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The One The Only

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In memory of Joel and Jennifer Diamond. Thank you for everything.

Joel was known to the internet as JayD, and also as Peiper. I miss him. She was just the nicest lady that ever was, a real delight to talk to. I miss her too.

They were both the best friends I ever had that I never met. But that’s the digital world we live in.

Be at peace, be with God.


Arrgh, I’m becoming one of those “only once in a while” bloggers. Sorry.

We’ve got the plumber coming today to fix the outside faucet. The handle doesn’t work properly and it’s hard to shut the thing off. Not that we’re “allowed” to use it, as this town is on permanent water restrictions. Not that the reservoirs aren’t full to the brim with all this rain. No, it’s because the pipes aren’t big enough, or too old, or their pumping stations need upgrading. So they jacked the prices up to reduce usage, and we can all go to hell while they collect the money and do nothing. That’s a bit irritating.  Whatever. I had to move everything around on the patio, even remove the railing, as the genius squad that put this place together put the end of the railing directly over the faucet. I think I can put it back an inch or two over, which should make getting to the faucet a bit easier. And a new faucet means I won’t have to use a socket wrench to turn the hose on anymore. Yay.


I’m already tired of this “news” about former CIA guy Brennan. Gee, he was a twerp who got his security yanked. While I would have figured that clearance came with the job, no more job no more clearance, it turns out that such a thing usually goes with him, and being Mr. Top Secret would open doors for him to big money jobs with government contractors. Funny, that kind of sounds like legalized spying to me. But while Fox News and various pundits online can discuss that realization endlessly, mentioning such a truth on CNN gets you rudely thrown off their show. Even if you’re a black man. Bias much? No, that doesn’t fit the Evil Trump Is Evil agenda, therefore it’s not allowed. How sad CNN and so many MSM networks have become. They don’t even try to hide their seditious bias any longer; instead they publish essays bragging about it. It’s debatable whether they’re “the enemy of the people” but there’s no debate that they’re the enemy of the whole truth. Which makes them propagandists, not reporters. Which sucks for us. No kidding.


Must have been too far a drive from the coasts

Antifa DOESN’T Protest|Riot At Satan/Klan Rally In Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Nearly four months after crews reinstalled the Ten Commandments monument on state capitol grounds, the Satanic Temple came back Thursday with a statue of its own.

The group’s “Rally for the First Amendment” brought together Satanists, Christians, even the KKK as a flatbed truck wheeled the Baphomet monument to the capitol steps to chants of “Hail Satan!”

While some were there to protest, different beliefs mostly came with a unified message: all or none. They argue if the Ten Commandments stand on capitol grounds, their religious statues should, too.

“This is not a protest against the Ten Commandments,” Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, told the crowd. “This is not a protest of Satanists against Christians. This is not a protest of secularists against believers. This is a rally for reason in the face of prejudice.

artist’s rendering of proposed statue

Ok, it may have really been an actual Free Speech rally. “All or none” is their motto. And I agree with them on that, even if I don’t agree with their ideas about other things.



All part of the job

I did another raccoon rescue just now, here in the condo park.  I keep a special 2x4 in the garage just for that purpose.  One trash panda, free to go. Poor little guy was so scared. And probably hot as hell down in the bottom of that steel dumpster in today’s heat.


Yes mom, I washed my hands afterwards.


Ok, I got the car washed and put a couple coats of wax on it before it got too hot and humid. Looks like it’s about lunch time. Then I get to do exciting stuff like a bit of painting for pay, then some laundry and taking out the recycling.

Arrgh, I think I smell like Turtle Wax. Odd scent.


Using Scissors To Cure Inflation

Venezuela To Cut 5 Zeroes Off Their Money

100,000 old money = 1 new money. Given that a cup of coffee costs 2 million Bolivars right now, that kind of makes sense. Not that it will last, or do anything positive.

Still, if I was there and had a car, it would be nice to fill up the tank for about a tenth of a cent.

Faced with nearly incomprehensible inflation — 32,714 percent as of Wednesday — Venezuelan officials thought they had a solution: They changed the color of the bank notes and increased their denomination. Then they said they would lop off three zeros. And when that didn’t seem enough, they announced they would cut off two more.

The tactics have left Venezuelans like Yosmar Nowak, the owner of a coffee shop in Caracas, convinced that there is no solution in sight and that the government cannot even bring down the price of a cup of coffee, an eye-watering 2 million bolivars.

“I imagine if we keep like this we’re going to have to do the same thing in December,” said Nowak, who has been forced to raise prices in her cafe at least 40 times this year.

Slashing zeros from Venezuela’s inflation-cursed currency, the bolivar, is the tent-pole of a set of economic changes by President Nicolás Maduro as he tries to right his country’s capsized economy. The five-digit inflation has earned Venezuela comparisons to the hyperinflation of Zimbabwe and Weimar Germany from the International Monetary Fund.

The newly minted currency, which will be known as the “sovereign bolívar,” will be rolled out Monday. In addition, the president has ordered measures his United Socialist Party has been loath to consider in the past: An increase in gas prices for some drivers and a modest ease in the currency controls that have made dollars inaccessible to most Venezuelans for years.

Yet these changes haven’t been enough to convince economists, who see desperation in Maduro’s latest moves and view the new currency as another chapter in the decades of mismanagement that have destroyed the Venezuelan economy.

But, but Sean Penn and all the lib elites in Hollywood told me a couple years ago that socialism there was being done the right way by the right people. Heil Hugo!! How could it not work????


Tinfoil Hat Time !!

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, died on the same day of the month as Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

Let the spooky theories begin. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson died on February 3, 1959, so it isn’t going to be one of those levels of spooky stuff. However, Robert Johnson, perhaps the best blues guy ever ( and the guy who the Stones stole so much from, along with Clapton and others ) did die on this day, back in 1938. He was poisoned.

So blues, soul, rock ‘n roll. It’s all connected.


Dat’s The Joisey Way. Jus’ Fuggedabowdit.

In NJ, They Close The Beaches When The Water Is Too Clean. Because It’s Dirty.

Seaside Heights beaches were open Thursday, but ocean bathing was not allowed because of negative water quality tests, according to borough officials.

The beaches have since reopened to swimming. Bathing was allowed all day at the bay beaches.

Seaside Heights Mayor Anthony Vaz said this is the first time in 20 years that the town has had to suspend ocean bathing because of water quality.

“Perplexingly, the ocean waters have been great the past few years right up to now, so this is a very unusual event that we expect to pass quickly,” Vaz said in a Facebook announcement.

The state Department of Environmental Protection had already closed two beaches to swimming in the borough because of bacteria found in human and animal waste.

The mayor also said the clean water has attracted a large number of bait fish closer to the beach, which has attracted more seagulls to feed.

A beach is automatically closed after two consecutive days of results that exceed the state standard of 104 colonies per 100 milliliters per sample for Enterococci bacteria. The recent heavy rains have caused levels to spoke because of a build-up of waste from geese, seagull and other animals.

Go figure? Seems like all the rain we’ve been having has made it’s way down to the ocean, lowering salinity near the inshore areas. This has allowed a couple varieties of little critters to thrive, plankton and krill I guess, and zillions of small bait fish have come into the shallows to eat them. Bait fish in shallow water is a dinner buffet for seagulls, so they’ve arrived by the billion zillion to eat up all the bait fish. And being seagulls, they then heave and crap all over everything. Plus geese, which are waddling poop factories. So the nice clean ocean is now polluted with bird yuck and bits of rotting fish, which is itself a super feast for nasty little fecal bacteria. And they’re multiplying AFATC to take advantage. So all that bacteria redlines the polluto-meters of the Water Patrol, and they closed the beaches.

So on the one hand Mother Nature cleaned up the ocean with lots of fresh water, but on the other hand she enabled a cascade of “throughput events” by 4 tiers of lifeforms that made a mess of it. Gaia gives and takes at the same time.

I don’t know how the human fecal stuff got in this mix, as nobody eats seagulls and then drops a loaf on the sand.  Not even in NJ. Nah, I figure some inland septic fields got washed out from all the rain, and that ran down the streams to the ocean.

The oceans reopened late this afternoon.


Liberals: Hellbent On Removing Every Last Bit Of Fun From Life

First It Was Soda Straws. Now It’s Party Balloons

Now that plastic straws may be headed for extinction, could Americans’ love of balloons be deflated?

The joyous celebration of releasing balloons into the air has long bothered environmentalists, who say the pieces that fall back to earth can be deadly to seabirds and turtles that eat them. So as companies vow to banish plastic straws, there are signs balloons will be among the products to get more scrutiny, even though they’re a very small part of environmental pollution.

This year, college football powerhouse Clemson University is ending its tradition of releasing 10,000 balloons into the air before games, a move that’s part of its sustainability efforts. In Virginia, a campaign that urges alternatives to balloon releases at weddings is expanding. And a town in Rhode Island outright banned the sale of all balloons earlier this year, citing the harm to marine life.

“There are all kinds of alternatives to balloons, a lot of ways to express yourself,” says Kenneth Lacoste, first warden of New Shoreham, Rhode Island, who cites posters, piñatas and decorated paper.

Following efforts to limit plastic bags, the push by environmentalists against straws has gained traction in recent months, partly because they’re seen as unnecessary for most. Companies including Starbucks and Disney are promising to phase out plastic straws, which can be difficult to recycle because of their size and often end up as trash in the ocean. A handful of U.S. cities recently passed or are considering bans. And the push may bring attention to other items people may not have considered — like festive balloons.

“The issue of straws has really broadened the marine debris issue,” says Emma Tonge of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. People might not realize balloons are a danger, she says, because of their “light and whimsical” image.

Balloons are not among the top 10 kinds of debris found in coastal cleanups, but Tongue says they’re common and especially hazardous to marine animals, which can also get entangled in balloon strings.

Chelsea Rochman, an assistant professor of ecology at the University of Toronto, says people should think systemically about waste and pollution, but that efforts to bring attention to specific products shouldn’t be dismissed as too minor.

“If we said that about everything, we wouldn’t get anything done,” she says.

Already, a few states restrict balloon releases to some extent, according to the Balloon Council, which represents the industry and advocates for the responsible handling of its products to “uphold the integrity of the professional balloon community.” That means never releasing them into the air, and ensuring the strings have a weight tied to them so the balloons don’t accidentally float away.

What a sad commentary on life: first, that there’s even such a thing as a Balloon Council, and second, that they have to advocate for the safe and responsible use of their products. We are so doomed.


Aretha Franklin, Dead At 76

known for having one of the greatest voices in music history, and for hits like “Respect,” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” ... died Thursday after a long battle with cancer.

Aretha passed away in her Detroit home where she was under hospice care. She’d been in failing health for many months and she was down to 86 pounds. One source told us he was informed more than a week ago that Aretha could go at any time.

She was surrounded by friends and family when she passed. She had appeared incredibly frail in recent years, and rarely performed live. Her most recent appearance was last November for Elton John’s AMFAR event.

Aretha’s career is just incredible. Born in Memphis in 1942, her family eventually relocated to Detroit where she began singing in her father’s church. She was such a powerhouse gospel singer, she landed a Columbia record deal in the early ‘60s.

