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God help us if we make it a crime to call someone fatty.

Recently I told all about the suggestion by some agency whose name I’ve now forgotten, that the word “dad” or “father” shouldn’t be used on some oficial documents because that word could cause offense to same sex partners.  You wonder how far this pc s**** will go. When will it eat itself and die? Will it end?
I remembered. I think correctly. The NHS removed the word ‘Dad’ from childbirth leaflets to avoid upsetting same-sex couples.
I’ll tell you who will eventually be upset way down the road.  The kids who are being raised by same sex couples. Why?  Because at some point in time as a kid grows up, he or she will be intensely interested, curious at the least, to know who fathered them. I think it’s natural. 

And none of the above has much if anything to do with my posting of the following except that there’s now another word to be added to the list of words that may offend and should be discouraged or banned outright. In fact .... it is being suggested that the word be added to the growing list of things that fall under Hate Crime.
Hate Crime?  Yup. And the word today boys and girls is


Uh huh class. Listen up cos there’ll be a test.

Recently, as in the last week, small faced model Lilly Cole spoke out about her awful girlhood due to the jibes about her hair color. They called me carrot top and ginger she said. Oh dear. It was just like racism she said.  Oh dear, oh dear.
Well as you’d expect there are some (all lefties of course) who want to make calling anyone Fatty or making comments about appearance, a hate crime.
They want looks to be included in the category that that will fall under the hate crime law. 
Take a look.

John Walsh: You’re not fat. You just need to put on some height

A new report from an all-party Parliamentary group called Reflections on Body Image, and its main Reflection is that people shouldn’t be allowed to call other people “fat”. The group wants to discuss amending the Equalities Act to put “appearance-based discrimination” on the same footing as racism, ageism, sexism and prejudice over disability or sexual orientation. If they do, it’ll become a “hate crime” to draw attention to a person’s size or weight – even if it’s a doctor telling a patient (e.g. me) he ought to lose a few pounds.

We don’t, by and large, go around calling fat people “Fatso” or “Lardarse” or “Gutbucket” even if their silhouette is less than Greek. We left such childish insults behind in the playground, or in previous centuries (when Beau Brummell, the regency swell, fell out with the Prince Regent, he cut him in public by asking an acquaintance, “Alvanley, who’s your fat friend?” The Prince never spoke to him again.) We know schoolchildren are sensitive about personal remarks – as David Starkey found to his cost when, on the TV documentary Jamie’s Dream School, he called a kid “fat” and incurred the wrath of the whole class. We are sensitive about each other’s peculiar bodies. We’d probably welcome some discrimination. But to call any reference to someone’s avoirdupois a hate crime is nonsensical.
It will ensure that, when considering applicants for future jobs, employers won’t be able to ask important questions: “Do you think your weight might be a problem when pursuing villains down the high street?” “Will your body be perfectly safe on a construction site involving ladders and scaffolding?”


So you have the picture now and not a very good image I’d guess. 

God help us if we make it a crime to call someone fatty


There was a time, really not so very long ago, when chucking insults around a playground was as much a part of the rough and tumble of school life as chucking balls.
‘You’re smelly, you are!’ ‘Look out, here comes Spotty Muldoon!’ ‘Oi! — Fatso!’ and so on.

Every child went through it, and every child took their turn at dishing it out.
It was never very nice — but then, children aren’t always very nice — and if it got out of hand, an adult, quite correctly, would intervene.
Now, however, being ticked off by an irate teacher could be the least our youngsters have to worry about.

For if a new parliamentary report is implemented, the lad who picks the wrong word to tease a classmate could find himself in the hands of the police — branded not only a criminal, but a perpetrator of the most insidiously fashionable misdemeanour of our day: the hate crime.

The thinking, if that really is the word, of the MPs who have recommended the move goes something like this: too many children are worried about their ‘body image’ and, in particular, about being fat (heaven forfend anybody suggests this might be because they are fat).

Therefore, lest they fall ill as a result of the worry (rather than, say, the obesity), measures must be taken to protect them.
First, they should all be given ‘body confidence and self-esteem’ classes at school — how do you fancy being a fly on the blackboard at one of those? — and, second, anyone who tries to undermine the value of these classes by calling another pupil ‘fatty’ should be charged with a hate crime. In other words, up there with race, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability, we should now place ‘appearance-based discrimination’ on a legal par.

