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The One, The Only

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San Fran Elects Son Of Terrorists/Hugo Chavez Flunky As DA

Crivens, they’re all insane.

Progressive candidate Chesa Boudin won the race for district attorney in San Francisco on Saturday.

Boudin and opponent Suzy Loftus were neck-and-neck for days as officials tallied votes from the city’s ranked-choice ballots. (of course. how progressive.)

Boudin, 39, is a public defender who ran on a platform of closing jails, eliminating cash bail, combating racism in the criminal justice system and diverting people from jails and prisons.

Chesa Boudin is the son of Weather Underground killers Kathy Boudin, and David Gilbert. Kathy Boudin was convicted of felony manslaughter and bank robbery and served 22 years in jail for her role in the infamous 1980 Brinks Robbery in which several police and security guards were killed. Gilbert’s role in that was even worse, and he is still in jail, serving 75 to life.  Chesa was adopted and raised by “former” terrorist bombers Bill Ayers ("guilty as sin, free as a bird") and his wife Bernadine Dohrn.

Boudin calls himself a Progressive. At the very least I’d call him an anarcho-Marxist.


But wait, there’s more! Chesa was also a key player in Hugo Chavez’s regime, and possibly part of his death squads.

Chesa Boudin, who was quite literally Hugo Chavez’s trusted propagandist, translator and advisor, Cuba-groomed from the start, is now commanding an apparently unbeatable lead in San Francisco’s district attorney’s race.

That’s right, one of Hugo Chavez’s very own will soon be set to be the chief prosecutor for the California city. Yet this guy has also been photographed in Venezuela wielding an assault rifle, and getting guerrilla training, according to Venezuelan sources. He literally hung out with the Chavista goon squads known as ‘colectivos,’ the same thugs who drive around in motorcycles and shoot into crowds who protest. Those are his homies. When Boudin turns San Francisco into a Venezuela-style hellhole as a very lawless D.A., you can be sure that what he achieves will be socialism done by an expert.

Boudin can count on the support of radical black activist Shaun King - aka Talcum X (because he’s white)

YES!!!! @ChesaBoudin has now pulled into a commanding lead as votes continue to be counted in San Francisco.

He’s ahead by 5,897 first place votes and is the clear choice for District Attorney.
— Shaun King (@shaunking) November 9, 2019


Another mysterious NJ flying car accident. Junior CSI Drew can’t figure out how this happened. Police are also baffled at this point.

Two Killed In Toms River NJ Accident As Flying Porsche Hits Building On The Second Floor

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Toms River NJ, Sunday morning 6:30am

TOMS RIVER – A car has crashed into the second story of a Toms River business on Sunday, police said. The Porsche remained lodged in the building at the scene.

Hooper Avenue and Indian Hill roads were closed after the 6:30 a.m. incident, according to the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

The crash occurred Sunday morning at EXIT Realty Elite at 1466 Hooper Ave. in Toms River, according to police. No one was apparently in the building at the time.

The car is upside down, fully inside the building, on the second floor, which is at least 12 feet off the fairly level ground. Not surprisingly, reports are that the two people in the car were killed.

There are no apparent skid marks on the road or in the parking lot. The brick marquee out by the road was not damaged. The low bushes behind it do not appear to be damaged. The phone pole wires are not damaged. I don’t see any damage to the low dirt median between the lanes on Hooper Road.

If the car was coming down Hooper Road from the right and swerved right and became airborne and hit the building, it’s about 90 feet from the curb to the corner of the building. If the car was going the wrong way on Hooper and swerved left into the parking lot, it’s about 100 feet from the far streetside corner of the driveway to the building. There is a side street across Hooper, Beatrice Ave, that nearly lines up with the corner of the building, and is long enough - about 800 feet max - to allow a fast car to get up quite a bit of speed. However, there’s that wide dirt median in the way, with a storm sewer, and there’s a phone pole and a fire hydrant by the realty building’s sidewalk too.  So none of the 3 entry angles look feasible to me, without leaving quite a lot of skid marks or furrows in the soil. And I can rule out that the car was dropped like a flat arc bomb from a fast airplane, as that trajectory would surely have hit the power lines.

So it’s a mystery. Another real NJ head scratching traffic accident. Sure, I can see there being an accident if they had to swerve to avoid a deer or some of those aggressive wild turkey assaults they’re having. But >12 feet off the ground and upside down? That doesn’t make sense at all.

Monday Update:

The sports car, a 2010 Porsche Boxster convertible, was traveling at “a high rate of speed” when the driver lost control, hit a center median and struck an embankment that sent it smashing through the building, Toms River Police spokeswoman Jillian Messina told Fox News.
Skid marks could be seen stretching across four lanes of traffic in the direction of the building, the outlet reported.
The victims were later identified as 22-year-old Braden DeMartin of Toms River and his passenger, 23-year-old Daniel Foley, also of Toms River, the department said in a news release. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

There you go. Such skid marks should have been highly visible. Obvious. Even at 6:30 in the morning. So what we have here is another case of lazy journalism; one photograph of them, or even a single sentence mentioning them, would have made things so much clearer. And though we’ll never know, I’m betting this was because of deer or turkeys in the road.


Mmm, coffee and leftover stuffing for breakfast. Oh boy!




Ok, so that sort of worked. Mostly.

I’m trying out recipes in advance (for once) for Thanksgiving. I’ve got the bread down pat, no worries there. And her New York style water bath cheesecake with lemon is the bomb. But I’m bringing stuffing too, and that can sometimes be a challenge. I made one recipe today ... ok, I made half a recipe of it because it’s just the two of us ... and while it came out pretty good, it needs quite a bit more oomph. It called for fresh thyme and sage, which are stupid expensive for the little that you get. I used their quantities but it was no where near the flavor level you’d get in a package of Stove Top. Not that 5 sprigs of runny thyme is going to make 2 tablespoonsful. No way. 1 teaspoon, maybe. So more herbs - my dried ones are probably a decade old, so time to buy fresh (forget Bell’s seasoning in the cardboard box. Cheap, but ancient, always), more mushrooms, and a stronger sausage flavor. Hatfield’s is too mild. I’ll get some good links, and maybe add some Jones breakfast links, which are quite herby. Will apples or cranberries work if added? Have to try. Thing is, even though I love it, we don’t eat stuffing more than once or twice a year other than Thanksgiving, and that’s usually a box of Stove Top. So I don’t have much experience making it from the get go.

I also found out that some of the people coming don’t like mushrooms or onions, so I might have to make a half recipe of this, and a half recipe of something else without them.

The pumpkin humus is good too, and very easy. Recipes online, but make a batch yourself, because the amounts of spice, garlic, and tahini vary a lot. Most people don’t like things firecracker sharp and hot like I do.

Guess I’ll be nibbling on leftover stuffing for the next few weeks. With some holiday humus on crackers.


Your Morning Hypocrisy

Seriously? Projection much?

( this article stems from the Kentucky governor race, which was so tight that just 5K votes separated the condidates. The Republican guy is looking for a re-canvas / recount. )

From the Washington Post, where “Democracy Dies In Darkness”. Article posted at 5:03pm when the sun has nearly set.


Boy am I out of it. There was a “gun incident” hardly a quarter mile from here a couple days ago, and I didn’t know a thing about it until somebody mentioned it at bowling league last night. Where we managed to win 1 game, but I rolled fairly Ok all night. To be fair, the story only ran online at two local news sites.

Shots Fired At Clinton Holiday Inn

Every cop in the county responded, including the state police from 3 miles down the road. Shooter arrested.

A North Carolina man fired several shots in a Hunterdon County hotel after an argument with his co-workers, authorities said Wednesday.

No one was injured when Robert Michalski Jr. opened fire around 11 p.m. Tuesday at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, according to police. The gunfire prompted officers from at least five nearby departments and state troopers to converge on the hotel.

“It was determined a group of co-workers were traveling together had an argument,” Town of Clinton Police Chief J. Cory Kubinak said in an email. “The suspect began shooting at the victim over this dispute and would not allow him to leave for a period of time.”

Kubinak said officers contained the situation and there was no further threat.

Police charged Michalski with multiple weapons offenses, aggravated assault and criminal restraint. The 37-year-old Rocky Mount, North Carolina, man was sent to the county jail, according to officials.

CLINTON, NJ – A suspect is in custody and lodged in the county jail after gunshots were reported at the Holiday Inn here around 11 p.m. last night, according to information provided to Mayor Janice Kovach by Clinton Police Chief Cory Kubinak.

The report prompted response from police here and from Clinton and Lebanon Townships, Franklin, High Bridge, State Police other surrounding police departments.

The suspect is Robert Michalski Jr., 37, of Rocky Mount, NC, Kubinak said. Michalski had a dispute with co-workers, according to police, and shot at a victim multiple times. No one was injured, police said. 

A weapon, which police did not identify, was recovered.  Michalski was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon; unlawful possession of an assault weapon; possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes; criminal restraint; possession of high- capacity magazines; and aggravated assault.

Wow, so Bubba D and his buds go on a road trip and he brings his AR with him and a bunch of high capacity magazines? To New Jersey?? Horry Clap, now that’s some genius act.



Waldo D. Whistleblower Found!

Thank you WaPo


But but how is this possible? It’s only those loving, accepting, tolerant, pro-womyn, pro-diversity, progressive types who are being polled? And there hasn’t even been one primary vote or caucus yet. Go figure.