Her string of chart-topping hits began with her Atlantic Records deal in 1967.

That’s very sad. She was an enormous talent.

I missed picking her in Stoaty’s Dead Pool by 56 minutes.


We’re In It To Win It

We took 5 out of 7 last night at summer league. With just one week to go, we’re in 2nd place or better. The current 1st place team was bowling slowly, so we don’t know how they finished, but we know they lost their first game and won the second. And the other team had a sub who is pretty darn good. So it’s possible we’ll go into the finals next week in 1st by a point or two. That would be nice. Worst case is we’ll be 2 points down, so victory is within our grasp. As long as we don’t screw up, or if we screw up less than they do, we can win this thing. Woo hoo.

Wintertime cheap league has the start-up meeting the next week. Not sure when that league starts, but I think we get a couple weeks off from bowling in between seasons.



South Africa Will Soon Legalize Land Theft: Nation Going To Hell At Warp Speed

Oh poo. I was going to write this whole post in cursive so that no Millennials or Trayvons could read it, but such fonts are not supported by this old blog. So I’ll just report the news and get called a racist. Even though I prefer to be called a realist.

Shockwaves are still being felt in South Africa after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s controversial announcement that the country’s constitution is to be changed to explicitly allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

Markets reacted negatively and the currency, the rand, has continued to plummet over the last week.  This is because the plan has invited comparisons with the chaotic land reform programme across the Limpopo River in neighbouring Zimbabwe, which saw scenes of violent evictions of mainly white farmers.

And as the white farmers flee the country ahead of the machetes and burning tires they know are waiting for them, food production has dropped like a rock. Another productive African country going right down the tubes, thanks to the “social justice”.


Not that they care. Certain types seem to be happy living in squalor at the edge of starvation. No, seriously, I’m not just talking about Detroit!

A parliamentary committee has been looking into changes to the constitution to allow expropriation in the public interest.

Its nationwide televised public hearings have been a show of emotion by people of all racial groups, regardless of class or political affiliation.

During a session held this week in Cape Town’s Goodwood suburb one woman representing the South African Homeless People’s Association said: “Twenty-four years of liberal democracy [has] increased poverty.

“The masses are worse off because of the willing-buyer-willing-seller principle.”

Another person who gave testimony said: “We are going to take the land, even if it means we’re going back to the dark ages. This country must be African. We are African.”

It’s a rather La Raza argument. Give us back the land that you improved and nurtured for 12 generations, allowing my people ( which you imported because the land was empty ) to thrive. Pretty typical, ain’t it?

A man wearing a T-shirt of the right-wing Freedom Front Plus party said that his Afrikaner people had been farming in the Western Cape for the past 300 years.

“When my forefathers came, they found no-one but the Khoi and the San. My people got what they have in this country not by theft, not by genocide, but by fair means.”

The San and Khoi peoples are the modern names of the Bushmen and Hottentots you learned about in Social Studies class back in grade school. Stone age primitive hunter/gatherers, maybe herding a couple dozen goats or cows. Their great contribution to architecture is the dung and grass hut.


Golly, it’s nearly noon and it’s still a sunny day. How is that possible? I made an early morning comment that it wasn’t raining ... yet, but that seems to have been lost in the shuffle that is this cranky creaky old blog.


A Guy’s Day Out

I’ve been having such fun today doing classic Guy Stuff. Fishing? No. Going to the track and playing the ponies with my buds? No. Boozing it up at the titty bar? Hell no. I’ve been cleaning the garage. Actually, I was stuck out there for several hours because our never ending monsoon season was having another episode today. Better to sort stuff than to get soaked.


•  BRIDGE POST: Bridge collapse in Genua kills at least 22. Thunderstorm to blame. Another pretty bridge not built strong enough. When it’s your life on the line, function beats form every single time.

•  Dumber Than Lutfisk and just as blind: Sweden perplexed as [ obviously muslim ] disaffected youth migrant gangs burn cars and buildings in 3 cities at once.

The BBC reports that more than 80 cars were torched in the attack, most in the city of Gothenberg, but some as far as Stockholm, the country’s capital city. Officials say they believe the attacks were coordinated on social media and then carried out with “military” precision.

•  Diane Feinstein employed Chinese SPY for 20 years. MEDIA YAWNS.

the news that Senator Feinstein had an agent of China’s communist regime burrowed into her staff for more than 20 years was greeted with a collective yawn by the “mainstream” media. Hot Air’s Ed Morrisey reported on August 9 that “So far, news outlets like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and even Washington D.C.’s own Post still have yet to report a single word on this penetration, even while both newspapers are filled with Russian intel ops and their aftermath.”

Ditto for the major broadcast networks. The Media Research Center reported on August 9: “In yet another case of double standards, the media has all but ignored a scandal surrounding longtime Democrat Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein. New reports are revealing that Feinstein had unknowingly let a Chinese spy infiltrate her office, working for her as her personal driver for twenty years. But there hasn’t been one mention on television of the story from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC, despite the media’s supposed ‘concern’ over foreign nationals hacking our democracy.”

•  Another gigantic but hollow virtue signalling event

In what will probably become an annual civic celebration of outrage and virtue, Charlottesville preened before the TV cameras this past weekend in commemoration of the officially-contrived spasm of mayhem and destruction that killed two state troopers and an activist last August.

The White Supremists (that is generally how TV reporters now pronounce the word), have moved their act to Washington D.C. this year, and none willing to call attention to themselves were in evidence in town. Nevertheless, Charlottesville waved the bloody shirt as extravagantly as the absence of racist skinheads, bikers, neo-Confederates, gun-toting militia and other rude types permitted. Media, public and University officials, and of course Charlottesville’s swarming horde of non-profits and activist busybodies, were creative in exploiting every imaginable opportunity to fulminate against racism, fascism, and Donald Trump. These included praying for comity and understanding under the spiritual guidance of the Reverend Al Sharpton, uplifting song and soothing talk about all manner of good things at UVA, celebrating the sustainable bounty of the earth by enjoying artisanal croissants at an impromptu market, and arresting a harmless perennial Resister to the Resistance for buying razor blades at the downtown CVS — all the while equating the army of police arrayed to protect town and university with the White “Supremists” and neo-fascists of last year’s Unite the Right! rally.

In all, Charlottesville’s First Annual Smite the Right! Festival was a huge success, and it only cost the citizens of The Commonwealth of Virginia a couple of million dollars.

C-ville is the new Selma to this generation of pretenders. Truth? We don’t need want no stinkin’ truth. Hands up, don’t shoot!!



Coming Soon To An Edna Near Me?

White House: Omarosa violated major security laws

White House lawyers are examining legal options for punishing Omarosa Manigault Newman for releasing secretly taped recordings with Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly inside the secure Situation Room.

“The very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the White House Situation Room shows a blatant disregard for our national security — and then to brag about it on national television further proves the lack of character and integrity of this disgruntled former White House employee,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Sunday.

Former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer also said Newman could face legal problems for the secret taping in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, known as a SCIF.

“It’s an unbelievable violation of protocol and the law,” Spicer said. “You can lose your security clearance for bringing your device into SCIF — to bring it in is a violation but to willfully record it — you’re entering a whole other realm.”

And by “Edna” I mean the Edna Mahon women’s correctional center, the federal women’s prison just the other side of the highway from me. She could be facing charges of espionage, or worse.

Oh wait, she’s Black. Never mind. Nothing will happen to her at all. Nothing ever happens to any of these backstabbing scumdogs in DC, no matter what color they are.


Stupidity Test


If you spend $1600 for these insanely ugly shoes by Gucci, you fail. But hey, the straps of fake gaudy jewels are removable so you can change the look to go with your other outfits.



Big happenings in Minnesota !!
Cops rescue drunken fat women stranded in their giant inflatable unicorn pool float, 30 feet away from the dock


A video shows the moment a group of women had to be rescued by police when their giant rainbow unicorn pool float got stuck in some weeds on a Minnesota lake.

The incident happened Saturday on Fish Lake, according to a tweet from the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the department, two deputies were out driving when they noticed the group of women and pulled over to ask them for a picture.

When they got out of the car though, they noticed the women were stuck in a weedy area of the lake and offered to help pull them to shore.

The video, taken by one of the deputies, shows Deputy Scotty Finnegan throwing a rope out to the women and then pulling them to a dock.

As they reach the dock, one of the women yells: “And the cops save us!”

And how exciting was your weekend, compared to this?


Oy, Such Rampant Racism We Got These Days [ /sarc ]

DC “White Supremacist” rally - All 20 of them, at least 1 was non-white

Thousands of counter protesters shout them down


see if you can find the problem in this picture

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Sunday, a white supremacist rally in Washington D.C. was dwarfed by thousands of counter-protesters who out-shouted and out-marched the 20-odd white supremacists who marched from the Foggy Bottom Metro Station to Lafayette Park under heavy police escort.

As police marched two officers deep on all sides of the 20 or so white supremacists, hundreds of counter-protesters surrounded them, drowning out all sounds but the sirens from police motorcycles.

The police barrier effectively kept the two groups separated from each other.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get crowds this big, this worked up, to go through Chicago to root out the street gangs?


What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here?

China Now #1 Printer Of Other Nation’s Money. Legally. Um, Mostly We Hope.

Multiple sources in the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation confirmed to the South China Morning Post last month that money production plants across the country were running at near full capacity to meet an unusually high quota set by the government this year.

Most of the demand comes from participants in the “Belt and Road Initiative” and one source, who requested not to be named due to the confidential nature of the information, said Chinese yuan bills only made “a small proportion of the orders”.
Is China undermining its neighbours’ trust by buying political influence with foreign aid?

The state-owned company, headquartered in Beijing’s Xicheng district describes itself as the world’s largest money printer by scale. With more than 18,000 employees, it runs more than 10 strictly guarded facilities for the production of paper notes and coins.

By contrast, its US counterpart, the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing, employs a tenth of the staff at two currency factories, and the world’s number two, the British firm De La Rue, had just over 3,100 employees at the end of last year.

Two things no significant nation should ever do: outsource their currency production or military production. Especially to a country known for breaking the rules on a massive scale all the time.


Arrgh, Pirates Of The Caribbean

Failed Socialist State Of Venezuela Breeds High Seas Crime, With Added Barbarism

Centuries after Blackbeard’s cannons fell silent and the Jolly Roger came down from rum ports across the Caribbean, the region is confronting a new and less romanticized era of pirates.

Political and economic crises are exploding from Venezuela to Nicaragua to Haiti, sparking anarchy and criminality. As the rule of law breaks down, certain spots in the Caribbean, experts say, are becoming more dangerous than they’ve been in years.

Often, observers say, the acts of villainy appear to be happening with the complicity or direct involvement of corrupt officials — particularly in the waters off collapsing Venezuela.

“It’s criminal chaos, a free-for-all, along the Venezuelan coast,” said Jeremy McDermott, co-director of Insight Crime, a nonprofit organization that studies organized crime in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Comprehensive data on piracy is largely lacking for Latin America and the Caribbean. But a two-year study by the nonprofit Oceans Beyond Piracy recorded 71 major incidents in the region in 2017 — including robberies of merchant vessels and attacks on yachts — up 163 percent from the previous year. The vast majority happened in Caribbean waters.

