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calendar   Monday - April 30, 2007

The Enemy Within

It has been one week since Harry Reid surrendered to the terrorists. I am waiting for him to resign his position as Senator from Nevada in light of his treasonous, un-American statements. It’s the right thing to do, if he feels that way. Then again ... when has a Democrat ever chosen to do the right thing?

Michael Ramirez - Investors Business Daily


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Tell It Like It Is



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Chutzpah Trophy

If Cardinal Al Gore of the Church Of Holy Glowbull Warming keep this up, I will be forced to sell him bullshit offsets. What are “BSO’s”? They are a form of financial recompense for sale to has-been, discredited politicians whose sell-by date has long expired but who persist in making gigantic asses of themselves with silly causes and an unwavering belief that their sole task on earth is to save all of humanity from itself.

These offsets cost these meshugga messiahs a pretty penny but the money is put to good use by organizations dedicated to offsetting the rising tide of bullshit from these idiots like Cardinal Gore. Most of the money collected is spent on bloggers who keep an eye on moonbats like Gore and follow his every move, sweeping up the brown stuff left behind.

Seriously, the following story almost makes me want to cry .. and I would if I weren’t dieing laughing. How on Earth Gore can chastise Canada and call their environmental plan a “complete and total fraud” is beyond me. I couldn’t say something that outrageous and hypocritical and keep a straight face. My brain would shrivel up and implode to escape the cosmic irony involved.

I guess that’s why I’m just a small-time blogger wasting my time trying to tell it like it is and keep folks honest while idiots like Gore get bathed in money from George Soros and Hollyweird, sign book deals, receive Academy Awards and get invited to brunch with Barbara Streisand. Perhaps the strain is too much for him ... ?

Gore Calls Canada Climate Plan a ‘Fraud’
TORONTO (AP) - Apr 29, 11:31 PM (ET)

imageimageAl Gore condemned Canada’s new plan to reduce greenhouse gases, saying it was “a complete and total fraud” because it lacks specifics and gives industry a way to actually increase emissions.

Under the initiative announced Thursday, Canada aims to reduce the current level of greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent by 2020. But the government acknowledged it would not meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, which requires 35 industrialized countries to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by 5 percent below 1990 levels by 2012.

The country’s emissions are now 30 percent above 1990 levels. The conservative government’s strategy focuses both on reducing emissions of gases blamed for global warming and improving air quality. But the plan failed to spell out what many of its regulations will look like.

Gore said the plan did not make clear how Canada would reach its 2020 emissions goal. He also criticized the plan for allowing industries to pollute more if they use emissions-cutting technologies while increasing production.

“In my opinion, it is a complete and total fraud,” Gore said Saturday. “It is designed to mislead the Canadian people.”

- More ...


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Motivational Poster Of The Day



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On This Day In History

April 30, 1975

Thirty-two years ago today, the Democratic Party in the United States watched as the their efforts to lose the Vietnam War and throw that country to the wolves finally reached fruition. Saigon fell ... and the purges and mass murders began. The violence spread to Cambodia and Laos and before long Southeast Asia became a bone yard filled with corpses and broken promises.

It was a Democratic President, Kennedy, who began the bloodbath by replacing advisors with troops on the ground. It was another Democratic President, Johnson, who ratcheted the war up to a point where over 50,000 American soldiers were killed. Finally, when a Republican President, Nixon, started to bring the war to a close and prop up the South Vietnamese government to allow them to continue the fight - the Democrat-controlled Congress cut him off at the knees, first with Watergate and subsequent distractions and finally by just flat-out denying any aid to South Vietnam.

After that final act of cowardice by the Democrats, the fall of South Vietnam was inevitable and as predicted, the “Killing Fields” were beginning. Shortly after the fail of Saigon, a Democrat was elected President and during his term our present crisis in the Middle East was triggered with the fall of the Shah in Iran and the establishment of a tyrannical, religious theocracy - as well as the rise to power of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Now, as we sit here thirty-two years after the fall of Saigon, we find that we haven’t learned a damn thing. We’re still allowing the Democratic Party to get us involved in foreign wars costing billions of dollars and thousands of soldiers’ lives - and then watch them turn their mess into a political weapon by blaming the Republicans. The conflict in Iraq didn’t begin with George W. Bush. It began with Jimmy Carter. It just took a few years to all come to a head.

