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The One, The Only

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Is Fauxcahontas Now Princess One Drop??


Screams At The Sky demands a recount!

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren took the rare step Monday of releasing DNA test results examining her possible Native American ancestry, in apparent response to persistent criticism from President Trump and other Republicans.

The results, as shared with The Boston Globe, reportedly reveal “strong evidence” the Massachusetts senator had a Native American ancestor dating back six to 10 generations. At the same time, the report could embolden critics by showing only trace amounts of that heritage—which Republicans have charged she used to advance her career at Harvard.

According to the analysis, if Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother was Native American, she would be considered 1/32nd Native American. Should Warren’s ancestor date back 10 generations, she would be only 1/512th Native American.

“Having as little as 1/512th Native American ties does not give you the right to claim minority status,” Republican National Committee Deputy Communications Director Mike Reed said in a statement.

The analysis of Warren’s DNA was done by Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor ...  Bustamante calculated that Warren’s pure Native American ancestor appears in her family tree “in the range of 6-10 generations ago.” That timing fits Warren’s family lore, passed down during her Oklahoma upbringing, that her great-great-great-grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith, was at least partially Native American.

O.C. That means Original Cowgirl, right?

The inherent imprecision of the six-page DNA analysis could provide fodder for Warren’s critics. If her great-great-great-grandmother was Native American, that puts her at 1/32nd American Indian. But the report includes the possibility that she’s just 1/1024th Native American if the ancestor is 10 generations back.
Warren didn’t use a commercial service, but Bustamante is on the scientific advisory board for Ancestry, which provides commercial DNA tests. He’s also consulted on a project for 23andMe, another major DNA testing company.
Detecting DNA for Native Americans is particularly tricky because there is an absence of Native American DNA available for comparison. This is in part because Native American leaders have asked tribal members not to participate in genetic databases.

“The tribes have felt they have been exploited,” explained Lawrence Brody, a senior investigator with the Medical Genomics and Metabolic Genetics Branch at the National Institutes of Health. “The amount of genetic data that is available from Native Americans is sparse.”

To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American.

So, she could just as easily be 1/1024 part beaner instead.

Princess One Bean?


The yellow bar is 10 generations back for Warren. The tan bars are for my ancestor the pirate, b. 1570, who stole white people and sold them as slaves to Africans. Should I call myself Dutch? Do I get props for his “modern” behavior way the heck back when?? Does Liar-watha deserve even a tiny eagle feather??

Update: A perfect comment on this story, which also includes Trump’s promise to pay $1 million to her charity of choice if she tests positive, which she is now demanding. Trump should donate $976.56, which is 1/1024 of a million. BURRRRNNNN !!!!


Poland China Rescued With Doritos™


Doritos, as it turns out, are more than just a junk food for teens with the munchies — they helped deputies in San Bernardino, California, lure a pig “the size of a mini horse” back home.

The sheriff’s department wrote online Sunday that deputies learned of the runaway pig—and “due to previous calls,” they “knew where [the pig] lived.”

The responding deputies “lured him back home with @Doritos one of our deputies had in her lunch bag,” and the hungry pig followed their trail.

“We were able to put him back in and secure the gate,” Deputy Ponce said, according to the post. “It was fun!”

That looks like half a ton of ham on the hoof. Imagine the size of the roaster you’d need for him!

And of course, the hog is somebody’s suburban pet. Imagine trying to get him on the airplane as your emotional support animal.

And the cops knew where porky lived, due to multiple earlier complaints. Yeah, I wonder why. Sheesh, go buy a farm already.



Boycott Thugball

A trio of NFL players have knelt during the national anthem this season, resuming protests against social injustice that have vexed President Trump for the last two years and left Commissioner Roger Goodell and other league officials scrambling for a solution.

Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson have knelt during the national anthem every game this season. Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, who joined Colin Kaepernick during the original kneeling protests in 2016, resumed kneeling before his season debut in Week 5 last Sunday.

The three players are slated to earn a combined $16.5 million in 2018, or more if they meet certain bonuses. Under the NFL’s current rules, none of the players will face fines or other disciplinary action for the protests.

I’ve never been really sure just what it is that these guys are protesting. THEY certainly have had every possible opportunity and advantage, and every single one of them happens to be a “person of preferred pigmentation”. They get paid 100 times as much as anybody with a middle of the road salary, and they’re getting paid to play. Not work. Play. Play a game.

They can protest all they want on their own time. Suit up, and you’re on company time, which means you do what the company says. Just like the rest of us.

Want to make things better for your peeps? Use your own money, or use your influence with big companies, and get something going. No? In that case, stand up and shut up, or get lost.

So, another season of no football for me. Maybe I’ll watch the StuporBowl. Maybe. But no games, and certainly no Nike products.

Let ‘em rot.

That’s MY protest.


Make The Rich Pay Their Fair Share ???

New report out by Bloomberg - yeah, the company owned by the former NYC mayor, the leftist who passed the “no big sodas” law there - shows that those “evil rich” pay about 97% of the income taxes.

If past statistics can offer any guidance, in 2016, $1.44 trillion income taxes were paid by 140.9 million taxpayers reporting a total of $10.2 trillion in adjusted gross income, according to data recently released by the Internal Revenue Services.

Bloomberg looked into the 2016 individual returns data in detail for some additional insights illustrated in the charts below:

•   The top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (37.3 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (30.5 percent).
•   The top 50 percent of all taxpayers paid 97 percent of total individual income taxes.
     In other words, the bottom 50 percent paid 3 percent. Which small percentile of tax payers also paid 3 percent or more? You might have guessed it. It is the top 0.001%, or about 1,400 taxpayers.
     That group alone paid 3.25 percent of all income taxes. In 2001, the bottom 50 percent paid nearly 5 percent whereas the top 0.001 percent of filers paid 2.3 percent of income taxes.

Run those numbers against the population, and the result is that the top 10% of the top 1% of the top 1% of earners paid more income taxes then the lowest earning 70 MILLION people of the population.

Fair share, indeed.


OK, we caught a break in the weather yesterday and the pig roast party was awesome. I made a whole bunch of new friends and acquaintances, drank a whole lot, ate myself into a stupor, and had an all-round great time. We got home, I took a good swig of Pepto and went to bed for 2 hours. Thud. Got up, had a glass or two of water, zombied about for a bit and went back to bed. Let’s just say I’m a bit slooow today.



Another great essay by Sultan Knish

Google’s vision of the future is multinational, multilateral, multicultural and multi-everything. It’s a borderless world in which we’re no longer defined by nations, but by platforms. Every individual is a terabyte profile swimming among the vast server farm zettabytes in Finland, Singapore, the Dalles in Oregon and Quilicura, Chile, to be run on Google products designed by hipsters the Bay Area and manufacturerd by slave labor in China.

That was Hillary’s vision. That’s not Trump’s vision.

Trump’s economic nationalism is antithetical to everything that Google and the big dot coms stand for. Their borderless world requires the dismantling of nations into united markets governed by global treaties. There’s no room for national interest if Google or Amazon are to run the world.

America isn’t just at war with a nebulous left, but with a leftist vision embraced by the big tech companies that have defined how we talk to each other, what we read and what we know.

Google isn’t just leftist by accident. It’s leftist by design. Its vision is globalist, its scope is endless and the only thing standing in its way, besides its rivals, is the nation-state. America.



Remember the soup Nazi?

UK Food Police: Put The Pizza Down, Step Away From The Chocolate Cake

Restaurants and supermarkets have been told to shrink pizzas or remove toppings under “drastic” new government plans to calorie cap thousands of foods sold in the UK.

Draft guidelines unveiled by Public Health England (PHE) would see recommended calorie limits set for regularly consumed items including sandwiches, cooking sauces, pies, soups, and processed meats, the Daily Telegraph reports.

While the limits would not be mandatory under current plans, which are part of a package aimed at reducing childhood obesity, the government has warned it would likely legislate if businesses failed to fall into line, with public health minister Steve Brine declaring the state was “willing to do whatever it takes to keep children healthy and well in this country”.

At least they can wash down their downsized portions with a proper Imperial Pint of beer. Probably use a plastic straw with it too. For now.

Don’t you just love the “do what we say voluntarily or else” aspect too?

Tyranny. Using the “it’s for the chiiiiildren” gambit is an argument of the lowest form.

We watched “Darkest Hour” last night, a B movie about Winston Churchill in the early days of WWII, with the fall of France, Dunkirk, Chamberlin, etc. The second to last scene has him on the subway, asking the common people if England should surrender or negotiate a peace with Hitler. “Never! Never!! Never!!” is the crowd reaction. I felt like crying for the England that once was.


Not The Best Day For A Pig Roast

We’re going to a pig roast barbecue party at some friend’s place this afternoon. While it was cool and very windy yesterday, all that breeze dried things up pretty well after a week and a half of misty foggy drizzly dampness. And then early this morning it started raining. I was up around 5 to feed the cats and it was pouring. And 40°. Nasty. I’ve got the heat on; several hours later and it’s “warmed” up to a roaring 46°. And it’s still raining. In theory the rain should let off a little before noon. Party starts at 1pm. I’m thinking it will be an indoor thing. Maybe these folks have a giant fireplace and they can do the pig on a spit, colonial style.


