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Dem Racis Skoolz

Your Tax Money Well Spent

Camden NJ: just 3 High School Students “College Ready” on SATs

Nearly $24,000 per year spent per student, $10,000 above national average

Camden NJ, right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia PA. Once a thriving city, it is now the blackest, poorest, most run down, gang infested, trashheap among any of the eastern states. The libraries have closed, the police department has nearly been laid off, the fire department likewise. It is a horrible cesspool long ago abandoned by the white people who built it. It has been an enclave of the Democratic Machine and all its corruptions for more than 80 years.

And this is the bottom line: More money per student is spent there than in nearly any other school system in the country, no matter how well off that community may be. And it makes no difference whatsoever. Because the populace has gone aboriginal, and couldn’t care less about schooling. WTF, the EBT gets renewed every month either way.

The new school superintendent in Camden, N.J., says it was a “kick-in-the-stomach moment” when he learned that only three district high school students who took the SAT in the 2011-12 school year scored as college-ready.

Paymon Rouhanifard on Tuesday told the school board and the community what he learned on a “listening tour” after he was named to the post in August.

He told the city’s Board of Education that low college readiness shows the district must do better.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports ( the superintendent also says he also heard about safety problems in the district. He says one action he’s taking immediately is waiving the $75 background check fee for parents who want to volunteer in the schools.

In June, the state assumed control of the schools in the poverty-stricken city of 80,000.

There ya go: another GREAT solution: get in more parents to volunteer, but don’t bother vetting them. WTF, they’ll all fail it anyway.

“College Ready” according to the SAT folks, means scoring a 1550 or better on the modern SAT exam, which uses a 2400 point system these days. So this means taking the SAT, and scoring just less than what used to be called a failing grade (1550/2400 = 64.58%).

The SAT Benchmark was designed to measure the college readiness of groups of students. The SAT Benchmark score of 1550 is associated with a 65 percent probability of obtaining a first year GPA (FYGPA) of a B- or higher, which in turn is associated with a high likelihood of college success. Students meeting the benchmark score of 1550 were more likely to enroll in a four-year college, had higher first-year GPAs and were more likely to be retained for their second and third year than those students who did not attain the SAT benchmark.

Nice. So the BEST of the high school kids in Camden managed to just barely fail the SAT, or slightly better. And this is after you, me, and everyone else chipped in enough tax money to spend more than $15 per hour on each and every student in their school system.

Camden is no tiny town. The population is about 80,000 people. About 40 percent of the residents live below the poverty line. The FBI has ranked Camden first in the nation for violent crimes per capita in cities with over 50,000 residents.
The upbeat website of the Camden Education Association, the local teachers union, doesn’t appear to mention the disastrous failure of the union’s teachers to prepare students for college.

“The Camden Education Association shall continue to advocate for quality working conditions, economic benefits, political involvement, and professional growth for its membership in order to promote the best education for Camden City students,” the site perkily promises. (notice there isn’t a single word about providing any kind of education for the students, quality or otherwise!)
Figures provided by the Common Institute of New Jersey show that the Camden school district spends $23,770 per student each year. Across the United States, average spending per pupil is a little over $10,000, according to

Camden has 5 high schools, with at least 2,000 students in that age bracket.


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oh the weather outside is frightful …. okay. sing along

So far today, storm is honestly the very worst we’ve experienced since arriving in a rain storm in 2004.
It has been raining all day, sometimes quite heavy but that is not the problem
WIND, is.

There are three storms coming through, one right behind the other, says BBC radio news.

It’s dark now and I am not sure how my neighbor could see it when I can not, and it’s laying across our back garden. (yard)

The wind has hardly let up all day long. It has been a very heavy and frightening wind as well.  We have had wind before, but not quite like this.

So,,, a short while ago my neighbor came knocking at out door. It’s already dark out and I couldn’t imagine who could be knocking. Anyway, we were told one of the huge trees out back had gone down, and had missed the neighbor’s property on our other side by a foot or two. It almost crashed into their summer house, I think it’s called. An expensive garden shed that looks like a small house and has electricity.

So I grabbed a flashlight and went walking through the downpour and the wind and sure enough, there was something large laying there but my light didn’t cover much. But enough to verify anyway. It is one of two very closely planted trees some 80 years ago.  The larger one is still standing but I would not give this house much hope if the wind changes and it was brought down in this direction.