Among those leading the charge is Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson, who justifies her position on the basis that ‘body image dissatisfaction in the UK has reached an all-time high’ — even though she has absolutely nothing to back up such a claim, and even though history would certainly question it.

Never mind: we’re at an ‘all-time high’ in Miss Swinson’s small world, so let us not spoil her self-righteous indignation with anything as troublesome as fact.
She would probably also prefer that we not revisit the vexed question of precisely what sets a ‘hate crime’ apart from any other kind of crime — even though its very definition defeats me.
Even if we allow her the belief that some irrational reasons for hating people are worse than other irrational reasons, she and her colleagues continue to miss the point.  Name-calling, which is overwhelmingly the province of younger people (grown-ups know better; they say it behind your back, not to your face), is not and has never been about genuine hatred.

My generation was brought up with, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ — a lousy rotten lie, of course, but it got you by.
For my daughter’s generation, however, it feeds straight into victim culture.

Last weekend, supermodel Lily Cole was moaning about how her young life was blighted by her red hair; she was, apparently, called ‘carrot top’ and — gosh! — ‘ginger’, and she’s never forgotten it.

She even likened it to racism, which rather took my breath away, but was doubtless warmly understood by, for instance, Jo Swinson MP.

Ultimately though, the greatest pity of this time-wasting nonsense is that the proposed new law will have no impact whatsoever on the issue at the heart of it, which is our epidemic of childhood obesity.

To put it bluntly: nobody thinks they are fat because somebody called them ‘fatty’. It works the other way around: somebody called them ‘fatty’ because, shame on all of us, they are fat.




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Russian Flowers


See More Below The Fold


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Stealing A March On Christopher

Vishy Anand wins Moscow chess championship

World chess champion Vishy Anand (2791 rating) has retained his title against Israeli Boris Gelfand (2727 rating).

The Indian player beat his rival 2.5-1.5 in a tie-breaker round of four short games after they ended a 12-game series level.

The world chess championship was being played in Moscow for the first time since Garry Kasparov beat Anatoly Karpov in 1985.

Anand has been champion since 2007. His challenger is ranked 20th in the world.

The winner told a press conference that the game was “incredibly tense”.

“The match was so even that I had no sense of what shape the tie-break would take… I am really too tense to be happy, but there is relief,” he said.

Anand walks away with $1.5m (£966,000) in prize money, while runner-up Gelfand gets $1m.

The pair played behind glass at one of Russia’s top museums, the State Tretyakov Gallery, watched by hundreds of chess fans.

The championship did not make great viewing for the audience, says the BBC’s Daniel Sandford in Moscow, unlike the match between Kasparov and Karpov 27 years ago.

Of the 12 games played, the pair have won only one each, with the rest ending as draws.

the entire audience feels the tension during the match
and half wonders if there will be any soap back at the nursing home tonight


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toys for billionaires


The Maltese Falcon is the 3rd largest sailing yacht in the world. Purchased second hand at the fire sale price of only $97.36 million, this 305 foot long ultra-luxury craft is a modern square rigged ship, with super high tech sails that let it make 20 knots on wind power alone. Loaded down with every possible luxury and water toy imaginable, including 7 smaller boats and mini-submarines, the yacht spends most of it’s time being rented out, for a mere $607,000 a week. The owner, one of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers, is too busy working 112 hours a week to spend time sailing.

A Glorious panalopy of photographs can be found here.


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countdown to explosion



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Less Music In The World Today

Bluegrass guitarist Doc Watson has died. He was 89.

h/t to stoaty the woozle

Doc Watson was widely regarded as one of the greatest guitarists and singers the American folk tradition has ever produced, a master not only of bluegrass flat-picking but also of alternating-bass finger-picking styles.

He died on May 29, 2012, at 89.

Mr Watson, who was blind, won seven Grammy Awards and was presented the National Medal of the Arts for his contributions to American Music. Among his hits are “Deep River Blues” and “Windy and Warm.”

Mr. Watson was born in the small hamlet of Deep Gap, N.C. He lost his sight to an illness before he turned a year old. He learned to play the harmonica at 5 and a homemade banjo at 11.