So now we have come full circle. Bill Clinton sat on his ass and did little or nothing to avert the current crisis. Yet, Democrats have the audacity to blame Bush for Carter’s Folly? We are now seeing the same thing in the Middle East that happened in Southeast Asia. The Democrats are gearing up to declare surrender and run away from another mess they gave birth to.

The only question left in my mind is when the NY TIMES will have a front page story about the evacuation of the American Embassy in Baghdad as Iranian tanks roll into that city to begin the purge of the Sunni population. Will Iran annex Iraq or will they just set up a puppet regime in Baghdad? How will the Saudis react to a strong Shia neighbor on their borders? What about Israel? Iran will have nukes by then if their present course holds up? Will Armageddon begin?

It may not come to all this. I’m just projecting a worst-case scenario. The point is the hypocritical, cowardly, partisan, political hacks in the Democratic Party will have done it to us again and our international credibility will be gone with the wind. Unfortunately, we are a nation with a short memory so the Democrats will just blame Bush and wait for their next chance to further destroy America. In a few years, the Democrats’ perfidy will be forgotten and drowned out by constant repetition of “It was Bush’s war” by the Left.

No one today remembers January 16, 1979 and what began with a flight out of Teheran of a single airplane carrying a passenger who had been our ally for decades and who was refused asylum in the US by President Carter and who eventually died in Egypt. No one remembers the Fall Of Teheran and the domino effect that caused in the region. No one except Democrats, that is. On that day, the cycle began that would eventually bring us to another “Vietnam Moment” for the Party Of Treason.

If the Iraqi people would only look at what happened on this day in history thirty-two years ago, they might be inclined to work a little harder to get their act together before the Democrats in America stick a knife in their backs. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Over and over and over and ....


Saigon, South Vietnam (NY TIMES) - April 30, 1975 - Communist troops of North Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam poured into Saigon today as a century of Western influences came to an end.

Scores of North Vietnamese tanks, armored vehicles and camouflaged Chinese built trucks rolled to the presidential palace.

The President of the former non-Communist Government of South Vietnam, Gen. Duong Van Minh, who had gone on radio and television to announce his administration’s surrender, was taken to a microphone later by North Vietnamese soldiers for another announcement. He appealed to all Saigon troops to lay down their arms and was taken by the North Vietnamese soldiers to an undisclosed destination.

[Soon after, the Saigon radio fell silent, normal telephone and telegraph communications ceased and The Associated Press said its sire link to the capital was lost at 7 P.M., Wednesday, Saigon time (7 A.M. Wednesday, New York time).

[In Paris, representatives of the Provisional Revolutionary Government announced that Saigon had been renamed Ho Chi Minh City in honor of the late President of North Vietnam. Other representatives said in a broadcast monitored in Thailand that former Government forces in eight provinces south of the capital had not yet surrendered, but no fighting was mentioned.]

The transfer of power was symbolized by the raising of the flag of the National Liberation Front over the presidential palace at 12:15 P.M. today, about two hours after General Minh’s surrender broadcast.

Hundreds of Saigon residents cheered and applauded as North Vietnamese military vehicles moved to the palace grounds from which the war against the Communists had been directed by President Nguyen Van Thieu, who resigned April 21, and by President Ngo Dinh Diem, who was killed in a coup in 1963.

Broadcasting today in the early hours of the Communist take-over, the Provisional Revolutionary Government’s representatives said:

“We representatives of the liberation forces of Saigon formally proclaim that Saigon had been totally liberated. We accept the unconditional surrender of Gen. Duong Van Minh, President of the former Government.”


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calendar   Sunday - April 29, 2007

Travelers, You Have Been Tagged

I may have waited too late ... or I may be one of the last to get one of the old passports. I just checked my passport and the darned thing expires in May 6, 2007 so I better hurry and mail that sucker off for renewal or else I’ll get tagged too (and have to pay extra for a new passport, instead of a small renewal fee). According to the NY Times and the Department Of State (via Gizmodo, which calls the new design “high-tech, patriotic and ugly), the new passports are already being issued in large cities like San Francisco - where the usual whining liberals are complaining and singing the same old unpatriotic sung (see last sentence below).