We won all 7 last night at Cheap League. That’s 2 weeks in a row! And two weeks in a row that J was off salmon fishing, so he wasn’t there. Funny how we always win when he isn’t there.


OK, what’s in the news this morning? Oh, here’s one. Another of those “what took you so long?” stories.

Hillary Surrenders Security Clearance

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has relinquished her security clearance over her handling of sensitive information stored on a private email server, according to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Cheryl Mills, a former top Clinton aide, along with four additional individuals, no longer have clearance, committee chairman Chuck Grassley said Friday afternoon. The Washington Times reports Clinton’s access to secret information “expired at the end of August,” while the four other “research assistants,” the names of which were redacted in a letter from the State Department, had their clearances terminated September 20.

The FBI began investigating the handling of classified material on Clinton’s private email server shortly after she announced her bid in April 2015. The issue had dogged Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, greatly contributing to the questions a majority of Americans have about her honesty and trustworthiness.

For heaven’s sake, the bathroom email thing was back in the Spring of 2016. We’re in the last quarter of 2018. She ceased being a government employee in 2013. And she absolutely welded shut her own door to government service November 5, 2016. Talk about the slow turning wheels of power.

Come on President Trump, set a new policy. Security clearance isn’t a birthright. It isn’t an elite ticket to fame and fortune. Do the job, have the clearance. Give up the job, give up the clearance. For everyone. Gosh, that would make it tougher for them to be top of the pyramid lobbyists? Gee, too damn bad.



The Smallest Smidgen Of Self-Doubt
Washington Examiner: Gosh, There MAY Have Been Some Media Anti-Kavanaugh Bias

Taken separately, a fair-minded person could say the authors of these and still more unfairly anti-Kavanaugh reports were merely ignorant or sloppy

In the essay they list quite a number of even more spurious allegations that you probably never heard of.

Slime. Balls. All of them. Enemedia.

No, the authors of ALL these “reports” are gutter crawling scum whores, degenerate debased rumor mongers who at best deserve to be run out of town on a rail. At. Best.


Sortition, Sortition !!

Suburban Terror Bomber Caught With Homemade Bomb

The FBI has arrested an upstate New York man accused of building a bomb that he intended to use to blow himself up on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Election Day, authorities said Wednesday.

Police and FBI agents searched a Hudson Valley home Wednesday after learning about a man who was allegedly building a bomb in order to blow himself up in Washington D.C., two law enforcement officials told News 4 New York.

Court documents say Paul Rosenfeld, 56, of Tappan, wanted to draw attention to his belief in “sortition,” the ancient practice of randomly selecting legislators out of a pool of eligible voters.


Rosenfeld confessed to the plot, telling the agents he ordered black powder over the internet and built a bomb in his basement, court papers say.

Rosenfeld also told the agents that he installed certain components in the device to ensure that he was killed.

Investigators scoured his home and discovered a bomb that weighed 200 pounds but included only eight pounds of explosive black powder, court papers say. The extra weight was due to plywood crating and other components used to transport the device.

A Rockland County man who cops say built a 200-pound bomb he was planning to explode in Washington, D.C., in an Election Day suicide attack was arrested Wednesday.

Paul Rosenfeld, 56, of Tappan, was busted on federal charges of manufacturing an explosive device.

“As alleged, Paul M. Rosenfeld concocted a twisted plan to draw attention to his political ideology by killing himself on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. — risking harm to many others in the process,” U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said.

“Rosenfeld’s alleged plan for an Election Day detonation cut against our democratic principles.”

This is only a couple small towns over from where I grew up. The town of Tappan is in the far southeast corner of New York, right on the New Jersey border and just a mile or three inland west from the Hudson River. It might as much as 20 miles from there to Manhattan. So it strikes me as a bit nearsighted that the NYC reporters call this “upstate” and “Hudson Valley”, as if it’s Cranberry Lake 250 miles northwest in the far Adirondacks, or Plattsburgh on Lake Champlain way up north by Canada, or the quaint town of Saugerties, nearly 100 miles upriver on the Hudson. I think you can see the Tappan Zee Bridge from the George Washington Bridge, and Tappan is actually south of the Tappan Zee Bridge. But to the city folks, if it isn’t Manhattan it might as well be the dark side of the moon. They’ve always been arrogant like that.

I’d never heard of sortition before, but it sounds a lot like my slightly cynical idea about government that I call the dartboard theory: that government employment should not be a career, merely another way of serving your country, and that if you threw darts at a list of unemployed non-criminal college graduates with a couple years of corporate or business experience you could come up with people who could do most of the low level to lower upper level jobs in government just as well as the jobsworths currently employed there. Need a job? Here’s 5 years of work at a reasonable salary with reasonable benefits and a tiny pension. Once you’ve served, you are done with working for the government forever, including jury duty. Unless you get elected.

It really isn’t that bad an idea, but it’s certainly not worth killing yourself over, and especially not killing other people. That’s nutso.

Practiced by the ancient Greeks, huh? Well, one thing about 5,000 or so years of recorded civilization, sooner or later just about everything gets tried out. Most of it doesn’t work, but WTH, give it a shot.




Oh, Just Behave

Emotional Support Squirrel?? YHGTBKM

A woman was removed from a Frontier Airlines flight Tuesday night after the airline refused to let her fly with her emotional support squirrel.

The airline said the woman noted in her reservation for Flight 1612 from Orlando, Fla., to Cleveland that she would be boarding with an emotional support animal, FOX8 Cleveland reported.

But she never indicated the animal was a squirrel, the airline said, adding that rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on its flights. Beginning Nov. 1, Frontier will allow only dogs and cats on its flights as emotional support animals.

The passenger was told of the airline policy and refused to leave the plane when asked. Orlando police were called and everyone was forced to deplane.

The woman was escorted off the plane.
“Customers have attempted to fly with comfort turkeys, gliding possums known as sugar gliders, snakes, spiders and more,” Delta said in a news release.

Enough of this nonsense. Let the weirdos walk. No animals in the cabin. Clean, sober, decently dressed people only.



I have the solution to this problem

China Tampering With US Bound Telecom Hardware

A major U.S. telecommunications company discovered manipulated hardware from Super Micro Computer Inc. in its network and removed it in August, fresh evidence of tampering in China of critical technology components bound for the U.S., according to a security expert working for the telecom company.

The security expert, Yossi Appleboum, provided documents, analysis and other evidence of the discovery following the publication of an investigative report in Bloomberg Businessweek that detailed how China’s intelligence services had ordered subcontractors to plant malicious chips in Supermicro server motherboards over a two-year period ending in 2015.

Appleboum previously worked in the technology unit of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps and is now co-chief executive officer of Sepio Systems in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His firm specializes in hardware security and was hired to scan several large data centers belonging to the telecommunications company. Bloomberg is not identifying the company due to Appleboum’s nondisclosure agreement with the client. Unusual communications from a Supermicro server and a subsequent physical inspection revealed an implant built into the server’s Ethernet connector, a component that’s used to attach network cables to the computer, Appleboum said.

The executive said he has seen similar manipulations of different vendors’ computer hardware made by contractors in China, not just products from Supermicro. “Supermicro is a victim—so is everyone else,” he said.

Easy fix. Buy American. So much stuff that we get from China is either corrupt, pure crap, poisoned, or just stolen technology. When the #!$~ are we ever going to learn??


I guess South Carolina didn’t get the memo?

South Carolina: Massive Stink Bug Eruption !!!

Residents in South Carolina have a smelly issue: a reported increase of the brown marmorated stink bug population, an invasive species which releases a foul odor when threatened.

Specifically, residents in The Upstate, a region in the western part of the state, have noticed an increase in these stinky bugs, Fox Carolina reported. This may partly be a result of warm weather that has extended well into fall, Eric Benson, an entomologist at Clemson University, told Fox News.

“It has been warmer longer, so the population may have had more time to feed and reproduce,” he said.

Normally, when the weather begins to cool, stink bugs look for shelter. But in this case, the shorter days have likely promoted the critters to seek shelter in advance of cooler temperatures.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug came to the United States from Asia in the 1990’s and made it to South Carolina in 2011.

It’s easy to identify because of the white blazes along the periphery of its back. Unfortunately, without its native predators here, this particular stink bug is tough to control and battling it can be a stinky situation.

Hey SC, here’s the memo: praying mantises. Yup, they eat stink bugs. And then they breed lots more praying mantises. Pretty soon, no more stink bugs. We went through this a couple years ago in NJ.  Same bug. Go buy a few million egg cases. Problem solved. Meanwhile, seal up your house, spray up under the eaves and around doors and windows. Sweep them off your porches.

                  nom nom nom

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I think I’ll switch to Dogpile or something.

Google: Bias? We Don’ Got No Steekin’ Bias

A design lead at Google has slammed Republicans in an angry Twitter rant over the nomination of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. F--K. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL,” wrote Dave Hogue Saturday, in the now-deleted tweet.

“I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames,” he added.

The company pulled that First Amendment thing, “we respect that our employees can say whatever they want on their own time”. This is the same place that tramples any conservatives that work there, right? The hypocrisy of convenience?