For much of his career, Mr. Watson toured and recorded with his son, Merle Watson, who died in a tractor accident in 1985.

Mr. Watson founded Merlefest, an annual gathering of folk musicians in Wilkesboro, N.C., in honor of his son.


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Here, now go get rich

A few years ago our condo park signed a deal to get vinyl siding for all the units. The price they agreed to was outrageous, but at least they did get top quality siding, all new gutters, and coated metal fascia board wrap. And top end insulated garage doors. We’re all paying the project off over 10 years. The gang who did the siding was fresh off the boat from Poland, and since our building was the first one done, it was their training ground. Now, 4 or 5 years later, the same gang is back, repairing their mistakes for additional money. Grrr. There’s never time or money to do the job right the first time, but there’s always funding to come back later and do repairs.

These units used to have wood siding and wood fascia boards. And we had carpenter bees, by the millions. With the vinyl siding and covered fascia, we now have many less of those little buzz bomb bugs, but we still have them.

I am not a builder or a siding installer, but it would seem to me that the smart way to put on siding would be to remove the fascia boards first, install the siding right up to the underside of the roof, then to wrap the fascia and put it back up. That is not how things were done. Instead, the siding ends were cut to “close enough” and slid under the edge of the fascia boards, and when that was done the metal covering was cut and bent to length, and installed in sections. In other words, the fascia never came down. No surprise, this left some major air gaps, and the carpenter bees came right back. Granted we have fewer of them, but we still have plenty, and we were all expecting the bugs to be gone completely once the project was finished.

For the past few days we’ve had guys up on the roofs here, and up on ladders, tearing off the fascia and exposing all the bug nests underneath. And we can see that “close enough” was often half a foot or more away from the actual underside of the roof decking.

This got me to thinking. Even if the fascia had been removed, and the siding cut to within an inch of the decking edge (or whatever the approved distance is to handle weather expansion and contraction), it would still leave a series of gaps. Our siding is the mock clapboard style, rows of triangular shaped slats attached to the outside of the buildings. So even if they had been cut close to the edge, there would be an endless number of openings for bugs where the triangles narrowed. Even if they had used the end “J” channels, even if they had used the end “J” channels and the flatter designed “dutch lap” style siding, it would still leave space for bugs because the fascia always rides a short distance above the siding.

You can’t have an airtight seal under the gables at the top of a wall. There has to be some room for airflow, so that humidity can escape. A lot of roofs these days are installed with a ventilated peak for the same reason. The roof decking stops a couple inches shy of the peak, leaving an air gap, and a length of stiff, open celled foam with a V bend in it is installed across that opening along the peak, and then a bent top shingle goes over that. Bugs can’t get in through the foam, but humidity and excess heat can escape.

Why not make a similar thing for fascia? It wouldn’t have to be more than 2 or 3 inches wide, and perhaps 3/4” thick. Open cell foam, pretty much like one of those scrubby pads you clean pots and pans with. Something compressible. One side would have a dry adhesive on it, with a peel away cover strip. Attach a length to the lower part of the inside of the fascia, about an inch in from the edge, then nail the fascia in place. The foam would squish down over the siding section peaks, and stay puffed out over the siding section valleys. You’d get a hidden foam edge that would stop bugs forever, but would allow water vapor to escape. And it would be dead easy to install, needing only one finishing nail every couple of feet to hold it in place. The product would be quite similar to those rolls of adhesive door foam insulation, but 4 or more times wider, perhaps a bit thicker, and made from a much more open and stiff foam.

image image



If this product exists already, why isn’t it being used? Why isn’t it demanded by building code?

The repair the builders are doing right now consists of replacing the metal sheathed wooden fascia with a plastic composite fascia board. The bugs won’t be able to eat it or to burrow in it to make nests, but they’ll still be able to get behind it and build their nests in the plywood sheathing under the siding and in the 2x4 spacers (not insect proof pressure treated lumber) under the eaves that support the fascia board. In other words, their solution is at best a half-assed one. The bugs will come right back.

So take my idea, and go make a fortune.