And before you ask, the RFID chip is not in the little rectangle and circle on the front - that is just a symbol to easily identify one of the new electronically secure passports. The actual RFID chip is embedded in the last page according to Dept. Of State. My only question is will this sucker set off alarm bells when I leave Wal-Mart one day? We shall see. I figure the least they should have done was change the cover and put a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag and a few assault weapons below the Great Seal. Just a friendly warning to all those idiots at French customs. Mheh-heh-he-he ...


Stars and Stripes, Wrapped in the Same Old Blue
(NY TIMES) - Published: April 29, 2007

When I went to collect my newly minted American passport, I discovered that it came with a radically altered design that included sheaves of wheat, the rather large head of a bald eagle plus the flag wrapped around my picture. And that was just one page. But the design overhaul wasn’t much noticed by people emerging from what they called the purgatory-length waits to obtain their new passports.

“Don’t you want to kill this guy right now?” Sharon Marks exclaimed to a fellow sufferer outside the Passport Agency in San Francisco. “What are you talking about, design? It’s such a tangled mess in there that we haven’t even looked at the thing.”

When Americans do open their new passports, they’ll see a document strikingly different from the old booklet. By July, all applicants will get the new design, with the State Department expecting to issue a record 17 million passports this year, up from last year’s record of 12 million.

The new passport, in the works for about six years, incorporates the first complete redesign since 1993. Given new international standards for post-9/11 high-tech security features, which transform the document into an “E-passport,” the State Department decided it was time for something completely different.

The new passport comes with its own name: “American Icon.” It’s hard to think of one that was left out. The inside cover sports an engraving of the battle scene that inspired “The Star Spangled Banner.” A couple of lines of the anthem, starting with, “O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave,” are scrawled in what the State Department says is Francis Scott Key’s own cursive.

The short, 28-page version of the passport comes with 13 inspirational quotes, including six from United States presidents and one from a Mohawk Thanksgiving speech. The pages, done in a pink-grey-blue palate, are rife with portraits of Americana ranging from a clipper ship to Mount Rushmore to a long-horn cattle drive.

New passport bearers in San Francisco seemed divided. “It’s very patriotic,” said Cynthia Yacur of Folsom, Calif., relieved to receive one just days before leaving for Greece. “Cool pictures. An eagle. A bison. Nice. Every page is different. I like it.”

Another Californian, Candace Serona, was less convinced. “It seems to represent an idealized version of a country that is far from ideal right now,” she said, adding that the most positive thing was that at least the images embedded over her photograph hid some wrinkles.

- US Department Of State, “The New Electronic Passport”


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Europe’s Armory

You probably know how gun-shy Euro-Peons are and how they have so many laws to keep firearms out of the hands of their citizens, don’t you? Well, for every rule there is an exception. Recent small arms surveys showed the US to be the most heavily armed country in the world with 90 guns for every 100 citizens. Guess which country is in second place?

Hint: According to the same small arms survey there are 46 guns for every 100 citizens but the last time this country fought a major war of invasion was against Julius Caesar. The answer is under the fold ...


See More Below The Fold


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Socialized Medicine Update

The only problem with socialized medicine or “universal health care” as the Hildabeast and her evil Liberal minions call it, is that it leads to things like this. The NHS (National Health Service) in Britain is under such a strain trying to meet the health care needs of everyone that people with bad habits are being denied care ... bad habits such as eating too much or smoking, that is.

There is only one outcome for a system like this when they start turning people away simply because they do not meet government mandated criteria such as body mass or healthy lungs - people are going to start dieing. Admittedly, the lardasses and nicotine addicts will be the first ones to go so the “good people” who eat right and don’t smoke will be ok, right?

But then what? Will people who drink more than a pint of beer a day be denied health care next? What about kids who refuse to eat their broccoli and carrots? Will they be denied visits to the eye doctor? You probably think I’m being silly or exaggerating. Do you want to bet your life on it?

