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calendar   Wednesday - October 31, 2007

Jury Sides with Family against Westboro BC wackos..

about time…
Nearly $11 Million award to Family of Marine KIA

Father of slain Marine wins case against funeral protesters
Pa. man awarded nearly $11 million in compensatory and punitive damages

By Matthew Dolan | Sun reporter
5:54 PM EDT, October 31, 2007

The brokenhearted father of a Marine killed in Iraq won a long-shot legal fight today after a federal jury in Baltimore awarded him nearly $11 million in a verdict against members of a Kansas church who hoisted anti-gay placards at his son’s Westminster funeral.

The jury’s announcement 24 hours after deliberations first began was met with tears and hugs from the family and supporters of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, whose March 2006 funeral was protested by members of the Westboro Baptist Church with signs including “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

Snyder’s father, Albert, won on every count of his complaint, as well as $2.9 million for compensatory damages and $8 million for punitive damages.

Over the past week, the civil trial in U.S. District Court in Baltimore turned into a constitutional debate over how far the First Amendment should extend to protect the most extreme forms of expression. The groundbreaking verdict is believed to be the first time the fundamental Christian church from Topeka that is composed mainly of family members has been successfully sued for its shock funeral protests.

One legal expert worried that the initial size of the compensatory judgment, which was awarded first, could be a setback for those who believe in broad free-speech protections.

“The award—$2.9 million—is an awful lot of money for compensatory damages,” University of Maryland law professor Mark Graber said today. “This was in a public space. While the actions are reprehensible, the First Amendment protects a lot that’s reprehensible.”

U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett, who had sealed the church’s financial documents, said from the bench that the compensatory damage award would already eclipse Westboro’s assets.

A decision in the free speech case was closely watched after Westboro members criss-crossed the country in recent years, turning somber funerals of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan into attention-grabbing platforms to criticize gays as immoral and damned.

Carrying brightly colored signs with inflammatory messages at reportedly more than 30,000 protests, including hundreds of military funerals, members of the congregation say the nation is losing soldiers on the battlefield because the country has been too accepting of gays in every part of American society, including in the military.

Counter-protests often follow and groups like the Patriot Guard have cropped up to try to shield families from the church’s controversial signs and songs.

Alarmed by Westboro protests, at least 22 states enacted or proposed laws to limit the rights of protesters at funerals. Only months after Matthew Snyder’s death, Maryland passed a law prohibiting people from picketing within 100 feet of a funeral, memorial, burial or procession.

The courtroom fight came down to whether Westboro had a legal right to demonstrate at the March 2006 funeral of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder or whether the protesters crossed the line because their message impugned the grieving family’s reputation and unlawfully invaded the Snyders’ privacy.

The Marine’s father from York, Pa., sued the church and three of its members for intentionally invading his privacy because his deceased son did not have that right any longer. For the claim to be successful, the jury needed to conclude that the church’s actions at the funeral—and later, in a posting about Matthew Snyder on its Web site—were “highly offensive to a reasonable person,” according to the jury instructions.

Albert Snyder also claimed that the church’s actions were an intentional infliction of emotional distress. Under the law, the five women and four women of the jury needed to find that the church’s conduct was “intentional or reckless” to find for Snyder. Jury instructions also required that the conduct be “extreme and outrageous,” leading to severe emotional distress.

“You must balance the defendants’ expression of religious belief with another citizen’s right to privacy,” presiding judge Richard D. Bennett instructed jurors yesterday.

The weeklong trial brought together Snyder and his family and the progeny of Fred Phelps Sr., a retired attorney and founder of Westboro whose 71-member congregation is largely made up of his relatives. The suit names the church as defendants, as well as Phelps and his two daughters.

In the courtroom, the Phelps family dressed plainly. In testimony, they stood steadfast to their beliefs and did not apologize for their conduct.