I have been eyeing those trees with suspicion for years.  Every time we have wind here, I look out back.  Had mentioned to the wife long ago that we should get those things taken care of, it’ll be very expensive though but ….. what other choice is there?

She seemed to think that if they had stood all these years they might stand forever. If not, we’d worry about it when and if.  I hate to say so but in one way she is like her late mom.  If you ignore things maybe the problem will go away.  Of course, what the problem does is, it gets worse.

Well, we still have electricity, many do not.  Wind has now died down for the first time since the morning.

I’m outta here.


The road to nowhere: Millions face Christmas getaway chaos as bridges and routes are closed and trains and flights are under threat as Britain is hit by hurricane-force winds and torrential rain

· Met Office issues severe weather warning, with threat of 90mph gusts and localised flooding in Britain
· Motorists braced to prepare for delays, particularly those heading to South-West England and Scotland
· Parts of Cumbria have also experienced heavy snowfall as motorists battle with wintry conditions in the North
· 21 rail operators warn commuters to expect disruption as services are cut and speed restrictions imposed
· Environment Agency has 174 flood alerts and 29 flood warnings, with majority in South-East and South-West
· Around 13,000 homes across country, including 9,000 in Berkshire, left without power due to the poor weather
· Police say man has died after he fell into the River Rothay at Ambleside, Cumbria this afternoon
By Martin Robinson and Wills Robinson

Millions have had their plans for the Christmas getaway thrown into complete chaos today as a violent storm spreads eastwards across the UK over the next 24 hours.

Major railway stations, airports and roads are filling up with festive travellers after they were urged to bring forward their journeys because bad weather has set in across the majority of the UK this afternoon.

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning running into Christmas Eve because of hurricane force winds and flooding caused by torrential rain.

The storm will strike in two waves, first peaking across the UK this afternoon, with a slight lull in the evening before wind and rain intensifies again overnight before clearing on Christmas Eve morning. 



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is this the brit version of ford to ny, drop dead? seems that way.

Alright so they aren’t far left which we could not expect anyway.  But even the fraction left this group is says something.
Not that it will change anything.

We are days away from a new year.  Every year all of us no matter where we are, always hope the year we enter will be an improvement on the one just ended.
Were that it were so. I have doubts and even fears that the change coming will not be for the better overall.

As of one January, Britain’s borders will be open even further to many undesirables.
Like the Bulgarian burglar with a 15 year criminal record and a violent one at that, who broke into a home here after being in the UK only 9 days.  He’s also a drug dealer.  I don’t believe what the left keeps insisting on, which is that immigration benefits a country and these folks contribute to the public good.  Anyone who does not believe that is bigoted and a swine and any other epitaph the left can dream up about those who question immigration on the scale seen in this country over the years.

Oh … and btw.  If I can find it again I’ll post the whole story but meanwhile.
A ‘student’ with the co-operation of a mother (muslims in case you wonder) had her mentally retarded 37 year old daughter with the ability of a 7 year old, married to and impregnated by that student so that he could remain in the UK under the human right to a family. The woman’s family was paid btw. Sure thing.  Lets all cheer for more of the same, cos I predict that’s exactly what this country is gonna get.

PLEASE! Let me be wrong. 

Surge of Romanians ‘could hit schools and hospitals’: Fears migrants coming to Britain will put huge pressure of public services

· Major report by the Institute for Public Policy Research gave a warning
· Said that London and the South East will be particularly at risk
· There could also be more aggressive begging, anti-social behaviour, rough sleeping and criminality from the new year, when restrictions are lifted

By Jack Doyle

Romanian and Bulgarian migrants coming to Britain in the New Year could put huge pressure on housing, schools and hospitals, a major report warns today.

The study by the centre-left Institute for Public Policy Research says most of the new arrivals will settle in London and the South East – meaning public services in these areas will be most affected.

It warns that Britain could see an increase in anti-social behaviour, aggressive begging, rough sleeping and criminality from next week.

And it says David Cameron’s much heralded changes to benefits rules are ‘largely symbolic’ and will make little or no difference.

The report will ratchet up the pressure on ministers ahead of January 1, when the remaining controls on working rights for nationals of the two countries will expire.