‘Too Fat’ Patients Denied NHS Operations
(SKY NEWS-UK) - 06:51, Sunday April 29, 2007

Nine primary care trusts have a specific policy to refuse joint replacements to obese patients. And four will not consider orthopaedic surgery if patients smoke. In all, six million patients live in areas affected by so-called lifestyle rationing. Jean Ryan has been told she cannot have her hip replaced until she loses weight.

But she says that is impossible because the pain means she can barely move, let alone exercise. Despite living on a pension she has taken out an £8000 loan to pay for surgery abroad.

She said: “I don’t think it is fair. If I lived in Bournemouth there would be no bar on being overweight. I can’t see any other way round the problem. I can’t see them helping. So you have to help yourself. Either that or you end up in a wheelchair.”

The Sky News survey shows that in the absence of national rules, local PCTs are making up their own. North Staffordshire has the toughest restrictions. To qualify for any routine elective operation, patients must have a body mass index below 30. They must also have given up smoking for at least three months.

Andrew Haldenby from pressure group Doctors for Reform said there should be national rules for the National Health Service. He said: “ These decisions should be taken in Parliament. These are exceptionally serious thorny questions. They get to the heart of what the NHS is.”

According to Suffolk PCT obese patients are at higher risk of blood loss and infections after operations. The PCT is also £31million in debt and Public Health Director Dr Peter Bradley said money must be used wisely. “We have limited resources and we have to make sure we are using them to best effect. It’s sensible to use that money where we know the treatment is going to work.”

The Department of Health insisted that treatment is delivered according to patients’ clinical need, not their lifestyle choice. And decisions are taken by doctors, not managers or politicians.

- More ...



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Paranoia Alert

Don’t look now but ... somebody is watching you at this very moment. No matter where you go in Britain, you’re under surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But before the rest of us here in America and in quite a few countries around the world get all smug and start chuckling about our Brit friends’ loss of privacy, you better look over your shoulder. There is probably a camera close by even if you’re in Washington, New York, Los Angeles or even Bumphuk, Iowa.

Face it, in an era where terrorists are all around us we have surrendered any pretense of privacy in order to be safe. Then again, this started long before Osama got uppity and started blowing up buildings. No, dear friends, our government started installing cameras ages ago to catch speeding violators, Wal-mart started installing cameras to catch shoplifters, toll booths were equipped with cameras to catch people trying to sneak through, banks, liquor stores and every convenience store on the planet installed cameras to record robbery attempts and employee theft.

Heck, even libraries have cameras nowadays to catch book thieves. You can’t make a phone call any more without hearing the message “This call may be recorded for quality purposes la-dee-da-dee-dah”. Turn on your computer and connect to the internet and Microsoft wants to know what you’re doing. Your internet service provider is keeping track of where you surf. At work, your phone calls are subject to being monitored and your e-mails are kept on backup tapes forever in the event you decide to flirt with that secretary on the 2nd floor and she wants to sue for harassment ... ten years from now.

Do you have a cell phone? If so, Sprint and Verizon know exactly where you are at all times. The FBI, CIA, KGB and MI6 can’t keep track of all the ways they now have at their disposal in order to monitor your every move. Stakeouts are a thing of the past. Who needs ‘em with cameras everywhere? We’re only one step away from “1984” ... and that is a two-way television that watches you while you watch it, as Orwell predicted. He was only off by about 20-30 years.

No, I’m not kidding. Do you see that little cable TV box next to your TV? I bet you think it’s just passing signals through to your TV for your entertainment? You may even have convinced yourself that it’s not capturing viewing information that can be used to manage programming in your area and/or sold to advertising agencies for targeted marketing campaigns. If so, you are incredibly stupid.

Cell phones with cameras are all over the place. It’s not just government or merchants spying on us ... we’re spying on each other 24/7. Everybody knows what everybody is doing and it’s all being recorded somewhere to be used against you when the opportunity arises. So go on about your business today and pay no attention to those camera lenses, GPS devices and microphones all around you. They’re just looking out for you.

Now adjust your tinfoil hat and try to have a nice day ... and welcome to a brave new world.