Often overcome by emotion, Albert Snyder sat flanked by his attorneys. While the Westboro’s attorney, Jonathan Katz, spoke, Snyder averted his eyes. But when the videos made of the protest at his son’s funeral aired for the jury in closing arguments, he wept.

When called to the stand last week, the father railed against Westboro, saying that sight of the protest made him physically ill.

“They turned this funeral into a media circus, and they wanted to hurt my family,” Snyder testified, according to the Associated Press. “They wanted their message heard, and they didn’t care who they stepped over. My son should have been buried with dignity, not with a bunch of clowns outside.”

Fred Phelps took the stand after Snyder and prompted a strong admonition from Bennett when the pastor said he had not considered whether children would see a sign carried by protesters with the words “Semper Fi Fags” and two stick figures that appeared to be engaged in sodomy, according to the AP.

Church members always insisted that their March 10, 2006, demonstration took place legally, 1,000 feet from St. John Roman Catholic Church where the funeral was held. In closing arguments, the two sides battled over the nature of the protest to determine if the speech was constitutionally protected.

Sean E. Summers, Snyder’s attorney, pointed out that Westboro members personally targeted the family because they brought Marine-specific signs to their rally at the funeral and dredged up Snyder’s marital history on their Web site in an essay, “The Burden of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder.”

But Katz argued that the protest was no different from the thousands of others taken up by Westboro. Nothing about their demonstration was so offensive or damaging, the defense attorney said, to rise to the level of a libelous attack on the family.

Past protests by Westboro have produced so much negative reaction that they routinely alert local police departments of their plans so police can provide additional security. The defendants staged another protest on Pratt Street near the U.S. District courthouse at lunchtime today before the verdict was announced.

What sometimes took a back seat in the federal free speech trial was the life and death of Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder, a 2003 Westminster High School graduate. Synder, a victim of a vehicle accident in Anbar province in March 2006, had been in the war zone less than a month.

Snyder’s sexual preference never became an issue at the trial. Church members said they did not target Snyder’s funeral because they believed the Marine was gay.

Instead, they said they waved fire-and-brimstone placards—“Thank God for IEDs” and “Fag Troops” among others—near the funeral motorcade to bring attention to their message.

Snyder testified that he never saw the content of the signs as he entered and left St. John’s Roman Catholic Church on the day of his son’s funeral. He glimpsed the signs for the first time during television news reports later that day. A Google search on the Internet weeks later led him to the church’s Web site and the posting about Matthew Snyder.


Westboro probably can’t afford to pay the award , but if it makes them think twice or have to shut down.. Good Riddance to those Scumbags


Posted by Infinity   United States  on 10/31/2007 at 06:34 PM   
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Deputies Seize Baby From Parents

From Wardmama.

Deputies Seize Baby From Parents

By: Anna Jo Bratton
Associated Press Writer

OMAHA, Neb.—A nearly 7-week-old baby is home after sheriff’s deputies seized him from his parents so doctors could perform a mandatory blood test that the boy’s parents object to on religious grounds.

Mary and Josue Anaya of Omaha say their due process rights were violated and they’re considering legal action against the state and county, which decided to “grab the baby and ask questions later,” said their attorney, Jeff Downing of Lincoln.

The Douglas County attorney’s office says it only did what was necessary to protect the baby’s health. The blood test—usually performed within 48 hours of birth—screens for dozens of rare diseases, some of which can cause severe mental retardation or death if left undetected.

“Our job is to uphold the law and provide for the safety of a child that’s at risk,” said Nicole Brundo Goaley, a deputy Douglas County Attorney. “We wanted to make sure the testing was going to get done.”

It’s the first time in Nebraska a child was taken from parents to draw the drops of blood from the baby’s heel for the screening, said Marla Augustine, spokeswoman for the state Department of Health and Human Services. Nebraska is one of four states—South Dakota, Michigan and Montana are the others—that doesn’t offer a religious exemption for parents who don’t want the test performed.