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the world has cancer and it’s spelled …. m u s l i m s

H/T Islam versus Europe, whose motto is; Where Islam spreads, freedom dies

Haven’t visited this site in a month or more.  Don’t know if this is getting any space in the USA what with news of the latest quake in Italy. As if those folks don’t have enough on their plate, here come the muzzies as usual to muck things up some more.
Shouldn’t surprise anyone and I’m sure it doesn’t. Anyway, here’s the latest thing they took offense at.

Italy: Muslims Riot Over Bowl of Pasta Bolognese

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Sometimes, when surveying the bizarre malignancy of Islam, you come across stories that almost defy belief. You triple-check them just to make sure it isn’t some kind of mistake: a translation error or a less than scrupulous “Islamophobe”. Here’s one.

Recently, northern Italy has been rocked by earthquakes. Temporary camps have been set up to offer shelter to people in the affected area. Naturally, as happened in Spain last year, immigrants and wastrels, people who might have no fixed abode even in ordinary circumstances, descend on these camps to grab whatever they can get. There have been several complaints that the immigrants are receiving privileged admission to and treatment in the camps compared to native Italians. What’s clear is that the Muslims, in particular, have an extraordinary sense of entitlement.

Last week Vodafone turned up to offer free phone cards. The Muslims started fighting over them. One pulled a knife and stabbed another Muslim. On Saturday, a riot broke out when a Muslim girl was served a pasta dish containing bolognese sauce. Apparently it was supposed to have been tuna but an innocent mistake had been made. She started screaming. Soon her family turned up and accused the camp administrators of deliberately insulting Islam! How they get to this conclusion from bolognese sauce I’m not sure about. I can only surmise that they were complaining about it because it is a meat sauce and the meat may not have been halal! A riot broke out and civil protection forces had to intervene to restore order.

According to a local newspaper, “the behaviour of the North Africans is getting on the nerves of many of the other disaster victims”.


Something with not so great translation from the French but you soon get the picture. This is in relation to the African vermin in Italy and the quake.

BOLOGNA (Novopress) - Violence, Islam, contagious diseases ... a concentrate of all the problems of multicultural society: that is what the foreign preferably created in a few days in the camps for victims of Emilia- Romagna (the region of Bologna), after the earthquake that devastated the north-eastern Italy.

It has also been disinfected twice a tent that was filled with North African scabies. After the second disinfection operation, performed by a special team of technicians arrived in Venice, the tent should be destroyed by the municipality of San Felice: neither the Venetians nor Tridentine are indeed willing to take it again. The Maghreb mangy were sent to hospital.



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10 years gain, gone

Unexpected News!

Housing Prices Fall to 2002 Levels

But, but, but they keep telling us how the housing market is getting better! How the overhang is decreasing! How new housing starts are up! How the economy is getting better! How unemployment is down (cuz the labor pool keeps shrinking)! This news is soooo unexpected!!!11!

Home prices hit new post-bubble lows in March, according to a report out Tuesday.

Average home prices were down 2.6% from 12 months earlier, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index of 20 major markets. Home prices have not been this low since mid-2002.

“While there has been improvement in some regions, housing prices have not turned,” said David Blitzer, spokesman for S&P.

Although five cities - Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and Portland - saw average home prices hit new lows, that’s an improvement from last month’s report, in which nine cities notched new lows, Blitzer noted.

See? Things ARE getting better! This month, it’s only 5 of the top 10 real estate markets that have hit rock bottom lows. Last month it was 9 of them. That’s almost a 50% improvement in just one month! All hail Obama, savior of the economy!!


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Having recently passed my 75th year of being with some surprise, my immediate thought has been it’s all-downhill from here.

Looking back in time, I can honestly say I have been one lucky dude. 
Oh sure, some rough patches here and there. But overall pretty darn lucky.
I guess the luckiest part is that I was born in the USA. I realize for some that might not mean as much as it does to me.  No flag waving but rather a statement of fact.

Some things have bothered me over time. A guilty conscience I guess of wrongs I have done either to others through thoughtlessness or to myself by being just plain stupid at times. I wish I had been a bit less selfish and more considerate of others. And I sure wish I’d been better prepared to take advantage of opportunities I slept through, ignored or refused.  But nothing exactly criminal. Erm, well not…? I have to think about this. I guess stealing is criminal no matter how insignificant the stolen item appears to be at the time.  Being young and dumb is no excuse for theft.  Even when it still seems so funny. 

