Sarah Palin knows how old the Chinese gymnasts are.

calendar   Tuesday - December 31, 2013

And as the clock runs down

Always up near the top of my list ...


and so another year ends.

And tomorrow I’ll probably have to install that toilet. But hey, super power flush with a 4” flap valve and an oversized trapway. Slamming. Almost literally. There are videos of this thing at YouTube.


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some comments from bmews readers in 2013

Things don’t always work out as planned.  I originally wanted to post these over two days.  Wasn’t possible for a number of reasons.

I wanted to do this or something like it long ago, for one reason or another I never got around to it.  But it was always in the back of my head.

I’m not sure if those of you who post your comments here, are fully aware of just how good they are.  OK, so there a few that aren’t home runs. But over all, you really do make an impact. 

OK so .....  I have to give a fellow I call The Bmews Tiger, and who posts in comments as, ARGENTIUM G. TIGER , total credit for this end of year post from me, to all of you here.  It was a comment he made at the start of this year 2013, that finally shoved me into gear thinking okay ... I can not put this off or ignore it anymore. 

Over time, I have been educated and entertained by your comments in equal measure. So it’s fair to say I appreciate you, and I know Drew does as well. 

With the Tiger’s comment that got me going, I started saving things you folks had to say, with the idea of ending the year with a salute to you.
I wanted to do it over two days, but between the storm and pc trouble and personal matters, yesterday never happened and so all I collected are here.
There are many comments I never got to. I read all but my time and health and wife’s health and hours I keep just don’t always allow for me doing all I might do.  Or want to do.  So believe me, I am aware there are lots more that could have and perhaps should have been included here. 

So ok, here we go. Again my thanks to the Tiger and to all of you. Here’s the comment that got it going.

Congress has already pissed me off multiple times, and it’s only the first day of the year.  Posted by Argentium G. Tiger


IMO the population who might appreciate a leader like Churchill must exist first, in order to produce such a leader. Otherwise our latter-day Churchill will waste his time trying to push a string uphill.
Posted by CenTexTim

The networks are like politicians.  They have different titles and claim different philosophies, but they all crawled out of the same sewer.
Posted by grayjohn

Each time our elected representatives put forth and pass an amnesty (this will be the 3rd), we reinforce the idea that a person can come here illegally (a criminal), hide outside the laws of work and finance (not paying taxes), and eventually gain citizenshipAs with the debate on gun control - this is obfuscation of the core issue. Why do people break the law to come to the United States? Because, they will eventually become citizens.
Why do our elected representatives continue to ignore our wishes on these subjects? Because they are the ones in control - not us.
Posted by jackal40

I use to play Mumbletypeg as a kid and no one ever got hurt (always wear leather shoes,no flipflops). Kids nowdays are all turning into pansy ass metrosexual wankers and the world will regret it. Try stopping a Muslim Hoard with calls to “Peace Out Dude”. 
Posted by Rich K

. Cool, So Mandela couldn’t fix the mess in Black SA but they made sure stupid happens on a regular basis there,,,Bravo. 
Rich K

Bite Me - I can’t even fix my own family - be damned if I’m going to be responsible for World peace with a bunch of people who simply want me dead. wardmama4

Do I get the $5 rat bounty if I bring in a politician?
Posted by CenTexTim

I really think Brits, and Americans, are bearing far too much of ‘the white man’s burden.’ Posted by Christopher

I want my friggin’ country back!  (full quote edited because this one line says it all and speaks for millions ) Posted by jackal40

Sometimes some of our folks are too funny for words but somehow they manage quite well. This was some of the reaction to an Eye Candy post made by Drew.

