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The Glock Exposed

This is very cool.  It shows how the Skipper’s Glock works in slow motion.  You can hide or make transparent the different parts of the gun to see how they work together.

Via Xavier


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Testicley Challenged?

To: President George W. Bush
From: The Skipper
Subject: Growing testicles

George, by now you should have come to the realization that these Democrats in Washington have almost nothing in common with the Democrats in Texas with whom you worked so well when you were governor. Them good ol’ boys in Texas may have disagreed with you and yes, in a fit of temper, they ran away to Oklahoma and New Mexico to avoid having to vote on Republican legislation (of course that happened after you left to go to Washington), but you always managed to get along and work things out.

Now sir, these venomous varmints who call themselves “Democrats” in Washington are a breed apart. Some would say they are the spawn of Satan. I insist that would be an insult to Satan, sir. After six years of relentless attacks and obstruction, it should be as plain as the nose on your face that (1) they hate your guts, (2) they want to run you out of town with your tail tucked between your legs, (3) they think they’re winning so it’s only going to get worse, and (4) by all appearances, it looks to me and the American people that you’re letting them win.

Now, here’s what I want you to do: when you hop in the shower tonight, take a moment to pause and look down between your legs. Right there below “Mr. Happy” you should see a bag with two stones in it. These are testicles, sir. If they are missing, we’re already in deep kimchee, if you know what I mean. After 9/11 we all thought you had a big brass pair down there. We may have been wrong. Please check.

Find them? If they are not readily visible, here is what you need to do: (1) have Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid, John Murtha, and Nancy Pelosi clapped in irons and frog-marched off to prison, (2) tell the rest of the Democrats in Congress to go piss up a rope, (3) unleash the IRS on Cindy Sheehan, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell and Code Pink, (4) give the CIA orders to “take out” George Soros, (5) nuke Teheran and Pyongyang, (6) go on national TV and tell the rest of the world “your move?”.

If you do all that you will be surprised to note that your cojones have grown to basketball size and are now made of industrial grade steel. America will once again be safe from enemies within and without. You will be remembered as the savior of American democracy. And you can retire back to Texas and have a few beers with the “good” Democrats down yonder, safe in the knowledge that your pair beat their flush in the biggest game of Texas Holdem ever played.

The Skipper

Kick Me?
Bush needs to fight back
by William Kristol
(WEEKLY STANDARD) - 04/09/2007, Volume 012, Issue 29

imageimageAn experienced Republican operative of our acquaintance--normally a man of sanguine disposition--said it all last week. After denouncing the amazing irresponsibility of the Democratic Congress, after lamenting the refusal of much of the media to report progress from Iraq, after noting the apparent incompetence of the attorney general, after wondering why the secretary of state seems to be making herself irrelevant--he came as close as he ever does to exploding. “But all this doesn’t matter. It’s really about Bush. Doesn’t he understand he’s walking around with a ‘Kick Me’ sign on his back?”

Surely President Bush must realize that the Democratic Congress is not merely struggling with him over policy, or jousting for political advantage. The Democrats in Congress are trying to destroy his presidency. They are trying to cripple his ability to govern for the rest of his term. And they are not far from succeeding. Will Bush fight back?

This does not mean defending everything his administration has done indiscriminately, of course. It may be, for example, that Attorney General Gonzales and Deputy Attorney General McNulty should go. Then get rid of them now. Appoint strong conservatives to replace them. And insist on their prompt confirmation.

Senate judiciary chair Pat Leahy threatened last week to hold up any such confirmation until his committee had access to testimony from Karl Rove. Why do the Democrats want Rove to testify? The Senate Democratic whip, Dick Durbin of Illinois, gave the game away in a recent interview with the Chicago Sun-Times’s Lynn Sweet. Durbin explained that he wants Rove to testify so he can be forced to answer questions about “how much did the president know” and what did he do. Durbin wants to destroy the possibility of confidential communications between the president and his White House staff.