Kamalatoe’s Sinking Ship: It’s Because Raycis !!!

instead of blaming herself, Senator Kamala Devi Harris is blaming America. The vast majority of it which isn’t supporting her. And there’s only one possible reason they aren’t supporting her. Racism.

Harris began her campaign ascendancy by accusing Joe Biden of racism. It’s only fitting that she’s wrapping it up by implying that her lack of support isn’t her fault, but the fault of an intolerant nation.

Electability, a problem caused by her own poor poll numbers, is really a sign of racial unreadiness.

enator Kamala Harris polled at 3% in last month’s Quinnipiac poll. That must make the San Fran and Hollywood donors who stuffed $11.6 million in her pantsuit pockets this quarter feel good about giving to charity.

A quarter of Iowa Democrat caucusgoers have a negative opinion of Harris. That’s up minus eleven points since June. So, Harris is making weekly trips to Iowa while claiming that she’s going to move there. Not even Democrats are stupid enough to believe that she’s going to leave her Brentwood mansion to move to a place where the temperatures are currently hovering around the low thirties.

And her Iowa stump speech is now all about accusing anyone who doesn’t vote for her of racism.

Looks like she’s taking a page from the Hillary playbook. Hey, maybe there will be a mega-million advance on a book deal for Kam? Um, no. Because raycis, right?


Oh Kentucky, The Voters Of Kentucky *

For one thing, Bevin is the most unpopular governor in the country, according to data from Morning Consult, which at last count found that just 32 percent of registered voters in the state approved of the job he was doing while 56 percent disapproved. These weaknesses were likely the biggest factor in his loss to Beshear, who had the added advantage of being the son of the man who served as Kentucky governor just before Bevin. For another thing, until Bevin’s election in 2015, Democrats had held the governorship in Kentucky for almost the entirety of the past two decades.”

So the media’s huge trumpet blowing now sounds a bit off-key, doesn’t it? Their new governor (possibly, let’s do a recount) is the son of their old governor, nobody really likes the current governor, and the state has had Dem governors for a generation. Yeah, that’s a YUGE “flip”. Knot.


There’s not much point in surfing the internet looking for new stuff before 7am Eastern. It’s all yesterday’s posts. Actually, there’s not much point in me even being awake before 6am, but the outdoor kitty is expecting breakfast, and now that 6am is now 5am I’m waking up “early” automatically. I should just go back to sleep. However, plenty of stuff to try and work on here today.



Not Made In The USA: English as she is goodly written

I got a thing delivered today that needs a bit of assembly. It was made in China, or at least the instructions were. It’s a gas. Here are a couple excerpts

The Manual Instruction of GCC-0002
4. Please keep this product away from children and pet, for safely consideration.
When you unpack our product, you will find every component. Please classify and divide all the component into groups and screw like we do in the picture first before install.

Well, that’s one way to get the customer relaxed before one of these tedious processes!


Must be an election year. And yes, it’s election day, so get out and vote, even if it’s just local candidates and issues this time around.

After Massive Public Pressure, Maryland County Rolls Back Sanctuary Rules A Little Bit

Following months of national media coverage over the handling of illegal aliens in his custody, Montgomery County, Maryland, Executive Marc Elrich has somewhat reversed a sanctuary policy he signed into law.

Elrich will allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents the ability to access certain areas of the Montgomery County jail in order to apprehend illegal aliens, according to ABC7 News. A county spokesman confirmed to the local news outlet on Nov. 1 that correctional officers have been ordered to give ICE agents clearance to “identified areas” of the jail to “ensure that transfers are conducted in a safe environment.”

News of the cooperation between Montgomery County and federal immigration authorities comes three months after Elrich signed an executive order that prohibited county officials from working with ICE.

However, Elrich’s order soon proved controversial. Authorities arrested numerous illegal aliens in Montgomery County — all of the arrests taking place just weeks after the order was signed — and charged them with rape or other sexual abuse crimes. The string of rape charges shined a national spotlight on the county’s policy toward criminal illegal aliens and its fraught relationship with the agency tasked with removing them.

A public relations battle ensued between federal immigration authorities and Elrich’s office.


In a scathing response to national criticism, the Montgomery County Council in early September accused the Trump administration, conservative media, “Neo-Nazi sympathizers” and others of spreading “a lot of inaccurate information” about the county’s criminal justice process.

Pro-ICE demonstrators held a rally in front of the Montgomery County office building on Sept. 13, demanding elected leaders end its sanctuary executive order. The rally, which drew counter-protesters, was held to highlight organizers’ argument that immigration enforcement helps keep communities safer.

It’s not clear if Elrich’s rollback of his sanctuary rules are sufficient enough for federal immigration authorities. ICE did not respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.

It is not up to local or state authorities to choose whether they will comply with federal law. Period. IMO, not only should these sanctuary areas be immediately defunded from all federal largess, criminal charges should be brought against every last one of them and prosecuted to the highest degree.


The article doesn’t say, but it doesn’t need to does it? Another day, another TNB. Guaranteed.

Rude Customer Gets Killed Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

A man was fatally stabbed Monday evening while inside a Maryland Popeyes following a fight over a chicken sandwich, a source told Fox News.

Prince George’s County police said they received reports of a fight at a Popeyes location in the 6200 block of Livingston Road in Oxon Hill, Md., on Monday at around 7 p.m. Oxon Hill is about 20 minutes from Washington, D.C.

When officers arrived at the location they found a man in the parking lot with stab wounds, police told Fox News. He was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The victim’s name or age has not yet been released. Police said the suspect is still on the run.

According to police, the fight initially began in line when a man cut in front of another man and then the altercation escalated and spilled outside where one of the men was stabbed.

Rudeness? Check. Bullying? Check. Irrational violent reaction over an irritating but totally minor issue? Check.

The rest of us had learned by second grade not to cut the line. This was an absolutely senseless thing to die over, but I have zero tolerance or sympathy with bullies. Too frickin’ bad.

Update: name and photo released. Entire incident took just 15 seconds

The victim was identified as 28-year-old male Kevin Tyrell Davis of Oxon Hill, Maryland, Prince George’s County Police spokeswoman announced Tuesday.

He entered the fast food joint on the 6200 block of Livingston Road around 7pm Monday evening where about three dozen people were in line, many waiting for the newly released chicken sandwich, Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.

He then cut the line and was confronted by a male suspect. The two exchanged words and the argument escalated to the point that the two went outside the restaurant and Davis was stabbed. Cops say the entire confrontation lasted just 15 seconds.

Security cam got pictures of the stabber and his ho.


[ massive snip snip of old posts, now pasted below the fold. Sorry, I had to delete a big bunch of them too ]



It must be that white privilege at work again. Thank you very much.

The Vultures Descend


In which Drew is a naughty bunny and gets a light slap on the wrist.

So I got another traffic ticket. It happens. But it’s a game here in New Jersey, and now the lawyers are playing too.

I’m driving home from work 3 weeks ago, 11 o’clock at night, coming up the local highway from Flemington. Hardly another car on the road, and I was making most of the lights. And I’m kind of flying, although I wasn’t really trying to. My little Mazda has a torquey engine and a 6 speed with double overdrive, so the thing is only too happy to cruise smoothly at a high speed. I kept noticing that I was speeding, and backing off, but a minute or two later and I was zooming along again. I take my usual exit onto the big highway for a mile, merge in behind a truck, get off at my exit, wait for the light, then pull out gently onto my neighborhood road. And get pulled over.

I know the drill. Pull over, blinker on, interior lights, get out my papers. Mr. Polite, hands visible, gosh, why am I being pulled over? The statie tells me I was speeding, going 89 in a 50 zone. And tailgating. I do the stupid and tired routine; I’m on my way home after doing this lousy second job cleaning offices. My car is spotlessly clean and all my papers are proper. No officer, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any points and I can’t remember the last time I had a ticket.

So he comes back with his deal. He’s going to do me a favor, and writes me up for being too close behind the truck when I merged. Yeah, as if magnetic tailgating wasn’t the official state highway sport. But that’s just a fine, no points, and I can pay online. Drive carefully. Sir, yes sir! It’s an $85 fine, quite a bit more than the usual no seatbelts fine, which is also a no pointer.  But he could have hit me up for several hundred bucks, and going nearly 40 over is a bad bad thing. So I go home relieved (I know I’d hit 91 at one point, which may have been in a section where the local highway is 45mph), promise myself to keep a better eye on the speedometer, and pay the fine online a week later.

I gather that the traffic ticket reports are now public access. They never were before. A few days later I get a letter from some law office, willing to help me fight the ticket for just $200. Three more similar letters came the next day. And then an avalanche of them arrived. In all, I got 14 letters from local lawyers, all eager to help me save my driving record and avoid giant fines for a no-points offense I’d already paid.  14 letters. So far. Vultures.

Last week I took the same way home, and kept to the speed limit the entire trip. It took forever. I don’t take the back way home because it’s super foggy at that hour and packed with deer.