Britain Becoming A Big Brother Society, Says Data Watchdog
(THE INDEPENDENT-UK) - 29 April 2007

imageimageBritain is in danger of “committing slow social suicide” as such Big Brother techniques as surveillance cameras and recording equipment spread into every aspect of our lives, the nation’s information watchdog will warn this week.

A new report from Richard Thomas, the information commissioner, will say that the public needs to be made more aware of the “creeping encroachment” on civil liberties created by email monitoring, CCTV and computer tracking of our buying habits.

It is understood that one of the concerns in Mr Thomas’s report is the use of special listening devices which can be placed in lamp posts, street furniture and offices. These are already widely used in the Netherlands to combat crime and anti-social behaviour.

More than 300 of the cameras with built-in microphones have been fitted in benefit offices and city centres. The equipment can pick up aggressive tones on the basis of decibel level, pitch and speed at which words are spoken.

Westminster council has already started piloting the listening devices, but experts say the use of these microphones raises questions about how surveillance can be used to intrude into the private lives of citizens.

He will also call for greater regulation of companies that supply surveillance technology which provides “convenience or safety for the more affluent majority”, but not for the vulnerable such as children, immigrants and the elderly.

His warning comes as MPs launch their first inquiry into the impact of surveillance in Britain. The Home Affairs Select Committee will investigate the use of video cameras to monitor high streets and residential areas as well as the holding of personal information on both government and commercial databases.

On Tuesday, Mr Thomas, who last year warned that Britain was “sleepwalking into a surveillance society”, will tell the committee at its first hearing that new safeguards must be introduced to protect the public from the increasing intrusion of surveillance into their daily lives.

Civil liberty campaigners have already warned that Britain is becoming a Big Brother society where its citizens are increasingly being watched. There are more than four million CCTV cameras in this country, one for every 14 people, and the national DNA database which was set up by police to combat crime now holds 3.5 million profiles.


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Sunday Funnies




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calendar   Saturday - April 28, 2007

What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren?



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EPA Estimate: 2.5 Miles Per Cow

Euro-Peons are about to go to war ... over cows. In Britain, they’ve been processing cow guts after our little milk-producing friends are sliced and diced. They are using the gunky stuff to produce biofuel to drive “green” trains.

The peasants on the continent have different ideas. They are somewhat concerned over the amount of greenhouse gases these same udder buddies are producing ... i.e., too many farts.

Now, somehow I just can’t picture British spies sneaking into France just to find a cow who will moo “pull my hoof, mate.” Either way someone is going to have to grab the bull by the horns and squeeze out a solution. Beano, anyone?

Cows Make Fuel For Biogas Train
(BBC) - 24 October 2005

imageimageYou have to tell yourself the cows are going to die anyway. Inside the abattoir at Swedish Meats in Linkoping, the cows stood patiently, occasionally nuzzling the lens of our camera. From there, it was a short walk past the white-walled butchery, down the steps to the basement where the raw material for biogas, slid greasily down a chute.

Still bubbling and burping, and carpeting you with an acrid stench, came the organs and the fat and the guts. Enough, from one cow, to get you about 4km (2.5 miles) on the train.

A tanker collects the organic sludge and makes the short journey to the biogas factory, where the stinking fuel is stewed gently for a month, before the methane can be drawn off.

The world’s first biogas-powered passenger train is taking its first passengers between the Swedish cities of Linkoping and Vastervik. And the biogas comes from the entrails of dead cows.

The boss of Svensk Biogas, Carl Lilliehook, is a proper, serious Swede. But his eyes twinkle at the biofuel “revolution”, as he calls it. You don’t have to look far beneath the number-crunching CEO to find the muesli-crunching environment-lover.

Yes, he says, the train between Linkoping and Vastervik will cost 20% more to run on methane than on the usual diesel. But the oil price is going up and up, and in any case, Swedes care about being able to pick our mushrooms and their fruit.

Nor is it just trains. In Linkoping, the 65-strong bus fleet is powered by biogas. Indeed the city boasts that it was the first in the world to try out its buses on methane. The taxis, the rubbish trucks and a number of private cars also fill up at the biogas pump, housed under a dinky green corrugated iron roof.