Is it Election Day yet?


How’s this for a presidential campaign slogan?

“A Good Bandit Is A Dead Bandit”

Brazil’s Bolsanaro moves ahead in election standings

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) - Jair Bolsonaro topped the poll in the first round of Brazil’s presidential elections, having seduced tens of millions of voters with simple—though radical—solutions to eradicating violence in one of the world’s deadliest countries.

For many, Bolsonaro has the answer to the question that has preoccupied them for years—how to lower the crime rate in a country with more than seven murders an hour?

“Give guns to good people,” the former paratrooper insisted during campaign meetings.

“If one of us, a civilian or a soldier, is attacked… and if he fires 20 times at the assailant, he should be decorated and not have to go to court,” the far-right candidate told a campaign meeting in the northern Rio neighborhood of Madureira in August.

It was a simple speech that hit the mark for Jamaya Beatriz, a manicurist from this violent suburb of Rio De Janeiro.

“I live in a dangerous neighborhood,” the young woman said. “If someone breaks into my home, I want to be able to defend my children.”

Sara Winter, a right-wing candidate for the National Assembly, finds it positive that Bolsonaro wants to arm women “so they can defend themselves, increase penalties for rapists and introduce chemical castration.”

Bolsonaro himself became a victim of violence during the campaign, when he was stabbed by a leftist sympathizer on September 6 and had to spend the last several weeks convalescing in hospital.

Just before the attack, he had called for “shooting” members of the Workers Party in the state in which he was campaigning.

Brazil is awash with weapons. Not only those of narco-traffickers who cross the porous Bolivian and Colombian borders, but also guns sold on the black market by crooked policemen or soldiers.

Nonetheless, a key Bolsonaro campaign pledge is to loosen gun control. “Guns are tools that can be used to kill or save lives,” depending on who’s handling them, he said.

As long as there are more decent people than criminals, the good folks will win out. But it will be a bloodbath for some time. Meh, they’ve done this kind of thing before. Brazil is a pretty wild, sometimes very dangerous place.


Your Daily Schadenfreude

OMG, this would make the most excellent bumper sticker. Just the text, so that stupid people don’t get it.  And it’s the best final word on the whole Kavanaugh / Supreme Court thing. At least until RBG kicks it and Amy Barret steps up.

5  -  4  =  WON





Well, they are strict constructionists, right? grin


With Brett Kavanaugh already sworn in as the newest justice of the Supreme Court, there isn’t a whole lot of news right now. Hey, maybe we’ll get back to Mueller and his never ending Russia quest. Maybe the GOP will keep their newly found backbones and put an end to this nonsense too. I hope.


There was a horrible two vehicle accident up in Schoharie NY, about an hour west of Schenectady and Albany. Twenty people killed in this two vehicle accident. One was a limo, said to be carrying an entire wedding party. Details are sketchy right now. What a horrible thing.


Do it yourself pathetic wretched pun of the day joke ...

So, the herbs and the laundry detergent were waiting for the sundial, so they could all get their picture taken together.

“What’s taking him so long?” asks the detergent.

“Eh, you know, he’s all in pieces and has to put himself back together” replies the herbs.

“Well, forget it”, says the detergent, “take the picture. Everybody knows ...”

   Thyme and Tide® wait for gnomon [ highlight this line to see it. Click link here if necessary ]



Saturday Intelligence Report

Today must be Excellent Word Day. Just surfing the news this morning, and I’ve run across “traducement” while looking up “salacious”, “jeremiad” (no, not the guy who was a bullfrog), and “antediluvian”, the last word cropping up in several essays today.

Add “irretrievably”,"preponderance", “cabal”, “foment”, and “hegemony”, good words that are a bit rare but not that uncommon. And for once it wasn’t even John Bolton using “hegemony”!

The conjoined Democratic Party and mainstream media’s despicable character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh combined with the two-year single-minded determination to destroy the Trump presidency by any means possible has irretrievably awakened a preponderance of the citizenry.  In a recent poll, 70% of all Americans and 90% of Republicans have lost faith in the self-styled mainstream media.  They are imploding due to the self-inflicted destruction of their credibility and integrity, which has exposed the fraud this cabal has carried out over the past 85 years.  The damage done to this nation and its citizenry is incalculable.


In their anger and retaliation, far too many mainstream reporters, editors, anchors, and columnists exhibit an inability to generate an original thought or comprehend basic concepts, hence fabrications, innuendo, and “fake news” are the hallmark of the mainstream media today.  Further, they are much more impatient than those who preceded them – thus, the herd mentality in the despicable reporting on Judge Kavanaugh, the distorted coverage of Donald Trump, and the determination to foment tribalism and resentment.

Almost all of these links are about MSM/DNC salaciousness; most concern the Kavanaugh situation. The first one is about Gone With The Wind actress Olivia de Havilland, 102, taking her defamation lawsuit to the Supreme Court, after the Cali court sided with Hollywood. You go, grrrl !!



Nothing New With False #MeToo

From the reign of pharaoh Seti II, more than 3200 years ago, comes the tale of a woman making false sexual assault allegations. It’s a classic piece of New Kingdom literature called The Tale Of Two Brothers. The classic line is “Come, let us lay down together for an hour” ...

Younger brother Bata lives with his older brother Anubis/Anpu and Anpu’s wife. He helps out on the farm ...

Once upon a time there were two brothers, so the story goes, having the same mother and the same father. Anpu was the name of the elder, and Bata was the name of the younger. Now as for Anubis, he [possessed] a house and had a wife, [and] his younger brother was (associated) with him after the manner of a son, so that it was he (that is, the elder brother) who made clothes for him while he (that is, the younger brother) followed behind his cattle to the fields, since it was he who had to plow. It was he who reaped for him, and it was [he] who did for him every chore that was in the fields. Indeed, his younger brother [was] a perfect man: there was none like him in entire land, for a god’s virility was in him.

But one day when big bro sends him back to the house to get some more seed to sew ...

And after dawn [and the next] day had come about, they went to the field carrying their [seed] and began [to] plow with [their hearts] exceedingly pleased about their project as [they] began to work.

After many [days] following this, while they were in the field, they needed seed. He sent his younger brother, saying: You shall go and fetch us seed from town. His younger brother found the wife of his elder brother seated plaiting her (hair). he told her: Get up and give me seed / so that I may hurry off to the field, because it is for me that my elder brother is waiting. don’t cause a delay. Then she told him: Go, open the magazine and fetch for yourself what you want. Don’t make [me] leave my hairdressing unfinished.

My oh my little brother, says wifey, how handsome you are and what big muscles you have and I ordered this pizza and I have no money to pay for, what shall we do? [ cue whaka whaka porn music ] … let’s get busy while your brother is still out in the fields ...

Then she [spoke with] him, saying: There is [great] virility in you, for I have been observing your exertions daily. For it was her desire to know him through sexual intimacy. she got up, seized hold of him, and told him: Come, let’s spend for ourselves an hour sleeping (together). Such will be to your advantage, for I will make you fine clothes.

Bata is aghast and runs off. Wifey gets scared he’ll tell so she comes up with a CYA scheme ...

Then the youth became like an Upper Egyptian panther in harsh rage over the wicked proposition that she had made to him, and she become exceedingly fearful.
The wife of his elder brother was fearful [on account of] the proposition which she had made. She then fetched grease and fat and feigningly became like one who has been assaulted with the intention of telling her husband: it’s your younger brother who has assaulted [me]. Her husband left work in the evening according to his daily habit. He reached his house and found his wife lying (down), feigning (to be) sick, so that she did not pour water upon his hand(s) according to his custom, nor had she prepared lighting for his arrival, so that his house was in darkness as she lay vomiting. her husband said to her: Who has quarreled with you? She said to him: No one has quarreled with me except your / younger brother. When he returned to take out seed for you, he found me sitting alone and said to me, “Come, let’s spend an hour sleeping (together). You shall put on your wig.” So he said to me, but I refused to obey him. “Isn’t it so that I am your mother, and that your brother is (associated) with you after the manner of a father?” So I said to him. And he became afraid and assaulted to prevent me from making a disclosure to you. Now if you let him live, I’ll take my life. See, as soon as he returns, don’ [ confront / debate ],,,him, because I denounce this wicked proposition which he would have carried out yesterday.

In other words, kill him before he tells you his side.

And big brother waxes wroth, gets ready to kill his younger brother. Lucky for little Bata that his magic cow told him about the ambush ( hey, it’s ancient Egypt. Of course the cows can talk. ). He hides. The brothers argue the next day. Little bro feels so wronged that he moves out, cuts off his own wee-wee and feeds it to the fish. Big brother sees how he was wrong, goes home all distraught, kills his wife, and feeds her body to the wild dogs. Then the story gets really Egyptian, with a journey, various gods and mid-level deities intervening, a new pharaoh, and eventually both the brothers get rich and famous, get high ranking jobs at court and live happily ever after.

Here’s the real story and here’s the simplified modern version.

This story is so old that - for real - when it was written down, the Ten Commandments were still brand new.

Two Brothers was probably an oral tradition for several generations before it was written down formally, so it’s even older than God’s rules. That’s old.

