. So I run out to get some planters, dirt and plant food - because thanks to the squirrels and a mild winter - our beds are over run with saplings. By the time I could get to it - the onions and potatoes had rotted but we did get the other two and my spider plant into the new planters with fresh dirt and plant food. We have had a fairly good tomato production - given no one is regularly there to water and our recent heat wave (I moved them to a more shaded spot. I’ll probably have to move two of them to the basement (luckily we have daylight bulbs in to dry the stuff that can’t go into the dryer (and health reasons via the son’s dermatologist - and we thought our parents were stupid for putting clothes outside to dry). It’s suppose to get cold here at night.

    You and my hubby find such interesting things. I try and get nothing. Which is partly why I’m bored to crap in this place.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/06/2021  at  12:07 PM  

  194. Glad to hear you and the gal are OK Drew. Keep up the great reporting.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/07/2021  at  08:45 PM  

  195. thanks. No flooding for us. Always live most of the way up a hill. Less wind, no flooding.

    And neither one of us has the But Covid after all this time. Nor are we getting the damn jabs, no matter what.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/08/2021  at  01:06 PM  

  196. Glad to know that you avoided then nastiness.

    So, The Inquisitor files a FOIA request to ‘prove’ that Sen. Rand Paul was wrong in accusing and it did not go as planned. Oops and egg on their face - 900 pages proved that everything Sen. Paul accused - was true.  And they had the decency to publish just that. Now, it remains to be seen if fauxchi will even be dismisses from his position - much less charged with lying to Congress or 1+ year of lying to America.


    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/08/2021  at  02:30 PM  

  197. Fauci is a pos. There is an agenda to destroy America and people need to fight back - now.

    Korean Green Tea with Brown Rice tastes like Brown Rice.

    Our great-grandson, Oliver, was born on Friday.

    It’s all I have right now. (splitting headache)

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/12/2021  at  06:07 AM  

  198. An opinion piece on American Thinker says it all - ‘I will never trust another doctor again.’ It goes to fauxi’s duplicity in this mess (evil personified, I believe was his/probably her words). How doctors played along with the entire boondoggle. In the article that you posted about fauxi - it was his use of discussion that po’d me to no end. Science and Medicine - are NOT about discussions - UNLESS there are multiple avenues toward a cure/positive outcome. THAT is the major reason I won’t take this therapeutic being snake oil sold to us as a vaccine. As the person in the AT article said - I, too, grew up surrounded by doctors in the family. My great-grandfather was in the Whose Who of Homeopathic doctors - Big Pharma killed them decades ago. Can’t have the people using herbs and FOOD to ‘cure’ themselves.

    Except that IF - 90% of the so-called ‘food’ in grocery stores were eliminated (and no I’m not a food elitist/nazi), if the War on Drugs - had been an actual war, if the border and Immigration laws were enforced 100% and if - the politicians and ‘appointed’ Federal workers (again 90% need to be eliminated) and 100% of our tax dollars stayed in/for US purpose/citizens ONLY - we wouldn’t be where we are today.

    I am so damn glad my PC doc and my pulmonary doc - asked about the vaccine and then just dropped it. IF my pulmonary doc is NOT pushing it for me - the politicos and stupid indoctrinated leftists can to to hell. The sooner, the better for America.

    McCarthy was right - and they smeared him to destroy him.

    Trump was right - and they had to lie about him, destroy the American economy and turn citizens on each other to destroy America as Founded. And they failed to destroy him.

    And my Dad, his brother, their Dad and his Dad - are all rolling over in their graves - at all the lies and drivel (jab for instance) being told under the guise of science.

    I think just might drive over to the cemetery to see if all their graves are disturbed.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/14/2021  at  07:02 AM  

  199. I love it when We The People fight back. Hold the line and in given situations, they cave. At 42% - Biden can’t get that much lower, without it hurting the party brand. And here I thought it was Hitlery that damaged it fatally. Oh, wait - there is no low level that the power mad insane won’t stoop to - see Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc for previous examples.

    You might want to read the latest Kathy Reichs Bones novel - The Bone Code.  Passing mention of But Covid but the essence of the book is (maybe) exactly what the heck is going on. Scary stuff, if you can put But Covid in instead of the dog/cat disease. Otherwise, like most of her books - an interesting read.

    In the Epoc Times - someone on a zoom call - leaked it, as the doctor wanted to ‘scare’ more people into taking the faux vaccine by lying about the numbers. It’s an interesting read. If you lie now - have you been lying all along?

    Great about your bowling night. Yes, many sports/recreations are insular and everyone gets to know each other.

    I enjoyed the Scottish cartoon.

    Probably won’t need the IRS numbers - we’s been poor most of our working lives and after a couple of years of feeling that the poverty cloud had lifted (Thank You President Trump), due to Biden’s destruction of the economy - we’s po again. Luckily for us, I’ve been stashing cash for years.

    Oh and the floor guy said - our wait is just as long as for the floor for the rooms/halls other than the kitchen will come in, they have the kitchen in stock. Progress - FINALLY!

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/16/2021  at  12:33 PM  

  200. *drags self in* Hey all, still kickin. Escaped from Amazon. Now at Best Buy Geek Squad fixing computers. It’s a pay cut in the beginning. but needed to be done for my mental health. We got vaxxed early on, honestly, to be able to see family and to go to concerts. Wouldn’t you know it, we still ended up getting Covid last week. Was nothing more than a really annoying cold/flu. Hubs got the worst of it (multiple days of 102° fever, nausea, nasty cough) but we managed to stay out of the hospital. Did one virtual visit with dr and got hubs meds for cough/nausea. Other than that and a steady diet of vitamins, sugar free Gatorate, and Dayquil/Nyquil, we’re now on the mend. Only lost our sense of taste/smell for a couple of days. Out of quarantine on Sun, good thing cause I’m f**kin bored out of my mind, ready to go back to work. Kiddos (ha, the youngest just turned 22 where does the time go?) are doing good. Parents are good, other than 80 yr old dad thinkin he’s 20 yrs younger and Mom’s eyerolls at that being able to be seen from the International Space Station. You know, normal stuff.

    Posted by Severa    United States   09/16/2021  at  03:37 PM  

  201. Severa, always great to hear from you! Glad to read you escaped the Amazon slave pit. I hear the worst stories about those places.

    Sorry to learn that you and yours are breakthrough cases, but glad to hear it was fairly minor and you’ve both recovered. Actually, it’s fairly minor for most of the people who get it, vaxxed or not. We’ve been doing the heavy vitamins, supplements, and mouth wash ting here since March 2020, and we’ve avoided it. So far. Kitty cats are ok here, though Dizzy has her little seizures once in a while but we treat her right away. Families are mostly fine; her dad is in the hospital recovering from some virus ("Not covid!!!” they say) which will take some time, and plenty of PT due to his Parkinson’s and slowly failing heart. Things are looking good at this point, but we’re keeping fingers crossed.

    I think having a big thick book or 3 I haven’t read 20 times already would be a great addition to a covid isolation kit. Problem is I’d have to hide them as I’m such an avid reader.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/20/2021  at  09:10 PM  

  202. I am back - alive again. What’s worse than being shut in a room for months? Not having internet access for 5 days. Especially when that includes a weekend. Oh and we had the kittens Fri. Sat. Sun until 6 - while daughter made money at Comic Con.

    We will pass 6 weeks (the infamous 4 to 6 weeks until we can start work, via the contractor) tomorrow.

    The lady down the hall - has been here since Christmas - of course she had a house fire that she and her two dogs suffered smoke inhalation.

    I do NOT want to be here until Christmas.

    My life sucks - and I don’t have a job to go to to escape it. Hubby is taking the laundry home to do - as we’ve already dropped 200 dollars here at the hotel. I do the treadmill while he does the son’s breakfast. Daughter had to go home to work (yes, it wasn’t a city wide outage) to work.

    The suck - just keeps coming.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/21/2021  at  09:04 PM  

  203. Awesome stuff today DREW, and still the king of humble. How do you do it?
    Love you buddy.
    two_thumbs_up  beerparty  i_love_you  loveyou  loveyou

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/27/2021  at  01:52 AM  

  204. You rock Drew - always get the best stuff. Universal dnr’s and planning vaccine passports two years before - come on leftists - tell me now that this wasn’t a planned political destruction of the elderly/medically dependent and turning the masses into compliant robots.

    Life still sucks and still no word from the contractor.

    Oh and the fire alarm here is going off, like every two weeks. It’s all getting old.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/28/2021  at  06:53 AM  

  205. Thank you, thank you very much. I’ve thought about doing a blog devoted mostly to funny pictures and political cartoons, but I’m too eager to share my opinions and too PO’d by various events to take the easy way out.

    However, I thought this one was great, (linked from Odie’s site Woodsterman):


    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/29/2021  at  03:24 PM  

  206. That is great piece (and I only started reading it). Now I have something sane to do this weekend. We finally got good news - one to two weeks to start work. Finally.

    I completely forgot my duty as a great grandma - i.e. a gift for the baby. Now that I went great grandma crazy - I realized I have to email my d-i-l and get an address for the new family!

    Oh and the daughter ‘forgot’ to give me a bill - ‘it was caught between stuff on my bed’. I worry about her ‘caring’ for her brother after we are gone.

    Hubby enjoyed the pic. Now a laugh for you via my hubby and a site he reads every day.

    A woman goes on twitter and complains - ‘the cis white supremacists at the Jiffy Lube all laughed at me when I brought my Tesla in for an oil change’

    I L O V E it when the holier-than-thou libs show exactly how stupid they are. And most of them, usually do.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   09/30/2021  at  06:33 AM  

  207. Interesting morning reading - cat 15 mins late for breakfast, he just finished yelling at me for that failure.

    Son had a Sat appointment at the therapy place (cincy should consider such a place - 5 or 6 buildings that deal with mental/emotional issues, former prisoners, alcohol, drugs and probably a couple that the other buildings we’ve never been to deal with). But then Butler and Warren counties seem to do much more for those who skate along the lower side of life - than our county does. Even though it’s been a drive - it has worked out. So afterward, we went to the new Aldi which is on the same road and then crossed the street to Rapid Fire pizza for lunch and eventually dinner for all of us. He’s lost his 3rd psychiatrist since 2018 - but I guess it will work out (and he only sees them every 3 months). We should have stayed in TX. I remember every single reason I left OH back in’73.

    Nothing else happens here. At.All.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/04/2021  at  06:11 AM  

  208. So we don’t have to move out today - here until the 21st or 31st (can’t remember). One of the floors we picked is on back order - I really don’t want to go back there. I’ve been watching an HGTV show - NoDemoReno - and I realized that I have no artistic/style ability at all. So hubby’s going to call the guy and tell him to order the closest he can get to what we picked. We are just so tired of it all. Doreen is still here, been here since Christmas. I do not want to be here a year for 3 rooms - which were damaged not destroyed. It took five days to mitigate the flooring and five days to repair the damage and paint. So 10 days to do the last two things - cabinets installed and flooring. And a day to dump our furniture and boxes back in. Two weeks, if and when they get started. of course given this year - it should be so easy.

    Don’t know if you have followed the Sen Sinema ‘bathroom’ assault. Red State has a story on how the feminazis have shown their true colors. This quote below, however, really goes to the real story - behind the ‘story’. Set up first. Occurred at Arizona U, at least one of the ‘activists’ is a criminal illegal invader (her grandfather was deported and dying and she can’t go - because - ‘there is no pathway to citizenship’ (excuse me, given her age, she should have gotten an Obama era DACA card and gotten her application for citizenship via that card - oh wait, maybe she is an anchor baby and doesn’t even know it)). This explains (notice, like most Media crap these days, without actually explaining) what is behind the bill Sen Sinema is avoiding (in regards to the ACTUAL constituents who elected her into office - as AZ has passed some more immigration state laws to protect their border)

    Choose public office, then block your own party’s transformative progressive policy, and people will eventually get mad at you.

    Of course - it means citizenship for millions of illegals is buried in the bill.

    America is hanging on two ‘rogue’ dems - where the hell are the true GOP and Independents to protect us from this dangerous ‘transformation’?

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/06/2021  at  07:04 AM  

  209. Yes, Biden* is pushing to turn the sane people - into the new Jews/n****** - thus giving away the fact as to which party was indeed the party of slavery/nazis. They just can’t help themselves. Like my previous comment - they tell on themselves and when they think they have the power - they expose themselves.

    And then lose power - again.

    I actually read this morning someone trying to ‘convince’ blacks to get the shot because - white people were the experiment subjects. How trite of that person to 1) expect that stupid comment would convince anyone (regardless of education or race) to get a shot, 2) they still don’t realize that the minorities, but blacks especially do not trust any/most medical treatment and 3) I bet a lot of people caught that phrase - experiment subjects. Yeah, like that will go real far to convince anyone to get that shot. I can’t find it - maybe it was in something I got in my email.

    Oh well - that’s about it from boring central - I actually fell asleep at 7:30 last night - I’m so bored to death. Even with finding new tv shows and movies to watch.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/08/2021  at  06:54 AM  

  210. It was Joy Behar who made that idiotic comment about ‘whites being the experiment subjects.
    That comment alone would be my number 1 reason to not take that so-called vaccine - ever. I know she ‘meant’ that the people who were part of the studies to get this crap to EUA status (usually paid participants). Where is the information on those steps of the studies? Where are the ingredients and possible side effects given before you sign on the line? Being offered money, tuition, etc to get the so-called vaccine. I’m thinking that the numbers are truly lower than they are touting and probably because people aren’t buying the bs anymore.

    Saw a meme - probably FB (I know, some of them slip by) - top pick is Biden* with his statement that we should not gather for Christmas this year over it. The second is a football stadium packed to the rim with meanwhile in most of America.

    So the floors start on Wed.(13th) and IF the repair (can you believe, there is a hole in the kitchen - no wonder we have so many bugs) sets quickly - they will be done with the floors on Fri. Contractor - ?!? Haven’t heard much.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/09/2021  at  04:25 PM  

  211. Wardmama, everyone who gets these jabs is STILL an experimental subject. The vaccine that was approved, called Comirnaty, DOES NOT EXIST. Oh sure, it’s the same stuff as Pfizer’s EUA vax, but Comirnaty has legal liability. So there isn’t any, and probably will never be any. On more reason this whole mandate thing is a crock ... an illegal crock, in violation of US Code and the Nuremberg Code. But, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, laws, rights, due process, freedom, and all that other stuff went straight down the crapper because PANDEMIC.

    clap clap clapclapclap ... Let’s go, Brandon!! ... clap clap clapclapclap

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/10/2021  at  11:22 PM  

  212. Oh I know it isn’t a vaccine and I know all these people are test subjects. What the idiots don’t know - is that the poor, immigrants, race/religion the Nation hates/demeans - has ALWAYS been the test subjects for Medical Advancement. That is why I am for 1) animal testing and 2) using products used on animals for years. Instead of sending horses to be slaughtered for meat - use them. I know monkeys/chimps/pigs are closer to humans. But you get my drift. That is what I enjoyed about Tess Gerritsen’s The Bone Garden. She was originally a physician and her first set of books were medical mysteries. This one shows some of the horrible stuff that went on before Medical schools/practice became more humane and civilized.

    The handling of But Covid, the changing of so many medical definitions, the intentional lies and of course the constant beating/berating of those who won’t play along - is NOT medicine. t’s not science. It’s not even bio-warfare. It’s politics - but in it’s worst form - tyranny.

    Happy Columbus Day - and Happy Birthday. I refuse to call it the new woke name. Bless their hearts (the people here when the explorers arrived) - but they were everything that the woke despise. They captured anyone not them - to use as slaves, they would not cooperate (except for the 5 civilized tribes - and a couple of other tribes) with anyone not them (which is why they were removed from power and control) and most of them either fought to extinction or settled for crumbs off the table (except the Miami tribe which each adult gets $80,000 a year just for existing), but even they live in trailers and just drink fire water and breed a new generation of moochers.

    I have no sympathy - my neighbor was born and raised in Nigeria - he has a college degree, been a professor and written a book. He came to America (ask him, when you meet him - where are you from - and he will say Iowa) to make a better life. The man walks more in one day - than I do in a month. They own three cars now (younger son just started at MT Saint Joe Uni. I almost never see any of them being driven (after high school, the son still shares rides). That is what American immigration used to be about. Not sick, unvaccinated (for any diseases) grifters looking to spawn an anchor baby and get onto the social handout bonanza. [Which, Biden*’s open border, is just another reason I see as PROOF that But Covid is a political construct - not a disease to worry about]

    2022 and especially 2024 can’t come fast enough.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/11/2021  at  06:38 AM  

  213. Seems you can buy seeds or freshly ground chiretta on Ebay, so I did, just now.
    So if I do get the commie flu I’m ready, we hope.
    tongue wink

    Posted by Rich K    United States   10/11/2021  at  08:17 PM  

  214. Once again - lied to and kept the easy, safe stuff covered up. Again, just another reason I don’t believe a single thing about this overblown, politicized ‘flu’.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/12/2021  at  07:22 AM  

  215. So the floors start tomorrow - hole is in the dinning room, not the kitchen. Then - I’m planning on home by Valentines Day - to stop with this sad (and totally useless) hope that the end is in sight. First, our Ins Adjuster has vanished into some other world and whoever was appointed to deal with his people - doesn’t answer his phone. The ONLY reason we know how bad it’s gotten - the substitute called the contractor to see, ‘if he was still working on this job’. Thus - no one reads their emails - at all. But in the the end - why we will be waiting until hell freezes over - the cabinets. Contractor even suggested putting a temp counter and utility sink in - so that we can at least live at home. Yepper, that LONG. He found some cheaper pre-done cabinets - but the company went out of business (thank you But Covid).

    Now Doreen’s insurance booked her for 200 days - but then they are rebuilding a house - not fixing rooms.

    I’m getting tired of this crap.

    Meanwhile - read the story out of Louden County VA. Covering up not one but two rapes (one horribly violent) and the father of the violent rape victim who went to the SCHOOL BOARD MEETING to prove their agenda is dangerous - got arrested. I hope some lawyer - helps him sue every single person on that board into poverty. The parents tried to remove the most strident activist on the school board already. Funny (NOT NO - BUT HELL NO) that a raped teenager (ok, two) are not to be believed or protected but the so-called boy- who admitted the rapes - was. Feminazis? #MeToo? #WomenAreToBeBelieved? Not in the face of shoving and forcing sane people into ‘accepting’ the insane predators ‘claiming’ to be girls. Thank goodness that the high school actually called the police on the father (poor man) when she was raped and they had the good sense (because the freak beat her up after the rape) and took her to the hospital which proved the rape. The school staff and the school board members should be arrested = after being sued until their grandchildren are paying on the debt.  The Left always claims we are violent gun toting dangerous terrorists - they should be down on their knees thanking God that the father wasn’t. Our 15 year old daughter been in that situation - I’d be living in KS to be near the prison my husband would be in.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/12/2021  at  01:08 PM  

  216. Yes, I’ve been following the school board stories. The Louden VA one is the worst. Heinous. But they’re all pretty crappy.

    If the revolution needs a place to start, it will start with mom and pop. At the school board meetings, and pushing back against the vax mandates at work and in public.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/13/2021  at  03:10 PM  

  217. Funny - Not. We got a flyer from a guy who wants to be on our school board. Never (even with 3 family members, this house who graduated from the high school)gotten anything since they stopped sending out the alumni reports. We plan to go to the next school board meeting and just sit/stand in the back. However, when the daughter and I went to the food truck event at the high school - all seemed as it always has - our school district should be in TX - as football is a religion there, too.

    I don’t think that the Left realize how bad it’s going to get. While we are NOT the violent terrorists they claim - we can fight back quite well when the push comes to shove.

    I just can’t believe that it’s gotten this far. Proves the gop in dc have failed us so badly. Funny - again - NOT - that the lying duplicitous left screamed bloody murder over the Patriot Act - looking at library book checkouts - while ignoring whatever little sellout citizens is buried in there that will be used to do this IRS tracking of our bank/money flow. I also wonder why people want to do auto pay. Since the woman in Detroit was found dead in her home, after her bank account went empty after she failed to contact SS and they stopped payments. She had been dead 10 years! Also between auto pay and the new ‘online’ banks - good luck - when the gov thugs take over - it will be oh, so easy for them to wipe out all personal funds. But hey, it’s cool to do everything online via my phone.

    Time is getting away from me - must run. Flooring guys actually coming to work today.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/14/2021  at  07:06 AM  

  218. New day - new set back. They have to do another layer of the fix (and it was more than a hole in the living room). So heaven only knows when the flooring will be done, much less when the cabinets will even be ready - much less put in.

    I just don’t get it why someone/people are not standing up and fighting back. The port situation is NOT truckers - it’s that the major ports are in dem controlled hells and not allowing anyone not 100% on the Biden* But Covid agenda to come near. Read that the ships are now going to suck up - the Panama Canal and come to Houston and the truckers are heading that way. East is considering a southern port to go to - again possibly TX. Son of my best friend is a trucker - he couldn’t find a spot in an Iowa truck stop and had to find another one for the night. Yeah - this is all the truckers fault. Just another lie.

    Piled on top of all the other lies. The Joe Rogan/Dr. Gupta thing is a hoot. Proving that all the Media does is lie to us. And then Gupta went back to CNN/Lemon to just re-enforce the lie. And when caught - they just say - but Ivermectin is a horse medicine. And they never should have given hospitals $$$$ for But Covid cases/deaths - that was just a way for them to goose the numbers - and make money on it.

    Shut America down, ruin countless lives, pit people against each other and legislate America into bankruptcy and they will laugh all the way to the bank and even more power - if more people won’t stand up and say No Mas!

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/15/2021  at  06:51 AM  

  219. Hello folks.

    Been a while. Just wondered if you knew Vilmar’s site gone. I see you do. Also hoping somebody knows where he ended up. If you find out before I do, let me know. Please?

    My blog is also hosted by Wordpress. I’ll be leaving Wordpress before my renewal comes up. If anyone would like to visit before I move it’s If anyone has a suggestion for a new hosting site please drop me a reply. I do get the email updates from BMEWS.

    Anyone here on Gab? If you are look for me @Chris_Mosier. I tried Parler, which was great before Amazon shut them down. Afterward the censorship was no different than Facebook. Ditto for MeWe. GETTR I thought might have promise. It censors worse than Facebook. Gab it is.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   10/17/2021  at  08:22 PM  

  220. We have FLOORS - yes! One single guy came out Friday and worked all day (and into the night) to finish it. Both hubby & daughter said that they look good. But only one of his pictures was decent enough to say - yeah I agree. The contractor is hoping for the 2 to 4 weeks on the cabinets.

    Christopher, I think all of the social media has gone down the drain. I got off twitter almost as soon as I got on. The nastiness is too much for me. I barely even go to Facebook any more - but continue because of my daughter and Army friends. We don’t have much of a life and now in the hotel - it’s even less.

    The problem Drew, is that too many people are busy trying to do their best for their families and jobs or are just too stupid and self-absorbed to stand up. This downhill slide has been created long ago bit by bit, step by step. These idiots truly believe what they write in books - we will do socialism, communism or fascism - right. They hide behind the good of the people/earth/humanity - while it is all about control and power. Biden* is actually the perfect pick for this overtaking - he’s done nothing good/bad in his ‘political career,’ he comes off as _______________ fill in the blank - stupid, ienept, senile, harmless. When he is a jerk and as power mad (if not more so) than Hillary. Such a political beast is even more dangerous - because the stupid, easily lied to, politically inept - think that his type is harmless and safe.

    And here we are - on the brink, because Trump was successful and had the guts to point it out to those who have taken America to the brink. I once posted on FB on a meme for a site about ‘endless wars’(Afghanistan) - that Korea has gone on since 1953, that 1000 American and South Korean soldiers were killed every year by North Korean soldiers and that it took Trump to end it all. Although we still have soldiers there, still. The number of people who applauded me - surprised me.

    Just another one of the many lies to destroy America.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/18/2021  at  06:35 AM  

  221. Yay floors!!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/19/2021  at  08:56 AM  

  222. They have been moving everything in as the Pods & piano rent is ‘eating into the profits’ and the contractor needs his trailer. But we can’t move in for at least two weeks. I can’t wait to find out why. We have a dishwasher and I can carry anything that can’t go in - downstairs. After all these months - these beds suck - almost as much as the chairs and couch. And I won’t go into the boredom of a single friken room 24,7 for 6+ months.

    That there is the bad news. We do, however, have two weekends without the daughter. It means that we have all the kitties - to deal with. However, we are planning a big Asian dining - as she can’t even deal with the smells. And I don’t have to cook.

    And that is about it - for me.

    Although I do find it ironic to the max - that vaccinated Powell died of But Covid. However, reading all the conditions he had and the fact that he is much older than I - and he probably gave up the mask the second he got the shot (if not before) - so not that unexpected.

    Oh - hell - to be ruled over by the mentally insane. Once they get entrenched - it’s going to be hell to get rid of them. Who in the name of God and just plain common sense - would take their child to that freak? EVER?

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/20/2021  at  02:42 PM  

  223. I bet somewhere in his fetid mind - Baldwin was thinking - Karma is a bit*h. Sad for the two victims - but you put it correctly - it’s the idiot who pulled the trigger. What in the hell was he doing pointing the gun at these two particular people?

    We ate well last night - despite a stupid failure of their website and the food not being ready on time.

    So - interesting twist - the daughter who says often that she doesn’t like the smell of Asian food (hence our weekends of splurge) - is, this year (last year was The Child from SWs and the year before was Marvel) she is into BTS. And has gone full force - learning to speak Korean, a lot of swag (which they pack into their dvd boxes) but now the food too. She bought bulgogi at the International store. We like it alot (Man Du is still my favorite). And she got a box of Polish food (an International Meal try subscription). I guess she is finally growing up -better late than never in this new infantilized society.

    we picked a counter top - which means, officially - the 60s are gone from the house. Finally.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/23/2021  at  07:37 AM  

  224. Piano came home this morning. Cabinets to be delivered today, too- where in the house to put them will be interesting. The Pods are gone too - so we can use our driveway again.

    I was wrong about daughter’s International Yum box - Taiwan. Chocolate & Peanut Butter Mochi, Kimchi chips and umbrella cookies are tasted. Mochi is a go, chips are a meh and the cookies are a no. Much more to go. Tasting size bags of things. Great Idea.

    This past weekend was a bust, for the daughter, not much money made. But we did enjoy our Asian, it was good.

    Now I’m hemming a Renaissance dress for her to wear Sunday at the wedding of her college roommate. I’m just so happy she waited until the week of to give me the dress.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/26/2021  at  10:46 AM  

  225. Best news ever - the contractor is losing money (hence the return of our possessions) and the IN CO is up in arms about how much they have paid for the hotel. This area doesn’t rent/hotel to people with animals. So it costs through the nose to do so. Across the river is the place we stayed at with a dog and cat when we got here - a long term stay place (actual kitchen with a wall and real stove) and none of the horrible taxes either. And

    cabinets were delivered today, too. It’s amazing what happens when other people are Losing Money!

    I got the hem of the dress done and one sleeve. I might try to at least start the second sleeve tonight. Not a tailor worthy job - but it just has to last one day. And I don’t think that she cares much at all. Worst fabric I’ve ever worked on - must have come from overseas. I bought a shirt once that was made in Viet Nam. I loved it because it was so comfortable - but it didn’t last that long - cheap.

    It was freezing this morning - just what we need winter before we get set free from this hell. Hubby brought in the plants and they are in bathtub. Good thing we got them in before this hit.

    And that’s about it for us.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/27/2021  at  03:47 PM  

  226. Kimchi chips? We make our own kimchi; two quarts last us about a month. Less if it’s a really good recipe. I broke down and ordered a bag of the proper kind of Korean pepper flakes. A whole pound for an extravagant $8. Turns out you use about a small handful of the flakes per Nappa cabbage, one of which makes both those quarts. So we have kimchi peppers for probably 100 quarts. Which will be forever. When it gets too old I’ll spread it on the flower gardens to act as deer repellent.

    We haven’t had our first significant frost here yet, so the impatiens - the last of our flowers still blooming - are beyond huge and colorful. When the mercury drops they will die instantly.

    I have 5 or 6 dozen daffodil bulbs to dig in, but I’m feeling under the weather again. Still haven’t shaken the cough from when I had some kind of sinus infection 2-3 weeks ago. Back to the doc today. My real doc, not a telehealth visit at the drive thru clinic downtown.

    Got a new round of antibiotics today, this time doxycycline with prednisone on the side. Doxycycline? Naturally my first thought was “shouldn’t I be taking ivermectin with that?” ... which I have on standby, the liquid livestock kind ... but once again ... 4th or 5th time now ... my Covid test came back negative. Actually they gave me the whole assay: Covid, RSV, Flu A and Flu B. Results in an hour. Negative to all, so whatever is giving me this cough is not a virus. Thus the antibiotics. Feel better already, but I have to hit the store tomorrow and get a new OTC antihistamine and some Mucunex, both of which I forgot when I ws there today.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/28/2021  at  08:20 PM  

  227. I don’t do fermented (yeah I know how healthy it is, just makes me sick - really sick) except German made sauerkraut. I am shocked that the daughter is eating kimchi now - all because of BTS. I’ll take my wins where I can get them.

    I got the dress finished - I have to run her to the car rental place today, so that she can drive to Marion OH for the wedding weekend. Other than the kittens here for the weekend - another choice of eating something she can’t/won’t eat.

    Hubby wanted to know, if you had seen the article on a research of a anti-depressant that stops Covid cold. It was stopped. Of course, just another proof that they are not seeking a cure - but control.

    And then this - giving ‘separated’ at the border criminal illegal invaders $450,000 per person ‘affected’ by this ‘evil’ situation. It started under that intentionally race dividing and pandering hater of one-half of himself - Obama. And of course it will financially hurt those white supremacist middle class wealthy people who refuse to share their wealth. I hate politicians. We have a politician (hiding behind some PAC - obviously a Dem) running an ad that the R guy running for Sen Portman (backstabbing coward that he turned out to be) seat - No name - just don’t vote for this guy because he is claiming to be an Never Trumper. Like that is going to win with GOP in OH. Maybe our former and current Govs - but most other rebups - Nada.

    I’m so friken glad that now Biden* and Piglosi have both sides of their house stonewalling each other so that turncoat Rinos can’t pass these two monstrosity bills. It would be a boon to America - if the Federal Government actually did shut down. Forever.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   10/29/2021  at  07:23 AM  

  228. META?

    Make Everything Trump Again!

    Good choice.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   10/30/2021  at  05:21 PM  

  229. Don’t know if you saw this:

    The advisory panel voted this week about advising the FDA to authorize Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11-years-old. “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it,” Rubin said before the vote. “That’s just the way it goes. That’s how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines, like the rotavirus vaccine.”

    Not sure if we’ve peak evil yet from these people, but using your children as guinea pigs for experimental genetic treatments has to be up there.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   10/30/2021  at  05:26 PM  

  230. I’m looking for a new host for my blog. It’s currently with WordPress but with Vilmar being shutdown it can’t be long until I’m next.

    Any recommendations for a new hosting site would be welcome.

    I’m currently investigating Wix, but I don’t see any way to migrate my current content to them. GoDaddy is known to shutdown normal people so they’re out. And I want to avoid anything using AWS (Amazon) or Google, so Blogger is out.

    I’d really like to set up my own home server, but being on the road so much I’ll have to wait until I retire.

    Of course, with Democrats destroying the oountry retirement may not be an option.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   10/30/2021  at  05:42 PM  

  231. Chris - I love your META interpretation - and dems/liberals will die when it goes viral like the Go Brandon stuff.

    If it can go wrong, it will with us. The cabinets arrived - one is slightly damaged and one is missing - but they look great. The installer (who was suppose to start on Friday) was at the hospital on Monday with a family member who can’t drive. And so it goes. We got extended another two weeks. The guys to do the thresholds - still haven’t come. Two things to finish this off. And yet it nothing is getting done. Meanwhile, the other lady here due to fire - is at 312 days - so her contractor isn’t doing any better.

    We drove back home in the dark this AM to vote. The only good thing about these yearly elections - is that no one goes to them and we were in and out - easy peasy.

    I gotta figure out dinner by 5PM - I have no idea - as it seems like we eat the same things over and over and over again. Damn - I just got an idea. This might work.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   11/02/2021  at  08:44 AM  

  232. Chris, you get what you pay for. This blog has been with Hosting Matters since the beginning. It is not cheap. However, I have unlimited bandwidth and file space, and they help me out almost instantly whenever I have a problem.

    Why just today they did a reset on the blog email PW, which I had lost a year ago when my PC crashed. Got that fixed, got into the email, deleted almost 10,000 spam emails and the notices I get when anybody makes a comment.

    I think we might eat out tonight, after we go vote. Maybe go to Oink ‘ Moo around the corner from the voting place.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/02/2021  at  04:13 PM  

  233. We have a partial kitchen - the stuff on the bottom level, sink and counter are in! Daughter (older one) - said it looks so much different. I said - yes the 60s are finally gone from the whole house. Only thing left is new windows and doors. Maybe next summer with the tax refund. We will see. Maybe by next Friday we can move home.

    Love that you post all the alternative - stop/slow down/minimize the But Covid studies. Funny (NOT) that they are all overseas. Guess they still do Real Science! And our Media is still stumping for the ‘vaccine’.

    We have all had some bout of illness - not sure if it is so long shut up in such a enclosed space or that one of the gazillion persons (including those harbingers of disease - children) running around brought something in. Or our massive weather change from late summer to winter - overnight.

    I’m glad that in areas there was a turn around politically - sadly in others there was no change.

    Democrats (and to a degree the go along to get along RINOs) create the problems and then somehow people believe that they will provide the solutions. Truly insane. And actually a textbook example of an abusive relationship - hoping if we are good and do the right thing, tomorrow will be better.

    Vote em all out - ship em out of the US with all their illegals and so-called refugees. The last execution of a ‘traitor’ was in 1961 (military) - maybe it is time again. But right now - it should be We The People who should be in charge of exactly who the traitors are. It was and is - what America was meant to be - of the people, for the people and by the people. Funny - I don’t see the words Federal Government and politicians in that at all.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union. . .

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   11/04/2021  at  07:07 AM  

  234. RE: Comment 227, an anti-depressant that stops Covid cold, research stopped.

    Is your husband talking about Fluvoxamine? Brand name Luvox, this is one of the first anti-depressants ever created. It also works on OCD. It also makes you hyper reactive to caffeine, so no coffee or tea while taking it. Standard Covid dosage is 50mg twice a day for 10 days. It has been used in conjunction with Ivermectin to reduce Long Covid for recovered patients, and when used in an early treatment situation with Ivermectin it nearly eliminates Long Covid completely.

    If the trials have been halted, I haven’t heard of it.

    In at least one drug study, it cut the death risk 90% and the illness progression to ICU levels by 65%.

    It has been part of the protocol used by Drs. Tyson and Fareed, the ignored heroes of this pandemic, down at their clinic in the Imperial Valley in far southern California. They have treated and cured more than 6,000 patients at this point. Not all of them get Fluvoxamine or even Ivermectin, but both are part of the levels of their treatment protocols.