The incidents range from glorified muggings on the high seas to barbaric attacks worthy of 17th-century pirates.

In April, for instance, masked men boarded four Guyanese fishing boats floating 30 miles off the coast of the South American nation. The crews, according to survivors’ accounts, were doused with hot oil, hacked with machetes and thrown overboard, then their boats were stolen. Of the 20 victims, five survived; the rest died or were left unaccounted for.

David Granger, the president of Guyana, decried the attack as a “massacre.” Guyanese authorities have suggested that it could have been linked to gang violence in neighboring Suriname.

The recent piracy attack brings an end to three years of success in suppressing this crime, President David Granger said today while assuring that the Guyana and Suriname governments are working together to deal with the present tragedy.

“It is a great massacre, a great tragedy and we have been very successful over the last three years in curbing piracy. So this has come as a great setback and we extend sympathy to the families of the bereaved”, he told reporters while announcing government’s intention to observe public mourning.

He noted that at the moment, all the information is not available but the two governments are “in touch”.

Based on reports, last Friday evening, five pirates attacked four boats carrying a total of 20 persons just off the Suriname Coast. It was reported that each boat was occupied by five persons, comprising the captain and four fishermen.

The pirates, reportedly armed with cutlasses and guns, chopped and beat the fishermen before robbing them.

It had been reported that some of the men were ordered to jump overboard with their injuries, while others were thrown overboard with batteries strapped to their legs.

And this will continue to fly under the US media radar, even though a) some of the pirates are actual Venezuelan Coast Guard ships, b) some of the pirates are engaging in human trafficking - ie slavery, c) it’s spreading all across the Spanish Main.

It will only become newsworthy when this latest crop of sea thugs attacks a cruise ship, or starts hijacking merchant vessels like their distant cousins in Somalia were doing a few years back.



Filed under “6 or 10 things I didn’t know this morning, and may never need to know again”, New Jersey edition

What has light scantlings, no knees and no horntimber?

Well, you’ve heard of the ship of state, right?

Here’s ours

The A.J. Meerwald is New Jersey’s official Tall Ship. Even though it isn’t very tall at all. In fact, she’s bald-headed, a thing few ladies like to admit. But that’s no gaff; she was rigged that way.

The Meerwald is a restored oysterman. Yes, once upon a time there was a thriving oyster and clam fishing industry out in Delaware Bay by the most southwest corner of NJ. Little towns with names like Bivalve and Shellpile reflect that. But that was all gone by the 1950s, and only a few of these old ships are left, along with just a few old timers still plying the mud flats and shallow waters.

The A.J. Meerwald is a Delaware Bay Oyster Schooner, a distinct vessel that evolved to meet the needs of the local oyster fishery. The A.J. Meerwald, launched in 1928, was one of hundreds of schooners built along South Jersey’s Delaware Bay before the decline of the shipbuilding industry during Great Depression. The A.J. Meerwald embodies the true spirit of the schooner; adapted to efficiently fulfill the prevailing conditions and specific demands of her native waters. While there were once as many as five hundred schooners sailing ‘up the Bay’ to catch oysters, now there are only a handful of converted schooners still harvesting oysters.

Scantlings are the measurements of the parts of the framework inside a ship’s hull that keep it from twisting and buckling. So a light one would be a ship not built for heavy open ocean use. Horntimber is the wood that holds up the underside of the back end of the boat past where the keel ends; many of these old schooners had a long stern that rose up from the rudder at the end of the keel. That’s where the horntimber was. Meerling is short and perky back there, which is cost effective (don’t build boat parts you can’t make money on). Knees are just that, bracing at the juncture of vertical and horizontal scantlings inside the hull. So this old work boat was made for gently sailing the tranquil bays, and that’s about it.

I never knew NJ had had an oyster industry. I didn’t know we had an Official Ship. Never heard of those ship parts, nor heard of a bald-headed sailboat. I’m boaty enough to know about gaffs and clews though. I know just about nothing about the southwest corner of the state, down bayside way. It’s a land out of time, sparsely populated and seemingly removed from the rest of the state. No news ever comes up from there, or even further in towards the Pine Barrens area.


OMG These Are SOOOO Good!


I have a Polish lady friend who brings me neat stuff sometimes. I bake things for her. I only see her once every couple of months up at the shack. These barylki [ bah Rrrrreell key ], Polish word for barrels, are double the size of a standard chocolate cherry, and have real booze in them. Probably have to eat 20 boxes to get drunk on them, so that’s not the point. They taste awesome. Not for little kiddies, obviously.

We’ve had several packaged edible things made in Poland that were really very good. Some kind of jam preserve we found at the Ocean State Job Lots place. All natural but they didn’t make an issue of that. Prices were pretty low too. I wonder why stuff from Poland isn’t more common at the regular stores?

There’s a whole world out there; why does everything here have to come from China?

PS - yes I see the funny bit in the pic. O smaku, by Hurtum. Oh smack you by hurt ‘em? Must be some kind of Polish joke.


Sneaky Bastiges

I thought I had that medical equipment company situation all sorted out. They emailed me a final bill, please send the check to XXXX. Then less than a day later tried to charge the amount to my credit card. Lucky for me my credit card company caught it, and called me up before I could even type out the first sentence of an email to the equipment company pointing out their latest error. Too bad clowns, you’re locked out. You’ll just have to wait on your money a few days. As they say, the check is in the mail. Someday. Mostly.


Yay, Friday! Happy Friday everyone!

When I’m more awake I’ll look at the news. Meanwhile, here’s a subtle use of sex in advertising




We won all 7 at summer bowling league last night, and we’re in 2nd place with just 2 weeks to go. We can win this thing!!



Phooey, I have to play the waiting game today, and sit around here until the medical equipment guy shows up to collect their stuff. In the long run it’s worth it, because I will be rid of an incompetent provider.


Crap, I burned the bread. When you bake a loaf, if you want it to stay crusty, you have to take it when it’s done, turn off the oven, let everything cool down some, then put the bread back in. The oven will still be hot enough to keep the outside crisp as the inside moisture level stabilizes.

Well, I did all that, but I forgot to turn off the oven. So I left the perfect little loaf in there about double the amount of time it needed, and now it’s rather ... charred. Oh well. It was a perfect day to bake bread, lower 80s and humid. So I had the dough outside most of the day, and it came out pretty nice. For once I didn’t overproof the sourdough, so the bread had some good body. And now I have a big shapely ... charcoal briquette. Damn.

update: actually, it’s only lightly singed on the outside. Brush off a little carbon, and the loaf is still really tasty. Pure sourdough bread is the best, but it’s a challenge to get it right.



I had to trim the comments. It was time.


The Alex Jones | InfoWars thing

Scratch A Dem, Find A Commie

We Have To Destroy Free Speech To Save It?

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., is calling on other tech companies to ban more sites like InfoWars, and says the survival of American democracy depends on it.

“Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it,” Murphy tweeted Monday.

In an earlier tweet, Murphy reasoned that private companies “shouldn’t knowingly spread lies and hate.”

I know Facebook and Apple and YouTube have gotten so big they sometimes seem like the government.  But they aren’t.

They are private companies that shouldn’t knowingly spread lies and hate. They took a good first step today by removing Infowars.
— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) August 6, 2018

Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Spotify removed Alex Jones and his InfoWars show from their platforms in recent days, citing violations of their codes of conduct relating to hate speech.

For the millionth time, there is no such thing as hate speech. I don’t follow this Alex Jones guy, but if he isn’t calling for criminal acts against certain people and certain groups, then he is merely stating his opinion. Which may not be popular to some, but that’s what the First Amendment is all about. It’s easy to support free speech that you agree with.

If this Senator Murphy is calling for banning an American’s expression of free speech, he ought to lose his job. Right now. Period. Do svidanya comrade. He’s an oath breaker, even if these social media sites don’t really count as public forums because they’re privately owned. They are de facto public, just like Xerox, Kleenex, and Q-Tip are private brand names, but have become the de facto public, generic names for those products. Murphy swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and that includes the 1A in all shades of grey.

Breitbart leads with this story, saying that Murphy has gone into Full Book Burning Mode ... which implies that Murphy is acting like a Nazi?

Obviously, what Murphy sees here is an opportunity to go around the First Amendment, to kill free and open speech he disagrees with, and to accomplish that using social media giants as his hit squad.

Democrats and the establishment media are desperate to return America back to the pre-Internet days when a very few corporations controlled the free flow of information, those corporations being the four television networks and a handful of newspapers and wire services.

Conservatives now find themselves, once again, in the precarious position of being at the mercy of just a handful of companies: Twitter, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Pinterest, etc… And what Murphy and his left-wing confederates want is to crush speech, to control the flow of information, to strangle certain ideas in the crib, and to use these monopolies as a way to go back to the “good old days” when the left-wing establishment fully controlled the dissemination of news.

If America had a media that was worth a damn, Murphy would be asked for a list of these “websites” he would like to see de-platfomed and disappeared. Unfortunately, the same media outlets that claim the First Amendment is being violated whenever they are criticized, have joined in this unholy and un-American crusade to silence their critics on the political right.

What’s more, Murphy’s call for these big companies to remove websites is not a small deal. As a sitting United States Senator, he has the power to threaten and regulate these corporations to do his bidding.

In more ways than one way Alex Jones and InfoWars are the canary in the coalmine of free speech.

Master of the Universe Google’s video platform YouTube has deleted the channel of InfoWars host Alex Jones shortly after Facebook and Apple removed InfoWars content from their platforms.

YouTube has reportedly deleted InfoWars host Alex Jones channel from their platform. This comes shortly after Facebook removed multiple InfoWars pages from their website and Apple removed the majority of InfoWars podcasts from their podcast directory.

InfoWars Editor Paul Joseph Watson tweeted about the permanent deletion of Alex Jones’ YouTube channel, calling the move a “coordinated purge” on the part of Silicon Valley tech companies.

That’s the new, new reality: not only do the federal and state governments control nearly everything you do, a small handful of super rich white guys control what you can read and hear, and even write and say, in the electronic public. So much for freedom. Oh, and they track everything you do with a keyboard, and sell it to anyone they want. No freedom or privacy there either. Control the media, control the message. Control the message, control the present. Control the present, control the future. Control the media, control the past. They are our masters. Bow down.


Things I meant to blog about but didn’t get to -

•  20+ Antifa hooligans arrested. In Berkeley of course

An Antifa protest in Berkeley turned violent Sunday when one masked group member sucker-punched a detractor and other agitators smashed the windows at a Marine Corps recruiting post, cellphone video showed.

Authorities arrested 20 people during the dueling California demonstrations between Antifa and individuals affiliated with the so-called “alt-right.” Three people suffered minor injuries after a group of “extremists” threw “explosives”—believed to be fireworks and flares—at police and the Alameda County Sheriff’s officers. No members of law enforcement were hurt.

In a series of photos posted to Twitter by filmmaker Ford Fischer, members of Antifa can be seen smashing the windows of the U.S. Marines Corps recruiting office on Shattuck Avenue.