Mr Cameron has resisted calls to face down the EU and extend the controls, despite opinion polls showing huge public support for such a move.


The public?  Who the hell are they? 

From:  The Prime Minister

To:  The public

“Up Yours”


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come fly with me come fly lets fly away.  ooooops.  never mind.

Remind anyone of a movie?

Take off drama as British Airways jet crashes into building: Aircraft bound for London clips its wing as it taxis at Johannesburg airport

Boeing 747 veered off taxiway and buried right wing in the brick structure
Flight to the UK had been preparing to take off from Johannesburg
All 182 passengers were led from plane to spend the night in a hotel
British Airways says an investigation into the crash is underway

By Daily Mail Reporter




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I really wish the CIA would just eliminate our enemies once and for all

Traitor Snowden still alive, breathing and releasing yet more documents that hinder intel gathering and embarrass the USA.

Latest disclosures by the filthy rat faced good for nothing SOB, reveal both UK and US spied on charities which included UNICEF, and also targeted German govt. buildings, which has caused some trouble & embarrassment to the UK.

Brits are said to have targeted the vice president of the European commission.
Will this mean war?

Something to pull hair out over if you have any of that rare thing.
I really should not be reading this stuff.  It only drives up blood pressure.

An extremely left wing and widely read Trotsky/Marxist paper in an editorial by one Seumas Milne, who is the associate editor, made this outrageous claim, published in another paper.

The murder of a Brit soldier in broad daylight on a London street was:

“ The predicted consequence of an avalanche of violence unleashed by the USA and UK and others in eight direct military interventions in Arab and muslim countries, that have left hundreds of thousands dead.”

He goes on to say that;

“Only the wilfully blind or ignorant can be shocked when there is a blowback from that onslaught at home.  The surprise should be that there hasn’t been more such atrocities.”

This jerk has nothing to say about the fact that these were two home grown former gang members, born and raised right here in Britain, who were not Arabs at all and were only recent converts to the rop..  He writes as though while not approving what they did, we should understand as he sees it, their righteous anger as muslims.  I notice as well that he doesn’t mention the girls of school age who have been murdered and had acid thrown on them and disfigured.  The murder of people who are doing medical work and trying to inoculate against Polio.  The intentional killings of civilians by the Taliban and their allies. The list is endless.  I really doubt that our side makes it a policy to target unarmed non combatants. 

People like this wanker should be seen in the same way that we regard terrorists, because it’s the useful fools like this who enable them.
I see no logical reason why the agencies of govt. meaning the CIA and whatever equivalent on the Brit side, can not simply find a way to make those like Snowden and this creep just .... disappear.  Manning should have met with an accident, and that shit from wikileaks ( Julian Assange )as well.
Let the idiot left jump up and down and make noise and complain and then just ignore them. If some can not be ignored, take care of the problem and send em off to meet the others. 


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getting late



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OMG, Look What They’ve Done

Signing up all the gays for Obamacare is a really big deal. They’re getting priority it seems, because, gosh, so many LGBTs and lesbians don’t have insurance. (not that they’ve been turned down for it? can’t say.)

Among those most in need of access to health insurance are LGBT Americans.  Research has shown that lesbians and transgender people have lower rates of insurance, while many gay men have had difficulty getting insured due to pre-existing HIV infection or just the perceived risk of HIV.  Others have been denied coverage under their same-sex partners’ employer plans. 

Yeah yeah yeah. yadda yadda and so on. the poor things, turned down as “partners” under someone else’s insurance, because, gosh, the employers aren’t actually required by law to extend insurance coverage to a relationship that isn’t even legal in many parts of the country. So, bad bad. Make sure that whole Rainbow Community goes right to the head of the sign-up line. Poor dears, they’ve been so mistreated for so long.

But to get the word out, to get those certain special folks to sign up ... to get all the sexual deviants to register AS SEXUAL DEVIANTS with the central government [ can anyone else hear 1937 screaming “nein nein nein!!!” except me?? ] ... the O-regime has made a bunch of extra special ads.

Some of them just for the Christmas season.