Just loafing around on a Sunday .... another loaf of sour panda pee bread

this time I got a picture before it disappeared


MONDAY UPDATE: Yes, bread gets an update! I made my 3rd loaf of this recipe today, from dough I made Saturday, so I’ll pass on the improvements: it’s better using half bread flour and half all purpose flour for the white flour part. And a “retarded ferment” adds to the flavor. Which means you mix up the dough, do a few lift and fold kneads every 20 minutes for the first hour, then put some greased plastic wrap over the bowl and stick it in the fridge for a day or two. This really slows the rise down, and gives the sourdough bacteria a chance to impart extra flavor. Also, all the pan d’epi recipes say to make the cuts at 45°. I disagree. Make the cuts at a lower angle, about 30 - 35 degrees, and keep the sections short. That way you get more “leaves” and they come out pointier. You can give them a little pull as you flip them to the side, which helps too.

I make a fair amount of bread, and feed it to everyone around me. Most of it goes over well, but sometimes the response is “meh”. This one gets a high five, two thumbs up, “is there more?”, and a “it’s a keeper”. So the taste, crumb, crust, and look are all first class.

The recipe I posted the other day is really too small for my stand mixer. So it’s best to double or triple that. Tightly covered, the dough will last days in the fridge as the sourdough flavor increases. Chop off a chunk, make it and bake it.



Since it’s getting chilly, it’s probably sweater girl season. One of my favorite times of year.


Not to worry, the warm weather will be back in 6 months or so. Something to look forward to.


We had our first frost last nigh. There was a rime of ice on some rainwater in a pail outside this morning. It’s 9:30 now, and a steaming hot 35° outside.

We sucked at bowling league again, winning just one game. I did manage to throw a 200 game, but the others two were just awful. My average is now down 15 points. Suck.


One and seven eighths down, many more to go

Bye Bye Beto; Kamalatoe on the ropes

AFT. Here’s the little pretender’s farewell address:

Our campaign has been about seeing clearly, speaking honestly and acting decisively in the best interests of America.

Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully. My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee. Acknowledging this now is in the best interests of those in the campaign; it is in the best interests of this party as we seek to unify around a nominee; and it is in the best interests of the country.

I decided to run for President because I believed that I could help bring a divided country together in common cause to confront the greatest set of challenges we’ve ever faced. I also knew that the most fundamental of them is fear — the fear that Donald Trump wants us to feel about one another; the very real fear that too many in this country live under; and the fear we sometimes feel when it comes to doing the right thing, especially when it runs counter to what is politically convenient or popular.

Projectionist BS right to the end. Later loser.


On the edge of the cliff: Kamala Harris closing campaign offices across New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sen. Kamala Harris’ campaign has almost completely shuttered its New Hampshire campaign, with no visible activity at any of her offices in the state.

The campaign confirmed it is largely abandoning New Hampshire, keeping only a skeleton crew and canceling an upcoming visit. Harris also will not file in person to be on the ballot, a tradition that garners local media attention.

“The campaign has made a strategic decision to realign resources to go all-in on Iowa, resulting in office closures and staff realignments and reductions in New Hampshire,” said spokesman Nate Evans. “The campaign will continue to have a staff presence in New Hampshire but the focus is and will continue to be on Iowa.”

At her Portsmouth office, a large chalkboard could be seen through the window that reads, “105 days until Feb. 11.” That would have been Oct. 29, the day before Harris’ campaign announced it would lay off dozens of people and redeploy others to Iowa as she hemorrhaged cash. The office was checked four times throughout the day, and each time the doors were locked and lights were out.

So she’s focusing completely on Iowa, thinning out staff all over the country and shifting some of them to Iowa. She’s not even going to put her name on the New Hampshire ballot. Too much competition from local New England progs Bernie and Liarwatha. Plus, Raycis! I’m sure that’s a factor; NH is one of the whitest states out there. Her campaign is at least 3 million in the hole. The writing is on the wall, the sun is setting. I’d be surprised if her campaign survives an hour into 2020. The Dem’s New Hampshire primary is February 11.

Besides, it’s pretty much a sure bet that Warren is going to win this. She got Hillary behind her more than a month ago, and that’s pretty much all it takes. Bernie and Biden are just too damn old and far too white male. Nearly everyone else in the field is a one note pony, not a serious player. I did have a little hope for Tulsi Gabbard; she’s probably the best person for the country that her party can put up. But “for the country” doesn’t matter with this group. So count her out as well.

Sadly, that freak butt-gig still seems to be in it, and is drawing good numbers in Iowa. Their caucus is February 2.


And oh yeah, NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio pulled out a week or so ago. Nobody even noticed.


November the 1. Crivens, it was July just 3 weeks ago, I swear.

I guess they ran out of participation trophies?

Suburban HS football coach suspended because his team won ... by more points than allowed

Say what?

[ Samizdat blogging: I’m posting about a Fox story taken from a NY Post story taken from a Newsday story which was a follow up to a previous Newsday story. So let’s just go to the originals. ]

Plainedge High School football head coach Rob Shaver has been suspended for one game under a Nassau County sportsmanship rule designed to prevent teams from running up the score against opponents.

Shaver is the first varsity coach to be issued the ban under the “lopsided scores policy,” which has been in place for three seasons. He will miss his team’s regular-season finale this weekend against Lynbrook after Nassau’s “lopsided score committee” determined that Shaver kept his top players in the game too long into the fourth quarter during the Red Devils’ 61-13 victory over previously unbeaten South Side on Friday night.

The rule mandates that the coach of a team that wins by more than 42 points must submit in writing the lengths to which they went to avoid running up the score.

Gee, did these big tough high school boys on the previously undefeated team get their widdle feewings hurted? Ooh, boo hoo.

Dan Villari rushed for 209 yards and five touchdowns and Dion Kuinlan ran for 124 yards and two touchdowns as the defending county champion Red Devils took it to the end zone on all nine possessions in a 61-13 victory at Plainedge’s Edward Byrne Memorial Field.

Plainedge (7-0) can wrap up the No. 1 seeding for the Nassau playoffs that begin in two weeks with a win next weekend against Lynbrook.

Plainedge hasn’t lost a game all season, and they’ve been ahead in the scores in almost all of them. But this game was different: on the very first snap of the game the South Side Cyclones ran the ball for a touchdown.

South Side’s overpowering quarterback William Pickett was limited to 104 yards on 20 carries. He got 77 of them on the first snap of the game when he broke off a touchdown run down the right side and put Plainedge in the unusual position of trailing.

Immediately realizing that they’d have to compete, that they had to bring it to win it, the Red Devils woke up and brought it in spades. Good for them.

“I love the way we answered after the first touchdown,” Plainedge coach Rob Shaver said. “I’m kind of glad it happened. We haven’t been in in a tremendous amount of situations like that, where we trailed. It was nice to see our guys respond really well.”

And now, for keeping that drive alive, the coach has been suspended. Looks to me like Nassau County football is a big bunch of crybaby sissies.

My high school football team sucked so bad that when we finally won a single game ... the first one, only one in two years I think ... the bleachers emptied and we held an impromptu parade down the main street in town.


After an unbelievable late night torrential windy rain storm, we actually have some sun today. Didn’t lose our power or any trees last night, yay. Windy and chill, the new cold air mass pushed the warm wet weather away. It may have been raining buckets last night, but it was also 75°. Go figure. I think we had about 3” of rain.

Ok, so what’s new? Ahh ... Donald Trump has moved to Florida. Actually, he hasn’t physically gone anywhere, just changed his legal permanent address. Guess he was tired of paying massive taxes to NY and took a tip from AOC’s mom. Naturally NY Governor “Fredo” Cuomo had something douchey to say about it, so screw him.


Yes, it’s a Mass Shooting when blacks do it to each other too

Big kudos to what’s left of Fox News for trying to break the trope that all mass shootings are done by white guys. News report this morning: 4 dead, many shot at Halloween party at rented house in Orinda California. Across the bay from San Francisco, Orinda is 3 miles east of Oakland, and a mountain or two up in the hills. This medium sized town (pop <19K) is nearly all white (1.16% black), middle class, and middle aged. Crime doesn’t happen here, period. In 2012 it was voted as one of America’s best towns to live in. Some dimwit there has been in the habit of renting out a particular “Air BnB” house to parties, which often get out of hand. Last night they really got out of hand, hardly an hour after the party began.

Four people are dead and several more were injured Thursday night after a shooting erupted at what appeared to be a Halloween party in northern California, police said.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office took to Twitter Friday morning to confirm “four fatalities” and “several injuries” after a mass shooting in Orinda, a city about 20 miles east of San Francisco. They offered little detail but noted that the investigation was “active.”

The shooting was reported just before 11 p.m. on Thursday on Lucille Way near Knickerbocker Lane, not too far from Highway 24. The street is narrow and winding, lined with mult-imillion [dollar] homes.

A neighbor said he talked to the owner of the home, who told him it was being rented out through Airbnb for a private party. The neighbor said that particular house has been the scene of other parties that “sometimes get out of hand.”

According to a now-deleted Instagram post, video from the party showed the house was packed. Fliers for the party advertised an “AirBNB mansion party” in Orinda, and that guests should direct message someone named @tonecapone300 for the address.  The flier also said to “BYOB” and “BYOW.” Doors would open at 10 p.m., according to the post.
The neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said he saw what appeared to be 30 to 50 people leaving the party, running down the hillside to escape the gunfire. He saw many trying to hail Ubers to get home. He heard five gunshots that startled him and then he saw police cars “flying up the hill.”