    Fluvoxamine is an SSRI, a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor. You can look up how that interferes with the Covid, but it’s kind of beyond me. 10 days of pills cost $4.

    lenze.png width=650


    1500 patients in trial. 66% less hospitalization, 91% less death. Some people have a bit of side effect reaction, like twitchiness. (this is why you avoid the coffee!!!!) Prozac and Zoloft are also SSRI meds, work in a similar way.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/06/2021  at  03:51 PM  

  235. I don’t know what anti-depressant he was talking about - he reads mostly tech stuff now.

    I’ve been on an SSRI in the past. Too much serotonin and too little are the basis of depression and other mental illness. It’s why most people have to be on more than one med - especially if Mania or psychosis is combined with depression. Not fun chemical off kilter times in the brain. Just glad that most of the new meds - don’t make people feel tired or funny anymore.

    Off to the house today to do laundry. fun times.

    Posted by wardmama4    Australia   11/07/2021  at  07:29 AM  

  236. "The UCSF-Stanford research team analyzed electronic health records from the Cerner Real World COVID-19 de-identified database, which had information from almost 500,000 patients across the U.S. This included 83,584 adult patients diagnosed with COVID-19 between January and September, 2020. Of those, 3,401 patients were prescribed SSRIs.

    The large size of the dataset enabled researchers to compare the outcomes of patients with COVID-19 on SSRIs to a matched set of patients with COVID-19 who were not taking them, thus teasing out the effects of age, sex, race, ethnicity, and comorbidities associated with severe COVID-19, such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as the other medications the patients were taking.

    The results showed that patients taking fluoxetine were 28 percent less likely to die; those taking either fluoxetine or another SSRI called fluvoxamine were 26 percent less likely to die; and the entire group of patients taking any kind of SSRI was 8 percent less likely to die than the matched patient controls. “

    OTOH, FLCCC has now added a recommendation to take 0.4mg/kg of black cumin seeds daily. Taken with a good dollop of raw honey, a Pakistani study found this cut the sick time in half, reduced hospitalization and death by about half too. I posted about this and mistakenly said it was fennel seed. It is not. Nigella Sativa is a plant from Asia, and the seeds are often called black cumin seeds. It is not cumin either. But it has been used as medicine for swelling, inflammation, and lung problems for many thousands of years.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/15/2021  at  09:10 PM  

  237. We are home & have been since Friday - hence the lack of comments. Slowly we are setting up the house. A tad more damage to our furniture than expected.

    Surprisingly, the grandfather clock works fine but we are going to get a guy in to do a checkup. I bought it in Germany, with my first paycheck in ‘81. I also decided that the aged - from my parents home - cuckoo clock needs a permanent place in the guest room. Still works after 75 to 100 years. I know the piano is 61 years old (as is my canopy bed) so anything from my parents home has to be so much older. I wish I had realized that, and asked for the Family Bible - as Lorenz and his family brought it over from the Black Forest in 1830.

    I have seen that Falkirk wheel before - a shame that education is not producing those kinds of forward thinking minds in America any more. We need it more than ever.

    I only know two people (family) who got But Covid - my cousin, who got his first all clear after cancer treatment, and his wife got it. Both no ICU time at all.

    Lies, lies and damned liars.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/16/2021  at  07:39 AM  

  238. Back again, finally getting a bit of down time. Only two boxes left for the kitchen. Actually, we have two more cabinets, but less space. Three less drawers, but they are all smaller than before. Sucks big time. We can’t unpack the china/crystal, as they left a blanket under it and we can’t lift it to get it out. Piano was damaged. And the contractor won’t come back to deal with the last couple of issues. Fun times - Not.

    Africa stats 8,655,000 But covid cases, 221,000 deaths - the entire continent. I think that the dnc and rinos in dc should be charged for war crimes against humanity for everything they did since 2019 for the sole purpose of ‘destroying’ President Trump.

    Of course - we really don’t know how many people actually died of But covid - as I believe hospitals were monetarily offered money to lie about it.

    Well I need to start cooking.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/22/2021  at  05:36 PM  

  239. Spider - lavender oil where the spider web is. We had a spider decide to web our on the side of the house mailbox. Took it down twice - when I decided to read up. One dose of lavender oil on the box and walla spider gone - no harm, a bit of foul. The one in the garage, hubby named Bob (back when he was still smoking, 3+ years now stopped). Then a mouse(ish) creature decided to make the mailbox it’s home - that one was relocated by a stick of cinnamon.

    We have been taking Vit D and C since 2001 - decided if the docs felt it would help keep the son going against the infections of life - couldn’t hurt us. So far so good - especially since the daughter hasn’t stopped her weekly trivia meets with her friends. I’m just worried that IF one of us catches it - what we will face trying to get the meds that actually work against it. So will just stay hunkered down for now.

    A number of boxes are being held - one set to go to St Vincent Depaul (it’s the closest place to us) and another for a call to the Friends of the Library. Only boxes to be attempted to sell - will be the Coke Collection. But I just don’t care to be bothered anymore. It seems like no one wants to pay for anything - maybe I should just put them outside and let people dig through them. Which I would - if it didn’t constantly rain around here.

    Finally got the blanket out from under the china cabinet and sliders under it. So I spent longer than I’d like to clean it and started on boxes for it - but alas Turkey day got in the way.

    Guess I will go get dressed and start my day - teehee teehee - been up since 5AM as usual.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/26/2021  at  08:17 AM  

  240. Sorry about your computer. I got a bit frustrated waiting for mine, but I had the crome book (whatever - I just call it a tablet even though it is twice or three times bigger than the old tablet). It’s just nice to have access to all my files again.

    How is this for a FB site stupidity - so I get a note that my picture wasn’t posted, click to see why. Usually, it is something political or But Covid related. But this is an Old Pictures of Cincinnati. I’ve been on it for years. I’ve been commenting on it during the hotel time - but always mentioned, I have no access to my pictures as I’m on a new tablet at a hotel. And that is why my picture wasn’t posted - Author hasn’t posted in 28 days! Yeah go figure. But then on another local site - part of the high school I went to - it took forever for me to get a posting for my brother’s passing - in 2000. Not to mention, my Mom got him a brick in the courtyard memorial. I mention this only because I have no idea why the people who took it upon themselves to do a specific school year dead Teachers and Students, had not mentioned him. Anyway, We had 5 kids killed (the driver survived) in one car accident on Homecoming Eve Night. So we raised money to build a fountain in one of the courtyards to remember them with. After a few years (when they had to do some work on the fountain) someone came up with the idea to build walkways of bricks in remembrance of others who have passed. All because I went to one Student Council meeting and told them that a local station was giving away money for the school with the most school spirit, proven by signatures on paper. We ended up plastering all the walls, lockers and spent the last few days of the contest in classes passing around the lists. As it got down to two schools.

    My daughter brought me what I thought was a leftover bottle of Burgundy, but no, it is Gluhwein that her friend made. I hope that it is as good as the Military wives recipe I have. She had gone over to her friend’s house to watch The Game - Michigan v The Ohio State. Glad - oh so glad that Michigan won. Even my Dad rooted for Michigan (he went there for Post Grad work). Just one of those things that made me even weirder and stick out even more around here.

    Forgot one of my inhalers - oops, even worse - no refills in the box of extra meds and how did I forget to reorder it sooner?!? And I ‘misplaced’ (I think cats running around in the middle of the night had something to do with it) a bill - which I have to call them tomorrow and get a replacement.

    I hate getting old - and this mess called a house - isn’t helping any. I must get my day started.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/28/2021  at  07:35 AM  

  241. Wish I had seen the PC problem posts earlier, I just started working on desktop PCs a couple weeks ago (I was on laptops before) PCs can be finicky things. To me, at least, they’re a LOT easier to work on than laptops. More room to move around in and they’re not so fragile (though seeing some of the things I’ve seen as far as what ppl do to them, OMFG) My favorite last week was one we got for spill damage, apparently they turned it on and it CAUGHT FIRE BRIEFLY, which was evident by the slightly melted graphics card. Ooops. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

    Posted by Severa    United States   11/28/2021  at  01:36 PM  

  242. We are slowing down on the unpacking process. First we need replacements for the two damaged bookcases. Second we are sorting through and going to get rid of books and other stuff. Lastly, it’s getting old and annoying - most especially the drawer situation - trying to find a solution to less storage space.

    And, as usual, the contractor has ignored us yet again. He has to do work on the small counter top, plus send someone to retrieve the boxes, paper and bubble wrap. It’s piling up on the ramp.

    Kitties - all 3 have decided our bed is the best place for daytime naps and now - night time sleep. It’s the walking over us that is annoying to us and the kicking those situated at the foot of the bed. They all used to sleep on the couch together. Go figure.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/30/2021  at  08:44 AM  

  243. That woke not good for medicine was a scary read. Combine that with the doctor’s being fired, med group membership/accreditation rescinded and pharmacists denying (and reporting the evil doc to the previous mentioned groups) for prescribing hydryoxochlorquine, ivermectin etc. - is terrible. And the utter lies and nonsense being spewed at and by the Supremes in this case MI v Dodd is shocking. First it shows they are all about basing everything on feelings - not science, reality or need. Just shows to me that these are the middle schoolers who were laughed at, ignored or eye rolled for their daily idiocracies - stupid, clueless and out for revenge the second that they get any power. [Not including the bullied - who usually end up as the case studies for Criminal Minds or sadly suicidal]

    I revere medicine - as I grew up surrounded by family members who were doctors and I know that advancements in medicine saved my life. One of the doctors on my team at the U of Minnesota Heart Hospital (the best in the US in 1962) went on to the first heart transplant team (maybe even the lead doctor, I’ve forgotten). I try to take care of myself and my family. As I know - one of the reasons my Mom lived to 93 was that she never ate processed food, unless someone served it to her. [Birth Mom at 87, it’s still looking good for me] I have my weakness and sneak once in a while - but try my hardest. It’s one of the reasons I cook most of what we eat - so I know what goes into it.

    Life here is about finding things - we just found and put away. Sad. The contractor finally answered a text - at home recovering from a serious injury to his hand. Someone will be by Thursday to pick up the stuff - hope he brings a moving truck. We probably have close to a dozen boxes of paper alone!

    Off to solve a major problem - where to put all our stuff!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/04/2021  at  10:37 AM  

  244. There are times, I wished I could bowl a 111. Which is why I only bowl on the X box now days.

    I hope the groom, family and friends were solicitous toward the bride - however she should have at least downed some gatorade to keep her going. Nothing to eat or drink is just simply stupid.

    I don’t do But Covid fear porn anymore - getting tired of the lies and attempts to force people into doing things (like all the supposedly GOP ‘representatives’) who voted to have a Federal ‘vaccine’ list. Just the first step toward a star on the arm and then and then. It’s happened before and I would put money (if we had any, any more) on them just trying to do that. Especially with the squeals of ‘stop trying to kill my monther’ bs toward the ‘evil’ unvaccinated that some leftist so-called Media guy uttered the other day.

    So Michigan won (college football), UC (13-0 and still not #1) won (again college football) and the Red Wings won (hockey, been too long I don’t recognize the names and one of the announcers is the former goalie back when we were able to watch. Hoping the same for my beloved Bungles - as it helps them to stay in second place in their division. Not sure that they can beat #1 again. We shall see. It would make for a great weekend.

    Christmas lights finally up. I think that the penguins are on their last year. The stakes are starting to give out. And apparently, America is no longer a contact the seller and get fix-it parts (as we have tried 2 times to get the brush for the vacuum) and the local vacuum shop closed.

    And I guess that is it for now. Oh Nos - about to forget the best. On Red State is the KY Rep Massie’s Christmas card family pic. It is priceless and almost (but as the author of the article said - why ruin a nice weekend) worth it to go to Twitter to read the leftist drivel. I will save the pleasant surprise for you. Oh to have the money.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/05/2021  at  12:34 PM  

  245. There was an article on a guy put in ICU by ‘the PA from hell’ with covid and on oxygen going up then down - no fever, no fatigue - until - ok you can go home tomorrow. Wait for it - now during these raising the oxygen level (I’m at 3 lts at night - he got up to 5 oh my - NOT) they were pushing this med (wifey in background - i.e. on the phone - take it) and then another med I’ve never heard of, repeat wifey response. Finally gets to day 10 - when amazingly he is healthy and leaves the hospital. Despite ‘the PA from hell’ and his wife. End of story - ps I took ivermectin. No mention of how he got it, who smuggled it in - but it worked, even with ‘the PA from hell’ attempting to kill him.

    And that is what worries me - how can I get it? Makes me not want to step foot into a hospital right now.

    America is at 75% vaccinated - wasn’t that the goal? Oh, right those goal posts are on wheels to move as St Fauxi and FJB decide to shut down American life again. How’s that stop and get rid of Covid going Joe?

    Something is leaking out - when FJB and Pisaki go out and ‘state without reservations’ that Hunter has ‘divested’ himself from China - something that proves once again FJB lied, lies and does nothing but lie is about to leak out. Also proves that there are still actual Media/Reporters out there searching for and reporting the TRUTH.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/08/2021  at  07:53 AM  

  246. I read that “PA from Hell” ICU story today at American Thinker. I think it’s a poorly written thing. Ok, maybe it’s an attempt at humor, maybe he’s throwing in a good bit of hyperbole to make his story more interesting. But putting someone on high flow cannula delivered oxygen at 90 liters per minute? That’s a recipe for death. Even at 45 breaths per minute, that’s inhaling almost pure O2, which is poisonous after just a minute or so.

    And the guy snuck in ivermectin and was taking it the whole time? BS. Double BS. If he had the pills and was taking them, he never would have gone to the hospital to begin with. Was he taking the right amount? Who knows. He didn’t mention this to his doctors, who put him on a very dangerous drug, and his hear rate shot up to 170. Ever hear of cross reactions; a contraindication? This was an insanely stupid thing to do. The FDA warnings for Baricitinib are severe. I’d never take it.

    Notice that this hospital only gave the guy Tylenol. No monoclonals. No IV vitamin D or even C. When they finally got around to proning him, it made things worse. Srsly??

    He refused the Remdesivir, which doesn’t work too well, citing a ~~10% fatality rate in the trials. But he didn’t mention any details. The WHO and several Euro countries decided that stuff is crap, and several studies here in the USA confirm this (eg, yet it makes hospitals plenty of money, at more than $3000 per IV dose, and then continue to push it.

    So his essay is poorly written crap. But it points out that plenty of hospitals are crap too, and that their “standard of care” not only leaves much to be desired, but can be downright deadly. One of the first ivermectin lawsuits was against a Buffalo area hospital; you’d think other ones in the area would have learned by now? Nah.

    You can get ivermectin online from a tele-health doctor’s visit. Look it up, or go over to the FLCCC site; I’m sure they have a link. If you do this, tell them you weigh quite a bit more than you do, so your prescription will be for more pills. This will treat you longer, or allow you enough to use as a preventative. The pills are not cheap. I know a tiny woman who got some, and her scrip gave her just barely enough for 1 5 day treatment. Lie. Tell them you weigh 278lb.

    I bought 100ml of the livestock liquid when it was cheap and a syringe to measure it with. I was ahead of the last surge; the stuff is really hard to find at this point, at any price. I haven’t used it yet; the vials have a 3 year shelf life. 1ml of the liquid is 10mg of ivermectin. You take it orally in a glass of water with a meal. That 100ml is enough for the both of us here to use as a prophylaxis for 6 months, at .2mg/kg/week.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/08/2021  at  01:41 PM  

  247. I wasn’t sure either - other than - how good is a hospital is it, if they use PAs for But Covid? But it makes a point - this whole scandemic is becoming a huge joke in many places. And I do agree it was poorly written. Today, on AT some doctor went after other doctors for not standing up and fighting back against this scandemic bs. He is particularly after the Associations for not saying Not No but Hell No to these bs vaccinations for all.

    Thanks for the ivermectin link, After all this time - I doubt we will need it. We are champions at avoiding people (Ewww, People) Most of the time. Since we’ve stabilized health wise - not a big deal right now.

    And, among other things - I’ve always questioned - died of But Covid or died with a positive But Covid test result? We can’t forget, even though the drive-by Media dropped it faster than a burning potato, hospitals were, and probably still are, monetarily ‘incentivised’ for anything/everything But Covid. So they are going to ‘find’ it - where ever they can. And will do it, until someone sane stops this crap.

    Still working - somewhat crazily - on emptying boxes. If they hadn’t developed a ‘Oh look, I just found this - dump it in the first open box they see’ attitude, it might just be a bit easier. Maybe. But we have boxes to donate. If we can make that happen too. This But Covid has made a mess of life as we knew it. What I just don’t understand, is why so many/most people are so willing to just suffer with the bs. At. All.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/09/2021  at  10:41 AM  

  248. Checking in after last night’s storms. We escaped the worst of it but our state, KY, got straight fucked up last night. So much death and destruction. Prayers for all who are suffering loss today.

    Posted by Severa    United States   12/11/2021  at  02:05 PM  

  249. I saw that on the news Severa, and remembered that was your state. Glad you got through it OK. Twisters a mile wide, horry clap!! Last time I looked I think they were saying 100 people dead. That’s awful. Hope all of your friends family coworkers were spared.

    That’s the thing about America. We sure do get some tough weather. If it isnt insane snowfalls up north, it’s forest fires and mudslides and earthquakes on the left, intense heat and sometimes awful droughts in the middle and southwest, twisters in the central east, massive hurricanes in the south and up the east, huge floods anywhere at any time. Even Hawaii is having it’s own private tsunami with massive floods.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/12/2021  at  05:46 PM  

  250. We got the side end of it. It shot up to 60 with pouring rain (tv sucked in our area for hours) and then it slid (or dropped like a damn anvil) into the low 30s again. Good news, the rain stopped before that.  But I’d prefer that then what went from AK, MO, TN, KY and into IL. it was awful - and had to be scary as heck.

    Just saw a story, New York Post of all media possible, about a barn collapse in MO to rescue 5 horses. One was dead by the time they cleared all the debris on them and one died later. To me, the sadder thing is that while the family is looking after their need for shelter and food (which given our situation will be close to a year or more) these poor animals will need shelter and food too. Imagine how terrifying those storms were for all the living creatures and humans (I’m thinking of those elderly in the home that collapsed - like the animals in the barn - escaped wasn’t really an option). Awful - just plain awful.

    We found places to take our household stuff and books - one will send a truck (yeah) and the other we just have to make an appointment to drop off. However, right now - we just don’t give a damn. Looking at boxes and dealing with the drop into a box and seal it - no matter if it was from that room at all- has gotten to us all. Maybe not in time for Christmas - but as soon as we can.

    Getting old sucks.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/13/2021  at  10:45 AM  

  251. I am alive and just ended the week from hell. In another vein - we are putting the Christmas tree (over a decade since we had a full size fake tree and forever since we had a real one) in the medical display case - which locks.

    Yes, we are that pathetic right now. Kittens are not adults and are acting like toddlers on a sugar rush. Been a real bad couple of days.

    I am so tired of looking into a box and then hours/days later - now which box was it I saw that in? However, in looking for a specific cookbook (way past time to make Christmas cookies) - we finally found all of silverware. Yeah us.

    I spent 45 minutes waiting up a screwed up order for McNuggets, fries and a coke. The Manager actually had the nerve to ask what I was waiting for (3rd time someone tried to give me a tea) - then blithely walked away and starting filling door dash orders. I understand a lunch rush. I understand waiting on an item. But when you have 4 cars stacked and waiting away from the drive thru they just came out of and can manage to fill all the door dash orders and the walk in orders and the drive thru orders while ignoring the 4 people waiting. I, at least was waiting for food - the woman who gave me the courage to walk in to complain - had her order but the app in changing the sauce - gave no sauce. HOW DAMN HARD IS IT TO REACH UNDER THE COUNTER AND GIVE HER A SAUCE? Someone finally handed me my bag and I said Thank you I will never, ever come to this McDonalds - which is closest to our home. When I went out later I drove through one in the city (yeah I have to drive into the western side of the city to shop and do the Post Office). I drove thru that one to finish off his order. We have fish on Friday - he does not. Since he pays for it - what the heck. What made it worse - I forgot a card for one of the grandsons and couldn’t find mailers (now we have too many) and could not - for the life of me find a Baby’s First Christmas card for the great grandson. So it was out again to try to get all the mailers, mail and packages into the mail. Which had it’s own set of problems.

    I remember daily - why I left here the day after I graduated from high school and rarely came back. Now we are stuck here. And anything/everything that can go wrong - goes wrong.

    Merry Christmas to all - not in the mood this year - but I do realize others are into it. And I try daily to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/18/2021  at  12:52 PM  

  252. Thanks, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. May all your stuff be found, and sorted, and put away properly in a place no kittehs can mess with it.

    We did next to no holiday decorating here either, for the same reason. I like the idea of putting a tiny tree in a glass front case. Kind of pathetic, but cat proof.

    By some other kind of Christmas miracle, the McDs in our town is once again letting the customers come inside and eat. It’s been a drive thru only thing for more than a year now, and service and food quality have suffered.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/22/2021  at  07:44 AM  

  253. Not just McD’s - my son lives for take out food of most kinds and so I deal with crap all the time. Especially, lately, when all the docs try to shove us in for appts before they take off for a few days. All the Steak N Shakes here closed and so far, I’ve only seen one open (luckily it was close to the hotel, but the line was always awful). But yeah - the quality just isn’t what it was before But Covid. We were going to go to Olive Garden, but they don’t have the dish I love and wanted my hubby to try, so why bother.On that vein, I just noticed I keep writing scandemic - when I mean scamdemic. Guess it will keep me semi-safe if someone leftist wants to silence me.

    A person I follow on FB - got a rash from the not-a-vaccine vaccine. One of her friends commented that she ended up in the ER with a heart problem. I told them to report it to the CDC VAERS so that they have mega proof of a reaction (in the future) and to up the numbers so that they might pause it - and if enough people report - take it off the market.

    I see FJB wants to deploy the Military to pass out the 500 million/billion But Covid tests. PS - not that they really care to pimp the numbers even more than they do daily [it’s the main reason I quit watching the morning news for a while - that and the constant spots with people (of color mostly here) getting the ‘jab’. I have to stick myself every other day - and I’m already sick and tired of it. Plus I can know my hand against a cabinet (seems that these are a bit lower than the others, so I got to learn to adjust to just another difference in the ‘new’ kitchen) and bleed like a slasher got me. Stick myself and most days I’m lucky I get the little drop I need.] Ok, that got out of hand - anyway I believe it is simply an attempt to get all sorts of personal info on the good citizens and the evil, stupid, racist Trumpers - so that they can start rounding us up (and taking our guns away for our own good) BS. I’m pulling away more and more from stuff I used to do without thinking about it. My local groceries are about the only stuff I have the key dealie for anymore.

    Damn fool leftists ruin everything.

    Oh well - not Christmas oriented. Got my favorite cookies made (Viennese Whirls) - neither kid wanted anything (keeping choco chip and/or brownies in line, just in case) -and we settled on ham (not top of my list - I think I’ll slather mine in sweet and sour sauce to get it down). Did the gift card thing - when grandkids range from 26 to 7 - and they live half a country away - money seems the safest bet. Of course, since neither kid here said anything - gift cards it was, too. I might pull what my hubby usually does - and go get him something - but neither of us have made a big - Oh I want that pitch. Probably because the hallway is 4 boxes high of Donate boxes!

    The kitties have settled down - maybe because I put their Christmas present in the display case with the tree (damn, I really need to get a picture). Well I am off to ruin my holiday completely - I have to balance the checkbook - for I think two or three months. The one thing I really don’t like to do. Well that and jab my finger every other day.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/22/2021  at  11:34 AM  

  254. Your But Covid conditions sound exactly how I entered 2021, after inhaling a liquid medication. But on the 20th of Dec I woke up sick - coughing, sneezing and running a mild temp. Wanted to call off going for blood draw - but knew I had to do it before the end of the month (Jan starts my run with all my docs again) and son had an appt that day. So I manned up and went. Numbers mostly good and certainly 0.5 to 1 over isn’t deadly yet on the couple I didn’t fall into the good parameters. Worst part was trying not to sneeze in my mask in the lab waiting room! I think that the decades (son is 20 years post burn) of taking all the vitamins and eating homemade due to daughters allergies- has helped us stay healthy. That and we don’t mix with family, friends and go to ‘events’ much anyway - much less this year from hell. And I won’t go and get tested until I can walk into the local big box pharmacy and get a take home one.

    Now I know two more people who have gotten But Covid - up to 4. . .Oh noes - it is a scamdemic!

    Trying to not just sit around and be overwhelmed and do something every day - but I feel like it’s a losing proposition. Especially with everyone else just sitting around and doing nothing. Oh bother.

    We have a new stray kitty - I’d have a picture - but this one is totally skittish and so a no go right now. I call it White Fluffy. Speaking of which - we haven’t seen Fluffy in a while. Too much going on here - he probably gave up coming and looking for food.

    Taking the checkbook on one month at a time - it’s all I can stomach.

    So we (forgive us, most merciful masters) failed to fill out a ‘vital’ paper (confirming - every stinking year) that the son and I have not died. Even though every VA paper sent to my hubby states that he must report immediately when either one of us dies. So they clipped the extra $$$ that they were sending us and oh, look after filling in the blanks and explaining that we were living in a hotel - we are maybe in small increments, just might get that money back. (I have a terrible time reading corrupt DC gobbly-gook). Now here is the bottom line to this whole bs - when VA found out that hubby has a greater than 50% disability rating - they tagged him a Priority One Veteran and added money for his ‘dependents’. Yet requires constant/yearly paperwork. They also send out (at cost to all the taxpayers, we’ve gotten at least two) Million Veterans survey. It is chock full of questions that just are way too invasive. Like the ‘have you or anyone in your family attempted suicide’ which was also on the yearly active duty questionnaire that landed hubby in the psych (5th floor in most Army hospitals) center- to ‘xplain himself. Yes, in government you pay dearly for things you never did - forever. And it’s all at the whim of the current Administration as to how crappy they treat you and/or harass you. During the O years - son had to go in and send in receipts to prove he needed the money awarded him for SSI (and no Medicaid for you). Under Trump - they increased his SSI, gave him Medicaid and didn’t require a single into the SS office at all. I now know why there are so many homeless Veterans - why put up with crap - when you simply volunteered to serve?

    Older son finally put his TN house on the market - I have to guess his long term renter didn’t get a job at Ft. Campbell (he just retired). I hope that they don’t have to carry two mortgages for too long.

    Older daughter and d-i-l sent us a Skylight - think video picture frame for all your pics and can share pics via email. I’m trying to think up a good name for the skylight email. I kind of like that - having one frame on the piano top rather than a half dozen - just of my kids.

    And that is my life.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/27/2021  at  08:47 AM  

  255. I went to look up quercetin - alas I can’t take - contraindicated in people with kidney problems. Not that it matters here - I haven’t found it ‘over the counter’ at all even in places that have a separate and very extensive vitamin/supplement section. As I said - there are times I want to run screaming from these slackers who have no desire to expand their horizons - even when it benefits them.

    Glad that you are recovering. We are still hanging in - other than feeling less that normal because we veer from a high of 70 to 40s with rain - and oh look - 50s until Sunday when it’s going to snow (accumulation probable). I’d say something about moving but I only know one section (the southwest) which doesn’t quite veer so badly (mostly avoid the snow part) - but I do not sprechen the spanish. Plus I did hate living in the no winter and really just light rain of middle CA - a lot.

    Yesterday it was fix the bathroom faucet. Like everything around here - even though it was only the cold faucet and just a small drip - it became a mess. But it is back together again. And he cleaned up the bathroom (which is what I had done on Monday). Actually I need to find the steamer and do that. They did a lousy cleanup job - but in defense of them, the two weeks with jet level fans in 3 rooms, plastered the dust on everything. Hence I should get the steamer but still too many boxes sitting around.

    Trying to figure out what to do around here - other than the laundry. Maybe work on my ‘keeping typical desk stuff’ desk (as opposed to my computer desk). Maybe not. I do not (since I feel so cold) think we will hit 50 today at all.

    I want a really spiffy and unique email addy for my Skylight - but I have no imagination and I don’t want to connect it in any way to my usual online handle - the places I have it is more than enough right now. And that is with unsubscribe to a number of places. I am tired of a zillion emails - none of them from family or friends. And the ads - everywhere and that’s with the security he has on our computers.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/29/2021  at  10:33 AM  

  256. I’m glad that you are over the But Covid. Now you have the real deal - natural immunity.

    I find it interesting (not the word I want, but you’ll understand) that just after Biden* opens his mouth and puts both feet in statement - N0 Federal Solution to But Covid - ‘suddenly’ the quarantine time goes down, suddenly the travel ban is wrong, suddenly we need to look at how other Nations deal with But Covid. Give me a break. Trumps two weeks home shut-in/masking and then done - would have given most people (aren’t you smart enough to figure out your risk category and then take the measures to protect yourself) safety. Although they really should have just designated it - 70 and above and those with more than one co-morbidity with obesity.  Leave me and everyone else alone. And using the Federal, State and Local government (people whose only goal is power and funneling money to themselves) out of it.

    But no - we gotta destroy Trump - no matter the cost to the people we ‘represent’ and claim everything/anything he does as wrong, evil and completely idiotic. While people die in the hundreds of thousands - which we then use to beat him to death with.

    I’m hoping that Trump picks Ms Alaska (Sarah Palin) to run again - as that combo will certainly cause liberals, leftists, socialists and communists heads in America to explode - not to mention a few degenerate/tyrannical foreign heads, too. Will be worth it and will bring out a lot of people - just to watch what happens.

    Have to watch the UC - Alabama play today - just to watch UC (13-0) underdogs win and prove - you just might want to pay attention to the stats you all tout so much. The Bungles play the Chiefs on Sunday - since it’s at home - they just might not bungle it too much.

    Now to try to get something done today.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/31/2021  at  09:36 AM  

  257. As if 2021 wasn’t enough of a kick in the ass, we lose Betty White today. Heard that news at work and the last two hrs of the day after that seemed to stretch on FOREVER. Just absolutely took all of the wind out of our sails. Just finished pizza and beer, I MIGHT try to stay awake till midnight but I’ve been up since 5am so that MAY not happen. At any rate, Happy New Year, everyone.

    Posted by Severa    United States   12/31/2021  at  06:29 PM  

  258. I did manage to stay up until midnight, even had some champagne in the house. The cats (plural on the 1st of Jan.) woke me at 5:45 totally believing that they were going to starve to death. I don’t feed them the AM feeding - daughter does as it worked best for when she is working. Oh and breakfast for them is 6:30 - believe me this waking me up is getting old.

    I thought Betty White was going to make it. Sad that she didn’t.

    I’ve thought of geo-thermal for a house, if we ever could afford to build one. The rest is pie in the sky and hurts everybody/everything - people should have learned with plastic. Trees are a renewable - make a law about replanting and ending clear cutting. Now we’ve got all the climate, ecological and animal killing mess - thanks to plastic. I don’t buy the leftists/eco/conservationists bs much anymore. It’s about money to them and their pet projects and most of them lie to get it through. If you are lying to me - there has to be a criminal and/or immoral reason behind it.

    Go to where ever you make your political position known and spread it around -H.R. 5665 -is Rep Omar’s destroy Christianity in America bill (called end Islamophobia). These people are dangerous. But - I take some peace in that only 3% bills ever get to the floor for a vote and (despite everything else) - McConnell did take notes from the late Sen. Reid and leaves bills in the circular file so the Senate can’t vote on them.

    We could not watch UC lose to Alabama and I’m afraid that the same will be the outcome of the Bengals and Chiefs game. Although home field has been an advantage for the boys. I just wish Burrows would watch Dalton’s Bengal’s days films and come up with some of those out of the blue plays - which always got the yardage/touchdown - cuz no one was expecting it.

    Caught in little nagging things around the house. So doing normal stuff - as boxes continue to sit - unpacked. No response at all from the ins co or the contractor. Fun times - I thank God those tornadoes were to the west of us - imagine how the ins co would treat us, if all this work - was simply blown away. And believe me - we are close enough to the river to have been hit. Mom and I would stand in the backyard - to watch the directions of tornadoes over KY to determine whether to take cover. Much more refreshing and sane than the days of herding us to the exterior entrance only ‘basement’ - think a shelter and a tiny one at that. This house is down the street and around a corner from where I grew up.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/02/2022  at  09:55 AM  

  259. So sorry that you have had a relapse of sorts - and having to go anywhere near a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office at the same time - is awful.

    Daughter got a call that one of the guys at Fri nite party found out he had been with another guy who tested positive for Covid. Her friend (who called) and her brother are not old (probably in the 30s like the daughter) but both have many allergies and illnesses, so they are extremely cautious. I got two OTC Covid tests. We both tested negative and it turns out the other guy wasn’t around the one with Covid until Sat. We have thought a couple of times that she has been exposed. I’ve had two tests now - had to have one in 2020 to even get into the Med Center we go to and now this one (I kept it but it is already buried in the mess that is my desk (can’t find the files for the file cabinet).

    I just saw a headline of ]Now It’s Flurona] - get your shots. They are just not going to let up on the ‘sky is falling’ bs at all. I doubt many people are listening anymore. I watch NFL and we watched a few college games - those are NOT empty stands at all. Son is back at the Chiefs home games. He took his youngest daughter to one game (she was very bored during the tailgating part) and his son to another one.

    So two people hit the big one in the powerball - meanwhile 14 years after the show went off the air - our Media is (again) touting the people ‘complaining’ about how the houses that they got are ‘awful’. People just don’t realize that money - especially the love of it over everything else - won’t ever make them happy. Paranoid and dissatisfied - but not happy. I just don’t understand how people can listen or read that drivel day after day for their whole lives. Sometimes I am really glad that I lived outside the country and avoided the Media crap for years. We did get the the Today show - I even video taped it when Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel came to the area (The Fulda Gap) to film. Those were the days when the military command would tell you whether you could talk to a specific Media person or not (mostly it was Geraldo who was a no go). The second trip - one of our neighbors had a German wife and their daughter was the same age as our son. So I spent time with her - she taught me how to shop (mostly, as the meat is like a butcher shop - even in the local grocery, so I had to learn metric weights - fun times) but while the kids played I got to sample German tv. Sensible - no commercials during the shows (not sure of the sports) - as they are on the hour or half hour as is appropriate to the show. I miss it but really am glad that we came back to the states. As they are going full climate nuts and rona insane. Not to mention all their illegals are invading too - and they are connected to our favorite terrorist religion.

    Daughter and I were going in search of foreign food (Jungle Jims) but alas the snow is suppose to come in today (not tomorrow) so we have postponed it until the weekend.