So here you go. Watch below the fold. And don’t forget to sign up for Obamacare, you widdle sweetlins you! kiss kiss.

h/t to Mrs. Compton

See More Below The Fold


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running on empty

Came back this way from South Plainfield this afternoon. Going up Rt 287 I noticed my gas gauge was on E. A bit later it was below E. Ruh oh. The little Low Fuel light comes on, which usually means I’ve got about 2 gallons left. Plus or minus a bit. So I’m driving, and driving, get on 78 West, and I’m driving ... because there’s no place for about 30 miles of highway to get gas. Finally see a sign by Exit 20, which is just outside Clinton. Take it, and bop down to Rt 22 and pull into the Sunoco station. $10 gets me a hair under 3 gallons, at $3.35 per. Which was enough to bring the needle up, to just over Empty. Yikes. I must have been down to my last cup or two. But that cup just might have been enough to get me home. Or not. Better safe than sorry.

Meh, I’ll put another $10 in tomorrow. That’ll get me through the week, easy. All the holiday driving will be in her car, the Yellow Peril. Zoom zoom.

Very glad I didn’t run dry. I’m tired, and while today seems to be a nice day in Spring - it’s nearly 70 out, and all the snow has melted - it’s cooling off now and it’s started to rain. Not the kind of weather to walk 4 miles home in.


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it’s a crime to discriminate, even indirectly, and will cost you money.the road to dwnhill

For those who won’t know, M & S is Marks & Spencer. A very large and also a high end chain.  Often referred to as Marks and Sparks.  Don’t ask cos I don’t know.
For example, why is Hampshire abbreviated as, Hants. ?

Anyway … this is just another example added to others that make the blood boil and that feeling of being doomed.  When a major store has to bend the knee to a custom so far removed from the natural tradition and customs of what was once a most Christian country, you simply have to recognize that more will follow and the end times as a ‘sovereign nation’ are not far away.

Not that I want to be fair to the store but, I am also fairly sure that M&S do not want to run afoul of the human. civil and religious rights bodies that abound over here.
And lets not forget the laws of the ECOHR …. European Court Of Human Rights. I am certain they’d stick their unwanted nose into things Brit on the slightest provocation.  And then of course to nobody’s surprise, there is always the issue of law suits.  Yes.  It’s that damn bad.

In October this year, two Muslim workers won a discrimination case against Tesco after their bosses kept their prayer room locked.

Following an employment tribunal, Tesco was guilty of indirect discrimination with the men awarded an undisclosed sum for-

‘injury to their feelings’.

So as you see .... even being “indirect” about things like race is now a crime of some kind.  And certainly injury to feelings is a no-no punishable by dipping into your pocket or purse.

Then add to all the above … M&S has not met their sales targets, and have recently blown millions on one of the dumbest ad campaigns seen in many years.  It produced nothing in increased sales and in fact alienated quite a few.

And now finally …. this is not my place to say this but I will, especially since my wife said it out loud first.

The C of E (Church of England) has no backbone.  Over time they could have stood up more for the conservative church while not denying anyone of rights or religious belief.  But they have mostly … not done that.  The church has become somehow, the church of the meek.  The one man with conservative attitudes who always spoke out against the more liberal left, was the black Arch Bishop of York.
The church’s voice, had he been made Arch Bishop of Canterbury, would have been a lot louder in Christian beliefs, instead of a murmur in the background. 

M&S tells Muslim staff they CAN refuse to serve customers buying alcohol or pork

· Marks & Spencer’s policy applies to Muslim staff in more than 700 stores
· Shoppers are being asked to wait to pay for certain items at different till
· Highlights divide among mainstream food retailers over religious workers

By Sophie Jane Evans

The chain has granted checkout workers in more than 700 stores permission to politely decline to serve customers for religious reasons.
Instead, shoppers are being asked to wait to pay for certain items at a different till.

The policy highlights a divide among the mainstream food retailers over whether religious staff should be excused from certain tasks.
In contrast to M&S, Sainsbury’s has told Muslim staff that there is no reason why they cannot handle goods such as alcohol and pork - even if they are not allowed to eat or drink the products.

A spokesman said the retailer’s official guidelines - which see everyone treated ‘fairly’ - were written following consultations with religious groups, according to The Sunday Telegraph.
However, Morrisons - which is based in Bradford, where there is a large Muslim population - said it had a long-standing commitment to ‘respecting and working around’ workers’ wishes not to handle certain products for religious or cultural reasons.