Orinda is a quiet, affluent city, population 17,000, ranked the second-most friendly town in America by Forbes in 2012. Schools are great and homicides are rare.
“It’s surprising,” he said. “Orinda is supposed to be like a safe neighborhood. And this is what happened. I guess it is what it is.”

No, it is what you let it become. And when you bring in a huge crowd of ghetto-ites, you get the TNB. Now pool up your money, buy this house from the idiot that owns it, and sell it to someone normal who plans on living there. Fliers and social media are not used to advertise for a “private party”. I hope the dumb-ass residents of Orinda have learned their lesson.



Not much to say at this late hour. Except ... dagnabbit, it’s raining again. Hard. Damn damn damn. It’s been raining since Sunday, and I’m getting really tired of it. And the November rains haven’t even started yet.

Oh wonderful ... the Dem’s Impeachment Inquiry rules were set up by an impeached, corrupt, disbarred, convicted judge. Alcee Hastings. What bunch of idiots elected this jail-skating felon??

The other “big” story today all over the news and the net was about some stupid photoshop joke that had President Trump putting the Medal of Honor on Conan, the dog who got al-Baghdadi. Meanwhile, the President actually did bestow that medal on a military hero today. I can’t say who, because the story is barely in the news if you look really hard.

“There was more coverage of Trump posting a meme of a dog getting a fake medal than there was of Trump giving an actual war hero the Medal of Honor… That tells you everything you need to know about the Mainstream Media. They hate Trump more than they love America.” —Charlie Kirk

I have no idea who Charlie Kirk is, but he’s spot on. Also, I have no idea who blogger Jennifer Rubin is, or why it’s Official Pick On Her Day.


blow this for a whistle

All the insiders in DC have known who the whistleblower is for quite some time now. The identity is only being kept from us little people. Well, it’s finally leaking out ... and to nobody’s surprise, it’s an obvious hatchet job. No kidding ...

With the revelation that Ciaramella is most likely the “whistleblower,” the evidence of this being another deep-state coup attempt is strengthened. Ciaramella, says RealClearInvestigations, is “a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, [and is] a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia ‘collusion’ investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” He also worked with a DNC “operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.”

Ciaramella worked in the Trump White House until June 2017, when he left and returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, after “he was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump,” a former NSC official claimed. Another NCS official said that Ciaramella “didn’t exactly hide his passion with respect to what he thought was the right thing to do with Ukraine and Russia, and his views were at odds with the president’s policies.”

Furthermore, Schiff is more deeply tied to the plot than was previously known. Indeed, RealClearInvestigations reports, “Earlier this year, Schiff recruited two of Ciaramella’s closest allies at the NSC — both whom were also Obama holdovers — to join his committee staff. He hired one, Sean Misko, in August — the same month the whistleblower complaint was filed.” Is it any wonder Democrats have been so adamant over keeping the identity of the “whistleblower” secret?

Plenty more to read at the link, and plenty more if you run the name through a search engine. This is all just Coup.3. Or is it Coup.4? It’s so hard to keep track after 3 solid years of it ever damn day.


A Dark Day In America

House Approves Impeachment Inquiry “Groundrules”.

Whatever that means


Look, it’s “bipartisan”!! They got ONE independent vote for their little scheme. One.

A sharply divided House voted Thursday to approve a resolution setting “ground rules” for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, putting lawmakers on record over the contentious process while setting the stage for proceedings to move into the public eye after weeks of closed-door depositions.

The measure passed largely along party lines, 232-196. Two Democrats defected on the vote.

The first formal floor vote in relation to the impeachment probe announced a month ago by Speaker Nancy Pelosi followed a fierce debate in the chamber, where Republicans accused Democrats of launching a de facto “coup” against the president in a “pre-ordained” bid to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

“A yes vote on this resolution today gives a stamp of approval to a process that has been damaged beyond all repair and a blatant and obvious coup to unseat a sitting president of the United States,” Rep. Ross Spano, R-Fla., said.

Democrats, though, maintained that the president’s own actions – pressing Ukraine to launch politically related investigations, and allegedly using military aid as leverage – brought the country to this point.

“I do not take any pleasure in the need for this resolution,” Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., said. “We are here because the facts compel us to be here.”

Showmanship and heated rhetoric marked the lead-up to the vote. Pelosi stood beside a giant placard of an American flag while declaring Congress was “defending our democracy.”

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., accused Democrats of being part of a “cult,” suggesting Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is their leader.

Trump tweeted after the vote: “The Greatest Witch Hunt In American History!”

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham maintained in a statement that the president has done nothing wrong.

“With today’s vote, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats have done nothing more than enshrine unacceptable violations of due process into House rules,” she said.


No Republicans voted for the measure on Thursday, while two Democrats voted against it: Reps. Jeff Van Drew, D-N.J., and Collin Peterson, D-Minn.

I got as far as the very first sentence of their resolution before I threw down the Bullshit flag:


“and for other purposes”??? They’ve just given themselves carte blanche to investigate anything and everything for any reason they want, forever. THIS IS A COUP people.

After Independent Rep. Justin Amash voted in favor of an official impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Thursday, Rep. Jamie Raskin claimed the process could now be considered bipartisan, despite the fact that Amash left the Republican party in July.




Impeachment inquiry vote today. Expect the votes to be 100% partisan.


Herridge Jumping Ship At Fox

Catherine Herridge, a high-profile Washington-based correspondent for Fox News since its launch in 1996, is heading to CBS.

CBS News announced Thursday that Herridge will join the network as a senior investigative correspondent based in Washington, D.C. She will continue to cover national security and intelligence issues as she did at Fox News.

She is the second longtime journalist to exit Fox News this month. On Oct. 11, veteran anchor Shepard Smith announced his surprise departure in the middle of his $15-million-a-year contract after growing tension with the conservative network’s commentators who counter much of the straight news coverage on the network.

Herridge’s exit is said to have been in the works for a while as her last deal with the cable channel was up over the summer. Fox executives view her move as an opportunity to get wider exposure on a broadcast network that serves as the home of television’s most watched news program, “60 Minutes.”

Herridge is leaving Fox News on good terms

Well, good luck to her. I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a closet Liberal / Never Trumper. But if she can get some “Shep level” bucks, then I say go for it.

Holy cats. They paid that twit $15 MILLION a year? That’s SEVENTY TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVEN DOLLARS AN HOUR.
Far more than Hunter Biden ever made. In a day or two, Schlep was earning more than most of us get in a year. More than top sports stars. A single week’s paycheck ($288.5K) put him in the top 1%.


Preparing for turkey day


I’m making my first attempt at panda pee bread today. Something special. (do you have any idea how hard it is to get panda pee??)

No, actually, it’s just pronounced that way. It’s pan d’epi, stalk of wheat. Because the loaf gets snipped and shaped like one of them.

Naturally I have to make mine a hybrid loaf, for extra flavor. So here it is ... one small test loaf, in case the recipe doesn’t work.

76gm starter @ 100% hydration
172gm KABF/AP flour
2gm instant yeast
5gm table salt
132gm warm water

Yes, that’s 3% salt. Yikes. Let’s see what happens. Mix, proof for 1.5 - 2 hours, make a boule, stretch it to an oval, letter fold it in, pinch and flip, stretch to 16”, rest 20 on parchment paper. Dust with flour, snip and point. Bake 25 minutes at 450 with steam.

Update: Oh, it came out just awful ... yeah, right. By the time I remembered to take a picture, it was half gone. Flavor-wise, it’s a tiny tiny bit salty, but in a good way. I didn’t have any bread flour, so I used AP flour and added a bit more than a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten, and that worked fine. Taste is great.

I didn’t score the loaves like this baker did, but I might next time.

The thing about a pan d’epi is that it gives you a risen loaf of bread with maximum surface area, which means more crust. And baking it with steam in the oven makes a pretty great crust. Call this one a winner: looks cool, tastes great, and is actually pretty easy to make. Just break off a roll-sized chunk; no knives needed.  I’ll get some KABF and try another loaf soon, to compare.  Mess about with the recipe; a little more or less hydration, a bit more or less time rising perhaps. Egg wash for some gloss? Meh.



It’s a terrible job, but somebody’s got to do it. Anya Kudinova (aka Anyu Tamoor)by pro photog Sean Archer.



Might not be much from me today. I’m trying to get things done around here, and the list of things that need to be done is monumental. So I’ll pick the low hanging fruit first, enough to get by another day, and see what kind of energy I have left for the rest of it.

Next topic ... are you as tired and distrustful of polls as I am? And that the results of these biased efforts counts as news? Yeah. Here you go, two fresh polls that seem to be just about opposite each other:

•  New Poll: 7 out of 10 voters are “America First”. Pretty good.

•  New Poll: More than a third of Millenials are commies and think President Trump is the biggest threat to world peace. Pretty bad.

If we survive past the 2020 election, and Trump wins, I really hope a major, massive purge of the education system ensues. Throw out the commies, the nihilists, the leftist rabble rousers, the unions, Common Core, and all the indoctrination. Bring back actual teaching, civics, morality, love of country, etc.



You recall how I posted the other day about a car that went airborne and crashed through somebody’s house, and then the driver started punching the firemen trying to rescue him? And how that was only a few blocks from some of her relatives?

Today a small passenger plane augured in straight down, crashing into a couple houses just a few blocks from her sister’s house. The pilot of the small passenger plane was killed, and two or three houses were set on fire.