Health officials say the newborn screening is one of the state’s most cost-effective public health programs. Last year, out of 26,819 babies tested, 537 tested positive for one of the dozens of diseases, and 43 of those results were confirmed, according to the state’s Newborn Screening Program.

The Anayas and some other families say the screening is not only unnecessary for them, it may be dangerous to their children’s physical and spiritual well-being.

The Anayas believe that the Bible instructs against deliberately drawing blood and that ignoring that directive may shorten a person’s life.

Now I don’t necessarily agree with these parent’s stance, but what does that have to do with anything?  They have a conviction about the way they provide for the health of their child.  Is it the state’s right to override that?


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/31/2007 at 11:46 AM   
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Deporting sex offender ‘breaches human rights’

from The Telegraph
Deporting sex offender ‘breaches human rights’

By Nick Allen and Aislinn Simpson
Last Updated: 7:18am GMT 31/10/2007

A serial sex offender from Sierra Leone has been allowed to stay in Britain after a judge ruled that deporting him would breach his human rights.

The decision will be an embarrassment for Gordon Brown, who recently pledged to double the number of foreign criminals sent back to their native countries.

Mohammed Kendeh, 20, who has admitted indecently assaulting 11 women, was assessed by the Home Office as being at “high risk” of re-offending.

But their attempt to deport him was overruled by an immigration judge last year.

The Home Office appealed the decision, but Mr Justice Hodge, president of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, has upheld Kendeh’s right to stay in Britain.

Mr Justice Hodge, who is the husband of the minister Margaret Hodge, said that Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, which enshrines the “right to a family life”, meant that the sex attacker could not be deported.

Kendeh, who lives in Peckham, south London, left Sierra Leone at the age of six and has very little family remaining in the troubled West African nation.

His case echoes that of Learco Chindamo, who was convicted of murdering the head teacher Philip Lawrence in 1995.

In August this year, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled that he should not be deported to his home country of Italy.

Chindamo, who was brought here by his mother when he was six years old, does not speak Italian while his family was also in Britain.

Kendeh first went to prison at the age of 15. Over the past five years he has been arrested for robbery, burglary, arson and drugs offences.

Gabrielle Browne, one of the women he attacked, said she felt “devastated and let down” by the judgment.

She believes that Kendeh will attack again.

Mrs Browne, 42, a computer worker and mother of two who lives in south London, waived her right to anonymity to tell how she was attacked in a park while training for the London Marathon in 2003.

More ...
“How is it right that somebody who has offended so seriously against defenceless women is allowed to remain in this country?” she said. “It is a farce.”

In July, the Prime Minister set a target of deporting 4,000 foreign criminals by the end of the year to ease the prison overcrowding crisis.

The previous target had been 2,000.

Mr Brown said he wanted a message to go out that “if you commit a crime you will be deported from our country”.

Last year Mr Justice Hodge himself said that too many foreign criminals were not being sent home and removing people was a “big, big problem”.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We believe that foreign nationals who commit serious crimes should be deported. This is why we appealed.

“We are disappointed that the courts reached this decision and as a result deportation could not proceed in this case.”

A total of 2,784 foreign criminals were removed or deported between April 2006 and March this year, the Home Office said.

The Prime Minister’s target of deporting 4,000 this calendar year was expected to be met, it added.


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Do Not Mess With Our Troops

“Leaving my men behind, I went to investigate the corpse. His right arm was torn off. His legs were nothing but punctured meat. Most of his face was gone, and only a bloody lump remained of his nose. Both eyes had been shot out. I put a boot on his chest. The Mahdi militiaman didn’t move. I kicked him. No movement. Given how many times he had been shot, I didn’t expect anything else, but just to be sure, I shot him twice in the stomach. Then I marked him with a chem light so the body disposal teams could find him later that night.”

Thanks to Hot Air for the link to Michael Totten’s Middle East Journal for the whole story.

The only good Mahdi is a dead Mahdi.