1. Oh my.  If I didn’t ruin her I’d enjoy the heck out of her ruining me.  I’m just beyond stories right now.  I need to go be by myself for a while.
Posted by Mr Evilwrench 02/06/2013 at 05:18 PM

2. Its suppose to be a story Mr E, not a quote from your diary.
Posted by Rich K

Conservative Christians are yoked with the “turn the other cheek” mentality and until that yoke is discarded, the bayonets unsheathed and slammed into the center-mass of the liberal monsters they (The Liberal destroyers of America) will win.
Posted by New Jersey Yankee

I never owned a slave - I come from people who never owned a slave (heck my maternal grandfather didn’t even get to America until the 1900s) - so what sin do I have? But reality be damned. . .I’m white therefore I’m racist.
Posted by wardmama4

If homosexuals are “gay” does that mean I’m morose? Posted by Col. Bat Guano

It’s the damnedest thing. No matter how successful they may be, no matter how many millions, billions, trillions get spent on Special Programs to lift Certain People up, no matter how many extra chances and opportunities are provided, no matter how much the general culture shifts to a Black perspective (ie all things Black are cool and desirable), it makes no difference, and their hate festers more and more with each generation. That boil is going to burst at some point, perhaps soon, and the result is not going to be pretty. And if it doesn’t burst, it will be lanced from without, and that result could be far uglier.
It’s lose-lose, not win-win. And it is not our fault at all. Posted by Drew458

Upon the passing of Mrs. Thatcher, among much else, LyndonB said;

Maggie was stabbed in the back by the bed wetters in her party ultimately. She wasn’t perfect by a long shot but she made Britain a better place and much of what she said in the 80’s has come true. RIP Baroness Thatcher. The majority of Britain’s politicians would have to stand on their mother’s shoulders to kiss her arse. Posted by LyndonB 04/09/2013

Sometimes you just know
The bothersome thing about stereotypes is that they get that way by so often being true.  Posted by Drew458

Men aren’t too small.  The women are just too big.  I know, that’s a stretch. Posted by grayjohn

On news that a terror suspect could not be deported to the USA based on his mental condition, Chris said;
It is a serious mental disorder, islam! Posted by Chris Edwards 04/16/2013

Are there any politicians anywhere who have figured out that this ‘we are the world’ concept to immigration is destroying civilization faster than any disease could?
Posted by wardmama4

Here’s Grayjohn on the muslim menace

Deport them now.  If they won’t leave jail them, if they resist, shoot them.
Posted by grayjohn 05/26/2013

The ten happiest years in a woman’s life are between 29 and 30.  Posted by TimboToo

Jackal’s comment in regard to Ca. killer with guns banned in that state. Jackal refers to it as Failafornia.
I swear, it’s like government is incapable of doing anything right - maybe that’s what we need to look at banning. 
Posted by jackal40 06/12/2013

This was in reply to a Drew post about an upgrade/update nightmare. And aren’t they almost all? 

When did update change its definition to fuck up?  Posted by grayjohn 06/26/2013

Oh well - the world is going to hell in a handbasket - it is the intentional part that really makes me ill.  Posted by wardmama4 06/28/2013

The majority isn’t silent, the media are deaf.  Posted by Dr. Jeff , 07/19/2013

The 7th century could not have been as shitty as Islam is making the 21st.  Just reading about it is like visiting a mental ward.
Posted by grayjohn 07/22/2013

And didn’t I say - on September 11, 2001 - my first thought as I saw the Pentagon attack was - nuke ‘em til they glow. Think of where America would be right now, if the evil Boooooooosh and/or Congress had been able to find a pair back then.
Posted by wardmama4

Wrong is Right and Up is Down - and it’s all going to get us killed - lot’s of innocents while the ‘OneGlowballWorld’ control freaks try to make everyone hold hands and sing kumbayah.
Bite Me - I can’t even fix my own family - be damned if I’m going to be responsible for World peace with a bunch of people who simply want me dead.

It seems the thing that makes America, America has been forgotten.  grayjohn 9/19/2013

Rich commenting on my Miss America post.

Yummy come in many colors and I approve . Posted by Rich K

Vilmar posted this on bmews with regard to bombing the home village of terrorists.
Some object because kiddies would be harmed.  Right on V.

I like to think of carpet bombing as a “vaccination” of sorts.  Keeps the disease from manifesting itself later.
Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler

This is Drew as much on political correctness as a comment on a post regarding the following.
“Without helmets and pads, children are much more susceptible to getting hurt”


And Remember, pointing a finger, saying “pow pow!” or eating a sandwich into any vaguely L-shaped form is a Zero Tolerance Weapons Offense and will get your child suspended/expelled/psychoanalysed and their meds increased.
Now children, everyone stand up and sing the Praise Obama song after we Pledge Allegiance To The State. And tell teacher where daddy touches you and where he keeps his guns.  Posted by Drew458

I think perhaps one of the funniest quotes came from the Tiger in response to a woman with mental problems and memory loss and a criminal record, who wants to be a cop and was willing to go to court, charging police with discrimination due to her condition.  The Tiger could be the new Norm Cosby. Ah, you’re all too young.