A small plane crashed into a Middlesex County neighborhood Tuesday morning, setting multiple homes on fire.

The pilot of the plane that crashed into the Colonia section of Woodbridge was killed, according to officials. But no one on the ground was injured, according to officials.

There’s a short doorcam video at the above link. You can see the plane coming pretty much straight down.

Colonia, New Jersey — Investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly plane crash in Colonia, New Jersey, about 20 miles southwest of New York City. The pilot was killed but remarkably, no one else was hurt.

The plane, which was coming from Virginia, was headed to a New Jersey airport about 5 miles from the crash site. When it went down, the plane burst into flames, and the fire spread to several homes.

“I heard a plane that sounded like it was really low and then I heard this loud house-shaking bang,” said Stephen Smith, who lives on the same street. “The flames were about 30 to 40 feet high.”
The pilot was the only person onboard. The Cessna crashed through two floors to the basement. An investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board said the pilot was communicating with air traffic control, but the plane eventually lost radar contact and there’s no indication at this point that a distress call was made.

Woodbridge Mayor Sean McCormack said luckily a family of three, including a 5-year-old girl, was not home at the time.

The airplane was a Cessna 414, a 2 engine small passenger plane that can carry 8 people. The pilot had flown up from Virginia and was the only one aboard. It was a bit cool and rather misty today. Carburator icing? There is a small airport just 4 miles away.

From the NYT:

A small plane piloted by a prominent cardiologist heading toward New York City for a lecture was spotted flying unusually low just before 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

It clipped trees and the roof of a house in northern New Jersey as it lost control on a morning damp with drizzle and cloaked in fog.

Neighbors in the suburb of Colonia described a deafening sound as the plane, a twin-engine Cessna 414, crashed through the roof of a second home, plummeting two floors into the basement.

The inferno that followed engulfed the home and spread quickly to two adjacent houses, drawing emergency responders from eight nearby towns to the tree-lined street.

Despite the severity of the crash and the fast-moving blaze, no one on the ground was injured. “It’s miraculous,” said John E. McCormac, the mayor of the township of Woodbridge, which includes Colonia.

The pilot, identified as Dr. Michael Schloss by his wife and by the director of the New Jersey airport where the plane had been headed, did not survive the crash. The pilot was the only person aboard the plane, according to a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board.

“This man was a true Renaissance man — a fine gentleman,” said the director, Paul Dudley, who added that Dr. Schloss regularly flew into Linden Airport, which is about 25 miles southwest of Midtown Manhattan.
Dr. Schloss was a trained instrument pilot who had decades of experience flying complex airplanes, including a fighter jet.

“I can’t help but think something else must have gone wrong that overwhelmed him,” said Mr. Dudley, who described the weather conditions as “horrible.”

Linden airport is exactly 4 miles NE of the crash site. Unless Dr. Schloss was able to pull up a bit at the very last second, it’s kind of hard to square the Time’s “clipped trees and the roof of a house” story with the video of the plane falling nearly straight down to a very very very low height before it goes off camera behind a tree. And the plane was spinning somewhat as it fell. OTOH, the plane has a big enough wingspan (40-44 feet), and the homes are close enough together, that the crash and the clipping could happen at the same time on neighboring homes.


Dystopian Escapism: Millennial Extremism, Trivial Fixation, Little Boy Fantasies

After hearing that it was the most amazing story ever, I read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One yesterday. At about 375 pages in the hardcover version, it’s a futuristic post-apocalyptic Matirx-like story about 5 people who go on the ultimate quest for fortune and fame, and along the way also save the world from the Evil Corporations. In a dark future where the world has collapsed due to Climate Change and running out of resources, nearly everyone on the entire planet gets by “living” jacked into the ultimate virtual reality online; their only “human” interaction is via their digital simulacrums, their avatars in the VR world. It’s a complicated story in a way; everything is a reference to 80s pop culture. Reading it is also sensory overload; I read the whole thing in 6 hours because once I was hooked I couldn’t put it down. On the other hand, it was juvenile, really puerile. Seemingly written by a 13 year old, it’s another one of the “indestructible young people with super duper god-like powers” tales like any movie in the Marvel comic book universe. Come on; the characters essentially live inside a video game (how Tron) where success in their video game style quest requires insanely detailed esoteric knowledge of ancient computer and arcade games (right back to the original text based computer quest games) and super-gamer mastery of all of them. Plus anime and all the old 80s movies and music videos. And in the penultimate battle near the end, everyone has to turn into a giant 1950s Japanese monster robot to fight it out using super technology and magic. Um yeah, it gets rather trite at times. And then when the adventure is pretty much over, they all actually meet face to face for the first time, we get another dose of PC, find true love, and it’s happily ever after. Except the world is still a desolate dysfunctional shell, but now that our heroes have untold riches, maybe they can just throw tons of money at it and everything will magically be better.

Having been born at exactly the right moment to miss out on most of the iconic entertainment events of the past 4 decades, including video games, I missed many of the gamer and anime references, but I spotted nearly all the rest, of which there are so many it comprises at least a quarter of the writing (including parenthetical record label information and dates). As one reviewer on Amazon wrote, “imaging if Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons wrote a book”. While I can appreciate geekyness in moderate amounts, too much is just too much. And this was saturation bombing levels of it, to flesh out a somewhat thin and predictable plot.  Hey, just like most quest driven video games, right?

Steven Spielberg made this into a movie last year. I know I’m out of the loop when it comes to movies and TV shows, but this one did so well I never even heard of it. It made a third of it’s USA gross on opening weekend, eventually grossing five times the investment cost worldwide, probably because 1)Spielberg and 2)there’s nothing else to do.

After hearing about the book, I did the modern thing and looked it up on Amazon, where the reviews are split between “awesome adventure and, like, total nostalgia” and “what nitwit 8th grader wrote this junk?”. So I did the right thing, and went to the library and signed out a copy. I’ll take it back today as it’s not worth a reread. I also borrowed another two Neil Gaiman books, so I can enjoy some beautiful storytelling.



Focusing on the important things

President Trump: ‘Beautiful,’ ‘talented’ military dog in al-Baghdadi raid wounded

President Trump on Sunday said military dogs chased Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi down a dark underground tunnel before he detonated a suicide vest that injured one of the dogs.
He said neither the dogs nor the American soldiers died in the raid.

“Our ‘K-9,’ as they call it,” Trump said, “I call it a dog. A beautiful dog – a talented dog – was injured and brought back.”

One soldier assigned to Delta Force told the Washington Examiner, “The injury to the dog is an injury to one of us. These dogs are a special breed of courageous.”
The White House and Pentagon have not provided details about the dogs, or the status of the one injured.

Damn right. One of our furry friends is worth than this human stain, all his squad and the whole damn village they were living in.


What the heck am I doing up at 5 o’clock in the morning? Beats me. I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up eventually, refilled the coffee pot and fed the outdoor kitty. He has this magic ability or 6th sense to know when I’m in the kitchen. I look outside; it’s pitch dark, no cat around. I set the Kuerig machine up and hold onto it while it brews me a cup - I love the concept of an individual brewer, but the thing is so noisy, especially at 5am - and there’s a little “donk” against the kitchen slider. It’s Ginger. “Hey human, where’s the food at already??” So ... typical cat, right? ... stop what I’m doing and take care of his wants first. Fine. There’s 3 partial cans of cat goo in the fridge, from Sunday’s waiting on our two finicky indoor kittehs, so empty them out and add a sprinkle of kibble and put it out for him. At least he eats. Nom nom nom, food all gone, see ya. And I can have my coffee. Um, why the heck am I having coffee when I should be going back to bed? Force of habit I guess.

Oh great, now one of the other ones is up. I hear somebody scratching in the cat pan. Mmm, scooping up fresh cat poop, just how I like to start my day. Probably wants feeding too, the little bugger. Crivens, now they’re both up. “When it’s feeding time for the animals” ...



Is he actually, finally, really, indisputably dead this time? I hope so. Somebody carve off a chunk of flesh and do some DNA testing on it ASAP. Let the pigs, crows, and flies eat the rest.

Al-Baghdadi Dead. Trump: He Died Like A Coward

President Trump, announcing the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, described him as dying “in a vicious and violent way, as a coward, running and crying.”

“He died like a dog, he died like a coward,” Trump said in a speech to the nation Sunday morning.

The ISIS leader’s death came in a successful U.S. military operation in northwest Syria Saturday night that took roughly two hours.

The Islamic State leader detonated an explosive vest as U.S. Special Operations Forces stormed his compound in the Idrib Province. Trump said he died whimpering at the back of a dead-end tunnel.

He also said the U.S. had al-Baghdadi under surveillance for weeks.  Trump said the U.S. had been searching for al-Baghdadi for years, calling his capture or death “the top national security priority of my administration.” Trump thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Kurds in the region.

“No personnel were lost in the operation, while a large number of Baghdadi’s fighters and companions were killed with him,” Trump said, adding that the U.S. recovered “highly sensitive” materials related to ISIS. “You are the very best anywhere in the world,” Trump later said of the U.S. forces.

Trump said al-Baghdadi died while being chased down by U.S. forces and their war dogs in a tunnel, and that the ISIS leader was “whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.” He then detonated a suicide vest, killing himself. Trump said three children who were with al-Baghdadi were also killed in the blast. Eleven other young children were taken out of the location uninjured, Trump said.