    Trying to get all of prescriptions re-ordered - it’s tiring with two people to get it all straight right now. You’d think I’d have it down to a routine but obviously not. Meanwhile - still no more boxes done.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/06/2022  at  07:22 AM  

  260. Can’t believe they did that shit to you Drew.
    If it was me my lawyer would have already filed charged of malpractice against the hospital.
    Sounds like you got things under control thank goodness.
    Keep up the fight, it’s gonna get uglier before we see the light of day on this horseshit.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   01/07/2022  at  11:32 PM  

  261. Your horrid hospital escapade sounds a lot last year when my doc sent me to the ER to get blood drawn - ‘we’ll get the results faster’ - except that you were actually sick, too. In the ER at 10AM - out at 4AM - no food, no water, bathroom once and I was freezing the entire time. Speaking of which the Cardiac Recovery unit - freezing all the time.

    So, yesterday I decided to tackle the boxes of coke stuff (decades long coke items collecting). Got thru 3 boxes, have three more left as I have to document each one for the daughter who is going to sell them. I also have another large box in the basement. Yikes!

    This AM we did the eastside Jungle Jim’s - sorely disappointed - none of the stuff in the health area I wanted was there.

    Now I’m doing laundry. Sort of.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/08/2022  at  01:41 PM  

  262. The thing is, my hospital experience was pretty typical. And even more annoying, it’s been pretty typical since the beginning of this mess. Lock them away somewhere isolated for your own safety. If they’re still alive some time later, put them in an isolation ward. Give them really expensive high profit medicines that might do something, or if they die who cares. And if that doesn’t work, coma them out and put them on a ventilator and maybe they’ll live. Or not. Nobody cares. They don’t deserve treatment anyway, as these people have existing conditions, or they’re disposable old people, or aren’t skinny as teenagers, or maybe they smoke or drink. And OMG, they probably aren’t even vaccinated. Let them die. And that’s the take I got, straight from the exhausted fed up arrogant young doctor who tried to talk me into staying and signing a DNR ahead of time and then getting Remdesivir. Which kills 1 in 4. Time to get the heck out of Dodge, feets don’t fail me now!

    I could list at least a dozen treatments that have been shown to be at least somewhat effective. Nearly all of them have been known about since the get-go or before, an nearly every one of them has been ignored. One of the biggest, with decades of success against other diseases, has never even been given a trial, or hardly even an effective dose treatment when used off-label anywhere, not even by the FLCCC protocol. Yet it’s one of the strongest anti-viral remedies out there, being able to cure sepsis, polio and influenza. High dose IV vitamin C. We’re talking doses of 100 grams at a go. Dr. Cathcart researched it for his whole career. Super genius Linus Pauling was a huge supporter, but it was too much a threat to the medical establishment, and got shut down decades ago.

    So yeah, the hospitals can’t let the doctors be doctors, they can only be button pushers or they lose their jobs. And the few buttons they’re allowed to push don’t really solve the problem. Other things may help, other things may do the job - sweet wormword, antihistamines and milk enzymes, peptoids that demonstrate superb anti-viral action, etc. They are not allowed to exist. And some of the treatments that do seem to help are suddenly being taken away, after sitting around unused for far more than a year now.

    It. Don’t. Make. Sense.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/10/2022  at  05:43 PM  

  263. Nice to hear about the new computer. We don’t get those at GSC (Geek Squad City, where I work in desktop repair) but that sounds like a solid PC if you’re just doing basic websurf/emails and such. My day usually consists of fixing Ibuypower/Cyberpower/MSI desktops and Dell/HP/Asus/Lenovo all-in-ones. We have other teams that work on laptops/tablets/Apple products. My home computer is a Cyberpower desktop with an SSD (solid state drive, good for Windows) and a 1TB HD for data backup. Works well for the few games I play and websurfing that I do. One of my two monitors is an Acer and it serves me well.

    It’s pretty much been decided between us and my parents that none of us are getting boosters (we had Covid in Sept after being fully vaxxed early in the year, hubs with Moderna and I with Pfizer) Mom and Dad got J&J and so far *knock on wood* we’ve not had any adverse side effects.

    It’s 54 degrees here today and calling for snow on Sat. Yay Kentucky weather.

    Posted by Severa    United States   01/12/2022  at  05:42 PM  

  264. I guess I am lucky - one of my pulmonary docs just asked (while telling us - he and his wife are vaccinated) and listened and then moved on. My primary doc hasn’t said a word at all. Pretty much the same with the Primary Care doc. I will be glad that they don’t hound me about it.

    I finally took a pic of the new kitchen - hubby just confused the heck out of me with go here, do this - what do you want to do now? I simply wanted to email the pic to his mom and eventually email it to the daughter and d-i-l. So I did what I wanted my way - and got it done.

    Hubby doesn’t like White Fluffy as a name for the new kitty - who is now, not running away when I take food out and talk to it. We shall see, if it survives winter. I’m thinking someone left the area and just left it behind. They should be shot.

    It was 13 degrees with wind on Tuesday - I did not do my usual shopping. Weds it was 40 and sunny. We are supposed to have snow on Sunday. Pick a season and stick with it. My old body just can’t adjust to it anymore.

    Finished the coke stuff - I realized that there may not be another large box in the basement (yeah). Moved onto the desk to put stuff back in it. Enough pencils, colored pencils, markers and pens to open a shop (Mom didn’t look for anything, she just bought new). Still looking for cookbooks and a packet of instructions for all my small appliances - a couple I am donating. Never used or used once - why keep it collecting dust.

    Eating the last of the venison (ground) that our home repair guy gave us the last time he was helping put stuff back into working order. Making a version of shepherd pie. We did it before all this nonsense started - so we know it’s good.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/13/2022  at  12:17 PM  

  265. Oh that shepherd pie was good. I will have to do it with bison until maybe we could milk some more from him if something breaks down. Probably the washer or dryer - as they work the most around here. The refrig is the newest appliance.

    So Red State has an article on Fauci, once again, going up against a Congresscritter (Rep Marshall) - and lying his face off. Marshall gave him until 5PM today to provide the documents (financial disclosure forms) for during the pandemic. It will be interesting - but see none of commentors caught that this is scheduled for the Friday dump (as Rush used to call it) that the Media conveniently ignores and it’s forgotten. I hope he plays tough rather than go along to get along.

    I have so much to do - that I’m at that which poison do I pick to do today. I’m afraid it is going to be like this most of the winter. So I am off to balance (which requires entering into my computer program) another month of the check book. Almost there to be up to date.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/14/2022  at  11:15 AM  

  266. I am up to date on the checkbook - believe me, it was no easy task as hubby’s amazon orders never got to me while in the hotel. But I did ignore doing it on the computer. Now to try to print off monthly food costs from 2020 and 2021 to see if we get any $$$$ back on that. Although - neither the contractor (who still needs to finish the small counter piece) nor the ins ‘rep’ has responded to any emails lately.

    I found jewelry in the box of the last drawer of my desk - shows why I am crazy doing this unpack- the oops I found this, let me find an open box and drop it in attitude. I know I have some kitchen stuff missing and desk stuff and books - finding them has become a pain.

    Remember the Veterans form - we must fill out every year on whether the son or I have died, but we were late due to this house nonsense. We got a response - so much gobbly gook, I’m not sure if we are going to get the money back in one payment, dribbling payments or simply part of it back. But we did succeed.

    You can get a at home but covid test that does not require an invasion into your medical records and private life at CVS - two cost me $21.54 which I am willing to pay to protect my privacy. And I can manage one but covid test a year.

    The charting app for my pulse ox crapped out yesterday and I lost a years worth of numbers. I have no idea what went wrong. Hubby ended up have to delete it and re-install it - but since it wouldn’t open up there was no way to copy down the numbers. I truly hate this phone with a passion - but then I hate all phones - always have.

    Guess I will figure out what do tackle today.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/20/2022  at  10:17 AM  

  267. Red State has an interesting article - the Ts part of the insane new group (gotta always divide the peoples so that we can overtake them and control everyone. Then kill off the old, sick and mentally ill and defectives) LBGT - are demanding to enter - you guessed it - the L’s space. Hey, we’re ‘women’ too. Funny, Not, that the L’s are now talking - biology. Go figure. I’ve always said - no matter how you feel, no matter even if you get the surgery, your chromosomes will always be XX or XY. Talk about science deniers and hypocrites.

    But then - if the dems didn’t have double standards - they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

    Red State also had an idiot writing about this weekends playoff games - that ‘most people in OH think that the only NFL team is in Cleveland’. Please, the mistake on the lake and their football team are a greater joke than the Bungles ever could even hope to be. See here:

    The largest in stadium crowd ever of an NFL playoff games - was in Cincinnati last Saturday. If I was up to travel (and it wasn’t freezing) - I could go to the game Saturday as my daughter and family live in TN.

    But I’m struggling with this weather - yesterday topped at 40 and we are at 19 right now - but in two days - we will be back at 40. Such lovely weather.

    Had another nosebleed, left nostril - and a serious one.

    I emptied another box yesterday. And I set up a pick up for the donations. Moving forward, step by step. Also contacted our termite protection/inspection co - charge us every single year - they slapped a note on the front door - right next to the doorbell after walking past the van. I haven’t seen a person,since the woman who sat in the car and wrote out the report (I guess she didn’t see me) at least 3 years ago. Anyway - an inspection is a lost cause around here - 4 people - three of whom sleep at varying times of the day and night and the 4th works from home all day right now. They are willing to wait until spring to come out.

    Have to run out - daughter out of migraine med - but just going up the street. Also, son wants lunch/dinner as we are having cod tonight.  Waiting until closer to lunch though - too cold right now.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/21/2022  at  10:04 AM  

  268. Another good article (AmericanThinker) on the (’not’) election fraud - WI has over 400,000 people on the rolls who are 121 years old or older. The SoS office claims that it was a computer glitch when smaller districts entered their rolls into the system. Convenient that 20% of those elderly people - had enough life to vote. Figure 10 to 20% of the votes in the what, 6 states (WI being one of the) that Trump claimed were fraudulent, means 1) that the claim of Trump and his supporters was correct and 2) thousands of votes for Biden* were fraudulent, and it probably means that 3) Trump did win re-election.

    Granted we would have had to listen to a constant drum beat of impeached President and his women, Russia and rudeness etc for 4 years. But thousands of illegals would not be here nor poised to get thousands for being ‘separated’ at the border and maybe we would have found out about Fauci’s lies sooner. At least we would have a better economy. Business men like money flowing in AND OUT - politicians want money simply flowing to themselves. Funny, again not, that no one seems to bring up that Biden’s* home state has the most stringent voting laws in America. Not a peep - which is why most gop people are RINOs who won’t fight back against the lies, misinformation and drivel that the dems spew daily.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/23/2022  at  11:37 AM  

  269. I love your but covid song. And your refrig repair saga. We should have kept the 60s Harvest Gold side by side - as we’ve had two refrigs since. Have a vacuum - that can’t be run - as in this EUA screwed up economy - we can’t get a replacement part (most important part - the roller) - so we are down to a stick and a battery dust buster - unless one of these others - not seeing any rush of late - would find and pull out the big old vac - which I can no longer push/pull around. We have a 40+ year old Hoover shampooer that works fine - except it doesn’t suck up, we have a Bissell steam carpet cleaner that doesn’t spew the sudsy water but sucks it up, and we have an old steam cleaner - which I should have my hubby drag up from the basement - because 90% of this house needs to be steam cleaned badly. There is dust blown into and onto everything. I’m trying - in between my daily one box a day clearing out - to get after the dust, but sometimes it feels like a losing proposition.

    It’s cold today and will be colder tomorrow. Sunday late we had a light snow, it was already melting by dark - then it started raining. I’m just tired of this back and forth weather - pick a season and stick with it. Even a week of winter, with a week of moderate temps would be better than the daily back and forth.

    Van won’t start, have to get it towed - as usual (3rd time between the two cars) - we will pay much more than we need to for a half hour fix. The internet is a great thing to have, even if you can’t do the work yourself.

    Oh and somehow the overworked, hours wait times to be seen VA, wants to pull in all the Veterans it can. So that they can die off faster from horrible care, misdiagnoses and ignoring the actual problems (s-i-l broke his rib in Afghanistan, improperly set at the aid station, as they didn’t want to send him up the chain for actual real care, the VA in TN has done nothing in the 10 years that they have been there). Meanwhile, dumb doctor here put in my records that I have a previously broken rib - no it was removed by the surgeon when they did my heart surgery (back then in the dark ages they cut you open center front to center back to do that surgery). I sometimes wonder how any of us survive with this lack of historical knowledge or even the inquisitiveness to know your field to the absolute best. Of course the two guys who messed up the worst were both those who read my x-rays, but you’d think that the doctors would want to inform them of their incorrectness. Maybe? 

    Oh well, must bundle up to go out into the cold for food. Again.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/25/2022  at  09:14 AM  

  270. On the SC retirement (I hope that Manchin and Sinema decide to fight back by voting against Biden* as the two top are a DC judge and a CA SC judge. Talk about stacking the court, in a very dnc positive way.

    Is it just me - or does it sound like the FDA is - gasp - hypocritical on the monoclonal antibody treatment? Approve it but not in Florida?

    The ‘Canadians’ gunned down in Mexico are what my hubby and I quibble about in so many news stories - I always suspect that they are leaving out parts to slant the story the way that they want us to ‘think’ (although if you buy what they are selling - are you ever thinking?). Way back when Michelle Malkin had a website - the story of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom
    - -

    made me realize how slanted the so-called Media is. Terrible, horrible - but let’s cover it up because the perps are the wrong color. It’s racism pure and simple - just like separate water fountains and bathrooms - except this is dangerous, not simply insulting. Two people died horrible unnecessary deaths but we quash the entire story because of the criminals race.

    That bridge collapse is indicative of the problem, too. It is not about money, it is not about guns - it is about the politicians who do nothing and keep getting re-elected on promises to fix ‘it’ or the criminals who continue to commit crimes while not simply being put into jail and serving the entire sentence. The systems have been put into place - but like Unions that have forgotten why they were created - it’s all about the money and graft now.  ‘gitten’ mine, getting even, whatever they are calling it these days. America as founded is being destroyed and innocent people are hurt or killed because of it.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/28/2022  at  12:16 PM  

  271. So this is my life right now - I found another box with cookbooks in in it (I have my Mom’s old ones too). And I found the packet of instructions for my kitchen appliances - all except one - that I want to sell. Figures. But we are moving along, somewhat forward.

    Ms Snowball - has effectively adopted us. Obviously and indoor/outdoor cat who appears to be abandoned. She is using the house on the worst days and pleads to come in on some days. She appears to be in good health and condition. So I guess - it is known around the neighborhood that food is available at our place. Just saw Fluffy for the first time in a long time. And we saw another cat who appears to be residing under our deck. We are the house to be at for the cats.

    Daughter began the job of photographing and listing the Coke collection. I believe I have found everything. Was thinking of the same thing for the cake decorating (Wilton) stuff, but alas - the pans are in the attic which is unattainable right now - as we still have kitchen stuff out there.

    We at at 45 degrees and raining - the snow is headed in sometime tonight/tomorrow. Fun times - we will be in the teens on Friday. No wonder I feel like death warmed over.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/02/2022  at  08:49 AM  

  272. So snow-mageddon has hit us. Raining when I got up - sleeting and looks like it’s turning to snow. Yeah.

    Not sure Snowball likes that I put the cat house on the ramp - I thought two walls and a roof and not facing the direction of storms was a good thing. We shall see - although the ramp is totally covered too - guess the winds are what are driving down our temps.

    Just spent my morning (mostly, did get a load of laundry in and filled a carry jug with kitty litter from the box I ordered). Tired of hefting those things from the super markets. I ordered dry cat food too (I really, really need to review the order and then get someone else to review it before I hit submit - got big bags really big bags) - so we have plenty of dry cat food for the four+ cats we are feeding. The boys truly enjoyed my mixing (I buy 3 different kinds - long story of placating picky cats) and I (try, really hard) to put it into the container in an even ratio mixture. So they sat around all afternoon helping themselves to the stuff that flew off here and there.

    And this AM - a simple thing - balance the checking account and then enter in the stuff from Tuesday. 3+ hours later, it is finally done. Because there is the check book and there is Money on the computer and of course the bank statement - and stuff that magically appears (thank God, most were refunds and a deposit) not in the check book or on Money but in the bank statement. Tedious stuff as we (meaning mostly me) adjusts to having to do everything again - while squeezing in little things like cleaning, cooking, laundry and shopping. Now at a standstill here - not going out in this mess at all.

    Those AL numbers are a lot like the WI numbers and probably a few other states. I find it disgusting. Back in 2008 our (OH) SoS wouldn’t clear the rolls, considered a park bench a residence (judge agreed) and it took getting a republican in to get it cleaned up a bit. However, Ms Poll Worker who voted 6 times ‘for family’ (how stupid can you be, if you are a poll worker to use your own name that many times) - spent some time in jail. So things can be done, if the AG or Gov has an inclination to clean up their state. Sad that it’s not happening in all levels of gov right now.

    So China is going to do surveilance on all the athletes at the games and if you step out of line or mouth - you will be tried under China law. And of course, the idiots in DC are a OK with this. Meanwhile - stating that no one in America could have any legal or valid reason to see and/or read the tapes and transcripts of the Jan 6 committee EVIDENCE (not the hearing itself). When are people going to wake up - when these dems get 99% of the seats in DC and suspend elections until they die in office? Isn’t that what the places like China and NOKO do?

    I’m sick of it all - and the gop can’t even say this committee is a farce and the riot (which it became at the end) was not worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. And get these vindictive and hateful people out of our government.

    The Washington Commanders - what a Hoot - they really should of just called them the Washington Commands - as that is where we are headed.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/03/2022  at  11:42 AM  

  273. Congrats on the 296 buddy boy.
    Best I ever got was a 264 and that was a drunken fluke to be truthful.
    beer_drinker  two_thumbs_up  trophy  pinkelefant  clap  not_worthy

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/05/2022  at  05:30 PM  

  274. Yes I agree - congratulations on the 296. Wow.

    I spent more than an hour yesterday running our grocery & eating out ‘records’ from April to October 2020 and 2021 for a comparison for the Insurance co - not going to work. So now I start again. I really don’t want to go receipt by receipt. For both groceries and eating out.

    Keep finding cookbooks in boxes here and there.

    Frozen here much too long - so badly I have to warm my hand up to do the pulse/ox daily. Supposedly we are going to break freezing today. I’m not holding my breath. It was 13 when George and I sat on the couch to check the news (when we finally found one).

    So Go Fund Me is in doo doo for attempting to funnel, oops my bad, putting the Funds donated for the Canadian Truckers into ‘other accounts’ - I hope it blows them apart. Much like CNN is falling apart over Zucker’s exposure. Vile, immoral, criminal and idiots - acting like our betters. They all need to be shot to actually restore America. And their vile spawn too.

    Guess I will shut down the computer and pretend to do something with my day - under a blanket to stay warm.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/06/2022  at  10:37 AM  

  275. The ice doing a spiffy job of being iced over concrete is finally starting to melt. Our driveway is one big ice pond and worse so is the front yard. Makes getting into the car (van won’t start - thus needs to be towed) so car it is.

    Busy week - son had two doctors appts and thus I’ve been driving a lot. And I hate city/interstate in the city driving. So flumoxed from an accident - no two on the city part of our drive yesterday and having no gas (but pulling off to fill up allowed the first accident to be totally cleared and allowed us to by pass the second) that I put son’s dinner on my card. I’ll just take it out of his rent. Just seemed that I was in overdrive the entire day. We did make it up to the 50s - so all the frozen ice/sleet/snow is starting to melt. Yeah, hubby tried to throw melt on it - looked like he sprayed it with shotgun pellets. Nothing melted at all. He ended up having to shovel off the ramp. And the guy from the Veterans - wouldn’t even try to carry the boxes down the drive. I’ll wait until we have better weather (watch it will be pouring rain the next time).

    I’m just so over the news right now. Locally - it’s all about the Stupor Bowl and our Bungles. The other two times that they were in - I was in Germany and unable to see it at a decent hour or see it at all (the first one - we were living in a German town - 2 miles from the nearest German bus stop - can we say - boonies). Daughter bought t shirts for the Division win and the AFC win, if they win the Stupor bowl - I shall pony up the funds for shirts for that. Locally (i.e. the ignored westside) - we have not had much Bengals/Stupor bowl stuff. I saw a popup on a corner on Monday but after dragging through the grocery - had no desire to shop in freezing weather. i think that they want us to pony up the $20 to pay to park and shop in the Bengals shop at the stadium - Umm NO. I despise downtown and sometimes cheat by hanging the handicap placard and parking in the Library lot (yes I do go in to make it semi-legit).

    Trying to do laundry and clean a bit. Not in the mood - with a jacket on - I’m still freezing. Always said I’d rather 20 and snowing than 40 and raining - just what we need since it’s going to go back down to freezing tomorrow night. And people wonder why I feel awful so much around here.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/12/2022  at  12:28 PM  

  276. Typical late winter day here in NJ today. Cold and snowy this morning, dropped almost 2” on us. Now it’s getting warmer and the snow is melting. Forecast is for wildly varying temps over the next week, shifting between 18 and 60. Egad.

    Thanks for your thumbs up on my 296. Next time I’ll make it. Hope there is a next time soon!

    Local house pro AJ bowled his 412th 300 game the other night. Bowling is all he’s done since he was 13. He’s in his mid 30s at this point, still working part time at the bowling alley.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/13/2022  at  11:51 AM  

  277. That is just such a Biden*ism - we all know he is petty, mean and oh so not above lying about anything/everything. He is the guy in High School who thought he was important - but never realized he kept stepping in it every time. When someone set him straight - he has spent his whole life getting back - at innocent people - for his own lies, meanness and delusions of grandeur. These people now in office are forgetting one of the main principles of life - when you go too (way too) far - people get sick of it and end up swinging the life pendulum back the other way and tend to push it as far back the other way - so that the corrupt and evil people have less of a chance of obtaining power for a while. While their current clamp down is one those who won’t play along with their corruption and perversions - what can happen just might get us back to where we belong (and what they don’t want) complete Freedom. Funny that it would be the Canadians who showed us how to do it.  I just hope that the momentum keeps going. This scamdemic needs to end now.

    So I saw a scary article this AM - this 1897 law is what prevented dems from passing their ‘necessary’ voting rights laws. It is about the establishment of the Electoral College. Meanwhile, why they harp on the Georgia laws passed (and at least two more states have passed similar laws) - no one wants to acknowledge that Biden’s* home state has the most strict voting laws in the US. And that most of the states, contested by the GOP, have voted to outlaw mail-in-voting. If they go after the Electoral College - they are doomed in 22 and 24 - even if they try to cheat. I also believe that this is why ‘suddenly’ they ‘discovered’ that Trump took ‘classified’ materials to FL. Once again, IF Trump ever committed a crime - it would be 24/7/365 above the fold, bold so that no one could ever miss it. Is Hitlery and Co at it again. Gotta figure that her occasional fall downs would be passed over so fast to have Slick Willy back ‘in the house’ as compared to the incoherent Biden*.

    I like the Israel pass policy - it acknowledges the immunity of having recovered from But Covid and allows a negative test - I’d take one every single week - just to avoid the so-called vaccine. It would be worth the money.

    And it happens again and again. Our Federal Government and it’s vaulted (and highly functional) Depts at it again. Not one but two packets (you can’t call 8 to 10 pages a letter) from VA about - the mess created when we overlooked a form to state that my son and I are still alive. All those pages and we still don’t know if they are going to pay the money back and how/when. Plus, now one for establishing IF hubby is allowed a ‘combat’ injury disability payment. It seems some event (perhaps the time going around testing Guard units during OEF was considered a ‘combat’ event) however not sure what ‘injury’ that they are looking at. Again - not sure if and/or when they are going to pony up that money. For someone who was never in actual combat - why in the hell would they think that he would automatically apply for a combat related disability? He thinks some law was passed for the VA to review all the Med records of those receiving disability pay. Once again - my hubby did not wake up at retirement and declare himself 50%+ percent disabled (humorous, not, that his back is NOT part of the rating - if they included back - 90% of infantry and armor would get it - you have to have on duty med records to get it - i.e. why his finger amputation and ears/hearing are on it and back is not). So any way we may or may not be getting some more money - either monthly or a single payment or not. I’m still trying to figure out - why they keep going back to 2017 - another unexplained entity of this entire mess. P.S. VA has a rule that you the soldier etc must prove that your condition(s) that you are seeking to get treatment from at the VA is active duty related (we sat with a family member whose father was attempting to get his hearing aids from a Korean war explosion - problem - his records were part of the fire (my Dad’s were too))

    Our Federal Government wasting so much money trying to harass people enough so that they don’t give a damn anymore. I have always wondered how the illiterate, illegal and non-English peoples get all their government goodies - when college educated people can’t understand the crap that they send out. All though - is this just a democrat thing? I don’t remember this crap under Trump. Obama’s FG only hassled the son on his SSI - and money he had in the house. I just don’t care anymore. You lie to us - are you really so damned surprised that people lie to you.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/17/2022  at  10:18 AM  

  278. Brace yourself - we had those spring like temps - too f’n bad I was so sick from being harassed by a cat at 2, 3 and 4AM and a cold that I couldn’t stand upright or go outside to enjoy it. It did finally melt our ice cement - all of it. But Kansas City just got hit by 7 inches of snow - and it’s headed our way. Yippie.

    Glad to hear about your bowling fun. Sucks - but if you can enjoy the company - it is worth it.

    I bought our tests at CVS - 21 dollars,something for two. I don’t want this Government to track me and my response to the But Covid at all. And don’t spit - then they will have the ability to do a DNA test. Yeah I know mine is on ancestry and they can just steal that info.

    There is a video of the Canadian police running down people on horses. Red State, Townhall etc. Those are not the police horses used here in the US - those are the largest breeds of cold blooded horses I’ve seen in a while [we had a Percheron mix a long time ago - he ran through the barbed wire fence like it was tissue paper because the nasty little Shetland pony was chasing him]. Back to the video - that is not how you do crowd control on horses - they are damn lucky that they didn’t kill someone. Castreu (as the PM is called in the comment section) has taken his country over the ledge. IF we don’t take back the House or Senate and win in 24 - our takeover is going to be much worse. These people are insane - drunk on power and control issues. And thus, we won’t see the end of But Covid anytime soon.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/19/2022  at  09:39 AM  

  279. Long time, no checkin.  Things are kinda crazy up here in Canada right now, as I know you (and everyone else) has been keeping an eye on.  Trudeau and his cabinet ministers are out of control.

    At least 13 of Canada’s 39 Government Ministers are World Economic Forum (WEF) members. Klaus Schwab claims he has an entire one-half of the cabinet ministers as members of his WEF.

    The police are gleefully abusing citizen rights thanks to the invocation of the Emergencies Act (even though there was no real emergency to act on.)

    The president of El Salvador called Canada out as having zero credibility on speaking about human rights issues anymore as a result of their behaviour.  He’s not wrong.

    The RCMP have been caught in a private chat discussion talking about how great it was that 74 year old woman got knocked down and injured by the Toronto Police Mounted Units that were helping with the police action in Ottawa.

    That woman?  Turns out she’s a 74 year old full-blood Mohawk tribe elder from the Tyandinega.  She’s alive and being cared for.  Broken clavicle, dislocated shoulder.  This is the same tribe that burned tires and logs on the CN Rail lines, blocking them for weeks in late 2019 just before Covid really got rolling.  I’m sure they’ll just peacefully accept this happening to her.  /sarc.  Oh, and the icing on this cake is that Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act had a specific exemption included for First Nations people.  Talk about stepping in it.  Let’s go Castreau!

    The Ottawa mayor is talking about selling impounded vehicles at auction instead of returning them to owners after they pay impound fees, because it will help offset the cost to the city.

    The Ottawa Interim Police Chief is bragging about going after everyone who attended the protest aggressively in the weeks to come, and expect lots of charges.  For a Constitutionally protected, actually peaceful protest where the only violence was that brought by the police themselves?  What, prey tell, is the incentive for the protestors to leave when requested, if they know they’re just going to be hunted down and charged anyway?!

    Everything I’m seeing from government and the police falls under the heading of “Bringing the law into disrepute” - something you really, REALLY don’t want to do as it causes the fabric of society to unravel quickly.

    If I were a trucker right now, I’d be trying to organize a grass roots response to this Machiavellian bullshit - Do not deliver to, or pick loads up in Ottawa.  They have made their choice to tell truckers to leave, so let them live with it.

    The moonbats are acting with false-pride, which means they’re scared and desperate.  They’re going to act increasingly irrational, erratic, and violent.  Rough seas ahead.  Secure what you can and hang on.

    BMEWS Tiger - OUT.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    United States   02/20/2022  at  09:00 PM  

  280. I can’t believe that the police would run down a tribal leader - always heard that Canada treated their indigenous peoples so much better than we ever did. I suspect that this entire ‘Emergency’ crap is why Biden* extended ours again. Most especially since our Freedom Truckers are supposed to hit DC in March. Thanks Tiger for the info - we certainly are not getting it from our Media - as they seem to think why/how ‘America’s Dad’ died is so vastly more important. I barely listen/read the news anymore - it’s gotten so childish and petty.

    On another point - totally off this topic - hubby read some lunatic on the left has declared that babies in the womb can give permission to be aborted. If ever the 25th Amendment needs to be used (and thus not keep going the ‘conspiracy theory’ of election fraud). It is now. How citizens can let these people continue with all of this insane stuff - is beyond me. I used to think that they tolerated the lies and corruption because it made them feel - either superior or it’s ok that I’m a liar/criminal. Now with this pure insanity - America would not be functional as it is, if everyone was this insane. We should all be storming DC in March. This crap needs to end - now.

    I tried to comment on FB about the political writings of a friend - good stuff and I know her well enough to know she meant what she wrote. Had to erase the original post - as very few people understand the political spectrum any more - the dems who masquerade as liberals are anything but. They are passing (and did with the Supremes blessing abortion (murder for hire) and gay marriage (a moral oxymoron if ever was one) more laws and exerting more control than Trump could have ever dreamed of. I think a lot of what happened after But Covid hit the US - is hidden inside The Patriot Act and Obamacare. We were screwed by 41 and it was nailed down by Obama. And they put an idiot who doesn’t even know what day it is and a deviant moron into the WH to cement the final pieces.

    As I said - we need to storm DC before it’s too late.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/21/2022  at  10:21 AM  

  281. Wardmama:  The police officers on horseback (Toronto Police Force mounted unit) would have no knowledge of who or what she (Candace “Candy” Sero) was until after the fact.  However, it’s still on them for choosing to ride into a crowd.  Whenever you do that, there’s a very good chance one or more people is going to get knocked down, and potentially injured.  This is why it’s not normally done unless the crowd is both violent and rioting, and the use of horse units to charge the crowd is to disrupt, damage, and project force in an attempt to re-establish control of the battlefield.  To ride into a peaceful crowd is dangerous, stupid, irresponsible, and negligent.

    I feel sorry for Ms. Sero.  A broken clavicle and a dislocated shoulder are serious.

    A correction (possibly) on her age.  Today I’m seeing citations that Ms. Sero’s age is 49, but another place says 51.  I swear I saw 74 yesterday.  If I was in error about that detail, that’s on me and I apologize.

    Some more on this situation:  There is a private chat that claims to be for members of the RCMP Musical Ride 2022.  (Equivalent to an Armed Forces Band, they do precision maneuvers on horseback as a show for the public.) There are screenshots floating around allegedly from this chat that show members of the RCMP commenting on the Toronto Police Force Mounted units entering the crowd and knocking people over.  The message content was unprofessional (and that’s the best thing I can say about it.) Both the Post Millennial and Rebel News claim the RCMP has released a statement confirming the authenticity of the messages, however after reading the statement myself, it only confirms that they are looking into the matter.  At no point do they say anything like, “Yes those are our officers, and they did make those statements.” Without that admission, or corroborating proof, it is far too early to rush to any conclusions, or judgement.  I’ve seen way too many incidents lately where things you think are real was just someone cooking up an elaborate troll to damage reputations or cause trouble, so forgive me if I’m going to be more than a little cautious here before I pick up a pitchfork or a torch.  If it later comes out that yes those RCMP officers were indeed acting in that manner, then perhaps they shouldn’t be RCMP officers anymore, given that their behaviour was so out-of-line with the principles of the RCMP in general.

    As to the rest of your message:  “babies in the womb can give permission to be aborted” - Madness or stupidity, can’t tell which.  Maybe I need to be embracing the power of the word “and” here.  The subject of abortion makes me significantly twitchy.  And I’m reminded of the practice of sacrificing children to the idol Moloch (see book of Leviticus in the Bible.) I’m a dad twice over.  That’s nightmare fuel, right there.

    Whoever it was that called the Democrats the “evil party” and the Republicans the “stupid party” nailed it.  The Democrats always accuse their convenient foil (Republicans) of all the evils that they themselves want to do.  Projection at its finest.  When a Democrat is making an accusation, pay close attention.  In a poker game, this would be called a “tell”.  The Republicans never really fight back, but keep promising to (but always beg for money to do so.) Then when something comes along they should be fighting for, “This isn’t the hill to die on.” It’s a scam they have successfully run for years, and probably see no reason to stop now.

    I think both parties are quite happy to be in charge (or sitting in the opposition) as long as their snouts are firmly in the trough of public money, and they have access to advance information that lets them play the markets on insider information (legal for Congress critters.) There is no voting ourselves out of this pattern.  99% (if not fully 100%) of any sitting legislature are people who became lawyers.  There are no “little people” making the decisions anymore.  Too bad, we could use an influx of family farmers and small business owners.  What would come out of our legislatures would make a whole lot more sense if that were to happen.

    And as to using the 25th amendment (presumably to remove Biden on the issue of medical competency) - just remember, that means you’ll have to say the phrase “President Kamala Harris.”

    We really do live in evil Clown World these days, don’t we?

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    United States   02/21/2022  at  06:52 PM  

  282. I agree so much with what you wrote. I’m (sad really) glad that you clarified that the information has not been fully ‘vetted’ for lack of a better word. And that is a problem in Media in a lot of places - go with ‘what you heard’ rather than waiting a bit for some real, proven facts.

    I think that the GOP has firmly established a go along to get along policy that is rarely deviated from. However, in looking at Trump’s 4 years - somehow, somewhere sanity prevailed to get a lot of issues ‘fixed’ and I think to the established and entrenched DC politicos - that was his biggest threat and to them, biggest concern. He showed how easily and quickly the crap of Congress can be fixed and how it can actually flow down - to the people. And they had to end it. Except - the NY case(s) have begun to unravel - and that hurts them all - as they were criminal cases. Although it goes to what I have always said - IF Trump had ever committed a crime - it would be 24/7/365 and if the left were honest - they know that that was true.

    I know that on the face it seems that the 25th would be a bad thing - but it is time for reality before we lose America. And Biden* is the puppet for much more corrupt (and that is saying a LOT, given Binden*s history) people. I just don’t understand how people can buy all of this insane crap.

    It’s sad that Right Is Wrong and Wrong Is Right in America now. [It’s a movie, that’s why I wrote it like that]

    Personally - I worried that Obama’s comment - we have five more days left, so join me to fundamentally transform America - is in effect now. And the GOP doesn’t seem to want to stop it at all.