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Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Nuts in the Crosshairs
-- by Ann Coulter
image imageFor cranky right-wingers who think politicians don’t listen to them, this week I give you elected Democrats running like scared schoolgirls from the media’s demand that they enact new gun control laws in response to the Virginia Tech shooting.

Instead, Democrats are promoting a mental health exception to the right to bear arms. We’ve banned mass murder and that hasn’t seemed to work. So now we’re going to ban mass murderers. Yes, that will do the trick!

This is a feel-good measure that is both wildly under-inclusive (the vast majority of nutcases receive no formal court adjudication of their nuttiness) and wildly over-inclusive (the vast majority of nuts don’t kill people.) The worst thing most nuts do is irritate everybody else by driving their electric cars on the highway.

As lovely as it would be, we cannot identify mass murderers before they have broken any law, and mass murder is often the first serious crime they commit. No one can be locked up permanently for being potentially dangerous.

Even stalking laws can put away a person known to be dangerous for only a few years—at best—which is generally not worth spending a day sitting in court, facing your stalker, and then waiting a month for the court order.

So on one hand, the mental health exception is a feel-good measure that would be largely pointless. But on the other hand, it’s no skin off my back. Liberals go to therapy. Conservatives go to church. And I think we’d all sleep better knowing that David Brock could not buy a gun. In fact, I think we should expand the mental illness exception to cover First Amendment rights as well as Second Amendment rights.

I note that before mass murder, the only harassment the Virginia Tech killer was guilty of involved speech: creepy e-mails, creepy short stories, creepy phone calls. Stalkers, too, engage in frightening speech—but that is protected. Revealing a stalking victim’s address is “speech” but is little different from being the one to pull the trigger.

This small measure would have taken Dan “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth” Rather off the airwaves years ago, preventing him from presenting doctored National Guard documents to the American people to try to throw a presidential election. A mental illness bar would deal a quick blow to Air America and both its remaining listeners. It would also free up about 90% of the Internet.

And it would end the public lunacy of Jim Wallis, the Democrats’ Christian. Wallis’ first remark on the massacre at Virginia Tech last week was to hail the remarkable “diversity” of the victims. True, Cho murdered 32 people in cold blood. But at least he achieved diversity!

Anyone who thinks a single-minded fixation on diversity must be the ultimate goal of every human endeavor, including mass murder, is not the sort of person who should be able to buy a gun or to publish his daft ruminations in public forums.

But just to get this straight: Democrats are saying we should be able to jail “strange” or “angry” people, but we can’t deplane imams who demand extra-length seatbelts after boarding?

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed the public expressions of shame and contrition from the Korean-American community after the Virginia Tech shooting? Of course, no one blames this exemplary community for the actions of one nut. The Koreans are manifestly law-abiding and decent—nipping at the heels of Italians as the greatest Americans and tied for second with the Cubans.

Indeed, I believe this marks the first time a Korean has killed anyone in the United States, not involving an automobile. Nonetheless, Korean congregations, community groups and the family members themselves are issuing statements of sorrow. Not “pleas for tolerance.” But sorrow. Remorse. Remember those? They were big back in the day.

If the Koreans can do it, why can’t the Muslims? What explains the lack of a Muslim guilt impulse—so normal, as seen in the case of the saddened Koreans—after dozens of terrorist attacks on Americans?

How about a Muslim exception to the Second Amendment? That would have prevented the Virginia snipers from killing 10 people within three weeks in 2002. But most important: It would help us achieve “diversity” in our gun law prohibitions.


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Weekend Eye Candy

Summer is coming, guys and that means school will be out soon. It also means all of those lovely college co-eds will be out and about looking for fun ... so what are you sitting there for. You better start toning up that tummy and flattening those abs if you want to catch the eye of one of these lovely ladies.

In the past we’ve brought you the gals from all of the major universities so this week we we hunting at some of our country’s junior colleges and small schools. Guess what we found? More beautiful women. It just goes to show that you don’t need to go to the Univ. Of Florida or USC to find a healthy, tanned bombshell.

Don’t believe me? Then click on the thumbnail of lovely Jocelyn over there and enter the gallery. (Warning: NSFW)


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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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