“Our reach is very long,” Trump said. He pointed to the recent death of Hamza bin Laden, son of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. “These savage monsters will not escape their fate, and they will not escape the final judgment of God.”

Trump said “Baghdadi and the losers who work for him” had “no idea what they were getting into.”

Al-Baghdadi reportedly had a $25 million bounty on his head. Some experts had predicted that as time passed and ISIS losses in the Middle East mounted, it was inevitable that al-Baghdadi would be captured or killed.

“The world is now a much safer place,” Trump said. “God bless America.”

And 3x3x3x3 cheers for our President calling it out this way. None of this BS soft-speak wobbly nonsense like al-Burak Obama did with bin Laden, being all respectful and having a quiet properly islamic burial at sea. Hell no. The “great leader” died like a sissy coward, trapped like a rat in a hole, hiding behind children, running away, and committing suicide. LOSER.  Mock him forever in front of the whole world. And use whatever info was also captured to lay down some major Alpha Strikes on the rest of them, like the wrath of an avenging God.

Trump ought to drag al-Baghdadi’s body through the streets, like Achilles did to Hector. Because that’s real victory.

I hope the dogs are Ok, but I kind of figure they may have been lost in the blast.



Daily Life

If you’ve ever read Greek mythology, you may have noticed that the labors of Hercules did not include cleaning out the refrigerator.  OMG.

The good news is, that after we went through all the “what is it, and when did we make it” leftovers, and all the sauces from forever ago, and all the dried up bits and things wrapped in tinfoil, I found half a bottle of Gatorade in the back. I have no idea when we bought it. But that stuff never goes out of code; there was still nearly 2 years left on the Best By date. And the half jar of palm sugar that we bought nearly a decade ago, in a slightly failed attempt to make our own authentic Pad Thai, is still just fine. It’s sugar. Never ever goes bad. Might have to take a chisel to it next time we want to use it though.



How appropriate.

Greta Gets Her Bug On


It’s blind and can’t fly. But it is dark blonde and has pigtails. No idea if it can make that anger face and scream “How dare you!!” at all the other beetles.

A newly-discovered species of beetle has been named after young climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Nelloptodes gretae bears little resemblance to its namesake - it is less than 1mm long, and has no wings or eyes. The insect does, however, have two long pigtail-like antennae.

Scientist Dr Michael Darby said he chose the name because he was “immensely impressed” by the Swedish teenager’s environmental campaigning.

N. gretae was first found in Kenya in the 1960s by William Block, who donated his samples to the Natural History Museum in London in 1978. It has been held in one of the museum’s collections since.

Dr Darby was studying this collection when he came across the then-nameless species.

By naming the beetle after Ms Thunberg, he said, he “wanted to acknowledge her outstanding contribution in raising awareness of environmental issues”.

It has now been formally named in the Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine.

Of course, in Kenya they’ve been aware of this bug for thousands of years, and probably have a name for it, but that doesn’t count for anything. Because science is all about White Supremacy.


I love those “what are you currently reading” questions you get on social media etc. Having just finished Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys novel (awesome if you loved American Gods), I’m now reading up on the differences between carbonitriding and nitrocarburizing, with a side trip to explore the various types of plasma induced deposition, and a special interest in microwave activated surface nitriding as it might apply to titanium nitride. “Naturally” I’m more in favor of a ferritic level process than an austenic one, simple because the lower process temperatures don’t change the underlying metallic properties and there is much less dimensional change.

I know, that’s a real conversation starter.

But if there is a quick, inexpensive, effective way to do this, then it’s a bonus. All of this pertains to methods of putting incredibly hard, smooth, and corrosion resistant coatings into the surface of steel parts. Things like bearings, engine valve train parts, rifle barrels, maybe even ball bearings. Surface hardness is massively increased, and the parts are much smoother. This means a lot less friction and much longer wear. About a third of the friction in the engine of your car is in the valve train. Reduce that by 80% and you get better MPG. Pistons coated with TiCN (titanium carbion nitride) or nACo won’t scuff, won’t wear out, or burn up anywhere near as fast: parts last much much longer. Engine uses less fuel, lasts longer. Bearings last forever. Cannon barrels last 10 times longer. Not sure if/how this stuff would work on jet engine turbine blades, or if any of it is sufficiently heat resistant for that kind of application.

To me, this is much more interesting than finding out who Miley Cyrus is sleeping with this week.

I’m also daydreaming about developing my own wildcat, a 6.5mm Dasher. It’s probably out there already but I’m not finding much information. This kind of wildcat is making your own personal version of some existing firearms cartridge. People have been doing this since there were cartridges to mess with. The 6mm Dasher is an unbelievably accurate cartridge, the darling of the medium range target shooting world. It’s a wildcat version of the 6BR, which is a smaller bullet version of the venerable .280 British cartridge from 1949, which itself is a cut down .30-06 case with a steeper shoulder that uses a 7mm (0.284") bullet instead of the original 30 caliber (.308") one. I have absolutely no need for one; I’m not even a target shooter. But my thought is that a 6.5 Dasher would split the difference (Goldilocks’ three bears situation) between the smaller 6mm Dasher and the perhaps too large .280 Brit, giving precision accuracy, mild recoil, and a bit more bullet to make it a bit better for hunting. Or as a military round: all these cartridges will fit in an AR length action, and will use bullets of about twice the mass as what tips a 5.56 NATO round these days. Sure, a bit less velocity, but a whole lot better aerodynamics, which makes them all 800 yard effective rounds.

I know, I know. Get a life.


What is it with people and black?

I went down to the store yesterday evening just before total dark. The main road in our village has street lights, but they’re those globes on posts style, which don’t provide a whole lot of actual street illumination. Going down the hill I saw a flicker of motion. This tall slender woman is out for a run, dressed head to foot in black. Black sneaks, black leggings, asphalt colored sweatshirt, black hair, black headband. She was damn near invisible. Later on, I drove down to Flemington. Coming into town, going around the right hand curve by the old church where the road significantly narrows, another dim spot, and there’s this guy with some mongo quad cab pickup parked on the apex of the turn on my side. Charcoal black truck of course. He’s got both the street side doors open, the read door is a suicide design, and no interior light on. And he’s standing there in the street putting something in the truck. He’s dressed in black of course.

WTF people? Are you suicidal or are you just oblivious morons? Sure, uh huh, “pedestrians have the right of way”. Riiight. Do you want to bet your life on this? Holy crap. Get a light. Wear something reflective. Try light colors. Use the damn doors on the sidewalk side. WTF.


Later on I was watching some interview on Fox. Some black voice was on, talking about how poorly Elizabeth Warren is doing in The Community because she hasn’t rolled out ENOUGH promises of goodies. Seriously? So much for unity. He’s demanding his people should be pandered to? To “buy” their votes? How selfish.  How gutter.



It’s Official. Hamlet the pig has been voted the cutest pet in NJ. How appropriate. But he is cuter than some chihuahua dressed in a taco costume.


Good of “dad” to clean up the room and put on a shirt first. Not.


Oh For Gourd’s Sake

Sensitive Types Just Have To Ruin Everything, Imposing Their Uninformed Uppity On Everyone Else


It’s not like black and orange aren’t the proper colors of Halloween anyway.

A Halloween display in front of a law firm was taken down in Nyack because the jack-o’-lanterns upset some community members. The jack-o’-lanterns are painted black with a white mouth.

The reaction from some community members led the Feerick, Nugent, MacCartney Law Offices to take the pumpkins down less than 48 hours after setting them out on the porch.

“We understand that someone complained about them and so once we got word of that we immediately took them down,” says Mary Marzolla, a partner at the law firm.

Marzolla says the pumpkins, personalized with the names of each partner at the firm on South Broadway, were never meant to offend anyone.

“We represent people of all colors and faiths, and we would never do anything to exclude anyone from any community,” she says.

Her associate, Alak Shah, says he didn’t think twice about the jack-o’-lanterns.

It’s just nothing I take offense to personally, but since it did offend someone we took proactive steps to take it down,” he says.

Local NAACP Director Wilbur Aldridge says it shows an “extreme lack of sensitivity.”

Though they have been removed, both attorneys say they wonder why the decorations didn’t raise flags at Bed Bath & Beyond, the store where they were purchased.

Bed Bath & Beyond apologized, saying that any offense was unintentional and that it “immediately removed” the pumpkins from sale.

Golly, a black object associated with Halloween. How raycis. Black cats, witches with black hats and robes, skeleton costumes made from black fabric with bones painted on ... OMG, the entire holiday is nothing more than being offensive to “POC”, who really aren’t anywhere close to being actually black. But Blackface Bad, no matter how many Hollywood and Democrat notables have been photographed that way in the past, or that Canada just re-elected a PM who has dressed up that way several times.

And while these particular pumpkins may have been painted, a minute or two of research shows that pumpkins, a member of the gourd family that has been cultivated and crossbred for more than 5000 years, come in a wide variety. White pumpkins, red ones, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and even black. A whole spectrum of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. All over the world, or in your garden.  There are at least a dozen varieties that qualify as black, including the Queensland Blue, the Jarrahdale, and the Black Futsu. They’re not even uncommon anymore.

Not to mention that people have been painting them whatever color they felt like for ages, decorating them in all sorts of ways, and nobody with half a brain cell has given an iota’s worth of damn.