Meanwhile, Asda bosses have chosen not to allow Muslims who object to handling alcohol to serve customers on checkouts.
And Tesco agreed it ‘would make no sense’ to employ staff on a till who refused to touch specific items - but said it treats each case individually, with no specific policy in place.

read more

Does anyone else think that refusing to even handle a bottle is carrying this thing a bit far?  After all, it isn’t as if they are being asked to sample the stuff.  What is happening I would guess, is that certain agendas are being pushed to see just how far and how meek and how accommodating the
Infidels can be made to be.  Ya think?

Tom, Brighton, United Kingdom,

If it is offensive, then why would you get a job where handling those products may be a problem. It’s called the tail wagging the dog and more evidence of how stupid this country has become


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The New Blondes

An female low information voter driving a car became lost in a snowstorm.

She didn’t panic however, because she remembered what her dad had once told her: “If you ever get stuck in a snowstorm, just wait for a snow plow to come by and follow it.”

Sure enough, pretty soon a snow plow came by, and she started to follow it.

She followed the plow for about forty-five minutes. Finally the driver of the truck got out and asked her what she was doing.

She explained that her dad had told her if she ever got stuck in a snow storm, to follow a plow.

The driver nodded and said,

“Well, I’m done with the Wal-Mart parking lot, do you want to follow me over to Best Buy now?”


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Carjack Mooks Busted

Talking Truth About Race In NJ: Know Your Race, Know Your Place

I meant to run this yesterday afternoon, but there was just too much going on here to give me time to post.

There was a carjacking here in NJ the other day that resulted in a murder. While that is very unfortunate, it isn’t all that uncommon.

What is uncommon is that with this crime, the Rubicon has been crossed.

Not many people from outside New Jersey know it, but there are some areas of this state that area extremely tony. And by that I don’t mean the eh paisan! kind of Tony. I mean the this is where the serious money lives, and has lived for more than a century. A large area stretching for miles and miles across the upper middle of the state. Beucolic. Landscaped. Quiet. Safe. And with invisible walls 6 miles high. Seriously: even with Newark Airport right there, the jets fly in every other direction. And near the outer edge of this zone is the swankest shopping mall in the state, the Mall at Short Hills. Which is where this murder went down. Perpetrated by ghetto scum. Which is the real reason the whole damn state is in an uproar: the color line is broken. That invisible wall protecting the well-to-do, and by extension and to a lesser extent the rest of us, has been violated.

The victim, 30-year-old Dustin Friedland, was shot in the head Dec.15 in front of his wife in the parking garage of The Mall at Short Hills. Authorities found the Range Rover, which two of the suspects drove off in, the next morning in Newark, about 10 miles from Short Hills.

Mr. Friedland and his wife are both lawyers. Their SUV is worth about $90,000. He’s dead, she’s a widow, and the car was found (in unknown condition) a day later in the ghetto. You see, NJ is not a big state. So those invisible barriers aren’t hundreds of miles thick. Sometimes they’re only a couple blocks wide. But up until now, for the larger part, certain elements have known not to cross that line. Your side, my side.

And it isn’t at all really a racial barrer. It’s much more of an economic barrier. Any Person of Color is more than welcome over on our side. Just graduate college and have a very successful career. Heck, in the lower areas college isn’t even required. Just have steady employment and the proper suburban attitude. That’s all anyone is really asking.

But now ... I’m not sure what’s going to happen next. Oh, the cops got it together and caught the mooks in just a few days.  You knew they would. And now the story has come out that it was 4 of the ratbags doing the crime - a typical ape pack - not the 2 we’d heard about at first. And what a sorry-ass lot of scum are they:

Karif Ford, 31, Basim Henry, 32, and Kevin Roberts, 33, all of Newark, and Hanif Thompson, 29, of Irvington, were all busted. Each is being held on $2 million bail.
The four face a slew of charges in the Dec. 15 killing, including murder, carjacking, conspiracy and weapons possession, authorities said Saturday. Authorities refused to name the triggerman who shot Friedland point-blank in the head.

All four — who face possible life sentences — have rap sheets stretching back years that include multiple burglary and drug counts.

Thompson, who has done more than a dozen stints in the Essex County Jail, was released on Dec. 11 after serving time on a burglary charge.

Roberts has been arrested 13 times on narcotics and weapons offenses.