    I’ve lived overseas twice. Yeah on appearance, it looks a lot like America but living there and seeing it all up close and personal - it’s not. Their taxes are outrageous - so-called ‘white supremacists’ have nothing on the Germans I knew. And they have lost their autonomy over and over again. It’s happening here and I hope that we can snatch a victory from the jaws of the corrupt and insane in 22 and 24.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/24/2022  at  10:24 AM  

  283. A huge thanks to Tiger for some on the spot info about the mess in Canada. I haven’t written too much about it, as everyone and his cousin Bob is churning out the news and opinions 24-7. Rebel News continues to be a great site for unfiltered info. A couple places on Substack are also doing a great job. It’s a mess. Turdo has lost what little mind he had. I really hope Canadian people have the right of recall, or a No Confidence vote. That little Hitler needs to go ... straight to the gallows. And every legislator that voted to support his Act needs to be fired on the spot at the very least.

    New Zealand and Australia aren’t much better right now, using similar heavy handed tactics against their own people. And in the US we’re all considered domestic terrorists by our government, from the top all the way down to the local school boards. They ALL have to go.

    And now we have the Russians invading Ukraine, perfectly timed for when the West is both super weak/woke and distracted. Naturally, our gigantic news media will not be able to cover all these situations at once, so the tyranny in the free world will get memory holed and the attention will completely focus on the war. When that’s over (I give our corrupt puppet state of Ukraine about 10 days max) that too will be forgotten, and the MSM will get back to the “all important” climate change nonsense and the gender fluidity garbage.

    The entire world is screwed.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/25/2022  at  09:55 AM  

  284. I don’t think so - just read a piece from a person who is in touch with someone in Ukraine - saying the Media is blowing this up. The Russians are not only bogged down due to gas/food issues - they are only going after government/military targets. Of course the Media is going overboard. They continue to pound the But Covid - while the Truckers are on their way in the US (imagine if Biden* attempts to do something like Trudeau did. It’s enough that the Jan 6th has been overblown and is piddling out (since the evidence videos have been released and the police beating a fallen woman - did them in).

    On But Covid - the home tests sent by our government is poisoned?! You can’t make this stuff up. The numbers of deaths are probably exaggerated, the so-called vaccine doesn’t prevent the disease and now the home tests are poisoned. This is coming off like an attempt to kill as many Americans (while letting people cross the border unimpeded, untested, unvaccinated and unmasked) - and we are to believe what they are putting out is nothing short of a mass murder and take down of America as founded? What If They Gave A War and nobody came? We - and I think many people throughout the World - are on the brink of saying FU and the tank you rode in on, in many places of the World right now.

    Someone posted on FB a meme - A mail-in ballot arrived last night and gave the Bengals enough points to win the Super Bowl 26 - 23. it is gone in less than a day. I applaud both the humor and the guts to post something like that - but it has been erased - from FB - I just found it - so I saved it. Funny it won’t let me post it as my cover page (whatever that is) - says it’s too small - even though I’ve posted memes before. Gotta love FB - a bunch of petulant children.

    I am off to see if I can accomplish something today.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/28/2022  at  09:54 AM  

  285. My treadmill came this morning before 8AM. We are not sure if it is frozen or broken. My luck, broken it is. Oh bother. Mostly at a standstill on the remaining boxes and calling to get rid of stuff. Just having a hard time finding places and time for all I have to do with no help. And a flurry of medical appts. doesn’t help at all. My OX was 98 after my walk - yeah me. My Doc was very happy with all the numbers and funny sounds inside me that she listened to.

    I forgot to say - your pictures of the town look similar to the ones of Falls River (of course all are in black and white) - as my Mom and I have bought most of the Lizzie Borden books (only one duplicate!) over the years. I didn’t read one of them - sorry but when the Intro says my Mom knew Lizzie during those years and she did it - obviously you started out to just try to become famous, get your 15 minutes or get rich by connecting yourself to the most infamous act in your town. Maybe one day, I will try to read it.

    There was a video of Rabbit Hash KY - famous for electing a dog as Mayor. The General Store burned down (sometime in the past couple of years). It reminded me of the small town in Montana that we had our little house - I miss that. Time before consumerism, everyone on a phone (in public annoys the heck out of me), and just the Pop Culture/Cult of Personality life.

    I just crushed two fingers folding up the treadmill - we are waiting on the shipper to get back to us on what to do next. It starts up but gives an error code. We shall see. I just (to cheer myself up and do something physical) opened a box - it’s full of my books. Here I spent two days loading up the bookshelves and now I find even more books. I have no clue - maybe I can get my hubby to finish putting together the shelves downstairs so that I can move some of the books down there. And in the living room - I just keep looking into the same boxes - over and over again. Just wondering what the heck I’m going to do with the stuff. I’m going to sit down and see if I can figure out what the best next move is.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/02/2022  at  11:43 AM  

  286. So we ordered some more Vit D to up our daily load. As I said the doc was happy with my numbers and sounds. Found another box of books. Overloaded with boxes and no place to put them. And I still have to figure out the things for my computer desk. It’s getting old.

    We have nice weather now, but it’s supposed to be back in the 30s this coming weekend.

    Cat’s are beating up on each other and I bought a long hair comb to try to take care of Snowball’s coat. She behaves but I bribe her with treats.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/06/2022  at  07:43 PM  

  287. So Fauxci is taking 6000 IU of Vitamin D a day (has been for 18+ months) - hubby found this nugget when ‘fact checking’ an article. Apparently, Fauxci said it on some obscure podcast. So with the murdering ventilation and remdesivir - the liar was and still is using Vit D to protect himself from even getting the But Covid. [We just ordered Vit D to up our daily dose at least for a while).

    The question becomes - why didn’t he say this way back when he rode in on the savior horse proclaiming to ‘prevent’ the killer disease? The CDC is now ‘adjusting’ the numbers of deaths (which another article pointed out - since it was not counting any other causes of deaths - the annual death number didn’t change) to actually list those with But Covid as But Covid deaths.

    I think these things are slowly leaking out - as the dems are in big trouble and need to mitigate the damage, so that they don’t lose big in both Houses - remember the numbers are equal in the Senate and 10ish or less in the House.

    I’m so over this crap - that really didn’t need to happen. Yeah, Biden* sucked and in reality he was chosen - as they knew they could work a deal to have ‘chosen others’ do the work while he remained the face. I bet 99% of the crap posted as what Biden* ‘says’ is just something someone truly in charge wrote.

    When are people going to wake up?

    Oh and it’s two boxes of books and yes, the treadmill is broken. Now waiting to hear if we can just mail it back to Amazon or have to mail it to them (costly little beast that will be). We shall see.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/07/2022  at  11:01 AM  

  288. The treadmill people are sending us another one and asked us to ‘please throw it away’. Yeah right - another additional fee to our garbage people who are now coming around when they damn well please rather than the 5AM of pre-But Covid.

    No election fraud - but a Harris Cty (TX) official fired when - oh, yeah you guessed it - Election Ballots (not counted) were found.

    On the history of where I live (not going to do the city, sorry) - In the 1920’s my grandfather bought the farm on the corner of Mt. Alverno and Pedretti Roads. He used it for cows, pigs and chickens during WWII - I have no clue as to what he did with it for the 20s, 30s, and 50s. Never went up there - don’t even remember how it was configured (Probably entrance was off Paul Road - as there were farms up there too). And in the late 40’s/early 1950, he retired to Montana to live. He made it just over a year before passing. So in the early 60’s my grandmother (at the urging of my Dad) sold it to a developer. The apartments (about a dozen+ 2 & 3 bedroom) and two streets - were typical 2 and 3 bedroom houses. A few were even the 4 up and 4 down configuration. Most were simple, but like most houses here - they had basements (most of the 2 bedrooms don’t). It has since expanded quite a bit - those houses are bigger - mostly 3 and 4 bedrooms with a few 5 bedroom ones. About 6 different configurations, though, throughout the entire subdivision. And prior to the 1920’s - it was farm land - all of this side of town - was farm land. I was surprised with how many people in this area had ponies and horses, even when I was growing up. It was still that rural.

    I think I will go make a loaf of bread - that loaf looks great.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/10/2022  at  08:10 AM  

  289. RE: Fauci and his D. IIRC He was on The View when he said this, but didn’t advise people to take it. He merely said he takes it himself.

    There was an NIH document at their site back in the beginning that recommended daily
    5000IU of D3
    2000mg of C
    50mg of zinc
    200-250mg of magnesium
    400-500mg of calcium

    to boost your immune system against the But Covid. So the info was out there. Problem is, 1) the NIH site has millions of documents on it, 2) this was given exactly ZERO publicity

    Since then people in the vitamin world have pointed out that you also need K2 to get the D where it needs to go, and that D is better absorbed when taken with food that has some fat in it. And it was figured out early that you also need some kind of ionophore (HCQ, IVM, quercetin, ECGC from green tea, etc) to get the zinc into your cells.

    It was also pointed out that a) probably smartest to get your D levels checked first, and b) it’s pretty hard to OD on D, so taking 20,000IU per day for a week with K2 and magnesium is very very low risk and will get your levels up quickly, follow that with 5-10,000IU per day after, again with the K and mg, c) the optimum D level is about 4 times higher than the “not deficient” level, d) the MDR is pathetic, and only enough to keep you from getting scurvy.

    And, in my personal experience, while a full and broad daily intake of the right vitamins and supplements and natural supportive substances helped a lot (neither of us caught the ‘rona for 2 years, and it’s been MAJOR here in NJ the whole time), when Omicron showed up it was a different ballgame.

    I don’t know huge numbers of people, or know everyone’s health history, but as of last week I knew 8 family members and friends who have not caught this thing yet, half vaxxed, half unvaxxed. Now the SIL’s husband, Mr. Fit & Healthy, has the ‘rona but the SIL doesn’t. They’re taking more vitamins and the IVM they brought home from Mexico.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/11/2022  at  11:44 PM  

  290. i am shocked that the info from the View didn’t get more exposure. Although I do admit - that I rarely read anything spewed from that show. Fauxci doesn’t recommend everyone take his regime, but the NIH recommended it? What a hypocritical liar.

    Clay & Buck - Rush replacements - found a Trump Impersonator. He is good - the video (all 47 seconds of it) is on Youtube - The Gas Price is Too High. Really good.

    IRL I know 2 people who have had (or publicly admit it) But Covid. More online (maybe 6+) - I don’t talk to family anymore about. Some are rabid about the so-called vax and some don’t care either. Until my pulmonology doc tells me to do it - I might then ask why before I consider it. So far, she is ok with how I’m doing and doesn’t bring it up. I’m ok with that. B’cuz she knows every condition I have - and if she’s not worried - I’m not either.

    Plugging along with cleanup - it is such a slow process. I sit sometimes - wondering why I kept this or that. And with double stuff - since I got my Mom’s stuff - it’s just that much more work.

    I stopped with the ‘mainstream’ vitamins when I took one daily from a health food place. The difference in a week was noticeable. And that was probably more than 20 years ago. And that was another thing that my pulmonolgy doc likes - that I’ve been ‘taking care’ of myself for so long. Knowing when I’ve hit my limits and take a step back. It’s what has kept me alive - way, way past my best by date.

    I’m truly liking the dutch oven cooked bread recipe I got - it’s slightly different than a straight french bread ingredients - but 35 to 45 minutes in a hot dutch oven. No kneading either.  Easy peasy.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/12/2022  at  09:04 AM  

  291. Slight correction to that constitutional carry map: my home state of KY, where I now sit, has been constitutional carry since 2019. Firmly believe that’s a BIG reason why the BLM protest BS didn’t go too far outside of lib stronghold Louisville. We’re a short drive from Knob Creek Gun Range (remember when ABC News used footage from one of their machine gun shoots and tried to pass it off as Syria war footage? LOL Knob Creek thanked them for the free publicity) The last Gun Shoot was this past Oct but the gun range and shop are still open.

    They JUST dropped the mask mandate at my work a week ago. That was the last place I was wearing a mask. We got the first two shots early last yr, no plan to get boosters (we came down with Covid this past Sept. Hubs called it “flu with extra seasoning") We lost taste/smell for maybe 3-4 days? Our sons who live with us (early 20s) barely got a sniffle. I was ready to climb the walls out of boredom halfway through the mandated quarantine.

    Concert season started back up for us late last yr. We recovered just in time for the Louder than Life music festival here in late Sept. Finally crossed Judas Priest off the bucket list there. Their guitarist suffered an aortic aneurysm on stage during the last song (ironically, it was “Painkiller") they rushed him to the hospital 4 miles away, 10 1/2 hrs of surgery, he rested up and recovered, and they’re back out on tour now! (they’re in Oakland, CA tonight) Just in the last few months we caught headline shows from two of our favorite Swedish metal bands, Avatar and Ghost. Louder than Life’s lineup was just released this yr. KISS and Alice Cooper are headlining one night, plus a lot of other favorite bands are going to be there. Life’s too short, we bought the tickets.

    Posted by Severa    United States   03/12/2022  at  10:24 AM  

  292. If I remember correctly - OH is trying to push Constitutional Carry over the finish line. Other than Cleveland (who pretend that there is no carry in OH - even though we have both open carry and carry permits). Which is why both stupid police shootings in Cleveland (12 year old with a toy gun and a man in Walmart carrying a toy rifle (supposedly out of the wrapper)) went to court. The cop in Cleveland was fired (turned out he had been fired from his previous station, too) and not the cops (sadly) but the 911 caller were charged. Only the 911 caller was found guilty. And that is part of the problem. We have a friend who is an NRA instructor (he is where we went to get the test/paperwork to get our carry permits), but the guy is way over 6 feet. He loves to walk around open carrying and getting hassled by people and the police. He then reads them the OH law. We carried during a protest and the city police hassled him - you were supposed to inform us that you had a gun - the laugh of it - everyone at the protest was carrying - he was the only one open carrying! And that is the other problem - the police either don’t know or don’t care about the laws. My Mom taught me - two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I hope that OH will go CC. I have a meme - guy in the car holding out the US Constitution and saying - Yes, Officer here is my permission to carry a gun. And that is how it is supposed to be. We went to a county east of us to get our carry permits, as the Cty Sheriff we had at the time, was kind of a may issue guy. Again - another part of the problem.

    And don’t even get me started on the duplicity of the Media - it is shameful how they have cow towed to the federal bs on this entire But Covid issue. And I just saw a story that people are struggling with medical debt - umm, correct me, if I’m wrong but wasn’t Obamacare suppose to fix all that? Yeah I know - not a speck of help for people who have had and paid into their Insurance all of their working lives. Just making us help all those who purposely didn’t obtain insurance.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/13/2022  at  11:01 AM  

  293. OK - great news - DeWine (eternal (he’s been everything in OH for decades) RINO that he is) signed the Constitutional Carry. OH is the 23rd State to do so. The bill read - anyone legally able to purchase a gun can open and conceal carry and are NOT required to inform law enforcement that they are carrying. . . Of course the morning local news said - a permit was still required for concealed carry. And the Media always speaks the truth, yeah right. I think I’ll go and see what the local paper says about it, if anything at all.

    Like your phone saga, we are playing the same stupidity with a treadmill. I got one - early B-day gift and (of course) the electronic part didn’t work. So hubby emailed them. So now, they are claiming that they sent it and as I said - throw the other away. Well the email that they sent us - was a home in PA and it (supposed treadmill) was on a delivery pallet (looked like construction material) - certainly not a treadmill. Oh bother, we are going to have to figure this out - probably take it up the hill to the Amazon return center and complain about the seller. I wonder if Play It Again Sports has any?!…

    Meanwhile - little is being done around here - as I am attempting to get the receipts for all the groceries, dining out and mail order kits into a single type of page of info - times 2 (2020 and 2021). To see if we had spent more money than when at home. Looking at the numbers, so far - I’m going to say yes, big time.

    Can’t find a level to see, if that is the major problem with the clock. Which we will claim, if needed. Hubby thought that they pulled the piano apart on one side. I looked at it the other day to take pictures - and realized that it opens just like a grand piano. Happy about that. And I have to re-do the box pick-up - since our drive was iced up and we couldn’t move the van onto the street (it needs to be towed). Around here - it’s always something.

    Both of my major doctors appts. done. My numbers are good - even my cholesterol is good for me (high normal) and certainly better than the 300+ I’ve hit twice. Can’t take the statins - tried twice - make me horribly sick. So I’m happy that how I’m eating is working out - cuz a lot of days I think I eat waaaaay too much sugar. Even my glucose was good too. So I guess I just keep doing what I’m doing. My PC doc did try to push vaccines - yes plural on me. I mean it’s getting harder to explain why I say NO - I’m just glad I can start with - being raised in a family of Doctors, I was taught - helps a lot.

    We live like hermits right now. We saw the neighbor this AM (she is battling breast cancer right now) and she had But Covid - anyway - she said that she and her husband were worried about us as they hadn’t seen any of us. We don’t go out much, the daughter is working from home (finally gets to go the GA this summer - she gets the big bucks for that trip), she does get together every Thurs with her friends and son tries to avoid most everything outside the house, except movies - they both do them as interesting new ones come out.  After the six months in a hotel surrounded by people of all kinds - we sort of need a de-compression time. Plus we keep getting older and neither one of us is all that healthy any more. And we’ve never been ‘going out’ type people - after 20+ years of being ‘required’ to attend functions - we like our privacy and quiet life now.

    Snowball is firmly attached to us, she uses the house and sleeps on the door mat. I bought a long hair cat comb to help her get free of so much hair and to get out the couple of mats I felt. It is working well - my only problem is the rear end - she is not fond of any touching/combing back there and it needs it right now. She loves the tube treat I use to bribe some stillness to comb her. I probably need something extra special for the rear end. We will see. I thought of using the have-a-heart trap and the hose - but it’s still too cold for that kind of adventure.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/16/2022  at  10:02 AM  

  294. I found your new bowling coach Drew and he is one heavy hitter;

    Posted by Rich K    United States   03/16/2022  at  11:54 PM  

  295. Rich that’s awesome. I’d bring him in as a sub only once. Once. After that the bill for a new set of pins would be too expensive.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/21/2022  at  04:11 PM  

  296. Off to get an oil change in one car - maybe set up the other one. Now I’m down to taking one or two things out of a box and shutting it back up. Too tired of the whole adventure. Need to schedule the pick up of the boxes. Yes, I should have cancelled the first one with all the ice. Just so tired of it all.

    Found a box of pictures and realized I could spend the rest of my life scanning pictures for the family (identifying the people will be fun). But I don’t care anymore. Such a shame.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/22/2022  at  07:03 AM  

  297. On Smalls and ‘recognition’ during BHM. Yes - so oppressed that they have a tv station 1983, started by a black man, richest woman in America Oprah, a President Obama, had an abolitionist who won a court case against a white man to get freedom for her son - all before the Civil War Sojouner Truth, the first black woman to get an M.D. in 1864 (before the Civil War and 15 years after the first white woman) Rebecca Lee Crumpler, 1885 Sarah E. Goode became the first black woman to receive a patent, 1939 Hattie McDaniel becomes the first black person to win an Oscar (Gone With The Win), 1967 Althea Gibson, first black woman to win a singles title at Wimbledon, 1969 Shirley Chisholm, first black woman to serve in Congress (House), 1991 Sharon Dixon becomes the first black woman to be Mayor of a major city (D.C.), 1991 Carol Moseley Braun first black woman elected to the US Senate, 1991 Mae Jemison first black woman astronaut, 1993 Toni Morrison, 2005 Condoleeza Rice becomes the first black woman SoS, - and all except two of these were only what was listed for women.

    George Washington Carver, Thurgood Marshall, Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr and so on. So exactly what part of American life, society (don’t forget the dominance in many music, sports and other artistic fields), are they being deprived of?

    Of the 10.7 million Africans who survived the Atlantic Crossing to be sold as slaves - only 388, 000 (that would be 0.036%) came to North America directly or indirectly. And by the Civil War - only 8% of Americans owned slaves. (This was from Henry Louis Gates, Jr - who is encouraging blacks to get their dna testing to actually be able to find out their true ancestry). The 3/5ths of a ‘person’ for slaves - was a compromise as the Southern persons wanted a zero black recognition as a ‘person’. I also didn’t mention Ben Carson, raised by a single mother in Detroit who rose to be the US’s highest neurosurgeon - even creating a way to successfully separate twins joined at the head.

    It is the Democrats (but now too many GOP and Indys) who divide people by meaningless characteristics (so bad now that they are making up genders) to keep us hating and fighting with each other. While not fixing a single problem in America - but continuing to create even more every session of Congress.

    Two things I noticed - prior to the Civil Rights Act (and Johnson’s infamous -’We’ll have n****** voting democrat for 200 years when I sign this’ comment) that changed the demographics of the black life in America. 1) Most blacks were willing to fight for and even die to be seen as an equal person and many achieving greatness 2) to people who pursue money as the only form of equality or even meaning of life as an American. Now they are only concerned with destroying all those that have a middle class life (’cuz you don’t see them storming DC, Martha’s Vine Yard or even their local ‘rich’ black enclaves).

    I’ve been working poor (actually too rich to be able to get most bennies of the actual poor and too poor to truly obtain what we wanted in life) most of my adult life - never saw that as the one/only denominator as the most meaningful definition of my personal success. Ever. Still say a Thank You to my Dad for stressing education - it is one, possibly the only, door to individual freedom. And happiness.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/25/2022  at  11:40 AM  

  298. Wow I need to proofread - can’t criticize the drive-by Media after that post. Sorry.

    Clay & Buck - had Sen. Blackburn on to go into the back story of her infamous - Can You Define Woman for me question. Here is the main point of the back story -

    SEN. BLACKBURN: Yeah. You know, one of the things that I had discovered was that she had come out very vocally in support of “progressive education” and, as she termed it, “the transformational power of progressive education,” and since I’m concerned about parental rights, I’ve heard a lot about that from Tennesseans, I was focused on that, and the curriculum that was taught at the school where she is on the board.

    So we had researched that a little bit, found out they offered this class called Woke Kindergarten which teaches 5-year-olds how to choose their gender. And, of course, you have all of this going on where there is attention on allowing children to choose a gender at a very young age. You also have the restrictions on parents of how they want to rear and educate their children, whether it’s before it a conservative worldview or a liberal worldview, and school boards are beginning to take that authority.

    I am glad that she did this and it might give some of the squishy weak kneed, but mostly sane Senators to have an excuse (and a good one at that) to vote NO.

    I hate the dems Identity Politics. I hope to God that someone has the guts to stand up and simply say No.

    On the song - I did not know any of that - even though I liked the song, grew up here in OH. Bur by 1985 I wasn’t living here anymore.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/26/2022  at  08:35 AM  

  299. So I thought I was done with books - and found another box with books. However, putting up a few shelves in the bookcases downstairs - was able to take care of them all. I’m about to start breaking down a few boxes - as all that are left are the pictures from the walls, a box of cables for computers/tv/etc, boxes of hubby’s papers and the coke stuff, the daughter and I are attempting to sell.

    Of course it would be easier, if I was techno smart, was on many of the ‘hot’ websites and actually cared right now. I think out of the 6+ boxes - a half-dozen items are - mint in box - and I have a number of different sets of glasses. I have kept the German/foreign Coke stuff I have collected and glued together the Chech glass I have (with no clue what-so-ever how it came into my possession) other than we spent 3 years on a Army base at the Chech/East German border (which is why my hubby was gone so much - two borders to patrol - makes for a lot of gone time). But we have an eclectic collection of things from those 3 years - a picture of a Russian helo, pictures from the East German border and of course my Chech glass. I also have a Korean (I used to have two but the movers broke/stole one) Coke bottle my daughter managed to scrounge when she was in Okinawa. Oh and our last child - who was born in Bayreuth West Germany.

    Our weather is back and forth - 80 yesterday and supposed to sink from the AM high of 50 into the 40s (if we are lucky - they are talking even colder than that possible). So much for global warming, once again. Have to ask - are the rich and entitled having a ‘conference’ somewhere right now?  Cuz I grew up here and even the few times we had two feet of snow - we never, ever hit the cold temps we had this winter and while we’ve had an ice storm or two - we never had sleet freeze solid, melt a tad then freeze solid again and then have rain come down on that and freeze solid, yet again. They threw out ‘fire warnings’ due to the wind we have and I laughed - it is still so wet here I doubt anything could catch fire and be a risk for anyone (other than a house).

    I caught a post on the local neighborhood group I get, people getting all upset about a house that the items inside (not the garbage but furniture) was set out on the yard. People were clamoring for this ‘blight on the neighborhood to be cleaned up (trust me - I know the street, it is not (and never will be) one of the upscale ones around here). Turns out the owner of the house died, his live-in took what she wanted and left. The landlord waited the two weeks and then removed the possessions from the house. I’m surprised that the scavengers that troll our neighborhood didn’t scoop it up the first afternoon. Anyway (too long story, should have been short) - in the comments a couple of people asked about the house on the edge of subdivision that burned (sometime last fall) and why nothing was being done. After our little disaster last year, I explained - and if someone was hurt or killed - it will be even longer to get started much less finished. We also had this mess in a different way on our street (aside from the evicted welfare mothers) - a person at the end of the street, apparently died on their yearly snowbird trip to where ever. The house stood empty for what seemed like years. Finally sold to flippers and put on the market. They must have been professional and good flippers as it sold in couple of weeks. Life happens and sometimes complete strangers are left to pick up the pieces.

    I am so sad by seeing examples of people who have no clue as to how things work anymore. Must be nice to have never been in an accident. Met one of my best friends in HS scouring our jeep the afternoon my brother had an accident in it - to find the front teeth of the girl sitting next to him to run to the hospital - I’m going to assume that they were going to use them as molds for the fake ones. The day after they finished putting in her permanent replacement teeth at adulthood - they canceled our insurance. Fun times. Never lost someone close to them and never traveled/lived very far from home. I guess living all over the US and overseas twice - especially since I was surrounded by people from so many varied backgrounds - that I learned a heck of a lot that I never learned in school.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/31/2022  at  09:49 AM  

  300. Wardmama:  “Wow I need to proofread - can’t criticize the drive-by Media after that post. Sorry.”

    You keep right on criticizing them, they deserve every bit of it.  You made one mistake, which you then caught, corrected, and apologized for.  That puts you light-years ahead of the lying lame-stream media who fear bursting into flames were they to let actual truth flow from their mouths.  Don Henley absolutely had their number in his song ”Dirty Laundry”.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    United States   03/31/2022  at  08:14 PM  

  301. Thanks Tiger - I was raised by a grammar Nazi (among other things - living on my own was hard after 18 years of there is someone in the yard - every single night). And as I worked as a Secretary and a data entry person - I was trained to pay attention to spelling and grammar and such.

    I agree that the Media is beyond suck and that Dirty Laundry hits the nail on the head. Imagine how much worse it’s gotten since then.

    I know it’s about agenda when they focus on the Smith idocracy over mentioning Lady Gaga’s positive and dignified treatment of Liza Minnelli - but a person doing the right thing, the moral thing, the decent thing isn’t news. Of course, if the left didn’t use children and the persons with dementia - we wouldn’t see them being used. PS since But Covid - where is the teacher of the week segments?

    Destroy our social constructs and then destroy the Nation without a shot being fired. I can’t believe it’s America, at times right now.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/02/2022  at  09:45 AM  

  302. Two mistakes - she has the 3/5 compromise thing on backwards, but so do most people. The South wanted all slaves to count as persons so that they could get more congressmen, even though these people were considered akin to livestock at the time. This was one of the first “do what we want or we won’t play” demands by the South, who continued to threaten secession and nullification right up to the Civil War. Yes, some of the Tariffs were unfair. But nobody was stopping the South from building a couple cotton mills and turning out cloth, or opening clothing factories right next door. They didn’t want that, as it would give them a larger middle class. They wanted the elite planter aristocracy on top, and serfs and slaves under them. Sound familiar?

    Posted by Drew458    United States   04/04/2022  at  12:41 PM  

  303. Biden looking lost:  A puppet momentarily forgotten about by the puppeteer.

    Trucker Protest, Canada, Candace Sero getting trampled by the Toronto Mounted Police Unit in Ottawa - a followup:  The Ottawa Citizen reports that Ontario’s Special Investigation Unit won’t be looking into the incident any further, as she wasn’t injured seriously enough.

    Using a walker, knocked down by a mounted police unit and stepped on by the horse, ended up with a broken clavicle (collarbone) and a dislocated shoulder, and that’s not serious enough for the SIU to investigate the matter.

    In other news, applications to join the RCMP are down by 47%.  I’m sure it’s nothing…

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    United States   04/05/2022  at  09:31 PM  

  304. So Obama goes to the White House and everyone in the room - ignored Biden*. I’d almost have preferred that to the turncoats that smiled to Trump’s face and stabbed him in the back by either ‘miss-representing’ what he said/did or outright lying.

    I’m at 4ish boxes - I have no idea what to do the stuff inside. I really need to make calls to get the boxes out, but the van is stuck in the driveway. I think that all those months in the hotel mostly sitting around doing nothing, has ruined us. Of course, this weather, yet again we are into the 30s° and they used the s-word for tomorrow. Cold seems to suck the life out of me.

    Off to take the son to an appointment. I just hope we get back before the rain starts. Oh, a backhoe is at the house that burned. I guess they were waiting for better weather (the jokes on them)

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/08/2022  at  06:45 AM  

  305. Backhoe was down to the basement walls (it was a four up, four down configuration) on Friday when we returned home from the appt. Wed to Fri - fast to get it all down and gone. Waiting with baited breath as to what is going to happen next.

    An article on Red State about the leftist idea to groom children - is disgusting and scary. Don’t they realize that there will be repercussions when we win again? Hey when parts of PA go red in the primary - you have to realize that you really screwed up badly. Yes, I know that they think, they can do a But Covid re-do and force mail-in ballots again. But I think a lot of people and places had their eyes opened. And what’s going to lead the charge is the inflation. Things were hard to get but now they are hard to get and now cost a boatload more.

    Really, I don’t think that the majority of Americans are that far gone and/or insane. Really truly. But this crap going on - is why I walked away (well, that and money too) from getting my degree in Sociology. I didn’t like where it was headed - and that was in 1975.

    Oh and thanks to the usual suspects Romney, Collins and Murkowski for putting the PedoJudge on the Supreme Court.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/09/2022  at  09:26 AM  

    Maybe you won’t need my robot helper after all .
    beer_drinker  two_thumbs_up  trophy  bowdown

    Posted by Rich K    United States   04/10/2022  at  01:56 PM  

  307. Sorry - 700 Great Job!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/11/2022  at  07:09 AM  

  308. Hey, thanks y’all. And if you don’t bowl, it’s ok to not understand how great this achievement is for me. OTOH, if you’re a super dooper bowler, then a 712 is a bad night for you.

    I want the damn pin. Come on man, USBC, I earned it.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   04/12/2022  at  07:09 PM  

  309. My rolls went sideways and upside down - a recipe that I’ve used for the past couple of years. Started with my trusty Better Homes & Gardens back in the day. Then I found Alex G’s (Food Network) recipe. Everyone loves it - but it takes most of the day to do (much like Julia Child’s recipes). So I found The Best Rolls Ever on the internet. They work—until this Easter. I do not know what went wrong, but even adding more flour while in the mixer - it was a gooey mess - that proofed into an even gooier mess, all over the stove. I ended up putting it into 6 mini bread pans - should have used 6 regular bread pans. Again - a gooey mess all over. It went into the oven and was actually good - a soft, buttery type bread. I might get bread flour again - haven’t used it in a long time. As I said - don’t know what happened. I measure everything out - and set it on the stove while the yeast comes to room temp. Made sure that the milk wasn’t hot enough to kill the yeast and so on. Maybe it’s our lousy weather - freezing right now (frost warning last night) and will be in the 80s this weekend.

    Since I don’t know what to believe in our Media anymore - did the Russian ships get hit by something or do a Kursk? Sad thing to watch - it’s like a bunch of keystone cops (without an ounce of compassion) doing as little as possible while the men suffocate to death.

    I can’t remember when hubby did the taxes but I believe he and the daughter did it on tax day too. 

    Oh, saw today that the CDC drops all countries from the top level But Covid category.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/20/2022  at  09:13 AM  

  310. Sorry to hear about your little buddy at the alley.
    Always the innocent, never the assholes like we see every day in the news.
    Great stuff on the China Syndrome too D man, ain’t seen that Anywhere on the tubes I look for newsy stuff.
    Take care, Oh, BTW passed a kidney stone Tuesday. Real Fun that.
    And Monday it’s off for an Angiogram/plasty most likely.
    Old Sucks.
    shut eye

    Posted by Rich K    United States   04/21/2022  at  11:09 AM  

  311. Yes it is sad about your bowling pal - and so young.
    And I agree Rich - Old Sucks.

    I finally got a treadmill and added a fit bit. Kind of like seeing how I sleep and how many steps I take.

    I washed some screens and put them in a few windows as it was so nice yesterday. It’s got a bit of a breeze today - not quite as pleasant. Also finally policed up all the bubble wrap laying here and there to give back to them now that we have a stack of empty boxes, a few boxes filled with paper and now the bubble wrap. And with the window open in the kitchen, I was able to clean the stove too.

    We need to get a new blade for the mower - so our lawn is reverting back to nature until it arrives.

    And in good (but kind of shocking) the IRS redid our tax return and upped our refund which is on its way.

    All in all a good week - too bad we will be near freezing again this week.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/24/2022  at  10:03 AM  

  312. Good News for Richy Rich this week,(that"s me).
    1; Went in to the ER last Tuesday with a kidney stone, waited for 5 long hours to be seen and passed the damn thing sitting in the waiting room.
    2; Had to get Covid test Friday for surgery the following Monday and passed it (never had the shots so FU to all you anti vitamin assholes).
    3; Had Angioplasty on my main cardiac artery (95% plugged) and all went perfectly.
    4; Now just sittin around letting all the wounds heal for a few days so I can get back to having a life again.
    5; Docs ran tons of tests and all major organs are good except for a bit of diverticulitis in my colon.
    Stay Happy All you Bemewsers, it’s all just a ride to the finish line now.

    pinkelefant  clap  pumpiniron  i_love_you  two_thumbs_up  beer_drinker

    Posted by Rich K    United States   04/26/2022  at  09:49 PM  

  313. Sorry to hear about your medical issues. I’ve passed two But Covid tests and didn’t take their so-called vaccine. Now, I just read that Prozac actually works on Covid. All these meds that have been around decades that work to prevent you from getting it or treat it. And the powers that be - are pushing (against normal medical behavior) an EUA vaccine that doesn’t prevent you from getting the ‘disease’ at all. Of course, it meant changing the definition of vaccine back in 2018. They have been planning and working on this for a long time. Not to mention treatments and meds that do more damage than good.

    On twitter - you just have to read the words of the CEO - Parag Agrawal - he doesn’t believe in the First Amendment but we ‘should all think on how much things have changed’. He and Musk are going to be fun to watch. Because I don’t think such a vapid person is going to hold a candle to Musk.