False accusations and dirty sexual dealings are nothing new now, and were nothing new then, back at the beginning of long afar and forever ago.




Half our team was absent at Cheap League tonight. Lucky us our opponents were missing half their team too. So we got done, got a pizza on the way home, and were back here two hours after we started rolling. Oh, and we took all 7 tonight, 7-0. Not bad at all.


Today’s Moment Of Schadenfreude AWESOME:

Video of DiFi after reading the FBI report. Somebody may as well have branded a giant L on her forehead. L for LOSER.



This is where AIDS comes from

Stone Age stoner tribe eating raw monkeys and baboons


Incredible images of endangered hunter-gatherer Hadza tribe looming over dead baboon as they butcher it for dinner

The 10,000-year-old tribe are an indigenous ethnic group in north-central Tanzania and are fighting to preserve their way of life

Mostly pictures, but there you go. Getting high, eating other primates, drinking from the water hole like animals. And who knows what they do with the monkeys before they kill them>?

In a related article ...

Eighty per cent of the meat eaten in Cameroon is killed in the wild and is known as “bushmeat”. The nation’s favoured dishes are gorilla, chimpanzee or monkey because of their succulent and tender flesh. According to one estimate, up to 3,000 gorillas are slaughtered in southern Cameroon every year to supply an illicit but pervasive commercial demand for ape meat .

“Everyone is eating it,” said one game warden. “If they have money they will buy gorilla or chimp to eat.”
Three-quarters of all new human viruses are known to come from animals, and some scientists believe humans are particularly susceptible to those carried by apes. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is now widely believed to have originated in chimps. Apes are known to host other potentially deadly viruses, such as ebola, anthrax, yellow fever and other potential viruses yet to be discovered.
Viruses are often transferred from ape to human through a bite, scratch or the blood of a dead ape getting into an open wound. There is a lower risk from eating cooked or smoked primates, but it is not completely safe.

Bushmeat is not only a concern for Cameroonians. Each year, an estimated 11,000 tons of bushmeat is illegally smuggled in to the UK, mainly from West Africa, and is known to include some ape meat.

Cameroon and Tanzania are on opposite sides of Deepest Darkest Africa, separated by the two Congos. Huh, I didn’t know there were TWO Congos, did you? [ French Congo and Belgian Congo, aka Zaire ] *

Genetically, the Hadza are not closely related to any other people. While traditionally classified with the Khoisan languages, primarily because it has clicks, the Hadza language appears to be an isolate, unrelated to any other.[8] As descendants of Tanzania’s aboriginal hunter-gatherer population, they have probably occupied their current territory for thousands of years, with relatively little modification to their basic way of life until the past hundred years

And that’s what tribalism gets you in the long run. Totally inbred, totally static culture.

A “modern” Hadza house. Seriously, this is what they live in, when they aren’t sleeping in or under the trees:


Both Congos have seen unrest. Internal conflict in the DRC has resulted in 3.5 million deaths from violence, disease, and starvation since 1998, according to the CIA. The CIA adds that the DRC:

“ ... is a source, destination, and possibly a transit country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking; the majority of this trafficking is internal, and much of it is perpetrated by armed groups and rogue government forces outside official control in the country’s unstable eastern provinces.”

Sounds wonderful. Remind be to go there NOT EVER.

Africa sucks.


Wasn’t it Pat Benatar who sang ”Stop using sex as a weapon” so many years ago?

Weaponized #MeToo: The new nuclear proliferation

‘Make them scared’ website posts uncorroborated sexual assault claims against male students

A website allegedly run by University of Washington students allows individuals to publicly accuse people of sexual assault with no evidence.

The website, titled “Make them scared UW,” was first registered in November of last year but reportedly launched in late September of this year by University of Washington students, the Daily UW campus newspaper reports.

It appears that the list of accused rapists and sexual assault perpetrators has grown substantially on the site in recent weeks in the wake of the rape claims made against U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Thus far, every person named on the list is male, and their names include the school they attend. Many listed on the site appear to be University of Washington students, but as apparent word of this site has spread, students from many other colleges are now listed, too.
According to the FAQ page of the website, “Make them scared UW” is a “communal rape list.”

It is “intended to be an online hub for anyone who wants to expose the names of their attackers and harassers, and to fill a gap left by inadequate treatment of these cases by formal institutions.”

Is this what all this “grrrlpower” empowerment stuff is bringing us? Gee, isn’t that just dandy.


Cue Gomer Pyle going “surprise surprise surprise!!”

Gosh, Wind Power Sucks Even More Than Everyone Already Thought

Wind farms will cause more environmental impact than previously thought

In two papers — published today in the journals Environmental Research Letters and Joule — Harvard University researchers find that the transition to wind or solar power in the U.S. would require five to 20 times more land than previously thought, and, if such large-scale wind farms were built, would warm average surface temperatures over the continental U.S. by 0.24 degrees Celsius.

OMG, they cause Glowball Worming too!!!!

“For wind, we found that the average power density — meaning the rate of energy generation divided by the encompassing area of the wind plant — was up to 100 times lower than estimates by some leading energy experts,” said Miller, who is the first author of both papers.
The observation-based wind power densities are also much lower than important estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

For solar energy, the average power density (measured in watts per meter squared) is 10 times higher than wind power, but also much lower than estimates by leading energy experts. [ oops. What happened to “if you like your alternate energy you can keep your alternate energy”?  ]

This research suggests that not only will wind farms require more land to hit the proposed renewable energy targets but also, at such a large scale, would become an active player in the climate system.

Dump them, and take them all down. There are 57,616 wind turbines in the USA and 411 massive wind farms. That’s a helluva lot of land going to waste, and that’s an insane amount of our precious little birdies and those poor endangered bats getting the chop-chop.

Fuggem all. Put in nukes. No emissions, no carbon, no bird killers, very little waste heat if you do it right. And they work 24-7-365, even at night or when the wind doesn’t blow.


A real Big Mac Attack

Luca Brasi   Sly Zottola Sleeps With The McFishes


Mobster whacked at McDonald’s drive-thru. Yeah, a drive-thru drive-by.

Sylvester Zottola, 71, a Bonanno crime family associate, was shot in the head, chest and shoulder while sitting in his car outside the fast food restaurant at Webster Avenue and Belmont Street around 4:45 p.m., according to law enforcement sources.

Zottola had ordered a medium coffee at the drive-thru and his car was boxed in when the gunman opened fire, the sources said.

Sylvester had survived three attacks in the past year, the report said. In September 2017, an assailant clubbed him over the head near his Bronx home.

Two months later, a suspect holding a gun unsuccessfully tried to force him into a vehicle. Last December, one out three burglars ransacked his home and stabbed him in the neck, leaving him in critical condition.

Thursday was the fatal conclusion to the months of “gangland-style assaults” against Sylvester and his son, according to The Times. In the 1990s through early 2000s, the father-son team supplied and serviced Joker Poker machines to gambling hubs controlled by mobs, the paper reported, citing court documents.

This kind of thing never happens at Wendy’s.


The “A” part of A&R Thursday, a day late

Girl named Saga finds “pre-Viking” sword in lake

Grr, the browser is not cooperating. Scandinavian kid finds a sword in the lake mud. It’s 1500 years old, which is nearly 500 years before the Vikings. But it’s a Viking style sword. Go figure.

I wish I could paste the link and some text.

[ hours later ] OK, here’s one link:

An eight-year-old found a pre-Viking-era sword while swimming in a lake in Sweden during the summer.

Saga Vanecek found the relic in the Vidostern lake while at her family’s holiday home in Jonkoping County.

The sword was initially reported to be 1,000 years old, but experts at the local museum now believe it may date to around 1,500 years ago.

“It’s not every day that you step on a sword in the lake!” Mikael Nordstrom from the museum said.

The level of the water was extremely low at the time, owing to a drought, which is probably why Saga uncovered the ancient weapon.

“I felt something in the water and lifted it up. Then there was a handle and I went to tell my dad that it looked like a sword,” Saga told the Sveriges Radio broadcaster.

A couple other bits were also found. Probably some guy got killed on the shore, fell in, and was left to rot. Bloody Vikings.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Her name conjures up Old Nordic tales about heroic accomplishments and that’s exactly what Saga this summer did (sic) when she stumbled on a pre-Viking-era sword in a southern Sweden lake.

Saga Vanecek, 8, was helping her father with his boat in the Vidostern lake when she stepped on an 85-centimeter (34-inch) sword in a holster made of wood and leather. The sword is believed to be about 1,500 years old.

Mikael Nordstrom of the local Jonkoping County museum said Friday that the little girl’s find prompted others to seek out long-lost treasures in a lake that had been diminished by drought.

A broach from between 300 to 400 A.D. was eventually found.

Typical archeologists, they immediately called the finds some kind of religious sacrifice. They always call everything a religious sacrifice. Get a new clue dudes.

Maybe the Vikings were out viking long before they became “official” when they first raided England.

If they were just farmers and fishermen back then, what did they need war swords for? Or maybe they were already marauders, but raiding elsewhere? Well duh. England is far away across a nasty bit of ocean. You can walk next door to The Baltic States, and Germany is just across the pond.