Both Ford and Henry were sent to prison in 2003 — Ford for burglary and Henry for bank robbery, records show.

Henry finished federal prison time eight months ago for a robbery in which he put a gun to the head of a Union Township bank employee.

Henry was busted for the mall shooting at a hotel in Easton, Pa., by an FBI task force and US marshals. Thompson was captured in Irvington, NJ, and Ford and Roberts were nabbed in Newark.

Karif, Basim, Hanif, and Kevin? WTF? Sounds like an illicit swish Saudi dance troop. Nation of Islam? A couple of car jackings can net enough to sponsor some small scale terrorism. But even if that’s a blind alley, what an ugly bunch of lowlifes. Follow the links if you want to see their faces.

I’m waiting for the backlash. Or maybe this one, this First Time, will be overlooked. But if soon we have a Second Time, and then a Third? All bets are off. New Jersey is an odd little state, with pocket ghettos (aka “ethnic enclaves") all over. Mostly we can all look the other way all the time. And the whole state is a happy beach to any crab who can climb out of the bucket and (most importantly!!!) leave the other crabs behind and stop acting like a crab! Which means upward mobility is accepted and encouraged but don’t bring no niggas wit chu!  And all of this happens because everyone understands.

But maybe not any longer?


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calendar   Saturday - December 21, 2013

news briefs and random thoughts

A few items of interest from here and there.

With compliments from those wonderful folks who belong to a religion of peace.

An Afghan policewoman and a pregnant teacher were kidnapped and hanged by scum referred to as ‘militants’ on Monday.
The murders follow a string of attacks on women working for government institutions over the last few months.

Apparently there are a few brave woman in that blighted place who want to know how to read and write and work outside the home and, who do not want to spend their lives barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen with a dirt floor.

I guess some men just want their women as stupid as they are.

From the department of, You Just Can Not Trust Anyone Anymore.

I’ve been sharing stories of the bizarre and stupid for a long time.  Every once in awhile I think I have stumbled upon one that makes me think, but only for a very short time, that I have found the most bizarre and dumb ever and there won’t be any more.
Of course as you already know, I’m wrong every time and that’s because it seems to be human to be stupid.  And to get more so as time goes on.
But this one surely does take a prize of some kind, and it doesn’t come from France or from Britain.
This one brief bit comes from Italy.

GENOA, Italy, Dec. 19 (UPI)—Italian police said they began the third day of their search for a serial killer who disappeared when he was on good behavior leave from prison.

Bartolomeo Gagliano, 55, was convicted of three murders and an attempted murder in the 1980s after he attacked three other people.

Gagliano was on good behavior leave Tuesday morning when he threatened a baker at gunpoint to drive him to Genoa, where he was supposed to turn himself back into authorities at a criminal psychiatric hospital, ANSA reported.

But Gagliano never returned and police have been unable to find him.

Gee. Imagine the disappointment of the authorities when after giving his word, he didn’t show up.
Imagine the fear of the community knowing the nut case was out there somewhere.  Maybe next door slicing and dicing the neighbor?

I guess he had a human (?) right to good conduct leave and never mind his past performance.  A performance that told the powers that be, Nothing!

UPDATE!  He was found and arrested in France last night.

Google is still making the news here. As concerns Europe that is.  We may all have various bitches and gripes about that company but I’m not aware we are too concerned about them and competition.  Are we?  Well, the European commission is concerned.  They wants limits on competition, is how I read things.  More socialism and less capitalism.

‘Unacceptable’: Brussels dismisses Google offer to improve competition

Google’s proposals to counter European concerns about its dominant position in the search business do not go far enough, the Continent’s top anti-trust official has warned, putting pressure on the California tech giant as the European Commission’s investigation into the matter nears its conclusion.

The Competition Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, said Google’s latest proposals, put forward in October, weren’t “acceptable” in that they didn’t “eliminate our concerns regarding competition”. He said the EC hadn’t decided whether it would impose a fine on the company, and that “at this moment there is little time left, but the ball is still in Google’s court”.

However, according to an English translation of an interview he gave to a Spanish radio station, he added: “But within a short timeframe the ball will be here and then it will be the moment to take decisions.”

The regulator has been looking at Google’s influence since late 2010, with the case expected to conclude next year, at which point the commission could begin a process to impose fines or, if the two sides can reach a deal, agree a settlement.