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Only You Can Prevent Wild Fires


Officials: Boy With Matches Started Fire

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (AP) - Officials blamed a wildfire that consumed more than 38,000 acres and destroyed 21 homes last week on a boy playing with matches, and said they would ask a prosecutor to consider the case.

The boy, whose name and age were not released, admitted to sparking the fire on Oct. 21, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Diane Hecht said Tuesday. Ferocious winds helped it quickly spread.

“He admitted to playing with matches and accidentally starting the fire,” Hecht said in a statement.

The boy was released to his parents, and the case will be presented to the district attorney’s office, Hecht said. It was not clear if he had been arrested or cited by detectives.

The fire began in an area near Agua Dulce and quickly spread. It was among 15 or so major wildfires that killed 14 people, destroyed some 2,100 homes and blackened 809 square miles from Los Angeles to the Mexican border last week.

Authorities arrested five people for arson during that period, but none have been linked to any of the major blazes.

All but four of the blazes are now fully contained. Firefighters on Wednesday continued to cut lines around the remaining fires and kept a close eye on the weather.

Forecasters have said moderate Santa Ana winds could pick up later in the week.

Investigators have blamed an arsonist for setting a destructive wildfire in Orange County that blackened 28,500 acres and destroyed 16 homes.

Authorities were seeking the driver of a white Ford F-150 pickup truck spotted in a canyon area around the time the fire broke out. They said they wanted to talk to the driver, but stopped short of calling the person a suspect.

Officials offered a $285,000 reward to anyone with information that will lead to an arrest and conviction.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 30, 2007

You Will Comply

FIRE (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) has an explosive story out this evening.

Seem that students at the University of Delaware are required to get educated for their incorrect attitudes and beliefs.

NEWARK, Del., October 30, 2007—The University of Delaware subjects students in its residence halls to a shocking program of ideological reeducation that is referred to in the university’s own materials as a “treatment” for students’ incorrect attitudes and beliefs. The Orwellian program requires the approximately 7,000 students in Delaware’s residence halls to adopt highly specific university-approved views on issues ranging from politics to race, sexuality, sociology, moral philosophy, and environmentalism.


The university suggests that at one-on-one sessions with students, RAs should ask intrusive personal questions such as “When did you discover your sexual identity?” Students who express discomfort with this type of questioning often meet with disapproval from their RAs, who write reports on these one-on-one sessions and deliver these reports to their superiors. One student identified in a write-up as an RA’s “worst” one-on-one session was a young woman who stated that she was tired of having “diversity shoved down her throat.”

According to the program’s materials, the goal of the residence life education program is for students in the university’s residence halls to achieve certain “competencies” that the university has decreed its students must develop in order to achieve the overall educational goal of “citizenship.” These competencies include: “Students will recognize that systemic oppression exists in our society,” “Students will recognize the benefits of dismantling systems of oppression,” and “Students will be able to utilize their knowledge of sustainability to change their daily habits and consumer mentality.”

At various points in the program, students are also pressured or even required to take actions that outwardly indicate their agreement with the university’s ideology, regardless of their personal beliefs. Such actions include displaying specific door decorations, committing to reduce their ecological footprint by at least 20%, taking action by advocating for an “oppressed” social group, and taking action by advocating for a “sustainable world.”

Un. Freaking. Believable.

The left must be so proud to be making such great strides in our halls of higher learning.


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More Good News You Won’t Hear

From we see that fatalities in October are the lowest they’ve been since March of last year.  You think this will be the lead story tonight on CNN?

Thought not.



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My Name is Osama

Ever wonder what your kids are learning in school?

Here is an interesting lesson plan your child’s teacher could download to help them teach :

My Name Is Osama

Grades: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description:
A short story about a young Iraqi boy opens up classroom discussion about the difficulties some immigrant children face, especially in the days after September 11. Student work sheet included.