Time to stop this “patriarchy” imprint on history. It’s the worst kind of Western European White Privilege out there. Let’s get some Eastern European White Privilege Patriarchy in there too already. And maybe come Central European as well, since the current thesis is that Scandinavia was populated around Year 0 by Euros pushed out by the damn Romans.

**** *********** ****** ******** * ** ****** ******** ****


The “R"d part is the easy part of A&R Thursday


Make no bones about it, now I have to go dig up some archeology news.


FBI Report:


Let the next round of crying, complaining, obfuscating, and new false allegations begin! The FBI handed in their homework last night. The White House and the SJC will go over the results today. Assume leaks to the media, and at least 4 press statements from various players.

24-7 coverage of this latest nothingburger.  And so it continues.


********** ********** ********** ************


And we bid you goodnight ...

Deepstate Dipshit Detained

DC DOXER: Sheila Jackson Lee’s underling busted and fired

U.S. Capitol Police Make Arrest for the Doxing of U.S. Senator

October 3, 2018
Press Release

Today, the United States Capitol Police arrested the Suspect who allegedly posted private, identifying information (doxing) about one or more United States Senators to the internet.

Jackson A. COSKO, age 27, of Washington, D.C., has initially been charged with 18 USC § 119 Making Public Restricted Personal Information; 18 USC § 1512(b)(3) (Witness Tampering); 18 USC § 875(d) (Threats in Interstate Communications); 18 USC §1030(a)(3) (Unauthorized Access of a Government Computer); 18 USC § 1028(a)(7) (Identity Theft); DC Code § 22-801(b) (Second Degree Burglary), and DC Code §22-3302 (b) (Unlawful Entry).

The investigation will continue and additional charges may be forthcoming.

Must be one of those Social Justice Warrior Resistance types. Sounds like he got access under someone else’s name, stole the info and uploaded it. My guess is he snitched somebody’s badge and accessed a high clearance computer.

Hmm, I wonder if was Sheila Jackson Lee’s machine. “Flunky, go to my office and bring me that report. Take my badge to get in”?? ... some things we will never ever know.

But the witness tampering part? That’s a head scratcher. Or is there lots more to the doxxing story than we’ve been told?

But they tracked down the perp, and I hope they nail his hide to the Senate door. Head down in the spittoon.

Cosko has been working as an intern in the office of Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and has been fired, according to her chief of staff, Glenn Rushing.
A bot that tracks edits to Wikipedia pages found that the changes were made from a computer on Capitol Hill on the House side.

Holy carp, maybe he really DID do it from her office!!!

Cosko has most recently worked as an intern for Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. He has also worked under Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and former California Sen. Barbara Boxer

I really want to hear more about the witness tampering part!

Meanwhile, I hoping they sweat him real good. Because he may not have acted all on his own.


Best and brightest? How about worst and dimmest?

College prof’s email: “Support due process and the presumption of innocence.”

Students, triggered by deliberately misreading what he wrote: Occupy! Protest! Prepare to riot!!  “Hey hey ho ho Dr. Moore has got to go!!!”

Dean: “What [Professor Moore] sent was extremely inappropriate, hurtful, insensitive. We are going to try to do everything we can to try to create a better school, to educate the faculty,” ... “What Moore said is not what our school represents.”

Prof: grovel grovel kneel beg and apologize.

Prof is out of a job now/soon?

Really? The university doesn’t support the Constitution? Doesn’t support the American way? Filthy commies. Obviously they don’t support logic or reading comprehension.


I guess I should try to post something. Between the endless Ford / Kavanaugh nonsense and my working some extra hours, I haven’t put up a thing in several days. I’ve tried to stay on top of the news, but most of it is such utter garbage I can’t stomach it.  Oh please, he threw an ice cube at somebody when he was a teen? That’s news? That’s important? GAK.

Today’s gutter scraping:

Ford lied about helping people prepare for lie detector test. Well no kidding. She’s a shrink, look at her father’s involvement with the CIA mind control stuff at Stanford, notice how it was “testimony” that she had taken a polygraph, but the test results themselves weren’t submitted. And she didn’t know who paid for it. Riight. One more bit of false witness from this woman, rather like the reference to her therapist’s notes, which somehow weren’t submitted as evidence, nor did the therapist testify. Uh. Huh. Riiight. I think we’re up to about 8 counts of perjury by now. Book her, Danno. And nearly as many counts of impropriety for her lawyers.

In a pointed, no-holds-barred letter Tuesday evening that referenced the ex-boyfriend’s declaration, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley demanded that attorneys for Ford turn over her therapist notes and other key materials, and suggested she was intentionally less than truthful about her experience with polygraph examinations during Thursday’s dramatic Senate hearing.

“Your continued withholding of material evidence despite multiple requests is unacceptable as the Senate exercises its constitutional responsibility of advice and consent for a judicial nomination,” Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote.

Under questioning from experienced sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell last week, Ford said that she had “never” had “any discussions with anyone ... on how to take a polygraph” or “given any tips or advice to anyone who was looking to take a polygraph test.” She repeatedly said the process of taking her own polygraph in August was stressful and uncomfortable, although she testified she could not remember if she took the test on the same day as her grandmother’s funeral, or the next day.

This is quickly becoming a major “hoist on your own petard” situation. Gee, too bad. Book ‘em all, Danno.

In a written declaration released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, directly contradicts her testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph examination.

The former boyfriend, whose name was redacted in the declaration, also said Ford neither mentioned Kavanaugh nor mentioned she was a victim of sexual misconduct during the time they were dating from about 1992 to 1998. He said he saw Ford going to great lengths to help a woman he believed was her “life-long best friend” prepare for a potential polygraph test. He added that the woman, Monica McLean, had been interviewing for jobs with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office.

He further claimed that Ford never voiced any fear of flying (even while aboard a propeller plane) and seemingly had no problem living in a “very small,” 500 sq. ft. apartment with one door—apparently contradicting her claims that she could not testify promptly in D.C. because she felt uncomfortable traveling on planes, as well as her suggestion that her memories of Kavanuagh’s alleged assault prompted her to feel unsafe living in a closed space or one without a second front door.

Ford “never expressed a fear of closed quarters, tight spaces, or places with only one exit,” the former boyfriend wrote.

Analysis of the building permit, along with the common practice in her area at that time, was to fudge that “escape door” story, partition off part of the house, and use it as an undeclared, untaxed apartment. All the cool kids were doing it.



This is a wrong thing. A very bad trend. Sure, what this guy did was turbo stupid, but he did it 5 or 6 years ago and may have been a minor at the time. So now he gets fired for it? Golly, does that sound familiar or what??

A youth outreach staffer for Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has been terminated after calling for President Trump’s death on Twitter, and wearing a shirt calling pro-Trump states “Dumbf--kistan.”

The staffer, 24-year-old Manny Orozco-Ballestas, made a series of sexually graphic and politically charged comments on social media in 2012 and 2013, according to fringe blogger Jacob Engels, who flagged the posts.

In one 2013 post, Orozco-Ballestas wrote to Trump: “you need to be executed.” In another, he reportedly wrote, “If you’re weighing 300 pounds+ maybe it’s a good idea you stop posting all that fattening food pics on [Instagram]!”

Not the smartest cookie in the box. But still. Kids do stupid stuff, and they see the world in binary terms: black or white with no gray area in between. Let it go.

“It is unbelievable to me that Andrew Gillum would not only employ, but promote on social media, a person who calls voters ‘dumb f*cks’ for electing Republicans,” Florida Republican Party Chairman Blaise Ingoglia wrote in a statement. “It is hypocritical for Gillum to endorse the same kind of hateful, intolerant speech that he likes to denounce.”

At the time, a spokeswoman for Gillum told the Times they had addressed the explicit shirt with Orozco-Ballestas, who had been on the job for less than two weeks. The campaign added that they won’t “be lectured about words by the Party of Trump.”

In a statement released Saturday, Orozco-Ballestas, who reportedly previously worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, apologized.

“I am embarrassed, angry and disappointed in myself,” he said. “I took social media for granted when I was younger and I am now facing the consequences. ... What I tweeted as an immature student many years ago is not a reflection of the man I am today.”

But wait, I think I missed something. This may not have really been a “youthful indiscretion”. This might have been over what he wrote like the other month.

But it was one of Orozco-Ballestas’ own Instagram posts last summer—which was also unearthed last week by Engels and published by The Tampa Bay Times—that led to calls by state Republicans for his termination.

In the post, Orozco-Ballestas is pictured wearing a shirt depicting a map of the United States, with red-colored states indicating ones that went for President Trump in the 2016 election.

On the shirt, a key provided below the map explains that the red states refer to “Dumbf---istan,” while the blue refer to the “United States of America.”

OK, that’s no longer so excusable. But it was still before he had the job wasn’t it?

Losing your job over some kind of rowdy t-shirt in a picture taken before you worked there just seems wrong. But that’s the trend. The New Puritan Era? It gets worse though. You could be a NASCAR driver and lose sponsorships over what your dad said before you were born.

This whole country needs to take a big friggin’ chill pill.


No. No. NOOO!!!!!

Turn away!!!