And that’s not all. If Rove were to be sworn in as a witness, Durbin continued, the committee would want to know, “What else was Karl Rove doing when it came to other activities, departments of the government?” In other words: Democrats want a fishing expedition. Bush needs to be unequivocal that his White House aides will not testify. And if Leahy holds up confirmation hearings for the nominee for attorney general--if there is one--Bush needs to make his man acting attorney general in the meantime, rather than allowing Democrats to impede his ability to govern.

There is much else that Bush could do to show strength and remoralize his supporters. He could pardon Scooter Libby--now. When his top communications aide, Dan Bartlett, leaves, Bush could replace him with someone aggressive and conservative. And he could order his administration to battle for its initiatives and its people.

Here’s a small but revealing example of the current situation. Last week, the White House withdrew the nomination of St. Louis businessman and philanthropist Sam Fox to be ambassador to Belgium after John Kerry threw a fit about Fox’s having given money in 2004 to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Kerry tried to insist that Fox apologize for his donation. Fox, a man of stature and dignity, refused to pretend to be contrite. Kerry bludgeoned Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democrats into opposing Fox--which was not so easy, as Fox had wide and bipartisan support in Missouri and beyond. But the White House did nothing, and Democrats fell into line behind Kerry.

- More (requires subscription) ...


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Morning Game Show

Hello, America! Welcome back! It’s time to play another exciting round of “WHEEL OF HYPOCRISY”. The rules are really very simple. All you have to do is read the news story below and find a blatant example of political hypocrisy. Score 100 points if you find it within 2 seconds, 50 points if 5 seconds or less and 10 points if you can find it in less than one minute. Ready? Set! GO!

House Silent on British Hostage Crisis
WASHINGTON (AP) - Mar 30 04:00 PM US/Eastern

imageimageMembers of the House left Washington on Friday for their two-week spring break without weighing in on the international crisis tormenting the nation’s closest ally: the capture of 15 British sailors and marines by Iran.

The omission by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is being noted by some Republicans, who say they should have gotten the chance to join the Senate in denouncing Tehran’s bold actions.

“I am very disappointed that the speaker chose not to act,” said Rep. Charles Dent, R-Pa. “I believe it’s important for us as Americans to show our solidarity with the Britons,” he added in a phone interview Friday. “The British are our closest allies, and I think we have to stand next to them in a moment like this.”

The Senate on Thursday, before adjourning for its one-week break, passed a resolution condemning the act “in the strongest possible terms” and calling for the sailors “immediate, safe and unconditional release.”

Pelosi’s spokesman Brendan Daly said the speaker was reluctant to weigh in on the incident without knowing that such a message would do more good than harm. Daly said the British government had not asked Congress to try to pressure Tehran.

“The leadership discussed it and agreed that inserting Congress into an international crisis while ongoing would not be helpful,” Daly said.

Pelosi is traveling in the Middle East, where she plans to visit Syria, Israel and the West Bank.

The sailors were seized on March 23 off the Iraqi coast while searching merchant ships for evidence of smuggling. Britain insists the seven Royal marines and eight sailors were taken in Iraqi waters and has said no admission of error would be made.

Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., says Congress should not only call for the release of the British personnel but also should press the United Nations to explore harsher sanctions against Tehran.

Cantor, the GOP’s chief deputy whip, pressed Pelosi this week to pass the measure. “The illegal seizure of the British forces is a signal that Iran views us as powerless to prevent it from realizing its aggressive ambitions,” Cantor wrote in a letter to Pelosi.

“I’ll take ‘Democrat Party Bullshit’ for $400, Alex.”


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The Final One

March Madness is now officially over and the 2007 National Championship score is: Florida 2, Ohio State 0. The Gators swept the Buckeyes to grab TWO national championships, in football and basketball - quite an achievement, especially when you take into consideration that this is the second straight NCAA basketball championship for the same Florida team.

I congratulate the Gators on their win and to all those Damn Yankees who have told me for years that SEC stood for “Soft and Easy Conference” all I got to say is .... EAT MY SHORTS!


Florida 84, Ohio State 75
ATLANTA (AP) - Apr 2, 11:59 pm EDT

The Florida Gators took a chomp out of NCAA history with the repeat they simply had to have. Now they want more. They want to be called one of the best teams of all time. The Gators made their case Monday night with an 84-75 victory over Ohio State to capture the second straight national championship that was their only reasonable goal this season.