The Berkeley Police Department, supported by officers from around the region, used de-escalation strategies throughout the day: separation of rival groups, confiscating weapons and arresting those carrying weapons in prohibited areas.

There have now been 20 arrests, most of them for possession of banned weapons in parks, and on streets and sidewalks. Dozens of weapons were confiscated.

Even though there were many hundreds of people, many of whom came armed and hostile, there were no significant injuries to anyone in the public or to City staff. The lack of injuries is fortunate given that extremists threw explosives at Berkeley Police and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office mutual aid officers.

Wow, a Marine Corps recruiting post in Berkeley? And I thought I had a lonely job.

•  David Hogg, still a total hypocrite Brings armed guards and extra police protection to protest in front of the NRA about guns. And just to make sure his stupid virtue signalling gesture didn’t get his ass whupped, the protest was held when the place wasn’t even open. Gosh, he’s so virile and brave. What a leader.

Douche. I can’t believe anyone thinks he’s still even slightly relevant. Brat, your 15 minutes was up months ago. Go away, forever.

•  What, more antifa antics? Yup, the sickos never quit. Antifa hassles two Conservatives in Philly.

You know, sooner or later some of these hosers are going to get themselves hurt really bad. Or dead. And it will be a terrible tragedy. Yes, a tragedy, because the ground over their graves can only absorb so much urine, and the whole damn country will be lining up to recycle some fluids there.

•  Political bias in an economics report? The bottom fell out of the cranberry market 6 years ago. Too many farmers, too much product, too strong a near-monopoly protectionist guild farmers association. But the WSJ says it’s Trump’s fault, because the EU and China might be laying even more tariffs on the cranberry exports. Somehow the text doesn’t line up with the graphs, which show that this year’s harvest and sales will exceed last year’s by a wide margin. And that’s at a loss of $5/bbl? Farmers may be many things, but they aren’t stupid. Not year after year after year. I hope.


Cathartic read

I just finished re-reading the end of Watership Down. I’d found the book in the back of a closet, and read through most of it, but put it down for a couple weeks just before the big battle and the ending. The epilogue is still one of the most perfect, beautiful bits of writing I’ve ever read. I knew it was coming, but it reduced me to tears anyway. Had a good blow and a wipe, and I’m OK. I’ve had that paperback - what’s left of it - since I was a teenager. It’s a first edition from 1975. I used to lend the book out to new girlfriends to see what their reaction would be. If they thought it was the most wonderful precious story ever, then there was hope for them. If it was just some lame story about rabbits, or if they never bothered to read it, or started and lost interest after a chapter or two ... somehow my interest in them soon waned too. They had to like my dog Katie too, and more importantly, Katie had to like them. The dog was often a better judge of character than I was in those days.

If you’ve never read WD, it’s worth tracking down a copy. If you have read it, but not for many years, it’s worth reading again. Magnificent writing from start to finish. I’ll put the book away now, maybe tape the cover back on, and read it again in another decade or two.


OMG, I may have actually won one with my health provider companies. I’ll let you know when the whole thing is done, but the rather nefarious company that has been renting me equipment has agreed to settle for half the unpaid amount. Probably because they screwed up about a dozen times in the whole process, from the rental agreement to the insurance company billing to their misguided investigation to their contact letter to their settlement options to their semi-final agreement. No wonder this company has about the worst Better Business Bureau and Yelp ratings possible. Maybe I should have held out for only a quarter payment, but I’m a nice guy.


Must have run out of wings and watermelon
This Weekend In The Windy City: 11 13 shot dead, 70 wounded

At least 70 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, with 11 fatalities, city police said on Sunday, a stark violent streak in a city where authorities say gun violence has been decreasing this year.

The shootings were at its worst during the seven hours from midnight Saturday to early Sunday morning in which 40 of the injuries happened.

“These were both random and targeted shootings on our streets,” said Fred Waller, Chief of the Patrol Division of the Chicago Police Department, in a press conference.

He said most of the shootings are connected to gang violence in the city of about 2.7 million people, the third-largest in the United States.

Police said gunmen targeted a block party, a gathering after a funeral, and other gatherings on a night where thousands of people gathered for a downtown concert.

Local media reported that the brunt of the violence happened in the city’s West Side, where 25 people were shot in separate attacks.

As is ALWAYS the case, 95% or more of the shooters and the victims were black.
Ferals. There’s nothing left to say. Just run the numbers. Think of it as adult birth control, because it’s too late for a government funded abortion.

******* &&&&&& ******


Black Lives Don’t Matter: BLM “Leader” Killed For A Bicycle

A 26-year-old man has been arrested by New Orleans Police and booked with the murder of a Black Lives Matter activist from South Carolina who was fatally shot while riding a bicycle on Bienville Street.

Roosevelt Iglus was booked with second-degree murder in the death of 32-year-old Muhiyidin Moye, police announced Wednesday (July 25). Moye, who preferred the last name d’Baha, was killed Feb. 6 in the 1900 block of Bienville Street. He was shot in the thigh and taken in critical condition to a local hospital, where he later died.

In announcing Iglus’ arrest, police did not discuss any possible motive for the shooting. In February, police said it may have occurred during a robbery attempt.  Arrest documents for Iglus say that surveillance cameras captured the shooting.

d’Baha was riding a bicycle when a man on foot approached and “unsuccessfully tried to knock the victim from his bicycle,” according to the documents. d’Baha rode away as the man shot at him several times, and a white SUV was then seen on camera driving away from the scene.
Iglus was arrested without incident Tuesday in the 700 block of Iberville Street and booked into the Orleans Parish Justice Center.

d’Baha lived in Charleston, S.C. but friends said on social media that he had been staying in New Orleans for some time. He made national headlines in February 2017 after a video circulated showing him taking a flying leap to wrestle a large Confederate battle flag from a protester in South Carolina.

I have no idea what the white SUV has to do with this story. Was OJ in it? Or are they implying that the shooter got away in it, and possibly got out of it to do the shooting ... which would imply that this was a hit, not some random low level street crime “gone bad”.


Getting killed over a bicycle doesn’t seem that uncommon in New Orleans. Here’s another bike/murder story from that same day’s news. Two guys fighting because one owed the other money. Guy takes the other guys bike in lieu of payment. Bicycle-less guy goes and ambushes him, shoots him dead, and then leaves the bicycle behind.


Early AM news bits

Rinky dink pageant winner dethroned over picture of a doobie

A Maine woman has been stripped of her title as 2018 Maine Lobster Festival Sea Goddess after a photo of her holding a marijuana cigarette was circulated within 24 hours of her being crowned.

Taylor Hamlin, 18, was named Sea Goddess on Wednesday as a part of a tradition in the 71-year-old Maine Lobster Festival.  But just 24 hours after being crowned, Hamlin resigned.

According to a statement from the Maine Lobster Festival, “photos of inappropriate behavior posted on Taylor Hamlin’s personal social media pages was brought to the attention of the Coronation Committee and the Executive Board of Directors.”

The following day, Hamlin “decided to resign” after meeting with the board, the statement read.

Pot is decriminalized in Maine. There’s a lesson here kids: don’t publish pictures of yourself behaving badly. It will come back to haunt you. OTOH, the Lobster Festival people need to get real. It’s a miracle any young women even sign up for their competition. And the duties couldn’t be much more than waving from a float in a 3 block parade, and maybe cutting the ribbon on some new roadside lobster shack. Get a life already.

And maybe, oh I don’t know, do a little background screening or a drug test ahead of time? Nah, the contestants probably just walked in off the docks and got on stage. What a crock.


Oh Noes!! Oregon grows far too much weed, can’t sell the harvest

A new Oregon report by law enforcement found nearly 70 percent of the legal recreational marijuana grown goes unsold, while an unrelated state-commissioned Colorado study found most growers there are planting less than half of their legal allotment — and still meeting demand.

1) If you’re going to make it legal, then make it legal. Free. Unfettered. Anybody who wants to grow can grow. And duh, within a couple seasons there won’t be any marijuana market at all. At least not locally. There’s always the cross-country trade with the seaside towns in Maine.

2) I’m willing to bet that Oregon handed out grow permits left and right, and also regulated and taxed the living hell out of every aspect of the process. My next bet is that 100% of the unregulated harvest will be sold. Laws be damned, free enterprise will always win.


Another Sterling Character In Politics

New Hampshire Senator Arrested For 9 Counts Of Domestic Violence

The top Democrat in the New Hampshire state Senate was arrested on Thursday on nine misdemeanor counts of domestic violence. Jeff Woodburn, the Senate minority leader, has vowed to fight the allegations even as he faces bipartisan calls to resign.
“This morally reprehensible, violent behavior has no place in public service, or anywhere else,” Gov. Chris Sununu (R.) stated. Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, said “any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or domestic violence is completely unacceptable behavior for anyone let alone our public officials who should all be held to a higher standard.”

Woodburn, who represents Senate District 1, is a third-term senator who is running for reelection to a fourth term. He was chosen to lead the Senate’s Democratic caucus in 2014.

Give the guy his day in court, but maybe have a sub fill in for him in the interim? The news doesn’t say who filed the charges, or when these incidents were said to have happened. Maybe he’s getting a divorce; nasty and often false allegations get thrown around just for leverage. Or maybe he’s just a thug.


5:30 in the morning, I’m up at my usual time. Feed the kittehs. Make a coffee. It’s pouring rain, has been all night, and will be all morning. All day maybe? I don’t think this pool party thing is going to work out today. It’s a 100 mile drive to get to Auntie’s house and I’m sure traffic will be slow with episodes of flash flooding. I do so wish we’d get past this never ending wet. At this point I’m starting to look around for gopher wood, to build my own ark.



Getting really tired of this rain stuff. We’re on our fourth rain storm of the day. We had a super intense thunderstorm early this afternoon. Power went out twice, loudest thunder I’ve ever heard here, and we got an inch and a half of rain in 9 minutes. Unreal. It rained so hard the siding got power washed.

This July was the wettest month ever in New Jersey. I swear it rained at least 4 days a week every week.


Well, at least I won’t have to water the tomatoes for a while.


Some of that respect and civility the Dems are always going on about

I was watching the Ingram Angle last night on Fox News. IMO it was a puff piece, a 15 minute filler. A low news story: the Left are hypocrites, press and media both, always crying that they should be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Meanwhile they act in the vilest, nastiest, most racist and psychotic ways possible at all times. And gosh, the country doesn’t trust them any more. They don’t appreciate the Left treating half the population like degenerate outcasts; not just the snide remarks ( bitter clingers, deplorables, etc ) but the “random” acts of approved and professionally organized violence (antifa et al) and the endless demand for white and conservative genocide. Yes, the cat is long out of the bag: these people, by the tens of thousands, are actively calling for your death and the elimination of your race. But you’re the racists.

The hypocrisy is staggering, and it’s so common and so everyday that it isn’t even news. That’s why Ingram’s piece was filler. Like black on black violence, like always blaming the gun, like screaming about Roe v. Wade every time a Republican gets nominated for a judge job anywhere, we’ve heard it all before. A million billion times for decades.