There ain’t enough eye bleach in all the world. Ear bleach too.

Ok, that’s just my instant reaction. I haven’t actually clicked the link. And I’m not going to, even if it’s for a good cause. Even if it’s funny as all get out. Or subdued and elegant.

Serena Williams goes topless and sings ‘I touch myself’ in a breast cancer awareness commercial.

Will there be ads next week featuring Hillary and RGB pushing adult diapers, with demonstrations?




How Many Does It Take To Be Called An Invasion?
border swarms by illegals on the upswing

A squad, a platoon, a company, a battalion, a brigade, a corps, an army? It’s just a matter of numbers.

Border Patrol agents are apprehending an increasing number of migrant groups that include more than 100 people on the northern side of the U.S.-Mexico border, and recorded two more incidents this week.

The total number of people found in large caravans wandering through southern Arizona in recent weeks now stands at 1,200, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Agents based at Ajo Station in south-central Arizona found a group of 164 people and another that included about 100 people in the desert just north of Mexican city Sonoyta Tuesday afternoon, a press release issued Thursday stated.

Every person in the group was taken in by federal law enforcement agents and determined to be from three Central American countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The caravan members were between the ages of 11 months and 59 years.

Human smugglers flooded a portion of the Texas-Mexico border with 170 Central American families and children last week in an attempt to overwhelm U.S. Border Patrol and get adults who wanted to avoid getting arrested into the country while agents were busy elsewhere, CBP said in a statement.

Bring the military home from around the world and have them protect our own border. Actually defended America. Isn’t that their actual job description? Of course, if that was done, then there is that posse comitatus thing to worry about, but you can avoid that if you consider the influx an invasion, not a giant breaking and entering situation. OTOH, there may be bullets involved.


There’s no There there, not now, and not in 1982 either

Authorities in Maryland on Friday said they were prepared to conduct a state-level criminal investigation into sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh—provided that a victim comes forward.

The disclosure by Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger and Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy came Friday, the same day that President Trump ordered the FBI to conduct a limited “supplemental” investigation.

But Manger and McCarthy noted that prosecution was unlikely in Maryland because authorities would have to apply the law that existed at the time of the offense, not the law that exists now, Baltimore’s FOX 45 News reported.

“For example, in 1982, assault and attempted rape were both misdemeanors and subject to a one-year statute of limitations,” they wrote.

But they added: “The Montgomery County Police Department and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office stand ready to investigate any sexual assault allegation from any victim where the incident occurred in our jurisdiction.”

They said a victim would have to file a complaint to trigger an inquiry, the Baltimore Sun reported.

“To date, there have been no criminal reports filed with the Montgomery County Department of Police that would lead to the initiation of any criminal investigation related to Judge Kavanaugh,” they wrote.

There is a process. It’s called the law. File your allegation and let the local folks do their jobs. And for older situations you have to use the law as it was then. Oops. Which means any DA or cop with a busy schedule and a functioning brain is going to take one look at this and throw it out. But given the politics, it’s a good bet they’ll assign some gold badges to make some effort and generate a nice thick report. Which will conclude that there’s no evidence, no substantiation, and that the statute of limitations expired 35 years ago. Total. Waste. Of. Time.

Of course, it’s also a crime to file a false police report. Libel and slander are also crimes. Do Unto Others ... we don’t put up with spurious accusations in this country. Well, we’re not supposed to.

Now watch how the Dems will start to argue for ignoring Ex Post Facto, another cornerstone of the Constitution. Which they willfully ignored when looking at Obama’s natural born citizenship, given that it was widely known at that point that he had been born in Kenya.

His mother was too young to pass along instant citizenship to her child, born in a foreign country to a foreign husband. That’s not how we see the world today, but that was the law back then. Tough cookies.

And that’s why we have the no after the fact part in our Constitution. You can’t be arrested today for something made illegal yesterday for something you did a year ago when it was legal. That’s corrupt tyranny, the “because I said so” rule of despots. No.


We got “managed” at bowling league last night. It’s a pretty small league, only a dozen teams and not all of them fully staffed. So we take whoever shows up. A couple of the teams there are ringers, people who can bowl well enough to bowl strategically. Which means they plod along, throwing poorly, until the middle of the game, and then throw real well from then on and manage to just win. Or they do the rotation thing, where one bowler throws a good strong game in the first, a different bowler throws strong in the second, a different one in the third. And they still win. So we lost 0-7. Someday, somehow, I hope to be able to be good enough to suck whenever necessary.



The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a party-line vote on Friday afternoon. That sent his Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate a day after an emotional hearing in which a California professor leveled sexual assault allegations - allegations that Kavanaugh emphatically denied.

The committee voted 11-10 to recommend Kavanaugh, with previously undecided GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona supporting him. However, that support came with a last-minute caveat that holds major implications for a final vote.

After meeting with Democrats behind closed doors, Flake, who earlier in the day announced he would endorse the nominee, emerged to call for a delay in a full floor vote to allow for an FBI investigation “limited in time and scope.” While backing Kavanaugh at the committee level, Flake said he’d only be “comfortable” moving ahead on the floor if the FBI investigates further.

He said the pause should last for no more than one week.

So what this all boils down to, is that 11-10 vote. Strictly along party lines. Every Dem, who declared in lockstep they were against Kavanaugh even before his nomination occurred and would do whatever it takes. Every one of them voted against him.

Which means that NOT ONE of the thousands of questions asked of him, the tens of thousands of court documents poured over, nor any of the He Said She Said ex-post-confirmato garbage made the slightest difference to even 1 of these people on either side. Not 1.

In other words, the entire confirmation process was a complete and total waste of time and taxpayer money. Aren’t you glad you wasted your time and stress on it? I know I am.

If the Feebs can get there one remaining duck in a row, they’ve already been doing this investigation. Again. Because everyone knew it was going to be called for. I know I did. So did you. And they’d better put a big group of their purest, most apolitical and most moral agents on it. Or else. It’s time to watch the watchers, and hold them under the microscope. Every T crossed, every i dotted, every unredacted document made public.

So all of this also means Flake is appropriately named, and he’s playing his wobbly McRINO game once again. Pushing back the Senate confirmation vote past October 1 in theory locks out Kavanaugh from this term on th big bench if he’s given the nod. But in the environment of anarchy that is DC these days, I’d advise him to just march right in, sit down, and git ‘er done.


OMG, September zipped right by me. It’s chilly and wet today; a great day for getting Thai food for lunch and taking a nice warm nap. Bowling tonight. And I need a haircut, and I have to get the car in for an oil change. I’ve been playing some word game on my smartphone every morning up at the shack, so my vocabulary is in overdrive right now. I love the English language in all it’s breadth and depth. So many great words to use.


Unmaking Civilization: Elitism Is Anathema

A nice essay over at PJ Media. Sure, it’s in reaction to Shuck Chumer’s recent addlepated take on our judicial system, but that outrage was just another bellwether of a larger problem. Elitism, political and economic dynasties, will destroy us. They even corrupt our language.

The only way to stop these things – crimes as old as time, the result of people being given unlimited power – is to give the common people, the folks who aren’t born of “something” nor have the right ideas or the right education or the right pedigree, the same rights as you give “the important people.” Even if you disagree with people’s way of conducting themselves. Even if you think their ideas are zany, you have to give them basic civil liberties: the right to property, the right to life, the right to due judicial process to include the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Because when you take that way, you’re reposing power in the hands of the power hungry, who will devour the world and never be satisfied. That way lie atrocities, mass graves. More importantly, that way lies the loss of “bourgeois virtues” by the common people, because what’s the point of working hard, saving and being wise, if in the end your stuff will just be taken away and given to other people?

We’re already well down the road to that insanity. Things like progressive taxation and confusing victimhood and virtue are already an ethical blot on the face of our society, and rats gnawing at the foundations of what made the west great.

In a nutshell or two, IMO there ought to be school classes on Why Every Other Form Of Government EVAR Comes Up Short. Or, as a commenter so succinctly put it, “In America even the poor are fat.”

PS - a tumbril is the big two wheeled tippy cart the froggies used to haul prisoners to the guillotine. To let them roll means to invoke a reign of terror, post-revolution or not.



Resist The Resistance


Yeah, I know, we’ve heard this joke before.

Hmm, I think if you look real close, and have a little imagination, the graphic above reads “rise up”. I can see the “rise” part clearly, and I’m sort of confident about the “up”. What do you see? ( other than a rough future dealing with all the commie/nazi/fascist/socialist/tyrants trying to take over the USA? )


hee hee, here’s a good one ...




Drive it like you stole it


what is that, a ‘69? A ‘68? Charger, Roadrunner? Lo back split bench seats with a fold down armrest, automatic PRNDL indicator on the steering column, manual windows and steering. Aftermarket wheel and B&M floor shifter I think.



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calendar   Friday - August 26, 2016

fair use

Once in a while having a clearer understanding of the Fair Use Doctrine can come in handy.

What it is: LINK 1

Here’s a checklist: LINK 2

Here’s a nice graphical flowchart: LINK 3

( source )

Remember, at BMEWS it is always our intent to educate our readers in a non-profit manner.