Students read the story of an Iraqi immigrant boy named Osama who faces taunts of “terrorist” in his U.S. school after the attack of September 11.
discuss the story.
respond to questions about the story and the dangers of bullying and name-calling.

Keywords: Iraq, Osama, tolerance, bully, bullying, immigrant, immigration, terrorism

So who is this Education World?

Education World’s goal is to make it easy for educators to integrate the Internet into the classroom. With 98 percent of the nation’s public schools connected to the Internet, the need for a complete online educational guide is evident.
Education World is designed to be that resource for educators.

The Education World team works hard to produce this FREE resource for educators. In order to keep the site free for all visitors, Education World is funded by corporate sponsors and advertisers. We hope you find this site useful.

Education World Corporate Headquarters is located at
5471 Kearny Villa Rd.
Suite 310
San Diego, CA 92123

Education World Editorial Office is located at
1062 Barnes Road
Suite 205
Wallingford, CT 06492

Education World’s parent company is is a leading provider of learning management solutions. The company provides a wide range of sophisticated and comprehensive services and Web-based solutions

Interesting, no?  Ever wonder why we homeschool?


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Terrorists in Massachusetts

From Tamera, we see that the sheeple in MA are beyond hope.

Turkeys Terrorize Massachusetts

The Boston Globe tells us that the wild turkey population is up in Massachusetts and that residents of Brookline don’t much like it. Assertive turkeys are harrassing people on sidewalks.

“The problem, according to some Brookline residents, is that the turkeys can be aggressive at times. Dr. Ruth Smith, an internist from New York City, was staying with a cousin in Brookline a couple of weeks ago when she was stalked by what she describes as a 3-foot-tall turkey.

“He came at me and, at first, I tried to shoo him away,” Smith recalled. “I figured I’d just go ‘Shoo!’ and he’d go. But he was very aggressive.”

Smith said she escaped by ducking into the Dunkin’ Donuts on Beacon Street.”

Good grief.  I think anyone over 10 years old in my whole county knows what to do with an aggressive turkey.  They have the means & motive, but not this opportunity.  Heavens.  What I wouldn’t give to have this bird come strutting into my sights.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/30/2007 at 12:49 PM   
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Election Season

There’s this guy Joe who is a gunsmith up in Maine. He does all sorts of interesting firearms projects and then writes about them on his webpage. He is not a blogger. He’s about as regular a guy as you’re going to find. Sometimes he sticks his toe in the cesspit of politics and the result is usually pretty good. I’ve been meaning to write a piece on my take on the debates and the GOP candidates, but he sees things as I do and does a better job of making Teh Funny.

I watched the Republican debates the other night, on Fox, and it was frightening. Not only didn’t I see a candidate I would hire to speak for the clown at Jack in the Box, but with commentators and moderators with so many agendas and reality distorting slogans, I wasn’t sure what I was watching. Brit Hume, a guy I typically respect, fed question where they would do the most good for the Fox agenda - Get Rudy Giuliani elected. Sean Hannity is just a dull blade attempting to wrap himself in the flag and history. Consequently, he comes across as disingenuous. A rich dull blade, but still a dull blade. Alan Combs is an enemy of this country. Not a person who debates on honest footing. Not a person driven by ideology. He is just a paid shrill shill freely using hate speech to misinform the public and step on any other messages. If someone would stop him in the street and beat him stupid I would not be surprised, however, I would be entertained.

Ron Paul, who [is] actually ... not living in outer space and has some important things to say, is being set up as a joke and used to distract voters from the issues.

Go on and give the whole thing a read, then have a look around.

PS - Purely by chance I caught the last half of the annual Reagan Dinner GOP fundraiser in Iowa on CSPAN2 last night. The “top tier” guys weren’t there (people, don’t buy the meme! It’s the MSM and the polling people telling us those guys are top tier. Do you trust them??) but Fred, Tom, and Mike were. Dagnabbit, when is Fred gonna catch fire? He gave the worst talk I’ve ever heard. Flat, exhausted, lazy; he had nothing to say and just mouthed the expected key words. LAME. Tom and Mike were pretty hot. I’ve got to respect that they’re actually TRYING.