They became the first team to go back-to-back since 1992 and the first ever to repeat with the same starting five. “I think this team should go down as one of the best teams in college basketball history,” coach Billy Donovan said. “Not as the most talented, and not on style points—but because they encompassed what the word ‘team’ means.”

While the debate about the best teams of all time can truly begin, there is no denying that Florida’s overall athletic program is the best in the nation. This win completes a 2007 championship-game sweep of the Buckeyes in the two biggest college sports—men’s hoops and football. Florida, a 41-14 winner in the football title game in January, remains the only program in history to hold both championships at the same time.

- More ...



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calendar   Monday - April 02, 2007


OK, Zoomies! It’s Monday so I’m going to toss you an easy one since I know you’re all worn out this afternoon. I just flew over a huge river and am on approach to a rather large USAF base down there. There’s BUFF’s and all kinds of stuff going on down there. According to the tower it’s 66 degrees with a light 12 mph wind out of the East. Groovy!

Here are your only two hints today: (1) in the 1960’s they filmed a movie here that scared the bejeezus out of everyone and (2) on September 11, 2001 President George W. Bush came crashing in here and took control of things via teleconference from a deep bunker (picture below). Where are we? General Curt LeMay wants to know ....


(Click image for larger 1065x915 in popup window)
(Photo from Google Earth Desktop)



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Motivational Poster Of The Day



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Media Quiz Contest

The Supreme Court just issued two decisions. See if you can guess which one is on the front page of the NY TIMES and which one is being completely ignored by the SLIMES ...

Court Rebukes Administration in Global Warming Case
WASHINGTON - April 2, 2007

The Supreme Court ordered the federal government on Monday to take a fresh look at regulating carbon dioxide emissions from cars, a rebuke to Bush administration policy on global warming.

In a 5-4 decision, the court said the Clean Air Act gives the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from cars.

Connecticut and 11 other states, along with 13 environmental groups, sued the EPA over the issue.

Court Denies Appeal From Gitmo Detainees
WASHINGTON - Apr 2 10:25 AM US/Eastern

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday from Guantanamo detainees who want challenge their five-year-long confinement in court, a victory for the Bush administration’s legal strategy in its fight against terrorism.

The victory may be only temporary, however. The high court twice previously has extended legal protections to prisoners at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. These individuals were seized as potential terrorists following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and only 10 have been charged with a crime.

Give up? You can find the story on top here and the bottom story here.


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The War On Bush

“We are going to capture George W. Bush, transfer him to Gitmo, place him on trial and then we’re going to hang him! You’re either with us or you’re against us!”

So sayeth the Democrats in Congress. Forget Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea and every other asshat country out there who wants to destroy us. It is more important to the Donks to wage war here at home, divide the country and destroy the President.

Make no mistake, friends. This is all-out war and the Democrats are full of themselves after retaking Congress in the November elections. They’re also full of shit and traitors to boot. Dirty, rotten, back-stabbing, treasonous sonsofbitches. Forgive my colorful language but this has gone exactly far enough.

Perhaps we, the intelligent, rational people in this great nation, need to march on Washington ourselves instead of letting the insane, morally bankrupt Leftists continue this outrage. I’m game if you are. We can meet in DC, surround the Capitol building and bring this madness to a screeching halt. Let’s roll ....

Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush
Some on Both Sides See Plans as Risky
(WASHINGTON POST) - Monday, April 2, 2007

imageimageEven as their confrontation with President Bush over Iraq escalates, emboldened congressional Democrats are challenging the White House on a range of issues—such as unionization of airport security workers and the loosening of presidential secrecy orders—with even more dramatic showdowns coming soon.

For his part, Bush, who also finds himself under assault for the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the conduct of the Iraq war and alleged abuses in government surveillance by the FBI, is holding firm. Though he has vetoed only one piece of legislation since taking office, he has vowed to veto 16 bills that have passed either the House or the Senate in the three months since Democrats took control of Congress.