    Drew, you are a better person than I - I don’t touch anything outside (other than a mowing) before the second week of May. Since it’s freezing outside - I feel that I figured correctly for around here. I have the combo of my knees aching along with any bending inhibiting any breathing I attempt to do. So this summer should be interesting. I keep telling the spider plant, that is sitting on the daughter’s pantry, that it’s not long for it to go outside. Which is where it spent last summer. The only flowers we have are the perennials that the flippers planted and my 3 hostas. I should have left the darn Day Lillys alone - at least we would have had color around the sides of the house.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/27/2022  at  08:25 AM  

  314. Still alive. Sorry to hear about your health problem. It’s just been a long week. I feel like I’m going all day long - yet at the same time not accomplishing much of any thing. Now I’ve got to find the Derby Pie recipe - probably misplaced in this mess. The Derby just snuck up on me, this year. It’s the one thing I miss (other than our house there would be paid off already) the Derby week and Dawn at the Downs.

    As usual - the nice weather didn’t last. We got the front mowed before the rain came. The back is awful. I never mow in the rain or just after.

    I read this SC ‘leak’ is due to a document drop from Pfizer about the problems encountered during the But Covid so-called vaccine testing. Of course, it doesn’t help that Durham released some information on Clinton and the DNC and it’s dealings with Fusion GPS, too. Life is not being kind to the corrupt in Dc right now.

    And the news that every candidate in Ohio & Indiana that Trump endorsed - won. This was just a primary, but it doesn’t bode well for November or 2024. Too bad that the truly corrupt won’t go to jail.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/04/2022  at  08:27 PM  

  315. Yeah, fresh comments. Boo Drew for being so darn busy that he only reads them once every week or two. Rich, sorry to hear you had the stones too. Hey, we’ve got something in common now. Glad to hear your heart surgery went well. My CT scan showed I’ve a bit of that too, will have to keep an eye on things. And the colonoscopy people are on my case to come in and have another one.  It’s been 3 years, but they found and snipped out a few polyps last time.

    I do not want to become one of these old people who spend their lives going from doctor to doctor to doctor, and can only talk about their medical conditions. But this is what happens to everyone, sooner or later. I’ll choose later if I can.

    Dang, I completely forgot about the Derby. I don’t even read the news anymore, much less watch it or follow sports. I’m just burned out on the whole enchilada.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/07/2022  at  11:44 PM  

  316. If you didn’t watch the Derby you missed a CLASSIC. So this horse gets entered in the DAY BEFORE THE DERBY cause another horse, Ethereal Road, got scratched (We were kinda bummed cause it was D Wayne Lukas’s horse, and a lot of ppl like him. 86 yr old trainer that’s been around horses longer than I’ve existed on this planet, just won the Oaks the day before with Secret Oath) Anyway this other little horse gets in and NO ONE pays attention to him. Until the stretch run when he comes out of NOWHERE and blows past the favorite, Epicenter. His name? Rich Strike. His odds? 80-1. Second longest shot to win the Derby (the first being 91-1 Donerail in 1913) Go on Youtube and look up the aerial view of this race. This jockey moved him around horses like it was I-65 rush hour. Made it look easy.

    Posted by Severa    United States   05/08/2022  at  04:41 PM  

  317. Yes, it was a great race. I’m glad for them, a once in a lifetime opportunity - that truly paid off. I hope he does well in the up coming races. In the end, there just isn’t anything quite like the Derby.

    I don’t even want to think about a home renovation, for a long, long time. We’re still trying to find things. I’m going to push to at least set up the pick ups, now that the van is running again.

    In addition to 4 birthdays this month, we have a grandson graduating from college. Both of the oldest two grands are working for Wal Mart. The graduating one will be at their headquarters in Texas.

    It appears we may be free of rain to start working on the yard. Maybe, they said we’d be in the 80s today, I’m not sure we made it into the 60s.

    And I finally got the third big mat off of Snowball. As I figured, no one on the local neighborhood chat admitted knowing where Snowball belonged. Son had an appointment Friday - so we drove by the lot where the house burned, all re-sodded and green already.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/08/2022  at  06:14 PM  

  318. Just watched the K Derby on You Tube and Severa was not kidding about an exciting finish.
    I don’t think I have ever seen a horse run so fast in my life.
    I think I watched it 5 time just to soak in what an amazing run that was by a no name horse.

    JUST WOW!~!

    two_thumbs_up  cowboy  cowboy  cowboy  clap  clap

    Posted by Rich K    United States   05/08/2022  at  09:40 PM  

  319. We finally got the yard mowed - front twice to get it to a decent level and spread seed and feed on the spot the contractors trailer was parked on. Hubby had to swing the weed eater through the back - it was awful. He does say that the deer, et al have made pathways through the lower level. The final day of his slashing - it looked like a hay field out there. He was able to mow finally so it looks better. Before it rained again. And again.

    I’m going to bring the spider plant back in - this rain is not doing it good at all - it looks sad again. The tomato plant is doing fine, now that I re-potted it.

    I found a collector/antiquie like items dealer - maybe he will take the coke stuff off my hands for a few bucks. We will see. Now that both cars are running - I do need to schedule those pickups. But I keep falling behind - I’ve been out every day this week and may go out yet again today - which means I get almost nothing done around here and fall even further behind. Daughter has been working until 6:30 which doesn’t help either.

    Your post on the contractor and looking at cabinets - reminds me of how I felt. Standing in a store, it all looked alike and for the flooring. I knew what I didn’t want (like the junk in the front door area (which, of course they didn’t ‘have to remove’) but looking at a piece and envisioning it in one of the rooms, isn’t something I do well. So I just wanted to leave the place as fast as I could. And my hubby does that on the computer planning a room - it’s how he decides where the furniture goes. He only does it once when needed now, used to do it every six months (and he even cleaned as he moved). Now, not so much.

    I’m so frustrated by this final push of getting back to before the disaster. It is always, it seems, just one thing that has gone missing. I can’t find one of the ice cream scoops, I filled a small box with the chopsticks and like, seldom used but needed items - which has seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

    Speaking of chopsticks - the son’s birthday was this week and he chose Mala Hot Pots for his dinner. I admit - that I wasn’t that gung ho. But it was amazing. I recommend a Hot Pots restaurant to everybody. With the daughter buying Korean stuff and her yum boxes of international snacks, cookies and candies - we are eating a lot more foreign food again. Oh and the son who has burn damaged hands/fingers - can manage chopsticks better than I ever will.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/19/2022  at  08:08 AM  

  320. The most important thing - Measure and then measure again. These stupid cabinets are just a inch lower and now my hands look like a boxer’s hands - as I hit them almost daily. Also, since when does - restore to what we had - exclude 3 drawers? I have a perfectly good cabinet - full of towels - because they didn’t put in those three extra drawers. Sorry if today’s kitchens don’t require so many drawers. I liked them.

    The first load of donation stuff finally went out. 6 boxes and as many bags to the Vietnam Veterans group. I also contacted the garbage for a large item (actually 3) to schedule that. We need to contact the contractor to send a guy and truck to pick up the empties. So progress is being made.

    I finally got Snowball mat free. Had to cut off 3 of the worst parts, but now she looks much better. And her fur is growing back much faster than I thought it would. The down side is that her obvious long term abandonment shows - as she is pathetically skinny. So I’m giving her the canned food our picky boys won’t eat.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/25/2022  at  08:22 AM  

  321. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh - I’m not even going to go into the cry for banning assault rifles (and disgusted that too many useful idiots do believe that the AR in AR-15 stands for assault rifle). But more to the real issue - H.R. 350 is the Domestic Terrorism Prevent Act. Not No but Hell No. Obviously meant to inoculate the DOJ, FBI and Dept of Homeland Insecurity from liability after they go after dissenting and patriotic Americans who actually know and understand how America should be run. Meanwhile - like most prosecutors in dem states - they do not charge or flag those people who come across their desks - most especially if they are the usual suspects - at all with any crime, much less those that can be charged on a Federal level (i.e. specifically gun laws).

    Here’s what set me off - re Uvalde - Judges are not charging or sentencing juveniles (or at least to a lesser degree than in the past) - to ‘give them a second chance’ or even if they do - at age 18 -it is sealed even to the gun purchase background checks. Now how can we expand the powers (and probably the very definitions, buried some place in the multi-thousand page bill) for so-called domestic terrorism - when we won’t allow anyone to know the the juvenile progression of criminal activity? These are just one more of the two ultimate hypocrsies of the political class. Along with allowing anyone/everyone to cross the borders unchecked.

    I’ tired of being ruled by liars, cheaters, grifters and idiots - who then tell me that they are the smarter ones in the room.

    Btw, the way our intrepid shooter got into the room was that one of the teachers in the room opened the outside door (this is Texas where most of the year is summer). And despite what anyone claims - it was a Border Patrol tact team guy that ran in and shot him - not the police who were waiting around for orders.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/29/2022  at  09:30 AM  

  322. Good luck on your project. I hope that you can bring it to fruition without spending more than the condo is worth.

    I came to say - there have been 13 mass school shootings since 1966. One has to be honest and actually differentiate from the 3 categories - mass shootings (4+ people killed), school shootings (any shooting, with/without deaths) that happen on school grounds (my favorite was the janitor, who in the middle of the night committed suicide -labeled a school shooting). And of course - a mass school shooting. laid it all out in quite a well written piece. Even a police officer firing at someone near a school is now being called a school shooting.

    Gotta gin up the horror to get rid of the guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. As we know that the number of people murdered in the streets of some of our major cities in any given month - exceeds those children killed in schools (never, forget it is a gun free zone (est. 1990, thank you, read my lips Bush).

    Good piece on American Thinker about how our government has devolved into such a anti-American institution of corrupt people who are destroying America. They are allowing it much more than the millions of law-abiding gun owning citizens.

    Going to the cemetery to honor the Uncle I never met Killed in WWII in August 1942 at age 24.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/30/2022  at  10:11 AM  

  323. I’m glad to see that people are still commenting even though my posting is pretty thin. You’re always welcome here, and I do get around to reading them eventually.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/08/2022  at  01:14 PM  

  324. We are suffering under a real monsoon season. It has hardly stopped raining since the temps climbed above freezing. I’m so over it.

    Hubby did Kumo’s for his b-day dinner. The son ordered a sushi roll (actually it was 6) that was tasteless. Hubby & I finished them tonight. Pretty much were tasteless. The other dishes were very good, so we were surprised at how tasteless the sushi was. Heat it up and it was edible. I’m going to cook bok choy in the miso soup tomorrow. I made brownies instead of cake for him. The birthday marathon is over and my numbers are sucking after so much food and sweets. At least I have until Thanksgiving to recover!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/08/2022  at  06:24 PM  

  325. I seem to be losing weight without really trying. I’m down 25lb since the start of the year. She’s got me doing something like this intermittent fasting thing, I’m trying to be satisfied with slightly smaller portions, and I’ve cut down a lot on the chips and other empty carb snacks. Still drinking some soda but not as much as before; it’s just too expensive. Only another 80lb to go. Yeah right.

    I haven’t had sushi in more than 2 years. The sushi place downtown never went back to indoor dining after the lockdown lifted. To heck with them. And the other sushi place up in Warren County had quality issues, so we stopped going there.

    I guess if I have the irresistible urge to spend lots of money for a small portion of seafood, I can get a lobster roll downtown for “only” $22. Which gets you a hotdog bun filled with lobster chunks in mayo.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/15/2022  at  08:40 AM  

  326. We are trying to find a used car that the three of us can afford. Financing is a three prong disaster for us right now. Hubby is out - he found out someone bought a car on his id and welched on it. So he has 4 more years before it falls off. I have a great credit score but I haven’t had a job since 2017. And the daughter’s credit score is ok but not good, plus a by contract job - hurts us. Also I don’t want to have to pay collision either. After two major house issues in three years our insurance has jumped into the stratosphere. The buick is on it’s last few months of life. 22 years old, but only 135000 miles. Diagnosed as a new engine to fix current problem. It’s always something.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/17/2022  at  06:13 PM  

  327. I haven’t felt good for days now. Fortunately, not as bad as the first day. So bad - I did a covid test. For the 3rd time negative. I went to do two tests today, also both negative. So still don’t know why I feel so bad. Since I have the fit bit - I have all the vital numbers on a daily basis. None is bad at all - not even iffy. Who knows? Oh well, I’m still hanging in.

    Meanwhile, I’m rifling through the few remaining boxes trying to find the last few MIA items. Of course that’s between cleaning, laundry, cooking and running herd on the cats. It’s so hot here the cats aren’t coming for lunch, except Snowball -she likes getting one can of food.

    Right now we have a storm heading toward us. After sweltering under 90° plus temps. And it’s not even summer yet. August is going to be an armpit of hell.

    Good luck as you continue your renovations.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/22/2022  at  03:28 PM  

  328. Roe is history. Finally. Roe lied (her daughter (no abortion) is in her 50s now). Her lawyers lied to her and about her to the court. It was a state issue then and will once again be a state issue. Viability of infants is down to 23 weeks (meaning that the majority of babies survive) [by the way, in terms of any degree of prematurity the survivability is black females, black males, white females and then white males - others fall behind them.] Anyway - they ignored viability, they ignored inspections (required by the states), which lead to the Goznells et al and then got caught selling baby parts and laughing about it. What did they expect? Oh, right - pushing it to be ok for up to birth abortions and maybe up to one year after birth. Evil, just pure evil. Also murder for hire.

    In other news, the daughter tested positive for But Covid. She is quarantined in her room. Mild symptoms. I tested negative on Wed (before my medical tests) and I bought another test today. We upped our Vit D intake levels. Already exposed - so it will be what it will be.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/24/2022  at  07:40 PM  

  329. Congrats on the big score of tile, way to spot the bargains Drew.
    Agree with the SC rulings being much ado about so little as they relate to daily life.
    So the same states with pissy rules will write new pissy rules which the courts will jaw jaw over for a few years then overturn, and on it goes.
    And the same lazy whores who use abortion for birth control will seek out free Gosnell docs to keep doing it, the law be damned.
    Really hot here this week with temps in the 90’s, YUK. But I got my A/C up and running with a new in the box spare, just in case of “chinese product quality”.
    Other than that same ol same ol.
    TA TA for now.

    cool smirk  beer_drinker

    Posted by Rich K    United States   06/25/2022  at  06:39 PM  

  330. We found a complementary tile yesterday that we’re going to put in the bathtub alcove. It’s that large format (1’ x 2’) subway tile stuff that’s all the rage now, in an off-white sorta marble looking material. Didn’t get the greatest deal on earth this time, merely a $10 tile marked down to $3.29. So we bought 48 of them, and 20 matched bullnose edge tiles. That’s enough to do the alcove right up to the ceiling and around the little kickout wall at the end of the tub.

    And we also ordered a vanity. We chose the “build it right” options, in a thin edge Shaker style in a deep slate grey. Very fashionable. She’d been looking for one of these free standing ones, but every one we saw was poorly made. So we got a traditional toe-kick box, and then ordered the cute little pretend feet you glue on to make it look like a free stander.

    So “all” we need at this point is a countertop, an undermount rectangular porcelain sink, a mirror, a couple neat retro sconces for around the mirror, the new heater, and some pancake LED ceiling lights. Let the contractor go buy all the fireproof water resistant drywall, Hardee board, and the RedGard waterproofing liquid membrane stuff. Oh, and all the rockwool sound insulation bats. We’ll pick up the S-W spa paint and some Zisner primer. And I guess the colored grout and the tile mastic as well.

    Guess we should find a faucet and a shower set too. Brushed nickle in a square style.

    It’s going to be swank. And she wants one of those glass shower door things, $$$ for a good one.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/26/2022  at  03:11 PM  



    two_thumbs_up  beerparty  trophy  2gunsfiring

    Posted by Rich K    United States   06/27/2022  at  09:03 PM  

  332. So hubby & I both tested positive for but covid. I’ve been sicker in my life - but I don’t think I’ve ever had such a horrible sore throat. Mostly, I’m just tired. Each day I feel more normal. It’s messing up some other things though. And I’m falling behind on paperwork. That has been my life since last Tuesday.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/03/2022  at  06:50 PM  

  333. Take a win when you can get one.

    I’m tired of feeling sick. It’s beginning to feel like it’s been forever and yet - it’s only been a week. At least I can sleep at night. I did go shopping yesterday. For what that is worth - since it’s so hot and sticky. Who wants to eat.

    Bad storms yesterday - limbs down - thousands without power, cats and dogs living together. You know, according to the Media - end of the world stuff.

    New tack on getting your But Covid so-called vaccine. You’ve had Covid, you can get it again, so get your vaccine so that you will get a milder case. Once again, let’s pretend that natural immunity doesn’t exist.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/07/2022  at  08:27 AM  

  334. Sorry about your cleaning job. Just like me - I’d like to have that data/word processing job again. I could do it any time of the day, could only work 39 hours a week and got a paycheck every two weeks. Sadly, the owner is now fully retired and the manager is not a fan of me. 3 people in the two offices talked to me about what I was suppose to do (i.e. - read the internet course, check and/or write a word document that was identical) - however they all had (Mac users all) different approaches on how to do it. That lead to some friction. Waited until the end to get all huffy about the dates in the courses. I simply said - you said, check the internet course to the Word document. You didn’t say a thing about changing dates. And thus, yet again, a simple truth gets me shoved out of even being considered again for a job.

    Now with my string of temp jobs - I’m too old and broken down.

    So the daughter who got her shot and and one booster brought this awful disease into the house. Her one co-worker is back down in GA - and apparently has lost her taste buds from this mess. And her boyfriend has tested positive again. Yikes. I think I’ll stay home for a while.

    Our tv was our wally world find. Just strolling through - on sale for 99 bucks. Great buy. Now, if these streaming thingys would actually work as they are being paid to do, I wouldn’t have to sit and watch the tv shows we’ve bought - simply to be able to watch one show all the way through without trouble.

    I guess I should run - daughter wants to do a Jungle Jim’s run. At least I finally feel human again.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/13/2022  at  07:25 AM  

  335. Thanks for keeping the comments going while I ignore the blog. I do read them, and I do appreciate your remarks.

    Someday I’ll even figure out how to access the blog’s email, clean out the junk, and see if anybody is asking for new user access. hahahahaha!!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   07/13/2022  at  12:41 PM  

  336. I’m thinking most people have gotten the ‘treatment’ that I have (short version - shut up, no one wants to hear your opinion). So why bother any more? We don’t go out much (carry in/deliver most ordered meals) and since hubby’s back went out and I’ve fallen apart - we feel lucky to keep this house looking somewhat decent (losing on some accounts on that in the back, but it’s been rain hell here since Jan - never thought I’d miss snow ever).

    I can’t travel much and I’m tied to my oxygen machine at night. One day, if I finally qualify for Medicaid or Medicare - I can get one of those travel version. Maybe, probably be long dead before that. Much like never being able to move up the kidney transplant list. Life’s been stacked against me

    Very early in my life it was too late. Marguerite Duras

    but I keep going.

    Finally down to just an occasional coughing fit. At least I have been able to sleep at night and finally able to eat 3 meals a day. I just might survive this stupid created bio-disease.

    I think I will go walk on the treadmill for the first time in about 10 days. As usual, it rained overnight and more headed this way later today. I’d love to have a blow torch and just burn the heck out of most of the crap around here - two summers of not much care - has taken a huge toll.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/14/2022  at  08:43 AM  

  337. Your kitties are cute. George is our slim jim - never above 8.5 in his life. Gizmo passed that before he turned 1. Even Binx is slightly heavier now.

    NBC has an article on a guy who is still bowling at 100.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/16/2022  at  07:44 PM  

  338. Your not gonna believe this DREW but here it is; “A 900 series”

    Posted by Rich K    United States   07/17/2022  at  08:56 PM  

  339. It does happen Rich, although it’s very rare. It has never happened at my local alley in the 59 years it’s been open, although one guy did roll an 899 a couple years ago.

    And rolling a 900 on your own time is one thing, and rolling a 900 in sanctioned league is another.

    I think there’s a timeline on 900s somewhere online; IIRC more than half of them have happened in the last 2 decades.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   07/19/2022  at  05:24 PM  

  340. here it is

    this may be a bit of a misnomer, as USBC didn’t really exist before this time. It was ABC before that, so these might only be USBC sanctioned league 900s. Actually, ABC denied the first half dozen or so 900s ever thrown, and USBC still denies some of them.

    Still, there was no 900 before the late 20th Century. And bowling has been around since Pharaoh.

    So it’s not that they didn’t happen. It’s that they weren’t accepted. Kind of like the eastern bloc gymnastics judges only awarding high scores to their own people back in commie days.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   07/19/2022  at  06:35 PM  

  341. Good bowling news. Since the covid - I’ve only just started using the treadmill again - and I am sweating like a pig - no matter the time of day and our a/c running. The cats think I am crazy.

    I’m sad for the actual women hurt - but this allowing a man pretending (obviously) to be a woman is backfiring so badly on the idiots promoting this idea. Like, we the sane, moral, educated and thinking - wasn’t expecting this kind of horror to happen. Yet narry a word in our Media about the downside of any/all of the nonsense that they promote. Plastic - save a tree, save the world. Now the rivers, parks and ocean are being destroyed by the plastic which may never degrade naturally. Paper - plant two trees for every tree taken - easy peasy and it degrades and works great as a free book cover for kids in school. The vaccine - which is now leading to more infections. From a Nation that got money from us to do this little bio-weapon. All of them - should be tried and then publicly hanged. If they won’t follow the laws - is the criminal rampage - even the school shootings and derelict police (or were they idiots or cowards?!?) - not to be expected down to the children themselves. What you are raised in - most of the time is what you become. Put the crazies away - none of these let ‘em out when they hit 18 (mental illness actually becomes worse as we mature, not better), serve half them time - why because when you are caged up - you can ‘behave yourself’- why have a death penalty, it’s cruel and horrible (but, hey keep your hands off my abortion ‘rights’ and I believe in ‘death with dignity’).

    All goes to show - if it weren’t for double standards - the left wouldn’t have any standards at all. 

    I won’t even go into how I feel about the illegals in America. Sick and tired of the ‘concept’ that it is so hard to come legally to America. Funny how my Mom’s Dad - orphaned in Victorian England at age 7 - somehow managed to survive to sell himself into bondage on a ship when he graduated from high school to get to Canada to his married sister. Then he went to college and worked and applied to legally come to America on a student vise. I think he became a Naturalized citizen the year my Mom was born. Oh so hard (like 6 whole years from when he arrived in America, oh my!) or my bio-Father who came from Peru, leaving his wife and child behind, simply using a sponsor. The wife followed 6 months later (most of it spent getting from Peru to cross into America from Mexico - also with a sponsor) - the 3 of them were Naturalized within a year or two. Faster, smoother, no cops, politicians, round ups whatever to actually obtain the true American dream.

    America is becoming a third world Nation and we need to stop it, before it’s too late. And I thank God I was raised by educated people who valued what America had to offer and taught me - why they left their homelands and came here.

    I went to Oberammergau in 1980 for the Passion Play (a friend got tickets and her hubby couldn’t go - Army life) there is a two hour break - for lunch and for the town to make a buck or two on sales. We went through place after place and I was like - oh what is the hype about. I turned the corner of an aisle in the last store and what I saw made me realize exactly why the stuff for sale wasn’t moving me - the hand carved wood bar sets (look like old German men and women) - I grew up with all if it - in my house. Still have the cuckoo clock, too. Even my cousin was surprised about how much I’d learned about the families. What else can I do - my health sucks and it’s not going to get any better.

    I can barely stand to listen to or even read the so-called news. It’s all just as much crappola as the idiots in Congress. And they have all been chipping away at the American dream for so long, it’s become impossible to really know when the first breech happened.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/21/2022  at  10:32 AM  

  342. Son read the transcript of the Supreme Court roe decision - so now I’m reading it. Still on about the first page. Stunning on the number of previous (oh, look, some prior to roe) that stated - that ‘privacy’ in the context used is not stated in the Constitution). I had to find something to do in the midst of this heat.

    I finally balanced the checkbook on the last statement - which is humorous - as the new one should arrive today or Monday. And I forgot to take the son’s rent out. And I forgot. . . pretty much most of what I should be doing around here. Checked the ‘symptoms’ of long but covid - not that, so I guess I really just don’t care right now.

    You know what makes me realize that this has been one colossal joke on us - both Biden and Harris - taking off their masks - after Biden’s but covid positive test. Once again, lie to me - and I want to know why you are lying.

    Snowball is doing fine - late for breakfast this morning, still looking good and finally putting on weight.

    Contemplating the grocery delivery - most especially since a year fee is just one tank of gas in the van - which has a gazillion miles on it. Oh bother. We should have kept the son’s 2nd car - 8400 for a new car with low miles - no bells and whistles but a/c and a radio - was do able back then. I don’t want to finance - as it ups the insurance. Oh well. It will be what it will be.

    My life is so boring.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/23/2022  at  09:29 AM  

  343. Two things in my craw this morning -

    1) Wild horse roundups are going on in the West. They passed laws against it - decades ago (like the 60s). Making it worse - it’s foaling season - and they are getting injured and dying the most. Not going to the Mustang Sale ($150ish gets you a wild horse of your own). No these are going straight to Mexico for slaughter. I support the Mustang Sale - they cull the herd - older and sick animals jeopardize the entire herd) and usually take the middle age males and females and then return them to their home territory. Not done with helicopters over head scaring them to death. Those laws are Federal - as the Wild horses - oh, look are Federally protected. Where is the outrage? Yeah, I know the answer to that - like everything else some groups are more equal than other groups.

    2) They are hyping a new ‘study’ out of Britain that says but covid can age the brain 20 years. Scary stuff. First, it’s mostly those with long covid (as I said - already checked - don’t have it). But I went and did a little digging - 49 people who had but covid - compared to 66,000 average people. That is not a study of a scientific nature. Anything less than 1000 people is not considered for journals (bet we see this poc in at least one journal) and 20 years? What was the criteria for that determination - not really spelled out in the article. In work I did with the NCOIC of Patient Education at Fort Knox - and a couple of other groups (WIC and Women’s health) - as I said - less than a hundred is not considered a scientific study and we could not use such a study in our classes to the Moms.

    Laws - need to be enforced from the homeless to the White House - or no one is going to pay attention. That would be real Justice.

    And passing off nonsense papers to scare people yet again on the but covid - is wrong.

    Actually = both are pure evil. As is the Jan 6th Committee - so very anti-American. Where are the Constitutional Lawyers/Groups to help these poor people who were set up to yet again let the dnc attempt to impeach Trump again to prevent his return (and salvation) to the White House.

    On that - story on Trump yesterday - to a word - every single ‘comment’ was anti Trump and how immoral and dictatorial he was. Now I know how/why Elon Musk asked for the number of bots/fake accounts. People are being paid to lie on social media. Cheat to win - anything to win.

    And they have to ask why there is so much crime/shootings - it starts with the example at the top.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/24/2022  at  08:54 AM  

  344. Today - there is an article on American Thinker - I was wrong about Trump. The article is ok - and I appreciate someone who can admit that they were wrong. It is the video Youtube that is linked in the article that is worth the 17 minutes. Made me remember it all - why I voted for Trump and want to again. Worth the time - given the pathetic drivel that goes for thought, discourse and ‘polite’ speech now days.

    Back to walking daily. Each day I feel better and better. Son & I got our new glasses - no honey - no one called me on the 30th of June and left a message. Not sure about these glasses but I guess I will adjust.

    That’s about it from here - we are getting the Missouri flooding rain right now. The kitties were quite scared with the thunder. And Snowball isn’t around - I hope she is safe where ever she is.

    Daughter bought a couple of weeks of two Hello Fresh boxes. The Cheddar Hamburgers were really good. We shall see how it goes (she’s doing the cooking) it goes.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/27/2022  at  10:15 AM  

  345. Good to hear you’re doing better. Keep on walking!

    We could use that rain. Has been pretty dry here for at least a month. A couple little showers, but nowhere near enough.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   07/28/2022  at  10:24 AM  

  346. Snowball is doing well. She seems to take a daytime vacay now and then. It still scares me a bit, because there are so many dangers out there for kitties. We have a new visitor now and then, we’ve named him Bob. I’ve seen him fighting with a ginger guy. Glad it was just before spring - as I think they marked every inch of the back yard. I’ve not seen the ginger again. Even Fluffy stops by now and then.

    The second meal Breaded chicken cutlet with a blue cheese sauce was good. We are getting two a week for 6 weeks. I like not having to cook two nights a week. Even if my kitchen looks like a tornado went through. She’s been getting International Yum boxes for a while. Some countries are better than others. Thailand is on the table right now, these are usually snacks, cookies and candy. She is also getting a Seoul box too. Those have a more varied items - sometimes Ramen, chips and drinks. Surprised as she used to hate even being around any kind of Asian food. I guess people can grow up. Mala Hots Pots (son’s b-day dinner choice) was really good. Apparently it is taking off around here, as J7ngle Jim’s is selling Hot Pots items in there expanded Asian section. We’re just trying to figure out how to cook it at home.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/29/2022  at  06:36 PM  

  347. Makes me so glad I didn’t do/take any of the but covid meds, so-called vaccines, and advice. With 3 people with but covid, the son didn’t catch it. We wore masks when together. Small test group but we hung in through the worst of it. And really none of us was that sick. Mostly I just didn’t care for 10 days.

    Can you imagine word salad (while saying nothing of substance) as President?!? Oy vey

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/31/2022  at  05:51 PM  

  348. On your kitchen - I dared and welcome to my world. Did I tell you, when we originally pulled out the lovey (and ancient) Poppy Red/Paprika? stove that there were 3 holes in the wall. How, when it was an original appliance could there be 3 holes? What people do, just leave as is - and then don’t consider it an access for bugs, etc?!? Now I’m just scraping the hell out of the tops of my hands as these cabinets are a milometer longer than the old ones.

    Since we are in flooding/rain/fix every pot hole and bad major road time - traveling sucks. Son’s therapist left - not replacing - he is long past that. Dr. always does phone in the summer. So no long travels north. Yeah.

    Friend going thru Rehab hell with her sister. I had a little tete-a-tete with some of the people at Shriners about the way they handled the son’s leaving to Rehab. As hubby had visited a day or two before and could have put boxes into the car (which they were already fretting as it was a sports car - we weren’t insane, knew we had to get a van) [At the time we had his Pontiac and the son’s (in Korea) Camaro and Misubishi - so everyone thought we were doing well financially.] Rehab was awful - they never pushed him to fill out the daily food choice, they injured his foot on the bath tub drain - so he never walked while thee and all they did was teach him to drive a power chair (since graduation in a closet). Also complained because we bought a van - without a lift. At Shriners they stressed not thinking about being disabled for the rest of your life, just learning new ways to do things. The first days - I thought some of the parents were cruel for not helping their children eat - it was a good thing and I learned how to do it (even if my older children and their spouses think I baby him to this day). Rehabs were awful before the ACA passed - I can’t imagine what special hell that they have become now the JFB is in control (tee hee). But then isn’t this one of the groups of citizens that they want to kill? Useless, money sucking - you know worthless people - non-contributors.

    Finally told the sister-in-law that I was not going to respond to her at all - tired of people believing the most bogus things and then telling me that I’m the one who is believing crap and lies. Enough - just as I did with the nephew. These people are really evil because I know some of them aren’t stupid or crazy - so they have to be evil to believe the drivel.

    How do we fight evil? I can’t watch the America = my bio-Father, grandfather and my Dad’s entire great, great grand family left their homeland to come here and essentially start over again - disappear into a re-written and totally bogus = history.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/06/2022  at  08:50 AM  

  349. good for you. Too many people believe in too much nonsense. Right is right, wrong is wrong, men are men, women are women, children aren’t sex objects, etc. Western Civilization has been following the code of Ma’at for 6000 years because it works (the 10 Commandments is pretty much Ma’at [ancient Egypt’s tenets of righteous moral living] minus the parts about fealty to a god-king). And in this country we follow our Constitution, and detest all things communist because communism is evil. And extreme socialism is communism. Rule by a class of corrupt tyrants is anathema and they all need to swing. By the tens of thousands. Extremely limited government, and that government is not a minority employment agency. Hire the best and brightest, and trim the dead wood (unions, useless button pushers, undercover Marxists and other Progressive destroyers of our culture).

    Don’t buy the lie, and don’t kowtow to the liar. Call a spade a spade, and use it to bury relationships with people who are willfully benighted.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/10/2022  at  10:43 PM  

  350. I’m in a mood - Snowball has not been seen since Sat late AM/early PM and George (oldest cat at 13) is not eating - not kibble, not treats, not wet food or even cat sure (a milk like vitamin product). Not sure what is going on - all his normal body functions have bee working and he acts normal and he can beat feet to our bed the second hubby gets up.

    A guy did a good article on the electric vehicle switch nonsense, using simple math. I’m so past all of the climate crap - since I remember the [15 years before we die in an ice age’ garbage back in the 70s. I just don’t see how people can fall for this crap.

    Another simple way to shut it down - why didn’t the oracle of all things climate change - do something while he was Vice President (other than symbolically signing Kyoto)? I don’t remember the fetted cries of time limits to death and destruction during those 8 years. Which were actually 20 years past their ice age screed. And finally another simple shot at their climate lies (waaaay past these people live like the average 20 people live with their houses, cars and private (usually) jets and their expensive and worthless ‘solutions’ - last winter - Texas and Germany. Proven failures on a huge scale. As their ‘solutions’ failed big time in a massive winter storm season.

    Like plastic - a gigantic and costly scam - to enrich them and their powerful donors.

    Term Limits - the only real way I can see to stop them. Read a bone chilling article yesterday as Pelosi grows closer to ignoring her pledge to retire at the end of this session - her daughter is waiting in the wings to take her place. I wonder if she will have to ‘earn her way up the ladder’ or be given a boost simply because of her name?

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/15/2022  at  11:08 AM  

  351. those links in your 8/15 post were great. I’ve been wasting the morning reading them. As opposed to doing much around the house. I did steam clean the small bathroom and kitchen floor yesterday.

    And we got the front plowed down including the front bed. Hubby thought that the smallest hosta (in the front bed) was history - but it’s pathetic (all the rain or all the weeds?) Not only still hanging in - has spread two (also pathetic) babies. Meanwhile on the west side of the house (she did a bang up job setting up that bed - best soil I’ve seen in my life - so much better than the stuff in the garden beds in the back) - those two hostas which are a giant variety and absolutely fabulous - blooming flowers and even bigger than last year. I had to remove some damn tree (like a bamboo trunk - where it came from I don’t know) but they are doing well. The final hosta is not only dealing with weeds but the ivy has revived itself. Still there and clinging to life. Eventually we will get last years lack of cleaning up the beds disaster cleaned up. Bit by bit. I can’t face it thinking I have to work all day/every day on that one thing.

    Snowball came back and was horribly hungry on Tuesday - that’s the good news. George however is an addict. We have been using Zen, a calming med on his food, since he is scared of so much in life. I decided - since he acts like he does all the time, even on the Zen - to use it only on the 4th of July, New Years and family visits (it’s $30,00 a box). That is why he stopped eating - we tried a one time use of the Zen on Tuesday and he ate. I don’t know what’s in it, but he craves it. So we will continue it until he dies. The kittens will usually tolerate most anything around here - so no need to medicate them.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/19/2022  at  10:57 AM  

  352. Zen is probably made with the secret pet food ingredient I call addictium. It’s what makes cats crave the cheapest kibble on the market, and turn up their noses at the canned pet food or even fresh real meat.