The latest is this twit Jim Acosta from CNN. He covers some rally President Trump had, and gosh, the crowd is yelling at him, calling CNN fake news, and telling him to leave. And the po widdle newsie is so scared. He’s in fear for his life. This isn’t America! Oh, the incivility, the disrespect. These flyover retards are treating the news media like they’re the enemy!!! How deplorable!!

Meanwhile, this is a political campaign ad run by a Dem down in Backwash Kentucky:


Srsly? A lynching meme? Horry clap. Of course, if you look carefully, it appears he’s calling for white genocide. Who else would the “old boys network” be if not white guys? So that’s Ok, right? All white people must die, after extensive suffering?

No, for once I’m not exaggerating.  Yesterday’s right-wing big news story was how the New York Times, the liberal fish wrap of note, has just hired Sarah Jeong, a virulent hater of whites, men, and Republicans. She’s got a history or racist remarks that would make Roseanne blush, and they go back years and years. Funny thing, they fired the last person who had that job for being racist. And they’re one of the ones pushing the false narrative (fake news?) that racism only exists when it’s directed against non-whites.


Sometimes the hypocrisy is so bad you just have to say something. They are unhinged. Psychotic infants having a never ending tantrum, treating everyone else like diseased garbage but demanding that they be given the royal princess treatment 24-7. And 2/3 of the nation has had enough of their hateful, divisive spew. But OMG, when they express that displeasure by yelling while at their own rally - not by chopping Acosta’s head off, or shooting his children, or burning down his house, or even harassing his family in public - then that’s a terrible thing.

I’m tired of their BS.



Tough day to get any work done outside. Every hour or so it rained. When it wasn’t raining, it was a sauna. Best thing to do was give up, go back inside where the A/C is on, and take a nap.



More Ashes For The Dustbin Of History? Or maybe just one ash?
The Evaporating Obama Legacy: Trump Freezes Future EPA Standards

The Trump administration on Thursday moved to freeze fuel economy standards in what officials described as an effort to give drivers access to “safer” and “more affordable” vehicles, in the latest swipe at former President Barack Obama’s legacy.

The proposal comes just one day after the Trump administration announced major changes to health plans, providing consumers with more options to buy cheaper, short-term health insurance.

The Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency proposed the vehicle change as the first formal step in setting new standards for model years 2021 through 2026. The plan would freeze the Obama-era requirements set to take effect after 2020.

“There are compelling reasons for a new rulemaking on fuel economy standards for 2021-2026,” Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao said in a statement Thursday. “More realistic standards will promote a healthy economy by bringing newer, safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles to U.S. roads and we look forward to receiving input from the public.”

The administration also filed notice Thursday that it wants to revoke the authority of California and other states to set their own, stricter mileage standards—independent of federal ones.

Ok, this is another “small news” story. We’ve been hearing about President Trump’s move to roll back the onerous EPA regs for more than a year now. And all that he’s doing is freezing the next “Level Up” at the EPA, not getting rid of it. IMO, the standards for gasoline vehicles are already too high. Meanwhile, everybody and his uncle Moe are driving giant diesel pickup trucks, and SUVs of all types are the only big sellers at the dealerships. Neither of which are impacted by this freeze, nor by Obama’s other dream-on mpg and pollution standards.  It’s a con.


a pig like this you don’t eat all at once ...

Hero Pig Stops Burglar

An Indiana family’s pet pig recently proved he didn’t need a house made of bricks to get rid of a determined intruder.

Indianapolis Police said an attempted burglary on the city’s east side Tuesday may have been thwarted after the would-be thieves came across the family’s fearless pig.

“The officers were guessing when the person broke in they were probably surprised I had a pig and were like, ‘We don’t want to deal with this,’” the homeowner, who asked not to be identified, told FOX59. “The cop was like, we definitely think they got in and made it to where Dumplin was and thought, ‘Nope. We don’t want no part of this.’”

The intruders didn’t steal anything from the home, but “ruined” the back door after smashing it in, according to the homeowner. The incident was one of three home burglaries in the neighborhood on the same day.

Rats, I thought there’d be more to the story than this. Like the piggy ate them, or trampled them, or chased them for 50 blocks until the police nabbed them. No, just a case of house breakers with porcinaphobia.


Egad, it’s August. Summer is nearly over. Back To School sales are popping up all over.

And people are just as knot headed as always, refusing to address certain problems while pointing fingers in the wrong direction ...

“this demon called gun violence”

Following a mass shooting down in Nawlins, one so chock full of stereotypes that the media had a hard time even reporting the story ( 3 killed 7 wounded at a Chicken & Watermelon eatery ), we get another worthless candlelight vigil and another call to end gun violence. Meanwhile, gangs are everywhere in da hood and get more psychotic every year. Naturally, nobody dindu nuttin, and nobody done saw nuttin neither.

After community and church leaders prayed for peace and urged creative solutions to “this demon called gun violence” Tuesday night (July 31), the mother of a man killed in Saturday’s mass shooting on South Claiborne Avenue stood before a line of cameras and pleaded with the gunmen to turn themselves in to police.

“I’m begging, from the bottom of my heart, please give yourself up cause you going to keep killing, killing killing,” cried Robin Jackson, mother of the late Kurshaw Jackson, 38. “If you have a heart--please, I’m begging from the bottom of my heart--give yourself up.”

Tuesday evening, New Orleans paramedics and police officers, anti-violence advocates and other community members surrounded Robin Jackson and her family in the parking lot of the South Claiborne Avenue strip mall where 10 people were shot Saturday, three fatally, including Kurshaw Jackson.

Also at the center of the crowd was Jackson’s identical twin, Reshaw Jackson, his face grief-stricken, his cheeks wet as a series of speakers led the crowd in prayers for the three dead and seven wounded.


Investigators believe the shooting was likely gang-related and that the other man killed, Jeremiah Lee, 28, was the intended target, NOPD said.

Yes, given that the victim was a member of the 3NG gang, and that rival gang members chased him down into the crowd, then stood over his body and continued to shoot him multiple times in front of dozens of witnesses, then ran away down MLK Jr Blvd, but nobody saw anything ... yeah that could be gang related.

Look, I feel bad for the people who were hurt or who lost family and friends in this. But it isn’t the damn gun. It’s the people pulling the trigger, and their utterly feral disregard for human life. And gosh, they’re all black too. So admit the truth and fix the problem. It’s nobody’s fault but theirs.

Background: watch the PC media in action, trying SO hard to not show or mention the place where this all went down:



Winning the other war??

Iranian Rial Down 18% In Just 2 Days

Mad Mullah’s currency soon to be worth less than generic toilet paper. Islamonazis seem to be suffering a fate few countries have ever seen: no water to drink, worthless money, civil unrest, etc. Gosh, just keep right on threatening the world with death and terrorism. You’re winning. NOT.

Iran’s currency traded at a fresh record-low of 119,000 to the dollar on Tuesday, a loss of nearly two-thirds of its value since the start of the year as US sanctions loom.

The Iranian rial has been crashing in recent days as the country anxiously awaits the reimposition of full US sanctions, starting on August 6.

It hit 100,000 to the dollar for the first time on Sunday and continued its decline, losing 18 percent of its value in less than two days.

On January 1, the dollar was worth 42,900 rials. The government has been in crisis mode, replacing its central bank chief last week.

The central bank issued a statement on Monday, blaming the currency volatility on the “enemies’ conspiracy” and vowing fresh counter-measures “in the coming days”.

I take that back. The Iranian Rial is already worth less than 1/10 the value of a sheet of toilet paper. Amazon has a case of Angel Soft for sale for $21.99; 4 12 packs with 264 sheets per roll. That works out to 576 sheets to the dollar.

That means one sheet of bargain brand TP, even at a discount bulk price, is worth more than 206 Iranian Rials. The regular stuff you buy by the 4 pack is worth more than 1000 Rials. Har har. Har har. Mwwaaahahahahaaahhaa!!!!1!

Some capitalist American could make some money here. Import their currency in bulk, and sell it as ass wipes. Turn a fat profit at 1000 for a dollar, and ramp up American pride at the same time. That’s winning.

I wrote this post with as much disrespect as I could. Iran is our enemy. So fuck ‘em. Wipe you butt with their money, and post the pics on social media. Laugh at them. Mock them. Let them all suffer and die. No immigration, more sanctions, secret naval blockade of all ships trying to get in to sell them stuff, etc. More than 3/4 of their population wasn’t even alive when they were our friends, up to 1979. All they know is to be enemies of us, the Great Satan.

I think the TP metric is a great economic indicator. When 200 units of your money is worth less than a sheet of standard American toilet paper, your entire economy is in the crapper. Game over; you LOSE.


Aaah, they’re all full of hot air

Rats, missed it again. For the 20th year in a row.

The local airport hosts a party every year. It’s rock concert, a flea market, foot race, and the biggest hot air balloon festival in the country. And we didn’t go. We never go. It’s 10 minutes down the highway.



If I was their mother I’d smack them.

Millennials giving up 6 figure paying jobs to backpack and surf around the world. Because, like, work is like totes boring and stuff, right?

Tim Mason, is also a quitter. Three years ago — long before the two met — he left a good-paying job selling software at a top consulting company in New Jersey.

Sitting at work, he says, he saw his whole life flash before his eyes: 50-hour work weeks with a measly 10 days of vacation every year — and he didn’t like it one bit.

“Nothing was wrong with the job — it was a great company, good money, six figures. I was 26 and I said, ‘Why am I going to spend my 20s sitting at a desk?’ ” says Mason, now 29. “We’re waiting for retirement at 67, and they keep bumping it up — who knows what age it will be for me — 70s? I thought it was foolish not to [leave].”

And, he adds, “I was the top sales guy for three years before I left. I did the Michael Jordan thing — I went out on top.”

Mason has since traveled around the world, visiting more than 30 countries. He and Solomon met at a hostel for surfers in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, just a few days after she left New York.

“We were both chasing this dream in Nicaragua at the same time,” says Mason, who earns money by occasionally working as a scuba instructor.

He and Solomon have been in Hawaii for three months and plan to stay through the end of the summer. After that, they’re uncertain where they’ll go.

Plenty of others like him in the article. They’re all sooo tired of work, after just 3 or so years at it. Even though they’re making FAT FAT PHAT money. And OMG, just 2 weeks vacay? That’ so MEAN!!!

So quit, drop out, pack your knapsack, and go to Bali, go climb a volcano, go hike the Andea, jet off to the far corners of the world based on your zodiac. Go play. Party down. Responsibility to the future is so, like, totally lame.


Me blogging two days in a row!! I know, right? But this one was too good to pass up.

“It’s Not A Loophole, It’s A Crime !!!”

Just like the ICE protesters in - where was it, Portland? Seattle? - the other day, who “occupied” an area ( and made a total mess of the place, as usual ) and when the cops showed up to throw them out, they threatened to build a wall around their play fort protest area, with armed guards ... and they were protesting the USA wanting to build a wall along Mexico, with armed guards ... TODAY’s leftwing hypocrisy is nearly as good.

You know how it’s everyone’s “right” these days to be whatever gender, all 57 flavors of it, they want at any time they want for any reason they want, right? So this guy in Canada finds out it would be cheaper to get car insurance if he was a woman. So he goes to court, declares himself female, and saves C$1100 a year on insurance. And the LGBTQWERTY squad is having a hissy fit. Because that’s mocking their meme. But let’s not look at all those scholastic athletes who put on lace panties and then go out and win the Title IX state championships, because the rules say that they’re now girls. No, that’s just fine and dandy. What a bunch.