Aw let her on the force fer crissakes… Who knows, she could work her way up to defective!

*ducks and runs* Posted by Argentium G. Tiger 10/19/2013

This was Grayjohn’s comment on a post from Drew, referring to a change in US Marine uniform caps becoming more, unisex.

I’d love to wake up tomorrow and find that the Marines have taken Washington DC.
Posted by grayjohn 10/25/2013

Sdkar in response to story about honor killings.

What has islam contributed to this world since the invention of the number “0”?  Hell, the only reason they came up with this concept is so they could numerically display the amount of compassion and tolerance they have for those not exactly like them.
Posted by sdkar 10/23/2013

Harley ponders Obamacare. Good one HC.

Hell, I’m still trying to figure out how you can be “fined” for NOT buying something.
Posted by harleycowboy58

Grayjohn on gorebal warming had this to say.

Al Gore is locked in his giant bathroom taking his 8th shower of the day with his Eskimo Barbie collection, crying and touching himself. 
Posted by grayjohn

This comment from Red Five was in reply to a post about pc head teacher who wrote parents at a school demanding that the kiddies be available for a school trip to a muslim museum or some such place.  She even threatened suspension for children who did not go, and btw … there was even a charge to go.  Common sense prevailed and the teacher was overruled by school authorities, who took much flak from parents. At a guess?  Someone probably threatened a law suit.

Viewing “religious artifacts” at an Islam workshop? What are they going to see, Arafat’s kaffiyeh? Leon Klinghoffer’s wheelchair? The remnants of an Israeli bus after a suicide bombing? Rubble from 9/11? A picture of The Rock? A burka?

Name of commenter:
Red Five


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Sincere best wishes to all for a very happy new year



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a repost of past images for your consideration

I don’t now recall who posted this earlier. Goes some months past. I had saved it to share in an email, and am re-posting it now, cos it’s something I have long believe in, even before I found bmews. 


I posted this only recently, but again, it’s that 5th column I’ve banged on about so often in the past.  Then I found this without even looking for it. I’d never even heard of this guy before.  His quote is chilling because it was said so long ago, and answers one question heard a lot which is, how the heck did we ever get to here?  Well here’s how it’s been done.  I think the quote should be passed around.



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a case of one doctor who clearly did not know best

Don’t know what to say.  Or how. Oh yes I do.  If he were an enemy of the public, like for example,

A White doctor ....... ?

This caught my eye recently ... it must catch yours as well.

No surprise though.  In the bizarre world we live in today, this might be accepted as par for the course.

Seems to me he should never be allowed near a patient again. Ever. The fact that he was not fired, makes me wonder if there is more to this story.

The hosp. trust will consider?  Consider his “ongoing employment and training.”

Take a look.

Foreign doctor attacked female patient who disagreed with diagnosis: GP given six month conditional discharge

Dr Abiodun Bale grabbed patient as she tried to leave

They argued over treatment for a facial condition

He denied assault but was found guilty after two-day trial

By Liz Hull

A foreign doctor attacked a female patient in his surgery when she disagreed with his diagnosis.


Dr Abiodun Bale, 42, grabbed Sheena Cunningham as she tried to leave his consultation room in tears after they argued over treatment for a facial condition.

The doctor from Nigeria denied assault when he appeared in court but was found guilty after a two-day trial.

He was given a six-month conditional discharge but will face a disciplinary hearing at work and could lose his job.

Bale, who qualified as a doctor at the University of Lagos in 1995, worked as a gynaecologist in his home country before coming to Britain and registering with the General Medical Council in 2006.

He was given a licence to practise here in November 2009 and was on a placement, for speciality GP training, at Hyndburn Medical Practice in Accrington, Lancashire, when the assault happened on March 26.

Eddie Harrison, prosecuting, said Bale had asked Mrs Cunningham to come in to the practice after a telephone consultation about a problem with her face, during which she had become distressed.