But hey, it’s Nyack. Rockland County NY’s high density suburb with both a large artistic colony and it’s own suburban ghetto. So what did you expect?


Japanese black pumpkin, know as a kabocha

I would have had a lot more respect for this law firm if instead of caving and grovelling, they’d gone out and got several more pumpkins and painted them various colors, and put out a whole rainbow’s worth. Pumpkin Diversity ... so shut up.





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calendar   Friday - August 26, 2016

fair use

Once in a while having a clearer understanding of the Fair Use Doctrine can come in handy.

What it is: LINK 1

Here’s a checklist: LINK 2

Here’s a nice graphical flowchart: LINK 3

( source )

Remember, at BMEWS it is always our intent to educate our readers in a non-profit manner.

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calendar   Thursday - August 25, 2016

Finishing Strong

We mopped the floor with our opponents last night, taking all 3 games and a total margin of over 100 pins. They were 2 points ahead of us in the standings, but 6 down from the team ahead of them, so our 7-0 win gave us their slot in the standings but wasn’t enough to bridge the points gap into the top 4. So we finished in 5th, and were rewarded a kingly $40 per person. Sweet. Yup, another 3 weeks and we would have been knocking on 1st place. Still, considering we were dead last by 4 points just 7 weeks ago, I think we came back real strong.

I’ve got a couple of new balls on order; the alley’s summer time discount of 40% off created a better price including drilling than any of the online shops would sell me the same balls for without drilling. Sweet.

Winter league starts in 2 weeks. I’m just going to put those balls aside for a little while, not even have them drilled, until I get my release a bit more squared away. I’ve got to my axis tilt and rotation more where they ought to be. Seems like I can either rev the ball up and throw it straight, or rip threw it on the release and get a totally horizontal axis - ie a spinner. Both can make strikes, but neither will hook much at all, so I’m never going to get the kind of entry angle that a big hook shot gives. And that means consistent strikes with a big safety margin. That’s not me. Not yet.

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back to school

First day of school today in our county.

Two new kids on the high school bus early in the morning. Neither was on the grade school bus last year, so they either moved here over the summer or else they escaped from parochial schools and are now experiencing public education for the first time. Woo hoo.

An entire zoo full of little squeakers on the grade school bus. I counted 20 but I don’t think all the kids made it in this morning. And it was helicopter parent time. Oh boy, both mommy and daddy showed up to put junior on the bus, and they got there early with babies in tow to give themselves lots of time to record this momentous event. Even the grandparents were there for a couple of the kids. So in a matter of minutes, I went from total isolation to being ring master for a crowd of almost 70 people. And then, once the individual pictures were taken, the group pictures were taken, the parents only pictures for Facebook were taken, the littlest army filled up half a school bus ("Oh look, how cute! She’s reaching up to take that big first step onto the bus. Get her picture, get her picture!!"), and away they went. An exodus of SUVs and minivans ensued, of size and speed that would make Peiper’s UK Travelers proud. And then it was lonely silence again.

Looks like it’s going to be a good day to paint garages. Now until frost actually.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 24, 2016

And now for something completely different..

At Haymarket Park: Trump by a Bobblehead

It was the battle of the bobbleheads.

Five hundred plastic, blue-pantsuit-wearing Hillary Clintons stood on tables across from 500 “Make America Great Again” red hat-wearing Donald Trumps—a stare down, but with plastered smiles on their bobblehead faces. Tuesday night marked the third Bobble Election at Haymarket Park, held in honor of the upcoming presidential election.

Saltdogs’ fans cast their votes by choosing a free bobblehead before settling down for a game. Whichever of the 500 bobbleheads ran out first was the winner.

Charlie Meyer, president and general manager of the Lincoln Saltdogs, said the poll wasn’t about politically dividing baseball fans but having fun and satisfying curiosity: Will Trump or Clinton be the last man or woman standing?

“It’s been a heated race, and I think it will get much more heated once we get closer to November,” Meyer said. “But this is a fun deal.”

Besides entertainment, Meyer said they hoped to raise awareness by reminding people who haven’t registered to vote to go do so.

It’s 6am, home after a long day (night? Gotta love 3rd shift) at work, and I miiiiiight have made that bourbon & Coke a little stronger than anticipated (Wild Turkey 101, was finishing off the bottle)
This story made me smile. 

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calendar   Saturday - August 20, 2016

Rule 34 Is For Real

Rule 34 is the internet rule that says that some kind of porn exists for everything. Shoes, puppies, blueprints, Swiss cheese, rare books, anything. And if porn doesn’t exist for it, the mere mention that such is the case will cause porn to be created for it.

After making my previous bridge post, I stared at my work and eventually realized there was a girl in the picture. Hiding half the truss, thanks. Fine. If that’s how the game is played, let’s go. I knew of one picture right off the top of my head. I even knew the model’s name. So to the search engines, and I plug in “Ariel bridge”

and what comes back is ...


Not what I expected, but both awesome and abhorrent in its own right.

Awesome, because what you’re looking at is a bowstring truss bridge, made from both wrought and cast iron (like I just wrote about) and utilizing our old friend the Phoenix Column. This means the bridge is older than I beams, but younger than the Civil War (because after the war the Phoenix Iron Company turned swords into plowshares almost literally and used their cannon building technology to make rigid braced hollow tubing that could be easily assembled on site; ie the Phoenix Column). And this particular bridge is given superb coverage by my fellow bridge hunter Nathan Holth. Awesomer, because it’s a “WIBCO”; a bridge made by the prolific Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio. The bridge now lives in a park in Mt. Vernon Ohio, so maybe our friend Turtler can go and visit. Google found it for me because the bridge is funded by the Ariel Foundation. Figures, right?

Abhorrent because the bowstring truss is very strong, so it was a total diss to just nail the thing to the side of a walkway - not even a bridge, just a wooden path with railings on pilings!!! - to make it look like a bridge. This little arch could support a steam locomotive, even though it’s 140 years old. Also abhorr - ok, not really abhorrent, just a bit embarrassing, because the pictures I was looking for all came back in the search too; every one of them already stored in the back room here at this blog. Oh the photos are out there galore; I’m just the only one who renamed them to name the subjects.

Here’s what I was looking for ... mildly NSFW, plus a few others similar, because this is a Rule 34 post after all.

That’s Ariel, she’s on a bridge, and the picture is bloody huge if you save it.

Hey, you knew there’d be redheads involved. They’re always trying to pop up everywhere here.
Ok, a few others, mostly “artistic”. Go find the hardcore ones yourself.




Huh, look at that. A little pop-up window. Thought they were all disabled. Wonder what happens if I click on it?

Hey, hey, what’s happening here? I’m losing control of my PC!! Windows opening everywhere!!


Now wait just a goldarn minute here! There ain’t no bridge in that last pic! (assistant whispers in ear, bringing Drew up to date) Oh, it’s called a bridge? Fine. But enough.

Rule 34: give them an inch, and they’ll try and sell you some cream to make it 9 inches.

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full countered Pratt pony

Yes, it’s finally time for another bridge post.



Counters are the diagonal members running in the opposite direction. They help manage shear stress. By using the full set of counters you get a bridge made of “X"s, which is very good at supporting transitional loads ... like when a locomotive drives up one end of the span, across it, and off the other end. This is also the very best reason to use forged steel components, because steel can handle switching from tension to compression, which wood and iron can’t. Wood is always weak in tension, cast iron is weak in tension, and forged iron is weak in compression.

Too cute ... the model’s name is Bailey. Like the Bailey bridge? Maybe she has a sister named Bridge-ette.

Woo hoo!

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borderline blues

Buddy Guy blurs the line between rock and the blues. Who cares what you call it? This is dance music, even if you can’t dance. Happy happy happy. Get up and move your big ass ‘round, even if you don’t have one of those either.

I’ve got the CD, which is exceptionally well recorded. Crank up the volume just a bit and it’s like you’re right there.

Just in case you don’t like the blues - there’s got to be one of you, somewhere, right? - check below the fold for a bit of bouncy funk that will also get you up, get you happy, and get you moving. Brought to you by the Lovetone Meatball, or so I’ve been told.

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under the knife

That does it. The cat is going to get fixed. I can not take it any more.

Dizzy the cat, the mostly blind one, is in heat. Again. Every 4 god damn weeks, I swear. And she’s a very talkative cat to begin with. Which means now I’ve got Opera Cat, doing her full-throated arias all over the house. All day, all night. For days.

Would. You. Please. Shut. The. Flying. Fuck. Up!!!

It doesn’t matter how much she gets petted, or rubbed, or brushed, or played with, or snuggled, or fed. Or anything. A minute later and she’s at it again. 3 in the morning and she jumps up on the bed and starts howling.

Lucky for her she really isn’t trying to get out of the house. Because I might just be too tempted to let her. But more kittens is the last thing we need around here.

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calendar   Friday - August 19, 2016

thanko yu for not sweating



Only in Japan!! Or by mail order!!! $42 at Japan Trend Shop

h/t to Stoaty the Weasel

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calendar   Thursday - August 18, 2016

Almost Made It

We took 5 last night, going 5-2 against the first place team. Not quite enough to knock them off their throne, but enough to give it a big wobble and leave them vulnerable in the finals next week.