When I was very young I was part of a small group of close friends. We were not a gang exactly.  We never went looking for trouble and none of us ever carried any kind of weapon.  We were all in our early to middle teens. We hung out together like the Three Musketeers except there were five of us goofballs.

Summers in Ct. could be hot and humid and one of our number discovered a faulty milk dispensing machine near his house, and shared this momentous find with the rest of the mob.  He found that by placing a hand in just the right spot and then hitting it with some force with the flat of a hand, a pint of milk would drop out.  And, if you hit it in another “just the right spot” you might get chocolate milk although that proved quite a bit more difficult.  More often then not however, all we got was a very sore hand, and one of our number broke his little finger in the attempt.  Which provided the remaining four of us with an entire summer of jibes and jokes and hilarity well into the fall of 1951.
Hey, it was milk. Not booze.
We were …..  Wholesome teens? Ha.

It was not long at all before the dairy that owned the machine replaced it. 
Now I ask you.  What sort of teen gang is hot for milk, of all things?
Oh, we were desperados all right.

Some while later fortune smiled when a soda machine was found and gave up its treasure, provided care and patience and some dexterity was used in the effort.
But I believe it was during that period when my addiction to milk began. Sure, it starts with a pint but grows from there.

My mother worked long hours in the family store and one time I recall she took about ten days off and with my grandmother, who I doubt ever had any kind of vacation, went on a group outing or tour of some kind.  This left me in charge of the house.

Talk about an innocent age.  Someone got some beer, and hot dogs, and coke. The drinking kind, and we had a weeklong party. No damage to property and nobody actually got puking drunk.  Tight maybe and pretty damn silly but not much else. I make it look like we were boy scouts.  Of course, we were not and all I am relating besides memories are the things I’m willing to share.  The rest stays buried in my head. 

One very late night or very early morning but still dark out, and with one of our number now in possession of his very own car, we piled in and cruised the empty streets of Hartford.  I have no idea what we were looking for but it more or less found us.  Someone mentioned being hungry and suggested looking for a place that might still be opened.  This is in the days before IHOP.  Something opened at that hour?  In Hartford?  Fat chance of that.  Someone suggested we drive to New York cos NY was always open and bright.  We did not that night, but did later. Well there we were aimlessly riding nowhere and while turning down some street we saw a small truck or van making deliveries of some kind, to various closed restaurants.
Bread mostly, in the form of rolls.  Well, given the times and the cold war, it could have been a drop for Soviet spies with codes hidden in all those delicious fresh rolls.
Which we of course proceeded to capture for our own evil and gastronomic needs.

I know it’s not right but I just cannot help laughing when I recall those times.
We brought the loot back to my house, and I do not recall how there were suddenly enough eggs to supply five hungry young males. Was that truck delivering eggs as well?  On reflection, I wish we had not done that. But we did.
So, that’s my criminal past.  Almost.

There was one more raid our happy and carefree group of fools made that night.

By now we were organised and ready and so we raided a canvas covered truck parked on the street. It had no door on the back. Almost like an army truck with a drop down gate at the back.  I have no idea after all this time why that street and that truck or even why Keith stopped to look. (Keith was the one with the car) Anyway, I wasn’t driving and expected to go right back to HQ at my house.
One of the guys got out, climbed into the open back of the truck, and struck pay dirt.  A major find. 
We were now in possession of a truck load of ….  potatoes!

Sacks and sacks of them.  We didn’t need the entire load but I don’t remember how many there were. I know we took what we thought we needed and left perhaps a dozen sacks of spuds on said truck.  We ended up eating French fries everyday and night for a week.  Even now, all these years later, anytime I have fries I recall that event.  And how’s this for a related story.  What are the odds?
You could not make it up.  Read on.

Some days later, a woman who worked in our store whose name was Sidney, happened to mention to someone else that her husband’s truck that had potatoes in it was robbed of several sacks.  The lady she was speaking to was another employee and her name was Minnie.  Funny how I remember those names.  Well, it turned out that both Sidney and Minnie were found to be stealing cash from the store and had ripped it off for quite a bit over time.  Not hard to do in the days before credit cards, computers and scanners. Sales were usually in cash.  The only ones to pay by check were business buyers and they bought in large amounts.
So, Minnie and Sidney were fiddling with the receipts that were spiked alongside the cash register and pocketing cash.