When she arrived, the doctor told Mrs Cunningham she might need to call for an ambulance if her condition deteriorated later when the surgery was closed.

Mr Harrison told Burnley Magistrates’ Court: ‘She didn’t want to do this and at this point he raised his voice.’

Mrs Cunningham was frightened, got up to leave and said she wanted a second opinion, the court was told. ‘[Bale] became agitated and, as she stepped out, he grabbed her hand to prevent her closing the door,’ Mr Harrison said.

‘He then grabbed her by the forearm with both hands and tried to drag her back into the room. She screamed and shouted at him to get off her arm. This attracted the attention of another doctor and two cleaners. The other doctor told Bale to go back into his office and then escorted Mrs Cunningham out of the surgery.’

The court was told that a week earlier the GP, who lives in Manchester, ‘flipped’ at another patient, shouting at her: ‘For God’s sake, I have other people to see besides you.’ ‘She got up to leave and he tried to grab her hand. She felt frightened and vulnerable,’ said Mr Harrison.

Bale claimed the incident with Mrs Cunningham was a misunderstanding, saying: ‘I’m a doctor, not a thug.’

But Mr Harrison said: ‘There was no mistake or misunderstanding. She was crying so loudly that two ladies outside heard her crying.’

After the allegations, the GMC placed conditions on how Bale worked, including allowing him to carry out consultations only if another qualified medical practitioner was present.

The Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, which employs Bale, said he would face disciplinary proceedings.

‘The trust will now consider the consequences for his ongoing employment and training,’ a spokesman said.



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anarchists and squatters run riot in Germany … because they can.

I can’t always keep current on item that I am interested in and want to share.

This happened just before Christmas, in a Germany that has become as politically correct as any other in Europe and UK.

What good is water cannon when vermin will dry off and return to cause more damage and mayhem?

Oh well ... what the heck.  Why worry?

In another 500 years chances are all of Europe will be ruled by Sharia law and another language will be spoken by most of the future native born.

Anyway .... Germany sees out the old year.  Sad really.  Not as bad or as widespread as the riots in the UK recently, but pretty much handled in what has become the usual pc way. Miscreants are called Mister and ONE side has rules to obey and the bad guys know that.

More than 100 police injured in Hamburg riots: Officers hit with petrol bombs and bricks during clashes over closure of culture centre

Rioters attacked forces in most violent demonstration in 10 years
Fireworks were thrown at officers as well as paint and petrol bombs
Squatters protesting after being told to move out of cultural centre

By Allan Hall In Berlin

German police suffered 120 casualties during the country’s worst night of rioting for a decade near the infamous Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Officials said police officers were pelted with petrol bombs, bricks, bottles and stones on Saturday night.

They were then attacked on the ground when they fell and 16 were hospitalized for their injuries.  More than 80 rioters were injured and needed medical treatment in running battles.

‘Rioters came back to attack fallen officers regardless of their injuries.’

Some 2,600 police were on duty in the port city battling 7,300 demonstrators protesting against the impending closure of a leftist culture centre called Rote Flora that has been occupied by squatters for years. 

Black Block anarchists were among the marchers who, say authorities, arrived from all over Germany intent on a violent showdown with police.

One officer hit on the head with a stone remains seriously ill in hospital.

Police fought back with pepper spray, water cannon and truncheons in running skirmishes that saw the centre of Hamburg become a no-go zone from midday on Saturday until dawn on Sunday.

‘From the beginning there was an aggressive mood and we were attacked massively’, a police spokesman said. ‘This was violence on a scale we haven’t seen for years.’

“violence on a scale we haven’t seen for years.”
Of course not. Because firstly, the rat droppings who cause the trouble are not in fear of any retribution, and Germany no longer has the services of the Gestapo or the SS.  Ah ... I need to think about this.  Presents an entirely new/old problem. Doesn’t it?  OK, how about the same sort of reactions to the riot, but using different names.  Result should be the same.  Elimination of the scum causing the problem.

read more and lots of photos here


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Just another weekend in DC

Two Block Long Fusillade Of Gunfire

Driveby shooting just 1 block from Whitehouse

Businesses shot up, no people hit

Secret Service Stymied

DC Police, Secret Service investigating drive-by shooting just steps from White House

Businesses near the White House were riddled with bullets in a two-block drive-by shooting this weekend, prompting a Secret Service investigation.