    We had a cat when I lived off campus in college. It would eat anything, including stale cold pizza. He moved with me, and lived 13 years. He was a good cat. Not finicky at all.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/23/2022  at  01:34 PM  

  353. Oh, heck - my comment from yesterday didn’t post. Probably a good thing. Bad mood - tech issues all aimed at me. I’m on the tablet to not kill my computer.

    Your picture of under the sink - we lost a lot of space with the newer pipes. Plus, the old was open in the left side into that cabinet, so had access to that corner shelf from under the sink. The things I like about the sink we bought are the two racks in each sink side - keeps the sink from getting scratched or dented when things get dropped or thrown (guilty) in them, we have a pull down gizmo on the water spout with buttons for stream or spray and my favorite - there is a built in dispenser for the dish soap.

    Sadly I can’t remember of what else I wrote yesterday.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/25/2022  at  05:27 AM  

  354. Greetings from the shooting gallery formerly known as Portland Oregon.
    So, yesterday evening a group a crazies decided to raise a bit of hell up the street from yours truly and I never her a thing.
    But it made the national news blogs because Antifa killed one of their own while trying to kill some old dude driving home in his van.
    Luckily the cops ignored the whole thing and arrested “NO ONE AT ALL” because “Reasons”.
    Actually they said they had no staff to handle it, like Really, a shooting but everyone was out eating doughnuts?
    Anyway, looks like I might need my .38 soon just to make it to the store but I hope not. So much paperwork over dead garbage is just not worth the ammunition spent.
    Sounds like you and the misses gonna have a sweet pad when it’s all said and done.
    Well, I’ll shut up now and let you get back to your sniffles.

    2gunsfiring  toilet_monster  titanic

    Posted by Rich K    United States   08/31/2022  at  04:17 PM  

  355. Sorry you aren’t feeling well - today is the first day since the rona that I had to use nose spray (not sure why).

    Hubby fixed my computer, the son’s computer (more on that in a second) and the tv computer (Yes our tv has it’s own computer). However, we got a nasty comment on having our tv/movies on a computer. We own the stuff (ok, my early Today from Fulda and Phil Donahue we don’t own). We copy the (tapes in the past, dvd’s now) that we own. Like we could open a store with the vinyl, cds, vhs and dvds that we have (inherited a bunch from my Mom). It silenced that person - but it originated with living overseas and having nothing to watch except for AFN. I purchased on my first way out of Germany a tv that could get all the world’s systems. Yeah, it was stolen seconds after I got it out of the box in the US.  the ex bought me a generic tv (I was divorcing him) he said it was all he could get from the insurance company. So the second time over, I spent a lot of days with a German wife (our kids were the same age) - watching German tv. With no tax, the PX made it easier to grow our shelves of dvd’s and covered us from the idiots that don’t want us to copy something we paid money for and own.

    Hubby also built the son’s new computer. Stymied on clearing his desks (like where do we put the stuff?!?) to put the new desk and computer in his room. And also stymied on getting rid of the two extra computers we have now.

    I got another temp job (just 4 weeks but big bucks for doing nothing). I’m putting a decal on my van. I’m in advertising! Shocked I tell you that they even picked me. So we will be able to have some extra money and put some money that we lost in last year’s hotel adventure back into savings.

    Yes Rich, I think that the left is letting all these people out of prison, cross the border and not even charging the criminals (of the preferred kind) - so that when they ‘win’ in 24 - they can try to take all of our guns away. Because of the ‘high’ crime rate. I’m for the death penalty, one review and within 5 years (or less) just put them to sleep. My son’s college girlfriend went to jail for killing her baby/child - oh, wait, she’s white. So she had no excuse to murder. My step-grandson’s father has been in and out of prison since he was 18 - oh, he’s white, too. Nevermind.

    I loved that the WH spokeswoman was asked why the tennis star was denied entry into the US, but thousands of illegals - hey no problem, come on in. Sputtering - well they didn’t just walk on into the US. Umm sort of - yes they did. Also someone said - the illegals get to the US and say I’m seeking asylum, which of course is against the last Immigration bill written (by the dems and forced upon Reagan). I looked at the application for amnesty - it says go to the nearest US consulate and pick up an application for asylum. Do not come to America and ask for it.

    But what are laws/the Constitution - just words - for the dems/rinos to ignore.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/01/2022  at  11:35 AM  

  356. I think this was all set up during the Obama years. Think of the things he said when he was with donors et al. They knew Biden* would love to be seen as a god to the Left and they probably told him, it would cement his ‘24 nomination, if not the election win.

    They believe their own lies - last number I saw on Biden’s popularity was like 32% - like that will win an election. Foreigners should be banned from political office and persons who leave the US - not as a requirement of a job - should also be banned from political office.

    I don’t get why blacks are so angry with America. Listening to the drivel today of a women saying she finally felt like she made it when she won a beauty contest (first black woman to do it) - without thinking that she had grown up in Chappaqua, NY. The left are all so clueless as to how stupid and hypothetical they are.

    My computer is off again. The part may get here by the end of month.

    And it’s raining again.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/03/2022  at  05:45 PM  

  357. Wow, just wow. I couldn’t watch via your link (even the tablet is fighting against me). Ended up on youtube via CSPAN. They have allowed comments. How many times did he say democracy? Talk about indoctrination. The comments I saw were against the liar in Chief. Can’t believe that after God bless you all, he said democracy again.

    I wonder when - his dementia is left untreated, his imminent death is announced, or some other issue arises to end his second run.

    He just declared war - on the majority of America - who have the most legally owned guns. They truly do believe their own lies. The Gop & Dem are neither one, the majority. It’s going to be an interesting time. I think that speech may have cemented Trump’s win of the nomination.

    As I said a while ago. The dems see the gop as go along to get along and mistakenly apply it to the gop supporters. Trump saw the gop as never start/finish a fight, always give up, always give in, always surrender. What the dems never realized is that Trump/his supporters are of the mindset to start a fight, when necessary/but end it as fast as possible/with a win, never give up, never give in, and never, ever surrender.

    I think Biden made a mistake by listening to whoever was behind this speech - it will destroy him in the end.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/04/2022  at  09:10 AM  

  358. Back again. Can’t believe I’ve been gone so long - and can’t figure out why. I do nothing much, since until Sunday or was it Monday - it rained at least part of every day.

    I had another echo (heart/lungs) and then this week the appt at pulmonary. Everything is so good - that I’m going back to once a year. My pulmonary doc barely even blinked when I said we got covid. Apparently it is has done no damage to my already sucky lungs.

    So we decided to use Junk King and a one time pickup to avoid having to repackage all of junk for the garbage people to pick up. Still trying to get the contractor to send a truck for their boxes.

    I see Canada is following the US - in letting people go who really should have had the death penalty a half dozen victims ago. When I read that Karla Homolka was released after only getting 12 years for participating in and video taping the rape and murders of her husband Paul Bernardo - I was shocked. She could claim all she wants about being forced but to participate and keep silent about her own sister’s rape/murder screams psychopath to me. And you don’t cure that by time in prison. And that guy that killed the teacher on a run - should have been locked up.

    It is not racist to protect other human beings from people who are sociopaths or worse psychopaths. These people are being boo hoo by blaming their poor childhoods - when it is democratic policies (welfare, public housing and crappy, indoctrinating public schools) - that have created these human animals. And you lock up or destroy predatory and dangerous animals. They spread pain, disease and violence onto another generation. You work to break the cycles - not keep throwing gas onto the fire.

    When my brother’s Mom went to jail - he entered the system. He was there for years (essentially growing up as a small child in group homes and foster care) before my parents adopted him (rightly the state severed her parental rights). He went to Harvard and became a lawyer in CA. Manson (co-incidentally also from Cincinnati) was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in WV when his mother went to jail. We all know what became of him - and in a recent retrospective of the Family, he boo hooed his life of being sent to live with relatives when his mother was jailed. It’s pure crappola - yes some people have a terrible life. You embrace the suck and try to do the best you can. You don’t decide to say - Oh so and so screwed me - so I’m going to make other people pay for it. And now our so-called justice system is playing into it by declaring any and all arrests of poc’s as being racist and unfair.

    The dems and the Rinos - can’t win on ideas and platforms - so they are pitting the people against each other. And it’s time people wake up and come together against them - before it’s too late.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/15/2022  at  12:18 PM  

  359. Watch this - I’m glad to see one of the most unexpected persons - gets it.

    I’m getting anxious and short too. Times like this - I can/could believe that they put something in the water to funnel us into being sick, paranoid and anxious. As if the drive-by media doesn’t do that every day, already.

    Got horribly sick last night. I’ve not been that sick since my college drinking days (even then I didn’t get that sick) - so not accomplishing much today.

    Not much else going on - we finally got the yard cut down and a lot of the weeds too. The cats enjoy being able to see the yard - at the back door again. We also have one of the biggest ground hogs, I have ever seen, sunning itself (when the sun comes out, it’s raining again today) on the deck. Wish that they ate grass and weeds!

    Off to scrounge up something for lunch. Maybe.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/19/2022  at  10:17 AM  

  360. I gather you don’t trap the woodchucks any more? Yes, they get intensely fat in the fall, especially if there are apples or tomatoes or nuts for them to gorge on. The one around here puts on so much weight that his side blobs drag on the ground. When he shows up in the spring all slender and buff, we think it’s a different animal. But no, it’s the same old Woody that’s been around here for years now.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   09/20/2022  at  09:33 AM  

  361. No - we haven’t done the lower level yet. The squirrels very nicely planted trees for us - and obviously didn’t need a lot of the nuts that they buried. I haven’t seen a ground hog in years - I guess the word got out that they come into our yard and disappear. Haven’t seen a raccoon since the winter, when we started feeding Snowball. And haven’t seen a deer in a couple of years.

    Anyway - not much else going on around here. We had a mild (very mild, although wet) August - so now we are creeping up temp wise - supposed to be over 90 tomorrow.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/20/2022  at  11:35 AM  

  362. I (sort of) can’t believe someone drove through the barriers to get onto a bridge being worked on. Probably drunk.

    We have ‘dips’and back up again on the dryer outlet. Why the heck it was put at the opposite wall from the outside wall - I don’t know. So we get it cleaned semi-regularly. Last thing we need is a fire.

    On the pipeline - Eco terrorists? or perhaps like so much in Russia - old and not maintained and/or inspected? I don’t think (or like to think) that this administration is so stupid as to goad Russia into an ‘incident’ with us. I mean, I thought the Dems and Russia were best buds or was that only Ted Kennedy? Whatever - would Russia actually try to take on America - when they are not holding their own with Ukraine? Who knows - maybe this is just the Media trying to hype another ‘global worry’ since But Covid is really, really getting old.

    I lose track of time and get caught out at dinner time. Which really is of no consequence since the kids don’t like most of what I cook anyway. But they don’t give me any ideas what-so-ever. Such is my life.

    I guess I will go get something to eat. At least my numbers are starting to come down. They have been high since I got But Covid - I suspect because I did not feel like eating for a number of days. Trying to watch things I eat, a little better. We found a cake mix - I have always liked Duncan Hines - Keto - so no sugar. Actually quite good. I made 4 mini-cakes rather than one big one, iced one and froze the rest. We just finished the last one. Also found out combining a Tbsp of peanut butter, a cup of spinach, a banana (I don’t do a whole one), frozen strawberries and milk - makes a fabulous PB&J smoothie. Much easier to make than Salad in a Glass - which comes out like a thick frosty. I need to go look at the Chocolate smoothies - even if they don’t look quite like they should - they really do taste good. Anything to swallow a few more veggies.

    A ship sunk right off of Florida coast - filled with illegal invaders. Glad to see that most of the comments were - so what, saves us problems type. Of course someone had to come out with how inhumane and un-Christian the comments were. So I went off on having legal immigrant family members who managed to do it and prosper and assimilate. How the dems wrote the last two Immigration bills - got the Amnesty down but can’t seem to handle the deportation, getting them to apply for citizenship or E-verify at all.

    It’s just like people going on and on about the lack of medical care - I ‘thought’ (as I know how sucky VA, Public Health (used to be Indian services) and even Army care can be) the ACA was suppose to end all of that. Of course, we do know that the fools in DC, really never do (although without even full support of his own party, Trump managed some really good things) legislation that fixes a damn thing - just mucks stuff up a bit more and costs billions (now under Biden*).

    Tired of it. Tired of the lies, the hate (some idiot - and I thought all leftists hated guns and never had them) shot an 84 year old woman who was canvassing on a Pro-Life issue.
    They are liars, hypocrites and purely immoral people - go find a socialist country and live with your own kind. Just so over it.

    Oh, and to brighten things up - I got the nicest note from my oldest grandson. We sent a card for Ollie’s first birthday and it got sent back - so I felt bad about it. So I resent it, with the correct address. He has become a really good man.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/29/2022  at  11:30 AM  

  363. I was going to go mow the front before our first blast of winter - but alas, while I was drinking my coffee and getting dressed - it rained. I might do it before lunch or after,if the sun decides to come out a bit. I’m so over our weather this year. Way too much rain.

    I think our bathroom vent is just like yours. No duct work, cheap and put up for show (mostly). Just one more thing we need to replace around here.

    We are struggling to cover everything - even though we really do almost nothing and buy good quality food rather than the best. Son has paid for the groceries lately - that’s how bad prices are around here. Now he’s paying for the computer parts he ordered - so we will continue to have that extra buffer. The daughter is back to a couple of Hello Fresh - they were good and I do enjoy not cooking.

    Nothing much else going on around here. It’s been a dull week.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/07/2022  at  09:32 AM  

  364. Sorry about your bowling. And your construction work. Glad I really didn’t come home to have to deal with it.

    Not much going on around here. We are trying to finish mowing and at least attacking to the flower beds. I’m an inch away from just spraying them all with the Ortho ground clear I bought. I really like it - 3 locks, which makes it safe around animals, kids and idiots. And it works - not permanent (which worked well in the area where the cat’s grave is as in the corner is a perennial - which is still doing fine. We can see the bricks and graveled areas once again. The hill & garden area - still sucky.

    I added up everything I bought yesterday. The bank shut down our account (without informing us) so I was limited to what I could scrounge out of the son’s rent money (I did take his card with me - should have taken money out, but kept forgetting). Anyway, our people using our bank (a military one) are becoming victims of a scam - the crooks are identifying as bank representatives to get account information (sadly some have had their accounts cleared) and whoever locked down scammed accounts - shut ours down too. Yesterday sucked for me.

    And our dental ins co is not getting the money and so my account (we have one for the son too) is behind. And so on and so on.

    We have always seemed to be a beacon to scammers, cheats and liars. And I’m still waiting on funds from our phone co in KY who lost a lawsuit. I wish I could drag my feet for a decade while pleading - appeal, appeal, appeal - on crap I owe.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/12/2022  at  10:02 AM  

  365. Whirlpool - for the new washer. I’ve had two. Actually, loved the first set greatly. It said over sized loads and meant it. Bought it in CA in the late 70s and kept it until the late 90s.  Lasted with 4 kids and Army moves. However, the dryer went at Fort Hood and then the washer here. The new ones are still hanging on, but the dryer has more issues than the washer. Still like them and our guy says Whirlpool is the best bet.

    You have an eclectic music selection - much like me. I started back with folk music - Peter Paul & Mary, the New Christy Minstrels and a couple of British duos. Always willing to listen to what people recommend. Rush, however I was dragged into kicking and screaming - by my husband - to really come to like most of it, still not a great fan of the really early stuff, but I do appreciate the complex music that 3 guys did. It’s how I started really, just 3 guys and their instruments. My trip into Leonard Cohen was due to the Shrek movie. And my son told me about Walk Off the Earth. And I love Pasty Cline and Dottie West. Old country - the new is too commercial for me. Did you know that the drummer for the Ventures became an Air Force General and actually did Walk Don’t Run with them in uniform? And Beethoven’s 9th - with the Ode To Joy is among my favorite classical music.

    need to run and test my blood before the Bungles play.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/16/2022  at  11:19 AM  

  366. Bet you, that our juveniles were of the right color to both get sympathy from the idiot VP of the school and the system. Having a gun in your possession and being under 21 (I assume handguns here) is a violation of Federal Gun Laws. And obviously Cleveland which is so big on gun safety and ignores the open carry and conceal carry that are legal in OH - just doesn’t care if kids of a certain color carry guns and steal cars.

    I just wish that republicans would stand up against this nonsense but then DeWhine (OH gov) is running down the path of liz, mittens and now pence - sellout to be able to stay/advance in the political world. Supposedly - the League of Women Voters interviews candidates on the local issues. Thanks to DeWhine - we can no longer get a generic ballot and choose between D,R, I, or L any more. As I said a sellout. I also 100% disagree with no one challenging perpetual candidates. Chabot isn’t horrible (at least he hasn’t turn on the gop as Portman has in his ‘retiring’ year) but he rarely muscles up. And of course the lying idiot Brown (D, scumbag) never gets challenged either. Term Limits - from dog catcher to the President (which I see - neither party had much of a problem limiting at all). If it’s important and good enough for the highest office of the land - then it should - no must be - important and good enough for every office in the land. Public service my ass, they are making themselves into exactly what they use to fight against decades ago - a ruling class cabal.

    The idiots in the protest - don’t realize so very, very much of what they support/use - are made of oil and/or petroleum or need gas in some form. And that is why the idiots on the left hate so much and want to control all the people - they resent that we are ‘more’ than they are. Don’t realize so much of our ‘more’ is purely simple exertion on our part.

    Our phones with all the recent restarts etc have messed up some of the birthdays on them. So I had to get the daughter and daughter-in-law to send dates to re-enter. Because, of course the box of cards with that info is still missing in action in some obscure box.So much for technology being a great help anymore. Someone must have gotten pissy and altered how things run/update/system. I just see it as the idiots of the world arising to get back at everyone who ever laughed at them. The problem is that they don’t see or sometimes even listen - that parts of life suck - for everyone - not just them.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/21/2022  at  10:00 AM  

  367. Saw some interesting bit on Fox last night I think. Just like all the fake accounts on social media that are purchased bots to run up your popularity score, it appears that there are far fewer actual hyper leftists than the media implies. And along with that, many younger people mouth the words to avoid confrontations or becoming unpopular. But it turns out that the younger generations secretly aren’t buying the BS, and that a very large percent of them are actually Republicans and/or Conservatives at heart.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   10/28/2022  at  09:12 AM  

  368. I hope you are correct on the young people. Although I do know that the percentage of crazies, sexual deviants and idiots who actually believe the news reports the truth are near zero percent of most citizens in America. 70% of Americans identify as one of the Christian religions. Another 11.1% identify as part of one of the other major religions - so the mention of God or Christ - should not be offensive to 81.1% of America.[Pew survey of Religion in America] To me that is a solid majority. We as, Americans and Christians should never allow ourselves to be silenced for less than 20% of the Nation. Funny, not, is that for a part of America that believes 51% is the line for ‘deciding’ who/what ‘wins’, that it doesn’t count when it’s the other side. Getting really tired that politics has become so divisive, truly anti-American.

    I forgot to tell you - the advertising job was a scam. Luckily, I smelled the crap early enough, that it only cost us the $5.00 bad check charge. Then another scammer tried to get me to send my bank account info to them. They arrest Martha Stewart and send her to jail, but allow the criminals who can destroy an average person’s life - go on their merry way. But then the politicians are scammers too.

    God what happened to America?

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   10/28/2022  at  12:56 PM  

  369. I’m still alive. Just in a lull part of time and leading a very (boring to most) quiet time. Can’t seem to get things done yet they all do get done - except the yard. It is covered by leaves, probably annoys the neighbors to death. But since, I read an article on a TX University study that proved leaving the leaves is beneficial to the condition of the grass. Not going to kill myself doing something that obviously was meant by Nature to be a positive thing.

    I heart cats has tips on helping outside cats during the winter. Which reminds me - I need to go do a Chewy order.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/04/2022  at  10:39 AM  

  370. I have to air the house out. We finally figured out a “close enough” stain for the other side of the laundry room door. Turns out the old door was made out of yellow pine, and the new door is made out of either white pine or Monterey pine. So it will stain differently. Not to mention that the old door was never varnished, so it’s had 30 years to color shift.
    Whatevs. We found that Minwax Gunstock is as close as it’s going to get. Probably put a coat of clear poly over it when it’s dry, then get a quart of clear satin to cover up all the other woodwork, so it’s all fresh and slightly shiny.

    Time to run the fan. It reeks in here, stain solvent and mineral oil. At least it’s warmish today.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/06/2022  at  04:05 PM  

  371. I used to stain. Our dining table was hand made inlaid pattern on the top, sold as raw. It was 1976ish Monterey CA. Did it all myself with a 9 month old baby. Redid once in Texas, because idiots put boxes on it when it went in storage (while we went to Germany). Stupidly, I should have bought chairs - except the guy didn’t make chairs that year. So our chairs never have really matched. It doesn’t really matter, as I gave kept it covered to prevent damage with four kids and constant moves.

    Our pantry door the gluten free pantry and the microwave stand are matched to the old cabinets - dark compared to light of the cabinets. Maybe next summer I’ll take the pantry doors down to stain. We will see.

    Today is football - so I’ve done very little. Which is nice now and then.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/06/2022  at  06:04 PM  

  372. Re-districting should be outlawed. Early voting, mail-in voting should be outlawed and absentee should be the old standard 3 - hospital, military out of state and work absence from town of residency. Why not use a hand stamp - like bars/concerts use to show that you have already voted? I like Mexico’s - thumb print and RENEWED every 5 years. And that leads to penalizing every single Sec of State that does not review/cleanse the voting roll every single year. We (OH) did vote to prevent illegals from voting in elections. Which needs to be certified in every single state. Along with an amendment in every state that the Federal Government can not and should not make changes into Election laws at all. Ever.

    Been thinking on the new slant of migrants verses immigrants in the media since this invasion started. Well Immigrant (used to mean - and really still does) means a person/family intending on becoming citizens of the country that they are entering. Usually having done an application to enter before coming (since 1924 when mass immigration was halted). Migrant is being used - in reference to the Holy Family who migrated away from Herod’s kill the male babies decree after Jesus’s birth. Through the years - the Left (in a bad attempt to make Christians own up to the fact that the Holy Family fled to Egypt) that America (gasp, being a Christian Nation) should do no less for all those flooding across our borders. However, Migrant (the new word of choice) - has always meant - coming to do a job and then returning home. So they have no word to describe the hoard coming in here. I do - Invaders. They will stay until they die or decide that they have wired enough money home to live well. Mexico and China still are top of the list for money being wired out of the US by illegals. That doesn’t include people who come here legally (yes, I know a lot of Cubans wire money home - that is a bit different and understandable) wire home (Russians don’t count, as most of it is illegally obtained in the first place) money, too. But, if they become citizens and choose to send money home that is their business.

    I’m tired of the US being the Welfare Office of the World and I’m tired of the very people who wrote the two Immigration laws - pretending like we have no laws, our system is broken and we must accept these people who are just trying to stay alive.

    On Ms Omar - I do not know how somebody so anti-American who was supposedly saved (why didn’t they just stay in Kenya and go home when the dust settled) by the US and is so violating the oath of office (never forget that they are allowed to lie to infidels) and not sent packing? Thomas Jefferson (who created the Marine Corps on this day back then) to fight Muslim Somalia. Which I continue to struggle with why does a Muslim family have to flee a Muslim county?

    Yes, I know the reason why to all of this - and so I end with Sen. Joe McCarthy was right - there be communists in our government.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/10/2022  at  12:52 PM  

  373. Well the elections in the “fixed states” went as well as expected with a tiny few upsets but not enough to change things, just like the Dems wanted, so that’s that.
    God I wish I was 62 again, your a dang puppy in my world with me sliding into 67 in January along with most of my surviving friends.
    We got our 85ft Pine tree all cut down to size and I spent all of August/September/October cleaning up the debris but it was worth it to have our lot spik n span for once (big lot).
    Cars are all buttoned up for winter, trickle chargers engaged and antifreezed.
    So it’s time for the winter dulldrums with Streaming and some PC gaming to tide me by.
    Hope you all enjoy the holidays comin up.
    Till next time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    grin beerparty

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/13/2022  at  04:19 PM  

  374. I thought that you guys were all older than me. I’ll hit 68, if I make it to March. Actually, the one best thing from our hotel hell last year was being able to walk on a treadmill and then us spending the money to get one. It’s really helped my health stabilize. So I probably will make it to March.

    Despite it having been at 70 just on Thursday - we had snow(ish) on Saturday and it was just at 30 this morning (Of course I do get up before it gets light). Sad, today the only place to get above 64 in America is south Florida. Everywhere it’s a tad cold.

    Oh, well I’ve messed around way too long (and locked a cat in a closet) - so I should get something to eat and go try to do something around the house.

    Oh - and Drew - your home saga (while not being of damage like ours) makes me realize I really am glad that I stayed in the hotel all those months.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/14/2022  at  01:44 PM  

  375. We have no heat (other than small desk ones, as both Eden Pure no longer work) and have been this way since Saturday. It’s getting old. We would have had to pay extra $$$ to have them ‘open’ the warehouse, which we chose not to do. But, oh looky here, we get called this AM, that they are going to have to - you guessed it - order it. Bite Me.

    Lousy mood, horribly cold and not a fan of current life in the once great, sane and totally comfy (even as po’ as we’s were) America. This is nonsense.

    They can all talk about the rich not doing their part - but ‘rich’ American life - has raised the boats of lives around the World again and again. Most especially with respect - to life expectancy. While the Ds of the US seek to fund and support those who chose not to take advantage of the education system (most especially, if they can’t get an athletic scholarship) - the hated Rs of the US donate to charities/organizations that help the average person in some of the most adverse situations possible (I’m thinking of those who donate to Shriners Hospitals for example - which helped save our son) and the even more hated Christians of America donate to those local (and probably set-up and volunteer at) food/medical centers that cater to the least of us.

    The ‘excess’ wealth of our Nation has gone to rescues (of people and animals), medical advancements and even better building and farming codes that in the end raise the health and well being of everyone - and dribble out into the World.

    Yes we need improvements and adjustments - but we have advanced much beyond what many of the other Nations have and do. Some of those Nations that the left holds up - are insular with a vastly more homogeneous population. And we are much bigger than the majority of Nations in the World.

    You want to read the most egregious crap - American Thinker has a piece on Michelle O - that woman is the most hate-filled women next to Hillary ever. I guess when you hate yourself - nothing given, offered or possible for you will ever be enough. Which explains the feminazis to me.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/21/2022  at  11:41 AM  

  376. Hey, I can’t be President either because America isn’t ready for my hair too.

    What little is left of it, and it went gray almost overnight a decade back. :-(

    If I lose a lot of weight I’m pretty sure I’ll look like Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter. Who bears a striking resemblance to Joe Biden.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/23/2022  at  11:25 AM  

  377. Have you watched Dunham’s fireside shats (youtube)? I applaud him for stepping toes over the line into what needs to be said.

    Just read about a Native American woman - born in 1908 and earned a bachelor’s degree in 1928 and masters in 1938 in mathematics. First Native Woman Aerospace Engineer. Now - taking having been born in Oklahoma (where until the 1950s it was still illegal for races to intermarry), probably on reservation land and in the totally racist and male oriented America - oh, and let us not forget - she wasn’t made a US Citizen until 1924. She was an over comer of all over comers. Ms Obama is just so ignorant and blinded by her own self hate (or is it her racist view of anyone/everyone not black) that she would have never, ever made it before 1965 at all.

    Snowball does not have a micro chip. I put her on Pawboost. We’ve already had one couple here to view her (which of course she chose not to make an appearance) but not their cat. Took all 3 kitties to the Vet - mucho money spent. And blood work on George. He lost weight and doc was worried something serious going on. Good news (and about the only good news lately) is that he is actually via blood work doing better than last year.

    And still waiting for the part. Maybe this weekend. If I don’t freeze by then. I am thankful I kept all of our German Bed Zugs (blankets) - warm without electricity.

    I’m making Alex Guarnaschelli’s rolls for tomorrow, for the son. The butter that I melted - solidified before I put it together. Hopefully they rise. At the very least. Lots of work - lots. We shall see how they turn out.

    Also - Pilsbury put out a limited Edition Cinnamon Bun cake mix and frosting. I made half of the mix (I’m getting used to doing that - we are no longer eating a lot of deserts). I think that they are nice change from the usual chocolate or yellow cake.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/23/2022  at  12:40 PM  

  378. We did a small Thanksgiving dinner - all family too far to travel, neither of us is up to long distance driving anymore.

    The idiot down the street finally came and moved his wagoneer (whatever) from in front of our house. The last time he drove it away, I was hours away from calling the police to ask, when is a vehicle considered abandoned - as it sat for months there. So I pull the Buick out and will now look for someone to donate it to. It needs a new engine.

    A relative (the only one in my family who I know would give me the shirt off his back) called this AM and offered to pay for a new furnace. We all talked it over and decided between the 3 incomes we could do it. So I will call him back and let him know. All of his girls (5) are grown and married and his wife passed away (long term cancer patient) years ago. I know he is lonely and misses family (both his parents have died since his wife did).

    We will work it out - somehow. Now, the trick is to get hold of the guy and tell him the news.

    At least it’s chilly in the AM here - not cold. Hope we can get this done before it gets cold again.

    I put the turkey bones and some water, after straining that I added noodles and seasoning in the foodi, it’s about to finish, it smells good.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/25/2022  at  03:24 PM  

  379. Try this book, it helped me 20 years ago and it not based on AA voodoo crap; can also substitute other sugars (alcohol is just a sugar as far as your body is concerned) like candy, ice cream and or fruit juice to quell the physical need you think you have (it’s not real but your brain thinks so). That’s all I got and good luck, and for Gods sake don’t get involved with those lunatics in AA, they are not your friends.
    BTW Happy Holidays, glad you made it OK through phase one.
    beerparty  banghead  angel_devil  loveyou

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/26/2022  at  06:59 PM  

  380. I did the Alcohol thing in 1985 - cold turkey. One night a neighbor & I sat drinking beer while watching a half hour show. The next day her daughter brought home a case of beer. The neighbor asked why since she did that the day before. We had drunk it all in 30 minutes. Scared me to death. I’ve rarely drunk much since then Although my daughter’s friend sends me some glu wine every year. I limit myself to one small glass now and then between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m shocked that I didn’t get arrested or have an accident during my first marriage in Germany. I drank constantly and drove like a maniac. It’s seductive and easy to not even pay attention to how much you are imbibing in. Good Luck.

    So it turns out, even though most people think the estimate is high - the company we’re using for heat/ac is considered the best in the business here.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/27/2022  at  01:37 PM  

  381. I looked up the Alex Guarnaschelli recipe. There’s a video too ( I don’t like her technique or sloppy measuring but it gets the job done ), and another version (a Martha Stewart recipe, the vid featuring Thomas Joseph).  This is a very wet rich baby-soft dough, and gets a crazy amount of flour added to it on the bench after the first rise. I’m sure they taste really great. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but once you’ve done one batch you can feel the production aspect of it, and the next 10 batches you could make that day will churn out fast. Joseph uses a ruler to get his dough the right size, then does a lazy half fold. At least Alex dusts off all the extra flour and does the right 1/4 - 2/3 fold with the overlap, then flips them seam side down on the baking sheet. No parchment, but with all that butter, it probably isn’t needed.

    I’ve now made it through Day 3, no booze. I have to say that the urge for a drink is strongest in the evening, when I’m alone and bored. That’s the situation behind the habit I got into, as she works in the evenings 3 days a week. Then comes home when it’s bedtime, so I don’t get to see her much then. Her midweek shift is 8-5, and as she’s coming home I’m going off to Old Guys league. And she’s usually nearly asleep when I get home that night. So we don’t see each other that day hardly at all. And on the weekends she frequently just zones out on the couch, cat on lap, watching info videos on her tablet. So I get to feeling pretty alone, because I am alone, often even when she’s here. Plus the daily aches and pains, arthritis etc. I know, these are excuses and rationalizations. But they’re causative too.

    Maybe I’ll make it 2 glasses of iced bitter lime water.


    I had no idea about AA, other than hearing about the “friends of Bill W” thing once or twice. I have no intention of going near them at this point. What I have is the fear of “Linda Road”; wife’s sister’s husband’s sister drank herself to death, refusing all help from all of us, even the kind neighbors who’d check on her and bring her food. Lost her job, lost her next downgraded job, eventually lost her decades long relationship, and finally died in a puddle of her own piss and puke nearly at the point of starvation ... she was cremated and there was no funeral or ceremony, and now she’s hardly ever even mentioned. But her ex is still family and we see her frequently. I am in NO WAY anywhere near that point, can’t even see the entrance ramp to that road from where I am. But I know it’s maybe on the map if I keep heading south. So time to pull over, and find a new direction. Mmm, bitter cold lime water.

    Thanks for the link. I like Trimpey’s attitude that you are responsible for your own actions, and not the (news to me) AA approach that you are a victim of a disease. Both may be right, but I’d rather fight than simper.

    Right. So another glass of lime water on ice.


    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/27/2022  at  09:41 PM  

  382. Your wife’s relative sounds like my sister - although by the end her sons (I feel for them, but both are crappy human beings who think that they are the only people who suffered with a crazy and drunk parent - where in the hell - do they think she came from?!?) - she was alone and not found, until it wasn’t pretty at all. She had many more issues than alcohol - think she did her Masters at the Smithsonian and yet lived on welfare all of her adult life and called herself Susannah Howard (a long dead ancestor). I loved her and in my life (even 29 years as an Army wife - many types of people) never met a more kind, gentle and loving person. I do know however, how it is to live with a crazy alcoholic as my Mom went that way after my Dad died.My teen years sucked. And while my sister’s sons think that they are the only ones in the family who suffered - all 3 (Mom and two brothers) were bad with alcohol and so all of us kids (cousins too) had our tangle with the fire water and we all smoked (even though my Mom claimed she quit long before we two younger kids were even born). I don’t know why more people don’t look at the people that they come from. I’m lucky my genes aren’t the same as the family I was raised in Males in my Dad’s family died young and my Mom had the crazy gene mixed with the brilliant gene and topped with alcoholics - makes for some really horrible times. 

    We pass on our vices - even when we don’t realize it. And I do believe some of the worst stuff - is in the genes.

    We are having the blower put in the heater today and getting an actual estimate, done up properly on the heater and then just save up for it. We need heat now (although the bedrooms do stay quite warm with just one of those desktop heaters (probably because they are so small)). Life goes on and somehow - we figure it out the best we can.