A Canadian man legally changed his gender to female so he could take advantage of better car insurance rates offered to women and save up nearly $1,100 Canadian Dollars, a report said.

A man, identified only as “David” who lives in Alberta, told CBC News that he was given a quote of $4,500 Canadian Dollars for the insurance of a Chevrolet Cruze he wanted to buy. The insurers told him his yearly bill would be around $1,100 less if he was a woman.
To take advantage of the lower rates and “beat the system”, David had to legally change his gender on a birth certificate. To do so, he had to acquire a note from the doctor acknowledging his identification as a woman before he could proceed with the change.

“It was pretty simple,” David told the outlet about the process of legally changing his gender. “I just basically asked for it and told them that I identify as a woman, or I’d like to identify as a woman, and he wrote me the letter I wanted.”

After submitting all the documentation, just weeks later, David was legally a female and was subjected to lower premium rates for the insurance. “I was quite shocked, but I was also relieved,” he said. “I felt like I beat the system. I felt like I won.”

“I’m a man, 100 percent. Legally, I’m a woman,” he said, noting that he will be saving around $91 Canadian Dollars per month. “I did it for cheaper car insurance.”

Gee, maybe he should have just kept his mouth shut, eh? Hoser.

The transgender community also criticized David for his stunt, saying it downgrades the whole process of changing ones gender.

“I think it cheapens the whole process. It sort of casts doubt on everybody else’s motives for making those changes,” Marie Little, a former chair of the Trans Alliance Society, told CBC News. “I think it gives ammunition to people who want to take rights away from trans people.”

Oh puh-leez! Their motives are to make themselves the center of attention, to be able to play the victim card, and to game the system as much as they can. That, and they’re all messed up in the head anyway. There are only two genders, but there are an infinite number of mental health problems.


A bit more hypocrisy, this time from the other side of the pond. I don’t do much UK stuff anymore, since Peiper died. I miss him so much, and he really helped generate a lot of content here at old BMEWS. But this one would be right up his passageway. Do they say “alley” in England?

Garbage Dumping Gyppos Upset That Council Gov NOT Cleaning Up Their Garbage

Typical, what what?

A group of travellers who set up an illegal camp have complained that the council has failed to pick up their rubbish.

The caravans and cars have been stationed by a power station in Plymouth since July 24.

But some now say they are angry about the amount of litter on the road and pavements in the area and fear for their children’s health.
Devon County Council has responsibility for the issue because the encampment is on Holland Road.

A spokesman for Devon County Council said: ‘We’re aware of this encampment and will be visiting the group to establish their intentions.’

In just 5 days they’ve made a total mess of the place, even overflowing a Mov-a-Loo ( do they call them porta-potties over there? ) that someone set up for them. And gosh, the neighbors are putting big concrete barriers on the roads so they can’t go in or out. Tough mutton, chaps.


This used to be a joke


Boss, we’re parked in a handicap zone!

It’s OK, I’m psychotic

UK Vehicle Handi-Badge Rights Now Extended To Mental Patients

People with mental health problems will be able to apply for blue badge parking permits under the largest overhaul of the system for 40 years.

From next year, those with ‘hidden disabilities’ like autism and less immediately obvious mental illnesses will have the same right to park in disabled bays as people with physical disabilities, the Department for Transport announced.

The government said that while current rules covering the badge scheme in England do not specifically exclude people with non-physical disabilities, they ‘are open to interpretation’ by local authorities and require greater clarity.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman said: ‘Blue badges are a lifeline for disabled people, giving them the freedom and confidence to get to work and visit friends independently.

‘The changes we have announced today will ensure that this scheme is extended equally to people with hidden disabilities so that they can enjoy the freedoms that many of us take for granted.’

Eligible will be “People who suffer ‘very considerable psychological distress’ when they make a journey”.

Um, A) should they even be driving in the first place, and B) does this work for everyone who gets miffed at slow traffic and stupid drivers? That’s about 100% of all motorists, isn’t it? Badges for everyone; we’re all special!!!


Oh my word. Our littlest cat is in heat again. Mrow. MroWW. MRROOOWW!!! She’s running around singing at the windows. Shut up kitty.




The Greening Of The Thumbs

A gardening day. We pulled weeds, did some trimming, raked up bits and pieces, spread around more fertilizer and laid down 6 bags of mulch. So things look lot more finished. Yay. I also went through half a dozen boxes and baskets of clothes; I have so darn many clothes that no longer fit. Good stuff, old stuff, winter and summer, all mixed together. I have to lose at least 50 pounds before any of it will ever fit again ... so let’s thin things out. A lot. I have 4 big plastic bags full ready to go down to the Goodwill boxes. It’s a start.

Oh, and the birthday luncheon was awesome. Bonefish Grill serves some really nice food. Much nicer than Red Lobster. We had a good time.

Ok, time for a shower or two, then get down to SP to do my Sunday cleaning job. Then back here, and maybe grill up some more jerk chicken. Red beans and rice? I can do that. It’s very island and not hard to make at all. Or peas and rice, a similar dish from another island area.



Lunch plans become a lesson in unknown history.

That’s the internet for you. One thing leads to another, and you can get lost while finding out all kinds of neat stuff.

We’re taking Stephanie out for her birthday. We suggested dinner but they’d prefer lunch at a seafood place near them called the Bonefish Grill. Which serves every kind of fish and shellfish, but no actual bonefish. So I’m checking their hours online - duh, they’re open all the time because the place is at the mall - and I see the menu. Let’s take a look ... hmm, they have cobia. Never heard of it.  What kind of fish is cobia? Here’s a story about a little girl in Maryland who caught one half again bigger than herself. And here’s a story about a couple of fish science guys who have developed a vegetarian fish pellet to feed them that works, which makes aquaculture much less expensive. And renewable. Apparently they farm these “replacement fish” ( the cod and flounder are mostly fished out ) And that lead to fresh scallops in a gallon can, that scallops have blue eyes - a hundred of them!!! , the Grand Banks, the Georges Bank off of Cape Cod, which lead to articles about “EEZ”, over-fishing, and how the Basques were over here fishing at least as long as the Vikings were in Iceland. 500 years before Columbus. And how when “John Cabot” “discovered” the entrance to the St. Lawrence seaway, he had to sail past about 1000 Basque fishing boats to find the place. Interesting reading. No, the Basques didn’t settle here, probably because the natives were so darn violent that even the Vikings couldn’t deal with them. That, and that the Basques were too busy making money; catch the fish, dry and salt them on some nearby island, then get back to Europe ASAP. Oh, and maybe catch a few whales on the way, as salted whale tongue was a big seller in medieval Europe. I’d say EEeewww, but for all I know it tastes great.

I’m thinking that the “New World” was probably known about since the days of Pharaoh. Probably since before the end of the last Ice Age, because I also think people have been around, and at a higher level of civilization and technology, a whole lot longer than us moderns give them credit for. They just didn’t make a big deal out of it, since it was hard to get to, hard to get back from, and was all forests and a few really violent people, and those who visited didn’t build any large amount of massive stone monuments that have survived. Therefore it never happened. Um, no.

But Columbus was kind of a faker with his claim. All these explorer guys were. Oh look, I “found” this new place, except for the half million people already living here since before forever, and because I stuck a stick in the ground, it now belongs to my country. Srsly???? And they got away with it. And they’re still sort of getting away with it. Look at whatever innocuous name that La Raza group has renamed itself. Still the same old tired claim: Half the USA belongs to Mexico. Because we stole it (with conquest, treaties, and huge amounts of cash). That’s after the Mexicans stole it from the Spanish. Who stole it from the natives. Who stole it from the natives before them. 190 bazillion acres, and it belonged to Spain because they populated it with 12 priests and 3 dozen fur trappers. But hey, they planted a flag. And some guy in the Vatican said it was theirs. One guy. Man, that’s even more nerve than today’s Libs have.


Chocolate Hermit cookies were a big hit at her office. It’s an odd kind of cookie, a Victorian ere recipe. Nowhere near as sweet as a typical modern cookie. And they’re pretty ugly. They look like dark little poops. Taste a lot better though.

Next baking experiment will be “earthquake cookies”; molasses spice crispy cookies that bake up with lots of cracks on top. Pretty simple recipe, which could easily be from the Colonial Era.


Horly cats, it’s still raining. Actually, we got off easy today; it only rained 3 times. Absolute sauna this morning, then 2 short showers during the day. Sun actually made it out for a bit, but come evening a pretty intense thunderstorm moved in and dropped 1 1/2” of new wet on us in about an hour. Now it’s gone past, and we’re merely having light rain. All this, and we’re still on water restrictions. Not that we don’t have plenty of it; it’s because the town is 20 years behind on the infrastructure. There simply isn’t enough pipe in the ground to handle people’s regular needs. Another one of those unexpected consequences of suburban sprawl.




Rain Rain Go Away

We’ve had 5” of rain since Monday afternoon, which was when I emptied the bucket on the patio after Sunday’s rain. So who knows how much total. 7”? Wouldn’t be surprised. It’s pretty saturated out there.  And I’m sick of it.

Related, but I’m too tired after a really crappy night of bowling to write about it:

•   Liquid Water On Mars!!! Gosh, we’ve heard this before, but this time Scientists Are Positive. A whole lake of it.

•   WATER RIOTS IN IRAN ! Arrests made, people shot. This is what happens when you have a totalitarian government that spends all the money on military stuff. Come on, who the heck wants to attack Iran? We can get sand anywhere.

•  This Could Be Why Seems like the Iranians have been breeding like rats. DOUBLED the population in 20 years, and that was from a report 2 years ago.

BTW, the guy who made the above statement, Kaveh Madani, did his best to fix things as water minister, but after being hassled, arrested, tortured, smeared, and accused of disloyalty for speaking out, he quit his post as Iran’s water boss a few months back. Let’s hope he made it out alive. The nerve of the guy, looking honestly at the situation and figuring out that government mismanagement is the root cause. And then saying that. Allah be merciful!!



In New Jersey, Only The Strong Survive

Woman Strangles Rabid Fox With Her Bare Hands

A New Jersey woman said she was forced to kill a rabid fox after the animal bit her leg and continued gnawing on her flesh despite her efforts to escape.

Tammy DuBois told she was checking a bird feeder near her house in Pittsgrove Township on July 18 when the fox appeared from the bushes. The vicious animal leaped onto her leg and made a noise that sounded like “yip, yip, yip, yip, yip.”

“I just backed up,” the 52-year-old recalled to “It was going crazy, making noises and its mouth was moving.”

DuBois said the fox circled around her, then sank its teeth into her right leg. It continued its attack DuBois despite her attempts to escape. While she was attempting run into her house, the fox once again began biting her leg.

“It was biting at my leg, I had to do something,” DuBois said.

Trying to escape, DuBois ran up the steps of her porch to the house door.  The fox followed. As she tried to open the door to get inside, the fox began gnawing sideways on her already wounded leg.