Two of those bullets entered the window and hit the walls inside Brewood Engravers & Printers at 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, just a block from the White House, in a shooting that occurred at approximately 2:30 AM early Saturday morning. The office building entrance, next door to the shop, also has a window boarded up.

The Caribou Coffee at the corner of 17th and Pennsylvania, right across the street from the White House — and normally, a large Secret Service presence — has a wall-length window boarded up. An employee inside Caribou confirmed that a shooting took out the store’s window.

White House staffers have reportedly held meetings at that particular Caribou Coffee to avoid having to record their interactions in White House visitor logs.

A Secret Service agent investigating the matter Monday told Mark Perlman, the manager of Brewood Engraving, that the incident appears to have been a two-block shooting. No motive is known at this time. The Secret Service does not know how many suspects may have been involved, but believes that the shooters were in a car and were not targeting any specific business.

At least one 9 mm bullet was found inside Brewood Engravers.

In case you’ve never been to our nation’s capitol city, it’s a total facade, even worse than NJ’s Atlantic City. You’ve got your government buildings, you’ve got your famous landmarks, you’ve got your memorials and reflecting pools. And around the corner, and sometimes even between one landmark and the next, is some serious low rent ghetto. Not as bad as Detroilet, not as bad as Camden or East St. Louis or Baltimore. But not much better either.

Generally, the Trayvons and the other hood rats know enough to stay out of the Whites and Tourist areas. Keep their she-it in da hood, and nobody knows nuffin. But - perhaps just like the Short Hills Mall shooting here in NJ last week, the Rubicon has again been crossed. Now we’ve got a gang-banger just popping off a whole box full o’ caps right across the street from the White House. In DC, the city with the most restrictive gun laws in the entire country. The city “protected” by more damn armed alphabet agencies, by a massive police force with all the toys, by their own Marine base, and by every kind of spy, secret agent, and covert ninja they can come up with. Not to mention 96 zillion CCTV cameras, microphones, lasers, metal detectors, and the most complex and classified city-wide security system known to man, that can handle everything from snipers to rioters to incoming ICBMs ... at an annual cost of gazillions, all to keep our top government people safe.

And some schwoogie can lean his droopy pantsed punk ass out the window of some urban cruiser and shoot the hell out of the neighborhood and nobody - NOBODY - knows nothing.

WTF people, WTF. That hood rat shouldn’t have made it 20 yards without a Marine boot up his ass and 5 MIB pushing his face through the asphalt.

We’re looking at MAJOR FAIL here ... and Al Q is reading this news report and laughing until they wet themselves.

And nothing will come of it either. No arrests, no firings, no tactical analysis, no nada. Oh wait: 12 agencies, including the National Park Service’s Monument Police, will cry for extra budget money so they can buy more tanks, more guns, more ammo, and more worthless training. Then go back to not doing their jobs, but keeping a super sharp eye on old ladies, vets in wheelchairs, and those radical white people with the TEA protest signs. You don’t dare turn your back on any of those folks, no sir.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department said 6 properties were damaged by the early morning gunshots and that Secret Service is on the scene.

“Well, on Saturday morning about 2:30, there was a car running down the street and somebody was shooting with a nine-millimeter handgun,” the Brewood Engravers manager told TheDC, relaying his conversation with the Secret Service investigator. ”Two bullets hit our window. They hit Caribou Coffee. So they were shooting for about two blocks down Pennsylvania Ave.”

“They’re hoping to get video and hopefully see who perpetrated the crime…No products hit. Just the walls and the window,” Perlman said.

It’s “very weird” that something like this could happen so close to the White House, Perlman said. “Usually this is a pretty safe section of town.”

Yeah, usually. But not any longer. Hey Eric Holder - better keep “your people” in line!

PS - and yes, I am fully aware that the US Marines do not have, nor are allowed to have, an active roll in crime prevention out on the streets. Posse Comitatus and all that. But if there’s one group of feds with guns that I have any respect for, it would be them. So I’d daydream that they’d be on the spot and proactive. It makes a good mental image, and I’m sure that, given the legal opportunity, I could get 10,000 of them to volunteer in a second to kick some gang-banger ass.