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Finishing Strong

We mopped the floor with our opponents last night, taking all 3 games and a total margin of over 100 pins. They were 2 points ahead of us in the standings, but 6 down from the team ahead of them, so our 7-0 win gave us their slot in the standings but wasn’t enough to bridge the points gap into the top 4. So we finished in 5th, and were rewarded a kingly $40 per person. Sweet. Yup, another 3 weeks and we would have been knocking on 1st place. Still, considering we were dead last by 4 points just 7 weeks ago, I think we came back real strong.

I’ve got a couple of new balls on order; the alley’s summer time discount of 40% off created a better price including drilling than any of the online shops would sell me the same balls for without drilling. Sweet.

Winter league starts in 2 weeks. I’m just going to put those balls aside for a little while, not even have them drilled, until I get my release a bit more squared away. I’ve got to my axis tilt and rotation more where they ought to be. Seems like I can either rev the ball up and throw it straight, or rip threw it on the release and get a totally horizontal axis - ie a spinner. Both can make strikes, but neither will hook much at all, so I’m never going to get the kind of entry angle that a big hook shot gives. And that means consistent strikes with a big safety margin. That’s not me. Not yet.

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back to school

First day of school today in our county.

Two new kids on the high school bus early in the morning. Neither was on the grade school bus last year, so they either moved here over the summer or else they escaped from parochial schools and are now experiencing public education for the first time. Woo hoo.

An entire zoo full of little squeakers on the grade school bus. I counted 20 but I don’t think all the kids made it in this morning. And it was helicopter parent time. Oh boy, both mommy and daddy showed up to put junior on the bus, and they got there early with babies in tow to give themselves lots of time to record this momentous event. Even the grandparents were there for a couple of the kids. So in a matter of minutes, I went from total isolation to being ring master for a crowd of almost 70 people. And then, once the individual pictures were taken, the group pictures were taken, the parents only pictures for Facebook were taken, the littlest army filled up half a school bus ("Oh look, how cute! She’s reaching up to take that big first step onto the bus. Get her picture, get her picture!!"), and away they went. An exodus of SUVs and minivans ensued, of size and speed that would make Peiper’s UK Travelers proud. And then it was lonely silence again.

Looks like it’s going to be a good day to paint garages. Now until frost actually.

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calendar   Wednesday - August 24, 2016

And now for something completely different..

At Haymarket Park: Trump by a Bobblehead

It was the battle of the bobbleheads.

Five hundred plastic, blue-pantsuit-wearing Hillary Clintons stood on tables across from 500 “Make America Great Again” red hat-wearing Donald Trumps—a stare down, but with plastered smiles on their bobblehead faces. Tuesday night marked the third Bobble Election at Haymarket Park, held in honor of the upcoming presidential election.

Saltdogs’ fans cast their votes by choosing a free bobblehead before settling down for a game. Whichever of the 500 bobbleheads ran out first was the winner.

Charlie Meyer, president and general manager of the Lincoln Saltdogs, said the poll wasn’t about politically dividing baseball fans but having fun and satisfying curiosity: Will Trump or Clinton be the last man or woman standing?

“It’s been a heated race, and I think it will get much more heated once we get closer to November,” Meyer said. “But this is a fun deal.”

Besides entertainment, Meyer said they hoped to raise awareness by reminding people who haven’t registered to vote to go do so.

It’s 6am, home after a long day (night? Gotta love 3rd shift) at work, and I miiiiiight have made that bourbon & Coke a little stronger than anticipated (Wild Turkey 101, was finishing off the bottle)
This story made me smile. 

Posted by Severa   United States  on 08/24/2016 at 09:58 AM    avatar
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calendar   Saturday - August 20, 2016

Rule 34 Is For Real

Rule 34 is the internet rule that says that some kind of porn exists for everything. Shoes, puppies, blueprints, Swiss cheese, rare books, anything. And if porn doesn’t exist for it, the mere mention that such is the case will cause porn to be created for it.

After making my previous bridge post, I stared at my work and eventually realized there was a girl in the picture. Hiding half the truss, thanks. Fine. If that’s how the game is played, let’s go. I knew of one picture right off the top of my head. I even knew the model’s name. So to the search engines, and I plug in “Ariel bridge”

and what comes back is ...


Not what I expected, but both awesome and abhorrent in its own right.

Awesome, because what you’re looking at is a bowstring truss bridge, made from both wrought and cast iron (like I just wrote about) and utilizing our old friend the Phoenix Column. This means the bridge is older than I beams, but younger than the Civil War (because after the war the Phoenix Iron Company turned swords into plowshares almost literally and used their cannon building technology to make rigid braced hollow tubing that could be easily assembled on site; ie the Phoenix Column). And this particular bridge is given superb coverage by my fellow bridge hunter Nathan Holth. Awesomer, because it’s a “WIBCO”; a bridge made by the prolific Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio. The bridge now lives in a park in Mt. Vernon Ohio, so maybe our friend Turtler can go and visit. Google found it for me because the bridge is funded by the Ariel Foundation. Figures, right?

Abhorrent because the bowstring truss is very strong, so it was a total diss to just nail the thing to the side of a walkway - not even a bridge, just a wooden path with railings on pilings!!! - to make it look like a bridge. This little arch could support a steam locomotive, even though it’s 140 years old. Also abhorr - ok, not really abhorrent, just a bit embarrassing, because the pictures I was looking for all came back in the search too; every one of them already stored in the back room here at this blog. Oh the photos are out there galore; I’m just the only one who renamed them to name the subjects.

Here’s what I was looking for ... mildly NSFW, plus a few others similar, because this is a Rule 34 post after all.

That’s Ariel, she’s on a bridge, and the picture is bloody huge if you save it.

Hey, you knew there’d be redheads involved. They’re always trying to pop up everywhere here.
Ok, a few others, mostly “artistic”. Go find the hardcore ones yourself.




Huh, look at that. A little pop-up window. Thought they were all disabled. Wonder what happens if I click on it?

Hey, hey, what’s happening here? I’m losing control of my PC!! Windows opening everywhere!!


Now wait just a goldarn minute here! There ain’t no bridge in that last pic! (assistant whispers in ear, bringing Drew up to date) Oh, it’s called a bridge? Fine. But enough.

Rule 34: give them an inch, and they’ll try and sell you some cream to make it 9 inches.

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/20/2016 at 05:40 PM    avatar
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full countered Pratt pony

Yes, it’s finally time for another bridge post.



Counters are the diagonal members running in the opposite direction. They help manage shear stress. By using the full set of counters you get a bridge made of “X"s, which is very good at supporting transitional loads ... like when a locomotive drives up one end of the span, across it, and off the other end. This is also the very best reason to use forged steel components, because steel can handle switching from tension to compression, which wood and iron can’t. Wood is always weak in tension, cast iron is weak in tension, and forged iron is weak in compression.

Too cute ... the model’s name is Bailey. Like the Bailey bridge? Maybe she has a sister named Bridge-ette.

Woo hoo!

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/20/2016 at 04:49 PM    avatar
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borderline blues

Buddy Guy blurs the line between rock and the blues. Who cares what you call it? This is dance music, even if you can’t dance. Happy happy happy. Get up and move your big ass ‘round, even if you don’t have one of those either.

I’ve got the CD, which is exceptionally well recorded. Crank up the volume just a bit and it’s like you’re right there.

Just in case you don’t like the blues - there’s got to be one of you, somewhere, right? - check below the fold for a bit of bouncy funk that will also get you up, get you happy, and get you moving. Brought to you by the Lovetone Meatball, or so I’ve been told.

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under the knife

That does it. The cat is going to get fixed. I can not take it any more.

Dizzy the cat, the mostly blind one, is in heat. Again. Every 4 god damn weeks, I swear. And she’s a very talkative cat to begin with. Which means now I’ve got Opera Cat, doing her full-throated arias all over the house. All day, all night. For days.

Would. You. Please. Shut. The. Flying. Fuck. Up!!!

It doesn’t matter how much she gets petted, or rubbed, or brushed, or played with, or snuggled, or fed. Or anything. A minute later and she’s at it again. 3 in the morning and she jumps up on the bed and starts howling.

Lucky for her she really isn’t trying to get out of the house. Because I might just be too tempted to let her. But more kittens is the last thing we need around here.

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/20/2016 at 10:09 AM    avatar
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calendar   Friday - August 19, 2016

thanko yu for not sweating



Only in Japan!! Or by mail order!!! $42 at Japan Trend Shop

h/t to Stoaty the Weasel

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/19/2016 at 01:04 PM    avatar
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calendar   Thursday - August 18, 2016

Almost Made It

We took 5 last night, going 5-2 against the first place team. Not quite enough to knock them off their throne, but enough to give it a big wobble and leave them vulnerable in the finals next week.

I got to play hero twice, putting myself totally in the zone the last few frames of each game to try and pull out a win. That worked in the first game, where I just fixated on the 2nd arrow and threw 9/ X XXX to finish and put 80 on the board for a fat margin win. Tried as hard as I could in Game 2, rolling X X XX9 to add 89 to our score; not enough for a win, but enough so that we lost small, by only 12 pins or so. It wasn’t really necessary in Game 3 because we were well ahead anyway, but I still did X XX9 just for gits and shiggles. I ended the night with a 557 series, which is about where my bowling ought to be.