DuBois said she usually had some garden tools on the porch, but there were none this day she could use to fend off the vicious animal.

With the animal tearing at her flesh she reached down and grabbed its snout with her left hand holding it tightly shut. With her right hand she grabbed the fox’s neck and squeezed.
The fox struggled to get free, but soon went limp.

“I couldn’t do anything else to get it away from me,” she said. “I don’t like to kill anything.”

And now she’s getting a few weeks of rabies shots. Pittsgrove Township is down in the southwest corner of the state, near Vineland, close to the big empty of the Pine Barrens. It’s not even 30 miles away from Philadelphia, but it’s getting out in the country, at least in NJ terms.


Oh joy, I have to spend a few hours making phone calls to try and straighten out some medical insurance issues. I know some of you go through this all the time, but this is a first to me. So it’s going to be extra fun. I have to remember to write everything down, keep my patience, and deal nicely with people who don’t speak my language and who work for companies that don’t want to do what I pay them to do. Such fun.


On a positive note, it has stopped raining. For now. We got another 2 or 3 inches of it last night, so that’s probably at least 5 inches of wet since Sunday. No drought conditions here, that’s for sure.



Guess I had the date wrong. Oh well.  I’m looking up hermit cookie recipes.  I have to go to the store anyway.

Give Us This Day .... yesterday’s loaf was your basic hybrid bread, but done up in a pan. Makes for better more normal looking sammiches that way.


The Big Jerk-Off

I’ve been exploring different jerk marinade mixes for the past week or so. We’ve been fans of jerk chicken for years, and you know we love hot and spicy foods. So when I saw a jerk spice mix at, I had to try it. I used it as a straight up dry rub, then I made their marinade recipe, then I made it again with added allspice and a couple of habanero peppers.  And that one cane out pretty good. A bit of zing, but not the lip tingling eye watering blast of mouth hot that jerk is supposed to have. So I tried another kind. I’ve used the Walkers Wood jerk paste in a jar for many years, and once in a while I get the Busha Browne’s paste. Busha’s is a bit hard to find around here, and has a deep rich taste, but isn’t all that hot. Walkers Woods has a strong allspice kick, and a fair amount of heat. They’re my stand-by jerk products. I’ve tried many other dry mixes over the years, and nearly all of them suck. They’re all what we call “jerk for white people”: no heat, and odd mixes of spices that result in something a bit jerk-ish.

Then I tried a bottle of Neera’s. Neera’s brings dat heat, mon!! OMG. It has a decent jerk flavor, but the heat is the thing. The heat survives the grilling, which takes the kick out of most hot peppers. So Neera’s is the real deal. Is it perfect? No. But it’s pretty good. Mixed with olive oil, about 1 1/2 teaspoons is enough to light up half a dozen chicken legs. Let it marinade in the fridge for a day or two. The flavor needs a bit more depth though.

I’m thinking a blend of Neera’s and Walkers Wood, along with some the of the Spice House mix and their citrus and vinegar ceviche wet marinade might be the thing. No, actually the thing would be to hunt down fresh whole spices and Scotch Bonnet peppers, and make my own. But that’s difficult, and steaming those fire hot peppers might be like setting off a can of mace in the house. Probably not a smart idea. So I’ll combine everything, because that citrus taste was nice, and the allspice kick is righteous, and see what happens. Someday, when it stops raining. I’m not sure if jerk is something you want to cook indoors, unless you have a super powerful fan in your kitchen.

Oh, and use some mild to medium flavored smoking chips when you grill. I did this last batch with applewood, about 45 minutes of warm smoke. Offset heat got the smoke going, and the gauge read 275° under the big Weber’s hood. After that, if minutes of really low direct heat browned the drumsticks right up just enough. And it wer so good!!!

Hmm, maybe mix the Neera’s and the Walkers, put that on straight up for a day, then soak them in the wet marinade for another day? Sounds like a plan.


hee hee, here’s a good one ...




Drive it like you stole it


what is that, a ‘69? A ‘68? Charger, Roadrunner? Lo back split bench seats with a fold down armrest, automatic PRNDL indicator on the steering column, manual windows and steering. Aftermarket wheel and B&M floor shifter I think.



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calendar   Friday - August 26, 2016

fair use

Once in a while having a clearer understanding of the Fair Use Doctrine can come in handy.

What it is: LINK 1

Here’s a checklist: LINK 2

Here’s a nice graphical flowchart: LINK 3

( source )

Remember, at BMEWS it is always our intent to educate our readers in a non-profit manner.

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calendar   Thursday - August 25, 2016

Finishing Strong

We mopped the floor with our opponents last night, taking all 3 games and a total margin of over 100 pins. They were 2 points ahead of us in the standings, but 6 down from the team ahead of them, so our 7-0 win gave us their slot in the standings but wasn’t enough to bridge the points gap into the top 4. So we finished in 5th, and were rewarded a kingly $40 per person. Sweet. Yup, another 3 weeks and we would have been knocking on 1st place. Still, considering we were dead last by 4 points just 7 weeks ago, I think we came back real strong.

I’ve got a couple of new balls on order; the alley’s summer time discount of 40% off created a better price including drilling than any of the online shops would sell me the same balls for without drilling. Sweet.

Winter league starts in 2 weeks. I’m just going to put those balls aside for a little while, not even have them drilled, until I get my release a bit more squared away. I’ve got to my axis tilt and rotation more where they ought to be. Seems like I can either rev the ball up and throw it straight, or rip threw it on the release and get a totally horizontal axis - ie a spinner. Both can make strikes, but neither will hook much at all, so I’m never going to get the kind of entry angle that a big hook shot gives. And that means consistent strikes with a big safety margin. That’s not me. Not yet.

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back to school

First day of school today in our county.

Two new kids on the high school bus early in the morning. Neither was on the grade school bus last year, so they either moved here over the summer or else they escaped from parochial schools and are now experiencing public education for the first time. Woo hoo.

An entire zoo full of little squeakers on the grade school bus. I counted 20 but I don’t think all the kids made it in this morning. And it was helicopter parent time. Oh boy, both mommy and daddy showed up to put junior on the bus, and they got there early with babies in tow to give themselves lots of time to record this momentous event. Even the grandparents were there for a couple of the kids. So in a matter of minutes, I went from total isolation to being ring master for a crowd of almost 70 people. And then, once the individual pictures were taken, the group pictures were taken, the parents only pictures for Facebook were taken, the littlest army filled up half a school bus ("Oh look, how cute! She’s reaching up to take that big first step onto the bus. Get her picture, get her picture!!"), and away they went. An exodus of SUVs and minivans ensued, of size and speed that would make Peiper’s UK Travelers proud. And then it was lonely silence again.

Looks like it’s going to be a good day to paint garages. Now until frost actually.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 24, 2016

And now for something completely different..

At Haymarket Park: Trump by a Bobblehead

It was the battle of the bobbleheads.

Five hundred plastic, blue-pantsuit-wearing Hillary Clintons stood on tables across from 500 “Make America Great Again” red hat-wearing Donald Trumps—a stare down, but with plastered smiles on their bobblehead faces. Tuesday night marked the third Bobble Election at Haymarket Park, held in honor of the upcoming presidential election.

Saltdogs’ fans cast their votes by choosing a free bobblehead before settling down for a game. Whichever of the 500 bobbleheads ran out first was the winner.

Charlie Meyer, president and general manager of the Lincoln Saltdogs, said the poll wasn’t about politically dividing baseball fans but having fun and satisfying curiosity: Will Trump or Clinton be the last man or woman standing?

“It’s been a heated race, and I think it will get much more heated once we get closer to November,” Meyer said. “But this is a fun deal.”

Besides entertainment, Meyer said they hoped to raise awareness by reminding people who haven’t registered to vote to go do so.

It’s 6am, home after a long day (night? Gotta love 3rd shift) at work, and I miiiiiight have made that bourbon & Coke a little stronger than anticipated (Wild Turkey 101, was finishing off the bottle)
This story made me smile. 

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calendar   Saturday - August 20, 2016

Rule 34 Is For Real

Rule 34 is the internet rule that says that some kind of porn exists for everything. Shoes, puppies, blueprints, Swiss cheese, rare books, anything. And if porn doesn’t exist for it, the mere mention that such is the case will cause porn to be created for it.

After making my previous bridge post, I stared at my work and eventually realized there was a girl in the picture. Hiding half the truss, thanks. Fine. If that’s how the game is played, let’s go. I knew of one picture right off the top of my head. I even knew the model’s name. So to the search engines, and I plug in “Ariel bridge”

and what comes back is ...


Not what I expected, but both awesome and abhorrent in its own right.

Awesome, because what you’re looking at is a bowstring truss bridge, made from both wrought and cast iron (like I just wrote about) and utilizing our old friend the Phoenix Column. This means the bridge is older than I beams, but younger than the Civil War (because after the war the Phoenix Iron Company turned swords into plowshares almost literally and used their cannon building technology to make rigid braced hollow tubing that could be easily assembled on site; ie the Phoenix Column). And this particular bridge is given superb coverage by my fellow bridge hunter Nathan Holth. Awesomer, because it’s a “WIBCO”; a bridge made by the prolific Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio. The bridge now lives in a park in Mt. Vernon Ohio, so maybe our friend Turtler can go and visit. Google found it for me because the bridge is funded by the Ariel Foundation. Figures, right?

Abhorrent because the bowstring truss is very strong, so it was a total diss to just nail the thing to the side of a walkway - not even a bridge, just a wooden path with railings on pilings!!! - to make it look like a bridge. This little arch could support a steam locomotive, even though it’s 140 years old. Also abhorr - ok, not really abhorrent, just a bit embarrassing, because the pictures I was looking for all came back in the search too; every one of them already stored in the back room here at this blog. Oh the photos are out there galore; I’m just the only one who renamed them to name the subjects.

Here’s what I was looking for ... mildly NSFW, plus a few others similar, because this is a Rule 34 post after all.

That’s Ariel, she’s on a bridge, and the picture is bloody huge if you save it.

Hey, you knew there’d be redheads involved. They’re always trying to pop up everywhere here.
Ok, a few others, mostly “artistic”. Go find the hardcore ones yourself.




Huh, look at that. A little pop-up window. Thought they were all disabled. Wonder what happens if I click on it?

Hey, hey, what’s happening here? I’m losing control of my PC!! Windows opening everywhere!!


Now wait just a goldarn minute here! There ain’t no bridge in that last pic! (assistant whispers in ear, bringing Drew up to date) Oh, it’s called a bridge? Fine. But enough.

Rule 34: give them an inch, and they’ll try and sell you some cream to make it 9 inches.

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full countered Pratt pony

Yes, it’s finally time for another bridge post.



Counters are the diagonal members running in the opposite direction. They help manage shear stress. By using the full set of counters you get a bridge made of “X"s, which is very good at supporting transitional loads ... like when a locomotive drives up one end of the span, across it, and off the other end. This is also the very best reason to use forged steel components, because steel can handle switching from tension to compression, which wood and iron can’t. Wood is always weak in tension, cast iron is weak in tension, and forged iron is weak in compression.

Too cute ... the model’s name is Bailey. Like the Bailey bridge? Maybe she has a sister named Bridge-ette.