    Since I’ve lived 67 years longer than they ever thought that I would - I consider it all a win.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/28/2022  at  10:43 AM  

  383. It was only about two three weeks before I quit thinking much about not drinking but I did use a mind fuck to stop the urges during that time.
    Best plan is to just go about your normal stuff without thinking about the drink part of the day and sooner than later it becomes just another memory of your past.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/29/2022  at  10:22 AM  

  384. I’m doing fine right now. Later tonight will be when the challenge shows up if it does. And I do thank you all for your advice and concern.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/29/2022  at  02:38 PM  

  385. We have heat again. Now to put money away to be able to buy a new unit in the summer time.

    We pretty much live like monks now anyway. His back bothers him, but he knows it’s not ‘enough’ for treatment other than meds - which mostly made him sleep all the time. The pain treatment worked well (two grand a time) but of course they start with pain pills, then go to PT and finally to the treatment that works. And the son who for safety reasons is basically helpless. With partially working major organs - I’m lucky to be alive. And after years of being told where to go and ‘mandatory functions’ - being free to do nothing is nice.

    Not much else - all 3 of our cats ran and hid while the heater guys were here (they sent the estimate guy too) so we had to go hunting for one of the tear-away collars. I’m still looking for my Bengals scrunchy that one of them made off with. Apparently, one of the kitties think, if it’s on the floor, it’s mine.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/29/2022  at  05:19 PM  

  386. I went 11 years sober and now I simply measure each drink so I don’t suffer from overpour, which can get out of control pretty quik.
    Glad to hear the commode is back online, running to the neighbors to drop a duce is too weird.
    toilet_monster  clap

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/03/2022  at  06:15 PM  

  387. I will start this by saying, I had no intention of bathing a cat.

    How I spent my Saturday morning.

    I thought the stray outside, Snowball, had diarrhea. I was just going to wash her butt, she was starting to smell bad, she wasn’t eating much and just laying around. I even wondered if someone tried to poison her. So into the bathroom and tub. Because she doesn’t like her tail/butt touched - it became a full bath. Long story, a bit shorter - she didn’t have poo problems, she was covered in poo. Her bits were a bit swollen and bright pink. So after the unintentional bath, attempt at towel dry and finally a blow dry, I clean out the tub. I found the culprit - she was stung by a wasp. She spent most of the day in our bathrooms
    - moved to the one with a litter box to dry off.

    I can’t imagine getting stung in my butt while simply trying to go to the bathroom.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/04/2022  at  10:58 AM  

  388. After a two day pouting about being washed and blown dry, Snowball returned back to her old self. She is now laying on top of her house after a breakfast and looking for lunch. Even her butt is back to normal.

    Just did a bunch of cards and gift cards and even cash to all the kids, grands and great grand. Just got told we are having another great grand in Jan.

    Now, I’m trying to plow through receipts and do laundry at the same time. Already been to the Post Office and store. But I guess I will feed kitties and find something to eat, too.

    You are making breads and I’m working on a bunch of desserts and cookies. I did find two homemade loaves of bread in the big freezer. Can’t even remember when I made them.

    Getting old sucks.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/07/2022  at  12:21 PM  

  389. So sorry about your But Covid redo - I fear it too - as daughter goes out unmasked much too often.

    And your house situation is what we’ve been living with for way too long.

    Daughter found a Youtuber (somewhat ‘famous’ amongst the younger people) that is actually a distant relative (I have always struggled with that once/twice removed nonsense) on my Dad’s side through his cousin Basil. Find a grave is much easier to find people/family connections than Ancestry right now.

    The tow truck is supposed to come to tow away the Buick (it needs a new engine) on Monday. The process is so damn convoluted and of course - the notary was out yesterday. My fault for waiting until the holidays to do it. It’s going to get The Ronald McDonald House a few pennies. I’m very picky about charities I give to and am even considering dumping a long term one. Horse Rescue. She has health problems (my age) and keeps getting more and more animals and pleading poverty and costs all the time. Her farm is in the jumpers/dressage heaven part of Virginia (read Wealthy people). I can show her poverty - always been rich ‘enough’ to not qualify for any of the bennies but poor enough to struggle when life gets costly. We did well under Trump - which is one of the reasons I’d like him back. Found out Ann Coulter (she was on Clay and Buck) has gone full Never Trumper. Oh bother.

    Saw a good meme (via Hubby on Reddit) - If 10,000 Russians crossing the border into Ukraine is an Invasion, then why isn’t the 2 million people crossing the American southern border not called an Invasion?

    Daughter is going to make pavlova today - should be fun.

    Oh on Clay and Buck this week McCarthy said that they will remove the Military Mandate on the so-called vaccine when they take over.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/10/2022  at  09:30 AM  

  390. Glad to hear your lady is on the mend with the covid and also that your vitamin cocktail is working to fend it off.
    All quiet out here in north Cali, A.K.A Oregon but things are sucking for gun rights as all sales are effectively shut down over this measure 114 crap. No idea how long till they find a court or a judge to toss it in the Columbia river as it is unconstitutional as hell but we will wait patiently as it’s all we can do now.
    Have a great holiday season and good luck gettin that condo up to snuff before your patience wears out.
    Till next time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    titanic  loveyou

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/12/2022  at  09:30 AM  

  391. That Measure sounds bad. Much as I dislike the weaselly Republicans we have here, at least we don’t have crappy gun laws yet.

    The Buick was not towed, seems we weren’t the only ones who had a crappy day. Set now for Wed. as tomorrow is going to be another day - things already piling up on top of each other. No gifts, no tree - kinda don’t care much this year.

    Oh, almost forgot - the pavlova turned out great. I made a chocolate sauce to pour over them, as we didn’t have any fresh fruit.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/12/2022  at  08:54 PM  

  392. Here but - not really. I have never seen so much paperwork and now I have to go get the end the registration paperwork notarized. Just to dump a car that was basically on it’s last gasp. I really hate the government - they don’t write the legislation (lawyers do) and so they sit around and think of ways to get even more money from us at every turn in life.

    It’s been a bad week - I kind of regret dumping the Buick (which was finally towed yesterday). Better the crap you know than the crap about to mess up your life. I keep wanting to tell my family and friends - don’t worry - anything/everything that can go wrong - happens to us. We seem to suck that bad karma from those we love and have to deal with it. In my heart, I know it was the right decision but it still feels like the wrong move, yet again.

    Great way to go into Christmas - not caring at all. I guess I’ll be the Grinch this year.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/15/2022  at  11:57 AM  

  393. So of course I couldn’t get the stupid paper notarized (the woman doesn’t seem to work at all) and I’m not sure the other smaller banks around have or have even worse notaries. Once I get that - due to the stress and anxiety of the week, I’m going to mail that sucker in. No sitting in the BMV all day (to find out I have to wait for the special person who does the ‘other’ crap not licenses.

    I’m taking the day off - the stress has been driving me crazy and now I’m getting anxious. The insurance - hubby knocked that off online. I tried to do this nonsense online - 3 times of getting - Information does not match records. Bite Me - I’m sitting here with the actual license plates - so that number (expires in March 2023) is correct and oh, look - the Insurance card has the vin number, so that is correct. I don’t understand why they make it so hard to cancel a registration. Like most people just are sitting around trying to find something to do.

    Good article on American Thinker about the actual facts of slavery in America left out of the crappy Critical Race Theory nonsense.

    And Biteme himself (ok his dem controlled DOJ) is suing AZ for putting walls of semi-trailers topped with barbed wire in the spots where no wall was built (don’t forget that Congress approved the monies in 2006). It is fentanyl from China that is pushing up the overdoses and deaths. As I’ve said - politicians don’t solve the problems, they cause them. Saw a meme today - Our fear is the source of their power.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/16/2022  at  11:13 AM  

  394. There is a god - I was able to cancel the registration online today! Yeah me. Now off to get some lunch and figure out how to get a new(ish) car on our measly incomes.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/16/2022  at  12:26 PM  

  395. Oh, I meant to mention a week or so back about your husband’s back. Have you tried a TENS unit? The price of the things has really dropped, compared to a couple decades ago. They work. Electric stimulation of the muscles and nerves. Stops pain and relaxes/works out tense muscles in the area. Ok, it feels a bit weird at first, and can be a little stingy if the settings are too strong. But you quickly get used to it and almost look forward to the tingling. You can do it several times a day if you really need to.

    When I had a worthwhile chiropractor, treatments at his office would always start with a 10 minute session, lying face down on the adjusting table, which had cut outs for your face and other things, getting a 4 electrode TENS session on high along with a hot heavy slightly moist towel. Even without an adjustment it was of great benefit.

    You can get a decent unit for under $30 at Amazon that does TENS, EMS, and massage. They charge up from a USB port.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/17/2022  at  10:19 PM  

  396. Still sober too. No point in mentioning it, but there it is. I’ll probably have a drink or two over the holidays; total abstinence was not my goal, just to prove to myself that I could do it. I was never getting hammered every day anyway.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/17/2022  at  10:23 PM  

  397. And while we haven’t had to bathe either cat yet, they have been getting brushed nearly every day. Between that and the anti-viral meds Sniffles is now on, the puking has almost been eliminated. And she’s breathing more quietly too.

    Oh, speaking of health situations: I don’t have bladder cancer or bladder polyps. Say what? I have a benign cyst on my right kidney, which has been scanned several times. This was found when I had that kidney stone over the summer. When I had my physical not too long ago, the urinalysis work came back mentioning occult blood, which is amounts that can only be seen under the microscope. But that was enough to send me back to the urologist, who wanted an up close and personal look. So they take a long tube with a fiber optic lens in it, and insert it ... all the way in. At least they send some young prep nurse in to swab things down first and then squeeze a tube of lidocaine up there. That almost numbs things, so the tube going in doesn’t burn too badly. But then to make it more fun, and to get a good look around, they also pump in about half a liter of saline. So I’m on my back, pants around my ankles, well expanded inside and out, and feeling like the proverbial racehorse. They found nothing. And when the scope came out, I got to sit up and shuffle across the room with my pants around my ankles, holding some great big dampish pad around me. While 2 young nurses in their early 20s looked on. Gosh, thanks.

    Whatever. But the doc’s idea is that a bit of enlarged prostate could have been causing a constriction, and little flakes from the slowly growing next kidney stone could be flaking off and caused some abrasion because of the constriction.

    So I’ll be on Tamsulosin for a month or so, to see if it helps my borderline “BPH”. Maybe it will stop me having to go 18 times a day, but if I “improve urination” any more I’m going to be soggy 24-7.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/17/2022  at  10:42 PM  

  398. Agreed. Measure 114 is total crap.

    And while the military is dropping their asinine vax mandate, they will not be taking back anyone who had the guts and brains to say NO.

    I remain unvaxxed, and am becoming proud of being a “trueblood”. Wifely lost her medical job over it, and never looked back.

    We picked up our final new cabinet today, a wall cabinet for the bathroom that matches the vanity. Same style, same color, same perfect finish. With just a little luck, we will have a finished bathroom not too long after New Year’s. Call it 3 months. Not too bad for a “chuck and a truck” contractor who is 71 and works part-time. Sadly, he’s going to have to rework some of the floor tile, so we might be without a toilet for a few days again. Grrr. This time I will but a space heater in the room and let it get up to 90 in their for a couple days. I think it was too cold in there last time for the tile mortar to set fully. I just hope we have enough spare floor tile, or that he can reuse what he pries up. I don’t know if any more of it is available. Discontinued?

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/17/2022  at  10:51 PM  

  399. Hubby’s back - he has a back brace, a TENS unit, and pain pills. He sleeps enough without taking the pain pills which add to sleepiness for him. He has been through the drill enough to know his pain has to get much worse before they will cover the next step - pain pills. Then PT and then the RFA which is what works. He is worried that they will just go to fusing the spine. He did the first run through via Wright Pat AFB, now we are under civilian docs. And I don’t think he wants to start all over again - with the unknown. Having said that - the bucks that the government is paying out for my hubby, our son (a Medically Dependent Adult Child) and I in medical care now, is actually making up for all that lack in our 23 years of paychecks.

    I talked to one of my docs about him - it was trained out of him in the Army. You go on sick call - You are a slacker. So his body and teeth suck from 23 years of almost no medical care. I’m shocked that they gave him a disability rating at all (had to, he had the tip of one finger cut off - considered an amputation which is a high rating in itself and non-negotiable), hearing is the other one involving any type of weapon (daughter worked the gun range - so she is affected hearing wise too), son - from carrying 100+ pounds after jumping out of an airplane, plus of course being in a war. It all adds up. And takes a toll.

    Your bowling story (rules) reminded me - when working for the Army a woman came into our office for help - won’t go farther than that. So later - I just asked the Chaplain if she had come to him. Not a word about what I suspected, did not ask for what - just if she had gone to more than one resource. I had to go through a ‘Have you ever’ investigation.[That is another story about my boss wanting to be/do everyone else’s job.] The Army does not like to deal with certain situations. Of course I’m seeing that is one reason not enough people speak up - is because no one really wants to deal with following the rules, the law or even being honest much anymore. And if you even just ask questions - the powers that be try to shut you down.

    It is not the America I grew up in - at all.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/18/2022  at  08:48 AM  

  400. I have two more batches of cookies to do - not normal size recipes - Small Batch Baking Cookbook. Suppose to get 6 to 8 - I usually get more. It allows us to have the variety everyone wants - without having a ton of stuff around.

    Ran hither and yon yesterday and really should go out today. But of course - running hither and yon (and forgetting a couple of more things) - I feel sick today. Upper respiratory congestion and a sore(ish) throat. Fun times. Someone in this house always gets sick on the holidays.

    We are (finally) using up all the boxes laying around by building an ‘inside’ area for the outside cat in the garage - as our weather is suppose to be sucking soon. On top of everything else. At least we have tons of boxes around to do it.

    But part of the problem is that as soon as I set out to do something around the house - a mini-disaster strikes or at least a time consuming problem raises it’s ugly head and I get diverted from what I was intending to do.

    Obviously - I am the only person in the with nothing to do and can do anything/everything with all the time I have on my hands.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/21/2022  at  11:56 AM  

  401. Cat housing worked - she did use it. I’m sure she will again. It’s horribly cold out there.

    (Fortunately) the worst happened while we were asleep - it got so cold and with such high winds that despite the only snow involved, was already on the ground (but blown around), it qualified as a blizzard and it gave us, with the horrid wind chill factor, a technical 100 degree difference in the temperature in the week. To top it off we are suppose to be back in to the 40s by Friday. And it just turned into winter three days ago.

    In a way - it’s god, nature or simple reality shoving a frozen finger in the eye of those idiots who lie to us, that (variable) weather is our fault - so that they can get even richer on the bogus ‘non-profits’ that scam the sheeple.

    Off to watch my beloved Bungles (who clinched a playoff spot) win yet another game. And scarf down a few of the cookies I made.

    Oh and I’m kind of glad I don’t have much family to do travel to visit. I know that the older kids are miffed, but they are ignoring hubby’s back and my breathing issues - not mention how hard it is for the son to travel. And that each year we just get older, slower and less inclined to long car trips.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/24/2022  at  12:47 PM  

  402. Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/25/2022  at  01:51 PM  

  403. Checking in.  Merry Christmas one and all!  I just finished snowblowing out my driveway, and two of the neighbours’.  I’m whupped, soaked, and if I were a horse, I believe the proper phrase would be, “Rode hard and put away wet.”

    I’m still reading along every time a comment is posted via email.  grin

    In spite of all trials and tribulations, in spite of the world around us getting crazier by the day, today we can read Luke 2 and have warmth and gladness in our hearts.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    United States   12/25/2022  at  02:54 PM  

  404. Daughter’s friend gave us a delightful bottle of wine - I made gluwein from a recipe I have in a collection of Army Wive’s Recipes. It came out perfectly. Still have half a bottle. It just might get us through this winter.

    PBS had a special on Christmas (mostly in Germany) - took me back. We actually considered staying in Germany the last time we were there, but, no one except my m-i-l had seen our youngest child - not to mention how costly it was to ship the two older kids home to their father a couple of times a year.

    That was a consideration, we should have thought more about. Just like keeping the house in KY. I did nothing in TX the second time, son tried to kill himself and daughter ended up in small town on the TX border in the sheriff’s office where my hubby had to drive across TX to get her at 0 dark thirty. So, other than his final promotion which he should have gotten years earlier - the tour was a huge bust.

    And we paid half on the mortgage in KY than we pay here and we would have had the 20 year payments (it was a VA foreclosure) would have been up in Jan 2021. Live and make another mistake is how our lives have gone.

    Cookies are gone, the natives are bored but we are no longer freezing to death. Even the snow melted yesterday.

    I’m going to ruin the weekend by doing the bank statement. I wish that there was a way around it.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/30/2022  at  11:07 AM  

  405. No bank statement done - it’s how much I hate to do it. Oh well. Set up for this weekend is to eat at Mala Hot Pots while hubby’s Mom and sister are here. They are breezing in and breezing out - since M-I-L can not make the drive alone anymore. 

    Don’t worry - I’m bored to tears around here (retirement - no matter how/when it’s achieved ain’t all it’s cracked up to be). But now I have to uber clean with family coming.

    Son called - he is have a sleep apnea test as he apparently stops breathing during sleep (his wife is a bit scared).

    Game shortened by injury on Monday night. Someone on Facebook posted a meme that the 4 worst injury’s happened on the same field. So far, I’ve not found proof of that nonsense. For one the Paycor (formerly Paul Brown stadium) field has only been in existence since 2000. Avid Bengals fan that I am (even applied to work in the shop) - we haven’t had that many horrible injuries there in the 22 years. And since I can still remember the crack when Joe Theismann broke his leg, I doubt that 4 major injuries happened at this field.

    Well off to finish the laundry for the day. Oh and daughter stepped on a cat’s paw - horrible sound for something that didn’t even leave a limp or a hop.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/04/2023  at  01:49 PM  

  406. I must be feeling better, I’m actually checking the comments.

    Argentium, very glad to see you’re still around. Haven’t heard much from you in far too long. Severa is lurking in the back too, but she’s too busy working to comment very often.

    No snow for us here in NJ. Actually it’s almost 60 today. Really weird winter we’re having.

    Hope everyone is staying healthy warm and dry.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/04/2023  at  02:10 PM  

  407. I see the 20 holdouts of the gop as finally developing a backbone and not doing the usual - go along to get along. Finally. Yes it sucks that the dems are laughing at the gop and the so-called Media is smearing them. But I agree with them. If McCarthy hadn’t said - I earned this, I deserve it - I’d been on his side. But there comes a time when the Party and America - deserve better than the usual DC crappola. Good for those 20 holdouts.

    Been up since 0 dark thirty. Leg pain and now I’m coughing up a lung. Last night when I felt so tired - I told the hubby - I shouldn’t have gone out with the daughter and now I do truly regret it. Cuz I think some unwashed masses type got me sick. And what really sucks - is that I can’t sleep.

    Finally blazed into the bank acct online to see the damages - and first of the year pay raises were very kind and generous. Yeah.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/06/2023  at  04:46 AM  

  408. Ok - here to drop a question our so-called Media won’t ever ask. . . Why did they (Congress) impeach Trump twice over nonsense - but aren’t even raising a question over Biden’s corruptly handled documents?

    Once again proving our Federal Government needs to be cut back down to 2 weeks a session and go home and get a damn job.

    I hope that the first thing the new session does - is file articles of impeachment. But I’m not holding my breath.

    Trump was evil and corrupt and Bite me is - oops.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/13/2023  at  12:12 PM  

  409. Concerning the classified docs, at this point there are Forest Gump memes out there “And just like that, the Democrats didn’t care about classified documents anymore”.

    Nothing will happen. Nothing. It’s a criminal offense. Nothing will happen. Rules only apply to Republicans and us little deplorable people.

    i’ve pretty much given up trying to believe in fixing the system through voting and discussion. It can’t be done. Burn it down and start over. #headsonspikes by the tens, or even hundreds of thousands. There is no middle ground with these folks. There is no meeting them halfway, because if do you’re seen as weak, and they move the goalposts even further next time. No. Just shoot them. It’s a harsh solution to a huge number of problems, but one that works. Crime, illegals, global agendas, treasonous corporations, spies, squishy swishies in the military, wasteful government spending, self-destructive policy decisions, etc. Shoot them all. Sadly, this will also never happen.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   01/14/2023  at  12:37 PM  

  410. I just don’t understand how so many people can seem to be either oblivious or un-caring. Corruption leads to tyranny. Yeah I know, that they believe ‘their’ side will win and thus they will be protected. Except tyrants always get rid of the ‘excess’ baggage - no matter what ‘side’ it’s on. Educated or not - a threat is a threat - no matter the side of the aisle and useless to the future and ‘productivity’ of the system - is a loss, again no matter the side of the aisle. It’s why the elderly always get the shaft first. All they do is suck up resources and money.

    We need to get rid of the Dept of Energy and Education. Neither has fulfilled their so-called mission statements and just suck up financial resources while moving further and further left.

    It’s about time, I wish, someone had the guts to attack us again. Start with DC and it would be the best beginning and save us some of the effort to clean it up.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/19/2023  at  10:52 AM  

  411. I’m so over winter already.

    My bungles didn’t bungle last night. Already the non-football people are complaining about the coverage. And here, I thought pro-sports were the opiate of the masses. Daughter wanted to buy tickets to the game next weekend in KC. Not happening - when you add to the ticket price a rental car to get there, getting permission to crash at the son’s house (and being able to find it) and other assorted costs. But it was a nice dream while it lasted. Our guys are good, but still not quite sure that they are Stuper Bowl level, yet. We will see - championships are always a questionable outcome.

    It’s cold here and we have 6+ inches of snow. Shoveling was so much fun, this morning. I’m not a fan of winter.

    And other than cooking and cleaning - that is most of my life right now.

    Oh and I agree on the Antifa crap - I always thought those groups didn’t go nuts during dem administrations. Oh well, they do end up eating their own.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/23/2023  at  01:14 PM  

  412. That article on reparations was very good. Worth a read. Come on - look at history. First in the way is facts on the Atlantic slave trade. From Henry Louis Gates, Jr - The Root - Of the 10.7 Million Africans who survived the Atlantic crossing - only 388, 000 (that would be 0.036%) came to North America directly or indirectly (the rest went to South America). Oops - interesting how facts can be so damned inconvenient at the worst possible times. Who pays? Whites only? Why - the first person who went to Court to keep his slave a slave - was a black Man (Anthony Johnson). Hmm - Another inconvenient fact. Not like the 123 women and girls (aged 14 to 23)and 23 men (mostly Italian and Jewish Immigrants)-locked inside the Triangle Shirtwaist factory who died when it caught fire, isn’t that a form of slavery to be locked into your place of work on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors of a building every single day?

    And the cost (and probably quite interesting facts) that would come of determining exactly who is actually African-American (in the terms of descended from an actual slave) - would be a form of reparations itself. And what justification - I never owned a slave (but I play one in real life) and so on for my parents, grandparents and so on. Dad’s family immigrated from Germany in 1830. Mom’s mother’s family (see Lizzy Borden et al) and my Mom’s Dad, born in England barely survived to immigrate here from England via Canada after graduating from H.S. after both his parents died when he was a child (4 for his Dad and 7 for his Mom) when his uncle kicked him to a curb. His sister had been placed in a convent in Canada immediately after Mom died.

    We all have sob stories in our family past - if we do the work to find out what went before us. It all went to make us the people we are. Usually in America strong and self-sufficient. Most of the rest are due to the influx of drugs and free money as prior to the turn of the century (1800’s and earlier) everyone had it tough as women and children were seen as property. Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar!?!

    Off to get some lunch - finally. Our 6+ inches of snow is only evident were it was piled up from the drives and sidewalks. But it’s still cold - we are suppose to be in the 40s this weekend - if I were a betting person - I’d say fat chance as to how cold it is right now.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/26/2023  at  01:01 PM  

  413. We finally had to order groceries - still no car. It would have been a quick and nice little deal - if we weren’t such fools (like look in frig and actually determine what is needed) and the two adult kids contribute nothing to the order (but will become pissy when they run out of something).

    Snowball finally returned this AM, gone the second the snow went over light flakes - so about 6+ days. And have to go out to the money tree sometime early this week to get the van out of hock again. However, being home bound - we don’t spend that much money (as long as we stay away from amazon).

    I’m already so done with winter. Remembered that how cheaply this house was made - it’s always cold/hot, no matter what. And the flippers even put in more insulation and changed the windows from the cheap 60s crap.

    I’m already in a bad moon (7:55AM) so I guess I will go walk on the treadmill to amp up my bad mood even more.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/28/2023  at  07:57 AM  

  414. Just read two of my earlier comments - is this ‘found’ classified documents in Bite Me’s home - just a way to get rid of him? Although, I doubt that Ms Harris will stand to run again. Even with her first wimmin and mutt American ‘heritage’. She is a typical clueless liberal - very unlikable. Of course I think that of Bite Me - so I could be wrong. I wish that the gop would come together and try to clean up voting, so that we at least go back to big dem cities cheating and leave the rest of America alone - as far as cheating to win goes.

    I’ve not read any of the stories on this classified docs mess.Who found the documents - and again gop - why didn’t they storm Bite Me’s property and office in the dead of night?!? Anyone? Yeah, I know the answer before I even asked. I’m beginning to think that a lot of this is ‘set-up’ in an attempt to destroy certain political animals, that the powers that be - want to get the hell out of dodge. Forever. Or, this has been going on for decades and for some other reason, it’s just being used now to destroy the unlikable ones. It’s why I hate the fact that there is so damn much money in the ‘campaigns’ - stop it now. Limit it to $10 per person, $15 per family (same home) and absolutely no f’in business/corporations a single solitary penny at all ever. Turn it back to actually stumping across the fruited plains and the newspapers/internet posting clearly (and without the requirement to go to so and so’s or, more importantly the specific political Party’s website) to get the info on standings on issues. For those like me, who do not desire to waste precious minutes of my life watching a set up and probably scripted (as much as a stage full of egotistical maniacs can read and follow a script) sham show. That really highlight the guy/gal of the moment and slight just about everyone else.

    People - who really need all the help that they can get - are being manipulated to get America as close to a one party/rule Nation. The idiots in DC, who are probably skimming a percentage of the ‘donations’/awarded money to whatever they put forth into Congress for funding - don’t give a damn. Stop today with the social issue crap - or at least show me in the Constitution (general welfare does not count) 90% of legislation is. As with ‘help’ locally, they can stay in Office/milk and/or grift the system, until they are in a coma, on life-support or ala the Clintons - for friken ever. Stop with the billions to buy of ‘international’ support to other Nations (most who would slaughter us in a second given the chance) and clean up America and bring JOBS home. Build up the Armed Forces instead of attempting to make them into social experiments on steroids. Bad enough that they let women in [my older daughter was which I actually encouraged - as she needed the $$ to go to college and I knew she wouldn’t take any guff from anyone. Most, however, are looking for a hubby or to get knocked up to get state money]. You wouldn’t believe how many in the Army, both men and women - grew up in welfare homes. You also wouldn’t believe the number of trust fund/millionaire kids who are there too. My neighbor who worked in the AmEx bank on post in Germany, said once - I wanted to slap the little private at my window today - he had $93,000 in his account. It is a good entry level and learn discipline job. However, when they dumb down the job books to comic book level - not No but Hell no. I’d rather pay family members with teaching creds to teach them to read and write.

    Mixed feelings about my Bungles game today - both teams are desperate to prove themselves - KC because of Mahomes injury and Cincy to prove that we’ve risen above Marvin Lewis’s thug league bunch. Back to back Stupor Bowls won’t be bad - we’ve been to a few (small few) and lost ‘em all. So what - at least we’ve gone more than once. Only 4 teams left who haven’t ever been, but of them (Brown, Jaguars, Texans and Lions), the Texans lead the pathetic pack - blowing a 24-0 lead to lose 51-31 in 2019. We shall see - what will be will be.

    We are getting the groceries delivered - as the van quit on the local highway on Monday. Transmission issue. We shall see if and when we get it back. Using Wally World - not bad, except we’ve already done it twice - attempting to control an everyday run. The good news is that it has worked well - and keeps my impulse buys down to nothing. We shall see - I really don’t like having to go out anymore and with an ancient car - I’d rather give someone an easy peasy job (and run miles up on their car) than traipse out to deal with EWWWW humans. 

    Man - it’s almost lunch time - where does the time go? Get lost in the internet and everything goes to heck around here. NOT. It’s Sunday - everyone but me is still asleep.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   01/29/2023  at  11:11 AM  

  415. Well it’s Sunday here, I made a few simple blog posts, and I even checked the comments.
    It’s nice to have a little slice of my normal life once in a while.

    Everyone stay healthy, warm, dry, safe, well fed, and stress-free.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/12/2023  at  10:21 AM  

  416. Same here. I like it when it’s quiet here.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/12/2023  at  03:08 PM  

  417. Good assessment of the Stupor Bowl game.
    I caught the last 60 seconds or so and that was just sad.
    Why did I tune in?
    Because I was bored for a few minutes and the golf I do like was already over but the third hole.
    Funny but that was the only Football I saw all year, not even watching collage ball which I used to like.
    And NASCAR is a total zero these days so Now I do more actual stuff and play more computer games,which I play alot anyway.
    Till next time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/13/2023  at  01:30 PM  

  418. I like to watch the NASCAR pickup truck races. They do nothing but crash. Watched parts of one last week at Daytona during bowling league, there were 3 or more multiple vehicle collisions within 30 laps. At least half a dozen in one or two of them. Plus several fires, blown engines, wheels flying off, spin outs, etc. They ought to call it Yellow Flag racing.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/22/2023  at  12:44 PM  

  419. I’ve never been a fan if NASCAR, we watched Formula 1 but they’ve managed to mess that up too. Just like the Super Bowl halftime show, not that I’ve watched one in a long time. Maybe if they went back to marching bands and dance teams - or at least country music rather then totally inappropriate performances by currently ‘hot’ artists. It certainly wasn’t appropriate for children.

    Your bedroom wall and carpet sound just like our kitchen wall and the hall carpet. It was amess of course finding the asbestos, added to our mess. But I like having new floors and no carpet.

    Still not much going on here, but at least it’s not freezing any more.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/22/2023  at  04:21 PM  

  420. I am alive and well. So over winter - not much snow or even rain - but it’s still cold around here.

    We are off to have lunch in KY with daughter and her family. So we will get to meet (and I hope hold) the newest great grand daughter - Olivia. Apparently, Oliv - add gender appropriate ending - is hot now. As our great grandson is Oliver. Our grandson has continued to move further away - they are in Nebraska to be near her mother. Maybe he can visit his family when I visit my son and his family. But the further away a relationship is - the less visiting usually happens. Once my Dad died, most of the family could not have cared less. Going from everyone living within two miles to no one even telling others when they moved was a jolt. Then they are ‘wondered’ why I beat feet after I graduated and never returned. It was all about the ‘money maker’ my Dad.

    Off to get ready for this lunch adventure.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/11/2023  at  11:51 AM  

  421. *drags self back in* Still kickin here. Hubs is working for Fort Knox as 911/dispatch, I’m fixing computers and other electronic goodies at Best Buy Geek Squad City. Our hometown of Louisville is still a lib stronghold shithole, we have a new mayor but yea another Dem. You all probably saw the news about DOJ basically saying LMPD was a racist hellhole, and just in time for the Breonna Taylor death anniversary next week. Impeccable timing there, thanks.

    Not much going on here, just work, home, and the occasional concert. Alice Cooper is coming back to town in May, we’ve seen him twice now. Saw him and got to cross KISS off of the concert bucket list this past Sept at Louder than Life festival. Thoroughly enjoyed both of those sets. For a bunch of old farts, they still put on incredible shows.

    Getting ready to head out to the Arcade Expo, in it’s 12th year here. A full weekend of all of the arcade games you could ever want to play, from Pong all the way up to current gen. Good times.

    Posted by Severa    United States   03/11/2023  at  12:16 PM  

  422. You want to see old farts still making music - I turned to PBS last night (Saturday night tv is awful) while folding laundry) and the Doo Wop groups were on for their pledge drive. Talk about old.

    So we finally got snow to officially remind us - it’s still winter.

    Yesterday was nice - the 14 year old grandson is taller than all of us (pushing, as his Mom and Dad are tall). Of course, the girlfriend couldn’t be bothered to make an effort to come - so not able to meet her or hold the newest great grand child. My Mom would have slapped me silly, if a grand parent came to town and I couldn’t be bothered to come. But manners and respect are things of the past now. It’s all about MEEEEEE.

    Everyone is still asleep and we have leftovers for dinner - so I’m going to have a nice day. Except for the clocks around here - some change some, some don’t and of course we can’t find what box all the manuals are in - so I can’t fix some of the dvd clocks - as tech escapes me. Or my fit bit. Heck I started my work life on a manual typewriter - even though we had electric in high school. I am a dinosaur in many ways. Of course the guys in high school were amazed that I drove a stick shift. Learned from a boyfriend who had a special edition of the Camaro Z28 with a power clutch. Only thing I can’t do is put a VW into reverse - tried on 3 different ones. Had to walk back into a liquor store, announce I wasn’t drunk, just not my car and I can’t get it into reverse. Couldn’t get my brothers VW out of the garage. And had to put a neighbors car on the street when our car was in the shop - just so I knew I could get going without going into reverse. I’ve driven a sports car, had a stick in college (nice almost no one asked to borrow it - sad that so few people know how to drive a stick anymore), and had a column stick in Germany.

    Well off to pretend to start my day - probably will fall back asleep on the couch.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/12/2023  at  08:04 AM  

  423. Wardmama -

    Those old VWs were notorious for a very difficult reverse. And it often took a heck of a push to stab the shifter down into R. And the adjuster plate was usually out of whack. We had VWs when I was a kid, always a manual, and my dad would take mom out for driving lessons. Always wound up in a fight. So much so that she didn’t get her license until we had a 72 Vega with a 2 speed power-sludge transmission. Until the day she stopped driving she refused to touch a stick shift. OTOH, I’m on my 4th manual car, and the shifter and clutch in my ‘17 Mazda is the smoothest, easiest, most precise thing I’ve even driven. Love it to death. Hydraulic clutch beats cable or lever actuated by light years.

    Never heard of a power clutch. In a Camaro? What year?

    Severa -

    Cool that you’re still rocking out! That makes one of us. grin I never heard of Arcade Expo but it seems like a great time. Unlike all the game console things today that I cannot manage, the arcade games of the early 80s were right up my alley.

    All -
    Life here in NJ - the Big Storm junk is back on for the 14th. 4.5” snow being called for, as this system travels up the coast and will hit us from the top, perhaps after hooking up with storm Sage which is heading east from the mid-west. Yuck. Tired of it, and we got off super easy this year. By the time you shift the clocks, it’s time for Winter to melt away.

    What else? Oh, I took apart the mixer, swapped in another gear, cleaned and greased it with the right kind of grease this time. Seems to be working just fine now. Took me over 3 hours to clean every tooth on ever gear, then pack them with the new grease. This better last forever; I’m not doing this task ever again.

    So there is a “test loaf” of sourdough rising right now. It’s been way too long since I made a loaf.

    And I have to draw up scale plans of the kitchen alcove today for the contractor. Wifely now wants some kind of a niche in the entrance wall, a spot to drop off a purse or maybe a coat. Guess it’s too much effort to walk 6 feet to the coat closet that will be right there. And I’m not really sure there will be room for any niche at all, but I’ll try. The radon pipe has to go somewhere, and I was thinking it could go in this area instead of taking up usable space in the back of the coat closet.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/12/2023  at  12:40 PM  

  424. It was either a 68 or 70 (we met in 70, I think - who knows, even had in the paper announced our engagement, then I found out he was dating his secretary, oops). Never had good luck with men until I stepped over the line and had a fling - we’ve been together since 84.