Funny what sort of things one remembers.  I will have to do more of this as time dwindles away.  Talk about boyhood heroes who were mostly musicians but before I discovered them, there was Big Al.  Al Capone, and Ben Siegel and Murder Inc. The last two that proved Jews could be really tough guys too. At least the American variety. Even now, I do not refer to Siegel as ‘bugsy’ out of long lasting respect. 
As he once famously said. “We only kill each other.” Another group of mostly Jew boy tough guys was the Purple Gang.  And even though he wasn’t Jewish or a gangster, it all started with James Cagney in The Public Enemy.  Movies could influence even back then.  This of course was before I discovered Jews with real careers and talent. Like Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman and the Gershwins and Jack Benny and Jolson and Alan King and a host of others. Hooray. I did not have to be a mobster and get shot after all. Well that was a relief!

btw.  Musicians are still my heroes! If I couldda been anything in the world, that is the one calling I’d most like to have had.


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Clint Eastwood’s daughter in the news, and it’s pretty dumb but it’s ART. oh well.

I really don’t believe that death threats are appropriate here, and I don’t care about the crocs either.
This is a stupid stunt worthy of criticism, but death threats are way over the top.  It’s beyond dumb but the money is theirs, not the critics.
At least I assume it’s theirs.
What really shocks me outta my shoes is that it’s Clint Eastwood’s daughter. I’d have thought he raised a smarter girl.  And since she’s 18 which I know is old enough and legal to choose her boyfriends, I can not help but ask.  Where oh where was Dirty Harry?

But the one thing that just seems dumber then even the stunt, is her response to the critics.
Oh how arty we are.

People she says, “just don’t understand art.” uh huh. Sure thing sugar plum.
So now it’s acceptable to label a barbie doll snorting coke as .... ‘art.’ I guess art then, is whatever people say it is.

18-year-old Francesca Eastwood causes outrage after destroying $100,000 bag

Clint Eastwood’s daughter burns $100k bag, gets death threats

By Edward Bovingdon

The 18-year-old destroyed the luxury Hermes Birkin bag during a photoshoot for her photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields.

In the expensive stunt, Eastwood was seen biting the bag in a game of tug of war before setting it alight and cutting it in half with a chainsaw.

Made of red crocodile skin, the handbag is one of the most sought after accessories in the world and wealthy customers are normally required to join long waiting lists.

According to The Daily Mail, a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes also perished in the shoot.

The risky stunt was shown on Eastwood’s reality TV show ‘Mrs. Eastwood and Company’ and has not gone down well with the recession-hit general public.

Outraged viewers immediately started sending abusive messages to the model via Facebook and Twitter, including death threats.

One said: “Wow.... The $100k wasted on this pointless shoot could of been used to benefit a number of charities or ppl in real need. Just crazy,” [sic] and “This is not art at all its just plain stupidity! Rich girls with nothing better to do than burn money”.

Francesca didn’t seem too bothered by the uproar. Speaking to TMZ she said that she was expecting some people to be shocked, but didn’t anticipate the overwhelmingly volatile response.

“People just don’t understand art,” she said.

Photographer Shields is famous for his controversial pictures and has previously shot the likes of heiress Tamara Ecclestone ironing money and actress Emma Roberts finding a Barbie doll snorting cocaine.

Eyebrows were raised when the notoriously stern Clint Eastwood showed up in the reality TV show ‘Mrs. Eastwood & Company’, which follows the ‘Unforgiven’ star’s wife Dina and their family.

The photos are at the link. Must say, Eastwood’s daughter looks good. Too bad she hasn’t the brains and the taste to go with her looks. 



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calendar   Monday - May 28, 2012

Junk Stats From Junk Scientists

“Global Warming Skeptics Slightly Better At Science Than True Believers”

To their amazement, the greenies ran some quiz, and found that nay-sayers knew just as much science and statistics as the worshipers of the Goreacle. To my non-amazement, both sides utterly bombed a squat-simple quiz, proving neither side knows much about anything.