PPS - bad Drew, assuming this shooting was done by Urban Black Youth. Are you shitting me? I bet you 5,000 to 1 ... 10,000 to 1 ... that this is exactly who did it. Even if the MSM/feds rig a fall guy and report otherwise! Besides, if it had been some white guy, at least he would have hit whatever he was aiming at!


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calendar   Monday - December 30, 2013

winning by winning

We earned 13 out of 16 points tonight at Late League. They use the match point scoring system, with the players sorted by their averages. So our high average bowler is pitted against your high average bowler, and so on. This minimizes handicap pins, and gives everyone a direct opponent along with trying to win the overall game for the team. It adds a lot of competition and fun.

I won all 4, beating my opponent in each game plus having a higher series total. Plus I put a total of 79 more pins into the “bucket” to help my team win each game. So, yay. And now that I’m home, I’ll have a drink. I’m limiting myself to 1 or fewer beers at league; not just to save money or cut calories, but because while I do need to relax to bowl well, I also need to stay focused. So I don’t drink at all unless I go there on a full stomach, which I didn’t do tonight.

So it was a fun night.

And BRRRR ... somebody turned the heat off outside again, and it’s winter once again. Fr-fr-freezing!


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Another Day, Another Bomb

Death Total Hits 31 As 2nd Bomb Blast Rocks Volgograd

this time it was a bus, last time it was the train station

MOSCOW (AP)—Russian authorities ordered police to beef up security at train stations and other facilities across the country after a suicide bomber killed 14 people on a bus Monday in the southern city of Volgograd.

It was the second deadly attack in two days on the city that lies just 400 miles (650 kilometers) from the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Russian authorities said they believe the latest attack was the work of the same group that set off a deadly bomb Sunday at Volgograd’s main railway station.

Together, at least 31 people were killed in the two explosions, putting the city of 1 million on edge and highlighting the terrorist threat that Russia faces as it prepares to host February’s Winter Games in Sochi. While terrorists may find it hard to get into tightly guarded Olympic facilities, the bombings have shown they can hit civilian targets elsewhere in Russia with shocking ease.

And in 40 days the entire world will be visiting next door in Sochi for the Winter Olympics.

Friggin’ terrorists. Well duh ... pretty much by definition, they suck all the fun out of life. By sucking life out of life. Ah hell, they just plain suck.

Vladimir Markin, the spokesman for Russia’s main investigative agency, said Monday’s explosion involved a bomb similar to the one used in Sunday’s attack.

“That confirms the investigators’ version that the two terror attacks were linked,” Markin said in a statement.

Markin said a suicide bomber was responsible for the bus explosion, reversing an earlier statement that the blast was caused by a bomb left behind. At least 14 people were killed Monday and nearly 30 were wounded, according to public health officials. It was not clear if the dead included the bomber.

Seventeen people died in Sunday’s suicide bombing, including the bomber, authorities said.

No one has claimed responsibility for either bombing, but they came several months after Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov threatened new attacks against civilian targets in Russia, including the Olympics.

Volgograd, formerly called Stalingrad, also serves as an important symbol of Russian pride because of the historic World War II battle in which the Soviets turned the tide against the Nazis.

Volgograd is a city on the Volga River in a Russian province/state also called Volgograd. It is in south west Russia, east of Ukraine and the Black Sea, and just west of Khazakstan. That puts it north of Turkey, Georgia, and Chechnya, and just a boat ride north across the Caspian Sea from Tehran. In other words, it’s well beneath    the dread shadow of Mordor    the loving wings of Islam. Or darn close to them.



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my last eye candy for the old year

She is supposed to be 60.  Maybe. But I wonder if the photos are lots younger. 

Whatever .... she is not difficult to look at, and I haven’t posted any eye candy in awhile.  Maybe I should have saved this for the New Year?





See More Below The Fold


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/30/2013 at 07:17 AM   
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this fool thinks she’s eye candy. photo below the fold.