Google, for its part, said it had “made significant changes to address the EC’s concerns, greatly increasing the visibility of rival services and addressing other specific issues”.


Yeah I know I mentioned this a long time ago but, this story reminds me.
How’s this for increasing competition and making a level playing field. Not just the tech ppl. No. How about a rule enforced by law, that every 6 pack of Coke must have at least one can of Pepsi and maybe even one of Dr. Pepper as well. Same with beer. Now there’s an idea. You can take this to new and unknown limits never thought of or seen before.  Can I copy-write all that?

OBAMA in the news again.  He’s never out of it, what president could be. But this time, well.  He needs to recognize that whatever faults they have that he doesn’t approve of, Russia is a sovereign nation and how they deal with internal problems is not his business.  If it doesn’t threaten America, the subject should be dropped.  Wardmom’s comment about policing the world comes to mind.  Maybe I should forward her comment to the WHouse.  Cept there won’t be anyone there as smart as she is, and so they wouldn’t understand it anyway.

The homosexual community worldwide has been made aware of Russian attitudes and the policy they have there on that subject. Fine. Let them write and complain to President Putin if they want to.  But I really don’t think it’s any business of our govt. in DC to lecture the Russians or to make a demonstration in the form of who we send to the Sochi games in 2014.  I’m referring now to the winter Olympics being held there.

Obama is sending high profile gay rights activists as part of “official presence” at the Sochi games. Some heads of state are already saying they won’t attend the opening of same. The USA is sending Billie Jean King as a member of the official US delegation.
He’s done that to show the Russians where our country stands on the issue, is my unasked for opinion. 
And btw .... I think the Russians are making a mistake freeing the tree huggers from greenpeace .  I predict that now they’ll believe if caught again, the Russians will be tame as pussy cats again.  And so given time, they will do it again.  Maybe not but what are the odds this recent demonstration has taught them anything?  Now if Uncle Joe were still alive ....  Nah. Bad thought.


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seen as a bad joke but worse. it’s racist. why should anyone care?

Have you seen this one?  Here I am sidetracked again because I really have to post this.

What the heck is wrong with people?  OK, Maybe her drink induced joke was in bad taste. So what?  We already know even white ppl can and have gotten and died of AIDS.  Her joke is called racist but is it really?  And even if you see it as that, her point was not off the mark.

‘Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!’: Blonde PR executive’s racist tweet causes outrage on social media… as her bosses react with fury

Justine has landed in Africa, at which time her Twitter account vanished

She has not yet issued an apology or explanation

Sacco is the head PR representative of IAC, responsible for websites like Vimeo, OkCupid, and Tinder to name a few

IAC slammed their employees behavior as ‘outrageos’ and said they would take ‘appropriate action’

In February 2012 Sacco Tweeted: ‘I had a sex dream about an autistic kid last night.’

By Alexandra Klausner

A PR executive for a major media company who Tweeted a racist ‘joke’ on Friday that sparked a social media revolt was unaware she had become front page news because she posted the message while boarding a long-haul flight.

Justine Sacco - the Communications Director for IAC, a parent company for Vimeo, OkCupid, Tinder, CollegeHumor, and - was flying to Cape Town when she Tweeted: ‘Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just Kidding. I’m White!’

The post had been retweeted over 3000 times and was picked up by news sites around the world by the time Sacco landed in Africa.

Blasted for being ‘outrageous’ and ‘inappropriate’, with titles like ‘Worst Tweet of the Year’ stacking up against her, Sacco promptly deleted the Tweet, with her entire Twitter account soon vanishing as well.

But the damage had been done, and IAC were forced to comment on Sacco’s behalf.

read all the rest


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George W Bush and Barack Obama

Checking email that’s been stacked up for a few days.  Had not planned this one as first post for the day but .... It’s funny.

Got it from Doc Jeff, among other items, and working way through it all.

H/T Doc Jeff

George W Bush and Barack Obama somehow ended up at the same barber shop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken.

The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Obama in his chair reached for the aftershave.

Obama was quick to stop him saying, “No thanks, my wife Michelle will smell that and think I’ve been in a whorehouse.”

The second barber turned to Bush and said, “How about you sir?” Bush replied, “Go ahead; my wife doesn’t know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like.”



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