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What’s Your Contribution?

Rob has a link to this report that shows the inconvienient truth about CO2.

How much of “The Greenhouse Effect” even comes from CO2?



That’s right kids, humans, at best, contribute about 1/4 of 1% to CO2 emmissions on the earth.  Would you mind cutting down a little?  After all, it’s For the ChildrenTM


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calendar   Monday - October 29, 2007

Freedom of Association?

There’s quite the debate (in numerous threads) going on over at Little Green Footballs with respect to the neo-Nazis (and others of that ilk) hopping on the “Anti-Islamofascist” bandwagon, thereby sullying it for the rest of us.

Fair enough. I happen to agree that scum-of-the-earth types hitching themselves to this very serious issue will end up doing so to the detriment of us all.

Now we live in a relatively free (speech-wise) society. That means we get to ask unpopular questions. That means I’m going to ask one or two.

What happens if, when the time comes, the only way to truly defeat Islamo-fascism is to embrace anyone and everyone who is like-minded, regardless of how perverted their politics are, and use them in the fight?

On the other hand, what happens if we *do* take the high ground, only to realize at the end that we need these people to finally and utterly defeat those that would enslave us?

Would it be “well gee, guys, we need you to help finish the job”, or would it be “we don’t care if it takes another hundred years, we don’t want you”?

Just wondering, y’see. Wondering, ‘cause it just might come down to it. Wondering, ‘cause it might be an idea to figure that out now, as opposed to when we’re on the brink.


Posted by Somnambulist57   United States  on 10/29/2007 at 08:59 PM   
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He Must Have Taken a Bad Step

From Marco, we learn that a Paul Landingham in Salem, Oregon, decided it would be a good night to rape a woman. As he was in the act, a group of good folk happened by and decided that maybe it wasn’t such a good night for rape.

SALEM, Ore.—Five Good Samaritans stopped a rape in progress in a south Salem neighborhood, according to police.

Officers said a 22-year-old woman on crutches was walking near the intersection of Liberty and Boone streets southeast just before 1 a.m. Saturday when she was attacked and assaulted by 37-year-old Paul Landingham.

According to authorities, a car with five people was driving by, saw what was happening and came to the woman’s rescue.

Three men pulled Landingham off the woman and held him until police arrived at the scene

Good for them. Although, I have a feeling they may have had a little persuading to do to keep him there until the authorities arrived. Why, you ask? Have a look at his mug shot.


Heh. Maybe he should have just waited nicely.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/29/2007 at 03:20 PM   
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Fred in Field and Stream

David Petzal, the gun nut for Field and Stream, published a statement by Fred concerning the UN and Gun control.  Here is an excerpt:

Besides concluding that all nations are obligated under international human rights law to control the small arms and light weapons to which its civilian population has access, the UN report remarkably denied the existence of any human right to self-defense, evidently overlooking the work of Hugo Grotius, the 17th century scholar credited as the founder of international law, who wrote, “It is to be observed that [the] Right of Self-Defence, arises directly and immediately from the Care of our own Preservation, which Nature recommends to every one. . . ,” and that this right is so primary, that it cannot be denied on the basis that it is not “expressly set forth.”

There is another disturbing aspect to this call for international global gun control. Throughout modern history, the forced disarmament of people by its government has often been accompanied or followed by that government’s commission of often massive human rights abuses. In fact, no genocide in the 20th century occurred when the victim population still possessed small arms, legally or illegally, with which to defend themselves.

So now the UN wants to disarm civilians? Where was the UN when the massacres in Rwanda occurred? What did the UN do to protect the victims of ethnic massacres in Bosnia? Disarming civilians under the guise of international human rights law will only lead to more such genocides by ensuring that civilians can never defend themselves! It would be funny if it weren’t so perverse.


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