Are global warming skeptics anti-science? Or just ignorant about science?

Maybe neither. A study published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change finds that people who are not that worried about the effects of global warming tend to have a slightly higher level of scientific knowledge than those who are worried, as determined by their answers to questions like:

“Electrons are smaller than atoms—true or false?”

“How long does it take the Earth to go around the Sun? One day, one month, or one year?”

“Lasers work by focusing sound waves—true or false?”

The quiz, containing 22 questions about both science and statistics, was given to 1,540 representative Americans. Respondents who were relatively less worried about global warming got 57 percent of them right, on average, just barely outscoring those whose who saw global warming as a bigger threat. They got 56 percent of the questions correct.

If those 3 examples are representative, I’d have to drive cross country to kick any of my readers in the nutz if they got less than an 80. ["ansers": 1) true; 2) one year; 3) false as you darn well already knew!] A red-assed baboon could score an 80 on this test I think. So I know I won’t be wasting a drop of 87 octane, because you’d all do way better than a pathetic 57.

Oh, and the statistics folks will notice that a score difference of 1% from a poll of 1540 is at the very fringy edge of meaninglessness. By which I mean that the differences are too close to call. Maybe they should have made it a 200 question exam instead.

“As respondents’ science literacy scores increased, their concern with climate change decreased,” the paper, which was funded by the National Science Foundation, notes.

Yale Law Professor Dan Kahan, the lead author of the study, cautioned that the survey results are not evidence for or against climate change.

“This study is agnostic on what people ought to believe,” he told “It just doesn’t follow to say this finding implies anything about what people should believe on this issue.”

That statement is pure organic compost. This was not a literacy exam, this was a science and statistics quiz ... unless there was some other exam, or some kind of educational level admission on the application form? This doesn’t jibe at all with what the examples purport to show; neither does an average score of 57% support any kind of claim to increasing literacy, unless half of the test takers were drooling imbeciles more likely to eat the test paper than to check off the boxes.

Kahan said that he thought another finding of the study was more important: That people’s cultural views – how much they value things like individualism and equality—affect their views on global warming much more than actual knowledge about science. Regardless of how much they know about science, individualists were relatively unconcerned about global warming, whereas those who value equality were very concerned.

AH HA. Now we get to the meat of things.
There HAD to be more to this study than just an analysis of a 22 question science quiz. And what the REAL take-away is, is that people who can think for themselves - individualists - are far less likely to buy into the scare=scam than are groupists - hive minded members of the Borg Collective, another pathetic sheep following the herd. Mentally lazy folk who need to be told what to do, what to wear, where to go, and what to believe in. Hypnotards.

And that’s the whole thing, in a nutshell.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 05/28/2012 at 06:46 PM   
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I really stepped in it…

Watch out for traps on Facebook. I really stepped in it. Somebody posted this picture on my Facebook page:


Yes, these are my younger sisters (no Drew, the real ones that I grew up with. Not the adopted one I just found out about.) Getting hard to talk about them as ‘younger sisters’. The one on the left will be 48 shortly. The one on the right, in red, will be 50 in a couple more months. (for the record, I’m 52)

Here’s where I got in trouble.

A mutual friend of all three of us from high school posted: ‘Beautiful Girls!’ I was my usually dumbass self and replied: ‘Shari, are we looking at the same photo? Because all I see are my sisters.’


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 05/28/2012 at 07:12 PM   
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Memorial Day Tribute: Chris Hayes

Honestly, can you believe an anchorman on MSNBC would say this on Memorial Day?:

I’m ‘Uncomfortable’ Calling Fallen Military ‘Heroes’

Don’t believe me? Go read it here.

Chris Hayes, I’m calling you out. Please produce your DD-214. I want to know if you actually attempted to serve your country. If you do actually have a DD-214, I’m betting it says ‘discharged under other than honorable conditions’.  I’m also betting there’s a further note: ‘Too stupid to pass boot-camp.’

I am, however, betting you can’t produce one. You’re a coward like our current Commander-in-Chief. Also no DD-214. Hell, he can’t even prove he’s a ‘natural born citizen’ as required by the Constitution.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 05/28/2012 at 06:24 AM   
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