I got to play hero twice, putting myself totally in the zone the last few frames of each game to try and pull out a win. That worked in the first game, where I just fixated on the 2nd arrow and threw 9/ X XXX to finish and put 80 on the board for a fat margin win. Tried as hard as I could in Game 2, rolling X X XX9 to add 89 to our score; not enough for a win, but enough so that we lost small, by only 12 pins or so. It wasn’t really necessary in Game 3 because we were well ahead anyway, but I still did X XX9 just for gits and shiggles. I ended the night with a 557 series, which is about where my bowling ought to be.

Next week ... position round, and the parsing of the money. Money honey, woo hoo. Yeah, like $5 each. Ain’t no money in summer league honey.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 17, 2016

Leaving Home

On the off chance anybody checks out the Left Coast and can’t escape in time to eat their meals elsewhere, I know a number of good suggestions I might list if people are interested.

Well, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but now I have an announcement to make. And while I have been drafting posts about both the Iran Ransom and the Olympics (and how politics and cheating go hand in hand), but the big news I have to give is closer to home.

I am still committed to this blog and the Great Cause of our time, but tomorrow- possibly today for you- on August 17th I will be moving halfway across the country. I don’t make it a secret that while I am a man of the right, I have also been a Californian born and raised. And what’s more, someone that has lived on the dread, died-in-the-wool-left Coast itself. My parents came from the Middle of the country decades ago to live here, and I have lived here in this house my entire life.

Now I am doubling back on the path tread by them, the “Okies”, and the Miner 49ers and moving to Ohio. I have my misgivings about My Grandmother is getting on in years and could use our help, and above all the costs of uprooting from the home of 20~ years and moving halfway across the country to a place I scarcely know are less than the costs of staying. Taxes are high, a criminally insane water policy has all but insured drought will strike again, the “law” tried to abolish concealed carry, and I still remember the times when Bernie’s Brownshirts attacked a Trump Rally down the street while two married Jihadists slaughtered a Christmas Party.

This would be the chance where the jokes about the Far Left Coast would come up. But in all due honesty… I feel they’re mostly out of place for me personally. I am NOT blind to California’s innumerable flaws, chief among them the dual facts that it seems committed to being re-annexed by Mexican drug cartels and the fact that it has helped elect every Leftist president we have been cursed with. But the California I knew was generally good to me on the whole. Even with a hideously corrupt school system and government. The neighborhoods were good, The food’s delicious (especially if you know where to look), the climate’s generally above par (though anybody who thinks it shines all the time has never shivered in 30 degree F weather in the middle of Fall of in Santa Clara). And perhaps most surprisingly… almost everybody I have met- and I mean almost everybody- from school on was friendly or neutral. And hard as it may seem, many people know about my political and philosophical beliefs- including in school- and were accepting of it, sans a few individuals (two or three of whom I am proud to say I helped fire).

So on some level I think a part of me will always belong to here, even long after I leave. It is the land of my childhood and nothing I can do will change that. And I suppose I can see why many people might be drawn in by the warm, fuzzy glow of a Leftist, progressive utopia. After all, my life has largely been a demonstration of its’ better sides (to the extent that oxymoron exists).

But even then the underlying rot crept up from the cracks. That was all too obvious from when one of my (married) math Co-Teachers was arrested and dragged off for shagging a student, probably with the knowledge of the Principal.  Even though his wife also worked on the very campus. But more damning was the bitter, encrusted corruption that lies at the top of the school districts and how my parents had to use their legal skill and positions in the PTA to fight a years long, savage battle with a system run by people who will screw over their students- including the disabled- in order to serve themselves. The fact that I was framed for defusing a situation with a history professor blocking the door and physically threatening me was probably the nadir of it. And I think it mirrors the dozens of ways=- from water infrastructure to sanctuary cities to drugs to forest ires- that this dream fails. How it crumbles when even a handful of people with black hearts, greedy natures, avarice, or simple incompetence get high enough on the food chain, and how no amount of resources, Godly mercy, or well intentioned people are around.

I was just one of the ones lucky or blessed enough to not suffer the full consequences. The brilliant VDH has made a long, long series of posts that show a fuller story. It’s well worth reading, just in case you thought you knew everything about Leftist Lunacy.

So, what next for me? I don’t know. But regardless of what happens I do know I can look forward to one thing. Ohio’s a swing state, and we’re moving in time for voter re-registration for the General Election. Which means for whatever I’ve given up, I will have the chance to do something I really never have done before. Cast a vote in the General Election that might make a non-trivial difference. And ultimately, why else was America founded?

In any event, I look forward to getting back in the swing of things.

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calendar   Tuesday - August 16, 2016

Bigger Red Is Extra Green

Well duh, of course having Americans building, owning, maintaining, and crewing the ships that go from one US port to another raises the price of goods a tiny bit. If we had a bunch of beaner boats crewed by Mongolians, Greeks, and Filipinos like most international shipping, the wages would be even more pathetic and the ships run down to rusty hulks. And it would even easier to sneak in spies, terrorists, and Democrat Commie agitators. I’m not usually a fan of protectionist legislation like the sugar subsidy, but I think I’m in favor of this one.  HOWEVER I can see modifying it a bit to keep it modern: it should not apply to American territories, protectorates, or states that are islands and more than 25 miles out to sea, or to coastal states that are not contiguous or adjacent to other states or territories by more than 50 miles.  In other words, create a loophole for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Somoa, USVI, and Puerto Rico.

Such an act: Keeping up with the Jones


Hey, this one’s only red on top and on the bottom. Wait, um, never mind.  red face

Crowley Maritime Corp. took delivery Friday of MT West Virginia, the fourth new Jones Act product tanker built for the company by Philly Shipyard, Inc. (PSI). Crowley will christen the West Virginia on Tuesday at a ceremony at Philly Shipyard.

The LNG-ready West Virginia can be converted for propulsion by liquefied natural gas (LNG), joining sister ships Louisiana, Ohio and Texas, which were received by Crowley in 2015 and 2016 as the first-ever tankers to receive the American Bureau of Shipping’s (ABS) LNG-Ready Level 1 approval.

Like its sister ships, West Virginia is 50,000 dead-weight-tons (dwt) and capable of carrying 330,000 barrels of product. The new tankers are based on a Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) design that incorporates numerous fuel efficiency features, flexible cargo capability and the latest regulatory requirements. The

vessel is 600 feet long and is capable of carrying crude oil or refined petroleum products, as well as various chemical cargoes. Marathon Petroleum Corporation is the charterer.

If converted to run on LNG, then this ship would have practically no carbon footprint. Well, “no footprint” relative to 600’ cargo ships of 50Kdwt. But aside from a sailboat, that’s as clean and green as it gets.

The Jones Act is a 1920 bit of protectionist legislation properly called The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 that says “keep American shipping American”, from the beginning to the end. It’s all about “cabotage”, a most excellent and rare word, that means the exact opposite of “NIMBY”. It’s total “IMBY”: it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there’s a paragraph in there requiring the steel used has to be mined and refined here, and any wood grown and worked within our borders. Jones Act, Fuck Yeah!

cabotage:  a requirement that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried on U.S.-flag ships, constructed in the United States, owned by U.S. citizens, and crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents.

Super Patriot John McCain tried to nullify the Jones Act in 2015.


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Big Red



Ain’t she a beauty? That’s a Lockheed 5B Vega from 1928. This the 22nd model 5B Vega built, and it became an unique variant when the wasp B engine was replaced with a 420hp supercharged Wasp C engine of 22 liters displacement (1343 cu in). At the same time the engine was replaced, many of the 7 passenger seats were removed to make room for a nice big gas tank that held 420 gallons. It was in this flying barrel of petrol that Amelia Earhart set off to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic on May 20, 1932. She mostly made it; her intended destination was Paris, but Ireland made a great place to land when things started going wrong ...

Her plan was to fly all the way to Paris, but after her altimeter had failed, encountering adverse weather, including heavy icing and fog, a fuel leak, and a damaged exhaust manifold, Earhart landed in a field at Culmore, North Ireland. The distance flown was 2,026 miles (3,260.5 kilometers). Her elapsed time was 14 hours, 56 minutes.

A lone, astonished farmer saw her land.

Amelia cut the switches, climbed out of the plane, and, as the man approached the plane, called out, “Where am I?”

Danny McCallion replied obligingly and with excruciating accuracy. “In Gallegher’s pasture.”


Later that year, Earhart flew the Vega to another record. On August 24-25, she made the first solo, nonstop flight by a woman across the United States, from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey. The flight covered a distance of 2,447 miles and lasted about 19 hours.

The aircraft now resides in the National Air and Space Museum. Right click the pictures here for much larger versions.

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Dang, nobody posted nothing today.

Hey, we won 5-2 at bowling last week. And Wednesday is our last day of competition; the finals are next week. We’re up against the 1st place team, and if we stomp them they’ll drop like a rock. We’ll never take the lead, but at least we can trash their dreams and enjoy the schadenfreude. Nasty? No, not really. They really aren’t very good bowlers. They’re in the lead because they get such a huge handicap from everyone. If we can get our duckies in a row again we can drop kick them right off the lanes.

Weather for Wednesday night will be cooler and drier. Still warm but not the rain forest kind of swelter we’ve been having. Which is actually typical NJ summer time. Steam bath. Hmm. So maybe that will mean the lane oil will be a bit tackier, and break a little early for a change? An active back end? Cool. That’s just what we want.

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