‘My bottom is 7ft wide and I’m proud of it!’ Woman with backside so large she once broke a toilet and can’t fit through doors says she hopes to inspire larger ladies

Sarah Massey, 33, from Chicago, has a bottom that measures 7ft around
The mother-of-two weighs 32st and says she loves her unusual figure
But her record-breaking rear end has left her with limited mobility

By Daily Mail Reporter

She has to wear extra large trousers and once managed to crack a toilet bowl just by sitting on it but Sarah Massey, 33, says she is proud to have one of the world’s largest posteriors.

The Chicago mother-of-two’s derriere measures an impressive 7ft in diameter and sometimes proves too large to fit through doorways.

But despite being proud of her record-breaking rear end, 32-stone Ms Massey admits that living with a super-sized bottom isn’t always easy and receives £750 in disability benefit each month as a result of having limited mobility.

That translates into 438 lbs ppl. Yikes. And you should see this elephant in a bathing suit.

This is a gross and disgusting thing. NO way I am going to put some of the pix on our front page.  And they’re quite mild compared to the rest at the link.

Darn .... I should have sent this to Drew first to get even for what he sent me.  Maybe I can fool him. Oh Drrrrew. Come see the pretty lady. LOL.

So I’ll post what I grabbed from the article that could not be avoided, under the fold. AND .... if you visit the link you will see far worse.
Just have a barf bag handy.

Nightmares could follow.

Think I’m joking?

Take a quick look.

And if you’ve the stomach for more, this be the link to gross-out. uv been warned.

See More Below The Fold


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winds are back and pretty darn bad again. rain as well so ground not hard anymore either

I woke up around 3:35 or so this morning. Had this weird dream, I thought it was anyway.  I loved trains as a kid, used to travel that way to NY every Christmas. Back in those faraway days, NY at Christmas was awesome. It was special.

Mom and I crossed country Ct. to California by train in 40s. And I was enrolled in military academy. Very young.  Now that’s a memory let me tell ya. Not the school. The train trip. Imagine people, WW2 was still on. Really.

So ... I thought I was dreaming and woke to the rush of a train, or something that sure sounded like one.

It’s back and it is NO fun.

The damn Wind! It’s as bad as last time, except now those remaining two trees have zero between them and the ground.

It was so damn loud, and of course I couldn’t see anything at that hour, so I restarted my book on Victorian England, by A.N. Wilson. Very detailed.But the noise outside was really rather distracting. And it has not let up for more than maybe a minute if that since then.

Was supposed to go out today, have errands and really need to get to the bank in town. Forget going out today. When I opened the back door to see what was happening there once I had light, and once the wind died off a little bit, I’m not making this up. I opened the door and if it was a movie it couldn’t have been timed better. Soon as the door opened the wind kicked up hard and I got drenched.

Every now and again there’s the sound of a thump, it’s either our house or the one to my right. Hard to tell.  But that house lost some tiles and was repaired last week.  Hmm. That house is one of the two new ones. Keeping fingers crossed of course, but this 20’s bungalow hasn’t lost any tiles so far.


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Terror Bombing In Volgograd

… sorry Peiper, I can’t make the video work either.


Suicide bombing at Russian train station sparks Sochi fears
Russia’s preparations for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have been put on edge by a suicide bomb attack in Volgograd, one of the biggest cities in southern Russia

A suicide bomber killed at least 16 people at a Russian train station on Sunday in the country’s worst terrorist attack for nearly three years, prompting Vladimir Putin to order a tightening of security at transport hubs ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics in February.

At least 40 others were injured when the attacker detonated an explosive device at the entrance to the main railway station in the southern city of Volgograd at 12:45pm local time.

Confusion swirled about the identity of the attacker on Sunday night, after security services told the news agency Interfax that the bomber “was a man who carried explosives into the station in a rucksack” at 12.15pm local time, and who had since been identified. However Russia’s top investigative body had earlier said that the attacker was a woman who detonated a device when a policeman challenged her at a metal detector at the station’s entrance.

The explosion of the device, said to be equivalent to 10 kilogrammes of TNT, blasted the building’s heavy metal gates off their hinges and caused carnage in the queue of passengers waiting to enter the building.

I’ve read elsewhere that the bomber’s head has been found. The detonation was captured on video from the other side of the parking lot and can be watched here.


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poor doggy

awww ...



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