    The clutch was a pain to push in, but it shot out - he stock car raced it. The good thing about it, is that after learning to drive a stick on it - other cars were no problem.

    We had snow this am - light and now it is gone. Although it left the freezing temps behind. Daughter took over the living room to make more crafts (she is going to a craft show in Cleveland) so no tv for me (hubby napping with our tv in the bedroom) and cold and bored to tears.

    At this point - I’d like to find a place to lie down and go to sleep.

    I can’t decide if I want to try to update the time on my fit bit - or balance the checkbook. Since I’m already in a bad mood - either one will just be a pile on.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/12/2023  at  03:16 PM  

  425. Well I get to pack things in boxes and move furniture while I do laundry and simmer a corned beef today. Kitchen demolition might start tomorrow. Have to be ready.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/19/2023  at  03:37 PM  

  426. Not much to report. The two brothers are ganging up on George, so he naps the afternoon away with my hubby in our bedroom, to stay safe. Not much else is going on as it’s cold and rainy. Some unknown person sent me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. No one has fessed up and they got the Kroger that I use most - not the one closest to the house. And we got two different packs of cat treats in our last order from Wal Mart.

    It’s the little things that I live for.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/22/2023  at  04:01 PM  

  427. It’s raining cats and dogs out there - and they are dirty and very nasty. So no Snowball - I’m in the annual spring brush out (and cut the worst mats off) time - so she is sneaking in to eat and staying away most of the time. Has to be done or she will be one big mat.

    We are doing Kumo (Asian Fusion, up the street) tonight - not sure what we talked about for tomorrow night - our weekend to eat at places the daughter can’t eat at (allergic to carrageenan) . So her annual trips (work conferences and conventions) are our time to be able to eat Asian.

    So American Thinker did a nasty story on Trump (he didn’t accomplish a thing and is a useless person who didn’t live up to his ‘promises’) - except we did MUCH better under Trump than ever - especially now. Of course I know this BS is because he has blown away other (so-called) GOP offerings. Funny how Bragg is being called up to DC and keeps pushing back when he is going to ‘get’ Trump. Maybe because people are pointing out Clinton, et al - who did the same or worse - and skated?!?

    The Bite Me administration is now setting it’s sites on forcing Veterans to PROVE their disabilities. It’s going to get nasty out there. Hubby thought he was maybe 50% but was rated out at 70% and sent info from OH VA that he was a Priority One Disabled Vet - yet that’s not good enough under Bite Me. Daughter is a disabled (very low rating - every Vet who worked a Rifle Range (and/or Combat) gets it for hearing (Hubby got that one for Tank Tables and being a certifying NCO on Reserve units testing, as Tanks have bigger booms)). I remember while daughter was working in St.Louis Military Records - we had a friend in TX who talked to me - as they were going after her Dad and his hearing (Korean war era Vet). They sign a paper upon joining, that any military connected injury will get life long Medical - yet again and again - they go after them to ‘insure’ that they aren’t milking the system. Oh, at retirement - they get their Medical issues, get this - certified - by a doctor. Once again - bite me. Try this nonsense on Welfare and Medicaid. Then watch the Media howl.

    Limit welfare, force fathers (no matter marriage or not) to support their children, WIC - is limited - in time, conditions that are used for approval - do that to Welfare too. I’m so tired of people who chose not to work or get an education being portrayed as victims who need to be ‘helped’. Give a Man a fish, he eats for a day - teach him to fish - he eats for life. Education is the key.

    Of course right now we have two million people who crossed the border illegally and we have no idea what diseases or criminal behavior that they have brought. There are Migrant Visas to come to work and then go home again - been that way for decades. Send them all home and once again, put a time limit on welfare.

    I’m tired of the US being the Welfare Office of the World. And the scammers who reproduce at will and chose not to get an education and/or not work - but we the tax payers are forced to support them too.

    Rush once said - if we paid every single tax in America on one day - the people would rise up and rush to DC with pitchforks. Taxes are just another form of control. And billions of those ‘taxes’ to donors or foreign countries - once again - the US needs to stop being the Welfare Office of the World.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/24/2023  at  08:06 AM  

  428. Oh I so hate having the coughs and sniffles. The worst part is I’m not getting enough good sleep. Or any sleep at all. If I go 4 hours before waking up to cough, it’s a miracle. Now add in the stress of this damn renovation, and my mind trying to solve the unsolvable in my sleep, (the project has given me numerous panic attacks already. And anger management moments I’ve failed. Sorry) And that’s the easy part.

    And hey, let’s be afraid to even go to sleep, because I’ve had those asthma attack episodes several times lately on awakening. And they’re AWFUL. I’d much rather have a cough-to-you-nearly-puke-until-the-phlem-breaks-loose episode.Sleeping with the bi-pap stops my severe sleep apnea, and gets me about 4 minutes of rapid but peaceful breathing when I wake up, as the machine is set to deliver small breaths frequently and I don’t know how to adjust it, and you get used to that rhythm. But the “asthma attacks” are the worst, very frightening, the kind where you can’t breathe, can’t catch your breath, you know you’re about to die a weakling’s death, need to lie prone on the bed and use the bi-pap and a grab couple toots of the rescue inhaler right now, and you want to use the Anoro as a rescue puffer too (it does work that way, even on top of the Albuterol) but you’re also sweating buckets and have to pee madly right this second. So peeing wins, stagger across the hallway to the bathroom in the dark, and then the coughing starts while you’re in the bathroom trying to pee and hoping the Tamulosinin prostate pills are working (sleeping with a bi-pap and nose mask pushes all the sinus mucus down into your lungs; using the mouth mask means you wake up with a nose clogged solid and a raw dry throat no matter how high you have the humidity set on the breathing machine), and the coughing impacts you like the rear end of a barking dog (dogs bark from both ends. Woof, sphincter spasm). So let’s have a seat, RIGHT NOW, even though you’re gasping for breath and making pathetic “meeaa” mewling noises and nearly blacking out. No doubt, it’s an attack!!

    But I did repair my oximeter, and figured out how to cheat the bi-pap so I can get a dozen or two big slow lungfuls of 85% pure oxygen from the concentrator, which gets my O2 numbers up to 98-99%, makes my brain work again, and seeing those numbers on the meter are soul calming and reassuring. And time taking the Anoro until about 10 minutes before getting under the covers, and doing an albuterol nebulizing session about 20 minutes before the Anoro. And that routine can get me sometimes a whole 5 hours of continuous sleep if I don’t have a cold. And I still often wake up soaked with sweat. So maybe it’s not doing so great a job with the apnea. Or wet and crusted with drool if I was using the mouth mask and sleeping on my side. Life is good sometimes and I look forward to getting under the covers every night. Not.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/25/2023  at  02:03 PM  

  429. I finally went out to the local grocery store. Very disappointed - so little on the shelves Now having said that, I usually go up the road to the larger store. I’m surprised, as we have been ordering from Wal Mart for delivery and I think in all the times (about 4 now) we’ve never had missing items - maybe a smaller or larger version - but not gone.

    Not much else going on - feeding people and feeding cats. Reading the news and watching an occasional tv show. Everyone got mostly wiped out this weekend - so naps all around this afternoon (I really blame the weather - already way too much rain).

    So the school shooter was trans - Why, oh why do so many of these mass\spree killers go after totally innocent victims? Why not kill your mother or the guy who bullied you? Blame Mommy, but destroy an innocent person. I’ve never understood it.

    And the NY DA going after Trump, is having much of his life exposed. He should have had all his ducks in a row and his legal papers all done and locked up. I even read the words ‘political’ attached to the whole thing. You get your entire case together before you get on the docket - especially with someone aw high profile as Trump.

    Some people are so stupid these days. Which makes it smell like it is, ‘political’.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/27/2023  at  07:43 PM  

  430. Doubt you will see this before you get the new one but when my folks range went kablooy I got them one of the GE profile units with glass top (not induction) and front mount controls.
    My mom loved the ease of cleanup and the controls were easy for her to reach and she never had an issue with brushing them with her midriff. The convection oven was not that great though but she was used to the old way of baking etc so not a big deal for her.
    Anyway, that my two cents on your range, good luck, happy shopping.


    Posted by Rich K    United States   04/10/2023  at  02:48 PM  

  431. I’m still alive - doing well. Doctor’s appt yesterday - more conversational than anything else. All the meds seem to work - as I’m still going.

    I know that I could not be as cheerful as my pulmonary doc is - even if you offered me a million dollars (but I would damn well would try). Because my growing up was - my Dad cheering me on (and risking his local career to find the best doc and hospital to do my heart surgery at) and buying me horses (yes plural) to get me to ‘have’ to go outside and be normal. [I can’t imagine the fights about that one, but from extended family members, I’ve learned that my Dad was the only one who could control my Mom] And my Mom telling me to sit down and shut up and put on a sweater before I got sick again - every chance she got. And since Mom lived 42 years longer than my Dad, it was a lot - a whole lot more. I think that in all - I’ve never spent more than a week at her home, before I went screaming into the night.

    I even offered her to come live with us (yes a moment of pure insanity) - free medical and housing etc. She wouldn’t even give me a No, I wasn’t worth any of her effort. Or even a decent response as to why not. But she would hound one sister (for care and help) and hound another for her ‘failures’ - even though I was the only one of the children there at the end for her. Sad and kind of makes you wonder - the sickest one of the bunch, with multiple health issues and I lived longer than any of the others, except a brother who escaped to Canada to avoid the whole family thing. So I sit down and shut up, most of the time. These situations are called ‘Ghosts from the Nursery’ - family bs carries on for the rest of our lives. [Can you tell that I wanted to be a therapist?!? but I ran out of money for college and got stupid and got married (not my current hubby) - don’t recommend getting married in your teens]. Hubby said yesterday, he wanted me to outlive all of them (him & kids) to prove how I really strong and meant to be I am. Now you all know why I married him.

    If I could just shut off the damn stuck on ‘forget things’ button that snapped on recently - I’d be doing great. I can remember every nasty person in my life but can’t remember what I chose to do for dinner this morning. The body is an amazingly crazy thing. But mine is still chugging along. And no - I don’t drive much any more!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/13/2023  at  09:27 AM  

  432. Rich that’s exactly the range we purchased. And I consider the convection feature and the air fryer feature to be almost gimmicks, so if they work halfway I’m happy. This was one of the few ovens under the Holy Crap price point that seemed to be well made. Most of them apparently are built from tinfoil, like new cars, they just don’t have the heavy steel that the old ones did.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   04/18/2023  at  10:23 PM  

  433. Wardmama, I’m sorry that you had a rough upbringing. Over the years you’ve shared many snippets, and those have not been forgotten. You are a person trying to improve, to better yourself, to heal. This is true Christianity IMHO. And please know that you will NEVER have to shut up, shut off, or even sit down here.

    I had dinner this morning too. It’s too much work sometimes to make breakfast, so let’s get out the leftovers and nuke them up. If the coffee is strong enough, it makes no difference. Food is food. Although I’m rather tired of peanut butter on saltines in the early AM at this point. I want my kitchen!!! grin

    Posted by Drew458    United States   04/18/2023  at  10:29 PM  

  434. I think, if I sense the end of the world (as we live it) is imminent, I would go out and buy all the peanut butter I could get. We already have two freezers full of meat and veggies. And a pantry and some garage spill over of dry/boxed/canned stuff. Since what is it - 2+ years of But Covid - we rarely leave the house anymore. Daughter has door dash. And wally world delivers and we can get a lot more than food and pharmacy.

    We need to mow (actually plow down the backyard) but neither of us is in the mood to go down the hill to the shed to get the mower, just yet. This is OH - and the snow could be happening any day now (was predicted just three days ago). The Farmer’s Almanac always lists this area as planting and cutting - only after the first weekend in May. Now some of the nature/natural sites are saying - the later the better for the useful wild animals and bug killers. I go with nature rather than the bored fools around here who started the first sunny day. Of course I realize that we spent over 20 years with lawns the size of a postage stamp and not recommended except for 3 days in late April to water. I think it was so that they could issue chits all summer long, as your lawn burned to dust (this was at Ft Hood, TX) - loved the double speak of care for your lawn, but don’t turn your sprinklers on - typical of most of the crap that the Army use to drivel out to the personnel)

    And don’t watch Army wives or The Hurt Locker to ‘see’ what the real Army is like. Much like Mash (which is based upon an anti-military book/movie) - it’s a hollywood distortion.

    Now as to - mostly the things I do/try - I want to prove that I’m not the sick useless person that my Mom treated me as. All my Army friends and neighbors were stunned after a visit from my Mom - she portrayed me as what they had never met or seen. Those times did make me feel better about myself. And I really had a good life, until my Dad passed and most days/times I can pretty much ignore the 5 years of being in the house with her after that. Horses did make it better. The sad thing is - that when she wasn’t drinking or her few crazy moments - she was ok to be around. I posted a picture (my parents first ‘farm’) and all the local people who grew up here - said how they loved coming to our place (yeah, a local no-charge disneyland of a pool, horses and a massive train set up. And how nice my Mom was. I’ve always thought that she did something she could not forgive herself for. So, from that I learned and tried not to take things out on my kids. And I know my view is colored - as I was the only one who spent years alone with her. We managed at the end to be ok around each other. Mostly because Dan - hung up the phone once on her - she always, even until the end to do whatever the ‘man’ around her told her what to do. And I think my brother dying was a huge eye opener to her. The very last one in our family - one would have expected to die first.

    But isn’t that life - in reality - not what we expect most of the time.

    Good luck with the kitchen - just remember - we went through it. And if it hadn’t been for asbestos - we’d been stuck in this place without a kitchen too.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/20/2023  at  11:11 AM  

  435. Nice range and digital too. Moms unit still had knobs for the burners but the oven was digital. She was also a Polar White kind of gal and hated S/S finishes.
    Sorry about the bowling thing going FUBAR but it’s just for fun right?

    Posted by Rich K    United States   04/20/2023  at  05:37 PM  

  436. Don’t really know what I’ve been doing lately - mostly seems like nothing. I did stab or jab the roof of my mouth the other day. Since I have to eat, it hurts after meals. Just a little blood when it happened, but it’s getting old now.

    I got the front lawn mowed, now the rain has set in - so the back will be a jungle before we get to it.

    Otherwise not much else going on around here.

    Cats are well. I even managed to get the mats cut off and trying to keep her brushed so I don’t have to deal with them. She has finally stopped grabbing me with her claws when I pick her up to brush her.

    I guess we have four cats now.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/28/2023  at  07:45 PM  

  437. Congrats on the 2nd place finish guys, way to play in crunch time.
    trophy  two_thumbs_up  bowdown  trophy

    Posted by Rich K    United States   05/07/2023  at  03:53 PM  

  438. Congrats on the bowling - 2nd place - not bad!

    We has a opossum crawl just under the front ramp and die. Of course. Now the flies are at our garbage can (yes we bagged it first) and I had to pour bleach water over the area to convince the flies to find some other place.

    Daughter went to Chicago for a concert - we had to pick her up last night. The cell phone lot (as it’s called) was full. Thus when she texted that she was in the baggage area - the line at the doors was long.

    I saw a video on FB, although I do believe it was originally on Tik Tok - two hospital techs talking as they were setting up a person for looked like an X-ray, but lying on table - Response from the 2nd guy after being asked by 1st guy about transgenderism - ‘It wasn’t part of my medical education’. I’m, glad to see people starting to come up with witty ways to come back at this nonsense.

    We are all so tired from everything - that everyone else is sleeping already. I’m really thinking of joining them.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/08/2023  at  12:06 PM  

  439. I have pictures to show that we lived through The Kitchen Disaster and that it does get better. We still can’t find some things - as the idiots apparently just walked around and put things in just any ole box. But on the whole - we are back to normal.

    M-I-L kinda of nasty about all the boxes (the ones in the living room are full of Coca Cola stuff that I intend on giving/donating). It just seems, that just as I have time to try to arrange it - some mini-disaster occurs. That is the life around here - and when people just come in at a moment of time, for just a few minutes - they aren’t seeing the whole story. Of course she keeps almost nothing, gets rid of it as soon as she can.

    On Trump - this is purely political, as he has announced and is in the lead. 19 years - I’m sorry the ONLY crime I am aware of that has NO statue of limitations - is kidnapping. So sorry that you waited until it could be used to the best interest of the political elites to destroy a man. Which, honey, I doubt you will do - as every new article - keeps adding more accusations - to a story that you can’t even remember the year. And in a dressing room - like a scream or a kick on the wall or door wouldn’t attract someone?!? Give me a break. Public place - you had options a lot of women never had. And as I said, to wait 19 years to make it public spectacle - again, just purely political. I wish that there was a real journalist - who had the guts to ask - HOW MUCH ARE YOU BEING PAID?

    Believe all women - except - women lie too. And I question anyone - who waits so long to come forward.

    Color me crazy - but what appears to be covered up about Hunter and Joe - also adds up to this - is the entire E Jean Carroll crappola - is as simple as - OH!!!! Look!!! Squirrel!!

    Media is as corrupt as most politicians as way too many people in America are, too. It needs to end along with all their make believe gender crappola.

    Most of which are plain and simply an attack on God and every single foundation America was created upon. The shining light of the World is under attack.

    McCarthy was right - there are communists here. Then and even more now.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/11/2023  at  09:13 AM  

  440. So all these years I was led to believe that all Jersey contractors were mob owned and did shit work. Sounds like you found a primo example.
    Don’t give two shits about the fairy klepto but why just talk about the remodel all day right?
    One thing we do have here are quality craftsmen who take pride in doing things fast and correct.
    My friend is one of those, sometimes too fussy but better than the alternative like your stuck with I think.
    Anyway, keep the faith it will soon be over.
    BTW, I get those thumb pains all the time. My doc gave my an ointment that works pretty well. Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel 1%.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   05/21/2023  at  03:32 PM  

  441. Great to know that you are alive - even if it is because the kitchen isn’t going well. I just think that no one gives a crap to do the best job ever. Somedays I think we should just appreciate that they even show up.

    With all the bs - like people can just pick their gender when the mood hits them - worse companies support this bs and the so-called Media panders to every insane, evil and corrupt concept that comes up. 

    Off to our annual trip to the zoo.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/29/2023  at  07:19 AM  

  442. The kitchen is coming together. The new new hood went in the other day; the first one came banged up from shipping and had to be returned. Example 2491 of putting something damned expensive in a $2 box and trusting the shipping industry to take good care of it. Oh please.

    Ok, so the range hood went in, and the day after that it got hooked to the ducting. Which is a really fat 7” diameter pipe, about 22 feet long up and over the ceiling, all insulated and fireproofed and meeting fire code. Screwed, glued, and taped tight with proper fire code approved metal HVAC tape. No leaks. But it’s huge. Turned on the hood - it’s quite quiet even at full blast - and you can stand 10’ under and 9’ away from the vent hood on the outside wall and feel a strong breeze. Holy cow. So this one will do the job, and how. I am very happy, and I’ve been neurotic about this part of the project a long time. Yeah, contractor had a couple of “nobody will ever see it, I’ll just put some extra spackle on” moments with it ... he ignored me telling him several times exactly where the power wire had to come out of the wall and instead put it in nearly 3 feet away. Whatever. Just because I’m seeing red and having private apoplexy doesn’t mean a thing. Or that I’m paying him. Nah, he knows everything, and does it all his way. With my stuff in my house for my money. But given no choice, his workaround is acceptable, and no one will actually ever see it. And boy oh boy does this thing flow the air. The previous range hood just made noise; its duct wasn’t even connected to the outside vent cap thingy.

    The countertop measuring guys come late next week. Except for the heated flooring, this Part 3 of the overall project is nearing the end. OMG, it’s been going on since October 3rd.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   06/03/2023  at  12:13 PM  

  443. Hey Drew hey wife, hope all’s well.
    Just had to chime in on the report on the bridge but only to point out how stupid these reporters are.
    It says a portion of the bridge “Appears” to have collapsed.
    Seriously, are these dumb fucks so trained in new speak they can even see reality when it stands right in the dumb ass faces?
    I’m still laughing.
    Anyway, take care, we are all still in this together.

    LOL  crazy  crazy  crazy  banghead  banghead  banghead  angel  angel  3stooges  3stooges

    Posted by Rich K    United States   06/11/2023  at  08:35 PM  

  444. Just checking in to see of everyone is ok.

    Of course infrastructure is failing - the dems/leftists complain about everything when a conservative is in office and then do abso-f’n nothing while in office except open the border and promote the most extreme and non-sensical policies that they can cook up.

    Not getting much done - as by noon - I run out of juice. I think that at my next appointment- I will probably be put on oxygen 24/7. 

    We need to get out and start cutting down all the excess that grew up while we weren’t here in the house. Except this year we are barely getting out of the 60s and every day seems to threaten rain. I keep saying we need a flame thrower to just get it done quickly.

    I haven’t seen any wild animals other than the fattest raccoon ever in a long time. No snakes, no bees, no opossums and no deer. At all anywhere around here. One lonely cardinal and one lonely morning dove. What gives?!?

    I did notice that our little township board, did manage to stop the city from building a massive tower of apartments right over a newer (and (for this area) nicer houses) in the new ‘home insecurity/inclusiveness’ push. Our area here, where, our home is, goes to and ‘just’ over the hillside - which pushes the ‘city’ a bit down the hill. But over, just to the west - they didn’t include enough of the ‘over’ the hillside. And now the city wants to try to build as close to the county as possible (i.e. put the po’ people in our backyards and block the river views too). Which, the real hoot of this adventure here, is that on the east side - they already did it. And the housing is crap and oh, look - put housing in certain sections of a hillside (or way too many) and it’s a disaster.

    People in ‘control’ have just gone insane lately. The desire to control and ‘punish’ (for lack of a better word) people who achieved the American Dream (no matter how small or how big) are hard at work to destroy us and the American dream. It has to stop in America.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/13/2023  at  09:53 AM  

  445. Cool content on the implosion effect Drew, I had no real idea about the actual goo of it all. Sounds like the remodel is on a fast trajectory of done and done, thats great. I know doing the blog thing is a grind but even if you only rattle off something once in awhile I think that can be cathartic on occasion.
    And Where the hell am I going to fine another place to get my Bowling Fix if you go away?
    heart  pacifier  cat  beerparty

    Posted by Rich K    United States   06/30/2023  at  11:57 AM  

  446. I second that Rich. And I second that just a dial tone Drew. Maybe it’s been put into the water?

    But the more I read in the Media - the more I think that it is a good thing. I keep saying to myself, the Media lies, the politicians lie and most of the news is either a lie or key aspects of it are left out. (quick example, most of the stories on Daniel Penny killing Jordan Neely leave out that Neely was schizophrenic. Really a very important detail to leave out. Not some harmless guy just trying to ‘converse’ with fellow passengers trapped in a tube underground (also makes it quite different than being on a bus, for instance).

    Make the person who needs help, but is not in jail (what’s the magic number to just keep said person in jail for the good of society? Obviously 44 wasn’t enough) or being taken care of in an institution (which of course the left closed first, to set loose these people on everyone else) a victim? When in reality, it is normal people going about their normal days who are the victims.

    Nothing much being done around here - and we don’t have an excuse this year. I have moments of putting it all - the junk, books and 3 boxes of china - yes I just saw another box - on the driveway with a sign that says - Free to a good home.

    Hubby thinks I should be on oxygen 24/7 because I’ve had a couple of bad days. I keep telling him - it’s not my lungs (can’t feel anything there) it’s the lousy weather around here right now. We will see who is right.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/01/2023  at  10:12 AM  

  447. Back again. Read a headline - love him or hate him - Rush Limbaugh was right. Back when Obama won the Presidency he said - it will not be enough (to end racial unrest) and it will never be enough. And all this nonsense going on over Affirmative Action being ended - You’d think it was the end of the World.

    Of course some people never want to be judged on their merits in life. ‘Cuz theys po/disadvantaged because of white people. They need to go to the inner cities and some rural parts of America (and most of Alaska) and see actual poor white people most of whom don’t bitch about their circumstances, realizing that it’s the choice(s) that they made (just read a story about a couple who bought 5 acres with a cabin on it - so old that it didn’t have electricity and the wife posted - my sweet Tony found this little bit of heaven for us to live on). It’s all in your perspective of what you think is important/valuable in life and whether you want to ‘keep up with the Jones’ or not. Envy leads to hate and division. And seeing anything/everything through race colored glasses doesn’t let you lead a full life.

    I had every advantage in life - and I threw it all away. It took me years (actually decades) to see that ONE decision based upon a false/weak desire - is what took my path in a different way. I made peace with it - by believing it was God’s plan. Otherwise I’d feel bad for being so stupid and probably would have gone back to drinking. Although I admit - meeting a good man - was actually the real catalyst to getting my life back on track. I see it as God using a bad man to find me the best man. So in the end it was worth it.

    Otherwise here it is varying between hot and raining every two seconds. Quiet, as most of the birds, cats and dogs are hiding away from this wetness!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/01/2023  at  12:00 PM  

  448. big_us_flag  pinkelefant  clap  big_us_flag  heart

    Posted by Rich K    United States   07/04/2023  at  02:01 PM  

  449. Now see this is why the blog is worth saving.
    If we saw the storm on the news we would wonder how Drew and his lady were doing and might even worry about you.
    Glad your OK and sounds like the kitchen is shaping up nicely.
    I’m going blind in one eye so that’s new.
    Hopefully not serious but I won’t know till I see the eyeball surgeon.
    God I hate this getting old shit.

    in_jail  argument  blah-blah  censored  cussing  soapbox

    Posted by Rich K    United States   07/10/2023  at  06:07 PM  

  450. Isn’t it funny how easy compromise is with women when you just cave like a mountain slide in a rainstorm.
    tongue wink

    Posted by Rich K    United States   07/15/2023  at  10:00 AM  

  451. Back again. For some reason it seems like I’ve been too busy for much of anything - but since I just found enough cat fur under my desk (I didn’t even know any of them ever ventured there) to knit another cat - obviously I haven’t been doing the things that I should be doing.

    We could take that rain - I shouldn’t have made that comment at the beginning of the month - it’s so dry here and not really the best going to into the hot August days.

    Rich - so sorry that is happening to you. It actually is my worst fear - which is funny given my failing lungs and heart issues. Because my eyesight has always been terrible I just figure that is the next system to fail. Growing old just sucks - but I keep going forward and will put up a good fight - since no one ever thought I’d even live this long. Gotta be a reason, I’m still here.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   07/23/2023  at  12:28 PM  

  452. Hey all, I’m still sort of online now and again.

    Nearly all the painting is done now. We have found a backsplash tile she loves that coordinates with the countertop. It’s little rectangles, about 1.5 x 3.5, of soft white marble (perhaps it’s dolomite) with plenty of variations and veins and stuff. It practically glows. It is not “bleeding eyeballs” white like the glazed ceramic stuff we’ve seen. It comes in sheets on a mesh backer. I think we need about 26 of them and they’re in stock. Satori Bianca Perla Brick Polished, it’s a marble mosaic. It’s real stone, not tile, so OF COURSE it needs plenty of stone sealer even before you put it up on the walls.
    Lucky me I already bought a quart of the Stonetec sealer stuff. Probably going to need another one.

    And now she wants to remove the fireplace in the den, and turn the chimney chase into a high ceiling closet. The fireplace has been sealed since we moved in, and as a downstairs end unit, we don’t share the chase (the siding covered stud framed vertical box that the metal fireplace flue is inside of) with any other unit. So might as well. The thing is 5x3, so it will make a decent storage area. And then she can totally redesign the room. Again. And we’ll hire him for this job too, and he’ll put in the flooring in the downstairs area ... assuming we have enough of it ... though I tried really hard to get all the measurements right, bought about 10% extra, enough to do the whole place. Sadly the LVP flooring style has been discontinued.

    I have to look into that thumb cream stuff. This week’s medical appointment is a bit redundant? Took me a month to get appointment with my urologist ... a month ago I was peeing blood for more than a week, but that stopped weeks ago. Got the tests, the CT scan, they gave me antibiotics in case it was a UTI, it wasn’t ... so maybe this guy can look at the scans and tell me why. Maybe that growing kidney stone broke up a bit and passed roughly. Painlessly, but rough enough to cut things up. Who knows?

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/07/2023  at  08:15 PM  

  453. I’m taking a few minutes today to catch up online (and for one friend who is not technical = in print and snail mail) - We are ok - doing not much of anything. I’m over the latest sickness. Don’t you just love it - when one of the meds you are given - causes another problem. Just what I needed when I couldn’t breathe. But I finally stopped coughing - so I guess all the meds worked.

    Daughter and I are going to the Lego exhibit at the Museum this AM. I feel like I’ve already been run over - up at 3AM so it’s going to suck big time. But that is what most of my days are like. At least I don’t have to do dinner - it’s being delivered.

    And that is mostly what my life is like - rinse, repeat.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/14/2023  at  05:54 AM  

  454. Awesome news about your surgery Drew, so glad it went smoothly, or as smooth as being cut on can be anyway.
    Heal up quik buddy you got a condo to finish.
    heart  cat  two_thumbs_up  loveyou

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/07/2023  at  07:55 PM  

  455. Glad your surgery went well.

    I have been sick - coughing my lungs up. Sadly, after my last visit to the pulmonologist - this is mostly what my life will be from now on. And my doc even sent medicine.

    The yard is going to pot I am just now being able to do normal things without the coughing.

    It’s been a long cool summer - I don’t think we’ve had one day above 85 yet. Good for our electric bill. Everything else has gone up. We are getting the food delivered, so that saves us money too. And wear on the car.

    Cats are doing fine - the outside cat is still coming around.

    Life has gotten much slower around here.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/07/2023  at  08:38 PM  

  456. Wow - back again. So glad that your surgery went well. Probably something that I will have to face in the future. Yes, I have kidney problems too. If my lungs don’t kill me first. I’m surprised - but happy - that my pulmonary doc hasn’t put me on oxygen 24-7 (just overnight right now) as apparently unbeknownst to me - I have sleep apnea. Who knew?!?

    Hey we got the front lawn mowed today and I soaked the weed crap growing here and there (i.e. the crappy driveway) with weed killer.

    Now I’m trying to figure out what to have lunch.

    Such are most of my days. Which given my health - I guess it means I’m better off than I think when I’m coughing my lungs up.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/08/2023  at  11:32 AM  

  457. So sorry about the pain. Hopefully, each day it gets better. I’ve had a few infections over my life - and the pain sucks. Much more than the surgery I had on my heart when I was 7 - in the hospital on Sunday night, surgery on Wednesday and out of the hospital on Sunday (mumps broke out on the children’s ward and they knew my Dad had a cardiology M.D.). It was life changing surgery - now I only turn blue when I go swimming in cold water. And I’ve not gotten pneumonia since.

    And I did not know - that they are still wrangling on the trials. On TV, convict them, sentence them to death and then carry out the death penalty. Again - all on TV. Granted, it’s been too long, but could someone in the US actually show the backbone we had prior to 1960? Anyone bitches about appeals, et al - they aren’t American citizens and don’t deserve those ‘rights’.

    Unless - this is all a cover-up for something else.

    But yes our so-called news has become pure bs and misdirection. One wonders exactly what they are covering up. It’s not like close to or an outright majority of citizens don’t think that they are corrupt - and/or stupid. We all know it and are either too busy or too old to even try to fix it.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/15/2023  at  10:46 AM  

  458. This gettin old sucks balls dude and I know your pain, a bit.
    Last Wednesday late afternoon I woke from a nap and my upper back hurt, just like last year when I passed a Kidney stone. Well sure as shit it happened again but instead of sitting in an ER for 6 hours on a plastic chair waiting for them to do “not a goddamn thing” I just hunkered down with the pain and took the old Ibuprofin. 4 hours later I finally fell asleep for a few hours and woke pain free. The best part was no $6000 bill from the hospital for a visit that didn’t do shit to help me.
    Stay the course pal, we are in this together. You too Ward Mama.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/18/2023  at  08:41 AM  

  459. Nothing - and I mean nothing is getting done around here of late. Seems like everything that needs to be done has turned into a day long disaster - and so no lawn mowing (just part of the back is left), no real cleaning (even with the ‘promised’ help) and it’s getting frustrating - but it’s not anyone’s fault. Just, something is always coming up.

    Right now I’m trying to dig out the pile of papers on my desk - in other words - trying to accomplish something before dinner.

    It’s not looking good.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/19/2023  at  03:37 PM  

  460. The crap happening in America has infected my family. Yes I knew, a long time ago two of my children (the girls) were a bit toward the left. Didn’t realize how much.

    My grandson is going to marry his longtime (news to me) boyfriend. Bet you dime to dollars - that I won’t be invited. I wasn’t even told he was dating guys at all. The older daughter thought I’d blame her and disown them all.

    I send out a single bible verse every morning. And yes - on Facebook i do post religiously oriented memes. I believe in God - religion not so much. I’d have a hard time trying to pin down the last time I was in a church (maybe my Mom’s funeral service).

    I had an Uncle who was gay - we loved him - my brother and I thought he was just the coolest person ever. He eventually married his longtime partner (before gay marriage was legal) - big woo. We never met his partner, he never brought him with him. My Mom (who actually would quote Bible verses about hell and damnation on being gay) - never said a word to him or about him. I’ve never said - no not ever in my house. I don’t get why she thinks I’m such a fire and brimstone type of religious bigot.

    I’m so tired of people focusing their internal guilt on family members who don’t blame anyone. I took her in decades ago when her stupid affair with an idiot who had no intention of having a long term relationship, much less a marriage and I traveled across the states to be with her when she had the baby and then again when she married the idiot. I cared for that grandson while she worked when that idiot left her and divorced her - because his Mommy promised to take care of him - but it had to be without her and his kid.

    I am shocked that more people don’t kill their children - when you put your heart and soul and hard earned money - keep you mouth shut more times than you like - and you are to blame, it’s your fault, you won’t understand.

    Bite Me.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/22/2023  at  11:13 AM  

  461. Too caught up in myself - so sorry.

    Doesn’t it suck when your body starts having problems and all of a sudden - it’s like a cascade of one thing after another?

    It’s getting old.

    I keep trying to keep the perspective that the Media lies - and tries to convince us that the crazy, corrupt and immoral are the people of America. If so many of the schools of knowledge/National organizations have been infiltrated by these crazy/immoral people - is it any wonder that so much crap is going on in so many places? Or is it - really?

    Not seeing much of it around here - the few times I go out - all seems as it was. Even when I see/read the news - not so much crazy going on.

    And that’s what the Media has always been about - the 1% - is held up as to what is America.

    Watch the Trump speech in South Dakota - yet again (mostly in elections) the Media ignoring the parts of America that aren’t going to hell in a handbasket. Even in the really bad areas - it IS just the really bad areas - not the entire state.

    Honesty would be refreshing. But I won’t be expecting it anytime soon.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/22/2023  at  11:42 AM  

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