Woo hoo!

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borderline blues

Buddy Guy blurs the line between rock and the blues. Who cares what you call it? This is dance music, even if you can’t dance. Happy happy happy. Get up and move your big ass ‘round, even if you don’t have one of those either.

I’ve got the CD, which is exceptionally well recorded. Crank up the volume just a bit and it’s like you’re right there.

Just in case you don’t like the blues - there’s got to be one of you, somewhere, right? - check below the fold for a bit of bouncy funk that will also get you up, get you happy, and get you moving. Brought to you by the Lovetone Meatball, or so I’ve been told.

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under the knife

That does it. The cat is going to get fixed. I can not take it any more.

Dizzy the cat, the mostly blind one, is in heat. Again. Every 4 god damn weeks, I swear. And she’s a very talkative cat to begin with. Which means now I’ve got Opera Cat, doing her full-throated arias all over the house. All day, all night. For days.

Would. You. Please. Shut. The. Flying. Fuck. Up!!!

It doesn’t matter how much she gets petted, or rubbed, or brushed, or played with, or snuggled, or fed. Or anything. A minute later and she’s at it again. 3 in the morning and she jumps up on the bed and starts howling.

Lucky for her she really isn’t trying to get out of the house. Because I might just be too tempted to let her. But more kittens is the last thing we need around here.

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calendar   Friday - August 19, 2016

thanko yu for not sweating



Only in Japan!! Or by mail order!!! $42 at Japan Trend Shop

h/t to Stoaty the Weasel

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calendar   Thursday - August 18, 2016

Almost Made It

We took 5 last night, going 5-2 against the first place team. Not quite enough to knock them off their throne, but enough to give it a big wobble and leave them vulnerable in the finals next week.

I got to play hero twice, putting myself totally in the zone the last few frames of each game to try and pull out a win. That worked in the first game, where I just fixated on the 2nd arrow and threw 9/ X XXX to finish and put 80 on the board for a fat margin win. Tried as hard as I could in Game 2, rolling X X XX9 to add 89 to our score; not enough for a win, but enough so that we lost small, by only 12 pins or so. It wasn’t really necessary in Game 3 because we were well ahead anyway, but I still did X XX9 just for gits and shiggles. I ended the night with a 557 series, which is about where my bowling ought to be.

Next week ... position round, and the parsing of the money. Money honey, woo hoo. Yeah, like $5 each. Ain’t no money in summer league honey.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 17, 2016

Leaving Home

On the off chance anybody checks out the Left Coast and can’t escape in time to eat their meals elsewhere, I know a number of good suggestions I might list if people are interested.

Well, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but now I have an announcement to make. And while I have been drafting posts about both the Iran Ransom and the Olympics (and how politics and cheating go hand in hand), but the big news I have to give is closer to home.

I am still committed to this blog and the Great Cause of our time, but tomorrow- possibly today for you- on August 17th I will be moving halfway across the country. I don’t make it a secret that while I am a man of the right, I have also been a Californian born and raised. And what’s more, someone that has lived on the dread, died-in-the-wool-left Coast itself. My parents came from the Middle of the country decades ago to live here, and I have lived here in this house my entire life.

Now I am doubling back on the path tread by them, the “Okies”, and the Miner 49ers and moving to Ohio. I have my misgivings about My Grandmother is getting on in years and could use our help, and above all the costs of uprooting from the home of 20~ years and moving halfway across the country to a place I scarcely know are less than the costs of staying. Taxes are high, a criminally insane water policy has all but insured drought will strike again, the “law” tried to abolish concealed carry, and I still remember the times when Bernie’s Brownshirts attacked a Trump Rally down the street while two married Jihadists slaughtered a Christmas Party.

This would be the chance where the jokes about the Far Left Coast would come up. But in all due honesty… I feel they’re mostly out of place for me personally. I am NOT blind to California’s innumerable flaws, chief among them the dual facts that it seems committed to being re-annexed by Mexican drug cartels and the fact that it has helped elect every Leftist president we have been cursed with. But the California I knew was generally good to me on the whole. Even with a hideously corrupt school system and government. The neighborhoods were good, The food’s delicious (especially if you know where to look), the climate’s generally above par (though anybody who thinks it shines all the time has never shivered in 30 degree F weather in the middle of Fall of in Santa Clara). And perhaps most surprisingly… almost everybody I have met- and I mean almost everybody- from school on was friendly or neutral. And hard as it may seem, many people know about my political and philosophical beliefs- including in school- and were accepting of it, sans a few individuals (two or three of whom I am proud to say I helped fire).

So on some level I think a part of me will always belong to here, even long after I leave. It is the land of my childhood and nothing I can do will change that. And I suppose I can see why many people might be drawn in by the warm, fuzzy glow of a Leftist, progressive utopia. After all, my life has largely been a demonstration of its’ better sides (to the extent that oxymoron exists).

But even then the underlying rot crept up from the cracks. That was all too obvious from when one of my (married) math Co-Teachers was arrested and dragged off for shagging a student, probably with the knowledge of the Principal.  Even though his wife also worked on the very campus. But more damning was the bitter, encrusted corruption that lies at the top of the school districts and how my parents had to use their legal skill and positions in the PTA to fight a years long, savage battle with a system run by people who will screw over their students- including the disabled- in order to serve themselves. The fact that I was framed for defusing a situation with a history professor blocking the door and physically threatening me was probably the nadir of it. And I think it mirrors the dozens of ways=- from water infrastructure to sanctuary cities to drugs to forest ires- that this dream fails. How it crumbles when even a handful of people with black hearts, greedy natures, avarice, or simple incompetence get high enough on the food chain, and how no amount of resources, Godly mercy, or well intentioned people are around.

I was just one of the ones lucky or blessed enough to not suffer the full consequences. The brilliant VDH has made a long, long series of posts that show a fuller story. It’s well worth reading, just in case you thought you knew everything about Leftist Lunacy.

So, what next for me? I don’t know. But regardless of what happens I do know I can look forward to one thing. Ohio’s a swing state, and we’re moving in time for voter re-registration for the General Election. Which means for whatever I’ve given up, I will have the chance to do something I really never have done before. Cast a vote in the General Election that might make a non-trivial difference. And ultimately, why else was America founded?

In any event, I look forward to getting back in the swing of things.

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calendar   Tuesday - August 16, 2016

Bigger Red Is Extra Green

Well duh, of course having Americans building, owning, maintaining, and crewing the ships that go from one US port to another raises the price of goods a tiny bit. If we had a bunch of beaner boats crewed by Mongolians, Greeks, and Filipinos like most international shipping, the wages would be even more pathetic and the ships run down to rusty hulks. And it would even easier to sneak in spies, terrorists, and Democrat Commie agitators. I’m not usually a fan of protectionist legislation like the sugar subsidy, but I think I’m in favor of this one.  HOWEVER I can see modifying it a bit to keep it modern: it should not apply to American territories, protectorates, or states that are islands and more than 25 miles out to sea, or to coastal states that are not contiguous or adjacent to other states or territories by more than 50 miles.  In other words, create a loophole for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Somoa, USVI, and Puerto Rico.

Such an act: Keeping up with the Jones


Hey, this one’s only red on top and on the bottom. Wait, um, never mind.  red face

Crowley Maritime Corp. took delivery Friday of MT West Virginia, the fourth new Jones Act product tanker built for the company by Philly Shipyard, Inc. (PSI). Crowley will christen the West Virginia on Tuesday at a ceremony at Philly Shipyard.

The LNG-ready West Virginia can be converted for propulsion by liquefied natural gas (LNG), joining sister ships Louisiana, Ohio and Texas, which were received by Crowley in 2015 and 2016 as the first-ever tankers to receive the American Bureau of Shipping’s (ABS) LNG-Ready Level 1 approval.

Like its sister ships, West Virginia is 50,000 dead-weight-tons (dwt) and capable of carrying 330,000 barrels of product. The new tankers are based on a Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) design that incorporates numerous fuel efficiency features, flexible cargo capability and the latest regulatory requirements. The

vessel is 600 feet long and is capable of carrying crude oil or refined petroleum products, as well as various chemical cargoes. Marathon Petroleum Corporation is the charterer.

If converted to run on LNG, then this ship would have practically no carbon footprint. Well, “no footprint” relative to 600’ cargo ships of 50Kdwt. But aside from a sailboat, that’s as clean and green as it gets.

The Jones Act is a 1920 bit of protectionist legislation properly called The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 that says “keep American shipping American”, from the beginning to the end. It’s all about “cabotage”, a most excellent and rare word, that means the exact opposite of “NIMBY”. It’s total “IMBY”: it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there’s a paragraph in there requiring the steel used has to be mined and refined here, and any wood grown and worked within our borders. Jones Act, Fuck Yeah!

cabotage:  a requirement that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried on U.S.-flag ships, constructed in the United States, owned by U.S. citizens, and crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents.

Super Patriot John McCain tried to nullify the Jones Act in 2015.


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Big Red



Ain’t she a beauty? That’s a Lockheed 5B Vega from 1928. This the 22nd model 5B Vega built, and it became an unique variant when the wasp B engine was replaced with a 420hp supercharged Wasp C engine of 22 liters displacement (1343 cu in). At the same time the engine was replaced, many of the 7 passenger seats were removed to make room for a nice big gas tank that held 420 gallons. It was in this flying barrel of petrol that Amelia Earhart set off to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic on May 20, 1932. She mostly made it; her intended destination was Paris, but Ireland made a great place to land when things started going wrong ...

Her plan was to fly all the way to Paris, but after her altimeter had failed, encountering adverse weather, including heavy icing and fog, a fuel leak, and a damaged exhaust manifold, Earhart landed in a field at Culmore, North Ireland. The distance flown was 2,026 miles (3,260.5 kilometers). Her elapsed time was 14 hours, 56 minutes.

A lone, astonished farmer saw her land.

Amelia cut the switches, climbed out of the plane, and, as the man approached the plane, called out, “Where am I?”

Danny McCallion replied obligingly and with excruciating accuracy. “In Gallegher’s pasture.”


Later that year, Earhart flew the Vega to another record. On August 24-25, she made the first solo, nonstop flight by a woman across the United States, from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey. The flight covered a distance of 2,447 miles and lasted about 19 hours.

The aircraft now resides in the National Air and Space Museum. Right click the pictures here for much larger versions.

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Dang, nobody posted nothing today.

Hey, we won 5-2 at bowling last week. And Wednesday is our last day of competition; the finals are next week. We’re up against the 1st place team, and if we stomp them they’ll drop like a rock. We’ll never take the lead, but at least we can trash their dreams and enjoy the schadenfreude. Nasty? No, not really. They really aren’t very good bowlers. They’re in the lead because they get such a huge handicap from everyone. If we can get our duckies in a row again we can drop kick them right off the lanes.

Weather for Wednesday night will be cooler and drier. Still warm but not the rain forest kind of swelter we’ve been having. Which is actually typical NJ summer time. Steam bath. Hmm. So maybe that will mean the lane oil will be a bit tackier, and break a little early for a change? An active back end? Cool. That’s just what we want.

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/16/2016 at 03:16 AM    avatar
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