Next week ... position round, and the parsing of the money. Money honey, woo hoo. Yeah, like $5 each. Ain’t no money in summer league honey.

Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/18/2016 at 09:23 AM    avatar
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calendar   Wednesday - August 17, 2016

Leaving Home

On the off chance anybody checks out the Left Coast and can’t escape in time to eat their meals elsewhere, I know a number of good suggestions I might list if people are interested.

Well, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but now I have an announcement to make. And while I have been drafting posts about both the Iran Ransom and the Olympics (and how politics and cheating go hand in hand), but the big news I have to give is closer to home.

I am still committed to this blog and the Great Cause of our time, but tomorrow- possibly today for you- on August 17th I will be moving halfway across the country. I don’t make it a secret that while I am a man of the right, I have also been a Californian born and raised. And what’s more, someone that has lived on the dread, died-in-the-wool-left Coast itself. My parents came from the Middle of the country decades ago to live here, and I have lived here in this house my entire life.

Now I am doubling back on the path tread by them, the “Okies”, and the Miner 49ers and moving to Ohio. I have my misgivings about My Grandmother is getting on in years and could use our help, and above all the costs of uprooting from the home of 20~ years and moving halfway across the country to a place I scarcely know are less than the costs of staying. Taxes are high, a criminally insane water policy has all but insured drought will strike again, the “law” tried to abolish concealed carry, and I still remember the times when Bernie’s Brownshirts attacked a Trump Rally down the street while two married Jihadists slaughtered a Christmas Party.

This would be the chance where the jokes about the Far Left Coast would come up. But in all due honesty… I feel they’re mostly out of place for me personally. I am NOT blind to California’s innumerable flaws, chief among them the dual facts that it seems committed to being re-annexed by Mexican drug cartels and the fact that it has helped elect every Leftist president we have been cursed with. But the California I knew was generally good to me on the whole. Even with a hideously corrupt school system and government. The neighborhoods were good, The food’s delicious (especially if you know where to look), the climate’s generally above par (though anybody who thinks it shines all the time has never shivered in 30 degree F weather in the middle of Fall of in Santa Clara). And perhaps most surprisingly… almost everybody I have met- and I mean almost everybody- from school on was friendly or neutral. And hard as it may seem, many people know about my political and philosophical beliefs- including in school- and were accepting of it, sans a few individuals (two or three of whom I am proud to say I helped fire).

So on some level I think a part of me will always belong to here, even long after I leave. It is the land of my childhood and nothing I can do will change that. And I suppose I can see why many people might be drawn in by the warm, fuzzy glow of a Leftist, progressive utopia. After all, my life has largely been a demonstration of its’ better sides (to the extent that oxymoron exists).

But even then the underlying rot crept up from the cracks. That was all too obvious from when one of my (married) math Co-Teachers was arrested and dragged off for shagging a student, probably with the knowledge of the Principal.  Even though his wife also worked on the very campus. But more damning was the bitter, encrusted corruption that lies at the top of the school districts and how my parents had to use their legal skill and positions in the PTA to fight a years long, savage battle with a system run by people who will screw over their students- including the disabled- in order to serve themselves. The fact that I was framed for defusing a situation with a history professor blocking the door and physically threatening me was probably the nadir of it. And I think it mirrors the dozens of ways=- from water infrastructure to sanctuary cities to drugs to forest ires- that this dream fails. How it crumbles when even a handful of people with black hearts, greedy natures, avarice, or simple incompetence get high enough on the food chain, and how no amount of resources, Godly mercy, or well intentioned people are around.

I was just one of the ones lucky or blessed enough to not suffer the full consequences. The brilliant VDH has made a long, long series of posts that show a fuller story. It’s well worth reading, just in case you thought you knew everything about Leftist Lunacy.

So, what next for me? I don’t know. But regardless of what happens I do know I can look forward to one thing. Ohio’s a swing state, and we’re moving in time for voter re-registration for the General Election. Which means for whatever I’ve given up, I will have the chance to do something I really never have done before. Cast a vote in the General Election that might make a non-trivial difference. And ultimately, why else was America founded?

In any event, I look forward to getting back in the swing of things.

Posted by Turtler   United States  on 08/17/2016 at 06:14 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - August 16, 2016

Bigger Red Is Extra Green

Well duh, of course having Americans building, owning, maintaining, and crewing the ships that go from one US port to another raises the price of goods a tiny bit. If we had a bunch of beaner boats crewed by Mongolians, Greeks, and Filipinos like most international shipping, the wages would be even more pathetic and the ships run down to rusty hulks. And it would even easier to sneak in spies, terrorists, and Democrat Commie agitators. I’m not usually a fan of protectionist legislation like the sugar subsidy, but I think I’m in favor of this one.  HOWEVER I can see modifying it a bit to keep it modern: it should not apply to American territories, protectorates, or states that are islands and more than 25 miles out to sea, or to coastal states that are not contiguous or adjacent to other states or territories by more than 50 miles.  In other words, create a loophole for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Somoa, USVI, and Puerto Rico.

Such an act: Keeping up with the Jones


Hey, this one’s only red on top and on the bottom. Wait, um, never mind.  red face

Crowley Maritime Corp. took delivery Friday of MT West Virginia, the fourth new Jones Act product tanker built for the company by Philly Shipyard, Inc. (PSI). Crowley will christen the West Virginia on Tuesday at a ceremony at Philly Shipyard.

The LNG-ready West Virginia can be converted for propulsion by liquefied natural gas (LNG), joining sister ships Louisiana, Ohio and Texas, which were received by Crowley in 2015 and 2016 as the first-ever tankers to receive the American Bureau of Shipping’s (ABS) LNG-Ready Level 1 approval.

Like its sister ships, West Virginia is 50,000 dead-weight-tons (dwt) and capable of carrying 330,000 barrels of product. The new tankers are based on a Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) design that incorporates numerous fuel efficiency features, flexible cargo capability and the latest regulatory requirements. The

vessel is 600 feet long and is capable of carrying crude oil or refined petroleum products, as well as various chemical cargoes. Marathon Petroleum Corporation is the charterer.

If converted to run on LNG, then this ship would have practically no carbon footprint. Well, “no footprint” relative to 600’ cargo ships of 50Kdwt. But aside from a sailboat, that’s as clean and green as it gets.

The Jones Act is a 1920 bit of protectionist legislation properly called The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 that says “keep American shipping American”, from the beginning to the end. It’s all about “cabotage”, a most excellent and rare word, that means the exact opposite of “NIMBY”. It’s total “IMBY”: it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there’s a paragraph in there requiring the steel used has to be mined and refined here, and any wood grown and worked within our borders. Jones Act, Fuck Yeah!

cabotage:  a requirement that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried on U.S.-flag ships, constructed in the United States, owned by U.S. citizens, and crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents.

Super Patriot John McCain tried to nullify the Jones Act in 2015.


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Big Red



Ain’t she a beauty? That’s a Lockheed 5B Vega from 1928. This the 22nd model 5B Vega built, and it became an unique variant when the wasp B engine was replaced with a 420hp supercharged Wasp C engine of 22 liters displacement (1343 cu in). At the same time the engine was replaced, many of the 7 passenger seats were removed to make room for a nice big gas tank that held 420 gallons. It was in this flying barrel of petrol that Amelia Earhart set off to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic on May 20, 1932. She mostly made it; her intended destination was Paris, but Ireland made a great place to land when things started going wrong ...

Her plan was to fly all the way to Paris, but after her altimeter had failed, encountering adverse weather, including heavy icing and fog, a fuel leak, and a damaged exhaust manifold, Earhart landed in a field at Culmore, North Ireland. The distance flown was 2,026 miles (3,260.5 kilometers). Her elapsed time was 14 hours, 56 minutes.

A lone, astonished farmer saw her land.

Amelia cut the switches, climbed out of the plane, and, as the man approached the plane, called out, “Where am I?”

Danny McCallion replied obligingly and with excruciating accuracy. “In Gallegher’s pasture.”


Later that year, Earhart flew the Vega to another record. On August 24-25, she made the first solo, nonstop flight by a woman across the United States, from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey. The flight covered a distance of 2,447 miles and lasted about 19 hours.

The aircraft now resides in the National Air and Space Museum. Right click the pictures here for much larger versions.

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Dang, nobody posted nothing today.

Hey, we won 5-2 at bowling last week. And Wednesday is our last day of competition; the finals are next week. We’re up against the 1st place team, and if we stomp them they’ll drop like a rock. We’ll never take the lead, but at least we can trash their dreams and enjoy the schadenfreude. Nasty? No, not really. They really aren’t very good bowlers. They’re in the lead because they get such a huge handicap from everyone. If we can get our duckies in a row again we can drop kick them right off the lanes.

Weather for Wednesday night will be cooler and drier. Still warm but not the rain forest kind of swelter we’ve been having. Which is actually typical NJ summer time. Steam bath. Hmm. So maybe that will mean the lane oil will be a bit tackier, and break a little early for a change? An active back end? Cool. That’s just what we want.

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