Despite the threats, Democratic lawmakers expect to open new fronts against the president when they return from their spring recess, including politically risky efforts to quickly close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; reinstate legal rights for terrorism suspects; and rein in what Democrats see as unwarranted encroachments on privacy and civil liberties allowed by the USA Patriot Act.

“I suppose there’s always a risk of going too far,” said House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.), “but the risk of not going is far greater.”

Backed by a unified party and fresh from a slew of legislative victories, Democratic leaders appear to believe there is hardly any territory they cannot stray onto, a development that has Republican political operatives gleeful and some Democrats worried. Rep. Tom Cole (Okla.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, warned of a “political price” at the polls: “If they let their constituents and their ideology drive them past the point where the American people are comfortable, they will find how quickly the voters will react.”

Leon E. Panetta, who was a top White House aide when President Bill Clinton pulled himself off the mat through repeated confrontations with Congress, sees the same risk. He urged Democrats to stick to their turf on such issues as immigration, health care and popular social programs, and to prove they can govern.

“That’s where their strength is,” Panetta said. “If they go into total confrontation mode on these other things, where they just pass bills and the president vetoes them, that’s a recipe for losing seats in the next election.”

But even conservative Democrats insist their party is in no danger of overreaching its mandate from the November elections. Rep. Baron P. Hill (Ind.), a conservative Democrat who squeaked out a victory in November against the Republican who had taken the seat from him two years earlier, said he was concerned early on that Democratic leaders would mount a “witch hunt” against Bush and his policies. But, he said, they are far from any witch hunts.

The view is decidedly different from the White House. In three months, Democrats have pushed back hard on the Bush legacy. A House-passed bill would require the government to negotiate prices for prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries, highlighting what Democrats consider a shortcoming of the president’s landmark Medicare prescription drug law. Bush has promised a veto.

A Senate-approved measure would allow screeners at the Transportation Security Administration to unionize, prompting a veto threat. White House opposition to that in 2002 led to a legislative standoff over the creation of the Department of Homeland Security that proved devastating to Democrats, who were painted as soft on terrorism.

A bill to ease the public release of official papers from presidential libraries also yielded a veto promise, although it passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. The measure would reverse one of Bush’s executive orders, which has helped keep reams of presidential documents under lock and key.

Budgets passed by the House and Senate assume the expiration of most of Bush’s tax cuts in 2012, and Democrats are demanding tough new standards for labor rights and environmental regulations as a condition of extending the president’s authority to expedite trade negotiations.

- More ...


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This Is CNN

Michael Ware is a piece of work, no doubt. He is an Australian “journalist” working for CNN, covering Baghdad. In case you haven’t been keeping up to date, Ware went to Afghanistan at the start of the war and instead of covering US troops and the destruction of the Taliban he decided to go “hang out” with the Taliban and interview them.

In Iraq, he has hired “stringers” who setup interviews with Al Qaeda and other insurgents as well as provide him with lurid pictures like the ones of the four murdered Blackwater security contractors in Fallujah.  The man is so in bed with the enemy I’m surprised somebody in Iraq hasn’t popped a cap in his ass yet. His bias floated to the surface again yesterday when he decided to rant and heckle Senators McCain and Graham during a press conference in Baghdad.

If you’re still watching CNN for your news now you know how utterly worthless that news organization has become. The bias by other reporters at CNN is not as blatant as Ware’s but it is entirely evident and recognizable to anyone with an IQ higher than 4. Which is about the average IQ of typical Liberals and Leftists who watch that crap network.

From Drudge via KXTV, April 1, 2007

imageimageDuring a live press conference in Baghdad, Senators McCain and Graham were heckled by CNN reporter Michael Ware.

An official at the press conference called Ware’s conduct “outrageous,” saying, “here you have two United States Senators in Bagdad giving first-hand reports while Ware is laughing and mocking their comments. I’ve never witnessed such disrespect. This guy is an activist not a reporter.”

Senators McCain and Graham flew into Iraq and drove into Baghdad, making stops at an open market and a joint Iraq/American military security outpost before appearing at the press conference.

This is not the first time Michael Ware has taken issue with Senator McCain’s comments about early progress in Iraq. Last week, after Senator McCain told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he needed to catch up on the news coming out of Iraq, Michael Ware responded, saying:

“I don’t know what part of Neverland Senator McCain is talking about when he says we can go strolling in Baghdad.”

Michael Ware has also publicly expressed his views on the war last year in an interview with Bill Maher, saying, “I’ve been given a front-row ticket to watch this slow-motion train wreck … I try to stay as drunk for as long as possible while I’m here … In fact, I’m drinking now.”


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Monday Morning Science Class

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis


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calendar   Sunday - April 01, 2007

Day Off

I’ll be taking the rest of today off to go get in a little work on tightening my group. I need to break in the new Glock 30 see how she performs. I’ll catch you all on the flip side later this evening.

Have fun with yourselves today - and watch out for April Fools pranksters. Here’s some pics of the range I use. It’s about 50 miles West of St. Louis so as not to offend the sensitive ears of the Liberal loons downtown.

image image


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Glowbull Warming Pity Party

The NY TIMES is having a bad case of bleeding heart this morning and they want you to feel bad for the poor folks in Africa and Asia who will drown and/or starve during the current glowbull warming cycle. And it’s all your fault because you drive SUV’s and use too much electricity watching “American Idol”. And George Bush had something to do with it too, which the editors at the TIMES will figure out later.

Actually this may be a good thing in a cold-hearted way. The areas that will be hardest hit are the ones that are intensely overpopulated anyway. Maybe this is Mother Nature’s way of “culling the herd”, if you know what I mean. Not to mention the fact that coastal areas like THE GAZA STRIP will be the first ones under water - and I don’t think anyone outside of Gaza City would consider that a bad thing.

Actually I have my own solution for the current glowbull warming cycle: turn off your air conditioners and get used to it, No, really. Live like your ancestors did and roll with the seasons. Let your body acclimate. Besides a little sweat might go a long way toward solving the obesity epidemic that everyone is crying about. In addition, all those air conditioners that have been pumping heat out of your house or office and into the atmosphere being turned off will make glowbull warming less dangerous to us all. So go buy plenty of deodorant, turn off the A/C and help save an African family today.

Then again, may be not ....

Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms
(NY TIMES) - April 1, 2007

The world’s richest countries, which have contributed by far the most to the atmospheric changes linked to global warming, are already spending billions of dollars to limit their own risks from its worst consequences, like drought and rising seas.

But despite longstanding treaty commitments to help poor countries deal with warming, these industrial powers are spending just tens of millions of dollars on ways to limit climate and coastal hazards in the world’s most vulnerable regions — most of them close to the equator and overwhelmingly poor.

Next Friday, a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations body that since 1990 has been assessing global warming, will underline this growing climate divide, according to scientists involved in writing it — with wealthy nations far from the equator not only experiencing fewer effects but also better able to withstand them.

Two-thirds of the atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas that can persist in the air for centuries, has come in nearly equal proportions from the United States and Western European countries. Those and other wealthy nations are investing in windmill-powered plants that turn seawater to drinking water, in flood barriers and floatable homes, and in grains and soybeans genetically altered to flourish even in a drought.

In contrast, Africa accounts for less than 3 percent of the global emissions of carbon dioxide from fuel burning since 1900, yet its 840 million people face some of the biggest risks from drought and disrupted water supplies, according to new scientific assessments. As the oceans swell with water from melting ice sheets, it is the crowded river deltas in southern Asia and Egypt, along with small island nations, that are most at risk.

“Like the sinking of the Titanic, catastrophes are not democratic,” said Henry I. Miller, a fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. “A much higher fraction of passengers from the cheaper decks were lost. We’ll see the same phenomenon with global warming.”

Those in harm’s way are beginning to speak out. “We have a message here to tell these countries, that you are causing aggression to us by causing global warming,” President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda said at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in February. “Alaska will probably become good for agriculture, Siberia will probably become good for agriculture, but where does that leave Africa?”

- More ...


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Sunday Funnies

Only 583 days left before ELECTION 2008!



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